Travel in Taiwan (No.88 2018 07/08 )

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M Y T R AV E L LO G Elephant Mountain vantage point

Enjoying tea at Maokong

tourist attractions in the city. She even featured me in one of her photos!


An Instagrammer’s Dream Text: Francesca Chang Photos: Elise Armitage


ith a global audience of over 800 million active users, Instagram has quickly become the preferred platform for travel photographers, bloggers, and social media inf luencers. A large following has made some of these creators “Instafamous,” with the ability to sell products for advertisers and/or boost tourism with the help of their picture-perfect photos. I recently had the pleasure of hosting Elise Armitage, a San Francisco-based travel and fashion blogger with a loyal readership and over 160,000 followers on Instagram. We toured Taipei seeking to capture the city’s most attractive and photogenic spots for her popular Instagram feed. 32


Taipei 101 As it was difficult to capture both Elise and the world’s 8th-tallest building in one frame, we hiked up nearby Elephant Mountain at sunset to get iconic shots from some of the mountain’s vantage points. Turned out we weren’t the only ones. We had to wait in line behind other Instagramming tourists to climb the trailside boulders favored by many a photographer looking for a great shot with the tower in the background. Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall For her fashion lovers, Elise wore a blueand-white striped dress to match the grandiose hall, one of the most-visited

Teahouses We took the Maokong Gondola to the hilly Maokong tea-farm area to drink tea in one of the quaint and picturesque teahouses there. We also had tea at the famous A-Mei Teahouse in the mountainside town of Jiufen on the Northeast Coast, a great Instagrammable spot with stunning views of the coastal mountains and sea. Ximending Elise also went on a shopping spree and gave her fans a tour of Ximending, Taipei’s famous shopping and entertainment district for the young and trendy, using Instagram’s Live and Stories features. National Palace Museum Finally, Elise made a stop at the iconic National Palace Museum. Not only is the t u rquoise-tile roof ing ext remely photogenic against a backdrop of green, lush mountainside, but photographers can spend hours shooting the priceless Chinese imperial artifacts inside as well. Elise’s fans enjoyed her presentation of Taipei, as she received an average of 1,400 likes per photo. Check them out on her Instagram (@wtfab), and be sure to read her blog posts at