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Spring 2006

Hello everyone! I hope you all enjoyed the Holidays and had a Happy New Year! The Solihull Society had an outstanding year. Membership is growing at a steady pace and we are on track to close 2006 with nearly 200 members. We have also been steadily seeing an increase in attendance at the General Club meetings and events. This is great news as apparently we are doing something correct. Looking forward to this year, we have a very exciting events calendar planned. You will find something for everyone with this year’s calendar. The club leadership has taken many of your requests and tried to fulfill them. With that being said, we are hoping to see all the new members on the trails this year. I think you will find these events as a great way to make new friends and explore the great outdoors here in Colorado as we live in a unique place and are privileged to have such a vast array of public trails available to us. As you may or may not be aware, this is not the norm for the rest of the country. I suggest you take one weekend a month for the family and join us for a club outing. I think you will quickly become addicted to the hobby as many of us have in the past. On a different note, we have fantastic attendance at the last club meeting. The location was moved from El Senor Sols to Pints Pub downtown. Unfortunately, it seems we may have become a victim of our own success as it seemed apparent that we have already outgrown Pints Pub. This combined with our new Agenda where we intend on having speakers at the meeting will


likely require us to look for a new location very soon. If you have any more suggestions of locations that would have adequate room for 30-40 people and a speaker with a projector screen please let me know. While still six months away, it is never too early to start thinking about the National Rally. After reviewing, the data from the past Leadville rally one thing surprised the Rally Committee. It seems that even though we had nearly 300 people attend the Rally only 76 of them were club members. Therefore, in our efforts to increase active member participation with the upcoming Moab National Rally we have adjusted our fees to reflect a $15 discount for paid club members. Also in mentioning this early in the year we are hoping that many of you who missed last years rally will make plans to attend this year. Even if you have been to the Rally in Moab before we hope to make this year a totally new experience! We are adding many activities for children, non-drivers and the vendor’s event. We are hoping to make the National Rally a little more “well-rounded” for those individuals who want more than just great Four-Wheeling. In closing, I would like to thank all the new volunteers who have stepped up to be a part of the club. Without the volunteers, the club would not exist. Until next time,

Larry Grubbs

A Newsletter for Land Rover Aficionados

RoverXchange The Rover Xchange is a quarterly publication of the Solihull Society 4-Wheel Drive Club, Inc. All material in Rover Xchange, unless otherwise noted, is the property of Solihull Society and may not be reproduced without permission.

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RoverXchange In this Issue

Volume 10, Issue 5

Presidential Rovings


Tech: Chevy Ignition Module Install


The Discovery II Chop


Looking back on last year, and towards an exciting year. Installing a Chevy ignition module in your Rover. A member chops and cages a Discovery Series II.

Holiday Party Recap


2005 Event Schedule


2006 National Rally: Moab, Utah


Trip Report: Holy Cross




An oustanding turnout. This year’s trail lineup.

Rally Schedule and Information. A pleasant outing.

Parts and accessories for sale by club members.

Front cover: A Rover convoy stops to inspect a mining relic overlooking the scenic California Gulch, Land Rover National Rally Leadville, 2005. Photo by Nathan Hindman Back cover: Rick Kemple’s D-90 makes its way up The Chutes, the largest obstacle in Kelly Flats. Photo by Marina Wolf Below: Scott Stultz delicately maneuvers his Discovery II at Gillespie Gulch. Photo by Andy Snow.


A Newsletter for Land Rover Aficionados

Spring 2006





Chevy Ignition Module Install by Jim Hall

I drove my ‘87 Rangie home the night before, and it was running just fine. I don’t remember if I worked on it or not, but the next morning it wouldn’t start. It didn’t even sound like it wanted to try. I quickly discovered that I had no spark. Great, the amplifier module is fried, and I don’t have a spare. I remembered hearing rumors that a GM module could be used with some minor modifications. I searched and searched, but could find no Rover related information about the swap, but I did find information. I found that the module I needed to try is a 4 wire module. The part numbers for the Chevy module needed are: • NAPA ECHTP45 Wells DR100 • Niehoff DR400 • AC Delco D1906

So here is the story of what I did: I marked the location of the distributor, loosened the clamp bolt and turned it to allow the stock module to be removed. The bolts holding it on have very small heads, 7/32 I believe. A small wrench is needed as there isn’t

Here is the distributor with the cap, rotor and flash guard off, allowing us to see the wires we need to get at.

room for a socket. After removing the module, you are left with a blue plastic plug sticking out. Not having a matching little tiny socket, I grabbed it, twisted and ripped it off, leaving the wires exposed. I then pulled the wires out from inside and put my new wires (a piece of zip cord from a lamp) in. I used butt connectors to connect the wires together. A more elegant solution would be to buy one of the relocation kits as it probably has a plug and wires, keeping you from having to torture the distributor the way I did.

Mounting the new module to the top of the wheelwell by the coil.

Since the new module won’t fit on the distributor, plus the heat from being mounted there is probably what kills most of them, remote

mounting is required. I decided to mount it to the top of the wheel well by the coil. I mounted it on a piece of aluminum with heatsink grease and then bolted it down. The connections are simple. The W and G terminals go to the pickup in the distributor. W is supposed to be the

positive lead and G the negative. I have no idea which is which, but it shouldn’t matter much as the pickup will create both a positive and negative pulse. Get it wrong and your timing might be off by a couple degrees at most. C goes to the negative side of the coil and B to the Positive. I put a ground wire on one mounting bolt as it should have a good ground. On my RR, the white wire goes to the B terminal, and the white with a black stripe goes to C. These were the original wires going to the distributor. The stock amplifier module, and the small socket that plugs into the dizzy. NOTE! Do not break this module. It is made of berillium oxide, a wicked material that is much worse than asbestos. Some people also have an extreme allergic reaction to the dust. If it should break for some reason, wet it, seal it in a bag and throw it away.

The stock amplifier module and small socket.

vAfter getting everything hooked up, the Rover still had no spark. I double checked everything and found a wire that had come loose from a big glob of wires soldered together by some previous owner. After redoing the connection, she started right up. The connection was probably the problem the whole time, but I’m happy I did the modification as GM modules are cheap and easy to find.


A Newsletter for Land Rover Aficionados


It all started with a picture. At first I didn’t even know what I was looking at. It was a red, soft-topped 90. Only later, after being tipped off by a friend, did I realize that it was in fact a series I Discovery, chopped & caged, so clean that I had mistaken it for a Defender upon first glance. I guess I would say it was at that moment that I was hooked, and on a mission to drive the first ever chopped & caged Discovery Series II. When I started out, I mentally broke down the process into 4 stages: the strip, the chop, the cage, and finally the “rebuild”, or finer details. Once I decided to move forward, I didn’t waste much time. Within a few days I was in Christian’s driveway stripping out the interior and (thanks Christian) storing quite a few dirty interior items in his garage that would later end up at JC Rover (and perhaps remain there today?). Driving away, the increased noise level in the hollowed-out Disco hinted at what was to come. The work was all done at JC Rover 4x4 in Englewood, where Jeff Corwin was very enthusiastic and supportive of the project. (I’m really looking forward to seeing his chopped Classic on 60’s and 37’s completed!) The 8-point roll cage was fabricated & installed by Deranged Rover, also of Englewood. The entire project took approximately 3 _ weeks from the first cut of the sawzall thru the final turn of the wrench. I was able to supplement the cost to some degree by selling bits & pieces of interior & glass on E-Bay. Having never sold anything on E-Bay before, I was amazed at how easy it was. There are so many people out there that, inevitably, somebody is always looking for something, no matter how obscure your item may be. Several people have since contacted me regarding their own chop-projects (mostly on DI’s) and, while a chopped & caged


The first Discovery Series 2 chopped and roll-caged.

A Newsletter for Land Rover Aficionados

Discovery will never be an everyday sight, I think you’ll see more & more at the regional and national rallies in the coming years After the vehicle had been stripped, it was off to Jeff’s for the official cutting of the roof. To say that there was no turning back from that point would be an understatement. The pictures give an idea of how far stripped the vehicle was at the mid-point of the project. The biggest immediate challenges were: 1) Whether or not to retain the tailgate, 2) how to cap off the sides, 3) how to handle the absolute mess of the stock wiring, and 4) how to handle the fact that the DIIs tail-light assemblies were higher than the line of the chopping. After much thought, I made the call Discover Series I tail light assemblies and white body panels were a perfect fit. to keep the tailgate. Everyone had a strong opinion on this issue but I thought the positives outweighed Gregory Chernushin the negatives. First, I wanted the Attorney at Law protection from the elements that the tailgate ensured. Secondly, I Parkridge Center wanted it to still look, fundamentally, 10475 Park Meadows Drive like a Discovery. Finally, I wanted 6th Floor to be able to store gear & recovery Littleton, CO 80124 equipment in the rear without wor(303) 689-0766 rying about it flying out the back if the rear was simply tubed instead of enclosed. The challenge was the sloping line of the tailgate when the glass was removed and the fact that the hinges on the passenger’s side were located higher than on the driver’s side. I didn’t mind the vaguely disproportionate look and, • Custom Fabrication as the pictures show, I think it came out just fine. Jeff made quick work of • Off Road Accessories the project by folding the outer aluminum panels back over the top of (719) 328-0796 the tailgate & riveting it down. Some touch-up spray paint finished the job. Matt Peterson Capping off the sides was a different 38 Buchanan Street matter entirely, and one that would require some serious fabrication. The Colorado Springs, CO 80907 windows were removed from the rear doors, leaving one gap to be covered up. And of course the rear panels left a larger gap on the rear sides. The doors turned out to be a fairly simple Defender, Discovery , and Range Rover job. I won’t give up Jeff’s secret, but Custom Fabrication – Welding Services suffice to say he found a common item that happened to fit perfectly Bumpers, Skid Plates, Accessories, & Suspension Systems over the doors. Painted black, they look almost factory. Walk in service or mail order The rear side panels was a differ RoverXchange A Newsletter for Land Rover Aficionados

We are Land Rover Specialists

ent matter. Metal fabrication is far beyond my ability. But Jeff was able to fabricate steel caps to such tight tolerances that they barely needed to be fastened on. The caps were spray painted with black bedliner to hide any imperfections in the metal and for general durability. I’ll leave it to Jeff to tackle a seperate article on the wiring. But those contemplating a DII chop be warned: there is enough wiring in a DII to make several trips around the earth. The final challenge unique to a DII was the tail-light assemblies. We procured a pair of tail-light assemblies & white body panels from a Discovery I and swapped them out with the original pair. These were painted black and, as you can see from the pictures, were a perfect fit. I like the look of the black panels better than if we had found a pair in the OEM color. The cage was fabricated at Deranged Rover: 8-point cage attached to the frame when possible, with improvised attachments when necessary. To bolt down the front, the dash/fascia was removed and cut on either side to allow the cage bars to pass through it. Steel plates were bolted into each of the front corners as attachment points for the cage bars. This allowed for more leg room & ease of entry while still retaining a solid foundation for the cage. The “B” pillars of the cage attach to the frame directly behind the front seats. The “C” pillars were welded onto the top of the ‘pancake’ style rear upper spring retainers and curve around

One of the cage seams.

In-shop side view prior to Discovery I tail light assembly installation.

While waiting for parts, the Discovery II looks like a truncated pick-up.

Cage installed and ready for installation of the new custom top.

the wheel wells. The rear pillars bolt directly to the frame. Once the cage was installed & painted, finishing touches included bed-lining the interior from behind the front seats back to the tailgate, installing a Tuffy locking security box, and bolting down two 20mm surplus ammo cans for additional storage. We also added a rear seat from a (gasp!) Jeep, to fit between the wheel wells and roll cage mounts. Finally, I had a custom top made out in Virginia. The top fits snuggly and fairly water-tight over the entire vehicle with zip-out windows on the sides & rear. The top slides thru a channel fitted to the front roof line above the windshield and snaps down across the sides. The roof can be removed, or left on it’s own as a ‘bikini’ with the sides & rear removed. And that’s pretty much the condensed version of the project. Hopefully I’ll get to see many of you later this year in Moab.

Above: Rear view of finished Discovery II with custom soft top. Below: More Views of the finished project.

Special thanks go out to: * Jeff at JC Rover 4x4 * Yves at Deranged Rover * Mary at Safarigard * John at ARB * Ally at Interco Tire for their support of the project.


A Newsletter for Land Rover Aficionados

Dealership DISCOUNTS Our members receive exclusive discounts at Denver area Land Rover dealerships.

The Colorado Denver East Dealership offers Solihull Members:



service and labor is only $85 per hour

The Colorado Flatirons Dealership offers Solihull Members:



The Colorado Springs Dealership offers Solihull Members:





A Newsletter for Land Rover Aficionados


by Special Events Coordinator Pam Haigh

The annual Solihull Society Holiday party was held on December 4th at the Mt. Vernon Country Club in Evergreen, CO. We had an outstanding turnout of nearly 100 or so members and their families. The weather was Colorado beautiful! And the buffet was awesome as always. We encouraged members to pay their 2006 dues when they arrived and everyone was very cooperative. The agenda consisted of a social hour from 12 to 1pm, then lunch was served. After everyone had their fill of good food, we commenced with our December club meeting. Issues discussed were the site of the 2006 National Rally – Moab Utah. The dates will be September 27-30th. We also discussed a committee to plan

for the site of the 2007 rally. It had been decided to have the rally in Moab on the even numbered years, and a different venue on odd numbered years. We also discussed the location of the regular club meetings and decided to try the February meeting at Pint’s Pub in Denver. (this, by the way, turned out to be a good idea as the Feb. turnout was awesome. However, almost not enough room as we filled out the place! Will have to rethink future meeting places if the turn-out continues to be this good).

raffle gifts to our event. We can ALWAYS count on Bill Burke and Rovers North for awesome gifts!! Not to mention Land Rover Monthly, Land Rover Flatirons and Land Rover Denver East- Thanks for all their support!! A great time was had by all! Thanks for coming. See you in 2006!!

We had our annual “Feelie-Meelie” box contest to identify various car parts. Always a big hit! A special Thanks! goes out to all who donated

Whether you’re taking your vehicle to the remote corners of Central America, exploring the vast game-filled savannahs of southern Africa, or simply outfitting your truck with gear to make weekend outings a bit easier, Pangaea has the gear, the advice and knowhow to make your journeys possible. Let Pangaea Expeditions help you discover the world. Pangaea Expeditions sells ARB, Hannibal Safari Equipment, Mantec, Old Man Emu, Optima, Pelican, Warn and more. •   (303) 772-7207

2006EventSchedule APRIL • Natural and un-natural events can interfere with our plans. All difficulty ratings are based on stock vehicle with some driver experi-

Date Event Wednesday, April 26 to Sunday, April 30 Moab, Utah Spring Trip Sunday, April 23 Chinaman Gulch

Rating Easy to Difficult Difficult

MAY Date Saturday, May 6 Saturday, May 13 Saturday, May 13 Saturday, May 20

Event Slaugterhouse Gulch Twin Cone Carnage and Left Hand Canyon Canyon and Castle Gulch

Rating Moderate Moderate Difficult Difficult

Event Argentine Pass and Waldorf Spring Creek EagleRock,BaldyMountain,StVrain, Coney Flats and Bunce School

Rating Easy Difficult Easy to Difficult

Event RD and Pierson Park Grizzly Lake Crystal Mountain Jenny Creek Kenosha Pass Pomeroy and Mary Murphy

Rating Difficult Moderate to Difficult Difficult Moderate Easy Easy to Moderate

Event Wheeler Lake Bill Moore Lake Blanca

Rating Difficult Moderate Difficult

JUNE Date Saturday, June 3 Saturday, June 17 Sunday, June 25

JULY Date Saturday, July 1 Sunday, July 2 Sunday, July 9 Saturday, July 15 Sunday, July 16 Sunday, July 23

AUGUST Date Saturday, August 5 Saturday, August 19 Saturday, August 26 to Sunday August 27



A Newsletter for Land Rover Aficionados

2006EventSchedule SEPTEMBER Date Saturday, September 9 Saturday, September 16 Sunday, September 24 Wednesday, September 27 to Saturday, September 30

Event Kelly Flats and Heart Attack Hill Red Cone and Georgia Pass Apex and Kingston Peak 2006 Land Rover National Rally

Rating Difficult Moderate to Difficult Easy Easy to Difficult

OCTOBER Date Event Saturday, October 7 to Sunday, October 8 Holy Cross Saturday, October 14 Eagle Rock and Baldy Mountain

Rating Difficult Easy to Difficult

DECEMBER Date Saturday, December 2



Event Holiday Party

A Newsletter for Land Rover Aficionados

Rating Really Easy


The Solihull Society Land Rover Club National Rally 2006 Schedule of Events! WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 27th • 4:00 to 7:00 PM - Rally Check-in at the Old Spanish Trail Arena. Put up your rally “goodies” and trail schedules. Solihull members will be available to discuss trails, etc.

THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 28th • 8:00 AM - Meet at the Old Spanish Trail Arena for trail runs. *Late rally check-in available from 7:00 AM on! • 6:00 to 8:00 PM - Cocktail Party at Buck’s Grill.

FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 29th • 8:00 AM - Meet at the Old Spanish Trail Arena for trail runs. • 2:00 to 7:00 PM - Vendor day with special events at Old Spanish Trail Arena.

SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 30th • 8:00 AM - Meet at the Old Spanish Trail Arena for trail runs. • 6:00 PM - Banquet with awards and raffle at the Moab Valley Inn. *The Moab Valley Inn is holding a block of rooms at the discounted price of $65.00 per nite. Be sure to mention that you are with the Solihull Society Land Rover Rally to get this special rate.

MOAB VALLEY INN: 800-831-6622.



A Newsletter for Land Rover Aficionados

TripReport Thinking about Holy Cross trip this year? Report from several years ago will give you some idea. The Defender 90 Participants: - Carl Padgett, solo, in a white ’97 D90 hardtop - Cain Kobert & Patricia Linville in a military olive ’97 D90 hardtop - Matt, Cat, Hans, and Gabe Schulze with Rollie dog, in a red ’95 D90 soft top - Hans & Roseanne Schulze in a white ‘95 D90 soft top After the usual snail’s pace through Minturn on a Saturday morning, three 35 and one 33 tired Defenders proceeded to Holy Cross Trail. While airing down these large paws at the trailhead, several Hummers drove by on Rte 703, aka Homestake Road. Then, a group, including one civilian [a stock vehicle] pickup proceeded up the trail ahead of us. But it didn’t take us long to catch them, given the problems the pickup had. Lucky for us this vehicle decided to bail out about a mile later, the last chance to get off the trail without back tracking. However we inherited the Hummers at that point. Evidently, they couldn’t maneuver the narrow first section. As we low crawled up the trail, we encountered a large group of juvenile hikers, mostly Hispanics that seemed to huff and puff in their own low-gear crawl. The leader told Cat Schulze that they were inner-city kids from Chicago. Further up we had a little fun with an off-camber line and a vertical obstacle, but French Creek seems to be the focal point, because

by Hans Schulze

something always unexpectedly happens. And it didn’t fail this time either. Carl and I felt that the middle, difficult line was doable. Well, with my deft spotting, not only did Carl get stuck, he exploded the driver’s side CV joint. We couldn’t winch him out so we winch him side-ways so that the front would be on the most flat place available. The plan was for Matt with family and Roseanne and I to drive to the City to procure the prime camping spot while Carl and Cain would remove the damage. Matt and I would then come back to help. When we got to the top, it was cold and drizzling and we decided that it was important to get the tents set up and to raise a tarp as a cover over the seating area around the fire before the impending downpour. Although Matt and I thought Carl, with his experience and Cain’s help, could remove the CV joint without our help, I decided to return to French Creek. As it turned out, they needed another bottle jack to raise the vehicle high enough to replace the tire and wheel without the D falling off the jack again. After several tries, we were successful and were able to get on our way. By the time we returned to the camp, Roseanne, Cat and Matt had the tents up, the overhead tarp situated more securely, another tarp up as a windbreaker, and a new fire ring constructed with fire. Nice. While Cat, Roseanne, Matt and I were making preparations for the evening meal, a high pitch, squealing sound shrieked from Carl’s tent, and sounded like an electrical saw. We were sure Carl was building shelves in his tent. It was his electric pump for his sleeping mattress. Hans and Gabe explored the mead-

Holy Cross

ow and stream next to the camp site with Rollie dog sniffing for varmints. At one point the boys and Roseanne decided to play tag. That caused Roseanne a wrenched knee when she lunged for Gabe, missed and fell. The campsite, tucked in the trees with a tarp ceiling and wind breaker, made for a cozy setting and resulted in a pleasant, dinning atmosphere. The late afternoon and early evening was warm and sunny, a far cry from some of the cold, rainy trips of the past. Evidently I didn’t check our supplies which should include plenty of mosquito repellent. Luckily Cain and Pat had plenty. Sunday morning was brisk but sunny. Coffee aroma hung over the campsite. Since Carl’s vehicle was operating on a crutch, we decided to hike to the lake and not bother with the extreme obstacles. On the way down we made room for several groups on their way to French Creek, including a Bronco caravan. All ‘n all, a pleasant family outing with the usual repair requirement.

membershipapplication Name ______________________________________________________________________________________ Spouse/Partner/Significant Other _ ____________________________________________________________ Street Address ______________________________________________________________________________ City _ _________________________ State ____________________ Zip________________________________ Phone Number________________ E-mail____________ Website URL________________________________ Land Rover(s) Model &Year ___________________________________________________________________ Detach and mail with $60 to: Solihull Society PO Box 480864 Denver, CO 80248-0864 16


A Newsletter for Land Rover Aficionados



A Newsletter for Land Rover Aficionados

Classifieds 1995 DEFENDER FOR SALE 56,00 miles Warn ZD9000I winch Winch accesory kit Pull Pal RockwareFrontandrearbumpers Diff guards Frt skid plate Tie rod protector Catalytic converter skid plate Frame sliders Side body rock sliders  Rear pinion guard SteelNATOsteelwheelspaintedwhite Stock alloy wheels W/ lug nuts included Swingoutsparetiremountw/shovel and axe mount 255-85 BFGmudtires-goodshape ARB rear locker Rockware rear drop kit. Maxi Drive rear axles 110transfercasew/MaxiDriverock crawler gears C B radio 2-Tuffytoolboxesmountedinrear Customrearinteriorcagew/mounts for2Gerrycansandwiredinelectric cooler Custom rear drive shaft Limb Risers Mantec Snorkle Wing covers Wading kit Front mounted Hi Lift jack Custom passenger grab handle Anti-theft device Many spare parts   $ 35,000 Contact Bob Lohman 303-671-6995



SERIES II PARTS I have 3 front seat bottoms from a 1965 Series II which are green in color looking for a good home. Good shape, make me an offer. Beer? Cash? Parts? The seat backs were trashed and are not available. I have 5 two piece steel wheels which are original and in great shape. These are the wheels which were standard for tubed tires. I will only sell or trade as a whole set of five. Bronze Green seat box from a IIa in Good Condition. Spare Tire mount for the hood, no bolts included. Spare Tire mount for rear door. I also have some gauges and the like. Please email if you are interested in anything or would like FOR SALE Stuff that you need to sell? Did you know that classified ads are free to clubmembers? Simplysendane-mailwithadescriptionofwhatyou’re sellingalongwithaskingpriceandcontactinformationandwe’llrunitfor free in the RoverXchange classifieds. Send it to:

A Newsletter for Land Rover Aficionados


Spring 2006

The General Meeting on April 11, 2006 will be held at Land Rover Flatirons and will start at 7:30 PM with dinner being catered by Pasquinni’s. The cost for dinner will be $5.00 per person. The balance of the cost is being paid by our meeting sponsor, Land Rover Flatirons. The feature presentation will be made by Graham Jackson. Graham will be sharing an amazing overland travel experience through 18 countries requiring nine (9) months to complete the rare 30,000 mile excursion from London to Cape Town in a superbly equipped Land Rover 110. The slide show will feature wildlife, diverse ecozones including Sahara to the central African rain forest to the Kalahari dessert, together with other encounters. In order to reserve a spot, please email me by no later than April 7th. Please call me with any questions. 303-377-8639



A Newsletter for Land Rover Aficionados

Solihull Society PO Box 480864 Denver, CO 80248-0864

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