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Fall/Cold 2011/12 volume 8 edition 2 Upcoming events, open calls, info and such Cabaret 011- the trap\door winter fundraiser. Dec. 16 at the Owl Acoustic Lounge. Bucket draw for artwork and gifts from local businesses. A $10 ticket gets you six chances for the prize you want most! Performances and music-based entertainment, and an overall great time! Gushul residency 2012 submissions to be in by Dec. 15, 2011. The Emerging Artist award program from the Gov’t. o’ Alberta. A big chunk of money and so you should apply! More info at trap\door radio is still on the air! catch it on CKXU 88.3 FM and Thursday night 7-8! Craftateria Winter Craft Sale! This awesome event is happening on Dec. 17, 12-5 PM at the Gate (across from SAAG). Come down for some last minute Christmas shopping and support local indie crafters. Knitting, felting, crochet, upcycled clothing, jewelry, cat toys... Plenty of craft diversity and awesomeness! Cate Currie has an exhibition up at the Blueprint Gallery, artworks for sale and to look at. Mary-Anne McTrowe has a track included on Ball of Wax Audio Quarterly’s 26th issue, a tribute to Harry Smith’s 1952 “Anthology of American Folk Music”. Described as ranging “from the straightforward and earnest to the experimental and bizarre, a fitting match for the legendarily eccentric Harry Smith himself”, the 20-track CD compilation will be released November 25. ( Mary-Anne also performed on Lethbridge band The Record Holder’s recently released single, “Dear Medea”, and has an original song of hers “Georgia Bigfoot” being considered for inclusion in a documentary about bigfoot hoaxes set in Georgia. The documentary is being produced as a fundraiser for a planned local museum in Auraria, Georgia. Rad exhibitions are going on at the SAAG, Trianon and the Bowman, so go have a boo! You can find more events and such at our wonderful Allied Arts Council, it’s We also want you to go check out AMAAS and get your media arts on. It’s always great to check out other ARC’s in Alberta. will be up soon. trap\door Artist Run Centre Lethbridge, AB Contributors: Len Komanac (cover design) Arianna Richardson (interview w/ Shanell,Gushul) Mike Maguire (Marie-Lyne) Nancy Anne McPhee (art recipe) Frater Tham (tarotica) To contribute to the next issue contact the t\d!

Salutations from trap\door! Welcome to the second edition of this year’s newsletter. How’s it going? Are you good? Well, let me tell you that trap\door is good. We’ve just finished up our annual exhibition and Gushul residency, and we couldn’t have been happier on how they turned out. Thanks to everyone who took part, and especially the artists we were able to meet. I hope we can continue on with the Gushul residency, it’s pretty rad. We’re excited about our winter fund-raiser that’s coming up on Dec. 16, there’s lots of donations from artists and businesses alike, so come to the Owl if you can, but be sure to pick up a raffle ticket and you could win an amazing prize, all the while supporting trap\door! Marie-Lyne Quirion’s exhibition is still up, did you know that? Well it is, I don’t lie about stuff like that. As a centre without a centre, we are excited to be exploring other forms of exhibition beyond the gallery. The control/ loss of self image is an online exhibition, and will exist and hopefully be added upon for the next year. If you weren’t able to participate while she was here in October, you can still see the result. Yay, internet! Have a gander at OK, I think that’s it for now. Hope you enjoy the newsletter, and thanks for being part (or, you should become a member and then become rad) of trap\door. We love you all.


Recipe Corner

Nancy’s for questions, comments, suggestions. Recipe borrowed from J.N. Liles “The Art and Craft of Natural Dyeing”

Sig Vat:Layout 1 11-10-05 8:25 PM Page 1

This Issue: Artificial Sig Vat

This is a recipe for dyeing fabric with indigo dye powder.

Only natural indigo and natural fibres (silk, cotton, wool or linen) will work. Silk will produce the best effects. A true sig vat uses urine instead of sugar and yeast, that will be for another day.

If you would like to apply for the 2012 Gushul Residency program, make sure to get your submission in by Dec. 15, 2011. Get more details on our website, we’re looking forward to seeing your stuff!

Do you know who is seeing your photo online? As much as you try to control its accessibility, are you really in control? This concept is behind Montreal based MarieLyne Quirion’s participatory photo-works. Challenging the notion of fully controling and curating your self-portrait online, Quirion set up two photo projects while in Lethbridge during her stay in October.

a sampling of participants in the project _surprise! See them all at

The main activity of her week spent in Lethbridge was an event held at the NAAG studio, where community members were invited to come and participate in the projects _surprise! and _revealing, as well as enjoy some snacks and libations (as all good art events have). Those that weren’t participating were engaged in great conversations and getting to know the artist. The trap\door is excited about the ongoing online exhibition of Quirion’s work in these projects. We’ve set up as a location which she can continue to upload images of people who participate. It will be an dynamic exhibition which goes beyond the gallery limitation, and we’re excited about the potential of this for the “artist-run centre without a centre.” A big thank you to Marie-Lyne, the participants and those that helped create this exhibition.


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trap\door newsletter fall and winter 2011  
trap\door newsletter fall and winter 2011  

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