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I am pleased to congratulate Communicando and their Editorial Board on releasing the third edition of the Transcendent, CBIT’s very own college newspaper. Shedding light on recent events such as our college becoming autonomous and other ongoing activities that have been taking place in the world around us, it is safe to say that change is in the air. As the world keeps growing, it’s imperative for us to adapt and grow with it. Consequently, it’s no different with the Transcen-

dent. Starting with this edition, every edition of our college newspaper will now be available online on our website. This step enables us to take advantage of the technology that is readily available to us today in order to keep up with the fast-paced digital world, ensuring the widespread and efficient sharing of information. In conclusion, taking into consideration that this is a student-run college newspaper, I take pride in recognizing the hardwork and passion of our students who have taken up and worked towards this initiative. I encourage such students and wish them success and goodwill to show this dedication towards their future aspirations and the betterment of their college experience. -Dr. B. Chennakesava Rao Principal, CBIT


MOVING FORWARD: Now Transcending ONLINE! While working on this issue, the phrase “moving forward” has struck a chord in me. Remembering how it all began, how Transcendent started off as a mere thought, slowly turning into a challenge of making it a reality, and finally becoming the unique and established student-run publication that it is today, has only served to exemplify this timeless theme. Every moment, the clock keeps ticking, leaving us helpless at the passing of time. Wherever we are, whatever we may be doing, we cannot control how time passes. It creeps up on us when we least expect it. Before we know it, we have traveled so far from where we have started. It’s not until we take a look back and see how far we’ve come, that we realize all this time we’ve not only been moving, but moving forward. It’s inevitable. It happens unknowingly; one phase of our life leads to another as we continue to grow and adapt with every phase. As a fourth year student whose college journey is coming to an end, I’ve come to realize how important it is to acknoweldge this fact. The fact that we have no choice than to leave one phase only to enter another. That as the things around us change, as the people that

surround us change, and as situtations change, we have also got to change.We have to learn, adapt, and grow. From the time we started taking our first steps, putting one foot forward after another, we have been moving and we will only continue to keep moving. The point is that we must keep moving forward. Because unless we tread into uncharted territories, we will not achieve new heights. And that is exactly the basis on which the Transcendent has been incepted and growing with every edition. This edition is no exception. This time, we are moving forward in more ways than one. We have introduced new members, modified the team structure, and have started to bring forth new leaders, in order to ensure that Transcendent continues to keep moving forward. Most importantly, we are taking it online. We are hoping that this big step forward will help CBIT’s college newspaper expand its base and open more doors to allow us to transcend even further. On that note, I am honored to introduce to you, Transcendent’s first online edition. We sincerely hope you enjoy it! -Kirtana Bavanaka Editor-in-Chief

From the Convenor’s Desk Transcendent is truly breaking all barriers. I am so happy to see the variety in the articles written. I must congratulate the whole of the editorial team for the splendid job that they have done with this issue. Be it aca-

demics, sports, latest gadgets, science and societal issues, Transcendent caters to every kind of student. I was impressed to see the article related to women safety. It is certainly the need of the hour. Youngsters must not

only be sensitive but be sensitized towards various issues plaguing our society.We all have a responsibility to make the world a better place to live in and one way of doing that is to spread awareness through our writings. I

hope Transcendent is doing its bit in its own way. Happy reading!!! -Dr. A. Sandhya Reddy Convenor, Communicando

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Letter from the Editors by

S.A. Kruthi MohAn And AKShAy KulKArni, deputy editorS-in-Chief

Transcendent means ‘Breaking all barriers’. Staying true to its name, the ‘Transcendent’ is expanding into new territories from this edition onwards. In this age of internet revolution, where everything is moving online, it was almost a necessity for the Transcendent to follow suit. So from this edition onwards the Transcendent will be published online, along with our printed publications for major editions. Well that’s not the only thing that has changed about the Transcendent. We have restructured the editorial board as well and added new members onto it; all as a part of our continuing effort to deliver quality content and news on a regular basis to our readers. Change really is the only constant. One of the biggest news in the last few weeks was that of Facebook

buying Whatsapp for around $19 billion. To put that in context, the population of India is approximately 1.27 billion and the population of the world is approximately 7.486 billion. So in theory, $10 million could be given to every person in the world and the founders of Whatsapp would still be left with substantial amount of assets. Analysts have suggested that the reason behind this acquisition was the fact that Facebook felt threatened by the growing user base of Whatsapp. In the past Facebook had also tried buying Snapchat for $4 billion for similar reasons but that deal didn’t go through. These events could be indications of Facebook trying to dominate the information sharing industry, especially after they have hinted their interest in monetizing data. Critics have although pointed

out that this could mean greater online privacy issues as Facebook is rumoured to provide backdoor access to NSA. What’s more interesting is the fact that the founders of Whatsapp, Jan Koum and Brian Acton were initially rejected by Facebook, Twitter and many other top tech companies. But it was their resolve and passion towards what they loved doing- building software that kept them going. In 2009, they built the cross-platform messaging app which was eventually bought by the company which had earlier rejected them. Ironic, isn’t it? We as engineering students have a lot to learn from the above mentioned story. The most important thing to learn would be to continue working on our passions no matter what hurdles come up. The secret

is to keep moving forward, irrespective of what resistance one comes across. Persistence goes a long way in paving the path for your success. It is a similar kind of spirit that keeps the editorial board of the Transcendent motivated to come out with editions despite exams, projects and busy schedules. When you work on something that you truly love, you need no external motivation. Simply put, our passion and persistence is what drives us to deliver. We hope that you, the readers of the Transcendent, will appreciate the first online version of our newspaper just as much as you did the print version. In any case, the editorial board is always open to suggestions and positive criticism.



p rinCipAl, Cbit Convenor: dr. A. SAndhyA reddy ASSoCiAte profeSSor, depArtMent of MAthS And huMAnitieS

StAff CoordinAtor: A. vijAyA lAKShMi ASSiStAnt profeSSor, depArtMent of MAthS And huMAnitieS editor- in-Chief: KirtAnA bAvAnAKA deputy editorS- in-Chief: S.A. Kruthi MohAn AKShAy KulKArni editoriAlS editor: AMulyA MiryAlA prASAnnA vorugAnti

newS editorS:  SuMAliKA AddAgArlA

SheetAl gArlApAti

SportS editorS: AnAnd guptA AvinASh t. entertAinMent editorS: hArShAl KuSuMA tejA MAriyAdA



photogrAphy MAnAger: niShithA MAlur vijAylAKShMi K. lAyout teAM: AdviKA rAo lAlithA dAKShAyAni

prAtiK M. veMuri Anu rAdhA SridulA ModugA priyAnKA reddy j ournAliStS:

photo CreditS: SuMAnth tittu Not Pictured: Lalitha Dakshayani, Pratik Vemuri, Sheetal Garlapati, Advika Rao, Anu Radha, Priyanka JK, Priyanka Reddy, Avinash Badeti, Shruti Gaddam, Avinash T, Swathi Patnaik, Shreya Anantharaman

priyanka j.K. nikhil gopal Krishna Swathi patnaik Meghna vadapalli nagaraju poshaveni Shreya Anantharaman Mallika gandham Krishna harsha Shruti gaddam Avinash badeti

PAGE 3 FIT THE PROFILE BY MALLIKA GANDHAM, JOURNALIST “The inclusion of race in the pro- words which are commonly file of a person considered likely mixed-up and I don’t really blame to commit a particular crime or them either, given the fact that we type of crime is targeting specific just throw words like “stereoethnic groups because they are type” and my favorite “fits the more likely to commit certain profile”, yes, those words, right there, are words which we don’t crimes.” And that is, clearly, the think about before using them. textbook definition of racial pro- Yes, I’m gladly going to decode filing; basically, it’s just a blatant them down for you. “accepted procedure” for racism. Stereotyping: It’s the practice of That being said, (highly recom- “assuming” that certain things are mended for a person reading this characteristics of certain “type” article to know), there are certain of people.

Profiling: Use of statistical data in order to select candidates who “fit” in a particular criteria just because a bunch of figures say so. Well, I’ll just give you the ‘best’ possible example probably in everyone’s books, after 9/11 there was an increase in security checks, solely, targeted on people who belonged to certain community, now, that is, racial profiling. And the common ‘assumption’ that we, Indians, eat only curry and each one of us is a computer geek is stereotyping.


By this time, most of us must have probably received at least a little career advice: get into a good college (which we have already done), keep your grades high and you will end up in a good job. Well that just doesn’t seem to be the scenario anymore! As the global economy is becoming more global, the competition for good jobs or even a graduate seat in a reputed college is increasing rapidly. It is no longer sufficient that you stay more qualified than your immediate peer, but you have to be more qualified than the countless others out there. In today’s industry, just being resourceful is no longer sufficient, to know where to take the right turn is also equally important. We might not relish the true beauty of a rainbow by just studying the concept of VIBGYOR in our science books. Similarly, we might not be able to actually apply and thoroughly understand all the concepts of our theory knowledge unless we experience and apply it in the real world. So yes, in conclusion every student who aspires to work in any core industry needs an internship! T h a t not only decorates your resume, but you will have gained the basic knowledge. Now there are a wide variety of internships one could take up. They could be paid or unpaid, creditable or non-creditable, co-operative education internships and many more. Summer Internships: These are usually eight to twelve weeks long and can be full or part time. Many of us take up internships during summer. These short term experiences provide a real insight into what it’s actually like working in a particular job or career field. Research internship at an IIT:Indian Institutes of Technology have always been known for the research they undertake. They are modelled along the lines of successful research parks in the world. They focus not just on the incubation efforts, but also on the innovative output which is expected in established R&D companies. This is an experience in itself and adds a lot of weight to your

resume. Many reputed IITs offer summer internships to non-IIT students. A few links are given below: 1.IITM Summer Fellowship Program: itm-summer-fellowship-2014 2.IITB Internship program, a part of Ekalavya: 37447 3.IITK SURGE( Summer Undergraduate Research Grant for Excellence): in/dora/index.php?option=com _content&view=category&layout=blog&id=563&Itemid=12 3 4.IITD GIPEDI(The Global Internship Program in Engineering Design and Innovation): pediinterns/application-formfor-printout 5.Internships at IITG: b/summerinternship/home Other research internships in India: You could also apply for a research internship in core subjects like mathematics and sciences which will deal with high end topics like statistics or data management, etc. If you want to go for higher education in a particular field, you could always have a preface to it in the form of a research internship at a full time research institutes like these below: 1.IISc,Bangalore: 2.Raman Research Institute: 3.Indian academy of sciences: 4.Indian Institute of Science Academy and Research, Mohali: ummerProgram/summerProgram2014.html International Internships: College graduates today need a global perspective and exposure in order to remain competitive in the global job market. Most student graduates today need to negotiate foreign

cultures regardless of where they choose to work after graduation. These will give you enough exposure to international standards and it would be a very rich experience, if were also choosing to pursue an MS in that particular Institute. 1. Max Planck Institute for Software Systems (MPI-SWS) Internship Program: #Computer Science 2. Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI), Taiwan Summer Internship Program: 3. The University of Tokyo Research Internship Program (UTRIP): (Deadline: March 3, 2014) 4. Charpak Scholarships The Internship Program: (Deadline: March 17, 2014) #France Competitions: If you want to test whether your skills conquer in the current IT industry, the best way to check this is through participating in variety of competitions from coding contests to entrepreneur idea challenges. Thanks to the many fests in CBIT, We already get a lot of exposure to many coding competitions. But those conducted by top MNCs test other IT industry required skills. Participating in them would give you an exposure as to what is the competition in the world outside the CBIT walls. 1) IBM's The Great Mind Challenge (TGMC): (Deadline: February 28, 2014) 2) BNP Paribas Ace Manager: (Deadline: April 10, 2013) 3) Aakruti 3D Design & Modelling Contest: (Deadline: February 20, 2014) 4) Applits App Idea Competition: 5) Nokia India's Your Wish is My App Season 2: (Deadline: February 24, 2014) It’s time for us to now start our hunt for an internship which helps us to become a real professional. So yes, it’s our turn to be an intern!

Racial profiling is seen most likely across international airports and highways. Racial Profiling has been around for years, I don't see it fading away anytime soon as it is practiced across many parts of the globe. Being racially profiled can happen to anyone no matter what race you belong to.Right now, I think the quandaring surrounding the treatment of people belonging to a particular ethnic group is best example as to how racism is still widespread in our own country.

The problem is nobody seems to come to a consensus, as to, how to solve this problem. It seems to me that racism is still part of our society, and sadly, it probably always will be. We all have prejudices of some sorts, be it race, rich, poor, sex, sexual orientation. We as a society need to realize that this problem will never go away. We need to work around it, or through it.


INDIVIDUALITY BY PRASANNA VORUGANTI, SUB-EDITOR Have you ever been in difficult situations? Of course, we engineers always come across such phases in our life. Sometimes we face them with courage, motivation and skill. Other times we just pray that luck will find us and so we can ultimately pull it off somehow. Many times in life we have to be creative, a quick-witted learner and an assertive decision maker. Most characteristics come through practice, other through experiences. Some realizations come through mistakes and some require both. Does possessing such traits sound like perfection? But as we all know, nobody's perfect. We were all born to be real and not perfect. Aim for it. Why? Because when we miss, we realize that imperfection is individuality. Individuality consists of many qualities; every quaint quality differing from person to person. As we grow and go on a journey that that leads to success there are some qualities that are important. Let’s take a glance at a few of them. Being authentic? Being confident? Being inquisitive? There you are; a decision maker! Chocolate or strawberry? Life or death? We make tons of quick decisions unconsciously; others we hem and haw over in agony. We choose actions and form opinions which are influenced by reason, emotions, and memories. Here's a list to tackle while you're on that fence. Effective Decision Making Although decisions can be made using either intuition or reasoning, a combination of both approaches is often used. Whatever approach is used, it is usually helpful to structure decision into: •Reduce more complicated decisions down to simpler steps. •Think ahead about what the decision can lead to. •Plan decision making to meet deadlines. •Listing all possible solutions. The Lively Learner-Be hungry for knowledge! Step 1: -Inspired?The difference in who you are

and who you want to be is What YOU Do. !! Have you ever sat in a class and randomly looked outside the window and then doze off? Yeah. I'm sure it happened to all of us; we dream about so many things; our ambitions, our future etc. And in order for those dreams to come true we need to realize and learn from our mistakes, our experiences, and some practice as well. But big-time learning comes when you want to set a goal and achieve it. All those goals come to our minds when we are truly inspired. When you're working on a creative project and the going gets tough, if you're not motivated enough, you'll quit. And it always gets tough, whether you're a novelist, musician, or even a creative entrepreneur.So here, take these start-off keys for inspiration! 1. Enjoyment, find something that stimulates you. 2. Trust yourself. 3. Follow what your intuition tells you. 4. Trust yourself and tell yourself that “I can”. 5. The most important of all. Take action every day, no matter how small a steps it seems. Action is the fuel to the fires of inspiration. Creativity: Star busting: Awakening the power in you.Faced with a problem or need a fresh idea? Star busting is a form of brainstorming that focuses on generating questions rather than answers. It can be used iteratively, with further layers of questioning about the answers to the initial set of questions. Your brain actually loves questions. When you develop a question, your brain automatically searches for answers, making your learning faster and your creativity on high-alert!! So ask away! So all in all to be a successful individual with individuality we need to believe in ourselves.And remember the secret of getting ahead is getting started!!So build up that character and show the world what you can do.

PAGE 4 PRIVACY IN CYBERSPACE By akShay kulkarni, DePuTy eDiTor-in-Chief Some know it as the Terrorist stitutional Laws. The New York Surveillance Program, others call Times had broken the story that President Bush had authorized it domestic spying. Whatever the name, re- surveillance without going gardless of the politics, privacy in through the normal procedures of communications has landed cen- getting court approval. The National Security ter stage. And the tech community has a lot at stake in how the Agency (NSA) had been authorized to collect international phone curtain falls on the issue. Even the idea that our calls or email communication intimate conversations between made within the U.S. without a family and friends are fodder for warrant, if the person was bea stranger’s ears or eyes is discon- lieved to have a link to Al Qaeda certing. Some people expect pri- or other terrorist organizations. vacy to be an inherent component Critics declared that spying on of communication. But we’ve al- U.S. citizens without going ready given up some privacy for through the proper legal channels the benefit of convenient commu- is a violation of the 1978 Foreign nication. Ride any bus or walk Intelligence Surveillance Act down any city sidewalk and you (FISA). FISA spelled out that can’t help but be bombarded by “probable cause” had to be cell phone gabbers barking out proven that a person had links to personal information into their terrorism before government handsets, their voices stinging our could conduct surveillance. The Terrorist Surveilears. Personally, I’m still a little caught off guard when I call lance Program takes that threshsomeone and they answer greet- old down a notch, by allowing ing me by name. Good old caller NSA officials to snoop as long as ID has taken the surprise out of there is a “reason to believe” Al incoming calls, and screening Qaeda or terrorist activity is part phone calls has never been more of a phone call. Supporters pointed out that it wasn’t an avconvenient. erae Joe’s conversations that the government was interested in. The wiretapping applied only to a small population; those persons believed to be communicating directly with terrorists. Some shocking news was revealed by the whistleblower Edward Snowden last year when on 5th June The Guardian published its first exclusive based on Snowden's leak, revealing a secret court order showing that the US government But in the last few years, had forced the telecom giant Verthe conversations surrounding a izon to hand over the phone person’s right to privacy during records of millions of Americommunication shifted from an- cans and on 6th June a second noyance—how did that telemar- story revealed the existence of keter get my phone number the previously undisclosed proanyway? And why were my cell gram Prism, which internal NSA phone records purchased by a documents claim gives the third party? - To one of the Con- agency "direct access" to data

held by Google, Facebook, Apple and other US internet giants. The tech companies denied that they had set up "backdoor access" to their systems for the US government. So why should you

By SwaThi PaTnaik, journaliST

care? How does it affect you? Wouldn’t such measures grease the already slippery slope of privacy erosion and, if left unchecked, become a sinister tool for prying into people’s private lives? What most disturbs many Internet users is that they know how often they type in a query to Google. In almost a stream of consciousness, a word or phrase could be typed into Google’s form, with the user unaware of what significance a particular search might have to a third party. It has also been seen in the past that governments are using these privileges of access to private data to suppress civil liberties. For example there have been instances where the US government has suppressed protests even before they had begun by monitoring the emails of the parties organizing the protest. Even in India, a Facebook post led to an arrest of a young woman in Mumbai. There are various organizations trying to fight for a free internet but whether they win or will the powerful governments of the world crush one of the most basic human rights, the right to privacy, with an excuse of international security is something only time will tell.

MODERN EDUCATION SYSTEM By Surya Teja Sharma Gurukul System was the concept of education in ancient India. Back then, students resided with the gurus as a part of his family & received knowledge under the shadow of trees and in the lap of Mother Nature. As years flew by, this system got replaced by corporate schools. These schools, though not a replica of the Gurukuls, do have residential facilities. Students reach the institutes at early hours and spend ample amount of time with the teacher, gain knowledge under a roof, amidst four concrete walls. Students deal with imaginary numbers in maths, imaginary particles in physics and imaginary chemical mechanisms in chemistry. All of these imaginary things really make a student spend hours sitting on a bench, feeding his brain mostly & stomach occasionally. Education system today has become commercial and all about marks, a marketing strategy. Hoardings displaying pic-

tures of their meritorious students, is their idea of business promotion. These Institutes have tag lines which are like other fast moving consumable goods (FMCGs). For example, fairness creams promise a brighter skintone, similarly these institutes promise brighter future. Since the introduction of such a system, the students have been constantly compared on the basis of marks and the result of this comparison ends with a distinction of a winner and a loser. The comparison seems legit to many as the subjects are the same & so are the facilities, then why are the marks different? One may say that interests of the students do matter but then, can we let the child risk his future just to explore his interests? No way. Every student may dream of a different destination but with the rise of these institutes, there is only one path, no matter what the desired destina-


tion maybe. Ultimately, they do help students secure seats in prestigious universities, if not all, at least the selected few students whose photos are on the hoardings. Also, this business never faces any loss as there is a constant supply of students, thanks to the population of India. If there is a demand, there will always be someone to supply. By studying in some of these Institutes, students are obtaining higher marks but are deprived of quality education. Quality education is the right balance of academics and extracurricular activities. But, one has to appreciate all the efforts put in by the teaching & nonteaching staff for helping the students achieve tremendous targets. With all that said, I would not deny that marks are the yardstick to measure the calibre of a student, but what makes me wonder is that are the marks really measuring the true intellect of a student?

An auto rickshaw driver was pulled over by a policeman in the middle of a night who said he could go if he was ‘taken care of’. The driver draws a pink coloured note, something like our fifty rupee note, from his coat pocket and gives the cop that note. The policeman was shocked but smiles and lets him go. Now, the policeman did not smile because he got the money, he smiled because he knew,that a change was coming, a power is rising, before which every person, whether official or not must kneel!

Maryland and the director of Association for India's Development, Inc. USA, is credited with originating the concept of the zero rupee notes. Upon returning to India for a visit, Bhagat was frustrated by the petty bribes demanded by the government officials that were part of daily life and conceived the idea of a zero rupee note as a polite way of declining participation. The non-profitable organisation, the 5th Pillar smiled upon Bhagat's idea and put it into practice. This NGO, 5th-pillar began its campaigning in Chennai in 2007 and since then

That single currency note is a weapon today and it’s even more ironic that the designation of that note is Rupee Zero. Now this is no where related to the government. But, it is a movement from the people, by the people and for the people! These Zero rupee notes are just fantasy money issued as a means of fighting corruption at different levels of the government and; paid in protest by angry citizens to government functionaries who solicit bribes in return for services which are supposed to be free. Zero rupee notes, which are made to resemble the regular 50 rupee banknote of India, are the creation of a non-governmental organization known as the 5th Pillar. The zero rupee notes originated back in 2001. Satindar Mohan Bhagat, an Indian expatriate who is a physics professor at the University of

it has printed and distributed over 1.3 million zero rupee notes. Zero rupee notes have been issued in 5 different languages in our country. And recently, it has also helped to take the movement to other countries suffering from corruption such as Nepal and Malaysia. Thus people have been treating zero rupee notes as a means of achieving zero corruption. The note is a way for any human being to say NO to corruption without the fear of facing an encounter with the persons in authority. So, next time someone asks you for a bribe just take out a zero rupee note and hand it to them. This will let the other person know that you refuse to give or take any money in order to perform services you must receive by law.


Behind the Scenes Fests Galore CELERITAS @CBIT

CBIT’s very own college magazine BY SUMALIKA ADDAGARLA, EDITOR

In a college with a vast number of students as ours, it might at times be difficult to express yourself. In such a scenario, it becomes necessary to introduce a means by which students are provided with a creative outlet and scope to enhance their skills. Enter Celeritas- our very own college magazine whose first issue received great feedback from students and faculty alike, especially A.Vijaya Lakshmi Ma’am. The editorial team led by Nitya Muralidharan from Mech (4/4) which successfully brought us one outstanding issue so far, should indeed be proud of themselves. Let us see what Nitya has to say about the work that went into this compilation. Q: Firstly, congrats on bringing out such a great college magazine for 2012-2013. How does it feel? A: Thank you. It feels wonderful, and gives all of us (the editorial team) a sense of achievement. Personally, I take pride in being part of such a talented team. It has

also helped us know what needs to be done for the next issue. Q: How hard did you and your team have to work to make sure the final product is what it is? A: It took a lot of patience and dedication from all the team members for the issue to come out. We found ourselves falling short of time, so everyone had to go the extra mile. In spite of exams going on around that time we were overwhelmed by the commitment shown by a few members. In addition, we had the constant support of faculty. Q: How has the support from the college been throughout the journey? A: It has been great. College has supported the magazine at every step, right from the initial stages to the publishing and distribution. While being a pillar of support, faculty has always given us that freedom which I think is very important for any form of creative work. Q: How proactive were the students in contributing to the magazine?

A: Only some contributions were voluntary, there was a whole lot of talking and convincing that we had to do to get entries. Although some of them are good writers and artists, they had a few qualms about having their work being open to everyone, probably in anticipation of criticism that might come. But then we were able to convince them and today they are the most eager contributors for the second issue. Q: When can we expect the next magazine? A: The next issue will be out during Shruthi 2014. Q: Any message for the people on the editorial board for theupcoming issue of Celeritas? A: Congratulations on being a part of the editorial board. This is a great place to learn a lot many things. We hope you make this edition even better than the last one. For the juniors especially, we hope you guys will learn what goes into the making of a magazine, or a newspaper, whether it isdesign, editing or publishing. Sincerely hope you will carry on this wonderful experience for your juniors.


CBIT is known for its many fests, the formal and informal events being equally popular. Come March and the college wears a festive look with students from our college and from those across the state as well coming together to

participate in the various events organised. It’s that time of the year again and CBIT brings you the ultimate series of fests, promising us all a fun-filled and technically enriching experience.

The upcoming events are arranged chronologically:

•7th, 8th March- Synapse (Dept of ECE) •13th, 14th March- Literati (Communicando’s Literary fest) •14th, 15th March- Headstart (Dept of CSE) •19th, 20th March- Electret (Dept of EEE) •20th, 21st, 22nd March- Shruthi •24th, 25th March- Mechanica (Dept of MECH & PROD) •28th, 29th March- Chemspark (Dept of CHEM) •28th, 29th, 30th March- CBITMUN’s ICC The other fests set to take place are

•Neozion (Dept of Biotechnology) •Yukthi (School of Management Studies) •Civilizations (Civil Engg Dept)


After two years of monotony and the tedious sameness of hectic college life, the college tour in the first semester of third year was something everyone in third year was really excited about. It was not only a reason to take a break from the hectic schedule, but also to travel with friends to places most of us had never been to, gain new experiences and further deepen the bonds of friendship. Even though different branches had planned their tours separately and had gone on the tour on different dates, the places of travel were generally the same. The CSE1 tour started at Agra, some of the other branches went to Delhi before going to Agra. We had all heard about the beauty of the Taj Mahal be-

fore, but when we saw it Kullu. As it was winter, the on the tour and they had to with our own eyes, we river water was freezing instead go to Solang Valley. Being amidst the snow covered peaks of the Himalayas was undoubtedly an unparalleled experience for all of us. Apart from playing in the snow which was fun in itself, we also had a chance to ride the snow bikes and try out skiing, although no one could actually do it properly. were at a loss for words. cold but this did not stop us Some of the from enjoying this sport. If other memorable parts of anything, it made it even the tour were river rafting more fun as halfway at Kullu and the adventure through the route we were sports at Kufri. Kufri was shivering and were not able the place where we were to even row the boat propfirst exposed to the harsh erly. winter weather of the But undoubtedly North. Here, we did adven- one of the best experiences ture activities like zip lin- of the tour was when we ing and bridge crossingfor visited Rohtang Pass. the first time. Another ad- Some of the branches were venture sport we really en- unlucky as Rohtang Pass We also visited the joyed was river rafting at was closed when they were local tourism spots at Delhi

and everyone shopped in the famous markets there to their hearts’ content. Some of the other places of visit during the tour included the Golden temple, Mathura, Jallianwala Bagh and Wagah Border. This tour helped us understand about each other,it helped us forge new bonds and deepen the older ones. Although we

left for the tour as friends, we came back as a family.

PAGE 6 Ban VIP Culture! Placement Coordinators BY JK PRIYANKA, JOURNALIST


When we say VIP, what comes to our mind first? Waiting in long lines for hours because there is a VIP whose work is more important than ours. Or traffic jams that are easily a mile long because there’s a VIP arriving. A closer scrutiny reveals how VIP culture is at its worst in Hyderabad. There are five policemen assigned to protect one VIP, whereas there is only one cop to protect a 1,000 of the city’s residents. Today in Hyderabad, VIP culture has taken over everything including the divine .Even in temples, an ordinary citizen has to wait for hours while a chosen few get priority treatment. This is not the only instance of the type. It’s the same story on the roads even during peak rush hour traffic. People need to wait forever while the VIPs go whizzing by in their vehicles. Paying toll fee could be mandatory for every aam aadmi using the state highways, but for a staggering 500 or more VIPs zipping through these roads in their swank sarkari SUVs, this service comes completely free of cost. And this is

only after the number of dignitaries who could avail this concession had been brought down recently. While the city’s people and more importantly the slumdwellers thirst for drinking water, Hyderabad’s VIPs get unlimited water supply even for their pools! It’s true. Most of the city’s water is diverted to special taps to cater to the needs of the privileged few. Maintenance of ordinary localities is neglected while the VIP areas are pampered. Due to the priority given to the VIPs over the common man, the resentment of the people towards the public figures is increasing and this in turn could lead to greater turmoil in the state. The ordinary citizen has, in a lot of ways, been reduced to a second class citizen. It’s high time that things were changed. It’s time for us to stand up and make our importance felt. Here is a quote that came to mind for our so-called VIPs: “You can’t live in New York City and be the most important person in town, you just can’t. There are too many other important people here.”


vice and guidance on how to prepare for a particular placement. PC’swill act as a communication channel between the Placement Cell and the students of a branch. The major responsibilities and targets of the Placement Coordinators are: •Being impartial and unselfish, working in the interest of the entire class. •Assessing the strengths of a student and encouraging him/her to utilize resources and perform the best •Preparing the student for the various rounds of placements by organizing group discussions,mock interviews and seminars. •Aiming to achieve 100% placements and bringing more core

The Placement Coordinators for this year are:

BIOTECH Manoj MD.Hammad-Ur Rehman

companies to the campus. •Providing more information about various Internships and encouraging the students to work on mini-projects (especially core branches) to enhance their resumes. The Training and Placement cell at CBIT began the process of placements and training for the academic year 2014-15 in the month of December and after a grueling recruitment process, two to three PC’s were selected from each section. After.the announcement of the new coordinators, the Placements Officer of CBIT, Dr.NLN Reddy congratulated everyone selected and gave an inspiring speech.

CSE-1 Venkat Raju Shruthi Sneha

EEE Arun Kashyap Neelima Sahithi

CSE-2 Nishitha Sravanthi Venudar Reddy

IT Suresh Johendra Jaswanth Shradha Barpute

ECE-1 Sahith Reddy Jagath Chandra Ramya Keerthi

MECHANICAL Sai Shashank Harika Krishnam Raju

ECE-2 Sai Tarun Krishna Harsha Shaguftha Afreen

PRODUCTION Nehanjali Srinivasan Sai Kiran Sai Sachin

Sudarshini CHEMICAL Rakesh Pranav C Attavar Nikitha CIVIL-1 G.B.Rohit Lakshita Reddy CIVIL-2 Varun JK Priyanka Vivek


One of the biggest challenges in Robotic Engitralian Open against Rafael neering includes mimicking Nadal! of the Robot in accordance 6. Elections in full swing!!( with human actions. ControlThe eternal Congress v/s ling an arm of a robot is one BJP war continues) Rahul of the most basic and imporGandhi or Narendra Modi ? tant aspects. To help students 7. Floods in Uttarakhand , understand these concepts floods in Karnataka, floods better, Robohaptica (a 2 day workshop on Haptics) was in Coastal Andhra and in Madhya Pradesh- disasters conducted in CBIT on 25th and 26th Jan by CBIT Robotthat plunged us into deics and Innovations club. spair! The main objective 8. The shocking and abof this workshop was to give solutely disheartening dea basic idea regarding the mise of actor Uday principle and working mechKiran-the world of fame, money and glamour not as anisms of a robot arm theoretically as well as glittery as it seems? practically. A kit comprising of all the mechanical and


1. New dimensions, new faces; "aam admi " changes the political scenario of the country, definitely writing history! 2. Our beloved state constantly under pressure and it has continued for quite some time now! Outcome: Bifurcation of the state. 3. Satya Nadella- the new CEO of Microsoft. We could not be more proud!! 4. And the God of cricket retires! Will we ever be able to get over it? I guess not. 5. Surprising all, Stanislas Wawrinka wins the Aus-

Placements are one of the most important parts of a graduate’s life. What a student does with the rest of his life and his/her shot at success is decided more often than not by the performance during placements. But in order to make sure that the students of our college get placed, it is not enough to make sure that well established companies visit the college. The coordination between students and the Placement Cell plays a crucial role. This is where the Placement Coordinators, (popularly known as PCs) come in. The term Placement Coordinators is often heard during the conversations of third and fourth years. They rely on the Placement Coordinators for ad-

electrical parts needed such as relays, motors, sensors along with programmable aurdino board was provided to the participants. HAPTICS is all about the mechanism and technology used in controlling the arm of a robot. The workshop was open to students from all streams and every principle involved was taught right from the basics. Desire and interest to learn were the only things required and the students of CBIT proved once again that their passion for robotics is undying. The workshop was followed by a Humanoid demo. These are the most

complicated and sophisticated robots known to mankind. The demo was about a basic level humanoid. The idea behind the demo session was to introduce sophisticated robots to budding engineers to inspire them to be innovative and aim for technical greatness. The statement ‘the demand for Technology never dies’ is quite true. The number of participants who participated in the workshop was high. Students were happy and eager to learn something new and it was evident that they could not wait to apply their knowledge and create something innovative and better.


A Day out at RTTC By Sumalika Addagarla, Editor

An engineer is someone who invents and fixes things and is always looking for something new to learn. In order to produce engineers in the true sense of the word, it is necessary to expose budding engineers to the various practical aspects of their respective areas of study. For this purpose, the students of ECE1 and ECE2 (3/4) were taken on an industrial visit to RTTC (Regional Telecom Training Centre), BSNL on Feb 1, 2014. Spread over a generous amount of land, the centre is aimed at making students industry-ready and teaching them about the latest innovations and technologies in the telecom sector. All of us were made to get out of bed and congregate at RTTC, Gachibowli on a Saturday morning. Though there was some initial cribbing about having to sacrifice a holiday, it soon turned into an activity of interest as we began our tour of the facility.After a short opening ceremony, we were taken to various labs and taught the

basics of those disciplines. The fields of study that we came into contact with were Optical fibre cables, C Dot, copper wiring, broadband and antennas. We got to understand the practicalities and finer details of what we till then had studied about only theoretically. A demo of how the fibres are linked was given to us and was viewed by everyone with a lot of curiosity. We found out how calls get connected, about the various ways in which underground cables are laid, the way antennas work and also about how our internet connection works. To find out how something that we use so frequently on a daily basis works was quite great. The RTTC is also a popular place for students to work on mini projects of their choice. Also, a number of courses are offered catering to the various interests of the students. To become technically accomplished, all it takes is a little interest on our part. Industrial visits like these go a long way in making us all worthy engineers.

Start Your Placement Preparation Right Away! By Nishita Malur & Krishna Harsha, journalists

A great first job can go a long way in paving the road for a rewarding career, which is why campus placements occupy a student’s mind right from the day he or she enters professional college. Consequently, approaching placements in a systematic manner is a must. Here are the know-hows that every third year student sitting for placements should know and act upon: 1. Build the right resume Most job position openings receive hundreds of resumes and applications. This will be the first thing people see to get a glimpse of who you are. You can either get attention by being so awful that you’ll be remembered as an example of what not to do, or you can stand out by having an exemplary resume that is crafted for the position and accurately describes who you are as an employee in one page of text. 2: Know the Opportunities Talk to your PCs and keep abreast of companies visiting the campus, the roles that they offer and their selection processes. 3.Take mock interviews a. Know all you can about interviews. Internet is a good place to start. b.Create, collate or download a list of common interview questions. c. Next, think about the interview questions: strengths/weaknesses, long-term/short-term career goals, what motivates

you, skills, career interests. Develop and answer your list of questions. d. Get someone with industry experience (and of course, the willingness to help), to review your answers. Revisit your answers and incorporate whatever feedback makes sense. 4. Practice for written tests Talking of hurdles, this is a big one! If you don’t get through the written tests (aptitude or technical), you don’t get to see those smart company executives who will eventually hand over your job offer letter. 5. Ace group discussions First, surf the Internet for some good tips on GDs for the ground rules. Then form a GD practice group along with some serious fellow students. GDs can be tricky affairs because you need to walk a fine line between being too aggressive and too meek. You can’t hog all the limelight,yet you can’t hide in the background. You can’t be too loud or too soft. Practice well to get the balance right. Secondly, you must share your own views, or else you will not be able to speak with conviction.But to develop a viewpoint, you need facts and awareness. Read newspapers, magazines and watch news. Basically, know what’s happening around the world. Awareness will give you sufficient fodder for a discussion.

non-education certificates including Class 10 and Class 12 mark sheets, technical certifications, the one that you received for singing on School Sports Day and NCC/ NSS certificatesEvery documentary proof of any achievement so far. Arrange them neatly in a file folder; have them at hand during your interview. 7. Prove yourself in personal interview As the name suggests it’s an interview to know you. You have to convince the interviewers that you are worthy enough to be hired at a package which they are offering. It is very important to understand and mend your body language as your body speaks even when you don’t. When it comes to higher education emphasize that job is your first priority to gain experience. Don’t give an impression that job is a backup plan for you. Interviewer would like to choose one who is passionate about being a part of the organization.

Most importantly be confident and enjoy every bit of it. All the best!

6. File all certificates Compile all your educational/

So That Women Can Fend For Themselves!

Over the past year, a lot has been said about the safety of women. The various possible reasons for this, the punishments for those found responsible and the never ending whose-fault-it-reallyis have been discussed at length and with great gusto. But one important aspect of this entire issue which has not been receiving enough attention is how women can protect themselves when attacked. Yes, everyone- Prevention while taking self-defence classes is

always a good answer, not everyone has the time or the means to do so. A few safety tips for the women out there which might come in handy when in danger: 1) What should a woman do if she finds herself alone in the company of a strange male as she prepares to enter a lift in a high-rise apartment late at night? Experts Say: Enter the lift. If you need to reach the 13th floor, press all the buttons up to your destination. No one will

dare attack you in a lift that stops on every floor.

tial attacker is now your de facto protector!

2) What to do if a stranger tries to attack you when you are alone in your house, run into the kitchen. Experts Say: You alone know where the chili powder and turmeric are kept. And where the knives and plates are. All these can be turned into deadly weapons. If nothing else, start throwing plates and utensils all over. Let them break. Scream. Remember that noise is the greatest enemy of a molester. He does not want to be caught.

4}What if the driver turns into a street he is not supposed to – and you feel you are entering a danger zone? Experts Say: Use the handle of your purse or your stole (dupatta) to wrap around his neck and pull him back. Within seconds, he will feel choked and helpless.In case you don’t have a purse or stole just pull him back by his collar. The top button of his shirt would then do the same trick.

3} Taking an Auto or Taxi at Night. Experts Say: Before getting into an auto at night, note down its registration number. Then use the mobile to call your family or friend and pass on the details to them in the language the driver understands .Even if no one answers your call, pretend you are in a conversation. The driver now knows someone has his details and he will be in serious trouble if anything goes wrong. He is now bound to take you home safe and sound. A poten-

5} If you are stalked at night. Expert Say: enter a shop or a house and explain your predicament. If it is night and shops are not open, go inside an ATM box. ATM centres always have close circuit television. Fearing identification, no one will dare attack you. After all, being mentally alert is the greatest weapon you can ever have. All of this said, women’s safety is our prerogative and priority at this moment.We belong to a tech savvy generation with most of us owning smart phones. Taking

the safety of women to an entirely new level, many software firms have launched mobile apps for women’s safety! The primary aim of these apps is to ensure that women in general are always safe and secure even when alone or stuck in tricky situations. The ‘V with you’ app launched by Channel V is one such app that is considered quite effective. It is simple to use and efficient as well. If you sense any form of danger, clicking the power button twice sends a pre-formatted SOS message to 3 of your contacts with your location. Though there are some glitches at present, hopefully these will get resolved in the near future. Other such apps designed especially for the safety of women that can help ensure women’s safety to the maximum possible extent are I’m Shakti, iFollow-Ladies safety, SOS, spotNsave, Feel Secure, etc. We hope these tips help because your safety is our priority and the future of this country!



I’m just a boy next door and one of a billion ardent fans of a man, whose stature in India is unimaginable. His statistics in the game leave one bewildered. He is undoubtedly one of the best cricketers in the world and the country’s favourite son. A nation weeps as he bids adieu to the sport of cricket, worshiped as a religion in the subcontinent. Not easy at all for all the people who have grown up watching him play all their lives. There was always one glimmer of hope in adversity whether I had spoilt my exam, or the country was at war - there was a constant ray of light - Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar. The fact that I would watch him bat under the Indian tri-colour brought a smile to my face, it gave me courage when I was weak, gave me joy in times of sorrow and gave me hope in times of despair. Sachin, truly is and forever will be India’s ANTI DEPRESSANT. Tendulkar was by far the most followed and written about cricketer of his generation and earned the respect and adulation of millions all over the world. There has never been a farewell to sport quite like this, one perfectly designed to induce a billion cheers and a billion tears. The chants “Sachin! Sachin!” will continue to rule the country for years to come. It’s amazing that a

single man can bring a whole country together. Sachin carried the hopes of a nation on his shoulders for over two decades. From a time, where India were minnows and looked down upon by every other cricketing nation to rise up to be one of the world’s most dominant side, Sachin played a major role in India’s transformation. An Australian newspaper released a conversation between the greats of cricket Alan Border and Ian chapel: Border: It’s scary, where the hell do we bowl to him. Chappell: Yeah mate, but that’s with all great players. Border :Well yes, but imagine what he’ll be like when he’s 28. I’d like to see him go out and bat one day with a stump. I tell you he’d do okay.”That just tells you volumes about the little man and his ability with the bat. Sachin, at 40 is the youngest recipient of the Bharat Ratna award and the first sportsperson to ever receive it. The other astonishing thing is the way the Little Master has carried himself all through these years - with dignity and respect and grace, upholding the highest standards of morality. The only aggression he has shown has been with the bat, the only wrath he has unleashed has been met by the ball. Now 24 years after his foray into international cricket, 34182 runs 200 wickets later, time has come

to bid farewell. Milestones have been laid, records have been set. The events remain etched in the minds of everyone who witnessed them. One can only salute to the splendour, the master blaster SACHIN TENDULKAR. In a country with numerous issues, Sachin had been a breath of fresh air. For that brief moment when your head is held high amidst all the controversies surrounding the country and when a nation in all its diversity brought together by one little man, chanting slogans in harmony. Those moments will forever be remembered. It was fitting that Sachin Tendulkar’s last performance on his home cricket field should have been among his very finest, even if it didn’t come with a bat, but with a microphone. The newspaper highlighted Tendulkar’s emotional and sentimental connect with millions of his fans, almost all of whom were in tears during the duration of his farewell speech. “As all around the Wankhede Stadium eyes were being dabbed, the little man just stood on the grass, transfixing those followers one last time, only for once silent, as he gave a wonderful speech charting one of sport’s most fantastical careers. ‘My life, between 22 yards, for 24 years,’ as he put it so perfectly,”

BITS Arena Winners List Badminton Men’s Winners : -Sreekar Reddy, 4/4 MECH -Saharsh Reddy, 3/4 CSE -Chaitanya M 1/4 MECH -Aditya, 1/4 EEE -Akhil Srinivas, CIVIL 2/4 Chess Runner’s Up: -Y. Sai Kumar Reddy, 4/4 IT -Tridev, 2/4 -Srinivas Varma, 1/4 MECH -T. S. Sai Pranav, 1/4 MECH -K . Prannetha,1/4 MECH Table Tennis Women’s Winners: -N. Manasa Reddy -A.Ravali

Cricket Team – Runner’s Up -Anuraag, CIVIL 4/4 -Shivam, MECH 4/4 -Yaswant, MECH 4/4 -Pushparaj, MECH 4/4 -Pranay, ECE 4/4 -Preetham, CSE 4/4 -Vikas, CIVIL 4/4 -Kondal Rao, MECH 3/4 -Sanjay, CIVIL 3/4 -Jaswanth, MECH 3/4 -Rajat, MECH 3/4 -Rajshekar, CIVIL 2/4 -Akshay, MECH 2/4 -Santosh, ECE 2/4 -Revanth, CHEM 2/4

*OU inter college Badminton Tournament was held on 24th and 25th of January in CBIT. Our college team was placed 2nd out of the 32 participating college teams.*


There are thirteen teams participating in this year’s Shruthi Inter-branch Cricket tournament. Three of these teams Civil, ECE1 and MBA had secured themselves a position in the next round. In the initial stages, Production vied up with CSE-2 and ended up on the winning side and met Ece-1 later in the next round. In another fixture, Mechanical locked horns with CSE-1 and came out on top to face EEE in the next round who had earlier defeated Biotech. ECE-2 found winning ways defeating Chemical, and IT did that against MCA in their first round. ECE-2 had done well to

enter the semis by winning their match against IT and met Civil, who knocked out MBA in their second round. However, in the first semi-final, ECE-2 lost their route after Civil defeated them to go through to the finals. In the other semi-final, ECE-1 and Mechanical fought it out and Mechanical came out with flying colours and will now meet Civil in the grand finale. All the matches have entertained the ardent fans of cricket to the fullest and have helped in discovering young, upcoming talent from the first and second years.


May 2013. For any true red, the time was significant. Manchester United lifted the EPL title for the 20th time, a feat that is unparalleled in English football history. The same month, prolific manager, Sir Alex Ferguson, announced his retirement. And we knew, we knew things would never be the same again. But even an ardent adversary couldn’t have predicted just how much of a change this would actually mean. David Moyes was handpicked and thrust into charge at Old Trafford, now having to face unrealistic expectations from supporters in every game and critics crawling across the social media, simply waiting to write the team off over a single loss. Unfortunately, the team offered way too many. Suddenly, the league-beating team is languishing at a lowly seventh with even a Champions League spot shrouded in doubt. What went wrong? One look at the team and you can see the talent just coursing through. Reliable cogs in the wheel Giggs, Rooney and Van Persie, joined by fresh talent like Januzaj make up a formidable line up. Transfers this season too have been promising. Apart from Fellaini, a promising signing from Everton, Manchester United also acquired Chelsea’s Juan Mata. Now the threesome of Van Persie,

Rooney and Mata was enough to excite earnest supporters, but so far, too little avail. Off-field disagreements aside, Rooney has been a saving grace for United this season, and so has Phil Jones, what with Van Persie plagued with injuries and players like Tom Cleverly and Ashley Young disappointing. Why then are the most loyal of supporters quickly losing hope of even a top four finish? Why is Old Trafford not a fort anymore, with teams like Everton, Newcastle and Swansea finding it easy to beat the red devils? The calls for Moyes’ head are getting louder, but can a change of guard really be held to blame? Manchester City and Chelsea too saw new managers, or the return of old, ‘Chosen’ ones, and they aren’t struggling midway in standings. The team still shows glimpses of the glory time though, with a victory over table-topping Arsenal being a much needed respite and a fair run at the UEFA Champions League something to cheer about. While successfully defending the league title might be a utopian hope, it’d be foolish to write off the most successful English football club and expect them to be incapable of a miraculous turnaround. All hope is not lost. GGMU!

PAGE 9 A CHAMPION IS BORN By niKhil GopAl KrishnA, journAlist

Extreme, Enticing and Exceptional Sports By KrishnA hArshA, journAlist Bored of playing cricket, football, basketball, badminton, etc? Want to try something unusually whacky? Below are some sports that will excite you enough to try them out, no matter how crazy they sound.

Not many would have known this lad Stanislas Wawrinka, if he hadn’t clinched the Australian open recently in January! His roots originate from Switzerland, a country that has produced one of the best tennis players ever, Roger Federer. Naturally, expectations on him are bound to be high. But the journey was not all that smooth for Wawrinka. He has had too many downs and occasional ups in his career so far. He never got through to the final stages of any grand slam and ended up on the losing side every single time against ‘The Big Four’ consisting of Federer, Djokovic, Nadal and Murray. But, he has had some good moments too, when he won gold at the Beijing Olympics in doubles, partnering with Federer, his well-wisher. To add to this, he took the match to the 5th set in the US Open S/F against Djokovic in 2013, but in vain. He had also played a key role in the longest doubles match ever at the Davis cup tie against Czech Republic in 2013. It was at the marquee event of the Australian Open that his career took a turn. He was always rearing to go equipped with his fast serves (approx. 232 kmph at times). He eventually became the 2nd Swiss man to win a grand slam title. In fact, he is the first player since 2005, outside the ‘top 4’ to win a major

title. He is also the 1st since Bruguera in 93’ to beat, both the top two seeds en route to his grand slam victory and is the first to defeat both Nadal and Djokovic in the same tourney, quite a great achievement indeed. He achieved these feats by showcasing his talent during the event when he beat Djokovic in a thrilling 5 set match in the Q/F, with the 5th set being a 9-7 tie breaker. He then made his way to the S/F and defeated Berdych in 4 tight sets and stamped his authority in the ensuing final beating the world no. 1 Rafael Nadal in just 4 sets (63 6-2 3-6 6-3), interestingly he had never ever won a set against the same opponent in the past. Unbelievable, but true!!! He absolutely enjoyed that glorious moment when he received the trophy from the great Pete Sampras in front of the massive crowd. He found himself on cloud 9 again on Jan 27th, after he made it to the 3rd position in the singles rankings, his highest ranking ever. And above all, there were accolades from former tennis superstars. His, is an inspiring tale for players like Berdych who believe that Wawrinka has opened the door for players outside ‘The Big Four’ to win a major title, indeed a true champion!


Imagine a scenario: you are in a far off place, it is snowing, the temperatures are below zero degrees Celsius, the sky is overcast and the ground is white. What could you possibly do in such a place? Play with the snow? Ski? Snowboard? Make snow angels? Is that it? Hmmm, a lot of countries would disagree with you. Yes you read it right, held once in every 4 years, this globally acclaimed athletic event is as popular as its summer counterpart ‘the summer Olympics. These games are currently being held in Sochi, Russia. They have spent a whooping 37.5 billion Euros (roughly INR 3,19,500 Crores)! Much of this money was necessary to turn a tropical beach holiday destination on the Black Sea coast into a venue for winter sports. Athletes from 205 countries will be taking part in this edition of this grandeur event. The games will start on 7th February and end on 23rd February. There are a total of 258 medals (86 gold, 86 silver, 86 bronze) up for grabs. The following is a list of the top three events to watch out for in the winter Olympics.

Freestyle Skiing: This particular event makes its debut this year. You must be thinking, what would I gain by seeing a bunch of extremely fit people race down a slope on a pair of flat sticks? Guess what, freestyle skiing requires the participants to perform head-spinning tricks while heading down a course that features rails, big jumps and bumps, wearing those same flat sticks, which you thought were boring, just a few seconds ago. Biathlon:Want to know what you would be doing if you were in the Norwegian army? Read the sub heading again, because that is exactly what would you would be doing! In this sport competitors have to ski along the flat, instead of downhill, for up to 20 kilometres - and then, with their hearts still pounding, hold a rifle super steady and fire at a tiny target. Skeleton:Did you ever want to use your dinner plate for anything else but eating? Here’s your chance! In this daredevil sport, participants plummet head first down a steep track on a tray not bigger than your dinner plate. I would suggest buying a dinner plate made of steel.

Extreme Ironing: Have you ever ironed clothes? Difficult task? Don’t worry if you haven’t done it before. Here is your chance. Extreme Ironing, a sport in which people take ironing boards and clothes to places like a stranded rock on a mountaindifficult to climb, whilst parachuting, while skiing or snowboarding. A danger sport which is a combination of thrill and not to forget, gives you the satisfaction of well ironed clothes.

survive. Do you want to try? Sheep counting: You read it right. It is actually a mental exercise in some cultures used as a means of lulling oneself to sleep. It is a sport in which a group of sheep rush in front of competitors who then try to count them accurately. The one who makes the most accurate estimation wins. Not a big task, is it? What If the group has 400 sheep’s and all of them are white in colour. Well, that is sheep counting. Joggling: Do you know about juggling? Juggling is keeping several objects, generally balls, in continuous motion in air, by simultaneously tossing and catching them. Now we all know about jogging, don’t we? Here is a sport

which combines both juggling and jogging, and that is Joggling. One has to race towards the destination while juggling. Is it a big task to the one who can juggle? Yes, because one has to finish a 100 meter race in 90 seconds while juggling to qualify. The world record for this enticing sport is 13.8seconds! And even crazier is the Triathlon, in which people juggle while swimming, riding a bike and jogging. In 2012, Joe Salter finished 0.25 miles of swuggling, 16.2 miles of buggling and 4 miles of joggling in a record time of 1 hour 57 min. While swimming it’s not actually juggling it’s swuggling and on the bike it is buggling. Do you want to do some crazy stuff? Make sure it becomes popular.

Gurning: A Gurn is a distorted facial expression. Gurning competitions are known to have started in the UK named after Crab apple, which is sour. It makes sense because, it is a competition of making ugliest faces that you wouldn’t want to see in the morning. Chess Boxing: Do you know chess? I bet you do. What about Boxing? If you know them both, then this unusual sport is for you: Chess boxing. It is as simple as it sounds. A combination of chess and boxing, with alternating six rounds of fast chess and five rounds of amateur boxing. You just have to be an Anand on the board and a Tyson in the ring to

The Captains Trophy @ CBIT By nAGArAju poshAvEni, journAlist

Everyone is enthralled on hearing the word IPL. Guess, how would it be if an event like IPL was held in our college? Yes your dream has come true. We CBITians, have started a one of a kind event, the Captain’s trophy, similar to the IPL, this year. T20’s require a flexible and instantaneous mindset to win the game. There were sponsors, who bought the teams, paying INR 20,000 for each team. Auctions were held to buy players for each team, the players being any student who played good cricket. Players were given a base price. Each

team was given 1000 points and players were auctioned, who were picked up by the team owners and captains (same in some cases). The highest bid was for Vikas of Civil (4/4) who was sold for 400 points. All the matches throughout the tournament were exciting and nerve racking. The trophy was lifted by the Demolishing Ninjas. They demolished the other five teams with their great performances. The final match was a nail biting finish for the NINJAS. It was a close match up with the Royal Lions but Demolishing Ninjas made it

by defeating them with 9 runs. Royal Lions couldn’t win the final and ended up in second position. Mystic Mavericks occupied third position. The consistent performer throughout the tournament with the bat was, Preetham Reddy of CSE (4/4). Koti Reddy of Mechanical (2/4) was awarded the best bowler for his good economy and for picking up the highest number of wickets. Maximum sixes were hit by Anurag Chowdary of Cvil (4/4). Kondal Rao of (3/4) Mechanical was named the player of the tournament.



If you are interested in creative writing and you think you have what it takes to be an impressive writer, then this is the perfect chance for you to showcase your talent. Below is an uncompleted short story, complete it in less than 500 words and send it back to us. If yours is the best, it will most definitely be printed in the next edition.

dent, got to date the popular girls- nothing ever seemed like a crisis to me. I have the most precious parents, who did so well in their lives, the reason why we’re so filthy rich. I lived very lavishly in my huge mansion with two BMWs, enough servants to do all ‘normal kid’s chores’. I don’t want to call myself a spoilt brat because I treated everyone alike, never showed I was the most popular kid in off my wealth. Everything school, not to brag but I ex- seemed to go perfectly alright, celled in everything I did. I except that one day that was the captain of the guys’ changed my life altogether. soccer team, straight A stu-

Fashion Corner How to Dress Flawlessly BY TEJASWINI MARIYADA, SUB-EDITOR We girls desire attention, love to flaunt and crave to be ‘the perfectionist’. Attitude, self esteem and confidence are your weapons, ladies, to a more profuse life, but the accessory that is to be added to make an impression is definitely to look nothing less than perfect. Welcome darlings, follow my tips on how to dress flawlessly and you will realize what a difference it will make in your precious little lives. “Elegance is when the inside is as beautiful as the outside.”-Coco Chanel. Now since I’ve stressed enough about the need to dress impeccably, let’s get started!

THE CASUAL CHIC This is what you would wear on a regular basis. You shouldn’t really wear anything flashy, or very glittery. This would create an impression that you are trying a little too hard. You can never go wrong with a well fitted denims, a chic top, comfy flats(flip flop or ballets), topped off with a high pony or a messy side plait. Choose your accessories carefully; delicate ones which add a more sophisticated look are preferable. Never go bold with jewelry when it comes to casuals. Try to look simple, the charm is added when your clothes fit you perfectly right. Choose the colors well, neon’s are maybe in this summer but, careful girls, not to go overboard with them.

THE FORMAL LADY This is what you would assemble for a conspicuous meeting or a job interview. Let’s start talking about colors first. A BIG NO to colors that stand out. The most inclined colors are definitely black, grey, brown, and navy blue. You can never go wrong with those colors. It could be a formal skirt or trousers and now, pair it up with a nice pair of heels. Once again, the heels should be strictly

plain and classy. NEVER wear a tie. A good well fitted blazer would most definitely help with the attire. See how I keep emphasizing on “well fitted”, otherwise all your efforts to look formidable would go flying out of the window. Make sure all your formals are dry cleaned; it would look brand new every time you wear them. Don’t ever tie a bun, unless you are going out to work in a departmental store. A high pony or straightened loose hair would do the trick. Go minimal on makeup.

THE INDIAN GIRL This is the area where you are perfectly obliged to experiment with colors. I personally love to wear bright kurtis with lots of bangles and big earrings, with a messy side plait. One can’t really judge Indian wear because if well fitted with good accessories, you will look charming. The jewelry opted can be simple or bold, it basically depends on how well you can carry off the entire look.

THE PARTY PERFECTIONIST Parties are where you dress THE BEST, no compromising. You show other girls how it’s done. The little black dress, sophisticated heels, the classic shiny hoop earrings are life savers when you have nothing to wear. You can be the flashy chic or the classy lady at a party. Flashy chic is where you dress in clothes that standout, not lady gaga style, ofcourse, but glittery to a considerable extent. The classy lady would be the one where you dress simple, but the accessories, shoes and well done hair adds to the sophistication of a classy lady. We can’t talk about colors in this section, but whatever color best highlights your skin tone, should do. A matching clutch and a well done manicure are highly advisable.


Pictures! Cakes! Dogs! More Pictures! Did I mention cake? Hey! Here’s a unicorn!

This is what a typical post on the blog belonging to a young 28 year old Allie Brosh contains. For the past four years, she has been illustrating ‘webcomics’ of honest life experiences defining a whole new approach to internet storytelling. Her approach to connect with the readers using just colourful illustra-

tions of stick figure Allie in a pink dress narrating her story which, by the way, will simply hit you in the eye, has been met with an overwhelming response. All of her posts are extremely hilarious, completely co-relatable and honestly, you just can’t get enough of them. My own personal favourites include “The god of cake”, which has an illustration saying “Cake is the only thing that matters” (how true is that?), “This is why I’ll never be an adult” , “Dog” and “The scariest story” to name a few. However, not all of her posts have something to do with hilarious situations. Her recent battle with depression caused her to disappear for a long time only to return with a narrative of how it affected her and how she finally managed to get out of it. The last two posts definitely changed my

perspective on life. Even while talking about cringing details of her depression, she was careful to add a hint of humour just to make sure that the readers didn’t get a tad too uncomfortable. Allie recently published her book:‘ Hyperbole and a Half - Unfortunate Situations, Flawed Coping Mechanisms, Mayhem, and Other Things That Happened’ which like her blog, consists of crude drawings and rants about spellings, dogs, cake and pressures of adulthood. If this won’t get you to read her blog and hopefully, her book, I don’t know what will. Hurry up and check out! Or the monster under your bed will eat you while you are asleep and rainbows will die.


Almost everyone has heard the phrase: “It’s all in the mind” but how many of us have ever tried to understand its implication? I know I didn’t until I was gifted ‘The Secret’ by my uncle. This book by Rhonda Byrne changed my way of life, renewed me, taught me how to live a peaceful and content life and be an architect of my own happiness and success. In this book, the author unveils a ‘secret’ which she claims to have been known for centuries. In the words of the author, “It has been passed down through the years, highly coveted, hidden, lost, stolen, and bought for vast sums of money.” The essence of the book is the power of our minds, which if identified and unleashed properly, can create waves of positive changes in our life. It deals with tuning our thought process which has the capability of making things happen; things that we otherwise would have never have imagined of occurring. Everything that happens to us is directly or indirectly the result of our actions that spring from our thoughts, which if modeled properly, can change our lives. The book deals with the above mentioned theory scientifically, saying that our thoughts are magnetic and a frequency is associated with each one of them and when they are sent out into the universe, they attract like objects which are reflected back to us. In short, our thoughts become things. This book answers questions like why are we asked to culture good and healthy feel-

by Rhonda Byrne ings right from our childhood. As a matter of fact, these are the things that decide the course our lives take- The importance of feelings and emotions, the need to sometimes give in to things

that our hearts desire for, to prematurely ‘feel’ the things that we want to happen, take good care of our health, treat ourselves with love and respect, the ways to make our relationships with others work,the importance of expressing our gratitude to the Maker as well as everyone and everything that has touched our lives. All these have been discussed intricately in a detailed manner in the book. The best part is that the theories mentioned in this book are nothing new. It is just an organized representation of what we have already experienced either consciously or subconsciously. Even before reading the book, I made certain things happen by just thinking strongly about them. One of those major things happens to be getting into CBIT.‘The Secret’ was realized by great men like Plato, Galileo, Beethoven, Edison, Carnegie, Einstein and other inventors, theologians, scientists and great

thinkers and this realization has gone a long way in helping them achieve success and carve a space in people’s minds and hearts, to be remembered and talked about incessantly for generations to come. Rhonda Byrne has used statements and theories by many eminent personalities who are the co-authors of the book, to illustrate and fortify the concept of ‘The Secret’. They include philosopher, coach and personal coachBob Procter, metaphysician, marketing specialist and author Dr. Joe Vitale, entrepreneur and money making expert John Assaraf, philosopher,chiropractor, healer and personal transformation specialist Dr. John Demartini, psychologist and trainer in the field of mind potential Dr. Denis Waitley, visionary as well as founder of Agape International Spiritual Center Michael Bernard Beckwith, and last but not the least, author, teacher, life coach and motivational speakerJack Canfield. The book teaches various techniques and shortcuts to understand and implement this concept in our lives. Throughout the period of reading this book, I was unconsciously nodding my head in approval of the theories discussed, realizing how true and appropriate each one of them is. All in all, it is a must read in order to discover oneself, understand one’s true needs and desires, improve one’s life in every possible aspect and make the most of the power which resides within oneself.

PAGE 11 BY ANAND GUPTA, EDITOR Mobile applications (apps) have come a long way, since their inception in 2008. They include a long list of games, social-networking apps, education related apps, etc. The two most popular mobile operating systems namely iOS and Android have a combined app collection of more than 10,000,000! In fact, some of these apps have become so popular that you would find them in almost every phone. Listed below are a few of these apps which have got most of us addicted to them in the recent times:

THE UNCANNY ment and you haven’t even started writing it, and whatsapp doesn’t exist! Just the thought scares you right? This itself explains the popularity of this app. Released in 2011; this app started gaining popularity in the middle of 2012. It is a proprietary, cross-platform instant messaging subscription service for smartphones with Internet access. We do not call or message anymore, we whatsapp! Snapchat

Flappy Bird

Released as a free app in the year 2014, this particular game has gained some attention for its notorious difficulty. It is never ending and highly addicting. All you have to do is guide a badly animated bird through what look like pipes from everyone’s favourite childhood game: Mario. Hmmm, sounds easy doesn’t it? Well, let’s watch you get a double digit score! Candy Crush Saga

Bored of typing long text messages? Want to try a new way to chat? Then, do download snap chat! Snapchat is a photo messaging application ("app"). Using this app, you can take photos, record videos, add text to them and then send them to a controlled list of recipients. These sent photographs and videos are known as "Snaps". Users set a time limit for how long recipients can view their Snaps (as of December 2013, the range is from 1 to 10 seconds), after which they will be hidden from the recipient's device and deleted from Snapchat's servers. How cool right? Instagram

A 2012 release, this game requires you to match three or more candies of the same colour in a row or column. The game has many levels, with increasing difficulty. Some levels as so tough that you could be stuck on them for weeks or even months (so am I, on the 195th!). This game is so popular, that you would find at least one facebook friend of yours asking you for a life every day. Whatsapp

Imagine a situation, tomorrow is the last date of submission of your assign-

Want a new way to socialise with your friends? Try instagram! Released in 2012, this social networking site has grown a whopping 23% since 2012 compared to facebook which grew just 3%. This shows you the popularity of this app. Instagram is a photo-sharing and video sharing app. A distinctive feature of this app is that it confines photos to a square shape, has a wide range of effects specifically designed to make your pictures look a lot better and allows you to add hash tags. This app has striking similarities with Facebook but still it has gone viral!


Do you believe in ghosts? This question is bound to be met with responses ranging from total acceptance to mocking scepticism. Incidences of the uncanny have shown remarkable similarities over the centuries. Millions around the world believe in life after death. Countless stories have been told about experiences with other worldly beings. Most people claim to have had some kind of encounter with paranormal entities or ghostly apparitions. Even those who have not experienced such incidents have heard tales of speaking with the dead, being possessed or witnessing eerie sightings. Apparitions in general involve supernormal perceptions of human beings or animals, sometimes dead but usually alive beyond sensory range of witness. Seeing one’s own double- also called Doppelganger, wraith or fetch- is sometimes thought to be a premonition. Most apparitions so seem to exist for a specific purpose, whether to give warning or share important information. Sightings are common during war and at other times of crisis. In 1960, Mrs. John Church was in India when she woke up one night on hearing someone call out her name. She clearly saw her brother, a pilot in Goshen, New York, standing in the room in his uniform. After a moment, his

image slowly faded away. She later learnt that he had a terrifying flight and almost crashed right about the time she had seen him in her room. Several similar accounts have emerged during times of war. Sightings may also be triggered when witnesses are in situations of monotony, isolation,coldness, starvation, exhaustion, frenzy, extreme stress or danger. But apparitions are also seen when the witness is in a relaxed state, when the subconscious mind may generate special images. Another explanation is that apparitions are forms of hallucination. No single theory can explain all varieties of apparition. Many sightings can be due to distortion- because of poor light, for example. A fantasy-prone person may generate a mental image to cope with unconscious needs or beliefs- a kind of wishful thinking, you could say. Theorists suggest that all living matter contains psychic energy in which impressions may be left and can be retrieved by others. Perhaps spirits travel through time slips, windows that connect the past, present and future. The uncanny is always with us, as it always has been. Whether they are real or just figments of our imagination, is something we may never knowntil we experience it ourselves.

Step and Glide: Put Your Dancing Shoes On BY HARSHAL KUSUMA, EDITOR

While I am outside, the traffic buzzes by. As I enter inside, I hear music pouring out from the speakers and accompanying this is the smooth glide of shoes on a wooden floor. A crowd full of excited adults, young, and quite a few number of children is reflected in the mirrored walls. And there are upbeat, peppy instructors training them step-by-step moves of various dance styles.

Then I see, a young boy dressed in a shirt, slacks and a hip belt, grooving to the music, guiding his partner through with the flow of the subtle music with a romantic ornateness. He may not realize it, but he’s actually a part of an international sen sation- BALLROOM DANCING IS HOT AGAIN! After decades of lowprofile existence, Ballroom Dancing is enticing dancers as well as non-dancers of all ages, into a transformative world of rhythmic, formalized social exchange, with its own order of etiquette. In the past, people have considered Ballroom Dancing boring and monotonous. But now, they can see that it is beautiful, exciting and has an aesthetic appeal. Ballroom Dancing, by definition, involves holding and being held by a partner, and dancing that require travelling across the floor, with the flow of music. To say, you can’t pick it up in an hour or two. Perfection takes time

and a lot of practice. From world championships regulated by the World Dance Council (WDC) to less advance levels of competitions, it already has been recognized as a dance sport. Dancers are judged on the basis of various criteria such as the poise, the hold or posture, the chime in the movements and timing, the expression and feel of dance, floor craft and presentation. Ballroom Dancing refers most often to the ten dances of International Ballroom and International Latin-Waltz, Tango, Viennese Waltz, Foxtrot, Quickstep, Samba, Cha-cha-cha, Rumba, Paso Doble and Jive. While Ballroom Dances are all normally danced to western music, the International Ballroom allows only closed dance positions whereas the International Latin has a different styling and figures. However in spite of the amount of hard work it takes to

master this style, there are many who are not only willing to watch it but also invest their time and money in the activity that has remained under the pop and rock culture for so long. And the reasons for this are as varied as the dance’s haute couture-executive chic, flowy skirts, classy dresses and high heels; midriffs, elegant slacks, torn jeans and shoes or flip flops. That did attract you to Ballroom Dance, didn’t it? Well, it is not just the appeal of Ballroom Dancing. There are so many other things that’ll attract you to this art form. It is a way to express passion with the beauty of dance moves. There is an elegant etiquette attached to it and involves a beautiful ambience of togetherness that I think people are craving for. It is this very passion that would make everyone want to choose this style as soon as one gets the essence of its artistry and charm!


We are all proud CBITians, aren’t we? Here is a list of words for each of the alphabet. A list which we can all relate to! A- Attendance. Attendance has very consistently been such a pain for most of us. B- Bunking. Wait, what's that word? CBITians know nothing about it. :P C- Canteen. The all-time favorite hangout place. :D D- Day Dreaming. One thing we all learnt from college is sleeping with our eyes open (Giggles!). E- Externals. That's one thing that keeps all of our whatsapp groups active all through the night. F- Fests. CBIT fests have always made it to the news and are undoubtedly the major reason behind the exciting CBIT life. G- Glamour. College Beauties, yes! :) H- Happy Days. We're pretty much associated with that movie and we all know why. I- Internals. How do they manage to come back to us every time? J- Jamming Sessions. This is when we work for our extracurricular activities. K- Kodak. Click, Click, Click, everywhere. Display Picture. Like. You know what I'm talking about. L- Library. The place everyone absolutely has to go to right before exams for the oh so heavy text books M- Misunderstandings. The rough phases that we all go through. N- Naturo. Nobody has change in college. We have our own currency! O- (OP) Ocean Park. Don't be ridiculous! You've got to agree it’s a part of CBIT. P- Parking lot. Needless to mention, something interesting is ALWAYS happening at the parking lot Q- QWERTY. That’s because we're always texting. R- Rollercoaster ride. Life in CBIT is pretty much that. S- Seniors. Them, we'll always respect and fear. T- Transcendent. The best college newspaper! *grin* U- Unity. Whether it's mass bunks or anything else 'WE' are always united. V- Vicky Bhai. Who doesn't know him? W- Waiting halls. Oh, the girls love these rooms. A place officially assigned for them to gossip, chat, squeal, giggle, do all the makeup, take plenty of pictures and what not? X- Xerox Shop. This one's a big life saver. We owe you our lives. Y- Yawn. Our entire energy is spent on refraining from doing this very thing during class. Z- Zeal. Zealous kids everywhere, outside class. :P


CBIT Transcendent VOL-2: ISSUE 2  

The third edition of CBIT's Official Newspaper - the Transcendent