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TB: What is one of your fondest camping memories? How about one of your fondest TT memories? BS: A majority of my camping memories include Thousand Trails. Meeting new friends and being involved in the activities has brought much joy to my life. In Thousand Trails I found an opportunity to spend time with like-minded people. Many times over the years I have participated in group sing-alongs, potlucks, games, and a long list of activities to take part in. On many occasions I have traveled between preserves with people I had just met and found we enjoyed being together again at the next preserve. TB: Any funny camping/RVing stories?

Bill Steinebach with his treasured vest featuring campsite pins.

This month, TrailBlazer would like to introduce you to Bill Steinebach, a man who has been a member since 1981 but a TrailBlazer since 1943. TB: How long have you been camping and RVing? Who introduced you to it? Tell us how it all began! BS: I have been camping most of my life. When my family moved to Tucson, Ariz., in 1943, some of our neighbor families convinced my mom and dad that we should get horses and ride up into the Catalina Mountains foothills and camp on the weekends. 28


Everyone had a horse to ride except me; I was “lucky” enough to get a burro to ride. Later on when I was in the US Navy, my wife and I would go on motorcycle rides with one pup tent and two sleeping bags.

BS: I have had many enjoyable times at Thousand Trails preserves but one thing I always enjoyed was entertainment by Dick and June Marie Bell, and their comedy show, “Dump Station Revue.” Everyone was happy any time they were in a park for entertainment. Everyone enjoyed watching June Marie carve pine knot forest gnomes. June Marie taught the carving skill to others who were interested for a small fee. I was one of her students and I enjoyed many hours of carving over the next 10 to 12 years.

TB: How did you first hear about Thousand Trails? BS: In 1981, we received our invitation to come to the Oakzanita Springs Preserve for a presentation. At that time, we still only had a motorcycle to camp with. After we decided to purchase a membership, we convinced the staff that we would purchase some kind of camping vehicle. That’s when our continuous camping began.

Bill with his Monaco Caymen at Turtle Beach

TrailBlazer Magazine - August 2014  

TrailBlazer is the monthly magazine for members of Thousand Trails campgrounds

TrailBlazer Magazine - August 2014  

TrailBlazer is the monthly magazine for members of Thousand Trails campgrounds