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What makes SERP ROCKET the th B Bestt Bl Blog Network as reported by google results

ď śThe immediate answer is SERP ROCKET is google friendly also it keeps a virtually invisible presence by using a special formula we've come up with that gives us maximum results while remaining invisible. invisible

ď śDeveloped within the last 10 years SERP ROCKET is the collaboration of Isolation studies in addition to participation in each one of the past and current Blog Network offerings. We concluded that the best approach to building the Best Blog ď śNetwork would require us to observe personally what would be required to both succeed and surpass everything available.

ď śTens of thousands of dollars have been spend within just this phase of the project alone. ď śOur studies involved each case study isolated right down to the same registration dates, dates target keywords, keywords etc... etc Each domain was privately registered with the same registrar. To give them each a fair shake at success we allowed each network a Six month time period to perform.

ď śAfter test and results were tallied we employed a team of on-line marketers and seo specialists to break down each network by analyzing data and capturing each network's individual footprint. ď śThis data was important to us because it allowed us to see how each network was structured and how google weighed both the public and private networks and the blogs and domains within.

ď śSerp Rocket is really a solid network produced from the ground up and we welcome all contenders. ď śOur Backlink Network is comprised of Random IP Address across multiple A, B, and C classes. classes Our domains are registered privately on multiple registrars.

ď śAll of our domains is assigned a single random IP address and is hosted on its own hosting account. ď śNo duplicate or similar SOA records or cached h d iinformation f ti that th t could ld expose or exploit our network.

ď śMany of these domains have been in our possession for upwards of A decade. These are not your traditional dropped, expired closeout domains the other so expired, called great networks would have you buy and add to thier spider web of mediocrity. mediocrity Our domains are Aged and have real Page Rank. We implement p a multi tier infrastructure to generate a High PR Blog Network allowing us to help maintain 90% indexing 90%+ i d i rate. t

ď śThis alone is nearly an impossible feat let alone offering the ability to empower all of our backlinks with both real Age and Page Rank including domains of over 10 years and Page Rank up to PR7.

ď śIf you're looking for someone good at what they do please do not consider SERP ROCKET. However if you are truly an elite and just like yourself you happen to be looking for somebody Fantastic our Backlink Network is the only selection for you. ď ś

What makes SERP ROCKET the Best Blog Network as reported by google results