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Metro M t Ethernet Eth t Service S i Providers

ď śMetro Ethernet service is computer network service that is provided for a metropolitan area based on Ethernet technology. technology ď ś Eth Ethernett ttechnology h l iis a networking t ki standard that is mainly used for local area networks and uses Ethernet cables. cables

ď śThe metro Ethernet service is meant to provide internet connectivity to a metropolitan area. A metropolitan area is a location that is as large as a city area and metro Ethernet network covers such an area. area ď śMetropolitan service providers are companies that provide internet connectivity services by setting up and providing support for metro Ethernet services.

ď śThe network is usually an interconnection of many local area networks, but not as many as those supported by a wide area network (WAN), (WAN) which are interconnected by routers. ď śThis type of network is mainly setup for businesses which have branch offices located in distant locations such as banks with branches in different towns.

ď śMany business spanning a metropolitan area use this type of network since it has a lot of advantages. ď ś It is an Ethernet network and hence it offers all advantages associated with Ethernet technology as well as the benefit of spanning a wide area. The main advantage of this network is that it is easily connected to customers’ network.

ď śThis is because of the extensive use of Ethernet local area networks in residential and corporate networks. It is also very advantageous for service providers since it easy to set up and maintain. ď śA metro Ethernet provider typically provides and sets up a network that is a collection of routers and layer 3 switches which are connected through fiber optic cables.

ď śThe cables are laid to interconnect the metropolitan area by providers and customers can request for their networks to be connected to this network. network ď śOther advantages of metro Ethernet network are such as provision of high speed internet connectivity. Ethernet technology is fast in data transmission than wireless technology since it uses network cables with a mechanism to avoid data collision.

ď śThe media used for data transmission is the fiber optic cables which have high bandwidth which ensures fast data rates. Ethernet also provides security in data transmission. ď śWith Ethernet, Ethernet your data circulating in the network cannot be easily tapped by attackers as it is the case in wireless technology.

ď śEthernet technology provides reliable and fast connectivity and is suitable for business communication. The network is also relatively cheap and scalable though this depends on the network topology used There are many metro Ethernet used. providers all over the world and thus you should connect y your business for better communication services. ď ś

Metro Ethernet Service Providers  

Metro Ethernet service is computer network service that is provided for a metropolitan area based on Ethernet technology. Ethernet technolo...

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