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Costco Auto Insurance

ď śCostco is a large membership warehouse–style warehouse style store chain. chain It has grown from a single store in Seattle to one of the world's largest g retailers with locations in nearly every U.S. state and currently in seven foreign countries: Mexico, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, Taiwan, South Korea, and Japan. Japan

ď śIn addition to food, household goods, and electronics electronics, Costco has partnered with different companies to offer a variety y of services to its members at a discount including gutter protection, flooring, garage doors, bank accounts, car buying, home insurance, and car insurance.

ď śInsurance For Members ď śThe Costco auto insurance program is offered through Ameriprise Auto & Home Insurance. Insurance ď śCostco advertises that with its insurance, members reported saving hundreds of dollars on their Costco car insurance policies compared to rates from large insurers such as Farmers, Allstate, Geico, and State Farm.

ď śIDS Property Casualty Insurance Company and Ameriprise Insurance Company underwrite Costco's auto insurance. Both companies p are subsidiaries of Ameriprise Financial, Inc.

ď śCostco advertises that by purchasing insurance through their program, program members get discounted rates, responsive p claims service 24 hours a day y 7 days per week, vehicle repairs made at the facility of their choice, and discounts f safe for f driving, insuring multiple vehicles, and having multiple polices such as a homeowners and auto policy. policy

ď śHow Low Are Their Rates? ď śCar insurance rates are based on a variety of factors including the driver's record place of residence record, residence, and type of car insured. Is the Costco auto insurance program p g really y less expensive p and worth buying? That is easy to find out. Use to get a f free online li car insurance i quote t from f multiple leading insurers and then compare their rates to Costco's Costco s program program.

ď śPrice is not the only factor to consider when purchasing car insurance. insurance Responsive customer service, quick claims p processing, g, and policy p y coverage g options are all important for an insured. Ameriprise is not as large as major insurers such as State Farm, Geico, Allstate, Progressive, and Farmers.

The company has received mixed reviews in terms of service but many report price savings. Also the Costco auto insurance program Also, is presently not available in the states of Alaska, Louisiana, Maine, North Dakota, Rhode Island, West Virginia, Wyoming, and in Puerto Rico.

ď śCompare and Save ď śIf you do not already have one one, a Costco "Gold Star" membership currently costs $55 annually. annually An "Executive" Executive membership costs $110 annually and provides additional benefits. p

These costs should be taken into account if you do not plan to use a Costco membership for other products or services. Compare p Costco's rates to our leading national insurers and choose the policy that is best for you and your family. You could be on your way to saving hundreds of dollars a year on car insurance! Read the full Costco Car Insurance Review here: 

Costco Auto Insurance  
Costco Auto Insurance  

In addition to food, household goods, and electronics, Costco has partnered with different companies to offer a variety of services to its m...