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PRINT Covering six continents with three editions.

INTERNATIONAL EDITION (Circ. 14,000) CHINA (Circ. 5,150)


Gloabl Solar Technology Volume 3 Number 5

The Global Journal for Solar and PV Manufacturing Professionals

Southeast Asia

For Solar and PV Manufacturing Professionals

Covering India, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, The Philippines and Hong Kong Volume 3 Number 5 May 2010

Matt Holzmann Interview inside

A prActicAl guide for improving crystAlline solAr cell efficiencies through firing process optimizAtion


smArt pAckAges for cpv cell devices


May 2070

Achieving thermAl uniformity in photovoltAic ApplicAtions increAsing solAr pAnel production efficiencies with Acrylic foAm tApe

Volume 1 Number 2 Summer 2010


Flexible silver paste enables thin-Film photovoltaic Flex solar cells

Soni Saran Singh Interview Inside

advanced screen printable thin Film pv silver conductor compositions


‘printing’ pv electrodes onto Flexible substrates


Digital Editions Each issue of the magazine is produced in both print and digital formats. The digital editions, available as a downloadable PDF or via a web browser, can be read from computers, netbooks, tablets, many smart and mobile phones, and the Apple iPad. Notifications are sent to our digital subscribers when a new issue goes online. The digital edition is also promoted in the e-newsletter, giving your print advertisement the widest possible exposure. Contact your local sales rep for login access to the digital archive.

*Circulation rates include print-only subscribers, print-plus-digital subscribers, and digital-only readers.

Readers by region Readers by job title

Manufacturing 14%  

R&D 9%  

Training 6%  

Corporate 14%   Business  Mgmt   19%  

Other 1%  

Engineering Mgmt   7%  

Other   6%  

Engineering 25%  

Asia 42%  

Americas 37%  

Europe 20%  

Global Solar Technology delivers over 24,000 solution-packed magazines to industry professionals across the globe in hardcopy and/or digital format and across three editions: international, SouthEast Asia and China. The magazines are also distributed at every major and many smaller industry trade shows throughout the year. No other magazine in the solar/ PV manufacturing industry offers the kind of exposure your advertisements, news releases and technical content gets with Global Solar Technology magazine.



Global Solar Technology offers both global and regional reach through our popular newsletters and websites.


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Cells—Modules—R&D Solar Mfg Solutions provides fully automated manufacturing lines for the production and testing of mono- or multi-crystalline solar/PV cells and modules and thin film modules.

Low-cost, high-volume solar manufacturing technology

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Turnkey Solar/PV Mfg Lines

POWER UP Cells—Modules—R&D

Solar Mfg Solutions provides fully automated manufacturing lines for the production and testing of mono- or multi-crystalline solar/PV cells and modules and thin film modules.

Low-cost, high-volume solar manufacturing technology

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New for 2011 The Technology Showcase mailer. Each one of these newsletters highlights up to six new products and services for the solar/ PV manufacturing industry. We can put together your listing from a press release, if you’d like.

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Video Global Solar Technology offers video packages to give your company and its products and services more exposure than ever.

Technical Interviews

in-house training

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product training for customers

tips and solutions SERIES

Corporate Communications There is no better way to promote a new product than to capture the enthusiasm of the product manager as he describes the main features and benefits. Our video productions are scripted ahead of time and can be shot at your facility or, to keep costs down, at major industry exhibitions. Existing video footage, photos or other assets can be edited into the final film for your use at trade shows, on your website or to give your sales team. The video is also hosted on the Global Solar Technology website and distributed via our e-newsletters.

70% of adult Internet users watch videos online, according to a recent Pew survey.

Tips and Solutions series Your products and services solve problems every day. Let potential customers see how, and help current customers get the most out of their purchase, with a series of tips and solutions video clips that can be posted to your website,, YouTube, and anywhere else videos can be uploaded. Make them part of an email campaign. Distribute them at trade shows on DVD or USB flash drives. Product training videos Get—and keep—customers up and running with their new equipment by providing an instructional video on the use, maintenance and troubleshooting of your products.

Product overviews/demos A product overview or demo can act as an in-depth commercial for your products. Perfect for new product introductions.

Facility tours Showcase your applications lab, R&D department, brand new factory and more. Encourage confidence by introducing your company and employees to potential customers via video.

Video advertising Video advertisements provide an excellent, high visibility opportunity. Add video or Flash to your print advertisement for our digital edition, or run them on our website.

EDITORIAL Month Technology Features Jan

Solar #4.1: Tandem Cells, Tabbers, Stringers, Ribbons


Solar #4.2: CPV, Inverters



Special Newsletter

Show preview: SNEC

China Spring 2011: Tandem Cells, Tabbers, Stringers, Ribbons, CPV, Inverters

SNEC show issue

South East Asia Spring 2011: Tandem Cells, Tabbers, Stringers, Ribbons, CPV, Inverters

PV+Solar India Expo show issue

Additional Distribution

1st Annual SEMA Conference San Jose, CA, USA, TBA RENEWTECH India, Mumbai, India, February 17-19 SNEC PV Power Expo 2011, Shanghai, China, February 22-24 *A Show Daily is planned for SNEC

Dec. 1

Dec. 8

Dec. 21

Jan. 12

Jan. 19

Feb. 2

Jan. 13

Jan. 20

Feb. 3

Jan. 17

Jan. 24

Feb. 7

PV Expo, Tokyo, Japan, March 2-4 SOLARCON China, Shanghai, China, March 15-17

Feb. 2

Feb. 9

Feb. 23

Solar #4.4: CSP, CIGS

Show preview: PV+Solar India

PV America, Philadelphia, PA, USA, April 3-5 PV+Solar India Expo, Mumbai, India, April 19-21 PHOTON’s 6th Photovoltaic Technology Show 2011 Europe, Stuttgart, Germany, April 27-29

Mar. 1

Mar. 8

Mar. 22

Mar. 17

Mar. 24

Apr. 7

Mar. 30

Apr. 6

Apr. 20

Apr. 14

Apr. 21

May 5

May 5

May 12

May 26

May. 27

Jun. 3

Jun. 17

Jun. 21

Jun. 28

Jul. 12

Jul. 15

Jul. 22

Aug. 5

Aug. 19

Aug. 26

Sep. 9

Aug. 26

Sep. 2

Sep. 16

Renewable Energy World show issue

Solar #4.5: Wafer Etching, Wafer, Sawing/Handling

Renewable Energy World at POWER-GEN India, New Delhi, India, May 5-7


Solar #4.6: C-Si, Cd-Te

Show preview: Intersolar Europe

Intersolar Europe show issue

Intersolar Europe, Munich, Germany, June 8-9


Solar #4.7: Wafer Inspection, Charge Controllers

Show previews: - Intersolar North America - EU PVSEC

Intersolar North America show issue

Intersolar North America, San Francisco, CA, USA, July 12-14

China Fall 2011: C-Si, Cd-Te, Wafer Inspection, Charge Controllers Solar #4.8: Thin Film

EU PVSEC show issue

South East Asia Fall 2011: C-Si, Cd-Te, Wafer Inspection, Charge Controllers Oct

Ad Mat’ls Deadline

Show Preview: SOLARCON China

China Summer 2011: Printing, Deposition Materials, Coatings, CSP, CIGS, Wafer Etching, Wafer, Sawing/ Handling


Articles News Deadline Deadline

Solar #4.3: Printing, Deposition Materials, Coatings

South East Asia Summer 2011: Printing, Deposition Materials, Coatings, CSP, CIGS, Wafer Etching, Wafer, Sawing/Handling May

Special Features

Solar #4.9: Diffiusion Ovens, Thin Film Technology, Wafer Dicing/ Handling

Show preview: Solar Power Int’l

26th EU PVSEC, Hamburg, Germany, September 5-8 *A Show Daily is planned for EU PVSEC SOLARCON Korea, Seoul, Korea, September 21-23 Solar Power International, Dallas, TX, USA, October 18-20 DIREC 2011, New Delhi, India, TBC


Month Technology Features Nov/ Dec

Special Newsletter

Solar #4.10: Industry Review

Special Features

Show preview: SOLARCON India

Additional Distribution

Articles News Deadline Deadline

Ad Mat’ls Deadline

SOLARCON India, November 9-11, Hyderabad, India

Sep. 24

Oct. 1

Oct. 14

Oct. 18

Oct. 25

Nov. 8

Oct. 7

Oct. 14

Oct. 28

China Winter 2011: Thin Film, Diffusion Ovens, Thin Film Technology, Wafer Dicing/Handling South East Asia Winter 2011: Thin Film, Diffusion Ovens, Thin Film Technology, Wafer Dicing/Handling

SOLARCON India show issue

Publication dates are 5-7 business days after ad materials deadlines for EU, Americas and SEAsia editions; 10-14 business days after ad materials deadlines for China and Korea editions. Submit papers and articles to, news to and ad materials to indicates that video packages will be available for these shows

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Europe Global Solar Technology Trafalgar Publications Ltd Unit 18, 2 Lansdowne Crescent Bournemouth Dorset BH1 1SA United Kingdom Tel: +44 7766 951665

Sandy Daneau (digital) +1 (239) 245-9264 x104 Europe Adela Ploner +49 (0)8131 3 66 99 20 SouthEast Asia Debasish Choudhury dchoudhury +91 120 6453260 China Christine Zhang +86 13501203565

United States Global Solar Technology PO Box 7579 Naples, FL 34102 USA Tel: (239) 245-9264 Circulation & Subscriptions Tel: +1 ((239) 245-9264 x106 subscriptions@ Send news to news@ Send ad materials to

Cover images: aleo solar, Bosch Rexroth, Concentrix Solar and Essemsolar

Editor-in-Chief Trevor Galbraith Tel: +44 (0)20 8123 6704 (Europe) Tel: +1 239 245 9264 x 101 (US) editor@ Managing Editor Heather Lackey Tel: +1 239 245 9264 x 105 hglackey@ SouthEast Asia Editor Debasish Choudhury dchoudhury@ +91 120 6453260 China Editor Christine Zhang czhang@ +86 13501203565

2011 Media Kit - Global Solar Technology  

Advertising and promotional opportunities in Global Solar Technology magazine and related properties.

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