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About Me: I am simply a mom who has chosen to follow a path that is ever changing in life. I was born and raised in Washington State and still reside here today. My full-time job is working as a dental hygienist. I started my first blog (Busy Vegetarian Mom) as a way to record my own vegetarian recipes as we transitioned our diet. As I met more and more friends I started a networking group called Foodie Friends Friday. We now hold weekly recipe link parties with giveaways and launched our newest daily publication: Daily Dish Magazine in October 2012. With my passion for online adventures continues, I made it official in January 2013 and started Social Girls Media, LLC. As an extension of my blogger network, I am launching a Brand to Blogger connect website later this year. Now as a multi-media marketing agent, I am working with brands on campaigns to connect with consumers and grow business. In addition to reaching out through Daily Dish Magazine, we have the ability to extend the reach through our contributor’s personal blogs and extend applications to bloggers in the Social Girls Media Connect Network to participate in the campaigns. I am continually growing and changing and the future has no limits!

The Daily Dish Magazine Team We joined together as individual bloggers looking to connect and network. We grew quickly into friends who had no idea what adventure we were about to embark on. We have built our foundation on helping one another and other bloggers grow through promotion through various forms of media. Daily Dish Magazine is a place that we extend our weekly features into daily opportunities to grow, shape and influence our readers while promoting our publication, fellow bloggers and brands. We all have very different histories and styles which have blossomed into a unique blend that reaches a wide variety of readers. Each of our contributors has the ability to reach out in a different way to attract a wide audience. Since our launch in October 2012, in 5 months time we have grown tremendously and are bringing in more new visitors every day. 2013 will prove to be an outstanding year and we cannot wait to see what adventures lay ahead.

Blogger Relationships We pride ourselves in not only growing ourselves but our fellow bloggers. Through various networking groups and social media outlets, we have grown a strong relationship with thousands of bloggers of all types. Through these groups we cross promote and support each other, reaching a tremendous audience. Our weekly “Foodie Friends Friday� parties at Daily Dish Magazine have been a success in sharing and promoting our fellow food blogger recipes and feature small businesses and brands each week in giveaways. We take that one step further and showcase the recipes shared at the party on Daily Dish Magazine in various collections after the party is over. Social Girls Media Connect is the next step in bringing our blogger network together with brands to work together to influence the consumers. When the need arises, we can reach out to these bloggers and ask for applications to work on campaigns to meet the specific needs of the brands.

Brand Relationships In the last year we have worked with many small business and big brands to bring the message to the consumer. We will work closely with you as well in building a campaign to suit your needs. Whether you need a simple review or giveaway, link or shout out or a full advertising campaign, we can find multi-media strategy to fit your promotion. See our “Services� page for complete details.

Social Living: Daily Dish Magazine pride ourselves in building a trusting relationship with our readers by engaging them with conversation and relevant content. Our multi-media influencing reaches a wide audience allowing us to connect with a broad range of readers. Our Magazine is just one way we communicate. We rely heavily on Social Living to bring the brand to the consumer.

Facebook:     

62% Women age 25-55 Conversation Driven Facebook Parties Sponsored Status Updates Group Networks to Partner in Promotions

Twitter:    

Retweeting Network Reaching over 700,000 Sponsored Tweets Twitter Parties # Trends

Pinterest:     

85 Food Centered Pin Boards Reaching over 30,000 Pinners Multiple Group Boards High Referral Rate Pinterest Parties & Promotions

RSS: Growing list of email subscriptions and email lists allow us to send mass notifications of brand promotions.

Contributor Blogs: Each of our writers helps to communicate and promote the brands and Daily Dish Magazine across their own social media networks expanding our reach ten-fold.

Services  Twitter Parties & Promotions  Facebook Parties & Promotions  Pinterest Parties & Promotions  Content Creation  Contests  Reviews  Giveaways  Social Media Shout Outs  Product Launch Campaigns  Live Appearances  Brand Ambassadors  Ad Placement  Event Hosting & Planning  Multi-Media Campaigns  Recipe Creation  Social Media Management  Website Design  Social Media Development  Multi-Blog Campaigns Need something more? Just ask!

Contact: Tracy Iseminger Social Girls Media, LLC Please email me at your leisure and I will respond as quickly as possible. Once I receive the email, we can choose our best method of communication together. Thank You.

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