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Tim Cochrane


Home Office Digital Imaging recovery training. 2005. Home Office Research Labs. BA (Hons) Recording Arts Degree 2:1 2002-2004. SAE/Middlesex University 3 A-levels. Geography. Physics.Genral Studies. 9 GCSE Passes 1997-2002. Stanborough School Freelance Photographer: 2006-2008 Clients Include: NME, Press Assocation, Retna Photo Agency, SonyBMG Australia. The Guardian. Kruger Magazine. Freelance Picture Researcher 20072008. NME. Kruger Magazine. Apple : Mac Specailist 2007. Regent Street Store. Image Examination Officer 2005-2006 Hertfordshire Police

PHOTOGRAPHY - Fully Competent with both Conventional and Digital SLR camera functionality to a professional level. Ablity to deliver first class imagery for clients. IMAGE EDITING/MANAGMENT - Accomplished in Photoshop software and other industry standard editing and image managment programs such as Photomacanic as well as specialist enhancement and forensic image examination packages. PLANNING/ORGANISATION - Good at time management and planning for photo shoots on location and in the studio. Used to working under pressure and meeting tight deadlines particularly from in the police environment where major crime was time sensitive.


INTERPERSONAL/COMMUNICATION - I possess good interpersonal skills with the ability to communicate on many levels. Experience has included teaching younger musicians. I regularly liaise with record labels, artist’s management, models and clients. Travelling. I’ve been to, experienced and lived in many amazing places across the world and enjoy the diverse cultures and challenges that come with this. Running. I enjoy getting outside for physical activity as well as regularly attending the gym. Music Production. A long term passion for writing, producing, performing and recording music.


Freelance Photography - Capturing images for use in many different Publications and Websites around the world including NME, The Observer, The Guardian, The Independent, Uncut, The Word and, these include front covers, features, reviews and portraits. Working to produce images to a technically and creatively high standard quickly to maximise on potential sales by utilizing digital transmission avenues. Freelancing on NME picture desk (New Musical Express) as picture reseacher. This invloved sourcing high standard images from a wide variety of places for the weekly music magazine to meet tight deadlines. This required a high level of familiarity with current music, youth and celebrity culture as well as a good knowledge of photographers for commissioning. Image Examination Officer. Responsible for Audio/Video and Image Anaylsys of evidence. Part of National Carde of quick response experts in specialist Image recovery and enhancement for the Home Office in the event of a national major incident. Worked as an Assistant Audio Engineer in several large world class recording studios, producing albums, tracks and adverts.

Skills IT SKILLS - Advanced level of computer literacy with both PC and MAC systems, computor hardware and software packages for both imaging and audio production. I also have a reasonable knowalge of webdesign, after building and developing my own site. PRESENTATION - I am familiar with various presentation tools including Powerpoint and Keynote. I have prepared and presented technical evidence in court as an expert witness as well as an extensive presention of my degree dissertation to an audience. I present ideas for photoshots, conducted on an informal level regularly. SALES/MARKETING - I have utilised various forms of self promotion for marketing and networking, methods include a comprehensive portfolio and website. A keen eye is required when selecting photos for sale or for a client, especially when a brief or specific requirement has been stated.

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8 Colgrove Welwyn Garden City AL8 6HU Full clean driving licence

My primary aim is to take the skills and experience of both my university education combined with the life/ practical skils I have aquired to elevate my career to a higher level. To become more proficient in my skill set, and be continually improving in my chosen area of work. One aspiration is to publish a book of my photographic work.

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