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“Experimenting with the colour darkroom for the first time was particularly exciting.”

First Year Student

“During our first year we were shown many different photographic techniques, the one that stood out the most for me though was Cyanotypes. This workshop was a fun and enjoyable week, where we could work with and get to know each other alongside learning a new way of producing a photographic image.”

First Year Student

“Contextualising photography helps us understand what we do and why.”

Second Year Student

“One thing leads to another.”

First Year Student

“During the second year I have loved having the freedom to develop my own practice. I have worked a lot in the colour darkroom, where the technicians are extremely helpful.”

Second Year Student

“The access to a range of facilities, from 3D to moving image, digital to darkroom, has allowed me to explore a range of processes and methods of display.”

Second Year Student

“I have thoroughly enjoy my time at Kingston University, and would recommend the BA Photography to any one who wants to grow as an artist.”

“One is unsure of the truth the image holds, they will become uneasy, hesitant as to what to believe, led by their imagination.”

Third Year Student

Third Year Student

Course Outline First Year The introduction on the course includes workshops to develop your technical skills: · · ·

Black and white processing and printing; Colour negative printing; Studio lighting.

The briefs are kept loose so you can start developing your personal practice. There are a series of art history lectures which help place your work in a wider context.

Second year This year is mainly to push you out of your comfort zone by collaborating and working within the industry. Workshops in the first semester: · · ·

Moving Image; Location; Studio.

Towards the end of the second year you will have built up a portfolio of your best work, and will have a chance to exhibit your work in a central London exhibition.

Third Year This year is all about realising and developing your body of photography, through research and your response. Your dissertation allows you to study a topic of interest in greater depth. You will learn how to write and talk about your work, ready to present a final selection at the degree show in June.

Facilities Specific to Photography · · · · ·

Black and white darkroom Colour darkroom Studio Digital suites Equipment rental (Cameras, lighting etc)

Other Facilities Available for Use: · · · ·

Print Making studio Wood, metal, plastic & glass 3D workshops Moving image studio & rental Learning resource centre

Guest lectures

“I have most enjoyed the freedom and flexibility for my own personal practice, which i think eases the transition from education to being an artist in the real world. The lectures and technicians are excellent, and I wouldnt have wanted to study anywhere else.”

Each week there is a visiting lecturer with an opportunity afterwards to have seminars with them: · · · · ·

Tim walker Tom Hunter Sarah Jones Martin Parr Self Publish be Happy

Field Trips There are field trips for all three years, previous trips: · · · ·

Paris to see Paris Photo Brighton to see the Brighton Biennial Arles London to see various exhibitions together Third Year Student

“What sets the course apart from others is because it develops each of the students as an individual rather than trying to make them fit into predetermined boxes.� - Joy Gregory, Course Director

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