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GCSE 09 French Vocabulary book Version- Draft 1

GCSE French

Edexcel GCSE in French

Edexcel GCSE 2009 French Vocabulary Book

Edexcel are pleased to provide this free vocabulary book freely to support learners following the Edexcel GCSE 2009 Specification in French. Please note: the most up to date version of this document is available on the Edexcel website and a definitive list of core vocabulary is available in the Edexcel Specification.

Introduction This bilingual glossary has been produced to support you in your language learning and to help you prepare for the Edexcel GCSE. It features a revised minimum core vocabulary foundation level vocabulary (this has been expanded from the original one in the specification) as well as higher level vocabulary. English meanings, genders and irregular word endings are given and the vocabulary is listed both alphabetically and under the following Edexcel headings: High Frequency Language Verbs Adjectives Colours Adverbs Numbers Quantities Connecting Words Time Expressions Times Days of the Week Months of the Year Question Words Countries Continents Nationalities Areas/Mountains/Cities/Rivers Acronyms and Abbreviations Social Conventions Prepositions Listening and Reading Topics Out and About - Visitor Information, Basic Weather, Local Amenities, Accommodation, Public Transport, Directions Customer Services and Transactions - Cafes and Restaurants, Shops, Dealing with Problems Personal Information - General Interest, Leisure Activities, Family and Friends, Lifestyle (healthy eating and exercise) Future Plans, Education and Work - Basic Language of the Internet, Simple Job Advertisements, Simple Job Applications and CV, School and College, Work and Work Experience

Speaking and Writing Topics Media and Culture - Music/Film/Reading, Fashion/Celebrities/Religion, Blogs/Internet Sports and Leisure - Hobbies/interests, Sporting Events, Lifestyle Choices Travel and Tourism - Holidays, Accommodation, Eating (food and drink) Business, Work and Employment - Work Experience/Part-time Jobs, Product or service Information

Although words are listed under specific topic headings, they are not always exclusive to these. Many words can also relate to other topic areas, but may only be listed in one. At the end of each section you will find some blank pages, these enable you to note down other words that you encounter during the GCSE course and which may prove useful. Please note that this is not a complete list of all vocabulary for the Edexcel GCSE, and should be used as a reference guide that students can refer to and add to rather than a definitive list of vocabulary needed to achieve a specific grade. This vocabulary book is currently a first draft; if centres notice any errors in the vocabulary lists contained in this document please let us know and we will ensure they are updated appropriately.

Section 1 High Frequency Language This has been taken from the appendix in the specification

Verbs to accept to accompany to add to advise to allow to answer to apply to to argue to arrive to ask to ask a question to avoid, to prevent, to warn to be to be able to to be bored to be called to be interested in to be located to be quiet to be right to be wrong to begin to believe/think to borrow to buy to call to cancel to change to chat to check to choose to click to climb, get on to close

accepter accompagner ajouter conseiller permettre répondre s’adresser à se disputer arriver demander poser une question prévenir être pouvoir s’ennuyer s’appeler s’intéresser à se trouver se taire avoir raison avoir tort commencer croire emprunter acheter appeler annuler changer bavarder vérifier choisir cliquer monter fermer

to come to contact to cost to count, intend to cry to deal with things on your own to decide to describe to deserve to discuss to drink to drive to eat to end to enjoy oneself to enter/go in to escape to fall to fill to find to finish, end to follow to forge to forgive to get angry to give to give (presents) to go along (in a car) to go down to go for a walk to go up to go wrong/to fail, to miss to hate to have to have to to hear to help to hold to hope to hurry to improve to inform

venir contacter coûter compter pleurer se débrouiller décider décrire mériter discuter boire conduire manger se terminer s’amuser entrer s’échapper tomber remplir trouver finir suivre oublier pardonner se fâcher donner offrir rouler descendre se promener monter rater détester avoir devoir entendre aider tenir espérer se dépêcher améliorer informer

to introduce to invite to jump to knock, hit to know (a fact) to know (be familiar with) to land to last to laugh to learn to leave to leave to leave (an object) to lend to lift the receiver to light, turn on to like to listen to live to live to load, to charge to look after to look like, to resemble to lose to love to manage to meet to miss to note to open to order to organise to park to park to pass by/to go to phone to place, ask (a question) to please to prefer to present to prevent to produce

introduire inviter sauter frapper savoir connaître atterrir durer rire apprendre partir quitter laisser prêter décrocher allumer aimer écouter habiter vivre charger s’occuper de ressembler à perdre adorer se débrouiller rencontrer manquer noter ouvrir commander organiser garer stationner passer téléphoner poser (une question) plaire préférer présenter empêcher produire

to pull to push to put to put back to receive, be host to to recommend to refund to regret, be sorry to remember to rent/to hire to repair to repeat to replace to reply to research to reserve to return to return to revise to ring to save to say to see to seem to sell to send to serve to show to sign to sit down to sleep to smile to snow to speak to spend to stay to steal/fly to stick to stop to study to succeed to surf the internet

tirer pousser mettre remettre recevoir recommander rembourser regretter se rappeler/se souvenir louer réparer répéter remplacer répondre rechercher réserver rentrer retourner réviser sonner sauver dire voir sembler vendre envoyer servir montrer signer s’asseoir dormir sourire neiger parler dépenser rester voler coller s’arrêter étudier réussir surfer sur internet

to switch off to switch off to switch on to take to tell to thank to think to think, believe to throw to touch to try to type to understand to use to use to visit to visit to wait for to walk to want to want, desire to win, earn to wish to work to write

fermer/éteindre fermer allumer prendre raconter remercier penser croire jeter toucher essayer taper comprendre se servir de utiliser rendre visite à (person) visiter (place) attendre marcher vouloir désirer gagner souhaiter travailler écrire

Adjectives all alone angry angry annoying annoying average awful bad bad (naughty beautiful big, tall boring bossy

tout seul en colère fâché embêtant énervant moyen/ne affreux/se mauvais méchant/vilain beau/bel/belle grand ennuyeux/euse autoritaire

brief brilliant broken calm calm/quiet charming charming cheap cheap clean, own close closed comfortable complicated comical confident confident correct difficult dirty disgusting dissatisfied dynamic educational enormous easy easy expensive/dear exact exciting fair FALSE fantastic fashionable fast fat favourite favourite first flexible former/ old free

bref/brève génial cassé calme tranquille mignon/ne charmant pas cher/chère de bon marché propre proche fermé confortable compliqué comique confiant sûr (de moi etc) correct difficile sale dégoûtant insatisfait dynamique éducatif énorme facile simple cher/chère exact passionnant juste faux/fausse fantastique à la mode rapide gros/grosse favori/favorite préféré premier/première flexible ancien/ne gratuit

free full funny funny funny funny generous good grateful great great great great, marvellous happy happy hard hardworking healthy heavy high hot in a good mood in a hurry kind last lazy light locked long lost magnificent marvellous mature modern necessary negative new (brand new) new next noisy numerous old

libre plein amusant/e drôle marrant rigolo/te généreux/généreuse bon/ne reconnaissant chouette super génial formidable content/e heureux/heureuse dûr dur travailleur/travailleuse sain lourd haut chaud de bonne humeur pressé gentil dernier/dernière paresseux/euse léger fermé à clef long/ue perdu magnifique merveilleux/euse mûr moderne nécessaire négatif/ve neuf/neuve nouveau/nouvel/nouvelle prochain bruyant nombreux/euse vieux/vieille

old, former older old fashioned old fashioned open optimistic other perfect pessimistic pleased pleasant popular positive practical pretty quick ready real recent recognised/well known responsible rich ridiculous rotten rubbish sad same satisfied selfish sensational serious serious short shy silent small sorry sought after standing strict strict strong

ancien/ne aîné/e démodé rétro ouvert optimiste autre parfait pessimiste content agréable populaire positif/ve pratique joli vite prêt réel/le récent reconnu responsable riche ridicule moche nul/le triste meme satisfait égoïste sensass sérieux/ieuse grave court timide silencieux/ieuse petit désolé recherché debout sévère strict fort

stupid stupid superb surprised surpirsed thin tired tiring together TRUE typical ugly ugly unbelievable unfair unhappy unhelathy unpleasant useful useless valid valuable variable weak worried wise, well behaved young younger

bête stupide superbe surpris étonné mince fatigué fatigant ensemble vrai typique laid moche incroyable injuste malheureux/malheureuse malsain désagréable utile inutile valable d’une grande valeur variable faible inquiet/inquiète sage jeune cadet/cadette (m/f)

Colours black blue brown chestnut brown colour dark green grey light pink red

noir bleu brun marronchâtain couleur (f) foncé vert gris clair rose rouge

violet white yellow

violet blanc/he jaune

Adverbs (for a) long time almost already always/still especially here however immediately more often over there perhaps quickly rather rarely really recently sometimes straight away usually usually there too unfortunately up there very

longtemps presque déjà toujours surtout ici pourtant immédiatement encore souvent là-bas peut-être vite plutôt rarement vraiment récemment quelquefois tout de suite d’habitude normalement là trop malheureusement là-haut très

Numbers 1-100

Quantities a a a a

bottle of dozen jar of little of/few

une bouteille de une douzaine de un pot de un peu de

a liter of a lot of a lot of a kilo of less more more a packet of a piece of a slice of a third of a tin, box of enough half half many quite a few several some too many

un litre de beaucoup de plein de un kilo de moins de plus de encore de un paquet de un morceau de une tranche de un tiers de une boîte de assez de demi moitié(f) beaucoup de pas mal de plusieurs quelques trop de

Connecting Words also and because because but even if finally first of all if or since so then then then

aussi et parce que car mais même si enfin, finalement (tout) d’abord si ou puisque donc alors ensuite puis

Time Expressions a fortnight a fortnight

quinzaine (f) quinze jours

after afternoon already always at the start at the same time before day day during/for evening evening/party every day from from time to time just now, in a little while later last night midnight minute morning next night now once on time on time, early since soon the day after tomorrow the day before yesterday the next day the night before today tomorrow twice week weekend yesterday


après après-midi (m) déjà toujours au début en même temps avant jour (m) journée (f) pendant soir (m) soirée (f) tous les jours à partir de de temps en temps tout à l’heure plus tard hier soir minuit minute (f) matin (m) prochain nuit (f) maintenant une fois à l’heure de bonne heure depuis bientôt après-demain avant-hier lendemain (m) veille (f) aujourd’hui demain deux fois semaine (f) week-end (m) hier

Awareness of times (analogue and digital)

Days of the week Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday

lundi mardi mercredi jeudi vendredi samedi dimanche

Months of the year January February March April May June July August September October November December

janvier février mars avril mai juin juillet août septembre octobre novembre décembre

Question words How How much, how man? What? what? What? (as subject) What? (divided obj) what colour? (at) what time what/which When? where? Who? Why? Why?

comment? combien de? que? quoi? qu’est-ce qui? qu’est-ce que? de quelle couleur? à quelle heure? quel/quelle? quand? où? qui? qù? pourquoi?

Other expressions all the better don’t care! good luck here you are How do you spell that? I don’t mind I’m fine I’ve had enough I like it in my opinion it annoys me it depends

tant mieux bof bonne chance voici ça s’écrit comment? ça m’est égal ça va j’en ai assez/marre ça me plaît à mon avis ça m’énerve ça dépend

it doesn’t matter it’s all the same to me it makes me laugh you are not allowed to you are not allowed to you must mine personally of course okay once again that doesn’t interest me that’s enough there is/are there you are to be about to to be in the process of too bad usually what a shame with pleasure

ça ne fait rien ça m’est égal ça me fait rire il est interdit de défense de il faut à moi personnellement bien sûr d’accord encore une fois ça ne me dit rien ça suffit il y a voilà être sur le point de être en train de tant pis d’habitude quel dommage avec plaisir

Other high frequency words as, like because

comme parce que

end everybody figure for example if middle Miss Mr Mrs no number number shape someone something that thing time type way yes

fin (f) tout le monde chiffre par exemple si milieu (m) mademoiselle monsieur madame non nombre (m) numéro forme (f) quelqu’un quelque chose ça/ cela chose (f) fois (f) genre (m) façon (f) oui

Countries Austria Belgium Denmark England France Germany Great Britain Greece Holland Ireland Italy Netherlands Russia Scotland Spain Switzerland United Kingdom United States

Autriche (f) Belgique (f) Danemark (m) Angleterre (f) France (f) Allemagne (f) Grande-Bretagne (f) Grèce (f) Hollande (f) Irlande (f) Italie (f) Pays-Bas (m/pl) Russie (f) Écosse (f) Espagne (f) Suisse (f) Royaume-Uni (m) États-Unis (m/pl)


Pays de Galles (m)

Continents Africa Asia Australia Europe North America South America

Afrique (f) Asie (f) Australie (f) Europe (f) Amérique du Nord (f) Amérique du Sud (f)

Nationalities African American Austrian Belgian British Corsican Danish Dutch English European French German Greek Irish Italian Russian Scottish Spanish Swiss Welsh

africain/e américain autrichien/autrichienne belge britannique corse danois hollandais anglais/e européen/européenne français allemand/e grec/grecque irlandais italien/italienne russe écossais espagnol Suisse gallois

Areas/Mountains/Cities/Rivers Brittany Massif Central the Alps the Channel Tunnel the English Channel the Pyrenees the south of France

Useful acronyms and abbreviations

Bretagne (f) Massif Central (m) Alpes (f/pl) Tunnel (sous la Manche) (m) Manche (f) Pyrénées (f/pl) Midi (m)

baccalauréat, school leaving exam Banque Nationale de Paris CD secondary school curriculum vitae French electricity company physical and sports education French TV channel French gas company French TV channel youth club and arts centre French post office and telecommunications service fast commuter train service (Paris) AIDS French national railway company please (s’il vous plaît) high speed train every day value added tax (VAT) European Union


Social conventions best wishes bon séjour good evening goodbye goodnight have a good journey hello (on the telephone) hello, good day help hi please (request) please, please (polite) see you later see you soon see you tomorrow thank you

amitiés enjoy your stay bonsoir au revoir bonne nuit bon voyage allô bonjour au secours salut prière de s’il te plaît/s’il vous plait à tout à l’heure à bientôt à demain merci

Prepositions about above

environ en haut

according to after against among around at (someone’s house) at the end of at, to because of before behind between during everywhere except far from for, in order from in in front of in, by near next to no where on opposite outside somewhere through towards under until with without

selon après contre parmi autour de chez au bout de à à cause de avant derrière entre pendant partout sauf loin de pour de dans devant en près de à côté de nulle part sur en face de dehors quelque part par vers sous jusqu’à avec sans

Language used in dialogues and messages area code call me (informal/formal) dial the number for the attention of for the moment

indicatif (m) appelle-moi/appelez-moi composer le numéro à l’attention de pour l’instant

further to/following I will put you through I’ll be right back I’m listening in communication with in fact moment on the line on the line/speaking paging receiver (telephone) see you later (to soca conventions.) see you soon sent by stay on the line telephone telephone book text text message to be at (checking correct number/address) tone voice mail wait wrong number

suite à je vous le passe je reviens tout de suite je vous écoute en communication avec en fait instant (m) en ligne à l’appareil radiomessagerie (f) combiné (m) à plus tard à bientôt envoi de (m) ne quittez pas téléphone (m) annuaire (m) texte (m) texto être bien chez bip sonore (m) messagerie vocale (f) patientez faux numéro (m)

This page has been left blank for you to add any additional words you may find useful.

Section 2 Listening and Reading 2.1 Out and about Visitor Information- foundation (front) door (taxi) driver 1st/2nd floor etc. abroad accommodation administrative district agricultural airport appointment/meeting place area/region area (in town) arrival as soon as (to general) bad baker balcony bank bar basement bath beach berth bicycle bike boat book (of tickets) border bowling alley brand/make breakdown bridge brochure/leaflet building bus bus stop

porte (d’entrée) (f) chauffeur (de taxi) (m) 1er/2me étage etc.see below à l’étranger logement (m) département (m) agricole aéroport (m) rendez-vous (m) région (f) quartier (m) arrivée (f) dès que mauvais boulangerie (f) balcon (m) banque (f) bar(m0 sous-sol (m) bain (m) plage (f) couchette (f) bicyclette (f) vélo (m) bateau (m) carnet (m) frontière (f) bowling (m) marque (f) panne (f) pont (m) brochure (f) bâtiment (m) autobus (m) arrêt (d’autobus) (m)

business/trade butcher café calm/peaceful calm/peaceful campsite car car caravan car park castle cathedral church cinema climate closed closing cloud coach coach station coast cold comfortable commercial compartment concert connection corner country countryside crossroads dead degree delay departure destination diesel disco diversion, detour driver driving licence east

commerce (m) boucherie (f) café calme tranquille camping (m) auto (f) voiture (f) caravane (f) parking (m) château (m) cathédrale (f) église (f) cinéma (m) climat (m) fermé fermeture (f) nuage (m) car (m) gare routière (f) côte (f) froid confortable commercial compartiment (m) concert (m) correspondance (f) coin (m) pays (m) campagne (f) carrefour (m) mort degré (m) retard (m) départ (m) destination (f) gasoil discothèque/disco (f) déviation (f) conducteur (m) conductrice (f) permis de conduire (m) est (m)

engine/motor enjoy your stay entertainment, things to do entrance exhibition factory far(away) fare farm feast, holiday, fair, fête flight/theft floor (1st, 2nd) fog following forbidden to… forbidden to forest foreigner form full furnished games room gendarme ground floor guided tour have a good journey heat hill hire of/hiring/renting historic hospital hotel list hotel, town hall hypermarket I’m sorry/excuse me ice rink identity card identification in advance in autumn in spring in summer

moteur (m) bon séjour distractions (f/pl) entrée (f) exposition (f) usine (f) loin tarif (m) ferme (f) fête (f) vol (m) étage (1er/2me etc) brouillard (m) suivant défense de… interdit de forêt (f) 0tranger (m)/ étrangère (f) fiche (f) complet meublé salle de jeux (f) gendarme (m) rez-de-chaussée visite guidée(f) bon voyage chaleur (f) colline (f) location (f) historique hôpital (m) liste des hôtels (f) hôtel (de ville) (m) hypermarché (m) excusez-moi patinoire (f) carte d’identité (f) pièce d’identité (f) en avance en automne au printemps en été

in winter included industry industrial it is raining inside journey journey (short) key lake left luggage leisure centre library lift line/route lively local inhabitant lorry lost property office luggage luxurious map (of the town) market metre metro/underground railway modern monument motorway mountain mosque museum near newspaper stall north occupied office open on foot on the left on the right one way system outing

en hiver inclus industrie (f) industriel/le il pleut à l’intérieur voyage (m) trajet (m) clef/clé (f) lac (m) consigne (f) centre de loisirs (m) bibliothèque (f) ascenseur (m) ligne (f) animé habitant/e camion (m) bureau des objets trouvés (m) bagages (m/pl) de luxe plan (de la ville) (m) marché (m) mètre (m) métro (m) moderne monument (m) autoroute (f) montagne (f) mosquée (f) musée (m) près kiosque à journaux (m) nord (m) occupé bureau (m) ouvert à pied à gauche à droite sens interdit/unique (m) excursion (f)

outside outside overcast palace park park passenger passport control pedestrian pedestrianised area petrol picturesque place place plane platform police station portstation at port port postcard poster/notice pressure/draught (beer) price list priority to the right problem public holiday public holiday public transport public/municipal quiet railway rain reception receptionist region rented holiday cottage restaurant car return ticket river road road map road/street

à l’extérieur en plein air couvert palais (m) jardin public (m) parc (m) passager (m) / passagère (f) contrôle de passeports (m) piéton (m) zone piétonne (f) essence (f) pittoresque endroit (m) lieu (m) avion (m) quai (m) commissariat (m) gare maritime (f) port (m) carte postale (f) affiche (f) pression (f) liste des prix (f)/tarif (m) priorité à droite (f) problème (m) jour férié (m) jour de fête (m) transports en commun (m/pl) municipal tranquille chemin de fer (m) pluie (f) réception (f) hôtesse d’accueil (f)/réceptionniste région (f) gîte (m) wagon-restaurant (m) aller-retour (m) rivière (f) route (f) carte routière (f) rue (f)

room roundabout sea seaside season service station shop shopping centre show sign single ticket situated ski resort sky sleeping car snack bar, buffet snow south sports centre spacious square stadium staircase star stay station storm straight on suburb suitable for drinking suitcase summer camp sun sunny sunny interval supplement supermarket swimming pool taxi television television set theatre

chambre (f) rond-point (m) mer (f) au bord de la mer saison (f) station-service (f) magasin (m) centre commercial (m) spectacle (m) panneau (m) aller-simple (m) situé station de ski (f) ciel (m) wagon-lit (m) buffet (m) neige (f) sud (m) centre sportif spacieux/spacieuse place (f) stade (m) escalier (m) étoile (f) séjour (m) gare (f) orage (m) tout droit banlieue (f) potable valise (f) colonie de vacances (f) soleil (m) ensoleillé éclaircie (f) supplément (m) supermarché (m) piscine (f) taxi (m) télévision (f) téléviseur (m)/poste de télévision théâtre (m)

ticket ticket inspector ticket office timetable to book/reserve to cross to function, to work to recommend to rent to spend time

billet (m) contrôleur (m) guichet (m) horaire (m) réserver traverser fonctionner/ marcher recommander louer passer du temps

to stay to turn to validate a ticket toilets tour tourist tourist attraction tourist attraction tourist information office tourist information office tower town town centre town hall traffic traffic jam traffic lights travel agent’s underground station unleaded variable view village waiting period/time limit waiting room way out/exit WC weather weather forecast welcome west

rester tourner composter toilettes (f/pl) tour (m) touristique attraction touristique (f) site touristique (m) bureau d’accueil/de renseignements (m) office de tourisme (m) tour (f) ville (f) centre-ville (m) mairie (f)/ hôtel de ville (m) circulation (f) embouteillage (m) feux (m/pl) agence de voyage (f) station de métro (f) sans plomb variable/incertain vue (f) village (m) délai (m) salle d’attente (f) sortie (f) W-C (m/pl) temps (m) météo (f) accueil (m) ouest (m)

wind winter holidays with shower with bathroom youth hostel zoo

vent (m) vacances d’hiver (f/pl) avec douche avec salle de bain(s) auberge de jeunesse (f) jardin zoologique (m) zoo (m)

Visitor Information - Higher air conditioning area ATM cash point bike hire canal customs emergency exit event experience firework fountain hypermarket memorial, monument memory mountains package holiday park, green space procession rush hour seaside resort souvenir sound and light stay surrounding area, vicinity to take place to stay toll town centre winter/skiing holiday zoo

Basic weather - Foundation

climatisation (f) région (f) foundation distributeur d’argent (m) location de vélos (f) canal (m) douanes (f/pl) sortie de secours (f) événement (m) expérience (f) feu d’artifice (m) fontaine (f) grande surface (f) monument (m) souvenir (m) montagnes (f) voyage organisé (m) espace vert (m) défilé (m) heures de pointe (f/pl) station balnéaire (f) souvenir (m) son et lumière séjour (m) environs (m/pl) avoir lieu séjourner péage (m) centre-ville (m) vacances de neige (f/pl) zoo (m) jardin zoologique (m)

bad bright climate cloud cloudy Cloudy (overcast) cold degree (temperature) dry fog heat highest temperature hot in autumn in spring in summer in the east in the north in the south in the west in winter it is freezing it is lightning it is raining it is snowing it is thundering lowest temperature nice (weather) overcast rain season sky snow storm sun sunny the sun is shining thunder storm to change to rain to shine to snow

mauvais clair climat (m) nuage (m) nuageux couvert froid degré (m) sec brouillard (m) chaleur (f) température maximale (f) chaud en automne (m) au printemps (m) en été (m) dans l’est/ à l’est de dans le nord/au nord de dans le sud/au sud de dans l’ouest/ à l’ouest de en hiver il gèle il y a des éclairs il pleut il neige il y a du tonnerre/il fait du tonnerre température minimale (f) beau couvert pluie (f) saison (f) ciel (m) neige (f) orage (m) soleil (m) ensoleillé Il fait du soleil/ il y a du soleil Il fait de l’orage changer pleuvoir briller neiger

weather weather report wet wind

temps (m) météo (f) mouillé vent (m)

Basic Weather - Higher average temperature bright spell changeable changeable hail high temperature low (temperature) showers stormy to brighten up to hail weather forecast

température moyenne (f) éclaircie (f) variable incertain grêle (f) température élévée (f) température basse averses (f/pl) orageux s’éclaircir grêler (prévisions) météo (f)

Local Amenities - Foundation airport art gallery bank bowling alley (10-pin) bridge building bus station café castle cathedral church cinema closed department store disco factory farm hospital ice rink indoor swimming pool industry

aéroport (m) galérie d’art (f) banque (f) bowling (m) pont (m) bâtiment (m) gare routière (f) café (m) château (m) cathédrale (f) église (f) cinéma (m) fermé grand magasin (m) discothèque(f) usine (f) ferme (f) hôpital (m) patinoire (f) piscine (f)(couverte) industrie (f)

leisure centre library main railway station market mosque museum newspaper stall nightclub open outdoor swimming pool palace park park pedestrian area/precinct petrol station playground police station police station policeman policeman policeman port post office pub pub public/municipal railway station rubbish bin shop shop, business, shopping centre snack bar snack bar sports centre square stadium swimming pool theatre toilets tourist office tower tower block

centre de loisirs (m) bibliothèque (f) gare principale (f) marché (m) mosquée (f) musée (m) kiosque à journaux (m) boîte de nuit (f) ouvert piscine en plein air (f) palais (m) parc (m) jardin public (m) zone piétonne (f) station-service (f) aire de jeux (f) commissariat (m) gendarmerie (f) policier (m) agent de police (m) gendarme (m) port (m) poste (f) café (m) bar (m) public/publique gare (f) poubelle (f) magasin (m) commerce (m) centre commercial (m) quick (m) snack (m) centre sportif (m) place (f) stade (m) piscine (f) théâtre (m) toilettes (f/pl) office de tourisme (m) tour (f) immeuble (m)

town hall town hall WC zoo zoo

mairie (f) hôtel de ville (m) W-C (m/pl) zoo (m) jardin zoologique (m)

Local amenities - Higher ATM, cashpoint post office tourist information office

distributeur d’argent (m) poste (f) syndicat d’initiative (m)

Accommodation - Foundation accommodation arrival balcony basement bath bath towel bath tub bathroom bed bedlinen bedroom bunk bed camp site caravan car park curtain dining room door (front) double room double room drinking water exit farm farm house floor floor (1st, 2nd) floor (e.g. 1st, 2nd) form free, available, vacant

logement (m) arrivée (f) balcon (m) sous-sol (m) bain(m) serviette de bain (f) baignoire (f) bath tub salle de bain(s) (f) lit (m) linge de lit (m) chambre (f) lit superposé (m) camping (m) caravane (f) parking (m) rideaux (m/pl) salle à manger (f) porte (d’entrée) (f) chambre double (f) chambre pour deux personnes eau potable (f) sortie (f) ferme (f) would be la ferme plancher (m) étage (m) premier/ deuxième étage (m) formulaire (m) libre

free (no cost) full board furnished games room garden ground floor guest half board heating hotel in advance in the country included inclusive of, included key kitchen lift luggage occupied on the 1st floor etc overnight stay play area pillow pitch/place on campsite reception reception receptionist rent reservation room sheet shower shower block (campsite) single room single room sitting room/lounge sitting room/lounge sleeping bag soap staircase star suitcase

gratuit pension complète (f) meublé salle de jeux (f) jardin (m) rez-de-chaussée (m) hôte (m/f) demi-pension (f) chauffage (m) hôtel (m) en avance à la campagne inclus compris clé/clef (f) cuisine (f) ascenseur (m) bagages (m/pl) occupé au premier étage séjour (m) aire de jeux (f) oreiller (m) emplacement (m) réception (f) accueil (m) réceptionniste (m/f) loyer (m) réservation (f) chambre (f) drap (m) douche (f) bloc sanitaire (m) chambre simple (f) chambre pour une personne (f) salle de séjour (f) salon (m) sac de couchage (m) savon (m) escalier (m) étoile (f) valise (f)

television television set television set tent tennis courts to arrive to book/reserve to camp (in a tent) to camp (in a tent) to function, to work to function /work to hire, to rent to reserve to unpack toilet toilet paper toothbrush toothpaste twin room view village wardrobe wash basin WC window with a view of, overlooking youth hostel

télévision (f) poste de télévision téléviseur (m) tente (f) courts det ennis (m/pl) arriver réserver camper faire du camping marcher fonctionner louer réserver défaire (sa valise) toilettes (f/pl) papier hygiénique (m) brosse à dents (f) dentrifrice (m) chambre à deux lits (f) vue (f) village (m) garde-robe (f) lavabo (m) W-C (m/pl) fenêtre (f) vue sur (f) auberge de jeunesse (f)

Accommodation - Higher air conditioning board and lodgings cheap, value for money cheap, value for money emergency exit guest room, bed-and-breakfast place hospitality noise registration rented flat rules of the house stay

climatisation (f) logé et nourri pas cher de bon marché sortie de secours (f) chambre d’hôte (f) hospitalité (f) bruit (m) enregistrement (m) appartement loué (m) règles (f/pl) séjour 9m)

to to to to to to

confirm put someone up, to accommodate put someone up, to accommodate switch off switch off switch on

confirmer héberger loger fermer éteindre allumer

Public transport- Foundation airport arrival bicycle boat breakdown bus bus station bus stop by bus car car car park car, carriage (train) class (2nd class on a train)) coach compartment connection connection Crossing (ferry) cycle path delay departure departure (of plane) diesel dining car, restaurant car (train) direct diversion (road), detour door (of train etc ) driver driving licence engine entrance (vehicles) exhaust fumes/emissions

aéroport (m) arrivée (f) vélo (m)/ bicyclette (f) bateau (m) panne (f) (auto)bus (m) gare routière (f) arrêt d’autobus (m) en (auto)bus voiture (f) auto (f) parking (m) wagon (m) classe (f) car (m) compartiment (m) correspondance (f) traversée (f) piste cyclable (f) retard (m) départ (m) décollage (m) higher gasoil (m) wagon-restaurant (m) direct déviation (f)higher portière (f) chauffeur (m) permis de conduire (m) moteur (m) entrée (des véhicules) (f) gaz d’échappement (m/pl) higher

exit (for vehicles) fare fare ferry harmful harmful have a good journey high speed train journey journey, trip kilometre left luggage left-luggage locker line/route lorry main railway station moped motorbike motorway occupied, taken (seat) on foot one way street passenger petrol petrol station plane platform platform, track pollution port priority public public transport railway reduction reservation return (ticket) return ticket road seat on train second class ship

sortie (des véhicules) (f) prix des billets (m) tarif (m) ferry (m) dangereux mauvais bon voyage TGV (m) voyage (m) excursion (f) kilomètre (m) consigne (f) higher consigne automatique (f) ligne (f) camion (m) gare principale (f) mobylette (f) moto (f) autoroute (f) occupé à pied sens unique (m) higher passager/passagère essence (f) station-service (f) avion (m) quai (m) voie (f) pollution (f) port (m) priorité (f) public/publique transports en commun (m/pl) chemin de fer (m)higher réduction (f) réservation (f) aller et retour (m) billet aller et retour (m) route (f) place (f) En deuxième classe/ en seconde navire (m)

sign single (ticket) single ticket sleeping-car, sleeper steamer stop (bus, tram etc) street/road suburban train supplement taxi taxi driver ticket Ticket (underground) ticket inspector ticket machine ticket office ticket office timetable (transport) to arrive to be delayed, to be late to change (e.g. trains) to depart to get off, to alight to get on (train, bus etc) to harm, damage to land to miss to park to park to pollute to reserve to take off (plane) to travel, to drive to validate a ticket traffic traffic accident traffic jam traffic lights train train station tram traveller

panneau (m) simple (m) billet simple (m) wagon-lit (m) bateau à vapeur (m) arrêt (m) rue (f) TER train express régional (m) supplément (m) taxi (m) chauffeur de taxi (m) billet (m) ticket (m) contrôleur (m)higher distributeur de billets (m) guichet (m) billeterie (f) higher horaires (m/pl) arriver être en retard changer partir descendre (de) monter (dans) endommager atterrir manquer garer la voiture se garer hgiher polluer réserver décoller rouler composter circulation (f) accident de route (m) embouteillage (m)higher feux (m/pl) highr train (m) gare (f) tramway (M) voyageur (m)

underground station, tube station underground train, tube, metro unleaded waiting room waiting time wall (inside)

station de metro (f) métro (m) sans plomb higher salle d’attente (f) délai (m) mur (m)

Public Transport - Higher a fast train (stops at some smaller stations, but not all) air conditioning berth coming from (trains) HGV helicopter level crossing local stopping train motorway junction motorway services no entry noise noisy no parking picnic area (on side of road, motorway) return ticket road safety rush hour seat belt speed speed limit to board (plane, ship) to brake, to apply the btakes to crash to fasten one’s seatbelt to hurry to knock over to overtake to run over toll on motorway vehicle

express (m) climatisation (f) couchette (f) en provenance de poids lourd (m) hélicoptère (m) passage à niveau (m) TER (train express régional) (m) intersection (f) aire de repos (f) sens interdit (m) bruit (m) bruyant stationnement interdit (m) aire de pique-nique (f) billet aller et retour (m) prévention routière (f) les heures de pointe (f/pl) ceinture de sécurité (f) vitesse (f) limitation de vitesse (f) embarquer freiner entrer en collision attacher sa ceinture se dépêcher renverser doubler écraser péage (m) véhicule (m)

Directions- Foundation (on the) left (on the) right (traffic)roundabout as soon as bridge corner crossroads direction east far I’m sorry / excuse me map metre near north on foot on the left/right one way street river south straight on to be situated to cross to follow to go traffic lights west zebra crossing

(à) gauche (à) droite rond-point (m) higher aussitôt quehigher pont (m) coin (m) carrefour (m) higher direction (f) est (m) loin excusez-moi carte (f) mètre (m) près nord (m) à pied à gauche/ à droite rue en sens unique (f) rivière (f) sud (m) tout droit situé traverser suivre aller feux (m/pl) ouest (m) passage piéton (m)

Directions- Higher no entry pedestrian crossing river

sens interdit passage piéton (m) fleuve (m)

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Listening and Reading Section 2.2 Customer services and transactions apple apricot (tobacconist/stamp seller) (traveller’s) cheque at your service baker’s banana bank card beef beer belt bill bill, invoice boss bread breakfast brochure brussel sport butcher’s butter cabbage cauliflower café cake cake shop camera cardigan carrot casual jacket change changing room cheese chicken chips chocolate chocolate pastry choice (to general) coat

pomme (f) abricot (m) tabac (m) chèque (m) (de voyage) à votre service boulangerie (f) banane (f) carte bancaire (f) boeuf (m) bière (f) ceinture (f) addition (f) facture (f) patron/patronne (m/f) pain petit déjeuner (m) brochure (f) chou de bruxelles (m) boucherie (f) beurre (m) chou (m) chou-fleur (m) café (m) gâteau (m) pâtisserie (f) appareil-photo (m) gilet (m) carotte (f) blouson (m) monnaie (f) cabine d’essayage (f) fromage (m) poulet (m) frites (f/pl) chocolat (m) pain au chocolat (m) choix (m) manteau (m)

cooked cotton croissant credit card customer damage, pity, shame delicatessen department department store dining room dish (of the day) dress drink egg euro exchange bureau exchange rate form French stick fresh fried fruit fruit juice full glove grapes grocer’s hairdresser ham hot chocolate hypermarket ice cream identity card ill jacket jeans keyboard lamb leggings lemon lost property office

cuit coton (m) croissant (m) carte de crédit (f) client/ cliènte (m/f) dommage charcuterie (f) rayon (m) grand magasin (m) salle à manger (f) plat (du jour) (m) robe (f) boisson (f) oeuf (m) euro (m) bureau de change (m) cours de change (m) fiche (f) baguette (f) frais/fraîche frit fruit (m) jus de fruit (m) complet gant (m) raisins( m/pl) épicerie (f) coiffeur/coiffeuse (m/f) jambon (m) chocolat chaud (m) hypermarché (m) glace (f) carte d’identité (f) malade veste (f) jean (m) clavier (m) agneau (m) caleçon (m) citron (m) bureau des objets trouvés (m)

market meal meat melon menu milk mistake mistake money mushroom mussels oil omelette orange orangina fizzy orange drink) pancake pastry with sultanas peach pear peas pineapple pizza police station pork post office postcard potato pound sterling present price purse raincoat raspberry receipt reduced reduction roast salad salad dressing salami type sausage salesman/woman

marché (m) repas (m) viande (f) melon (m) menu (m) lait (m) erreur (f) faute (f) argent (m) champignon (m) moules (f/pl) huile (f) omelette (f) orange (f) orangina (m) crêpe (f) pain aux raisins (m) pêche (f) poire (f) petits pois (m/pl) ananas (m) pizza (f) commissariat de police (m) porc (m) poste (f) bureau de poste (m) carte postale (f) pomme de terre (f) livre sterling (f) cadeau (m) prix (m) porte-monnaie (m) imperm(éable) (m) framboise (f) reçu (m) réduit réduction (f) rôti salade verte (f) sauce vinaigrette (f) saucisson (m) vendeur/vendeuse (m/f)

sandal sandwich service (not) included shirt shoe shopping shopping centre shorts size size (shoes) skirt snack sock sports shirt stamp starter steak strawberry supermarket sweater, jumper sweatshirt sweet shop swimsuit/trunks take away tea tee shirt terrace (of café/restaurant) theft/flight thief tights till tip to pay toasted cheese and ham sandwich town map tracksuit tracksuit trainers trousers vegetable waiter/waitress wallet

sandale (f) sandwich (m) service (non) compris chemise (f) chaussure (f) courses (f/pl) centre commercial (m) short (m) taille (f) pointure (f) jupe (f) casse-croûte (m) chaussette (f) maillot de sport (m) timbre (m) hors-d’oeuvre (m) steak (m) fraise (f) supermarché (m) pull, pullover (m) sweat (m) confiserie (f) maillot de bain (m) plats à emporter (m/pl) thé (m) T-shirt (m) terrasse (f) vol (m) voleur /voleuse (m/f) collant (m) caisse (f) pourboire (m) payer croque-monsieur (m) plan de la ville (m) survêtement (m) jogging (m) baskets (f/pl) pantalon (m) légume (m) serveur/serveuse (m/f) portefeuille (m)

water wine wool yoghurt

eau (f) vin (m) laine (f) yaourt (m)

Cafes and Restaurants- Foundation a roast appetite apple apricot banana bean beer beer from pump beef bill bill biscuit bottle bread breakfast Brussels sprout butter cabbage café cake carrot cash cauliflower cereals cheese cherry chicken chips chocolate choice chop (e.g. pork) cider closed (on Mondays) cocoa coffee

rôti (m) appétit (m) pomme (f) abricot (m) banane (f) haricot (m) bière (f) pression (f) boeuf (m) addition (f) note (f) biscuit (m) bouteille (f) pain (m) petit déjeuner (m) chou de bruxelles (m) beurre (m) chou (m) café (m) gâteau (m) carotte (f) argent (liquide) (m) chou-fleur (m) céréales (f/pl) fromage (m) cerise (f) poulet (m) frites (f/pl) chocolat (m) choix (m) côtelette (f) cidre (m) fermé (le lundi) cacao (m) café (m)

cold sliced meat (e.g. salami) cooked, boiled cream credit card crisps cucumber cup customer cutlery (charge at restaurant) delicious dessert dining room dish of the day drink egg Enjoy your meal! euro evening meal, dinner, supper evening meal, dinner, supper evening meal, dinner, supper fish fixed price menu food food food shopping fork fruit fruit pie fruit juice full French stick gateau, /pastry general term needed? glass grapefruit grapes gravy, sauce green beans ham hamburger hot chocolate hypermarket

saucisson (m) cuit crème (f) carte de crédit (f) chips (m/pl) concombre (m) tasse (f) client (m) /cliènte (f) couvert (m) délicieux/délicieuse dessert (m) salle à manger (f) plat du jour (m) boisson (f) oeuf (m) bon appétit euro (m) repas du soir dîner (m) souper (m) poisson (m) menu fixe (m) alimentation (f) nourriture (f) provisions (f/pl) fourchette (f) fruit (m) tarte (aux pommes etc) (f) jus de fruit (m) (j’ai) trop mangé baguette (f) pâtisserie (f) verre (m) pamplemousse (f) raisins (m/pl) sauce (f) haricots verts (m/pl) jambon (m) hamburger (m) chocolat chaud (m) hypermarché (m)

ice cream ice cream parlour inn jar jam juice kebab knife lamb lemon lemonade lettuce, salad lunch main course margarine meal meat meatball melon menu menu menu where each item is priced individually menu of the day milk mince mineral water mixed money mushroom mushroom mustard napkin oil onion omelette orange packet pasta pâté pasteries peas

glace (f) glacier (m) auberge (f) pot (m) confiture (f) jus (m) brochette (f) couteau (m) agneau (m) citron (m) limonade (m) salade verte(f) déjeuner (m) plat principal (m) margarine (f) repas (m) viande (f) boulette (f) melon (m) menu (m) carte (f) menu à la carte menu du jour (m) lait (m) steak hâché (m) eau minérale (f) mélangé argent (m) champignon (m) cèpe (m) moutarde (f) serviette (f) huile (f) oignon (m) omelette (f) orange (f) paquet (m) pâtes (f/pl) pâté (m) pâtisseries (f/pl) petit pois (m/pl)

peach pear pizza pepper pepper (vegetable) pieces of bread (with butter often for breakfast) pineapple pizzeria, pizza restaurant plate plum pork portion pot (of coffee, hot chocolate etc) potato prepared food/ready meal raddish raspberry refreshments rest day, day off restaurant rice roast roll salt salty/savoury salad dressing sandwich sausage self-service service set meal slice snack snack bar snack bar snails soup speciality spaghetti spoon starter

pêche (f) poire (f) pizza (f) poivre (m) poivron (m) tartine (f) ananas (m) pizzeria (f) assiette (f) prune (f) porc (m) portion (f) caftière (f) pomme de terre (f) plat cuisiné (m) radis (m) framboise (f) rafraîchissements (m/pl) journée de repos (f) restaurant (m) riz (m) rôti petit pain (m) sel (m) salé sauce vinaigrette (f) sandwich (m) saucisse (f) self-service (m) self (m) service (m) menu fixe (m) tranche (f) snack (m) snack (m) quick (m) escargots (m/pl) soupe (f)/ potage (m) hgiher spécialité (f) des spaghettis cuiller /cuillère(f) hors d’oeuvre (m)

strawberry steak steak sweet sweet sugar supermarket table table cloth tart tasty tasty tea tea spoon tin/box tip (money) to ask to drink to eat to order to pay to serve to wait at table, to serve tomato tuna vanilla vegetable vegetarian vinegar Waiter! waiter/waitress water wine yoghurt

fraise (f) steak (m) bifteck (m) bonbon (m) sucré sucre (m) supermarché (m) table (f) nappe (f) tarte (f) plein de goût savoureux/ savoureuse thé (m) petite cuiller (f) petite cuillère (f) boìte (f) pourboire (m) demander boire manger commander payer servir servir tomate (f) thon (m) vanille (f) légume (m) végétarien/ne vinaigre (m) monsieur/garçon! serveur (m) /serveuse (f) eau (f) vin (m) yaourt (m)

Cafes and restaurants- Higher artichoke apertising beef bitter cucumber

artichaut (m) appétissant boeuf (m) amer/amère concombre (m)

drink before meal duck fried egg fruit tea frogs legs full fat milk garlic champagne goat’s cheese goose goose liver pâté homemade honey hypermarket

appéritif (m) canard (m) oeuf au plat (m) infusion (f) cuisses de grenouille (f/pl) lait entier (m) ail (m) champagne (m)foundation fromage de chèvre (m) oie (f) pâté de foie gras (m) fait maison miel (f) grande surface (f)


agneau (m)

leaks lettuce medium (steak) noodles pasta pâté pistachio rare (steak) raw raw vegetables starter snack salmon saucer scrambled egg sea food smoked spicey spinach steak tasty tray trout turkey veal well-cooked

poireaux (m/pl) laitue (f) à point nouilles (f/pl) pâtes (m/pl) pâté (m) pistache (f) saignant cru crudités (f/pl) casse-croîte (m) saumon (m) soucoupe (f) oeufs brouillés (m/pl) fruits de mer (m) fumé épicé épinard (m) entrecôte (f) goûteux/goûteuse plateau (m) truite (f) dinde (f) voeu (m) bien cuit/e

Shops- Foundation

(newspaper) kiosk (traveller’s) cheque a €10 note a €2 coin apple baker’s banana bank bank card bank note beef belt big blouse book shop boot boxers bra bracelet bread brochure Brussels sprout bureau de change butcher’s butcher’s (horsemeat) cabbage cake cake shop camera cap carrot cash casual jacket cauliflower cent change (i.e. coins) changing room cheap cheese chemist’s (dispensing) chewing gum

kiosque (à journaux)(m) Chèque (de voyage) (m) cillet de 10€ (m) pièce de 2€ (f) pomme (f) boulangerie (f) banane (f) banque (f) carte bancaire (f) billet de banque (m) boeuf (m) ceinture (f) grand chemisier (m) librairie (f) botte (f) caleçon (m) soutien-gorge (m) bracelet (m) pain (m) brochure (f) chou de bruxelles (m) bureau de change (m) boucherie (f) boucherie-chevaline (f) chou (m) gâteau (m) pâtisserie (f) appareil- photo (m) casquette (f) carotte (f) argent (liquide) (m) blouson (m) chou-fleur (m) cent (m) monnaie (f) cabine d’essayage (f) pas cher/chère fromage (m) pharmacie (f) chewing-gum (m)

chicken chocolate chocolate pastry choclate shop choice choice, selection clothes clothes shop clothing coat coffee coin cold cut meat cooked cotton credit card croissant customer delicatessen department department store discount, reduction dress drink earring emergency exit entrance escalator euro exit expensive fashion fashionable fish fishmonger’s florist flowers fragile fruit glove grape grapefruit

poulet (m) chocolat (m) pain au chocolat (m) chocolaterie (f) choix (m) séléction (f) vêtements (m/pl) magasin de vêtements (m) same as clothes manteau (m) café (m) pièce (f) saucisson (m) cuit coton (m)/en coton carte de crédit (f) croissant (m) client (m)/ cliènte (f) charcuterie (f) rayon (m) grand magasin (m) réduction (f) robe (f) boisson (f) boucle d’oreille (f) sortie de secours (f) entrée (f) escalator (m) euro (m) sortie (f) cher/chère mode (f) à la mode poisson (m) poissonnerie (f) chez un fleuriste fleurs (f/pl) fragile fruit (m) gant (m) raisin (m) pamplemousse (f)

green grocer’s grocer’s, food shop/corner shop hairdresser ham handbag hat it fits/suits you jacket jeans jewellers jewellery juice lamb leather leggings lemon lift list low priced make, brand market medium (size) melon milk money mushroom mushroom necklace nightdress non-dispensing chemist old fashioned old fashioned onion opening hours orange pants, briefs pastry with sultanas/raisins peas peach pear pepper (vegetable) pepper

marchand de légumes (m) épicerie (f) salon de coiffure (m) jambon (m) sac à main (m) chapeau (m) ça (te/vous) va veste (f) jean (m) bijouterie (f) bijoux (m/pl) jus (m) agneau (m) cuir/en cuir caleçon (m) citron (m) ascenseur (m) liste (f) à un prix bas marque (f) marché (m) de taille moyenne melon (m) lait (m) argent (m) champignon (m) cèpe (m) collier (m) chemise de nuit (f) parapharmacie (f) démodé rétro oignon (m) heures d’ouverture (f/pl) orange (f) culotte (f) pain aux raisins (m) petit pois (m/pl) pêche (f) poire (f) poivron (m) poivre (m)

perfume perfumery piano strange place to put it amongst shopping pineapple plum poloshirt pork post card potato pound (in weight), pound [sterling] present price purse pyjamas quality quantity raincoat raspberry receipt reduced reduction rest day, day off ring roast roll sale sales assistant sandal sandwich sausage scarf service shirt shoe shop shop shop keeper shop window shopping bag shopping basket shopping centre

parfum (m) parfumerie (f) piano (m) ananas (m) prune (f) polo (m) porc (m) carte postale (f) pomme de terre livre (f) cadeau (m) prix (m) porte-monnaie (m) pyjama (m) qualité (f) quantité (f) imperm(éable) (m) framboise (f) reçu (m) réduit/e réduction (f) journée de repos (f) bague (f) rôti petit pain (m) soldes (m/pl) vendeur (m)/vendeuse (f) sandale (f) sandwich (m) saucisse (f) écharpe (f) service (m) chemise (f) chaussure (f) magasin (m) commerce (m) commerçant (m) /commerçante (f) vitrine (f) sac à provisions (m) panier (m) centre commercial (m)

shopping list shopping trolley shopping, purchases shorts size skirt slipper small sock souvenir special offer stamp strawberry stationer’s striped suit supermarket sweater, jumper sweatshirt sweet shop swimming costume swimming trunks tea tie tights till, check-out to buy to deliver to fit, to suit to pack/wrap to pay to queue to shop to spend (money) to try on tobacco tobacconist toy tracksuit trainers trousers

liste de courses(f) chariot (m) achats (m/pl) short (m) taille (f) jupe (f) pantoufle (f) petit chaussette (f) souvenir (m) offre spéciale (f) timbre (m) fraise (f) papeterie (f) rayé/e complet (m) supermarché (m) tricot (m)/pullover (m) sweat (m) confiserie (f) maillot de bain (m) maillot de bain thé (m) cravate (f) collant (m) caisse (f) acheter livrer aller emballer payer faire la queue faire des courses/ des achats / du shopping dépenser essayer tabac (m) tabac (m) jouet (m) survêtement (m)/ jogging (m) baskets (f/pl) pantalon (m)

umbrella underpants watch wallet water wide wine wool yoghurt

parapluie (m) slip (m) montre (f) portefeuille (m) eau (f) large vin (m) laine (f)/en laine yaourt (m)

Shops- Higher artichoke bathrobe, dressing gown best-before date cardigan cheap, value for money cheap, value for money clearance sale corner shop delicatessen extra/supplement furniture shop gift wrap label packaging plastic reduced reduced silk slipper summer (clearance) sale tie tight to cash a cheque to gift wrap winter (clearance) sale

artichaut (m) robe de chambre (f) date limite de consommation (f) gilet (m) pas cher/chère de bon marché liquidation du stock (f) épicerie (f) charcuterie (f) supplément (m) magasin de meubles (m) paquet-cadeau (m) étiquette (f) emballage (m) plastique/ en plastique réduit soldé soie (f)/ en soie pantoufle (f) soldes d’été (m/pl) cravate (f) serré toucher un chèque faire un paquet-cadeau soldes d’hiver (m/pl)

Dealing with problems- Foundation ambulance bank account bank card

ambulance (f) compte bancaire (m) carte bancaire (f)

boss breakdown broken change (money) credit card customer customer service damage euro exchange rate form hospital identity card ill illness long lost property office mistake money noise pity, shame police station police station policeman/woman policeman problem purse receipt reduction service short theft thief to change (money) to complain to get one’s money back to keep to leave behind to lose town map (traveller’s) cheque truth

patron (m) patronne (f) panne (f) cassé monnaie (f) carte de crédit (m) client (m)/ cliènte (f) accueil (m) dégâts (m/pl) euro (m) cours d’échange (m) formulaire (m) hôpital (m) carte d’identité (f) malade maladie (f) long bureau des objets trouvés (m) erreur (f) argent (m) bruit (m) dommage (m) commissariat (m) gendarmerie (f) policier (m/f) gendarme (m) problème (m) porte-monnaie (m) reçu (m) réduction (f) service (m) court vol (m) voleur (m)/ voleuse (f) changer (de l’argent) se plaindre être remboursé garder oublier perdre plan de la ville (m) cheque (de voyage) (m) vérité (f)

waiter/waitress wallet

serveur (m)/ serveuse (f) portefeuille (m)

Dealing with problems- Higher hole insurance prison stain to cope with, to deal with to damage to disappear to insure to prove torn

trou (m) assurance (f) prison (f) tache (f) résoudre endommager disparaître assurer prouver déchiré

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Listening and Reading Section 2.3 Personal information activity address adolescent age athletics atmosphere badminton bag basketball birthday birthplace board, electronic game born bossy boxing brother canoeing CD (compact disc) championship chestnut clarinette classical, classic clothes computing, ICT curly curly cycling dance date of birth divorced dressed dressed drums ear earrings equipment eyes

activité (f) adresse (f) adolescent/e ado (m/f) âge (m) athlétisme (m) ambiance (f) baminton (m) sac (m) basket (m) anniversaire (m) lieu de naissance (m) jeu (de société/électronique) (m) né(e) autoritaire boxe (f) frère (m) canoë-kayak (m) disque compact (m)CD(m) championnat (m) châtain clarinette (f) classique vêtements (m/pl) informatique (f) bouclé frisé cyclisme (m) danse (f) date de naissance (f) divorcé habillé vêtu (de) batterie (f) oreille (f) boucles d’oreille (f/pl) équipement (m) yeux (m/pl)

family fanatical about fashion father first name flute football free time friend friend games console glasses guitar gymnastics hair hall handball hat hockey horse riding husband iPod ™ jacket (casual) jacket judo karate keyboard knowledge leisure leisure hobby likeable married martial arts mobile phone modern mother mountain bike MP3 music nightclub nose old

famille (f) fanatique de mode (f) père (m) prénom (m) flûte (f) football(m) temps libre (m) ami/e (m/f) copain (m)/ copine (f) console de jeux (f) lunettes (f/pl) guitare(f) gymnastique (f) cheveux (m/pl) vestibule (m) handball (m) chapeau (m) hockey(m) équitation (f) mari (m) iPod ™ blouson (m) veste (f) judo (m) karaté (m) clavier(m) connaissance (f) loisirs (m/pl) passe-temps (m) aimable marié arts martiaux (m/pl) portable (m) moderne mère (f) VTT (m) mp3(m) musique(f) boîte de nuit (f) nez(m) vieux/vieil/vieille

older, first born only (child) orchestra piano play player play station (3) pop (music) postcode (television) programme rap reading red (hair) ring roller blading rock (musical) rugby saxophone selfish separated single sister skate boarding skating skiing song sport sports equipment sports ground sporty squash star, celebrity star, celebrity stepstraight (hair) swimming table tennis talkative team temperature tennis thin

aîné unique orchestre (m) piano(m) pièce de théâtre (f) joueur (m) joueuse (f) play station 3 (f) musique pop (f) code postal (m) émission (f) rap(m) lecture (f) roux bague (f) roller (m) rock (m) rugby(m) saxophone/ saxo (m) egoïste séparé célibataire soeur (f) skate(m) patinage (m) ski(m) chanson (f) sport(m) articles de sport (m/pl) terrain de sport (m) sportif/sportive squash (m) vedette (f) star (f) beau– (m) belle-(f) raide natation(f) tennis de table(f) bavard équipe (f) fièvre (f) tennis(m) mince

to take out for a walk (dog) tourism tracksuit trainers trampolining trumpet umbrella university vegetarian violin volleyball water skiing Wii wife, woman X box year young younger/last born young people youth club youth club X box

promener tourisme (m) survêtement (m) baskets (f/pl) trampoline (m) trompette(f) parapluie (m) université (f) végétarien/ne violon(m) volley (m) ski nautique(m) Wii (f) femme (f) X box (f) an (m) jeune cadet/cadette jeunes (m/pl) club des jeunes (m) maison des jeunes (f) X box (f)

General interest- Foundation (computer) programme, (TV) programme (television) programme active advantage adventure film at home atmosphere atmosphere bag band, group basketball beginning beginning body piercing book boring

programme (m) émission (f) actif/active avantage (m) film d’aventures (m) à la maison/ chez soi ambiance (f) atmosphère (f) sac (m) groupe (m) basket (m) début (m) commencement (m) piercing (m) livre (m) ennuyeux

cable TV cable TV camera cartoon cassette CD (compact disc) celebrity chic, smart classical, classic clothes clothes (familiar) collection comic competition computer game computing, ICT concert cycling disadvantage disadvantage digital documentary dubbed (film) earphones entertainment environment environmental problem environmentally friendly environmentally unfriendly equipment exciting fantasy film fashion fashionable, trendy favourite …. favourite …. folk music football free (of charge) fun game games console

télévision cablée (f) cable (m) appareil-photo (m) dessin animé (m) cassette (f)/ K7 (f) CD (m) célébrité (f) chic (invariable) classique vêtements (m/pl) fringues (f/pl) collection (f) BD (m) compétition (f) jeu vidéo (m) informatique (m) concert (m) cyclisme (m) désavantage (m) inconvénient (m) numérique documentaire (m) doublé écouteurs (m/pl) divertissement (m) environnement (m) problème environnemental (m) bon pour l’environnement mauvais pour l’environnement équipement (m) passionnant film de fantasie (m) mode (f) à la mode préféré/e favori/te musique folk (f) football/foot (m) gratuit amusant jeu (m) console de jeux (f)

group see above handball horror film informative interest ipod knowledge magazine martial arts film melody, tune mobile phone modern money mp3 (file) murder mystery, detective story murder mystery, detective story music musical news news (on TV) newspaper old-fashioned old-fashioned pierced (part of the body) player pocket money pollution pop music quiz show radio rap reading rock music romantic romantic film satellite TV science fiction film series show singer sitcom soap opera

groupe (m) handball (m) film d’horreur (m) informatif/ve intérêt (m) ipod (m) connaissances (f/pl) magazine (m) film d’arts martiaux (m) mélodie (f) téléphone portable (m) moderne argent (m) fichier mp3 (m) roman policier (m polar (m) musique (f) comédie musicale (f) informations (f/pl) journal (m) journal (m) démodé rétro (invariable) piercing (m) joueur (m) joueuse (f) argent de poche (m) pollution (f) musique pop (f jeu télévisé (m) radio (f) rap (m) lecture (f) musique rock (f) romantique film romantique/d’amour (m) télévision satellite (f) film de science-fiction (m) série (f) spectacle (m) chanteur (m)/ chanteuse (f) comédie de situation (f) feuilleton (m)

song spy film stereo system tattoo technology TV channel television set text message thrifty/mean thriller/ suspense film to chat to chat (on line) to collect to cook to do, to make to enjoy oneself to feel like (doing something) to function, to work to function, to work to jog to listen to the radio to hear to play to play on line to prefer to put on to put on make-up to read to repare to run to see to spend (money) to suggest to surf the web to tag along, to accompany to text, to walk,to take a walk, to stroll to walk,to take a walk, to stroll to watch TV tourism toy trampolining

chanson (f) film d’espionnage (m) chaîne hi-fi (f) tatouage (m) technologie (f) chaîne (de télévision) (f) poste de télévision (m) texto (m) avare film de suspense (m) bavarder chatter collectionner faire la cuisine faire s’amuser avoir envie (de) marcher fonctionner faire du jogging écouter la radio entendre jouer jouer en ligne préférer mettre se maquiller lire réparer courir voir dépenser (de l’argent) proposer surfer accompagner envoyer un texto se promener faire une promenade regarder la télévision tourisme (m) jouet (m) trampoline (m)

umbrella video recorder/cam corder viewer viewer volleyball webcam western Wii X box

parapluie (m) caméra (f) spectateur/spectatrice téléspectateur/téléspectatrice volley (m) webcam (f) western (m) Wii (f) X box (f)

General interests- Higher competition creepy drama enjoyment, pleasure enjoyment, pleasure exciting free of charge, for nothing half time horror film news original version race, racing remote control subtitles surprise to accompany to be bored to chat, natter to go window shopping to prefer to record to score a goal to switch on to switch off to watch

concours (m) effrayant comédie dramatique (f) amusement (m)/ plaisir (m) passionnant gratuit/e see above mi-temps (m) film d’épouvante actualités (f/pl) VO vérsion originale (f) course (f) télécommande (f) sous-titres (m/pl) surprise (f) accompagner s’ennuyer bavarder faire du lèche-vitrines préférer enregistrer marquer un but allumer fermer see above

Leisure Activities- Foundation (admission/entrance) ticket activity aerobics

billet (m) d’entrée activité (f) aérobic (m)

athletics badminton band, group barbecue basket ball boxing canoeing championship chess cinema clarinet classical, classic club computer game concert cycling dancing disco entrance fee excursion/trip fashionable/trendy flute football fun goal (football) game games console guitar gymnastics handball hobby hockey horse horse riding ice skating ice skating instrument judo karate leisure leisure activity martial arts

athlètisme (m) badminton (m) groupe (m) barbecue (m) basket (m) boxe (f) canoë-kayak (m) championnat (m) échecs (m/pl) cinéma (m) clarinette (f) classique club (m) jeu vidéo (m) concert (m) cyclisme (m) danse (f) disco (f) prix d’entrée (m) excursion (f) à la mode flûte (f) fottball (m)/ foot (m) amusant but (m) jeu (m) console de jeux (f) guitare (f) gymnastique (f) handball (m) passe-temps (m) hockey (m) cheval (m) équitation (f) patinage sur glace (m) patin à glace (m) instrument (m) judo (m) karaté (m) loisir (m) passe-temps (m) arts martiaux (m/pl)

member modern music offer old fashioned old fashioned open air swimming pool orchestra performance piano play (theatre) play station (3) recorder roller blading rugby sailing boat saxophone shorts skate boarding skiing sport sports centre sports equipment sports shirt sports ground stage surfing swimming table tennis table tennis team tennis to me a member of to bowl to dance to do sport to do gymnastics to exercise to fish to go to go along, to accompany to go for a walk /stroll

membre (m) moderne musique (f) offre (f) démodé rétro piscine en pleine air (f) orchestre (m) séance (f) piano (m) pièce (de théâtre) (f) playstation (3) (f) flûte à bec (f) roller (m) rugby (m) voile (m) voilier (m) saxophone/saxo (m) short (m) skate (m) ski (m) sport (m) centre sportif (m) équipement sportif (m) maillot (de sport)(m) terrain de sport (m) scène (f) surf (m) natation (f) tennis de table (m) ping-pong (m) équipe (f) tennis (m) faire partie de faire du bowling danser faire du sport faire de la gymnastique faire de l’exercice pêcher aller accompagner se promener

to go for a walk/stroll to go out to hike, ramble to meet, to meet up with to offer to ride (horse) to ride (horse) to roller-skate to sail to shoot to skateboard to swim to swim tracksuit tracksuit trainers trampolining trumpet violin volley ball water skiing Wii winter sports youth club youth club X box

faire une promenade sortir faire des randonnées rencontrer offrir faire du cheval faire de l’équitation faire du patin à roulettes faire de la voile tirer faire du skateboard nager faire de la natation jogging (m) survêtement (m) baskets (f/pl) trampoline (m) trompette (f) violon (m) volley (m) ski nautique (m) Wii (f) sports d’hiver (m/pl) maison des jeunes (f) club des jeunes (m) X box (f)

Leisure activities- Higher archery body building extreme sports fencing fishing rod mountaineering, climbing paragliding parachuting play recorder (rock) climbing rowing scuba diving

tir à l’arc (m) musculation (f) sports extrêmes (m/pl) escrime (f) canne à pêche (f) alpinisme (m) parapente (f) parchutage (m) jeu (m) flûte à bec (f) escalade (f) aviron (m) plongée sous-marine (f)

sport sports kit to accept to go window shopping to dive relax to rest tournament to train windsurfing

sport (m) tenue de sport (f) accepter faire du lèche-vitrines plonger se relaxer se reposer tournoi (m) s’entraîner planche à voile (f)

Family and friends- Foundation address adult, grown-up adventurous age agreed alone angry, cross angry, cross annoying annoying argument, quarrel attractive aunt awesome, magnificent baby bathroom beard beautiful bedroom birth birthday birthplace born bossy boy brother brother-in-law / sister-in-law brothers and sisters, siblings cat

adresse (f) adulte (m/f) aventureux/aventureuse âge (m) décidé seul fâché en colère agaçant énervant dispute (f) attrayant/e tante (f) magnifique bébé (m) salle de bain(s) (f) barbe (f) beau/belle chambre (f) naissance (f) anniversaire (m) lieu de naissance (m) né autoritaire garçon (m) frère (m) beau-frère(m)/ belle-soeur (f) frères et soeurs (m/pl) chat (m)

celebration, party character character, personality charming chatty cheeky child chin christening clothes comfortable cousin cousin (female) curly curly dad date of birth daughter dead detached house dining room dissatisfied dissatisfied divorced dog dream dynamique ear earrings emergency engaged engagement ring energetic eyes face family famous father feeling first name flat foolish, silly

fête (f) caractère (m) personnalité (f) charmant bavard effronté/e enfant (m/f) menton (m) baptême (m) vêtements (m/pl) confortable cousin (m) cousine (f) bouclé frisé papa date de naissance (f) fille (f) mort maison individuelle (f) salle à manger (f) mécontent insatisfait divorcé chien (m) rêve (m) dynamique oreille (f) boucles d’oreille (f/pl) urgence (f) fiancé/e bague de fiançailles (f) énergique yeux (m/pl) visage (m) famille (f) célèbre père (m) sentiment (m) prénom (m) appartement (m) stupide

foolish, silly foreign foreigner friend friend friendly friendship funny funny funny, witty garden garage girl glasses gold fish grandad grandchild grandfather grandma, granny grandmother grandparents guinea pig guy, dude, bloke hamster hair halfhat helpful home home honest house household humorous husband ideal impatient impolite in a good / bad mood in love intelligent invitation

bête étranger/ étrangère étranger (m)/ étrangère (f) ami (m)/ amie (f) copain (m)/ copine (f) amical/e amitié (f) amusant marrant drôle jardin (m) garage (m) fille (f) lunettes (f/pl) poisson rouge (m) papy (m)/ pépé (m) petit enfant (m)/ petite enfant grand-père (m) mamie (f)/ mémé (f) grand-mère (f) grands-parents (m/pl) cochon d’inder (m) mec (m) hamster (m) cheveux (m/pl) demichapeau (m) serviable maison (f) foyer (m) honnête maison (f) ménage (m) amusant/e see above mari (m) idéal impatient impoli de bonne/mauvaise humeur amoureux/ amoureuse intelligent invitation (f)

jacket job kitchen kiss kiss lazy life light likeable lively

veste (f) travail (m) cuisine (f) baiser (m) bise (f) paresseux/paresseuse vie (f) léger/ légère aimable animé

living room/front room/lounge

salon (m)

living room/front room/lounge loft man marriage married mean, nasty medium (size) member of the family mood mother moustache mouth multicultural mum naughty/not nice neighbour nice, kind nice, likeable nickname no sense of humour nonsense normal nose old old fashioned old fashioned older oldest (brother/sister) only child optimistic

salle de séjour (f) séjour (m) grenier (m) homme (m) mariage (m) marié méchant de taille moyenne membre de la famille (m) humeur (f) mère (f) moustache (f) bouche (f) multiculturel maman vilain voisin (m)/ voisine (f) gentil/le sympa (invariable) surnom (m) pas le sens de l’humour nonsens (m) normal/e nez (m) vieux/vieille démodé rétro (invariable) plus âgé/e aîné fils unique (m)/ fille unique (f) optimiste

parents party party patient penfriend people person pessimistic pet picture place of residence pleased, satisfied pleased, satisfied pleasant polite poor post code present pretty pretty quiet quiet rabbit

parents (m/pl) fête (f) surprise- partie (f) patient correspondant (m)/ correspondante (f) gens (m/pl) personne (f) pessimiste animal domestique (m) image (f) domicile (m) content satifait agréable poli pauvre code postal (m) cadeau (m) joli mignon/mignonne tranquille calme lapin (m)

relationship reasonable rich ring sad self selfish semi-detached house separated serious shy single sister skin colour son son-in-law / daughter-in-law sour, cross step (members of family)

rapports (m/pl) raisonnable riche bague (f) triste moi-même/toi-même etc égoïste maison jumelée (f) séparé sérieux/sérieuse timide célibataire soeur (f) couleur de la peau (f) fils (m) beau-fils (m)/ belle-fille (f) fâché higher beau-/belle-

straight (hair) study (room) surname survey telephone number terraced house thin thin tidy to (dis)like to annoy to apologise, to excuse oneself to argue, to quarrel to babysit to be annoying, to annoy someone to be called to be in a good / bad mood to care for, to look after to celebrate to chat, chatter to chat (on line) to collect to congratulate to criticise to donate to get divorced to get engaged to get married to get on with to introduce (yourself) to invite to kiss to kiss on cheek (as a greeting) to know, (be familiar with) to like to look (e.g. angry/happy etc) to look after (brothers and sisters) to look forward to to prefer to receive to respect to separate, to split up

raide bureau (m) nom de famille (m) sondage (m) numéro de téléphone (m) maison mitoyenne (f) mince fin rangé hgiher aimer/ détester agacer s’excuser se disputer faire du baby-sitting agacer/énerver s’appeler être de bonne/mauvaise humeur garder fêter bavarder chatter en ligne collectionner féliciter critiquer faire un don divorcer se fiancer se marier s’entendre (avec) se présenter inviter embrasser/ s’embrasser faire la bise connaître aimer avoir l’air garder s’attendre à préférer recevoir respecter séparer

to support to visit (a person) to visit (a place) tortoise tropical fish twin twins ugly ugly uncle unemployed unfriendly university unbearable unpleasant, disagreable untidy visit wedding wedding ring well behaved wife, woman work year young young lady, Miss. young person young person youth

soutenir rendre visite à visiter tortue (f) poisson tropical (m) jumeau/jumelle jumeaux (m/pl) jumelles (f/pl) moche laid oncle (m) au chômage hostile université (f) insupportable désagréable en désordre visite (f) mariage (m) alliance (f) sage femme (f) travail (m) an (m)/ année (f) jeune mademoiselle (f) jeune adolescent/e/ ado jeunesse (f)

Family and friends- Higher a good deed acquaintance, friend adopted apartment building (house divided into flats) area code (telephone number) bald head based on, on account of bride bridegroom career character trait

une bonne action (f) connaissance (f) adopté immeuble (m) indicatif (m) chauve basé/ fondé sur/ à cause de mariée (f) marié (m) carrière (f) trait (m)

conceited coucil house depressed discrimination fiancé(e) furnished gang gender, sex generous granddaughter grandson homeless humour identical twins independent jealous loyal, faithful mad, crazy marriage ceremony, wedding meeting nationality nephew niece old age of age (i.e. over 18) old people’s home pensioner, senior citizen pretentious racist relationship relative, relation reliable role model self-confident self- confident sensitive sense of humour sexist similar single parent single person single, unattached spoilt spot, pimple stubborn to disadvantage

vaniteux/vaniteuse HLM (f) déprimé discrimination (f) fiancé (m) fiancée (f) meublé bande (f) sexe (m) généreux/généreuse petite-fille (f) petit-fils (m) sans domicile fixe (SDF) (m) humour (m) vrais jumeaux (m) vraies jumelles (f) indépendant/e jaloux/jalouse fidèle fou/folle noces (f pl) réunion (f) nationalité (f) neveu (m) nièce (f) troisième âge (m) adulte (m/f) maison de retraite (f) personne âgée (f) prétentieux/prétentieuse raciste rapports (m/pl) parent (m)/ parente (f) fiable modèle (m) confiant sûr de soi sensible sens de l’humour (m) sexiste similaire mère /père célibataire célibatiare (m/f) gâté bouton (m) têtu désavantager

to experience to get up somebody’s nose, to drive somebody up the wall to look after to need to pick on, to harass to ressemble to suffer to switch off to thank underage understanding well-balanced with one another, together

expérimenter énerver garder avoir besoin de harceler ressembler à souffrir éteindre fermer remercier mineur/e compréhensif/ve équilibré ensemble

Lifestyle (healthy eating and exercise)- Foundation a roast accident age alcohol alcoholic appetite apple appointment apricot arm back (part of body) bad banana bean beef beer biscuit body bread breakfast broken cake calm, peace

rôti (m) accident (m) âge (m) alcool (m) alcoolique appétit (m) pomme (f) rendez-vous (m) abricot (m) bras (m) dos (m) mauvais banane (f) haricot (m) boeuf (m) bière (f) biscuit (m) corps (m) pain (m) petit déjeuner (m) cassé gâteau (m) tranquillité (f)

carrot cauliflower cereal cider cheese cherry chicken chips chocolate chocolate (a single chocolate, not a bar) chocolate pastry chop (e.g. pork) coca cola cigarette cocoa coffee cold constipation cream crisps croissant cucumber cycling dead delicious dentist diarrhoea doctor doctor doctor’s surgery drink drug drunk egg evening meal, dinner, supper evening meal, dinner, supper evening meal,dinner, supper fastfood fat fat, grease fatty, greasy

carotte (f) chou-fleur (m) céréales (f/pl) cidre (m) fromage (m) cerise (f) poulet (m) frites (f/pl) chocolat (m) chocolat (m) pain au chocolat (m) côtelette (f) coca (m) cigarette (f) cacao (m) café (m) froid constipation (f) crème (f) chips (m/pl) croissant (m) concombre (m) cyclisme (m) mort délicieux/délicieuse dentiste (m/f) diarrhée (f) médecin (m/f) docteur (m/f) cabinet de médecin (m) boisson (f) drogue(f) ivre oeuf (m) repas du soir (m) dîner (m) souper (m) fast-food (m) gros/grosse graisse (f) gras/grasse

finger first aid fish fit flu food food foot French stick fruit fruit fruit juice full grape grapefruit green beans gymnastics habit ham hand happy hard, harsh head health healthy heart help hot (spicy) hot chocolate hunger hungry I am fine / I feel sick/unwell ice cream ill image as in appearance? indoor swimming pool injury jam juice knee lamb leg

doigt (m) premier secours (m) higher poisson (m) en forme grippe (f) nourriture (f) alimentation (f) pied (m) baguette (f) fruit (m) jus de fruit (m) (j’ai) trop mangé raisin (m) pamplemousse (f) haricots verts (m/pl) gymnastique (f) habitude (f) jambon (m) main (f) content/e dur tête (f) santé (f) en bonne santé coeur (m) aide (f) épicé chocolat chaud (m) faim (m) avoir faim move to verbs? ça va/ ça ne va pas/je suis malade glace (f) malade look (m) piscine (f) blessure (f) higher confiture (f) jus (m) genou (m) agneau (m) jambe (f)

lemon lemonade lettuce, salad lively liver low-fat lunch lung margarine meal meat medicine melon milk mineral water mushroom must/have to my .... hurts neck nervous non - alcoholic non-dispensing chemist nurse oil old older omelette onion orange orange organic pain pasta peas peach pear pepper (vegetable) pineapple plum pork porridge potato

citron (m) limonade (f) salade verte (f) animé foie (m) higher allégé higher déjeuner (m) poumon (m) margarine (f) repas (m) viande (f) médicament (m) melon (m) lait (m) eau minérale (f) champignon (m) il faut …me fait mal cou (m) nerveux/nerveuse non-alcoolisé parapharmacie (f) infirmier (m)/ infirmière (f) huile (f) vieux/vieil/vieille plus âgé/e omelette (f) oignon (m) orange (f) bio(logique) mal (m) pâtes (f/pl) petit pois (m/pl) pêche (f) poire (f) poivron (m) ananas (m) prune (f) porc (m) porridge (m) pomme de terre (f)

raspberry raw recipe remedy, medicine rice roll salt sandwich sausage savoury serious (an illness) should, ought to shoulder sick, ill slim/thin slim/thin smoker snack soft soup spot sport sporty stomach stomach strawberry stressful sugar sweet sweets swimming tablet tasty tasty tea temperature therapy thin thirst thirsty throat tired

framboise (f) cru higher recette (f) remède(f) riz (m) petit pain (m) sel (m) sandwich (m) saucisse (f) salé grave devrait /devoir in the conditional épaule (f) malade mince fin/e fumeur (m) fumeuse (f) snack (m) doux/douce soupe (f) bouton (m) sport (m) sportif/sportive ventre (m) estomac (m) fraise (f) stressant sucre (m) sucré bonbons (m/pl) natation (f) comprimé (m) plein de goût savoureux/savoureuse thé (m) température (f) thérapie (f) mince/ see under slim soif avoir soif gorge (f) fatigué

tiring to bake to be afraid to be cold to be hot to be hungry to have a temperature to be thirsty to be on a diet to break (part of the body) to breathe to breathe in to cough to die to do to do aerobics to do sport to drink to eat to exercise, work out, practise to fall to feel (ill etc) to feel better to give up to go for a walk to harm, hurt, injure to have -ache to have/eat breakfast to hurt to inject to injure to jog to keep fit to lose weight to lose weight to make an appointment to practise to prepare to put on weight to put on weight to relax to run

fatigant faire cuire au four avoir peur avoir froid avoir chaud avoir faim avoir de la fièvre avoir soif faire régime se casser respirer inhaler tousser mourir faire faire de l’aérobic faire du sport boire manger faire de l’exercice tomber se sentir aller mieux abandonner faire une promenade faire mal à avoir mal à prendre le petit déjeuner faire mal injecter blesser faire du jogging garder la forme perdre du poids maigrir prendre rendez-vous s’entraîner préparer prendre du poids grossir se relaxer courir

to sleep to smell to smoke to stay in bed to stop to take to take (medicine) to taste to try to warn toast toast tobacco tomato tooth tuna unfit unhealthy vegetable vegetarian vitamins water wine yoghurt

dormir sentir fumer garder le lit arrêter prendre prendre un médicament goûter essayer avertir toast (m) pain grillé (m) tabac (m) tomate (f) dent (f) thon (m) pas en forme malsain légume (m) végétarien/ne vitamines (f/pl) eau (f) vin (m) yaourt (m)

Lifestyle (healthy eating and exercise) - Higher addicted addiction AIDS alcoholic (person) alcoholism ankle anorexic balanced beef blood brain breathing difficulties cancer cold cough

accroché/e dépendance (f) sida (m) alcoolique (m/f) alcoolisme (m) cheville (f) anoréxique équilibré boeuf (m) sang (m) cerveau (m) problèmes respiratoires (m/pl) cancer (m) rhume (m) toux (m)

cough mixture dependent dietary fibre dressing drug addict drug advice centre drug dealer drug dealer drug(s) duck fats in food fizzy drinks flour food fried fried egg fruit tea full fat milk garlic goose harmful harmful hay fever heart attack HIV positive homemade honey hurt indigestion lamb lettuce low fat movement, exercise muesli noodles nut obesity organic food overdose overweight oysters pain

sirop (m) dépendant/e fibre (m) pansement (m) drogué/e (m/f) centre des addictions (m) trafiquant (m) dealer (m) drogue(s) (f/pl) canard (m) matières grasses (f/pl) boissons sucrées (f/pl) farine (f) nourriture (f) frit oeuf au plat (m) infusion (f) lait entier (m) ail (m) oie (f) dangereux mauvais rhume des foins (m) crise cardiaque (f) séropositif/ve fait maison miel (m) blessé indigestion (f) agneau (m) laitue (f) allégé exercice (m) muesli (m) nouilles (f/pl) noix (m) obésité (f) nourriture bio (f) surdose (f) rond huîtres (f/pl) douleur (f)

pasta/noodles pâté plaster raw rare vegetables (starter) rehab salmon scrambled egg seafood smell smoked smoker’s cough separate/sort rubbish sparkling mineral water spicey sport sting/bite/injection sweet things swollen taste tasty tiring to burn yourself to be dizzy to be in shape to be sick, vomit to get used to to have a cold to keep fit to move to put on weight to recover to relax to resist temptation to roast, to fry to season to snort to sprain (e.g. ankle) to succumb to tempation treatment trout turkey

pâtes (f/pl) pâté (m) sparadrap (m) cru crudités (f/pl) centre de désintoxication (m) saumon (m) oeufs brouillés (m/pl) fruits de mer (m/pl) odeur (f) fumé toux de fumeur (f) trier eau gazeuse (f) épicé sport (m) piqûre (f) sucreries (f) gonflé goût (m) goûteux/ goûteuse faitgant se brûler avoir la tête qui tourne être en forme vomir s’habituer à être enrhumé garder la forme bouger prendre du poids se remettre se détendre resister à la tentation rôtir saisonner sniffer se fouler succomber à la tentation traitement (m) truite (f) dinde (f)

unconscious use-by date veal well-cooked

inconscient date limite de consommation (f) voeu (m) bien cuit

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Listening and Reading Section 2.4 Future Plans, education and work actor, actress adult advert air hostess/air steward answer, reply answerphone apprenticeship architect art badly paid baker biology builder business/shop busy butcher canteen cashier chemistry civil servant cloakroom coffee (tea/lunch) break colleague computer computer scientist conference connection, report cook cursor degree (university) dentist disc doctor drama drama driver duty office educational

acteur/actrice (m/f) adulte (m/f) annonce (f) hôtesse/steward de l’air (f/m) réponse (f) répondeur (m) apprentissage (m) architecte (m) dessin (m) mal payé boulanger/boulangère (m/f) biologie maçon (m) commerce (m) occupé boucher/bouchère (m/f) cantine (f) caissier (m)/caissière (f) chimie (f) fonctionnaire (m/f) vestiaire (m) pause-café (thé/déjeuner) (f) collègue (m/f) ordinateur (m) informaticien/ne (m/f) conférence (f) rapport (m) cuisinier/cuisinière (m/f) curseur (m) licence (f) dentiste (m/f) disquette (f) médecin (m/f) docteur (m) art dramatique (m) théâtre (m) chauffeur (m) permanence (f) éducatif/ve

electrician (electronic) mail email (bank/office) employee employer engineer English examination exchange experienced farmer farmer worker fashion fault/error fault/error fax file fireman folder form french geography german headteacher, director history ICT interview (job) interview job journalist key (of keyboard) keyboard language letter box lower lunch break manager marketing maths mechanic meeting

électricien/électricienne (m/f) courrier (électronique) (m) email (m) employé (m)/employée (f) (de banque/bureau) employeur (m) ingénieur (m) anglais (m) examen (m) échange (m) expérimenté fermier/fermière (m/f) agriculteur (m)/ agricultrice (f) mode (f) faute (f) erreur (f) fax (m) classeur (m) pompier (m) dossier (m) formulaire (m) français (m) géographie allemand (m) directeur (m)/directrice (f) histoire informatique (f) entretien (m) entrevue(9f) emploi (m) journaliste (m/f) touche (f) clavier (m) langue (f) boîte aux lettres (f) inférieur pause de midi (f) gérant (m/f)directeur marketing (m) maths (f/pl) mécanicien/mécanicienne (m/f) réunion (f)

message modern languages mouse music next year opinion poll/survey paper part time password PE per hour physical and sports education physics plan, project planned plumber police officer post/post office pound printer programmer progress PSHE qualification representative results salary school school report science screen sewing, tailoring situation wanted Spanish society/company student subject superior/higher teacher teacher (primary) technician technology

message (m) langues vivantes (f/pl) souris (f) musique (f) année prochaine (f) sondage (m) papier (m) mi-temps mot de passe (m) education physique par heure de l’heure? EPS (f) physique (f) projet (m) prévu plombier (m) agent de police (m/f) poste (f) livre sterling (f) imprimante (f) programmeur (m) progrès (m) instruction physique (f) diplôme (m) représentant (m) résultats (m) salaire (m) collège (m) bulletin scolaire(m) sciences (f/pl) écran (m) couture (f) demande d’emploi (f) espagnol (m) société (f) étudiant/e (m/f) sujet (m)matière (f) supérieur professeur (m) instituteur (m)/institutrice (f) technicien/technicienne (m/f) technologie (f)

technology telephone call term terms of employment the web time timetable to apply for a job to cut/to cut off (phone) to dial the number (to ‘messages’) to do a course to erase, rub out to file to hang up to print to study training travel agency unemployment waiter/waitress webmail website well paid work work work experience

ETM (f) coup de téléphone (m) trimestre (m) conditions de travail (f/pl) web (m) fois (f) emploi du temps (m) poser sa candidature couper composer le numéro faire un stage effacer classer raccrocher imprimer faire des études formation (f) agence de voyages (f) chômage (m) serveur/serveuse (m/f) web-mail (m) site (m) bien payé boulot (m) travail (m) stage (en entreprise) (m)

Basic language of the internet- Foundation CD ROM chatroom computer connection digital e-mail forward slash homepage internet internet page key (of keyboard) keyboard mouse

CD-rom (m) forum (m) ordinateur (m) lien (m) numérique e-mail (m) courrier électronique (m) slash (m) paged’ accueil (f) internet (m) page internet (m) touche (f) clavier (m) souris (f)

MSN opinion poll/survey password printer programmer screen software to burn to chat (online, on MSN etc) to download to erase, delete to fax to load to print to save, to store to type to upload virus web webcam webpage website

MSN sondage (m) mot de passé (m) imprimante (f) programmeur (m) écran (m) logiciel (m) copier chatter télécharger effacer faxer/envoyer un fax charger imprimer sauvegarder taper mettre en ligne virus (m) toile(f)/ web (m) webcam (f) page web (f) site internet (m) site web (m)

Basic language of the internet- Higher at (in email address: @ ) data base (data) file hard disc touch screen underscore word processing

à base de données (f) fichier (m) disque dur (m) écran tactile (m) soulignement (m) traitement de texte (m)

Simple job advertisements- Foundation (to fill in) a form actor advert (job) air steward application architect baker builder

(remplir) un formulaire acteur (m)/ actrice (f) announce (f) hôtesse de l’air (f)/steward (m) candidature (f) architecte (m) boulanger (m)/ boulangère (f) maçon (m)

butcher civil servant company computer scientist cook dentist doctor electrician engineer farmer fashion fax fireman hours of work interview interview job journalist letter mechanic nurse per hour plumber police officer programmer reply, answer situations vacant technician to apply for a job to fax training work work experience

boucher (m)/ bouchère (f) fonctionnaire (m/f) compagnie (f) informaticien (m) /ne (f) cuisinier(m) / cuisinière (f) dentiste (m) médecin (m) électricien /ne ingénieur/e fermier (m) / fermière (f) mode (f) fax (m) pompier (m) heures de travail (f/pl) entretien (m) entrevue (f) emploi (m) journaliste (m/f) lettre (f) mécanicien/ne infirmier(m) /infirmière (f) de l’heure plombier (m) agent de police (m) programmeur/programmeuse réponse (f) offres d’emploi (f/pl) technicien/ne poser sa candidature faxer/envoyer un fax formation (f) travail (m) stage (en entreprise) (m)

Simple job advertisements- Higher promotion prospects

possibilités d’avancement(f/pl)

Simple job applications and CV- Foundation advert application appointment

annonce (f) candidature (f) rendez-vous (m)

apprentice apprenticeship CV enclosed experience of work experienced form impression interview interview job job advert leaving certificate letter next year profession, job, occupation qualification qualified qualified school education school leaving certificate school report signature success success successful to apply for a job to enclose, to attach to introduce oneself to send to send training, education university work work work experience

apprenti/e apprentissage (m) CV (m) ci-inclus expérience (du travail) (f) expérimenté formulaire (m) impression (f) entrevue (f) entretien (m) travail (m) offre d’emploi (f) certificat de départ (m) lettre (f) année prochaine (f) métier (m) diplôme (m) qualifié diplômé éducation certificat de fin des études secondaires bulletin scolaire (m) signature (f) succès (m)/ réussite (f) réussi poser sa candidature joindre se présenter envoyer formation (f) éducation (f) université (f) travail (m) boulot (m) stage en entreprise (m)

Simple job applications and CV- Higher application form interview

formulaire (m) entrevue (f)

job interview letter of application university

see above lettre de candidature (f) fac(ulté) (f)

School and College- Foundation equivalent of GCE A levels achievement, performance answer apprenticeship art biology blouse blazer/jacket board (blackboard, whiteboard etc) book boring break calculator canteen careers adviser caretaker cassette recorder changing room chemistry choir class test, assessment classroom clever club (at school) comprehensive school complicated cooking, cookery corridor course desk detention dictionary difficult drama drama drama group, acting group

bac(calauréat) (m) niveau (m) réponse (f) apprentissage (m) dessin (m) biologie (f) chemisier (m) veste (f) tableau (m) livre (m) ennuyeux récréation (f)/ récré (f) calculatrice (f) cantine (f) conseiller (m)/conseillère (f)d’orientation concierge vestiaires (m/pl) chimie (f) chorale (f) contrôle (m) salle de classe (f) intelligent club (m) collège (d’enseignement secondaire) (m)/ CES compliqué arts ménagers (m/pl) couloir (m) stage (m) pupitre (m) retenue (f) dictionnaire (m) difficile art dramatique (m) théâtre (m) groupe théâtral (m)

drawing dress DT easy education English examination exchange exercise book exercise, practice experiment fair felt tip first day back foreign languages fountain pen French future plans GCSE equivalent geography German glue grammar school gym gymnastics hardworking headteacher, of a collège headteacher, of a lycée history history-geography holidays homework ICT interesting Italian kindergarten, play school, nursery school kiosk laboratory language language lab latin

dessin (m) robe (f) technologie (f) facile éducation (f) anglais (m) examen (m) échange (m) cahier (m) exercice (m) expérience (f) juste feutre (m) rentrée (f) langues étrangères (f/pl) stylo à encre (m) français (m) projets pour l’avenir (m/pl) brevet (m) géographie (f) allemand (m) colle (f) doesn’t exist gymnase (m) gymnastique (f) travailleur/travailleuse principal (m) proviseur (m) histoire (f) histoire-géo (f) vacances (f/pl) devoirs (m/pl) informatique (f) intéressant italien (m) maternelle (f) kiosque (f) laboratoire (f) langue (f) laboratoire de langues (m) latin (m)

lazy lesson (on timetable) lesson, hour library lunch break mark, grade maths meal media studies mixed modern languages moped music no school note, slip of paper oral orchestra pad of paper page PE pen, ballpoint pen pencil pencil case physics plan, project playground primary school private school progress projector PSHE pullover pupil qualification question religion, Religious Studies result rubber rule ruler school school bag

paresseux/paresseuse cours (m) heure (f) bibliothèque (f) heure du déjeuner (f) note (f) mathématiques (f/pl)/maths (f/pl) repas (m) étude des médias mixte langues vivantes (f/pl) mobylette (f) musique (f) pas d’école mot (m) oral/e orchestre (m) bloc-notes (m) page (f) éducation physique (f)/ EPS (f) stylo (m) crayon (m) trousse (f) physique (f) projet (m) cour de récréation (f) école primaire (f) école privée 9F0 progrès (m) projecteur (m) instruction civique (f) pull(over) (m) élève (m/f) diplôme (m) question (f) religion (f) résultat (m) gomme (f) règle (f) règle (f) école (f) cartable (m)

school book school bus school day school group/party school hall school keeper school leaving certificate school newspaper school office school report, certificate school trip school year sciences scissors secondary modern school serious (hardworking) secondary school semester sharpener shirt shoe skirt sixth form sock sociology Spanish sports field sports hall, gym staff room state strict strict strong, good at (subject) student subject success success successful summer holidays sweater, jumper sweatshirt task, exercise

livre d’école (m) car de ramassage (m) journée scolaire (f) groupe scolaire (m) hall de l’école(m) concierge (m/f) certificat de fin des études journal de l’école bureau de l’école bulletin scolaire (m) excursion scolaire (f) année scolaire (f) sciences (f/pl) ciseaux (m/pl) sérieux/sérieuse collège(d’enseignement secondaire)/ CES (m) semestre (m) taille-crayon(s) (m) chemise (f) chaussure (f) jupe (f) lycée (m) chaussette (f) sociologie (f) espagnol (m) terrain de sport (m) salle de sport (f) salle des profs (f) état (m) strict sévère fort/e étudiant/e matière (f) succès (m) réussite (f) réussi grandes vacances (f/pl) pull(over) (m) sweat (m) exercice (m)

teacher (primary school) teacher (secondary school) team technology technology term test tie tippex timetable to answer to attend school to calculate to carry on to copy to correct to discuss to draw to fail (an exam) to fill out to help to last to listen to learn to pass (exam) to pay attention, to watch out, to be careful to practise to read to repeat to repeat a year to revise to sing to sit an exam to study to teach to work hard to understand training, education trousers unfair uniform

instituteur (m) /institutrice (f) professeur (m) équipe (f) technologie (f) EMT (f) trimestre (m) contrôle (m) cravate (f) blanc (m) emploi du temps (m) répondre fréquenter calculer continuer copier corriger discuter dessiner échouer remplir aider durer écouter apprendre réussir faire attention pratiquer lire répéter redoubler réviser chanter passer un examen étudier enseigner travailler dur comprendre formation (f) éducation (f) pantalon (m) injuste uniforme (m)

university vocational school weak, bad at (subject) work sheet written yr 7 yr 8 yr 9 yr 10 yr 11 yr 12 yr 13

université (f) lycée d’enseignement professionel /LEP (m) faible fiche de travail (f) écrit/e sixième (f) cinquième (f) quatrième (f) troisième (f) seconde (f) première (f) terminale (f)

School and College- Higher student, student who has passed the Bac (equivalent of A levels) absent ballpoint pen biology boarding school business studies economics class register core / compulsory subject degree (university) distance earphones essay final exam FLA, foreign language assistent full-time day school gifted headphones ink cartridge ink eraser same as rubber above law (subject) meeting, discussion necessary optional subject

bachelier (m)/bachelière(f) absent foundation word bic (m) sciences naturelles (f/pl) sciences nat pensionnat (m) internat (m) le commerce l’économie cahier d’appel (m) obligatoire licence (f) distance (f) écouteurs (m/pl) rédaction (f) examen final (m) assistant/e (de français etc) demi-pensionnaire doué casque (m/pl) cartouche (d’encre) (f) gomme (f) droit (m) réunion (f) nécessaire facultatif/ve

parents’ evening permission physics and chemistry present pressure to achieve good marks/grades pronunciation result sociology strict this should really be in foundation studies supervisor text book time off from school / work due to excessive heat day off school to agree (with) something to ask a question to be cancelled (lessons) to copy to drop a subject to explain to follow to have a detention to improve to move up (to the next form/year) to pronounce to skive/to skip/bunk lessons to spell to teach to translate training pace place translation university waste of time written punishment, lines

rencontre parents-professeurs (f) autorisation (f) sciences physiques (f/pl) présent foundation pression (f) pronunciation (f) résultat (m) see above) sociologie (f) strict études (f/pl) surveillant (m) manuel (m) journée de congé (f) accepter/être d’accord poser une question annuler copier (foundation level) laisser tomber expliquer suivre être en retenue/ être collé perfectionner passer (en classe supérieure) prononcer sécher les cours épeler enseigner traduire centre de formation (m) traduction (f) fac(ulté) (f) perte de temps (f) écrire des lignes

Work and work experience- Foundation (telephone) call actor adult

coup de téléphone (m) acteur (m)/actrice (f) adulte (m/f)

aim air steward answerphone apprentice apprenticeship architect artist badly paid baker boss builder building worker business, company, firm business/shop businessman/businesswoman busy butcher candidate canteen career cashier chemist civil servant colleague communication, message company computer programmer computer scientist condition, stipulation conference contact cook dentist designer doctor driver electrician employee employer engineer enthusiasm envelope

but (m) hôtesse de l’air (f)/ steward (m) répondeur (m) apprenti/e apprentissage (m) architecte (m) artiste (m/f) mal payé/e boulanger/boulangère patron/ne / chef (m) maçon 9m) ouvrier du bâtiment (m) compagnie (f) entreprise (f) commerce (m) homme/femme d’affaires occupé boucher (m) / bouchère (f) candidat/e cantine (f) carrière (f) caissier (m)/ caissière (f) pharmacien/ne fonctionnaire (m/f) collègue (m/f) message (m) compagnie (f) programmeur (m) programmeuse (f) informaticien/ne condition (f) conférence (f) contact (le) cuisinier (m)/ cuisinière(f) dentiste (m/f) dessinateur(m)/dessinatrice(f) médecin/ docteur (m/f) chauffeur (m) électricien/ne employé/e employeur (m) ingénieur/e enthousiasme (m) enveloppe (f)

experience experience of work factory farmer farm worker file fireman florist folder full-time full-time job gardener Goodbye (on the phone) hairdresser holiday job hours of work, working hours househusband housewife impression in the open air independent interview interview job, post, position joiner, carpenter journalist leaving certificate letter letter box lorry driver lunch break manager manager marketing meal mechanic message mistake, error mistake,error mobile phone nurse office

expérience (f) expérience du travail (f) usine (f) fermier (m)/ fermière (f) agriculteur (m)/ agricultrice (f) classeur (m) pompier (m) fleuriste (m/f) dossier (m) plein temps travail à plein temps (m) jardinier (m)/ jardinière(f) au revoir coiffeur (m) /coiffeuse (f) job d’été (m) heures de travail (f/pl) homme au foyer (m) femme au foyer (f) impression (f) en plein air indépendant/e entrevue (f) entretien (m) poste (m) charpentier (m) journaliste (m) certificat de départ (m) lettre (f) boîte aux lettres (f) chauffeur de camion (m) pause déjeuner (f) directeur (m)/directrice (f) gérant/e marketing (m) repas (m) mécanicien/ne message (m) erreur (f) faute (f) téléphone portable (m) infirmier (m)/ infirmière (f) bureau (m)

opportunity owner painter paper paper (news) part time part time job part time work pay per hour person who does the washing up (in a restaurant/café) planned plumber police policeman policeman police officer post/post office postman profession, job, occupation programmer representative salary sales assistant secretary shiftwork soldier soldier strike stamp success successful taken, busy (telephone) technician telephone telephone call telephone directory, telephone book terms of employment to babysit to build to call back

possibilité (f) propriétaire (m) peintre-décorateur (m) papier (m) journal (m) temps partiel travail à temps partiel same as above salaire (m) de l’heure plongeur (m) /plongeuse (f) prévu plombier (m) police (f) policier (m/f) gendarme (m/f) agent de police (m) poste (f)/ bureau de poste (m) facteur (m) factrice (f) métier (m) programmeur (m) see above représentant/e salaire (m) vendeur/vendeuse secrétaire (m/f) travail par roulement (m) soldat (m) militaire (m) grève (f)higher timbre (m) succès (m) réussi occupé technicien/ne téléphone coup de téléphone annuaire (m) conditions de travail (f/pl) faire du baby-sitting construire rappeler

to deliver newspapers to do casual work to earn to fire to guarantee to introduce oneself to own to phone to stand to work to work from home town/city guide trade fair trade fair training, education travel agency unemployed unemployment vet wage(s), pay waiter well paid work work

livrer faire un travail saisonnier gagner virer garantir se présenter posséder téléphoner se tenir debout travailler travailler à domicile guide touristique (m) salon (m) foire (f) formation (f) agence de voyages (f) au chômage chômage (m) vétérinaire (m/f) salaire (m) serveur/serveuse bien payé travail (m) boulot (m)

work experience worker, employee workshop worry

stage en enterprise (m) employé/e atelier (m) souci (m)

Work and work experience- Higher accountant applicant author, writer careers adviser casual work company holidays (i.e. when a company shuts completely down for holidays) conveyer belt documents in support of an application employee, worker

comptable (m/f) candidat/e auteur conseiller/conseillère d’orientation faire un travil saisonnier fermeture annuelle (f) chaîne (f)/ travail à la chaîne (m) documentation (f) employé/e (m/f)

equality farmer firm, company flexitime interpreter interview job centre law (the subject) lawyer meeting, discussion notice of termination of work contract professional training promotion prospects retailer shift work task to agree(with) something to decide to give a message to put someone through (on telephone), to connect to resign, hand in notice, to dismiss trainee voluntary, voluntarily volunteer workman/woman

égalité (f) fermier (m) /fermière (f) société (f) heures flexibles (f/pl) interprète (m/f) see above 1’ANPE droit (m) avocat/e réunion (f) relevé de travail (m) formation professionnelle (f) possibilités d’avancement (f/pl) détaillant (m) travail par roulement (m) tâche (f) accepter/être d’accord décider donner un message passer démissionner stagaire (m/f) volontairement volontaire / bénévole ouvrier(m)/ouvrière(f)

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Section 3 Speaking and Writing Section 3.1 Media and culture Music/film/reading- Foundation actor / actress adventure film advert (on TV) appearance (theatre) band, group book cable TV cartoon CD (compact disc) celebrity cinema classical, classic collection comic comedy comedy (computer) programme, (TV) programme concert disco documentary drums, percussion separate item digital camera DVD earphones fanatsy (heroic) book fantasy film fashionable, trendy feature film film flute folk music group/band guitar headphones hit (song) horror film

acteur (m) /actrice (f) film d’aventures (m) publicité (f)/ pub (f) prestation (f) groupe (m) livre (m) télévision cablée(f)/cable (m) dessin animé (m) CD (m) célébrité (f) cinéma (m) classique collection (f) BD (m) film comique (m) comédie (f) programme (m) concert (m) disco (f) documentaire (m) batterie (f) appareil-photo numérique (m) DVD (m) écouteurs (m/pl) livre de fantasie (m) film de fantasie (m) à la mode film principal (m) film (m) flûte (f) musique folk (f) groupe (m) guitare (f) casque (m) tube (f) film d’horreur (m)

horror story ipod library magazine martial arts film media melody, tune modern mp3 (file) mp3 player murder mystery, detective story murder mystery, detective story music music shop musical musician news news (on TV) newspaper newspaper stall novel old fashioned old fashioned orchestra page performance piano play (theatre) pop music pop star pop star/cinema star (television) programme quiz show radio reading rock music romantic romantic film romantic novel satellite TV saxophone science fiction film

histoire d’horreur (f) ipod (m) bibliothèque (f) magazine (m) film d’art martiaux (m) médias (m/pl) mélodie (f) moderne fichier mp3 (m) mp3 (m) polar (m) roman policier (m) musique (f) magasin de musique (m) comédie musicale (f) musicien/ne informations (f/pl) journal télévisé (m) journal (m) kiosque à journaux (m) roman (m) démodé rétro orchestre (m) page (f) séance (f) piano (m) pièce (f) musique pop (f) star (f) vedette (f) émission (f) jeu télévisé (m) radio (f) lecture (f) musique rock (f) romantique film romantique/d’amour (m) roman d’amour (m) la télévision satellite saxophone/saxo (m) film de science fiction (m)

science fiction story/book series show singer sit com soap opera sold out song spy film stage stereo system television ticket to download music to listen to to read to watch TV tour trumpet viewer violent violin western

livre de science fiction (m) série (f) spectacle (m) chanteur(m) /chanteuse(f) comédie de situation (f) feuilleton (m) salle complète (f) chanson (f) film d’espionnage (m) scène (f) chaîne hi-fi (f) télévision (f) billet (m) télécharger écouter lire regarder la télévision tournée (f) trompette (f) (télé)spectateur/spectatrice violent violon (m) western (m)

Music/film/reading- Higher article book worm character (in a play/book) composer creepy daily newspaper development dubbed (film) dram fashion magazine hero / heroine horror film live magazine news play press reader

article (m) (quelqu’)un avide de la lecture personnage (m) compositeur (m) effrayant quotidien (m) dévéloppement (m) doublé comédie dramatique (f) revue de mode (f) héros(m)/héroïne(f) film d’épouvante en direct revue (f) actualités (f/pl) pièce (f) presse (f) lecteur (m)/lectrice (f)

subscription subtitles (television) channel/station thriller to record to watch

abonnement (m) sous titres (m/pl) chaîne (de télévision) film de suspense (m) enregistrer regarder

Fashion/celebrities/religion- Foundation actor band, group belt birth blouse body piercing boot bracelet camera cap carnival cathedral celebration celebrity chapel chic, smart christening Christmas Christmas Day Christmas Eve church clothes, clothing coat cotton day off designer fashion dress earring Easter famous fashion glove God handbag

acteur/actrice groupe (m) ceinture (f) naissance (f) chemisier (m) piercing (m) botte (f) bracelet (m) appareil-photo (m) casquette (f) carnaval (m) cathédrale (f) fête (f) célébrité (f) chapelle (f) chic baptême (m) Noël (f) le jour de Noël la veille de Noël église (f) vêtements (m/pl) manteau (m) coton (m) en coton journée de congé (f) styliste (m/f) robe (f) boucle d’oreille (f) Pâques (f/pl) célèbre mode (f) gant (m) dieu (m) sac à main (m)

hat jacket jewellery leggings Lent lipstick magazine make up make, brand model money mosque necklace New Year New Year’s Eve newspaper perfume player priest priest public holiday public holiday raincoat religion ring sandal scarf shirt shoe singer skirt sock sportsman/woman stadium stage striped suit sweater, jumper sweat shirt swimming costume swimming trunks tatoo

chapeau (m) veste (f) bijoux (m/pl) caleçon (m) carême (m) rouge à lèvres (m) magazine (m) maquillage (m) marque (f) mannequin (m/f) argent (m) mosquée (f) collier (m) nouvel an (m) Saint sylvestre (f) journal (m) parfum (m) joueur (m)/joueuse(f) prêtre (m) curé (m) fête nationale (f) jour férié (m) imperméable (m) religion (f) bague (f) sandale (f) écharpe (f) chemise (f) chaussure (f) chanteur (m)/chanteuse(f) jupe (f) chaussette (f) sportif/sportive stade (m) scène (f) rayé/e complet (m) pull(over) (m) sweat (m) maillot de bain (m) maillot de bain (m) tatouage (m)

theatre tie tights to celebrate to get married to put on make-up to try on top tracksuit tracksuit trainers trousers wedding world famous

théâtre (m) cravate (f) collant (m) fêter se marier se maquiller essayer haut (m) top (m) jogging (m) survêtement (m) baskets (f/pl) pantalon (m) mariage (m) connu dans le monde entier

Fashion/celebrities/religion- Higher bride bridegroom dyed gifted marriage ceremony, wedding pretentious tie

mariée (f) marié (m) teint doué/e les noces (f/pl) prétentieux/prétentieuse cravate (f) see above

Blogs/internet- Foundation blog chatrooms computer connection digital e-mail forward slash internet internet page key (of keyboard) keyboard mobile (phone) mouse MSN online opinion poll/survey

blog (m) forum (m) ordinateur (m) lien (m) numérique email (m)/ courrier électronique (m) slash (m) internet (m) page internet (f) touche (f) clavier (m) téléphone portable (m) souris (f) MSN en ligne sondage (m)

password printer programmer screen text message to chat (online, on MSN etc) to download to download to erase, delete to load to print to save, to store to surf online to text, to upload virus web cam webpage website

mot de passé (m) imprimante (f) programmeur (m) écran (m) texto (m) chatter télécharger effacer charger imprimer sauvegarder surfer texter/envoyer un texto mettre en ligne virus (m) web cam (f) page web (f) site internet (m)

Blogs/internet- Higher hard drive touch screen underscore

disque dur (m) écran tactile (m) soulignement (m)

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Speaking and Writing Section 3.2 Sports and Leisure Hobbies/interests- Foundation activity admission price/cost adventure film art gallery athletics badminton basketball book boxing

activité (f) prix d’entrée (m) film d’aventures galérie d’art (f) athlétisme (m) badminton (m) basket (m) livre (m) boxe (f)

bowling alley (10-pin) café camera (digital) camcorder/ video recorder cartoon CD (compact disc) chess cinema club collection comic comedy film comedy film computer computer game computing, ICT concert cycling dance disc documentary entertainment entertainment, things to do fantasy film fashion fashionable favourite ….

bowling (m) café (m) appareil-photo (m) numérique caméra (f) dessin animé (m) CD (m) échecs (m/pl) cinéma (m) club (m) collection (f) BD (m) comédie (f) film comique (m) ordinateur (m) jeu vidéo (m) informatique (f) concert (m) cyclisme (m) danse (f) disc (m) documentaire (m) divertissement (m) distractions (f/pl) film de fantasie (m) mode (f) à la mode préféré

favourite festival, celebration film football fun game games console group/band gymnastics handball hockey horror film horse riding ice rink ice skating ice skating indoor swimming pool interest ipod judo karate leisure leisure activity leisure centre library magazine martial arts martial arts film melody, tune member mobile phone mp3 (file) museum music musical newspaper news news on television news on television nintendo DS open air swimming pool orchestra

favori/te fête (f) film (m) football (m) foot (m) amusant/e jeu (m) console de jeux(f) groupe (m) gymnastique (f) handball (m) hockey (m) film d’horreur (m) équitation (f) patinoire (f) patinage sur glace (m) patin à glace (m) piscine (don’t need couverte) (f) intérêt (m) ipod (m) judo (m) karaté (m) loisir (m) passe-temps (m) centre de loisirs (m) bibliothèque (f) magazine (m) arts martiaux (m/pl) film d’arts martiaux (m) méldoie (f) membre (m) téléphone portable (m) fichier mp3 (m) musée (m) musique (f) comédie musicale (f) journal (m) informations (f/pl) journal (m) journal télévisé (m) DS (f) piscine en plein air (f) orchestre (m)

outing park performance play (theatre) playstation (3) pop music pub pub quiz show radio rap reading rock music rollerblading rollerskating romantic film rugby sailing boat science fiction film series shop shopping shopping shopping centre shopping on line sight, place of interest singer sit com skateboarding skiing soap opera sport sports centre stadium swimming swimming pool spy film table tennis team (television) programme tennis text message

sortie (f) parc (m) séance (f) pièce (de théâtre) (f) playstation (3) (f) musique pop (f) bar (m) café (m) jeu télévisé (m) radio (f) rap (m) lecture (f) musique rock (f) roller (m) patin à roulettes (m) film romantique (m) rugby (m) voile (f) film de science fiction (m) série (f) magasin (m) courses (f/pl) achats (m/pl) centre commercial (m) shopping en ligne (m) site touristique (m) chanteur/chanteuse comédie de situation skate (m) ski (m) feuilleton (m) sport (m) centre sportif (m) stade (m) natation (f) piscine (f) film d’espionnage (m) tennis de table (m)/ ping-pong (m) équipe (f) émission (f) tennis (m) texto (m)

theatre theme park, amusement park theme park, amusement park trampolining to babysit to bowl to chat on line to chill to collect to cook to dance to do/make to do aerobics to do gymnastics to do sport to exercise to fish to go to go out to go shopping to go shopping to go shopping to hear to hike, ramble to jog to listen to to play to play on the computer to spend money to read to ride (horse) to roller-skate to row to run to sail to see to surf the internet to swim to text, to walk, to take a walk, to stroll to walk, to take a walk, to stroll to watch TV

théâtre (m) parc d’attractions (m) parc de loisirs trampoline (m) faire du baby sitting faire du bowling chatter se relaxer collectionner faire de la cuisine / cuisiner danser faire faire de l’aérobic faire de la gymnastique faire du sport faire de l’exercice pêcher aller sortir faire des courses faire du shopping faire des achats entendre faire des randonnées faire du jogging écouter jouer jouer à l’ordinateur dépenser lire faire de l’équitation/ faire du cheval faire du patin à roulettes faire de l’aviron courir faire de la voile voir surfer nager envoyer un texto se promener faire une promenade regarder la télévision

unfashionable unfashionable water skiing winter sports X box youth club youth club western Wii zoo

démodé rétro faire du ski nautique sports d’hiver (m/pl) X box (f) maison des jeunes (f) club des jeunes (m) western (m) Wii (f) zoo (m)/ jardin zoologique (m)

Hobbies/interests- Higher archery body building (rock) climbing creepy drama enjoyment, pleasure exciting extreme sports fencing free of charge, for nothing horror film mountaineering, climbing parachuting paragliding original version play play (theatre) race, racing scuba diving sport subtitles surprise thriller to accompany to be bored to chat, natter to dive to go window shopping to practise/rehearse

tir à l’arc (m) musculation (f) escalade (f) effrayant comédie dramatique (f) plaisir (m) passionnant/e sports extrêmes (m/pl) escrime (f) gratuit/e film d’épouvante alpinisme (m) parachutage (m) parapente (f) vérsion originale 9f) jeu (m) pièce (f) course (f) plongée sous-marine (f) sport (m) sous titres (m/pl) surprise (f) film de suspense (m) accompagner s’ennuyer bavarder plonger faire du lèche- vitrines répéter

to prefer to rest to relax to watch something

préférer se reposer se détendre regarder

Sporting events- Foundation atmosphere atmosphere ball championship competition cup cycling final football game goal (football) half time hockey league, division participant rowing rugby spectator stadium team to be a member of a team to score a goal to shoot to take part tournament

ambiance (f) atmosphère (f) ballon (m) championnat (m) compétition (f) coupe (f) cyclisme (m) finale (f) football (m)/ foot (m) jeu (m) but (m) mi-temps (m) hockey (m) ligue (f) participant/e aviron (m) rugby (m) spectateur(m)/spectatrice(f) stade (m) équipe (f) faire partie d’une équipe marquer un but tirer participer tournoi (m)

Sporting Events- Higher competition hooligan, lout referee

concours (m) voyou (m) arbitre (m)

Lifestyle choices- Foundation a roast

rôti (m)

accident activity alcohol alcoholic allergic to appetite apple apricot banana bean beef beer biscuit body bread breakfast cake calm, peace carrot cauliflower cereals cider cheese cherry chicken chips chocolate chocolate (a single chocolate, not a bar) chocolate pastry cigarette cocoa coffee cream crisps croissant cycling dancing delicious diet drink drug

accident (m) activité (f) alcool (m) alcoolique allergique à appétit (m) pomme (f) abricot (m) banane (f) haricot (m) boeuf (m) bière (f) biscuit (m) corps (m) pain (m) petit déjeuner (m) gâteau (m) calme (m) carotte (f) choufleur (m) céréales (f/pl) cidre (m) fromage (m) cerise (f) poulet (m) frites (f/pl) chocolat (m) chocolat (m) pain au chocolat (m) cigarette (f) cacao (m) café (m) crème (f) chips (m/pl) croissant (m) cyclisme (m) danse (f) délicieux/délicieuse régime (m) boisson (f) drogue (f)

drunk egg environment environmentally friendly environmentally unfriendly escalope evening meal, dinner, supper evening meal, dinner, supper evening meal, dinner, supper fast food fat, grease fatty, greasy fish fit food football French stick fruit fruit juice full fun gateau, tart, flan/pastry collective word for cakes grape grapefruit green beans gymnastics habit ham health health/fitness centre healthy heart hockey horse riding hot (spicy) hot chocolate hunger ice cream image ill indoor swimming pool

ivre oeuf (m) environnement (m) bon pour l’environnement mauvais pour l’environnement escalope (f) repas du soir (m) dîner (m) souper (m) fast-food (m) graisse (f) gras/grasse poisson (m) en forme nourriture (f) alimentation (f) football (m)/foot (m) baguette (f) fruit (m) jus de fruit (m) (j’ai) trop mangé amusant pâtisserie(f) raisin (m) pamplemousse (f) haricots verts (m/pl) gymnastiques (f/pl) habitude (f) jambon (m) santé (f) salle de musculation (f) sain/e coeur (m) hockey (m) équitation (f) épicé/e chocolat chaud (m) faim (f) glace (f) look (m) malade piscine (f)

jam juice lamb lemon lemonade lettuce, salad low-fat lunch margarine meal meat medicine melon milk mineral water mushroom non - alcoholic non-smoker oil omelette open air swimming pool orange organic pasta pea peach pear pineapple plum pork porridge potato raspberry recipe relaxing rice roll rugby salt sandwich sausage skiing

confiture (f) jus (m) agneau (m) citron (m) limonade (f) salade verte(f) allégé déjeuner (m) margarine (m) repas (m) viande (f) médicament (m) melon (m) lait (m) eau minérale (f) champignon (m) non alcoolisé non fumeur (m) huile (f) omelette (f) piscine en plein air (f) orange (f) bio(logique) pâtes (f/pl) petit pois (m) pêche (f) poire (f) ananas (m) prune (f) porc (m) porridge (m) pomme de terre (f) framboise (f) recette (f) relaxant riz (m) petit pain (m) rugby (m) sel (m) sandwich (m) saucisse (f) ski (m)

slim smoker snack soup sport sporty strawberry steak steak stressed stressful sugar sweet sweets swimming tasty tasty tea

mince fumeur(m) / fumeuse (f) snack (m) soupe (f) sport (m) sportif/sportive fraise (f) steak (m) bifteck (m) stressé stressant sucre (m) sucré bonbons (mpl) natation (f) plein de goût savoureux/savoureuse thé (m)

tennis to be hungry to be on a diet to be thirsty to breathe in to dance to do aerobics to do gymnastics to do sport to eat to exercise, to exercise, work out, practise to keep fit to give up to go for a walk to grill to have/eat breakfast to hike, ramble to jog to lose weight to lose weight to play to protect

tennis (m) avoir faim être au régime avoir soif inhaler danser faire de l’aérobic faire de la gymnastique faire du sport manger faire de l’exercice s’entraîner garder la forme abandonner faire une promenade griller prendre le petit déjeuner faire des randonnées faire du jogging perdre du poids maigrir jouer protéger

to put on weight to put on weight to recycle to relax to ride (horse) to ride (horse) to roast, to fry to roller-skate to run to sail to save to smoke to stop to swim to swim to take (medicine) to try toast tobacco tomato tuna unfit unhealthy vegetable vegetarian vegetarian vitamins water water skiing wine yoghurt

prendre du poids grossier recycler se relaxer faire de l’équitationl faire du cheval rôtir/faire frire faire du patin à roulettes courir faire de la voile économiser fumer arrêter nager faire de la natation prendre des médicaments essayer toast (m) /pain grillé (m) tabac (m) tomate (f) thon (m) pas en forme malsain/e légume (m) végétarien/ne vitimines (f/pl) eau (f) ski nautique (m) vin (m) yaourt (m)

Lifestyle choices- Higher addicted addiction alcoholic alcoholism anorexic balanced beef best-before date

accroché/e dépendance (f) alcoolique (m/f) alcoolisme (m) anoréxique équilibré boeuf (m) date limite de consommation (f)

breathing difficulties cold cough dependent dietary fibre drug addict drug advice centre drug(s) duck fast food fizzy drinks flour fried egg fruit tea full fat milk garlic goose harmful herbal tea homemade honey lamb lettuce low fat movement, exercise muesli noodles nut obesity organic food overdose overweight oysters pasta/noodles pâté poverty raw raw vegetables (starter) recycling rehab salmon seafood

problèmes respiratoires (m/pl) rhume (m) toux (f) dépendant fibre (m) drogué/e centre des addictions (m) drogues (f/pl) canard (m) fast-food (m) boissons sucrées (f/pl) farine (f) oeuf au plat (m) infusion (f) lait entier (m) ail (m) oie (f) dangereux i see above fait maison miel (m) agneau (m) laitue (f) allégé exercice (m) muesli (m) nouilles (f/pl) noix (f) obésité (f) nourriture bio (f) surdose (m) rond huîtres (f/pl) pâtes (f/pl) pâté (m) pauvreté (f) cru crudités (f/pl) recyclage (m) centre de désintoxication (m) saumon (m) fruits de mer (m/pl)

scrambled egg smell smoked smoker’s cough sparkling mineral water spicey sport sweet things taste tiring to be in shape to be sick, vomit to compost rubbish to contribute to to keep fit to move to put on weight to recycle to relax to resist temptation to season to separate/sort the rubbish to succumb to tempation trout turkey veal well-cooked

oeufs brouillés (m/pl) odeur (f) fumé/e toux de fumeur (f) eau minérale gazeuse (f) épicé sport (m) sucrerie (f) goût (m) fatigant être en forme vomir faire du compost contribuer garder la forme bouger gagner du poids recycler se détendre/ se relaxer résister à la tentation saisonner trier succomber (à la tentation) truite (f) dinde (f) voeu (m) bien cuit

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Speaking and Writing Section 3.3 Travel and tourism Holidays- Foundation a stroll in the town abroad accommodation again airport area arrival backpack bad bag/holdall bath towel beach bike bike hire bill boat border bridge bright brochure, prospectus brochure/leaflet bus café calm/quiet calm/quiet campsite campsite car caravan car hire castle Christmas Market closed cloud cloudy coach

promenade en ville (f) à l’étranger logement (m) encore aéroport (m) région (f) arrivée (f) sac à dos (m) mauvais sac (m) serviette (de bain) (f) plage (f) vélo (m) location de vélos (f) note (f) addition (f) bateau (m) frontière (f) pont (m) clair dépliant (m) brochure (f) (auto)bus (m) café (m) calme tranquille camping (m) terrain de camping (m) voiture (f) caravane (f) location de voitures (f) château (m) marché de Noël (m) fermé nuage (m) nuageux car m)

coast cold commercial country countryside, scenery scenery crossing degree (temperature) delay departure destination direct east Easter en route entrance fare fog foggy foreign foreigner forest frosty guided tour (of a town) heat hired car historic holiday hot identity card in autumn in spring in summer in winter inn journey journey (short) journey, trip lively lightening local market

côte f) froid commercial pays (m) campagne (f) paysage (m) traversée (f) degré (m) retard (m) départ (m) destination (f) direct/e est (m) Pâques (f/pl) en route entrée (f) tarif (m) brouillard (m) brumeux étranger/ étrangère étranger (m)/étrangère(f) forêt (f) givré higher tour guidé (m) chaleur (f) voiture de location (f) historique vacances (f/pl) chaud carte d’identité (f) en automne (f) au printemps (m) en été (m) en hiver (m) auberge (f) voyage (m) trajet (m) excursion (f) animé éclairs (m/pl) local marché (m)

lake leisure centre luggage Mediterranean mountain museum north open overcast overnight stay parasol park park passport photo picnic picturesque pitch/place on campsite place place plane platform popular public transport rain reception reduction reservation road map round trip, excursion sand sea seasick shopping entre sight, place of interest sight, place of interest situated south snow storm suitcase summer holidays

lac (m) centre de loisirs (m) bagages (f/pl) méditerranné montagne (f) musée (m) nord (m) ouvert couvert séjour (m) parasol (m) parc (m) jardin public (m) passeport (m) photo (f) pique-nique (m) pittoresque emplacement (m) endroit (m) lieu (m) avion (m) quai (m) populaire transports en commun (m/pl) pluie (f) réception (f) réduction (f) réservation (f) carte routière (f) excursion (f) sable (m) mer (f) mal de mer (m) centre commercial (m) site touristique (m) attraction (touristique) (f) situé sud (m) neige (f) orage (m) valise (f) grandes vacances (f/pl)

sun sun cream sunburn sunglasses sunny supplement (extra) theme park, amusement park theme park, amusement park thunder thunder storm to arrive to be late to book to check to collect, to fetch, to cross to depart to drive to fly to go back, to return to have a picnic to land to look for to miss (e.g. bus) to pay to photograph, take photos to rain to recommend to remind (to remember) to remind (to remember to rent to reserve to shine to ski to snow to spend time to stay to stay/spend the night to sunbathe to sunbathe to surf to take along

soleil (m) crème solaire (f) coup de soleil (m) lunettes de soleil (f/pl) ensoleillé supplément parc d’attractions (m) park de loisirs (m) tonnerre (f) orage (m) arriver être en retard réserver vérifier aller chercher traverser partir conduire voler rentrer faire un pique-nique atterrir chercher manquer payer prendre des photos pleuvoir recommander se rappeler se souvenir louer réserver briller faire du ski neiger passer du temps rester passer la nuit bronzer prendre un bain de soleil faire du surf apporter

to travel (on) to travel around to travel back, to return to travel, to drive to view, to visit (sights) to windsurf tour town map tourism tourist information tourist information office traffic traffic jam train travel agent’s traveller, passenger traveller’s cheque trip umberella underground/tube weather weather report well worth seeing west wind windy winter holidays winter holidays youth hostel zoo

voyager faire un tour rentrer/retourner rouler visiter faire de la planche à voile tour (m) plan de la ville (m) tourisme (m) informations touristiques (f/pl) office du tourisme (m) circulation (f) embouteillage (m) train (m) agence de voyage (f) voyageur (m) chèque de voyage (m) excursion (f) parapluie (m) métro (m) temps (m) météo (f) ça vaut la peine higher ouest (m) vent (m) venteux vacances d’hiver (f/pl) vacances de neige (f/pl) auberge de jeunesse (f) zoo

Holidays- Higher a fast train (stops at some smaller stations, but not all) air conditioning area ATM, cashpoint average temperature bank holiday bank holiday cable car

express (m) climatisation (f) région (f) distributeur d’argent (m) température moyenne (f) jour de fête (m) jour férié (m) téléphérique (mm)

canal chair lift connection customs emergency exit entertainment entertainment/things to do event exhibition experience fireworks fountain freezing frost frosty heat, hot weather hypermarket left-luggage room local stopping train low (temperature) memory/souvenir mountains package holiday park, green space post office procession rainfall registration return ticket rush hour sea sickness seaside resort showers sound and light souvenir stay surrounding area to hurry to take place tourist information office

Accommodation- Foundation

canal (m) télésiège (m) correspondance (f) douanes (f/pl) sortie de secours (f) divertissement (m) distractions (f/pl) événement (m) exposition (f) expérience (f) feux d’artifice (m) fontaine (f) il gèle givre (m) givré chaleur (f) grande surface (f) consigne (f) TER (train express régional) témperature basse (f) souvenir (m) montagnes (f/pl) voyage organisé (m) espace vert (m) poste (f) défilé (m) chute de pluie (f) enregistrement (m) billet aller et retour (m) heures de pointe (f/pl) mal du mer (m) station balnéaire (f) averses (f/pl) son et lumière souvenir (m)see above rester environs (m/pl) se dépêcher avoir lieu syndicat d’inititative (m)

accommodation arrival balcony basement bath bath towel bath tub bathroom bed bed and breakfast place bedroom bunk bed camp site campsite caravan curtain double room double room dining room exit farm farm house floor (1st, 2nd) floor (e.g. 1st, 2nd) form free, available, vacant full full board games room gardens ground floor half board heating hotel in advance in the country included inclusive of, included key kitchen lift

logement (m) arrivée (f) balcon (m) sous-sol (m) bain (m) serviette (de bain(s)) (f) baignoire (f) salle de bain(s)(f) lit (m) chambre d’hôte (f) chambre (f) lit superposé (m) terrain de camping (m) camping (m) caravane (f) rideau (m) chambre double (f) chambre pour deux personnes (f) salle à manger (f)/ restaurant (m) sortie (f) ferme (f) would say ferme (f) étage (m) formulaire (m) libre complet pension complète (f) salle de jeu (f) jardins (m/pl) rez-de-chaussée (m) demi-pension (f) chauffage (m) hôtel (m) en avance à la campagne inclus compris clé/clef (f) cuisine (f) ascenseur (m)

lounge luggage occupied/busy on the 1st floor etc overnight stay pillow reception reception receptionist rent reservation room self catering cottage sheet shower single room single room sleeping bag soap staircase suitcase television television set tent to arrive to book, reserve to camp (in a tent) to function, to work to reserve to stay/spend the night to unpack toilet toilet paper twin room view village wardrobe ward robe wash basin WC with a view of, overlooking

salon (m) bagages (m/pl) occupé au…. étage (m) séjour (m) oreiller (m) réception (f) accueil (m) réceptionniste (f) loyer (m) réservation (f) chambre (f) gîte (m) drap (m) douche (f) chambre pour une personne (f) chambre simple (f) sac de couchage (m) savon (m) escalier (m) valise (f) télévision (f) poste de télévision (m) téléviseur (m) tente (f) arriver réserver camper/ faire du camping marcher réserver passer la nuit défaire (la valise) toilettes (f/pl) papier hygénique (m) chambre à deux lits (f) vue (f) village (m) armoire (f) garde-robe (f) lavabo (m) W-C (m) vue (f) sur…

youth hostel

auberge de jeunesse (f)

Accommodation- Higher air conditioning board and lodgings cheap, value for money emergency exit furnished guest guest room, bed-and-breakfast place hospitality left-luggage room noise noisy registration rented flat rules of the house self catering holiday cottage stay to confirm to put someone up, to accommodate to switch off to switch on

climatisation (f) logé et nourri de bon marché sortie de secours (f) meublé hôte (m/f) see above hospitalité (f) consigne (f) bruit bruyant enregistrement (m) appartement loué (m) règlement (m) gîte (m) séjourner confirmer loger éteindre allumer

Eating, food, drink- Foundation a roast alcohol apple apricot banana bean beef beer ? biscuit bill bill bottle bread breakfast Brussels sprout butter

rôti (m) alcool m pomme (f) abricot (m) banane (f) haricot (m) boeuf (m) bière (f) biscuit (m) addition (f) note (f) bouteille (f) pain (m) petit déjeuner (m) chou de Bruxelles (m) beurre (m)

cabbage cake carrot cauliflower cereals cheese cherry chicken chips chocolate chocolate (a single chocolate, not a bar) chocolate pastry chop (e.g. pork) cocoa coffee cold cut meat cooked, boiled cream crisps croissant cucumber delicious dessert drink egg escalope evening meal, dinner, supper evening meal, dinner, supper evening meal, dinner, supper fastfood fish French stick fruit fruit juice fruit pie grape grapefruit gravy green beans ham hamburger

chou (m) gâteau (m) carotte (f) chou-fleur (m) céréales (f/pl) fromage (m) cerise (f) poulet (m) frites (f/pl) chocolat (m) chocolat (m) pain au chocolat (m) côtelette (f) cacao (m) café (m) saucisson (m) cuit crème (f) chips (m/pl) croissant (m) concombre (m) délicieux/délicieuse dessert (m) boisson (f) oeuf (m) escalope (f) repas du soir dîner (m) souper (m) fast food (m) poisson (m) baguette (f) fruit (m) jus de fruit (m) tarte (f) raisin (m) pamplemousse (f) sauce (f) haricots verts (m/pl) jambon (m) hamburger (m)

hunger ice cream jam juice kebab lamb lemon lemonade lettuce, salad low-fat lunch main course margarine meal meat meatball melon milk mince mineral water mixed mushroom mushroom mustard oil omelette onion orange pasta pastries pastry with sultanas pea peach pear pepper pepper pineapple pizza plum pork porridge potato

faim (f) glace (f) confiture (f) jus (m) brochette (f) agneau (m) citron (m) limonade (f) salade verte f) allégé higher déjeuner (m) plat principal (m) margarine (m) repas (m) viande (f) boulette (f) melon (m) lait (m) viande hâchée (f) eau minérale (f) mélangé champignon (m) cèpe (m) moutarde (f) huile (f) omelette (f) oignon (m) orange (f) pâtes (f/pl) pâtisseries (f/pl) pain aux raisins (m) petit pois (m) pêche (f) poire (f) poivre (m) poivron (m) ananas (m) pizza (f) prune (f) porc (m) porridge (m) pomme de terre (f)

raddish raspberry rice roast roll salt sandwich sausage snack soup speciality starter steak steak strawberry sugar sweet tasty tasty tea thirst to be hungry to be thirsty to drink to eat to have/eat breakfast toast toast tomato tuna vegetables vegetarian water wine yoghurt

radis (m) framboise (f) riz (m) rôti petit pain (m) sel (m) sandwich (m) saucisse (f) snack (m) soupe (f) spécialité (f) hors d’oeuvre (m) steak (m) biftek (m) fraise (f) sucre (m) sucré/e plein de goût savoureux/ savoureuse thé (m) soif (f) avoir faim avoir soif boire manger prendre le petit déjeuner toast (m) pain grillé (m) tomate (f) thon (m) légumes (m/pl) végétarien/ne eau (f) vin (m) yaourt (m)

Eating, food, drink- Higher artichoke beef best-before date bitter

artichaut (m) boeuf (m) date limite de consommation (f) amer/amère

cucumber duck fried egg frogs legs fruit tea full fat milk garlic goose goats’ cheese herbal tea homemade honey lamb liver pâté lettuce noodles pasta pâté salmon raw raw vegetables (starter) salty/savoury sald dressing scrambled egg sea food smoked snails spicey steak sweet things tasty trout turkey veal well-cooked

concombre (m) canard (m) oeuf au plat (m) cuisses de grenouille (f/pl) infusion (f) lait entier (m) ail (m) oie (f) fromage de chèvre (m) infusion f) fait maison miel (m) agneau (m) pâté de foie gras (m) laitue (f) nouilles (f/pl) pâtes (f/pl) pâté (m) saumon (m) cru crudités (f/pl) salé (sauce /f)) vinaigrette (m) oeuf brouillé (m) fruits de mer (m/pl) fumé/e escargots (m/pl) épicé entrecôte (m) sucrerie (f) goûteux/ goûteuse truite (f) dinde (f) voeu (m) bien cuit

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Speaking and Writing Section 3.4 Business, work and employment Work experience/ part time jobs- Foundation actor adult aim air steward A level equivalent answer answerphone appointment apprentice apprenticeship architect artist badly paid baker boss break (coffee/lunch/tea) builder business, company, firm business, company, firm business/shop businessman/businesswoman busy butcher candidate canteen career cashier chemist civil servant colleague company computer programmer computer scientist construction worker, building labourer contact cook

acteur/actrice adulte (m/f) but (m) hôtesse de l’air (f) steward (m) bac (m) réponse (f) répondeur (m) rendez-vous (m) apprenti/e apprentissage (m) architecte (m/f) artiste (m/f) mal payé boulanger (m)/boulangère(f) patron/patronne pause (f) maçon compagnie (f) enterprise (f) commerce (m) homme d’affaires (m)/ femme d’affaires (f) occupé boucher(m) / bouchère(f) candidat/e cantine (f) carrière (f) caissier (m)/caissière(f) pharmacien/ne fonctionnaire (m/f) collègue (m/f) compagnie (f) programmeur (m) informaticien/ne ouvrier au bâtiment (m) contact (m) cuisinier (m)/cuisinière(f)

degree dentist doctor driver electrician employee (bank/office) employer engineer enthusiasm envelope exam experience experience of work factory farmer farm worker fireman full-time full-time job future plans gap year gardener GCSE equivalent hairdresser holiday job hours of work, working hours in the open air independent interview instructor Job job, post, position journalist letter letter box lorry driver lunch break manager marketing mechanic meeting notice of termination of work

licence (f) dentiste (m) médecin(m/f)/docteur(m/f) chauffeur (m) électricien/ne employé/e (de banque/ de bureau) employeur (m) ingénieur/e enthousiasme (m) enveloppe (f) examen (m) expérience (f) expérience de travail (f) usine (f) fermier (m)/ fermière(f) agriculteur (m)/agricultrice (f) pompier(m) à plein temps travail à plein temps (m) projets d’avenir (m/pl) année sabbatique (f) jardinier/ jardinière brevet (m) coiffeur/coiffeuse travail saisonnier (m) heures de travail (f/pl) en plein air indépendant/e entrevue (f) animateur (m)/animatrice (f) emploi (m) poste (m) journaliste (m) lettre (f) boîte aux lettres (f) chauffeur de camion (m) pause déjeuner (f) directeur/directrice marketing (m) mécanicien/ne réunion (f) relevé de travail (m)

contract nurse office opportunity owner painter paper paper (news) part time part time work pay per hour person who does the washing up (in a restaurant/café) planned plumber police police man policeman police officer post/post office postcard postman profession, job, occupation programmer qualification qualification representative salary sales assistant second job, side job secretary shiftwork stamp success successful teacher (secondary) teacher primary technician telephone telephone call telephone directory, telephone book

infirmier/infirmière bureau (m) opportunité (f) propriétaire (m/f) peintre-décorateur (m) papier (m) journal (m) à temps partiel travail à temps partiel (m) salaire (m) de l’heure plongeur(m)/plongeuse(f) prévu plombier (m) police (f) policier (m/f) gendarme (m/f) agent de police (m/f) poste (f) carte postale (f) facteur (m) factrice (f) métier (m) programmeur (m) diplôme(m) qualification (f) représentant/e salaire (m) vendeur (m)/vendeuse(f) deuxième travail (m) secrétaire(m/f) travail par roulement (m) timbre (m) succès (m) réussi professeur (m/f) instituteur (m) /institutrice (f) technicien/ne téléphone (m) coup de téléphone (m) annuaire (m)

terms of employment apply for a job to appoint, to take on to babysit to build to do a course to do casual work to earn to fire to fire to give a message to phone to resign, hand in notice, to dismiss to send to stand to study to work to work from home town/city guide training travel agency unemployed vet wage(s), pay waiter/waitress well paid work work work experience worker, employee workshop

conditions d’emploi (f/pl) poser sa candidature employer faire du baby sitting construire faire un stage faire un travail temporaire gagner virer renvoyer donner un message téléphoner démissioner envoyer se tenir debout étudier travailler travailler à domicile guide de la ville (m) formation (f) agence de voyage (f) au chômage vétérinaire (m) salaire (m) serveur (m)/serveuse(f) bien payé travail (m) boulot (m) stage en entreprise (m) employé/e atelier (m)

Work experience/part time jobs- Higher accountant applicant author, writer career careers adviser casual work conveyer belt/work on conveyor belt documents in support of an

comptable candidat/e auteur (m) carrière (f) conseiller (m)/conseillère d’orientation (f) faire un travail temporaire chaîne (f) travail à la chaîne (m) CV (m) documentation (f)

application end of work day farmer firm, company flea market flexitime interpreter interview interview law subject lawyer meeting, discussion professional training promotion prospects retailer shift work to agree (with) something to decide to put someone through (on telephone), to connect trainee

fin de la journée de travail (f) fermier/ fermièrefoundation société (f) marché aux puces (m) heures flexibles (f/pl) interprète (m/f) entrevue (f) entretien (m) droit (m) avocat/e réunion (f) formation (f) possibilités d’avancement (f/pl) détaillant (m) travail par roulement (m) accepter/ être d’accord décider passer stagaire (m/f)

Product or service information- Foundation address bill (invoice) bill breakdown broken colour complaint correct number customer customer service damage delivery email address form guarantee mistake mistake/fault quantity

adresse (f) facture (f) note (f) panne (f) cassé couleur (f) plainte (f) bon numéro (m) client (m)/ cliènte(f) accueil (m) endommagement (m) livraison (f) adresse email (f) formulaire (m) garanti (m) erreur (f) faute (f) quantité (f)

receipt reduction repair replacement service size to complain to deliver to guarantee to pay to repair to replace telephone number to work, function waiting time wrong number

reçu (m) réduction (f) réparation (f) produit de remplacement (m) service (f) taille (f) se plaindre livrer garantir payer réparer remplacer numéro de telephone (m) marcher/ fonctionner délai (m) mauvais numéro (m)

Product or service information- Higher instructions for use insurance progress, improvement to insure

mode d’emploi (m) assurance (f) progrès (m) assurer

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