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History in the Makers The Long Tradition of Alachua County Creators W R I T T E N B Y J O A N N A G R E Y TA L B O T


simple definition of a maker is someone who makes something. Yet, if you talk to someone who uses their hands and talents to create art or buildings or musical instruments or furniture you quickly understand it is so much more than that. Makers put their heart into their creations, and it shows. Although we will only focus on eight of them, the history of Alachua County is filled with makers.

Gino Cavaceppi (1931-1987) The Appalachian School of Luthiery’s website states that, “Archaeologists have found harps dating back to the land of Ur of the Chaldees in the time of Genesis. Very early in our own American history, variants of the harps, things like ‘zitters’ and ‘scheitholts,’ could be heard ringing through the hills and hollers along with fiddles. And very early on, African slaves introduced an instrument which was to become the banjo.” Gino Cavaceppi, born in Rome, Italy, was one piece of the long history of luthiery – the constructing and repairing of stringed instruments. From a young age he was both fascinated with playing and building stringed instruments. As 110 |


NOV/DEC 2020