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Intermediate Climbers and it became a regional best-seller in its field. His new trail guidebook is an out-growth of that initial book as many people asked him to produce a general hiking guide that would be helpful to all levels of trail use short of climbs to the top of mountain peaks. The result was a dedicated, and he admitted, exhaustive quest to complete the first of his new guidebooks in a two-year span. Hoyt approached his guidebook with a clear vision toward promoting both the careful use of wilderness trails and associated resources as well as the efforts to preserve and protect wildland qualities. “Some people thing that paths into the wilderness and to wild mountains should remain a closely-guarded secret,” Hoyt says, “but I believe that our planet’s wild lands must be preserved if our species expects to survive. Further, the long-term survival of wilderness lands will only be possible if more people feel they have a vested interest in their preservation. This guidebook was written in hopes it will bring more people into the back country, and in doing so increase the probability the wild areas of the Bitterroot Mountains will continue to be protected.”

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5 Point Non-Typical Gross Score 393 7/8 Net Score 386 5/8 Outside/in 44 4/8 Right Beam/in 44 6/8 Left Beam/in. 46 1/8 World Record Elk Photo and information courtesy of Trophy Show Productions


Summer/Fall 2014 River to Ridge - Bitterroot Valley & Salmon Vallery  

Read about the Ravalli County Fair, Darby, Montana Bronc Riding and Barrel Racing, Stevensville's Founders Day plus restaurants, shopping, j...