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The Future of Construction Toys!


Modular™ Construction Toys dream is to design, manufacture and market great, innovative and educational construction toys while keeping our values of excellent quality, affordable prices and most of all reliability and integrity. Modular Toys is about letting kids build their own toys, create their own world and live their own dreams!

Modular Race Tracks

Item: 1020 72 Pcs 4 Cars

Item: 1010 46 Pcs 2 Cars

Item: 1040 24 Pcs 1 Car

Modular Race Tracks takes a unique approach, allowing kids to build highways and districts while developing abstract thinking, threedimensional perception, and creativity. Unlike conventional construction sets, Modular Toys allows the building parts to be stacked vertically without limit, constructing complex bridges, interchanges, and more. Multiple variations guarantee hours of fun!

Modular Cars

Item: 108

Item: 112

Item: 109

Item: 113

Item: 110

Item: 114

Item: 111

Item: 115

Modular Cars takes a unique approach, allowing kids to create their own car designs by assembling the cars and switching different body styles as well as collecting them. The toys develop motor skills and creativity.

Item: 107

Modular Castles Item: 118

139 Pcs 3 Characters

Item: 116

53 Pcs 1 Character

Item: 117

85 Pcs 2 Characters

Item: 121

139 Pcs 3 Characters

Modular Architect construction kits takes a unique approach, allowing true three-dimensional architecture to be constructed. The game develops abstract thinking, three dimensional perception, and creativity. Compatible with other “Modular Construction Kits”. Watch and participate with your children while they’re thinking, planning, and building in all three dimensions.

Item: 120

85 Pcs 2 Characters

Item: 119

53 Pcs 1 Character

Modular Characters

Switch & Play

Item: 122

Item: 123

Modular Characters takes a unique approach, allowing kids to create their own character designs by assembling and switching different body parts as well as collecting them. The toys develop motor skills and creativity.

Item: 124

Item: 125

Item: 126

Item: 127

Item: 128

Item: 129

Item: 130

Item: 131

Modular Trains Item: 137

Modular Trains takes a unique approach, allowing kids to build endless variations of train tracks and railways while developing abstract thinking, three-dimensional perception, and creativity.

Item: 136

101 Pcs 1 Locomotive 3 Train cars

Item: 135

62 Pcs 1 Locomotive 3 Train cars

Item: 134

38 Pcs 1 Locomotive 2 Train cars

Our vision has always been to create toys that are not only unique, innovative and fun, but also have a great deal of educational value. We want children to be able to challenge their minds to think and create a new toy every time. “Modular Toys” is in continuous development of new, exciting themes to add to the already existing line so that kids will always be able to come back for more fun and interesting building adventures. Our unique, patented connectors make all “Modular Toys” kits “connectable and compatible” for endless fun of building variations.

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Modular™ Construction Toys specializes in the design and production of three dimensional construction toys. The concept is based on a new patented and innovative modular system that enables multiple variations that develop 3D perception, planning, creativity and abstract thinking. Modular™ Construction Toys is based in Israel. All products are manufactured in our own factory. We have more than 35 years of experience in plastic products, quality control and export. Israel is known to have a very stable market and good trade agreements with EU, US, Canada, Mercosur, Efta and more so most of our customers enjoy custom free trade for our products, which is a significant advantage for our customers. All products are tested to meet all major international safety standards such as En 71(Part1,2,3, Cadmium, Phthalates) and ASTM. All production is carried out in our own inhouse ISO-9001/2008 certified production facility located in Kiryat Malachi, Israel. Modular ™ Construction Toys is committed to exceptional quality of its products and complete customer satisfaction.

For more information about purchasing please contact: Steven Pechter 610.329.2670 214 Edgehill Road Merion Station, PA 19066



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