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Spring 春天 2023

Welcome to the March/Spring 2023 edition of Total Licensing China.

As always, the magazine is published in Chinese and English and includes insights into the rapidly growing Chinese marketplace. China is, without doubt, an extraordinary country and one that has probably the greatest potential in terms of consumer products.

One in five people is now Chinese and this statistic shows no sign of slowing down. China is also one of the oldest countries with a history believed to go back as far as 6000 years BC. The country is rich in creativity and invention – from the first earthquake monitor to ice-cream, the crossbow and, of course tea – now a staple right around the world. Interestingly, this issue has a broad emphasis on brands - luxury, automotive and fashion rather than purely entertainment properties.

The magazine is published in time to be distributed at Licens-

ing China, the Shenzhen show held alongside the major buying shows - Toy & Edu China and Baby & Stroller. Of course the last three years shows such as Licensing China have been sporadic – allowing for China’s zero Covid policy which the country pursued for some considerable time, resulting in significant lockdowns of different cities and areas. Fortunately, the policy has now been reversed and this year will be the first where the show takes place fully post-pandemic on the dates originally planned – the 7 to 9 April at the Shenzhen World Exhibition Convention Center.

We hope you enjoy this issue and find it useful. If you have suggestions for subjects you would like us to cover, or would like more information, of course just let us know. We look forward to hearing from you.

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Licensing Matters Global has secured a new partnership across mainland China, Hong Kong and Korea for their client the University of Harvard, a member of the Ivy League. The agreement with young adult, kids and families fashion brand, GU, will deliver a Harvard apparel range across the territory.

The Fall ’22 and Winter ‘23 collection, which launched in December, comprises 15+ SKUs and includes a sweat hoodie, sweat dress, padded varsity jacket, sweatpants, sweatshirts, hoodies and pullovers. The range is on-sale both online and offline in GU’s shops across the region.

Brokered by Licensing Matters’ Asia team, the new agreement with GU is a second partnership with Fast Retailing Co., the sister brand of Uniqlo who first launched a range of apparel lines in Summer 22.


Licensing programs amplify Coca-Cola®, one of the most beloved and favorite brands among new generation, with multiple series of co-branded collaborations across Greater China, covering major online and offline marketplaces.

Coca-Cola partnered with leading streetwear brand AAPE BY A BATHING APE®, to launch a collection in December 2022 to celebrate AAPE’s 10th anniversary. The collection covered Coke, Sprite and Fanta products and was sold in 20+ AAPE stores and E-commerce sites.

In addition, Coca-Cola launched a Coca-Cola novelty collection with China’s influential fitness and lifestyle platform KEEP. The “COKE® RUN” campaign attracted over 700,000 views and 30,000 fans participated in the running campaign. On top of co-branded collaborations, consumers in China have favored the Coca-Cola apparel products since the introduction of the Coca-Cola Tmall fashion flagship store in 2021.

In 2022 December, Coca-Cola opened the first physical fashion retail store in China in Chengdu, a city with both stylish characteristics and consumption potential. The new store is 130 square metres in size. The store’s design incorporates modern elements while paying tribute to the brand’s heritage, helping to provide consumers with a one-of-a-kind shopping experience.

The store offers a range of fashion apparel, accessories and novelty items as well as a variety of Coca-Cola beverages. A collaboration with BE@RBRICK and their representative Georgia Green was featured during store opening period to bring further excitement to the lifestyle space.


The legendary and iconic brand Route 66® is now available for licensing programs, in the Greater China region. Route 66 has been a presence through most of the twentieth century to the present day and witness to American history. It’s not about nostalgia but of structured retrospection. A brand with instant heritage, Route 66 is a phenomenon rare and unrepeatable; a spirit that lives on today. Journey with us and rediscover the sense of freedom and adventure that the open road used to bring. Route 66 is about the feel good and the constant. It’s about rediscovering the thrill of a journey, of music, of literature and of movies. An untarnished American icon, the brand is the embodiment of independence and freedom. Route 66 has quintessential American imagery embedded in the branding and communicates a way of life. The brand is available in categories – class 32. Beer, Low Alcohol, No Alcohol beers, Energy Drinks, Soft drinks and Flavoured Waters. These products are ready to go.



ChefClub由Lang氏兄弟于2016年创立,旨在通过创作有趣的内容, 将枯燥乏味的厨房变成为充满乐趣的地方。 ChefClub现已成为全 球排名第一的烹饪教学频道,平均每月的全球收视率已达二十亿五 千万。

为了激发人们走进厨房的兴 趣,ChefClub创立了细分频道 ChefClub Kids,利用滑稽可爱的卡通 形象为亲子提供寓教于乐和沉浸式体 验烹饪的平台。 同时,ChefClub团队 设计师为儿童开发了多个产品系列, 满足ChefClub社群中日益增多的消费 需求。ChefClub Kids已准备好让中国 的孩子们享受烹饪的乐趣,并在厨房 里变得更加自主。

ChefClub和ChefClub Kids在中國的 商标授权业务已陆续展开。该品牌期 待在炊具、厨房用品、食品和饮料、家 电、出版、商场品牌活动、媒体公关等“ 关键品类”寻找合适的合作伙伴。 如需更多信息,请联系我们。


经过激烈的竞争,去年底,Winsing Animation 的 3D 动画作品 Team S.T.E.A.M. 脱颖而出,在 2022 年中国 IP BANK 奖上被评为十 大动画系列。 该奖项表彰具有原创内容以及传播力和影响力的动 画。

中国 IP Bank 奖是中国最具商业价值的知识产权行业奖项,是实现 跨国界多行业融合的文化创意奖项的先驱。

除了奖项,Team S.T.E.A.M.! 还获得积极成果。为了扩大该品牌日益 增长的全球影响力,Winsing Animation 还参加了 2022 年 ATF,并

于 12 月推出了更多动画 作品。


动画长片以 Winsing

的旗舰 IP 为特色,

即 GG Bond: Ocean

Mission 和 GG Bond:

Dino Diary,这两部长片

入选香港紫荆国际电影 节入围名单。


的 Gogobus: Space Journal 是一部全新的

电视剧,以 Winsing 获奖

的 IP Gogobus 为主角,已在中国各大电视频道和 30 多个在线门户


紧随其后的是备受期待的动画系列第 5 季 GG Bond:Racing。新一

季 GG Bond 将带孩子们进入顶级方程式赛车的激烈世界。


LMG 宣布,Keren Cheung 加 入他们,担任其所有公司的亚 太地区业务顾问。Keren 是一位 经验丰富的亚洲爱好者,她在 Hasbro 和 Disney 都有多年的 经验。

作为香港人,她于 2007 年搬到 上海,最初加入 Disney,升任 电视和媒体营销执行董事。随 后,她加入 Hasbro,担任大中 华区授权高级总监,之后成为 Hasbro 中国区经理。

Keren 热衷于将团队聚集在一 起,并擅长优化团队中个人的产 出。作为业务顾问,她将与集团 管理层合作,帮助扩大 LMG 在 亚洲的网络,并寻找和谈判新的 热门 IP。 当被问及为什么要接受这一挑 战时,Keren 表示:“我很高兴能 参与应对亚洲 LMG 挑战。我们 已经取得了巨大的进步,但仍有 许多机会等着我们去抓住。LMG 提供一种定制的战略授权方法, 这是市场的一个关键区别。”

访问 Total Licensing 以获得所有 授权信息


Moulin Rouge, the iconic brand known for its extravagant costumes, dazzling lights, and mesmerizing performances, is entering the Chinese market to develop a licensing program.

The brand has partnered with licensing agency Licensing Matters Global to help bring the excitement of Moulin Rouge to Chinese consumers.

The goal of the brand is to forge strong and lasting partnerships with local players to infuse a spectacular mood in a wide range of high-end products starting with fashion, accessories, cosmetics and extending to home décor. Moulin Rouge also aims to bring the Parisian art de vivre and joyful way of celebrating in China through immersive experiences.

Since its creation in 1889, the Moulin Rouge has always been an invitation to live and share all the emotions and effervescence of a unique party extravaganza.

Starting life as a popular cabaret and dance hall, the venue became an iconic music hall in the Roaring Twenties, and then a theatre where numerous famous French and international artists stepped out into the limelight.

Today, more than 60 artists from 17 nationalities are on stage every night performing the “Féerie” revue show in Paris, while the Moulin Rouge spirit has spread globally through entertainment and cultural contents a well as lifestyle products offerings.


Gaggle Studios’ Goose Goose Duck is an exploding flock of players, a very fastgrowing community of avian assassins and duck hunters eliminating a million+ geese in a day. Choose from more than five built-in game modes including Classic, Halloween-inspired Trick or Treat, tactical Draft mode, sneaky Dine & Dash, and fast-paced Goose Hunt to complement any player’s style. Experience multiple maps and use gold to obtain in-game items such as a cute mermaid fin, cozy cow PJ hood, regal silver crown or a floating puppy.

Innovative entertainment company, Toikido, has partnered with Gaggle Studios to bring the brand to life for the fast-growing army of birders. Toikido are fast becoming the go to for games looking for a global merchandise and toy presence. With the depth of character in the game Goose Goose Duck plays perfectly into Toikidos hands and experience.

Darran Garnham, Founder and CEO at Toikido, said, “We love passionate studios owners with a passionate community of fans and with Gaggle and Goose Goose Duck we have both. The second we met the team we knew we could bring something special to life for the fans. With new content each month and fresh updates this is a retail dream to keep things fresh and alive at retail.”

Gaggle CEO Shawn Fischtein, added: ‘’ Players have been clamouring for realworld merch and we couldn’t be more thrilled to have found the perfect partner to bring it to them! We’re absolutely ecstatic to be teaming up with Toikido!”  Gaggle Studios, Inc. is an indie team of industry veterans with an impressive background in everything from mobile app development to location-based amusement. Gaggle Studios uses strategy and party tactics to build a community to further their mission of changing the way people play together forever. Toikido develops and creates merchandise for the world’s most exciting brands, executing with a global reach, producing and connecting with fans of brands.


China Bridge Content, a New York-based content and consulting firm founded by 12-time Emmy Award-winning creator Josh Selig, was selected by the Smithsonian Institution’s National Museum of Asian Art in Washington, DC, to create original animated characters to help enhance the museum experience for families. China Bridge and the Department of Conservation and Scientific Research at the National Museum of Asian Art will be working together to create family-friendly original characters who will both entertain and educate museum visitors about the various aspects of conserving works of art. The China BridgeNational Museum of Asian Art project team is developing potential future uses for the characters, like appearances in animated videos, books, games, toys and graphic novels as well as on the museum’s website and outreach materials.


2022 年,V&A(英国 Victoria and Albert Museum)在全球范 围内推出了各种产品类别的首次 亮相。V&A 屡获殊荣的授权计划

为被授权方和零售商提供了几乎 无限的设计灵感来源,使其能够 实现其高级国际商品计划的持 续增长。

V&A 在时装、儿童服装和家居用 品领域推出了九项新合作,实现 了强劲增长。

除此之外,V&A 的天猫旗舰

店现在还推出了 200 多种新 的和独特的产品,以博物馆档 案中的丰富内容为灵感,增强 了被授权方可以访问的各种


家 Sir John Tenniel 的作品, 他为 Lewis Carroll 的 Alice‘s Adventures in Wonderland

所作的备受喜爱的插图在 V&A

的展览 Alice:Curiouser and Curiouser 在整个 2022 年期间 巡游了东亚。


Alice in Wonderland 的启 发,Sir John Tenniel 的迷人插 图至今仍与以往一样重要,因为 它们继续激励着品牌和客户。

Alice 的创意好奇心体现在 V&A 与 Mido House 的合作中。


聚焦于 1897 年法国艺术家

Maurice Pillard Verneuil 和

Eugène Samuel Grasset 的

作品集“L’Animal dans la Décoration”中的装饰,他们鼓 励设计师重新评估 动物和植物 形态在装饰美学中的地位。

Hopeshow 和 V&A 之间的每一 次合作都为激发每个人的好奇 心和鼓励发现提供了机会。该系 列产品在网上、商店销售,并于 9 月在北京成立了一家专门的 V&a 快闪店。

V&A 的天猫店从新艺术主义艺

术家 Alphonse Mucha 作品中

的时尚花卉和有机形式中汲取 灵感,推出了一系列时尚珠宝, 灵感来自他为法国印刷公司 Champenis 创作的最著名的平 版画。1896 年的“Zodiac”是 一个充满神秘符号的空灵设计, 采用先进的珠宝技术重新打造, 赋予了 Mucha 立即可识别的风

格,使珠宝集成为艺术与时尚的 完美融合。

自然世界是日本美学的中心,艺 术家们继续与自然合作,创造出 卓越的和服。

与 Kyoto Marubeni 的新合


Heygate Mackmurdo 和 Lewis Foreman Day。然后,他们着手 将 19 世纪的印花转变为一系列 纺织品,包括和服、披肩、围巾 和手提包。Kyoto Marubeni 精 心而美丽地重新绘制了独特而 丰富的工艺美术图案,将拱形树 枝和精致的花朵优雅地放置在 丝绸和服和配饰上。

V&A 探索时尚、美容和艺术之间 正在进行的对话,与 Healer B 合作,于 2021 至 2022 年间在 韩国和日本推出护肤、身体护理 和化妆品品牌“V&A Beauty”

。V&A Beauty 的产品和包装涵 盖了不同的时代和风格,以博物 馆档案为灵感,以复杂的图案和 摄影为特色。2022 年,首尔的 四家 V&A Beauty 商店在顶级 百货公司 Shinsegae、Hyundai 和 Lotte 成功开业。还推出了 快闪店,其中包括位于首尔现 代的一家体验店。该品牌的成 功让 V&A Beauty 登上了《W Magazine Korea》杂志,并与韩 国名人 Monika Shin 合作推出了 《Vogue Korea》。计划在 2023 年推出新产品,同时在东亚进行 进一步的国际扩张。

Alice 和她的朋友 Cheshire Cat、Hatter 和 White Rabbit 以 现代多彩的图案 为背景,在高支 棉质背景下进行了细致的刺绣。

从 Alice 的奇幻世界到迷人

的 自然世界研究 ,女性品牌

Hopeshow 的灵感来自 V&a 系列中的一系列新奇的 新艺术

作品 。Hopeshow“Fantastic

William Morris 等创意运动天才


融合在一起。Kyoto Marubeni

与 V&A 的研发团队一起工作,从 博物馆的档案中挑选了 Morris 著名的花卉面料和壁纸,并挑


如 Pimpernel 和 Cray,以及

他同时代的设计,例如 Arthur

V&A 成立使命的一个重要部分 是向所有人提供其世界级的收 藏,以支持创意产业,激发想象 力并激励下一代,并通过他们在 日本、香港和韩国的工作,以及 与中国的 Alfilo Brands 和天猫 合作,他们继续通过新的产品系 列和零售体验为东亚各地的人 们带来 V&A 的奇迹,2023 年将 推出许多令人兴奋的产品。

授权概览中国 8

The V&A (Victoria and Albert Museum, London) made some exceptional debut launches across the globe in a variety of product categories in 2022.

The V&A’s award-winning licensing programme offers an almost infinite source of design inspiration for licensees and retailers, enabling it to achieve its ongoing growth of its high-class international merchandise programme. The V&A saw strong growth with the launch of nine new collaborations in fashion, children’s apparel and homewares.

Alongside this, the V&A’s Tmall flagship store now features over 200 new and unique products, enhancing the wide range of merchandise inspired by the rich content from the museum’s archive that licensees have access to. Including work by the Victorian artist Sir John Tenniel, whose much-loved illustrations for Lewis Carroll’s Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland were in the spotlight as the V&A’s exhibition, Alice: Curiouser and Curiouser, toured East Asia throughout 2022. Generations of children have been inspired by Alice in Wonderland with Sir John Tenniel’s enchanting illustrations still as relevant today as they ever were as they continue to inspire brands and customers alike.

women’s brand Hopeshow was inspired by a se lection of fanci ful Art Nouveau work from the V&A’s collection. Statement pieces from Hope show’s ‘Fan tastic Nature’ range focused on decoration from the 1897 portfolio ‘L’Animal dans la Décoration’ by the French artists Maurice Pillard Verneuil and Eugène Samuel Grasset, who encouraged designers to reevaluate the status of animal and plant forms in the aesthetics of ornamentation.

Each collaboration between Hopeshow and the V&A provides an opportunity to spark everyone’s curiosity and encourage discovery. The range was sold online, in-stores and formed part of a dedicated V&A pop-up store in Beijing during September. Taking inspiration from stylised floral and organic forms in the work of Art Nouveau artist, Alphonse Mucha, the V&A’s Tmall store features a line of fashion jewellery inspired by his most famous lithograph for the French printing firm, Champenois. ‘Zodiac’ from 1896 is an ethereal design full of mystic symbols, which have been recreated with advanced jewellery technology that brings to life Mucha’s instantly recognisable style, making the jewellery set the perfect fusion of art and fashion.

The natural world is central to Japanese aesthetics and artists continue to work with nature in the sublime art form of producing outstanding kimono.

of his exuberant designs such as Pimpernel and Cray, as well as designs by his contemporaries, such as Arthur Heygate Mackmurdo and Lewis Foreman Day. They then set about transforming the 19th century prints into a collection of textiles including kimono, obi, scarves and handbags. By carefully and beautifully re-drawing distinctive and richly detailed Arts and Crafts patterns, Kyoto Marubeni has gracefully positioned arching branches and delicate flowers onto silk kimono and accessories. Exploring the ongoing conversation between fashion, beauty and art, the V&A collaborated with Healer B to launch skincare, bodycare and cosmetics brand ‘V&A Beauty’ in Korea and Japan throughout 2021 and 2022. V&A Beauty’s product and packaging embraces different eras and styles, featuring intricate patterns and photography inspired by the museum’s archives. 2022 saw the successful launch of four permanent V&A Beauty stores in Seoul in top department stores Shinsegae, Hyundai and Lotte. Pop up stores were also launched including an experiential store in Hyundai Seoul in Yeouido. The success of the brand has seen V&A Beauty featured in W Magazine Korea, as well as a collaboration with Korean celebrity Monika Shin for Vogue Korea. New product launches are planned for 2023, alongside further international expansion in East Asia

Alice’s creative curiosity is reflected in the V&A’s collaboration with Mido House. Given a modern, colourful twist, Alice and her friends the Cheshire Cat, the Hatter and the White Rabbit feature in detailed embroidery against a high-count cotton background

From Alice’s fantastical realm to enchanting studies of the natural world,

A new collaboration with Kyoto Marubeni resulted in the fusing of traditional Japanese textile techniques with patterns from the Arts and Crafts era by talented designers of the creative movement, including William Morris. Working alongside the V&A’s research and development team, Kyoto Marubeni selected Morris’ famous floral fabric and wallpapers from the museum’s archive and picked out some

An important part of the V&A’s founding mission was to make its worldclass collection available to all, to champion the creative industry, spark the imagination and inspire the next generation, and through their work in Japan, Hong Kong and Korea, as well as with Alfilo Brands and Tmall in China, they continue to bring the wonders of the V&A to people across East Asia through new product ranges and retail experiences, with many exciting launches to come throughout 2023.


LMG为舒尔推出首个 授权项目

(LMG) Licensing Matters

Global 作为舒尔-全球领先音频 设备制造商-的授权代理公司,协 助其锁定了首个商标授权项目。

在该项目中,被授权商是在音乐 器材箱包和配件领域颇有声誉 的品牌之一。

早前,LMG与舒尔达成战略合作 协议,代表舒尔品牌在全球范围 内寻找“关键品类”的授权战略 合作伙伴,而这些合作伙伴应与

PLAYBOY 中国公司成立

PLBY Group,Inc. 是 Playboy 和 Charactopia Licensing Limited (一家代表中国多个全球品牌的 Fung Retailing 品牌管理公司)

的所有者,该公司最近宣布,他们已签订股东协议,成立 Playboy 中国公司,这是一家合资企业,将在中国部分市场共同拥有和运营 Playboy 品牌的消费品业务,包括中国大陆。 Playboy 中国合资公司将专注于重振中国市场 Playboy 服装业务 的各个方面,包括在线和线下零售战略、产品设计和分类,以及面 向多代受众的品牌营销。总部位于上海的合资公司团队将寻求在 Playboy 目前的被授权方名单和在线店面的基础上,增加新的合作 伙伴,并通过 Playboy 品牌在中国尚待开发的新产品类别实现增长。

Playboy 将保留 Playboy 中国公司的过半数所有权,合资团队将与 美国 Playboy 服装团队密切合作,确保 Playboy 品牌在全球的统一 形象和定位。

“Playboy 中国合资公司秉承了 PLBY 从传统授权模式向选择性 拥有和运营的商业模式的演变,以在我们的业务中最大程度提高 Playboy 品牌的价值,”PLBY 集团首席执行官 Ben Kohn 表示,“通 过这家合资企业,Playboy 在中国的业务将从 Charactpia 出色的运 营团队以及与 Fung 集团的关系中受益。”

Playboy 作为中国授权品牌已有 30 多年的历史,现已成为中国主要 的男女服装和配饰品牌。

舒尔拥有共同的品牌理念 - 即“ 打造品质卓越的产品”。

此次联名项目把两个在各自领 域创新前沿的品牌汇聚,实现共 赢,正是LMG帮助舒尔达成以上 授权战略目标的第一步。

舒尔成立至今已有100年的历 史,其以卓越的品质及可靠的麦 克风和音频解决方案在全球范 围内赢得了“行业标杆”的声誉。 舒尔坚持创新的精神以及高品 质的产品使其成为音乐、内容创 作、剧院、电影和广播等领域的 首选品牌。

此次联名项目意味着被授权商, 这家在音乐器材箱包及配件行 业拥有20多年经验并多次获奖 的公司,将为舒尔的音频产品线 开发一系列配件产品。


“凭借 Playboy 通过授权在中国建立的基础,再加上其品牌激活 和产品设计,将 Playboy 与世界各地的新一代消费者联系起来,现 在是在中国建立国内运营团队的正确时机,”Fung 零售执行董事

Brian Lee 表示,“凭借这一新的结构和我们经验丰富的当地运营 团队,Playboy 业务在这一关键市场的产品和生活方式类别中有望 加速增长。”


Guru Studio 已指定 Reesee Entertainment 作为其热门学前系列

True and the Rainbow Kingdom 的中国代理商。Reesee 将管理所

有授权和推广类别,包括服装、出版、配饰和游戏,以及广播电视和 数字媒体。

去年秋天,阿里巴巴集团的优酷流媒体服务推出了这部受欢迎的电 视剧,并与其他广播合作伙伴合作,随后推出了一个强大的授权计 划。

“我们很高兴能将 True and the Rainbow Kingdom 这部引人入胜 的冒险故事带到中国,”Reesee M&L 内容副总裁 Cici Zheng 表示, “我们相信,令人兴奋的故事讲述和真正可爱的角色将受到中国市 场的热烈欢迎。”

在中国以外,True and the Rainbow Kingdom 已经建立了一个 庞大的全球粉丝群,目前已在 Netflix 上在全 球播放了四季。在 YouTube 上,该系列已累 积了超过 10 亿的播放量.主要玩具合作伙伴 United Smile 已经在加拿大、美国、英国、新 加坡和澳大利亚等多个地区推出了一系列玩 具。该节目在加拿大的 CBC Kids、英国的 Tiny Pop、巴西的 Gloob 和西班牙的 Clan TV 等主 要线性网络上也表现出色。2020 年,该剧还获 得了 Daytime Emmy Award 幼儿动画节目杰 出导演奖提名。

授权概览中国 11
访问 Total Licensing 以获得所有 授权信息


Chefclub was founded in 2016 by the Lang brothers, with the mission of transforming the kitchen into a place for sharing and fun through the creation of entertaining, inspiring and accessible content, products, and services. Today, Chefclub is the world’s leading food-themed studio and entertainment brand, with over 2.5 billion views per month worldwide.

In order to bring everyone together in the kitchen, Chefclub has also developed an immersive and educational universe for children, Chefclub Kids, led by wacky and adorable characters. Chefclub Kids is ready to bring the kids of China into the fun of cooking and to become autonomous in the kitchen. Chefclub has developed several ranges of products for kids, brought together by Chefclub’s growing community and inhouse designers.

Chefclub and Chefclub Kids are ready to start their licensing program across the territory. The brand looks forward to engaging with licensees in cookware, kitchenware, food and drink, electronic appliances, publishing, location-based entertainment, media collaborations and others. Licensing Matters Global is Chef Club’s agent in China.


After fierce competition, Winsing Animation’s 3D animated title Team S.T.E.A.M.!stood out from the crowd and won the ‘Top 10 Animation Series’ at the 2022 China IP BANK Awards late last year. This award recognizes animation with original content along with the power of dissemination and influence.

The China IP Bank Awards is the most commercially valuable IP industry award in China, which is the pioneer in cultural and creative awards to achieve multiindustry integration across borders.

Apart from the award, Team S.T.E.A.M.! has received positive results. With the objective of expanding the brand’s growing global reach, Winsing Animation also participated in the 2022 ATF and debuted further animated titles in December.

In terms of the film festival, two animated feature films featuring Winsing’s flagship IP GG Bond: Ocean Mission and GG Bond: Dino Diary were shortlisted for the Hong Kong Bauhinia International Film Festival.

In addition, the new spacethemed Gogobus: Space Journal, a brand new series featuring Winsing’s award-winning IP Gogobus, has debuted on China’s major TV channels plus more than 30 online portals.

This was followed closely by the much-anticipated broadcasting of the animated series, the 5th season of GG Bond: Racing. This new GG Bond season takes kids into the intense world of top-level formula racing.


Emerson Radio Corp, a Parsippany, New Jersey based company, announced that they have entered into a licensing agreement with China-based Guizhou Yuanyu Mobile Interconnection Technology Co., Ltd. to develop a sustainable, eco- friendly portfolio in medium and high-end lithium Emerson battery products lithium in China.

Since the 1930s, Emerson has been a global leader in radio and wireless product manufacturing. Today, the Emerson brand continues to enjoy a high level of awareness and reputation around the world with a wide range of cutting-edge consumer electronics and appliance products.

“Emerson is elated to license the Emerson brand to Guizhou Yuanyu for the development, production, and distribution of lithium batteries in the Chinese market,” said Barry Smith, Emerson Senior Vice President of Operations, Emerson. “We look forward to the launch of lithium battery products in China that represent the future of clean energy and high technology.”

Guizhou Yuanyu has years of experience in lithium battery research, development, and manufacturing, as well as broad expertise and several patented technologies in high-end industrial manufacturing.

Mr. Liao Yuanfu, the general manager of Guizhou Yuanyu Mobile Interconnection Technology Co., said: “Over the years, Guizhou Yuanyu has been engaged in the research of new energy basic materials, including lithium battery and lithium battery pack research and development. We are very pleased that Guizhou Yuanyu has signed a brand licensing agreement with Emerson Radio. Emerson is a world-renowned brand, and we feel this partnership will forge an era of excellence in lithium battery products.”

Phil Raia, Executive Director at LMCA, Emerson’s global brand licensing agency, remarked, ‘’this line of Emerson lithium batteries is innovative, with advanced technologies that will stand out in the market.We are very pleased with the partnership and look forward to the seeing the new products in market.’’


China Facts

China’s Leading Supermarkets

Top Box Office Hits in China 2022

Top Ten Best Toy Manufacturers in China

Leading Department Store Operators in China (In million yuan)

Top Best Clothing Manufacturers in China

* Dongguan Lezhou Garment Co.,Ltd

* Shandong Jining Ruyi Woolen Textile Co Ltd

* Shandong Demian Incorporated Co

* Huafang Textile Co Ltd

* Jiangsu Sunshine Co Ltd

* Shijiazhuang Changshan Textile Co., Ltd.

* Weiqiao Textile Co., Ltd

* Yiwu Dolike Clothing Co.,

* Dongguan


Name No of Outlets China Resources Vanguard (华润万佳) ............................................. 5000 Lianhua (联华) 4330 Nonggongshang (农工商) ............................................................ 2500 Wu-mart (物美) 700 Yonghui (永辉) ............................................................................... 500 Haihang Commercial (海航集团) 500 Bubugao (步步高集团) 452 Wal-Mart (沃尔玛) ........................................................................ 440 RT-Mart (大润发) 320 Carrefour (家乐福) ........................................................................ 240
Name Year Est. Yixing Great Plastic Products Co 2002 Woodfield Toys Ltd ................................................................................. 1991 Yiwu Maydo Toys Co 2018 Dongguan Yi Kang Plush Toys Co ........................................................ 2013 Zenit Industrial ........................................................................................ 2007 Rastar Group 2000 Hangzhou Times Industrial Co Ltd ..................................................... 2006 Yangzhou D King Toys & Gifts Co 2012 Dongguan Changan Rongqi Toy Factory ............................................ 2009 Guangdong Zhenfeng Science & Educational Toys 1998 Shanghai Yuyuan Tourist Mart Shanghai Bailan Group Co Ltd Chongqing Dept Store Co Ltd Parkson Holdings Berhad Golden Eagle Retail Group Ltd
Dept Store Group Rainbow Dept Store Co Maoye International Holdings Chang Chun Eurasia Group Co 51,063 34,650 21,124 19,917 17,188 13,071 12,753 12,268 11,547 8,352
Easyhome New Retail Group Wangfujing
Fanwei Clothing
Aung Crown Industrial Ltd
The Battle at Lake Changjin II $607.20m Moon Man $463.28m Too Cool to Kill $392.66m Lighting Up the Stars $255.30m Home Coming $237.39m Nice View $206.03m Jurassic World Dominion $158.26m Boonie Bears: Back to Earth $145.87m Avatar: The Way of Water $114.81m Detective vs Sleuths $106.30m
Population 1.413 billion Population 0 - 14 years Male 124.166 million Female 108,729 million GDP per capita $17,600 Unemployment rate 4.82% TV Stations 2,000+ Internet Users 987 million (70%) Mobile phone subscribers 1.72 billion (119 per 100 inhabitants)


Licensing Matters Global have been working in the Chinese market for 25 years.

Total Licensing China caught up with Andrew Kwan, EVP Licensing Matters Global Asia Pacific to find out more.

Can you tell us about your activities in China

Andrew Kwan: “Maxx Marketing, the parent company of Licensing Matters Global, and the founding business, has been working in China since 1998. We have worked with both local and international brands, such as Yum China, Guangming Dairy, Kellogg’s, Nestle, Amway, and Danone, creating their promotional license merchandise programs from design and development to product quality management.

Today we continue to develop licensed and non-licensed promotional programs for local and international brands alike. Licensing Matters Global is an established licensing agency operating out of Hong Kong and covering the Greater China region.”

Is your marketplace expanding in China. If so, how?

“All our businesses have expanded considerably in the region. As I mentioned, Maxx-Marketing was launched in 1998 and we added Licensing Matters Global and our Toy division YuMe Toys, in 2018.

Licensing Matters Global, started working with Shell, initially, but since then have helped global IPs such as Yale and Harvard expand into the China market too.

Today we represent a range of brands

that also include Ultraman, Peugeot, Shure, Chefclub, Marcus & Marcus, Moulin Rouge, Route 66, Hong Kong Tramways and the MTR.”

Can you give us some background about your business in China – when you began, idea of brands that are licensed in China?

“Licensing Matters Global started five years ago with the Shell global licensing program, which now encompasses over a dozen licensing partners, not only in the Greater China region but also in the US and Mexico. We have partnered the brand in categories ranging from e-scooters, electric vehicle chargers and portable batteries.

We followed that success with block-

buster programs for the Tasty brand in the cookware sector and, since those early days, have added brands such as Ultraman, Yale & Harvard, Hong Kong Tramway, & MTR as mentioned previously. We could not be happier with the rapid growth we’ve experienced.

With the increased brand awareness and global distribution of some major products lines, from Chinese corporate brands, we also support the internationalization of them through


trademark licensing partnerships, both in and out of China, when the opportunity presents itself.”

How do you see your Chinese market expanding or growing?

“Some have predicted that by 2035, China will surpass the US to become the #1 global economy. Based on the speed of how the China economy has

surgence of existing business and in new and developing sectors, such as tourism and entertainment, eCommerce and livestreaming, software and high-tech industries, and healthcare, which are highly encouraged by the Central government.”

How important is the Chinese market to your business?

“With the anticipation that the China market will become the #1 global economy, within the next ten years, many of our global trademark licensing programs have China as a leading distribution market - Harvard, Yale and Peugeot are some of those, in this space.

Can you give us some examples of brand collaborations in China that you feel have been successful?

“Anta Sports, China’s largest sporting goods retailer, ranks third after Nike and Adidas, launched our first Ivy League collection for Harvard & Yale.

We followed this with a range from leading fast fashion brand Peacebird, who created a Harvard SS2020 collection targeting young Chinese adults.

More recently we have been very fortunate to have created partnerships with and launched a few Ivy League collections, in the Greater China region, with fast-fashion giants from Japan and Europe - Uniqlo and Bestseller’s Jack & Jones.

We are now seeing global programs for some of our other clients – Peugeot and Shure, namely – also include the Greater China region as a key part of the global distribution, in newly created licensing programs.”

Licensing Matters Global will be exhibitors at the Hong Kong International Licensing Fair from 19-21 April, 2023.

developed over the past 10 years and the consumption needs of the Chinese consumer, I believe the China market may be the #1 global economy even sooner than that.

The post-pandemic China market will both expand and grow given the re-

Given our global footprint and our local presence, LMG is well positioned to support the China trademark licence needs domestically and internationally. We are positioned as a strategic boutique agency and thrive on our ability to deliver indepth knowledge, of the market, and the highest levels of relevant creativity, to suit our client’s needs.”



Licensing Matters Global自进入亚太市场以来,一直作为IP授 权专家,在业内深耕多年。

为了进一步了解Licensing Matters Global在亚太地区的运作情 况,我们采访了LMG亚太区的执行副总裁Andrew Kwan。

您能简单介绍一下贵司目前在国 内的业务内容么?

Andrew Kwan:

Licensing Matters Global 的母公 司 Maxx Marketing 在1997年已 经在中国开展业务, 至今已经步 入第25个年头了。

Maxx Marketing与百胜中国,光 明乳业, 家乐氏,雀巢,安利中国 和达能等本土及国际品牌合作, 推出了多个以IP联名为载体的礼 品营销项目。我们以消费者需求 为导向来推进项目开发及产品设 计,并为客户提供包括生产、品质 管理及物流运输等在内的一体化 服务。

目前,Maxx Marketing仍然为本 土和国际品牌定制IP授权和非IP 授权的礼品营销项目。

Licensing Matters Global总部设 立在香港,业务范围覆盖大中华 地区,是Maxx Marketing旗下一 家颇具名声的IP授权代理公司。

请问贵司在中国市场的发展现 状如何? 中国市场一直是我司的主要战 略市场之一。

正如我所提到的,Maxx Marketing 于 1997年创立并

在中国开展业务。 在2018 年, Maxx Group 成立了两个新的业

务,Licensing Matters Global 和YuMe Toys。

Licensing Matters Global第一

个合作品牌是壳牌石油,其后在 中国的市场运营的版图中加入 了耶鲁大学和哈佛大学等全球 知名的IP。

至今,我们和不同类型的品牌展 开了授权业务合作,其中包括不 少为人熟知的品牌如奥特曼、标 致、舒尔、Chefclub、马库狮、红 磨坊、Route 66、香港电车 和 港 铁等。

能给我们介绍一下贵司在中国 展开业务的商业逻辑和理念么?

贵司最初在国内展开授权业务 的规划及预期是怎样的? 自五年前成立以来,Licensing Matters Global 的第一个项目 是壳牌石油的全球授权计划。目 前我们已经为该项目在大中华,

美国及墨西哥等地区成功建立 了十多个授权合作项目。 在此次的授权计划中,我们把壳 牌的授权范畴成功扩展到电动 滑板车、汽车充电器及便携式电 池等品类。

继壳牌授权项目取得成功之后, 我们又为Tasty厨具品牌推出了 颇具影响力的授权项目。 随后, 我们旗下代理的品牌不断增加, 包括前面提及的奥特曼,香港电 车、港铁,耶鲁、哈佛等品牌。

授权概览中国 16

对于公司的成长速度,我们倍感 欣慰。

随着不少中国企业品牌的知名 度日益提升,他们的产品在全球 的销量也与日俱增。 因此,我们 期望能以商标授权的合作方式, 为中国的品牌在国内外打开更 大的市场潜力。


同时,后疫情时代,经济活动开 始活跃起来。除了传统行业如旅 游业、娱乐相关事业等得到中央 政府大力鼓励外; 新兴行业如电 子商贸、直播、医疗保健、软件及 高科技等同样得到中央政府的 支持。我们相信中国市场将持续 升温。

中国市场对你们的业务 有多重要?

如前文提及,中国市场 在十年内可成为全球第 一大经济体,因此,与我 们合作的客户包括哈 佛、耶鲁和 标致,在推行 商标授权计划时,都把 中国选为首要的市场。

Licensing Matters

可以分享一下LMG在中国推行 品牌合作中的成功例子吗? 安踏是中国第三大的体育用品 零售商,他们为Harvard 和Yale 推出了在中国的第一个「常春藤 院校」授权产品系列。

随后,我们和中国著名的快速时 尚品牌 – Peacebird合作,推出 了目标群为年轻人的Harvard 2020春夏系列。

最近,我们很荣幸能与日本和欧 洲的快速时尚巨头 – Uniqlo 和 Jack & Jones合作,在大中华地 区推出了「常春藤」院校系列。 同时,我们代理的其他客户如标 致和 舒尔也将中国纳入他们发 展授权业务的关键市场。

Licensing Matters Global 将 于 2023 年 4 月 19 日至 21 日 在香港国际授权展上展出。

对于中国市场的扩大或增长,可 以分享一下您的看法吗? 有预测显示,中国将于2035将超 越美国,成为世界的第一大经济 体。

基于过去 10 年中国经济的发展 速度和中国消费者的消费需求 增长速度,我认为中国市场可能

Global作为一家品牌战 略授权机构,拥有丰富 的行业经验以及创新能 力,服务市场涵盖全球, 同时也在国内运营多 年。我们相信LMG有能 力去满足品牌在国内或 是国际上的的IP授权需 求。

授权概览中国 17

Licensing China: upcoming fair to provide a one-stop sourcing platform for global buyers

Licensing China, concurrently held with Toy & Edu China and Baby & Stroller China provides an efficient platform for buyers to source quality products at affordable price points amid the reopening of the Chinese borders.

The upcoming fairs will be held at the Shenzhen World Exhibition and Convention Center from 7 to 9 April 2023.

As the world’s second largest economy, China’s most recent relaxation policies have naturally had a big impact on global business.

At the same time, the country, wellknown for manufacturing cost-effective goods, has recently focused on increasing its competitiveness with more secure local supply chains. Without a doubt, China remains a must-visit hub for global buyers to find products direct from globally competitive manufacturers.

Buyers can expect to find the latest products from a mix of big industry

names at this one-stop platform. Featured brands include Sesame Street, Pororo the Little Penguin, Le Petit Prince, Alexander the Fat Tiger, Milo and many more well-known IPs.

Besides the exhibiting areas, several new concurrent industry conferences, seminars and forums are scheduled to address rising industry topics.

dong Toy Association, Guangzhou Li Tong Messe Frankfurt Co Ltd and Messe Frankfurt (HK) Ltd.

Buyers will be able to search for a variety of IP, toys and products from leading exhibitors at the fair.

For instance, the Greater Bay Area Brand Licensing Industry Development Forum will return again this year to explore growth strategies postpandemic.

Those who cannot travel to Shenzhen to visit the three fairs in-person can still source via the official ‘E-connect 360’ digital platform to proactively connect with onsite suppliers and search for the latest products.

As part of the platform, an AI powered business matching programme connects users with the most relevant business counterparts.

Toy & Edu, Baby & Stroller and Licensing China are organised by the Guang-

For visitor pre-registration and more information about the fair, visit

Licensing China 2023

Date: 7 – 9 April 2023

Hours: 09:00 – 17:00

Venue: Shenzhen World Exhibition & Convention Center, China

Note: Day 3 open to the public from 13:00 – 15:00

For more inquiries, please contact:

With the Chinese border now reopened, Licensing China is preparing to create enormous business opportunities for the industry. (Photo: Messe Frankfurt) (Photo: Messe Frankfurt)

MARVEL 电影回归中国

在被禁止在世界第二大电影市 场上映三年多后,Marvel 电影 首次在中国大陆上映。

Black Panther:Wakanda Forever 于 2 月 7 日在电影院上 映,Ant-Man and the Wasp:

Quantumania 则于 2 月 17 日 上映,值得一提的是同日也在美 国上映。

这是自 2019 年 Avengers:

Endgame 和 Spider-ManFar

From Home 以来在中国上映的 第一部 Marvel 电影。中国有严 格的审查制度,为了推广国内电 影,外国电影的发行受到限制。

自那以后,该工作室的一些超级 英雄电影被中国电影院拒之门 外,其中包括 Spider-Man:No Way Home、Eternals、Doctor

Strange in the Multiverse of Madness 和 Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings, 后者是 Marvel 第一部以亚洲演 员为主的电影。

批准所有外国电影上映的中国 电影管理局当时没有对阻止电


Marvel 最近的声明没有提


lack Panther 和 Ant-Man 上 映的原因。根据 Box Office

Mojo 的数据,2018 年,第一

部 Black Panther 在中国获得

了 1.05 亿美元的票房,而第二

部 Ant-Man 获得了 1.21 亿美 元。Avengers:Endgame 的票

房为 6.32 亿美元,成为中国有 史以来最成功的外国电影。

2020 年,当新冠疫情影响北

美票房销售时,中国取代北美 成为世界最大的电影市场,但

在 2022 年,由于 Omicron 变 体的爆发,在 中国严格的“动态 清零”控制措施 下,导致大规模 禁映,中国又回到了第二大电影 市场。

专家们认为,随着中国摆脱疫情 隔离,它可能会重新占据榜首。 尽管中国的电影进口政策可以 反映出与美国和其他国家/地区 外交关系的变化,但政府也有让 观众重返影院的经济动机。


WHP Global 最近宣布,它已 与中国领先的奢侈品零售集团 YouXiang 签署了长期授权,在

中国所有分销渠道销售和分销 Joseph Abboud 品牌。

大中华区的品牌发布会将于今 年春季开始,将包括全套男装、 鞋类、箱包和配饰。

“我们期待与 YouXiang 合作, 因为我们专注于通过国际和数 字渠道扩大 Joseph Abbud 的 影响力,”拥有 Joseph Abboud

品牌的 WHP Global 首席商

务官 Stanley Silverstein 表 示:“YouXiang 成功地将一些最 知名的高端时尚品牌带到了中 国,使它们成为帮助我们在全球 增长最快的时尚市场之一接触 到数百万消费者的卓越合作伙 伴。”

“我们对这一合作感到兴奋,因 为 Joseph Abboud 是一个全球 知名的男士时尚品牌,在中国拥

有巨大的机会,”YouXiang 创始 人 Jack Lee 说道,“我们打算 充分利用我们将高端时尚品牌 带入大中华区市场的权威,以及 我们不断增长的零售覆盖范围, 与 WHP Global 一起打造强大 的业务。”

Joseph Abboud 创立于 1987 年,是一个标志性的美国男士时 尚品牌,是男装店的畅销品牌, 拥有强大的美国制造定制业务, 该业务由马萨诸塞州的 Joseph Abbaud 工厂长期运营。该品牌 在其核心系列中实现了强劲的 增长,包括定制服装、特殊场合 和重返办公室,并在美国和海外 拥有忠实且不断增长的客户群。

YouXiang 成立于 2008 年,是 欧洲顶级品牌的独家经销商,在 中国市场提供完整的供应链、 营销、客户服务和物流。该公司 通过自己的零售渠道可接触到 数百万消费者,拥有包括 Via

这两部 Marvel 电影都是在春节 之后上映的,春节是中国最大的 节日,监管机构通常会将其保留 来放映歌颂中国军队的战争史 诗巨著和其他国产电影。 春节期间在中国院线上映的最 大电影包括喜剧片《满江红》,以 及 2019 年科幻大片的前传《流 浪地球 2》。 对好莱坞来说,另一个积极的迹 象是,James Cameron 的大片 Avatar:The Way of Water 在假 期期间仍在中国影院上映,自上 映以来已获得超过 2 亿美元的 票房。

Dante、UDX 和 Aquascutum 在 内的高端商店,并且是 Armani、 Michael Kors、Moncler、Theory、 TOD’s、Versace、YSL 等品牌的 授权分销商,这些品牌的年销售 额合计超过 7.5 亿美元。

授权概览中国 19

随着中国边境的重新 开放,中国授权展正准 备为该行业创造巨大 的商机。 (照片:Messe Frankfurt)



与中国玩具教育展和中国童车 及母婴童用品展同时举办的中 国授权展为买家提供了一个高 效的平台,让买家可在中国边境 重新开放之际,以可承受的价格 购买优质产品。

即将举行的展会将于 2023 年 4 月 7 日至 9 日在深圳国际会展中 心举行。

作为世界第二大经济体,中国最 近的放开政策自然对全球商业 产生了巨大影响。

与此同时,该国以制造成本效益 高的商品而闻名,最近一直致力 于通过更安全的当地供应链提 高竞争力。毫无疑问,中国仍然 是全球买家直接从具有全球竞 争力的制造商那里采购产品的 必经之路。

买家可以期待在这个一站式 平台上找到来自众多行业巨 头的最新产品。特色品牌包括 Sesame Street、Pororo the Little Penguin、Le Petit Prince、 Alexander the Fat Tiger、 Milo 和许多知名 IP。

除了展览区域外,还计划同期举 办几场新的行业会议、研讨会和 论坛,探讨热度不断上升的行业 话题。

例如,大湾区品牌授权行业发展 论坛将于今年再次回归,探讨疫 情后的发展策略。

那些无法亲自前往深圳参观三 个展会的人士仍然可以通过官 方的“E-connect 360”数字平 台,主动与现场供应商联系并搜 索最新产品。

买家将能够搜素展会主要参展商提 供的各种 IP 玩具和产品。 (照片:MesseFrankfurt)

作为平台的一部分,人工智能驱 动型商业配对计划将用户与最 相关的商业伙伴联系起来。

中国玩具教育展、中国童车及母 婴童用品展和中国授权展由广 东玩具协会、广州力通法兰克福 展览有限公司和法兰克福展览 (香港)有限公司主办。

有关访客预登记和展会的更多 信息,请访问。

2023 年中国授权展

日期: 2023 年 4 月 7 日 – 9 日

09:00 – 17:00 展馆: 中国深圳 国际会展中心 注意: 第 3 天 13:00–15:00 对公众开放



Miffy The cutest bunny of 2023!

Miffy has certainly entered the Year of the Rabbit by storm by embracing this celebration that only comes once every twelve years. For 2023 Miffy has partnered with top international and regional brands to deliver some fantastic programs.

Tommy Hilfiger x Miffy, is a must-have choice that trendy people won’t miss in this season. The two cultural icons meet to present a playful, energetic collection for global fans. The Asian market Tommy provides special benefits that customers can get free gift from Miffy x MIPOW, another Asianwide collaboration about digital accessories, as a premium for their Tommy x Miffy product purchase.

Adidas Originals, the world’s leading sportswear brand, developed a unique co-branding logo with its iconic threefold graphics and the classic Miffy image. Featuring this special design and very warm “China Red” as key visual, the collection was launched in December and unveiled at several Miffy themed stores in Greater China Area.

Speedo, the world-recognized professional swimwear brand joined hands with Miffy again for a second drop dedicated to celebrate the Chinese New Year. This program covers swimsuit and accessories for many countries in Asia, with China as the key territory, and others including Indonesia, Thailand, South Korea, Philippines, Malaysia, Singapore, Vietnam.

Also in December, another hot and delicious collaboration kicked off in many countries around the world. Haidilao, the No. 1 hot pot brand, released their Miffy x Haidilao comprehensive collection, including several Miffy themed restaurants filled with lively Spring Festival atmosphere, and a variety of co-branded products, from traditional dinnerware, tote bags, Chinese cou-

plets, to very creative offerings such as nail stickers.These products with Miffy elements are now available in 1000+ Haidilao restaurants!

China Post is the country’s exclusive developer of philatelic items. Stamps featuring the Chinese zodiac have always been a meaningful choice as a gift or collectible. This year, China Post launched Miffy personal stamps - an-

products with Miffy and elegant Chinese style elements. Notebook, pens, stickers, glue, all packed in a gorgeous gift box and launched in January, right before the Lunar New Year.

other must-have item for both stamp collectors and Miffy fans!

7-ELEVEN, the convenience store chain, launched their Miffy collection in over 1,500 stores in southern China. Shoppers are also happily surprised to see several stores decorated with all Miffy elements, cute and warm for the Spring Festival season.

M&G, the top stationery brand in Asia, is a long term key partner of Miffy in China and some other countries. For 18 years, M&G has been dedicated to developing Miffy stationery lines with both practicality and creativity. To celebrate the 2023 Year of the Rabbit, M&G has designed a full collection of

Among all the programs, one key highlight is the ticketed exhibition with MoCA (Museum of Contemporary Art, Shanghai) where 20+ artists were invited to create their own interpretation of Miffy. Founded in 2005, MoCA Shanghai is China’s first non-profit private contemporary art museum. The exhibition, Nice to Miffy You! places Dick Bruna’s art in the context of art history and opens up a dialogue with Chinese artists between history and art history. This is Miffy’s first largescale cross-disciplinary artistic creation in China.

With all these great events and programs, the Year of the Rabbit has certainly begun in Miffy style!


emoji® The Iconic Brand celebrates 10th Anniversary with a themed event in China

“We are proud to partner with Grandjoy Group to launch our anniversary-themed event in China, giving our visitors an unforgettable and joyful experience and making the public feel loved and hopeful,” said Marco Huesges, CEO and founder of The emoji Company.

emoji® - The Iconic Brand

The emoji company is the owner of the registered emoji® trademark in up to 45 classes for goods and services in more than 150 countries around the world.

At the end of 2022, an exciting themed event landed at the Xi’an Joy City Shopping Mall in China.

The mall organized for their customers an emoji® 10th anniversarythemed event. The deal was brokered by Medialink, the agent who represents the emoji® brand in the region.

The event consisted of a 2-metre-high emoji® brand cake display, various celebratory activities, and emoji® brand giveaways. Eight scenes, such as the Happy Museum and the emoji® brand Ocean Pool, were combined to create a fun playground, decorated with the cheerful and expressive emoji® brand icons. Visitors of all ages were delighted and had lots of fun!

This event took place from December 24th, 2022 to February 28th, 2023 reminding people to start the year with a positive mindset and infinite hope!

More than 400,000 visitors enjoyed the event.

“It was a pleasure to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the emoji® brand. We urged everyone to embrace life with joyful emotions, as per our campaign theme - Love for you, Joy for you, Hope for you,” said Rongen Cao, CEO of Grandjoy Group.

The emoji company’s extensive rights portfolio covers more than 1,000 trademarks and more than 25,000 emoji® brand icons and designs protected under copyright laws and available for legal licensing and merchandising, promotions & events, for entertainment services and marketing campaigns.

Official partners of the emoji company include more than 1200 world fa-


mous global license partners amongst them Sony Pictures Animation, PUMA, L´Oreal, Ferrero, Unilever, Burger King, Zara, The Hershey Company, Walmart, Danone, Nikon, Fuji, Nestlé, Lidl, Kellogg´s, Danone, Nikon, Aldi, Pepsico, Miss Sixty, the BBC, C&A, The French Post amongst many others.

The globally and multiple awarded emoji® brand was decorated as the 3rd most influential brand behind Lego and Coca-Cola by the Powerlist. The emoji company is at position # 57 of the Top 150 Global Licensors and the emoji® brand is one of the most influential universal lifestyle brands of all times.

For licensing inquiries please contact or visit

emoji® is a registered trademark of the emoji company GmbH. © 20152023 emoji company GmbH. All rights

Medialink Group

Medialink Group Limited is a leading dynamic market mover of media content distribution and brand licensing headquartered in Hong Kong with presence in China, Japan and Southeast Asia with its own Ani-One® anime platform in the region and over 2.97 million subscribers and more than 369 million views on its YouTube channel;

edutainment VOD Ani-Kids™ channel and e-commerce platform Ani-Mall™.

Medialink Group has been engaging in the business of media content distribution for over 26 years, and also operates a brand licensing business.

Under the media content distribution business, Medialink Group invests and cooperates closely with media content licensors through entering content production and distribution arrangements and distributes media

content relating to animation series, variety shows, drama series and animated and live-action feature films.

Under the brand licensing business, the Group is involved in the licensing of various rights in relation to brands owned by brand licensors including ‘merchandising rights’ for the use in toys, apparels and footwear, health and beauty products, food and beverages, ‘location-based entertainment rights’ for events, theme parks, shopping malls, cafes and restaurants; and ‘promotion rights’ in the Asia Pacific region.



Peter Rabbit™ 跨入兔年

兔年促成 Peter Rabbit™ 的亚洲授权活动取得成功

CAA Brand Management 是 Penguin Ventures 在中国和 亚洲部分地区指定的品牌授权 代理商,在春节庆祝兔年期间,

为 The World of Peter Rabbit™ 在该地区成功推出了一项活 动计划。 在此之前,Penguin Ventures(Penguin Random House Children’s UK 的授权 和消费品团队)度过了业绩令人 难以置信的强劲一年,他们在 2022 年庆祝了 Peter Rabbit 120 周年,在包括中国在内的

全球主要市场实现了同比增长 70% 的净收入。

The World of Peter Rabbit 在 亚洲拥有强大而活跃的粉丝群, 其受众与英国市场略有不同。

该授权计划面向年轻成年人和 儿童,由时尚和配饰、餐饮和健 康美容类别主导。Peter Rabbit 一直是今年主要节日和活动的 明星,包括台湾气球游行和上海 的 Skymall 活动,并将与全球酒 店集团 The Peninsula 合作。

CAA Brand Management 品牌 管理副总裁 Romel Maranon 表示:“由于兔年每十二年只 有一次,我们想让 2023 年成

为 Peter Rabbit 非常特别的一 年。 在 Penguin Ventures 的 支持下,我们与我们的不同被

授权方和品牌合作伙伴推出 了一系列迷人的产品和激动 人心的活动。 今年,我们的合 作包括中国邮政的收藏品邮 票、Twinings 的精美茶叶礼品 系列、Hefang 的奢华珠宝、3D Gold 以及 Fujifilm Instax 的新 配饰。 我们在上海 Skymall 举

办的 World of Peter Rabbit 展


而我们备受瞩目的合作伙伴, 包括 Broadcast、Broadcute 和

NEIWAI,通过一系列新的创意 产品,将 Peter Rabbit 的喜悦带 给客户。其中包括与 Peacebird Men 合作推出的首款男士系列, 甚至还有 Currentbody Skin 精 心打造的 LED 光疗面膜。 这只 是一个开始,我们今年推出了一 系列具有吸引力的合作伙伴关 系,因为我们不仅要在春节期间 庆祝兔年,还要让它成为真正的 全年盛事!”

Penguin Ventures 商业总 监 David Sprei 表示:“我们 与 CAA Brand Management 密切合作,在春节庆祝活动期 间推出了一系列令人难以置 信的高知名度品牌合作和合 作伙伴关系。我们的创意总监 Thomas Merrington 亲自监督 了一份定制的兔年风格指南的 制作,该指南已被 CAA Brand Management 和 Penguin Random House China 在所有 Peter Rabbit 营销和零售活动 中使用,并在今年由 CAA Brand Management 团队出色地执 行。 还有很多事情要做,包括与 The Peninsula 的独家全球合 作伙伴关系,该酒店将提供以家 庭为主题的住宿、礼品和世界闻 名的下午茶。 更多令人兴奋的 新体验将于今年晚些时候公布,


并将继续为中国和亚洲的家庭 带来 Peter Rabbit。”

2022 年底,继 Penguin Random House China 出版 了 Frederick Warne & Co. Complete Collection of Original Tales,The World of Peter Rabbit 出版计划将在亚 洲继续增长。 出版商将继续将 这部官方授权的 Peter Rabbit 系列作为一项重点工作,并与 CAA Brand Management 一 起发起了一项新的活动“我的 Peter Rabbit 阅读时光”,以推 广经典故事的中文版本。

Penguin Random House Children’s 全球品牌总监 Izzy Richardson 表示:“Peter Rabbit 在中国和整个亚洲有 着重要且快速增长的业务, 我们很高兴看到 CAA Brand Management 和 Penguin Random House China 的同事 们在春节庆祝活动中对 Peter Rabby 的回应。 在举办授权活 动的同时,我们非常兴奋地看 到今年在中国推出新的 Peter Rabbit 出版物,并在书店和网 上开展了广泛的推广活动。 建立和吸引我们的在线观 众群是我们 The World of Peter Rabbit 全球战略的关 键,TikTok 等平台以及我们的 Peter Rabbit 微博和微信频道 在整个春节期间都举办了庆祝

推广活动,为家庭提供了在这个 重要时刻与 Peter Rabbit 一起 庆祝的机会。”

在整个兔年期间,Penguin Ventures 和 CAA Brand Management 将在全球范围

内提升 The World of Peter Rabbit,向儿童、家庭和消费者 提供创新产品、体验式激活和教 育资源,以在庆祝年度期间推动 世界上第一位获得授权的文学 人物的进一步成长和参与。

The Tale of Peter Rabbit 是世界上最受欢迎的儿 童读物之一,由作家兼 插画家 Beatrix Potter 于 1902 年创作。 自 Frederick Warne & Co. (今天是 Penguin Random House 的一个出版社) 首次出版以来,这本书从 未绝版,全球销量超过 4,600 万册。 如今,她的“ 小书”每年售出超过 200 万册,而 Peter Rabbit 在全球 110 多个国家/地 区的书籍和商品中亮相。

Penguin Random House Children’s 致力于培育

和保护 Peter Rabbit™ 品 牌 The World of Beatrix Potter™ 是全球最大的基 于文学的授权项目之一,

由 Penguin Ventures 内部管理。

Peter Rabbit™ © Frederick Warne & Co. 2023。Peter Rabbit 和 Beatrix Potter 是 Penguin Random House 公司 Frederick Warne & Co. 的商标。 保留所有权利。

授权概览中国 25
上海 Skymall Peacebird Fashion Broadcast Fashion


LMG 为哈佛大学签订 新的IP授权合作项目

GU是日本服装巨头-迅销集团旗下专注年轻人与亲子类休闲 服饰的品牌,与优衣库是姐妹品 牌。Licensing Matters Global 作为哈佛大学的IP授权代理,全 权负责其与GU推出的品牌联乘 项目。该项目推广区域包括中国 内地,中国香港以及韩国。

GU与哈佛大学的联名项目共推 出2022年冬季和2023年春季两 个系列,包括卫衣,连衣裙,夹 克,休闲裤,T恤等超过15款服装 品类。这些产品在上文提及区域 的GU线上线下店均有发售。

这是LMG和迅达集团在亚洲区 达成的又一新合作。在2022年

初, LMG曾协助迅达集团旗下品 牌优衣库推出University Logo 系列。

Coca-Cola 的 一系列联合品牌合作

授权计划推广了 Coca-Cola®,这是新一代最受欢迎和喜爱的品牌之 一,在大中华地区开展了多个系列的联合品牌合作,覆盖了主要的在 线和线下市场。

Coca-Cola 与领先的休闲服饰品牌 AAPE BY A BATHING APE® 合

作,于 2022 年 12 月推出相关系列,旨在庆祝 AAPE 成立 10 周年。

该系列包括 Coke、Sprite 和 Fanta 产品,在 20 多家 AAPE 商店和电 子商务网站销售。

此外,Coca-Cola 与中国有影响力的健身和生活方式平台 KEEP 推

出了 Coca-Cola 新奇系列。“COKE® RUN”活动吸引了超过 70 万人

观看,30,000 名粉丝参与了跑步活动。

自 2021 Coca-Cola 天猫时装旗舰店开业以来,除联合品牌合作外, 中国消费者对 Coca-Cola 服装产品也青睐有加。

2022 年 12 月,Coca-Cola 在成都开设了中国第一家实体时尚零售 店,成都是一座兼具时尚特色和消费潜力的城市。这家新店面积 130 平方米。该店的设计融入了现代元素,同时向品牌的传统致敬,有助 于为消费者提供独特的购物体验。

该店提供一系列时尚服装、配饰和新奇物品,以及各种 Coca-Cola 饮料。在开业期间,我们在代表性的 Georgia Green 与 BE@RBRICK 合作,为生活方式空间带来进一步的激情。

大中华区 ROUTE 66

传奇和标志性品牌 Route 66® 现已在大中华地区推出授权计 划。Route 66 贯穿了 20 世纪的大部分时间直到今天,是美国历史的 见证。这不是怀旧,而是结构化的回顾。

作为一个即时传承的品牌,Route 66® 是一种罕见且不可复制的现 象;这种精神一直延续到今天。与我 们一起旅行,重新发现开放道路曾 经带来的自由和冒险感。Route 66® 带来的是舒适感和持久感。这是关 于重新发现旅行、音乐、文学和电 影的刺激。作为一个没有污点的美 国偶像,该品牌是独立和自由的化 身。Route 66® 品牌中融入了典型的 美国形象,传达了一种生活方式。该品牌分为 32 类。啤酒、低酒精、无 酒精啤酒、能量饮料、软饮料和调味水。这些产品已准备就绪。


Moulin Rouge 进入 中国市场

以奢华的服装、耀眼的灯光和迷 人的表演而闻名的标志性品牌 Moulin Rouge 正在进入中国市 场,制定一项授权计划。

该品牌已与授权机构 Licensing Matters Global 合作,帮助将 Moulin Rouge 介绍给中国消费 者。

该品牌的目标是与当地企业建 立牢固持久的合作伙伴关系,为 从时装、配饰、化妆品到家居装 饰的各种高端产品注入令人惊 叹的氛围。

Moulin Rouge 还旨在通过沉浸 式体验,将巴黎的生活艺术和欢 乐的庆祝方式带到中国。


Gaggle Studios 的 Goose Goose Duck 是一个快速增长的鸟类刺客 和猎鸭者社区,一天内消灭了 100 多万只鹅。从五种以上的内置游戏 模式中进行选择,包括经典、万圣节灵感的“不给糖就捣蛋”、战术草 稿模式、偷偷摸摸的用餐和冲刺以及快节奏的猎鹅,足以满足任何玩 家的风格要求。体验多张地图并使用黄金获得游戏中的物品,如可爱 的美人鱼鳍、舒适的奶牛睡衣帽、帝王银冠或漂浮的小狗。

创新娱乐公司 Toikido 与 Gaggle Studios 合作,为快速增长的观鸟

大军焕发这个品牌的活力。Toikido 正在迅速成为寻找全球商品和 玩具的游戏的热门。凭借游戏中角色的深度,Goose Goose Duck 在 Toikidos 的手上和体验中完美发挥。

Toikido 创始人兼首席执行官 Darran Garnham 表示:“我们喜欢

热情的工作室所有者,他们有热情的粉丝群体,而凭借 Gaggle 和 Goose Goose Duck,我们将都拥有。当我们遇到团队的那一刻,我 们知道我们可以为粉丝带来一些特别的东西。每个月都有新的内容 和新的更新,这是零售业的梦想,让零售业保持新鲜和活力。”

Gaggle 首席执行官 Shawn Fischtein 补充道:“玩家们一直在呼吁

自 1889 年成立以来,Moulin Rouge


的派对盛宴,释放并分享所有的 情感和激情。

从一个受欢迎的歌舞厅和舞厅 开始,这个场所成为了咆哮的二 十年代的标志性音乐厅,然后成 为了众多著名法国和国际艺术 家的舞台。

如今,来自 17 个国家/地区的 60 多位艺术家每晚都会在巴黎 登台表演“Féerie”歌舞剧,而 Moulin Rouge 精神通过娱乐和 文化内容以及生活方式产品在 全球传播。

推出现实世界商品,我们非常高兴能找到一个出色的合作伙伴,向 玩家们推出相关商品!与 Toikido 合作,我们非常高兴!”

Gaggle Studios 是一支由行业资深人士组成的独立团队,在从移动 应用程序开发到基于位置的娱乐等各个领域都有着令人印象深刻 的背景。Gaggle Studio 使用策略和派对策略来构建社区,以进一步 实现他们的使命,即永远改变人们一起玩的方式。

Toikido 为世界上最令人兴奋的品牌开发和创造商品。在全球范围 内执行、生产并与品牌粉丝建立联系。


China Bridge Content 是一家总部位于纽约的内容和咨询公司,由 12 次获得艾美奖的创作者 Josh Selig 创立。该公司被 Smithsonian Institution 位于华盛顿的 National Museum of Asian Art 选中,

创作原创动画人物,帮助提升家庭的博物馆体验。China Bridge 和 National Museum of Asian Art 的 Department of Conservation and Scientific Research 将共同努力,创造出适合家庭的原创人物, 他们将向博物馆参观者提供娱乐和教育,让他们了解保护艺术品的 各个方面。China Bridge-National Museum of Asian Art 项目团队 正在开发这些人物未来的潜在用途,如在动画视频、书籍、游戏、玩 具和图形小说中的形象,以及博物馆网站和宣传材料中的形象。

授权概览中国 27

Peter Rabbit™ hops into the Year of the Rabbit

CAA Brand Management, Penguin Ventures’ appointed brand licensing agent for China and parts of Asia, has launched a successful programme of activity for The World of Peter Rabbit™ across the region during the Lunar New Year celebrations to welcome the Year of the Rabbit. This follows an incredibly strong year for Penguin Ventures (the licensing and consumer products team at Penguin Random House Children’s UK) who celebrated 120 years of Peter Rabbit in 2022, delivering +70% YOY net rev-

enue across key global markets including China.

The World of Peter Rabbit has a strong and engaged fanbase across Asia with an audience that differs slightly to the UK market. The licensing programme caters to young adults as well as children and is led by fashion and accessories, F&B and health & beauty categories. Peter Rabbit has been the star attraction at major festivals and events this year including the Taiwan Balloon Parade and the Skymall event in Shanghai and will feature in a recently announced partnership with global hotel group The Peninsula.

Romel Maranon, VP Brand Management at CAA Brand Management said: “As the Year of the Rabbit happens only once every twelve years, we wanted to make 2023 very special for Peter Rabbit. With the support of Penguin Ventures, we’ve launched an extensive programme of charming products and exciting activations with our diverse licensees and brand partners. This year, our collaborations include collectible stamps from China Post, beautiful tea gifting ranges by Twinings, sumptuous jewellery from Hefang and 3D-Gold and new accessories for Fujifilm Instax. Events, such as our World of Peter Rabbit display at Skymall Shanghai, have at-

tracted significant attention, whilst our high-profile partners, including Broadcast, Broadcute and NEIWAI, have brough the joy of Peter Rabbit to their customers via a number of new and creative offerings. These include a first-of-its-kind men’s collection with Peacebird Men and even a pampering LED Light Therapy Mask by Currentbody Skin. This is just the beginning, and we have a compelling pipeline of partnerships launching this year as we want to mark the Year of the Rabbit, not just during the Lunar new year, but to make it a true year-round affair!”

David Sprei, Commercial Director at Penguin Ventures said: “We have worked closely with CAA Brand Management on an incredible series of high-profile brand collaborations and partnerships which launched during the Lunar New Year celebrations. Our creative director Thomas Merrington has overseen the production of a bespoke Year of the Rabbit style guide, which has been utilised by CAA Brand Management and Penguin Random House China across all Peter Rabbit marketing and retail activations and has been executed so brilliantly this year by the CAA Brand Management team. There is still so much more to come including an exclusive global partnership with The Peninsula, which will offer families themed stays, gifting

Year of the Rabbit drives success for Peter Rabbit™ licensing activity across Asia Fujifilm

and a twist on their world-renowned afternoon teas. More exciting new experiences will be announced later this year and will continue to bring Peter Rabbit to families across China and Asia.”

The World of Peter Rabbit publishing programme continues to grow across Asia following the publication of the Frederick Warne & Co. Complete Collection of Original Tales by Penguin Random House China at the end of 2022. The publisher will continue to promote this official and authorised Peter Rabbit series throughout the year as a key priority and together with CAA Brand Management have launched a new campaign “My Reading Time with Peter Rabbit” to promote the Chinese language versions of the classic stories.

Izzy Richardson, Global Brand Director at Penguin Random House Children’s said: “Peter Rabbit has a significant and fast-growing presence in China and across Asia and we have been delighted to see the response to Peter Rabbit during the Lunar New Year celebrations driven by our colleagues at CAA Brand Management and Penguin Random House China. Alongside the licensing activity we are incredibly excited to see new Peter Rabbit publishing launch in China this year, supported by extensive promotional activity in bookstores and online.

Building and engaging with our audiences online is key to our global strategy for The World of Peter Rab-

bit, and platforms such as TikTok, and our Peter Rabbit Weibo and WeChat channels featured celebratory promotional activity throughout Lunar New Year, offering families the chance to celebrate with Peter Rabbit at this important time.”

Throughout the Year of the Rabbit, Penguin Ventures and CAA Brand Management will elevate The World of Peter Rabbit on a global scale, reaching children, families and consumers with innovative products, experiential activations and educational resources to drive further growth and engagement with the world’s first licensed literary character during a celebratory year.

The Tale of Peter Rabbit is one of the world’s best-loved children’s books and was created by author and illustrator, Beatrix Potter in 1902. The story has never been out of print since it was first published by Frederick Warne & Co. (today an imprint of Penguin Random House) and has sold in excess of 46 million copies globally. Today over 2 million of her ‘little books’ are sold every year, whilst Peter Rabbit has appeared on books and merchandise in more than 110 countries throughout the world. Penguin Random House Children’s is commit-

ted to growing and protecting The Peter Rabbit™ brand. The World of Beatrix Potter™, one of the world’s largest literature-based licensing programmes, is managed in-house by Penguin Ventures.

PETER RABBIT™ © Frederick Warne & Co. 2023. PETER RABBIT and BEATRIX POTTER are trademarks of Frederick Warne & Co., a Penguin Random House Company. All rights reserved.

Skymall Shanghai Peacebird Fashion Broadcast Fashion

腾讯视频为儿童和家庭制作的 节目正在在中国和国际上实现 增长。背后的原因似乎是他们持 续推出的出色内容。

“提供高质量、原创和独家内容 正在推动我们订阅量和观众人

数的增长,同时我们还可以利用 丰富的 IP 组合,为推动从动画到 戏剧、电影和娱乐节目等多种媒 体形式的协同增效创造大量机 会,”腾讯视频儿童 IP 开发和编 程中心主任 Selina She 表示,“ 我们还引入了新技术,以创建综 合观看体验,并制作丰富的内 容,从而提高长格式和短格式内 容之间的协同效应。”

这一战略使得腾讯视频成为中 国出色的在线流媒体平台,拥有 超过 1.2 亿的订阅量,并为其在 国际上的收益奠定了基础。

“我们自制内容的成功激励我 们通过与一些最优秀的国际制 作公司的合作,在全球范围内扩 张,”她继续说道,“我们共同创 造了具有真正全球吸引力的高 质量新鲜原创节目。”

腾讯视频一直在与国际合作伙 伴合作制作多部联合作品,这些



的人才学习,并让他们创作出具 有长生命周期潜力的优秀内容, 吸引全球儿童和家庭。他们的合 作伙伴不仅得益于他们对当地 市场的深入了解,还得益于他们 卓越的流媒体专业知识。

据说,该公司对其首次合作的成 功感到高兴。Coop Troop 是一

部针对 5 至 9 岁儿童的动画系

列,与 Sixteen South、France

Télévisions 和 Mikros Animation

联合制作。此外,Deep in the Bowl 是 ZEILT 出品的一部合拍

作品,面向 8 至 12 岁的儿童,

即将发布,Monsters in the Forbidden City 第二季也是 如此,这是一部由中国动画师 Original Force 制作的真人/动 画系列。

Rainbow Bubblegem 是与 Live Fun 和 Campfire Aniworks 合 作的成果,是一部针对 6 至 9 岁 儿童的 3D 动画电影,而 Shasha & Milo 则是一部与 Zodiak Kids and Family 和 Pingo Entertainment 合作的 CGI 动 作系列。

据腾讯视频称,他们对其迄今为 止的国际合作 制作伙伴关系 的成果感到非 常高兴。他们渴 望在此基础上 进行扩展,建立 新的合作关系, 从而创造更多 的内容。

“我们正在寻 找引人入胜的 故事和具有全 球吸引力的人

灵感来源于 Nicolas Poupon 的法国畅销漫画 Le Fond du Bocal。

Creature Cases 是与 Silvergate Media 合作的作品,于去年 4 月

在 Netflix 上推出第一季,并取得



播公司 BBC 工作室和英国广播

公司儿童频道合作拍摄了 Sue

Hendra 和 Paul Linnet 的系列

丛书 Supertato。


品,包括 Superights 发行的《小 企鹅历险记》。英国的 Discovery

视频与 UYoung 联合制作,由

Federation Kids and Family 发 行。

关于 Pet Hotel 发行的公告

物,以获得在中国和国际上都具 有广泛吸引力的内容。虽然我们 希望用我们的产出吸引和娱乐 孩子,但我们也希望提供有助于 他们学习和成长的内容,无论是 提高他们的算术能力、识字能力 和知识,还是帮助他们获得建立 自信、同理心和沟通能力的宝贵 生活技能。”

腾讯视频也热衷于开发图书改 编作品,例如 Supertato。

总而言之,随着更多的全球项目 和雄心勃勃的营销计划的推进, 腾讯视频在未来几年将进一步 扩大其全球覆盖范围。

中国 30
Kids LatAm 和 POP 选择了
Kung Fu Wa!,该作品由腾讯


Marvel films are beginning to be released on screens in mainland  China for the first time in more than three years, following a ban in the world’s second largest movie market. Black Panther: Wakanda Forever launched in movie theatres on Feb. 7 while Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania followed on February 17, the same day it came out in the U.S. These are the first Marvel movies to be shown in China since 2019’s Avengers: Endgame and Spider-Man: Far From Home. China has strict censorship and the release of foreign films is limited in order to promote domestic ones. A number of the studio’s superhero movies have been shut out of Chinese movie theatres since then, including Spider-Man: No Way Home, Eternals, Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness and Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings, Marvel’s first film with a mainly Asian cast. The China Film Administration that approves all foreign film releases, gave no official explanation at the time for blocking the films.

Marvel’s recent announcement did not mention the earlier films or say why Black Panther and Ant-Man were being released. In 2018, the first Black Panther movie made $105 million in China, while the second Ant-Man movie took $121 million, according to figures from Box Office Mojo. Avengers: Endgame made $632 million, making it the most successful foreign film in China ever.

China overtook North America as the world’s largest film market in 2020, when the  coronavirus pandemic hit ticket sales in North America, but it dropped back to second in 2022 as outbreaks of the omicron variant prompted mass lockdowns under  China’s strict “zero-Covid” controls.

Experts believe that China could regain the top spot as it emerges from pandemic isolation. Although China’s film import policies can reflect changes in diplomatic relations with the U.S. and other countries, the government also has an economic incentive to get moviegoers back into theatres.

Both Marvel movies were released after the  Lunar New Year, China’s biggest holiday, which regulators typically reserve for war epics glorifying the Chinese military and other domestic films.

Among the biggest films airing in Chinese theaters for the holiday were Full River Red, a comedy and The Wandering Earth 2, a prequel to the 2019 sci-fi hit.

In another positive sign for Hollywood, the James Cameron blockbuster  Avatar: The Way of Water remained in Chinese theatres during the holiday period, having earned more than $200 million since it was released there.


WHP Global recently announced that it has signed a long-term license with leading Chinese luxury fashion retail group YouXiang to market and distribute the Joseph Abboud brand in China across all channels of distribution.

The brand launch in Greater China will begin this Spring and will include a full collection of men’s apparel, footwear, bags and luggage, and accessories.

“We are looking forward to partnering with YouXiang as we focus on the expansion of Joseph Abboud’s reach through both international and digital channels,” said Stanley Silverstein, Chief Commercial Officer of WHP Global, which owns the Joseph Abboud brand. “YouXiang has successfully brought some of the best-known high-end fashion brands to China, making them the perfect partner to help us reach millions of consumers in one of the world’s fastest growing fashion markets.”

“We are excited about this partnership as Joseph Abboud is a globally celebrated men’s fashion brand with tremendous opportunity in China,” said YouXiang founder Jack Lee.  “We intend on fully leveraging our authority in bringing premium fashion brands into the Greater China market as well as our growing retail footprint to build a strong business together with WHP Global.”

An iconic American men’s fashion brand founded in 1987, Joseph Abboud is a top selling brand at Men’s Wearhouse with a robust Made in America custom tailored business operated out of the longstanding Joseph Abboud Factory in Massachusetts.The brand has experienced strong growth within its core collections, including tailored clothing, special occasion, and return to the office, and has a loyal and growing customer base in the U.S. and abroad.

Founded in 2008, YouXiang is an exclusive distributor of premium Euro-

pean brands providing complete supply chain, marketing, customer service, and logistics in the China market. The company reaches millions of consumers through its own retail channels with high end stores including Via Dante, UDX and Aquascutum, and as an authorized distributor for brands including Armani, Michael Kors, Moncler, Theory, TOD’s, Versace, and YSL, which combined generate over $750 million in annual sales.



Global Trademark Licensing

Global Trademark Licensing Ltd (GTL) 于 2008 年在中国香 港成立,现已发展成为一家领先 的全球授权机构,在美国、英国、 新加坡、香港、中国和菲律宾设 有七个办事处。作为中国市场的 早期开拓者,GTL 在亚洲地区有 着深厚的根基,现已跻身亚洲前 五大授权机构和全球前 15 大授 权机构之列。GTL 的专家团队为 所有主要类别和众多领先品牌 带来了超过 140 年的综合授权 经验。

这种对亚洲的关注使 GTL 成为 一个独特的命题。凭借其经验丰 富的团队掌舵,它可确保该机 构处于充分利用这一充满活力 的地区众多增长机会的理想位 置。GTL 团队以广泛的市场知识 和积极、创新和创造性的业务开 发方法为傲,可为客户带来卓越 的成果。GTL 还提供了一系列相 关服务,包括收入托收、行业领 先的审计和检查以及商标保护, 这些服务可让其合作伙伴放心, 他们相信该机构能够代表他们 的品牌和利益,就像他们自己团 队的延伸。

卓越的汽车品牌 争先恐后地进入中国

GTL 很高兴代表众多客户,这些 客户拥有世界上最著名的汽车 品牌,包括 Lotus Cars、McLaren Racing、Pagani、Jaguar Cars、 Land Rover、Range Rover、 Shelby,以及令人印象深刻的 Lambretta 的新加入。



Ferdinando Innocenti 在意大 利北部米兰的兰伯特区经营一 家钢管厂,为意大利空军生产部 件。战争结束后,Innocenti 需要 找到一种新产品,灵感来自美国 军队进口到意大利的 Cushman 机车,Innocenti 将工厂生产的

大部分零件应用于机车生产, 这是一个天才时刻,改善了意 大利和全世界许多人的生活质 量。Lambretta 成为一种生活方 式和文化图腾。

2017 年,Lambretta 迎来了一 个新时代,推出了广受好评的 V 系列,X300 和 G350 将于 2023 年发布,未来对 Lambretta 来说似乎令人兴奋。今天的 Lambretta 机车提供了对传统 的现代诠释,同时利用最新技术 确保与新客户的相关性。

GTL 希望在现有许可计划的基 础上增加以下关键类别的新被 授权方: 服装、鞋类、手表、眼 镜、箱包、香水、家居、玩具和收 藏品。


Jaguar 的起源可以追溯到100 多年前。从 C 型、D 型和 XJR 的 辉煌赛车历史,到二十世纪五十 年代优雅的 XK 跑车和卓越的 E 型,捷豹不断发展并重新定义了 汽车运动。下一章将看到一辆完 全重新想象的 Jaguar 进入全电 动豪华领域。

LAND ROVER 2023 年,Land Rover 将迎来其 问世 75 周年的纪念日。在此期

间,该品牌征服了越野环境,并 凭借备受喜爱的标志性 Land

Rover 系列和 Defender 车型创

造了新的可能性。 如今,这种开拓精神在豪华但同 样强大的新款 Defender 和经典 作品 V8 车型的延续计划中得以 延续。


Range Rover 自 1970 年推出以 来,一直将舒适性和越野性能完 美结合。

经过五代人的发展,它已发展成 为现代豪华的顶峰,即今天的新 款 Range Rover,受到领导和名 人的青睐。

在此过程中,该品牌还扩展到 包括 Sport、Evoque 和 Velar 车型,每一款车型都在 Range Rover系列的精致中展现了自己 的个性。

自 2015 年以来,GTL 一直代表 Jaguar、Land Rover 和 Range Rover 进入玩具、收藏品和互动 类产品领域。他们帮助授权计划 发展成为汽车行业的领先者之 一,并积极寻求与玩具、儿童汽 车和互动类别的新被授权方一 起扩大该计划。


Pagani Automobile SpA 成立 于 1992 年,由 Horacio Pagani 创立,Top Gear 称其为“汽车 制造商的达芬奇”,是一家意大 利超级跑车制造商。2022 年 9


月,Pagani 发布了他们最新的 汽车 Utopia,在 Zonda 进入 第三个十年之际,以 Zonda 和 Huayra 为基础打造了一款令人 惊叹的车型。

GTL 很高兴在玩具和收藏品类别 中代表 Pagani 超过五年,该机构 正在积极寻找新的被授权方,以 增加不断增长的产品组合。


Lotus Cars 总部位于英国赫特 尔,赫特尔工厂是跑车和超级跑 车制造运营、Lotus 高级性能和 标志性 2.2 英里测试跑道的全 球总部。Lotus Cars 制造世界级 的高性能汽车,诞生于在赛道上 取得的传奇成功,包括 13 个国 际汽联一级方程式世界冠军和 许多其他冠军荣誉。2021 年 7 月,Lotus 推出了全新的 Lotus Emira,这是其最后一款汽油动 力跑车,也是最棒的跑车。2019

年 7 月,它推出了 Evija,这是世 界上第一款全电动的英国超级 跑车。

2022 年 3 月,Lotus 发布了

Eletre,这是世界上第一款全电 动超级 SUV,获得了广泛的好

评。Eletre 采用了跑车设计和工 程中的核心原则和 Lotus DNA, 将其发展成为一款理想的全新 生活方式汽车。随着 Lotus 推出 一项令人兴奋的新战略,GTL 正 积极寻求在现有计划的基础上 发展,并希望在儿童汽车类别中 增加被授权方,专注于平衡自行 车、卡丁车和骑乘自行车以及玩 具、收藏品和电脑游戏。


McLaren Racing 于 1963 年由 赛车手 Bruce McLaren 创立,

其唯一的使命就是赢得大奖赛 和世界锦标赛。该车队于 1966 年首次参加一级方程式比赛,此

后 McLaren 赢得了 20 次一级 方程式世界锦标赛、180 多场一 级方程式大奖赛、三次印第安纳 波利斯 500 赛以及首次尝试的 勒芒 24 小时赛。该车队目前参

加 FIA 世界一级方程式锦标赛、 NTT INDYCAR 系列赛、Arrow McLaren SP、Extreme E 锦标 赛,McLaren Racing 最近进入

2023 赛季的 E 级方程式。 GTL 目前专注于进一步扩大儿童汽 车、玩具和收藏品计划。


Carroll Shelby 是 20 世纪真正 伟大的美国成功故事之一。在 他辉煌的汽车生涯中,他体现了 获胜所需的创造力、坚韧和勇 气。Shelby 在美国赢得了三次

全国跑车锦标赛,在邦纳维尔 盐滩创下了陆地速度纪录,并 两次被《体育画报》评为年度最

佳车手。Shelby 在 1960 年过 早地放弃了他的赛车生涯,转


第一辆 Shelby Cobra 就此诞 生。Shelby Cobra 和 GT500 等 标志性汽车凭借其令人难以置 信的设计和工艺,至今仍备受瞩 目。

GTL 与 Retail Monster 合作,代

表 Shelby 在亚洲地区的授权权 利,并欢迎在服装、配饰、互动、 玩具、收藏品、促销、体验等开放 类别进行讨论。

有关我们任何品牌的更多信 息或常规查询,请联系: 或

如需更多公司详细信息,请 访问:

授权概览中国 33

Chinese Automotive Brands Creating domestic and global licensing opportunities

For decades, Western car manufacturers grew their business in China. What once was an emerging country in terms of business is the biggest single market for companies such as Volkswagen. Also, there are a growing number of local car manufacturers in China that are expanding their business into export markets such as Europe.

“Don´t expect the Chinese car brands to enter the export markets as bargain alternatives to the Western models,” Bernd Conrad explains. The German licensing executive, an automotive journalist, is a specialist on au-

tomotive marketing and keeps a close eye on the newcomers from China.

“In contrary, the Chinese manufacturers do not only have state-of-the-art technology at their hand, but also a high self-confidence,” continues Bernd. Also in their home market, a growing number of customers are preferring local brands over the “old players” from Europe or the US. One of the reasons is the advanced connectivity and software offered by cars from China.

Branding plays a role, of course. State owned giant SAIC (Shanghai Automotive Industry Corporation) once acquired the naming rights of defunct MG Rover. In addition to the Roewebrand, SAIC established MG as a mainstream car brand, also in Europe.

“MG combines a huge brand heritage and well-made cars. Especially in the UK market, the manufacturer is very well received by customers”, Bernd tells Total Licensing China. “This also opens the door for brand extension.”

A thought-through licensing strategy for the MG brand could see products and services such as a branded charging solution for electric vehicles but also apparel and home furnishing products. MG is not the only example of Chinese car brands that have potential to grow in licensing.

Nio is on the doorstep of Europe with the first deliveries of electric premium vehicles. “The Nio brand could be used for vacation experiences, i.e. in environmentally-friendly hotel resorts,” Bernd explains. “But also a mainstream brand like BYD, also one of the biggest battery manufacturers in the world, has L&M potential. BYD is an acronym for “Build Your Dreams.” Competitor Chery Automobile is pre-


paring a new brand called Omoda to attract a young target group in export markets.

Is there also a potential lifestyle brand from China, such as BMW-owned Mini? Bernd hints at Ora, a new electric-only car brand from Great Wall Motors. At this moment, the Chinese are introducing their first model into the UK and European markets. The compact BEV (Battery Electric Vehicle) is called “Funky Cat”.

“The name of the vehicle sounds a little bit weird in the first instance,” says Bernd. “But it works: People remember it and they also remember the unique design of the car. At a time where most cars have aggressive faces and large headlamps, the Funky Cat looks cute.” The manufacturer calls its design language “retro futurism.”

The Ora Funky Cat is not at all a cheap car. Customers have to pay a premium price for the hatchback, but they do get a well-made and fun-todrive car in return.

Bernd is expecting a high brand licensing potential for the Ora brand: “The product design, combined with the tonality and color scheme of advertisements, website and brochures are very unique. Customers will soon be kind of proud to drive an Ora.


Another advantage of Ora is a dealer network in markets such as Germany. This brings more touchpoints for a new brand compared to pure online sales. MG and BYD operate through a network of sales agents and dealers, too.

It will be interesting to see how fast the Chinese car manufacturers will not only sell a significant number of cars outside of their home territory, but also if (and when) they start to expand their brand exposure with collaborations and licensing.

About Bernd Conrad:

Bernd Conrad is an experienced licensing executive who spend almost two decades in senior sales positions, i.e. at Jetix/ Disney and m4e (now Studio 100 Media). Back in 2017, Bernd started a new venture as an automotive journalist, running a German language online magazine called AUTONOTIZEN and a YouTube-channel with the same name.

In addition, he runs a business consultancy called CONRAD ENTERPRISES, specialising in branding and market entry strategies. Bernd´s expertise in brand building and the automotive world made him a specialist for car brands from Asia, especially China. In-depth reviews and news-content on Chinese cars is one of the USPs of AUTONOTIZEN.


YouTube channel (Germany): AUTONOTIZEN

YouTube channel (English): ASIA AUTO AMBASSADOR


not expand this relationship into sports equipment, accessories and more?”



几十年来,诸多西方汽车制造商 在中国发展业务。中国在商业方 面曾经是一个新兴国家,现在是 Volkswagen 等公司最大的单一 市场。此外,越来越多的中国本 土汽车制造商正在将业务扩展 到欧洲等出口市场。

“不要指望中国汽车品牌会作 为西方车型的廉价替代品进入 出口市场,”Bernd Conrad 解释 道。这位德国授权高官也是一名 汽车记者,是汽车营销专家,密 切关注来自中国的新来者。

“相反,中国制造商不仅掌握着 最先进的技术,而且还拥有高度 的自信,”Bernd 继续说道。同样 在国内市场,越来越多的客户更 青睐本土品牌,而不是来自欧洲 或美国的“老车企”。 原因之一 是来自中国的汽车提供了先进 的连通和软件。


国有巨头上汽集团(上海汽车工 业总公司)曾经收购了已倒闭的 MG Rover 的命名权。除 Roewe 品牌外,上汽集团还将 MG 确立 为欧洲的主流汽车品牌。

“MG 结合了巨大的品牌遗 产和精良的汽车。特别是在 英国市场,制造商深受客户 的欢迎,”Bernd 告诉 Total Licensing China,“这也为品牌 扩张打开了大门。”

经过深思熟虑的 MG 品牌授权 策略可以看到产品和服务,例 如电动汽车的品牌充电解决方 案,也可以看到服装和家居产 品。MG 并不是中国汽车品牌中 唯一一个在授权方面有增长潜 力的例子。

Nio 即将向欧洲交付首批高端 电动汽车。“Nio 品牌可用于度 假体验,即在环境友好的酒店度 假村,”Bernd 解释道,“但像比 亚迪这样的主流品牌,也是世界 上最大的电池制造商之一,也 具有 L&M 潜力。”比亚迪是“筑 梦”(Build Your Dreams) 的首 字母缩写竞争对手奇瑞汽车正 准备推出一个名为 Omoda 的 新品牌,以吸引出口市场的年轻 目标群体。

中国是否也有一个潜在的生活 方式品牌,比如 BMW 旗下的 Mini?Bernd 暗示了 Ora,一个 来自长城汽车的新的纯电动汽 车品牌。目前,中国正在将其首 款车型引入英国和欧洲市场。紧 凑型 BEV(电池电动汽车)被称 为“Funky Cat”。

“首先,车辆的名字听起来有点 奇怪,”Bernd 表示,“但它奏效 了:人们记住了它,也记住了汽 车的独特设计。在大多数汽车都 有着咄咄逼人的面孔和巨大的 前照灯的时候,Funky Cat 看起 来很可爱。”制造商称其设计语 言为“复古未来主义”

授权概览中国 36

在本土以外销售大量汽车,而且 他们是否(以及何时)开始通过 合作和授权扩大品牌曝光率。

Ora Funky Cat 一点都不便宜。

客户必须为两厢车支付溢价,但 作为回报,他们确实得到了一 辆做工精良、驾驶乐趣十足的汽 车。

Bernd 预计 Ora 品牌具有很高 的品牌授权潜力:“产品设计,结 合广告、网站和宣传册的色调和 配色方案非常独特。客户很快就 会为驾驶 Ora 感到自豪。为什么 不将这种关系扩展到运动器材、 配饰等方面?”

Ora 的另一个优势是在德国等 市场拥有经销商网络。与纯在线 销售相比,这为新品牌带来了更 多的接触点。MG 和比亚迪也通 过销售代理和经销商网络运营。

很有意思的是,可了解到中国汽 车制造商不仅会以多快的速度

Bernd Conrad:

Bernd Conrad 是一位经验丰富的授权高管,在 Jetix/Disney 和 m4e(现 为 Studio 100 Media)担任高级销售职位近 20 年。早在 2017 年,Bernd 作为一名汽车记者开启新创业,经营一家名为 AUTONOTIZEN 的德语在 线杂志和一个同名的 YouTube 频道。

此外,他还经营一家名为 CONRAD ENTERPRISES 的商业咨询公司,专

门从事品牌和市场进入战略。Bernd 在品牌建设和汽车领域的专业知识

使他成为亚洲,尤其是中国汽车品牌的专家。关于中国汽车的深入评论 和新闻内容是 AUTONOTIZEN 的独特卖点之一。

网站: YouTube 频道(德语):AUTONOTIZEN YouTube 频道(英语):ASIA AUTO AMBASSADOR


授权概览中国 37

A PIONEERING APPROACH Global Trademark Licensing

First established in 2008 in Hong Kong, Global Trademark Licensing Ltd (GTL) has grown to become a leading global licensing agency with seven offices located in the US, UK, Singapore, Hong Kong, China, and the Philippines. As early pioneers in the Chinese market and with deep roots across Asian territories, GTL now ranks as one of Asia’s top five agencies and a top 15 licensing agency globally. GTL’s team of experts brings over 140 years of combined licensing experience across all major categories and a vast array of leading brands.

This Asia focus makes GTL a unique proposition. With its highly experienced team at the helm, it ensures the agency is ideally placed to capitalise on the many growth opportunities in this dynamic region. The GTL team prides itself on extensive market knowledge combined with a pro-active, innovative, and creative business development approach that delivers outstanding results for its clients. GTL also offers a number of associated services, including revenue collection, industryleading audits and inspections, and trademark protection that provide peace of mind for its partners, who trust in the agency to represent their brands and interests like an extension of their own team.


GTL are delighted to represent a vast array of clients that feature many of the world’s most famous automotive brands, including Lotus Cars, McLaren Racing, Pagani, Jaguar Cars, Land Rover, Range Rover, Shelby, and a new addition to the impressive roster Lambretta.


During World War II Ferdinando Innocenti ran a steel tubing factory in the Lambrate district of Milan in northern

Italy, producing components for the Italian Air Force. After the war Innocenti needed to find a new product. Inspired by the Cushman scooters that the US army imported into Italy, Innocenti applied most of the parts that the factory was already producing to motor scooter production. It was a moment of genius that improved the quality of life for many, in Italy and throughout the world. Lambretta became a way of life and a cultural icon. 2017 marked a new era for Lambretta with the launch of the acclaimed V series, and with the X300 and G350 to be released in 2023, the future looks exciting for Lambretta. Today’s Lambretta scooters provide a modern interpretation of heritage, whilst utilising the latest technologies to ensure relevancy to new customers.

GTL is looking to build on the existing licensing program by adding new licensees in the following key categories: apparel, footwear, watches, eyewear, luggage, fragrance, home, toys and collectibles.


Jaguar traces its origins back over 100 years. From the illustrious racing history of the C-Type, D-Type and the XJRs through to the elegant 1950’s XK roadsters and the sublime E-Type, Jaguar has continually evolved and redefined motoring. The next chapter will see a totally re-imagined Jaguar enter the all-electric luxury space.


In 2023 Land Rover will mark 75 years since being first revealed to the world. In that time the brand has conquered off-road environments and forged new possibilities with the much loved and iconic Land Rover Series and Defender models.

That pioneering spirit continues today both in the luxurious but equally capable new Defender and in the continuation programme of V8 editions from Classic Works.


Range Rover has been the perfect blend of comfort and off-road capability since its launch in 1970. Through five generations it has evolved to the pinnacle of modern luxury that is today’s new Range Rover, as favoured by leaders and celebrities alike.

Along the way, the brand has also expanded to include the Sport, Evoque and Velar models, each providing its own individual personality within the refinement of the Range Rover family. GTL have been representing Jaguar, Land Rover and Range Rover in the toys, collectibles, and interactive categories since 2015. They have helped grow the licensing program to be amongst the leading in the automotive sector and are actively looking to expand the program with new licensees in the toys, kids’ mobility, and interactive categories.



Founded in 1992 by Horacio Pagani, whom Top Gear described as the “da Vinci of car builders”, Pagani Automobili SpA is an Italian manufacturer of supercars. In September 2022 Pagani unveiled their latest car Utopia, building on the Zonda and the Huayra to deliver a stunning model as Pagani enter their third decade.

GTL are delighted to have represented Pagani for over five years in the toys and collectibles categories and the agency is actively looking for new licensees to add to the growing portfolio.


Lotus Cars are based in Hethel, UK, the Hethel site is the global HQ for sports car and hypercar manufacturing operations, Lotus Advanced Performance and the iconic 2.2-mile test track. Lotus Cars builds world-class high-performance cars, born out of legendary success on the racetrack including 13 FIA Formula 1 World titles and many other championship honours. In July 2021, Lotus unveiled the all-new Lotus Emira, its last petrol-powered sports car and best-ofbreed, and in July 2019 it launched the Evija, the world’s first all-electric British hypercar.

In March 2022 Lotus revealed the Ele-

tre, the world’s first all-electric hyper SUV to widespread critical acclaim. The Eletre takes the core principles and Lotus DNA from sports car design and engineering, evolving them into a desirable all-new lifestyle car. As Lotus moves forward with an exciting new strategy, GTL is actively seeking to build on the existing program and is looking to add licensees in the kids mobility categories focusing on balance bikes , go-karts and Ride-on’s along with toys, collectibles and computer games.


McLaren Racing was founded by racing driver Bruce McLaren in 1963 with one single mission: to win Grands Prix and World Championships. The team entered its first Formula 1 race in

1966, and since then McLaren has won 20 Formula 1 World Championships, more than 180 Formula 1 Grand Prix’s, the Indianapolis 500 three times, and the Le Mans 24 Hours at its first attempt.The team currently competes in the FIA Formula 1 World Championship, NTT INDYCAR Series with Arrow McLaren SP, Extreme E Championship and McLaren Racing have recently entered Formula E for the 2023 season. GTL are currently focused on further expanding the kid’s mobility, toys and collectibles program.


Carroll Shelby is one of the truly great American success stories of the 20th Century. Throughout his illustrious automotive career he came to embody the ingenuity, tenacity and grit needed to win. Shelby captured three national sports car championships in the USA, set the land speed records at Bonneville Salt Flats and was twice named Driver of the year by Sports Illustrated. Shelby abandoned his driving career prematurely in 1960, turning to race car design and automotive manufacturing and the first Shelby Cobra was first born. Iconic cars such as the Shelby Cobra and GT500 are

still highly recognisable today thanks to their incredible design and craftsmanship.

GTL are in partnership with Retail Monster, representing licensing rights for Shelby in the Asia territories, and would welcome discussions in open categories including apparel, accessories, interactive, toys, collectibles, promotions, experiential and more.

For further information about any of our brands or general inquiries please contact: or

Additional company details can be found at: globaltrademarklicensing. com


Tencent Video is enjoying growth in their programming for kids and families in China and internationally. The reason behind it seems to be their continued great content.

“Providing high-quality, original and exclusive content is driving our growth in subscriptions and viewership, while we can also tap into the richness of our IP portfolio to unlock a wealth of opportunities to drive synergies across a variety of media formats, from animation to drama, films and entertainment shows,” says Selina She, director of the kids’ IP development and programming center at Tencent Video.

“We have also introduced new technologies to create integrated viewing experiences and to produce enriching content that increases synergies between long and short form content.”

This strategy has positioned Tencent Video as a leading online streaming platform in China, with more than 120 million subscriptions, and primed it for international gains. “The success of our self-produced content inspired us to expand globally through collaboration with some of the finest international production companies,” she continued. “Together, we are creating high-quality fresh and original shows with true global appeal.”

Tencent Video has been collaborating with international partners on a number of joint productions, which enable them to learn from some of the industry’s best talents and allows them to create outstanding content, with the potential for longevity, that will appeal

the world of

to kids and families worldwide. Their partners not only benefit from their in-depth insight into the local market, but also their superior streaming expertise.

And the company is said to be delighted with the success of its first collaborations. The Coop Troop is an animated series aimed at 5- to 9-yearolds co-produced with Sixteen South, France Télévisions and Mikros Animation.

In addition, Deep in the Bowl is a coproduction with ZEILT productions, aimed at kids 8 to 12, and inspired by the popular French comic books Le Fond du Bocal by Nicolas Poupon. The Creature Cases is a collaboration with

Forbidden City which is a live action/ animated series produced by the Chinese animator Original Force.

Rainbow Bubblegem is a partnership with Live Fun and Campfire Aniworks, and is a 3D animated fantasy aimed at children aged 6 to 9 whilst Shasha & Milo is a CGI action series in collaboration with Zodiak Kids and Family and Pingo Entertainment.

According to Tencent Video, they could not be happier with the results of its international co-production partnerships to date. They are eager to expand on this to forge new collaborations with a view to creating more content.

Silvergate Media and the first season launched on Netflix last April to great success.

In addition, Tencent Video recently teamed up with BBC Studios and BBC Children’s for Supertato, based in a book series by Sue Hendra and Paul Linnet.

Tencent Video also has a number of homegrown originals including The Adventures of Little Penguin, distributed by Superights. Discovery Kids LatAm and POP in the UK have picked up Kung Fu Wa!, a co-production between Tencent Video and UYoung which is distributed by Federation Kids and Family. An announcement regarding distribution of Pet Hotel is imminent as is a second season of Monsters in the

“We’re looking for compelling stories and globally appealing characters for content with wide appeal, both here in China and internationally. And while we want to engage and entertain children with our output, we also want to provide content that will help them to learn and growwhether that’s improving their numeracy, literacy and knowledge or helping them to acquire valuable life skills that build confidence, empathy and communication abilities.”

Tencent Video is also keen to develop book adaptations, such as with Supertato.

In all, with further global projects coming forwards and ambitious marketing plans, Tencent Video look set to further expand its global footprint in the years to come.



With more than 25 offices worldwide, IMG is a global licensing powerhouse representing some of the world’s best-known brands, media franchises, events, trademarks and talent. The Endeavor-owned agency has a strong presence in China, owing to its indepth local licensing market expertise combined with an unparalleled international network.

2023 is shaping up to be a promising year for the country’s licensing industry, as more and more international brands look to enter the lucrative Chinese market.

Commenting on the evolving trends in the region, Miki Yamamoto, IMG’s Senior Vice President for Licensing in Asia, says, “While China’s licensing market is becoming increasingly competitive and diverse, brand awareness and consumer demand for wellknown brands continue to remain high. Hence, China’s local brands including cultural, original and creative IPs will be sought-after for cobranded collaborations.”

Recently, IMG has facilitated a number of key collaborations, bringing global brands closer to Chinese consumers in authentic and unique ways.

In one such collaboration, luxury car brand Maserati partnered with popular mobile game PUBG Mobile to give players a chance to command some of Maserati’s first-class sports cars in-game. The cars introduced in the game included the super sportscar MC20, Maserati’s lightweight yet powerful coupe with a 3.0 litre twin-turbo V6 engine, and the robust but stylish Levante, Maserati’s SUV offering, as

well as a special unlockable surprise vehicle. Players were able to take the wheel of Maserati’s sports cars from November 18 through December 31, 2022.

Meanwhile, in a deal facilitated by IMG, sportswear brand FILA debuted an exclusive skiwear collection in China in collaboration with Italian luxury brand Alfa Romeo and other renowned ski brands. Launched in November 2022 through FILA stores in China Mainland, Hong Kong, Macao and Singapore, as well as FILA’s e-shops, the collection was an instant hit among consumers prompting a second line that is expected to launch in November 2023.

The Van Gogh Museum continues to be one of the most sought-after art licensing properties in China, introducing innovative new collaborations brokered by IMG, such as a line of eye-catching Down jackets launched in collaboration with Chinese down clothing company Bosideng. The Van Gogh Museum and FILA also expanded their successful collaboration

with the launch of two seasonal S/S collections of apparel and accessories for adults and children through more than 2,000 FILA stores and e-shops in mainland China, Hong Kong, Macao and Singapore. By combining FILA’s trendy charm and Van Gogh’s iconic art, the collaboration captures the romantic core of young people’s spiritual world and has gained wide acclaim as an impressive and successful fusion between fashion and art. Another major trend in China’s licensing market is the growing dominance of toy licensing.

“The toy and amusement sector accounts for one of the largest proportions of licensees in the Chinese market,” says IMG’s Yamamoto. “More and more toy companies are begin ning to conduct business under IP licenses, with cartoons and anima tion being the most popular type of IP licenses held by toy licensees.”

Last summer, China’s pop culture and entertainment company, Pop Mart, announced the launch of its Skullpanda x The Addams Family lection, in a deal facilitated by IMG. The collection consists of figurines in blind boxes and novelty items including collectible badges, bot tles, iPhone cases, Air Pods cas es and charging cables. In the blind box series, Skullpanda becomes a member of The Addams Family, presenting a quirky appearance that complements the cartoon’s gothic style and dark aesthetics.



标志性品牌在中国举办主题活动庆 祝十周年

emoji 公司首席执行官兼创始人 Marco Huesges 表示:“我们很 荣幸与 GRANDJOY 集团合作, 在中国推出我们的周年纪念主 题活动,给我们的游客带来难忘 和愉快的体验,让公众感到被爱 和希望。”。

emoji® - 标志性品牌 emoji 公司是所注册 emoji® 商 标的所有者,在全球 150 多个国 家/地区的商品和服务中多达 45 个类别。

emoji 公司的广泛版权组合涵 盖 1,000 多个商标和 25,000 多 个 emoji® 品牌图标和设计,受版 权法保护,可用于合法授权和推 广、促销和活动、娱乐服务和营 销活动。

2022 年底,一场激动人心的主 题活动在中国西安大悦城购物 中心隆重举行。

该商场为客户组织了一场以 emoji® 为主题的十周年纪念活 动。该交易由 Medialink 代理, 该代理在该地区代表 emoji® 品 牌。

活动包括 2 米高的 emoji® 品 牌蛋糕展示、各种庆祝活动和 emoji® 品牌赠品。将欢乐博物馆 和 emoji® 品牌海洋游泳池等八 个场景结合在一起,创造出一个 有趣的游乐场,并用欢快而富于 表现力的 emoji® 品牌图标进行 装饰。各个年龄段的游客都很高 兴,玩得很开心!

该活动于 2022 年 12 月 24 日至 2023 年 2 月 28 日举行,提醒人 们以积极的心态和无限的希望 开启新的一年!超过 40 万名游 客畅享了本次活动。

“很高兴庆祝 emoji® 品牌成立 十周年。GRANDJOY 集团首席 执行官 Rongen Cao 表示:“我

们敦促每个人都以快乐的情绪 拥抱生活,就像我们的竞选主题

一样 - 给您爱,给您快乐,给您希 望。”

emoji 公司的官方合作伙伴包 括 1,200 多家世界著名的全球 授权合作伙伴,其中包括 Sony Pictures Animation、PUMA、 L´Oreal、Ferrero、Unilever、

授权概览中国 22

Burger King、Zara、The Hershey Company、Walmart、Danone、 Nikon、Fuji、Nestlé、Lidl、Kellog g´s、Danone、Nikon、Aldi、Pep sico、Miss Sixty、BBC、C&A、The French Post 等。

全球多次获奖的 emoji® 品牌被 Powerlist 评为仅次于 Lego 和 Coca-Cola 的第三大最具影响 力品牌。emoji 公司在全球 150 强授权商中排名第 57 位,emoji® 品牌是有史以来最具影响力的 通用生活方式品牌之一。


联系 或 访问

emoji® 是 emoji 有限公司的 注册商标。© 2015-2023 emoji company GmbH。保留所有权利

Medialink 集团

Medialink Group Limited 是一 家领先的动态媒体内容分发和 品牌授权市场推动者,总部位于 香港,在中国、日本和东南亚设 有分支机构,在该地区拥有自己 的 Ani-One® 动漫平台,拥有超 过 297 万用户,YouTube 频道上 的浏览量超过 3.69 亿次;寓教于

乐 VOD Ani Kids™ 渠道和电子 商务平台 Ani Mall™。

Medialink Group 从事媒体内容 分发业务已超过 26 年,同时还 经营品牌授权业务。

在媒体内容分发业务下, Medialink Group 通过参与内容 制作和分发安排,与媒体内容授 权方进行投资和密切合作,并分


系列以及动画和真人电影相关 的媒体内容。

根据品牌授权业务,该集团涉及 品牌授权方拥有的品牌相关的 各种权利的授权,包括玩具、服 装和鞋类、保健和美容产品、食 品和饮料的“销售权”,活动、主 题公园、购物中心、咖啡馆和餐 厅的“基于位置的娱乐权”;以及 亚太地区的“推广权”。


授权概览中国 23

BrandTrends shares the Most favorite Entertainment brands in the Autumn of 2022


BrandTrends Group unveils some major findings from its most recent research, and some key facts can be extracted when compared to the previous three years.

China is a vast country with a rich history and culture, which often baffles visitors with its unique and intriguing customs.

Where local properties hold the leading spots

fan bases to increase its own brand recognition.


The BrandTrends Group is a premier provider of market research and consulting services, focusing on brand, lifestyle, and attitudinal trends, with a particular emphasis on children, youth, and families. Their team of experienced researchers and analysts is dedicated to helping businesses, organizations, and individuals stay ahead of the curve in the constantly changing market landscape.

They conduct extensive monitoring in up to 53 markets annually, providing their clients with in-depth knowledge, expertise, and unique, proprietary analytics to identify the best opportunities in retail activation, consumer attitudes & behavior, competitive environment, and brand line design. The BrandTrends Group works with renowned global companies across a variety of industries, including consumer package goods corporations, entertainment studios, retailers, and industry bodies. To learn more, visit www.

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For instance, did you know that China has the world’s largest high-speed railway network, covering over 22,000 miles and serving more than one billion passengers annually? Or that the country has over 56 ethnic groups, each with its own language, customs, and traditions?

But beyond its rich history and customs, China also boasts a thriving licensing market.

A unique market

But beyond its rich history and customs, China also boasts a thriving licensing market. According to the latest BrandTrends Entertainment reports, the top licensed properties in China include LEGO, Boonie Bears, Pleasant Goat and Big Big Wolf and Doraemon, among others. This market is characterized by a diverse range of popular brands, including local and international properties.

China’s licensing market is unique, with its own peculiarities and characteristics. One of the key factors driving the licensing industry in China is the country’s rapidly growing middle class. As more people join this demographic, there is an increased demand for high-quality, premium products, which presents a significant opportunity for brands to expand their reach in this market.

Additionally, China has a strong ecommerce culture, with many consumers preferring to shop online.

As a result, digital licensing and merchandising have become increasingly popular in China, providing an excellent avenue for brands to reach a wider audience.

The BrandTrends Group report shows that LEGO is currently the most popular licensed property in China, with a Brand Popularity Index (BPI) of 51 among kids aged 3 to 14. However, there’s an interesting trend in China’s licensing market with the increasing popularity of local brands, like Boonie Bears, Pleasant Goat and Big Big Day or GG Bond. These brands appeal to Chinese consumers’ sensibilities, resonate with their culture and values, and have a significant presence in China. Boonie Bears’ popularity in China can be attributed to several factors. Firstly, the series is produced locally and features relatable characters and themes that are familiar to Chinese culture. Additionally, the brand has been heavily marketed and promoted through various channels, including television, social media, and merchandising.

Since its debut in 2012, Boonie Bears has become one of the most successful animated series in China. Its success has been further enhanced by collaborations with other popular franchises, such as Transformers and Ice Age. In 2016, Boonie Bears teamed up with Transformers for a joint project titled “Boonie Bears and the Big Top Secret,” which grossed over 100 million yuan at the box office. Similarly, in 2019, Boonie Bears collaborated with Ice Age to produce “Boonie Bears: Blast into the Past,” which grossed over 430 million yuan.

These collaborations allowed Boonie Bears to expand its reach and appeal beyond its core audience and attract fans of the Transformers and Ice Age franchises. Additionally, the collaborations helped Boonie Bears tap into the popularity of these well-known franchises and leverage their established

Bonnie Bears is currently the second most popular brand in China, while GG Bond and Pleasant Goat and Big Big Day follow suit. However, the popularity of the latter seems to be declining among kids aged 3 to 14.

Growing presence of videogame properties

In addition to the Chinese properties, there is a growing presence of video game properties in China’s licensing market.

According to the BrandTrends Entertainment reports, several video game brands, including League of Legends, Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds, Plants vs. Zombie or Minecraft are among the top licensed properties in China. This indicates the growing penetration of digital devices and video games in the lives of Chinese children aged 3 to 14, and their increasing preference for digital entertainment.

Ownership and Licensing Opportunities

The Chinese market’s appetite for licensed products is growing rapidly. Indeed, Chinese consumers have a strong affinity for licensed products, thanks to their increasing disposable income, exposure to Western culture, and desire for high-quality, branded products!

The chart below clearly demonstrates a strong relationship between a brand’s popularity and the intentions to purchase licensed products based on it. The top-performing brands, such as LEGO, enjoy both high popularity and strong demand for licensed products among Chinese kids aged 3-14. This can be attributed to the brand’s successful marketing strategies, strong brand recognition, and its ability to offer a wide range of products across various categories.

However, the second most popular


brand, Boonie Bears, doesn’t receive the same level of purchase intentions despite its popularity among Chinese kids. One of the main reasons for this is the lack of products available in stores, particularly across different product categories. This presents an opportunity for other properties to capitalize on the high traffic generated by the brand’s popularity and the strong demand for licensed products among Chinese consumers. Marketing professionals should take note of this trend and develop strategies that cater to the high demand for licensed products in China, particularly those associated with popular brands like Boonie Bears. By ensuring the availability of products across different categories, businesses can take advantage of the traffic generated by these popular brands and achieve substantial growth in the Chinese market. As the Chinese market continues to grow and evolve, businesses that can effectively tap into the demand for licensed products will be well-positioned for success.

The Chinese licensing market is diverse and immediately lucrative China is a thriving and unique Licensing market with a diverse range of local and international properties. The country’s rapidly growing middle class and strong e-commerce culture make it an attractive market for brands to expand their reach. Furthermore, the

growing popularity of local brands, such as Boonie Bears, highlights the importance of cultural relevance and strategic collaborations in capturing the attention of Chinese consumers. In addition, with the penetration of digital devices among Chinese kids, the licensing market presents great opportunities for companies to develop and expand their reach. Not to mention the low presence of international superhero brands in China, that calls for brands to develop and market products that resonate with the local culture.

To make the most of China’s licensing market, companies should consider the following directions:

• Develop culturally relevant products: Brands that successfully tap into Chinese consumers’ cultural sensibilities and values are more likely to gain traction in the market.

• Form strategic collaborations: Strategic collaborations with popular franchises, as seen in the case of Boonie Bears and Transformers or Ice Age, can help brands tap into the popularity of well-known franchises and leverage their established fan bases to increase their own brand recognition and expand their reach.

• Embrace digital licensing and

merchandising: Developing digital products such as mobile games, apps, and e-books can be a lucrative opportunity to capture the attention of techsavvy Chinese consumers.

With strategic collaborations, culturally relevant products, and a focus on digital licensing and merchandising, international and national brands can unlock the lucrative potential of this thriving market.

With strategic collaborations, culturally relevant products, and a focus on digital licensing and merchandising, international and national brands can unlock the lucrative potential of this thriving market.

About the Report

The current report provides a detailed analysis of brand awareness, popularity, and purchase intent of the most important Entertainment brands within a country.

The most crucial aspect is that it predicts product category purchasing intentions. The service reports on 11,500+ different Entertainment, Fashion, or Sports brands four times a year, and interviews 200,000+ people ranging in age from infants to seniors in 42 countries, including China.


1. The likelihood of consumers purchasing a licensed item associated with a popular entertainment property is strongly correlated with that property’s popularity,

2. Prime candidates for successful commercialization are on the right of the chart.

3. Less likely to appeal to consumers compared to the top players are on the left side of the chart.

4. Brands above the line have less merchandise potential than their popularity would indicate. These are typically the brands with limited products in the shelve-space,

5. Brands below the line have greater merchandise potential than its popularity would indicate. These are typically those long existing brands, part of the regular shelve-space.

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 9 8 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29
9 GG Bond 10 Harry Potter 11 Frozen 12 Super Wings 13 Plants vs Zombies 14 Donald Duck 15 League of Legends 16 Marvel 17 Spongebob Squarepants 18 Pleasant Goat and Big Bad Wolf 19 Tom & Jerry 20 Journey to the West 21 Boonie Bears 22 Peppa Pig 23 Ultraman 24 Minions 25 Spider-Man 26 Mickey Mouse 27 Pikachu 28 Doraemon 29 Lego IFP (Intentions of Future Purchases) BPI (Brand
2 Calabash Brothers 3 Paw Patrol 4 Big Head Son & Little Head Dad 5
7 Minecraft 8 Honor of Kings (Wangzhe Rongyao)
Popularity Index)

2023最可爱的小兔子 –


生肖兔年每十二年只有一次。而 这个兔年,因为有米菲而更加美 好。米菲在2023年与区域乃至全 球的顶级品牌携手,奉献了许多 精彩的合作项目。

Tommy Hilfiger x 米菲系列是 潮人们的本季必备款。两种标 志性文化的碰撞,为全球粉丝呈 现了一个有趣、充满活力的系 列。Tommy还针对亚洲市场提 供特别福利,客户购买Tommy x Miffy产品,可以获得Miffy x MIPOW免费礼品。MIPOW是米 菲在亚洲的一家数码配件联名 项目合作伙伴。

世界领先的运动服装品 牌,adidas Originals,为米菲项 目专门设计了联名品牌标志,包 含了品牌最具代表性的三叶草 图形和经典米菲形象。以这种别 出心裁的设计和非常温暖的“中 国红”为主要视觉元素,该系列 于去年12月推出,并在大中华区 推出了数家米菲主题线下店。

为庆祝中国新年,世界级专业 泳装品牌Speedo也再次携手 Miffy,推出第二波联名产品。这 个系列的泳装和配饰销售区域 涵盖亚洲许多国家,以中国为核 心,其他国家包括印度尼西亚、

泰国、韩国、菲律宾、马来西亚、 新加坡和越南。

同样是在12月,另一场热烈而 又美味的合作在全球众多国家 和地区拉开帷幕。火锅第一品牌 海底捞正式启动Miffy x海底捞 的全系列合作,包括数家充满热 闹春节气氛的Miffy主题餐厅, 以及各种联名产品:从传统的餐 具、手提袋、对联,到指甲贴这样 非常有创意的特色产品。这些带 有米菲元素的产品现在已经在 1000多家海底捞餐厅有售!

中国邮政是中国的邮品独家开 发企业。以中国十二生肖为主题 的邮票一直是作为礼物或收藏 品的心水之选。今年,中国邮政 推出了米菲个性化邮票。集邮爱 好者和米菲粉丝都不容错过! 7-ELEVEN便利店连锁在华南的 1500多家门店推出了米菲联名 系列。消费者还特别惊喜地发现 有几家主题店全店以米菲元素 装饰,带来一个可爱而温暖的春 节。

亚洲最大文具品牌晨光文具是 米菲在中国和其他一些国家的 长期重要合作伙伴。18年来,晨 光一直致力于开发兼具实用性

和创造性的米菲文具系列。为庆 祝2023兔年,晨光设计了一系 列产品,将米菲元素和优雅中国 风有机结合。这系列产品以精致 礼盒包装,内有笔记本、钢笔、贴 纸、胶水等文具,于一月份农历 新年前上市。

在这么多合作中,一个重要的亮 点是与MoCA(上海当代艺术馆) 合作的展览。策展方邀请了20多 位艺术家用心创作他们对米菲 的独特诠释。上海当代艺术馆成 立于2005年,是中国第一家非营 利性私人当代艺术馆。此次展览 题为《你好,米菲! 》。在展览中, 迪克·布鲁纳的艺术被置于艺术 史的语境,开启了与中国艺术家 在历史与艺术发展史之间的对 话。这是米菲在中国的第一次大 型跨领域艺术创作。

伴随着这么多的盛事和合作项 目,让我们和米菲一起迎接这个 不一样的兔年!


/totallicensing @totallicensing

/totallicensing /totallicensing

Spring 春天 2023
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