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INTERLITHO LICENSING is an art licensing agency well established since 1955 and based in Germany. They sell to customers worldwide and have a library containing over 100.000 images which are constantly added to by their freelance designers and suppliers.

INTERLITHO’s portfolio is easily available to see and select from the categorised website where you can search by keywords, artists and numbers.You can create a lightbox and save your selection, you can download it and you can share it with INTERLITHO LICENSING for availability checking or with others.

The painted designs cover all styles and mediums and are licensed around the world on products ranging from puzzles, crafts, greeting cards and stationery, prints on canvas, calendars, giftware and tableware and fabrics. They cover the whole range of traditional, contemporary, cute, whimsical, seasonal and everyday in American and European style.

INTERLITHO LICENSING also holds a large collection of photographic images which is constantly extended. The designs are developed in cooperation with their customers to suit their specific demands and needs. New designs and photographic images are immediately available as high resolution data and so permit fast and inexpensive adaptation to your particular products, sizes and specific products requirements.

The designs and images are created in close cooperation with designers and artists worldwide. They work together from the concept to the sketch, over the colour composition up to the finished commercial design. Thus, a continous flow of eye catching modern and advanced designs as well as of traditional designs can be assured. They are present at a number of events throughout the year including Las Vegas Licensing Expo, Atlanta Gift Show and Christmasworld/Creativworld as well as Ambiente in Frankfurt and the Nuremberg Toy Fair and ISM in Cologne. Please note that they can create taylor made artwork for you according to your briefing!

For more information please visit : or contact: Anke and Andreas Klein at +49-221-9405830. +49-172-2492297 (cell) They look forward to meeting you!

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Co-Publisher Francesca Ash

Co-Publisher Jerry Wooldridge Editorial Director Rebecca Ash Office Manager Helen Bowerman

Welcome to the Summer 2024 edition of Total Art Licensing – the 21st Summer edition of the magazine. The last twenty one years have seen some interesting changes in the world of art licensing. In particular, the last five or six years have seen substantial changes. According to Licensing International’s Global Industry Study, retail sales of art licensed products grew 3.6% last year – amounting to $3.56 billion compared with $2.47 billion back in 2017. In fact, despite global economic woes, the sector has grown in size every year since 2017.

Of course, the pandemic years saw significant growth – the sector increased by 15.2% during the years 2019 to 2021, consolidating the consumer desire for home-based ‘comfort’ products.

Interestingly, over 65% of the annual revenue from licensed products featuring art and design emanated from the United States with China and the UK as the next highest territories.

In terms of products based on an art license, understandably perhaps home décor leads the way with accessories, fashion and apparel, followed by gifts and toys.

This May, this issue of Total Art Licensing will be winging its way to the Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas where it will be distributed to visitors and others at Licensing Expo – the licensing industry’s premier annual event. This issue includes a preview of some of the art and design exhibitor area in the halls.

In keeping with its global approach, the issue also includes an interesting article on the growth of art licensing in the Middle East through a combination of international and domestic brands.

We look forward to seeing many of our readers in Las Vegas. And do remember to keep us up to date with your news and latest art, signings, retail developments etc.

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Jewel Branding & Licensing (JBL) will be highlighting key initiatives and new clients at Licensing Expo (Booth #C134).

With expertise in cause-related and female-founded brands, Jewel continues to develop meaningful licensing programs.

New York Botanical Garden. Licensed in 15 countries across 4 continents, the program continues to experience significant growth globally. The program bloomed thanks to expansion in Asia, including multiple apparel, accessory and beauty programs in Japan and Korea such as a collab with Kangol Kids, as well as steady growth in the US with fashion collabs. First with Kith for menswear and kids apparel featuring floral inspired designs, followed by an Earth Day launch with Madewell.

The Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation (FLWF) works to advance Wright’s design legacy. The Foundation’s program has enjoyed steady growth, aligning with high-profile partners, including a home furnishings line with Steelcase, a limited-edition sneaker collaboration with New Balance sold through Kith, a tea collection by Tea Forte, and a jewelry collection with partner, Maya Brenner. The most recent introduction is a partnership with Surya for two new rug collections celebrating Wright’s work, which launched during April High Point Market. National Wildlife Federation (NWF) is one of the world’s oldest and most trusted wildlife conservation nonprofits focused on protecting America’s natural resources for wildlife, for ourselves and for future generations. The Landmark Project partnered with NWF to launch a sustainable collection of graphic tees, sweatshirts, headwear, and accessories that reintroduces a childhood hero, Ranger Rick. With each purchase The Landmark Project returns a portion of the proceeds to

NWF. Acco Brands introduced a collection of Five Star notebooks and planners in partnership with NWF. The products were certified through the Sustainable Forestry Initiative. Over the past year, Jewel has launched many Artist Series programs, where manufacturers and retailers highlight an assortment of diverse artists with different viewpoints. Berkshire Blanket and Home continues to expand with their Artist Series collection of throws and robes highlighting EttaVee, Creative Ingrid and Mia Charro. The colorful collection of warm, cozy throws have been strong sellers at a wide range of retailers. Crayola introduced an artist series coloring book featuring the art of Mia Charro, CatCoq, Tania Garcia and Alja Horvat. Jewel has seen a significant rise in creative collaborations, where high-profile manufacturers and retailers are highlighting female artists and designers and want to tell their stories.

Nikki Chu, renowned interior designer and artist introduced a new wall art collection with LeftBank Art. The Nikki Chu x Leftbank Art collection features an impressive array of 22 pieces, each a testament to the designer’s penchant for blending luxury and style seamlessly. Chu’s highly successful partnership with York Wallcoverings includes peel and stick wallcoverings with recent expansion into traditional wallpaper, which launched at High Point. These new collections build upon the success of the Nikki Chu Home brand, which includes rugs,

decorative pillows, furniture, stationery, décor and more.

On a different note, Jewel Branding & Licensing (Jewel) has announced its recent appointment as the licensing agent for the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston (MFA). One of the world’s finest museums, the MFA showcases an unparalleled collection of nearly 500,000 works, which range from ancient to contemporary masterpieces. The Museum is renowned for its remarkable holdings of European and Japanese art; masterworks from ancient Egypt, Greece, Rome and the Byzantine Empire; and pioneering collections of photography, textiles and jewelry. “The collections and reputation of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston are exceptional, and we are thrilled to be working with them to expand the brand,” said Julie Newman, Founder and CEO of Jewel. “The MFA is a treasure trove of inspiring content and we look forward to bringing its unique stories and point of view to the world.” By leveraging the MFA’s iconic brand and artistic legacy, Jewel will expand the licensing program to enable art enthusiasts to experience the museum in their everyday lives.

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The brand licensing industry is vibrant and expanding. The leasing of intellectual property rights by brand owners to manufacturers or retailers has become a robust ecosystem for producing and marketing products adorned with prestigious, recognizable brand names, logos, and characters.

According to Licensing International, the industry has experienced an impressive annual growth rate of 8%, having exceeded a third of a trillion US dollars in total value in 2022. This success demonstrates the power of branding as consumers forge emotional connections with select trademarks and copyrighted properties. Art licensing stands out as a dynamic sector within the wider brand licensing marketplace thanks to innovative strategies employed by cultural powerhouses such as New York’s Metropolitan Museum of Art (The Met) that are democratizing access to art. Through licensing, art can be seamlessly integrated into daily life in consumer products, thus deepening and diversifying consumers’ engagement with it. Licensing agreements increase the visibility of art, linking cultural heritage with modern consumer culture. This form of branding can thus play a transformative role in fostering a connected and inclusive cultural dialogue.

Art Licensing in the Middle East

The Middle East is a unique and dynamic landscape for the art licensing industry. Art is central to the region’s cultural identity, having long served to reflect its complex histories, diverse cultures, and distinct traditions. From the sophisticated calligraphy and geometric patterns of Islamic art to contemporary abstract and realist works capturing the evolving sociopolitical situation, the art scene in the Middle East is as diverse as the people who live there. This deep-rooted cultural significance makes art well-suited for brand licensing that transforms traditional and contemporary works into accessible consumer goods for the domestic market as well as products that enrich global markets with the essence of Middle Eastern heritage. Amid ongoing efforts at economic diversification in the region, particularly in the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) countries, the art sector plays a critical role in broadening the economic base beyond petroleum products.The United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, and Qatar are among the countries actively nurturing domestic creative industries, including art and

Louis Vuitton scarf with design by eL.Seed (

design, because of their potential contributions to economic growth and soft power diplomacy. By integrating art licensing into broad economic strategies, these countries leverage their rich cultural legacies to enhance their competitive edge on the world stage, attract international tourists, and stimulate local and regional economies. The relationship between cultural preservation and economic development is symbiotic, with institutions such as museums and art galleries both promoting cultural exchange and generating revenue for themselves and artists. Among the countries just mentioned, the United Arab Emirates, known for flagship cultural projects such as the Louvre Abu Dhabi, the Guggenheim Abu Dhabi, and Dubai’s Museum of the Future and Alserkal Avenue, has positioned itself as a global arts hub with a thriving market for licensed art products ranging from highend collectibles to everyday items. Saudi Arabia, through its Vision 2030 and other efforts to nurture its cultural sector, has launched numerous initiatives to promote domestic art and Arab art generally on a global scale, often through licensing agreements. In Qatar, investment in institutions such as the Museum of Islamic Art and the National Museum of Qatar has been reinforced through the hosting of major events such as the landmark “The Shape of Time: Art and Ancestors of Oceania” exhibition featuring some 120 works from the Met’s unparalleled collection that tell the story of creative expression and

About the Author

Markettcom was co-created in 2021, by Amer Bitar, prior to which he headed up the licensing business at WWE Middle East for 6 years and Ammar Jabri, an entrepreneur who created a successful premium and promotion business called Jabs Trading that became a leader in the promotions industry in the region.

Markettcom is a Dubai-based licensing agency with offices and partners in the entire MENA region, specializing in representing intellectual property’s rights in the Middle East North Africa.

For information, contact:

innovation over the centuries throughout the Pacific Islands. All of these activities showcase the commitment to blending cultural heritage with modernity in ways that drive the demand for licensed art products.

Key Players and Collaborations in Middle Eastern Art Licensing

The synergy of distinguished artists, visionary licensors, and trailblazing licensing agencies supports the thriving Middle Eastern art licensing market. These individuals and entities are at the forefront of the transformation of art into licensed products with which consumers connect deeply as a result of the effective marriage of artistic innovation and commercial appeal. Collaborations with global brands including Nike and Lexus have helped the work of artists such as Marwan Shakarchi, better known as Myneandyours, to achieve worldwide recognition. Similarly, eL Seed’s unique calligraphic designs featured in the high fashion of Louis Vuitton’s Autumn/Winter 2013 collection, exemplifying the universal appeal of Middle Eastern artistry. Markettcom stands out as a key facilitator in the introduction and growth of art licensing. The firm is adept at navigating the complex world of copyright and brand collaboration to bring Middle Eastern art to households worldwide. Collaborations with international institutions such as the Met as well as regional artists such as Jamal Joratli have significantly raised the bar for the quality of licensed products from luxury home décor to wearable art and digital content. Such partnerships not only increase the global footprint of Middle Eastern art but also underscore the cultural and economic impact of the art licensing industry in the region.

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Another example of effective collaboration is the relationship forged between the Met and the prominent UAE-based window and wall décor manufacturer Sedar Group.

Through a strategic licensing agreement, this alliance has brought to market an exclusive line of products adorned with images from the Met collection. This innovative venture not only expands access to art by integrating it into everyday spaces in the Middle East but also significantly enhances the market visibility of the entities involved.

This program exemplifies the capacity of regional collaborations to bridge the gap between art appreciation and consumer engagement, thereby enriching the cultural and economic landscape.

Challenges and Opportunities in Middle Eastern Art Licensing

The Middle Eastern art licensing sector presents distinct challenges and remarkable opportunities, particularly given the intricacies of intellectual property rights and copyright issues. The region’s legal frameworks regarding intellectual property are constantly evolving, creating a complex environment in which artists and licensors alike need a thorough understanding

of the local regulations to protect their creative endeavors.

For newcomers to art licensing, breaking into the market presents challenges in terms of establishing credibility and forging partnerships in a competitive arena that often favors well-established names. For those able to navigate these obstacles, the Middle East offers an unparalleled wealth of opportunities. Especially notable in this regard are high-profile regional events such as Art Dubai, Abu Dhabi Art Fair, and the AlUla Arts Festival that highlight the rich cultural and artistic heritage of the region and showcase the vibrancy and diversity of Middle Eastern art for a global audience.

Technological advancements and the advent of artificial intelligence (AI) have made available innovative solutions to the challenges associated with protecting intellectual property.

Seminal, a leading force in art copyright technology, exemplifies this progress with its AI-driven platform designed to empower artists and estates.

By ensuring that creators receive due attribution and compensation for their work, whether reproduced physically or digitally, the firm has positioned itself as a vital ally in the protection of intellectual property within the art licensing


This forward leap in overcoming copyright complexities offers a solid foundation for bolstering the expansion and sustainability of creative communities in the Middle East.


Art licensing in the Middle East merges rich heritage with modern innovation, propelling regional art onto the global stage and demonstrating the power of collaboration to break through traditional barriers to make art universally accessible.

The expansion in the sector transcends mere commercial growth by celebrating the vibrant tapestry of Middle Eastern culture internationally.

Continued success requires leveraging technology, cultivating meaningful partnerships, and understanding the legal frameworks. As the Middle East becomes an increasingly important hub for art licensing, it solidifies its artists’ influence in the worldwide art market.

This evolution points to a future in which regional art, in its myriad forms, is increasingly available and valued across the globe, enriching cultural dialogues and connectivity among diverse communities.

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The Royal Pavilion at Brighton is now available as a licensed property with a lookbook of curated designs, a vibrant history and an archive of sumptuous wallpapers and textiles. Charlie McKenzie, Head of Income Development, says “We are delighted to be able to bring the colour, luxury and joy of The Royal Pavilion to the licensing world.  Created by the finest craftsmen of the day, the designs and spectacular royal vision will be suitable for many products such as gifts, textiles, stationery and home décor’ Originally a simple house that George, Prince of Wales, rented when he first began visiting Brighton in 1783, it was transformed into an extraordinary party palace, where elaborate banquets, musical performances, games and dancing erupted in the ornately decorated rooms.  Instantly recognisable outside from its domes and minarets, the interiors astound with fantastic designs, extravagant decoration, exotic splendours, fabulous beasts, tall palm trees and beautiful floral creations.The Regency period fascinates – Netflix’s steamy ‘Bridgerton’ was watched by 63 million viewers and

in the UK alone 5.3 million watched Jane Austen’s ‘Sanditon’, both set in Regency England.  The ‘Bridgerton effect’ has recently seen a spike in the interest in Regency jewellery, fashion, furniture and design.  ‘Chinoiserie’ style has seen a boom in popularity.


Elizabeth Stirling Designs is participating in the upcoming Design Bloc show at the Metropolitan Pavilion, NYC on May 16th and 17th, where she will be showcasing her latest collection of seasonal designs for gift bag, stationary, textiles and ceramics. The team have been hard at work creating an exciting range of innovative, trend-driven designs that reflect

their commitment to quality. Having collaborated extensively with major retailers and manufacturers such as Dollar Tree, Walmart, and International Greetings, Elizabeth Stirling Designs has cultivated close relationships and developed a profound understanding of commercial design.

Her partnerships have provided invaluable insights into market dynamics, consumer preferences, and the ever-evolving landscape of retail. With over 30 years’ experience, the team consistently deliver designs that not only meet but exceed the expectations of clients and customers.

For further information, contact or visit

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Liz Wain is a busy lady who clearly enjoys what she does. She founded her licensing and product development agency in 2019, an organic evolution of a 35+ year career in design, manufacturing and marketing. Total Art Licensing caught up with Liz to find out more!

Today, Liz represents 24 different and diverse artists for licensing and Liz is unusual in that she understands all sides of the business. After studying at Parson’s School for Design in New York, she started a company where she designed and manufactured bed, bath, and table linens. As Liz explains, “First Barney’s of New York bought the line. Then Bergdorf Goodman. In fact, the linen collection was featured in more than 1200 luxury retailers worldwide. Licensing the Liz Wain lifestyle brand followed.”

In the years that followed, Liz led retailer and manufacturer creative teams, and this was just the beginning. She took her talents to The Bradford Exchange where she created the Thomas Kinkade Collection of fine jewellery and, in the years that followed, she became Chief Creative Officer for Chinese quilt supplier Nostalgia Home Fashions and joined Enesco as Director of Design and Business Development.

It was, perhaps, a natural progression for Liz to bring her expertise to help other artists and start her own agency.

Fast forward to 2019 and Liz launched Wain’s World. As she explained, “We began signing contracts in 2019 and in January 2020, many of our artists launched product collections featured at the Winter Gift Markets.”

And then, the pandemic hit! But whilst so many businesses folded or contracted, the pandemic, in many ways, was the making of Wain’s World! “So many creative departments put their staff on furlough, but retailers still needed product. Because our artists could hit deadlines and deliver great art, we became a remote design studio for several manufacturers. It meant we had access to so many key accounts in tabletop, stationery and so much more. Our business just exploded!”

Of course, developing a relationship with key accounts is vital but post-pandemic Liz was also

able to re-stablish her relationships with manufacturers supplying independents and has gone from strength to strength ever since. “Our business continues to grow year over year and we are proud of the partnerships we continue to cultivate.”

What does come across when you talk to Liz is her love of the business. “Creating Wain’s World is an fortuitous blend of my 35-year career,” she explained. “I love being in the position of taking artists on and nurturing them on their road to success. The best part is that I really enjoy the people that I work with.”

In the end, though, it’s all about the product. “There is nothing better than walking into somebody’s home that you don’t know and seeing a product that you’ve helped produce. I really do feel incredibly fortunate to do something that I love with people that I truly respect.”

Liz’s artists represent a broad spectrum of art and design. Here we’ll take a look at a few of them, starting with her two latest artists – Cherrywood Lane and Rachel Nerney.


Jessa Bray is a witty, wildly talented preacher’s daughter and mother of three. Mostly selftaught, Jessa’s creative career began with a calligraphy site on Etsy followed by five-years as an art director for a luxury paper company. Last year, Jessa opened her own design house. Jessa wants to see her artwork everywhere, and she

has already proven herself to be prolific and popular with clients and consumers.


Rachael Nerney’s work combines fine art, mu-

ral design, and illustration.Vibrant and joyful, the imagery Rachael depicts brings a smile to your face. A SCAD grad, Rachael lives and works in Charleston, South Carolina. She is excited about working with partners who are also passionate about food, sustainability, and community.


Kristen Ley is the founder and creative director of Thimblepress® known for creating products that ‘make you feel good.’ An innovator and industry leader whose products helped popularize letterpress greeting cards and original PushPop Confetti®, Kristen creates art to encourage others to see the beautiful things within. Clients include Altar’d State, Anthroplogie, FTD Flowers, Hallmark, Hobby Lobby, HomeGoods, Keds, Moet Chandon, Staples, Target, Walmart.


A watercolor artist, Heatherlee’s paintings tell stories centered upon whimsey, romance and nature. Entirely self-taught, Heatherlee’s refreshing artistic voice now decorates products across the marketplace including tabletop,

TOTAL Art Licensing 22
Cherrywood Lane Thimblepress Rachael Nerney

kitchen textiles, stationery, wall art, fabric and greeting cards. Retailers include Hobby Lobby, HomeGoods, Staples, Trader Joe’s, The Container Store.


Brittany Zeller-Holland is the creative force behind Two if by Sea Studios. A versatile illustrator and designer, she specializes in pencil-on-paper, hand lettering and watercolors. In 2015, she began her own studio and has licensed her work on almost every product imaginable. Retailers include Dillard’s, HomeGoods, Nordstom, Paper Source, Target, The Container Store, T.J. Maxx, Uncommon Goods.


Emily Dumas is celebrated for her playful imagery, sharp wit and masterful puns. Products with

her colorful artwork range from paper goods to home décor. With her finger on the pulse of the market, Emily Dumas’s wit and artistry continue to delight. Clients include At Home, Barnes & Noble, HomeGoods, Meijer, Staples, The Container Store, Trader Joe’s.


Patty Rybolt’s licensing career began in 2019 with the debut of her Lemonade Collection. Since then, she has produced one stunning collection after another. Best known for her tabletop designs, Patty Rybolt is now focused on bringing her artist voice onto Home Décor stage. Patty is releasing two collections this May: Naure Walk’s and A Gift from the Sea.


A former university art instructor, Diane takes inspiration from the world around her: nature, textured surfaces and quirky stores. Products adorned with Diane’s masterful butterflies and florals work continue to be a consumer favorite across stationery, paper products, tabletop and garden products.


What began as an indie folksy greeting card collection has blossomed into an eclectic design aesthetic. Known for her watercolor artistry, Casey’s characters and surface patterns are an

elegant and fresh approach to traditional design. Casey Krimmel’s Tobacco Leaf pays homage to one of tabletop’s most iconic patterns bringing her artistic voice to a new consumer.


Alisha, founder, and creative director of LISH creative, produces clean, colorful photo and video content for some of the world’s most celebrated brands. Clients include Avery, Baskin Robbins, Dove, Dunkin’ Donuts, HomeGoods, Pickmotion, Seagram, Staples, Trader Joe’s


An accomplished illustrator, designer, painter and hand letterer, Leah Bisch launches two new collections this spring: Calistra and Lark. Known for her floral compositions and signature lettering style, Leah works hand-in-hand with vendors supplying Container Store, Disney Stores, HomeGoods, Meijer, minted, Pottery Barn, Staples, Target, The Met, Trader Joe’s, Walmart and World Market.

TOTAL Art Licensing
Heatherlee Chan Two If By Sea Studios Emily Dumas Diane Neukirch Casey Krimmel Lish Creative Leah Bisch Patty Rybolt


Art and design licensing has always formed an important part of Licensing Expo and this year is no exception.

With a dedicated art and design section within the halls and other art exhibitors throughout the show, most licensed art sectors are represented - from fine art, graphics, design, photography and more.


Tues May 21 9.00am - 5.30pm

Wed May 22 9.00am - 5.30pm

Thurs May 23 9.00am - 3.30pm

Art Brand Studios ( F142)

Art Brand Studios specialise in art publishing and licensing with a portfolio of over 100,000 images available. Over 30 years, Art Brand Studios has built strong relationships with leading manufacturers and has developed a wide assortment of licensed products using the art of some of the world’s most popular artists. Licensed brands include Wild Wings, Thomas Kinkade & Thomas Kinkade Studios, Marjolein Bastin, Eric Dowdle, and Artisan Home. The Wild Wings portfolio of wildlife and nature art includes well known artists such as Rosemary Millette, Persis Clayton Weirs, Susan Bourdet, Sam Timm, Chris Cummings, Janene Grende, Gary Johnson, Mark Susinno, Lee Kromschroeder, and Valeria Yost.

MHS Licensing + Consulting (E87)

For over 25 years, MHS has been one of the nation’s leading art licensing and consulting agencies.They specialize in representing popular artists and advising manufacturers in the search, evaluation and acquisition of new properties and personalities. MHS has over 100 years of combined experience guiding artists and manufacturers along the complicated road of licensing. The ability to think both creatively and critically allows for innovative plans of action and

rewarding opportunities for both the licensees and licensors. MHS represents over 50 talented art brands, licensing their work to hundreds of consumer product manufacturers worldwide.

Wain’s World (G88)

Wain’s World is an boutique licensing and product development agency committed to delivering original, trend-right creative content to manufacturers and retailers. A trusted resource and proven partner, Wain’s World proudly represents an outstanding group of recognized artist brands and emerging designers whose artwork stands out in the marketplace and consistently delights consumers and retailers alike.

Following the Golden Rule, Wain’s World manages each project with responsive service and exceptional user experience.

Working hand-in-hand with their partners, from blue-sky ideation to point-of-sale display, they take pride in exceeding expectations every step of the process. Sprinkling in fun, friendship and


care, they love what they do.

Liz Wain began her creative career in the 1980s as a couture designer of table linens. She launched her eponymous collection at Barneys New York and quickly expanded to Bergdorf Goodman. She grew her table linen collection into a luxury lifestyle brand available at more than 1200 boutiques worldwide, including Colette Paris, Neiman Marcus, Joyce Boutique HK,

and Harrods. She soon added a licensing division to expand brand reach. Liz Wain licensed products were sold through specialty and massmarket retailers including Bed Bath & Beyond, Bloomingdale’s, JCPenney, Kohl’s, T.J. Maxx, and Sears.

Patterson International (G109)

Patterson International is the exclusive art licensing agent for artist Gary Patterson. They are dedicated to expanding the whimsical world of Gary Patterson in the marketplace. All Gary Patterson products are developed in conjunction with top notch companies licensed to manufacture and distribute attractive, high-quality products bearing Gary’s popular artwork. The company has thousands of images available for utilization on licensed products of all kinds.

As one of America’s best loved artists, Gary Patterson crafts a special brand of lighthearted humor that is recognized, loved, and collected

by millions of people around the world. For over 48 years Gary has amused people with his tongue-in-cheek works featuring the potential pitfalls inherent in sports, the daily dramas that occur at the work place and hilarious portraits of cats and dogs - all in predicaments that help people appreciate and laugh at the lighter side of life.

Pink Light Studio (E84)

Pink Light Studio is a a trend setting licensing and design agency dedicated to crafting unique artwork for manufacturers and retailers. With a commitment to exceptional customer service, they offer an extensive array of themes and styles, ensuring their designs perfectly match the client’s vision. Their expertise involves creating vibrant designs for everyday and seasonal products – from stationery and home decor to food packaging, textiles, gifts, accessories, and ceramics. They represent 40 incredibly talented women artists from across the globe.

ArtSHINE (F87)

ArtSHINE is one of Australia’s leading art licensing companies, offering unique artists and designers with thousands of diverse images suit-

able across all categories. They also manufacture a range of exclusive branded ‘Bright Star’ designer lifestyle collections and seek suitable licensing partners for these and other projects.

Comedy Wildlife (F82)

Comedy Wildlife is an collection of high quality funny wildlife images perfect for the commercial market and now available to license. All images are 100% authentic, genuine photographs, many previously unpublished and ready to use. Everything from smiling baboons to photo-bombing giraffes, to cute baby elephants and sea turtles.

Born from a passion for wildlife, photography and a sense of fun, Comedy Wildlife began in 2015 as a free wildlife photo competition. Since then, steered by its founders, Paul JoynsonHicks MBE and Tom Sullam, both professional photographers, it has grown into a globally renowned competition seen by millions of people every year, with sustainability at its heart. The winning entries are regularly reported on CNN, Forbes, The New York Times, The Washington Post, Sky News, BBC and many more, proving their enormous popularity. These images entered each year by amateur and professional photographers have come to form The Comedy Wildlife Licensing Collection. They have the rights and access to this never ending stream of ‘feel good’ content and want to share these properties world-wide. A funny animal photo is an incredibly effective way of communicating to your customers because there are no barriers to understanding, or taboos that must be negotiated. They talk to all cultures and ages and tap into the impulse for anthropomorphism which is well-documented as one of the most powerful triggers for human empathy and understanding. Comedy Wildlife thinks there is huge potential for Comedy Wildlife assets to reach new businesses and engage with new audiences. Most of the 300 images in the collection are exclusive and have never been seen before. They are highquality and authentic ready to be licensed on a variety of products from toys, games, books, stationery, paper products, gifts and apparel as well as in marketing, advertising, packaging and the corporate sector.

Textured Home by Jennifer Lambein (G87)

Jennifer Lambein is licensing artist/designer who has been in the industry for over 20 years. She has seen her art on a variety of products and is always looking to expand her licensing portfolio. It’s her goal to bring joy, healing and inspiration through her designs. She primarily works in pencil, pen and ink, watercolor, acrylic, collage and Photoshop.

Her mother, grandmother, grandfather, both great grandmothers, and several of her great uncles are all artists, just to name a few in her

TOTAL Art Licensing 25

ancestral line of creative souls. She simply can’t remember a time when she wasn’t creating. She never knows how a creation will end up, but that’s the beautiful surprise of it all. Her artistic venues have varied greatly. Currently, she designs greeting cards, giftware, tabletop, book illustration, calendars, textiles, 3D products, home decor, logo design, and a variety of other products.

A Fresh Bunch (G85)

Headed by Jenny Morgan, A Fresh Bunch is a women-led artist agency representing handpicked female artists from around the world who design artwork for gift packaging, paper products, tableware, home accessories and decor, textiles and apparel They welcome commissions on custom projects! Marrying technology and good old-fashioned curation, A Fresh Bunch makes it easy for buyers to choose – instead of search for – the right art for their products.

Brenda Manley Designs (F83)

A Global Showcase of Creativity

Step into the world of Brenda Manley Designs, where talent knows no borders and creativity reigns supreme. Representing a team of international traditional artists, digital illustrators, lettering specialists, textile and surface pattern designers, we create exceptional placement art

and pattern collections elevating your products above others.

Our artists’ work graces the shelves of esteemed retailers worldwide, from the iconic shelves of Target and Macy’s to the cozy corners of Lenox, Harrods and Home Goods. In addition, you’ll find our art on greeting cards, fabrics, and gift products in the aisles of Hobby Lobby, Michael’s, Hallmark, Trader Joe’s, and Walmart, enriching lives with their beauty.

With a commitment to excellence, we not only license and sell our work but also extend a warm invitation for bespoke commissions, ensuring that every vision finds its perfect expression.

Visit or better yet, join us at Booth F83 at the Licensing Expo, where the spirit of collaboration thrives and the possibilities are boundless. We are thrilled to present our curated collections for your consideration.


MGL is one of the world’s leading art licensing companies. They represent the work of over 70 artists and have a growing archive of over 30,000 images and branded graphic properties. Their images are suitable for a broad range of products.

Ashley S. Benson (F86A)

Ashley S. Benson aka AsherBee is an illustrator/ vector artist originally from Wilmington, DE. She currently works Full-time as a Product Designer for Just Play LLC. She has worked as a Freelance Artist for companies such as Just Play Inc., Mattel, Inc and Hasbro. Asher’s artwork was featured in Adobe’s Master Class: Illustrator- Inspiring artwork and tutorials by established and emerging artists book published December of 2012. Her whole world revolves around color and its application of it line segment by line segment. When she’s not elbow deep in vectors, she enjoys gaming, immersing herself in geek culture, volunteering for her local comic conventions, sketching out the next personal vector

project, and traveling to the four corners of the universe, just as long as said universe has WiFi.

Shottsy Arts LLC (F86-B)

Shottsy is a fantasy illustrator and character designer. She is known for her expressive creations and vibrant art. Her style ranges from cartoony to fantasy realism.

She was trained by some of the great animators and creators of the past including Joe Murray, whom she credits with pushing her and giving her the courage to create her business and all of the experiences that have followed. Her passion lies in telling stories and bringing characters to life. She has run her own business for ten years traveling all over the country selling her artwork, novel and and handcrafted wire sculptures. Her dragon sculptures have won many awards and have been Juried into some of the largest conventions such as Dragon Con. When she is not drawing she is working on the next installation of her fantasy novel The Color of Fire , designing plush toys and other products for conventions and creating whimsical characters with jewelry wire.

She is now looking for licensing opportunities to take her art further. It is always been a dream of hers to see her work on products in a store.

Tate & Co Licensing (G82)

Tate & Company is a licensing agency that specializes in representing and managing the intellectual property rights of various brands and properties. The company works with a wide range of clients, including artists, designers, and entertainment companies, to help them monetize their intellectual property assets by licensing them to third-party manufacturers and distributors.

One of the primary services offered by Tate & Company is the management of licensing agreements, which involves negotiating and executing licensing contracts on behalf of their clients.This can include negotiating the terms of the agree-

TOTAL Art Licensing 26

ment, drafting legal contracts, and overseeing the implementation of the licensing program. Tate & Company also provides strategic planning and consulting services to their clients, helping them to identify new opportunities for licensing and to develop effective licensing programs that maximize the value of their intellectual property assets.

In addition, Tate & Company provides a range of administrative and support services, including royalty tracking and reporting, contract management, and brand management. By providing these services, the company helps their clients to streamline their licensing operations and maximize their revenue potential.

Overall, Tate & Company plays a critical role in helping their clients to manage and monetize their intellectual property assets, enabling them to generate significant revenue from licensing agreements while minimizing the risk and complexity of managing these programs themselves. Tate & Co. Licensing specializes in fantasy art and design. Such as Fairies, Dragons, Mermaids, Unicorns, steam punk, wizards, etc. We represent nearly all of the world’s top fantasy artists. We also represent more traditional types of artwork as well. Our designs are featured on a larger variety of products in both big box stores and mom and pop shops. your best source for Fairy, Dragon, Wizard, Witch, Steampunk, & other Fantasy Images for Licensing. We work with the world’s best Fantasy artists.

Giordano Studios (H85)

Since 1980 Giordano Studios has been a leader in the art licensing industry. Their artwork has

been used in co-branded licensing programs with prestigious organizations such as The National Wildlife Federation, ASPCA, The Humane Society of America, Wildlife Land Trust,The International Fund for Animal Welfare and the Make-A-Wish Foundation. Their designs feature: dogs and cats / puppies and kittens, wildlife and farm animals, safari animals, arctic animals, ocean animals juvenile / children’s themes , seasonal art (Spring, Fall and Harvest, Winter), cabin and

lodge themes, still-life compositions, fishing designs, holiday and Christmas (animals and birds, snowmen, Santa) and nautical art. Giordano Studios represents a variety of properties, some of which include American Truckers, Barnyard Babies, Boyz Gone Wheelin’, Giordano Pups and Kittens, Jolly Old St. Nick, and Winter Forest Friends, and Woodland Traditions.

Greg & Company (H85)

Greg & Company, LLC. Has been a prominent figure in the Art Licensing Industry for over 25 years. Greg & Company’s database of over 700 designs have been licensed to over 500 manufacturers across the globe. Greg & Company represents the art of Greg Giordano, J. Charles and Robert Francis. Their designs feature wildlife and farm animals, cats and dogs / puppies and kittens, birds, covered bridge scenes, patriotic images, vintage aviation, cars, and trucks, ladybugs, dragonflies, butterflies and garden/floral designs, cabin and lodge themes, Fall, harvest, holiday and Christmas art. Their art has been used in co-branded licensing programs with Dodge, Jeep, Chevrolet, Volkswagen, and Ford car companies, Indian Motorcycle company, and Farmall, John Deere, New Holland tractor companies.

Hu Creates (H87)

Hu Creates is based in Taipei, Taiwan and founded by Hollywood veteran Angie Hu. Wyrd Media (the parent company) started as an art outsourcing studio and switched directions into an art and licensing agency in 2020. They represent talented artists in Asia and promote their works to the global market. They offer the total package, from creative consulting, social media marketing, brand building, and licensing. Through combining their marketing strategies with their artists’ works, they have created plenty of viral content and built a solid fanbase with high conversion rates. As a multi-skilled and multilingual agency, they aim to be the bridge between Eastern and Western countries and help different IP characters expand into the global market.

LL Art Studio (H84)

Lucille Lee majored in Fine Art at The University of The Arts in Philadelphia and Textile/Surface Design at Fashion Institute of Technology in NYC.

Lucille’s figurative paintings carry a sense of elegance and romance. “Everything is a miracle in my art” she once said. There’s an air of confidence in the subject matter through her use of colors and lines with softness. Shades and colors are painted freely in her work which sets no limitation to her art-making process. The moment she starts to paint, the thoughts and ideas flow through naturally and joyfully.

Her female figurative paintings combine classicism, renaissance, and impressionism. You can find traces of magnificence similar to those of old masters like John Sargent or Giovanni Boldini. The bold yet very dynamic brushstrokes, expressed in her characteristic elegance and tranquility, create unique, beautiful feminine forms full of modern style with a classical taste.

Wild Apple Graphics (H90)

Wild Apple was founded in 1990 on a simple notion: Make Beautiful Art Accessible. Over its thirty-two year history, Wild Apple has worked with hundreds of artists and created too many pieces of art to count … but they can if needed. From their first collection of a handful of images and a homemade trade show booth to today, where they release hundreds of images a month to customers across the globe, they are proud to be one of the longest-standing art publishers in North America.

Wild Apple still calls beautiful Woodstock, Vermont, home. From their hometown studio they work with top-selling artists, creators and designers. Their art collections are sold as prints and wall decor globally and licensed onto beautiful home decor products including dinnerware, fabric, rugs, kitchenware, stationery and more. In 2022, the company founders, the Chesters, decided to retire and pursue their bucket lists. After looking for the best options that would keep the company running with the same values and commitment to staff, artists and customers, Wild Apple was purchased by local Vermonter, and company Chief Operating Officer, Shawn Harned. If you also love Wild Apple for their devotion to chocolate, they can guarantee that they (and Shawn) are still very pro chocolate! As they embark on this new chapter, they are staying true to their values of creativity, respect and hard work and continue to do business by the golden rule: treating artists, customers, suppliers, and each other the way they want to be treated.

TOTAL Art Licensing 27
TOTAL Art Licensing 28

New York artist Lou Patrou takes his contemporary art and brands to Japan.

Contemporary fine artist Lou Patrou has been drawing and painting faces for over 50 years and has an amazing catalogue of artworks. He works in several different styles that can range from a mix of beautifully haunting to stunning graphic pop art, some with an edge and some more whimsical.

Over the past decade Patrou has organized and developed his images into three unique polished brands that appeal to a wide demographic. Hank & Sylvie is a friendly lifestyle brand based on a matching pair of characters. Hank & Sylvie are presented with happy colors and up-tempo

kitsch that fits with everything from plushies, bedding, stationery, food, cosmetics, apparel and home goods. 011 is an edgy women’s brand for those looking for a striking icon that represents a new hip style. The Patrou brand is an entire and growing collection that can be positioned as a street-wise working artist’s brand. The Patrou brand is driven by supporting gallery exhibits, published artist features and press with an ever expanding catalog of new original works.The Patrou brand lends itself to everything from youth market categories like skate boards and limited edition art collectibles to street wear fashion capsule collections, far-out accessories and exciting big brand collaborations.

Patrou has just assigned Crown Creative Co.

headquartered in Tokyo as master licensing agent for Japan. Crown Creative plans to take Patrou’s properties into apparel and other categories. This Japanese deal was introduced and coordinated by NDA Licensing from Paris in collaboration with Patrou’s European agent Lafèbre Licensing.

If you haven’t seen his extraordinary work, we urge you to check it out at

Patrou’s work is both original and beautiful and the wealth of licensing possibilities this catalog offers is everything needed when looking for fresh inventive properties to work with.


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