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BLUEPRINT and tropical patterns. Cherie Johnson’s Bohemian Shakti dancers and mermaids make their debut at this show offering a simple yet powerful message. Lisa’s art includes a new colorful set of gouache floral and holiday patterns.

Eugenia is sheer magic; movement, dancing and colour are embodied and dance over different surfaces. Marcie Designs is a full service design and brand development studio offering 35 years of product development experience and exceptional service. At Blueprint they will be presenting a innovative collection of new trends and established best sellers. Their Christmas designs are sourced globally and offer a range of styles that include traditional to modern, Kraft , char-

Little Cube is an art and illustration studio specializing in designs for the baby and kids market. Based in Paris, its founder Sarah has produced artwork for a large variety of product areas including wallpapers, stationery, home decor, gift wrap, toys, fabric or apparel.

as a freelance graphic designer, Loo began focussing more of her creative energy on illustrating, producing a line of greeting cards and custom tote bags. Living by the water and hillsides, Loo’s natural surroundings often influence her work. This is her first time exhibiting at Blueprint and she is thrilled for the opportunity to meet with new clients and fellow artists.

Her clients include Paperless Post, American Greetings, Crane and Co, International Greetings, Cloud9Fabrics or Monoprix and Sergent Major. At Blueprint Sarah will share her newest collections showing cute animal characters, florals, holiday art, greeting cards and whimsical patterns featuring little stories available for licensing and direct selling. London Portfolio is a New Jersey-based design studio specializing in the sale and licensing of original artwork for the surface-textile industry. Their collection is the effort of 20 international artists who create original work for major holidays as well as for everyday themes and categories. At this year’s Blue Print show in May, they will be exhibiting a collection full of bright and colorful designs for spring and summer as well as more traditional and timeless work for the Christmas holiday season. Many of the designs have hand painted elements which are then converted to a digital medium for faster, easier production use Loo McNulty is an illustrator and surface pattern designer based in Collingwood, Canada. Her work focusses on things that make her smile, namely nature, quirky animals, unusual pairings and found objects. After years spent in the book publishing industry and then working


With Love from Argentina is an illustration and pattern design collective from Buenos Aires, Argentina, founded in 2017 and curated by the members: Ana Sanfelippo, Ángela Corti and Laura Varsky. The group is exhibiting at Blue Print Show in May 2019, with four of its twenty-one members: Ana Sanfelippo, Ángela Corti, Laura Varsky and Eugenia Mello. They are all illustrators and designers from the Southern Country, each of them with a strong personality and par-

acter, novelty, and as always, unexpected and extra special applications. Subjects include Lodge, Harvest, Patriotic, Easter, Coastal, Birthday, Halloween, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Wine and Liquor, Juvenile, Floral, Tribal, Summer, Tropical, plus everyday trends and patterns. Marian Nixon is bringing 150+ brand-new watercolors, collages, digital and photo-art collages to Blueprint this year. Her playfully-sophisticated style has adorned a wide variety of products: canvas-wrapped wall décor, greeting cards, stationery, ceramic frames, book covers, planners, organizers and calendars (Day Runner created the Boutique line of products from her whimsi-

ticular voice represented in their illustrations. Ana’s designs are full of colour, shaping organic settings and including, at times, peculiar characters. Angela’s strength is found in her designs of great format, impact and colour in shapes that will be engraved in your memory. Laura redefines classic designs from decorative arts into her own contemporary language and shape.

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Total Art Licensing Summer 19  

Total Art Licensing Summer 19