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GIORDANO EXPANDS ROSTER OF LICENSES TO OVER 60 WORLDWIDE Greg Giordano enjoyed a very successful 2018 and has continued to expand his licensing partners to over 60 licensees worldwide. Giordano continues to expand his collections of art styles and subjects of well-known adaptations of garden birds, wildlife, and holiday images. Whether expanding existing product lines or launching new ones, Giordano continually succeeds in building licensing programs with manufacturers. “I try to provoke an emotional response from the viewer,” Giordano claims, “that’s really one of the most powerful things art can achieve.” As an artist who has been working within the licensing industry for the

past 35 years, Giordano has a keen understanding of manufacturers’ requirements that allows him to anticipate the project manager’s needs when he is developing art. This means more than just meeting deadlines. It is comprehending production limitations and knowing who the end user is. “I really enjoy working with licensors to develop products that reach their target audience. I welcome the opportunity to create new lines, work in new categories and experiment with new subject matter,” he says. He’s enjoyed continued success with his licensed properties “Nostalgic America” and “Heartland America”. The “Nostalgic America” collection features vintage automotive subjects in classic American settings. This collection has been licensed onto such products as jigsaw puzzles, greeting cards, mugs, bookmarks, wall décor, blankets, t-shirts and craft products. From the success of this collection, Greg was approached by some of his licensees to create art featuring their automotive licenses including GMC, Chevrolet, Ford,Volkswagen, Jeep and Indian Motorcycles. His “Heartland America” collection includes vintage pick-up trucks and tractors. Licensed Products include calendars, coasters, garden flags, greeting cards, jigsaw puzzles, wall décor and craft products.

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Total Art Licensing Summer 19  

Total Art Licensing Summer 19