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Revol and Libbey Join Singer In Celebrating Centuries Of Quality Products and Service


’m sure you already know this: we love birthdays. We don’t plan on stopping our Centennial celebration until the stroke of midnight on January 1st, 2019! The Singer Equipment Company is not the only one aging with grace; several of our factory partners are also celebrating milestones this year. We would be remiss to not mention them here before the National Restaurant Association Show and summer fetes. Libbey is 200 years old in 2018. Join us to toast ‘America’s Glassmaker’ this month in Chicago, during NRA. Founded in Cambridge, Massachusetts, production eventually moved to Toledo, Ohio in 1888. They are still making some of the same products as when they started, and notably were the first to develop machine blow glass tumblers over 100 years ago. Each year, Libbey produces over one billion glass products, including the newly minted Master’s Reserve portfolio. Designed to offer higher performance and prominent presentation, every item in this collection is forged with precision in their state-ofthe-art Shreveport, Louisiana facility. Head to The Toledo Museum of Art this summer to view over 650 pieces of iconic glassware that tell the unique

Morgan Tucker is Director of Business Development at M. Tucker, a division of Singer Equipment Company. Ms. Tucker works with a wide diversity of acclaimed restaurateurs, celebrated chefs, and industry leaders across the U.S. Andrew Beres, Sarah Bulmer and Morgan Tucker curate LMT. LMT

story of American manufacturing or just pop in to Booth #3101-South Hall. From one of our favorite large factories, to one of our personal darlings we’d also like to extend a birthday note to Revol. At 250 years young, you’ve never looked better! This month, Revol unveiled a brand new showroom space on the 19th floor of 41 Madison to toast the company’s 250th anniversary. Despite a rapid and successful brand expansion in the past decade, Revol remains fiercely loyal to its heritage, maintaining quality and consistency by keeping all production in France. At the same time, this factory wouldn’t dare shy away from innovative design. French classics have been

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reborn with a matte gray finish rightfully called Pepper to commemorate this bicentenary. Picture the essential, old school, lion-headed soup bowl and oval eared dish given a 21st century update. Of course, Pepper pairs beautifully with Revol’s classic black cast-iron style finish, adding dimension and interest to the tabletop or kitchen. Revol remains one of the only factories worldwide producing a fully black porcelain glaze. At the opposite end of the timeline is Equinoxe in Cumulus White, a line that we’re convinced comes from the future! High-gloss white compliments a border of Revol’s signature black porcelain to create a stunning new interpretation of a chef’s blank canvas.

is a curated portfolio of tabletop collections. Our products speak to a contemporary aesthetic while occasionally borrowing from the past. To consult with our team, please email

Solstice is another new addition to the portfolio, combining Revol’s 250 years of expertise and precision with inspiration from the cosmos. Their mastery is clear in this application of reactive finishes in deep red and rich metallic, providing a bold, celestial accent to the tabletop. Whether you’re looking for classic brasserie favorites or new items on the cutting edge of art and design, we can’t wait to bring you to Revol’s new showroom for a visit or meet you at Booth #7633-South Hall. Be sure to wish them “Bon Anniversaire!” In 2018, we’re certainly 100 years wiser than we were in 1918, when Frederick Singer opened Singer Crockery Company – a brick and mortar storefront in rural Pennsylvania. Thanks to a booming empire of hospitality expertise and the integration of technology into our business practices, we look forward to celebrating another 100 years with our cherished factory partners!