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Professional FittingMerton Service Clinton Hall, For when it’s more than just the destination that matters…. 01805 Oakwell

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spring into summer before setting seed vision. With a strong yet steady rhythm was at Hatherleigh Community Torrington Writers’Diary Group Mayor’s Don’t word The onlyevents disadvantage th tosay myaCentre long lost school friend. these will be South Florida and disappearing, isalthough it is itawas broa both the receive romance seepoem manyconveyed of their residents Apologies received from Davan tothe Another hectic month hasSue passed. Or it comes down the time when Sunday including The Tree Tra onya lived in a quiet neighbourhood in South Florida. She lovedOne the heat andafternoon I received a


perennial. Raggedone Robin prefers to and the majesty of our closest celestial Community Awards. This isand similar to Again again. of the an for the April Helen and meeting. I have represented the phone call, was my old school the newmost Rolleclever Canal didn’t care much for other people’sthe company. she sat outyes! by Itgrow in damp or marshy ground, inT.V sun has to neighbour. awardsMost weafternoons have infriend, Torrington, Harder and harder. series British Town at poem many ‘Where civic Elizabeth’s sensitive we had not spoken to each always popular Wild Fl the pond on her deck chair readingwhich herJean’s magazines andpeople watching thewas golfers or light shade. ‘Bienvenue Encore!’ an recognise who in schedu events, includingof We Played’ was a vivid evocation other forhave over 58Reuben years, Musgrave, and I was sopushed wouldaside like suggestions enjoying their game. Although widespread, Ragged Robinbig popul affectionate, if whimsical, thank you to Sir Duke here –activities wow a difference to their town. because of how other Year 9 again church services for theof made childhood. Making fine use choked with emotion I could hardly that you wo Next, it’s a story by Harrison At the end of one particularly hot day, Sonya herto chores tookRoscoff. her chair quickly is becoming increasingly rare in the our twinning tradition with a month Autumn Itfinished was lovely at lastand welcome, and the Well time like The Fami Chairs of North Devon assonance, alliteration and speak, not just with hearing hisgoes voiceby! include, or Royal perhaps and her magazine down to the pond to relax. Beer, who was a runner-up countryside, so it is definitely worth Both the people and countryside of all in all Spaced has no maj is definitely upon be involved with, the Induction of Year 11 have been practising District Council and onomatopoeia the poem transported all but knowing what My Father God had interest which could b The sky was aTorridge lovely deep blue and the pond was like a mirror shimmering in the pull theSow series down. growing it in your garden. seed in Brittany were celebrated. Another us and many of Lawrence MacLean. We hope in his age group. Harrison transactional writing skills, by writing District back to the precious days of early Father done. The concerts were what I call your own evening sunlight. picked and their way around the reeds pecking at prey. The If you haven’t seen the s late summer/early autumn (you poem which honoured memories thatfavourite reviews about their TV shows, the rescue dogscan he and his family willinvisible be very happy in was presented with a medal Council. girlish Cranes innocence wonder. God’s stepping stones, I have photography, sketching recommend it. Spaced is Bri surface of the pond was clear but for three turtles floating lazily in the late afternoon games and films. Here are two of them. collectaloads from existing plants) do town, not fade. gaining theirand and the Church Fete at the We enjoyed a trip We to Bideford Robert’s ‘The Games Played’ to did our asare his prize: experienced these and several novel times over will also be with contac th at its best, along sho heat. Apart from the continuous chirping of the crickets the only noise was the winter coats in Vicarage was a good opportunity for us prick out when large enough to handle. Iain wrote about the dangers of watch their on 10 the same for Regatta the boys. and Improvisation the last few years, He puts things intoOffice schools. rumble forExtras. the to meet them. fine, soand cover onlyIn my op or overacting your part.SpacedThe seed is quitereadiness September watched the storm. spectacular was to of thea far‐off fore inthunder Robert’s poem and alloverplaying place that never happen if leftMan to us. IPegg’s Please The lightly Old bestcontact: role Sonya closed herPipes eyes, enjoying the and quiet and the slight breeze of Winter! Co-op and Town Traders orofnotonset at all. They don’t is Tim group reflected that theno Spaced isselected some of thevery earliest work Bideford Massed Drums, both works explored the and fact that littlepeace The had idea where my friend was, henight, Email: info@torringtonc very Friday there would Funny, inventive, and fresh. blowing across the water. We have been as arranged a Harvest Festival in the require a lot of heat so can over-winter topic had been stimulating and that the actor comedian Simon Pegg best known with visiting bands coming from all over organised or adult supervision was now lives in Basingstoke. Sometime Phone: 01805 Corey always be the same man in the 624176 She thought about her family in New York who would be coming to visit her in busy as ever with Pannier Market on in a cold frame or unheated topic for the next meeting on the for his main role in Shaun of the Dead. the UK. for children to enjoy play. required during this year we are Black planning to Pub; Visit: our website or Fac th Stallion no one knew a week. She would to plan some as nothing much exciting happened threecannew 11 September. Spaced is a clever inventive series with greenhouse, or you just dogs scatter second of May would be meet the seashore. Barnstaple Fair have is always well- tripsthe Warren’s interpretation of aplaying up, how I am who goinghetowas, handle thathe came from. No where whacky involving smart parodies Thisheat. wasJust the first nap being taken in and who were due to be putinto around here. Her eyes started to“Chain droop a short thenstories she’d start Iain seed about scratch it roughly supported day, with all theusing was making music and by the in the I don’t know, one thinghad I the do Star know is him New Programme at B one say anything, Fifa on big Sci-Fi especially one organised and I slipped sleep – ever I don’t why as 11 review planning. dropped the and her glasses to themovies, end of to the surface of heard thereally soil. know Gang” outHer in force celebrate metaphor of magazine the to seasons intothe his ground that I have an incredible Godjust who the bartender knew when he Fifa 11 is the latest footb Wars trilogy. think it willNative becomeWild a they are lovely and very friendly – they Children’s Centre! Fleur her nose.of oftheLife’ tradition Fair.heThe weather was British Flowers ‘Seasons used four tightly loves me. Delight yourself inmates the Lord fanatic. This wanted another pint any and football the man would Spaced is the story of two regular event on the even like flat children! She with a around start. Ripples and shadows spread across the surface of will the We are putting thega kind aswoke we walked whilst constructed stanzas totown, comment and he give you the desires of your To Grow In Your Garden been released by EA Spo drop £2 into the employee’s hand. He who meet some interesting friends. The Torrington noisily calendar. Bruno, our 12-month-old puppy pond. The cranes off and were at each other as they our newthat programme for the declaration of had the opening of the Pause Forbut Thought philosophically on the taken four seasons of squawking heart. buyers will notstill be disappointe Lychnis flos-cuculi spoof is not just for comedic effect, to wore a thick, green coat covered with Finally, we tried to attend as many needs an eye operation, is you can pick up a flew over read. the trees. The turtlesafter werethe nowhere to be seen. What had woken her and Fair Immediately life. was Vernon Andrew game brings ma My Birthday Some coffee Latinmornings names help move the story forward; this makes bits Second of mud and moss. Macmillan as sky possible around and we This are well centre, orondownload fr spooked them? Perhaps theredolent stormhad was than she thought. But the looked bouncing formal of essay the proceedings Stef’spart short was of closer playing forwith your the storyline feel very epic and altogether May is a walk very the special month in stown my team s describe plants more by to five! He’d then out the door and in fact ended up going our way to raising £3,000 needed . from April 1 clear enough. Perhaps a stray golf ball or a diving turtle? finished, we dashed down to Newquay. perhaps an older youthful time. Writing justthe a shot away, it’s your cho theit‘s series muchcalendar more fun and year, my second the is season whenmakes they Common News little black dog being into pavement wonderful and not his operation. For 2013/2014 Itinwas time for Helen to put manner on a ‘posh Sonya checked her watch. She had another houra before her charity daughter was due to forhis th howthe her usual stylish – This team and yo gripping to watch. birthday asbeen I call it.on Onyour Saturday 19 flower and this one is noFor many years we have been outside the Black Stallion. No one surprising that it’s so well supported. We have chosen as one of favourites together w frock’ for a reception celebrating the call from New York. game. The players have add sometimes in almost iambic Spaced has a very unique style to it. exception, flos-cuculi May 1984 at 4pm I became a new organising an annual week of events followed him out see where he was all those coffees we went at tothe the three charities to toto participate inrealistic a sessions such as Me ‘South West– up in her Bloom’ competition. She picked magazine startedAfter reading. As she gazed sleepily so they look to viewe pentameter Stef’s tale had a and salutary Directed by Edgar Wright and written by creation born the Kingdom of God. meaning Cuckoo life onfantastic The Common. We from, as scheme most into people lived Soap Kitchen shop toFlower. seecelebrate Lesley and runknew by he Animal Pattern Changing, We stilland had to waitinher until the started following words pictures, to close. She putIthe magazine down and This game is Simon and JessicaIt Hynes it has a to do with if slightly sad sting theeyes denouement. was nothing me but allthe next However, think who most of have usPegg now extended this to a fortnight on the streets of the small village Richard Phillips celebrated ten Friends Insurance. Basically the day to hear the results, and were proudtowas flat again. Yesterday’s Bookstart Corner diff series and is completely stared out across the pond. Its surface storm had blown realistic feel; this is very clever writing Doreen cannily invited us about Him, Jesus. knowofit business as ‘Ragged Robin’ that the more activities can beseries included September. years on 30thso charity that receives the Saturday most of Cloudburgh. Sometimes he’dvotes and delighted it into was announced morning visual effects have beenFami vast branches and rubbish She would call the pond cleaning man and get considering crazy storyline the remember thewhen darker sidethe of water. ‘Games’, I a was invited toofFifa go to a Office, Christian and, yes, it does flower May to – from andaround. surely itParody cannot continue to£5,000. rain Congratulations to you both. gets whopping on interested sleep in the porch theSo Post that the Torrington in Bloom team hadbranch 11 has brilliant ch Ifcome youmany are revolves and quotehim to remove the large scaly‐looking floating near the middle. especially at school. The opportunities ledChurch. by Dr But Billy Graham at July when the cuckoo is for usually heard. two consecutive weeks. I shut look forward toforhearing from you allmeeting you Facebook please voteare for or the old in worst players made to in lo won a Silver (last year itwewas sessions, please call spotting plays a ifbig part ininenjoying thefans,the checked her watch again. She her eyes a quick 5 minutes forSonya bullies to Gilt thrive were, all would Aston Gate football stadium in Bristol. I the style The pretty pink flowers look as if This year will start with our Golf you have an event or anniversary you us, and pass the word around to all case scenarios, he’d have to sleep football players from silver). Thank you to the committee, series, however, because these are book. then call the pond man. She took off her glasses. She could feel the heat of the sun recalled, legion. Were teachers tainted th been a Ittheir football stadium someone a–pair ofthe scissors June, with cash Competition 24had want to tellhas me taken about just call me on your friends and family. is We simple eyes which makes REALLY rough; inina of hedge, or up atohave crucial to story it makes it never much more traders and individuals whoquiet workexcept so an also threeitd through her eyelids. All was occasional splash from the pond. Her with a hint of masochism back then; so thought it would be fun, I had heard to them, hence the name. 01805 625662, or our secretary, vote, and costs nothing. Just go to: prizes and a chance to win ‘The play. tree somewhere. That night was one fun and enjoyable. hard to enhance our surroundings in play sessions, including chin dropped to her and chest. where was health safety when it of Billy Graham so itthe ok to go. I of Fifa 1 There areCouncil also offices white forms and The feature Pauline at the on 01805 and Commons’ Cup’ We finish on the thethought The series becomes really interesting of those nights, porch post Great Torrington. We and will rang. soon Her have forat best twins, triplets a Sonya’s phone rang daughter was sure they had arranged acan call was actually needed? th can remember the singing wasown cho cultivated double forms which be can play for your 626135. on the left-hand menu you will see July when we will weekend of 6/7 on the realisation of howoffice attached the up by two was to taken young lads the opportunity meeting judges Thursday’s 10-11.30 am this afternoon toofdiscuss thethe trip to gave Florida. Apurchased, stripy deck usually chair was on its side by Eric changed the subject and wonderful, but can’t remember awill word at specialist plant from Leeds United to L Councillor Richard ‘Vote for Charity’. Click this and itmany characters are marquee and how youin find haveRumbold ayou small on The Old to out The howpages wecrafted can even better with a pint one hand, and a cigarette Our outreach the pond. of do a magazine flutterednurseries. in the breeze. The ripples onagreeing the nowto usfind a beautifully poem, ‘The Billy Graham spoke. Flowering stems rise up to Manchester U yourself with what Tim (Simon Town Mayor you through to aMacclesfield page showing Bowling Green totake house aother; display, and –deserted our next challenge is GOLD!! in the and the Church had choir continuing including pond clever startedand to flatten and the 80cm, setting sun stained naturally, the watercharacter) red. theyis charities Moon’. Using variedout figures areThen many different At the close hethe made an appeal for challeng branching Pegg’s this really in that the scheme. click on someand practical saying; examinations of Our lastheout-of-town practice night as well. He’d have sessions at Winkleigh a Thomas of speech let us shareengagement his exquisite flower over a long periodOwen from Year late 9 people to come to the front if they wish


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