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A Mile In Their Shoes Dr. Eugene Chang describes his journey from cancer patient to cancer rehab expert

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A message from Dr. Peter Pisters, President & CEO, University Health Network

To Our Donors, This is my first opportunity to thank all the donors to the Toronto Rehab Foundation. Your support means that our caregivers, scientists and educators can continue their important work in preventing injury and providing support for people needing rehabilitation to enjoy their lives. Toronto Rehab has earned a global reputation for excellence in rehabilitation medicine and the gratitude of many for the work that improves lives following injury or illness. In this report, the Foundation highlights some of their stories so that you may appreciate the difference being made through your support. In my short time at University Health Network (UHN), I have personally seen the incredible array of state-of-the-art services offered to patients and the extraordinary spectrum of research

that Toronto Rehab conducts. Indeed, the remarkable clinical and research teams in action at Toronto Rehab exemplify its pivotal role in our society. Toronto Rehab’s research will help prevent accidents and health conditions causing a rehabilitation hospital stay. Everyone at UHN contributes to a healthy community and supports citizens in understanding their role in maintaining their lifelong health. The scientists, educators and caregivers at Toronto Rehab can uniquely help us accomplish this goal.

of medicine, prompts us to go even further in carrying out research. I am enormously impressed with the Toronto Rehab team, the facilities that further its work, and the care that helps patients regain their lives. As many know, I returned to Canada because I am committed to a system supporting all citizens’ health and care for those who need it. As donors to Toronto Rehab, you share this commitment. In the years ahead, your contributions to our work will be amply rewarded through Toronto Rehab’s impact on all Canadians’ health and well-being.

There is enormous strength in delivering rehabilitation as an integral part of the care given to people at our acute care hospitals. This integration, an important contribution to the understanding and practice

Report to Our Community 2015 |


A message from Cindy Yelle, President & CEO, Toronto Rehab Foundation

At Toronto Rehab, with our donors as partners, we dare to be great. We are not your typical health-care institution. We provide our patients with the tools to overcome some of life’s biggest challenges: a spinal cord injury, stroke, cancer, and much more. There is a distinct feeling when you set foot inside of Toronto Rehab. Some call it a vibe. I call it family. We build confidence, ability and independence and help our patients return to their families, return to their homes…return to their lives. At Toronto Rehab, our patients recapture their potential. We treat the mind, body and spirit, guiding our patients along every step of their journey to recovery. That is not all we do. I am also proud that Toronto Rehab is now ranked as the world’s number one rehabilitation research institute. Our scientists, researchers and students are solving everyday challenges to prevent injury and illness, and developing new treatments enabling patients to live life to the fullest.



Toronto Rehab Foundation

For example, in this report, you will read about Dr. Milos Popovic, an engineer who has successfully commercialized his innovative MyndMove, which delivers electrical stimulation to paralyzed muscles, reproducing movement in arms and hands. It took 20 years to develop and is an example of Foundation support at work, which propels clinical and patient interaction, and real-time testing of research innovations. Our researchers recognize the very real problems our patients face daily, and work with them directly to make a difference in the lives of thousands just like them. As many of those featured in this report will state in their own way, research is what helped them transition from recovery to discovery. For Dr. Eugene Chang, this meant starting a whole new discipline: physical rehabilitation for cancer patients. For one-time paraplegic Robert MacDonald, he understands that advances in physical rehabilitation techniques coupled with his own fierce determination,

allow him to train for the upcoming Scotiabank Half Marathon and give back to Toronto Rehab. For Howard and Dana Rocket, research gave them back each other and ignited their fire to assist stroke survivors. Physical rehabilitation is not easy. It is mentally challenging and physically frustrating. Patients are hopeful, while scared. Can I get better? Can I reclaim my life? The answer is: yes. It is the Foundation’s purpose to accelerate rehabilitation research and advanced patient care to ultimately transform lives. We cannot do it without you and the many donors who have joined us. We seek philanthropic partners who want to stand with us in support of our patients and who understand that investing in research and patient care equals a path to better living, better lives. That is why we do what we do. We appreciate each and every one of you and we hope you enjoy the Toronto Rehab Foundation’s year in review.

A message from Bill Cunningham, Chair, Toronto Rehab Foundation

As Toronto Rehab Foundation’s Board Chair, I truly appreciate our community’s generosity. Toronto Rehab is considered the number one rehabilitation research centre in the world. This achievement is in large part thanks to the support of our donors and community. With a constant but rewarding challenge to source donations, we are pleased to see Toronto Rehab’s increased presence and profile. Working with world-class clinicians and scientists, we continue to look for new ways of improving people’s

lives. There have been numerous innovations and inventions that have been supported and enabled, thanks to your support of the Foundation. MyndMove and BresoDX, for example, have been notable achievements to the credit of our multi-disciplinary teams. We continue to explore the commercialization of these new products and innovations. Our population is aging, with its own special needs for physical rehabilitation and higher expectations for independent living. Our need for dollars increases with each passing year.

As we plan for our upcoming campaign, there is abundant potential. We are spending time and attention in defining the Foundation’s needs by creating standalone marketing communications and grants committees to ensure we remain a best-in-class fundraising organization. It has been an outstanding year, with many achievements large and small. We are extremely proud of how the funds we attract achieve so much for so many patients and their families. Determined and courageous people can increasingly return to productive, active lives thanks to your generosity.

Toronto Rehab Foundation Board of Directors (as of June 30, 2015) William A. Cunningham (Chair) Partner, Deloitte & Touche LLP Timothy W. Casgrain, C.M. (Past Chair) Consultant to Skyservice Investments Robert W. Blakely (Vice Chair) President & CEO, Likrilyn Capital Corporation M. Scott Wetmore (Treasurer) Partner, Audit, KPMG LLP Cindy Yelle (President and Secretary; ex officio) President & CEO, Toronto Rehab Foundation James Deeks (Director) President, Primary Counsel Productions Michael A. Eizenga (Director) Partner, Bennett Jones LLP

Joni Fernandes (Director) Lynda Friendly (Director) Lynda Friendly & Associates Inc. Owen Lawson (Director) Mark I. Litwin (Director) President, Genterra Capital Inc. Andrea Kale Marcus (Director) Linda F. Mezon (Director) Chair, Accounting Standards Board, Chartered Professional Accountants of Canada John O’Grady (Director) Vice-President & Porfolio Manager, National Bank Financial

Dr. Peter Pisters (Director; ex officio) President & CEO, University Health Network

William J. Trotter (Director) Senior Partner, Wm. J. Trotter & Associates

David M. Prussky (Director) President, Patica Corporation

Dr. William Waters, C.M. (Director)

Grant D. Roebuck (Director) Chief Executive Officer, Secutor Capital Management Corporation Mitchell J. Sanders (Director) Partner, Goldman, Spring, Kichler & Sanders LLP Catherine Strosberg (Director) Dr. Gaetan Tardif (Director) Physiatrist-in-Chief and Medical Program Director – Toronto Rehab

Stephen W. Wetmore (Director) Deputy Chairman, Canadian Tire Corporation, Limited RECENTLY RETIRED BOARD MEMBERS: Carrie L. Cook Carole Grafstein, C.M. Lesley E. Gregory Justine Jackson Terrence J. O’Sullivan

Report to Our Community 2015 |


Dr. Eugene Chang

Canada’s 1st Fellowship-Trained Cancer Rehab Specialist 6


Toronto Rehab Foundation

Dr. Eugene Chang is unique. To say that he has walked a mile in a patient’s shoes is an understatement. His experience as a cancer patient and survivor has defined his career, fuelling his passion and unwavering dedication to superior patient care. He is the only physiatrist in Canada with post-doctoral fellowship training in cancer treatment (at Houston’s famed M.D Anderson Cancer Center). That allows Dr. Chang to bring together the world-leading Toronto Rehabilitation Institute and Princess Margaret Hospital, a renowned cancer facility. A cancer survivor, he went from medical resident to patient and then back again. While a Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation resident at the University of British Columbia, he was diagnosed with acute myeloid leukemia with myelodysplastic syndrome. Following difficult treatments for his leukemia, he engaged in a self-rehab program, including “light weights, walking, tai chi, and basketball.” He was “never given any recommendations externally.” As a result, Dr. Chang has a special and profound appreciation for what patients experience. “The first thing I had to learn to do was stand,” Dr. Chang remembers. “At the same time, I was just trying to be alive.” Needing an oxygen tank to breathe, this became a special challenge that enlisted his fiancée, Ashley, and many family members, who added to his support group. “I could not have done this without them,” he said. Ashley and others were there every step of the way. To see the fit and active Dr. Chang today, and think of him with oxygen and a walker, almost defies belief. “My own experience made me think about what cancer patients go through and I resolved to do something about it,” he said, which

is why he became Canada’s first fellowship-trained cancer rehab physiatrist. “Physical rehabilitation may not be considered as important initially for a cancer survivor compared to someone with a fracture or spinal cord trauma, but research is starting to show us that it is,” he noted. “At Toronto Rehab, we can improve the quality of life for both types of patients. This means a return to independence and functioning in all parts of life. ” What do we need to move forward with the joint discipline of cancer rehabilitation? “Funding is what will make it happen,” Dr. Chang explained. “We need to develop fellowships and improve education for resident trainees. There must be improved inter-professional education for physicians, nurses and allied health disciplines like occupational and physiotherapists. With the philanthropic support of the community, we can fill these gaps and link services.” Dr. Chang is devoting his career to making sure that happens here at Toronto Rehab. As a result, we are

stronger and can provide more broadly based and devoted patient care. Given the resolve he showed as a patient, there is no question he will now make major advances in patient care.

Dr. Chang, his wife Ashley and three children enjoy a moment in the sun

What is a physiatrist? Physiatrists, medical doctors specializing in rehabilitation, are nerve, muscle, and bone experts who treat injuries or illnesses affecting movement. They have completed training in the specialty of physical medicine and rehabilitation (PM&R). Their focus is on the development of a comprehensive program for putting the pieces of a person’s life back together after injury or disease.

Report to Our Community 2015 |


Never Ever Give Up Marcus Monteiro with Robert MacDonald



Toronto Rehab Foundation

Robert MacDonald

On December 8, 2013, a spontaneous decision changed Robert MacDonald’s life forever. “I fell 31 feet while on holiday,” he said. “My injuries: 11 broken ribs, 10 cracked and two dislocated vertebrae, punctured lung, lacerated kidney and broken scapula.” Miraculously Robert escaped the fall without any brain damage, but the impact did leave him paralyzed from the waist down. His neurosurgeon’s diagnosis: ASIA B. This meant a five per cent chance of walking again. “Our entire lives revolve around these choices,” he commented later. In all, Robert spent five months in hospital, between critical care and Toronto Rehab’s Lyndhurst Centre for Spinal Cord Rehabilitation. His Lyndhurst medical team was extraordinary. They encouraged him and celebrated every one of his milestones during his recovery. He remembers sitting in his room thinking, “I need to pull it together, to be brave and to work like I have never worked before.” Robert’s prognosis was grim; he remained optimistic and believed in the power of the mind. To stay positive, he wrote on a board in his room “I will.” He repeated, “I will” over and over. It became his mantra to recover. He did not know what “I will” meant at the time but

it motivated him to concentrate on making progress. Sometimes his mantra was not enough and on those days the medical team at Lyndhurst shined the light of encouragement and helped him through the ups and downs. “Without the Lyndhurst team, I would not be where I am today,” said Robert. “When your body is taken away from you, your future is put on hold. Toronto Rehab helped me redefine my future and myself. Without the state-of-theart facilities and medical professionals, I would not have walked out of the hospital on my own two feet.” Lastly, Robert wanted to let everyone, especially the families of those a spinal cord injury has affected, know how much his support network assisted him during recovery. His outside support network, especially his family, was vital to his recovery. His mother, a school principal, had passed away some years before. “She thought you could do anything, and that was my motivation.” I heard her say: “Never ever give up.”

were there with me every step of the way,” he said. “My dad would videotape some of my Lyndhurst sessions to show me my progress: my first walk, for example. My small successes inspired me to aim higher, to focus, and truly believe in my own potential.” Robert says that his network was, without a doubt, one of his most significant influences. Families, friends, and colleagues do not receive enough credit for their influence. An injury like his involves not just one person, but also his or her entire network. It amazed Robert to see how much support he had; it genuinely prompted him to recover. At Lyndhurst, Robert observed how research equates to better patient outcomes. The reality, however, is that research requires private funding. For that reason, Robert will raise funds for Toronto Rehab by competing in the 2015 Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Half-Marathon. Imagine, just two short years ago Robert thought he might not walk again. “Thank you, Toronto Rehab for my ability to recover and again enjoy life so fully.”

“My dad, his wife, my sisters, my extended family, and many friends

Report to Our Community 2015 |


Health-E University Dr. Paul Oh, Cardiovascular Prevention and Rehabilitation Program Medical Director

At Toronto Rehab, we have expanded our mandate from providing sick care to focus on health care. With approximately 1.4 million Canadians with cardiovascular disease, our goal is providing the knowledge, tools and motivation to live long, healthy lives. We aim to prevent the need for people to come into the hospital in the first place. Health-E University is the first of its kind. Bringing real life strategies and wellness into the homes of people worldwide, Health-E University will change the way we approach chronic disease management and prevention. “Education must be long-term and in order to be successful, we must make



Toronto Rehab Foundation

it fun. Trying to provide education in hospital just after surgery is the wrong time,” said Dr. Paul Oh, the university’s founder. Health-E University provides for lifestyle modifications and exercise strategies so patients can become successful self-managers, living well

with their condition. It offers action planning and goal setting, and has been evaluated extensively for outcome and behavioural change. To reach a broader audience, we have now translated modules into Portuguese with plans to expand to more communities.

Sabrina Iuglio, Mitch Yeatman, Jacilyn Yeatman, Rosanne Longo, Thomas Longo, Justin Longo

Inspiring Healthy Families

Health-E University

Cardiac College

Diabetes College

Cardiac College, a subset of Health-E University, which the Longo’s Family Charitable Foundation generously supported with a $250,000 gift, helps people learn about their condition and how to make positive lifestyle changes. The On Track to Cardiac Recovery fundraising walkathon also provided funds for the College. The Foundation supports continued efforts to fund and establish other Health-E University colleges. Our next mission is to launch Diabetes College…more to come next year.

Prevention College

Dr. Paul Oh, one heart at a time Dr. Paul Oh is changing the world, one heart at a time. As a Toronto Rehab scientist and the Cardiovascular Prevention and Rehabilitation Program Medical Director, he has studied the important role education plays in preventing and prospering after a cardiac event.

The Longo’s Family Charitable Foundation has maintained a legacy of giving since 1956. In the early days, philanthropy occurred by donating produce or whatever could be given. Now Longo’s is in a position to give more. “We are there to serve the business, not have the business serve us,” says Rosanne Longo, Longo’s Family Charitable Foundation Spokesperson and Chair. “We are thrilled to be a part of the Cardiac College with Toronto Rehab. It was a natural fit as our values are aligned.” “Our goal is to help teach people about healthy living and promote healthy food choices,” Rosanne added. “Cardiac College helps people take control by changing their behaviours.” To promote healthy eating, the College produced an easily digestible video for better learning. “Some diseases can be minimized or prevented through healthy eating,” she also commented. “Food is at the heart of things! We want to make it easy for people to make good choices and inspire healthy families.”

Report to Our Community 2015 |


Michael Landsberg Host, ‘Off the Record with Michael Landsberg,’ Rory Pederzolli and Dana Rocket, Co-Founders of Rocket Cycle

DRIVEN Dana Rocket, rock star spin teacher and motivator extraordinaire, enters the room emitting charisma and energy. Mother of four, entrepreneur, leader of fabled, packed spin classes for which there is usually a waiting list, Dana cranks up the volume in music she has personally selected and gets the class going right away. In October 1995, Howard Rocket, a former dentist and a notable Toronto health-care entrepreneur, was playing touch football with friends.



Toronto Rehab Foundation

He fell and landed on his neck and six weeks later, had a massive stroke, with a blood clot lodged deep in his brain. His life was saved at Toronto Western Hospital; at Toronto Rehab his life was rebuilt. The toll on his family loomed large. When illness touches someone, the impact is far reaching. Dana Rocket became her father’s touchstone. “That first weekend, it appeared that we were hours away from losing him,” Dana recalled. “His left side was

paralyzed. I was only 19 and I had this unwavering desire to help my dad get better, it became my mission, nothing else mattered.” Howard Rocket became a ‘huge fighter’ and refused to give up. He had the courage to believe he would lift his arm and dance with Dana on her wedding day, three years after his stroke. A goal he achieved! At Toronto Rehab, he received a dedicated team’s support, along with his family, who encouraged him each day.

Rocket Ride 4 Rehab participants, Howard Rocket, Rory Pederzolli and Dana Rocket

“His will stayed strong and he was determined to get better and succeed,” Dana remembered. Wanting others to learn from his journey, he wrote an autobiography, A Stroke of Luck. Howard states that his experience, although traumatic, changed him for the better. “Every day is a gift. I cherish all the moments of my life.” Recognizing that research advances patient outcomes, Howard donated proceeds from the book to establish The Rocket Family Upper Extremity Clinic at Toronto Rehab. In the Clinic, stroke patients are focused on regaining arm mobility through Functional Electrical Stimulation and other new treatments and innovations. “If you define yourself only by money and success,” Dana Rocket commented, “then you are poor and your journey is long. But if you look at the quality of the people around you, then your life is rich and sweet.” One of the people surrounding her is Howard Rocket, her father, working away tirelessly on his recumbent bike as living testimony of what real philanthropy is and the good that it can accomplish.

Rocket Ride 4 Rehab In April 2015, the inaugural Rocket Ride 4 Rehab Spinathon raised over $131,000 for the Rocket Family Upper Extremity Clinic. Over 100 riders joined celebrity guest co-instructors, TV personalities: Michael Landsberg and Steve Anthony, along with football great Michael ‘Pinball’ Clemons in an afternoon of fun and fitness, all for a common goal. The Rocket Clinic directly connects new research discoveries to patient care. Each year, over 300,000 Canadians survive strokes. Our goal is to develop technologies and treatments to help people recover and recapture their potential.

Report to Our Community 2015 |


Dr. Milos Popovic:

Rock Star Scientist The 2014 UHN Inventor of the Year

Toronto Rehabilitation Institute Chair in Spinal Cord Injury Research



Toronto Rehab Foundation

Dr. Milos R. Popovic, the 2014 University Health Network (UHN) Inventor of the Year, understands that one person discovering a major advance is something from Thomas Edison’s time. What has not changed, he believes, is the need for “the courage to try different things and take risks.” Donors enable our scientists to harness that courage and take those risks. Dr. Popovic, Toronto Rehab Chair in Spinal Cord Injury Research and Professor at the University of Toronto’s Institute for Biomaterials and Biomedical Engineering, is both an electrical and mechanical engineer by training. At Toronto Rehab, master problem solvers like engineers help create solutions for health care. Our extended team approach brings together a great variety of disciplines including not only engineers but also medical doctors, scientists, therapists and nurses, all working in a collaborative environment. At UHN’s Annual General Meeting, Dr. Popovic was honoured for his creation of MyndMove: a commercialized product that non-invasively delivers electrical stimulation to paralyzed muscles, reproducing movement in arms and hands. This technology, by means of neuroplasticity, helps stroke, spinal cord and traumatic brain injury patients regain voluntary movement in upper extremities. Simply put, MyndMove is a game changer, just like its inventor.

As Dr. Popovic will tell you, the award with his name on it results from 20 years of effort and significant donor support. He acknowledges a large team of more than 60 engineers, medical doctors, therapists, business advisors, investors, lawyers and most importantly patients. “Contact with patients is essential to this process,” he says. “Everyone played a critical role in enabling this technology’s development and commercialization.” The Toronto Rehab model can clearly dominate the world with the advances already achieved. And what that means is attracting more and better scientists, all of which require more funding. With philanthropic support, inventions like Dr. Popovic’s can continue to provide patients here and around the world with opportunities to regain their lives.

MyndMove, a non-invasive therapy, combines patient participation, therapist expertise and a functional electrical stimulation (FES) device to restore voluntary hand and arm function in patients suffering from upper-limb paralysis. The best way to imagine MyndMove’s impact is trying the following. Put one hand in your pocket and then open a water bottle and drink out of it, take a bank card out of your wallet and withdraw $20 from an ATM machine, put sun screen on your face, ears and neck, and brush your teeth. Then imagine your hand in a pocket for the rest of your life. This is how many stroke patients feel today. Now imagine that you can move your hand. This is what MyndMove therapy accomplishes.

Report to Our Community 2015 |


Dr. Mark Bayley

Attracting the World’s

Brightest Minds At Toronto Rehab Institute, we are proud to attract some of the world’s most accomplished and promising minds. In this report we congratulate Dr. David Alter as the inaugural Toronto Rehab Chair in Cardiac Rehabilitation, while welcoming Dr. Mark Bayley as the incumbent Saunderson Family Chair in Acquired Brain Injury (ABI) Research. Research Chairs expand rehabilitation science’s horizons, helping retain our position as the world’s top rehab research centre.

Participants, sponsors, volunteers and supporters of the Foundation’s annual On Track to Cardiac Recovery walk founded the new Cardiac Rehabilitation Chair through their extraordinary fundraising efforts. They met Dr. Alter at February’s On Track event. He shared his recent breakthrough study: “Why Sitting is Hazardous to Your Health, ” which revealed that the more time people sit during the day, the higher their risk of heart disease, diabetes, cancer, and death, regardless of regular exercise.

Dr. Alter, a Senior Scientist with our Cardiovascular Prevention and Rehabilitation Program, helps heart disease patients improve their health and fitness by making lasting lifestyle and behavioural changes. His research spans many disciplines including cardiovascular rehabilitation, health services and outcomes, clinical epidemiology and social determinants and more recently, music and medicine.

The Saunderson appointment allows Dr. Bayley to advance three main research fields: neurological recovery of both cognitive and physical function after a brain injury; guidance for clinicians via user-friendly applications for smartphones and lastly, online rehabilitation delivery systems to optimize cost-effectiveness and quality of life outcomes after a brain injury.



Toronto Rehab Foundation

Meredith and William Saunderson

Dr. Bayley has already made significant contributions to brain injury treatment worldwide. As Medical Director of our Brain & Spinal Cord Rehab Program, he leads several research projects examining how researchers and clinicians can work together to provide exemplary patient care and provide strategies to promote neurological recovery. A generous donation from William and Meredith Saunderson in 2013 created the Saunderson Family Chair. Prompted by a family member’s need for brain surgery, their gift supports research into brain injury causes and prevention, as well as rehabilitation treatments that improve recovery.

The Ralph M. Barford Foundation

Discovering New Approaches to Multiple Sclerosis Thanks to transformative funding from the Ralph M. Barford Foundation, the newly established Elizabeth S. Barford Research Fund will provide enhanced care to patients living with Late-Stage Multiple Sclerosis (MS). The Fund represents Toronto Rehab’s significant intensification as a worldleading MS rehabilitation research and treatment hospital. The Fund will not only help discover new approaches to MS treatments, but will also ensure that patients everywhere will face fewer barriers. With better access to the best care, they can live the best lives possible. Dr. Tania Bruno directs the program at Toronto Rehab’s Rumsey Neuro site. Her life passion, improving the quality of life and health outcomes of those living with MS, was clearly evident to the Barford Foundation.

“Dr. Bruno‘s tireless dedication to her work with mid- and latestage Multiple Sclerosis patients is inspiring; patients can and do benefit enormously from her care and that of her committed team,” said Beth Malcolm, Barford Foundation Chair. “Toronto Rehab showed us how to leverage our investment in this underserved area, reducing bottlenecks and waitlists, as well as producing valuable and necessary research over a multi-year period. We are delighted with our donation to its MS clinic.” With one of the world’s highest MS rates, one in every 500 Canadians suffers from the disease. Every day, three more Canadians are diagnosed with MS, the most common neurological disease affecting young adults. MS creates many challenges for patients and those who care for them.

The newly established Elizabeth S. Barford Research Fund will provide enhanced care to patients living with Late-Stage Multiple Sclerosis. As Ontario’s only MS-dedicated rehabilitation outpatient facility, Toronto Rehab fills the gap in treating people with MS’ progressive stages. We are pioneering a new therapy model incorporating a holistic approach to symptom management. Thank you to the Ralph M. Barford Foundation for its vision and generosity in supporting MS treatment’s future.

Report to Our Community 2015 |


The new Hull-Ellis Concussion Clinic on the 10th floor of Toronto Rehab’s University Centre is part of the Brain and Spinal Cord Rehab Program, providing specialized rehabilitation for those living with the effects of brain injury, stroke, neurological conditions and spinal cord injuries.

Left: Ron Ellis and Dennis Hull

Left to right: 1. Serge Savard, Yvan Cournoyer, Ken Dryden 2. Alex Vaccari, Arlene Manankil-Boyce, Scott Moir, Cindy Yelle, Tessa Virtue, Richard Woods 3. Paul Henderson



Toronto Rehab Foundation

UP! HEADS There is a clear opportunity to improve access to specialized concussion care in Ontario. “It is our duty as health professionals to enhance system change,” explained Dr. Mark Bayley, Medical Director, Brain and Spinal Cord Rehab program and newly appointed Saunderson Family Chair in Acquired Brain Injury (ABI) Research. “Donor support is helping to expedite essential changes in concussion treatment.” Under Dr. Bayley’s direction, the new Hull-Ellis Concussion and Research Clinic will offer and evaluate a full spectrum of care and interventions. Directly connecting new research discoveries to patient care, its team of physicians, researchers, physiotherapists and psychologists include Dr. Paul Comper, a Toronto Rehab neuropsychologist and NHL Players’ Association consultant. The new clinic honours two Canadian hockey greats. On October 1, 2014 more than 700 guests and Canadian sporting legends gathered for TWIINS: A Toast to Ron Ellis and Dennis Hull.

Over $700,000 was raised through the TWIINS gala. Guests at the TWIINS gala included hockey hero Paul Henderson, TV’s Brian Williams, skating champion Catriona Le May Doan, rower Marnie McBean and hockey stars the great Bobby Orr, Darryl Sittler, Tie Domi and more. Most of us know Ellis and Hull for long and distinguished hockey careers. Few can forget their character and determination in pivotal roles during the 1972 Summit Series against Russia, a contest that changed the face of hockey. “I had my share of concussions and my doctors believe it led to some problems with depression I’ve had later in life,” said Ellis. “So it’s very dear to my heart.”

While there are currently a number of treatments to manage the symptoms of concussion, little is known about advancing the recovery process. The new Hull-Ellis Concussion & Research Clinic is hoping to change that. On June 11, 2015, Michael ‘Pinball’ Clemons welcomed over 100 guests to the new Clinic’s grand opening celebration. These included TVO’s Steve Paikin, and Sports Hall of Famers Ken Dryden, Bill White, Dr. Ron Taylor and Russ Jackson. Part of the Brain and Spinal Cord Rehab program, the new 10th Floor Hull-Ellis Concussion Clinic at Toronto Rehab’s University Centre provides specialized rehabilitation for those living with the effects of brain injury, stroke, neurological conditions and spinal cord injuries.

Recently, sports concussions have garnered media attention and rising public concern. Unfortunately, concussions are not exclusive to sports but are often a result from falls and workplace injuries. They are increasingly prevalent in the elderly population.

Report to Our Community 2015 |


Toronto Rehabilitation Institute: 2015 Research Fact Sheet ABOUT THE TORONTO REHABILITATION INSTITUTE Toronto Rehab, the world’s top rehabilitation research centre, is also Canada’s largest adult rehabilitation hospital. Toronto Rehab’s research labs are located at four sites: University Centre (550 University Ave.), Lyndhurst Hospital and Toronto Rehab’s Cardiac and Stroke Centre (Rumsey Road) and the Bickle Centre (Dunn Ave).

Research Areas Toronto Rehab’s research program solves problem in three areas:

1. Prevent disability 2. Restore function 3. Enable independence

SELECTED RESEARCH ADVANCEMENTS Reducing stair falls: Dr. Alison Novak’s research helped rewrite the Building Code of Canada to make stairs safer. The changes are expected to save 39 lives and prevent 33,000 injuries in the first five years. Novak A, et al. Appl Ergon. 2015

Recovery from Paralysis:

FOUNDATION The Toronto Rehab Foundation proudly supports research, education and care that provides active, healthier and more independent living for Canadians and people around the world.

Senior Scientists Trainees & Researchers (PhD & Fellows) 118 232

Research Funding $8,650,762

Dr. Milos Popovic, through Toronto Rehab’s start-up company MyndTec Inc., developed MyndMove – a technology that helps patients recover from stroke-related arm and hand paralysis. Kapadia NM, et al. J Child Neurol. 2014

A Good Night’s Rest: Untreated sleep apnea increases the risk of stroke, heart attacks and road accidents. To address this, Dr. Hisham Alshaer invented a game-changing device to diagnose sleep apnea at home. Alshaer H, et al. Sleep med. 2013

Stand to Gain:

Peer-Reviewed Publications 389

Space 64,515 sq. ft.

NOTE: all data are accurate as of 2013-2014



Toronto Rehab Foundation

Dr. David Alter found that the longer people sit, the greater their risk of dying of or developing heart disease, Type II diabetes or cancer. Biwas A, et al. Ann Med. 2015

Did you know? TORONTO REHAB IS...


world-renowned Rehabilitation Research Institute

Largest Brain Injury Rehab program in Canada

1st program in Canada to receive Program of Distinction from Accreditation Canada (2010, with repeat in 2012) for stroke rehabilitation

Canada’s largest rehabilitation centre for people living with


Toronto Rehab recently launched Cardiac College: the world’s first virtual learning institute for Cardiac Rehab Toronto Rehab will be the first in Canada to incorporate nocturnal Hemodialysis in a Complex Continuing Care setting

spinal cord

Largest Rehabilitation hospital in Canada

Report to Our Community 2015 |


Thank You to Our Generous Donors We wish to thank all donors who have cumulatively donated $5,000 or more to Toronto Rehab Foundation prior to June 30, 2015. $5,000,000+ Judith R. Wilder Anonymous (1)

$1,000,000-4,999,999 Timothy & Sheila Casgrain Sheryl & David Kerr The Fred A. Litwin Family Foundation George & Anne Ploder RBC Foundation William & Meredith Saunderson Spinal Cord Injury Ontario Sun Life Financial

$100,000-999,999 Aecon Group Inc. ARAMARK Canada Ltd. Estate of Hazel May Arnold The Harold E. Ballard Foundation The Ralph M. Barford Foundation Bayshore Home Health Bergmanis, Preyra LLP Estate of Richard C. & Ora J. Berkinshaw J. P. Bickell Foundation E. W. Bickle Foundation BMO Financial Group Borden Ladner Gervais LLP David & Patti Bragg Gerald & Susan Brockelsby Estate of Thomas William Butler Canadian National Railway Company Cardiac Health Foundation of Canada (CHFC) The Caring Foundation CIBC City of Toronto City Council, Toronto Health Care Fund Jamie S. Coatsworth & Christine Gillespie Dean Connor & Maris Uffelmann David & Lynn Coriat Estate of Joan Elizabeth Crocker James H. Cummings Foundation Inc. Deloitte. The Dominion Enbridge Inc. Extendicare (Canada) Inc. EY Falconbridge Limited Roger & Kevin Garland Gary & Sandra German Gluckstein Lawyers James Rutley Grand Memorial Fund at the Toronto Community Foundation



Toronto Rehab Foundation

Pamela R. Hallisey Mary & Graham Hallward Estate of Robert A. Heaney Himelfarb Proszanski Nelson Arthur Hyland Foundation iA Financial Group Imperial Oil Limited Intact Foundation Janssen Inc. Edward & Alice Kernaghan The Henry White Kinnear Foundation Estate of Arthur William Kirkpatrick Estate of Bernice Korman KPMG Canada Arthur & Sonia Labatt Owen Lawson Estate of Jeffrey Laycock Levinter & Levinter LLP Loblaw Companies Limited Longo’s Family Charitable Foundation The MacMillan Family Manulife Financial Marquest Asset Management Inc. Mazin & Associates PC, Lawyers The R. Samuel McLaughlin Foundation McLean Budden Limited McLeish Orlando Lawyers Linda F. Mezon Kristin Morch & Albert Pace The Municipality of Metropolitan Toronto Neinstein & Associates LLP Nexans Canada Inc. Noranda Foundation Northbridge Financial Corporation Oatley Vigmond Lawyers Old Republic Insurance Company of Canada Ontario Neurotrauma Foundation Pfizer Canada Inc. Philips Respironics Inc. Estate of David Walter Page Pretty Andrew & Valerie Pringle PwC Estate of William Ramsay Rick Hansen Institute RioCan Real Estate Investment Trust Howard Rocket Gretchen & Donald M. Ross Rotary Club of Scarborough Bluffs The Royal Canadian Legion, Ontario Provincial Command Branches and Ladies’ Auxiliaries Charitable Foundation Dr. Scholl Foundation Scotiabank Michael Shannon, Morse Shannon LLP Singer Kwinter Lawyers The Slaight Family Foundation The St. George Society of Toronto Barbara Stymiest Estate of Ilonka Seder Szabolcsi TD Bank Group Thomson, Rogers Barristers and Solicitors TMX Group Inc. The Toronto Rehabilitation Institute Volunteer Association

Estate of Helen Mary Watson Paul & Carolyn Weiss The W. Garfield Weston Foundation Stephen Wetmore Will Davidson LLP David Williams Milton Winberg The Geoffrey H. Wood Foundation Estate of Jennings David Young Anonymous (5)

$50,000-99,999 Richard A. Abboud AGF Management Ltd. Alcan Inc. James Archer-Shee & Mary Matthews The Atkinson Charitable Foundation Barrick Gold Corporation Bell Canada Blake, Cassels & Graydon LLP Bogoroch & Associates, Barristers & Solicitors Richard J.G. Boxer Brascan Corporation Edward Bronfman Family Foundation The Cadillac Fairview Corporation Limited Canadian Pacific Limited CIBC Mellon Global Securities Services Company Cliffstar Corporation Gordon H. Cowperthwaite Rob Cudney William A. Cunningham David Denison & Maureen Flanagan Devry Smith Frank LLP Lawyers & Mediators The Drummond Foundation Fairmont Hotels & Resorts Inc. The Harry E. Foster Charitable Foundation General Mills Canada Inc. L.E. Glazer Family Diana & Larry Goad Estate of Margaret Mary Harris H.J. Heinz Company of Canada Ltd. Henderson Structured Settlements LP Hillcrest Auxiliary John Labatt Limited Kellogg’s Canada Inc. George Linton Robert & Patricia Lord The J.W. McConnell Family Foundation Rebecca McKinnon The McLean Foundation Medavie Blue Cross Mercer (Canada) Limited Ronald H. Meredith-Jones Estate of Roy Gerald Mimms The Mulvihill Family Foundation National Bank Financial Gordon Nixon Estate of Helen Doris Gardiner Phelan Estate of Mary Elizabeth Pitt Ram & Usha Ramkumar RBC Investments

John & Pamela Richardson Mark & Sarah Rochon The W.P. Scott Charitable Foundation Sears Canada Shell Canada Limited Arnold Shniffer Shoppers Drug Mart Estate of Allan Thomas Squier StuCor Construction Ltd. Willard & Ann Sutherland David & Ann Taylor Estate of William J. Thompson Estate of Jean R. Thomson TransCanada PipeLines Limited Unilever Canada Vale Luc Vanneste Estate of John William Walker Weston Bakeries Florence & Mickey Winberg Albert & Petra Wu Yorkville Asset Management Inc. Anonymous (3)

$25,000-49,999 A. Lassonde Sales Group A.S. May Powell Corporation Acosta Canada Estate of George Jackson Addison Allergan Inc. Angus Consulting Management Ltd. Aon Consulting Inc. Argus & Hollinger Inc. The Bitove Corporation Blue Rodeo Productions BMO Employee Charitable Foundation BMO Nesbitt Burns Richard J. Boxer The Braund Management Group Incorporated Estate of Alice Dolorese Cameron Campbell Company of Canada The Canada Life Assurance Company Canadian Tire Corporation, Limited Cangap Lending Corp. Capuchins of Central Canada Carwell Construction Ltd. Chinook Group Coca-Cola Bottling Ltd. Colgate-Palmolive Canada Inc. Coloplast Canada Corporation ConAgra Foods Cott Beverages Canada S. David Craig & Donna Piccinin-Craig Crombie Kennedy Nasmark Inc. Nora Cullen, M.D. Arthur Dalfen Danone Inc. DuPont Canada Inc. The Eaton Foundation Edwards Charitable Foundation Enbridge Gas Distribution Inc.

Howard J. Fergusson & Family Geoff Fernie, PhD & Bonnie Fernie Estate of Ina Mae Gall Gay Lea Foods Laurie Ann Goad Sidney H. Goldhart Goldhart Investment Group Inc. Goldman Sachs Canada Inc. The Honourable Jerry & Carole Grafstein The Miriam and Harold Green Family Foundation Estate of Ida Zella Groat H.C.S.O. Foundation Inc. Margaret M. Harris The Joan and Clifford Hatch Foundation Estate of Tatsuo (Ted) Hayashi Honda of Canada Manufacturing The Hope Charitable Foundation Estate of Emily Annie Hopewell HSBC Securities (Canada) Humpty Dumpty Snack Foods Inc. ING Bank of Canada Instinet Canada Ltd. International Semi-Tech Microelectronics Invacare Canada Inc. Italpasta Limited Jackman Foundation Janes Family Foods Ltd. Jones Apparel Group Canada Harvey & Marsha Joseph Maury Kalen McKenley Kidd Kimberly-Clark Inc. Jane Kinney Sheila Kirshenblatt Kraft Canada Inc. Labatt Breweries Ontario Estate of Archie Lamont Lang Michener LLP Clifford Lax Daniel Lee Philip Lind London Life Insurance Company Macquarie Group Foundation Maple Leaf Consumer Foods Inc. Maple Leaf Foods Inc. Donald & Avril Martin McCain Foods (Canada) Ltd. Catherine & Gordon McCauley The Catherine & Maxwell Meighen Foundation Sidney Mendelson Merck Frosst Canada Ltd. The George Cedric Metcalf Charitable Foundation Minto Foundation Inc. Moore Corporation Limited Nancy Ralph & Associates Nestle Canada Inc. The Odan / Detech Group Inc. Ogilvy Renault Paul Oh, M.D. Onex Corporation The Pepsi Bottling Group Piller Sausages & Delicatessens Ltd.

Robert Pitfield Reckitt Benckiser (Canada Inc.) Felicia Ross Victoria Ross S.C. Johnson Wax Santa Maria Foods Corporation Saputo Cheese G.P. Saputo Dairy Products Scott Paper Limited Serono Canada Inc. Simon Zucker & Associates Estate of Phyllis Olive Beatrice Sivell The Philip Smith Foundation Speight Van Nostrand & Gibson Limited Gaetan S. Tardif, M.D. & Monica Branigan, M.D. Telus Thomas, Large & Singer Inc. David & Joanne Thring Towers Watson Estate of Fred Underhill Unico Foods Ltd. Sheila Waengler Joie P. Watts Michael Wekerle Scott & Marjorie Wetmore Gregory Whittaker William M. Dunne & Associates Ltd. Women’s Association of the Mining Industry of Canada Joan & Bob Wright Cindy & Paul Yelle Frances Zahra Zurich Canada Anonymous (5)

$10,000-24,999 20 Vic Management 2008120 Ontario Inc. A&M Cookie Company Canada (Colonial Cookies) A C Nielsen Company of Canada Ab HUR Oy Michael Abbott Adams Brands Inc. Agropur Fine Cheese Algoma Orchards Limited David Alter, M.D. & Family Alzheimer Society of Canada Hossein Amani, M.D. Amico Patient Care Corporation Donald & Noreen Angus Anne S. Angus Apotex Inc. Aqua Star Arjo Canada Susan M. Armstrong Bert Arnold Aviva Canada Inc. Estate of Walter J. Barr Peter Bartes Bayer Inc. Mark Bayley, M.D. & Suzanne Smith-Bayley Robert S. Bell, M.D.

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DID YOU KNOW that each year, 50,000 Canadians experience a stroke? Toronto Rehab helps Canadians regain their independence so they can live life to the fullest. Bell Canada, Employee Giving Program Anna & Pietro Belvedere Benchmark Benefit Solutions Inc. Best Foods Canada Inc. Better Beef Limited The Birks Family Foundation The Black Family Foundation Blaney McMurtry LLP The Boiler Inspection & Insurance Company of Canada The Bradstreet Family Foundation Catherine Bratty British Columbia Packers Limited Rob & Teresa Brouwer Tania R. Bruno, M.D. Anthony S. Burns, M.D. Buttcon Limited Contractors & Engineers Barbara Butterwick Calstone Inc. Charlotte M. Cameron Canada Bread Company Limited CanadaHelps.org Canadian Italian Golf Association Canadian Spinal Research Organization Canadian Tire Real Estate Limited Caneast Foods Ltd. Anthony & G. Elizabeth Capon Estate of Paul Anthony Capon Capp Shupak Lawyers Cardiac Care Network Carranza LLP Cassels Brock & Blackwell LLP Cavendish Farms Centa Construction Limited Central Park Lodges Ltd. The Centre for Education and Training Centrecorp Management Services Limited CFMT-TV Michael E. Charlton Connie Chen Estate of John Chiasson Chudleigh’s Clover Leaf Seafoods Inc. Colliers Macaulay Nicolls Inc. Collins Barrow Toronto LLP Colors Fruit (Canada) Inc. Compaq Canada Inc. Paul Comper, PhD Confederation Life Insurance Company Consortium of Canadian Centres for Clinical Cognitive Research Dermot G. Coughlan Natalie Cournoyea Randolph W. Cousins Philip Cowperthwaite & Susan Hunter The Harold Crabtree Foundation Robert R. Cranston Catharine Craven, M.D. Purdy & Beatrice Crawford Creative Wealth Management Group Inc. Robert Cronin Crown Life Insurance Company Crown Taxi CS Capital Limited CTV Television Network Ltd. CTVglobemedia Inc. Cuddy Food Products Dare Foods Limited Bill & Julie Deeks



Toronto Rehab Foundation

Estate of Maureen Sheila Dempsey Estate of Louise Helen DeSpirt Dimpflmeier Bakery Limited Dominion Coal-Building Supplies Ltd. W. Bruce Drake Dundee Wealth Inc. E*Trade Canada E.D. Smith & Sons Ltd. The John David & Signy Eaton Foundation Effem Inc. EHN Michael Eizenga Electro Source Inc. J. & S. Elliott Emergis Evangelista Barristers & Solicitors LLP John & Gay Evans Excel-Care Exchange Solutions Fasken Martineau DuMoulin LLP Anthony & Shari Fell Jennifer A. Ferguson Joan Ferrie Fidelity Investments Canada Ltd. Fireman Steinmetz LLP First Professional Management John Flannery, M.D. & Marion Flannery Nora Flannigan Forum Equity Partners Inc. Estate of Thomas F. Foster Four Seasons Hotels Limited FPI Ltd. Estate of Paul Russell Frasca FUJIFILM Canada Inc. Andrea, Paulo, Giovanni & Isabella Furlan GE Canada Inc. General Motors of Canada Genuine Health Inc. Georgia Gerring Giddy Yoyo Inc. Alastair Gillespie Gillette Canada Inc. John P. Ginou Give & Go Prepared Foods Ltd. Bernard Gluckstein GMP Securities L.P. Gold & Associates Barry J. Goldlist, M.D. Good Humor-Breyers Ice Cream Goodmans LLP Gowling Lafleur Henderson LLP Estate of Colette Elizabeth Graham Estate of Jean Grant Louis Green John R. Gregory H. H. Angus & Associates Limited Richard & Nancy Hamm Estate of Ewart Max Harbour Harlequin Enterprises Limited Harts Upholstered Products Co. Ltd Bill & Jan Hatanaka Mary Hatch Gabriel J. Hayos Heart and Stroke Foundation of Ontario Foster Hewitt Foundation Sheila & Howard Hicks Hicks Morley Hamilton Stewart & Storie Jean E. Hill

Hobart Food Equipment Group Canada Richard L. Holbrook R. Brian Holmes, M.D. Hostess Frito-Lay Douglas & Karen Houston Howie, Sacks & Henry Lawyers HTX.CA-The Health Technology Exchange Hudson’s Bay Company Reg Hunter Estate of Doris Hutton Andrea Iaboni, M.D. IBM Canada Ltd. IBM Employees’ Charitable Fund ICE River Springs Water Co. Inc. Interpaving Limited Investors Group Inc. Irving Tissue / Les Papiers Irving Richard Isaac, M.D. & Brian Sambourne Rosamond Ivey The Richard Ivey Foundation Henry N. R. Jackman Arthur & Judy James Colin James Donald James Bill Jardine JC Clark Ltd. The Jeff Healey Band Susan Jewell Edith & Kenneth Jewett Johnson & Johnson Inc. Estate of Mildred Cecile Johnston The Julie-Jiggs Foundation K-Bro Linen Systems Inc. Ronald Keren, M.D. James W. & Ruth Kerr KIK Corporation Holdings Inc. Estate of Jacob M. Kirshenblatt Estate of Kenneth Lawrence Kleinsteiber David L. Knight Knights of Columbus Kodak Canada Inc. Kodak Canada Inc. Employees Chest Kretschmar Inc. Murray Krock Lafarge Canada Inc. Robert Lam, M.D. Lantic Sugar Limited The Art Latcham Charitable Foundation The Lawson Foundation Lax O’Sullivan Scott Lisus LLP LEA Consulting Ltd. John Lederer Louise Lemieux-Charles Dayle Ann Levine Marianne Levitsky Estate of Susan B. Lind Lindt & Sprungli Canada Inc. Winston & Stephanie Ling Marilyn & Douglas Linton Natalie & Sidney Liswood Alexander Lo, M.D. Charles Lombard London Guarantee Insurance Company Denis Love The George Lunan Foundation Lyndhurst Gift Shop Bruce S. MacGowan Mackenzie Financial Charitable Foundation

DID YOU KNOW Canada spends $20 billion a year on brain injuries? Toronto Rehab is creating solutions to prevent and allow Canadians to regain their lives. William MacKinnon Maclean Hunter Limited MacPherson/Carr Family John Madden Arlene Manankil-Boyce Manifest Communications Inc. Maple Lodge Farms Malcolm & Andrea Marcus Estate of Elly Marks Maynards Industries Ltd. McCarthy Tetrault LLP Lynda McColl McCormick Canada Inc. I.A. McEwan, Q.C. Colleen McGillivray, M.D. William McLean Judy McLeod Estate of Gary Ralph McMackin MED2020 Health Care Software Inc. Medisystem Pharmacy Ltd. Mellon Bank Canada Menkes Developments Inc. Menu Foods Limited Merrill Lynch Canada Incorporated Janet & Roland Michener Microcomputer Science Centre Inc. Alex Mihailidis, PhD MintoUrban Communities Inc. The Minute Maid Company Canada Inc. Molson Indy Festival Foundation Susan Monteith John Moore F. K. Morrow Foundation MTS Allstream Inc. Munich Reinsurance Company of Canada (MROC) Murphy Hilgers Architects Inc. Nabisco Limited National Trust The Nesbitt Family Newcourt Credit Group Inc. Newell Rubbermaid NHL Foundation Clifford Nordal Normerica Northstar Research Partner Inc. Novartis Pharmaceuticals Canada Inc. O&Y Enterprises Olymel/Flamingo S.E.C / L.P. Ortho Canada Medical Products Alborz Oshidari, M.D. Osler, Hoskin & Harcourt LLP Terrence O’Sullivan & Corey Simpson P & H Foods P.O.F. Productions Pactiv Canada Inc. Sheila D. Paradi Parmalat Canada Parmalat Dairy & Bakery Inc. Par-Pak Ltd. Barbara & Peter Pauly Jennifer & Yezdi Pavri PCL Packaging Corp. Estate of David Robert Peacock Pentax Canada Inc. Pepsi-Cola Canada Ltd. Pharma Plus Drugmarts Pillsbury Canada Limited Pioneer Electronics of Canada Inc.

Placer Dome Inc. Milos Popovic, PhD Premcorp Presidential Gourmet Corp. President’s Choice Financial Timothy R. Price Principal Marques Inc. Prism Partners Inc. Proctor & Gamble Inc. Puresource Inc. The Quaker Oats Company of Canada Limited Raptors Foundation Ruth Redelmeier RGA Life Reinsurance Company of Canada Robin Hood Multifoods Inc. Gerry Rocchi Rogan Foundation Rogers Group of Companies Rogers Partners LLP Lee Rorabeck Joel Rosenthal Martin Rosenthal Evan Ross & Aviva Wittenberg, Noa & Talia Estate of John Bell Ross Estate of Mary Anglim Ross Rotary Club of Etobicoke The Rotary Club of Toronto C. I. Roveto Royal & Sun Alliance Canada The Royal Canadian Legion General Wingate (Ontario No. 256) Royal Insurance Company of Canada Sam Sarick Samuel Group of Companies Ltd. Dmyant S. Sangha Robert M. Schlosser & Family The S. Schulich Foundation ScotiaMcLeod Inc. Janet A. Scott Seaforth Creamery Inc. Shah Trading Co. Ltd. Sheridan Platinum Group Sibley & Associates Catherine & Peter Singer SkyDome Corporation Slaight Communications Inc. Estate of Nathan B. Smith Southam Inc. Estate of Mary Alice Spaulding St. Marys Cement Corporation Standing Ovation Stantec Consulting Ltd. Catriona M. Steele, PhD Gregory Steers John & Sharon Stewart Stikeman Elliott LLP Harvey & Cathy Strosberg Summit Technologies Inc. Sun Media Corporation Suncor Inc. Sutts, Strosberg LLP D’Arcy Sweeney Swiss Re Life & Health Canada T. McConnell Sales and Marketing Ltd. Warren Tang Donald Taylor Bachir Tazkarji, M.D. & Hala Idlbi Jay Telfer

TFI Food Equipment Solutions The Printing House Ltd. Therapist’s Choice Medical Supplies Inc. Thomson Terminals Limited S. Chum Torno Toronto Blue Jay Baseball Club Torstar Corporation Marilyn A. Tory Torys LLP Estate of Lillian Massey Treble Tree of Life Canada Inc. Tridel Enterprises Inc. Trinity Development Group Inc. Victoria Trohak Trophy Foods Inc. Turner Fleischer Architects Ultima Foods Inc. - Yoplait Unisource Canada Inc. University of Toronto Urban Electrical Contractors Alex & Meredith Vaccari & Family Janet & Peter van Nostrand Helen E. Van Zeyl Karima Velji VNU Inc W. Ralston (Canada) Inc. David Ward Diana Weatherall John G. Weir Wellington West Capital Markets Inc. Western Creamery Inc. Westmoreland Sales Estate of William Henry Whitehair Jane Williamson Willow Heights Estate Winery Chuck & Libby Winograd Larry & Anne Wright Wrigley Canada Inc. Lesley & John Wylie Xerox Canada Inc. Joanne & Jim Zee Heather Zimcik, M.D. Archie Zuliani Anonymous (6)

$5,000-9,999 A.P.M. Landmark Inc. ACE Bakery Limited Adair Morse LLP Adapt-Able Design ADP Brokerage Services Division Elaine Aimone Estate of Dorothy Aldridge Aris & Tamara Alexander Alliance Atlantis Communications Inc. Allseas Fisheries Inc. Alte-Rego Corporation Lisa & William Andrade Aqui Esta James B. Armstrong Aronovitch Macaulay Rollo LLP Artel Inc. Aspen Ridge Holdings Associated Brands Inc. AstraZeneca Canada Inc. The Atlas Corporation Avnet Technology Solutions

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DID YOU KNOW that 85,556 Canadians are affected by a spinal cord injury each year? Toronto Rehab’s Lyndhurst Centre, the largest spinal cord rehab hospital in Canada, is developing new technologies that allow patients to recapture their potential. Backerhaus Veit Ltd. George Banyasz Barbados Beach Club Emilie Bares Barwell Food Sales Inc. BBDO Toronto BEI One Love Productions Inc. BEI Pact Productions Inc. Belzberg Technologies Inc. The Benjamin Foundation Bennett Jones LLP Veera Bharatwal, M.D. Biscuits Leclerc Ltd. Bizerba Canada Inc. Blackmont Capital Inc. Blaiklock Inc. Blue Stripe Properties Inc. BMI Construction Co. Limited Carol Boettcher Bon-EE-Best Eggs Borden Foods Canada Corporation Borden-Catelli Limited Murray Bosley Gilles Boudreau Douglas Bradley, M.D. Dennis M. & Nomi Brans Betty O. Brisbin Jean Brissenden Peter Broecker Brookfield Asset Management Inc. Karyn Brooks Bruce Edmeades Sales Limited Ilze A. Brunins Vicki Bryson Joanne Bugaresti Karen L. Burgess Burnbrae Holdings Ltd. Douglas Burns Arnold Cader Canada Packers Inc. Canadian Foundation for Physically Disabled Persons Canadian National Exhibition Canadian Patient Safety Institute Canadian Society for Exercise Physiology Carfinco Income Fund Carriage House Companies Carrier Canada Estate of Clarence D. Carruthers Cave Spring Cellars Partnership Centennial Foods Allan C. Chartrand Chauss, Mellow Walk Footwear Inc. Cheeseborough-Ponds (Canada) Inc. James T. Chestnutt Eleanor J. Chestnutt Jenny Chin Khui Chinwala John A. Chisholm Raphael K. Chow Christie Brown & Co. John Church Cineplex Entertainment LP Clarica Life Insurance Company The Clorox Company of Canada Paul F. Cobb Coca-Cola Beverages Ltd. Estate of Rose & Ilda Cohen Colliers International



Toronto Rehab Foundation

Desiree Colombo Esther Commins Concord National Inc. Con-Drain Company (1983) Limited Connor, Clark & Lunn Private Capital Conwest Exploration Company Limited Carrie Cook George L. Cooke Ronald Cooper Gary & Eleanor Corlett Cormark Securities Inc. Corporate Foods Limited Corporate Planning Associates Harold Corrigan Heather & Robert Coulter Don & Marilyn Craig Robert A. Cranston Estate of Olive Elizabeth Creber Credit Suisse First Boston Canada John B. Cronyn Beth & Jack Curtin D’Angelo Brands Ltd. Danson Inc. Sylvia Davidson Catherine Davis Manuel De Amorim W. R. DeGeer Dell Chemicals Delrina (Canada) Corporation Symantec John Devlin Joseph Dickstein John Digby, M.D. Digi Canada Incorporated Digital Equipment of Canada Ltd. Dignity Transportation Inc. Dominion Textile Foundation Marshall & Dorothy Donaldson Terry Donnelly Dow Chemical Canada Inc. Garth & Pearl Drabinsky Dorothy Dunlop The Edward Dunlop Foundation Charles Dunstan Trudy Eagan Jim Ecclestone H.J. Eiley Elmira Poultry Inc. Laszlo Endrenyi Energizer Canada Inc. Environics Communications Inc. The Erin Mills Development Corporation Eurovintage International Inc. EvansMartin LLP Chartered Accountants Export Packers Foods Limited Expresco Foods Elizabetta Fascio Leonard Feigman, Q.C. Mary L. Ferguson-Pare Filigree Design David L. Fingold First Health Care Services Inc. Firstservice Corporation FlexITy Solutions Inc. Gordon Fowler Robert G. Franks Suzanne Fraser Choken Fukuhara GaitRite

Jeremy Garbutt George & Helen Gardiner Foundation Emmanuelle Gattuso Jack & Sybil Geller Gemini Food (1989) Corporation The General Accident Assurance Company The Gibson-Armstrong Trust Marcel M. Gingras GlaxoSmithKline Glow Productions Ltd. Gluskin Sheff + Associates Inc. Leonard Gold Sheba Goldstein Goodlife Fitness Club The Wolfe & Millie Goodman Foundation Goodrich Turbomachinery Products Estate of Ethel Shirley Gossage Gracious Living Industries Inc. Grand River Poultry Farm Ltd. Doug & Ruth Grant Lesley E. Gregory Estate of Walter John Gregory Peggy H. Griffiths Grimm’s Foods Limited The Guarantee Company of North America Guy Guimond Linda Gupwell H & R Developments H.N. Construction Limited Hallmark Cards Canada Joan & Fred Hamilton Michael Hamilton Hamilton Beach/Proctor-Silex Hammerschlag & Joffe Inc. Handi Foods Ltd. Delia L. Hannon Harco Publishing Kevin S. Harper William Harper J. A. Harris Health Bound Health Network Stuart & Marie Henry Paul Hickey Karen Higgins High Liner Foods Incorporated Highview Residences & McCormick Home Foundation April & Norbert Hoeller Constance Howell Estate of Josefa Christine Hull Donald F. Hunter Charitable Foundation James Huth Edward J. Huycke The Hylcan Foundation ICORD The Independent Order of Foresters Instore Products Ltd. Inter-Action Rehabilitation Inc. Ippolito Fruit & Produce Limited Italian Home Bakery Ltd. J.D. Sweid Ltd. J.E. Russell Produce Ltd. J.J. Barnicke Limited Hal Jackman Foundation The Jackson Family Fund Jacques, Whitford and Associates Limited Jaguar Mining Inc. Jamieson Laboratories Ltd. Jannock Limited

DID YOU KNOW Canada spends $60 billion a year on chronic pain? Toronto Rehab is a leader in providing care and solutions for people with chronic pain. Johnson Worldwide Associates Canada Inc. Johnston Smith International Inc. Laurent M. Joly Juan Carranza Barrister & Solicitor David B. Jubb Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation Michael Kalles & Dana Rocket Hon. Robert P. Kaplan Minnie Kazdan Kearsley Electric Limited Rosemary J. Kennett William & Leona Keough Lloyd Kirk Joan Kitchen J. Korman Mitchell Kostuch Estate of John Michael Kuis John Labay Laidlaw Inc. Charles Laidley Laidley Management Corporation Lancor Electric (1996) Ltd. Langar Foundation Carol Ann Langston Spencer Lanthier & Diana Bennett Robert Laurent & Family Lavo Inc. Leaside Secondary School Leisureworld Lerners LLP Les Cuisines Rochette Inc. Estate of Frances Levine Eve Lewis Lewiscraft Corporation Michelle P. Li Ki Kit Li France Little Audrey Leob & David Ross Lonestar Vacuum Inc. Lost Script III Productions Inc. Estate of Mary Elinor Lott Susan Loube Karen P. Louie Lovas Stanley/Ray & Berndtson Inc. Wailan Low J. Alexander Lowden Lundbeck Canada Inc. Allan MacDonald Alan & Glynis MacGibbon Loralee F. MacLean Mady Development Corporation William Malinsky Maple Leaf Meats Inc. Maple Leaf Poultry George Mara Mills L. Marrs Marsan Foods Ltd. Marsham International Food Brokers Inc. Martin & Sheryl Teplitsky Services Limited Joel E. Maser, M.D. Maxims Limited Partnership Evelyn Mayall MC Integrated Inc Scott McCain Estate of Sadie McConnach McDonald’s Restaurants of Canada Ltd. Stuart McKay McKinsey & Company Inc.

Brian McLaughlin McMillan Binch Barristers & Solicitors Alan & Ruth McNally Gail & Fred McRobie MDS Inc. James Meekison & Carolyn Keystone Michael & Kelly Meighen Estate of Gerald Francis Merrick Metroland William P. Mico T. Donald Miller Foundation Minden Gross Grafstein & Greenstein LLP Mitchell’s Gourmet Foods Inc. T.F. Mohan The Molson Companies David Moore Stephen Moore Morneau Sobeco David D. Morris Morrison Lamothe Inc. The Mortgage Insurance Company of Canada Fiona S. Morton Charles Moses Motion Specialties Carol Mulder Anthony Munk Ingrid Navidad Peter Naylor Nestle Purina PetCare Neuro-Rehab Services The New Zealand and Australian Lamb Company Ltd. Sunny S. Ng Northbud Distributors Ltd. The Northpine Foundation Northstar Aerospace Canada Novopharm Nursing & Homemakers Inc. NuStep, Inc. Oakrun Farm Bakery Ltd. Office Equipment Company of Canada Ltd. Ontario Electrical Construction Co. Ltd. Ontario Hospital Association Ontario Tree Fruits Limited Joyce E. Osborne Charles E. Otton P.L. Foods Limited Jennifer & Lou Pagnutti Paladin Security Group (Ontario) Ltd. Paliare Roland Rosenberg Rothstein LLP Carol Panasiuk Panigas Group of Companies Paradigm Capital Estate of Alan Lorne Paterson The Pathfinder Foundation Patton Cormier and Associates David A. Payne Penfund Management Limited Donald M. Penrose John R. Percy Perfect Son Productions Physiotherapy Foundation of Canada Estate of Mary Pollard Mona Pope Power Corporation of Canada Prevention & Rehabilitation of Osteoporosis Prism Medical Ltd. Production Design International Inc. Promotivate International Inc.

Provincial Sales David M. Prussky Puddy Bros. Limited Christopher Purkis The Q.E.H. Nursing Division QTG Quality Meat Group Ltd. Isabella Ragen Anne K. Randell Ratiopharm Raymond James Ltd. RBC Dominion Securities Inc. Rebanks Pepper Littlewood Boyd Architects Inc. Redpath Sugars Rehabilitation Management, Inc. Paul A. Reinhart Request Foods Bruce Richmond RIT Dragon Boat Team Cedric E. Ritchie Paul Rodwell Margaret Rogers Rogers Broadcasting Limited Roll Form Group Ronco Protective Products Ronzoni Foods Canada Corp. Ros-Bay Developments Inc. Rosenbloom Groupe Inc. John B. Ross Rotary Club of Leaside Charitable Foundation The Rotman Family Charitable Foundation Roxon Medi-Tech Ltd. James Ruderman Estate of Sara Margaret Russell Rybka Smith & Ginsler Ltd. S & T Lavlin Engineers & Constructers S.R.T. Med-Staff International Inc. The Salden Foundation Eric Sanderson SC Johnson & Son Ltd. SCA Hygiene Products Inc. Sceptre Investment Counsel Norah E. Schraivogel Lawrence & Mary Jane Scott Select Food Products Limited Jan A. Seyfried Sarah Shapiro Firoz (Rose) Shariff Robert D. Sheaffer Gerald Sheff & Shanitha Kachan Charitable Foundation Linda Sherwood The David & Francine Shields Family Charitable Foundation Shulton Canada Inc. The Carolyn Sifton Charitable Foundation Silani Sweet Cheese Ltd. Betty & Paul Simpson & Ronald Rolls Siskinds LLP Brian J. Slattery Robert & Olive Smith Sobey’s Company Inc. Sodexo Sorrell Financial Inc. Spinal Cord Injury Canada St. Lawrence Cement Inc. The Standard Life Assurance Company Stantec Architecture Ltd. Estate of Joseph S. Stauffer Jeffrey Steckley

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DID YOU KNOW that 191,300 Canadians are affected by cancer each year? Toronto Rehab provides specialized cancer rehab to help individuals reclaim their lives. Alec D. Stevenson John M. Stewart Stoneworth Ltd. Vernon & Flora Strickland Susan Martha Strong Subway Paul Sudolski Alan D. Summerville Sunrise Senior Living Services Inc. (Canada) Sunrise Senior Living Services Inc. (Thornhill) Mark Surchin Randy Swan Sweeny Sterling Finlayson & Co. Architects Inc. William Sylvester Helen Szabo Tagged Inc. Patrick Taylor TD Securities Inc. Tech Data Canada Corporation Teplitsky, Colson LLP Terraplan Landscape Architects Lesley J. Thacker The News Group Therapy Supplies and Rental Limited Thermo Design Insulation Ltd. Bill & Bronwen Thomas David Thompson Nancy Thomson Timothy’s World Coffee Tippet Foundation TLS Inc./Thomas Large & Singer Toronto International Film Festival Group Toronto Orthopedic Appliance Services Ltd. Toronto Rehab Medical Staff Association Toronto West Stroke Network - University Health Network Natalie K. Townsend Transamerica Life Canada Trans-Ocean Products Inc. Trilon Financial Corporation Trinity Plastic Products Inc. Elsa Tse UBS Securities Canada Inc. Umbra UNI Foods Inc. Unitel Communications Inc. University of Toronto - Office of Advancement Robin Verduyn, M.D. Milan Voticky W. T. Lynch Foods Limited William Ross Walker Wallenstein Feed Charitable Foundation Daniel Walters Warren Bitulithic Limited The M.M. Webb Foundation Maurice Joseph and Louis Weisfeld Charitable Foundation Peter Weiss Westmoreland Beaver Bible Class Westmount Storefront Systems Ltd. Estate of Arthur L. Whitehead Wildeboer Dellelce LLP John Wildman The Works Design Communications Ltd. Lawrence Wright Estate of Joan W. Wright Estate of Gerald Ivan Miles Young Estate of Angel and Dvora Zylberman Anonymous (16)



Toronto Rehab Foundation

Research Chairs Chairholder: Dr. David Alter Toronto Rehab Chair in Cardiovascular and Metabolic Rehabilitation Chairholder: Dr. Mark Bayley The Saunderson Family Chair in Acquired Brain Injury Research Chairholder: Dr. T. Douglas Bradley The Clifford Nordal Chair in Sleep Apnea and Rehabilitation Research Chairholder: Dr. Susan Jaglal Toronto Rehabilitation Institute Chair at the University of Toronto Chairholder: Dr. Alex Mihailidis The Barbara G. Stymiest Chair in Rehabilitation Technology Research Chairholder: Dr. Milos Popovic Toronto Rehabilitation Institute Chair in Spinal Cord Injury Research

Group Initiatives $5,000+ Albert Pace & Kristin Morch Fundraising Reception Bob Baun Celebrity Golf Classic Bollywood Tribute Dinner & Dance in Honour of Parviz Manji Brainsgiving Comedy Night Canadian Hairdresser’s Charity Golf Tournament Cardiac Health Foundation of Canada’s Walk of Life Clifford Nordal Chair in Sleep Apnea and Rehabilitation Research Coffey International Golf Tournament Conquering Mt. Kilimanjaro Cracked: New Light on Dementia Dan Hill Benefit Concert for Toronto Rehab Extendicare: It’s In Our Genes To Give Dinner Extendicare Gala Fundraising Breakfast, Hosted by Sun Life Financial Fundraising Breakfast, Hosted by Deloitte. Gala 1-18 Presented by Loblaws G-O-O-O-O-O-A-L! Soccer Championship Harvey’s Back Gala HeartBeat Invitational Charitable Golf Tournament Hearts on Bay, Hosted by Bennett Jones LLP Hearts on Bay, Hosted by KPMG Hearts on Bay, Hosted by RBC In Honour of Barry Caplan John Counsell Commemoration Fund Kocisko-Le Muscadin Golf Tournament Loblaw Properties Limited Golf Tournament Lyndhurst Gift Shop Marquest Investments Group Challenge Mazin’s Laugh Out Loud Comedy Night Monster Bike Ride On Track to Cardiac Recovery REHABilitate REBUILD RESTORE Rick Hansen Wheels In Motion Rocket Ride 4 Rehab Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathon Sharwood Golf Classic The St. George’s Society of Toronto - Red Rose Ball 2013 Thursday Night 4 Rehab Tim Hick Golf Classic Toronto Rehab Foundation’s Annual Gala Toronto Rehab’s Giving Together Staff Campaign Tribute Dinner, Live Auction & Wine Tasting—Rocco Piselli Therapeutic Garden at Lakeside Long-Term Care Centre TWIINS: A Toast to Ron Ellis and Dennis Hull

Will Davidson LLP Golf Classic William A. Cunningham/ Deloitte. Challenge Women & Health Fundraising Breakfast

We gratefully acknowledge the support of donors to Toronto Rehab Foundation’s heritage foundations: Hillcrest Hospital Foundation Lyndhurst Hospital Foundation Queen Elizabeth Hospital Foundation Rehabilitation Institute of Toronto Foundation

Legacy Society Toronto Rehab’s Legacy Society celebrates the generosity of donors who have made a planned gift to Toronto Rehab. Peter Bello Anthony & G. Elizabeth Capon Jamie Coatsworth & Christine Gillespie Marlene Hartley Ronald Hibbert Bill Isberg Rebecca Kellman Jennifer & Yezdi Pavri Deanne J. Schenke Branislav Stojicic Judith R. Wilder Anonymous (3)

Community Events 2014-15 Coffey International Golf Tournament Cracked: New Light on Dementia Extendicare Gala CHFC Walk of Life 2015 Kocisko Annual Golf Tournament Mazin’s Laugh Out Loud Comedy Night Rocket Ride 4 Rehab Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathon Tim Hick Golf Classic 4th Annual Will Davidson LLP Golf Classic TWIINS: A Toast to Ron Ellis and Dennis Hull

Tribute Honourees 2014-15 In Honour Joel Barkin & Sarah Phillips Sue Berger Bobby Brown Chris Channon Israel Chojnacki Christopher Dale Karen Davies Ken Dumond Mark Felick Marty Friedberg Bill & Carol Hick Tim Hick Mary & Derek Keaveney Rochelle Levine Jordyn Lila Fred A. Litwin Morton Litwin Jim Macdonald Shirley Machmer Ken & Renee Metrick Ros Rewald Katie Rock Harvey & Cathy Strosberg Barbara Stymiest Audrey & Adrien Yap & Nusaputra

In Memory Josefina Quijano Abdul Thomas Antoniou Viola Barnes Winston Bohne Dominic Gabriel Cianciusi Gail Dodokin Alexander Ednie Laszo Endres Carolyn Feldstein Mahfam Ghahremani Lucille Elizabeth Harper Paul Hershoran Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Hirshman Vicki Johnson William Johnston Ben Kolisnyk Fotini Kolivakis Juliana Ka-Hing Lee Keith MacPherson Stuart Mayer Dawne McCulloch Gertrude (Buna) McGarva Gary O’Hara Alfonsina Paolo Mike Pecore Stephen James Plumb Nurali Rahim Virginia Marie Ricci David Rozen Margaret Shapiro Doreen O. Skitch Pearl Smith Stanley Sniegula Jean Daphne Sowerby (Burr)

We have made every effort to ensure the accuracy of this list. Please contact us at 416-597-3040 or trf@uhn.ca if your name has been listed or omitted in error.

A special thank you to the extraordinary Toronto Rehabilitation Institute Executive Team. Their leadership is enabling new research, discovery and enhanced patient care that has and will continue to transform lives.

1. Dr. Gaetan Tardif, Physiatrist-in-Chief and Medical Program Director, Toronto Rehabilitation Institute 2. Susan Jewell, Senior Vice President and Executive Lead, Toronto Rehabilitation Institute 3. Dr. Geoff Fernie, Vice President Research, Toronto Rehabilitation Institute

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Key Financial Highlights 2014-15 Philanthropy has a profound impact on our patients’ journey to recovery.

Pledges & New Gifts

Investment Revenue

$10,275,444 $1,759,633 68.1%

Major Gifts $6,992,240

6.3% 7.5%


Annual Fund $648,896 Special Events $773,408 Corporations $1,860,900 *Does not include payments on previous pledges or investment income

2014-15 Grants Made to Toronto Rehab

in hospital programs, $3,443,635 invested Research Chairs, annual support

in total grants 30


Toronto Rehab Foundation

and additional high priority needs


Driven Positive undefeatable recovery


Report to Our Community 2015 |



BOLD Tenacity courage Inspired support discovery strength 31

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Toronto Rehab Foundation 2015 Report to Our Community  

2015 Report to our Community

Toronto Rehab Foundation 2015 Report to Our Community  

2015 Report to our Community