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BIRCHMOUNT GYMNASTICS CENTRE Register on-line at: or Call us at: 416 292-4110

Classes walking to teens

Sept 2013 1800 Birchmount Rd.

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2 | TORONTO KIDS - September 2013

Individualized – Long Term Player Development Age 6 to 18 All sessions @ Monarch Park Stadium – Toronto’s top soccer facility Tel. 647 973 9555 CFA Program based on Deutscher Fussball Bund Talent Development




49 RAILSIDE RD. • 115 SIMPSON AVE. • 416 461 8998

Saturday Sept. 28th Sunday Sept. 29th 1 PM & 3 PM each day in Centre Court

ACCEPTING NEW MEMBERS Where do we meet? The Band has a regular practice, once a week on Monday evenings, from 7:30 p.m. to 10:30 p.m. at Fort York Armoury, 660 Fleet Street West, Toronto in Room 301 (second floor). Fort York Armoury is located on Fleet Street, just east of the C.N.E. Free parking is usually available. The Band’s Mess (i.e. club room) is open before and after practice for socializing. How old must I be to join the Toronto Signals Band? Anyone 19 years of age or older may join the Band. Those between the ages of 16-19 may join with the consent of a parent or guardian. Why should I join the Toronto Signals Band? It’s great fun. You will meet new people, visit new places, learn new things and gain new knowledge. We provide the training, you provide the desire.

Fort York Armoury 660 Fleet Street West, Second Floor, Room 301, Toronto, Ontario, M5V 1A9 For inquiries, please contact:

416-948-5046 Email:

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Important Dates



Once a school year begins, many students spend more time in the classroom with their teachers than they do at home with their parents. That’s especially true in dual-income households where both parents work outside of the home. Because kids spend so much time with their teachers, it’s important for parents to work toward building a strong parent-teacher relationship. Such a relationship fosters communication, which can help a young student do his or her best in and out of the classroom. Parents interested in developing a relationship with their kids’ teachers can take several steps to make that happen.  Meet your child’s teacher at the beginning of the year. Teachers have many students come in and out of their classroom on any given day, so it can be hard for teachers to initiate a relationship with parents. Introduce yourself at the onset of the school year,

providing phone numbers and e-mail addresses where you can be reached. Let the teacher know you’re available for discussion any time during the school year and that you look forward to the coming school year and working with the teacher as the year progresses.  Attend “Back to School Night.” School events like an open house or a “Back to School Night” are a great way to help kids grow acclimated to their school. But such events also make great opportunities for parents to learn more about their kids’ teachers than they might have learned during their introductory meeting. Such events may allow teachers to explain the curriculum for the upcoming year, and teachers may feel encouraged when parents show an active interest in such events.  Prioritize parent-teacher conferences. Unlike an

Labour Day: Sept. 2

introductory meeting or an open house at the beginning of the school year, a parent-teacher conference allows parents and teachers to specifically discuss students in private. Teachers may provide insight into how a child is performing and behaving in the classroom, offering advice as to how to improve that performance or suggestions as to how to encourage kids to keep up the good work. Such conferences may be your only opportunity for a one-on-one, in-person discussion about your child, so make sure you’re on time and that you don’t miss these conferences.  Keep the channels of communication open. If it’s been awhile since you’ve spoken to your child’s teacher, don’t be afraid to e-mail the teacher to check in or see if you can lend a helping hand. In addition, if your child really enjoys a teacher’s class, don’t be hesitant to share that with the teacher. Teachers appreciate compliments just like other professionals, and parents should express their gratitude to those teachers who are working hard to make learning fun for their youngsters. Establishing a strong relationship with a child’s teacher can help parents ensure students are making the most of their time in the classroom. – MS

First day of classes for all students is Sept. 3 Board-wide PA Day: Oct. 11 Thanksgiving: Oct. 14

Board-wide PA Day: Nov. 15 Board-wide PA Day: Dec. 20 Christmas Break: Dec. 23 to Jan. 3 (inclusive)

Elementary PA Day: Jan. 24 Secondary PA Day: Jan. 30 Family Day: Feb. 17

Board-wide PA Day: Mar. 7 March Break: Mar.10 to 14 Good Friday: Apr. 18

Easter Monday: Apr. 21 Victoria Day: May 19

Elementary PA Day: Jun. 6

Secondary PA Day: Jun. 26/27 last day of class: Jun. 27

Yamaha Music School

5075 Yonge St. 10th Floor Toronto M2N 6C6


It’s not too late to sign up for September classes


ETOBICOKE: 1325 The Queensway (just West of Kipling Ave.) Woodbine Centre 500 Rexdale Blvd.

647-288-3850 416-213-8880

290 The West Mall (at Bloor) 3009 Bloor St. W. (at Royal York)

416-626-6550 416-646-0600

4 | TORONTO KIDS - September 2013


onnect, to be a etter


“Taking time to connect to your partner on a regular basis, without distractions, can lead to a stronger partnership and family.” John Sorensen Family Owner: Couples (Only) Resort, Muskoka-Algonquin Park.

back SCHOOL SUPPLY -to- Checklist school [] 10 Notebooks

New Swimmers at all levels welcome!

[] 8 Duotangs In Different Colours For Different Subjects




McCormick Arena

(179 Brock Ave. between Dundas and Queen)

September 7 & 8 – 9:00am to 3:00pm September 14th & 15th – 9:00am to 3:00pm th


Please bring for registration: Child’s Birth Certificate or Health Card Hockey league begins weekend of Friday September 20th, 2013 and runs to end of March 2014 Also ask about our Hockey Select Programs at Registration 179 Brock Avenue, Toronto, Ontario, Tel: (416) 534-7474 •

[] Indoor/gym Shoes [] Headphones [] Tissues

[] Geometry Set

[] French/english Dictionary

[] 3-ring Graph Paper

[] Hand Sanitizer

[] Calculator


[] Pencil Case

[] 3-ring Lined Paper [] 30Cm Ruler [] #2 Pencils [] Pencil


[] Blue/Red Pens [] Glue Stick

[] Safety Scissors [] White Eraser



[] Markers Or Pencil Crayons [] Backpack

[] Lunch Bag [] Crayon


[] Highlighters

[] 3-ring Binders

[] Tabbed Dividers [] Usb Flash Drive [] Combination Lock


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TORONTO KIDS - September 2013 | 5


It’s in the bag Backpack safety can prevent serious injuries Trips and falls on the playground may account for the majority of injuries that send school children to the nurse's office. But backpacks cause their fair share of injuries as well. Children routinely carry more than the recommended weight in school backpacks and, compounding the problem, also carry their bags incorrectly. Various medical agencies recommend that a child's backpack should weigh no more than 10 to 20 percent of the child's body weight. However, this figure should be adjusted based on a child's fitness level and strength. That means that the average sevenyear-old second grader who weighs

between 55 and 60 pounds should be carrying no more than 11 to 12 pounds in his or her backpack. A too-heavy backpack may cause:  red marks on the shoulders or back from the straps  tingling or numbness in arms / back  changes in posture when wearing the backpack, and  pain anywhere in the back. To compound these problems, which also may include nerve damage resulting from pressure on nerves in the shoulders, children should lighten their loads and carry backpacks correctly. The following tips are some additional ways youngsters can prevent backpack-

related injuries.  Carry only necessary items. Children should only carry what is required for that particular school day in their backpacks. If teachers routinely have students carry home many heavy books, parents can consult with the teachers to see if there are other options.  Distribute weight evenly. Items in the backpack should be spread out to distribute the weight across the entire back. Heavier items should be at the bottom of the pack.  Use both straps. Using only one strap shifts the backpack weight to one side, causing the back and shoulders to strain. Many orthopedists have reported treating children with back or shoulder pain as the result of carrying backpacks incorrectly.  Choose the correct backpack size. The size of the backpack should match the scale of the child and should

rest evenly in the middle of the child's back.  Lift safely. Children should lift their backpacks by bending their knees and lifting to protect their backs. There are some safety features parents can look for when purchasing back-

packs. A padded back reduces pressure on the muscles and can be more comfortable, while compression straps make the backpack more sturdy. Additionally, reflective material on the backpack can make the child more visible to motorists. – MS

Meet Our Hero:

Lilah Petersiel

Tami and Eric were shocked to learn that their first child, Lilah, was born with neuroblastoma, a rare form of cancer. During Tami’s pregnancy, a routine ultrasound revealed that Lilah had only one kidney. Upon her birth, Lilah was transferred to The Hospital for Sick Children, and was quickly diagnosed with neuroblastoma, a rare and deadly cancer that develops in the adrenal glands, above the kidneys, and can spread to other organs. Lilah’s tumour and affected adrenal gland were surgically removed when she was only two weeks. But when Lilah was about three months old, a CT scan found the cancer spread to her liver. This time, the treatment was more severe for the infant. Lilah had two rounds of chemotherapy, a surgical resection of approximately one third of her liver, followed by two more rounds of chemotherapy. Lilah finished her treatment in

Dec. 2004 and since then has had a clean bill of health. She returns to SickKids annually for checkups and follow-up to study the long term impact of chemotherapy. In order to develop better cures for neuroblastoma, Lilah’s parents established an event to raise money for neuroblastoma research. To date, ‘Lilah’s Fund’ has raised more than $680,000 to support neuroblastoma research at SickKids. Lilah’s Fund has hosted many events over the past several years, most notably, “Sunday in the Park with Lilah” (a family fun day) and “Lil’ Monkey Jam” (a concert for the entire family). Lilah has also hosted several ECHOage parties already. Guests areinvitedtoanECHOagebirthday party online. Instead of bringing a wrapped and packaged present to the party, they RSVP and give a secure online contribution. Contributions are pooled together, half is sent to the parent hosting the

INTERPLAY party and the birthday boy or girl chooses any gift or gifts they want. The other half is sent by ECHOage to the charity the birthday boy or girl has chosen to support. Lilah’s mom,Tami, thinks ECHOage parties are a great way to raise funds for SickKids and to teach Lilah about the importance of charity. Lilah is planning another ECHOage party this spring and, in addition to the iPod she hopes to receive, is planning to help cure childhood cancer through donations to Lilah’s Fund at SickKids. For more information, visit or www.


Interplay and PSB offers preprofessional classes in classical ballet and a full range of recreational classes for ages 3 to adult in ballet, pointe, repertoire, pas de deux, jazz, modern/contemporary, tap, musical theatre, hip hop, ballet fit barre, zumba, adult classes.

PSB Dance Academy

Intensive, Enhanced pre-professional ballet program, RAD ballet program and recreational from 3 & up. The Intensive Dance Program provides training to selective and dedicated students who may wish to pursue a career in ballet, jazz and/or contemporary dance. This program also gives the dancer the opportunity to dance with the Interplay and Profile Dance Company as well as compete in annual dance competitions.

New enhanced pre-professional ballet program for Grade 7-12 starting in September 2013. Program is by audition only and entails students to dance 3 hours daily. This program is for dancers who would like to pursue a professional career focusing on ballet

NOW TAKING 2013 FALL REGISTRATION 250 Davisville Ave (at Mt. Pleasant) 416.972.1316

Outreach Program: Bishop Strachan School 416.483.4325 91 Rylander Blvd (Port Union & Kingston) 416.284.6784

2351 Kingston Rd (Kingston Rd & Midland) 416.261.9312

Karen Davies Thomas, Director F.I.S.T.D. (Cecchetti), A.I.S.T.D. (National), A.I.S.T.D. (Modern), Royal Academy of Dance Teacher’s Certificate; BFA Honours Degree, York University; Graduate of the National Ballet School Teacher’s Training Program

6 | TORONTO KIDS - September 2013


Rush hours Make the morning dash to school a lot less hectic While parents can't add another hour to the morning unless they wake up earlier, there are ways they can be more efficient. The following are a few ways families can work together to make more efficient use of their time on weekday mornings during the school year.  Get a head start the night before. Instead of making kids' lunches each morning, make them at night right before you go to bed. Lay out their clothes for the next day before they go to sleep each night.  Avoid turning your kitchen into a diner each morning. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but it also can be the most indecisive meal of the day. Kids likely won't want to eat

the same thing every day, but give them fewer options so you aren't wasting time discussing what they’re going to eat.  Limit time in the bathroom. Bathroom time should be limited to a set amount of time per person so everyone can get where they need to go on time.  Locate must-have items before going to bed at night. Car keys, cell phones, wallets, eyeglasses, and backpacks are a handful of items all of you will need at some point during your day. Locate these items before you go to bed each night and place them in the same convenient place each night.  Turn the television off in the morning. Watch-


Discover what you

reading sports science music


MONTCREST SCHOOL OPEN HOUSES – Oct. 25, Nov. 22, Jan. 17

ing television in the morning can be very distracting, which can make it harder for adults and kids alike to get out the door on time in the morning.  Gas up the car the night before. A pit stop at the gas station en route to school or the office will

only add to the hectic nature of the morning. Weekday mornings during the school year can quickly become frenetic. But a few time-saving tips can ensure you and your youngsters start each morning off a lot more relaxed. – MS

TORONTO KIDS - September 2013 | 7

BE EMPOWERED. BE STRONG. BE LEADERS. BE CONFIDENT. BE GREAT. Register for House League today! New this year, every player receives a basketball.

Rep Team Tryouts starting September 14th Check out our website for all locations and times.

New this year! Register online before September 12th and Save $10.




��� C�������� P��������� A��� C����� P�������

Lyrics By: Tim Rice

Music By: Andrew Lloyd Webber

Saturday September 21st at 7:00 p.m. • Sunday September 22nd at 4:00 p.m. All Tickets: $10.00 [plus applicable service charges] For information contact the box office: 416-255-6750

8 | TORONTO KIDS - September 2013

septevents 15th Annual Taste of the Kingsway Festival

Sep 6 - 8 Come celebrate & have fun, food and music! This Fall Festival take place along Bloor Street W. (from Prince Edward Drive to Montgomery Road) is a food & entertainment extravaganza for the whole family. Free. The Kingsway BIA

29th Annual Vegetarian Food Festival

Sep 6 - 8 Regarded as the largest event of its kind in North America, the Vegetarian Food Festival gives audiences an unparalleled opportunity to enjoy a diverse crosssection of vegetarian cuisine and shop from over 100 vendors. Free. Harbourfront Centre

Ontario Model Soldier Society’s “ON PARADE” 2013 Sep 7, 10:00 am until 4:00 pm Come join the Ontario Model Soldier Society as it celebrates its 51st year of hosting Canada’s largest toy soldier show “ON PARADE”. This year the show honours Canada’s Korean War Veterans. Delight to displays of past history, miniature bands and parades, as well as meet representatives of toy soldier and model figure manufacturers. Adult: $7.96, Youth: $4.87, Child: $3.76, Senior: $4.87, Children 5 and under are free. Fort York National Historic Site 416-285-5600,

Canine Spectacular Contest

Sep 7 - 8, 12:00 pm until 5:00 pm On September 7 and 8 PawsWay will host a fun day of contests for the EVERYDAY dog. Judged by an official world-renowned judge, this is no ordinary dog show! Some of the categories include: biggest dog, smallest dog, ugliest dog, cutest dog, dog that most resembles its owner and best trick. Register your dog(s) today and take home amazing gift baskets and certificates compliments of PawsWay. To register go to http:// Free! PawsWay 416-360-7297,

2nd Annual Haute Dog

Sep 7 - 8 Strike a pose and put your best paw on the red carpet at the 2nd Annual Haute Dog at Queen’s Quay Terminal! Fabulous Free Fun for both Family and Pooch . Queen’s Quay Terminal 416-203-3269,

Cabbagetown Festival of the Arts

Sep 7 - 8 37th Annual Festival is happening again... in Cabbagetown. This street and Arts festival runs for two days along Parliament and Carlton Streets. At the same time, is the Cabbagetown Arts & Crafts fest in Riverdale park and the neighbourhood-wide garage and lawn sales! Parliament, from Wellesley to Gerrard 416-921-0857,

Centreville’s Amusing Race!

Sep 7 - 22 Weekends in September will play host to our first ever Amusing Race! Bring the whole family out to the island to spend a day meeting and greeting our wide variety of farm animals. Learn about farming, livestock and agriculture. Play games, enjoy live performances, win prizes. Centreville Amusement Park

The Wiggles “Taking Off!” World Tour Sep 27 - 28

The times are a changin’ and so are The Wiggles. After 21 years of entertaining children around the globe, The Wiggles will introduce three new cast members including the first-ever female member, Emma Watkins. These vibrant new Wiggles will bring the “Taking Off!” worldwide tour.

Ricoh Coliseum -

Grandparents’ Day at Colborne Lodge

Sep 8, 12:00 pm until 5:00 pm Children - spend the afternoon in High Park with your grandparent (or a favourite senior). In honour of Grandparents’ Day, Colborne Lodge is offering free admission on Sunday, September 8 to two seniors, accompanied by a child or youth, 4 to 18 years, paying regular admission. 416-392-6916

Is Casa Loma Haunted?

Sep 12 - 15 Find out for yourself with our Ghost Tracking experts.... The Evening will commence in the Library for a quick introduction and breakdown of haunted tales, a sneak peak at your hosts Paranormal Equipment, and perhaps listen to some of the amazing EVP’s captured during some of the investigations that have taken place at The Castle. We will then proceed forward for a mini tour – allowing you, our honoured guests, some extra time to investigate on your own! 416-533-1573

Applicious Fall Festival

Sep 14, 11:00 am until 4:00 pm Families will enjoy many affordable activities, delicious refreshments and entertainment for all ages. Free admission - Fees for activities. Ashbridge Estate 416-461-8143,

Roncesvalles Polish Festival

Sep 14 - 15 A two-day celebration of everything that we have to offer, from great music and art, to wonderful Polish and international cuisine from our fantastic restaurants, and some of the best Polish musicians and dance. Free. Roncesvalles Avenue 416-537-2701,

World Rhino Weekend at Toronto Zoo

Sep 14 - 15 All over the world, zoos and conservation organizations will unite during the month of September to celebrate these amazing pachyderms! Rhinos are in desperate need of our help as poaching of this magnificent species is on the rise. 416-392-5929,

City Cider at Spadina Museum

Sep 15, 12:00 pm until 5:00 pm Not Far From the Tree demonstrate proper apple picking methods and press apples from the Spadina Orchard into cider. Enjoy the taste of heritage apple cider made the traditional way. Spadina’s gardeners lead tours of the museum’s historic gardens. Free for children 12 yrs and under. Spadina Museum: Historic House & Gardens 416-392-6910,

Time for Preschool?

Terry Fox Run

Sep 15 The annual Terry Fox Run is held every September, usually on the second Sunday following Labour Day. In countries outside Canada, the Run is organized at a time that is convenient for organizers. The Run is a non-competitive event where people get together as individuals, families and groups to raise money in Terry’s name. It is a day of celebrating Terry’s legacy and helping to keep his dream of a cure for cancer alive. Across Canada

Medieval Knights Visit the Castle

Sep 15 Casa Loma will be hosting some special Medieval Guests visit the castle. Fully armoured Knights will be making a regal appearance at Casa Loma walking around and meeting with our Guests. This is a great chance to meet and chat with Knights about what life was like in a Castle in the Middle Ages. Casa Loma 416-533-1573,

On Common Ground at Fort York

Sep 20 - 21, 10:00 am until 6:00 pm A multifaceted festival of culture and community at Fort York National Historic Site. The festival will energize the grounds and buildings of Fort York with

an awesome mix of mobile music, site specific dance, giant puppet theatre, multi-media installations, storytelling, crafts, kidzone, peacezone, greenzone, and local food. FREE Admission. Fort York National Historic Site 416-392-6907,

Pan American Food Festival

Sep 20 - 22 Experience the cultural diversity of the 41 countries that make up North, Central and South America and the Caribbean through national and regional cuisines, art and music at the Pan American Food Festival. This is the first presentation of Canada’s only festival that celebrates the food and culture of all parts of the Western Hemisphere. Free. Harbourfront Centre

Toronto Mini Maker Faire

Sep 21 - 22, 10:00 am until 5:30 pm Come see and get tactile with amazing homemade technology at Toronto Mini Maker Faire! For two days, tinkerers, artists and hackers from all over the GTA are leaving their garages to participate in Toronto’s greatest show and tell! Wychwood Barns

Northwood Academy Montessori Plus!

• Parent & Tot • Nursery • Kindergarten OUSE H N E P O DAYS S E N D WE 9-5 PM

The Academic Advantages of Montessori plus the Fun of Bilingual E.C.E. Enrichment plus the Helpful Conveniences of Day Care. Ages 1-5 Years • Flexible Scheduling • Extended Hours

Finch Campus 1080 Finch Avenue East, 416-492-9495 Madawaska Campus 53 Madawaska Avenue, 416-250-8302

TORONTO KIDS - September 2013 | 9

septeventscon’t Junction Music Festival

Sep 21, 12:00 pm until 10:00 pm The Junction Music Festival is a festival of independent music for all ages. Coined as the emerging art and design neighbourhood of Toronto, this eclectic community anchored by Dundas St West & Keele St is home to a festival celebrating local up-and-coming talent and rising stars. Free. Various locations 416-767-9068

The Grapevine Festival

Sep 21, 11:00 am until 11:00 pm 2013 the Grapevine Festival is a wine and music festival on St. Clair Ave between Dufferin and Lansdowne. We will have various shows and programs for both kids and adults. Free admission. St. Clair Ave between Dufferin and Lansdowne 416-461-1844

WindFest 2013

Sep 21, 12:00 pm until 5:00 pm On Saturday, September 21 from noon to 5:00pm for WindFest 2013 returns to Woodbine Beach in Toronto’s Beaches neighbourhood. Windfest is Toronto’s largest kite festival. From expert kite fliers, to kids flying their first kite, there is a space for everyone at WindFest. Kite flying is a fun, safe, creative and multi-cultural activity that anyone can enjoy! We’ll have workshops on how to make kites, and how to fly kites too! Free. Woodbine Beach, Toronto Beaches 647-299-0822

Pioneer Festival at Black Creek

Sep 21 This Mennonite and Pennsylvania-German festival is full of delicious foods such as home-made pies, cheese curds, sausages, apple butter, hand-made ice cream and many international foods. A fast-paced, one of a kind quilt auction, with hand-made mennonite quilts. Horse-drawn wagon rides to the Schmidt-Dalziel property. Lots of food to eat on site and take home and more. Black Creek Pioneer Village 416-736-1733

Queen West Art Crawl

Sep 21 - 22 2013 marks the 11th anniversary of the Queen West Art Crawl. Purchase a great work of art from one of


our 250+ jury-selected artists at the Outdoor Art Show and Sale in Trinity-Bellwoods Park, or take part in a walking tour and attend a talk by one of our featured guest speakers. There are plenty of art events for crawlers of all ages, from the family-friendly KidsZone, to the edgy and innovative Parkdale Nightcrawl. Don’t miss out on all the action! Free. Various venues Bathurst to Roncesvalles 416-516-8301,

thousands of free, hands-on, interactive activities that invite the public to participate “behind-the-scenes,” to discover the world of artists, creators, historians, architects, curators, designers and other creative people in their communities. Free. Various Locations Toronto, ON

Toronto Garlic Festival

Sep 28, 10:00 am until 3:00 pm Hey kids, check the couch, the car, sell lemonade and ask your friends and family for spare change. Bring it to the Smiling Blue Skies Walk to End Canine Cancer Saturday Sept. 28 2013. Challenge your friends. We have great prizes for those who collect the most. Best part? The money goes to help pups with Canine Cancer. Kew Beach 416-606-9255

Sep 22, 9:00 am until 5:00 pm The Toronto Garlic Festival is a fun, family-oriented food festival where kids can meet Ontario garlic farmers and Ontario chefs and participate in cooking demos and interesting activities like: a Garlic Breath Contest officiated by the Ontario Science Centre; taking photos with a Garlic Super Hero and watching a documentary called Garlic Is As Good As Ten Mothers. With tons of fresh Ontario garlic for sale, delicious garlic-themed food and even garlic chocolate ice cream, kids can learn about Ontario produce and the benefits of local, fresh food. $5.00 - FREE for children under 12. Evergreen Brick Works

PAWS in the Park

Sep 22, 9:00 am until 1:00 pm PAWS in the Park is the Toronto Humane Society’s largest annual fundraising event and is being held on Sunday, September 22, 2013. Participants raise pledges and walk with their furry four-legged friends along the scenic Martin Goodman trail in Ashbridges Bay Park. Participants are provided with beverages and complimentary snacks. Fun festivities before and after the walk will include something for everyone: live music, dog agility shows, face-painting, a dog photo booth, silent auction and much more! Woodbine Park 416-392-2273x2020

KING of the GROMS / KING of the AMS

September 26 - 29 International Skateboard Competition is open to ALL skill levels - Ages 16 and under. 4-day event C.J. Skateboard Park

Culture Days

Sep 27 - 29 The fourth annual Culture Days weekend will take place September 27, 28 and 29, 2013, and will feature

Kids Challenge to Change Canine Cancer Coin Drive

The Canaccord Genuity Great Camp Adventure for SickKids!

Sep 28 Take on the challenge of a new adventure walk, unlike anything Toronto’s ever seen. The Canaccord Genuity Great Camp Adventure is a full day of FUN, designed so everyone and anyone can participate, from kids to kids-at-heart, 0-99 years young! Babies in strollers, gran & gramps, families, friends, co-workers and corporations. Fort York National Historic Site 416-445-3377

Community Day at Ontario Science Centre

Sep 29 Presented by TELUS, Community Day is the Science Centre’s way of celebrating science with the whole community. In addition to FREE* admission and special programming in the Centre throughout the day, we invite all adults to become children again! For this day only, adult visitors will be able to turn back the clock to see the popular IMAX® film Flight of the Butterflies and/or Under the Sea at the children’s price. IMAX® film tickets for all age categories on September 29th will be $9 per person. Parking is not included. Ontario Science Center 416-696-3127 For an updated list of September events, visit:

BIG at the ROM

Until Sep 13 This wide-ranging ROM exhibition showcases textiles and costume that are each in their own remarkable ways BIG… BIG in size, BIG in historical importance, BIG in the news, perhaps created by a BIG name, and often carrying a BIG price tag. Royal Ontario Museum 416-586-5797ext1

Born to be Wild

Ongoing Born to be Wild is an inspiring story of love, dedication and the remarkable bond between humans and animals. This film documents orphaned orangutans and elephants and the extraordinary people who rescue and raise them – saving endangered species one life at a time. Ontario Science Center 416-696-3127

Collected in the Field: “Shoemaking Traditions from Around the World” at Bata Shoe Museum

Until Dec 31, 2013 Join us for our newest exhibition highlighting the history of shoemaking traditions, many of which are slowly disappearing. Bata Shoe Museum

Family Sundays at McMichael

Sundays in September Join us on select Sundays each month for our popular Family Sundays. Enjoy hands-on art activities and live entertainment, along with seasonal nature walks, tours, and our family favourite Discovery Space. Fun for the whole family! McMichael Canadian Art Collection 905-893-1121

Flight of the Butterflies

Ongoing It was a Canadian who engaged the world’s first team of citizen scientists, found the secret hideaway of the monarch butterflies and discovered the most incredible migration on Earth – a scientific adventure at its best. Follow the story and year-long, multi-generational migration cycle of hundreds of millions of monarchs from their remote overwintering sanctuaries in Mexico, across the U.S. to Canada. New IMAX film. Ontario Science Centre

ready, set, register! Kidville offers classes for newborns to age 6 in music & dance, gym and art and more – all under one roof! It’s not too late to register for our Fall 2013 semester! Get your free family membership & access to our state-of-the-art amenities. KIDVILLE - YONGE LAWRENCE VILLAGE




Hands in the Bowl

Saturdays in September Caregivers and children aged 4 to 7 are invited to come roll up their sleeves and learn how to mix, grate, mash, and eat their delicious creations! This fun family program engages all the senses while sparking a life-long love of food in the youngest among us. No registration required. Space is limited to a maximum of 12 children. $5 suggested donation. Evergreen Brick Works 416-596-1495

Eyes on the Skies at the Science Centre

Ongoing This one-of-a-kind, lively program introduces preschool children to the night-time sky through singing, connect-the-stars constellations and a journey to the moon. The program was designed especially for our youngest visitors and lasts no longer than 20 minutes to accommodate wandering minds and little feet. All participants receive a certificate of landing on the moon and a follow-up activity guide. 416-696-3127

Family Days at Gardiner Museum

Every Sunday, 9 - 1 to 4 pm Bring the whole family to the Gardiner for fun-filled days with programming geared towards the kids. Free with admission, and kids under 12 get in for free if accompanied by an adult. Includes films, tours for kids, craft tables & more. Gardiner Museum 416-586-8080

Fiddler on the Roof at the Stratford Festival

Until Oct 20 This affectionately humorous portrait of life in a Jewish village in Tsarist Russia centres on Tevye, a milkmanphilosopher who finds his values challenged by his daughters’ insistence on following their hearts rather than the dictates of tradition. Kids’ tickets only *36 each with ther Family Experience program. Festival Theatre 800-567-1600


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10 | TORONTO KIDS - September 2013

ongoingevents Hockey Hall of Fame - Stanley’s Game Seven (3D)

Until Dec 31, 2014 Hockey’s first 3D film is a stunning mix of 3D originally filmed hockey action teamed with computergenerated photo-realistic 3D animation and classic archival footage from some of the most renowned moments in Stanley Cup history – the film literally jumps off the screen. Hockey Hall of Fame, 416-933-8215

Junior Jays Saturdays

Until Sep 28 Bring your family to the ballpark for Jr. Jays Saturdays for every Saturday home game. Kids can visit our Jr.Jays zones located on the concourse to take part in many fun interactive activities to keep them entertained all game long. Each Jr. Jays Saturday kids can visit one of our Jr. Jays Zones located on the concourse. Kids can take part in many fun activities to keep them entertained all game long! Rogers Centre

Summer Music in the Garden

Until Sep 13 Our wildly popular garden music series returns as the country’s best musicians perform in the magical setting of the Toronto Music Garden. Free garden tours Wednesday at 11 a.m. and Thursday pre-concert at


5:30 p.m. Harbourfront Centre

Under the Sea

Ongoing This film takes you into fascinating underwater locales such as the Great Barrier Reef and the Coral Triangle for face-to-face encounters with some of the most mysterious and stunning creatures of the sea. Ontario Science Center 416-696-3127

Weekend Family Fun

Weekends in September Parents, the next time you hear “There’s nothing to do!” bring your children aged 3 to 9 over to the Museum to paint a mini-clog, try on shoes, and go on a treasure hunt in the galleries! Bata Shoe Museum, 327 Bloor St. West, Toronto 416-979-7799 x242

It’s a Kid’s Life Tours at Spadina Museum

Sep 7 - 29 - 2:30 pm Fun and games aren’t just kid stuff in this fascinating, hands-on tour. Experience the sumptuous world of the Austin children, and all the rules that went with it, and the working class lives of the chauffeur’s son and daughter. Live the life of a 1920s and 30s child through music, dance, games, toys and more.

Youth (13-18 yrs.) $5.75, Children (6-12 yrs.) $4.87 (plus tax), Children (5 and under) Free. Spadina Museum: Historic House & Gardens 416-392-6910

Kids’ Crafts at Mackenzie House

Sep 7 - 29, 12:00 pm until 4:30 pm Bring the family to visit the last home of Toronto’s first mayor, William Lyon Mackenzie, then enjoy some kid time doing an historically-based activity. Regular admission applies. Adults: $7.08; Seniors: $4.52; Youth/Children: $4.42 (plus tax). Mackenzie House 416-392-6915

Brooks Farms Fall Fun Festival

Sep 7, 2013 to Nov 2, 2013 The highlight of the YEAR! For over a decade, Brooks Farms hosts an awesome Fall Fun Festival that gets bigger and better every year. Come out and enjoy the beautiful autumn season Brooks Farms style! Festival Open Weekends beginnning Saturday Sept 7 til Sunday Nov. 2.Hours: 9am-5pm. Plus added Fall Fun: Sue Wee Pig Races, Corn Maze, Corn Cob Blasters, Pumpkin Cannon Show, Dark Side of the Hill, Zombies (for older kids), Donuts, Snack Shack and Chip Truck. Brooks Farms 122 Ashworth Road, Mount Albert, ON 905-473-3920

Orangeville Fair

September Weekends

Sep 7 - 29 - 12:00 pm until 4:00 pm Check out these fun activities at the museum! Experience life in early Scarborough, sample harvest jam and baked treats, and stroll through beautiful Thomson Memorial Park. Kids make a traditional craft and take part in a Scavenger Hunt! Admission is Pay-What-You-Can. Scarborough Museum 416-338-8807 FOR MORE ONGOING EVENTS, VISIT WWW.TORONTO4KIDS.COM

The lights of the midway can be seen from miles away as the rides spin and twirl high above the crowd. As ribbons are handed out to deserving exhibitors for the best jams, jellies, produce and crafts, the livestock ring is busy with farmers, both young and old, proudly displaying their sheep, calves, and heifers. Day and evening, the stages are busy with activity and the popular demolition derby always draws a large crowd. Aug 30, 2013 to Sep 2, 2013 Orangeville Fairgrounds

Durham Central Fair (Orono)

Events include a The Midway, Antique Tractor Displays & Antique Car Show, Outstanding Variety of Animal Shows, Exotic Cat World, Homecraft Exhibit, Demolition Derby and more! Children 13 and under ALWAYS FREE when accompanied by an adult. Sep 5, 2013 to Sep 8, 2013

Georgetown Fall Fair

A Weekend off Family Fun! Midway, Lawn & Garden Tractor Pulls, Battle of the Bands, Displays, Concessions, Homecrafts, Livestock Shows, FMX Freestyle Motocross, Kids Craft, Milking Demonstration, Demolition Derby, Pet Show, Heavy Horse Show, 4x4 Tractor Pull, Sandy Stompers. Sep 6, 2013 to Sep 8, 2013 Georgetown Fairgrounds

Uxbridge Fall Fair

Everyone’s favourite events are returning to the Fair like the Demolition Derby and Tractor Pull and new ones like calf roping are planned. The Midway will be back with some new attractions and all the animals, agriculture and crafts will be here for your enjoyment. Bring the whole family and join our celebration of agriculture and community. September 10, 2010 to September 12, 2010 Elgin Park, Uxbridge

www.Special Car

Summerial Spec Enrolling NOW for FALL CLASSES Early Stages (4-6 yrs) & Main School (6-16 yrs)





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Toronto, ON. M2K 1C5

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Sheppard Ave. E

Sheppard Ave. E Special Car Wash

Esther Shimer Blvd.


Don Mills Rd.

Car Detailing


Leslie St.


United Church Open House Satturday, Sept. 14 at 2 pm



Provost Dr.

Humbercrest United Church Open House Saturday, Sept. 14 at 11 am

Toronto East (new location in Mount Pleasant Village) 240 Manor Rd. East Manor Rd. Toronto M4S 1R8

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Bayview Ave.


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Ambrose Rd.

Toronto West 16 Baby Point Rd Toronto M6S 2E9

Basic Wash

TORONTO KIDS - September 2013 | 11 Western Fair

There’s even more to love this year at southwestern Ontario’s largest Fair! Interact with all kinds of animals and agricultural exhibits, or enjoy live concerts and performances every day - all free with admission. Sample the unique Fair foods and take a spin on the midway rides. Sep 6 - 15 Western Fair Entertainment Centre

Sunderland Fall Fair

The Sunderland Agricultural Society’s 162nd annual fall fair. This year, our fair’s theme is “Busy Bees”. Enjoy our traditional events such as the parade, midway, 4-H competition, light & heavy horse show and demolition derby. Marvel at displays of vegetables, antiques, photography, field crops, crafts and culinary arts. Sep 10 - 11 Sunderland Fair Grounds

Brampton Fall Fair

An event for the whole family! Activities include: demolition derby, Campbell’s midway, horse shows, dog shows, baby show, agricultural education area, vendors, livestock shows, and antique and classic car show. Sep 12 - 15 Brampton Fairgrounds

Beeton Fair

The Beeton Agricultural Society is proud to present one of the oldest agricultural fall fairs in Canada. Celebrating 157 years the Beeton Fall Fair provides a great weekend of family fun with exhibits, demonstrations, competitions and rides that is sure to provide great entertainment for all ages. Sep 13 - 15 Beeton Fairgrounds.

Lindsay Central Exhibition

Bolton Fair

Stratford Fall Fair

Milton Fair

Fom the premier livestock shows, six horse hitches, and agricultural education for students to the action packed demolition derbies, truck and tractor pulls. Home to one of the most recognized and memorable fall fairs in Ontario, we pride ourselves on being part of the social pulse of our vibrant community. Sep 18 - 22 Lindsay Central Exhibition Fairgrounds Be sure to bring your children through the Old MacDonalds Farm Display! Other events are the Battle of the Bands, Horse show, Mini Prince and Princess Competition, Baby Show, Family BBQ , 4H Dairy Shows, Tug o war, Lumber Jacks, Wrestling, Live entertainment, and more! Sep 19 - 22 Stratford Rotary Complex

TORONTO BEACHES CHILDREN’S CHORUS Registration Ongoing. Call for more Details Kingston Road United Church, 975 Kingston Road

For more info check out our website or call 416 698 9864 Act quickly as spaces will fill up fast!


The Joy of Singing. The Love of Drama. For more information please call or visit us online 416 698 9864 WWW.TORONTOBEACHESCHILDRENSCHORUS.COM

Features special entertainment/activities including Livestock Display barn, Agricultural Awareness Tent, Craft Building, Petting Zoo, Great Food, Exhibit Hall and Vendors, and more! The Albion and Bolton Agricultural Society operates Bolton’s 2 biggest events: the Bolton Fall Fair and Bolton Modified Truck & Tractor Pull. Sep 19 - 22 Albion Bolton Fairgrounds 905-857-4805, Features special entertainment/activities including Livestock Display barn, Agricultural Awareness Tent, Craft Building, Petting Zoo, Great Food, Exhibit Hall and Vendors, and more! Sep 27 - 29 Milton Fairgrounds, 136 Robert Street 905-878-5689,

Pre-K to Grade 12 Grammar

Reading Study Skills

Markham Fair

Since 1844 the fair has been providing the community with a showcase for talents and products in a friendly competitive spirit. As well as the competitive displays, the community is further brought together to enjoy various forms of entertainment such as horse pull, demolition derby, tractor pull, midway rides and displays of farm animals. Oct 3 - 6 Markham Fair Grounds 905-642-3247,

Woodbridge Fair

Come and experience the midway at the Woodbridge Fair. We have fun and games the entire family can enjoy. It is a feast for all your senses. Spectacles to see, Rides to ride, and homemade foods to enjoy. Oct 6 - 8 Woodbridge Fairgrounds

Writing Homework

Math French


French, English, Math, Science - any subject you need. Professional teachers and incredible programs.

Call to book your assessment today. Willowdale 416.502.9628

2810 Victoria Park Avenue, #110

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s e v a C c i n e c S t a n u Great Family F RUNNING / HIKING SHOES REQUIRED


Canada’s Longest Twin-Zip Line!

FEATURING... • 420 ft Suspension Bridge • Caves / Caverns to Explore • THUNDERBIRD 1/2-mile Twin-zip Ride • Mini–golf • Gemstone Mining • Big Rock Railroad • Snack Bar • Picnic Area • Fish Pond • Kids Adventure Playground • Fabulous Panoramic Views • Gift Shop

1-1/2 Hrs North of Toronto on Scenic Caves Road, near Collingwood 705-446-0256

12 | TORONTO KIDS - September 2013

outdooradventures Head to the orchards for

bushels of fun! Apple picking is a wonderful family day trip for those looking to enjoy a fun fall outing in the country. It’s the perfect autumn adventure for kids as local orchards are ready to welcome once-a-year harvesters. Picking is at its peak right now, but the harvest lasts well into October. And those yummy apples will bring fall into your home for weeks to come! Here is a list of kid-friendly orchards in the GTA: Orchalaw Farm 97726 Heritage Rd. R.R #2, Norval 905-456-1879

Pick your own September to October Activities include: Free wagon rides on weekends, farm animals, such as chickens, ducks, and goats, and harvest decorations. Brooks Farms 122 Ashworth Rd., Mount Albert 905-473-3920 Early September to mid October Activities include: Train and wagon rides to the pumpkin patch, pig races and the infamous Sue Wee Shufflers, huge aliens, play area, farm animals, zip lines, bouncing ponies, Fixeight forest, corn maze, straw

jumps, pumpkin cannons, and more! Albion Orchards 14800 Innis Lake Road, Caledon 905-584-0354 Mid-August to October 31 Activities include: Wagon rides on weekends, and children’s hayland play area Chudleigh’s 9528 Hwy 25, Halton Hills 905-878-2725 Mid-August ending in late October. Activities include: Licensed waterfall dining area, children’s entertainment area, pick your own access to orchards, picnic area, retail store, and free parking. Dixie Orchards 14309 Dixie Road, Caledon 905-838-5888

September to mid-October Activities include: Free wagon rides on weekends during apple season, corn maze during apple season, bakery on weekends, and Thanksgiving and Halloween decorations. Pingle’s Farm 1805 Taunton Rd. E., Hampton


905-725-6089 September to October. Activities include: Pick your own apples, a market, fun fall activities, such as mini corn maze, corn maze, straw jump, Trike Track, farm animals, face painting, Bugsy balloon, pumpkin balloon, and pedal cart tracks.

At Newton’s Grove School (formerly MPS Etobicoke) we keep standards high and class sizes small and we challenge our students to grow into a new personal best in academic and extracurricular life. In 2013/2014, we move into a new campus, customized to help us maintain our long tradition of individual-focused, holistic education and our culture of excellence. Our new campus was once an apple orchard. Now, kids will grow here.

TORONTO KIDS - September 2013 | 13


The Word on the Street Celebrate reading and writing on September 22

The 24th annual The Word on the Street festival is just around the corner. The national magazine and book festival celebrates reading and writing and highlights the importance of literacy in the lives of adults and children. Head down to Queen’s Park Circle on September 22, from 11:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m., for The Word on the Street’s KidStreet Festival featuring a Children’s Activity Tent, Children’s Reading Tent, TVOKids Stage and more! Here’s a glimpse of what families can enjoy at this year’s event:

CHILDREN’S ACTIVITY TENT • Join renowned poet Dennis Lee to cel-

• •

ebrate his classic Canadian Children’s book at the Alligator Pie Party Decorating your own felt puppets and hats with J. Lum and J. Torres Test your knowledge about the human body with Liza Fromerand Dr. Francine Gerstein in their fast-paced Body Works Quiz Participate with author Lizann Flatt and illustrator Ashley Barron in a hands-on collage activity Sharpen your pencils for a fun-filled drawing activity guided by illustrator Debbie Ridpath Ohi Learn the art of Origami with the Brothers Leung

• Move and groove to Andrew “Too Tall” Queen’s folk music and silly sing-along performance!

CHILDREN’S READING TENT The Children’s Reading Tent is the place where children aged 3 to 12 can meet and hear their favourite authors and discover brand new ones. This year, there are lots of great authors to discover, including Tim Beiser, Rebecca Bender, Cary Fagan, Andrew Larsen, Kyo Maclear, Dave Whamondand Cybèle Young.

TVOKIDS STAGE Favourite personalities from TVOKids

take the stage with a day of fun-filled literacy-focused entertainment that includes music, stories, readings and interactive sessions. Children will love to dance with their favourite TVOKids personalities, and don’t forget to keep an eye out for Polkaroo!

Find the best school for your kids and teens

KIDSTREET EXHIBITOR MARKETPLACE Some of Canada’s top children’s publishers are on-hand showcasing their newest books and magazines! Look out for publishers like DC Canada Education, Homeroom, Kevin Sylvester, Owlkids, Little Witch Press and My Trip to the Moon!



Oakville Conference Centre | 12 – 4 pm

Roy Thomson Hall 11 am – 3 pm

 Meet top PS-12 schools  Attend information seminars FOR A LIMITED TIME







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MARKETPLACE A great place to be!

Loot Lady

Party & Event Loot Bags, Balloons, Toys & Treats. Visit our store or shop Online 3029 Lake Shore Blvd. W, Toronto ON M8V 1K5


LEGACY OF DANCE ACADEMY Celebrating 20 Years



Ages 2.5 yrs up Ballet, Pointe, Jazz, Tap, Musical Theatre, Hip-Hop, Modern, Adult Drop In Classes, Small Class Sizes, Certified Teacher, Birthday Parties, 5000 Sq.Ft. Facility Voted one of the best dance schools by City Parent newsmagazine four years in a row and chosen as the “winner “ for 2013 , try us out and see why.


4077 Gordon Baker Rd. (at Pharmacy Ave.) Toronto, Ontario, M1W 2P3

CELEBRITY TALENT AGENCY Kids for Reality TV TV, Film & Music Video

Free Image Consultant/ Talent Agent Promoter/ Producer/ Director-Film TV Media, etc.

Family Suspension Play Shop SUNDAY’S 2-3:30 pm Cost: 1 Child plus 1 Parent 4 Weeks - $140 + tax Drop In - $40 + tax Suspension fitness is beneficial and fun for the whole family! In this class, parents and kids get to share in a very special time together. Through partnering and playful interactions, Suspension Yoga is brought to a whole new level of joyful connection and physical well-being. Leader in Asian Modelling

Welcome “Rising Star Contestants” 25 Years Experience

Personal Management (Canada, USA, Asia)

Call for information

Spaces are limited. Call NOW to register 647-993-YOGI (9644)


TORONTO KIDS - September 2013 | 15

Within a 2 hour drive from the GTA you and your family can create years of memories with your own Resort Cottage getaway. Whether you golf, enjoy the water, like to participate in family gatherings or just relax around a crackling fire, Bellmere Winds IS for you. A masterfully planned community, the Resort Cottage sites offer spectacular views of the rolling landscape of this golf course location with beautiful Rice Lake panoramas. Each Resort Cottage offers all of the ‘at home’ comforts plus the resort’s future plan includes an outdoor pool with kidz splash zone, a multi-sports court for tennis, basketball, volleyball and ball hockey plus a Homeowners Recreation Pavilion and Golf Clubhouse. The memories start with a phone call. Book your personal tour today!

* Certain terms and conditions apply. All prices do not include taxes. O.A.C. $69,900 price inclusive of all discounts and rebates. Other Resort Cottages available from $76,900 to $126,900.

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Native Child and Family Services of Toronto

FOSTER CARE PROGRAM We are seeking loving homes In the Toronto and Greater Toronto Area who want to make a difference in a child’s life. We need foster families that are interested in caring for Aboriginal children, have a willingness to work within our diverse community, and have a fundamental respect for Aboriginal children and their culture. We provide training, support, relief and compensation to our homes.

Please contact our Foster Care Hotline at

(416)969-8510 ext. 7788

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