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April 2013

Summer CampHalf & Full Days 1800 Birchmount Rd.


2 | TORONTO KIDS - April 2013

Help Your Child Succeed with MaxiMind Brain Training Our stimulating and enjoyable program will help improve your child’s:


You’re invited to join us at a


Wednesday April 17, 2013 7:30pm – 9:30pm Richmond Hill Public Library 1 ATKINSON STREET, RICHMOND HILL

Effective Drug-Free Therapy




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TORONTO KIDS - April 2013 | 3


Playground safety As the spring weather rolls in and the city’s skating rinks shut down for the season, the city’s playgrounds and parks become increasingly happening places to play. Outdoor activity is important - especially with today’s concerns about historically high childhood obesity rates. Children are encouraged to play outdoors to exert physical effort and promote health. Few things are more exciting to young children than the opportunity to swing and scale playground obstacles. But what if the outdoor play equipment poses significant safety risks? Playground injuries have become a considerable concern for parents and caregivers across the country. No one wants to prevent children from having fun, but it is essential to



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child safety playgrounds be well-maintained to ensure playtime does not end in injury. Improperly maintained equipment coupled with ineffective shock-absorbing surface material can increase a child’s risk of injury. Equipment associated with the most injuries include climbers (monkey bars), swings, slides and overhead ladders. Fractures remain the most common playground injury, followed by contusions and abrasions. To keep children safe, there are certain precautions that should be taken whenever children are allowed to use playground equipment. It is up to adults, including parents and guardians, to ensure that play areas are safe and to use their judgement to restrict play if unsafe


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conditions are present. Here is a checklist for adults:  Always be sure adults are there to supervise. Adult supervision is needed wherever children are playing. In school settings, where there are a number of children out at recess, there should be an ample ratio of adults to children. Adults can observe potential hazards and intercede if children are misbehaving. Playgrounds that have rope activities should be avoided, as should putting children in clothing that has string ties.  All children should play on age-appropriate equipment. Due to developmental differences as children age, it is essential children play on equipment that correlates to their age groups to keep play safe and fun.  Make sure surfaces are cushioned. Falls ac-

count for an array of playground injuries. Acceptable cushioned surfaces can help prevent more serious injuries from falls. Materials that can be used include pea gravel, sand, rubber mats, rubber tiles, and mulch.  Make sure equipment is safe. Equipment should be inspected regularly to ensure that everything is in good working order. S-hooks on swings and other hanging items should be entirely closed, and there should be no protruding bolts. Footings and steps should be in good working order. Equipment also should be safely anchored in the ground. If any safety hazards arise, the equipment should not be used until it is fixed. Children also need to be on the lookout for unsafe conditions. Parents and teachers can gear lessons around playground safety. By making safety a priority, children can continue to enjoy outdoor play without being injured. – MS


4 | TORONTO KIDS - April 2013 Jessica Tudos and her son at the Birchmount Gymnastics Club.

Off the couch - and onto

the balance beam! As the proud parent of a preschooler enrolled in recreational gymnastics at the Birchmount Gymnastics Club, I often get asked if I think my son will compete in the Olympics as I did in 1984. He’s not even three, so who knows. But what I do know is gymnastics is building his confidence and enhancing his physical, mental and social/emotional wellbeing. He is learning skills and behaviours that will serve him well in whatever he chooses to do. The benefits of gymnastics are many, documented by researchers, coaches and parents around the world. Having had the privilege of competing for Canada at the Olympics in Los Angeles and internationally in my teens, I know firsthand how one can actually dream a big dream, set goals, and then systematically work hard towards achieving them. That’s what happened

to this little girl from Scarborough! I am grateful to my parents and coaches who supported me throughout – their belief propelled me to keep improving in a sport I loved doing. Gymnastics offers many benefits that lead to healthy kids’ development and wellbeing. The physical benefits of doing gymnastics are many and include increased strength, agility, flexibility, endurance, and artistry. Gymnasts must learn to trust their bodies in space – whether upside down and right side up – and be able to take risks. In addition, getting off the couch and unplugging prevents obesity, asthma and other childhood ailments. Finally, limber muscles and joints, not to mention the ability to balance hard work and rest, are outcomes that are beneficial throughout life.

Studies show that children learn cognitive skills more effectively in an environment that includes the body as well as the mind, according to Michael A. Taylor, owner of, a gymnastics professionals network. The intense movement that takes place in a gym opens up neural pathways in the brain, which can lead to increased concentration, focus and success at home, school and in the gym. The ability to connect what the brain is saying to what the body is actually doing is a vital skill for healthy development. Research also shows that par-

ticipating in gymnastics at any level positively affects kids self- esteem, allows them to problem solve better and builds their overall confidence. On the social/emotional front, gymnastics offers many pluses. With increased activity comes an increase in endorphins released into the body, which leads to happier, joyful feelings. Gymnasts must also build trusting relationships with their coaches and fellow athletes, learning how to be supportive teammates and students.

Multi-sport Summer Camp Boys & Girls 3 - 7 8 sports, LEGO® Play, crafts & waterplay. 5 GTA Locations.

Cool-sport Summer Camp Boys and Girls 5 - 12 Golf, Rock Climbing, Soccer, Beach Volleyball ... And More! Polson Pier WEEKLY CLASSES • KICK SOCCER • BIRTHDAYS

art Works art School Now taking registration for

art for all ages

FULL AND HALF DAY SUMMER CAMPS available from July 2nd to August 30th. Camps range in theme and from ages 3 to 17. Teen Portfolio camps available in July and August. NEW! Ask about our Art Club for Children and Teens.

ADULT EVENING SUMMER CLASSES begin July 9th and run for 8 weeks. Drawing, Watercolour, Acrylic and Oil Painting.

SPRING CLASSES begin April 9th and FAMILY SUNDAY April 21st from 2-4 pm “EARTH DAY RE-USE PAPER WORKSHOP!” For Info and Booking call

416-766-0662 | 238 Jane Street

TORONTO KIDS - April 2013 | 5 On the social/emotional front, gymnastics offers many pluses. With increased activity comes an increase in endorphins released into the body, which leads to happier, joyful feelings. Gymnasts must also build trusting relationships with their coaches and fellow athletes, learning how to be supportive teammates and students. Among the younger set, taking turns, listening to directions, receiving feedback, and overcoming fears are all critical skill taught in the gym. Every child doing gymnastics, whether at the competitive or recreational level, has the opportunity to express themselves by taking physical and mental risks, testing their limits and enjoying the satisfaction of learning new skills. These experiences help kids succeed and research also shows that kids who start a sport such as gymnastics early on are more likely to grow up to be active and healthy adults. As a parent, I am excited to see my child so involved in his learning. During gymnastics class, he is enthusiastic, focused and keen to learn new skills. At times, his uninhibited jumping, somersaulting and swinging scare me, but I trust the process. I can only imagine how my parents felt when I was competing! It comes down to trust, focus and fun - trust in yourself and in your coaches; focus on learning skills to reach goals and having fun along the way. Trust, focus and having fun are definitely skills I learned as a young gymnast that have helped me achieve my goals personally and professionally as

Meet Our Hero:

Jessica Tudos at the 1984 Olympic Games

a parent, educator and entrepreneur. Whether or not my son becomes an elite gymnast remains to be seen. What I do know is that gymnastics allows him, and other kids, the opportunity to improve their physical, mental and social/emotional skills - skills that help them succeed in whatever they choose to do later on in life. Jessica Tudos represented Canada in gymnastics at the 1984 Olympic Games in Los Angeles. As an international experiential educator (M.Ed., OCT), motivational speaker and founding director of kika creative, Jessica has inspired thousands. She is also a member of Clean Air Champions and Motivate Canada. As the parent of an athletic son, she is happy to support his gymnastics exploration in Toronto.

Interplay offers preprofessional classes in classical ballet and a full range of recreational classes for ages 3 to adult in ballet, modern, jazz & other dance forms. The Intensive Dance Program provides performance opportunities with the Interplay Dance Company to selective students who may wish to pursue a professional dance career. Auditions for our intensive division & enhanced ballet program will be held Saturday May 25.

• Junior Recreational Dance

July 8-July 19, Monday-Friday, 9am-4pm 2-week, full day program for ages 5-12.

• Senior Intensive Dance

July 22-August 9, Monday-Friday, 9am-4pm 3-week, rigorous full day training program for ages 7 & up. Admission is restricted to intensive students in levels 1-8 or by audition or Director’s approval.

250 Davisville Ave (at Mt. Pleasant) 416-972-1316

Outreach Program: Bishop Strachan School 416-483-4325

Lilah Petersiel

Tami and Eric were shocked to learn that their first child, Lilah, was born with neuroblastoma, a rare form of cancer. During Tami’s pregnancy, a routine ultrasound revealed that Lilah had only one kidney. Upon her birth, Lilah was transferred to The Hospital for Sick Children, and was quickly diagnosed with neuroblastoma, a rare and deadly cancer that develops in the adrenal glands, above the kidneys, and can spread to other organs. Lilah’s tumour and affected adrenal gland were surgically removed when she was only two weeks. But when Lilah was about three months old, a CT scan found the cancer spread to her liver. This time, the treatment was more severe for the infant. Lilah had two rounds of chemotherapy, a surgical resection of approximately one third of her liver, followed by two more rounds of chemotherapy. Lilah finished her treatment in

Dec. 2004 and since then has had a clean bill of health. She returns to SickKids annually for checkups and follow-up to study the long term impact of chemotherapy. In order to develop better cures for neuroblastoma, Lilah’s parents established an event to raise money for neuroblastoma research. To date, ‘Lilah’s Fund’ has raised more than $680,000 to support neuroblastoma research at SickKids. Lilah’s Fund has hosted many events over the past several years, most notably, “Sunday in the Park with Lilah” (a family fun day) and “Lil’ Monkey Jam” (a concert for the entire family). Lilah has also hosted several ECHOage parties already. Guests areinvitedtoanECHOagebirthday party online. Instead of bringing a wrapped and packaged present to the party, they RSVP and give a secure online contribution. Contributions are pooled together, half is sent to the parent hosting the

party and the birthday boy or girl chooses any gift or gifts they want. The other half is sent by ECHOage to the charity the birthday boy or girl has chosen to support. Lilah’s mom,Tami, thinks ECHOage parties are a great way to raise funds for SickKids and to teach Lilah about the importance of charity. Lilah is planning another ECHOage party this spring and, in addition to the iPod she hopes to receive, is planning to help cure childhood cancer through donations to Lilah’s Fund at SickKids. For more information, visit or www.

Native Child and Family Services of Toronto

FOSTER CARE PROGRAM We are seeking loving homes In the Toronto and Greater Toronto Area who want to make a difference in a child’s life. We need foster families that are interested in caring for Aboriginal children, have a willingness to work within our diverse community, and have a fundamental respect for Aboriginal children and their culture. We provide training, support, relief and compensation to our homes.

Please contact our Foster Care Hotline at

(416)969-8510 ext. 7788

6 | TORONTO KIDS - April 2013


Playing it safe Certain sports go hand-in-hand with the spring season. Here is a look at some popular spring sports and how to reduce a child's risk of suffering some of the more common injuries associated with those sports. BASEBALL/SOFTBALL: The start of the spring season coincides with the commencement of the professional baseball season. Therefore, many schools and towns have baseball and softball leagues that also begin once the weather warms up. Baseball and softball are popular sports. However, each sport involves sliding, running, fastmoving balls, and long hours out in the elements. Each of these activities can cause injury, and some of the more common injuries associated with baseball and softball include soft tissue

strains, fractures after being hit by a ball, sunburn and heat fatigue. Children who are playing baseball or softball should always wear the recommended safety equipment. This includes a batting helmet, shin guards, athletic supporters, sunscreen, mouth guards, and eye protection. Proper stretching and warm-ups can make muscles and tendons limber before play. SOCCER: Soccer has long been a popular sport around the world, and interest in the sport has grown considerably in the United States. Soccer is ideal for developing hand-eye coordination. The constant running involved also makes it one of the best spring sports for kids in terms of overall exercise.


Serving the community for OVER 14 years


House League Session Starts Tuesday May 14, 2013 HOUSE LEAGUE and REP programs available for Boys and Girl ages 4 & up

$120.00 for each player.

Inter-Club Joint House

2950 Ellesmere Road, Ellesmere Reservoir Park, League Program Age 11 & Up and Ellesmere (Behind Food Basic Store) Affiliated with SCARBOROUGH SOCCER ASSOCIATION and ONTARIO SOCCER ASSOCIATION Highly qualified coaches from different nationality

April 27th & 28th and May 4th & 5th - 9:00am to 12:00pm 416-937-9900 May 1st-3rd & 6th-10th - 6:00pm to 8:30pm 416-435-7426 2950 Ellesmere Road, Ellesmere Reservoir Park, Neilson and Ellesmere (Behind Food Basic Store) Looking for information on REP TRYOUTS Want to be a REP or ALL STAR COACH Or are you interested in training to become a REFEREE

For more info on these, please call or visit us at

Due to the constant movement involved with soccer, players should regularly rehydrate. Shin guards can prevent injuries and bruising to the legs, while wearing sunscreen will protect kids from sun exposure. LACROSSE: Lacrosse is a game that marries elements of basketball, football and hockey. Players throw and catch a small, hard, rubber ball with a netted stick, called a crosse. Lacrosse is a contact sport; therefore, protective gear is essential to prevent injury. Players must wear helmets, typically with a safety grill over the face for boys. A mouthpiece, gloves and padding can be worn to further prevent injuries. Spring sports are popular for children of all ages. When the weather warms, the desire to get out on the field and engage in play increases. Adults can safeguard their children by ensuring the rules of the game are met and that the proper safety equipment is always used. –MS

TORONTO KIDS - April 2013 | 7

Kid-friendly Toronto golf courses


Beach Fairway Golf Range

Off the couch - and onto Home on the balance beam! the range Get golfing with your kids

A humbling game even for professional golfers, golf can teach kids lessons in humility and the value of persistence even when things aren't going your way. Golf is also a great way for parents to get kids off the couch and outdoors for some fun in the sun. Golf

can also strengthen a child's hand-eye coordination, which can help them in other activities, including many different sports. It's never too early for boys and girls to start learning the game of golf. Parents of preschoolers can start

An intimate camp like no other, where campers will have the opportunity and guidance to thoroughly explore their musical interests, share talents, and build on fundamentals with help from Juno and Mirvish industry professionals, alongside musically infused outdoor camp activities.

July 1 - 12, 15-26 or August 5-16, 19-30 2013 8:30am - 4:30pm (Monday - Friday) 5 Glenshaw Crescent Toronto, Ont. M4B 2C8 (St Clair Ave East / O’Connor Drive)

musical creations games musical exploration cultural studies collaborations lyric | song writing artist of the week Day With A Star Samba Kids Workshops The Real Rockstars Of Parkview Hills bring a friend to camp day! study of artistry studio recording night jam campfire yoga field trips camp swag nutritional lunch | snacks (kosher) MUCH MORE... ( Ages 7 - 14yr)

Registration starts April 1, 2013 call 647.300.0509 6 participants per session

their kids off with a toddler play set. Though it's just a toy, a play set can help lay a solid foundation for future golfers. Kids who have watched Mom and Dad play golf or practice their swing can develop their own swings on their play set. When kids move on from preschool to elementary school, some might want to tag along with Mom or Dad to the driving range. You should try to avoid overwhelming kids with too much instruction or information. Instead, keep things as simple as possible, teaching them the basic swing and encouraging them no matter how quickly they adapt. As kids enter middle school and approach high school, those who are enjoying the game of golf can take advantage of the driving range. A driving range typically has markers that indicate the distance of a regular hole. Kids can aim for holes at shorter distances to learn how far their drives are going. You can then adjust the lessons you teach your children based on how far youngsters can drive the ball. As a child gets closer to high school, consider buying them their own set of clubs. Look for inexpensive clubs because growing children will eventually grow out of them. Teach the proper way to swing their clubs and consider signing them up for lessons. Those first

411 Victoria Park Ave. 416-686-4101 Ages eight to 18 years old

Bathurst Glen Golf Course 12481 Bathurst St. 905-773-4334 Ages four to 18 years old

Lakeshore Links Indoor Golf 750 Lake Shore Blvd., E. 416-405-9888 Ages six to 16 years old

Scarborough Family Golf Centre 1395 Tapscott Rd. 416-299-8688 Ages five to 18 years old

Metro Golf Dome

125 Milner Ave. 416-321-9331 Ages five to 18 years old

few lessons can prove invaluable, turning a pastime into a passion kids will carry with them throughout their lives. – MS

Does your child’s school get a passing grade?

Currently interviewing For September 2013 and January 2014

We give Academic Scholarships for Grades 7, 8, & 9

We know educators with the right attitude can profoundly impact a student’s entire life. If your child isn’t being encouraged and challenged at his or her current school, make an appointment to speak with us.

49 Mobile Drive, Toronto 416-285-0870

8 | TORONTO KIDS & FAMILIES - April 2013

TIFF Kids International Film Festival Under the Big Top! by the Famous People Players

Miss Mousie’s Blind Date Book Signing

Apr 1 - May 31 Welcome back to the good old days when the circus came to town. Tightrope walkers will have you holding your breath; see the mouse cleaning up after the elephant; a lion being manicured and fanned by baby chicks; bouncing balls swinging off a trapeze and oops... when they fall - we send in the best act of all - the Clowns. Phil Collins Theatre 416-532-1137,

Apr 6, 2:00 pm until 4:00 pm Children’s author Timothy Beiser, and artist Rachel Berman will be available for conversation and a book signing of their latest project, Miss Mousie’s Blind Date. Beiser’s story follows the loveable and quirky Miss Mousie as she excitedly prepares for a mystery dinner invitation. Free event. Ingram Gallery 416-929-2220

TIFF Kids digiPlaySpace

Peter Rabbit at Solar Stage

Apr 1 - 21 The TIFF Kids digiPlaySpace is an interactive exhibition where kids will engage with emerging creative media technologies and innovative artistic experiences! TIFF Bell Lightbox


Apr 2 - 13, 7:30 pm Prequel to the smash-hit Ride the Cyclone! Told using ukulele, puppets and gangster rap, Legoland is the official story of the “Gruesome Twosome.” Penny and Ezra, the infamous Lamb siblings, extradited to Canada after a brutal attack on one of America’s most beloved pop stars, give a presentation of their harrowing journey to their social worker, and you the audience. Cost: Adult: $30-35, Youth: $15, Student: $20-25 . Theatre Passe Muraille Mainspace 416-504-7529

Spring Cottage Life Show

Apr 5 - 7, 11:00 am until 5:00 pm Celebrating 20 years, the Spring Cottage Life Show returns to the International Centre. The show features more than 500 exhibitors showing everything from docks, decks, boats, barbecues, bunkies, builders, furnishings for inside and out, and every kind of building product and service for waterfront and rural retreats. Family activities. Cost: Adults $17; Youth (13-17) $8; Kids under 12 free; Seniors (65+) $12 on Friday International Centre 416-599-2000 ext29

Maple by Moonlight at Willowgrove Farm

Apr 6, 4:30 pm until 9:00 pm Before you have a scrumptious dinner of pancakes and maple syrup, you’ll be able to take a lantern-guided tour of our sugar shack. Then watch our highly entertaining puppet show and learn more about tapping trees. And of course, you can take a tractor ride through our woodlot and then warm your toes by our bonfire. Cost: $25 for 2 Adults and 2 Children; Additional Tickets are $8 each Willowgrove Farm, Stouffville 905-640-2127

Apr 9 - 21 The TIFF Kids International Film Festival returns for its 16th year, celebrating the best in child and youth cinema with over 100 feature and short films from more than 40 countries and an exciting lineup of special events, live musical performances, hands-on family activities, free programming and showcases for young filmmakers.

Apr 6 - 27 Our musical version of the life of the well known rabbit and his friends takes you into the interesting animal world of Beatrix Potter coloured by Solar Stage comic fun, wonderful music, and audience participation. Ages 3 - 10. Solar Stage 416-368-8031

TIFF Bell Lightbox

Blue Planet at Young People’s Theatre

Apr 8 -May 2 On a planet far out in space there are no adults, only children. These wild children – whose well of youthfulness has never run dry – play all day without anyone telling them what to do. TICKETS: $10-$20. Young People’s Theatre 416-862-2222

TIFF Kids International Film Festival

Apr 9 - 21 Running from April 9 through April 21, 2013, the TIFF Kids International Film Festival™ returns for its 16th year, celebrating the best in child and youth cinema with over 100 feature and short films from more than 40 countries and an exciting lineup of special events, live musical performances, hands-on family activities, free programming and showcases for young filmmakers. TIFF Bell Lightbox

Toronto Art Expo

Apr 11 - 14 Toronto’s premier art and cultural event that opens the spring season, celebrating the value of fine art in our lives. With up to 200 distinguished, established Canadian and International artists and galleries represented from 12 countries, it has become a destination for selective art connoisseurs and many other art business professionals-and they have come from all over North America and Europe for this weekend of Art. Cost: Adults: $15 (advance sales $12), Students (with ID)& Seniors: $10, Children (under 12 Free). Metro Toronto Convention Centre (North)

Green Living Show

Apr 12 - 14, 10:00am until 9:00pm The Green Living Show is North America’s largest consumer show dedicated to workable solutions for leading a healthy and sustainable lifestyle. Shop from more than 450 carefully selected companies and green businesses offering the latest products and services across all lifestyle categories. Free admission with donation of e-waste. Direct Energy Centre, Exhibition Place

Flight of the Butterflies

Apr 12, 2013 to Jun 30, 2013 It was a Canadian who engaged the world’s first team of citizen scientists, found the secret hideaway of the monarch butterflies and discovered the most incredible migration on Earth – a scientific adventure at its best. Follow the story and year-long, multi-generational migration cycle of hundreds of millions of monarchs from their remote overwintering sanctuaries in Mexico, across the U.S. to Canada. New IMAX film. Ontario Science Centre 416-696-3127

The Gruffalo

Apr 13 Join Mouse on an adventurous journey through the deep, dark wood in this magical, musical adaptation of the multi award-winning picture book by Julia Donaldson and Axel Scheffler. Living Arts Centre - RBC Theatre 905-306-6000

Outdoor Guided Walk - Harbingers of Spring in the Valley

Apr 14, 1:30pm until 2:30pm From skunk cabbage to red-winged blackbirds, signs of spring abound in the Don valley! Refreshments provided after the walk. Cost Adult: $5.31, Youth: $3.00, Child: $2.00, Senior: $3.00. Todmorden Mills Heritage Museum and Arts Centre 416-396-2819

Downsview Park - Nature Connection

Apr 14 & 28 2:00 pm until 4:00 pm A FREE nature program for families. Connect with your natural world and come out to Downsview Park! All ages are welcome. Downsview Park staff will take you on a free indoor/outdoor Park program based on nature-themed topics to get you exploring the natural world, starting with Downsview Park! Downsview Park - Discovery Centre

National Postage Stamp Show

Apr 19 - 21 The Canadian Stamp Dealers’ Association National Postage Stamp Show with dealers from across Canada and the United States, Canada Post, society and club information, stamps for kids plus the annual exhibition of The North Toronto Stamp Club, hourly draw prizes, and much more. Cost: Free Admission. Queen Elizabeth Building, Exhibition Place 519-681-3420



Centrally located (Bayview & Sheppard) O.T.A. Award Winning Jr. Program Ages 4-18, Beginner to Advanced 11 Different One Week Sessions Full and Half Day Programs

For further information or camp registration call

• • • •

Certified Professional Instructors Video Tape Analysis Written Evaluations Radar Gun Drills

(905) 889-7293 - Peter Nielson

ROM Sleepover: Dinos

Apr 19- 20, 5:00 pm until 10:00 am Start the night off right with a special movie screening. Then get up close and personal with the ROM’s biggest residents as you enjoy exclusive, after-hours access to the James and Louise Temerty Galleries of the Age of Dinosaurs. Speak to experts, touch real fossils, dig for dinosaur bones, and make your own dino creations for home. Then bunk down for a giant sleepover (don’t forget your late night snack) and dream of dinos. 16-586-5797 ext1

Massasauga Rattlesnake Workshop

Apr 20 - 10:00am until 2:30pm Learn how to identify the Massasauga Rattlesnake and meet a live rattlesnake. Space is limited. Please note that the program length may be too long for children under eight years of age. For a $5 donation: snacks, lots of fun, resources to take home and time to visit our interactive Massasauga area on the Zoo site. To register or for more information please call 416-392-5968. Toronto Zoo 416-392-5968

Carlos and His Five Reasons - Puppet Allsorts

Apr 21 - 3:00 - 4:00 pm Inspired by a Spanish folk-tale, Carlos and His Five Reasons is a delightful puppet play in the table-top style, featuring a little boy and the many witches hidden in his home. Zuke Studio 416-531-1290







TORONTO KIDS & FAMILIES - April 2013 | 9

WWF’s 23rd Annual Canada Life CN Tower Climb

Apr 25 - 27 WWF’s largest annual fundraiser, the CN Tower Climb helps support WWF’s work to create solutions to the most serious conservation challenges facing our planet, helping people and nature thrive. 416-868-6937

Toopy and Binoo and the Marshmallow Moon

Tree Across Toronto

Apr 27, 2013 - 10:00 am until 12:00 pm Plant trees and shrubs that will help grow Toronto’s urban forest. All planting materials and tools will be provided by Urban Forestry staff. Volunteers are encouraged to bring sun protection and a refillable water bottle. Refreshments will be provided. Event is rain or shine. Free. Milliken Park and Windfields Park

Apr 27, 2013 Toopy and Binoo and the Marshmallow Moon brings to life the two fun-loving and adorable characters, whose hilarious antics are driven by their out-of-this-world imaginations. Toopy and Binoo’s unpredictable adventures inspire children to push their own limits! For tickets, visit: Sony Centre For The Performing Arts 855-872-7669



Junior Jays Saturdays Apr 6 - Sep 28 Bring your family to the ballpark for Jr. Jays Saturdays for every Saturday home game. Kids can visit our Jr.Jays zones located on the concourse to take part in many fun interactive activities to keep them entertained all game long. Each Jr. Jays Saturday kids can visit one of our Jr. Jays Zones located on the concourse. Kids can take part in many fun activities to keep them entertained all game long! Rogers Centre jr_jays_saturdays.jsp Ghost Tracking at Casa Loma Select dates in April Does Casa Loma have ghosts? Find out for yourself with our Ghost Tracking experts.... The Evening will commence in the Library for a quick introduction and breakdown of haunted tales, a sneak peak at your hosts Paranormal Equipment, and perhaps listen to some of the amazing EVP’s captured during some of the investigations that have taken place at The Castle. Casa Loma 416-533-1573 w w w. c a n a d a s m o s t h a u nte d m e d i a . co m /casa-loma Eyes on the Skies This one-of-a-kind, lively program introduces pre-school children to the night-time sky through singing, connect-the-stars constellations and a journey to the moon. The program was designed especially for our youngest visitors and lasts no longer than 20 minutes to accommodate wandering minds and little feet. All participants receive a certificate of landing on the moon and a follow-up activity guide. Ontario Science Center 416-696-3127

Hockey Hall of Fame - Stanley’s Game Seven (3D) Hockey’s first 3D film is a stunning mix of 3D originally filmed hockey action teamed with computer-generated photo-realistic 3D animation and classic archival footage from some of the most renowned moments in Stanley Cup history – the film literally jumps off the screen. Until Dec 31, 2014 416-933-8215 Stinky Kids: The Musical Until Apr 27 StinkyKid Britt loves making everyone happy. But this girl who never gets in trouble is in a sticky situation – literally: She has an impossibly epic wad of gum stuck in her hair. All of Britt’s friends are depending on her parents to take them to the new MegaJumper 3000 at Captain Happy’s Jumpy-Fun-Super-Bouncy Indoor Place, so she definitely doesn’t want to disappoint anyone. Tickets $29.50. Lower Ossington Theatre 416-915-6747 Hands in the Bowl Caregivers and children aged 4 to 7 are invited to come roll up their sleeves and learn how to mix, grate, mash, and eat their delicious creations! This fun family program engages all the senses while sparking a lifelong love of food in the youngest among us. No registration required. Space is limited. $5 suggested donation. Saturdays in April Evergreen Brick Works 550 Bayview Ave, Suite 300, Toronto, ON 416-596-1495

Ontario's Largest Indoor Amusement Park

RIDES, GAMES, FREE SHOWS Ferris Wheel, Train, Carousel, Arcade & More! Visit for details Hwy 27 & Rexdale Blvd | 416-674-5437 |

It’s a Kid’s Life Tours April- Sundays Fun and games aren’t just kid stuff in this fascinating, hands-on tour. Experience the sumptuous world of the Austin children, and all the rules that went with it, and the working class lives of the chauffeur’s son and daughter. Live the life of a 1920s and 30s child through toys, games, school lessons and more. Regular admission. Children (5 and under) Free. Spadina Museum: Historic House & Gardens 416-392-6910 Ultimate Dinosaurs See some of the largest and most unusual dinosaurs to have ever roamed the planet at this new exhibition. Cutting Edge Technology and Hands-On Activities bring these Big, Bizarre, and Brand-New Dinos to Life. Until March 17 ROM - Royal Ontario Museum 416-586-5797 Under the Sea This film takes you into fascinating underwater locales such as the Great Barrier Reef and the Coral Triangle for face-to-face encounters with some of the most mysterious and stunning creatures of the sea. Ongoing Ontario Science Center 416-696-3127 Game On 2.0 Mar 9 - Sep 2 Play your way through the history and evolution of video games with over 150 influential games. Game On 2.0 focuses on key game developments between 1962 and today, and takes a global perspective at gaming’s fascinating past and limitless future. 416-696-1000

10 | TORONTO KIDS & FAMILIES - April 2013


WHEN ONLY THE BEST WILL DO! 2 acres Kingscross Estates. 7,500 SqFt plus finished walk-out basement. Cathedral ceilings, glass panelled elevator. Wrought iron staircase. Designer kitchen - a chef’s dream. Right out of the movies! Home theatre, games room. Eye catching features throughout. Luxurious spa-inspired master retreat. Indoor waterfall. Electric gate. In-ground pool. Tennis court. Rolling lot with lush landscaping. Featured in magazines!

MISSISSAUGA LAKESIDE New, custom. Hardwood floors. 10’ ceilings. Steps to lake. Fin. bsmt. Loaded! Dream kitchen and so much more. $789,000

TRY $50K DOWN. LIVE FOR $1,799*/MO The Chateaus in Castlemore! 3,400 SqFt. Over $40,000 in upgrades. Stunning gourmet kit. 2-stry windows. Bonus to first 4 buyers!

KINGSCROSS ESTATES 2 acres manicured estate. Dutch clean family home. 3+2 bedrooms. Large rooms. Custom kitchen. Granite counter top. Finished basement. Hardwood. Amongst multi-million dollar estates. $1,200,000

LAKESIDE MUSKOKA 2 bedroom deluxe townhouse. Try $45,000 down. Pay $700/month. * Taboo Resort . $269,000

TRY $20K DOWN, PAY $499/BI WEEKLY Diamond in the sky! Gorgeous ‘Beyond the Sea’ developments. 2 bedroom deluxe unit. Breathtaking views!

EXECUTIVE RETREAT! 10 MINUTES TO MISSISSAUGA! Ultra custom 5,000 SqFt exec. home w/ Hollywood style indoor pool oasis. Dream gourmet kitchen. Cathedral ceilings. 5+1 bdrms. Backing onto forest. Outdoor ponds, fountains, streams. Mins to 401. Country living, City life! $1,699,000

TORONTO KIDS - April 2013 | 11

Celebrate Earth Day in the city! Take time to reconnect with nature with these family-fun Earth Day events from Apr. 20 to Apr. 22! 2013 Earth Day at Toronto Zoo April 20-21 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Join in on the Party for the Planet. Celebrate Earth Day at the Zoo and learn about the ways you can be an ambassador for living in a more environmentally friendly way. Meet the Zoo’s recycling dynamic duo, Henry and Douale, and enjoy extra keeper talks at the polar bears exhibit. 2000 Meadowvale Rd. 416-392-5929, Earth Day in the Valley April 21 12:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. Create environmentally friendly artwork while learning all about owls! Find out how they eat by dissecting a real owl pellet. Tour the Wildflower Preserve and discover the natural habitats of the Don Valley and find out the ways you can help revive them in your

community. Admission is free. Located at the Todmodern Mills Heritage Museum and Arts Centre, 416-396-2819 Nathan Phillips Square Earth Day Celebration April 22 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. Join in the official proclamation of International Earth Day with 3Rs art activities and fun games for kids. Children can enjoy the Toronto Zoo touch table as well as a visit from live animals as well as 3Rs demonstrations, worm composting and live entertainment throughout the afternoon. Nathan Phillips Square, 416-397-0148 Evergreen Brickworks Earth Day Celebration April 21 9:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. Spend the day taking part in eco-friendly, fun activi-

ties for the whole family. Activities include a special themed farmers’ market, tree tours, public planting, live music and an informative talk by Ecoholic author, Adria Vasil. Spend part of the day walking through the farmers market! Email mcpherson@ to register your family for the public tree planting. 550 Bayview Ave. 416-596-1495 ext 495 Earth Day at Toronto Botanical Garden April 22 12:00 p.m. to 2:00 p.m. Join the Toronto Botanical Garden earth day celebration! Both adults and kids can take part in many earthfriendly activities including hikes, tours, planting and more. It’s free and no registration is required! 777 Lawrence Ave., West.

Downsview Park Earth Day Tree Planting April 21 12:00 p.m. to 2:00 p.m. Help grow the urban forest at Downsview Park. Approximately 2,000 trees will be planted! First come, first serve. One tree planted per person/family, while trees last. Shovels and tools provided and staff are available for assistance. Please dress for the dirt and meet in the parking lot at the base of 70 Canuck Ave., near the corner of Keel St/Sheppard Ave. 416-952-2222 The Mayor’s Community Clean Up Day April 20 Join Mayor Rob Ford in cleaning up the community. Everyone is encouraged to help clean and green the neighbourhood they live in. Gather your friends and family to create your own project. Register your community clean up, today at



onnect, to be a etter

“Taking time to connect to your partner on a regular basis, without distractions, can lead to a stronger partnership and family.” John Sorensen Family Owner: Couples (Only) Resort, Muskoka-Algonquin Park.

Enrolling NOW for SPRING CLASSES Early Stages (4-6 yrs) & Main School (6-16 yrs)


Mary Long

Carmela Long

416-255-2511 Cadence Allen Crawley

647-981-2946 Tosha Doiron

Toronto West

Toronto East



Toronto North Richmond Hill



12 | TORONTO KIDS - April 2013

In celebration of Earth Day, here’s a selection of our top green reads for kids! The Lorax by Dr. Seuss

Michael Recycle Meets Litterbug Doug by Ellie Bethel

Before “going green” was mainstream, Dr. Seuss warned against the dangers of not treating the environment with care and respect in his story, The Lorax. With the release of the blockbuster film version, the Lorax and his classic tale have educated a new generation of young readers about the importance of not only seeing the beauty in the world around us, but also about our responsibility to protect it. Ages: 6 - 9 years

Litterbug Doug is lazy. He is wasteful. He is messy. Worst of all, he hates recycling! The clean, green town where he lives is in danger from his lazy ways. So strong is its stink that even the army of rats that follow Doug are rethinking their friendship with him. It’s up to Michael Recycle, planet Earth’s green-caped crusader, to show Doug the error of his ways! Ages: 3 - 5 years

Eco Babies Wear Green by Michelle Sinclair Colman

SpongeBob Goes Green! by Molly Reisner

The urban babies have gone green! Whether living life in the fast-carpool-lane, or eating locally grown produce, you’’ll find these trendy tots going the extra mile to reduce, reuse, and recycle.The Urban Babies Wear Black series has sold more than 50,000 copies. Ages: Babies - 2 years

SpongeBob celebrates the Earth with an eco-friendly story! Includes easy green tips for kids! Right in time for Earth Day, SpongeBob is going green in this original, environment-friendly story packed with green goodness! Can SpongeBob reverse Global Warming and save the Bikini Bottom environment? Will he learn his lesson and start respecting Mother Nature? Ages: 4 years

Time For Preschool? Northwood Academy Montessori Plus!

1-5 y e a rs

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Ready for Summer Camp?

Camp Northwood Summer Fun For Your Little One!

The Academic Advantages of Montessori plus • Parent & Tot • Preschool the Enrichment of E.C.E. Play-based Learning • Flexible Scheduling plus the Conveniences of Day Care.

• 416-492-7812 • North York • Markham • Thornhill •

TORONTO KIDS - April 2013 | 13


• Complete Cosmetic Plastic Surgery • Titan and Pearl Fractional Skin Tightening and Rejuvenation • Laser Hair Removal • Laser Treatment of Vascular Lesions, Spider Veins, Telangiectasias, Sun/Age Spots • Wrinkle Injections • Dermal Fillers • Facial Treatments • Medical Grade Sun Screen/Block • Medical Grade Skin Care Products

The Clinic of Dr. Tim Sproule, MD, FRCSC Board Certified Reconstructive, Microsurgical, Cosmetic Plastic Surgeon. Founder, The Canadian Reconstructive Surgery Foundation. Dr. Sproule is recognized as one of very few plastic surgeons that perform post massive weight loss surgery and diep flap breast cancer reconstructive surgery (using a patient’s own tissue).

605 McCowan Road Scarborough, ON M1J1J9 P: 416-439-1766 or 416-439-1718

14 | TORONTO KIDS - April 2013 TORONTO


MARKETPLACE A great place to be!

Registration for Pedalheads®

June & Summer Bike Camps is now open!

For more information or to register: or

1-888-886-6464 Bike Skills and Safety Camps for Kids Ages 2 to 12 TORONTO

For Advertising Inquiries please call

416.493.4400 The

“Do you have a fun, nurturing place where I can grow?”


Loot Lady

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To become a Provider call today! Suspension Yoga Summer Camp 2 - 1 Week sessions! July 8th - 12th & July 29th - August 2nd Times: 1:00 - 4:30 pm Cost: $195 + hst includes FREE Flying Yogi Waterbottle!

receive support and necessary equipment

Educational ongoing training


your pay cheque is quaranteed

Family Suspension Play Workshops Sundays April 21st - May 12th: 2:00-3:30 Cost: 4 weeks - $125 / Drop In: $35 (includes 1 child + 1 parent)

Spaces are limited. Call NOW to register 647-993-YOGI (9644)

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Call today: Toronto West

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It’ll fit your lifestyle 647-436-4572

TORONTO KIDS - April 2013 | 15

Jonathan Goad, Luke Humphrey, Graham Abbey and Mike Shara. Photo: Don Dixon


Schulich Children’s Plays presents

THE THREE MUSKETEERS Kids’ tickets only $36* each

1 800 567 1600






All for Fun and Fun for All – JULY 7 AND OCTOBER 6 An interactive and fun-filled workshop, exploring the historical time period and the basics of swordplay.

Daily round-trip bus service from Toronto to Stratford. Book online at

Costume and Props Warehouse Tours – MAY 15 TO OCTOBER 19 Explore one of the largest costume warehouses in North America and don’t forget your camera!


Support for the inaugural season of The Forum is generously provided by Kelly and Michael Meighen.

THE THREE MUSKETEERS By Peter Raby | Adapted from the novel by Alexandre Dumas | Directed by Miles Potter

Graham Abbey | Jonathan Goad | Luke Humphrey | Mike Shara

Michael Blake | Skye Brandon | Nehassaiu deGannes | Deborah Hay | Bethany Jillard | Steven Sutcliffe

Support is generously provided by The Peter Cundill Foundation.




ANTONI CIMOLINO Artistic Director • ANITA GAFFNEY Executive Director *Purchase one regularly priced adult ticket to get up to 4 kids’ tickets for $36. Conditions may apply.

16 | TORONTO KIDS - April 2013


August 26 to 30 9 a.m. to 12 p.m Children explore a different theme each morning. They play games, tell stories, create art projects, and enjoy hands-on activities like cooking in the historic kitchen, hunting for treasure in the garden and dress up play. Five mornings: $90

Ages 8 to 12 July 15 to 26 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. August 12 to 23 9 4 p.m.

Campers are introduced to visual art media, including sculpture, painting and drawing. They learn about theatre by acting, singing and collaborating with one another. The session culminates in a final performance for family and friends. 10 days: $350 Extended care available: $50 extra, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Movie Making Camp


Ages 8 to 12 July 29 to August 2 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.

The 1920s and 30s marked the beginning of the film age and campers in this program will explore the medium as it emerged. They work together to create their own masterpiece, which is screened at the end of the week and each camper receives their own digital copy of the film.


July 8 to 12 9 a.m. to 12 p.m.

Spadina Art & Drama Camp


Ages 5 to 7



Spadina Safari Camp – Mornings

Adventures in Archaeology Camp Ages 10 to 14 July 2 to 12 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Give your children the rare and exciting experience of being part of an actual archaeological dig. They learn to excavate, analyze and record artifacts and work alongside professionals. The program includes field trips and games.

Five days: $175

Nine days: $360

Extended care available: $25 extra, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Extended care available: $45 extra, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.


Parents - treat yourself to a night out and enjoy this NEW guided tour!

Spadina Museum: Toronto’s Downton Abbey

Starting April 18! Thursday evenings at 7:30 p.m. and Sunday afternoons at 2:30 p.m. Calling all Downton Abbey fans! Live the drama and opulence of the 1920s by exploring the lives of Toronto’s Austin family and staff who were faced with the same issues and societal changes as the Crawleys. In partnership with Vision TV, the Canadian home of Downton Abbey. Regular admission applies. For details on available tours including It’s a Kid’s Life visit

/SpadinaMuseum @SpadinaMuseum

April 2013  

Toronto Kids

April 2013  

Toronto Kids