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success is the result of the unchanging values of the Benedictine way of Ora Et Labora: “Our life, Prayer and Work.” - Fr. Edwin Watson, OSB ‘45, Past President of Maur Hill Prep

Winter 2011

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Administration Phil Baniewicz President Monika King Principal Richard Hunninghake Assistant Principal/ Athletic Director Deke Nolan ’00 Admissions Director

A Message from the


Mike McGuire Residency Director “You can count on me.” How do you feel when someone says this to you? Do you feel a sense of relief, joy, encouragement, or affirmation? You definitely know you’re not alone. For me, I always feel like any goal is more attainable. I guess it’s the “teamwork” concept shining through. You may hear these words in a huddle, a foxhole, a staff meeting, or in a church. For me, I have heard it a lot lately. And the words provide a sweet sound to my ears. That’s because they are coming from alumni and alumnae who are willing to help out Maur Hill-Mount Academy. In the past couple of months, I have been able to travel around the country and meet with many alums. Some of them haven’t been in contact with the school for years. As I share where we are as a school and more importantly, where we are going, nearly everyone I talk to is willing to jump in and help. That’s HUGE for the future of our school. Alumni support and involvement is critical for a private Catholic school. When alumni provide financial gifts, offer their talents, use their connections, or spread the good news about a school, the long-term viability of the school is strengthened. It’s easier for a school to achieve its mission when it has solid backing. Board of Directors Jonathan Mize, ‘86 Chairperson Atchison, KS Kevin Cummings, ‘89 Vice Chairperson Olathe, KS Sr. Rose Marie Stallbaumer, OSB, Treasurer Mount St. Scholastica Atchison, KS

Right now, Maur Hill-Mount Academy needs backing from its alumni base. Why? Because we want to make MH-MA a Catholic prep school that everyone will talk about. We want to achieve excellence in everything we do – academics, athletics, faith, reputation, and future success for our students. So let me be honest with you. For that to happen, we have to improve our facilities, which have remained unchanged for years and are on their last leg. We need to step up to the 21st century and get on the cutting edge of technology. And we need to provide additional funding for families who want to send their students to us, but are unable to afford the cost of a private education.

Janelle (Kautz) Hegarty, ‘80 Secretary Overland Park, KS

We have just created several different giving opportunities that will help us achieve our goals. My hope is that you will be like so many of the alumni I have met with recently. My hope is that you will say, “You can count on me.”

Douglass Adair , ‘94 Kansas City, MO

May God bless you and your family.

Charlie Adams, ‘87 Topeka, KS Phil Baniewicz President

It’s a Banner Year One look around campus and you will see the fresh, clean look. The traditions are still here but we have been working hard to revitalize our environment literally and figuratively. Buildings sport new paint inside and out. Wood trim now enhances the entryway of the Father Edwin Watson, O.S.B. Academic Building.

Prayer and Work – Ora Et Labora – is our school motto. In addition to displaying banners of the Benedictine Values drawn from St. Benedict, the light poles now feature international flags from all countries represented at MH-MA: China, Ethiopia, Guinea, India, Mexico, South Korea, Sweden, Taiwan, Thailand, U.S. and Vietnam.

The Campus Lighting Project campaign continues and the next pole to be installed will be in memory of Brother Martin Burkhard, O.S.B. who passed away June 20. The Klebba Family from Linn, MO, who have had several generations educated by Atchison Benedictines wish to honor Brother Martin. From 1978 to 1989 he was a prefect in the MHP residency halls. Please contact Phil Baniewicz if you would also like to sponsor a light pole.

Charles Riley from the class of 1960 purchased the “Name the Drive” during an auction at the 2010 Homecoming dinner. The front drive on the MH-MA campus will be named in honor of his grandson Charles Riley III. Our thanks to Bob Staley, who served as auctioneer at the dinner on September 25.

Banners on the light poles showcase photos from Mount Saint Scholastica Academy, Maur Hill Prep and Maur Hill-Mount Academy. The photographs chosen represent the ten values that our students have emulated over the years: Jesus Christ, Community, Conversion of Life, Love of Learning, Listening, Excellence through Virtue, Hospitality, Stability, Stewardship and Prayer and Work. This last core value,

The gymnasium walls are sporting brand new pennants featuring the Raven and thirteen mascots of our rivals in the Delaware League. The designs were created by Courtney Edmonds, head of the Art Department. The school store has also returned to c ampus. Martha (Brooke) ’82 Koehler is managing the school store. New items are arriving weekly.

Board of Directors cont. Bob Albers Atchison, KS Mick Harris, ‘84 Atchison, KS Sr. Mary Margaret Kean, OSB Mount. St. Scholastica Atchison, KS Mike Kuckelman, ‘82 Olathe, KS Fr. Gabriel Landis, OSB St. Ann Catholic Church Hiawatha, KS Amy Minnis Atchison, KS Keith Mispagel Atchison, KS Abbot Barnabas Senecal, OSB, ‘55 St. Benedict’s Abbey Atchison, KS Sr. Anne Shepard, OSB Prioress Mount Saint Scholastica Atchison, KS Kelly Vowels Atchison, KS Janet Wilcox Atchison, KS Theresa Worman, ‘89 Overland Park, KSk, KS MSSA –MHP Circa 1965 Who Are They? Do you know the Ravens and Lady Ravens we have featured on the front cover? The first individual to correctly identify all those in the photo will win a shirt from the Raven Haven. Contact us at or 913-367-5482 Ext. 225. Good luck!

Past Fr. Edwin Watson, O.S.B. Award Recipients

2004 John and Celeste Klebba 2005 Abbot Barnabas Senecal, O.S.B. ‘55 2006 Jim Slattery ‘66 2007 Michael ’62 and Marlys Haverty 2008 Randy ’68 and Mary (Nolan) ’68 Schrick 2009 Tim ’74 and Sue (Kasten) Regan

Past Fidelis Award Recipients 1992 Irene (Hines) ’23 Porter Porter and Jerozene Foster

1995 Geraldine Amrein ‘46 Joseph Carrigan ‘32


1993 Agnes Schaefer ‘28 Carol Frieden 1994 Ellen (Brady) ’27 Reddy Sister Fabiola Burns, O.S.B. ‘28

1996 Benedictine Sisters of Mount St. Scholastica Luci (Slattery) ’67 Reilly 1997 Dan and Mary Carol (Diebolt) ’74 Garrity 1998 Cloud L. and Sally Cray

Ravens Always Fly on High!

Front (l-r): Beatrice (Schandler) Hickert, Sr. Elizabeth Coffey ’34, Terrie (Bennett) Colburn Middle (l-r): Josephine (Moctezuma) Hildman, Pat (Brittain) Noller, Sr. Philomene Glotzbach, Sr. Seraphine Tucker Back (l-r): Rita (LaCapra) Dooley, Bill Dooley ’46

Front (l-r): Mary Lea (Miller) Krousa, Betty (Drimmel) Jensen, Judy (Haupt) Schneider, Maxine (Mitchell) Staggs, Donna (Eccher) Armontrout, Marjorie (Pauly) Becker, Mary Ann (Miller) Piper Back (l-r): Marilyn (Schields) McMillan, Carolyn (Thompson) Piper, Cathy (Pickman) Oliver, Delores (Meharry) Fulk, Mary Margaret (Stalec) Plack, Donna (Noll) Poos, Mary Jo (Normile) Becker, Penny (Erpelding) Purslow, Betty (Hageline) Boos, JoAnn Weatherford, Susie (Thomas) Pickman, Pat Riley

1999 Catherine (Corpstein) ’35 Schuele Martha O’Keefe 2000 Josephine (Moctezuma) ’45 Hildman 2001 Larry and Tresa (Murphy) ’58 Buessing

1975 1970

2001 Steve Schuetz ’63 Velda Lovett

Homecoming Gallery


2000 Joe Carrigan ’32 John Stockley ’45 P.J. Keeley ’47 Hank Keeley ’52

(l-r): Tom Brungardt, Nancy (Greiveldinger) Horton, Dan Diebolt

Front (l-r): Rebecca Schiefelbein, John Asher, Kathy (Berscheidt) Green Middle (l-r): Phil Rindom, Mike Nass, Greg Lutz, Rob McRae Back (l-r): Dave Edge, Kevin McGrath, John Klebba

2004 William ’44 and Edna Mae (Morley) ’44 Wolters 2005 Sister Mary Collins, O.S.B. Past Prioress Mount St. Scholastica 2006 Frank and Doreen (Harris) ’46 Donovan 2007 James ’62 and Kathleen (Eckart) ’63 McKenzie 2008 Mike and Debbie ( McGinnis) ’73 Hundley

2009 Raymond and Theresa (Wolters) ’54 Miller


2003 Michelle Noyes Past MSSA Board President


2002 Sister Dorothy Wolters, O.S.B. ‘56 Past President and Principal MSSA

Front (l-r): Charles Tobin, David Wulff, Mike Bird, Terry Haines, Pat Filosa, George Boos, Malcom Lyons Middle (l-r): Dennis Schrick, Dennis Wagner, Ken Weishaar, Louis Daly, Mike Diebolt, Bill Vogt, Joe Grove, Pat Harned, Jim Schneider, Dave Flores, Jim Armstrong Back (l-r): Norm Birzer, Bill Hund, Francis Pianalto, Jim Hempstead, Dave Banker, Lou Streck, John Funk, Larry Schuetz, Bill Staggs, Charles Riley

Front (l-r): Roberta (Pickman) Baehr, Mike Church, Janelle (Kautz) Hegarty Back (l-r): Joe Paolucci, Theresa (Kuckelman) McDermed, Mike Weber


Maur Hill - Mount Academy is pleased to announce the opening of the school store this semester. The store offers a variety of apparel and memorabilia, including t-shirts, jackets, lanyards, caps, and penants. Come by and check it out!


Front (l-r): TJ (Davenport) Scheiblhofer, Julie (Pickman) Domann, Maureen (Stork) Beckett, Theresa (Scheutz) Jobbins, Midge (Penning) Botts   Middle (l-r): Matt Lange, John Kuckelman, Matt Adam, Amy (Gibson) Herman, Stephen Mahoney, Sean Winzer   Back (l-r): Chad Folsom, Tom Klebba, Jeff Boos

and Maur Hill Prep, rich in traditions that we see during homecoming week. For the students: sign painting,pep rally,spirit queen, homecoming queen and king, and dress up days. This year’s interesting dress up days included a “Salad Dressing Day” complete with togas for Caesar salad, cowboys and girls for Ranch dressing, blue cheese-heads for Bleu Cheese dressing, and a balloon raspberry costume for raspberry vinaigrette. We had a variety of activities planned for students, alumni and the community. We hope you will join us next year for Homecoming 2011 on October 14 and 15.


This year’s homecoming weekend was a tremendous success. Alumni festivities included the tailgate party, Raven Roost picnic, and the Saturday dinner honoring distinguished alumni Dorothy and Bob Pickman and Warren and Joanne Powers. The music of The 306th Road Band kept the crowd of 300 dancing that evening. Attendees took home wine glasses etched with the Maur Hill – Mount Academy seal. As alumnae and alumni, you know first-hand how special it is to be a student at Maur Hill-Mount Academy. It has the same atmosphere as Mount St. Scholastica

Front (l-r): Chris Clements, Denise Schuele, Ashley (Wittmeyer) Welch, Kristen Carrigan, Deke Nolan Back (l-r): Nicholas “Cole” Gray, Sandeep Rangineni, Ryan Sundby, David Stecher, Joe Scholz

Front (l-r): Kim (Weinmann) Dove, Jill (Gibson) Thorne Back (l-r): Riley Nolan, Todd Dove, Chris Stork

Front (l-r): Megan Suther, Dustin Pickman, Justin Pregont, Sterling Jackson, Ted Henry, Mallory (Pickman) Hundley Back (l-r): Jessica Perdue, Alexandra “Alex” Lykins-Avey, Amanda Weber, Jessica Mellott, Jackie Wilburn, Elise Grosdidier, Melinda (Morrison) Pregont



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Homecoming photos courtesy of Courtney Laurie



Chengrong (Cathy) Cai Johnson and Wale University Academic Scholarship

2010 Homecoming Candidates

Calendar of Events December 17 Christmas Break Begins January 4 Classes Resume

Weixuan (Mary) Cao Temple University International Scholarship

January 15 Feast of St. Maur February 5, 2011 Parents’ Weekend

Jiajing (Jessica) Chen University of Iowa National Scholar Scholarship Grant C. Franklin Highland Community College Business Scholarship, 4-H Scholarship, Elks Club Scholarship Anna E. Hummel Regis University Board of Trustees Scholarship, Regis College Catholic High School Award, Federal Pell Grant, Federal SEO Grant, Regis Grant, Regis Campus Visit Grant, Kansas Comprehensive Grant, Sr. Jerome Keeler Scholarship, Supplemental Grant

2010 Homecoming King and Court – Seniors from left: Jordan Thomas, son of Dr. Ryan Thomas and Susan Thomas; King Patrick Klebba, son of John ’75 and Lisa Klebba; and Joe Asher, son of Martin ’73 and Aggie (Schuele) ’74 Asher.

2010 Homecoming Queen and Court Seniors from left: Jenna Hundley, daughter of Dave and Stephanie Hundley; Brittany Pickman, daughter of Bill and Lori Pickman; and Queen Brennan Elias, daughter of Mike and Kelly (Johnson) ’81 Elias.


Hawa Kaba Michigan Tech Institute Academic Scholarship, University of Portland Academic Scholarship Seung Hoon Kang Savannah College of Art and Design Scholarship, Art Institude of Boston Scholarship Christiana L. Kentzler Lewis C. McConaughy Scholarship, State of Kansas ACT Scholarship, Frs. Pius & Paschal Pretz Scholarship, Kansas Comprehensive Grant

Richard R. Dickason Scholarship

Gi Hoon (Daniel) Kim Dana College Academic Scholarship, Johnson and Wales Academic Scholarship, Baker University Scholar Brent H. Koehler Lewis C. McConaughy Scholarship, Highland Community College Math and Science Academic Scholarship, Washburn Academic Scholarship, Northwest Academic Scholarship, Northwest Missouri Exchange Scholarship

March 11 - 19, 2011 Spring Break trip to Italy

2010 Spirit Queen and Court – From left: Sophomore CeCe Asher, daughter of Martin ’73 and Aggie (Schuele) ’74 Asher; Queen Jordan Hennigh, daughter of Mike ’73 and Karen (Scholz) ’73 Hennigh; and Freshman Miranda Baniewicz, daughter of Phil and Lisa Baniewicz.

May 6, 2011 Bob Goalby Tournament Deer Creek Golf Club May 21, 2011 2011 Baccalaureate and Graduation

The class of 2010 was awarded more than $1,170,000.00 in scholarships.

2010 Graduates

Matthew Bernal----------------University of San Diego Chengrong (Cathy) Cai------Michigan State University Jacob Campbell---------------Highland Community College Weixuan (Mary) Cao---------Temple University Jiajing (Jessica) Chen-------Michigan State University Chia-Tzu (James) Chien---Johnson County Community College Theodore Curry---------------Emporia State University Fei Deng------------------------Penn State Shaoxuan (Cici) Deng-------University of Kansas Grant Franklin-----------------Highland Community College Kaleb Gering-------------------University of Kansas Donghuan (Tony) He--------Penn State Jimmy Hibbs-------------------Kansas State University Anna Hummel-----------------Regis University Bryce Hundley-----------------Missouri Western State University Erin Hunninghake-------------Benedictine College Ziwei (Ruby) Jiao--------------University of Kansas Tae Hyung (Taylor) Ju--------Michigan State University Hawa Kaba----------------------University of Houston Seung Hoon Kang-------------School of Visual Arts, New York Christiana Kentzler------------University of Kansas Gi Hoon (Daniel) Kim---------State University of New York, Brent Koehler-------------------Highland Community College Jun Ki Lee-----------------------University of Buffalo Wanying (Kiko) Lu-------------Penn State Courtney Lykins----------------Kansas State University Danhao (Spark) Ma-----------Penn State David Matsunaga--------------Benedictine College Travis McGuire-----------------Washburn University Gina Mendoza------------------University of Kansas Ji Sook (Jackie) Moc----------University of Texas, Austin Rebecca Neill-------------------Kansas State University Moon-Young Park-------------University of Minnesota, Twin Cities Michelle Penning--------------Benedictine College Liane Peterson-----------------University of Kansas William Pickman---------------Air Force/Kansas State University Pia Pol----------------------------Benedictine College Sarah Reeves------------------University of Arkansas, Ft. Smith Qin (Vickie) Ren---------------Michigan State University Halee Ronnebaum------------Benedictine College Qiuqiong (Amy) Sun----------Purdue University Jordan VanNess---------------William Jewell College Kaiyue (Yoyi) Wang-----------Rochester Institute of Technology Ziang (Jason) Wang----------Ohio State Sarah Weber-------------------Benedictine College Douglas Wettlaufer-----------Northwest Missouri State University Stephanie Wood--------------Benedictine College Zining (Remind) Ye-----------Michigan State University Shiyun (Helen) Zhou---------University of San Francisco


Erin C. Hunninghake Benedictine College Academic Scholarship, Wichita State Academic Scholarship, Fort Hays State Academic Scholarship, Washburn University Academic Scholarship, Club for Kids Scholarship

February 10, 2011 Feast of St. Scholastica

In May, the 2010 Richard R. Dickason, Jr. ’87 M.D. Ph. D. Scholarship Award was presented to Joseph Asher by Mr. and Mrs. Richard Dickason, Sr.

Mr. and Mrs. Richard Dickason, Sr. presented Joseph H. Asher with the Richard R. Dickason, Jr. ’87 M.D., Ph. D. Scholarship Award at the 2010 graduation ceremony. Joe is the son of Martin ’73 and Aggie (Schuele) ’74 Asher. This scholarship is offered to a young man entering his senior year at MH-MA and is judged based on an essay. The applicant is asked to describe how he lives the values that were demonstrated by Dr. Dickason. Rich was valedictorian of his 1987 graduating class from MHP and became a physician and research scientist. Dr. Dickason died July 13, 2001 and is remembered as an outstanding individual, research scientist and physician.

MH-MA bids Farewell to Class of 2010 The class of 2010 grew physically and mentally since entering MH-MA. They showed maturity and commitment to achievement. Anna Hummel was selected as the 2010 salutatorian and Sarah Reeves was named valedictorian. Both girls spoke at Commencement Exercises Saturday, May 15. In her salutatory address, Anna reminded her classmates of things that presented challenges and recounted amusing moments the past four years. She hoped that the graduates would carry with them some inspiring words of Mother Theresa, “Be generous and understanding. Let no one come to you without feeling better and happier when they leave. Be living expressions of God’s kindness; with kindness on your face, kindness in your eyes, kindness in your smile kindness in your warm greeting.” Anna is attending

Regis University in Denver and plans to double major in Sociology and Psychology. During her valedictorian address, Sarah discussed the emotions of leaving high school and setting out in a new and unexplored direction. Sarah appreciated that MH-MA provided a stable and consistent environment unlike other schools she had attended previously. The next stop for Sarah is the University of Arkansas in Fort Smith, where she plans to major in Nursing. Both girls took time out to thank those friends that had made a difference in their high school career assisting them in making obstacles a little easier to tackle. Graduating high school represents success and there will be many more successes to come for the members of the MH-MA class of 2010. Congratulations and know that you have made lifelong friendships.

Travis M. McGuire Tony Regan Scholarship, Washburn State University Academic Achievement Scholarship, Emporia State University Hornet Scholarship, Pittsburg State University Academic Achievement Scholarship Moon- Young Park Penn State International Academic Scholarship, Michigan State University International Academic Scholarship Michelle A. Penning Kansas State University Rowing Scholarship Sarah K. Reeves University of Arkansas Fort Smith Chancellor’s Scholarship, Arkansas Governor’s Grant, Washburn University Academic Scholarship Halee L. Ronnebaum Sr. Imogene Baker Scholarship Qiuqiong (Amy) Sun University of Iowa National Scholar Jordan R. VanNess Baker University Basketball Scholarship, William Jewell basketball Scholarship, William Jewell Presidential Scholarship, William Jewell Cardinal Grant, Federal Pell Grant, Federal SEO Grant, Academic Competitiveness Grant, Benedictine College Academic Scholarship Kaiyue (Yoyi) Wang Rochester Institute of Technology International Scholarship Ziang (Jason) Wang Dana College International Academic Scholarship

Sarah Reeves, valedictorian, spoke of growing academically and as a class. Sarah is the daughter of Bruce and Denise Reeves of Subiaco, AR.

As salutatorian, Anna Hummel reminisced about their last four years at MH-MA. Anna is the daughter of Janice Smith, Atchison and Gordon Hummel, Denver, CO.

Since graduating from MHP in 1966, commencement speaker Ron Creten has successfully built and developed multiple companies. He called on the graduates to build their lives like they would build a house with a good foundation.

Sarah J. Weber Benedictine College Academic Scholarship Douglas R. Wettlaufer Computer Sceience Olym Scholarship, Distinguished Scholar Scholarship, E MSEP Scholarship, Booth College Freshman Scholarship Stephanie L. Wood Sister Jerome Keeler Scholarship, Benedictine College Academic Scholarship, Kansas Comprehensive Grant, Benedictine College Grant, Highland Community College Math and Science Academic Scholarship, Washburn Academic Scholarship, University of St. Mary’s Dean’s Scholarship, University of St. Mary’s Volleyball Scholarship, University of St. Mary’s Spire Award, Kansas Comprehensive Grant

The Fidelis Award was created in 1991 by the Board of Directors of Mount St. Scholastica Academy to recognize selected alumnae, benefactors, and friends who have contributed significantly. The criteria established by the Board require that the honoree give outstanding personal service or outstanding financial service to the school in the Spirit of Christ.

The Pickmans Robert and Dorothy Pickman say they truly enjoy making a difference in their community and it shows. For their service to Maur Hill-Mount Academy, they are the recipients of the 2010 Fidelis Award. Dorothy and Bob demonstrate community spirit through their enduring commitment to Maur Hill-Mount Academy and the many local organizations Dorothy has been involved in through the years. These include St. Joseph’s Church Parish Council and choir member, Atchison Community Health Clinic, Atchison Hospital Auxiliary Director of Junior Volunteers, Road to Recovery Cancer Drive, and the Prescription Assistance Program. Dorothy has spent countless hours over the years painting and helping to revitalize the campus. This school year, she officially became the school nurse. Dorothy (Blasi) Pickman graduated from Sacred Heart Grade School and attended Mount St. Scholastica Academy, graduating in 1954. She attended St. Mary’s Hospital School of Nursing in KCMO and graduated in 1957 as a registered nurse. That same year she began working at the Atchison Hospital. A year later she married Bob Pickman and they started their family. Dorothy worked as a staff nurse for six years. She accepted a position as a surgical nurse, which progressed to supervisor after one year. She held the position for the following twenty-nine years. She returned to school to pursue a BSN at St. Mary’s College in Leavenworth, KS while continuing to work full time. She assumed the position of Vice President of Nursing at the Atchison Hospital in 1991 and remained

in that position for six years. Dorothy left the hospital in 1996 and has worked at several positions since. She taught classes in St. Joseph MO for two years, worked in Atchison physicians’ offices, worked as an independent contractor for Medical Exam Companies in Kansas City for ten years, and has served as an instructor for Intravenous Therapy for practical nurses at Atchison Vocational Technical School for the past twelve years. Bob worked most years at the former Rockwell Manufacturing Company and later worked at Defense Industrial Caves until retirement. Bob and Dorothy’s daughters graduated from Mount St. Scholastica Academy; Jeanne ’76 (husband Dr. Mike Jones), Mary Anne ’78, who graduated from Benedictine College in 1983, Roberta ’80, Geri ’86 (husband Mick Harris), Julie ’90 who graduated from Rockhurst College in 1995 and from Benedictine College Master Program in 2008. Their son Pat attended Maur Hill Prep and then graduated from Atchison High School in order to take woodworking and become an electrician. Dorothy and Bob enjoy helping with their fourteen grandchildren. The Fidelis Award was created in 1991 by the Board of Directors of Mount St. Scholastica Academy to recognize selected alumnae, benefactors and friends who have contributed significantly. The Pickmans’ tireless efforts and personal service to our school make them fitting recipients of this award and they were honored at the Maur Hill-Mount Academy Alumni Homecoming dinner on Saturday, September 25.

The Powers

Maur Hill-Mount Academy presented the 2010 Fr. Edwin Watson, OSB Award to Warren P. and Joanne C. Powers at the Alumni Homecoming dinner September 25. They were honored for a lifetime of distinguished service to Maur Hill Prep School and Maur Hill-Mount Academy. They have made extraordinary contributions to the MHP and MH-MA Bob Goalby Golf Tournament, the Annual Fund and contributed gifts that enabled the school to get computers and “smart boards” in the classrooms. A 1949 graduate of Maur Hill Prep, Mr. Powers began his working career with the Pillsbury Company, at their flourmill in his hometown of Atchison. Warren met and married Joanne Davis, who was raised in Atchison. Joanne graduated from Jane C. Stormont School of Nursing Topeka, KS in 1949. Joanne was on call 24 hours a day during their courtship, so many a date was interrupted by an emergency tonsillectomy or appendectomy. In 1950, at the time of their marriage, Joann worked as a surgical nurse and delivery room nurse in Atchison. Over a twenty-five year career with Pillsbury, Warren progressed through a wide variety of management positions involving several of their divisions and was transferred to various parts of the U. S. Joanne worked as a nurse on the night shift so she could stay home with their four children during the day. Retiring from the Pillsbury Company in 1974, Warren pursued his own dream, and started the Unit Companies in Jacksonville, Florida, a transportation and distribution company. In the ensuing 15 years from 1974 to 1989, Unit became the nation’s largest privately held provider of warehousing and logistics services. The company expanded to 23 states and Mexico with 125 separate distribution facilities consisting of over

21,000,000 square feet of warehouse space supported by extensive transportation and customized management systems. Joanne worked at Unit Companies in the early days as a bookkeeper until the business expanded. Joanne also kept her nursing license active and worked at the local hospital for a short time. In 1989, Mr. Powers sold the company to pursue other interests and expand his involvement in a variety of social services. In retirement, he oversees three for-profit companies and two private family foundations. The family foundations promote Catholic activities such as care for the poor and disabled, promotion and support for vocations, and care of aging religious. He is a member of the Knights of the Holy Sepulchre, Knights of Malta and Knights of Columbus. He actively serves his Parish as well as food banks and soup kitchens. Joanne is a Master Craftsman in needlepoint and cross-stitch and enjoyed teaching and working in a local store for over 20 years. She often jokes that she has more projects in the drawers of her guest rooms than on the walls of her home. She is an active supporter of L’Arche Communities and the Cenacolo Communities of Florida. Joanne is a member of the Equestrian Order of the Holy Sepulchre and the Knights and Dames of Malta. Daughter Nancy Powers shares that Joanne is the founder of the family’s charitable foundation that supports those in need, “but most of all she’s a wonderful mother, a grandmother to eleven and great grandmother to eleven”. Warren and Joanne currently split their time between Jacksonville, Florida and Carefree, Arizona. For their significant and lasting support of our Benedictine mission in education, Warren and Joanne Powers are more than fitting recipients of this award.

The Fr. Edwin Watson, O.S.B. Award was created in 2000 by the Board of Directors of Maur Hill Prep School in recognition of the lifetime service Fr. Edwin gave the school. The intent of this award is to honor a person or family who has been loyal in support and generous in service to the school.

Maurice “Mop” O’Shea ’48 contacted us. He is a retired attorney. He and his wife Marlene married April 15, 1956. They reside in Newport Beach, CA and have three adult children, Terry, Shawn, and Kerry.

Class Notes

Abigail Lavonne Kasl is the new baby daughter of Tony Kasl ’90 and Kathy Jensen. Tony and Kathy are owners of the Iron Horse Barbeque Restaurant in Atchison.

Courtney Wietharn ’99 married Kyle Schafersman on October 15. She is the daughter of Connie (Penning) ’70 and Jim Wietharn. Jason Purcell ‘01 recently became the first nurse at St. Luke’s Hospital of Kansas City, MO to receive a certification as a Certified Clinical Transplant Nurse. This designation represents a standard of competence for clinical transplant nurses and is granted after successful completion of a rigorous examination. Jason was also highlighted as an employee who has advanced through the Clinical Advancement Program, he serves as a preceptor for nurses and nursing students, developed their nurse intern program, and is known throughout the hospital as a resource for dialysis patients and nurses. In addition to working with dialysis and organ transplants Jason also works in the Medical Intensive Care Unit. Jason is the son of Mike ‘73 and Gail Purcell.

Madeline Cairney ’04 married Kyle Cross July 31 in Paducah, KY. She is a 2008 graduate of Loras College, Dubuque, Iowa and is the daughter of Patrick and Anna Cairney.



In Memoriam Please remember these recently deceased members of the Raven community in your prayers. Thomas Brungardt ’51, Denver, CO passed away September 19, 2009. He is survived by sister, Joan Bechard; sons, Tom ’70, Tim ’71 (Melanie Staley ’71), and Terry ’74 ( Jayne Block ’74); and several grandchildren including Brandi Brungardt ’01 and Cassie Brungardt ’04. Mr. Brungardt was buried in Grinnell, KS Victor Wavada ’37, Kansas City, MO died in October 2009. Henrietta (Goracke) ‘47 Johnson, Tecumseh, Nebraska passed away Dec 18, 2009. She is survived by two sons, Alan and James; her daughter, Susan; sisters, Geraldine Walker ‘49 and Darlene Webb ‘50.  Seven grandchildren also survive. Mrs. Johnson’s aunts, Sister Melania OSB, and Sister Candida OSB, preceded her in death. John Antonello ‘61, Lowery City, MO Passed away April 29. Christine L. Flatt, wife of David Flatt ’67 passed away unexpectedly on May 7 in Springfield IL. She is also survived by a son, Truman, and daughter, Carla Vallone. Sister Evangeline Green, OSB, Atchison, passed away May 14. She was baptized Catherine Margaret Green. She entered the Mount community in 1935, and made monastic profession in 1936. Sr. Evangeline graduated from Mount St. Scholastica College in 1940 and taught a short time in Colorado. Sister Evangeline then lived at t he monastery, teaching mathematics at Mount St. Scholastica Academy and played violin in the community orchestra. Brother Martin Burkhard, Atchison, passed away June 20. Maur Hill Prep students in the late 1970’s remember Brother Martin as the art instructor. He served in that department until 1978. He then acted as junior class dorm prefect from 1978 until 1989. In recent years Brother Martin resided at St. Benedict’s Abbey. Sister Christelle Conway, OSB, Atchison, passed away June 22. Sister Christelle earned a Bachelor’s Degree in education with a minor in mathematics from Mount St. Scholastica College. She served at Mount Saint Scholastica Academy from 1982 - 1998 on the faculty as mathematics instructor and later as Dean of Students. Howard Funk, Atchison, passed away July 8. He attended St. Benedict’s - Maur Hill High School 1935-36. Survivors include many nieces and nephews in the Raven family; Helen (Wagner) ’58 Hagel, Dennis Wagner ’60, Arthur Wagner ’66, Tom Wagner, Corrine (Wagner) ’56 Frakes, Joan (Wagner) ’59 Kramer, Marian (Wagner) ’61 Blodig, Phil Wagner ’70, Terry Wagner, John Funk ’60, Carol (Funk) ’66 Pennington, Janice (Funk) ’67 Johnson and Mary (Funk) ’73 Meyers and numerous great nieces and nephews. Henry Falk ‘42, Atchison, died August 9. He attended St. Benedict’s Elementary School and graduated from Maur Hill Prep as his class valedictorian. Survivors include three daughters, Jennifer Falk ’94, Emily Falk ’95 and Laura Ground; son, Todd Lay, ten grandchildren and two great-grandchildren. Sister Maria Amparo Navarro, OSB, Leavenworth, died August 17. Sister Amparo served in the dietary departments of Benedictine Abbeys in Shawnee OK and St. James, MN before coming to Atchison in 1949. She served in the dietary department at Maur Hill Prep from that time until her retirement in 2002. We remain indebted to Sr. Amparo and all the missionary sisters of San Cristo Rey, a Benedictine group of religious from Mexico City, who were responsible for the meals at Maur Hill for over 50 years. Dennis G. Stockman ‘60, Kansas City, MO, passed away August 20. He is survived by son, Shawn, his daughter, Sheila, and six grandchildren. His wife, Sharon, preceded him in death on September 11, 1992. Mary Margaret Wilson, Atchison, passed away August 24. Survivors include husband, Ernest “Bud” Wilson; five daughters, Kitty ’64 (Leonard) Buddenbohm, Mary Jo ‘65 Clapper, Karen ’71 Welch, Deborah ’73 (Gunnar) Sundby and Terri ’74 O’Brate; Thirteen grandchildren, Gregg ’86 (Gina) Paste, Traci Paste ’84 (Skip) Miller, Nikki Buddenbohm ’00 ( John) Miller, Megan Buddenbohm ‘03 (Luke) Krusemark, Amy ( Jason) Hawk, Janell Owens, Andy (Staci) Welch, David Welch, Ryan ’00 (Molly) Sundby, Allyson Sundby ‘03, Philip O’Brate, Matthew O’Brate, and Alaina O’Brate; and nine great grandchildren.

Sister Rita (Mary Harold) Smith ’35, Atchison, died August 26. A Benedictine Sister of Mount St. Scholastic, she was baptized Frances Rita Smith. After graduating from the Mount Academy, she went on to graduate from Mount St. Scholastica College and earned a Master’s in education with a minor in theology from Creighton University. Sister Rita taught for 35 years, chaired the business department at Lillis High School, KCMO and was on staff at the libraries of Rockhurst College and Benedictine College. Lawrence “Larry” Epperson, Atchison, passed away August 27. Survivors include his daughter, Vicky Tull and son, Kirk Epperson; grandchildren, Ryan Tull ’97 and Melisa Tull ’99. Three great grandchildren also survive. Mr. Epperson was preceded in death by his wife, Donna, on January 8, 2000. David W. Page, Rushville, MO, died September 2. David was the husband of Sharon (Gawatz) ’69 Page. Sharon survives of the home. Additional survivors include daughter, Sarah Page; and son, Bill Page ’95 and his wife Joni. Robert “Bob” Wagner, husband of Bobbie (Smith) ’55 Wagner died September 7. They resided in Atchison. Over the years Bob served in the US Marine Corps, worked for Page Airways, St. Benedict’s College Print Shop and Midwest Grain Products Company. Robert “Bob “ Vogt ‘31, Atchison, passed away September 15. He is survived by daughters, Shirley (Vogt) ’58 Cavanaugh, Mary Jane Vogt ’65, and Judith (Vogt) ’71 Egnatic; sons, Richard ’56, and William ’60. Bob was employed over 45 years as a cost accountant with Blish-Mize & Silliman Company. At Maur Hill Prep, Bob served as President of the 500 Club. William “Bill” Arensberg ’65, Atchison, died October 2. Mr. Arensberg served as President of the Arensberg-Pruett Funeral Home, Inc. until the time of his death. He is survived by a daughter, Nicole Howard; and a brother, Kenneth Arensberg, ’53. Bradley Murray, Wichita, KS, passed away October 12. He was the brother of Johnathan Murray ’00. Brad attended Maur Hill Prep as a freshman during the 1999-2000 school year. Richard “Dickie” Keith ’74, Cummings, KS, passed away October 14. Survivors include his wife Susan (Wohlgemuth) Keith; daughters, Laura ’05, Jennifer ’07; sisters, Fran ’65, Bobbi ’68 (Terry) Demmon, Sue ’71 ( Jody) Burton; brothers Mike, and Curt ’84; and grandson, Ryan.

Mallory Pickman ’05 married Andy Hundley ’98 on June 12. Mallory is the Lady Ravens volleyball coach. Mallory is the daughter of Tim ’78 and Janie (Hegarty) ’79 Pickman. Andy is the son of Debbie (McGinnis) ’73 and Mike Hundley. Justin Pregont ‘05 is a public administration graduate student working as an intern in the public works department for the city of Mission, KS. Justin has a bachelor’s degree in criminology and Spanish from Benedictine College. While in Atchison, Justin helped coach the Raven football team. Alexandra Lykins ’05 married Gregory Avey June 6. She is the daughter of Tim ’77 and Linda (Jones) ’79 Lykins. Lauren Carrigan ’06 married J.D. Benning on June 4. She is the daughter of Janelle and Charley Carrigan ‘72. Father Bruce Swift, past MHP faculty member, was recognized by his St. Agnes High School classmates as the Outstanding Alumnus of their class, in Springfield MO. Father Bruce was celebrating his 60th reunion with his class.

Calling on all Alumni and Friends! Alumni and friends support MH-MA in many ways. One of those is by teaming up with the admissions office. We are calling on YOU to help recruit great new students.

Alumni Association Board

Each year the admissions office receives emails and calls from individuals just like you sharing a potential student to be contacted. Others share their insight of an area or event that the school should be involved in. From such, these alumni and friends are teaming up with the admissions office and helping families find and often times enroll in MH-MA. This is a special role that you can have and most certainly one that makes a difference.

Douglass Adair ‘94 Co-President

The following are some of the ways that you can support the admissions office. n

Identify prospective students through relatives, friends, groups (social or professional)


Encourage a potential family/student to visit campus


Invite the admissions office to visit your church, community group, or social circle to share information about MH-MA


Share knowledge of your community and individual(s) to contact


Provide personal contact and/or packets to local schools, students, or other groups

To get involved, simply email or call the admissions office and let us know how you can make a difference. Deke Nolan ‘00 Director of Admissions

Blish Mize Connor ‘93 Co-President Bernadette Enzbrenner Urban ‘63 Kelly Garrity Bieri ‘98 Jim Hempstead ‘60 Greg Lutz ‘75 Kelly Paolucci Mendoza ‘84 Deke Nolan ‘00 Garin Nolan ‘98 Secretary

Stay Connected maur hill-mount academy Please send us story ideas, news in your life, photos, wedding or birth announcements, or updated contact information. Please email us at or send this form to: Cathy Murphy Maur Hill-Mount Academy 1000 Green St. Atchison, KS 66002 913-367-5482 Name________________________________________ Graduation year ____________ Address_________________________________________________________________ City____________________ State_________________ Zip ______________________ Phone ___________________ Email ________________________________________

Maur Hill-Mount Academy 1000 Green St. Atchison, KS 66002

Maur Hill - Mount Academy Winter 2011 Connection  

Alumni Newsletter

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