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Doctors Decade 10 Years of the BACD

Sun protection special We examine some of the best SPFs on the market

inside your new look cosmetic news b u i l d i n g c l i e n t t r u s t | S c u l p t r a ÂŽ c a s e s t u d y | a e s t h e t i c awa r d s

Introducing Ultherapy... Ultra Response. Ultra Lift. Ultra Sound. The First and Only Device

for Non-Invasive Lift


for Facial Aesthetic Improvement A whole new category of treatment, offering a non-invasive option for treating lax skin.

New Application

of Trusted

Ultrasound Technology Micro-focused ultrasound that allows practitioners to SEE layers of dermal and fibro-muscular tissue and then TREAT targeted layers with unprecedented precision – all without disrupting intervening tissue.

Consistent Clinical Efficacy Predictable, reliable outcomes through proper patient selection and optimized treatment parameters


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elcome to the new look Cosmetic News. This month we are celebrating our second birthday and, to mark the occasion, we have given the magazine a new look. It is hard to believe that two years have passed since we launched Cosmetic News to the industry and I would just like to thank all our readers and advertisers for their ongoing support, as well as our fantastic design team Peter Johnson and Loraine Winter who are responsible for our new makeover. I hope you like what we have done with the magazine and welcome your feedback on what you would like to see us cover in the future and on any of the articles we have already run. E-mail me at with your thoughts. We are also excited to announce the launch of the Aesthetic Awards, in association with Cosmetic News. The event, which will take place on December 1 2011 at Sopwell House, St Albans, will be a chance to celebrate the achievements of everyone in the industry – from practitioners to suppliers. Find out more about this fantastic event on pages 12-15 On to this month’s issue… With summer now well and truly upon us, our industry is all too aware that, with it, comes the increased risks of sun damage. Wearing sun protection all year round is important but no more so at this time of year when people are jetting off on holiday and making the most of whatever British summertime we manage to have. As part of this month’s Special Feature (p21-24) we will be looking at sun protection and examining some of the best SPFs on the market. I hope you enjoy reading this month’s issue and have a fantastic summer, whatever your plans.

Soft Restoration Concept

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For more information contact your Territory Manager, call 020 7976 3290 or visit Q-Med (UK) Ltd, 6th Floor, 10 Dean Farrar Street, London SW1H 0DX Restylane is a trademark owned by Q-Med AB

A combination of the Restylane range of dermal fillers and skinboosters and the innovative pix’L microcannula, packaged for you and your patients.

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July 2011

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04 EDITOR’S CHOICE 06 INDUSTRY NEWS We round up the latest industry news

  12 AESTHETIC AWARDS We announce the launch of the Aesthetic Awards in association with Cosmetic News

16 ON THE SCENE Out and about in the industry this month

18 PEOPLE IN PROFILE To celebrate the 10th anniversary of the British Association of Cosmetic Doctors, we take a look back at how the group has grown and evolved over the last decade

2 1 - 2 4 S P E C I A L F E AT U R E – SUN PROTECTION We look at the importance of sun protection and examine some of the best products on the market

26 Q&A We chat to Marie Duckett about the Artiste™ Assisted Injection System

2 9 FAC I A L R E J U V E N AT I O N Patient Sue O’Kell shares here experience of being treated with sculptra®

32 PRODUCT FOCUS The DermaSculpt® microcannula

34 PRODUCT NEWS We round up the latest product news

36 PRODUCT NEWS SPECIAL FOCUS We look at the newest dermal filler on the market – Stylage®

38 ABSTRACTS We round up the latest clinical studies



nyone who knows me may have noticed that I have been shrinking over the last couple of months and it is all thanks to the lovely people at Ysonut for letting me be a case study for the Proteifine Diet (and a bit of motivation on my part of course!) Launched in the UK last year, the diet is a doctormonitored, calorie controlled, low carbohydrate diet that utilises ‘Rythmonutrition®’, a concept based on the study of biological rhythms, which guarantees the effectiveness of the products. Proteifine is a broad range of protein based replacement foods, in a variety of flavours and textures, which makes the diet very different to other ‘shake’ and ‘soup’ based diets, which are incredibly hard to stick to because you don’t feel like you are eating ‘normal’ food. The best thing about it is that, even though it is low carbohydrate, the wide range of products, including pancakes, toasts, breadsticks, risottos and pastas, make you feel as though you are still getting that starchy carb fix. My favourite products are the tagliatelle with carbonara sauce, which you can have accompanied by a nice salad; the Protipain® toasts, which you can make a bruschetta style lunch with using tomatoes, a little bit of olive oil, garlic and fresh basil, and the deserts, which come in a wide range of flavours and curb any sweet tooth cravings. There are six phases of the diet: Phase 1 is the strict phase, which is based solely on meal replacements and a selection of vegetables/salad; Phase 2 is a mixed phase where you introduce one protein based meal; Phase 3 adds in an additional protein based meal; Phase 4 is the transition phase where you add in a traditional breakfast and fruit; Phase 5 is another transitional phase where you introduce grains and starches and Phase 6 is a healthy balanced diet. I have been on Phase 1 primarily, moving onto other phases for special occasions or when I am out and about with work and not able to have my meal replacements. So far I have lost two stone and dropped two dress sizes. I have also noticed a significant reduction in my cellulite and a dramatic change in my shape. I have tried dieting many times over the last few years but nothing has really worked (mainly because I can’t stick to it and give up after a few days!) so Proteifine has been fantastic for me and the added bonus of being monitored by a doctor is that I know I am loosing fat rather than muscle and water and that I am not doing my body any harm by missing out on vital nutrition, as can be the case with other restrictive diets, as the doctor has tailored vitamin and mineral supplements specifically for me. This diet is fantastic for patients who are coming into aesthetic clinics and who want to lose weight quickly and safely and I would recommend it to anyone.

Part 2 of Eddie Hooker from Hamilton Fraser Cosmetic Insurance’s article on insurance considerations when setting up a cosmetic clinic

42 CLINIC FOCUS The Michael Jane Clinic on how it has transformed its laser business with the Soprano

44 BEST PRACTICE Zoe Davitt on building client trust

46 COMPANY PROFILE Behind the scenes at Britain’s one-stop-shop aesthetics supplier, Med-fx

4 8 D AT E S F O R T H E D I A RY Training course, conference and meeting dates

50 DIRECTORY Our guide to the manufacturers, suppliers and business services featured in this month’s issue

Meet the Cosmetic News team Charlotte Body Publisher 01268 754 897

Peter Johnson, Art Director 01268 754 897

Vicky Eldridge Editor 01268 754 897 M: 07940 083 677

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Emilia Cops Associate Publisher 01268 754 897

Shauna Peters Production Assistant 01268 754 897

Hollie-Jane Dunwell Account Manager 01268 754 897 DISCLAIMER The editor and the publishers do not necessarily agree with the views expressed by contributors and advertisers nor do they accept responsibility for any errors in the transmission of the subject matter in this publication. In all matters the editor’s decision is final.

Your partner in injectable facial aesthetics

Optimal Integration for Maximum Confidence Optimal integration

Superior evenness

Reliable and safe

Unique handling

BEL023/0411/JH Date of preparation April 2011 Merz Pharma UK Ltd 260 Centennial Park, Elstree Hill South Elstree, Hertfordshire, WD6 3SR Tel: +44 (0) 333 200 4140


News - Industry News

Personal confidence soars with cosmetic treatments

‘Phony title’ warning has called upon the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) to beware of unqualified practitioners using ‘phoney titles’

An overwhelming majority of patients said that their personal confidence

and duping consumers in the multi-million pound cosmetic injectable market

soared and sense of worth increased following even the most straight forward

in the UK. The Department of Health backed scheme is calling on consumers

cosmetic treatment, according to research conducted by sanofi-aventis amongst

to beware of titles such as ‘advanced aesthetic practitioner’ and ‘aesthetic

120 healthcare professionals at Cosmetic News Expo.

therapist’, which are being commonly used by unqualified and unregulated

The research found that 61% of healthcare practitioners saw a noticeable increase in

injectors, who may have no appropriate training, and urging them to ensure

the mental wellbeing of their patients, not only improving their confidence, but their

their practitioner is a doctor, dentist or registered nurse.

outlook on life. Other benefits highlighted in the research included a number of physical improvements to personal appearance leading to improved levels of confidence

The letter, written by Baroness Ritchie of Brompton, chair of the

amongst patients. These included fewer wrinkles, improved skin quality and a new Governance Group and addressed to Rt Hon Lord Smith

sense of youthfulness.

of Finsbury, chairman of the ASA, outlines the most commonly-used titles currently being used in the industry which are not only misleading the public but seriously

The other major trend highlighted in the research was the continued growth of the

jeopardising their safety.

market despite the tough economic climate. 67% of respondents noticed an increase in

Peter Walsh, chief executive of the patient safety charity Action against Medical

women receiving cosmetic treatment over the past year. Arguably the most important

Accidents (AvMA), said, “Cosmetic injections are potentially dangerous and should

trend was the rapid increase in male treatments in the category, with 51% of the sample

only be carried out by qualified practitioners in appropriate settings. We hope the

reporting a rise in the number of men having cosmetic treatment in their clinics.

ASA will take action to prevent people using misleading titles, and urge any would-be

Amanda Cauldwell, sanofi-aventis’ consumer brand lead commented, “The research

patient a) to consider whether the treatment is really worth taking the risk for at all,

we conducted amongst healthcare practitioners clearly indicates that their patients

and b) if they are having treatment, to ensure it is from a qualified health professional

are reporting considerable mental and physical improvements. For many, confidence

registered with Treatments You Can Trust.”

returns as a direct result of treatment. What this research also highlights is that there is

Dr Hilary Jones, TV doctor and a member of’s

an increasing demand for cosmetic treatment in both the male and female markets. It

Governance Group added,“It’s extremely worrying that consumers are being duped

is interesting to see how more and more men are having cosmetic work. This may have

by titles which suggest a medical background when there is none. The cosmetic

been a taboo subject for men years ago, but it is now deemed socially acceptable for

injectables market is booming and the ASA should take this issue very seriously and

them to have cosmetic treatment as well as women.”

help in the campaign to increase patient safety.”

Merz expands in Asia and releases third chapter of survey


Merz Aesthetics celebrated its commitment

Beauty Survey, conducted by Harris Interactive

to the Asian market and reinforced its plans

among over 2,900 women from France, Italy,

to become a global leader in the aesthetics

Spain, Russia and the United Kingdom, 95%

business with the release of the third

women would like to improve or alter a facial

chapter of its ‘Face Value’ Beauty Survey at

feature and 78% believe it is acceptable for

the 22nd World Congress of Dermatology

women to invest in aesthetic procedures to

in Seoul, Korea.

enhance their beauty as they age. The survey

The Asia Pacific Region is quickly becoming

also found a strong tie between beauty,

one of the most exciting and dynamic

happiness and confidence. In fact, a majority

aesthetics markets in the world and represents

of women (70%) surveyed said they feel most

a strategic opportunity for Merz. The company

beautiful when they are happy and even more

recently announced it will build its regional

said that, when they are happy, they feel more

headquarters in Singapore and has committed

beautiful (89%) and when they feel beautiful

to providing clinical training, technical

they are more confident (89%). The ‘Face Value’

workshops and scientific background to

Beauty Survey also found that the majority of

physicians across the region. Most recently

women (70%) surveyed said that they feel more

in addition to the Singapore office, Merz has

confident as they age. They also claim they do

established offices in Korea and Taiwan.

not mind looking their age - they just do not

The Asia-Pacific facial injectable market

want to look older. “We listen to our customers

is expected to grow through 2014 due to

and understand that modern women across

increased physician adoption of profitable

the world, regardless of age, race or personal

facial injectable treatments in their practices

circumstances have an unapologetic desire to

and growing patient demand for less invasive

feel beautiful,” said Steve Basta, CEO of Merz

cosmetic procedures. This consumer demand

Aesthetics.. “Whether she is in Seoul, Seattle, Sao

backed by physician innovation, product

Paulo or Stockholm, today’s woman is clearly

availability, and increasing consumer disposable

interested in products and procedures that

income intersect to create double digit growth

enable her to create a more beautiful, and more

year upon year in the region.

confident, but not necessarily younger looking

According to the Merz Aesthetics ‘Face Value’

version of herself.”

Surgeon slams plastic surgery ‘party’ A leading Midlands’ cosmetic surgeon has slammed a decision by Birmingham based Transpire Cosmetic Surgery to sponsor a plastic surgery party, saying it trivialises serious lifechanging cosmetic procedures. Plans to host a monthly event named ‘My Big Fat Plastic Surgery Prize Draw’, offering a top prize of £4,000, have been condemned by former C4 Dispatches and Embarrassing Bodies expert Dalvi Humzah. Mr Humzah is concerned the unrealistic set-up of the event fails to provide adequate time for a patient to complete the thought process required when making a decision to have cosmetic surgery. He is concerned the raffle process could see individuals undergoing treatment which is not medically suitable. He said:, “We’re seeing an alarming amount of cosmetic surgery providers using marketing gimmicks and supermarket ‘buy one get one free’ offers to promote serious medical procedures. The offer of a cosmetic treatment as a prize draw is completely irresponsible. Equally, the thought process of this whole scenario is professionally flawed and unrealistic. Patients need to be medically suitable and fit and healthy to undergo both surgical and nonsurgical procedures. By offering a cosmetic procedure as a prize draw, you can not guarantee the winner is going to be suitable. Therefore, you should not be offering a prize which might not be accessible to the winner. More importantly, a party atmosphere with alcohol is a completely unacceptable setting for life changing cosmetic procedures to be put in the spotlight. Any patients making irreversible decisions in these circumstances are putting themselves at risk with the possibility of facing long-term consequences.”

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XLi Alma for permanent hair reduction Alma Lasers Lasers revolutionary revolutionary Soprano SopranoXLi XLi for permanent hair reduction XLi Alma Lasers revolutionary Soprano for permanent hair reduction and in and topical topical dermal dermal heating heating standout standout in the the industry. industry. Soprano SopranoXLi XLi in the industry. SopranoXLi and topical dermal heating standout Alma Lasers revolutionary Soprano permanent hair Pain-Free reduction XLi foroffers unique 810-nm diode platform effective Alma Lasers revolutionary Soprano foroffers permanent hair Pain-Free reduction unique 810-nm diode laser laser platform effective XLi XLi unique 810-nm diode laser platform offers effective Pain-Free and topical dermal heating standout in the industry. Soprano Alma Lasers revolutionary Soprano for permanent hair reduction Hair-Free™ treatments for all skin types all year long and topical treatments dermal heating in all theyear industry. Hair-Free™ for allstandout skin types long SopranoXLi XLi Hair-Free™ treatments for all skin typesoffers all long Pain-Free unique 810-nm diode laser platform effective and topical dermal heating theyear industry. unique 810-nm diode laserstandout platforminoffers effective Soprano Pain-Free XLi Hair-Free™ treatments for all skin types all year long unique 810-nm diode laser platform offers effective Pain-Free hair re Alma Lasers revolutionary Soprano for permanent • Pain-Free laser hair removal Hair-Free™ treatments for all skin types all year long • Pain-Free laser hair removal Hair-Free™ treatments for all skin types all year long • Pain-Free laser hair removalheating standout in the industry. So and topical dermal

• • Extremely effective Extremely effective Hair-Free Hair-Free results results • Pain-Free laser hair Hair-Free removal Extremely effective results unique 810-nm diode laser skin platform offers effective Pa • Effectively treats all skin types including type Pain-Free laser hair removal • Pain-Free Effectively treats all skin types including skin type 6 6 laser hair removal • Extremely effective Hair-Free results Effectively treats all skin types including 6 all year long Hair-Free™ treatments for all skin skintype types • round treatments Extremely effective Hair-Free results XLi • Year Year round treatments Alma Lasers revolutionary Soprano for permanent Extremely effective Hair-Free results • Year Effectively treats all skin types including skin type 6hair reduction round treatments • coverage in the industry at 10Hz rate. 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Soprano Effectively treats all skin types including skin pulse type 6repetition • Year round treatments Fastest coverage in the industry at 10Hz repetition rate. + in • chest Year round treatments • Pain-Free laser20min! hair removal chest + abdomen abdomen in under under 20min! unique 810-nm diode laser platform offers effective Pain-Free Year round treatments • Fastest coverage inunder the industry at 10Hz pulse repetition rate. chest + abdomen in 20min! • Intelligent interactive interface on a 12’’ color screen Fastest coverage in the industry at pulse repetition rate. • Extremely effective Hair-Free results Hair-Free™ treatments forinterface all skin types all long • interactive on a10Hz 12’’year color • Intelligent Fastest coverage the industry pulsescreen repetition rate. chest + abdomen ininunder 20min! onata10Hz Intelligent interactive interface 12’’ color screen • consumables chest + abdomen in under 20min! • Effectively treats all skin types including • No No consumables chest + abdomen in under 20min! on a 12’’ color screenskin type 6 • Intelligent interactive interface No consumables • New! Pain Free skin tightening Intelligent interactive interface on a 12’’ color screen Pain-Free laser hair removal • New! Free skin tightening • Pain Year round treatments Intelligent interactive interface on a 12’’ color screen • No consumables New! Pain Free skin tightening • No consumables Hair-Free results Extremely effective • Pain Fastest coverage No consumables • New! Free skin tighteningin the industry at 10Hz pulse repetiti • New! Pain Free skinskin tightening Effectively treats all types including skin type 6 chest abdomen in under 20min! • New! Pain Free+skin tightening XLi Year round treatments “Soprano revolutionized medical photoepilation, contributing lasting better results compared XLi SHR has • “SopranoXLi SHR has revolutionized photoepilation, contributing longer longer lasting and andon better resultscolor compared • medical Intelligent interactive interface a 12’’ screen “Soprano SHRtechnologies. has • revolutionized medical photoepilation, contributing longer lasting and better results compared to conventional ‘IN-Motion’ treatment, applying low fluences at high repetition rates, enables us to provide Fastest coverage in thelow industry 10Hz pulse to conventional technologies. ‘IN-Motion’ treatment, applying fluences atat high repetition rates,repetition enables us torate. provide XLi applying low fluences at high repetition rates, enables us to provide XLi photoepilation to conventional ‘IN-Motion’ • medical Notreatment, consumables customized for Soprano all types, all consistent, safe, “Soprano SHRtechnologies. has revolutionized photoepilation, longer lasting andround, betterwith results compared XLi works with XLi photoepilation customized for each each patient. patient. Soprano works withcontributing all skin skin and and hair hair types, all year year consistent, safe, chest + abdomen under 20min! “Soprano SHR has revolutionized medical photoepilation, contributing longer lasting andround, betterwith results compared XLiin XLi customized photoepilation for each patient. Soprano works with all skin and hair types, all year round, with consistent, safe, XLi reliable results. Today Soprano SHR is an essential tool for aesthetic practices, providing more patient advantages than any to conventional technologies. ‘IN-Motion’ treatment, applying low fluences at high repetition rates, enables us to provide XLi “Soprano SHR has revolutionized medical photoepilation, contributing longer lasting and better results compared • New! Pain Free skin tightening reliable results. Today Soprano SHR is an treatment, essential tool for aesthetic practices, more patient advantages any to conventional technologies. ‘IN-Motion’ applying low fluences at providing high repetition rates, enables us tothan provide XLi • Intelligent interactive interface on a 12’’ color screen XLi SHR is an essential tool for aesthetic practices, providing more patient advantages than any reliable results. Today Soprano of its competitors” customized photoepilation for each patient. treatment, SopranoXLi applying works with skin andathair types, all year rates, round,enables with consistent, safe, to conventional technologies. ‘IN-Motion’ lowall fluences high repetition us to provide of its competitors” works with all skin and hair types, all year round, with consistent, safe, customized photoepilation for each patient. Soprano XLi of its competitors” • No consumables is an Soprano essentialXLitool for aesthetic practices, providing advantages thansafe, any reliable results. Today Soprano customized photoepilation for each patient. works with all skin and hair types, allmore yearpatient round, with consistent, XLi SHR reliable results. Today Soprano SHR isofanMiramar essentialMedical tool forInstitute, aesthetic practices, providing more patient advantages than any Dr. Fernando Urdiales, MD ,Director Malaga, Spain. XLi of its competitors” • MDNew! Pain Free skin tightening Dr.itsFernando ,Director Medical Institute, SHR isofanMiramar essential tool for aesthetic Malaga, practices,Spain. providing more patient advantages than any reliable results.Urdiales, Today Soprano of competitors”

Dr. Fernando Urdiales, MD ,Director of Miramar Medical Institute, Malaga, Spain. of its competitors” XLi “Soprano SHR revolutionized medical photoepilation, contributing longer lasting and better res Dr. Fernando Urdiales, MD has ,Director of Miramar Medical Institute, Malaga, Spain. Dr. Fernando Urdiales, MD ,Director of Miramar Medical Institute, Malaga, Spain. to conventional technologies. ‘IN-Motion’ treatment, applying low fluences at high repetition rates, enables Dr. Fernando Urdiales, MD ,Director of Miramar Medical Institute, Malaga, Spain. XLi workslonger with all skin and year round, with c customized for eachphotoepilation, patient. Soprano XLi “Soprano SHR hasphotoepilation revolutionized medical contributing lasting and hair bettertypes, resultsallcompared XLi SHR is applying an essential tool forataesthetic practices, patient advan reliable technologies. results. Today Soprano treatment, to conventional ‘IN-Motion’ low fluences high repetition rates,providing enables usmore to provide Connect with XLi Connect with of its competitors” customized photoepilation for each patient. Soprano works with all skin and hair types, all year round, with consistent, safe, Alma Lasers Connect with Alma Lasers Alma Lasers reliable results. Today SopranoXLi SHR is an essential tool for aesthetic practices, providing more patient advantages than any w w w . a l m a l a s e r s . c o m w w w . awith Connect Dr. Fernando Urdiales, MD ,Director of Miramar Medical Institute, Malaga, Spain. w w wLasers . awith l m a l a s e r s . c o mof its competitors” Connect Alma Alma Lasers Connect with w w wLasers Alma

w w w . a l m a l a s e r s . c o mDr. Fernando Urdiales, MD ,Director of Miramar Medical Institute, Malaga, Spain. w w w. a l m a l a s e r s . c o m BEST EUROPEAN Soprano XLi ad Russia.indd 1 LASER DISTRIBUTOR Soprano XLi ad Russia.indd 1 Soprano XLi ad Russia.indd 1 Soprano XLi ad Russia.indd 1 Soprano XLi ad Russia.indd 1 with1 Soprano XLi Connect ad Russia.indd

Alma Lasers

PBSP28021101 PBSP28021101 PBSP28021101

WINNER -PBSP28021101 UK BEST LASER SUPPLIER PBSP280211016:25:39 PM 2008-2009 3/2/11 3/2/11 6:25:39 PM PBSP28021101 As voted by clinics 3/2/11 6:25:39

ContaCt us on: tel: 0845 1707788,,

Outstanding patient awareness and demand.

Connect with w wLasers w. a l m a l a s e r s . c o m Alma


3/2/11 6:25:39 PM 3/2/11 6:25:39 PM 3/2/11 6:25:39 PM

visit: and see how your patients can locate you and see treatments Live on tV

News - Industry News

Dr Newman’s Clinic appoints new clinic manager

ePrime pre-launch

Leading spider vein removal

of the company’s new system – ePrime. Officially

specialists, Dr Newman’s Clinic, has appointed a new clinic manager to help oversee the

A handful of physicians were invited to join Syneron/ Candela at an exclusive pre-launch meeting in London last month to mark the up-coming launch launching at the FACE conference at the end of June, the meeting gave the group a chance to see the treatment in advance and to be given the

clinic’s expansion.

opportunity to benefit from the high level of media

Lucy Watson, from

procedure, and enlisting to be a ‘prime’ practitioner

Buckinghamshire, will be working out of the new southern centre for Dr Newman’s Clinic, in Cookham Dean, and will be managing the

interest in the product by being early adopters of the in the UK. ePrime is a fractional RF device capable of delivering measurable doses of safe radio-frequency energy to cause deep tissue damage at the same time as sparing the epidermis. The IFS (Intelligent

launch of five new clinics across the UK.

Feedback System) takes out any guess-work of this minimally invasive treatment. The treatment uses

As well as assisting Dr Brian Newman, the clinic’s founder, with

fast insertion, the insulated needles deliver the RF for four seconds at a temperature of 70 degrees

the day-to-day running of the his Harley Street clinic, Lucy will be developing a new appointments system to be used as the business expands. She will also be responsible for the training

five pairs of 32 gauge needles to deliver bipolar RF. Inserted at a 20 degree angle to ensure a gentle centigrade. Performed under local anaesthetic the downtime for the procedure can range from 24 hours to a few days. It has been described as an ‘underpinning treatment, which improves the elasticity of the skin and softens lines by volumising’. The treatment boasts five peer-reviewed studies proving its

programme for new members of staff.

science and efficacy and measuring the treatment results to be 37% of that of a full face-lift. A two-year

Lucy, who has moved from a career in events management for

users and was one of the most talked about treatments at the recent World Congress in Korea.

follow up study is awaiting publication. Already the ePrime has a number of acclaimed international

global pharmaceutical firms, said, “I’m ready for a new challenge in my career and excited to be part of the growth plans for Dr Newman’s Clinic. A few years ago I saw Dr Brian Newman on GMTV and the treatment he pioneered. With almost half the population in the UK suffering from spider veins, demand for

FAMI stem-cell face-lift available in London

treatment has never been greater. The expansion plan will reduce waiting lists and mean more people can benefit from this

A revolutionary stem-cell fat transfer face-lift that has seen women travelling abroad for

revolutionary treatment.”

treatment is finally to be available in London. The inventors of the FAMI (Fat Autograft Muscle Injection) procedure, Drs Roger and Oliver Amar are to offer a clinic in London for the first time,

Doctor Visiting Service Harley Aesthetics is launching a new ‘doctor visiting service’ to allow nurses to meet the guidelines of the NMC surrounding the prescription of boutlinum toxin. The NMC has recently reiterated its position on remote prescribing saying that patients should have a ‘face to face’ consultation with a prescriber, before their first treatment. The doctor visiting service will cover the whole of the UK and be run through Harley Aesthetics’ sister company Harley Street Doctors and its network of 200 mobile GPs. The service went live on June 20 and is recommended for any patients who have never been administered botulinum toxin previously.

Dr Franks teams up with Central Lancashire University

based at the prestigious Cadogan Clinic in Chelsea. The FAMI procedure sees the harvesting of stem cells from fat extracted from the hips, buttocks, thighs or abdomen. The fat is spun in a centrifuge to purify it then injected into or under the facial muscles (depending on the size of the muscle), next to the bone of the skull. This important difference from other stem cell treatments (which inject fat cells above the muscle) ensures the fat cells remain in the correct location in the face, restoring facial structure to a youthful state. The procedure restores the contour, shape and function of the 30 muscles used to form facial expressions. Unlike traditional face-lifts, patients are not left with tightness or the classic ‘mask’ look. Instead their faces are plumped and regain the shape of their youth. Because the volume is achieved using their own adipose stem cells, patients do not experience the risk of tissue rejection or reaction to artificial substances that can mar experiences with other facial fillers. Because the stem cells are injected into or beneath the facial muscles rather than just under the skin there is also far less risk of the filler migrating to other parts of the face. There is also no risk of over-filling. Dr Roger Amar describes the procedure as being more akin to a fat graft than a fat injection. He said, “Ageing in the face is caused by a lack of volume, which leads to sagging. The key to looking younger is restoring this volume, not making skin tighter through a traditional face-lift. Many clinicians claiming to offer these types of procedure are actually offering fat injections, using fat as a temporary filler rather than as a fat graft. Fat injections, because they are under the skin, can lead to ballooning, lumps and severe

Dr Brian Franks has linked up with

bruising. During the FAMI procedure the patient’s own fat is carefully placed below the facial muscles

Central Lancashire University.

restoring the desired volume without risking migration of the fat or an uneven result.”

Dr Franks, who is the is the clinical


director of cosmetics (non-surgical

Dr Roger Amar originally developed the FAMI procedure in the late 90s and now offers it in conjunction

cosmetic procedures) for Bupa Health and

with his son, Dr Oliver Amar. The procedure is carried out under local anaesthetic as this allows the

Wellbeing UK as well as its clinical director

surgeons to immediately see the effect on a patient’s face. The surgical procedure requires no incision

of dentistry, has joined the teaching team

or stitches and thus does not cause scars and has a faster recovery time. The treatment, which has been

at the University to help develop and take forward their MSc

available in Spain and France for some years, has never been offered in the capital before. Hundreds of

course in facial aesthetics. It is planned that Dr Brian Franks Facial

patients have flown to clinics on the continent to benefit from FAMI but can now be treated in the UK

Aesthetics Training Courses will be accredited with modular units

and recover at home rather than in a foreign hotel. Dr Amar has also trained approximately 250 surgeons

towards this post-graduate qualification.

across the US and Europe in the FAMI procedure.

Advertorial - IAAFA

IAAFA conference and charity ball 2011 The International Academy of Advanced Facial Aesthetics (IAAFA) will hold its annual conference and charity ball in London on September 2-3 2011. The two-day conference and exhibition will be held at the Royal Society of Medicine, Wimpole Street, London, with the charity ball taking place at the Portman Radisson on the evening on Saturday 3. The CPD accredited conference always attracts a high caliber of speakers with extensive experience in all areas of facial aesthetics, and this year is no different with the line up including IAAFA president Dr Bob Khanna, who will talk about Total Facial Sculpting; Prof Piet Haers on Orthognathic Surgery Demystified; Mr Jonathan Britto on the Anatomical Principles of Aesthetics; Dr Tapan Patel on The Use of Lasers in Facial Aesthetics; Mr Raj Ragoowansi on Patient Assessment Criteria for Optimising Aesthetic Outcomes; Dr Mark Devlin on Aesthetics v Deformity: Beauty and the Beast; Dr Kimberley Taylor on Patient Consultation and Developing an Aesthetic Practice; Bobbi Anthony; Dr Chris Orr on Optimal Dental Aesthetics – Current Concepts; Eddie Hooker on Risk Management in Aesthetic Practice and Payman Langroudi who will give Enlighten Training with a free B1 Guaranteed whitening kit to every delegate. The Arabian Nights themed charity ball will once again be in aid of the Make a Wish Foundation, a charity that grants the wishes of dying children. Tickets are £120 and include a champagne reception, four course dinner and entertainment. For more information ring 01344 891235 or 07956-378526, e-mail or visit

The ultimate facial aesthetic event for you and your team in 2011

IAAFA AnnuAl ConFerenCe 2011

learning latest demos

a great learning experience for you and your team gaining you 14 verifiable cpd points a fantastic conference demonstrating the latest developments in facial aesthetics live demonstrations using botulinum toxin and facial dermal fillers

Once again IAAFA has attracted a great line up of speakers who have donated their time for free and will be covering a wide range of topics.

Total Facial Sculpting Dr Bob Khanna

Skin lesions on the face – A Dermatological Update Dr Russell Emerson

Anatomical Principles of Aesthetics Mr Jonathan Britto

How to run a Successful Recession Proof Aesthetic Practice Dr Rita Rakus

• Workshops for you and your team • Live demos • New for this year ‘Speed dating with the speakers’ your chance to pose your questions on an individual basis

ULTIMATE FACIAL AESTHETIC EVENT LOCATION: The Royal Society of Medicine, 1, Wimpole Street, London W1G 0AE DATE: Friday 2nd & Saturday 3rd September 2011

News - Industry News

MyFaceMyBody Launches Online Shop Control the pain of cosmetic injections

INSTANTLY with a clinically proven topical anaesthetic

MyFaceMyBody has launched an online shop, allowing aesthetic and beauty practitioners around the world to have a full beauty product retail store on their website. The facility will cost them nothing to add to their existing site and yet it will deliver them a percentage of the profits for every item sold. The fulfilment of orders will be completed by MyFaceMyBody, meaning that clinics will not have to deal with postage and packaging. The shop can be fully integrated into an existing website and it will not take visitors away to a third party site. Inspiration for the shop came after MyFaceMyBody owner, Stephen Handisides, met aesthetic practitioners and clinics who spoke of the barriers they faced to selling products on their site. This included having to pay for, and store, large quantities of professional skincare products and make-up. Smaller clinic owners also said they didn’t have the time to go to the post office and send products to clients or to complete the lengthy administration of ordering products and then resending them to clients. He said, “The MyFaceMyBody store removes the inconvenience from the sales process. More importantly it allows clinics and practitioners to make money instantly through selling top of the range professional skincare products. When advising a client of the best products to use following a consultation, they can simply direct them to their website. The more savvy clinics will have a computer at hand when performing treatments, taking orders for more products there and then. The potential for extra revenue is limitless! It makes the sales process simple, flexible and hassle-free. To make the site appealing for repeat business it will also remain up-to-date with beauty news, trends, reviews and videos – and it will all appear to be the clinics own work!” MyFaceMyBody will also be working alongside Wigmore Medical to offer free sales and product training, educating practitioners how they can sell certain products with treatments they are already providing in their clinics.

Eurocom Wins Ellansé™ Account Eurocom Healthcare Communications has been appointed to manage the marketing communications campaign for Ellansé™ – a novel family of dermal fillers that have the capability to simultaneously smooth lines and wrinkles as well as stimulating

A fast, safe and effective way to help control the pain associated with cosmetic needle procedures For further details and pricing information call

0845 130 4949

the generation of new collagen in the skin. The creators of Ellansé™, AQTIS Medical BV, have also recently been presented with the 2011 Frost and Sullivan European Technology Innovation of the Year Award in recognition of their pioneering dermal fillers. The Technology Innovation Award is presented to the company that has excelled in the following criteria: uniqueness of technology, impact on functionality, impact on customer value and relevance of innovation to industry. Tony Chant, managing director of Eurocom commented, “We’re really excited by this recent account win – we’ve accrued a great deal of market knowledge creating marketing communication campaigns for several of the leading dermal filler brands. It’s clear that Ellansé™ is an exceptional dermal filler and truly unique with regards to the technology involved – as recognised by the recent Frost and Sullivan award.”

Surgeon societies slam morning chat show A series of ‘Skin Deep’ segments on cosmetic treatments featured on ITV’s popular chat show This Morning has drawn strong condemnation from the main professional organisations in breast and plastic surgery. The British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons, the British Association of Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgeons and the Association of Breast Surgery feel the series and, in particular, Tuesday June 7’s programme highlighting a stem cell breast augmentation performed by a GP, was ‘at best biased and commercially driven, and at worst, potentially dangerous to the public’ and has submitted acomplaint to Broadcasting Standards. Consultant plastic surgeon and president of the BAAPS Fazel Fatah commented, “This programme is advertising an unproven technique without any independent challenge or advice that is not commercially driven. It is highly irresponsible to offer stem cell breast enhancement unless is it part of a controlled, clinical trial conducted in a specialist centre under the care of a proficient specialist  with access to investigating and  treating breast disease. The main associations are working to develop guidelines on the use of fat transfer in the breast and promoting this procedure to the public is viewed with very grave concern. There is no reliable evidence based on peer reviewed, controlled clinical trials to indicate that the use of stem cells in the breast of a young woman is safe or necessary. This highly sensitive procedure carried out by a non-specialist should not be given publicity and is doing the millions of women who watched it a huge disservice.”


T: F: E: w:

01949 838 111 01949 838 844 10

BAPRAS spokesperson and consultant plastic surgeon Simon Kay said, “The female breast is highly sensitive and we know from generations of safety studies that breast implants are safe. However, this stem cell therapy is new and its effects are currently uncertain.  Like all new procedures it should be carefully evaluated in controlled scientific circumstances over a number of years before being carefully rolled out to more general use. BAPRAS deplores any short cuts to patient safety and urges ITV to protect the public by adding a cautionary note to any publicity they continue to give to this technique.” Richard Rainsbury, President of the Association of Breast Surgery, concluded, ”We echo these views entirely. Women should be fully informed that the long term safety of this approach is unknown, and that they could be puting themselves at risk.”


“The ultimate in combination laser and light therapy for face, hands and body to optimize results.” InnovatIve technology Safe, effective treatments with the industry’s most dynamic product portfolio, distinguished by expandable modular platforms that adapt to your changing needs and future breakthroughs. Before



Mini 360 Protocol for the face and neck Photos courtesy: James Chan, MD



AFT 570 SR

Photos courtesy: Fernando Stengel, MD


Pixel Laser

Photos courtesy: Amber Brown, MD

Multiple technologies can be combined during a single session or repeated frequently and spread out over 60 days. • When performed in a single treatment session, the Mini Laser360TM program consists of AFT for pigment and vascularity, ST for skin tightening, and Pixel for fractionated skin resurfacing. • The Traditional Laser360 treatment consists of 4-6 treatment sessions, layering multiple technologies (AFT, ST and Pixel), spaced about 10-15 days apart over a 60-day period.

Pixel ST





AFT 420 Acne

Photos courtesy: Elizabeth VanderVeer, MD

Before AFT 540 VP


Photos courtesy: Elizabeth VanderVeer, MD


Pixel Laser

Photos courtesy: Bhupendra Patel, MD



Tattoo Removal - Photos Courtesy: Fernando

Urdiales, Instituto Médico Miramar, Málaga , Spain

ContaCt us on: tel: 0845 1707788,,



Traditional Laser360

Photos courtesy: Rick Jackson, MD

WINNER - UK BEST LASER SUPPLIER 2008-2009 As voted by clinics

The Aesthetic Awards 2011 - Event Preview

AAwards esthetic 2011 the awards night for your industry

in association with Cosmetic news

The first ever Aesthetics Awards in association with Cosmetic News promises to be a night to remember. Here we tell you how you can be a part of it and scoop one of the industry’s most coveted prizes… Recognising excellence and rewarding outstanding achievement is key to the growth and development of any industry, so we are very excited to announce the launch of the first ever Aesthetic Awards in association with Cosmetic News. The awards will be presented at a glamorous James Bond themed gala dinner at Sopwell House in St Albans on Thursday December 1 2011 and will be a chance to celebrate the achievements of everyone working within the arena of medical aesthetics. For our inaugural event we have selected 25 categories acknowledging those who have gone that extra mile over the last year. Gold, silver and bronze awards will be given in each category to the top three nominees. Cosmetic News publisher Charlotte Body said, “The medical aesthetics industry is full of people who are really passionate about what they do and what better way to celebrate their achievements than with an awards dinner. It is vital to the success of any industry to acknowledge and reward those who have gone that extra mile and we cannot wait to find out who the winners will be. I am sure it will be a fantastic evening.”

The categories are: Industry Awards • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Sales Representative of the Year Lifetime Achievement Award Services to the Industry Rising Star Best Clinic Chain Best Clinic (three rooms or more) Best Clinic (three rooms or less) Best Mobile Practitioner Best Clinic Customer Service Best Customer Service by a Manufacturer/Supplier Association of the Year Best Advertising Campaign by a Manufacturer/Supplier Distributor of the Year Best Clinic Website

• •

Speaker of the Year Clinic Receptionist of the Year

Product/Treatment Awards • • • • • • • • • •

Best Product Innovation Best Newcomer Cosmeceutcial Product of the Year Consumer Choice Award for Best Product Consumer Choice Award for Best Treatment Injectable Product of the Year Treatment of the Year (Face) Treatment of the Year (Body) Best Selling Retail Product Equipment Brand of the Year

the awards Sales Representative of the Year This award is designed to acknowledge the hard work and

Best Customer Service by a Manufacturer/ Supplier

services provided by sales reps working for manufacturers and

This award will be given to the manufacturer/supplier with the

suppliers in the UK. Companies can nominate members of staff

best customer service as judged by their customers.

and clinics can nominate their favourite reps.

Association of the Year

Cosmeceutcial of the Year This award will go to the best cosmeceutcial product range in the UK, as voted for by the readers of Cosmetic News.

Consumer Choice Award for Best Product

Lifetime Achievement Award

This award will be presented to the association that has gone

This award will go to the best product in the UK as voted for by

This award will recognise the achievements of people who

above and beyond in 2011.

consumers via the Cosmetic Surgery and Beauty Guides.

Best Advertising Campaign by a Manufacturer/Supplier

Consumer Choice Award for Best Treatment

have had a long and fruitful career in the aesthetics industry. A shortlist will be compiled from nominees but only one winner will be selected in this category.

Services to the Industry This category will award an individual who has gone above and beyond in their services to the industry. Anyone can nominate someone for this award and, as with the Lifetime Achievement Award, there will only be one winner.

Rising Star This award will be presented to an up and coming practitioner

This award will be given to the manufacturer/supplier with the most memorable and effective UK advertising campaign.

This award will go to the best treatment in the UK as voted for by consumers via the Cosmetic Surgery and Beauty Guides.

Distributor of the Year

Injectable Product of the Year

This award is designed for any UK distributor of aesthetic

Manufacturers/distributors of injectable dermal filler products

products or systems.

available in the UK will be eligible to enter this category. The winner will be voted for by Cosmetic News readers.

Best Clinic Website

who may not have the longevity of some of their colleagues

The most easy to navigate and informative clinic websites will

but who has made an impact in their field.

be awarded in this category.

Best Clinic Chain

Speaker of the Year

This award will be open to all clinics who have a chain of

Anyone who has given a lecture at a UK conference or

practices in the UK.

educational meeting will be eligible for this award. The winner

Treatment of the Year (Face) This award will be given to the manufacturer/supplier with

Best Clinic (four rooms or more)

the best treatment for the face, as voted for by the readers of

will be the person judged to have given the best presentation in 2011.

Best Clinic (three rooms or less) This award will be open to any small clinic in the UK with three

Clinic Receptionist of the Year

the best treatment for the body, as voted for by the readers of

This award will go the member of clinic front of house staff

Cosmetic News.

who has excelled in 2011.

or less treatment rooms.

Best Product Innovation

Best Mobile Practitioner

The most innovative new products on the market will be

This award will recognise the achievements of solo practitioners.

Treatment of the Year (Body) This award will be given to the manufacturer/supplier with

This award will be open to any large clinic in the UK with four or more treatment rooms.

Cosmetic News.

Best Selling Retail Product Clinics will be able to vote for their top selling retail product in

recognised in this category.

this category.

Best Newcomer

Equipment Brand of the Year

Best Clinic Customer Service

Manufacturers/distributors of any new product launched

This award will be given to the clinic in the UK with the best

in the UK market since the beginning of 2011 can enter this

customer service as judged by ‘mystery shoppers’.


Manufacturers of lasers, IPLs and any other equipment brand can enter this category.

How to enter Entering the Aesthetic Awards could not be simpler. Simply turn to page 14 or go to and fill in an entry form with your details and a short summary of why you think you/the person you are nominating should win. You can enter yourself or nominate someone else in as many of the categories as you would like. Entries must be received by Thursday October 13. The shortlisted nominees will be announced in the November issue of Cosmetic News.

Please call Emilia Cops on 01268 754 897 or email if you have any further questions about submitting your entry.

AAwards esthetic 2011 the AwArds night for your industry

in AssociAtion with cosmetic news

Below is a list of the award categories. Please add your nominations to the form provided and either post, fax or email back to us by the 13th october 2011.

Please note that failure to nominate may mean your company will miss out on a prestigious Aesthetic Award.

Industry AwArds Sales Representative of the Year

Please comPlete the following information clearly:

Lifetime Achievement Award

Contact Name

Services to the Industry

Job Title

Rising Star

Company Name

Best Clinic Chain


Best Clinic (three rooms or more) Best Clinic (three rooms or less)


Best Mobile Practitioner

Telephone Number

Best Clinic Customer Service

Mobile Number

Best Customer Service by a Manufacturer/Supplier


Association of the Year Best Advertising Campaign by a Manufacturer/Supplier


Distributor of the Year Best Clinic Website

Please provide us with a short summary of why you/the person/product you are nominating should win this award.

Speaker of the Year Clinic Receptionist of the Year

Product/treAtment AwArds Best Product Innovation Best Newcomer Cosmeceutcial Product of the Year Consumer Choice Award for Best Product Consumer Choice Award for Best Treatment Injectable Product of the Year Treatment of the Year (Face) Treatment of the Year (Body) Best Selling Retail Product Equipment Brand of the Year

All information provided will be treated as confidential. For more information, call 01268754 897 or email .

wHere to send your entry

All entries must be submitted by post to: The Aesthetic Awards 2011 Body Media, 318c High Road, Benfleet, Essex, SS7 5HB or emailed to You can also enter online by visiting

AAwards esthetic 2011 the AwArds night for your industry

in AssociAtion with cosmetic news

1 december 2011 st

• sopwell house • hertfordshire • call 012 6 8 7 5 4 8 9 7 o r e m a i l hollie@ cr eati v em ed i altd . co. u k to boo k y o u r tabl e


Out and about in the industry this month

Tammy Peat with LPG Plaque of Excellence award

throw from Harley Street, the new clinic is housed in a Grade II listed Georgian property, newly refurbished, with traditional architectural features and modern furnishings. The LBPS team moved into the new clinic from London Bridge back in March. This will be their main base now but Mr Inglefield will continue to operate from London Bridge Hospital, St John’s and St Elizabeth and Queen Anne Street Medical.

LPG Endermologie Chooses Body and Face Works for its first UK Centre of Excellence (above) From left to right: Katie Woodall, customer service and operations manager, Denise Horsley, nurse, Dalvi Humzah, Bupa cosmetic clinical lead and Elesh Pertal, cosmetic surgeon

Body and Face Works based in Sheffield has become the first UK salon to be awarded the LPG Plaque of Excellence. The salon specialises in the latest in natural, non-aggressive slimming and anti-ageing treatments, including the recently

Midlands cosmetic surgeon takes the lead at Bupa (above)

launched Endermologie Lipomassage and Endermolift, which uses the new LPG Cellu M6 machine.

Midlands’ cosmetic surgeon Dalvi Humzah is set to drive

Tammy Peat from Body and Face Works said, “I am thrilled to

forward cosmetic clinical excellence in Bupa cosmetic clinics

be the first UK salon in the North to introduce the latest LPG

throughout the UK. An opening evening and media briefing

technologies and receive this prestigious award. I have been

was held recently at the Bupa Solihull Centre to mark Mr

using LPG Endermologie for six years and have always been

Humzah’s appointment, where the press were given an

impressed with the natural results that it can achieve. Since

opportunity to see the facilities offered at the Solihull Centre,

introducing the new Cellu M6 3 months ago, my clients and

as well as receive a free UV skin assessment, to identify any

I have discovered that the results from the new machine has

areas of sun damage. Mr Humzah, who’s been appointed BUPA cosmetic clinical lead, will take responsibility for maintaining the quality

further exceeded all expectations.” Pictured from left to right - Douglas Peck (area sales director of Solta Medical), Beata Czekaj (marketing manager of Solta Medical), Dr Rita Rakus, John Nippler (managing director of Solta Medical) and Madeleine Lyell (senior product manager for Solta Medical)

The plaque indicates that the salon’s therapists have been trained at the LPG Academy in France to the highest standard ensuring they provide the best quality of Endermologie

of cosmetic services provided by Bupa and standardising


procedures across the Bupa Centres offering cosmetic

Geraldine Tribaudant, LPG export manager added, “Tammy is

procedures in Solihull and London. He said, “I’m looking

passionate about the brand and a real LPG ambassador. We

forward to bringing my expertise in the non surgical and

decided to award The LPG plaque to Body and Face Works

surgical field to my new role. Importantly, my role involves

as they consistently provide high quality treatments and

ensuring patients experience a consistent approach to

amazing results for their clients.”

cosmetic services and providing on-going training and

Dr Rita Rakus announced as Black Diamond Award winner by Solta Medical (above left)

support to all cosmetic surgeons based in Bupa Centres throughout the UK.” Dr Peter Mace, assistant medical director, Bupa Health and

Melinda Smaci and Chris Inglefield

Wellbeing added,“Mr Humzah’s appointment reflects our continuing drive to put our customers at the centre of

Solta Medical has awarded Dr Rita Rakus the Black Diamond Award for the second consecutive year, as the leading provider of Thermage and Fraxel in the UK.. Of the hundreds of participating

clinical standards, as well as act quickly and decisively in offering

London Bridge Plastic Surgery Clinic Opening (above)

new cosmetic treatments as they come on to the market.”

Cosmetic Surgeon Chris Inglefield was joined by friends and

and honoured to have been awarded Solta’s Black Diamond

Mr Humzah’s private practice - Plastic and Dermatological

colleagues to celebrate the opening of his new clinic opening

Award for the second consecutive year. My patients find

Surgery (PSD) - specialises in a wide range of surgical

in Wimpole Street. Guests were able to have a look round

Thermage and Fraxel treatments to be very effective, and are

cosmetic procedures including breast augmentation,

the plush London Bridge Plastic Surgery treatment rooms

often overwhelmed by the results. It is a pleasure to be able

liposuction and face-lifts. As well as non-surgical treatments

while enjoy a champagne reception and canapés. Situated

to provide such great treatment options for them.”

for wrinkle reduction, lip plumbing and Dupuytren’s disease.

in the heart of London’s prestigious medical district, a stones

everything we do. His experience will help us maintain our high


practices in Europe, Dr Rakus is one of only three practitioners to achieve this prestigious status. She said, “I am delighted

People in Profile - BACD

Doctors Decade As the British Association of Cosmetic Doctors celebrates its 10-year anniversary we talk to the past, present and future presidents about how the organisation has evolved

When Dr Patrick Bowler and Dr Rita Rakus set up the British Association of Cosmetic Doctors

with potential interest and were delighted by the response. The inaugural meeting was held

10 years ago, they could not have envisaged how the industry would change over the next

at the Law Society in London on October 2 2001 and 27 doctors attended from all fields of

decade or how the association itself would evolve to become a respected authority in the

medicine – it was quite a diverse group. It is much better now but certainly back then there

industry. Early pioneers of cosmetic medicine, the pair, who are now both Fellows of the BACD,

was no science behind any of these treatments, it was all doctors experience, so we wanted to

joined forces so that they could share their clinical experiences and offer each other some

put together educational programmes where we could share our knowledge.”

support in the minefield that was the new and emerging sub speciality of aesthetic medicine.

A committee was quickly set up to get the ball rolling and was made up of Rita and Patrick

Now the BACD hosts two conferences a year at prestigious venues across the country with

along with Dr Mike Comins, Dr John Curran and Dr Tracy Mountford. By its second meeting in

regional meetings for its 300+ members, but back then Patrick and Rita held their meetings

2002 the BACD had 65 members and the growth has continued to the present day with more

over a cup of tea after work. Patrick remembers, “At the time there were only a few doctors

than 300 members now belonging to the organisation.

doing the non-surgical treatments for cosmetic purposes. I knew Rita and in late 1999/early

Mike, who is the association’s current chairman, says, “I have been amazed at how the

2000 we met up for a cup of tea after work to have a chat, and that’s basically how things

BACD has evolved. In the early days it was quite a small gathering where we would go out

started. After we had had a few meetings we decided that we probably knew enough doctors

and have a bite to eat and discuss issues, techniques and any complications or problems

to get about 10 or 15 for an initial meeting.”

we might have had with our patients. At the time there were very few cosmetic doctors

And so the BACD was born. Within months the association had almost 30 members and held

doing what we did and it could be quite isolating. I felt it was particularly important to

its first educational meeting, something that would be integral to the philosophy of the BACD

work as part of a team, not just for the benefit of the patient but also to help myself to

going forward. Patrick says, “ The initial impetus was to discuss the impact of the impending

progress in the field that I was working in. It was great to be able to share ideas and have

introduction of appraisals for doctors in cosmetic medicine. It soon became very clear to us

other people to lean on if you are concerned. From there it has just grown and grown and

that we needed to form a group and widen the remit to include organised training, treatment

has become a very respected body within the cosmetic medical industry. I am very proud

protocols, revalidation and provision of a forum to discuss topical issues. We circulated doctors

of the work that everyone has put in to get us to where we are today.”

Above: Founders Dr Rita Rakus and Dr Patrick Bowler recieve their BACD Fellowships

On a mission

certainly been the public and the media. The

formative years, it’s highly unlikely that cosmetic

Today the BACD

increasing publicity of non-surgical techniques

medicine would be the recognised speciality it is

has a very clear

in the press and television focused largely on


mission statement,

non-medical personnel, we thought it was time

which still very

for a directional change that brought the doctors

Education is key

much encompasses

themselves, through the BACD into the media

Education has always been at the forefront of the

the early visions of

limelight. We also felt it imperative that the BACD

BACD’s philosophy and no more so than with

Patrick and Rita.

would provide a unified representative voice to

the development of its Postgraduate Diploma in

The organisation’s

benefit doctors and patients alike.”

Cosmetic Medicine, a distance learning diploma

key aims are to facilitate the advancement of

offered by the University of Leicester.

safe and ethical cosmetic medicine for the benefit

Lynne Thomas from Flipside PR has looked after the

of medical practitioners and members of the

BACD’s public relations both consumer and trade

This masters-level programme provides a

public; to be a channel for ongoing education;

since the early days and has been instrumental

comprehensive theoretical and practical

to represent cosmetic medical practitioners in

in getting the association’s messages across. She

foundation for doctors in the field of

a unified manner; to maintain standards and

says, ““When I first started working for the BACD

cosmetic medicine. The programme places

practice ethics in cosmetic medicine and to act as

in 2001 it was really at the height of the cosmetic

a strong emphasis on the ethical and legal

a support network for its members.

media boom. Botox® was making the headlines on

considerations particular to cosmetic medicine,

a regular basis and was about to be launched onto

establishing competency in all commonly

One of the other key functions of the BACD has

the high street through Boots, and the BACD was at

used cosmetic techniques and enhancing

been to promote public awareness of non-surgical

the forefront of the move to regulate the industry

professional accountability and decision-

cosmetic treatments and to make consumers

and protect the public.

making skills in practice.

going to a properly qualified medical professional.

“If it wasn’t for the hard work that the pioneers

Mike says, “I am very proud that we have put

Patrick says, “One of the main driving factors has

like Patrick, Rita, John and Mike put in during the

together such a robust post graduate qualification

aware of the possible dangers and importance of


BACD Chairmen – past, present and future Dr Patrick Bowler 2001-2006 Dr John Curran 2007-2009 Dr Mike Comins 2009- to date Dr Samatha Gammell - President elect

that is respected by our peers, whether they have any

have businesses to

interest in aesthetics or not. It is a very valid qualification


that has taken a lot of work to put together and has really helped us to be taken more seriously as a medical

The committee is

discipline, rather than, what some of our colleagues

supported by the hard

thought of, as doctors ‘playing around on the fringes of

working office team

medicine’. There is a lot of publicity around aesthetics so

made up of Sharon

it is very easy to forget that it is a branch of medicine and

Turner-Fry and Kim

there are medical complications and medical knowledge

Geear. Sharon joined

and expertise is required, so I am very proud that we have

the BACD in 2006 as

helped to establish cosmetic medicine as a respected part

BACD administrator

of the medical establishment.”

(now company

Team work

Current BACD chair, Dr Mike Comins

secretary) and has worked tirelessly to ensure that all the conferences and educational meetings are

Running the BACD is no easy feat with the committee

well-organised, to get support from the industry’s

working tirelessly and giving up their time for free,

manufacturers and suppliers and to over see the

despite running busy clinics themselves.

management of membership and the day to day running of the association now overseeing her team

Former BACD chair, Dr John Curran

The current committee includes Dr Mike Comins

as. She was joined by Kim in 2008 who recently

as chair, Dr Samantha Gammell (president elect),

became full time to help cope with the workload of

Dr Harryono Judodihardjo, Dr Simon Connolly

the ever-expanding association.

and Dr Bea Brookes. Lynne says, “I have always been impressed with

Sharon jokes, “We couldn’t possibly put how we

the amount of time and effort the chairmen and

help the BACD run smoothly in one article however

the committee devote to the organisation. I think

our job is to protect, detect, reflect, deflect, inject

people forget it’s an unpaid role and that they all

and project!”

The benefits of BACD membership One of the main advantages of becoming a member of the BACD is the fact that it offers ongoing support to doctors working in a yet unrecognised and unregulated field of medicine. As well as being able to undertake the Post Graduate Diploma, BACD members can take advantage of the association’s appraisal system; get 10% off medical insurance with Hamilton Fraser; have a listing on the BACD website directory to generate new business enquiries; access the website forum; network with fellow members by attending educational and scientific conferences and be part of a national PR and social media campaign.

Rita says, “I would highly recommend and encourage

the next chair of the BACD, says, “The majority of doctors

show that the women can do this too! We have more

cosmetic doctors to join and take advantage of its vast

in this industry, including myself, work alone, so you don’t

female members now and it brings a different dynamic

network of professional expertise and support.”

get the same sort of support that you get in a hospital or

to the committee. We have an excellent committee now

GP practice, so being part of the BACD is like being part of

and everyone is very dedicated and hard working.”

Patrick agrees,” The main thing is that they can meet

a family. If you have any concerns you can discuss them

up with like-minded people. For people who are just

with your peers. The best part of it for me at the meetings

Mike also feels very strongly about medical aesthetics

starting out in this industry there is now a wealth of

is the networking – listening to what is happening in the

being recognised as a specialty. He says, “It is still a

experience that they can tap into. There are a lot of

industry and speaking to your colleagues. There is a lot of

very young speciality but all specialities have to start

very experienced doctors in the association that are

support. We are looking into the VAT issue on behalf of all

somewhere. 200 years ago the Royal Surgeons were

very happy to help out.”

our members, we are involved in the European Standards

non-medics performing amputations and other surgical

on behalf of our members – if there is any big issue there

procedures. As their techniques got more medically

the BACD will sort it.

orientated they approached the Royal College of

Mike adds, “The BACD is a substantial body of cosmetic doctors with a wealth of experience that offers its

Physicians and asked to be taken seriously as doctors

members a network of professional support and the

Looking ahead

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the committee have started to take steps towards this and really our goal will be working towards getting

President elect, Dr Samantha Gammell

and were refused, so they went on and set up the Royal

The BACD celebrated its 10th anniversary with a party

Dr Samantha Gammell,

the BACD accredited by the Royal College. I am really

last month. See the August issue of Cosmetic News for

who will be taking over as

looking forward to taking over as chair – it really does

pictures and our full report.


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Special FeaturE - Sun Protection

The SPF Factor Sun damage is by far the biggest cause of premature ageing, here we look at the importance of sun protection within the aesthetics practice


here are some sayings which are bound to drive fury into the heart of every woman such as ‘no pain, no gain’, or ‘there’s plenty more fish in the sea’, but when it comes to having younger looking skin there is one little adage your clients can’t afford to ignore: ‘prevention is better than cure’. Getting your clients to look after their skin, now, is one of the best things you can do to help them prevent premature ageing. Lifestyle factors such as smoking and drinking alcohol all take their toll on the skin, but by far the biggest cause of premature ageing is sun damage. But there is a far more worrying side to sun damage than lines, wrinkles and pigmented skin: skin cancer.

burns will depend on their skin type. To put it simply, the SPF is a ratio of the number of minutes it takes for the skin to turn pink in the sun WITH sunscreen on, over the time it takes WITHOUT sunscreen. In other words, if it takes someone 15 minutes to burn in the sun wearing sunscreen, and it takes a minute to burn without, the SPF of that sunscreen is 15. Experts recommend using around six teaspoons of sun protection for the face and body – a teaspoon for the face, neck and each arm, and a tablespoon each for the trunk and legs. Dermatologists recommend that the sunscreen is applied half an hour before going outside and reapplied every two hours. What ingredients should you be looking for in a sunscreen?

Melanoma, one of the main types of skin cancer, is rising faster than any other type of deadly cancer. In one in four out of five cases, skin cancer is a preventable disease, however, despite this, many people are still guilty of baking themselves in the sun in order to get a tan and are still very much in the dark when it comes to skin cancer and how to prevent it. A tan means that the skin has been damaged and it’s making more melanin to try and protect itself. Sun exposure is a cumulative process and each exposure adds to, and builds on, the previous one, exacerbating the damage. This can, in the worst case scenario, develop into skin cancer. Premature ageing of the skin is a clear sign of sun damage, and changes in the pigmentation of the skin or moles could be signs of skin cancer. The most effective way to protect the skin from the sun’s rays is to take preventative measures such as wearing sunscreen. Even in the colder winter months experts advise wearing a broad-spectrum sun protection, with a Sun Protection Factor (SPF) of at least 15, every day to protect the skin from both UVA and UVB rays, which can both cause damage to the skin. The shorter UVB wavelength only goes in to the surface of the skin, while the UVA rays penetrate deep into the skin and both can penetrate cloud and glass. The only way your clients can protect themselves is to make using an SPF part of their everyday routine. But what does SPF really mean? A sunscreen with an SPF of 15 will protect the skin for 15 times longer than if no protection was worn at all. How quickly a person

The main ingredients you should be looking for in sunscreens are: • Zinc oxide (protects against UVB, UVA1, UVA2) • Octinoxate (protects against UVB) • Octisalate (protects against UVB) • Para-aminobenzoic acid (PABA) (protects against UVB) • Octyl dimethyl paba (padimate-O) (protects against UVB) • Octocrylene (protects against UVB) • Titanium dioxide (protects against UVB/UVA2) • Avobenzone (protects against UVA1) • Oxybenzone (benzophenone-3) (protects against UVA2) Skin types and sun protection There are six different skin types, with each one requiring a different level of sun protection. Here’s our guide to identifying them...

Type I Type I skin types have pale skin, coupled with blonde or red hair and freckles. They may burn very easily and rarely tan. They are at most at risk of developing skin cancer, so need to take particular care in the sun, seek shade, wear a minimum SPF of 30 and reapply their sunscreen frequently.


Special FeaturE - Sun Protection

Type II People with light hair, blue or brown eyes and very fair skin are Type II. Their skin usually burns but may gradually tan. They are at high risk of developing skin cancer, so should avoid sunbathing and opt for minimum SPF 20 when out in the sunshine.

Type III Type III’s will burn after long exposure to the sun but generally tan quite easily. They probably have light olive skin with dark hair and brown or green eyes. They are at significant risk of skin cancer, so need to wear an SPF 15 and avoid lengthy spells in the sun.

Type V Type V’s have naturally brown skin, with brown eyes and dark hair. They burn only with excessive exposure to the sun and their skin darkens easily. They are at a lower risk of skin cancer but should still take care to apply SPF to reduce their risk of skin cancer and accelerated ageing.

Type IV Type IV’s have brown eyes and dark hair, with skin that tans easily and only burns with very lengthy sun exposure. They are at moderate risk of skin cancer, so need to wear plenty of sunscreen and take breaks from the sun.

Type VI Type VI’s have black skin with dark brown eyes and black hair. They burn only with extreme exposure to the sun and are at low risk of skin cancer, but should wear sunscreen to protect themselves from the ageing effects of the sun.

Top of the prods

We round up some of the best SPF’s on the market… Circadia Light Day Cream SPF 30 Circadia Light Day Cream SPF 30 is a rich, velvety textured lotion that is hydrating, brightening and protective that can be used on all skin types, except acneic.

well as the UVB filters octyl methoxycinnamate and octyl salicylate as well as the UVA filters butyl methoxydibenzoylmethane. Other key ingredients include linoleic esters (patented hepes complex), which acts as an anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant, anti-

The product provides gentle, all-day UV protection and contains time-released agent controlling the delivery of targeted ingredients. Clinical studies demonstrate cellular improvement of UV-damaged skin. It contains titanium dioxide as

irritant; the powerful anti-oxidant and anti-irritant avena sativa (oat protein); the soothing ingredient allantoin and the anti-oxidant ascorbyl palmitate. The product comes in a retail size (2oz/59ml) and a professional use size (8oz/236ml).

Crystal Clear Protect and Repair SPF40/UVA20 Crystal Clear Protect and Repair SPF40/UVA20 works to both prevent sun damage and help keep skin looking radiant, smooth and beautiful. For extreme protection, Tinosorb is a new technology of UV skin protection and is one of the highly effective ingredients in Protect and Repair, working in three ways. Micro fine particles reflect and scatter the light while photo stable organic molecules absorb the damaging UV rays and minimise the risk of radiation damage in the skin. Vitamin E offers excellent anti-oxidant properties while lupine extract and thermus thermophilis help prevent sunburn, dehydration and ageing. Crystal Clear Protect and Repair retails at £35 (100ml).

Danné Transdermal Sunblock (DMK) DMK Transdermal Sunblock protects the skin from the sun’s harsh UV rays without clogging pores. This non-greasy sunblock was originally formulated for acne sufferers and is safe for use on all skin types. DMK Transdermal Sunblock is water-resistant, providing users with effective sun protection without excess oil flow. Key ingredients include: SPF-30, broad-spectrum protection; titanium dioxide - a physical block, that reflects UV rays; octyl methoxycinnamate - a chemical block octyl salicylate - a chemical block and allantoin soothing and hydrating. It is available in 120ml and 60ml sizes and retails at £31 and £18 respectively.


CMS MediSpa Sunblock SPF47/PA++ (Mayfair Medical) MediSpa Sunblock SPF47/PA++ fully blocks UVA and UVB rays at the same time. Zinc oxide contained in nano-corpuscles also prevents the phenomena of white crystals, allergy and feathering. In addition, with anti-inflammatory and soothing effects, it has no irritation even to extremely sensitive skin (including immediately post-procedure). The product is not sticky and can be used on all skin types.

ENVIRON SunCare RAD Environ’s RADsunscreen provides protection from both UVA and UVB irradiation and contains absorbent sun filters, namely butyl methoxydibenzoylmethane (UVA) and octyl methoxycinnamate (UVB), which absorb part of the sun’s radiation. It also contains titanium oxide, which reflects the sun’s radiation, and is more effective than chemical absorption. The sun filters and sun reflectants contained in this product provide an of SPF 15 while natural anti-oxidant vitamins increase sun protection and fight freeradicals. This product is highly recommended for all skin types and is suitable for all ages, including babies, and can also be used as an after-sun treatment for sunburn. Heliocare (Aestheticare) In the search for natural photoprotection agents, a botanical substance, polypodium leucotomos, a natural extract derived from the leaves of the fern, has shown proven photoprotection against both the acute sunburn reaction and in the long term, protection of the skin against photo-ageing and the risk of skin cancer. Marketed under

the brand name Heliocare, this range of both topical (creams, sprays and compacts) and oral tablets are all uniquely formulated with fernblock extracted from P-leucotomos. Studies have shown that P-leucotomos in Heliocare acts as an effective antioxidant by quenching superoxide anions (one of the most harmful reactive oxygen species 5 c p 1487 Gomez) as well as singlet oxygen, lipid peroxides, and the hydroxyl radical. Heliocare inactivates the harmful effects of ROS to reduce cellular damage and photo-ageing. This anti-oxidant effect, can promote better DNA repair enzymes and may prevent long-term skin damage and even skin cancer. Heliocare with P- leucotomos has also been shown to have a novel anti-ageing effect and can directly stimulate type l and type V collagen fibres in the skin, in addition to its indirect effects of preserving fibroblasts and preventing solar elastosis and structural changes in the dermis. Heliocare can also provide additional protection against UV-induced damage by preserving Langerhans cells of the skin and inhibiting the formation of thymidine dimers (lesions linked to cell mutation). Heliocare can offer your patients acute photoprotection and more. The unique patented fernblock technology has proven superoxide anion anti-oxidant activity, a novel anti-ageing effect with proposed direct stimulation of collagen, langerhans cell preservation and protection against DNA damage which allows for comprehensive photoimmunoprotection. These benefits are complemented by a range of formulations, including the only available oral photoprotection agent, to suit individual needs and preferences.

Hydropeptide SPF 30 (BioActive Beauty) Hydropeptide SPF 30 provides broad-spectrum protection from UVA and UVB rays with physical blockers. It contains titanium dioxide and zinc oxide and has color-adjusting spheres that help it blend perfectly with your client’s skin tone and act similarly to a tinted bronzer. The product retails at £28 for 50mls and shields the skin from dangerous wrinkle-causing free radicals with acai and green tea. It also helps maintain a clearer complexion with medicinal galanga, niacin and aloe.

Image Skincare Daily Defense Matt Moisturiser SPF 30 (Skin Geeks) Daily Defense Matt Moisturiser SPF 30 is a new generation, oil-free, pure physical broad spectrum UVA/UVB moisturiser that incorporates micro-sponge technology to absorb the skin’s surface oils and leave it with a matte, non-greasy, shine free finish. The product contains the potent anti-oxidant thiotaine, as well as free radical scavengers to protect against environmental exposures. Other key ingredients include coated zinc oxide (18%), green tea extract, raxisomes (arabidopis thaliana), photosomes (plankton extract) and BV-OSC (vitamin C). It is also water resistant and acts as an excellent make-up base. As with all products in the Image Skincare range, Daily Defense Matt Moisturiser SPF 30 is formulated without the use of parabens, petrochemicals and synthetic fragrances.


Special FeaturE - Sun Protection

Medik8® Hydr8™ Pro-Collagen Hydrator SPF25 (SkinBrands) Medik8® Hydr8™ Day SPF25, is a light daily hydrating product with an intensive moisturising effect that offers superior protection from UVA and UVB rays. Containing advanced, clinically tested ingredients that promote collagen synthesis, reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and the visible signs of ageing, the product was recently voted the best cream for first signs of ageing in the Sunday Mirror Celebs on Sunday Beauty Awards 2010. Medik8® Hydr8™ Day is available in two formulas for normal to dry or normal to oily skin and retails at £50 (trade price: £20.85). Its active ingredients include: •

• •

• • • • •

Pre-SPF® complex – a natural SPF derived from a form of bacteria ectoin that have the ability to live in the harshest environments and offer strong DNA and cell membrane protection as well as protecting from sunburn Moisture Magnets™ – Medik8’s trademarked blend of humectants that significantly increases the level of hydration in the skin Retinyl palmitate – a gentle form of vitamin A that offers anti-oxidant protection without irritation. Vitamin A also stimulates cells to reveal clearer, brighter, more radiant looking skin Superoxide dismutase – an anti-oxidant derived from an enzyme for superior free radical scavenging Centella asiatica – a natural botanical extract known to improve the collagen protection in the skin and fight oxidation Panax ginseng – a botanical extract with anti-oxidant and soothing properties that gently nourishes the skin Broad-spectrum UVA and UVB sunscreens – offer superior protection from the sun Jojoba oil – found in the Medik8 Hydr8 Day Dry formula helps to calms and relieves dry, sensitive skin.

SkinCeuticals Sheer Mineral UV Defense SPF 50 (SkinBrands) Skinceuticals Sheer Mineral UV Defense SPF 50 is the first daily-use high broad-spectrum UV protection product on the market that is paraben-free, with 100% mineral UV filters that can be used on all skin types, even very sensitive. The product delivers the highest and safest protection in a weightlessly fluid texture so that the skin is left feeling bare and soothed, making it a desirable product to wear day after day. It also features a unique ‘shake then apply’ action to ensure even distribution of active ingredients and maximum protection efficacy. Unlike chemical filters, which can absorb into the skin, mineral filters protect by staying on top of the skin to absorb and reflect the sun’s rays. These filters, known for their high safety profile, are suitable for even very sensitive and intolerant skin. This is especially important as some people, and especially those with post-procedure compromised skin, can experience irritation or allergic reactions to certain chemical sun filters. It also contains naturally derived artemia salina a plankton extract that increases skin’s natural defence and resistance response to UV and heat stress.


Obagi Nu-Derm Sun Shield SPF 50 (Healthxchange) Obagi has added a new product to its Nu-Derm range – Sun Shield SPF 50. Sun Shield SPF 50 is a comprehensive, high sun protection sunscreen lotion. The product combines high UVB absorption and dynamic UVA blockage in an elegant, matte finish with 10.5% zinc oxide and 7.5% octinoxate. It is also non-whitening, PABA-free, and fragrance-free for all skin types. PRIORI PRIORI® has a range of products offering sun protection, 10 of which have been recommended by the Skin Cancer Foundation as effective UV sunscreens, receiving the ‘gold standard’ seal of approval. These include: •

PRIORI® CoffeeBerry® Natural Protection SPF 25 (£40.50) an all natural tinted formula fortified with CoffeeBerry®, nature’s most potent anti-oxidant that fights free radicals and the causes of skin ageing and lightens and brightens the skin.

PRIORI® Advanced AHA Daily Defense SPF 30 (£17). Containing UVA and UVB ray broad-spectrum sunscreens, this powerful anti-aging cream offers protection against premature ageing as the AHA technology behind Daily Defense actually targets signs of ageing already caused by sun exposure, as well as protecting from future damage.

SkinMedica Environmental Defense Sunscreen SPF 30+ (SkinBrands) SkinMedica Environmental Defense Sunscreen SPF 30+ is part of the Solar Care line of oil free formula’s that provide full spectrum protection and hydration to aid in fending off sun damage and signs of ageing. Fantastic for compromised, post-procedure skin and extended sun exposure, the product provides ultra protective, moisturising, oil and fragrance free, full spectrum UVA/UVB sunscreen with hyaluronic acid, caffeine and green tea extract and is suitable for all skin types. Key ingredients include: • Z-COTE® MAX™ – the next generation in nanoscale zinc oxide (physical sunscreen) provides maximum UVA and UVB protection in a single ingredient. Because it is transparent, Z-COTE® MAX™ is invisible on the skin and won’t stain clothing. In addition, since zinc oxide is a US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) category I skin protectant, it is considered skin friendly, and provides long-lasting UV protection • Parsol® MCX (octinoxate) – an FDA approved organic sunscreen (chemical sunscreen) provides excellent long range UVA absorption to help prevent sun damage to the skin • Green tea extract and caffeine – provide super-anti-oxidant and UV protective qualities • Hyaluronic acid – an essential natural moisturising factor, able to hold up to 40 times its weight in water, provides instantly hydrating and skin soothing properties • Vitamin E – one of the most active, natural, free radical scavengers known; provides super-anti-oxidant properties • Ceramide 3 – a plant-derived, skin-identical lipid that helps to rapidly restore the skin’s lipid barrier and greatly influences the water-holding capacity of the skin.


Tak ers

m um

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We talk to Marie Duckett about why even experienced injectors can benefit from using the Artiste™Assisted Injection System

Marie Duckett was one of the UK’s early pioneers of cosmetic injectables, having worked for Collagen Corporation training other practitioners how to do collagen injections, and is renowned in the industry for her expertise in this field. So when an experienced injector like Marie became an early adopter of Nordson Micromedics’ newly launched Artiste™Assisted Injection System people sat up and took notice. Launched at the Cosmetic News Expo in May, the Artiste™offers cosmetic doctors, plastic surgeons, dermatologists and other medical professionals a highly effective alternative to manual injection of sterile fluids like dermal fillers. The CO2-powered device is designed to assist trained clinicians in the injection of sterile fluids and can be used with almost all of the market-leading dermal filler brands currently on the market. The clinician simply connects a syringe of sterile material to the Artiste™ hand-piece and presses a foot pedal to allow compressed gas to dispense the contents of the syringe at a preset rate, minimising hand fatigue, allowing for a smoother result and making it a more comfortable experience for the patient. Here we speak to Marie about the benefits to novice injectors and experienced practitioners in using the system.


Cosmetic News: Being such an experienced injector what

even for the most expert of

attracted you to using the Artiste™Assisted Injection

injectors, to withdraw the


needle smoothly. There is

Marie Duckett: When Mandy (Amanda Cameron, European

always going to be times

business development manager for Nordson Micromedics)

where you leave a little

first bought it in I was really quite sceptical. I have been doing

bit more product here or

cosmetic in injectables since 1995 and I thought ‘why would

a little bit less product

I need to use something like that?’ but when she brought it in

there. Now in the main

I said ‘right I will give it a go’, but I really wasn’t expecting to

that doesn’t really matter

fall in love with it. It immediately changed the dimension of my

because you can massage

injecting, it made me more focussed on the end result i.e what

the product and it ends up

was happening at the needle end as opposed to the syringe end,

smooth but you do get a

as it were. It is a completely different experience when you start

smoother feel with this. I

injecting using the Artiste™ and I thought ‘wow, I will have to

go to massage after I have

take this further’, and I did.

injected with the Artiste™ and it feels so smooth

CN: How does it work? MD: In simple terms it is a CO2 powered device that offers an alternative to manual injections for dermal fillers. Instead of using your thumb on a plunger, you are using a foot pedal to release compressed gas, which then pushes the contents of the syringe out. It is so flexible because you have the opportunity of changing the amount of pressure that you are injecting at. Say you have set it at 27 and you are looking at a line and you think ‘actually that line, just in that place, is a little bit deeper’, you don’t have to change your setting you just withdraw the needle slower and you will leave more product behind or, if you get to another line that is more superficial, and you think you need to leave less product there, then you can just withdraw the needle faster. You have got lots of ways of varying the amount of product you are leaving behind.

already. Also I am sure eventually there are going to be some injectors who develop RSI after years of injecting products so there is a benefit from that point of view.

CN: How would this specifically benefit novice injectors? MD: For the new injector particularly it takes away an element of apprehension. From my old days many many years ago when I used to train for Collagen Corporation I used to be very aware that the new practitioner was always afraid that, when they pushed the plunger, if they pushed too hard, they would push too much product out, so inevitably they would air on the side of caution and push too little product out. Whereas once to have set this up you can set it to deliver exactly the right amount of product. Also when you are new and you are injecting for the first few times, it can be difficult to focus on the end result as you are focussing more on your technique. If you think about it what you are doing, particularly with the retrograde tunnelling technique, is you are pushing the plunger as you withdraw the needle and you are wanting to leave a nice smooth little sausage of product behind you, but you are doing

CN: Is it easy to learn how to use the system? MD: Yes, incredibly easy. If you have ever picked up a syringe and are capable of injecting then you will find the Artiste™ very very simple to use. It is just a case of moving the focus from your thumb to your foot for pushing the product through the syringe and needle, and it just takes a very short length of time to realise that that is what you have got to do. The very first time I used it I was in Germany and I was asked to use Artiste™ on one side and to inject manually on the other side of the patient. When I had finished the Artiste™ side I said I didn’t want to inject manually on the other side, I wanted to carry on injecting with the Artiste™ because I was enjoying the experience of using it.

something in conflict there because you are pushing in one direction while pulling in another.

CN: What is the advantage to patients of you using this? MD: They uniformly say that it is more comfortable and they seem to require less massage afterwards. So far the majority of them seem to also say that they get less bruising. Now I can’t understand that because I am sticking a needle in one way or another but that is the feedback that I am getting from patients. The product seems to go further so patients are obviously pleased about that and so are you because your end result is always a better when you have managed to treat more of the patient.

CN: What are the benefits to practitioner of using this

CN: Do you use it all the time now?


MD: No but only because of circumstances really. We have one

MD: When you are injecting manually, because you have to

Artiste™ and we have two rooms, so it depends which room

exert pressure with your thumb, part of you always keeps

I happen to be injecting in. I use it for lines and wrinkles and

flicking back to the syringe to see how fast the plunger is

volumising but there are some treatments that are small and

moving and whether it is moving nice and slowly and smoothly,

simple to do that I don’t use it for them, and I don’t use it for

whereas with the Artiste™ you are just watching what is

lips, but that is just my preference, I am sure a lot of people

happening in the skin. You will find that it is almost impossible,

probably would use it for lips.

w a w. nt ei s. co m


w The Anteis Injection System, a valuable electronic assistant for fillers and rehydration treatments: Less pain and reduced downtime for the patient • Significantly less muscle fatigue for the practitioner • Unparalleled precision and effectiveness of the injection • Better integration of the gel into the dermis for perfectly homogeneous results

Anteis S.A. Rosmetics Ltd. 10, St Augustine Chemin des AulxDrive, 18 Droitwich Spa, Worcs. 1228 Plan-les-Ouates WR9 8QR Geneva/Switzerland

Tel:0845 +41 (0)848 747 848 Tel: 4289 132 Fax: 778064 Fax:01905 +41 (0)848 949 849

Swiss Technology

Facial Rejuvenation - Sculptra® Case Study

In my experience Sue O’Kell tells us about her sculptra® treatment

Sue O’Kell was 51 when she won a local newspaper competition where the prize was to have sculptra® treatment. Having never had a medical aesthetic treatment before, she was nervous but excited at the same time. Here she describes her experience… Cosmetic News: Who carried out the procedure? Sue O’Kell: My treatment was carried out by Patricia Goodwin at White

CN: Did you feel reluctant to have the treatment? SO: Even though I felt a bit nervous, it sounded like an effective treatment

Friars House, Chester. Patricia explained that sculptra® is a volumising

to reduce lines and wrinkles, so I was not reluctant to go through with the

treatment designed to plump out the face and replace the lost volume in my

procedure. There was not a moment when I felt like backing out. It sounded

skin. The loss in volume was causing me to look old because it made my skin

like a natural looking treatment, which appealed to me, as sculptra® works

appear thinner which caused wrinkles and sagging. She explained that she is

by stimulating the tissue and I thought it would improve my appearance. I

a national trainer for sculptra®, a product that can only be administered by

felt like I constantly looked tired so I was quite excited and eager to see the

trained medical professionals, which reassured me that I was in safe hands.


Patricia told me not to expect to see immediate results, as sculptra® works for the effects to show. This put me at ease as I did not want the effects to

CN: How was the experience? SO: My experience was a mixture of excitement, nervousness and a little

be really drastic, as I’d never had a medical aesthetic treatment before so I

fear, but overall it was a positive experience and I’m so pleased that I had the

didn’t know what to expect. I didn’t want it to look really obvious that I’d


by stimulating the body’s own collagen production, so it can take a while

had treatment.

CN: How many sculptra® treatments did you have? SO: I had five vials over three treatments between September and December

CN: What were you looking to improve? Were you looking to boost your self-confidence? SO: There was not one particular area of my face that I wanted to improve.

2009. There was six weeks between each treatment.

I wanted to improve my general appearance as I felt that time was not on my side. I felt that I looked old and worn out and I wanted to look revived. I

CN: Why did you want treatment? SO: I won a competition from a local paper. I originally thought the prize

wasn’t entirely happy with the way I looked before the treatment so I felt like I needed to boost my self-confidence.

was hair and beauty treatment but once Patricia had explained what I had

with the treatment. I was looking for a change in my life and I wanted to feel

CN: How did you feel about injectable products before having the treatment? Did you feel reluctant to have the treatment? SO: I was apprehensive before having the treatment because I don’t

better about myself and more confident in my appearance.

like having injections and I was concerned that the needles would hurt.

won I was excited but a little apprehensive at the same time. Had it been any more drastic than an injection, I don’t think I would have gone ahead


Facial Rejuvenation - Sculptra® Case Study

During my first treatment, I was surprised that but it was ok and didn’t feel painful. The second treatment didn’t seem to hurt, maybe because I had a better idea about what to expect. The third


Patricia used more than three or four injections,

treatment was absolutely fine, which made me

CN: What benefits have you seen from the treatment? Do you feel better in yourself? Have other people commented on how good you look? SO: I can see and feel the benefit of the


realise I had nothing to worry about after all.

treatment. I definitely have more confidence in myself because my skin has improved and is that my face looks healthier and feels fuller - my jaw line feels firmer and looks

CN: Would you recommend sculptra® to your friends and family? SO: Yes I would recommend it. If someone I knew was considering having a

more defined. My family has noticed a real difference in both my appearance and

procedure and if they felt they looked tired and had lines, then sculptra® is a great

my boosted self-confidence, especially my husband and my 16 year old daughter.

option. It’s a good idea for people who have never had a medical aesthetic treatment

My daughter is my real critic and says I look much better now than before I had

before, or for those who are too nervous to have cosmetic surgery.

smoother and healthier looking. The biggest difference that I notice is not only

the treatment. I am very happy with the results. It has been a year now since I had my last treatment and I am still confident about the way I look and I’m impressed with how long the effects of sculptra® have lasted.

CN: Has having this treatment made you think differently about medical aesthetics? SO: Yes, it’s made me view medical aesthetic treatments in a much more positive

CN: Would you consider using sculptra® again? SO: Yes definitely, the result has been very worthwhile. The treatment was not

light. Before the treatment, I was apprehensive towards medical aesthetics but

invasive and I think I look more youthful. My face still looks like me and I like that

treatments in the future.

after seeing how natural sculptra® looks, I would definitely consider having more

the results were not too drastic – my face looks natural.

Expert Opinion Patricia Goodwin, RGN NIP, practises at White Friars

Only a qualified healthcare professional is permitted to

House, Chester, Dyserth, North Wales and Harley Street,

administer sculptra®.

London and is a national trainer for sculptra®. Patricia says, ”As we age, we develop lines and wrinkles and lose

The first session focuses on the upper part of the face,

volume in our skin. The pace at which the physical signs

which includes the cheekbones (malar area), temples,

of ageing occur varies across individuals. It depends on

nasolabial folds and tear troughs. The second session

intrinsic factors, like gender and genetics, and extrinsic

covers the lower half of the face which includes the

factors such as smoking and stress. Progressive changes

nasolabial fold, marionette lines, and cheeks, using a cross

occur in the volume, shape, position and composition of

hatch tunnelling technique.

the skin, fat, muscle and bone within the face due to a loss of balance over the years.

“Sculptra® offers consumers the opportunity to regain their youthful appearance without the need for surgery.


“Despite it being inevitable, many people dislike the signs

With sculptra®, most patients look years younger and

of ageing, which in some instances can make a person look

this is certainly the case for Sue. What I like most about

more tired and older than they really are. Sculptra® is used

sculptra® is that the results are natural. Facial expressions

to reduce the appearance of deeper lines and wrinkles. By

also look natural. My patients agree and they have noticed

replenishing the skin’s natural collagen, lost through the

improvements in the quality of their skin. The skin is

ageing process, it replaces lost volume while reducing lines

thicker and most patients have found that their make-up

and wrinkles, creating long-lasting results.

goes on more evenly.

“Sculptra® is a non-invasive treatment that does not

“Some of my patients had been sceptical that the treatment

require the patient to undergo local anaesthetic and it is a

would give them such a high level of improvement in

relatively quick procedure. Usually each session lasts for

their skin. It’s very rewarding to see such a difference in

up to one hour including consultation time. The procedure

my patients from before the treatment to after, not only

starts with an initial consultation before any treatment is

physically but emotionally. I have received a huge amount

administered. The treatments consist of three sessions with

of positive feedback about the treatment, where patients’

a gap of six to eight weeks between each appointment.

self-confidence has soared after using sculptra®.”

Redefine over time Sculptra速 has been successfully redefining the way your patients look for quite some time. Sculptra速 replenishes lost collagen for a more natural-looking, gradual effect that can last up to 25 months. Popular with patients, this aesthetic result has got to be good for your business over time. In partnership with Succeev速 it can also successfully widen your Medical Aesthetics opportunity. For more information visit or talk to your sanofi-aventis Medical Aesthetics Account Manager.







sanofi-aventis, One Onslow Street, Guildford, Surrey GU1 4YS. Date of preparation: May 2010. GB.POL.10.05.03a.

Product Foucs - DermaSculpt® Smooth Tip Microcannula

Smooth operator We take a look at the newly launched DermaSculpt® Smooth Tip Microcannula


he use of cannulae for the delivery of dermal fillers is becoming popular among experienced aesthetic doctors. Currently most practitioners use a classic needle with a sharp tip, which cuts through the skin and tissues, potentially causing bruising and damaging underlying structures. Pain is unavoidable as are multiple puncture sites. DermaSculpt® is a groundbreaking way of injecting dermal fillers. Developed in France, this new microcannula was designed for the extra smooth delivery of a variety of facial fillers. DermaSculpt® does not cut through intradermal tissues, instead it slides between the tissue layers. Using the Skin Sculpting Technique (SST™), doctors literally slide the DermaSculpt® microcannula into the patient’s skin applying fillers with practically no pain or bruising. Not only is the filler’s performance enhanced when using DermaSculpt®, but the price of this class leading product is only £5. This makes it much more cost effective compared to other similar cannula products, which currently sell for up to £10 each. A clinical study of DermaSculpt® was published in the Journal of Cosmetic Dermatology in September 2010 detailing how a patient’s skin is less traumatised when using this new microcannula. The mechanical stimulation of fibroblast generates new collagen, which is triggered by the DermaSculpt® microcannula’s back and

There are many advantages to using DermaSculpt® in dermal filler application. Here are just a few: • • • • •

• • • • • •


There is a lower bruising risk for the patient Less trauma = better duration and less pain Less downtime No need for topical anaesthetic. Just inject the entry site with local anesthetic Can be used with a variety of popular fillers including Stylage®, Restylane®, Juvederm®Ultra, Radiesse®, Perlane® and Sculptra® Full coverage with very few entry points Considerably less pain Production of new collagen improves duration of treatment Single point of entry for wider coverage You can treat areas previously not treatable, such as the forehead You can inject areas at high risk of bruising, such as marionette lines

forth motion. SST™ allows the practitioner to literally sculpt the skin, recreating volume and erasing wrinkles and folds in the tear valley and dark eye circles, temples, nasolabial folds, buccal fat pads, marionette lines, upper and lower lips, chin and the hands. In essence, DermaSculpt® is one of the most important innovations in the field since the invention of hyaluronic acid fillers over 15 years ago. Microcannulae cannot puncture important structures such as nerves or vessels and can reach areas not treated before with fillers. With no need for a topical anaesthetic and improved safety profile, this is a welcome development for doctors and patients alike. Dr Sam Lam, facial plastic surgeon, Plano, Texas, said, “I consider myself an advanced injector and have perfected a relatively painless needle technique. However, I have not been able to eliminate entirely bruising from injections, especially near the eye area. In addition, I am always concerned about intravascular injection risk. This product serves to address all three issues: discomfort, bruising, and intravascular problems. I have used cannulas in the past but nothing of this calibre that is both disposable and small enough that I do not need additional anaesthetic block. Rarely have I encountered a game changer in my practice. This is one of those few times.” Dr Stephen Mandy MD of Southbeach Dermatology added, “DermaSculpt® cannulas provide a valuable addition to every aesthetic physician’s toolbox. Using the cannula for facial volumisation decreases bruising and pain because it is blunt, but quite effective for product placement over a large area from a single portal. In most instances, two ports on each side of the face are sufficient to accomplish tear trough and malar enhancement, central cheek and prejowl restoration, and chin enhancement. Its 27g bore is sufficient for infusion of most available injectables.”



w w w. c o s m e t i c - i n s u r a n c e . c o m / c o s m e t i c n e w s

Product News Erchonia Europe launches Zerona® laser at BMLA 2011

Introducing the New Medik8 Peeling System. Medik8 has developed four new peels for the treatment of different skin concerns including acne, photodamage and hyperpigmentation. This innovative system marks a new approach to peeling for problem skins that suffer with sensitivity as Medik8 has redefined the skin types to be treated with a new categorization. The four strategic skin peeling formulas allow professionals to create a menu of procedures, without having to stock a large variety of peeling agents. Whilst the peels are all different strengths, and for different areas of the face, they all are free of glycolic acid, as this can sometimes cause sensitivity, and each contain active ingredients and result in significant benefits. The range includes: Medik8 Peel 30% (£60) a light chemical peel formulated to treat, acne

Erchonia Europe introduced the Zerona® laser to the European

photodamage and pigmentation; Medik8 Peel 70% (£70), a sub-medium chemical peel formulated

market at the recent British Medical Laser Association (BMLA) Annual

to treat acne, photodamage and hyperpigmentation for those who display skin concerns that cannot

Conference, at Woburn Abbey, Bedfordshire.

be treated effectively by the Light 30% peel; Medik8 Eye Peel 20% (£60), a light targeted chemical

peel designed for the delicate under-eye, neck and décolleté areas and Medik8 Eye Peel 30% (£70), a

Already well established in the USA, the Zerona body­sculpting procedure

sub-medium targeted chemical peel that removes dead cells and helps to alleviate skin dryness and

is a pain-free Low Level Laser Therapy (3LT®) designed to reduce fat and

improve texture by aiding in preventing milia under the eyes.

contour the body without invasive surgery. Uniquely, Zerona achieves a reduction in body fat without harming the fat cells, eliminating long-term side effects, which might otherwise occur. Zerona has been proven through double-blind clinical trials to emulsify

LPG® launches Endermolift

adipose tissue and, following comprehensive evaluations, it received USA FDA approval and European CE marking in 2010. Erchonia’s pioneering approach and 3LT products continue to be at the forefront of innovation in the medical laser field, with applications currently under development including new treatments for nail fungal infections and acne, as well as for complex wound management.

LaserCap targets hair loss LaserCap has arrived in the UK and Europe. The physician prescribed home use low-level light therapy device is designed to treat male and female hair loss (Androgenic alopecia) and is being distributed in the UK and Europe by Elixir distribution. Using advanced laser diode technology, the Laser Cap bathes the scalp in laser light to treat weakened and damaged hair follicles. LaserCap uses scientifically proven red light at 650nm to stimulate hair follicles, promoting new hair regrowth. In

LPG® is proud to announce the launch of its new facial treatment Endermolift. Endermolift is scientifically proven to reactivate cellular activity and elastin production. Offered through the new generation of Cellu M6® machines, Endermolift uses non-aggressive mechanical stimulation (mechanoransduction). The ‘Lift Heads’ pulsate creating a delicate tissue wave, which gently stimulates the fibroblasts, which restart collagen and elastic production. Skin tissue becomes firmer and circulation is boosted resulting in a glowing complexion. The variant sizes of the Lift Heads combined with the micro-pulsation settings allow the treatment to be completely bespoke and tailored to each client.

addition to new hair growth, users also report a visible reduction in shedding, increased hair density and improvements in hair condition. Using a patent pending delivery system of 224 laser diodes to distribute a total cumulative, therapeutic dose of 1120mW/cm2 over the entire scalp LaserCap is a simple, easy to use device, which fits conveniently under any standard headwear and since the LaserCap is battery operated, it means it’s completely portable. The LaserCap is extremely convenient and time-effective. Unlike some laser diode devices LaserCap takes the hassle of combing away, and delivers uniform pulsing laser light to the entire scalp. 


Polytech returns to the UK

Q Medical Technologies Ltd are delighted to announced the return to the UK of the Polytech range of Breast prostheses. Polytech breast implants are manufactured in the EU to exacting standards and provide excellent results on both reconstruction and augmentation patients. The Polytech range of implants can be supplied with or without a polyurethane coating which can reduce the incidence of capsular contraction by up to 10% and improve the outcome of your patients. Polytech’s Multi Chamber tissue expanders and Four/Two implant range provides a more natural aesthetic and feel.

Science. Results. Trust.

The Most Comprehensive Clinically Proven Fractional Portfolio For The Treatment Of All Skin Layers & All Skin Types

CO2RE™ Multi-mode CO2 - The optimal skin resurfacing platform with up to six different fractional and non fractional resurfacing modes using the latest CO2 laser technology



Sublative Rejuvenation™- Unique fractional injury pattern creating high intensity controlled dermal impact with lower epidermal disruption

Dermal Volumizer™ - The first energy based device that creates controlled fractional injuries to the deep dermis for the improvement of skin tone and volume.

For more information: | Tel: 0845 521 0698 |

© 2011. All rights reserved. CO2RE, eMatrix and ePrime are trademarks of Syneron Medical, Ltd. Syneron and the Syneron logo, Candela and the Candela logo are registered trademarks. PB75061EN

Product News Special STYLAGE®

In Stylage® We take a closer look at the newest HA filler on the market, Stylage®

“What I like about it is that it is particularly good for people with high levels of freeradicals i.e. smokers, people who go in the sun, runners etc. It will make the filler last longer in this sub-group of the population” Dr Elisabeth Dancy

Hyaluronic acid fillers have long been seen as the gold

patients. The results are also maintained over the long-term

standard in cosmetic injectables, but, with so many HA

meaning there are fewer returns for repeat visits. People with

products on the market, it can be hard to see what clearly

poor lifestyles (drinkers/smokers) who have a large amount of

distinguishes one from the other. Last month Medical

free radical scavengers in their bodies and have been told they

Aesthetic Group launched Vivacy Laboratoires’ anti-

are uncorrectable can now also be successfully treated with

oxidant hyaluronic filler, Stylage®, into the UK market,

Stylage® because of the long-lasting antoxidative hydration.

which has one defining factor that makes it stand out

The added of advantage of Stylage® is the option of built-in

from the crowd.

local anaesthetic (0.3% lidocaine), which results in a more comfortable injection experience for the patient as well as

Described as ‘a breakthrough in intradermal fillers’, due to

long-lasting antoxidative hydration.

the added anti-oxidant mannitol, Stylage® is now one of the longest lasting fillers on the market, setting a new standard in wrinkle reduction, because of its endurance and durability. During an intradermal injection, the invasive movement of the needle through the skin’s layers provokes an

There are four products suitable for different skin types and skin defects: • Stylage® S for fine, superficial wrinkles, lip contours • Stylage® M for intermediate wrinkles and lip volume augmentation

inflammatory response. Free radicals are then produced that damage cells which puts stress on the skin. During injections, hyaluronic acid will be the first molecules to be

• •

Stylage® L for deep and very deep wrinkles Stylage® XL, for corrections or to create volume

attacked by free radicals. Consequently, the filler injected depletes quickly and results cannot be maintained for

The advanced IPN-Like technology, combining cross-linked

prolonged period of time.

hyaluronic acid and the natural anti-oxidant Mannitol, made it possible for VIVACY to develop a product that

The addition of anti-oxidant mannitol within Stylage® slows

is characterized by extraordinary elasticity and results in

the effects of post-injection radical breakdown. This means

a very natural effect. Dr Elisabeth Dancey has been using

that there is an immediate and maintained result because

the product, and finds it particularly good for treating

the product is not broken down in the hours following the

smokers or people who have been over exposed to the sun,

injection. This reduction in intradermal skin trauma means

she explains, “ What makes it different from other fillers

that less of the hyaluronic filler is lost during treatment.

is the fact that it contains mannitol, which is a powerful

A clinical follow-up over one year after the first Stylage®

anti-oxidant and hydrating agent that works by ‘protecting’

injection found that the smoothing effect and effectiveness

the filler from premature free-radical breakdown. What I

of the treatment observed by both patients and doctors

like about it is that it is particularly good for people with

was maintained and very successful. The quality of skin was

high levels of free-radicals i.e. smokers, people who go in

dramatically improved.

the sun, runners etc It will make the filler last longer in this sub-group of the population. You can treat them with other


Stylage® produces a natural smoothing effect and softer more

fillers but it doesn;t last very long, with Stylage® they will

translucent skin, which is currently sought after by many

get a better, longer lasting result. “

For further information about STYLAGE速 call Medical Aesthetic Group on 02380 676733 or visit



We summarise some of the most recent studies you may have missed Title: Clinical Experience with Hyaluronic Acid Filler Complications Authors: Tae-Hwan Park, Sang-Won Seo, JuneKyu Kim, Choong-Hyun Chang Published: Journal of Plastic Recpnstructive and Aesthetic Surgery, Volume 64, Issue 7, Pages 892-896 (July 2011) Abstract Hyaluronic acid (HA) fillers have become the material of choice for soft-tissue augmentation. HA fillers are longer lasting, less immunogenic and can be broken down by hyaluronidase. These advantages make HA fillers the most common of the temporary fillers on the market. However, early and delayed complications, ranging from minor to severe, can occur following HA-filler injection. We evaluated and treated 28 cases of HA-filler-related complications that were referred to our hospital over a period of five years from July 2004 to October 2009. Twenty-eight patients were included in our study; 82.1% of the patients were female and 17.9% were male. Complications were roughly classified as nodular masses, inflammation, tissue necrosis and dyspigmentation. Affected locations, in descending order of frequency, were the perioral area, forehead, including glabella, nose, nasolabial fold, mentum, including marionette wrinkles, cheek area and periocular wrinkles. The most disastrous complication was alar rim necrosis following injection of the nasolabial fold. We propose two ‘danger zones’ that are particularly vulnerable to tissue necrosis following filler injection: the glabella and nasal ala. Although there is no definite treatment modality for the correction of HA-filler complications, we have managed them with various available treatment modalities aimed at minimising patient morbidity. Title: Evaluation of a Novel High-Intensity Focused Ultrasound Device for Ablating Subcutaneous Adipose Tissue for Noninvasive Body Contouring Safety Studies in Human Volunteers Authors: Ernesto Gadsden, MD; María Teresa Aguilar, MD; Bruce R. Smoller, MD; Mark L. Jewell, MD Published: Aesthetic Surgery Journal, May 2011, 31: 401-410 Abstract Background: High-intensity focused ultrasound (HIFU) is an energy-based medical technology with many clinical applications. A device under clinical investigation in the United States (LipoSonix) uses HIFU to reduce localised deposits of abdominal adipose tissue.


Objectives: The authors describe the results from their clinical trial investigating the safety of this HIFU device in human patients. Methods: Over the course of three studies evaluating the safety of the HIFU device for ablating human subcutaneous adipose tissue (SAT), 152 healthy patients were treated with total HIFU energy doses of 47 to 331 J/cm2), including patients who presented for elective abdominoplasty and underwent treatment to areas identified for subsequent excision. The safety of each treatment regimen was confirmed before the energy levels were raised. Abdominoplasty was performed up to 14 weeks following the HIFU procedure, and a pathologist performed histopathological analyses of excised tissues. Safety evaluations included an assessment of clinical chemistry and hematology profiles, physical examinations, and adverse events. Results: Post-treatment ultrasound confirmed that the HIFU effects were limited to targeted SAT layers. Histopathology revealed well-demarcated disruption of adipocytes within the targeted SAT. Phagocytosis of released lipids and cellular debris occurred after 14 to 28 days. Phagocytised lipids underwent normal hepatic metabolism. Healing progressed normally and was 95% complete after eight to 14 weeks. Adverse events consisted primarily of temporary treatment discomfort, edema, erythema, dysesthesia, and ecchymosis. There were no changes in clinical laboratory parameters, and no serious device-related adverse events occurred. Optimal clinical outcomes were achieved with lower energy levels, which provided beneficial effects with the least amount of discomfort. Conclusions: HIFU appears to provide a safe means for removing and remodeling unwanted deposits of abdominal SAT. Title: Breast Fat Grafting with Platelet-Rich Plasma: A Comparative Clinical Study and Current State of the Art Authors: Salgarello, Marzia M.D.; Visconti, Giuseppe M.D.; Rusciani, Antonio M.D., Ph.D Published: Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, June 2011, Volume 127, Issue 6, pp 2176-2185 Abstract Background: The role of platelet-rich plasma in enhancing fat graft take is attracting the scientific community. There is, however, a lack of clinical studies on the matter. The aim of this article is to report the authors’ experience in breast fat grafting with and without platelet-rich plasma and to investigate the state of the art on adipose tissue platelet-rich plasma enrichment. Methods: The authors retrospectively reviewed 42 women who underwent breast fat grafting

between September of 2007 and September of 2009. Seventeen of these patients (40%) were grafted with fat (according to Coleman) enriched with platelet-rich plasma at 10% (group A), and 25 patients (60%) received only fat grafts according to Coleman (group B). All patients underwent preoperative breast ultrasound and mammography and were regularly followed up with breast ultrasound three months later and then at six-month intervals. The reconstructive and aesthetic outcomes were evaluated using the following parameters: (1) clinical outcomes according to the surgeons and the patient, (2) the rate of liponecrosis at breast ultrasound, and (3) the need of further fat grafting to achieve the planned result. Results: The clinical outcomes, the rate of liponecrosis at breast ultrasound, and the need for further fat grafting reveal that fat grafting plus platelet-rich plasma at 10% is not superior to Coleman fat grafting alone. Conclusions: In the authors’ retrospective analysis, no effect of platelet-rich plasma was seen in enhancing fat graft take when compared with the Coleman fat graft. Further research and prospective clinical studies are needed to understand the role of platelet-rich plasma, if any, in fat grafting. Title: Comprehensive Surgical Aesthetic Enhancement and Rejuvenation of the Perioral Region Authors: Diana Ponsky, MD; Bahman Guyuron, MD, FACS Published: Aesthetic Surgery Journal, May 2011, 31: 382-391 Abstract There has been minimal attention paid in the literature to the aesthetics of the perioral area, either in youth or in senescence. Ageing around the lips traditionally was thought to result from a combination of thinning skin surrounding the area, ptosis, and loss of volume in the lips. The atrophy of senescence was treated by adding volume to the lips and filling the deep nasolabial creases. There is now a growing appreciation for the role of volume enhancement in the perioral region and the sunken midface, as well as for dentition, in the resting and dynamic appearance of the perioral area (particularly in youth). In this article, the authors describe the senior author’s (BG) preferred methods for aesthetic enhancement of the perioral region and his rejuvenative techniques developed over the past 28 years. The article describes the etiologies behind the dysmorphologies in this area and presents a problem-oriented algorithm for treating them.

Business Focus - Insurance


defence In part two of his article on insurance considerations when setting up a cosmetic clinic, Eddie Hooker from Hamilton Fraser Cosmetic Insurance looks at medical negligence and other financial protection

Aesthetic clinics are now commonplace and attract a growing number of customers. As a result many anti-ageing and beauty enhancing procedures are becoming more and more accessible and affordable and are no longer reserved for the rich and famous.These market developments have brought significant opportunities for cosmetic practitioners, but alongside these opportunities come risk. In this second of two of articles I will look at insurance for medial negligence and malpractice.

Eddie Hooker

Why Insure?

Eddie Hooker has been

We now live in an increasingly litigious society and every practitioner, regardless of competency, is vulnerable to allegations of malpractice and wrongdoing. Accidents and errors of judgement can and do happen in every profession. Fortunately, these occurrences, despite occasional and sensational media reports, are relatively rare in the medical profession – and any subsequent claims are usually settled quickly and with comparatively little costs.

involved in the insurance industry since 1985. He worked with many large insurers such as Legal & General prior to setting up his own brokerage, Hamilton Fraser Insurance, in 1995. Hamilton Fraser Insurance now employs over 115 staff out of their North London office. Eddie and Hamilton Fraser Insurance first started to insure cosmetic practitioners as early

However, in the most severe incidents, the consequences for the practitioner can be serious – both financially and professionally. Even if it appears that there is no case to answer, the claim must still be defended. That’s why it is advisable to have specific professional liability insurance.

as 1996 when they became involved with nurses practicing in Collagen injections. Hamilton Fraser launched the UK’s first ‘aesthetics specific’ medical indemnity policy in 1998 and now insure over 2,500 individual practitioners and businesses within the sector, growing by over 100 new practitioners each and every month. By working closely with the sector’s leading practitioners and distributors, Eddie and his team have built up a detailed knowledge of the aesthetic market which has been highlighted in a recent customer survey finding that 95% of Hamilton Fraser’s customers were satisfied or more than satisfied with the service provided by the company. In 2005, Eddie and his team bid and were successful in securing one of only three government authorised tenancy deposit protection schemes,, and the scheme was launched in April 2007. To date mydeposits has protected in excess of 1,000,000 tenant rent deposits for more than 200,000 landlords country wide, increasing at a rate of over 20,000 new deposits each month.


If you are a doctor, nurse or dentist working in either the NHS or private sector, you may be able to rely on support from your Defence Organisation. However, if you are a practitioner involved in supplementary or complimentary practice, you may need to arrange commercial insurance to protect yourself against claims for medical negligence.

Medical Defence Organisations MDOs, such as MPS/DDS, MDU and RCN provide an excellent service to the medical profession. For example, they offer medical guidance, help in disciplinary matters and assist in medical inquests and inquiries. However, some of these organisations do not offer medical malpractice insurance as such – rather they offer ‘assistance with claims’ and use the subscriptions paid by their members to fund the defence or financial awards of suits brought against their members. This assistance is usually on a purely discretionary basis. Whilst this may be seen as a form of insurance, the extent of the cover they provide can sometimes be restrictive.

“Increases in the frequency and severity of claims have now forced many MDO’s to arrange insurance for their members in the commercial sector in order to protect their organisation with ‘ground-up’ insurance” It isn’t clear whether MDOs will offer ‘assistance’ in cases involving certain cosmetic and aesthetic procedures. The situation is complicated further by the rapid growth of new treatments and procedures coming on stream, the increasing demand of patients and the now common ‘off-licence’ use of medicines and drugs currently registered as medical devices. If you are relying purely on MDO protection, ensure the cover is in place for all treatments you undertake. There is also some concern as to whether corporate providers are protected by MDO’s – if you are running a purely private practice, the legal entity must be protected - so it is therefore important that you check your subscription terms and conditions if your business is relying on this support in the event of a serious incident. Increases in the frequency and severity of claims have now forced many MDO’s to arrange insurance for their members in the commercial sector in order to protect their organisation with ‘ground-up’ insurance. This has enabled MDO’s to offer different levels of membership with practitioners in higher risk areas of specialisation paying the highest subscriptions. For cosmetic and aesthetic practitioners, these increased levels of subscription can prove expensive for the small amount of work they undertake and therefore more and more practitioners are turning to commercial malpractice for their cosmetic work.

premium. The premium is dependant on many factors but predominantly on the underwriters view as to whether he can make money from insuring that risk. The difference between a commercial policy and the membership of an MDO is that a commercial policy is designed to make a financial return for the underwriter. This important difference allows an underwriter to insure certain procedures and treatments that would normally fall outside of the province of an MDO. For many practitioners, the flexibility of being able to ‘off-load’ the higher risk treatments in their portfolio to a commercial insurer, whilst retaining MDO membership for their more generalised practice, provides the best of both worlds. Policies are written on an individual basis, which allows for personal circumstances to be taken into consideration. For example, a practitioner doing a few treatments per week will generally pay less than a full time cosmetic business. A practitioner undertaking invasive treatments will pay more than a practitioner providing botulinium toxin and dermal filler treatments and so on and so forth. The ‘one size fits all approach’ is effectively removed. But you should always research what you are buying as not all policies provide the same level of protection. Look for a policy that is designed specifically for cosmetic and aesthetic practitioners. Treatments specifically insured are stated on the

“A practitioner undertaking invasive treatments will pay more than a practitioner providing botulinium toxin and dermal fillers”

Medical Malpractice Insurance Professional medical malpractice insurance responds to claims arising from bodily injury, which may include its more intangible forms such as mental injury, distress or psychological harm. The injury can arise from treatment or advice or from a combination of the two. In addition, cover is provided for financial loss arising from the injury. As most medical professionals give treatments rather than advice or give a mixture of the two, there must be bodily injury in order to trigger a claim. Medical malpractice policies are legal contracts, and subject to you following the terms and conditions of the policy wording, the policy must respond in the event of a claim. Commercial insurance companies are in the business of taking risks and ultimately most risks can be underwritten for a certain

schedule so there will never be any doubt as to what work is covered and what is not. In addition, helpful extensions such as products liability (cover for product failure rather than practitioner malpractice), disciplinary legal expenses and corporate manslaughter are included free of charge for most policyholders. I again mention that you should only ever purchase your insurance from a fully Financial Services Authority (FSA) authorised and regulated insurance broker. These firms have to adhere to certain standards such as holding professional indemnity insurance and providing a robust complaints procedure. They also have to be members of a compensation scheme should they go bust or misappropriate client monies. Beware buying cover online without first investigating who insures the policy and how to contact them in the event of a claim.


Case Study - Soprano

Easy as


We find out how the Michael Jane Clinic has transformed its laser business with the Soprano Laser hair removal is one of the fastest growing treatments in the beauty industry today. Its popularity comes down to the sheer convenience of never having to shave, wax or epilate again. For many, this treatment revolutionises the lives of those affected by excessive unwanted hair, hormonal imbalances, shaving rash or aesthetic preferences. But with so many lasers on the market, it’s difficult to know which one is the right one for your clients, and furthermore, your business. The Soprano has been the driving force in boosting footfall and profit for many salons, clinics and medi-spas. But what is it that makes this machine so special? While most lasers boast ‘pain free’ hair removal, the truth is that this can only be achieved via anaesthetising gels and cooling systems. The Soprano utilises a patented IN-Motion technology and a Sapphire DualChill tip to ensure comprehensive coverage of the treated area, with a comfortable and soothing sensation. This easy to use system allows for a thorough hair removal treatment and optimum patient comfort.

can perform the treatment much like a message and the easy to use interface alerts us when we can finish working on the selected area. This allows us to have a more personable approach in our treatments as well, as our patients are far more relaxed. Furthermore, as the Soprano works by heating the dermis to a temperature that damages the hair follicle (thus preventing regrowth), it does not injure the surrounding skin meaning side effects are dramatically minimised and there is no downtime required. Whereas other lasers cannot provide the same level of results on darker skins, it is important to note that the Soprano works across all Fitzpatrick types, providing the same outstanding results each time. “I would say that roughly 80% of clients are female; however I have seen a huge increase in male clients who are bored with regular waxing sessions and are looking for something a bit more hassle-free. Our clientele includes everyone from athletes to transvestites to polycystic ovaries sufferers, as well as those aiming for a more aesthetic ideal. I feel one of

“After I purchased the first Soprano laser, demand for the treatment soared through the roof” In September 2010, Michael Spiegler purchased his first Soprano laser from the award winning ABC Lasers. Due to the popular demand of the treatment, he purchased his second Soprano laser in November 2010 for his clinic, Michael Jane. He says, “After I purchased the first Soprano laser, demand for the treatment soared through the roof. I have a very loyal base of clients who are always interested in the newest treatments, so once they heard you could get permanent, and most importantly, pain free hair removal, I was fully booked for two months. I then made the decision to invest in a second laser so that I could capitalise on the demand for the treatment; I haven’t looked back since. “Due to the popularity, I now have a team of five therapists working in shifts around the day solely for the Soprano lasers. The design of the laser has revolutionised the treatment for us. Before, we would strenuously cover the surface of the treatment area in fine detail. Thanks to the IN-Motion handpiece, we


the biggest misconceptions about laser treatments, is that you need to be rich to afford it. From my experience this is not true; we run payment plans and offer an interest free credit loan for six sessions to help those who really value the treatment. For example, for a woman who suffers from PCO but is preparing for her wedding day, something like this is a weight off her mind both financially and emotionally. What’s more, those who really want laser hair removal will save up for it, the same way one might save for a holiday or an expensive pair of shoes. As with every treatment I offer, I feel that understanding the clients’ individual needs is paramount. For our own purposes and to monitor trends and attitudes; I ask my clients to fill out a questionnaire detail their motivation behind getting laser hair removal. While there is something of a ‘vanity’ stigma associated with permanent procedures such as laser, I think most consumers would be surprised to see that 84% of our clients choose laser for medical and emotional reasons, rather than aesthetic ones.”

But it’s not just the hair removal applicationsm, which have clients coming back to Michael Jane; the Soprano can also be used to provide an effective level of skin tightening. The near infrared NIR module and uniform energy distribution produces deep thermal heating. This stimulates the production of new collagen, tightening the skin and improving its texture. Furthermore, the Soprano has recently been granted FDA approval for the treatment of arthritis, joint and muscle pain. Michael says, “For every client who comes in for a Soprano, another three will book an appointment on that person’s recommendation: I haven’t seen anything like this with any other treatment. There has been a pattern forming lately where, once a client has tried out the hair removal feature, they ask ‘What else can it do?’, which gives me the opportunity to sell in the skin tightening and pain relief aspects too. For example, a young woman may come in for hair removal, and then suggest the skin tightening function for her mother, and pain relief for arthritis for her grandmother, who in turn both become new clients. However, the most popular treatment by far, remains to be the hair removal. We have been able to reach out to the clients who are devoted to the smoothness of a wax, but want the permanence of laser. As well as providing treatment on popular areas such as the legs, underarms and back, we are also able to offer a safe and effective treatment on the bikini area, lower back and upper lip. I would say that the Soprano is the way forward for any clinic looking to expand their treatment menu and provide the best hair removal service in the beauty industry without a doubt.”

Ellipse I2PL+ The NEW and more advanced system for aesthetic & dermatologic treatments � Hair removal - faster than ever � Remove vascular lesions safely and effectively � Remove pigmented lesions gently � Treat sun-damage on the face and body � Improve skin texture; reduce pore size & fine lines � Treat acne without anti-biotics “I have investigated several lasers and IPLs, with the view to purchase a suitable medical device for my aesthetic practice. Based on results, technical back up, training offered and expert advice, I decided on Ellipse. So much so that I have already bought a second machine and in the process of buying a third!” Dr. J. Huskisson South Africa

Call 020 7581 4499 or email or simply visit our website Ellipse Beautylight Ltd, 39 Brompton Road, Knightsbridge, London SW3 1DE

The only radio frequency (RF) system in the world combining magnetic pulse technology that delivers long lasting results

I have deployed non-invasive, RF based skin tightening and circumferential reduction technologies profitably in my clinics for the past 8 years. In 2010, we began conducting clinical trials using the Venus Freeze system, powered by (MP)2 technology. Compared to other RF mono-polar, bipolar and multi-polar systems I have used, with or without suction, the Freeze provides the most uniform heating I have seen, together with speed and ergonomic ease of use. Dr. R. Stephen Mulholland, M.D. Plastic Surgeon Toronto, Canada

Anti-Ageing Skin Tightening Body Contouring Cellulite Reduction

Call 020 7581 4499 or visit our website or simply email

Clearskin Treatments Limited 39 Brompton Road Knightsbridge London SW3 1DE


Radio Frequency (RF) and Magnetic Pulse Technology

Best Practice - Building Client Trust

Trust issues Zoe Davitt on building client trust


rust n. Firm reliance on the integrity, ability, or character of a person or thing.

Zoe Davitt is managing director of Blue Horizons. She has a strong background in marketing and customer service, giving her a perfect combination of skills and expertise. Her many business-orientated qualifications include ones from the CIM (Chartered Institute of Marketing), and she has a wealth of experience across many sectors including medicine, dentistry, recruitment, tourism, hotel management and facilities management.

Creating trust with your clients is no easy task, yet is an increasingly important one in today’s competitive environment. There is a very fine balance to be struck when attending to your clients’ needs and ensuring their happiness whilst also growing your business and maximising profits. For instance, you cannot be too trusting and respond to every whim a client makes without question or certainly without adding a cost to the service. Yes, you could have a very busy business but it you’re not turning over a profit then ultimately your business will fail. As the saying goes “it’s easy to be a busy fool – activity is not the same as success”. At the same time, you cannot go completely in the opposite direction and be distrusting of your clients, this will just lead to them feeling uncomfortable and under-valued (or rather ripped off ) and they will take their business elsewhere. What you need to do is strike a balance.


How to build trust with your clients It is a different environment that we find ourselves in today; old-school sales banter whereby you promise the earth just doesn’t cut it. Today’s discerning client has high expectations. They expect professionalism in all that you say and do. • Be honest Do not ‘stretch’ the truth by elaborating your position, your skills or claim that your treatments will perform miracles if they won’t – you will lose all credibility. If you back up what you say with the truth, your clients will learn to trust you implicitly. • Be predictable Some people think that being predictable equates to being boring but in the case of earning trust predictability can go very far in building the trust of your clients. Build the solid foundations of trust and then you are more likely to ‘wow’ your clients. • Admit to mistakes If you do something wrong; admit to it and apologise. Each time you openly admit to being human your clients will trust you even more.

“Clients want to trust that you know what you’re talking about, particularly in the field of facial aesthetics” •

Know what you’re talking about Clients want to be able to trust that you know what you’re talking about, particularly in the field of facial aesthetics. If the information that you tell them turns out to be wrong, you’ve created a doubt in their mind about how trustworthy you are. If you create just a few doubts in a client’s mind; you could well lose the chance of ever gaining their trust. If you don’t know the answer, be honest! Say that you will find out, give them a specific timeframe of when you will get back to them (make sure you check the accuracy of the information that you’re supplying!) • Give the right advice Clients want to be able to trust the advice and recommendations that you give them. This could mean directing them elsewhere if your product/service does not match their requirements. Nothing will destroy your credibility and the client’s trust faster than if they believe you are giving false or prejudiced, self-serving advice or recommendations. It takes a great deal of integrity which is the core of establishing a relationship built on trust and respect. Once the client knows that you are willing to sacrifice an immediate sale for the sake of maintaining your integrity, your reputation with that client is sealed. They may not purchase from you now, but they will come back because they know that you will lead them in the right direction. They will also be more inclined to refer you to their friends of family because trust has been established.

• Know your customers expectations Crucial in creating a strong, trusting relationship with your client is meeting their expectations and priorities. In order to be able to meet and exceed a client’s expectations you need to know what those expectations are! You can’t assume that all your clients have exactly the same expectations – clients will have differing and varying priorities. Ask each and every client exactly what their expectations are to ensure that you are able to meet and hopefully exceed them. Listening is the most important part of the communication process. • Do what you say you’re going to do Do what you say you’re going to do exactly when you say you are going to do it. Our performance and integrity is judged on what we say and what we do. How closely our actions parallel our words will determine our ability to gain the trust and respect of clients. This interaction of words and deeds is more important than anything else – it trumps price, competence and personality.

“Demonstrate professionalism in all that you do and show your clients that you are trustworthy”

Demonstrate professionalism in all that you do and show your clients that you are trustworthy. This will ensure that their loyalty is maintained and they continue to keep coming back again and again.


Company Profile - Med-fx

Sp eci a l f x Cosmetic News visits the Med-fx distribution centre in Essex where state of the art technology has helped make the company the fastest and most efficient provider of medical aesthetic supplies in the industry In the four years since Med-fx started operating within the aesthetics market, the company has become the largest, most well-known and respected supplier of medical aesthetics products in the UK. Offering the widest selection of products and consumables available, with the promise of next-day delivery, free of delivery charges, the company epitomises the concept of single-source supply, allowing clinics up and down the country to purchase everything they need from one place so that they only need to worry about one invoice and one delivery. With its customer base and number of orders growing

packed by one of the warehouse floor staff. Each picker

every day, this is not a small operation by any means.

wears a scanner on their arm, which when they scan the

With linked warehouses spanning more than 100,000

bar code on the box, tells them exactly where they need to

square feet, the well-oiled machine that is Med-fx makes

go and how many products they need from that location.

the complex process of managing thousands of orders of

Once the order has been completed, the box is sealed,

everything from botulinum toxin and fillers to skincare

labelled and put into a transhipment cage and loaded onto

peels, and every day consumable items such as gloves and

one of the four 40 foot double-decker CityLink articulated

couch rolls, look easy.

lorries that are on site at any given time. On an average

Housing more than 26,000 facial aesthetics and dental

day, more than five of these vehicles full of products will

The levels of stock and the sophistication of the

products for its sister company, The Dental Directory, at

leave the warehouse, along with 600-700 smaller parcels,

management of the stock at Med-fx means that 99.5% of

its site in Witham, Essex, the two adjoining warehouses

which go through the Royal Mail.

the time people can order today and get delivery tomorrow,

(soon to be three, as the company has just purchased a

Although the warehouse is part of The Dental Directory,

and this is something the company is very proud of.

neighbouring building) house some of the most up-to-date

the companies are run as two separate entities. All of the

“Yesterday our service levels were 99.6%, which is almost

technology there is, capable of processing and despatching

Med-fx equipment is housed in its own section, and there

100% fulfilment”, says Derek. “All of Med-fx’s products

orders placed online or over the phone and getting it on the

is a dedicated Med-fx sales team, who are highly trained

are quality controlled and double checked so the incidence

lorry for next day delivery. In fact, the bespoke automated

to deal specifically with the requirements of aesthetic

of error is almost eradicated. So we are not only taking

system, which was developed in-house, is so sophisticated


orders up to very late in the afternoon but they are getting

that it knows the exact location of every item in stock, and

There is also a Pharmacy, overseen by a Superintendent

them the next day, they are getting 99.5% of their products

will automatically replenish itself. The system is also fully

Pharmacist, Peter Smith, based at the facility to handle

and it is accurate and well presented.”

integrated with the Med-fx website, where customers can

orders of prescription-only medicines such as botulinum

The company also offers accredited hands-on training

check the availability of stock and do a price comparison

toxin. One of his jobs is to check all the prescriptions

courses in the use of botulinum toxin (basic and advanced),

with other stockists.

going through the ordering system, and to make sure that

dermal fillers (basic and advanced), chemical peels and

Once an order is placed it is input into the computer,

they are for named patients and that the person writing

sculptra® (in association with sanofi-aventis). The courses

which automatically locates the products for that order.

the prescription is qualified to do so. The sophisticated

are run by Innomed Training and are recognised by

The computer even assesses the size and shape of all

computerised system also means there is an easily accessible

Hamilton Fraser Cosmetic Insurance. Training is available

the products in the order and picks and builds a box

‘paper trail’ for every client who places an order, therefore

in London, Manchester, Birmingham and Newcastle.

accordingly. The box is then given a unique routing bar

giving the company complete traceability.

Martin MacKenzie, client services director at the Dr Xavier

code and makes its way round the warehouse to the

The whole concept of Med-fx is to make the ordering

G Medi-Spa Clinic, Southampton, a customer of Med-fx,

various different locations along the conveyor system

process as simple and efficient as possible for its customers.

says, “We like to use Med-fx for a number of reasons. They

where the required products are located to be picked and

Derek Nicholls, Operations Director, says, “It is about

have a very comprehensive range of products for our clinic

providing the best possible level of service that we can.

as well as free next-day delivery which makes life so much

There are other companies that offer the same range of

easier! Our accountant also likes them as their invoicing

products or similar, so, therefore, you have to look at

is simple and they are very price competitive. Customer

what add-on benefits you can give your customers. If you

service is my personal passion so I also like Med-fx because

have the right products in stock, you can supply them

the sales team are always so very helpful and I cannot fault

straight away, the prices are very competitive and you

their customer service!”

can deliver them free of charge the next day, then there is


really no reason why customers should want or need to go

For more information on any of Med-fx’s services visit


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We round up upcoming events, training courses and meetings

bioptica Laser Safety Consultants Bioptica: Laser Core of Knowledge course given at YOUR clinic on a date that suits YOU. Visit for more information or call 07766 591 085.

2 Cosmetology Botox Vistabel Foundation, London, 3 Cosmetology Dermal Fillers Foundation, London, 3 Body Silk Consulting Introductory One-day business course for beauty and medical start-ups, 4 Aesthetic Academy + Botulinum Toxin Basic Course, Plymouth, 5 Aesthetic Academy + Dermal Filler Basic Course, Plymouth, 5 Wigmore Medical Training, Introduction to Skincare and Chemical Peels, London, 5 Dr Bob Khanna Training Institute, Botulinum Toxin Beginners, 5-6 SkinCeuticals Training, Cheshire, 5-6 Medik8 Training, London, 6 Aesthetic Academy + Dental Infiltration, Leeds, Yorkshire, 6 Dr Bob Khanna Training Institute, Botulinum Toxin – Advanced, 6 Wigmore Medical Training, Introduction to Dermal Fillers, London,

August 2 Aesthetic Academy + Dermal Filler Basic Course, Scotland, 2-3 SkinCeuticals Training, Cheshire, 2-3 Medik8 Training, London, 3 Aesthetic Academy + Botulinum Toxin Basic Course, Scotland, 6 Cosmetology Botox Vistabel Foundation, Birmingham, 6 Dermis Deep Botox Course, Glasgow, 6 Dermis Deep Dermal Filler Course, Glasgow, 6 Dermis Deep Botox Course, Newcastle, 6 Dermis Deep Dermal Filler Course, Newcastle, 7 Cosmetology Dermal Fillers Foundation, Birmingham, 7 Body Silk Consulting Introductory One-day business course for beauty and medical start-ups, training-courses 8-9 Sterex Transgendered Course, 9 Medik8 Training, Cheshire, 10 SkinMedica Training, Cheshire, 13 Wigmore Medical Training, Microsclerotherapy and Facial Telangiectasia, London, 13 Dermis Deep Superficial and Medium Chemical Peels, Manchester, 13-14 Body Silk Consulting Intermediate Two-Day Business Course for Beauty and Medical Start-ups, 15 Dr Bob Khanna Training Institute, Botulinum Toxin - Beginners,


7 Aesthetic Academy + Dermaroller Training, Leeds, Yorkshire, 7 Wigmore Medical Training, Introduction to Boutlinum Toxin Type A, London, 7 Dr Bob Khanna Training Institute, Dermal Fillers – Beginners, 8 Wigmore Medical Training, Camouflage, London, 9 Cosmetic Courses, Foundation Botulinum Toxin and Dermal Fillers, 9-10 Body Silk Consulting Intermediate Two-Day Business Course for Beauty and Medical Start-ups, 11 Wigmore Medical Training, Glo Therapy, London, 11-12 Sterex Advanced Cosmetic Procedures, Winchester, 12 Medik8 Training, Cheshire, 12 Laser/IPL Core of Knowledge Training, 13 SkinMedica Training, Cheshire, 13 Combined Botox and Dermal Filler Course, Glasgow, 16 Cosmetology Botox Vistabel Foundation, Manchester, 16 Cosmetology Botox Vistabel Foundation, Glasgow, 16-17 Body Silk Consulting Advanced Two-Day Business Course for Beauty and Medical Start-ups, 15-16 Sterex Advanced Cosmetic Procedures, Southampton, 16 Dr Bob Khanna Training Institute, Botulinum Toxin – Advanced, 17 Dr Bob Khanna Training Institute, Dermal Fillers – Beginners, 20 Cosmetic Courses, Foundation Botulinum Toxin and Dermal Fillers, 20-21 Body Silk Consulting Advanced TwoDay Business Course for Beauty and Medical Start-ups, 27 Cosmetology Botox Vistabel Foundation, Glasgow, 27 Dermis Deep Botox Course, Central London, 27 Dermis Deep Dermal Filler Course, Central London, 27-28 Body Silk Consulting Intermediate Two-Day Business Course for Beauty and Medical Start-ups, 28 Cosmetology Dermal Fillers Foundation, Glasgow, 30-31 SkinCeuticals Training, London,

September 2 Wigmore Medical Training, Sculptra Training Day One (day two six weeks later), London, 2-3 IAAFA Annual Conference 2011, Royal Society of Medicine, London, 3 Meeting of the Society of Cosmetic Physicians & Surgeons (SCPS), Birmingham, 3 Dermis Deep Microsclerotherapy Course, Birmingham, 3 Cosmetology Dermal Fillers Foundation, Manchester, 4 Cosmetology Botox Vistabel Foundation,

17 Cosmetology Dermal Fillers Foundation, Glasgow, 17 Cosmetology Dermal Fillers Foundation, Glasgow, 18 Wigmore Medical Training, Medik8 DermalRoller, London, 19 Aesthetic Academy + Networking, Newport, Wales, 19 Wigmore Medical Training, CPR, London, 23-24 Body Silk Consulting Intermediate Two-Day Business Course for Beauty and Medical Start-ups, 27 Aesthetic Academy + Advanced Dermal Filler Course, Newport, Wales, 27-28 SkinCeuticals Training, London, 28 Wigmore Medical Training, Advanced Toxins and Fillers, London, 28 Aesthetic Academy + Dermal Filler Basic Course, Newport, Wales, 29 Aesthetic Academy + Botulinum Toxin Basic Course, Newport, Wales, 30 Dermis Deep Botox Course, Manchester, 30 Dermis Deep Dermal Filler Course, Manchester, 30-31 Body Silk Consulting Advanced Two-Day Business Course for Beauty and Medical Start-ups,

Manchester, 4 Body Silk Consulting Introductory One-day business course for beauty and medical start-ups, training-courses 5 Wigmore Medical Training, CPR, London, 5 Aesthetic Academy + Dermal Filler Basic Course, Swansea, 6 Aesthetic Academy + Botulinum Toxin Basic Course, Swansea, 6 LCS Academy Core of Knowledge, 7-8 Sterex Advanced Cosmetic Procedures, Birmingham, 7-8 Medik8 Training, London, 10 Cosmetic Courses Foundation Botulinum Toxin and Dermal Filler Course, 10 Dermis Deep Botox Course, Belfast, 10 Dermis Deep Dermal Filler Course, Belfast, 10 Wigmore Medical Training, Microsclerotherapy and Facial Telangiectasia, London, 10 Cosmetology Botox Vistabel Foundation, London, 11 Cosmetology Dermal Fillers Foundation, London, 12 Wigmore Medical Training, Medik8 DermalRoller, London, 13 Aesthetic Academy + Dermal Filler Basic Training, Birmingham, 13-14 SkinCeuticals Training, Cheshire, 14 Aesthetic Academy + Botulinum Toxin Basic Course, Birmingham, 14 Wigmore Medical Training, Introduction to Skincare and Chemical Peels, London, 15 Wigmore Medical Training, Introduction to Boutlinum Toxin Type A, London, 16 Wigmore Medical Training, Introduction to Dermal Fillers, London, 17 Dermis Deep Advanced Botox Course, Central London, 19 Wigmore Medical Training, GloMinerals, London, 20 Medik8 Training, Cheshire, 20 Laser/IPL Core of Knowledge Training, 20 Wigmore Medical Training, Glo Therapy, London, 21 SkinMedica Training, Cheshire, 22 Aesthetic Academy + Botulinum Toxin Basic Course, Newcastle, 23 Aesthetic Academy + Dermal Filler Basic Course, Newcastle, 24 Wigmore Medical Training, Microsclerotherapy and Facial Telangiectasia, London, 24 Dermis Deep Botox Course, Manchester, 27 Wigmore Medical Training, Introduction to Skincare and Chemical Peels, London, 27-28 SkinCeuticals Training, London, 28 Dr Bob Khanna Training Institute, Botulinum Toxin - Beginners, 29 Dr Bob Khanna Training Institute, Botulinum Toxin - Advanced, 29 Wigmore Medical Training, Advanced Toxins and Fillers, London, 30 Dr Bob Khanna Training Institute, Dermal Fillers – Beginners,

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rt Services

Laser Support Services

rt Services

• Patient protective eyewear • Laser safety eyewear • Disposable Laser, IPL and LED eyewear Mouthguards • Laser surgical instruments • Safety signage • Safety interlocks • Laser safety curtains

t Services

er rrent


rvices Ltd. Support Services - Fife - KY10 2RR

er ax 01333-312703 urrent

ervices Ltd. e - Fife - KY10 2RR 01333-312703

ear rFax


vices Ltd. - Fife - KY10 2RR x 01333-312703

ying laser rm to current

Support Services Ltd. - Fife - KY10 2RR 1938 Fax 01333-312703 — Email

nt Ovenstone

es Ltd. Fife - KY10 2RR 01333-312703

BTEC AWARD LASER AND LIGHT BASED HAIR REMOVAL AND PHOTOREJUVENATION A Nationally recognised qualification awarded by Edexcel, this short course covers the technology and theory elements of Hair Removal and Photorejuvenation using lasers and light sources in a non-clinical setting. The course is run over 4 days and is supported by external lecturers and practical demonstrations to enhance the learning experience. We aim to deliver one demonstration/exercise each day carried out on equipment provided by well known contributing manufacturer/distributors. We do limit course numbers to ensure that all candidates receive the maximum attention.

Contact us to discuss further

Laser Support Services has been supplying laser products since 1990. All supplies conform to current EC safety standards

Laser Support Services Ltd. School Drive - Ovenstone - Fife - KY10 2RR

Tel: 01333-311938 Fax: 01333-312703 — Email

Call 0115 969 0111 or Email: Mapperley Park Clinic is registered, and therefore licensed to provide services, by the Care Quality Commission (Provider ID: 0000026452). For more information, visit



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Specialist Expertise Areas: High value transactions New start funding packages Used equipment Imported goods Equipment distributor schemes

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≤ 25°C

BOCOUTURE does not require a cold chain. ®

Transport and storage does not require refrigeration prior to reconstitution.

Unopened BOCOUTURE® vials can be stored at controlled room temperature ( 25°C) for up to 3 years.

Botulinum toxin type A free from complexing proteins

BOCOUTURE® 50 Abbreviated Prescribing Information Please refer to the Summary of Product Characteristics (SmPC) before prescribing. Presentation 50 LD50 units of Botulinum toxin type A (150 kD), free from complexing proteins as a powder for solution for injection. Indications Temporary improvement in the appearance of moderate to severe vertical lines between the eyebrows seen at frown (glabellar frown lines) in adults under 65 years of age when the severity of these lines has an important psychological impact for the patient. Dosage and administration Unit doses recommended for BOCOUTURE are not interchangeable with those for other preparations of Botulinum toxin. Reconstitution with 0.9% sodium chloride unpreserved for intramuscular injection (50 units/1.25 ml). Standard dosing is 20 units; 0.1 ml (4 units) injected into each of the 5 injection sites: 2 injections in each corrugator muscle and 1x procerus muscle. May be increased to up to 30 units. Use a thin sterile needle (e.g. 30 gauge). Intervals between treatments at least 3 months. Not recommended for use in patients over 65 years or under 18 years of age. Use immediately after reconstitution. Superior and medial alignment of the needle should be maintained during the injection. Injections near the levator palpebrae superioris and into the cranial portion of the orbicularis oculi should be avoided. Injections into the corrugator muscle should be done in the medial portion of the muscle, and in the central portion of the muscle belly. Contraindications Hypersensitivity to Botulinum neurotoxin type A or to any of the excipients. Generalised disorders of muscle activity (e.g. myasthenia gravis, Lambert-Eaton syndrome). Presence of infection or inflammation at the proposed injection site. Special warnings and precautions BOCOUTURE should only be used for one patient for one session. Should not be injected into a blood vessel. Patients may experience exaggerated muscle weakness. Not recommended for patients with a history of dysphagia and aspiration. Seek immediate medical care if swallowing, speech or respiratory disorders arise. Adrenaline and other medical aids for treating anaphylaxis should be available. Caution if bleeding disorders of any type occur. Caution in patients receiving anticoagulant therapy or taking other substances in anticoagulant doses. Caution in patients suffering from amyotrophic lateral sclerosis or other diseases which result in peripheral neuromuscular dysfunction. Caution in targeted muscles which display pronounced weakness or atrophy. Too frequent or too high dosing of Botulinum toxin type A may increase the risk of antibodies forming. Should not be used during pregnancy unless clearly necessary. Use during lactation cannot be recommended. Has a minor or moderate influence on the ability to drive and use machines. Interactions No interaction studies have been performed. Theoretically Botulinum neurotoxin may be potentiated by aminoglycoside antibiotics or other medicinal products that interfere with neuromuscular transmission e.g. tubocurarine-type muscle relaxants. Concomitant use with aminoglycosides or spectinomycin requires special care. Peripheral muscle relaxants should be used with caution. 4-aminoquinolines may reduce the effect. Undesirable effects Usually, undesirable effects are observed within the first week after treatment and are temporary in nature. Localised muscle weakness, blepharoptosis,

localised pain, tenderness, itching, swelling and/or haematoma can occur in conjunction with the injection. Temporary vasovagal reactions associated with pre-injection anxiety, such as syncope, circulatory problems, nausea or tinnitus, may occur. Frequency defined as follows: very common (≥ 1/10); common (≥ 1/100, < 1/10); uncommon (≥ 1/1000, < 1/100); rare (≥ 1/10,000, < 1/1000); very rare (< 1/10,000). Infections and infestations; Uncommon: bronchitis, nasopharyngitis, influenza infection. Psychiatric disorders; Uncommon: depression, insomnia Nervous system disorders; Common: headache. Uncommon: facial paresis (brow ptosis), vasovagal syncope, paraesthesia, dizziness. Eye disorders; Uncommon: eyelid oedema, eyelid ptosis, blurred vision, eye disorder, blepharitis, eye pain. Ear and Labyrinth disorders; Uncommon: tinnitus. Gastrointestinal disorders; Uncommon: nausea, dry mouth. Skin and subcutaneous tissue disorders; Uncommon: pruritus, skin nodule, photosensitivity, dry skin. Musculoskeletal and connective tissue disorders; Common: muscle disorders (elevation of eyebrow), sensation of heaviness; Uncommon: muscle twitching, muscle cramps. General disorders and administration site conditions Uncommon: injection site reactions (bruising, pruritis), tenderness, Influenza like illness, fatigue (tiredness). General; In rare cases, localised allergic reactions; such as swelling, oedema, erythema, pruritus or rash, have been reported after treating vertical lines between the eyebrows (glabellar frown lines) and other indications. Overdose Increased doses of Botulinum neurotoxin type A may result in pronounced neuromuscular paralysis distant from the injection site. Symptoms of overdose are not immediately apparent post-injection and may include general weakness, ptosis, diplopia, speech difficulties, paralysis of the respiratory muscles and swallowing difficulties which may result in an aspiration pneumonia. BOCOUTURE may only be used by physicians with suitable qualifications and proven experience in the application of Botulinum toxin. Prescriber should consult the SmPC for full information regarding side effects. Legal Category: POM. Basic NHS Price 50 U/vial £72.00 Product Licence Number: PL 29978/0002 Marketing Authorisation Holder: Merz Pharmaceuticals GmbH, Eckenheimer Landstraße 100, 60318 Frankfurt/Main, Germany. Date of revision of text: June 2010. Full prescribing information and further information is available from Merz Pharma UK Ltd., 260 Centennial Park, Elstree Hill South, Elstree, Hertfordshire WD6 3SR. Tel: +44 (0) 333 200 4143 Adverse events should be reported. Reporting forms and information can be found at Adverse events should also be reported to Merz Pharma UK Ltd at the address above or by email to or on +44 (0) 333 200 4143. 1047/BOC/JAN/2011/JH. Date of preparation: Jan 2011. BOCOUTURE® is a registered trademark of Merz Pharma GmbH & Co, KGaA.


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