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IN T E RVIE W WIT H F O UN DE R A N D M A N AGIN G DIRE C TO R, YO L A N DA M A DIK I Z ELA difficulties. In these times, it’s very difficult to run a business, sometimes you get paid on time, sometimes you don’t get paid and sometimes you get paid very late and yet the women have soldiered on.

Established in 2013, Kumyolz Investments is a 100% young black woman-owned business, which provides the entire revenue value chain. Their vision is to be a trusted global revenue enhancement service provider committed to the growth, financial sustainability and advancement of all of their clients. ACHIEVEMENTS • •

Top Gender Empowered Company 2021 Co-author of My Voice: A Collective Memoir by Women of Substance

HOW HAVE YOU IMPLEMENTED GENDER DRIVEN DEVELOPMENT IN THE WORKPLACE? We have made it part of our HR gender policy. Whenever we are looking for staff, we always consider strictly unemployed young female graduates and undergraduates first. Our top management is 62.5% women. As the Founder & MD of the company, I have seen how powerful women can be not just in the workplace and I have made it a point that I unleash the “Eve” in all of them - not just the “Eve” but also the Bible’s “Abigail”. HOW HAS GENDER EMPOWERMENT STRENGTHENED YOUR ORGANISATION? Women in general are full of resilience, the ability to bounce back from

This is all because, if you look at it, women are born nurturers, strongwilled and can manage and sustain relationships in general. Our ladies have managed our relationships with our clients very well, due to their patience, and have thus given the company a good reputation. WHAT ARE YOUR ORGANISATION’S GENDER EQUALITY AND BEE RATINGS AND POLICIES? The plight of women and young women in South Africa is an open secret. Everyone knows it is happening, but it remains well-hidden. Nevertheless, the facts speak for themselves: women and young women are often in a difficult and subordinate position. They may have little say over their salaries, which jobs are open to them. Our gender equality and diversity policies demonstrate our workplaces’ commitment to improving measurable gender equality outcomes with respect to employee representation, value, safety and recognition. HOW ARE YOU USING SOCIAL MEDIA TO CREATE MORE BUSINESS? We constantly create awareness about our services and recognise important dates for our country and the world. We share our success stories. When I was approached by the authors of the book in Singapore, to be a co-author, they contacted me on our business LinkedIn profile, not my personal account, which was a huge success for the business.


WHICH FEMALE LEADERS INSPIRE YOU THE MOST, AND WHY? Khanyi Dhlomo Mkhize, Oprah Winfrey and Connie Ferguson, although I relate more to Connie Ferguson. Connie worked with her husband on building an empire, and even after losing him, she soldiered on because she knew the vision, which she was part of. I also lost my husband; we were running two businesses but I am still standing because of the vision we shared FIVE TIPS ON SURVIVING AND THRIVING IN BUSINESS • •

Always remember why you started, that will always remind you why you should not quit Know your target market and keep up with them, because you need to know if you will be needed in the next 5-10 years and if you’ll be able to tap into the market Don’t put all your eggs into one basket, this means you must be able to diversify within your industry Know that you will be broke, you will be in debt, you will lose partners, friends, employees and sometimes clients and all of these will be a lesson that even COVID taught us: you should try to be debt-free when you are in business Know your competitors, sometimes you need them

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