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ylimaf ruoy dna uoy oL l w e s t c o n t r i b u t i o n i n c su peek sesaer Members can look forward .elbadroffa to several A t 4 . 3 % , E V O h a s e x new and improved benefits eht decneirep can l sewol Members c twhat’s irtno– b u t i o n i n GEMS new in 2019 c r e a s e f o r 2 .910 l and impro eM new m b e r s GEMS – what’s new in 2019! m o v i n g f r o m t h GEMS ine in 2019! E2019! GEMS –oit–what’s mnew renew dlanew With G More cover – an increase of 5.4% for all in- and po GEMS GEMS –owhat’s what’s new in in2019! 2019! t–nwhat’s E V O w i l l e have out-of-hospital benefit limits across all GEMS x p e r i e n a ecbenefit options. family %61 revo fo tnuocsid o n c o n t r i b u t i o n s b ydisbus erofe

GEMS – what’s new in 2019!

Extended benefits on Emerald and EVO – an additional R500 per beneficiary per year for: l Networkcan GP consultations; Members look forward to several l Acute prescribed medicine obtained at a new and improved benefitsl network pharmacy; and l Pathology tests performed at a preferred pathology laboratory.

More cover – a

:stfieneb rehciR out-of-hospita Members can look forward to several Members can look forward to to several Members Members can look forward can look to forward several several Members can look forward to several new and improved benefits new and improved benefits new and improved new and improved benefits benefits ah SMEG benefit options s i n v e s t e d o v e new and improved benefits r t h r e a fo sretrauq e nar noillib d s i n b e n e fi t e n h a n c e tnforeofm sincrease rano–offincrease o ruincrease Extra value for on ancare extra WithWith GEMS, your health is taken care of –Extended so your With health GEMS, is your health care isof taken ––so that care you of–that –insoyou that you bene cover – an of 5.4% for all MoreMore cover –More an cover an 5.4% all of in5.4% and for all and With GEMS, More cover –members an increase of 5.4% for all andyou GEMS, your ism taken of so that eRuby More cover –increase 5.4% forinalland in- inand m bhealth etaken ron sextend have time to focus have time on what to focus is important on what to is you important and your to you and your out-of-hospital out-of-hospital benefit limits benefit across limits all GEMS across all GEMS R500 per year to your Out-of-hospital have time to focus what is important to you and your out-of-hospital benefit limits across all GEMS have time to focus on what is important to you and out-of-hospital benefit limits across all GEMS out-of-hospital benefit limits across all additional GEMS Members look forward to several With GEMS, your health is an taken care your of – soR th More cover –can an increase of 5.4% for all in- and l G family. This year family. is no This different! year is no different! benefit options. benefit options. E Block Benefit. family. This year is no different! benefit options. M family. This year is no different! S benefit options. h a s b e t benefit options. t e r a n d have time to focus on what is important to you a out-of-hospital benefit fi limits across all GEMS r b rehci ene l Network GP t s – o new and improved benefits u r l o w cno different! family. benefit options. Accessible: Extended benefits Extended on Emerald benefits on Emerald EVO and tsoismembers oonyear Sapphire gets richer will Accessible: Extended benefits on Emerald and –and EVO – EVO p– Sapphire itThis Accessible: Extended benefits on and Emerald EVO – – o n ,Accessible: S a p p h i r e i s r i c Extended benefits Emerald and EVO – in in h l e r With the goal With of universal the goal health of universal coverage health in coverage coverage in i an additional R500 an additional per beneficiary R500 per per beneficiary year for: per year for: Acute presc n b e have access to private hospital care for additional With the goal of universal health coverage an additional R500 per beneficiary per year for: n e With the goal of universal health an additional R500 per beneficiary per year for: fi t s t h GP consultations; a n o t h mind, our 2019 mind, benefit our enhancements 2019 benefit enhancements place place e Network GP consultations; Network r an additional R500 per beneficiary per year for: is2019 our 2019 benefit enhancements placeplace im Network GP consultations; ltreatments. amind, our benefit enhancements Network GP consultations; rand Accessible: Extended benefits on Emerald and EVO – irp-mind, elc dprocedures network u c t s greater focus greater on vulnerable focus on groups vulnerable – children, groups children, pha Acute prescribed Acute medicine prescribed obtained medicine atobtained aiobtained atdaorp n t h e greater focus on vulnerable groups – children, m Acute prescribed medicine obtained at a Network GP consultations; a greater focus on vulnerable groups ––children, r Acute prescribed medicine at a k e t l With the goal of universal health cover an additional R500 per beneficiary per year for: women and the women elderly and the elderly network pharmacy; network and pharmacy; and l








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Pathology t With GEMS, yourla pathology have time to focu family. year Extra This value for

More for your medicines –the Sapphire and Beryl women and the elderly women andmedicine elderlyobtained l atenhancements l Acute prescribed a mind, our 2019 benefit p l GEMS provides l GEMS greater provides access greater to per quality access toquality quality l have members R250 per beneficiary year for GEMS provides greater access to quality l GEMS provides greater access to network pharmacy; and greater focus on vulnerable groups – c healthcare through healthcare a wide through array of a wide networks array of networks over-the-counter medicine, limited R90 array per event. healthcare through a wide array of networks healthcare through atowide of networks Pathology tests performed at a elderly preferred ll l our Because of Because wide beneficiary of ourbeneficiary widedefinition, beneficiary you definition, you women and the network pharmacy; and l Because of our wide definition, you you l Because of our wide beneficiary definition, can care for more can care of your for more family of members your family members Extral value for Extra members value for on members Ruby – anon extra Ruby – an extra pathology laboratory. lcare easier GEMS greater access to qua Family planning gets – provides ayour contraceptive can care for more of family members Pathology tests performed at a –extra preferred Extra valuevalue for members on Ruby – an can for more of your family members Extra for members on Ruby an extra R500 per year R500 to extend per year yourtoOut-of-hospital extend your Out-of-hospital benefit of R2 822 per family per year now available R500pathology per year tolaboratory. extend your your Out-of-hospital R500 per year to extend Out-of-hospital healthcare through a wide array of netw Affordable: Affordable: Block Benefit.Block Benefit. on Sapphire andfor Beryl. Affordable: BlockBlock Benefit. Extra value members on Ruby – an extra Affordable: Benefit. l growing Because of our wide beneficiary l Our growing l reserve Our ratio reserve provides ratio security provides for security fordefini l Our growing reserve ratioratio provides security for for l year Our to growing reserve provides security R500 per extend your Out-of-hospital you and your you family and your family Sapphire gets Sapphire richer – gets Sapphire richer members – Sapphire will members will can care for more of your family memb Extra value for members on Ruby – an extra Expanded screening services – all benefit options you and your family Sapphire getsgets richer – Sapphire members will will you and your family Sapphire richer – Sapphire members l l Block Benefit. Lowest contribution Lowest increases contribution keep increases us keep us haveR500 accessper to have private access hospital to private care hospital for additional care for additional year to extend your Out-of-hospital l Lowest will receive out-of-hospital screening services contribution increases keep us lus l havehave access to private hospital care for additional Lowest increases access to private hospital care for additional affordable. Ataffordable. 4.3%,contribution EVOAt has 4.3%, experienced EVO haskeep the experienced the procedures and procedures treatments. and treatments. Affordable: Block Benefit. including: affordable. At 4.3%, EVO has experienced the the procedures and treatments. affordable. At 4.3%, EVO has for experienced procedures and treatments. lowest contribution lowest increase contribution for 2019. increase 2019. gets richer – Sapphire members will l lSapphire l Childhood hearing and optometry tests lowest contribution increase for 2019. Our growing reserve ratio provides sec contribution increase for l Members l moving lowest Members from the moving Emerald from option the Emerald to 2019. option to More for yourMore medicines for your – Sapphire medicines and – Sapphire Beryl and Beryl have access to private hospital care for additional l Members fromyour the to 16% l Members More for your medicines Sapphire and Beryl from the Emerald option to More for your medicines – per Sapphire andper Beryl you and family Sapphire gets richer –– Sapphire members willfor EVO will experience EVOmoving will a moving discount experience ofaEmerald over discount 16%option of over members R250 per have beneficiary R250 per beneficiary year for year l havemembers EVO will experience a discount of over 16% members have R250 per beneficiary per year for procedures and treatments. EVO will experience a discount of over 16% members have R250 per beneficiary per year for on contributions onlcontributions before subsidy before subsidyincreases keep us over-the-counter over-the-counter medicine, limited medicine, to R90limited per event. to for R90additional per event. Lowest contribution have access to private hospital care on contributions before subsidy over-the-counter medicine, limited to R90 per event. on contributions before over-the-counter medicine, limited to R90 per event. affordable. Atsubsidy 4.3%, EVO has on experien procedures and treatments. For more detail on the rich benefits GEM Richer benefits: Richer benefits: – Sapphire available Family planning Family getsplanning easier – gets a contraceptive easier – a contraceptive More for your medicines and Beryl lowest contribution increase for 2019. l l Family Richer benefits: Family planning gets easier – a contraceptive Richer benefits: planning gets easier – a contraceptive l l contact us using one of our available GEMS has invested GEMS over has invested three quarters over three of acommunication quarters of a benefit of R2 822 benefit peroffamily R2 822 perper year family now per available year now available members have R250 per beneficiary per year for l invested Members moving from the opt More for your Sapphire and Beryl l GEMS has three quarters of Emerald a ofour l GEMS benefit of R2 822 per family per– year now now available has invested over three a benefit of R2 medicines 822and perBeryl. family per year available billion rands billion in benefit rands enhancements inover benefit enhancements for ourquarters for on Sapphire and on Sapphire Beryl. over-the-counter medicine, limited to R90 per event. billion rands in benefit enhancements for our EVO will experience a discount of over on Sapphire and Beryl. members have R250 per beneficiary per year for rands in benefit enhancements for our on Sapphire and Beryl. members billion members hasl better GEMS and has richer better benefits and richer –before ourbenefits low-l – our lowmembers Expanded screening Expanded services screening – all services benefit options – to all benefit options on contributions subsidy over-the-counter medicine, limited R90 per event. l GEMS members l 0860 00 4367 GEMS has gets better and richer benefits – our–lowl GEMS Expanded services – services all screening benefit options cost option, Sapphire cost option, richer Sapphire in benefits richer than in benefits than will receive out-of-hospital willscreening receive out-of-hospital screening services Family planning easier – richer ais contraceptive hasisbetter and benefits our lowExpanded screening services – all benefit options cost option, Sapphire isinricher in benefits than other similar-priced other similar-priced products the products market the market will receive out-of-hospital screening services including: including: cost option, Sapphire is richer ininbenefits than will receive out-of-hospital screening services benefit of R2 822 per family per year now available Richer benefits: Family lplanning gets easier – a contraceptive l Childhood hearing Childhood and optometry hearing and tests optometry tests otherother similar-priced products in theinmarket including: similar-priced products the market including: on Sapphire and GEMS has invested over three quarter benefit of R2hearing 822 per pertests yeartests now available l Beryl. l Childhood andfamily optometry l Childhood hearing and optometry l

network pharmacy; and and network pharmacy; l Network GP consultations; ltests Pathology Pathology performed tests at a performed preferred a preferred l Pathology tests performed at a preferred l Pathology tests performed at aatpreferred l Acute prescribed medicine obtained at a pathology laboratory. pathology laboratory. pathology laboratory. pathology laboratory.

More cover – an increase of 5.4% for all in- and out-of-hospital benefit limits across all GEMS benefit options.

Gperno R500 year EAccessible M S i n 2 0 1 9 , Extended benefits on Emerald and EVO – Blocka Benefit. u cinthe t i o n c With h an additional R500 per beneficiary per year for: a n n e l .s Network GP consultations; Acute prescribed medicine obtained at a network pharmacy; and Pathology tests performed at a preferred pathology laboratory.

Extra value for members on Ruby – an extra R500 per year to extend your Out-of-hospital Benefit. onBlock Sapphire and Beryl.

mind, ou Sapphire gets greater f have access to women procedures and GEMS p healthca More for your Because members canhave care over-the-count

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billion rands in benefit Affordable: enhancements f Expanded screening services – all benefit options members Family plannin l Our grow For more For detail more on the detail rich on benefits the rich available benefits on available GEMS on in 2019, GEMS in 2019, will receive out-of-hospital screening services l GEMS has better and richer benefits – Expanded screening services – all benefit options benefit you ofinR2 82 ForFor more detail rich benefits available on GEMS in 2019, contact us contact using one uson using ofthe our one available of our communication available communication channels. channels. more detail on the rich benefits available on GEMS in 2019, and Sapphire gets richer – Sapphire members will including: cost option, Sapphire is richer benefi will receive out-of-hospital screening services l Childhood contact us using oneto ofprivate our available communication channels. hearing and optometryon tests contact us using one of our available communication channels. Sapphire other similar-priced products in thean m l Lowest including: have access hospital care for additional Childhood hearing and optometry tests procedures and treatments.


affordab Expanded scre lowest c 08600860 00 4367 00 4367 For more detail on the rich benefits available l Member will receive out More for your medicines – Sapphire and Beryl contact us using one of our available commu For more detail on the rich benefits available on GEMS in 2019, wot gnikroW including: EVO will sdrabeneficiary members have R250 per per year for a h e a l t h i e r y o u contact us using one of our available communication channels. l Childhood on contrh over-the-counter medicine, limited to R90 per event. Lesoba 18439


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l value l Extra forprovides members on – Block Benefit. Block Benefit. GEMS greater acce Pathology tests performed at a preferredl Because of our wide beneficiary definition, youRuby l ca B R500 per year to extend your Out-of-hospital Extra value for members on Ruby – an extra Extra value for members on Ruby – an extra you and your family Sapphire gets richer – Sapphire members will l Acute prescribed medicine obtain R500 per year to extend your Out-ofhealthcare through a wide arr pathology laboratory. can careon forRuby more–of your family members Extra value for members on Ruby – anBlock extra Benefit.Extra value for members c extra Affordable: l Lowestan contribution increases keep us have access to private hospital care forper additional R500 per year to extend youryour Out-of-hospital R500 year to extend Out-of-hospital l richer Block Benefit. Sapphire gets Sapphire members will Sapphire gets richer – –Sapphire members will Because of our wide beneficia network pharmacy; and R500 per year to extend your Out-of-hospital l has R500 per year to extend your Out-of-hospital Ourexperienced growing re affordable. At 4.3%, EVO procedures and treatments. Afford Aff Block Benefit. Block Benefit. have accesstotoprivate private hospital careof additio have access hospital care forfor addition can care for more your fam Extra value for members on Ruby – an extra Affordable: Block Benefit. l Pathology tests performed at a pre Affor Block Benefit. you your fa Sapphire gets richer – Sapphire members will lowest contribution forand 2019. Sapphire gets increase richer – Sapphire procedures and treatments. procedures and treatments. l mem l R500 per year to extend your Out-of-hospital Ou l Our growing reserve ratio provides security for contribu l O l Lowest have access to private hospital care for additional pathology laboratory. l Members moving from the Emerald option More for your medicines – Sapphire and Beryl have access to private hospital care Affordable: Block Benefit. andmembers your family yoy4 Sapphire gets richer – Sapphire members willSapphire Sapphire gets richer – Sapphire will gets richer –you Sapphire members will Sapphire members will affordable. At procedures and treatments. EVO will medicines experience discount of over 16 members have R250 per beneficiary per year for gets richer – Sapphire l procedures and More for your medicines –Sapphire Sapphire and Beryl More for your –atreatments. and Beryl Our growing reserve ratio pro l Lowest contribution increases keep us have access to private hospital care for additional l l Lo l L have access to private hospital care for additional have access to private hospital care for additional have access to private hospital care for additional lowest contribu on contributions before subsidy over-the-counter medicine, R90 per event. members haveR250 R250 per beneficiary per yearfo members have per beneficiary per year you and your family Sapphire gets limited richer to – Sapphire members will affordable. Extra value for members on Ruby –af At 4.3%, EVO has experienced the procedures and treatments. l Members movin aff and treatments. procedures andand treatments. procedures treatments. More for yourprocedures medicines – Sapphire and Beryl l medicine, More for your medicines –R90 Sapphire over-the-counter medicine, limitedtotoR90 pereve ev over-the-counter limited per Lowest contribution increases have access to private hospital care for additional lowest contribution increase 2019. R500 per year toforextend your Out-oflo EVO will experie members have R250 per beneficiary per year for low Richer benefits: Family planning gets easier – a contraceptive members have R250 per beneficiary affordable. At 4.3%, EVO has treatments. l Members moving from the Emerald option to More for your medicinesprocedures – Sapphireand and Beryl l M More for your medicines – Sapphire and Beryl on contribution medicine, limited to–R90 event. lper Block Benefit. GEMS hasBeryl invested over quarters l Me l benefit of R2 822 per familyover-the-counter per year now available More for your medicines –EVO Sapphire and Beryl More for your medicines Sapphire and over-the-counter medicine, limited to of Family planning gets easier acontraceptive contraceptive Family planning gets easier – –athree lowest contribution increase will experience a discount of over 16% members have R250 per beneficiary per year for E members have R250 per beneficiary per year for billion rands infor benefit enhancements for on Sapphire and Beryl. EV l members R250 per beneficiary per year members have R250 per beneficiary per year benefit R2 822 per familyper peryear year nowthe availa benefit ofofR2 822 per family now availab for Members moving from Emo More for your medicines – have Sapphire and Beryl on contributions before subsidy over-the-counter medicine, limited to R90 per event. over-the-counter limited to R90 per event. Richer benefits: o Family planning gets easier – medicine, a contraceptive members Family planning gets easiera –discoun a cont and Beryl. onon Sapphire and Beryl. EVO will experience members have R250 per beneficiarymedicine, permedicine, year for on over-the-counter limited toSapphire R90 per event. over-the-counter limited to R90 per event. Sapphire gets richer –l Sapphire GEMS hasmem inve benefit of R2 822 per family per year now available l GEMS With GEMS, your health is taken has better and richer benefits – ou Expanded screening services – all benefit options e cover – an increase of 5.4% for all inand benefit of R2 822 per family per year on contributions before subsid over-the-counter medicine, limited to R90 per event. Richer Family planning gets easier – a contraceptive have to private hospital care Rich Family planning gets benefits: easier –cost a access contraceptive billion rands in Sapphireservices and Beryl. option, Sapphire is richer inbenefit benefits th will receive out-of-hospitalon screening on Sapphire and Beryl. Expanded screening services –allall opti Expanded screening services –what benefit optio have time to focus on is impo of-hospital benefit limits across all GEMS l GEMS has invested over three quarters of a benefit of R2 822 per family per year nowFamily available Riche Ric planning gets easier – a contraceptive Family planning gets easier – a contraceptive l G of R2 822 per family per yearsimilar-priced nowand available members other products in the marke procedures treatments. including: Family planning gets easierbenefit willreceive receive out-of-hospital screening services out-of-hospital screening Richer benefits: – a contraceptivebillionwill rands in benefit enhancements for ourservices Sapphire and Beryl. l bett l b l different! on and Beryl. GE benefit of R2 822 per family year now available family. This year is no benefit of Sapphire R2 822 per family per year now available GEMS has fit on options. Expanded screening services – allper benefit options l Childhood hearing and optometry tests l GEMS screening services all b including: Expanded including: has invested over– thre benefit of R2 822 per family per year now available members ral m cost option, bil Sa will receive out-of-hospital screeninglservices Sapphire andand Beryl. on Sapphire Beryl. l Childhood Childhood hearing and optometry tests hearing and optometry tests will receive out-of-hospital screening billion rands in benefit enhanc on Sapphire andon Beryl. l GEMS has better and richer benefits – our lowExpanded screening services – all benefit options More for your medicines – Sapphire l G Expanded screening services – all benefit options ral other similar-p including: me including: members cost option, Sapphire is richer in benefits than will receive out-of-hospital screening services Accessible: nded benefits on Emerald and – will c receive screening services members have R250 per and beneficiary l EVO Childhood hearing andout-of-hospital optometry tests l GE l l options l options Expanded screening services – all–benefit Expanded services all benefit Childhood hearing optometry GEMSin has better and richer Expanded screening services – screening all benefit options other similar-priced products the market including: o including: For more on theout-of-hospital rich benefits onscreening GEMS inservices l2019, over-the-counter medicine, to services Withcost the goalSapphire of limited universa dditional R500 perdetail beneficiary year for: option, is richer will receive screening services With GEMS, your health isper taken care ofavailable –out-of-hospital so that you co will receive out-of-hospital will receive screening l Childhood hearing and optometry tests l Childhood hearing and optometry tests With GEMS, your health is taken care of – so that you and contact ustousing one of our available communication channels. Formore more detail on the rich benefits av For detail on the rich benefits ava other similar-priced products including: time to focus on iswhat is important you and your mind, our 2019 benefit en oth Network GPhave consultations; including: including: have time focus on what important to you and to your MS With GEMS, your health is taken care of – so that you and l Childhood hearing and optometry tests contact us using one of our available contact us using one of our available c family. This year is noisdifferent! Family planning gets easier – a con family. This year no different! l Childhood l Childhood hearing andand optometry tests hearing optometry tests

oy rof eroM u r rs can look forward to several m e d i c i n e s – S a p 2019! lyreB dna erihp ah srebmem v e R 2 5 0 d improved benefits p e r b e n e fi c raey rep yrai

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ninnalp ylimaF g g e t s e a s i e r – a c o evitpecartn 8 2R fo tfieneb 2 2 p e r f a m i l y p e r y e a elbaliava won r o .lyreB dna erihppaS n

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ard to several dnapxE e d s c r e e n i n g s e r v i c fits snoitpo tfieneb lla – se viecer lliw e o u t o f h o s p i t a l s c secivres gnineer :gnidulcni For moreto available on GEMS in 2019, greater focus on vulnera cute prescribed medicine obtained atdetail a and on have time to focus on what is important you your the rich benefitsFor MS l detail more on the rich ben C h i l d h o o d h e a r i n g a family. This year is no different! With GEMS, your health is taken care of – so that you benefit of R2 822 per family per year 5.4% for all inand n d o p t contact us using one of our available communication channels. o mFor more Accessible: women andone the elderly set yrteavailable t etwork andrichsbenefits contact usavailable using of our ava or morepharmacy; detail on the ondetail GEMSon inthe 2019, rich benefits on GEMS i Accessible: 0860 00 4367

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havehealth timecoverage to focus to you and l With the goal of universal tsfor:across all GEMS on Sapphire and your Beryl. in on what is important lavailable ontact us tests usingAccessible: one of our available communication channels. GEMS provides greater athology performed at a preferred l contact us using one of our communication cha mind, our 2019 benefit enhancements place With the goal of universal health coverage in 0860 4367 0860 00004367 more on the rich available on GEMS in 2019, family. This yearbenefits l For With the goal ofdetail universal health coverage inis no different! for: greater focus on vulnerable groups – children, mind, 2019 benefit enhancements place healthcare through a– wid For more detail onon thethe rich benefits available onon GEMS For more detail rich benefits available GEMS athology laboratory. mind, our our 2019 benefit enhancements place contact us using one of our available communication channels. Expanded screening services allin b women and the elderly 0860 00 4367 greater focus on vulnerable groups – children, 0860 00 4367 greater focus on vulnerable groups – children, l Because provides greater access to quality of our wide ben contact us using one of of ourour available communication cha contact us using one available communication c Accessible: ald and EVO – l GEMS will receive out-of-hospital screenin women and the elderly women and the elderly healthcare through a wide array of networks 0860 00 4367 l GEMS provides greater access 0860 00 4367 toWith quality l extra theyou goal of universalincluding: health coverage for: can careinfor more of you aficiary valueper foryear members – an l Becauseon ourRuby wide beneficiary definition, l l healthcare GEMSofprovides greater access to quality a r through a wide array of networks e vl Childhood can care for more of your family members mind, our 2019 benefit place 0860 00Out-of-hospital 4367 hearing and optometry 0als;a per year to extend your seenhancements l Because of our wide beneficiary definition, you healthcare through a wide array of networks o t d greater focus groups – children, ne at a Affordable: can care for more of your family members a obtained ar on vulnerable l Because of our wide beneficiary definition, you Affordable: k Benefit. w 0860 00 f4367 0860 00 4367 r o al women and the elderly l Our growing reserve ratio provides k security for o can care for morelof your family members s t Affordable: Working towards a health o l Our growing reserve fi e n EM you and your family will l n Grati a GEMS provides greater access to quality d at a preferred l Our growingsreserve e c ratio provides security for h t i b l Lowest contribution W r family members increases keep us ditional gets richer dhealthcare eyour e and your family phire –b Sapphire will the through a wide array of you you and will v networks o tim m Affordable: r affordable. At 4.3%,p EVO has experienced eben e For more detail on the rich v a l Lowest contribution increases keep us ditional M h m i l definition, incre contribution increase for access to private hospital for additional l dAt 4.3%,care 2019. Because our wide you l lowest d0680 contribution Our growing reserve provides forbeneficiary n nLowest affordable. EVO hasratio experienced the ofsecurity y. a a ilav 0 l w m 0 contact us using one of our Members moving from the Emerald option to n 4 eryl 3 i 6 a 7 f l e l contribution increase for 2019. can care for more of your members nl lowest you and your family nedures Ruby –and an extra affordable. 4.3%, treatments. Working towards aAt healthier you EVO for afamily EVO will experience a discount of over 16% ar for S M % Members moving from the Emerald option to eryl E 4 . Lowest contribution increases keep us f 5 alr event. contributions before subsidy ur Out-of-hospital l on all G irlowest increA s EVO will experience a discount of over 16%ase o ar for s qne contribution u i o e Working to r s @ e g e c r m s . c affordable. At 4.3%, EVO has experienced the a o . c z a Affordable: on contributions before subsidy in r event. l Members moving from th anBeryl Richer benefits: etive for your medicines – Sapphire and imits l – t r fi lowest contribution increase for 2019. e e l v Our growing reserve ratio provides security for n o l GEMS has invested quarters a vailable e offor c over three bEmerald e l Richer benefits: r tive 0860 00 4367 a EVO will experience a dis .www bers have R250 beneficiary per year o g t e l per m i s . Members moving from the option to M in benefit billion rands enhancements for our your family az.vog p s you and phire o l GEMS has invested over – three quarters of a vailablemembers will h O f members -obenefitto EVOrands will of over 16% increases EVkeepon s.Lowest before s -the-counter medicine, R90 perforevent. r: utexperience n discount d billion in enhancements our olimited contribution usfocontributions n ital care for additional ioalbenefits t a r l GEMS has better ando richer – our lowp options a d l e t a y members on contributions before subsidy nt. er EVOy has nefiandisricher m4.3%, cost option, richer in benefits than perexperienced the ces eSapphire affordable. EAt bbetter r l GEMS has n benefits – our o lowoptions a i s contribution other similar-priced products in the market neficincrease efitthan option, Sapphire is richer inebenefits lowest forRicher 2019. benefits: ces planning getscost e n ily easier – a contraceptive b b r Richer benefits: e d a p e other similar-pricednproducts in the market t option ; 0 d a s 0 l Members n moving from the Emerald to d Sapphire and Beryl 5 e o e t i l R t GEMS has invested over n per year now available xinvested i l family l a GEMS has over three quarters of a efit of R2 822 per E t a a l t n u b o s i o t n i o EVO 16% neficiary per year forbillion randsain icinea discount of over enhancements for billion rands in benefit en dour apphire and Beryl. n ddbenefit GP cwill experience e a k r m o d d e on contributions before subsidy w mited to R90 per event. e r t available on GEMS inmembers 2019, r b e i e r f N Lesoba 18439

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Contents: February 2019

Regulars 10

Conversations with leaders Higher Education and Training Deputy Minister Buti Manamela explains the importance of artisans to the South African economy


Profiles in leadership Director-General at the Department of Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation Mpumi Mpofu outlines some of the progress government has made over the years


Women in the public sector Dr Lindiwe Sidali made history by becoming South Africa’s first African female cardiothoracic surgeon


Trailblazer Mokgadi Mkhize is living her dream as an air traffic controller


Vital stats Fast facts at your fingertips


Upcoming events A look at local and international events for your diary and information


In other news News you need to know when you are on the go


Provincial focus Steady progress is being made in stablising the North West thanks to interventions by the Inter-Ministerial Task Team


International relations Feedback from the World Economic Forum



14 40

Management and professional development SA’s sixth democratic elections is an opportunity for citizens to make their voices heard


Public sector appointments Who is new in government?


Financial fitness Watch out for fake credit providers

Features 48

SA’s new dawn yields results Promises made during the 2018 State of the Nation Address have brought about positive change


Why you should not miss SONA GCIS Acting Director-General Phumla Williams explains how people can engage with the 2019 State of the Nation Address


SONA expectations Expectations are high for the 2019 State of the Nation Address


Innovative public servants making a difference The 16th Public Sector Innovation Awards acknowledges public servants who think outside the box


Victory for SA space science The South African National Space Agency will become the designated regional provider of space weather information to the entire aviation sector using African airspace


Applying for government jobs made easier online Job seekers will soon be able to apply for government jobs through the e-Recruitment system

Public Sector Manager • February 2019



Political prisoners’ remains handed over to families The Gallows Exhumation Project is bringing closure to the families of political prisoners who were killed during apartheid


Textile firm cut out for success The launch of the biggest black-owned textile firm in KwaZulu-Natal is part of efforts to revive the local clothing and textile industry


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Public Sector Manager • February 2019

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2019/01/17 12:27


SA on the path to progress


ebruary marks the end of

promised Jobs Summit was a

the first year of President Cyril

major success, resulting in a

Ramaphosa’s term in office. It

framework agreement which

has been a momentous year of new

outlines a comprehensive set of

beginnings, renewed commitments

measures aimed at stemming the

and widespread change.

tide of unemployment. President

On 7 February, President

Ramaphosa also embarked on

Ramaphosa will deliver his second

a concerted drive to stimulate

State of the Nation Address (SoNA)

investment in South Africa, with

in Parliament and there is an air of

the long-term aim of boosting the

intense anticipation surrounding

economy and creating jobs.

Minister of Communications Stella Ndabeni- Abrahams.

the 2019 address. South Africans

Swift action has been taken

report, are two eminent examples

are eagerly awaiting information

to address the pressing issue of

of how this issue is being tackled.

on the progress, changes and

land reform. After extensive public

Public servants must lead efforts

challenges that the country has

hearings in all nine provinces,

to fight corruption and refuse

experienced in the past year and

the formation of an ad-hoc

to be part of the scourge that

how the country will continue to

committee set up to amend

threatens our progress.

move forward in 2019.

Section 25 of the Constitution is

We can look back on 2018 with much pride. Many of the promises made in the 2018

We are all looking forward to

a major step towards the goal of

hearing President Rampahosa

redistributing land.

outline other positive

The introduction of a first

developments that have

SoNA have been delivered

national minimum wage was

happened throughout the past

upon, while tangible progress is

another moment that deserved

year, and of the plans that lie

being made towards achieving

celebration in the fight against

ahead. Make no mistake, much

longer-term objectives. As

poverty, ensuring that millions

work lies ahead in 2019 and

promised, less than a month

of hard-working South Africans

much of the responsibility lies

after President Rampahosa’s

can earn a stable income and

with public servants. It’s up to

address, the critically important

provide for their families.

all of us to work hard to improve

Youth Employment Services

The President has also

lives and move South Africa

programme was launched. A

placed a strong emphasis on

total of 282 companies have now

strengthening governance and

registered to take part in providing

rooting out corruption within

reminder for all of us to adhere

internships and training, and

state-owned enterprises. The

to the principles of Batho Pele,

around 6 000 youth have already

Commission of Inquiry into the

of putting the people first and

been placed.

South African Revenue Service,

undertaking our responsibilities

as well as the Eskom Inquiry

with efficiency and diligence.

Held in October 2018, the


forward. The 2019 SoNA will be a

Public Sector Manager • February 2019


Making South Africa shine brighter in 2019 registered to vote, and we urge

the focus will be one of ensuring

every one of them to head to the

that we build on these successes

polls and exercise their right to

and accelerate the implementa-

choose who leads the govern-

tion of other key plans.

ance of their province and the country as a whole. For public servants, 2019 will

with making the programmes

be a year of renewed commit-

and policies a reality and ensur-

ment. Last year heralded the

ing they deliver tangible benefits

introduction of a number of

for South Africans.

groundbreaking government

At the turn of the New Year, Pres-

plans and policies, as well as

ident Ramaphosa commented

organisational restructuring at all

that South Africa experienced a

levels of government. The most

new dawn in 2018, and the sun is

intense focus remains that of

now rising higher. He made clear

alleviating poverty, creating jobs,

that it is “our shared responsibility

eliminating gender inequality,

to ensure that all people bask in

improving access to education

its warmth. We will need a huge

and healthcare, bolstering the

national effort to build on the pro-

nother year is upon us and

economy and combatting crime

gress made this year in restoring

with it comes renewed re-

and corruption.

our country to a path of growth

Phumla Williams, GCIS Acting Director-General.


Public servants are key to achieving this as we are tasked

sponsibilities and opportu-

Through government’s pro-

and progress. We will need to

nities. 2019 is a significant year as

grammes and policies, we can

take some extraordinary meas-

it will mark the cornerstone of our

see 2018 as a year where we

ures and work together to take

democratic country – the National

were equipped with new mecha-

some difficult decisions given the

and Provincial Elections.

nisms that will help us overcome

challenges that lie ahead.”

It has been 25 years since the

the obstacles we face as a coun-

These are the ideals that should

historic first democratic elections

try. The impact of initiatives such

be guiding our actions in 2019.

were held in 1994. Since then, we

as the Youth Employment Service,

All sectors of society need to

have been privileged to enjoy

the Thuma Mina campaign, the

adopt a spirit of collectiveness,

elections that are free, fair and

Youth Crime Prevention Strategy,

dedication and hard work. Let

well organised by the Independ-

small business development and

us all work together to take

ent Electoral Commission.

commissions of inquiry into state-

our beautiful country to newer

owned enterprises are already


This time around, we have a record 27 million South Africans


being felt on the ground. This year

Public Sector Manager • February 2019

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2018/12/10 4:13 PM


Writer: More Matshediso

Higher Education and Training Minister Buti Manamela said ar tisan training is impor tant for t he Sout h African economy because its tac kles yout h unemployment.

Artisans vital to SA’s economy A rtisans and other members

workplace experience and has

are most likely to result in stable

of a country’s workforce

passed a trade test to qualify as

employment or entrepreneurial

who have mid-level skills

an artisan.


could be its saving grace during

“Artisan training is important

Qualified artisans can work in

for the South African economy

the mining, agriculture, manufac-

because it assists in the battle

turing and engineering, construc-

cation and Training Deputy Min-

against youth unemployment,” he

tion, services and the information

ister Buti Manamela, who spoke

pointed out.

technology sectors.

an economic recession. This is according to Higher Edu-

to PSM about the importance

The Deputy Minister said there

of artisans to the South African

is a plethora of jobs available

Demand for services


to qualified artisans. He urged

Deputy Minister Manamela said

people who are deciding on

that by and large, artisans do not

Minister referred to an artisan as

their future career to take note of

struggle to secure employment

someone who has undergone

the National List of Occupations

because their services are in

occupational training in a spe-

in High Demand, which helps

demand across all the economic

cific listed trade, has the relevant

identify those qualifications that

sectors. The risk of spending years

Roughly defining it, the Deputy


Public Sector Manager • February 2019

tion, only to find yourself un-

Addressing the skills shortage

able to secure a job, is therefore

The Deputy Minister said the

greatly reduced.

department has been encourag-

and money obtaining a qualifica-

training (TVET) college or at a university of technology before sitting for a trade test. Those who choose to enrol with

ing young people to consider a

a TVET college must complete an

artisan can become an entre-

career as an artisan because

N2/N3, N4, N5, N6 or NCV L3 or L4

preneur. A survey conducted by

the South African economy has

qualification and acquire a two-

INDLELA and the Swiss-South Afri-

been experiencing severe skills

year workplace apprenticeship

can Cooperation Initiative in the

shortages in this sector. He noted

before attempting a trade test.

2017/18 financial year revealed

that many countries, includ-

that 60 percent of artisan gradu-

ing Germany, have grown their

someone who possesses a uni-

ates secure employment, and

economies exponentially through

versity of technology engineering

about six percent of that figure

a focus on industrialisation, which


are self-employed,” he added.

demands technical skills such as

“The other beauty is that an

According to INDLELA, there are about 125 listed occupational

those offered by artisans. Deputy Minister Manamela

This process is the same for

Another route is through the ARPL process. This route is largely meant for candidates who pos-

trades in the country, ranging

added that the department con-

sess vast work experience (mini-

from electricians and plumbers to

ducted a study about five years

mum of four years) in the work-

bricklayers, welders, boiler-makers,

ago and discovered that the

place as assistant artisans and

fitters, fitter turners, pipe fitters,

country had an aging population

do not possess a formal artisan

millwrights, instrument mechanics,

of artisans and a huge shortage


diesel mechanics, auto mechan-

of skills.

ics and chefs, to mention just a few.

“Government realised then that

“The ARPL process evaluates the level of skills and knowledge these

South Africa needed an infrastruc-

candidates possess, and if found

ture-focused skills development

sufficient, they are granted access

Department of Higher Education

programme, and that is when we

to a trade test,” said Deputy Minis-

and Training. It runs trade tests

started to get more young people

ter Manamela.

for candidate artisans who are

into artisan programmes,” he said.

He called on young people to

“Most of the older artisans are

ignore the stereotype that depicts

INDLELA is a directorate of the

not bound by learners’ contracts and who meet the requirement of

now retiring and we are also

a person with mid-level skills as

regulation 11(5) of the trade test

partnering with them to train the

inferior. In fact, artisans are favour-


emerging ones,” he added.

ably positioned in the labour market because they do not bat-

The directorate is further responimplementation of an Artisan Rec-

How to become an artisan

ognition of Prior Learning (ARPL)

There are various ways to earn an

process for all listed trades to

artisan title. One of the obvious

progressively phase out the transi-

routes is to complete theory and

Vision 2030

tional arrangements in regulation

practical learning at a technical

South Africa plans to reach the

11(5) of the trade test regulation.

and vocational education and

National Development Plan target

sible for the development and

Public Sector Manager • February 2019

tle to secure employment and are able to become their own bosses within a short space of time.



of training 30 000 artisans annu-

efforts to encourage high school

that artisans are employed after

ally by 2030.

learners to choose artisan ca-


The Deputy Minister said he is confident that this target will be

reers,” he said. To promote the intake of ap-

“The Work Integrated Learning Programme within the depart-

prentices, the Deputy Minister said

ment also ensures that students

the department implemented

get workplace placement for

have produced 16 114, 21 188

an artisan learner grant of R165

experiential purposes so that the

and 21150 artisans respectively.

000 which is payable to compa-

transition from college to work is

So by 2030 we will be able to

nies that train an artisan and is

not traumatic,” he said.

meet the target,” he said.

disbursed per learner over the

met. “Over the past three years, we

“We have asked INDLELA to give us a strategy that will help us

minimum two-year training period. He said employers are also

However, the Deputy Minister acknowledged that the sector is not immune to challenges. He

expand the numbers and we will

persuaded to avail workplaces for

said the main stumbling block in

also intensify the Decade of the

the training of artisans.

artisan training in the country is the availability of sufficient work-

Artisan campaign to get more young people interested in this

Securing employment

field,” he added.

Deputy Minister Manamela

He said infrastructure is also a

added that the department

challenge at the moment but the

campaign was launched by the

works closely with a range of

department is working with the

department in 2014 to promote

stakeholders including organised

private sector to ensure that the

artisan career awareness in

business, organised labour, other

machinery that will be placed at

schools and communities through

government departments and

colleges will be the same as those

an artisan ambassadorial pro-

local government, Sector Educa-

used in the workplace so that the


tion and Training Authorities and

students will be ready for the job

state-owned companies to ensure

when they complete their studies.

The Decade of the Artisan

“This is one of the department’s

places for training.

“We already have colleges that have state-of-the-art machinery but we want all our colleges to have that,” he said. The Deputy Minister said the establishment of Centres of Specialisation at TVET colleges will deliver programmes based on occupational trades. A highlight of this initiative is that the department’s major stakeholders are private companies that have signed agreements to give students practical experience as part of their curriculum.


Public Sector Manager • February 2019




In 2019 The South African Responsible

awareness campaigns, public sector

Gambling Foundation (the Foundation)

workshops, private sector employee

continues to demonstrate an outward

wellness programmes and the senior

expression of important structural

citizens’ workshops and industry

changes it has made internally

training. The Foundation’s leadership

since 2016 when the new strategic

is committed to further developing

direction was launched. Committed

the Foundation’s already extensive

to managing and minimising the

programmes and service suite related

harmful effects of problem gambling,

to responsible gambling.

the Foundation continues to promote responsible gambling with the intention

Whilst many South Africans are

to reach out to various communities in

already familiar with our prevention

South Africa. The National Responsible

programme, which uses the tag-line

Gambling Programme (NRGP) which

‘Winners know when to stop’ with a sub

is SARGF’s flagship programme, will

tag-line ‘A gambling problem hurts’,

enable it to create an even greater

the Foundation continues being a

impact on South Africans exposed

leader and the foremost authority on

to problem gambling and gambling

the effects of gambling in South Africa.

disorders. In 2019 the focus is on appealing to the public’s emotions by emphasising the ‘A gambling problem hurts’, the theme and focus of the Foundation this financial year.

Dedicated to promoting responsible gambling in South Africa, the Foundation’s leadership team is determined to not just deliver on their mandate but also create a legacy

Since its beginning in 2000, the

that will help manage and minimise

Foundation has earned international

the potential harmful effects of

recognition for its integrated approach

problem gambling in South Africa. In so

to providing free treatment and

doing, the Foundation further seeks to

counselling programmes. It is also

contribute significantly in ensuring that

dedicated to creating prevention

the gambling industry is sustainable

interventions through its public

by encouraging gamblers to remain

awareness programme which

responsible and look at gambling

educates the public about the dangers of excessive and irresponsible gambling.

as a social recreational activity, a special occasion outing with a partner or friends and not a money making scheme as it is a game of chance.

The prevention programme comprises of the national schools’ programme, public

CONTACT INFORMATION: OFFICE NUMBER: (+27) 11 026 7323 Office address: Sunnyside Office Park Building B, 1st floor, 32 Sunnyside dr & Carse o’Gowrie, Parktown, Johannesburg. Website: Facebook: South African Responsible Gambling Foundation Twitter: @SARGFoundation WhatsApp: 076 675 0710 Sibongile Simelane-Quntana: Executive Director

Toll free counselling line: 0800 006 008


Writer: More Matshediso

Director-General at t he Depar tment of Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation (DPME) Mpumi Mpofu.

Ensuring government performs optimally


overnment is doing well

“To be clear, the department

access to health, education and

overall in delivering basic

does not evaluate departments as

social protection, particularly for

services to citizens and this

such but rather evaluates integrat-

the poorest in the country.

is slowly but surely resulting in a better

ed implementation forums and

quality of life for all.

integrated programmes carried

Africa indicates that total life

out by various departments work-

expectancy has increased from

General at the Department of

ing jointly to achieve an outcome,”

59.6 years in 2009 to 64 years in

Planning, Monitoring and Evalua-

she explained.

2017. The maternal mortality ratio

This is according to the Director-

tion (DPME) Mpumi Mpofu. As the Director-General, Mpofu

The DPME’s intention is to allow

Evidence from Statistics South

has improved from a baseline of

for a more diverse evaluation

310 maternal deaths per 100 000

is the accounting officer of the

system that also conducts evalu-

live births in 2009 to 135 deaths in

DPME, which is one of the depart-

ations over short periods in crisis


ments in the Presidency.

situations and collaborates with

Her department’s role is to facilitate, influence and support

The infant mortality rate improved

all departments on longer-term

from 42.8 deaths per 1 000 live

sectoral reviews.

births in 2009 to 36.6 deaths in

effective planning, monitoring

2014 and 32.8 deaths per 1 000

and evaluation of government

Strides being made

programmes aimed at improving

Mpofu believes that government

Access to antiretroviral therapy

service delivery, outcomes and the

is making strides in achieving im-

(ART) increased from 2.9 million

impact on society.

proved life expectancy outcomes,

in 2014 to 4.0 million people living


live births in 2017.

Public Sector Manager • February 2019

with HIV being retained on ART by

to planning and delivery. It involves

of all government programmes.


stakeholders within and outside

She also measures performance

government jointly identifying and

against the Medium Term Strategic

Basic services

implementing solutions to sector-


In Mpofu’s view, the provision

specific challenges.

of basic services such as water,

Mpofu is also responsible for

Thus far, the department has un-

Presidential Interventions in areas

sanitation, electricity and housing

dertaken seven Operation Phakisa

where government performance

to citizens has also improved over

initiatives in various sectors, includ-

falls short. This includes chairing

the years.

ing biodiversity economy; chemi-

an inter-ministerial technical task

cals and waste economy; oceans

team which was appointed by the

benefit from social grants provided

economy; ideal clinic realisation


by government.

and maintenance programme; ICT

In addition, 17 million people

Mpofu believes one of her

in education, mining and agricul-

department’s successes is the

ture; rural development and land

establishment of a reliable moni-


toring and evaluation system in

Room for improvement Mpofu has worked for government since 1994 and has served

The department also gathers

as Director-General at four different

government to assess progress in

evidence relating to the state of

national departments for a total of

the implementation of the National

frontline service centres to change

15 years.

Development Plan (NDP).

the experience of people’s access

Although she believes that gov-

to government services. It gathers

ernment is making progress, Mpofu

Strategic Framework and Pro-

this evidence through the Frontline

said certain areas still need a push

gramme of Action, which govern

Service Delivery Programme.

for South Africa to achieve the

Others include the Medium Term

and monitor performance against

Among other duties, Mpofu is

goals set out in the NDP 2030.

the NDP, and the National Evalu-

responsible for providing strategic

ation Plan which assesses pro-

direction, guiding implementa-

economic growth and those that

gramme effectiveness and recom-

tion of programmes and gener-

seek to address the triple chal-

mends corrective action.

“All government programmes on

ally managing the department to

lenges of poverty, unemployment

Since 2014, the department

ensure that it achieves its strategic

and inequality need a little push.

has been pioneering Operation

objectives in the key areas of plan-

Safety and security, including

Phakisa as an innovative approach

ning, monitoring and evaluation

violent crime – particularly against women and children, need special attention too,” she pointed out. Mpofu added that government needs to improve its design of programmes so that services can be delivered efficiently. This will enhance the positive impact on beneficiaries, communities and society in general. “Similarly, areas of infrastructure and facilities maintenance have not been prioritised as government

Public Sector Manager • February 2019



pursued the expansion of services

“The recent 400 percent growth

and a reduction in poverty were

over the past 25 years. The lack

in private sector investment il-

of effective management and

lustrates this, but more importantly,

maintenance of infrastructure

the DPME is leading a joint plan-

viding a platform for young peo-

and state buildings and facilities

ning initiative, the Public Private

ple to share ideas that will take

may pose a threat to government

Growth Initiative, which involves

South Africa forward and contrib-

success if not urgently attended

numerous South African compa-

ute to stimulating the economy.

to,” Mpofu said.

nies across most sectors of the

Mpofu said some of the chal-

service delivery impacts on the quality of life of citizens and visibly changes their prospects for a better life. She also mentioned that the inefficiency of some government systems, including procurement, human resource management and ICT, leads to targets not being met. Other challenges are the complications that are created by bureaucracy and the shortage of capacity or high-level skills in both the public and the private sector. Other areas of concern are the absence of effective consequence management instru-

The programme is aimed at pro-

More than a year later, Mpofu said the programme has fared

lenges that the department faces include the battle to ensure that

selected as ambassadors.

well in promoting the NDP

“The lack of effective management and maintenance of infrastructure and state buildings and facilities may pose a threat to government success.”

ments against non-performers

across society. The ambassadors themselves have also benefited through access to support programmes aimed at facilitating business innovation and development. “We have extended the programme to include innovators of new technology and solutions who have exhibited to the National Youth Development Agency for business support,” Mpofu added. She said other youth development programmes, such as the Youth Employment Service, are making good progress and yielding much-needed results in improving opportunities for young people.

in the short term and the initial

economy. This will culminate in

exclusion of state-owned compa-

unprecedented joint planning for

grammes that the department

nies and public entities from the

the next administration period of

leads, Mpofu mentioned the

monitoring and evaluation system.

five years,” she explained.

Budget Prioritisation Framework,

In 2017, the department

Highlighting other key pro-

National Spatial Development

The brighter side

launched the NDP Youth Ambas-

Framework, National Evaluation

On the brighter side, she noted

sador programme. Young people

Programme, Frontline Services

that South Africa has seen great

who have led by example and

Monitoring, Presidential Hotline,

improvement with regard to col-

played their part in giving a lift

Inter- Ministerial Committees and

laboration between government

to the NDP by contributing to

Youth Development, among

and business.

economic growth, employment



Public Sector Manager • February 2019

Our vision is to save lives of individuals diagnosed with blood diseases by increasing the number of patients making it to transplant THE CHALLENGE: There is a very low number of registered donors across the African continent, leading to too The Sunflower Fund is a donor recruitment few patients finding centre and registry. We recruit stem cell donors and maintain a registry of potential donors committed to helping anyone in need of a a match and life-saving stem cell bone marrow transplant. We cover the cost of education and awareness making it to about the need for and the process to become a blood stem cell donor as well as the cost of the HLA tissue-typing test involved in the recruitment of donors. The Sunflower Fund also transplant. maintains a patient support fund to assist patients who are unable to afford costs associated with getting to transplant as well as being actively involved in creating a platform for support structures to assist patients, families and communities.



• Through active global partnerships and alliances, we are building a registry of donors across Africa who are committed to helping anyone in need of a life-saving blood stem cell transplant.

• We offer financial support for the cost associated with finding a donor and getting to transplant.

With an 18 year history, The Sunflower Fund prides itself in being the premier organisation in Southern Africa to recruit and create awareness about the need for stem cell donors. We have launched a partnership with the Centre for Proteomic and Genomic Research (CPGR) to increase the level of HLA –typing and launched an HLA Data Centre for Africa – the first of its kind for the continent.

More than


donors recruited to date

spent on patient support


DONOR CENTRE • In order to improve outcomes for patients in the African Diaspora who need a stem cell transplant, we jointly aim to recruit 100,000 donors of African ancestry by 2030 as part of the Stem Cell Registry Alliance (SCRA).

We are also a founding member of the Stem Cell Registry Alliance (SCRA), a joint initiative of registries across the Caribbean, UK and Africa who jointly aim to recruit donors of African ancestry, primarily from the countries of the member organizations.


Increased level of tissue-typing to 11 Loci in January 2018.

The Sunflower Fund’s stem cell registry for Africa confirmed on 21 March 2018

Partnerships, memberships and associations:

Interested in supporting our work? Contact Alana James CEO - 072 700 5211 or


Writer: More Matshediso

Dr Sidali is a

surgeon with heart


r Lindiwe Sidali (35) made history by becoming South Africa’s first African female

cardiothoracic surgeon, when she completed her Fellowship in Cardiothoracic Surgery at the Inkosi Albert Luthuli Central Hospital in Durban in 2018. Prior to this, she practiced as a doctor for 10 years, after receiving a bursary from the North West Department of Health to study medicine in Cuba and obtaining a Doctor of Medicine degree (equivalent to a MBCHB). “It has been an amazing journey! Enlightening because I was aware that I was an African female in a speciality that is famously known for being maledominated. I learnt to embrace who I am and what I represent. “It’s been challenging, but it’s also been a great adventure and I could not have done it without the support of the amazing people that I had by my side,” she said. Dr Sidali was born into a family of eight in Dutywa, in the Eastern Cape, and later moved to Wonderkop, in the North West, where her father worked as a mineworker. She matriculated from Rakgat-


Public Sector Manager • February 2019

la High School in Wonderkop.

Interestingly, when I was on call

any symptoms of heart disease.

as a medical officer there was al-

Regular screening and testing is

Sidali. Her parents, Mxolisi and

most always a patient with a stab

important,” she said.

Nowinile, are strong feminists and

wound to the heart or another

instilled in the siblings that girls

chest-related trauma. After seeing

can stand on their own despite

a heart beating in my hands, I

Marking a mark in a man’s world

and against the odds and soci-

knew I didn’t want to do anything

When asked about pursuing a ca-

etal norms. “All of my siblings were

other than cardiothoracic sur-

reer in a male-dominated environ-

treated equally and our chores

gery,” she said.

ment and why she thinks that it

“I’m a small town girl,” said Dr

were the same. Everyone had to

As a cardiothoracic surgeon, Dr

has taken so long for South Africa

cook, clean, look after cattle and

Sidali typically treats patients who

to have its first African female car-

perform at school to the best of

suffer from heart, lung, oesopha-

diothoracic surgeon, Dr Sidali said

our abilities. We were all taught

gus, diaphragm and trachea

women still need to break various

about hard work,” she explained.

conditions that cannot be treated


with medicine or interventional

“I suppose it’s the same rea-

Desire to serve

strategies alone. “They either need

son that we still have not had a

Dr Sidali’s desire to serve people

surgery or need a diagnosis that

female president. When people

was encouraged by her family

can only be made by taking a

see that one woman can do it,

and teachers. From 2000 to 2001

sample from inside the chest,” she

others are given a chance. This

she volunteered at a clinic in Won-


is uncharted territory for women,

derkop to see if she would like to

While Dr Sidali has worked hard

particularly African women, be-

study medicine. “The nurses were

to get where she is today, she

cause they are hardly ever given

wonderful and encouraged me

does not consider it a sacrifice. “It

a chance.

to pursue medicine. This is where I

wasn’t a sacrifice, it was time well

“In my opinion, when women

heard about the Cuban scholar-

spent, focusing on my studies and

are given the same position as

ship programme. I applied and

advancing my career. There are

men, they are tested to the point

was accepted,” she said.

a lot of people who helped me

of failure, when all intuitive direc-

come this far,” she said.

tions point one to believe that

With her interest in medicine and desire to serve growing stronger

Dr Sidali supports government’s

they cannot do it. So, the odds

daily, she is steadfast in her pursuit

promotion of living a healthy life

for African women are system-

to give back to the community,

and wishes that more people

atically, probably unintentionally,

not only by treating patients but

would embrace this concept to

designed to drive us to quit or not

by being a positive role model for

help them to avoid heart-related

fight for more.”

African children.

health problems.

Her leap into cardiothoracic

“Eating healthily and exercising

Dr Sidali believes that opportunities and exposure are needed

surgery happened by chance.

can help with the prevention of

for doors to open for women and

“I had always been interested in

heart disease. In addition, people

the youth. She’s happy that there

most surgical disciplines and I

should visit a healthcare facility

has been an overall rise in female

could not decide what to pursue.

as soon as possible if they have

doctors in surgical disciplines,

Public Sector Manager • February 2019



which were previously known as

of women homicide, but rather

She also plans to complete her

the boys’ club.

femicide; and I would advocate

Master of Medicine degree at the

for very harsh sentences for all

University of KwaZulu-Natal and

transgressors,” she said.

to pursue congenital cardiac

“However, African females have been given the least opportunities, compared to their male counter-

A woman who describes herself

surgery, a sub-speciality of car-

parts. We need opportunities and

as aware, feminist, decisive, a

diothoracic surgery that relates to

exposure, but the most important

dreamer and dauntless, Dr Sidali

structural problems of the heart

thing needed to change the fu-

is also a writer of romantic fiction

that are present at birth. “These

ture for all African children is the

stories. “I write under a pseudo

structural defects can range from

eradication of poverty.

name and only my friends know

a small hole between the heart

it’s me. I intend to share my writing

chambers to complex abnormali-

through education. That is how

with the world someday, but no

ties, such as an abnormal spatial

you truly liberate a person. But

one will ever know it’s me.”

arrangement of the great blood

“One of the ways to do this is

education needs money, which

As for the future, Dr Sidali said

is why education has to be free

this is just the beginning of a new

for those who are from disad-

dawn. “I am excited to hit the

ken through barriers, her journey

vantaged backgrounds. We also

ground running, sharpen my skills

is far from over and her heart is

need more positive role models

and teach and transfer my skills.”

definitely in it.

vessels,” she said. While Dr Sidali has already bro-

for young women. African girls need to see a girl, that looks like them, making it in the world. Then they will realise that it can be done,” she said.

Plan of action Dr Sidali urged the youth to believe that everything in life is possible. “Dream, but create a plan of action to achieve your dreams. Don’t follow another person’s path. Create a new one,” she said. If she had the power to do so, Dr Sidali would make education accessible and free for every disadvantaged child. “I would also distribute wealth equally to all South Africans to uplift the standard of living; stop gender-based violence, especially against women; stop calling the murder


Public Sector Manager • February 2019


1 0 - 1 1 A P R I L 2 0 1 9 J OH ANNESB URG

GEARING SOUTH AFRICA TOWARDS AN ALL-INCLUSIVE ECONOMY THROUGH TRANSFORMATION The undisputed, leading empowerment conference and knowledge sharing-platform in South Africa, spanning over a 2-day period is the renowned initiative that will arm you with the latest transformation insights and opportunities to help your business thrive – and possibly even meet your next client!









Unpacking the critical role that youth play in shaping our economy – How participating enterprises can enhance their B-BBEE scorecards and certificates up to two levels?

Transformation in the education sector – how can it be fast-tracked to make a bigger contribution towards realising the goals of the National Development Plan by 2030?

How public-private partnerships (PPP’s) will get SA back on track

Opportunities to radically transform the economy through foreign investment and why Africa is still a good investment?

T O P E M P O W E R M E N T . C O . Z A @topempowerment

Top Empowerment



Writer: More Matshediso

Managing traffic in the sky S

he is just shy of 30 but Mok-

programme in 2008, training as

gadi Mkhize has the expertise

an air traffic service assistant at

cipals and this meant that she

needed to help aircraft pilots

the company’s Aviation Training

and her siblings had no choice


but to take education seriously.

ensure the safety of passengers when taking off and landing. The air traffic controller works for

“This is exactly what I wanted

Both her parents are school prin-

After completing matric, she

to do after completing matric. I

visited ATNS’s website to apply for

Air Traffic and Navigation Ser-

researched jobs in the aviation

a job in aviation. Her application

vices (ATNS) SOC Limited and is

industry when I was in Grade 10

was successful and she was invit-

based at Africa’s busiest airport,

and developed great interest in

ed for an aptitude test and medi-

OR Tambo International Airport in

this industry. I knew that I had to

cal examination, to determine if


pass mathematics, physical sci-

she was a suitable candidate.

ence and English very well in or-

“I went for intense training for

This is a dream come true for Mkhize, who told PSM that

der to meet the minimum require-

about a year in order to become

she joined ATNS as part of the

ments,” said Mkhize, who grew up

a qualified air traffic service as-

company’s bursary training

in Groblersdal in Limpopo.

sistant,” she said.


Public Sector Manager • February 2019

Reaching milestones

All this work is done from a

within South Africa, and also

Mkhize obtained her aerodrome

control room in a tower at the

hand over the aircraft to neigh-

controller rating and had to

airport, where Mkhize observes

bouring countries once the inter-

relocate to work at the Durban In-

events both on the radar screen

national flights exit South African

ternational Airport in 2009 where

and on the tarmac and runways.

airspace. Each country is respon-

she started her air traffic control

That is where she is able to see

sible for every aircraft that flies in

career. The following year, when

all the flights that have taken off

its airspace,” added Mkhize.

KwaZulu-Natal’s main airport was

and landed.

“At OR Tambo International Airport, we have several of the

relocated to the North Coast, she was transferred to the new facility,

Safety a priority

world’s largest passenger airliner,

King Shaka International Airport.

“I use all the information that

the Airbus A380, which land on

She passed her radar controller

I read on the screen to inform,

a daily basis at our airport. Each

rating in 2012 and continued to

advise and instruct pilots in order

A380 has the capacity to carry

work at King Shaka International

for them to transport passengers

approximately 850 passengers,

Airport as a radar controller. Her

safely. We communicate with the

which means that if I am control-

next milestone was qualifying for

pilots using two-way radio com-

ling two A380s, I am responsible

her current position of air traffic

munication. Safety is our number

for about 1 700 lives. There is no

controller at OR Tambo Interna-

one priority,” she explained.

room for error,” she said.

tional Airport, a job that she says is wonderfully fulfilling.

Pilots need to stay updated

“My job is dynamic. Every day

about the weather, and they also

is different due to traffic volumes

communicate if there is a need

and weather patterns, and I find

to OR Tambo International Airport

for rerouting, changing of speed,

that to be both challenging and

in 2014. “I needed to challenge

altitude or any hindrances.

exciting,” she explained.

Mkhize asked to be transferred

myself by working at Africa’s busi-

“Whenever an aircraft experi-

Mkhize added that because of

ences an emergency in flight, we

the complexity of her work, she

have to ensure that the aircraft

works with a team of profession-

traffic management, monitoring

lands safely and on time be-

als and also relies on air traffic

information regarding weather

fore it runs low on fuel,” Mkhize

service assistants to help her with

patterns, checking equipment


effective communication.

est airport,” she explained. Her day-to-day tasks include air

serviceability and communicat-

In just one hour, there could be

She explained that her eight-

ing with pilots and other air traffic

approximately 20 aircraft that she

hour shift is broken into hour-long

controllers in airports across the

has to deal with.

working periods and 45-minute

country and abroad.

She has to know where they will

breaks. This allows the air traffic

She also relies on the air traffic

land in order to communicate

controllers to be alert and able to

controller who was on duty before

with her colleagues at specific

manage the intensity of traffic at

her to relay information to her

airports locally and abroad, as

OR Tambo International Airport.

so that she can start her shift

well as with the pilots of those

knowing what is happening in


the air space. She does the same handover at the end of her shift.

Public Sector Manager • February 2019

“Those breaks are necessary because my job requires high

“I have to communicate with

levels of concentration. My mind

my colleagues when a flight flies

cannot wander off for a minute. I



Mokgadi Mkhize has allowed aviation to take her to new heights.

cannot miscalculate or misjudge

technical problems with aircraft

ple to consider jobs in aviation

anything because that would

also affect her work.

and to research any career they

mean putting people’s lives in danger,” said Mkhize. “You need to have excellent problem-solving skills, decision

would like to pursue as this will

Women making their mark Mkhize said the aviation industry

help them work towards meeting the necessary requirements and realising their dreams.

making abilities and be a good

as a whole is still predominately

communicator in order to do

male-dominated but said that

access to the internet through

what I do. Hence mathematics,

over the past decade, her

smartphones, as well as print

science and English are impor-

company has been ensuring

material such as magazines and

tant for all candidates in order to

that more women are given the

newspapers. They need to use

be successful during the selec-

opportunity to enter the aviation

these resources wisely so that

tion process.”


they can make informed deci-

One of the challenges that

“I personally see a lot of trans-

comes with working at OR Tambo

formation with regard to that

International Airport is that the

and I feel that I am part of that

airport accommodates a lot

change,” she said.

of emergency cases, and that

ATNS prides itself on offering

“Most of the current youth have

sions about the career paths they would like to follow,” she said. Now that Mkhize is living her dream, she has set her sights even higher. She is currently doing

means an increase in traffic

expert air traffic control and

a BCom in Management through

volumes, which directly affects

management solutions for South

the University of South Africa and

her work.

Africa as well as 10 percent of the

her future plans include becom-

world’s airspace.

ing a manager in the aviation

Extreme weather conditions such as thunderstorms and any


Mkhize encouraged young peo-


Public Sector Manager • February 2019


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Lwandile Ntwana

Executive: Public Sector National Manager: Public Sector ThePublic PublicSector Sectorteam teamatatLion Lionconsists consists skilledand anddynamic dynamicindividuals individuals whoare areready readytoto The ofofskilled who Work: +27 11 780 2282 Work: +27 11 780 2050 The Public Sector team at Lion consists of skilled and dynamic individuals who are ready to Email: Email: assist. assist. assist. Formore moreinformation informationabout aboutLion LionofofAfrica AfricaInsurance Insuranceplease pleasecontact contactus... us... For For more information about Lion of Africa Insurance please contact us...

SharonSikhosana Sikhosana Sharon Sharon Sikhosana

Executive: Executive:Public PublicSector Sector Work: Work: +27 +27 11 11 780 780 2282 2282 Executive: Public Sector Email: Email: Work: +27 11 780 2282 Email:

Lwandile LwandileNtwana Ntwana Lwandile Ntwana

National NationalManager: Manager:Public PublicSector Sector Work: Work: +27 +27 11 11 780 780 2050 2050 National Manager: Public Sector Email: Email: +27 11 780 2050 Email:


Over 1 600 lives lost on SA’s roads


he preliminary Festive Season

only a two percent decrease,”

with multiple fatalities on the N1

Road Safety Report shows that

Minister Nzimande said.

between Bela-Bela and Polok-

1 612 people lost their lives on

At least 36 percent of people

wane and a total of 1 021 unroad-

the country’s roads from 1 Decem-

who died from road-related

worthy vehicles, with overloaded

ber 2018 to 8 January 2019.

incidents were passengers. This is

trailers were discontinued,” the

an increase from the 34 percent

Minister said.

Releasing the report, Transport Minister Blade Nzimande said the Northern Cape, Free State

recorded last year. “Pedestrian fatalities have shown

There were 775 roadblocks conducted compared to 440 in the

and Eastern Cape recorded the

a two percent decrease from 37

previous year, while 1 358 619 ve-

highest percentage increases in

percent last year to 35 percent

hicles were stopped and checked


this year, while driver fatalities re-

compared to the 1 281 062 in the

mained at 27 percent and cyclists

previous year.

“This resulted in an 80 percent increase in the Northern Cape,

at two percent,” he said.

A total of 765 009 notices were

from 30 to 54 fatalities. The Free

The statistics show that human

State increased by 28 percent,

factors account for 90 percent of

the previous year; 4 016 vehicles

moving from 124 fatalities in the

the contributory factors of fatal

were discontinued compared to

previous year to 159 this year,

crashes, compared to vehicle fac-

3 809 in the previous year; and

while the Eastern Cape recorded

tors, that contributed four percent,

2 967 vehicles were impounded

a 22 percent increase, moving

while road and environmental

compared to 2 808 in the previous

from 195 fatalities to 238,” the

factors contributed six percent.


Minister said. Gauteng and the North West

During the festive season gov-

issued compared to 290 023 in

“We continue to review our

ernment increased law enforce-

policies and legislation, that are

were the only provinces that re-

ment patrols and visibility on

aimed at improving safety on

corded percentage decreases in

major routes such as the N1, N3

our roads, through proper infra-

the number of fatalities.

and N4 in an effort to reduce the

structure, ensuring safer vehicles,

number of accidents.

influencing road user behaviour

“Gauteng recorded a commendable 19 percent decrease while the North West recorded


“As a result of these interventions, there was no major crash

and ensuring proper post-crash response,” the Minister said.

Public Sector Manager • February 2019


Compiled by: Jauhara Khan

Mondato Summit Africa: The Sixth Annual Digital Finance and Commerce Executive Conference 9 April 2019

with it more successfully. Industry leaders can learn

tunities, and Policy Considerations in the Fourth Industrial

from experts and peers in an

Revolution will come under the

intimate setting. Specialised

spotlight. Participants include

content and adroit facilitation

representatives from the Devel-

Mondato Summit Africa is an

encourages conversations and

opment Bank of South Africa,

exclusive executive event

collaborative problem solving.

Independent Communica-

focused on thought leadership

The theme for this year’s sum-

tions Authority of South Africa,

in the emerging digital finance

mit is “Scaling Digital Finance

and commerce (DFC) space.

& Commerce Innovation in

others. The summit takes place

With a content-rich, interactive

Sub-Saharan Africa”. Topics

at Summer Place in Johannes-

format, the summit is aimed at

such as The Evolution of the

burg. For more information, go

driving the DFC space forward

Digital Economy, Translating


and its stakeholders to engage

Trends into Investment Oppor-


Telkom and Transnet, among

Africa’s Travel Indaba 7–9 May 2019

Events (Pty) Ltd. includes Tourism Kwa-

The SA Brand Summit is now in its second year

Africa’s Travel Indaba

Zulu-Natal and Durban

and was initiated to discuss global best prac-

is one of the largest

Tourism as partners,

tice in nation brand building and manage-

travel and tourism

aims at establishing


marketing events on

networks and provides

The summit provides a platform for a series of

the African calendar

opportunities for travel

easy and difficult conversations that will enable

and one of the top

agencies to expand

participants to understand how South Africa is

three ‘must visit’ events

their businesses glob-

perceived and what it is currently associated

of its kind on the

ally. It also strives to

with and known for domestically and globally. It

global calendar.

foster a healthy envi-

will also identify the things that impact on South

ronment for business

Africa as a nation brand; discuss South Africa’s

widest variety of

to client or business to

brand narrative; facilitate discussions about an

Southern Africa’s best

business organisations

ideal brand South Africa; and recognise, award,

tourism products and

all across the globe.

and celebrate the brands that make South

It showcases the

attracts international

The event, which

The event takes plac-

SA Brand Summit 6–7 June 2019

Africa shine.

buyers and media

es at the Inkosi Albert

from across the world.

Luthuli International

Johannesburg’s Department of Economic

Africa’s Travel Indaba

Conference Centre

Development, will work in collaboration with the

is owned by South

in Durban. For more

summit organisers to host the event.

African Tourism

information, go to

and organised by


slow Hotel in Johannesburg. For more informa-

Synergy Business

tion, go to

Public Sector Manager • February 2019

Joburg Tourism, a directorate of the City of

The SA Brand Summit takes place at The Ma-



Source: SAnews

SIU to probe Life Esidimeni, Umgeni Water

unsanctioned non-governmental

irregular or fruitless and wasteful

organisation (NGO) facilities.

expenditure and loss incurred by

According to the Health Ombuds-

the board or the State as a result of

President Cyril Ramaphosa has

man’s report, all 27 NGOs to which

matters including the provision or

given the green light for the

the patients were transferred oper-

upgrading of emergency bore-

Special Investigating Unit (SIU) to

ated under invalid licences and all

holes in uMkhanyakude District

investigate the affairs of the Gaut-

patients who died at these facilities


eng Department of Health’s Life

died under unlawful circumstanc-

This is in addition to the repair or

Healthcare Esidimeni contract and


refurbishment of Nagle Aqueducts;

28 entities in whose care mental

The SIU has also been authorised

the replacement of filter slabs,

health users were entrusted.

to look into the affairs of Umgeni

pipelines and nozzles in terms of

The Presidency said the SIU will

Water, a KwaZulu-Natal water utility.

the Contract Participation Goal

probe allegations of irregularities

Umgeni Water is the second largest

Programme of Umgeni, as well

in procurement by the Gauteng

water board in the country, with

as the provision or upgrading of

Department of Health, its employ-

an annual turnover of more than

chlorine distribution equipment,

ees or by contractors on behalf of

R2.4 billion and a five-year capital

the distribution of chlorine and the

the department.

expenditure budget of more than

upgrading of shaft pumps and lifts

The authorisation also enables the

R7 billion.

at the Durban Heights Plant.

SIU to investigate irregularities by

The entity has been rocked by

The SIU will also investigate allega-

officials or employees of Life Health-

allegations of corruption, which

tions of serious irregularities in rela-

care Esidimeni.

among other includes a

tion to the procurement of goods

Life Healthcare Esidimeni came

R220 million security tender that

and/or services in a manner that

under the spotlight in 2016 when

was awarded to a company with

was not fair, competitive, transpar-

about 140 mental health patients

political connections.

ent, equitable or cost-effective

passed away when they were

The SIU, according to the Presiden-

contrary to the applicable legal

moved from Life Esidimeni Health-

cy, has been authorised to investi-


care to inadequately equipped,

gate allegations of unauthorised,

Clean governance key to local government success

respected in communities and that

African Local Government Associa-

have a clear vision.

tion (SALGA) National Members

“Local government needs leaders

Assembly held in Durban recently.

President Cyril Ramaphosa says no

within the council and within the

The President drove home the

effort must be spared in rooting out

administration who are not corrupt,

importance of good systems that

corruption in local government so

who do not dispense patronage

are meant to ensure the effective

as to restore confidence in public

and who will not tolerate the theft

functioning of local government.


or wastage of public resources.

“As a country, we have embarked

“If local government is to succeed,

“Those who are corrupt must be

on a path of growth, renewal and

it needs effective leadership. It

removed from their positions and

rebuilding. We have made im-

needs mayors and councillors

must face the full might of the law,”

portant progress over the last few

that inspire confidence, that are

said the President at the South

months, but we have much further


Public Sector Manager • February 2019

to go and much more work to do.

Development Framework (IUDF),

and management – and the

“We need to restore the credibility

which is aimed at placing the

deployment of big data analysis

of our public institutions. We need

country on a sustainable develop-

– government at all levels should

to root out corruption and end

ment trajectory. The IUDF is a re-

be better able to design, plan

State capture. We need to restore

sponse to SA’s urbanisation trends

and manage development. As

our economy to growth, attract far

to cater for increasing numbers

we respond to the challenges of

greater levels of investment and

by ensuring proper planning and

cities and towns, we need to invest

create jobs on a massive scale.”

necessary infrastructure to support

resources and effort into revitalising

He commended mechanisms

this growth.

rural areas and developing rural

such as the Integrated Urban

“Through better data collection

economies,” said the President.

SA agricultural exports growing

said Minister Zokwana.

2017/18 the projected additional

He highlighted these milestones

investment was R616 million of

South African agricultural exports

during a service delivery forum

which R236 million was from gov-

have been growing steadily over

that brought together the public

ernment and R379 million was from

the last five years despite chal-

and private sectors and civil soci-

the private sector,” he added.

lenges including drought, bouts

ety to engage on how the sectors

Minister Zokwana said since the

of food-and-mouth disease, and

can contribute to the delivery

amendment of the Marine Living

avian and swine flu over the same

agreement of the Ministry of Agri-

Resources Act in 2014, which


culture, Forestry and Fisheries.

formally recognised the previously

Agriculture, Forestry and Fisher-

Minister Zokwana said since the

marginalised small-scale fishers in

ies Minister Senzeni Zokwana

launch of the Aquaculture Opera-

South Africa, the department has

attributed the positive results to

tion Phakisa Programme in 2014,

commenced with a small-scale

the collaborative work between

various milestones were achieved

fisheries programme, whose aim

the department’s attachés, plant

in order to develop the aquacul-

is to establish a new small-scale

health, animal health, international

ture sector.

fishery throughout coastal com-

trade directorates, as well as indus-

“The DAFF has registered 35


try bodies.

Phakisa projects and identified

The initiative, according to the

“The work included the signing of

eight Aquaculture Development

Minister, has seen over 10 000

a memorandum of understand-

Zones throughout the country.

individual traditional fishers being

ing and protocols by Ministers

These zones will be dedicated for

recognised as small-scale fishers

within Brazil, Russia, India, China

aquaculture development with

for the first time in South African

and South Africa (BRICS) member

the aim of creating an enabling


countries. We have seen exponen-

environment and facilitating invest-

He said over 200 communities in

tial growth of exports with coun-


the four coastal provinces will now

tries like Japan (46 percent) and

“In 2018, more than 4 000 tons

be able to access marine resourc-

we have gained market access for

were farmed by the 35 projects

es legally for the purpose of partici-

new products in countries like the

and the total employment was

pating in the ocean economy and

USA, China, India, Philippines, etc,”

1 943 jobs. During the period of

for food security.

Public Sector Manager • February 2019




A special report about the Most Empowered

Black Economic Empowerment (B-BBEE) company 10

Companies listed on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange

years ago to a Level 1 company in 2018. Over the past

(JSE), which was published by Independent Media

decade, we have achieved consistent success on our

in partnership with Empowerdex and Intellidex in

ambitious transformation journey resulting in our c.80%

November 2018, rated the Sea Harvest Group

black ownership (up from 21% 15 years ago) and an

(Sea Harvest) as being the Most Empowered fishing

increase in our overall BBBEE score from 78.8% in 2010

and food company on the JSE. The report listed Sea

to 100.37% in 2018, with the latter being above other

Harvest as the 10 th Most Empowered Company overall

sectors in the economy.”

on the JSE, and the 3 Most Empowered in terms of rd

ownership on the JSE, when assessed according to the black economic empowerment (BEE) amended codes. In both instances, the rating put Sea Harvest ahead of other companies in the fishing and food sector.

“As a responsible, South African, JSE listed company, our driving force is not just generating profits. While we are in the business of generating profits and creating wealth for our shareholders, we want to help address the challenges facing our country through

Sea Harvest CEO, Felix Ratheb, says, “Driving

enterprise development, skills development, socio

transformation is a non-negotiable for us. We have

economic development and the other pillars that

worked hard to ensure that we support government’s

constitute transformation,” explains the Chairman of

endeavour to empower the previously disadvantaged.

the SHG Board and Brimstone, Sea Harvest’s majority

This has taken Sea Harvest from a Level 4 Broad-based

shareholder, Fred Robertson.


Initiatives that have allowed Sea Harvest to boost transformation include the formation of a R30 million Employee Share Trust in 2015 that paid out half of the value of the shares when the company listed in 2017, a rigorous recruitment policy, and a R17 million per annum Learning and Development programme. These have resulted in 70% of middle and senior management, and 97% of all staff, being black, while the majority of the SHG Board is black and 30% is female. In addition, 20 years ago, Sea Harvest was instrumental in the creation of the West Coast Business Development Centre that provides services and mentorship for Small-, Medium- and Micro Enterprises (SMMEs). The company’s procurement policies, meanwhile, have resulted in c. R210 million being spent

This new Grade R school in Diazville, Saldanha accommodates 100 learners.

during the 2018 financial year on 325 suppliers of which 55% are majority black owned and managed.

One of our flagship projects, which we launched last

In order to fast-track transformation within the broader

year, was a new Grade R school that accommodates

fishing industry, Sea Harvest recently led a black

100 learners in Diazville, Saldanha Bay, a community

consortium in the purchase of the majority white-owned

struggling with various social ills. The project was

Viking Fishing Group, making it possible for two new

undertaken in partnership with the Western Cape

100% black-owned entities to enter the industry.

Education Department and Diazville Primary School

Viking Fishing Group staff, who held shares in the

Governing Body. Another flagship project is our bursary

company, received R180 million as part of the

programme that supports tertiary students from the

transaction. Meanwhile, in partnership with Brimstone,

region who are in various fields of study, not only that

Sea Harvest has established a R100 million Fisheries

relating to fishing.”

Development Fund for SMMEs, which will include the creation of a subsidised Accidental Death and Disability policy for small and medium scale fishers.

Ratheb says Sea Harvest is immensely proud of its rating as the Most Empowered food and fishing company on the JSE. “As the DAFF Minister, Senzeni Zokwana,

Ratheb adds that investing in local communities

stated at the World Food Day celebrations in Mossel

through the Sea Harvest Foundation is another way in

Bay last year, doing business in a way that promotes

which Sea Harvest tries to bring about social change.

transformation is the new normal. The legacy we are

“Our Foundation has specific focus areas, including

creating is to see our employees and their families,

early childhood development; education; health; and

local communities and South Africa grow and flourish

business and sports development.

now and well into the future,” he concludes.

SEA HARVEST GROUP LIMITED Cape Town: Physical Address: 1st Floor, Block C, Boulevard Office Park, Searle Street, Woodstock, 7925, Cape Town Telephone: + 27 [0] 21 468 7900 | Fax: + 27 [0] 21 465 5883 Saldanha: Physical Address: Government Jetty, Saldanha Road, Saldanha, 7395 Telephone: + 27 [0] 22 701 4100 | Fax:+ 27 [0] 22 714 3555 V&A Waterfront: Physical Address: South Arm 4, Table Bay Harbour, Cape Town, 8001 Telephone: +27 (0) 21 419 4140 | Fax:+27 (0) 21 419 6731 Postal Address: PO Box 761, Cape Town, 8000 E-mail: | Web:


Writer: Dale Hes

Bringing the North West back to normality rolled up its sleeves to invoke Section 100(1) of the Constitution, effectively placing the entire province under administration. Issues facing the North West In February 2018, health workers downed tools, demanding the suspension of the head of the North West health department. Health services at many hospitals and clinics were brought to a standstill. Government sent in members of the South African Military Health Service, which forms part of the South African National Defence Force, to assist with resolving the crisis. Violent protests were also Dr Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma, Minister in t he Presidency for Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation, led t he IMTT in t he province.


sweeping around the province as community members called for changes to the North West leader-

ollowing months of strike action

the North West was spiraling out of

and protests in the North West,

control. With essential health ser-

national government stepped

vices being particularly affected,

Minister in the Presidency for Plan-

in to put a stop to the crisis, placing

Cabinet immediately placed the

ning, Monitoring and Evaluation,

the province under administration

North West Department of Health

led the IMTT in the province. The

in May 2018. Over the past eight

under administration. Visiting the

team found that, in addition to the

months, the Inter-Ministerial Task

province on a fact-finding mission,

collapse of health services, various

Team (IMTT) appointed by President

the IMTT, appointed by the Presi-

other departments were not func-

Cyril Ramaphosa has been hard at

dent, found that 10 other depart-

tioning effectively.

work, bringing in a number of inter-

ments were also failing to deliver

ventions that are steadily stabilising


the province. In 2018, the volatile situation in


Realising the seriousness of the situation, national government

ship. Dr Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma,

“After speaking to all stakeholders, we identified that the major priorities were health, education, some aspects of scholar transport

Public Sector Manager • February 2019

and public works. We also had

has been resolved and the avail-

have been handed over to the

to [pay attention to] some of the

ability of medicines is now up to

police and are at various stages

municipalities that were in a very

80 percent.”

of investigation,” said the Minister.

She said that issues of mainte-

The Special Investigating Unit is

Dlamini-Zuma in an interview with

nance, non-payment of service

also handling 44 cases involving

the GCIS to report on progress

providers and unfilled critical posts

procurement irregularities; malad-

made in the province.

also needed to be dealt with.

ministration; theft of state proper-

critical condition,” said Minister

“The operating theatres (at the

ties; irregular sales of state shares

functioning of local government,

Mahikeng Hospital) were not func-

and properties, and payments for

as well as entrenched corrup-

tioning, but we now have four out

services not rendered.

tion and wasteful expenditure,

of the five up and running again,

Linked to the allegations, a

were also placed firmly under the

and are working on the last one.

number of officials have been


Service providers were not being

suspended or removed from their

paid. Once we managed to end


Service delivery and the effective

With a myriad of challenges that needed to be addressed, the in-

the strike we were able to start

tervention efforts in the North West

paying them and 80 percent of

Department of Public Service

have been the result of combined

the outstanding payments have

and Administration to ensure that

efforts between a number of

been made. We also started filling

proper organograms are drawn

national government departments

vacant posts that were essential.”

up and posts are filled,” said Minis-

“We have also brought in the

ter Dlamini-Zuma.

including Public Works, Basic Edu-

Revitalising sound governance

is focused on creating strong fi-

Billions of rands worth of state

nancial systems and procurement

Stabilising healthcare

funds were unaccounted for, while

procedures in municipalities.

The most pressing need was to

skills shortages and mismanage-

address the collapse of health

ment in both provincial and local

things we are doing is to cre-

services in the province. Life-saving

government were a major con-

ate good financial systems, that

medicines were not being deliv-


procurement is done properly and

cation, Cooperative Governance and Traditional Affairs and Health.

She added that the task team

“One of the most important

ered to hospitals and clinics, while

“We discovered instances where

the labour strike meant that many

huge amounts of state funds were

we are gone so that there is some

patients were no longer receiving

not used properly,” said Minister



Dlamini-Zuma, referring to the find-

that systems are followed when

a really bad place,” said Minister

government had accumulated

Strengthening service delivery


R15.3 billion in irregular expendi-

Service delivery was not being

ture in the 2016/17 financial year.

carried out effectively by local

discuss with workers where there

She added that the task team

governments, and was further

were issues and come to a solu-

took swift action against the sus-

hampered by the looting and

tion about them going back to

pected culprits.

vandalism that flared up around

“The healthcare system was in

“Fortunately, we were able to

work. The distribution of medicines

Public Sector Manager • February 2019

ing that the North West Provincial

“Forty-six cases of corruption

the province. Service delivery as-



sessment has therefore been a key

of scholars was also affected

administrators and technical

part of the IMTT’s mandate.

due to roads blocked by protest

team we have appointed cannot


be the ones who do the work. We

In addition to issues of maladministration and mismanagement,

“There were certain areas where

must work with the officials in the

the task team found that ageing

kids were not going to school. We

North West, influence them and

infrastructure was standing in the

have been able to assist with tak-

make sure that we leave sustain-

way of effective service delivery.

ing children to places where they

able systems. It is very important

“The Department of Coopera-

can learn and write exams. The

that we leave a culture of good

tive Governance and Traditional

roads were also in a state of dis-

governance,” she said.

Affairs went from municipality to

repair and are now being fixed,”

municipality, fixing sewage pipes,

added the Minister.

GCIS Acting Director-General Phumla Williams noted the progress made in the North West,

burst water pipes and streetlights. Public Works and Labour are

Ensuring sustainability

stressing that a united effort was

also ensuring that maintenance

With the National Council of Prov-

needed in the province.

problems are identified. A lot of

inces endorsing Section 100(1)

work has been done in improv-

of the Constitution, the IMTT is

progress made in the North West

ing service delivery,” said Minister

enabled to extend their period of

thus far, and the positive support-


intervention in the North West to

ive role by organised labour, tradi-

beyond the usual 180-day limit.

tional leaders and the faith-based

Minister Dlamini-Zuma stressed

sector has helped tremendously.

Getting children to school

“Government is pleased with the

that much work still needs to be

Our social partners have been

During the strikes and protests,

done to ensure that the province

instrumental in highlighting the

many parents were not sending

can return to normality.

challenges in the province, and

their children to school. Transport

“We must remember that the

they continue to play an important role in restoring normality.” She added that government is committed to ensuring that the intervention is successful. “Our ultimate goal is to see the province being able to deliver on its constitutional mandate of providing services, while at the same time improving the lives of our people. “Only by working together will we be able to remedy the problems facing the North West and help move our country forward,” she said.


Public Sector Manager • February 2019

4 – 5 March 2019 | Cape Town, South Africa A frica | Transforming t he World w w


VIDESHA PROOTHVEERAJH EMEA strategic growth Director Intel Corporation

SALIM ISMAIL DR JACQUES LUDIK The Bestselling Author of Exponential Chairman and Founder Organizations | Founding Executive Machine Intelligence Institute Director at Singularity University of Africa


PHATHIZWE MALINGA Managing Director SqwidNet



WENDY TEMBEDZA ZACHARIAH GEORGE Associate: Technology Media Co-Founder and Chief Telecommunications & Intellectual Property Investment officer Webber Wentzel Startupbootcamp - Afritech

FOLA OLATUNJI-DAVID Head of Startup Success and Launchpad Africa Google, Nigeria

SONJA WEBER Lead Delivery Solutions Manager T-Systems

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Strategic Partners

Media Partners

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SA on a path of growth and renewal

Although South Africa’s roleplay-

ers represent different constituencies, they have a common interest

South Africa’s participation at the World Economic Forum (WEF) Annual Meeting in Davos, Switzerland, focussed on building investor confidence and fostering consensus for more inclusive global economic growth.


in the country’s development and the promotion of inclusive growth. “We therefore went to Davos with a single message – South Africa is on a path of growth and renewal,” said President Cyril Ramaphosa. He explained that after almost a decade of economic stagna-

ver the past few years, rep-

balisation 4.0: Shaping a Global

tion and political paralysis, South

resentatives from govern-

Architecture in the Age of the

Africa has begun to turn things

ment, business and labour

Fourth Industrial Revolution’.


leaders as well as delegates from

The annual gathering brought

“We have entered a new period

other sectors of society have rep-

together heads and members

of hope and renewal. Over the

resented ‘Team South Africa’ at the

of over 100 governments, top

past year we have taken decisive

WEF Annual Meeting – and this year

executives of the 1 000 foremost

steps to correct the mistakes of

was no different.

global companies, leaders of

the recent past and put the coun-

President Cyril Ramaphosa led

international organisations and

try back on the path of progress

Team South Africa at the meet-

non-governmental organisations,

that we embarked on in 1994. We

ing, which was held from 22 to 25

and cultural, societal and thought

have placed the task of inclusive

January, under the theme ‘Glo-


growth and job creation at the


Public Sector Manager • February 2019

centre of our national agenda,”

four prominent investment envoys

people to visit South Africa,” the

the President confirmed.

which have been meeting with in-

President confirmed.

vestors to promote the opportuni-

Growing the economy

ties in our country. They have also

Reigniting growth

Around a third of working-age

been engaging investors on their

In the wake of a recession in the

South Africans are unemployed;

concerns and expectations, which

first half of 2018 government an-

poverty is widespread and levels

is greatly assisting our efforts to

nounced an economic stimulus

of inequality are among the high-

create an environment that is

and recovery plan to reignite

est in the world.

even more conducive to invest-


“We recognise that we cannot create work on any meaning-

ment,” the President said. Over the past year government

This included the reprioritisation of public spending towards

ful scale unless we grow the

has undertaken measures to en-

sectors like agriculture and small

economy at a far greater rate. For

sure greater policy certainty and

business development, which

this we need much more invest-

consistency, including economic

have great potential to make an

ment in the productive sectors

reforms in sectors that have great

immediate impact with long-term

of the economy, in infrastructure

potential for growth. For example,


and skills development,” President

a new Mining Charter has been

Ramaphosa said.

finalised that balances the need

lishment of an Infrastructure Fund

for transformation with the im-

that will consolidate all public

an ambitious drive to raise

perative for new investment in an

spending on infrastructure and

$100 billion in new investment over

industry that, despite its difficulties,

leverage further funding from the

five years. At the inaugural South

could be growing and creating

private sector and development

Africa Investment Conference in


finance institutions. It will also

Last year, government launched

October last year, local and inter-

In telecommunications, the pro-

“We also announced the estab-

harness private sector expertise

national companies announced

cess of allocating high-demand

to bolster infrastructure manage-

around $20 billion of investments

radio spectrum to accelerate

ment capacity in the state,” said

in new projects or the expansion

broadband access and promote

President Ramaphosa.

of existing ones.

competition within the sector has

South Africa has emerged from

commenced; whilst in the energy

a technical recession. Although

released by the United Nations

sector government has signed

growth forecasts are subdued, gov-

Conference on Trade and Devel-

long-outstanding agreements with

ernment is determined to unlock

opment, direct foreign investment

independent power producers for

the many opportunities that exist in

into South Africa increased by over

another round of renewable en-

our economy.

440 percent between 2017 and

ergy projects and has published

2018, from $1.3 billion to $7.1 bil-

a new energy plan for the country

State capture

lion. “We aim to sustain and further

for public consultation.

The President said that another

According to a recent report

increase this growth in investment.

“In the tourism sector, we are

one of government’s critical

We are dedicating effort and

reforming visa regulations to en-

undertakings is the restoration of

resources to investment promotion

courage more visitors and make

the rule of law and the integrity

and facilitation, having appointed

it easier for investors and business

and credibility of the country’s

Public Sector Manager • February 2019



public institutions. “A commission of inquiry into

ment and poor policy decisions,”

to revitalise and strengthen the

he said.

social compact between govern-

Government has replaced the

ment, business, labour and civil

Deputy Chief Justice Raymond

boards and executive manage-

society to accelerate infrastruc-

Zondo, has begun in earnest to

ment in strategic state-owned en-

ture investment, broaden access

uncover evidence of the ‘capture’

terprises and has been working

to and ownership of the econo-

of several state institutions and

closely with the new leadership

my, and create decent jobs. This

processes by private interests.

to implement credible turna-

is well within our means.

This state capture has damaged

round strategies. “We are devel-

several critical institutions and

oping a response to the financial

integral to the South African DNA.

confidence in our economy and

and operational crisis at the

As Team South Africa, we call on

resulted in the theft of billions of

country’s electricity utility, Eskom,

all of our people and our friends

Rands from the state and the

and will announce measures to

across the world to join us on the

people of South Africa.”

stabilise and improve the compa-

path of growth and renewal,” he

ny’s financial position and ensure


state capture, headed by the

The commission has heard evidence of corruption on a scale

uninterrupted energy supply,” the

far greater than many people

President confirmed.

“Partnership and dialogue are

had expected. “As difficult and damaging as

Land reform

some of the testimony may be,

President Ramaphosa stressed

this is an absolutely essential pro-

that government is tackling the

cess that must be seen through

contentious issue of land reform,

to its conclusion if we are to put

which has generated a great

this shameful episode in our his-

deal of interest globally.

tory behind us. “As part of our drive to end cor-

“We are dealing with this issue in a manner that takes the inter-

ruption and to improve the safety

ests of all into account, fully in

of all South Africans we have

line with the prescripts of the law

taken steps to strengthen the

and our Constitution. We are tak-

National Prosecuting Authority,

ing a comprehensive approach

South African Police Service and

that sees historical redress as an

State Security Agency. We have

opportunity for greater agricultur-

also addressed problems at the

al output, improved food security,

South African Revenue Service

empowerment, job creation and

and are in the process of putting

poverty alleviation.

in place new leadership, and

“The progress we have

have taken measures to stabilise

achieved over the past year and

several state-owned enterprises

the successes we need to register

that were weakened by state

in the months and years ahead

capture, corruption, mismanage-

ultimately depends on our ability


Public Sector Manager • February 2019


Amathuba Hub believes that the end result of any training or learning intervention should be able to show a significant return on investment whether it be in increased performance, profitability or improved efficiencies.


Our goal is to deliver you with a comprehensive •

training solution.

Amathuba hub

As a full-service Skills Development and Training

serves as strategic advisers

Solutions company we are also able to provide and

to the management team companies

source a full range of specific and essential offerings

to enable them to factor BEE into their business

to our clients.

priorities without taking their eye of the mandate of growing their South African operation.

We will assist your company to: •

Identify individuals that are interested in training

We will assist the companies to:

Align training appropriately to the needs of the

illustrative budget;

company and learner. •

Attain BEE targets on Skills spend and Learnerships

Ensure you are fully compliant

Earn the maximum points on the Employment Equity and

Develop a BEE strategy, incorporating targets and an

Formulate policies and procedures to drive the attainment of BEE targets;

Prepare communication with Stakeholders regarding issues and elements relating to BEE;

Skills development elements of the B-BBEE scorecard •

Conduct a workshop for staff affected by BEE to outline the strategy and policy once they have been adopted.

Our role will be to assist companies to focus on programmes or interventions that will allow the company to derive the most value out of the various elements of B-BBEE.

CONTACT DETAILS: Address: 106 Leslie Avenue, Douglasdale, 2055 Email: | Phone: +27 11 783 7190 | Fax: (086) 733-8826


Make your voice heard I

n a few months, millions of South

politics and feel that nothing will

declared a public holiday by

Africans will cast their vote in the

change irrespective of who wins.

government. To vote, you must

country’s sixth democratic elec-

This is far from the truth because

be in possession of a green

the consequences of eligible vot-

barcoded ID book, a smart ID

By mid-January, at least 26.1

ers choosing not to vote can be

card or a valid temporary identity

million eligible voters had been

even more detrimental towards


registered by the Independent

building our democracy.


Electoral Commission (IEC) to vote in the upcoming 2019 General Elections.

Citizens can only vote if they have registered to vote and if

Well-functioning democracy

their name appears on the voters’ roll. South Africans who live

The participation of voters is

abroad or are abroad on elec-

it coincides with the celebration

central to the success of a well-

tion day may also cast their vote

of 25 years of freedom for South

functioning democracy. All eligi-

if they are registered voters and

Africans. It is therefore important

ble voters should exercise their

have informed the IEC of their

for all active citizens, particularly

democratic right to vote so they

intention to vote.

the youth, to go out in numbers to

can make South Africa the place

vote, because this participation is

they want it to be; and build on

ing through the missions abroad,

critical in the development of our

the gains we have made over

are ready to receive potential vot-


the last 25 years of democracy.

ers at South Africa’s embassies,

Moreover, the election is one way

High Commissions or Consulates-

to have this right to vote. There-

voters are able to hold their lead-

General located in various cities

fore, we owe it to them to make

ers accountable for their perfor-

on election day.

sure our voices are heard on the

mance while in government.

This year’s election is special as

Many sacrificed their lives for us

future direction of the country.

All eligible voters will have suf-

Government and the IEC, work-

Special votes on the other hand may also be cast and are typi-

Some, however, may feel disil-

ficient time to cast their votes

cally done by the elderly, people

lusioned about the state of our

as the voting day is generally

living with disabilities and those


Public Sector Manager • February 2019

who are unable to be at their vot-

ensure the elections are free from

in 1994 it has become possible

ing districts on election day.

incidents of intimidation and

for all citizens to participate in

violence. They will act decisively

what takes place in Parliament.

Free and fair elections

against anyone found to intimi-

For instance, we can influence

date, incite or perpetrate violent

decisions by attending meetings

South Africa has held a number

acts during the elections.

organised by Parliament, make

of peaceful elections since the

It is also incumbent on all active

submissions to a committee

dawn of democracy and govern-

and responsible citizens to play

about an issue or contact them

ment and the IEC are convinced

their part by ensuring the elec-


that the spirit of freedom and

tions take place in an atmos-

democracy will prevail once

phere of political tolerance and

by example and become active

more this year. The IEC has been


citizens within our communities.

tasked with the responsibility to

As public servants we must lead

We must participate and be

ensure free and fair elections.

Play an active role

informed about all national and

However, government will also

As citizens our role and partici-

provincial initiatives.

have a role to play to ensure safe

pation does not end with voting.

and peaceful elections.

Our democracy requires that

milestones bear testament to

we engage our elected repre-

the fact that we have a lot to be

curity of the election will be man-

sentatives regularly and work with

grateful for as we approach 25

aged and coordinated through

them so that they can respond

years of freedom. By celebrat-

the National Joints Operational

to people’s needs. Since they will

ing our functioning democracy

and Intelligence Structure. This

be representing us in Parliament

we are not saying there are no

structure brings together all

as Members of Parliament, we

remaining challenges or that

government departments that

should listen to parliamentary

everything is picture-perfect.

are involved in planning safety,

debates so that we are able to

Instead, we acknowledge that we

security and emergency services

play an active role in influencing

still have a long way to go but are

for any major events.

the decisions they make, both at

steadfast in our determination to

national and provincial level.

ensure a better life for all.

For instance, the safety and se-

Law enforcement agencies will do everything in their power to

Since the advent of democracy

All of these opportunities and

Let us therefore go out in numbers to vote in honour of and to build on the legacy of courageous people such as Pixley ka Isaka Seme, Oliver Reginald Tambo, Nelson Mandela and other ordinary people who sacrificed their lives for liberation and democracy. We should not take this hard won right to vote for granted.

Public Sector Manager • February 2019


Compiled by: Jauhara Khan


Amanda BuzoGqoboka CEO: Services Sector Education and Training Authority

public sector, having served

Amanda Buzo-Gqoboka has

A significant milestone in

in various strategic capacities at Johannesburg City Parks, PIKITUP and the City of Cape Town.

been appointed CEO of the

her career was setting up the

Services Sector Education and

Green Scorpions, a network of

Training Authority (SSETA). Her

environmental enforcement

appointment is an historic

officials, while at the

one as she is the first female

Department of Environmental

CEO of the organisation.


Buzo-Gqoboka has been with

Buzo-Gqoboka's duties

the SSETA since 2014, when

include advancing the

she served as the executive

organisation’s vision to

manager in the Legal Services

empower young South

Department and was CEO

Africans with key skills, to gain

since August 2018.

employment or to run their

Buzo-Gqoboka has been an

own successful businesses;

admitted attorney of the High

customer service; business

Court for 18 years. She has a

performance and innovation.

wealth of experience in the

Tshokolo Nchocho CEO: Industrial Development Corporation

from the Harvard Business

The Industrial Development

over a 28-year period, including

Corporation (IDC) has ap-

a lengthy period at the Develop-

pointed Tshokolo Nchocho as

ment Bank of Southern Africa

its CEO.

and as the CEO of the Land

Nchocho holds a B.Com from

Bank.As part of his daily duties in

the University of the North, a

running and overseeing opera-

Master of Business Leadership

tions at the biggest development

from the University of South Af-

finance institution in sub-Sahara

rica and a Master’s degree in

Africa, Nchocho will serve on

Development Finance from the

the IDC board and chair the

University of London. He also

corporation’s scheduled execu-

holds an Advanced Manage-

tive committee meetings, among

ment Programme qualification



School. His experience in development finance and banking stretches

Public Sector Manager • February 2019


Source: National Credit Regulator

Watch out for fake credit providers


he National Credit Regulator

following the tips below:

(NCR) has warned consum-

 Treat all unexpected calls,

 Don’t be pressured into acting quickly. A genuine credit pro-

emails and SMS messages with

vider won’t mind waiting if you

providers who attempt to entrap

caution. Do not assume that

want time to think and compare

consumers in loan scams.

ers to be wary of fake credit

they are genuine, even if the

the costs of credit by using a

These scams typically target

person seems to know some ba-


those who are in distress finan-

sic information about you, such

cially and looking for a loan, us-

as your name.

 Do not engage with credit providers who do not conduct

ing slogans such as “blacklisted”

 Look out for the name on all

or “debt review clients welcome”

e-mails, in case it is a ‘clone

Furthermore, never give false

says Jacqueline Peters, Manager:

company’ pretending to be a

or incorrect information on a

Investigations and Enforcement

real credit provider.

credit application about your

at the NCR.

 Do not pay any upfront fees to

affordability assessments.

financial affairs. Always disclose

release your loans. The National

your financial obligations and

scams comes at a time when

Credit Act does not allow credit

living expenses fully.

credit approvals have decreased

providers to request upfront

and consumers are finding them-

payments for the release of

istered credit provider. If the

selves to be financially stretched.

a loan. If the credit provider

proposal is too good to be true,

This is the time to be more vigilant

makes this request, do not en-

it usually is.

as it is in the vulnerable times that

gage further and report to the

we should make wise decisions.

relevant authorities, such as the

about the legitimacy of the

NCR or the SAPS.

credit provider or agreement, they

The increase in these types of

The National Credit Act prohibits all advertisements for credit from

 Be aware of platforms and hid-

 Never borrow from an unreg-

If you are unsure or in doubt

should contact the NCR on 011

utilising these prohibited terms

den fees included for sourcing

554 2600/2700 or visit the website

and consumers should avoid

a loan.


engaging with any credit provider who advertises in this manner, she added. The fake credit providers generally use the details of legitimate credit providers and attempt to make one believe that they are endorsed by government agencies such as the NCR. Consumers can ensure they don’t fall victim to such scams by

Public Sector Manager • February 2019




The mandate of the Private Security Industry Regulatory Authority (PSiRA) derives from the Private Security Industry Regulation Act 56 of 2001. The primary objective of the authority is to regulate the private security industry. PSiRA is also mandated to exercise effective control over the practice of the occupation of security service providers in the public and national interest, as well as in the interest of the private security industry itself. CEO of PSiRA, Manabela Chauke, speaks about the important role the regulatory authority plays. “Our primary objective is to regulate and control the

Working together with state security agencies and

private security providers in both the national and

government departments, one of the objectives of the

public interests. We ensure that there is legitimacy in the

authority is to promote high standards in the training of

private security industry – a force multiplier for the state.

private security service providers. To this end, PSiRA has

We are at the forefront of crime prevention through

developed training outcomes and standards to ensure

guarding and patrolling public and private assets.”

professionalism in the industry. “We are busy revamping the certification process, which



currently rests with the service providers. In the interest of quality assurance, PSiRA will take responsibility for issuing the certificates; this will ensure only those who


have reached our standards are issued with the relevant


documentation. “PSiRA commenced operations in 2002, opening with

“We expect our employees to live these values, behaving transparently with professionalism, respect for both sides, compassion and the recognition of diversity.

offices in Pretoria. We now have 300 employees in eight offices around the country, with a presence in each province.”

At the end of each year, we celebrate those who

South Africa has one of the world’s biggest private security

have been outstanding in terms of their value-driven

industries – ranking seventh globally – with PSiRA managing

approach to work”.

a database of about 2.2 million security officers.


Chapter 12 in the National Development Plan (NDP) is titled Building Safer Communities; it states: safety is a core human right. It is a necessary condition for human development, improving quality of life and enhancing productivity. How is PSiRA aligned to the NDP? “Making sure South Africans are safe is our key mandate. In order to effect this, we work very closely with the Department of Police, the Department of Home Affairs, the South African Revenue Service, Customs and the Department of Labour. PSiRA ensures that security officers are controlled and operate in a value-driven paradigm.” And what is your vision going forward for private security in SA? “My vision is to ensure that we have a professional security industry, one that keeps pace with technology and digital transformation. The Internet of Things (IoT) offers huge advantages


for our sector from possible utilisation of drones to the collection, analysis and interpretation of data. Utilising technology we can improve efficiencies and drive down costs – without compromising jobs. The Fourth Industrial Revolution requires security officers who are au fait with the IoT and who are agile interms of innovation. “We have launched an App – PSiRA Online Services





(downloadable on Google Play and iStore) – which was designed for private security industry providers, allowing them to interact with PSiRA and enabling the sector to schedule bookings. “South African citizens may also use it to verify security service providers who work at their homes and/or workplace. This enables


users to ensure that they appoint registered security providers; verification in the palm of your hand. Now there is no longer a need to stand in queues for information, everything is at your fingertips.”

FEATURES OF THE PSiRA APP: Allows a security provider to book services via the PSiRA online booking management system Allows users to view the status of security providers,







including individual security officers and companies Delivers notifications regarding news on the private security industry Locates PSiRA offices using an easy navigation system Shows users how to register with the Regulator

CONTACT DETAILS: Head office: 420 Witch-Hazel Avenue

“And, finally, my vision is for the South African private security industry

Eco Glades 2 Office Park,

to play at a global level, training security officers from the continent,

Centurion, 0158

and around the world, according to our exacting standards


and values – conducting exchanges of information, ideas and methodologies, connected by the World Wide Web.”

Tel: 086 107 7472 Twitter: @PSiRALive


Writer: Dale Hes

SA’s new dawn yields results T

of excitement surrounding

Focus areas of SoNA 2018

the 2018 State of the Nation

From the start of the SONA, Presi-

here was an intense feeling

Madiba by putting behind us the era of discord, disunity and disillusionment,” the President said.

Address (SONA). It is fitting that this

dent Ramaphosa emphasised

address was delivered in the Nelson

the need to put words into action,

that came before, the issues of

Mandela centenary year. President

honouring the ideals of Mandela

job creation, economic growth,

Ramaphosa’s address ticked all the

and Albertina Sisulu, whose cen-

poverty alleviation, education,

boxes for the South African public.

tenary year was also recognised

healthcare, land reform, gender

It touched on the most pressing is-

in 2018.

equality and fighting crime and

Similar to many of the SONAs

sues facing the country; proposed

“We honour them not only in

some intelligent (and often ambi-

word, but, more importantly, in

tious) solutions; and demonstrated

direct action towards the achieve-

a true commitment towards building

ment of their shared vision of a

this period, however, was one of

a better South Africa.

better society. We should honour

complete rebirth for South Africa.

corruption featured highly on the agenda of the 2018 SONA. President Ramaphosa said that

One which would require a new level of resolve. “We have been given the responsibility to build a new nation, to confront the injustices of the past and the inequalities of the present. We are called upon to do so under difficult conditions,” he said.

Building on successes President Ramaphosa identified several successes in government Wit h t he yout h par ticularly af fected by unemployment, President Cyril Ramaphosa prioritised programmes t hat would benef it young people suc h as The Yout h Employment Ser vice (YES).


programmes that had been implemented before he took office. Public employment programmes,

Public Sector Manager • February 2019

the social grant system, the

discussions between the public

entered into a recession in early

expansion of Early Childhood De-

sector, business and civil society,

2018. Investor confidence was at

velopment facilities and the free

was warmly welcomed.

an all time low, and high-potential

basic services programme were among these. “As we enter a new era, we are

Taking place at the beginning

sectors were simply not receiving

of October, the Summit proved to

the support they needed to con-

be hugely valuable in creating a

tribute to the economy. As president, Ramaphosa imme-

determined to build on these

blueprint for the creation of jobs.

achievements, confront the

The framework agreement signed

diately embarked on an invest-

challenges we face and acceler-

at the summit outlined more than

ment drive unlike any other seen

ate progress in building a more

70 focused interventions that

before. He appointed special en-

prosperous and equitable society,”

will, among other things, boost

voys to join him on a bid to attract

he added.

domestic demand, increase and

US$100 billion of investment by

broaden exports, create pathways

2023. This number was criticised

continued to be supported

for young people into work and

as being overly ambitious, but

and expanded under President

develop sectors such as agricul-

President Ramaphosa would not

Ramaphosa. But the real test of

ture, manufacturing, mining and

be deterred. He travelled around

the President’s first year in office

the waste economy.

the world to restore foreign coun-

These programmes have

would be in implementing new

With the youth particularly

tries’ confidence in investing in South Africa.

policies and programmes that

affected by unemployment,

would solve some of the lingering

President Ramaphosa immedi-

issues holding South Africa back.

ately prioritised programmes that

South African Investment Con-

would benefit them. The Youth

ference in October, where the

Creating employment

Employment Service (YES) was

president announced that

Central to alleviating poverty, job

launched within two months of

R290 billion worth of investments

creation was one of the first issues

SONA 2018, offering an innova-

had been committed to, adding

raised by President Ramaphosa in

tive way for businesses to employ

to the R400 billion pledged by

his address.

youth through paid internships.

countries visited during the invest-

The drive culminated in the

By the end of 2018, a total of 266

ment drive. It has been predicted

agenda in 2018 is the creation of

companies had signed up to be

that these investments will add

jobs, especially for the youth,” he

part of the YES programme, and

R330 billion to South Africa’s gross


5 500 youth had been placed.

domestic product by 2024, and

“At the centre of our national

create up to 275 000 jobs per

With unemployment on the Ramaphosa stressed the urgent

Boosting the economy

need to create jobs through a

Before President Ramaphosa

nomic stimulus and recovery plan

number of measures. The an-

became president, South Africa’s

was identified as another key

nouncement of the Presidential

economy had been experienc-

intervention in overcoming the ob-

Jobs Summit, which would involve

ing sluggish growth, and even

stacles to South Africa’s economy.

rise in South Africa, President

Public Sector Manager • February 2019

year. President Ramaphosa’s eco-



Announced in September, the package promises accelerated infrastructure spending, reform in the telecoms and mining sectors, joint public and private execution of projects and a simplified visa regime which will make it easier for international companies to do business in South Africa.

Land reform South Africa’s land reform programme had not been accelerating at the required pace prior to

After an extensive public consul-

South Africans and improve the

Ramaphosa’s presidency. In his

tation process, it recommended

living conditions of households

maiden SoNA, the president said

that Parliament amend Section

across the country,” President

that government was “deter-

25 of the Constitution to pave the

Ramaphosa said in his address.

mined that expropriation without

way for land to be expropriated

compensation should be imple-

without compensation.

mented in a way that increases

Rooting out corruption and strengthening governance

food security and ensures that

National minimum wage

the land is returned to those from

President Ramaphosa also rec-

a strong commitment towards

whom it was taken under colonial-

ognised that a national minimum

rooting out corruption within

ism and apartheid.”

wage was central to alleviating

government and state-owned


enterprises. The commission of

agricultural production, improves

Some notable achievements have been reached in realising

On 1 January this year, South Af-

The President has demonstrated

inquiry into state capture com-

this aim. After extensive public

rica’s first ever National Minimum

menced shortly after President

consultations in all nine provinces,

Wage Act officially came into ef-

Ramaphosa took office, as did

the president set up a committee

fect. This groundbreaking develop-

the commissions of inquiry into

tasked with amending the consti-

ment will go a long way towards

Eskom and the South African

tution to pave the way for expro-

ensuring that all South Africans

Revenue Service (SARS).

priation without compensation.

earn a stable income.

In December, the National As-

“This historic achievement – a

The changing of leadership structures in state-owned enter-

sembly and the National Council

realisation of one of the demands

prises is another indication of

of Provinces adopted a report of

of the Freedom Charter – is ex-

President Ramaphosa’s deter-

the Joint Constitutional Review

pected to increase the earnings

mination to fight corruption and


of more than six million working

strengthening governance.


Public Sector Manager • February 2019


Writer: More Matshediso

Why you should not miss SONA programme of the current administration,” she said.

Participate in SONA Williams referred to South Africa as a constitutional democracy that requires citizens to take an active interest in what the executives are doing because they were elected


on the basis of the manifesto of he State of the Nation Address

mentioned in the SONA get to be

their respective political parties.

(SONA) should excite every-

actualised when the Minister of

Therefore, she said, the announce-

body, especially those who

Finance presents the programme

ment of the programme for the

in Rands and cents,” she said.

year should interest everybody,

pay taxes and those who exercise their democratic right to vote. They

Williams said that reports must

should be interested in knowing

be presented by executives in

what government’s plan of action

Parliament each quarter to moni-

for the year ahead is.

tor the progress made in deliver-

The Acting Director-General of the Government Communication and Information System (GCIS),

especially those who voted. She encouraged every citizen to participate in the SONA. “As GCIS, we set up big screens in

ing on the plans and promises

different venues across the country

contained in the SONA.

and everyone is invited to view the

Most of these executives were

SONA. We do this to ensure that

Phumla Williams, told PSM why the

elected by the citizens and

our citizens have appreciation of

SONA is important and why every-

progress reports allow the voting

what government is doing and to

body should care about it.

public to hold executives account-

encourage dialogue immediately


after the President’s address. We

According to Williams, the SONA is of crucial importance to all

She said this particular SONA

make sure that communicators

South Africans. She defines it as a

is important because it is the last

who are working at those venues

statement that is presented by the

State of the Nation Address before

can explain to the viewers what

President of the nation which, in

the 2019 national elections.

was said and highlight some of the

the main, shares with citizens government’s service delivery plans.

“One would expect South

programmes. This allows citizens

Africans to want to hear what the

in rural areas and those without

President has to say on the coun-

the luxury of television to have an

in the past year and also high-

try’s achievements; on whether

opportunity to listen to the Presi-

lights what the focus areas of the

or not the commitments made in

dent speak about issues that affect

current administration will be,” she

2014 – when the current admin-

them directly,” she explained.


istration took office – have been

“It reflects what government did

“The programmes that are


upheld. This is essentially the last

There is a lot of activity on social media around SONA, which Wil-

Public Sector Manager • February 2019

liams said is a healthy conversa-

have succeeded in getting more

democracy, and on renewal and

tion which begins to attract more

South Africans to view what hap-

growth at a time when South Afri-

people to engage on issues that

pens in Parliament on this day,” she

cans wish to see and experience

affect them.


inclusive and sustainable progress that creates jobs and sustains

“Over the years, government has to speak to the people on radio

What goes into preparing for SONA?

soon after the SONA, as part of the

Williams said the planning of

day will again highlight the mutu-

post-SONA programmes to further

the SONA starts with reflecting

al regard and partnership among

unpack what he said in his speech.

on the things that government

the three arms of the state, in line

This is because sometimes the

has managed to deliver, based

with the constitutional vision.

size and time of the delivery of the

on what was announced in the

The SONA is an opportunity for

speech does not allow the Presi-

previous SONA and through the

the President to take stock of chal-

dent to unpack plans adequately,

resources that were allocated

lenges faced by the nation but

so when he speaks on radio and

during the budget speech.

also of progress made.

ensured that the President gets

during interviews, he is able to

From there, government is able to

communities. The ceremonial content of the

The address embraces all South

identify areas still needing atten-

Africans and all sectors of soci-

tion and a programme of action

ety and reflects the lived experi-

executive also continue to speak

to address any shortfalls will be

ence of all citizens, regardless of

about some of the things that their

tabled in the SONA and will be

political persuasion. It focuses the

respective ministries will be do-

effective from April when the new

minds and energies of all South

ing to actualise the programmes

financial year begins.

Africans on the values that bind

explain further,” she said. “Some of the members of his

announced during SONA,” she added.

However, Williams clarified that

them together and on the actions

the work of government never

they need to take to build and sustain a shared future.

The SONA used to take place

stops. She said there is continuous

during the day but it is now deliv-

planning and programme imple-

ered in the prime of the evening

mentation to ensure that service

that there will be another SONA

because research showed that

delivery improves.

after the elections this year.

not many people were at home to

She said that while some of the

Williams reminded South Africans

“We should make a call again to

watch the SONA during the day

programmes continue year-on-

all South Africans to have an inter-

and therefore missed the opportu-

year, the budget for a particular

est in the second SONA too,” she

nity to take a constructive interest

programme might be new.

said, explaining that the political

in how the country is managed. “Since it has been moved to the

Parliament, the Presidency and

party that wins the elections will be

the National Joint Operational

spelling out its direction and plans

evening, we have found that it

and Intelligence Structure, known

for the country.

affords people an opportunity to

as NATJOINTS, have been in con-

Government belongs to the peo-

view and listen to what the Presi-

sultation to ensure that the SONA

ple of South Africa, and that is why

dent has to say. I think this is one of

focuses the nation’s attention on

Williams believes it is important for

the most striking interventions that

both the symbolism and cer-

citizens to take an interest in what

we have made over the years; we

emonial content of South Africa’s

the President is going to say.

Public Sector Manager • February 2019



MOSES KOTANE INSTITUTE OF RESEARCH The Moses Kotane Institute of Research conducts research on behalf of the provincial and local government as well as public entities. Their research products are used to drive government’s decision-making, policymaking, strategic frameworks and more. In September 2018, the mandate of the Moses Kotane Institute (MKI) became part of the knowledge economy, evolving into an Economic Institute of Research. According to Thandeka Ellenson, acting Chief Executive Officer, the vision of the institute is to be an internationally recognised, quality research institution that drives economic development and innovation in KwaZulu-Natal. “We do this by providing timely and accurate economic research to the provincial government to support the attainment of radically transformed, inclusive and sustainable economic growth for the province. Our strategic goals include enhancing the

Thandeka Ellenson, acting CEO of Moses Kontane Institute.

knowledge economy through relevant research, facilitating economic growth through skills development and strategic

“We are still at infancy stage, however; our Acting Head of

integration of emerging technologies.”

Department, Mr Siza Sibande, and our MEC for Economic Development, Mr Sihle Zikalala, are doing everything they

Commenting on some of the major successes of the

can to assist us in building our capacity. The board of MKI,

institute, Ms Ellenson points out the following: “We have

led by Dr Sakhile Ngcobo, has also been helpful in scouting

trained youth in skills, capacitating and equipping them to

for resources that will assist the mandate of the entity.”

be economically active and to start their own businesses.” The institute’s bursary scheme has also been a point of pride.

The institute has four programmes that impact the

“We provide financial support to students to gain access to

mandate to provide quality research and drive economic

tertiary education. The students have done well, with some

development and innovation in the province. “Our first

potentially graduating this year.”

programme is corporate administration, which will lead in

The institute has also assisted maths and science Grade 10 - 12 learners at four schools, which were identified as incubator schools. “We are encouraging learners to pursue careers in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM).”

efficient and effective administration and governance. The second is research. The focus here is on enhancing the knowledge economy through relevant research. Skills development research and partnership is our third programme – our projects are aimed at facilitating economic growth through skills development. Lastly, our

Lastly, Ms Ellenson credits successfully switching to being a

fourth programme centres around emerging technologies,

research institute as one of their biggest successes. “We will

focusing on strategic integration of emerging technologies.”

assist the province and close the gap where timely research is concerned. We are different from tertiary institutions in that we focus more on action research which assists with

In tandem with their emerging technology programme, the MKI will hold a Fourth Industrial Revolution Summit at the

decision-making, as well as strategy and policy formulation.”

Durban ICC on 25 and 26 March 2019. “We urge all parties

The institute is not without its challenges. “We are not yet

attend this summit. Attendees will include delegates from

visible,” she notes, “and we are working on our visibility and

government, business, labour and society at large. We also

communication strategies to make ourselves known out

want innovators to exhibit their work or contact us about

there by our potential clients [departments, municipalities

their inventions and innovations. There will be an Innovation

and other government entities].

awards ceremony on the evening of 25 March 2019 as well.”

who are interested – nationally and internationally – to


MKI will also participate in Operation Sukuma Sakhe


(OSS), a provincial programme that was founded on the premise of taking government to the people in a coordinated manner.


To develop the strategy and develop a position paper on 4IR for KwaZulu-Natal.

To showcase advances in technology, engineering, artificial intelligence, robotics, nanotechnology and quantum computing.

To evaluate the role of machines and artificial

“We make sure that we participate as Moses Kotane Institute – we want to take government to the people.”

intelligence in enhancing productivity and wealth creation, as well as how this challenges the role of human beings.

Commenting on the institute’s goals for 2019, Ms Ellenson relays the following important outcomes: research

To dissect the impact of the Fourth Industrial

projects on six strategic sectors of the province (maritime,

Revolution in Africa on job losses.

agriculture, rural and township economy, green economy,

To determine whether the impact of the fourth industrial revolution will have a better economic and social cohesion.

To highlight the opportunities and challenges

manufacturing and ICT); establishing sector-based forums (comprising government, business, labour and society); establishing knowledge repository for the province; the Fourth Industrial Summit and Innovation Awards, and, of course, a clean audit.

that comes with the Fourth Industrial Revolution, and how to mitigate them. •

To bring together scholars to discuss the magnitude and effects of the Fourth Industrial Revolution on government, businesses, public and private sector.

To envisage how Africa can harness this revolution while mitigating its risks.

To determine the effect of the Fourth Industrial Revolution on the education system.

To give a platform to upcoming innovators with novel ideals and invention.

The summit will cover some of the strategic sectors in the in province.


To determine the future of work and the skills

Address: Moses Kotane House

required for fourth industrial revolution

RSVP: Dr Thembinkosi Twalo at 084 605 8854 or email

Lakeside Unit, 14-Derby Downs, 1 University Road, Westville, 3629 Postal Address: PO Box 2357, Westville, 3629 Phone: +27 31 266 1777 Web:


Writer: More Matshediso

Public servants’ expectations for SONA


uring the 2019 State of the

the country, outline government’s

tional community. PSM caught up

Nation Address President

priorities for the year and set out

with public servants to find out their

Cyril Ramaphosa will offer

South Africa’s place and role on

expectations of the SONA, and this

a candid appraisal of the state of

the continent and in the interna-

is what they said:

Linina Bedhesi, Reactor Analyst at Necsa “As a nuclear scientist at the South African Nuclear Energy Corporation SOC Ltd (NECSA), I would like President Ramaphosa to specifically address the following issues that I find pertinent to the economic stability and well-being of South Africa and its citi-

in Davos, Switzerland, the President announced, without providing further

Sizwe Hlatshwayo, Media Relations Officer at the Department of Public Enterprise

details at this stage, that government is embarking on a turn-around strate-

“I am expecting to hear a

gy for our embattled energy provider, Eskom. As a young person involved in

number of things from the

the nuclear industry, I would like the President to elaborate on, if any, govern-

President, including:

ment’s intentions and plans to implement nuclear as a source of energy in

zens: •

In light of the President’s recent appearance at the World Economic Forum

How government is plan-

South Africa in the foreseeable future as part of the strategy to make Eskom

ning to inspire a fully

economically viable once again.

functioning, competency-

With the current commission of enquiry into state capture progressing, I

driven public service that

would like the President to elaborate on how government intends to deal

is capable of carrying out

with state officials who have been implicated and found to be complicit in

the country’s tasks.

state capture.”

The breakdown of public employment programmes

Ziningi Nkuna, Assistant Director for Infrastructure at Mpumalanga Department of Health

and how more South Africans can benefit from

“I would like the President to speak about education and also the issue of racism that seems to be in-

the programmes. •

What strides the South

creasing in schools. I would also like him to address

African government is

the bullying of teachers by learners. As citizens, we

taking this year to con-

would like to know what government is going to do

front the challenges we

that is new and different. I hope he will speak about

face and accelerate pro-

government’s plans to merge Ministries which will

gress in building a more

save a lot of tax payers’ money. We are looking forward to the new dawn. I

prosperous and equitable

think he needs to touch on all the issues of governance.”



Public Sector Manager • February 2019



As we move towards the end of the fifth administration of the current government, the Department of Public Works is humbled and proud to announce that the government has made significant progress towards its endeavour to eradicate poverty through the creation of short- to medium-term Expanded Public Works Programme (EPWP) work opportunities. Since the launch of EPWP Phase 3 in 2014, the Government of South Africa has to date created over 4.3 million EPWP work opportunities.

Minister of Public Works, Honourable Thembelani Thulas Nxesi

The Department wishes to stress that despite the challenges experienced by the programme, such as

These opportunities were created in all four EPWP

poor reporting by public bodies, it believes the EPWP

sectors, namely infrastructure, non-state, environment

delivered its mandate of lifting communities out of

and cultures, and social. The Deputy Director-General,

poverty, unemployment and underdevelopment.

Mr Stanley Henderson, argued that “these numbers are not mere statistics, but represent the lives of our

The information below seeks to shine the light on

people that have changed for the better as a result of

the performance of the EPWP Phase 3 since it was

participating in the EPWP.”

launched in 2014. Mr Henderson explained that majority of participants in EPWP PERFORMANCE ON WORK OPPORTUNITIES CREATED

EPWP in the past four and half years were women.

The table below shows the overall yearly performance of

“The general annual participation of women in the EPWP

EPWP since 2014:

stood at just above 69%. This was followed by youth participation which stood at around 46% in general.”

Financial year

EPWP work opportunities created


1 103 983


742 179


779 251


900 234

April to September 2018

845 162

EPWP PERFORMANCE ON THE DELIVERY OF COMMUNITY BENEFICIAL ASSETS AND SERVICES Below are some of the community beneficial services rendered through the EPWP: • Home community-based services – thousands of community members across the country are benefiting from home community based care services that are rendered by EPWP caregivers. These EPWP

Total: April 2014 to September 2018

4 370 809

caregivers conduct home visits to care for the elderly and the ailing. They also ensure that those on

lifesaving medication are eating well and taking their

Vuk’uphile programme – the Vuk’uphile is one of the

medication accordingly.

flagship EPWP sub-programme that is aimed at developing

• Firefighting services – communities in the Western Cape have benefited from community work of extinguishing veld fires that annually ravage a number of areas in the province. • Pharmacy assistant services – community members

emerging contractors. Through this programme, community assets such as bulk water infrastructure and public walkways (pavements) have been delivered to communities. Road maintenance – a total of more than 40 000 kilometres of roads across the country has been maintained using

who collect their medication at some state healthcare

the EPWP programme in the past five years. Today these

institutions have experienced a reduction in the time

maintained roads continue to provide the much needed

it takes for them to get their medication as a result of

economic support to those communities.

the work done by EPWP pharmacy assistance at those health facilities. • Early Childhood Development – 81 692 children across the country benefited from the care by EPWP ECD practitioners since the introduction of the phase 4 in 2014. • School assistant services – These school assistant practitioners work with teachers to help children who are having a problem with specific subjects. • Community safety services – Communities in various provinces have benefited from reduced crime as a result of EPWP community safety practitioners who

EPWP performance on institutional capacity building The past five years have been exciting for the EPWP. The programme continued to build on the solid ten-year foundation. At the start of EPWP Phase 3 in 2014, the DPW, working together with implementing bodies of the programme, came up with a new EPWP reporting system. This system was meant to address shortcomings in the programme such as reporting of ghost employees in the programme and to ensure validity of the data. EPWP RECRUITMENT GUIDELINES

work with the police and community policing forums

The EPWP recruitment guidelines guides and formalises the

to fight crime.

process that must be followed by all EPWP implementing

Below are some of the community beneficial assets delivered through the EPWP: Mdwaka Dam Project – the dam has connected over thousands of households within the villages around the Mbashe Local Municipality in the Eastern Cape to clean

bodies during recruitment of participants in the EPWP. The fundamental principles of EPWP recruitment guidelines are: • Fairness in the recruitment of participants into the programme • Transparency in the process of recruitment – all

tap water. EPWP participants worked as general workers

community members must be aware about possible

in this project.

opportunities in the programme


• Equity – all shall have an equal opportunity to participate in the EPWP • Ethical – the recruitment of participants should be ethical – no corruption and fraud will be tolerated • Accountable – those responsible for the recruitment process will be held accountable. EPWP Phase 4

• Performance improvement and outcome measurement will be achieved through the introduction of social audits • Improving demographic targeting for participation of women • To ensure greater synergy between a wide range of PEPs and other poverty alleviation programmes

As the government plans for another five years of EPWP – EPWP Phase 4 – the programme will continue to build on the rich and solid success of the past 15 years. One of the key components of EPWP Phase 4 is adapting the programme to the realities of the Fourth Industrial Revolution. The Programme must explore new opportunities in the realm of the new global technology. Other key components of the EPWP Phase 4 are: • Strengthening the monitoring of the core EPWP

CONTACT DETAILS Switch board : 012 406 1000 Physical Address: Central Government Offices (CGO), Cnr Bosman and Madiba (Vermeulen) Street, Pretoria, 0001 Postal Address: Private Bag X65, Pretoria 0001

principles to improve compliance to the EPWP

Expanded Public Works Programme Head Office


Physical Address: 266 Pretorius Street

• Streamlining monitoring and reporting mechanisms to track programme performance • Enhancing the EPWP coordination and institutional

(Between Lillian Ngoyi (Van Der Walt) and Thabo Sehume (Andries)) Centre Walk Building, Pretoria, 0001


Minister of Environmental Affairs, Nomvula Mokonyane


A BOOST FOR SA AND THE CONTINENT Hosting the Third Partnership for Action on Green

As Minister Mokonyane noted at the opening session,

Economy (PAGE) Ministerial Conference in Cape Town

the conference’s relevance lay in an impetus for

on 10 and 11 January has, according to Minister of

strengthening and leveraging partnerships for resource

Environmental Affairs Nomvula Mokonyane, advanced

mobilisation that could catalyse the implementation of

South Africa’s agenda of inclusive growth and the

the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

adoption of a low-carbon and climate-resilient economy,

domestically and on the African continent.

“It comes at a time when there is increasing understanding among decision-makers from public

The conference was attended by more than 500 delegates,

institutions and the private sector that economic and

including 17 international ministers and deputy ministers of

financial policies and practices must play a far greater

environment, finance, business, science and technology,

role in advancing the transition to green growth.

and development, who participated in robust discussions

on tools and strategies for shaping greener economies and

“A cleaner and greener world demands a move

meeting the Paris Agreement’s requirements.

away from ‘business as usual’ to an ambitious and just transition.”

Among the featured speakers were Guy Ryder, Director-

General of the International Labour Organisation (ILO), and

The Minister assured that South Africa’s vision of

Kumi Naidoo, Secretary-General of Amnesty International.

transitioning towards a green economy has been

In a series of parallel sessions, high-level speakers from South

embraced at the highest political level, through the

Africa and abroad shared the latest thinking and evidence

National Development Plan’s Vision 2030. As such, the

on green finance, strategies and policies for a green

core objectives of the PAGE are aligned to government’s

economy, social and economic inclusion, and sustainable

Programme of Action.

consumption and production in the circular economy.

“Our approach is to ensure that green growth is

Overall, the conference was an opportunity for each

supported by practical and implementable actions –

member state to reinforce its commitment to transitioning

hence the importance of shared learning, building on

to a green and sustainable economy and to demonstrate

existing best-practice initiatives and innovation in key

the implementation of tools and strategies intended to

sectors.” She cautioned, however, that South Africa’s

accelerate, scale up and sustain the momentum of green

commitment towards a resource-efficient and pro-

economy principles that are at the heart of socio-economic

employment growth path requires collaboration between,

and environmental planning frameworks.

and a buy-in from, all sectors.


The National Green Fund, launched by the government in 2012 to address identified market weaknesses, was key and has catalysed additional financial resources


through bilateral and multilateral donor partners. Funded initiatives include the non-motorised transport programme, biogas-to-energy generation from agricultural waste, renewable energy procurement programmes (IRPP), and waste-to-energy programmes including methane gas capture at landfill sites. PAGE, she urged, should transition from policy development to action on the ground, growing good while reducing bad. “This will entail catalysing economywide transformative actions such as enhancing natural capital, promoting renewable energy, keeping rainforests, wetlands, rivers and oceans functional. “Therefore, the various initiatives which are being undertaken are key in enhancing technology development and uptake in small, medium and microscale enterprises (SMMEs) in South Africa which are inclusive of youth and gender advancement. “Despite the triple socio-economic challenges being faced by South Africa, and many other countries, today, the green economy has the ability to contribute to economic growth, not only through job creation and economic development, but also through its contribution to the reduction of our carbon footprint. “The success of greening our economies depends to a large extent on our ability to educate and skill our youth as the drivers of innovation in the greening of economy and society. Success relies on our willingness and collective efforts across all sectors. Sustainability should underpin decision-making and resource allocation. Therefore, the Partnership for Action on the Green Economy must be forward-looking in its approach post-2020, for South Africa and other countries who are concluding their programmes. “With that being said, let us all be part of the green revolution.” The Third PAGE Ministerial Conference, hosted by the South African government, was themed “Advancing Inclusive and Sustainable Economies” and followed the

The Partnership for Action on Green Economy (PAGE) was launched in 2013 as a response to the call at Rio+20 to support those countries wishing to embark on greener and more inclusive growth trajectories. It places sustainability at the heart of economic policies and practices to advance the 2030 United Nations (UN) Agenda for Sustainable Development, especially SDG 8: to promote inclusive and sustainable economic growth, full and productive employment and decent work for all. It also focuses on the recent Paris Agreement formulated in Poland. PAGE supports nations and regions in reframing economic policies







economic growth, create income and jobs, reduce poverty and inequality, and strengthen the ecological foundations of their economies. As such it draws together five UN agencies: UN Environment, International Labour Organisation, UN Development





Organisation and UN Institute for Training and Research. Their combined mandates, expertise and networks offer integrated and holistic support on inclusive green economies while ensuring coherence and avoiding duplication. South Africa has adopted several green economy-related strategies in line with the National Development Plan Vision 2030, which committed to an environmentally sustainable and equitable transition to a low-carbon economy. Programmes that are presently being implemented include renewable energy and energy efficiency, green transport, sustainable housing and climate-resilient agriculture. The South African PAGE Programme, which commenced in 2016, aims to strengthen cooperation, coordination and capabilities required to implement the transition to a lowcarbon, resource-efficient and pro-employment development path. Although it was originally intended to close out in 2020, the discussions at the Third Conference indicated that PAGE will remain relevant well beyond that.

For more PAGE information, visit: http://www.un-page. org/home and

conferences in Dubai in 2014 and in Berlin in 2017.

CONTACT DETAILS Switchboard: 012 399 9000 | Fax: 012 359 3625 Web:


Writer: More Matshediso

Chris Hani Baragwanat h Hospitalʼs Standing Box Project won t he Innovator of t he Year at t he 16t h Public Sector Innovation Awards.

Innovative public servants making a difference R ealising that having limited

Soweto living with cerebral palsy.

resources can mean limited

The standing boxes provide ad-

said, costs about R3 500, but their

opportunities, especially for

equate support for children with

boxes cost R150 at the hospital.

An average assistive device, she

those living with disabilities, a group

poor trunk control. They also have

of four physiotherapists from the

tray tables attached for play and

pay the R150 for each box, dona-

Chris Hani Baragwanath Hospital

feeding activities.

tions are now being sourced from

chose to do something about it.

Eliana Haarhoff said the project

Their Standing Box Project has

came to life after partnering with

since 2017 distributed over 80

non-profit organisation (NPO)

assistive devices to children from

Sukumani Dream early in 2017.


While initially parents had to

private companies and individuals. “We issue them to children in Soweto who would not otherwise

Public Sector Manager • February 2019

be able to have that service available to them.” “It is manufactured from wood.

Sukumani Dream relies on

provincial government. In 2016 we

donors for wood, but the team as-

turned the first salary advice into

sists with finding contributors.

braille. There are 30 employees [who are] visually impaired in pro-

It looks like a child's eating high chair, only they stand in it so they

Good work rewarded

vincial government, but only 11

can wear it via their feet and we

The good samaritans were ac-

are currently benefitting,” he said.

don’t experience problems with

knowledged by government for

A limitation in resources for

their hip joints not developing

their commitment to improving

equipment, such as the braille

well,” she said. The boxes legs can

the lives of the physically and vis-

embosser and gadgets for the

extend, as the child grows.

ually impaired. They walked away

short-sighted, was the reason

the overall winners at the 16th

behind the 19 others not yet ben-

Seeking solutions

Public Sector Innovation Awards

efitting from the initiative.

Haarhoff said the project came

for their Standing Box Project.

about when physiotherapists at

The Standing Box Project won

Making life easier

the hospital were devastated that

the main trophy and a R70 000

“We are intending to extend the

they could not provide affected

cash prize.

project to national [departments]

children with standing frames. “So we started to look at pos-

In second place was a team from the North West Finance De-

sibilities. One of the physios that

partment for its “accessible salary

worked with us – Dalio Rooison

advice for [the] visually impaired”.

and other provinces,” said Ngakantsi. Mkhabele, a transformation officer at the department, is also

– found the NPO and contacted

The invention came on realisa-

them. She started the project, but

tion that one of their colleagues,

has since left Bara Hospital,” she

Andrew Mkhabele, did not have

I don’t need a sighted person


the privacy he deserved when

to read the salary advice to me.

going through his monthly salary

Now my salary is confidential, no

advice due to his blindness.

one knows how much I earn. I

Chief physiotherapist Tracey Bulmer now runs the project with Haarhoff, Stacey Kennedy and

“So we started to develop a

part of the project. “It makes my life easier because

now know all the deductions,” he

Katie Davies, who all work in the

salary advice that is accessible

hospital’s paediatric ward.

to him. The project initially started

He has been employed by the

looking at salary advice in braille,

department since 2002, but has

bled children every day”, said

[but] we are now looking at

been in the public sector since


salary advice being emailed to


“They deal with sick and disa-

The project provides the frames in batches of 20 and they are distributed accordingly. “Eighty children now have de-

beneficiaries,” Mompati Ngakantsi, project leader, said. Rolled out to only Mkhabele in 2016, the project has been ex-

vices they can stand on at home,

tended to 11 other employees at

play in and become functional

the department.

human beings [while] we prevent

“We have extended [the pro-

complications for them,” she said.

ject] to the rest of the North West

Public Sector Manager • February 2019


“So, in all those years, I never received my salary in a format that is accessible to me. I am really happy now,” he said. The team walked away with a R20 000 cash prize and a trophy.



have a crippling effect on the economy, global investor confidence, disbursement of social and public services, and citizen trust in government institutions.

SOUTH AFRICAN CYBER RESILIENCE IN THE SPOTLIGHT A succession of high-profile government data breaches both locally and abroad has cast a stark light on the importance of effective public sector cybersecurity policies and protections. Without fully functional public institutions such as revenue collection, freight handling, military defence and social grant disbursement, governments will find it hard to instil confidence among its various stakeholders, and service delivery to citizens, businesses and public institutions will be impeded. Thomas Mangwiro

The rise of the smart city – a catch-all phrase for Cybersecurity in the public sector is receiving

cities that utilise emerging technologies such as IoT

unprecedented attention in the wake of sensational

to improve service delivery and enhance the citizen

news articles regarding foreign influence in other

experience – further complicates matters. With the

nations’ democratic processes. Hackers and hostile

digitisation of government in full swing, any exploitation

cyber forces pose not only a threat to individual

of cybersecurity vulnerabilities of the operational

citizens or businesses but entire countries, including

technologies that power our electricity generation or

South Africa.

freight handling capabilities could cripple essential

Military risks immediately spring to mind: a recent report found that even the Pentagon’s latest advanced

government services and leave millions without muchneeded public or social services.

military systems are vulnerable and can be “easily

The South African government has taken note: the

hacked”. The consequences for citizens of rogue

Cybersecurity Hub established by the Department of

military assets is unthinkable. But that fear is not

Telecommunications and Postal Services is a positive

reserved for fighter jets and frigates: the hacking of

step toward improved cybersecurity awareness and

a nation’s tax collection system, for example, would

information sharing across the South African public


and private sectors. Defence and Military Veterans

Government-led education initiatives in collaboration

Minister Nosiviwe Mapisa-Nqakula recently commited

with private sector companies can significantly improve

to collaborate with other countries to effectively deal

the awareness of staff at all levels of the public service to

with the challenge of modern cybersecurity.

identify and combat emerging cybersecurity threats.

I would argue that Minister Mapisa-Nqakula and her

The concept of cyber awareness training should play

colleagues should prioritise cyber resilience within

a starring role in any government-led cyber defence

the public sector as a first line of cyber defence.

initiative. Public sector employees that display risky

Cyber resilience refers to an organisation’s ability

behaviour – such as opening emails from unknown

to continue to operate or deliver services despite

senders, clicking on links without validating them first,

adverse cyber events. And its first port of call in

opening attachments without care and using work

this regard should be greater awareness among its

devices for personal activities – should undergo regular

hundreds of thousands of employees regarding the

training to ensure they understand the risks associated

different types of cybersecurity threats, how to spot

with such activities.

them, and how to prevent them.

According to a Google Consumer Research report


commissioned by Mimecast, nearly one in four

In a global study by Mimecast and Vanson Bourne,

and ransomware. Imagine the dire consequences of

more than a third of global public sector companies

a successful ransomware attack on a government

lacked confidence in their employees’ ability to

department providing medical services to vulnerable

identify impersonation fraud asking for sensitive

citizens. Cybercriminals are constantly innovating and

company data such as HR or financial information.

finding new ways to infiltrate an organisations defences.

And yet, only 14% train their employees continuously

So, without adequate awareness and understanding

to ensure they have the awareness and knowledge

of the various ways cyber criminals could penetrate

to identify potential cyber threats.

government systems, no amount of investment in

Awareness training, a process of ensuring employees

employees aren’t even aware of the most basic cyber threats to their organisation, including phishing

technology will safeguard our public institutions.

have the knowledge and insight to identify potential

Public sector employees are government’s most

cyber threats, is an indispensable part of any effective

valuable assets in the fight against cyber threats. But

cyber defence strategy. But government should look

without proper awareness and training, they will remain

beyond defence-only cybersecurity to a cyber resilience

ill-equipped to deal with the growing complexity of

strategy built on three key principles: 1) ensuring the

modern cyber threats – with potentially devastating

correct security measures are in place prior to an attack;

consequences for our citizens, country and democracy.

2) implementing a durability plan to keep email and business operations running during an attack; and 3) ensuring they have the ability to recover data and critical IP after an attack. The ability to adapt to continually evolving and escalating cyber threats is critical, but it’s a task made


immensely challenging by a global shortage of skilled

security professionals. This places the spotlight on end-

T: 0861 114 063

user training: without the relevant security skills in place,


it becomes even more important for cybersecurity to be a shared responsibility across the organisation.


Source: SAnews

Victory for SA space science S

outh Africa has been recognised as a leading player in the space science sector.

The South African National

of Science and Technology. SANSA, an entity of the depart-

and forecasts on space weather conditions, and these benefits will

ment, underwent an extensive

now be extended to the interna-

assessment to earn the dis-

tional aviation community.

Space Agency (SANSA) has

tinction, becoming one of two

been selected by the Interna-

ICAO-designated regional space

the ICAO’s three global space

tional Civil Aviation Organisation

weather centres. The other is the

weather centres, the Pan-Europe-

(ICAO) to become the desig-

joint Russia-China centre.

an Consortium for Aviation Space

nated regional provider of space

The department said SANSA’s

SANSA will partner with one of

Weather User Services (PECASUS),

weather information to the entire

designation by the ICAO presents

to provide the ICAO with space

aviation sector using African

an opportunity to further use the

weather information for the Afri-


space weather centre at Her-

can region.

This means that every aircraft flying in the continent’s airspace

manus in the Western Cape. The newly upgraded centre’s

PECASUS is a consortium of nine European countries, and part-

will rely on SANSA for space

monitoring of the sun and its

nering with it will provide South

weather information as part of its

activity has been providing the

Africa with better access to inter-

flight plan, said the Department

country with vital early warnings

national models and expertise.


Public Sector Manager • February 2019

pendence of technological systems in the world today – which will expand as the Fourth Industrial Revolution gathers momentum – space weather events can have a negative impact on multiple systems. These can lead to serious operational failures in the communication, navigation, energy and aviation sectors, among others, with potentially disastrous effects. With this in mind, space weather can lead to reduced signals from global navigation satellite systems, adversely affecting navigation; increased radiation, which can destroy human cells and tissue, especially during long-haul flights; and blackouts of high-frequency radio communications, which are critically The department said South

influence the performance

important for the aviation and

Africa’s international reputation

and reliability of aviation and

marine sectors.

has also been enhanced, with

other technological systems, is

the country now seen as a lead-

caused by the sun, the na-

African country with operational

ing player in the space science

ture of the Earth’s magnetic

space weather capabilities, the


field and atmosphere and the

department said it will engage

Earth’s location in the solar

with other African countries on


data sharing, infrastructure host-

“South Africa’s designation as a regional space weather information provider will grow

This use of space science and

While South Africa is the only

ing, training, product develop-

the science, engineering, tech-

technology for the good of the

ment, and research collabora-

nology and innovation sector,

nation is the aim of South Af-

tion opportunities.

offering opportunities to de-

rica’s National Space Policy and

velop scarce skills and increase

National Space Strategy, and

programme is feeding the

national research output, while

space weather information has

knowledge economy and plac-

ensuring that usable products

both national and international

ing the national system of inno-

are generated from the knowl-


vation at the centre of South Af-

edge,” the department said. Space weather, which can

Public Sector Manager • February 2019

Owing to the increased interconnectedness and interde-

“The country's space science

rica’s developmental agenda,” the department added.


A study of the Hake Deep-Sea Trawl (HDST) fishery conducted by independent economic consultants, Genesis Analytics, has revealed for the first time the massive economic contribution made by the fishery: • • • • • •

Total economic contribution = R6.7 billion per year Value of hake sales = R4.5 billion per year Number of employees = 7 300 fully unionised workers Total wage bill = R1.89 billion per year Investments = R6.6 billion Spend with SMEs = R335 million per year, of which 57% is with > 50% black-owned SMEs

Historically disadvantaged persons currently hold approximately 66% of the shares in the firms that harvest 90% of the HDST catch, and most likely the same or higher amongst the remaining smaller firms. SADSTIA’s vision is a HDST fishery that is sustainable, internationally competitive and delivering a full range of benefits to the people of South Africa for generations to come. This is in keeping with the recommendations of the National Development Plan which notes “reducing the rights allocated to industrial fisheries to award them to small-scale operations simply cuts jobs (p.229)”. The HDST fishery is an industrial-scale fishery. It should not be confused with small-scale fisheries, nor does it compete for resources with smallscale fisheries.

A transformed industry Making a vital contribution to the ocean economy The Hake Deep-Sea Trawl (HDST) industry adds substantial value to the Cape hake resource, with more than 50% of the catch being beneficiated in South Africa. Value-adding generates local economic benefits including on-shore investment, employment and supplier spend. Exports make up two thirds of all sales and contribute R3Â billion in foreign exchange earnings. Owing to a long-standing partnership between the South African Deep-Sea Trawling Industry Association (SADSTIA), the University of Cape Town and the Department of Agriculture, Forestry & Fisheries (DAFF), the trawl fishery for hake is sustainable and generates extensive benefits for the people of South Africa. SADSTIA, which represents 100% of the 33 rights holders in the HDST fishery, is fully committed to supporting DAFF in the development of a policy framework for the Fishing Rights Allocation Process of 2020 (FRAP 2020).


South African Deep-Sea Trawling Industry Association South African Deep-Sea Trawling Industry Association


Applying for

government jobs made easier online Source: SAnews


ob seekers will soon be able

“For job-seekers, the new e-

to apply for government jobs

Recruitment system will be ben-

through the e-Recruitment

eficial because it is web-based

system that was launched by Public

and accessible from different

Service and Administration Minister

locations for all job seekers who

Ayanda Dlodlo.

submit applications to a central-

Addressing the launch recently, the Minister said the e-Recruit-

ised database,” she said. The Minister explained that the

Administration and the Gauteng

ment system is being phased in

system will enable the applicants

starting with the Department of

to post their CVs and support-

The Gauteng Department

Public Service and Administration

ing documents once and the

of e-Government provides the

(DPSA), which went live in Decem-

process will save them the cost

required resources to oper-

ber and it will be speedily rolled

of making multiple copies for ap-

ate the system, while the State

out to the whole public service.


Information Technology Agency

“The e-Recruitment system is

“It is important to stress that

Department of e-Government.

is partnering on the provision

part of a government-wide pro-

applications for jobs in the Public

of technical and infrastructure

cess to make it simpler and easier

Service will still be accepted

development skills.

for people, especially the youth,

through the physical Z83 forms to

to apply for job opportunities in

accommodate those who do not

Recruitment, as government, we

the public service.

have access to the internet and

demonstrate our commitment to

“The process will also include a

will also be available in an online

uplifting the lives of our people,

review of regulations for all entry

digital format to allow for a quick

especially the youth and gradu-

level posts in the public service

and easy application process


to allow the recruitment of new

for those who have internet,” she

entrants without prior experience


into entry level jobs,” said Minister Dlodlo.

An added benefit for govern-

“Through the launch of e-

“It is also a demonstration that the public service is evolving and embracing the technological

ment departments is that the

innovations presented by the 4th

system allows them to advertise

Industrial Revolution. This launch is

current recruitment processes are

posts electronically and therefore

part of the bigger message that

cumbersome for job-seekers and

reduces the cost of current meth-

the public service does indeed

government departments have

ods of advertising in newspapers.

care for our people and technol-

She acknowledged that the

not moved or evolved with the

This innovative process is a

ogy presents us with an opportu-

changing technological ad-

collaborative effort between the

nity to better serve all our people,”


Department of Public Service and

said the Minister.


Public Sector Manager • February 2019


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Writer: Mokgethwa Ngoepe

The Gallows Exhumation Project has given closure to t he families of political prisoners hanged at t he Kgosi Mampuru Gallows and buried in unmarked graves.

Political prisoners’ remains handed over to families W owo Mzondi was only

saddens me to think that had my

Mzondi said that he is happy

four-years-old when his

father been alive, my struggle to

because his family can now find

father was sentenced to

survive would have been lessened,”

closure as the remains of his

death by the apartheid regime for

said the married father of four.

father have been brought home

the killing of a white shopkeeper in

For Mzondi there was joy and

after five decades of suffering, all

Paarl, Western Cape, as part of the

sadness as he accepted the

thanks to the department’s Gal-

missions undertaken by the Pan Afri-

remains of his late father, Jabavu

lows Exhumation Project.

canist Congress (PAC) combatants

Mzondi. The remains of Wowo

in 1967.

Mzondi and Gqibile Hans were

the department for a job well

finally handed over to their respec-

done. We will now finally have a

a father, Mzondi – now aged 55

tive families in Mbekweni, Paarl, by

final resting place for him, which

and unemployed – says he had

Justice and Correctional Services

is important for us on the road

lost out on many opportunities

Minister, Advocate Michael Masu-

towards healing,” he said.

in life, including an education. “It

tha, recently.

As a result of growing up without


“We would like to sincerely thank

The Gallows Exhumation Project

Public Sector Manager • February 2019

involves the exhumation, hando-

humed from pauper graves in

ver and reburial of the remains

the Mamelodi and Rebecca

the Paarl community, Minister

of 83 political prisoners who were

Street cemeteries in Tshwane in

Masutha said: “This tells us an im-

hanged at the Kgosi Mampuru

August 2017 and March 2018,

portant message about the place

Gallows and buried in unmarked

respectively, by the National

that Mr Hans and Mr Mzondi and


Prosecuting Authority’s Missing

their fellow Paarl activists occupy

Persons Task Team. This was done

in South Africa’s history. They are

ful to finally receive their loved

in partnership with the Truth and

heroes and midwives of the free-

one's remains. Norman Hans said

Reconciliation Commission (TRC)

dom we enjoy today.”

his brother Gqibile Hans was an

Unit of the Department of Justice

ambitious individual who adored

and Constitutional Development

so courageous of our compa-

education. “My brother was only

which ensures implementation of

triots were given pauper burials

26-years-old when he was ar-

all TRC recommendations.

in municipal cemeteries around

The Hans family was also grate-

rested in 1961; he is survived by

Addressing the mourners and

“It is a blight on our history that

The project to handover the ex-

Pretoria. Today, we need streets,

twin sons who live in Lesotho,” he

humed remains of political prison-

schools, parks, monuments and


ers who died at the gallows aims

other public spaces to be named

at helping the families find closure

in their honour for the great gift

by finally laying them to rest.

they bequeathed to us and future

Hans and Mzondi were executed in 1967 following the killing of Maurice Berger, a white shop-

generations,” he added.

keeper in Paarl as part of the mis-

The bodies of executed prison-

sions undertaken by the PAC Task

ers remained the property of the

ing Persons Task Team said the

Force which they belonged to as

apartheid state and the families

remains of a further 24 political

armed combatants.

were not permitted to attend their

prisoners still need to be exhumed


and returned to their families.

Hans and Mzondi were ex-

Public Sector Manager • February 2019

Madeleine Fullard of the Miss-



A VISION AND LEGACY FOR THE PEOPLE OF NORTHERN CAPE In realisation of the global and domestic economic injustices that still permeate our beautiful South Africa, the democratic Government, elected by the citizens of this country, has developed a National Development Plan (NDP). South Africa can realise THE NDP goals by drawing on the energies of its people, growing an inclusive economy, building capabilities,


enhancing the capacity of the state, and promoting leadership and partnerships throughout society. The National Development Plan (NDP) provides better opportunities for rural provinces like Northern Cape to fully participate in the economic, social and political life of the country. Our history is characterised by, among others, deliberate neglect of rural areas. The birth of democracy saw a shift in approach and government has now placed the issue of rural development high on its developmental agenda. As per the NDP directive, a twenty year plan has been developed for Northern Cape to identify high-impact activities and interventions to change the lives of our people, especially the youth, which have been stunted by the apartheid legacy. This long-term plan will enable us to realise growth and development. Growth and development require a long-term perspective – the Provincial Growth and Development Plan (PGDP) Vision 2040 and the Provincial Spatial Development Framework (PSDF) provide such a trajectory. It is therefore imperative to ensure that the province engages with these areas of the NDP in detail, identify specific priorities where we can commit ourselves to improving outcomes and develop focused plans, which include the identification of provincespecific strategic indicators and interventions for how this can be achieved. The PGDP and legal architecture like the PSDF and Spatial Planning and Land Use Management Bill (SPLUMB) will lay a solid foundation for the achievement of our Vision 2040.

HOW WILL THESE GOALS BE ACHIEVED IN THE PROVINCE? While reflecting on this question, it is important to note the numerous economic opportunities and incentives suitable for investment purposes. These include the following sectors, which are also noted as paths of prosperity within the PGDP: • Tourism • Knowledge economy • Oceans economy • Agriculture and agro-processing • Mining and mineral beneficiation • Development of the energy sector, especially renewable energy • Competitive infrastructure development


(Left) Sylvia Lucas with youth from Pofadder at the Khai-Ma Community free Wi-fi launch sponsored by Gamsberg Mine. (Previous page) Left to right: Ms Limakatso Koloi – Mayor Dawid Kruiper Municipality, Mr Pancho Ndebele – Founder of Emvelo & Developer of Ilanga CSP1, Mrs Sylvia Lucas – Premier of the Northern Cape, Mr Rafael Alonso – Project Manager Ilanga CSP1.

Cape Provincial Government Departments, supported by the Northern Cape Premier’s Education Trust Fund, provide financial support in the form of study loans and bursaries to deserving and needy students in order for them to grasp these opportunities. Thirdly, there is the aspect of investment. A number of BRICS investment conferences and consultative forums were held both provincially and nationally, where investors showed a keen interest in our renewable energy and infrastructure investment opportunities. Northern Cape has been identified as the solar hub in South Africa. This hub is taking shape and giving impetus to the rural industrialisation These opportunities were deliberated on at the Economic Symposium that was held last year and there will be further engagements in this regard at the Investment Conference to be held later this year. Together with our private sector partners, we hope to find the commitment needed to address the triple challenge of poverty, unemployment and inequality. It is within this context that we can reflect on the following three aspects. Firstly, there is the aspect of innovation where it is imperative to draw on the uniqueness of Northern Cape in terms of its competitive and comparative advantages and the rich heritage of its people. In order to fully comprehend this it becomes necessary to embark on a historical retreat to the “first people of the Kalahari”. With this historical retreat it

agenda, aimed at expanding the value chain. Guided by Local Economic Development (LED) strategies and economic policies across all spheres, the district LED division seeks to consolidate impacts of nodes, corridors and hubs within the trajectory of a Special Economic Zone (SEZ). This move serves to highlight synergies that exist between spatial, LED and social development for the multiplier benefits from regional economies of scale. The socio-economic challenges require coordinated responses by stakeholders. The green economy has much to offer in terms of job creation and infrastructure, energy (natural gas, hydro, solar generation plants/parks), food (crops and biotech: algae ponds and processing plants) and environmental security for future generations.

is important to reflect on our provincial indigenous

Northern Cape has become internationally known for

knowledge. Internationally renowned products like

its sparkling diamonds and colonial legacy but it is now

Rooibos and Hoodia are deeply embedded within the

time to lead us into the new trajectory of the Fourth

indigenous knowledge of Northern Cape. The use of

Industrial Revolution, where we can set the pace in

this knowledge for bio prospecting contributes to the

the race for achieving economic transformation and a

creation of job opportunities, poverty eradication, skills

better life for all. We are entrusted to lead and remain

development and technological transfer when it is utilised

committed to serving our people with compassion,

for purposes in the public interest.

humility and excellence.

Secondly, there’s the aspect of skills development, where the people of Northern Cape will be exposed to educational and training opportunities such as the Square Kilometre Array (SKA) and MeerKAT. The establishment of the new Sol Plaatjie University (SPU) is an example of such transformatory initiatives. The SPU launched a data science programme which will equip the youth for the knowledge economy, specifically SKA. The Northern



Writer: More Matshediso

Textile firm cut out for success K

waZulu-Natal MEC for Economic Development,Tourism and Environmental Affairs,

Sihle Zikalala, has launched the biggest black-owned textile firm as part of efforts to revive the local clothing and textile industry. Launched in Verulam, the blackowned and black-managed, cutmake-and-trim (CMT) factory is part of the province’s concerted and continued efforts to supporting the local clothing and textile industry.

KwaZulu-Natal Economic Development, Tourism and Environmental Af fairs MEC Sihle Zikalala launc hes t he Africa Bespoke Apparel factor y, t he biggest blac k-owned textile f irm in t he province.

our manufacturing capacity in

ties to provide support for enter-

MEC Zikalala said the industry

the clothing and textile industry.

prises that will have a catalytic

has in the past succumbed to

Government continues to avail

effect on a series of other busi-

severe international pressure that

financial assistance and other


led to job losses.

support to make the domestic

Speaking at the launch recently,

He added that the Africa Bespoke Apparel factory, which has capacity to handle over 235 000

“Today, courtesy of the catalytic

clothing and textile industry more

role played by the KwaZulu-Natal

competitive,” he said.

Growth Fund and Department of

Through the support, thousands

Trade and Industry (dti), Africa

garments per month, is equipped

of jobs have been retained, while

Bespoke Apparel stands as one

with state-of-the-art technology

new decent jobs have also been

of KwaZulu-Natal’s largest and

which makes it able to compete

created. Additionally, punitive

most technologically advanced


measures have been put in place

CMT factory.”

The MEC noted that the factory will be the link between fashion

to halt the influx of illegal clothing imports into the country.

He said Africa Bespoke Apparel, which fashion and clothing houses have greeted with enthusiasm,

houses and the retail market. that government, in partnership

Supporting local industry

with private sector stakeholders,

MEC Zikalala said government is

covering Umhlanga, Verulam,

are working together to rebuild

continually looking for opportuni-

Tongaat, Ballito and Stanger.

“We are pleased to report today


will help grow and shape the North Coast Industrial Corridor,

Public Sector Manager • February 2019

Companies, including Foschini Group, Mr Price and Edcon

black industrialists. The Black Industrialist Programme

CEO of Africa Bespoke Apparel factory Sizwe Mbanjwa said while

Group, have welcomed the

is one of the critical measures that

the company is still young its im-

commissioning of the company,

will ensure that people who were

pact is already being felt.

which has also started receiving

previously not represented in the

orders from government de-

mainstream economy in a mean-

has the capacity to create the

partments, including the South

ingful way get opportunities to do

much needed jobs for the people

African Police Service.

so, he added.

of Verulam. On top of this we have

Investing in jobs

through the KwaZulu-Natal Growth

but we are seeing opportunities of

At full capacity, the factory will

Fund, has taken the decision to

growth,” said Mbanjwa.

create over 750 permanent jobs,

strategically partner with the dti,

The company received a R35.5

drawing most of the employees

to support the establishment of

million grant as part of dti’s Black

from surrounding areas. The bulk

Africa Bespoke Apparel under the

Industrialist Programme.

of the employees will be previously

auspices of the Black Industrialist

disadvantaged women between


The provincial government,

the ages of 18 and 60 years. As a country, South Africa’s top

To date, five black industrialist firms in the province have received

destination markets for clothing

support from the fund and the dti

include the SADC region, United


Kingdom, United States, United

“My department, through the

“It is humbling that our company

not even passed the year mark

Mbanjwa said receiving the funding from government made it less challenging to get his business off the ground. “The funding allowed us to be more competitive in the textile market by being able to acquire the

fund, is assessing additional

necessary machinery. As it stands,

projects for funding from qualify-

we are looking into accessing

focused on investing in infrastruc-

ing black industrialists located in

markets all over

ture projects that drive inclusive in-

various parts of the province,” said

Africa and internationally,” he

dustrial development and promote

MEC Zikalala.


Arab Emirates, Nigeria and Kenya. MEC Zikalala said the province is

Public Sector Manager • February 2019


THE SIXTH NATIONAL HOUSE OF TRADITIONAL LEADERS (2017–18) The National House of Traditional Leaders is thrilled

established by the National House of Traditional Leaders

with the contribution made by one of its own. Most

Act, 2009 (Act No. 22 of 2009). The Act provides that

people do not know or realise the first democratically

the National government must adopt such legislative

elected President of the Republic of South Africa was

or other measures as may be necessary to support

a traditional leader. Nkosi Mandela was a traditional

and strengthen the capacity of the House to fulfil its

leader from the AbaThembu Kingship. This is a clear indication that traditional leaders have the best interest

functions, and such support may include provision of: •



Human resources

Skills development programmes

House of Traditional Leaders is not an exception to this

Administrative systems

cause, however, there are a number of successes and

In fulfilling the above, the Department of Traditional

challenges too. Madiba himself said, “After climbing

Affairs (DTA) has been providing and is continuing to

a great hill, one only finds that there are many more

provide support in all the above requirements. The

hills to climb”. The NHTL is continuing to build on the

NHTL is reliant on the Department, amongst others, to

past successes of the previous houses. The NHTL is

provide financial support. With the little budget of the

determined to change the landscape

Department, the NHTL has been able to deliver on a

of economic liberation of rural

number of programmes and projects.


The budget allocated to the NHTL is managed by the

of their communities at heart. Mandela (Ah! Dalibhunga) concentrated on uniting and developing the people of South Africa and contributed to world peace. His actions were typical of a traditional leader.The National


Department of Traditional Affairs. The Director-General, as well as the Chief Financial Officer, ensure that the


House realises its objectives. It is through the sound

The National House of

and effective financial management of the Chief

Traditional Leaders is

Financial Officer that the Auditor-General for two

administrative leadership of the Director-General

successive years gave the Department a clean audit. The National House of Traditional Leaders is proud to work and be part of the institution that promotes clean governments. The clean audit is not only as a result of the Department, but the responsibilities and accountabilities and ability to prioritise work, good planning and application. LAND IS VERY CLOSE TO OUR HEARTS The NHTL organised a Lekgotla of all Houses of Traditional Leaders in Durban Ikosi Sipho E. Mahlangu, Chairperson of the National House of Traditional Leaders


to evaluate progress made on the implementation of the Indaba resolution. The Lekgotla agreed to hold a conference that will consider all matters related to land. Land is a matter of heritage, and not just a resource. COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT (AGRARIAN REVOLUTION) As the NHTL we realised that most of the rural

WOMEN EMPOWERMENT Our belief is that empowering the nation means empowering women. Therefore, we have conducted a number of outreach programmes to empower rural women. These programmes were primarily made possible by partnering with the Department of Social Development. The empowerment programmes were

communities are poor and unemployed, but are

held in North West, Mpumalanga, KwaZulu-Natal and

eager to work and produce their own food. The

Limpopo. In all these dialogues, information was shared

Agrarian Revolution concept aims to end poverty,

with women on farming, starting small businesses and

develop skills and create employment opportunities

accessing funding for rural development. The topic of

for the rural youth. Working together with the DTA, we

domestic violence also formed part of the programme,

have established about 10 sites to pilot our Agrarian

including reporting incidents to police.

Revolution in partnership with the private sector like Mosiamise Consulting, United Royal Kingship Holdings,


Agri-Help and other critical stakeholders. The projects

It is common knowledge that most criminal activities

include the following:

happen in urban areas and some of those who commit crimes, hide themselves in rural areas. We have

Goat farming

Pig farming

launched the Rural Safety Strategy at Nqadu Great

Farm in a box

Place (Kingship of AmaXhosa). This will eliminate any

Sunflower farming

Vegetable production

Crop farming (grain)

Provision of mechanisation

Provision of water

Pineapple farming

We entered into a memorandum of understanding with the National Lotteries Commission to ensure that rural communities are funded for developmental programmes and projects. This funding will promote food production and skills development in rural areas.

partnered with the South African Police Service and

criminal activity within the kingship of amaXhosa. This will also be replicated in other areas. #ZeroDeaths #RespectCulture The NHTL and Amakhosi are concerned with the number of deaths caused by unscrupulous people during initiation. The NHTL and the Ministry for COGTA held a meeting with the leadership of Eastern Cape to find a solution to the matter. One of the agreements was the inclusion of medical practitioners in the process and that a consultative conference be held with all Amakhosi and other key stakeholders during March 2019. In addition, the DTA piloted the Customary

2018 Opening of the NHTL

Initiation Bill in Parliament. This Bill will ensure that the


unscrupulous people are prosecuted accordingly.



The National House of Traditional Leaders is the leader

The National House of Traditional Leaders is composed of only senior traditional leaders from across the provinces. The Act provides that there must be an engagement with the kings and queens at least twice a year. The engagement model will ensure that there is feedback taken to them at least twice a year. The engagement model basically establishes the Kings Forum which will serve as one of the intergovernmental structures of traditional leaders and government to consult kings/ queens in an orderly manner. The structure will be established during February 2019 so that come next financial year, it is operational and able to provide advice and guidance to our National House and Government. The Kings Forum will further engage the Chairpersons Forum (composed of all chairpersons and deputy chairpersons of provincial houses) to provide guidance and ensure that all provincial houses are focused on achieving the objectives of rural communities. The aim of all the forums is to ensure that rural communities benefit.

in the plan to establish the Regional House of Traditional Leaders. The Regional House of Traditional Leaders, named SADC-KHOTLA, is the gathering of the Southern African Developing Communities. The structure aims to ensure that traditional leaders in the region share common and best practices. The National House of Traditional Leaders is positive that it will be able to establish the Regional House of Traditional Leaders to share and revive the relationship between the communities. VIOLENCE AGAINST WOMEN AND CHILDREN The Institution of Traditional Leaders does not support or promote any form of violence and discrimination against women and children. Traditional leaders occupy these positions so that they can play a meaningful role in emancipating those affected by violence. We must check all cultures and practices that are still oppressing our women and girl children and change them.


• Office of the Public Protector To ensure that the communities report the matters that dissatisfy them. The House assists the Public Protector to resolve and access rural communities. • SALGA To influence the municipalities to work together with the traditional leaders to ensure cooperative development and working relationship. • SANAC To advocate testing and ensure that rural communities access all the services by SANAC and other relevant government departments

2018 Opening of the NHTL

We have to influence change in our communities. Those

To ensure that criminal elements are removed from

who were denying women access to land, leadership

rural communities

positions etc. must reconsider and change that rule. We have a good working relationship with the Gender Commission and together we will make a change. RELATIONSHIP WITH OTHER STRUCTURES As the NHTL we have established a working relationship with the following stakeholders: •

Contralesa The relationship is based on policy development and position on the Institution of Traditional Leadership

Municipal Demarcation Board To provide advice on the areas of jurisdiction of traditional leaders for effective demarcation of municipal wards.


Government departments in general To influence policies for effective community development.

MOVING TOGETHER TO A BRIGHTER FUTURE Madiba condemned poverty. He said, “Poverty is not an accident. Like slavery and apartheid, it is man-made and can be removed by the actions of human beings”. Through the programmes of the NHTL, we believe that we can conquer poverty and unemployment. The Institution of Traditional Leadership subscribes to the statement of Madiba when he said, “There can be no greater gift than that of giving one’s time and energy to helping others without expecting anything in return”.

SAJEI To influence the capacity building of traditional


leaders on judicial matters

1. T he Annual Opening of the NHTL by the President: 19 February 2019, Parliament.

CRL Rights Commission To provide advice and jointly protect and promote

2. T he Debate of the President’s Speech: 21 February 2019, Parliament.

culture, religion and language.

CONTACT DETAILS: Tel: 012 336 5853 | Web:


Confronting Apartheid, by

Namibia, South Africa

John Dugard

and more recently in

South Africa achieved notoriety

occupied Palestine,

for its apartheid policies and

which enforces a sys-

practices both in the country and

tem that closely mirrors

in Namibia. Today Israel stands

apartheid in South

accused of applying apartheid


in the Palestinian territories it has

He shows how law was

occupied since 1967. Confronting

used by progressive

Apartheid examines the regimes

lawyers in Namibia and

of these three societies from the

South Africa to strike at

perspective of the author’s experi-

the heart of apartheid.

ences as a human rights lawyer

The entrenchment of

in South Africa and Namibia and

a system of discrimina-

as a United Nations’ (UN) human

tion and oppression in

rights envoy in occupied Pales-

occupied Palestine is


carefully examined in

Looking back over a long and

the context of apart-

distinguished career, John

heid, but he ends on a

Dugard describes the work he

note of hope that the

undertook in defence of human

international community, act-

will ensure that a just solution is

rights by opposing the system of

ing through civil society and the

found to this seemingly intracta-

apartheid in South West Africa/

institutions of international law,

ble problem.

This Is How It Is, by The Life

published before. They wrote

Righting Collective

these stories primarily to bear wit-

This Is How It Is is a collection of

ness to their lives and the trou-

real life experiences – 52 stories,

bled times in which we live.

prose and poetry, that tell of a man who is anxious about an

invites us to become curious and

HIV test; a child with an alarming

reflective rather than fearful and

nose for gossip and a girl who

defensive. It encourages us to

is saved by the enemy in a war

climb down from the ladder of

zone, among others.

hierarchy and competition and to

Some of the writers featured in


As readers, this anthology

join the circle of relationship and

This Is How It Is are grieving the

humanity by becoming vulner-

loss of a child or struggling with

able enough to share and listen

addiction, abuse, bullying or

to our own and each other’s half-

betrayal. Most have never been

hidden stories.

Public Sector Manager • February 2019

Two million children go to bed hungry...

One Red Bowl can change it all Help stop the injustice and reduce hunger, one child at a time, by giving a gift of great value – a JAM Red Bowl filled with 75% of a child’s daily nutritional needs. For only R50 a month (or R600 per year) you can sponsor the feeding of one or more children by donating online at OR SMS”JAM” to 42181 to donate R30 towards feeding a child.


Home-grown health Registered dietician Mpho Tshukudu believes that people’s weight issues will resolve themselves when they trust the wisdom of the ancestors, prepare their food slowly and eat it with people they love.

our health problems are right under our noses. “We have been eating foraged, organic, ancient, gluten-free, vegan, low GI, low GL, slow-cooked, seasonal, sustainable, grass-fed, hormone-free for generations,” she said.


Whilst studying functional medifter many years of suffering

She said many of her clients

cines, she was inspired to write

from leaky gut syndrome

were being diagnosed with

the book, Eat Ting, which identi-

and numerous food aller-

lifestyle diseases such as dia-

fies the root cause of diseases

gies Tshukudu took a closer look at

betes, high blood pressure and

and uses specific nutritional

her Anglo-Euro centric diet.

abdominal fat (mkhaba).

compounds to treat or manage

“I realised that, like me, most

“And then it hit me. If we are


of my clients were middle-class

what we eat, if we ignore our

black South Africans and the first

familial taste presence, then we

were American, Chinese and

generation with lifestyle diseases.

become someone else,” she

European. I wanted to implement

As we moved further away from


the strategies when treating my

our heritage and acculturated

Tshukudu learnt that African

“The foods mostly spoken about

patients and decided to research

to the western and city lifestyle,

food is healthy and delicious

healthy, nutritious foods from

including what we cooked and

and that the answers that we

Southern Africa. I learnt a lot from

ate, we gained weight.”

have been looking for to solve

older patients and families about


Public Sector Manager • February 2019

traditional and indigenous foods

nutrition, we tend to overeat in an

and food systems and realised

effort to feel full,” she said.

that African foods are healthy,

To take control of your diet and

What’s for dinner? Tshukudu urges you to con-

low-GI, organic, free-range and

get back to nutrient-dense foods

sider legumes (beans and

gluten free and can be used to

Tshukudu has these tips for South

lentils) because they make

manage and maintain a healthy


great stews in winter and can

lifestyle,” she said.

• Take control of what you eat

be added to salad or mixed

• Appreciate local foods

with whole sorghum or corn

• Teach children about their

(dikgobe). They can also be

Going back to your roots to eat healthily has various advantages, including that food is eas-

food heritage and customs

used to make into burger pat-

ily available and cost effective.

associated with food

ties and are a good source

“Food grows easily in rural areas because it is indigenous and is

• Start a small garden to grow your own food

of plant protein, fibre and minerals. She also recommends offal

therefore used to the climate and

“Home-grown food is fresher

soil composition,” said Tshukudu.

than store-bought items; home

(intestines, hearts, gizzards,

“The food that is around you is

gardening uses less chemicals,

tripe and trotters), which is

healthy and sometimes superior

such as pesticides; and garden-

a nutritious protein source

in taste and nutrition, compared

ing is therapeutic, a form of ex-

and is inexpensive; and the

to store-bought products that

ercise, can help family members

inclusion of potatoes, sweet

may be stripped of fibre, vitamins

bond and encourages children

potatoes, amadumbe, tradi-

and minerals and filled with sugar,

to learn about where food comes

tional squash and pumpkins

salt and unhealthy fats.”

from,” she said.

into to your diet. “Do not add sugar to the

Take control of your diet

Lunchbox ideas

sweet potato and squash

When adding items to your lunch-

and eat the skin when pos-

Tshukudu explains that some of

box, Tshukudu suggested that

sible,” she said.

the reasons why South Africans

vegetables, especially traditional

are becoming overweight and

leaves (morogo), are more nutri-

there is an increase in lifestyle

tious than spinach and they grow

disease is because more people

easily in rural areas. You can also

opt to eat takeaways and store-

add a fruit, especially indigenous

bought food. They exercise less

and traditional ones such as

and are not involved with food

mulberry and figs; and raw nuts,

production and thus lose touch

such as groundnuts, marula or

with the effort taken to prepare a

cashews. You can also cook with


nuts. For example, sorghum por-

“We associate foods from rural

ridge; morogo cooked with nuts

areas with poverty. But, because

or peanut butter; and samp, bea

the ‘new’ foods are not our

ns and ground nuts with cab-

preferred taste and they lack


Public Sector Manager • February 2019



Writer: Nicholas Francis

For the love of food I

n some way or the other we are

1 tsp black pepper

garlic, egg, breadcrumbs and

all foodies at heart and it shows

1 large egg

parsley. Mix together and set aside

when we whip up our favourite

¼ cup panko breadcrumbs

for 10 minutes. Add the minced

2 tbsp oil

meat, salt and black pepper to the

midweek dishes.There’s nothing better than seeing our loved ones sit-

mixture and mix with your hands.

ting around the table digging into


The mixture should be wet, but not

the hearty meal you have prepared.

6 tomatoes (chopped)

runny. Once done, set aside for 10

Here are some delicious dishes that

½ onion (chopped)

minutes. With your hands, scoop

the family are sure to enjoy.

2 garlic cloves (chopped)

up mixture and form golf ball size

¼ cup fresh basil (chopped)

meatballs. Place a pan on medium

1 tsp salt

heat on the stove and add oil. Sear


1 tsp black pepper

the meatballs all round but do not


¼ cup Mrs Ball’s chutney

cook through. Remove from the

1 kg minced beef

½ cup tomato sauce

pan and let them rest on a plate.

½ onion (finely diced)

1 packet spaghetti


Meatballs and spaghetti

2 garlic cloves (minced)

Blend together the tomatoes,

¼ cup fresh parsley (finely


onion, garlic, chutney, tomato



sauce, salt and pepper. Blend until

1 tsp salt

In a mixing bowl, add the onion,

a smooth sauce is formed. Add the


Public Sector Manager • February 2019

sauce to pan that the meatballs

Cajun Spice

chicken breasts. Heat two inches

were fried in and let simmer for

1 tsp butter

of oil in a pan over medium

five minutes on medium heat.

heat, place the chicken breast

Add in the meatballs and let


in heated oil and cook until

simmer for 15 minutes until

Chicken schnitzel

brown on one side. Turn chicken

sauce is infused in the meat-

Place one chicken breast in a

breast and brown the other side.


large reusable storage bag with

Remove the chicken breast and

one tablespoon of water. The wa-

place on a plate with a paper

ter will keep the chicken breast

towel. Follow the same process

from tearing. Hit the chicken,

with the other chicken breasts.

Serve with spaghetti.

Chicken schnitzel with Cajun potatoes

with a rolling pin or small pan from the centre towards the

Cajun potatoes


edges. This will even out the

Heat a pan on medium heat.

Chicken schnitzel

thickness and allow for even

Add butter to the pan and let

4 butterflied, deboned skinless

cooking. Follow this process with

it simmer slightly. Toss the par-

chicken breasts

the remaining chicken breasts,

boiled potato cubes in Cajun

2 egg whites

season chicken with salt and

spice until lightly covered. Add

½ cup flour

pepper once complete. In three

the potatoes to pan and let

1 cup panko bread crumbs

separate containers, place the

them fry slowly, occasionally

Zest of 1 lemon

egg whites in one, the flour sea-

turning to brown on each side.

½ tsp dried thyme

soned with salt and pepper in

Remove from pan and place on

Salt and pepper

another and in the last one add

a plate with paper towel.

Olive or canola oil

the panko seasoned with zest,

Lemon wedges

thyme, salt and pepper.

Plate the chicken schnitzel with

Bread the chicken breast in the

Cajun potatoes and squeeze

Cajun potatoes

following order: place in flour,

lemon wedges over chicken.

6 par-boiled potatoes (cubed

then in egg whites and then

Serve with salad of your choice.

with skin on)

in panko. Do this with all the

Public Sector Manager • February 2019



Cottage pie

2 garlic cloves (chopped)

mash until nice and fluffy. In a


¼ cup fresh basil (chopped)

large pan over medium heat, add

1kg minced beef

1 tbsp salt

three tablespoons of butter. Wait

6 potatoes (peeled)

1 tbsp black pepper

until it has a light sizzle then sauté

1 onion (chopped)

½ packet tomato paste

the garlic and carrots. Add in the

2 garlic cloves (minced)

minced meat and continuously

2 cups frozen mixed vegetables


stir until brown, season with salt

1 tsp salt


and pepper. Add in the mixed

1 tsp black pepper

Blend together the tomatoes,

vegetables and let it simmer for

1 tsp thyme

onion, garlic, tomato paste, salt

five minutes. Add in the sauce and

1 tbsp tomato paste

and pepper. Blend until a smooth

let it simmer for a further 15 min-

6 tbsp butter

sauce is formed.

utes. Pour into a casserole dish and


top with mashed potato, cover and


Par-boil the potatoes until tender,

bake at 180°C for 30 minutes.

4 tomatoes (chopped)

drain and set aside. Add milk,

½ onion (chopped)

three tablespoons of butter and


Serve with a green salad.

Public Sector Manager • February 2019


Writer: Ashref Ismail

New Kona crossover makes a bold entrance


hey say that fortune favours

suggestion. Well, it is getting

eye-catching, without being of-

the brave, bold and the beau-

very close to achieving just that.

fensive and in-your-face. Toyota

tiful. If this is the case, then

And with a slew of interesting

does so with its bold CH-R and

Korea’s successful global motor

designs and a model for every

Nissan with its Juke.

manufacturer Hyundai, with its sis-

member of the family – yes,

ter company Kia, are on a major

there is a bakkie version in the

model is launched in the local

roll. Since the poaching of Audi’s

pipeline too – it boasts a com-

market with a two litre natu-

chief designer Peter Schreyer the

prehensive model line-up that

rally aspirated engine and the

twin companies have notched

is modern, stylish and relatively

punchy new one litre, three-cyl-

up major sales achievements to


inder turbo engine. The Kona 1.0

become a global player.

With the launch of the all-new

Hyundai’s new crossover

T-GDI Executive (manual) enters

Kona (who comes up with such

the local market at a launch

years back that it had designs

uninspiring names though?)

price of R379 900, while its sib-

to become the fourth larg-

Hyundai demonstrates its ability

ling, the Kona 2.0 NU Executive

est motor manufacturer in the

to launch a unique crossover

(automatic), comes with a price

world, everyone laughed at the

vehicle that is charismatic and

of R399 900.

When Hyundai claimed some


Public Sector Manager • February 2019

happily swallow a small family’s

people ask permission to take a

driven. The one litre turbo-en-

weekend luggage with ease.

selfie with the Kona!

gine delivers its power via a six

It you need to transport larger

speed manual gearbox, while

objects, the 60:40 split rear seat

makes the Kona a competent

the two litre naturally aspirated

will be a boon.

vehicle to tackle a gravel road

Both models are front-wheel

version uses a six speed auto-

The Kona comes with a host of

The 17cm ground clearance

with confidence.

matic gearbox with the option

convenient features including

of manual shift.

air-conditioning, rear passen-

est cars in its segment, con-

According to the stylists the

gers’ arm rest with cup holders

firmed by the five-star safety

interior design of the Kona re-

and a seven-inch infotainment

rating that it achieved in the

flects the exterior theme, featur-

system that links to CarPlay

European New Car Assessment

ing smooth, contoured surfaces

on Apple iPhones or Android

Programme. The active safety

at places contrasting with the

Auto on Android cell phones.

features include an Anti-Skid

dark painted parts to highlight

This enables, among others,

Braking System, Electronic Stabil-

its bold and confident overall

the display of the music and

ity Programme, Downhill Brake


navigation applications on the

Control, Blind-Spot Collision

centrally mounted touch-screen.

Warning and Rear Cross-Traffic

The Kona offers plenty of space for both passengers and

At the launch I enjoyed the

The Kona is one of the saf-

Collision Warning. Passive safety

luggage. With a trunk capac-

Kona’s sure-footed, precise

features include driver and front

ity of 361 litres that can be

handling on the road. The car

passenger airbags, comple-

increased by removing the hid-

is attractive with many people

mented by curtain and side-

den storage tray, the Kona will

asking about it. Yes, I even had

impact airbags.


Kona 1.0 T Executive

Kona 2.0 Executive


R 379 900

R 399 900


Three cylinder, one litre

Four cylinder, two litre


Petrol - turbo





0-100 km/h

12 secs

10 secs

Max speed



Claimed fuel consumption




Seven years/200 000 km

Seven years/200 000 km

Service plan

Five year/90 000 km service plan

Five year/90 000 km service plan

Roadside assistance

Five years/150 000 km

Five years/150 000 km

Technical information supplied by Hyundai SA.

Public Sector Manager • February 2019


e t a d a tI ’s



Writer: Nicholas Francis

ove is in the air and we want to help you get ready for that all-important date

night. If the gifts have been bought and dinner reservations made, all that is left is to glam up


for the special someone in your life. Here are our suggestions. 1




1. 2. 3. 4. 5.


Woolworths off shoulder stretch bodycon dress, R499. Dolce Vita Rachel embellished heels, R549. Joy collectables glitter clip on purse, R226. Woolworths Naledi leaf statement necklace, R220. Mango hoop earrings, R249.

Public Sector Manager • February 2019






1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

Public Sector Manager • February 2019

Truworths Man cotton linen blazer, R1 250. Charter Club printed formal shirt, R300. Uzzi slim leg trousers, R460. Michael Daniel Johnny derby, R899. Nixon DNA belt, R699.



Writer: Ilse Zietsman

There’s nothing

dull about Dullstroom


ontrary to its name, the town of Dullstroom in Mpu-

brandy, cognac, rum and tequila. Then there’s the Clock Shop

is: “Where did Dullstroom get its name?” In the 1880s Paul Kruger

which, with its own factory, boasts

undertook to encourage and fi-

but dull. Like Greyton and Stanford

the largest selection of clocks in

nance Dutch emigration to South

in the Overberg and Clarens and

one shop in the southern hemi-

Africa. As a result, Dullstroom was

Parys in the Free State, Dullstroom is

sphere. Not only does it manu-

established by Wolterus Dull, a

a favourite breakaway destination,

facture clocks, but it also imports

Dutch merchant. The latter part of

and it has many attractions on offer.

them. There’s everything from

the town's name actually refers to

cuckoo clocks and grandfather

the Crocodile River that has its ori-

known for fly fishing – not only

clocks to antique clocks. You can

gin there. Interestingly, Dullstroom

in streams and rivers, but often

also visit Dullstroom Bird of Prey

is the only place in South Africa

in well-stocked trout dams. The

and Rehabilitation Centre, the

where beech and elm trees grow.

town’s whiskey bar, Wild about

Anvil Ale Brewery, more than a

They were originally planted by

Whiskey, has the second-largest

handful of restaurants and pubs,

the Dutch colonists.

whiskey menu in the world and

and go on hikes and horse trails.

malanga is everything

This small town is primarily

tion as one of the best fly fishing

the largest whiskey menu in the 45 set tastings on offer and, apart

History behind the name

from whiskey, you can taste gin,

A question that visitors often ask

southern hemisphere. They have

Dullstroom has gained a reputadestinations in the country. The postmaster of Lydenburg (a town about 53 km from Dullstroom) was responsible for introducing trout to the district. He brought fingerlings to Dullstroom in the early 1900s. One of the best places to try your hand at fly fishing is at Walkersons Hotel and Spa, a luxury lodge reminiscent of a Scottish country manor. This establishment is situated a few kilometres


Public Sector Manager • February 2019

fishing for rainbow trout in one or

Mouth-watering options

more of the 14 lakes and dams

The culinary options at Dull-

on the property, there are paved

stroom are mouth-watering.

paths for lazy strolls or for more

Staying at Walkersons Hotel and

strenuous walks or jogs.

Spa means that you can head

outside the town. Apart from fly

to Peggy’s Bar to boast about

The place of eternal mist

the one that got away, or show pictures of the one that didn’t.

Dullstroom is one of the coldest

When you tire of the conversa-

villages in South Africa and it

tion in Peggy’s Bar – or you’ve

is often covered in a blanket of

done your share of bragging –

mist. This makes for atmospheric

you can make your way to the

walking and whimsical photos.

Flying Scotsman restaurant. Four-

It's no wonder that Dutch settlers

course food and wine pairings

called Dullstroom ‘the place of

are de rigueur here.

eternal mist’. I chose to forego fly fishing

Back in the hamlet of Dullstroom you can relive your

as one needs coordination for

childhood with a chocolate

that, which I lack, and I was

nut sundae at Udderlicious

also too lazy to go for any kind

Milkshake Bar, or tuck into trout

of walk (at least I had the misty

dishes or a pie at The Historical

weather as an excuse). Instead,

Rose Cottage. There’s mince jaf-

I savoured a glass of sherry – fol-

fle at The Farm Stall or you can

lowed by another – in front of a

buy some trout to take home at

cosy fire in my room at Walker-

Milly’s Country Trout Stall and a

sons. Given the weather, many

bag of oranges or avos from a

establishments have fireplaces

street seller at a corner of the

in their rooms or public areas.

Main Road.

One of my travel partners

You can also browse for books,

opted to learn how to fly fish

including Africana and collecti-

though, as an ardent animal

bles, and cigars and pipes at

lover, she was terrified that she

The Smoky Owl. On your wander-

might actually catch something.

ings you will encounter a bead

A passionate and patient fly fish-

shop, rock shop, knife shop, the

ing guide soon got her going,

Village Angler, known as the

yet managed (we’ll never know

‘friendly fly fishing specialists’,

whether intentionally or not)

and Tipsy Trout, the liquor store.

to ensure that she didn’t hook

Once you’ve experienced

anything at all. She was much

Dullstroom, it’s hard not to return


to it.

Public Sector Manager • February 2019

If you go: For accommodation including weekend stays and fly fishing go to For whiskey tasting go to Interested in birds? Go to Feel like a beer? Go to



Writer: Gilda Narsimdas

Time to spoil yourself F ebruary is the month of love

running shoes. Their adaptive

and it’s generally dedicated

design offers comfort for vari-

to spoiling the special person

able running styles, Adidas,


R2 500.

in your life. We decided to round up some of


the items we think are perfect for you to spoil yourself with because self-love is equally important, right? Get your


body and mind in gear


this year and show your body how much you really love and appreciate it by taking care of it. These are some of

3 – This Nike Dri-FIT training top

the fitness must-haves

has you covered if you’re

you need to do just

warming up or cooling down, Nike, R799.


4 – The soft jersey fabric of these Nike Dri-FIT training trousers is

1 – Keep hydrated with this Brix


super comfortable and offer a

water bottle that has a built-in

tapered leg and elasticated

tracker to keep count of the

waistband for free movement,

amount of water you’re drink-

Nike, R949.

ing. It can also be used for

5 – With on-screen workouts, an

sport drinks and herbal tea

activity and sleep tracker, GPS

and can take warm liquids

capability and trendy woven

up to 90 degrees,

band design, we love the, R159.

Fitbit Versa. It’s also swim proof

2 – If it’s ultimate cushion comfort you’re after, opt for these Adidas Alphabouce Instinct

up to 50 m, Incredible Connection, R4 500. 6 – Music makes everything better. These Beats by Dr Dre wireless Solo 3 headphones


have a flexible headband and offer 40 hours of battery life,, R4 500.


Public Sector Manager • February 2019

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