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SA unites against the pandemic

AG Kimi Makwetu Building a fortress against abuse

APRIL 2020





April 2020

12 Cover - SA pulls together to tackle COVID-19



From the Union Buildings

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Agenda 2063 – Building the Africa we want

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President Cyril Ramaphosa explains why SA uniting to fight COVID-19 is the country’s greatest Thuma


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Mina moment 30 Profiles in leadership

Prince Charles shares his

Amos Masango is ensuring

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Minister Ronald Lamola is

leading efforts to review the country’s parole system 40 Provincial focus

explains the importance of preventative controls and the

FEATURES 24 New law stops dragging of feet on transformation

amended Public Audit Act 34 Opinion

What we should take away

The Employment Equity

from the shocking, sobering

Amendment Bill will fast-track

and redemptive PIC report

Free State steps up to the

transformation in corporate


South Africa


Auditor-General Kimi Makwetu




Buy local and help SA thrive

Public servants must stand tall

Choosing locally manufactured products gives the economy a boost


Hotline to help

The police’s 10111 Command Centre provides rapid response to emergency calls


Public Sector Manager • April 2020

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Public Sector Manager • April 2020

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Public service

must step to the fore against COVID-19


resident Cyril Ramaphosa’s

has been championed as a ma-

doors and the quest for new

recent declaration of a

jor advance for humanity.

opportunities compels all South

National State of Disaster as

Today this is the same world that

Africans to prepare themselves

a result of the coronavirus (COV-

is shying away from interconnect-

for fighting the unseen adversary

ID-19) pandemic in South Africa

edness. It is a world in which air-

immediately by keeping safe

demands of all South Africans,

lines are being grounded; cruise

physically, and for navigating the

especially those at the coalface of

liners remain docked; schools are

uncertainties and opportunities

the pandemic - our public servants

closed; shop shelves are emptied

aris-ing from this situation.

- to come together in the interest of

by panic-stricken consumers;

our nation.

hand sanitisers are exploding into

is a government which, in the

a multi-billion dollar consumer

spirit of Let’s Grow South Africa

is testing not just South Africa’s

market and business closures

Together, is reaching out to all

capability, but that of the whole

have workers fear-ing for their

sectors of our society to ensure

world in the management of a


that the na-tional response is

COVID-19 is an adversary that

pandemic that is having pro-

Since the advent of democracy,

Leading this effort in our country

inclusive and that we have all

found impact on social interac-

South Africa’s integration into the

hands on deck in this national

tion and economic activity.

global community, global supply

state of disaster.

This pandemic raises questions

chains and the world tourism

Citizens, stakeholder groups and

about our interaction with the en-

market has unlocked an amazing

media agree that government’s

vironment around us, our physical

array of doors and opportuni-

own performance to date – under

wellbeing, our social relationships

ties for South Africans and those

significant pressure – has been

and the dynamic downside to a

around the world who interact


world whose proverbial shrinking

and transact with us.

and growing interconnectedness


The closing of many of these

The capable state we seek to build in the closing decade

Public Sector Manager • April 2020

of our march towards the at-

The collaboration among

tainment of Vision 2030 is indeed

national, provincial and local

emerging from our management

government and our interaction

of the COVID-19 disaster.

with global partners in govern-

“I wonder what we will do when

ments and the private sector

it gets here,” was the widespread

are among other areas of our

refrain among South Africans who

capability that are taken for

observed global developments

granted or are overlooked during

around the virus before it touched


down in Durban several weeks ago. Since then, South Africans have

In this difficult moment we are having our eyes drawn to the significant and proud work being

gained a great deal of confi-

done by personnel in the Depart-

dence from the ease and safety

ment of Health, by provincial and

with which the repatriation of

district hospi-tals, the National

our citizens from Wuhan, China,

Institute for Communicable Dis-


eases, the South African National

Our President’s outline of the

De-fence Force at our ports of

national response has given the

entry, our National Ports Authority,

nation certainty that we know

the Airports Company of South

what we’re doing and that we

Africa, the South African Police

are on par with the best global

Service and others.

practice to date in a situation

The public servants perform-

where no-one was fully prepared

ing their duties so admirably are

for this global eventuality.

citizens, first and fore-most, and

Minister in t he Presidency, Jac kson Mt hembu.

citizens and protecting ourselves and others from the ravages of this virus. At a time of social distancing

their performance reinforces the

and biomedical isolation, it is

various sectors of society and

truth that this is a government of

indeed the capability of the state

key role-players in our economy

the people.

that is able to bring the nation to-

Government’s engagement with

The President has correctly said

gether in mitigating the pandem-

standing us in good stead now

this is possibly the biggest Thuma

ic and laying the foundations for

as the so-cial compacts we have

Mina moment pre-sented to the

our physiological and economic recovery into the future.

during the pre-virus peacetime is

entered into with various sec-

nation. Let us continue serving

tors are applied to the current

the nation to the best of our abili-


ties, en-suring the safety of our

Public Sector Manager • April 2020

May our success to date remain part of our DNA.


2 Momentum Corporate- Resize to Double Page Spread- 420 x 275 mm.indd 1

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2020/02/21 12:46 PM


This Freedom Month, take back your pride! T

hirty years ago, the world watched as former President Nelson Mandela retook his

freely and fairly. Yet as we celebrate these historic

collaborators in the private sector and civil society - has damaged

elections this Freedom Month, we

its credibility and impaired the

place in society after 27 years in

have to ask if the holistic liberation

reputation of the civil service.

prison. After decades of division, this

of our people has indeed been

iconic freedom fighter became our

delivered, or if economic freedom

great good done by the public

nation’s symbol of hope in a time of

and personal empowerment have

service and have eroded our

uncertainty and turmoil.

been tainted by the glory and

morale. They have diminished

wealth seekers in the ranks of the

the pride of responsibility we take

public service.

in living by the light of the torch

While doomsayers predicted financial collapse and bloodshed, they were proven wrong. We

When Madiba delivered his

inspired the world with our ability to

iconic speech on the day of his

unite, adapt and transform.

release, he said: “I stand here

These people have negated the

Madiba handed to us for passing on to future generations. This Freedom Month, let us

Four years later, South Africa

before you not as a prophet, but

commit to shaking off the

again made global headlines

as a humble servant of you, the

negativity that has crept into

on 27 April 1994 when our first


various parts of the public service

democratic elections took place

He understood the culture of

and let us embrace the action

public service: that the men and

government has begun to take

women who are in the employ of

against corruption in the public

government have one overarching

and private sectors as part of

responsibility – putting the people

growing an ethical and prosperous


South Africa.

While the public service has

champions of the public interest

that government services reach

and of public resources.

the millions of people who

government depends on the trust

reputation has been marred by

people have in each of us as

corruption and greed.

individual public servants.

serving behaviour of a small percentage of people in Acting Director-General.


The nation’s confidence in

were sidelined prior to 1994, our

The immoral, illegal and self-

Phumla Williams, GCIS

Let us regroup as guardians and

played a crucial role in ensuring

Let us earn and retain that trust by doing the right thing at all times. The needs and aspiration of the

government’s employ – aided and

people of South Africa are in our

abetted by family, friends and other


Public Sector Manager • April 2020

w w

Pipelines are the arteries of civilization.

September 2020 Cape Town, South Africa A f r i ca | Tr a n s f o r m i n g t h e Wo r l d

CREATING A CULTURE OF INNOVATION IN YOUR ORGANISATION Africa tech week is a platform that gives business leaders, technology leaders, and thought leaders the opportunity to demonstrate how technology has significantly impacted society and business as a whole. We believe that through technology, organizations won’t need to survive through the 4th industrial revolution but have the opportunity to thrive and through attending the Africa Tech Week Summit we will be giving you a clear roadmap on what technologies are out there, how they work, who has successfully used and implemented them and how it can elevate your organization to be a leader within your industry.

To submit a speaker proposal contact Head of Conferencing: To partner with ATW 2020 contact Head of Brand:

No developed country will remain developed without on-going investment in pipelines - whether for water, sewage, gas or communication cables. With plastic being the dominant material in infrastructural pipes, consultants, municipalities and contractors should insist on superior quality of pipes, fittings and installation. Products must be certified to South African National Standards (SANS). SANS standards may be awarded to a product by any SANAS accredited authority, not necessarily only the SABS. Pipes bearing the SAPPMA logo are guaranteed to have been manufactured according to these standards and in addition, SAPPMA members are required to adhere to a strict code of conduct.

Look out for the SAPPMA logo – trusted mark for lifetime quality!


SA in lockdown to curb COVID-19 human cost of delaying this action would be far, far greater,” he explained.

Strict measures in place The nation-wide lockdown, enacted in terms of the Disaster Management Act, covers the period 26 March until midnight 16 April during which all South Africans are ex-pected to stay at home. Those exempted from the lockdown include health workers President Cyril Ramaphosa announced a loc kdown as par t of measures to deal wit h COVID-19.


in the public and private sectors, emergency personnel, those in security services and other persons necessary to respond to

ith the world facing an

saying immediate, swift and

the pandemic. This includes those

unprecedented global

extraordinary action was required

involved in the production, distribu-

health emergency, the

to prevent a human catastrophe

tion and supply of food and basic

of enormous proportions.

goods, essential banking services,

South African government has been swift and decisive in its re-

“This is a decisive measure to

the maintenance of power, water

sponse to tackling the Coronavirus

save millions of South Africans

and telecommunications ser-

(COVID-19) pandemic.

from infection and save the lives of

vices, laboratory services, and the

hundreds of thousands of people.

provision of medical and hygiene

Implementing decisive measures to curb the spread of COVID-19

“While this measure will have a

products. Individuals are not allowed to

in the country, President Cyril

considerable impact on peo-

Ramaphosa announced a nation-

ple’s livelihoods, on the life of our

leave their homes except under

wide lockdown on 23 March,

society and on our economy, the

strictly controlled circumstances,


Public Sector Manager • April 2020

such as to seek medical care, buy

form of water storage tanks, water

and their employees affected by

food, medicine and other supplies

tankers, boreholes and communal

the COVID-19.

or collect a social grant.

standpipes are being provided

All shops and businesses have closed, except for pharmacies,

to informal settlements and rural

to save lives and to support the


economy,” said the President.

laboratories, banks, essential

He voiced concern over busi-

including the JSE, supermarkets,

Cushioning the economic impact

petrol stations and health care

Acknowledging the economic


impact COVID-19 is likely to have

financial and payment services,

“We will be spending money

nesses selling certain goods at excessively high prices, saying this would not be tolerated. “Regulations have been put in

on South Africans, the President

place to prohibit unjustified price

identified for homeless people.

announced a set of interventions

hikes, to ensure shops maintain

Sites have also being identified for

to cushion society from economic

adequate stocks of basic goods

quarantine and self-isolation for


and to prevent people from ‘panic

Temporary shelters have been

people who cannot self-isolate at home. To ensure the implementation of these measures, President Ramaphosa directed that the

“This is the first phase of the economic response, and further

buying’. “It is important for all South Afri-

measures are under consideration

cans to understand that the sup-

and will be deployed as needed.”

ply of goods remains continuous

Support for the vulnerable

and supply chains remain intact.” Government has had discussions

South African National Defence

include the establishment of

Force be deployed to support the

a Solidarity Fund, which South

with manufacturers and distribu-

South African Police Service.

African businesses, organisations

tors of basic necessities, who have

The nationwide lockdown will be

and individuals, and members of

indicated that there will be a con-

accompanied by a public health

the international community, can

tinuous supply of these goods.

management programme which

contribute to.

ing, testing, contact tracing and

bat the spread of the virus, help

Support for businesses and workers

medical management.

track the spread, care for those

A safety net is being developed

will significantly increase screen-

The fund will focus efforts to com-

who are ill and support those

to support those in the informal

also focus on expanding screen-

whose lives are disrupted. It will

sector, where most businesses will

ing and testing where people live,

complement measures from the

suffer as a result of the shutdown.

focusing first on high density and

public sector.

Community health teams will

high-risk areas. “To ensure that hospitals are not

Government kicked off contributions to the fund through seed

Support will also be given to those livelihoods will be affected. Government is consultation over

overwhelmed, a system will be put

capital of R150 million, while the

a proposal for a special dispen-

in place for ‘centralised patient

private sector has also pledged

sation for companies that are in

management’ for severe cases

financial contributions. In addi-

distress because of COVID-19.

and ‘decentralised primary care’

tion, the Rupert and Oppenheimer

for mild cases.”

families have committed R1 billion

ees will receive wage payment

each to assist small businesses

through the Temporary Employee

Emergency water supplies in the

Public Sector Manager • April 2020

“Through this proposal employ-



The Sout h African National Defence Force has been deployed to suppor t t he Sout h African Police Ser vice during t he loc kdown.

Relief Scheme, which will enable

tax incentive reimbursements from

together with the Department of

companies to pay employees di-

twice a year to monthly to get

Trade, Industry and Competition of

rectly during this period and avoid

cash into the hands of compliant

more than R3 billion for industrial



funding to address the situation of

Employees who become sick

Tax compliant businesses with

vulnerable firms and to fast-track

because of exposure at their

a turnover of less than R50 million

financing for companies critical to

workplace will be paid through the

will be allowed to delay 20 percent

our efforts to fight the virus and its

Compensation Fund.

of their pay-as-you-earn liabilities

economic impact.

To provide further relief for South

over the next four months and a

The Department of Tourism has

Africans, commercial banks have

portion of their provisional corpo-

made an additional R200 mil-

been exempted from provisions

rate income tax payments without

lion available to assist small and

of the Competition Act to enable

penalties or interest over the next

medium enterpirses in the tourism

them to develop common ap-

six months. This intervention is ex-

and hospitality sector.

proaches to debt relief and other

pected to assist over 75 000 small

necessary measures.

and medium-term enterprises.

State of Disaster The nation lockdown came shortly

A tax subsidy of up to R500 per

In addition, the Department of

month for the next four months will

Small Business Development has

after the President declared a

benefit more than four million pri-

made more than R500 million

State of Disaster on 15 March.

vate sector employees who earn

available immediately to assist

below R6 500 under the Employ-

small and medium enterprises that

allows government to have an in-

ment Tax Incentive.

are in distress through a simplified

tegrated and coordinated disaster

application process.

management mechanism that will

The South African Revenue Service will also work towards accelerating the payment of employment


The Industrial Development Corporation has put a package

Declaring a State of Disaster

focus on preventing and reducing the outbreak of this virus.

Public Sector Manager • April 2020

A State of Disaster lasts for three

meets three time a week to coor-

“I call on all of us, one and all, to

months, but can be extended or

dinate all aspects of our extraordi-

play our part. To be courageous, to

cancelled by declaration of the

nary emergency response.

be patient, and above all, to show

President. Crucially, this approach

compassion. Let us never despair.

that allows government to access

Uniting in the face of adversity


With the country facing tough

includes lessening the red tape

Government use its powers and

and uncertain times, the Presi-

resources in five crucial areas,

dent commended South Africans


for uniting in their response to

 Assisting or protecting the pub-



“From religious leaders to sport-

 Providing relief.

ing associations, from political

 Protecting property.

parties to business people, from

 Fighting disruption.

trade unions to traditional lead-

 Dealing with the destruction

ers, from NGOs to public servants,

and other effects caused by

every part of our society has come

the disaster.

forward to confront this challenge.

Since the outbreak of the pan-

“Many have had to make difficult

demic, government's response has

choices and sacrifices, but all

been led by an Inter-Ministerial

have been determined that these

Committee (IMC), chaired by the

choices and sacrifices are abso-

Minister of Health, Dr Zweli Mkhize.

lutely necessary if our country is to

A National Command Coun-

emerge stronger from this disaster.”

cil has been established and is

He added that more of this unity

being chaired by the President. It

and sense of community would be

includes members of the IMC, and

required in the days ahead.

For we are a nation at one, and we will surely prevail.”

Help at hand: The public can contact the Coronavirus Holtline on 0800 029 999, while the hotline for doctors is 0800 111 132, 24-hours a day. You can also WhatsApp the word ‘hi’ to the Department of Health at 0600 123 456 and follow the prompts. For more information, South Africans can access government's coronavirus website for free at or go to

President Cyril Ramaphosa c hairs a meeting of t he National Command Council whic h is coordinating government ’s emergency response to COVID-19.

Public Sector Manager • April 2020



WHAT IS INDIGENOUS KNOWLEDGE? Indigenous knowledge is the local knowledge that is unique to a culture or society. This knowledge is passed from generation to generation, usually by word of mouth and cultural rituals, and has been the basis for agriculture, food preparation, health care, education, conservation and a wide range of other activities that sustain societies

The DSI held its first Recognition of Prior Learning workshop for IK Practitioners last year in UKZN

in many parts of the world. Indigenous people have a broad knowledge of how to live sustainably in their specific environment. Today, there

to the inclusive and sustainable development of their

is a grave risk that much indigenous knowledge is being

economies, through government policy or legislature, will

lost and, along with it, valuable knowledge about ways of

halt multiple challenges faced by indigenous knowledge

living sustainably.

communities. These challenges include, amongst other, biopiracy, which refers to the illegal exploitation of


indigenous knowledge by individuals or corporations,

Indigenous knowledge systems (IKS) are bodies of

without the traditional knowledge holders benefitting, or

knowledge, skills, teachings and beliefs produced locally

getting any credit, recognition or compensation.

by people in their specific cultural communities and Indigenous knowledge is also known as community


knowledge, traditional knowledge, and local knowledge.

Reaffirming its commitment to mainstream IKS in South

environments to maintain and improve their livelihood.

Africa, the South African government envisages IKS as


contributing towards sustainable economic development

Indigenous knowledge is not only important in its own

advantage. Through the National Research Foundation,

right, but it is also important for the benefits it brings to

the South African government has established a funding

the indigenous people who own and live it. In addition,

instrument to promote and support research to deepen

people from around the world can learn lessons for living

our understanding of IKS, and its role in development of

sustainably from indigenous knowledge. The recognition of

community life. While both applied and basic research

the role of indigenous knowledge holders as contributors

is encouraged, the funding focuses on experimental

in the country and advancing its scientific competitive


research that will lead to mutual benefits for both researchers and communities. The clear evidence of active participation and equal ownership of IKS practitioners and communities, where and as appropriate, in all research and development activities is a crucial feature of this instrument. Appropriately acknowledging those who contributed intellectually (i.e. knowledge holders/practitioners) as more than just subjects or informants is also important. It is therefore essential that indigenous

The RPL Steering Committee appointed by the Minister of Higher Education, Science and Innovation will focus on the accreditation of institutions for RPL in African Traditional Medicines

communities must also exercise equal control over the research conducted or which uses

Minister Nzimande said that the Indigenous Knowledge

their members as subjects of study.

Systems Policy (IKS Policy), adopted by Cabinet in


2004, created an enabling framework to stimulate and strengthen the contribution of indigenous knowledge to social and economic growth in South Africa.

In August 2019, the South African government signed into law the Protection, Promotion, Development and

“The establishment of mechanisms to recognise areas

Management of Indigenous Knowledge (IK) Act, which

of indigenous knowledge as professional disciplines

has paved the way for indigenous knowledge holders to

with their own institutions, governance structures, and

contribute and become part of the mainstream economy,

approaches to quality assurance is an important step

using their own indigenous knowledge. The legislative act

towards affirming indigenous knowledge as a knowledge

will ensure that indigenous knowledge is recorded and

domain in its own right,” the Minister said.

documented so that it can be protected and preserved. In congratulating the steering committee members, The implementation of the Act has seen a 13-member

the DSI’s Chief Director: Science Missions, Prof Yonah

Steering Committee for the Recognition of Prior Learning

Seleti, said the appointment of the steering committee

(RPL) of Indigenous Knowledge Practitioners being

members marked an historic moment. “With the signing

appointed by the Minister of Higher Education, Science

into law of the Protection, Promotion, Development and

and Innovation (DSI), Dr Blade Nzimande. The committee

Management of Indigenous Knowledge Act, we can

will be responsible for the accreditation of institutions for

consider the recognition of RPL of traditional healers as

RPL in African Traditional Medicines and facilitating the

part of the legitimate landscape of this country. We have

implementation of a Discipline of Competence (DoC) for

to tackle this responsibility cautiously and take ownership

the Traditional Health Practice domain, which will run as a

of it, because it propels us into a future that a few years

pilot programme to develop and test competence norms

ago was not thought possible,” said Prof Seleti.

and standards in a real-life setting.


A message from President Cyril Ramaphosa

SA unites in

the fight against Coronavirus


he world is in the throes of a

ter management mechanism and

public health emergency on

to set up emergency, rapid and

reported we have acted to put

a scale not witnessed in over

effective response systems.

screening and containment

a century.

This virus will be extremely dis-

Since the outbreak was first

measures in place.

The spread of the coronavirus,

ruptive, and our priority is to safe-

Our national response has been

which causes the disease known

guard the health and well-being

driven by an Inter-Ministerial Com-

as COVID-19, has been alarmingly

of all South Africans.

mittee (IMC) chaired and ably led

swift and widescale, and is now

We also have to address the

defined as a global pandemic.

inevitable economic fallout. We

It knows no geographical or

must expect a decline in exports,

by the Minister of Health, Dr Zweli Mkhize. The manner in which the IMC

territorial boundaries, has infected

a drop in tourist arrivals and a

and the support teams have

both young and old, and is on the

severe impact on production,

responded to this emergency has

rise in developed and developing

business viability and job creation

been both exemplary and reas-

countries alike.

and retention.

suring, particularly in helping to

As screening and testing is

Cabinet is in the process of final-

quell public panic.

scaled up, the number of infec-

ising a comprehensive package

tions in South Africa is expected

of interventions to mitigate the

Command Council to coordi-

to rise.

expected impact of COVID-19 on

nate all aspects of our national

Safeguarding South Africans

our economy. This is being done in


Recently, I declared a national

consultation with business, labour

state of disaster, a measure pro-

and other relevant institutions.

portionate to the severity of the

It was Louis Pasteur who said

threat to our people, to our society

that fortune favours the prepared

and to our economy.


This will enable us to have an integrated and coordinated disas-


South Africa is prepared, and has been so for some time.

I will be chairing a National

South Africa has a positive track record in managing public health emergencies. We have the knowledge, the means and the expertise. Our scientists and epidemiologists are world-class.

Public Sector Manager • April 2020

As was announced, we have put

health of their congregants and

expressions of bigotry that we

a raft of emergency measures

the country as a whole.

have seen in other countries

in place, and will make funding available to support their implementation. They include travel bans on

Hygiene control should be intensified in all sectors. Every citizen should take charge

directed at nationals of countries from where the outbreak began or the current epicenter in Europe.

of their own safety by observ-

This is clearly a virus that affects

visitors from high-risk countries;

ing measures such as frequent

people of all nationalities.

mandatory testing, self-isolation

hand-washing with soap or hand-

or quarantine for South African

sanitizers and covering their nose

passion to those who are in-

nationals returning from these

or mouth with a tissue or flexed

fected, and to those who have

countries; and strengthening sur-

elbow when coughing or sneez-

returned home from high-risk

veillance, screening and testing at



ports of entry into the Republic.

As part of our national effort the

Let us lower the wing of com-

Let us assist those in need and

Social distancing is critical if

Department of Health will contin-

those more vulnerable, instead

we are to contain the spread of

ue with an intensive and ongoing

of shunning them. We will remain


campaign to raise awareness

faithful to the values of tolerance

about prevention, transmission

and respect that define us as a

people are prohibited and mass

and infection symptoms. I encour-


celebrations of national days are

age all South Africans to acquaint

cancelled. Visits to all correctional

themselves with the relevant

of South Africa I thank the team

centres are being suspended for

preventative material.

who repatriated our compatriots

Gatherings of more than 100

On behalf of all the people

These measures are similar to

from Wuhan, China, as well as

Non-essential international travel

those in other countries, and it is

the leadership and people of

for government officials has been

important we all understand that

Limpopo who are assisting with

proscribed and non-essential

they are not punitive but a matter

the quarantine process.

domestic travel discouraged.

of public safety.

30 days with immediate effect.

A total of 35 land ports and two

This is a difficult time. And yet it is in times of adversity

until after the Easter weekend. We

Guarding against ignorance and misinformation

will soon be announcing meas-

One of the greatest dangers at

We will act as a collective, for it is

ures with regards to universities

this time is ignorance and misin-

upon the actions of every South

and colleges.


African that the success of our

sea ports will be closed, as will schools from the 18th of March

Easter is a sacred period for a

We should stop spreading fake

that our strength is revealed. We will act decisively, with determination and with purpose.

efforts depend.

number of faiths and a time in

and unverified news, especially on

which mass services and gather-

social media. This can exacerbate

ings take place. The faith commu-

an already tense national mood

This too shall pass.

nity should take decisions in this

and damage the national effort.

We shall overcome.

regard in the best interests of the

We must also not give in to the

Public Sector Manager • April 2020

The Thuma Mina moment is upon us, perhaps as never before.

We are South Africans.



Source: SAnews


101 A

s the country and the

world grapples with the coronavirus (COVID-19),

it is important that we are armed with information as we fight the pandemic. According to the World Health Organisation (WHO) this is what you need to know about COVID-19.

What is the difference between an outbreak, epidemic and pandemic?

agents such as bleach, and alco-

An outbreak is a sudden rise in

volume). Regularly and thoroughly

The declaration allows govern-

cases of a disease in a particu-

clean your hands with an alcohol-

ments to activate preparedness

lar place. An epidemic is a large

based hand rub or wash them

plans and undertake emergency

outbreak. A pandemic means a

with soap and water for at least

procedures to protect the public,

global epidemic.

20 seconds. Maintain at least one

What does the WHO pandemic declaration mean?

such as travel and trade restric-

hol-based cleaners (60 percent

metre distance between yourself

Does a pandemic reflect the severity of a disease?

and anyone who is coughing or

When is a pandemic declared?

A pandemic has nothing to do

nose or mouth with unclean hands.

Generally, the WHO will declare a

with how serious an illness is. It

pandemic when there are sus-

just means a disease is spreading

What is self-isolation?

tained community outbreaks on

widely and at an alarming rate.

Self-isolation is a way to keep your-


sneezing. Avoid touching your eyes,

self from possibly infecting others

different continents.

What can I do to minimise the risk of infection?

if you think you might be infected.

When was the last global pandemic? The WHO last declared a pandem-

The virus is very susceptible to

public places, relatives, friends, col-

ic in 2009, for the H1N1 flu.

common anti-bacterial cleaning

league, and public transport.


It involves limiting contact with

Public Sector Manager • April 2020

I have flu-like symptoms, should I get tested?

into quarantine at home or at a

Currently there is a vaccine being

facility designated to manage


The symptoms of COVID-19 include

the outbreak. You will then remain

cough, sore throat, shortness of

in quarantine until repeat testing

breath and fever. However, these

shows you no longer have the

Which hospitals will treat COVID-19 infected patients?

are also symptoms of the flu. The


The following hospitals have been identified as centres for isolation

National Institute of Communicable Diseases (NICD) recommends

How much does the test cost?

and treatment of people infected

that you should only get tested if

Public sector testing is free of

with coronavirus:

you display symptoms and have:

charge. Testing can also be done

• Polokwane Hospital in Limpopo.

• Been in contact with a con-

at private laboratories such as

• Rob Ferreira Hospital in Mpuma-

firmed COVID-19 person.

Lancet, Ampath and Pathcare.


• Travelled to a high-risk country.

Enquiry should be with the respec-

• Worked in or been to a health-

tive laboratory for their costing of

Steve Biko Hospital and Tembisa

care facility treating people

the test. If going via a private lab,

Hospital in Gauteng.

with COVID-19.

it is advisable to check with your

• Greys Hospital in KwaZulu-Natal.

medical aid to ascertain if it will

• Klerksdorp Hospital in the North

• A severe case of pneumonia with an unknown cause.

cover the costs of the test.

However, you should consult

• Charlotte Maxeke Hospital,

West. • Kimberly Hospital in the North-

your medical practitioner immedi-

How is COVID-19 infection treated?

ately if you display symptoms.

Treatment is supportive (e.g. providing oxygen for patients with

Where should I go if I want to test for COVID-19?

shortness of breath or managing

If you think you might have con-

viral infections. However, antibiot-

tracted the virus, you can call the

ics may be required if a second-

NICD helpline (0800 029 999) and

ary bacterial infection develops.

a fever). Antibiotics do not treat

ern Cape. • Pelonomi Hospital in the Free State. • Livingstone Hospital in the Eastern Cape. • Tygerberg Hospital in the Western Cape.

you will be advised on possible testing facilities. However, testing is not routinely done unless it is indicated by a health professional therefore, you would need to be assessed by your medical practitioner in order to qualify for testing.

What happens if I test positive? Anyone who tests positive will immediately be notified and put

Public Sector Manager • April 2020


GOVERNMENT SETS UP A COVID-19 SITUATIONAL ANALYSIS SYSTEM The Department of Science and Innovation (DSI), through the Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR), has successfully commissioned and finalised the physical establishment of a core situational awareness platform for COVID-19. The novel coronavirus SARSCoV-2 (the name of the virus that causes the COVID-19 disease) has spread rapidly across the world, claiming thousands of lives, and infecting many more. Currently no vaccine exists to treat the disease, and

Minister of Higher Education, Science and Technology, Dr Blade Nzimande

scientists across the globe are working hard to find an urgent solution. The core of the platform is health data, but the intention is to integrate other types of data into the

The Minister said that initial visualisations had been completed and would be continuously enhanced. He thanked the experts working on the system for their effort and commitment.

system to provide holistic decision support to South

Another team, led by the University of Pretoria, is

Africa’s National Command Centre for COVID-19.

mobilising networks across Africa to build databases on

Speaking during the UNESCO virtual Ministerial Dialogue held on 30 March, on Covid19 and Open Science, the Minister of Higher Education, Science and Innovation, Dr Blade Nzimande, said experts from

COVID-19 cases. The situation in neighbouring countries is of particular importance for the South African response. South Africa strongly supports efforts to foster African regional cooperation to tackle the pandemic.

the CSIR and the Department of Health were working

The Human Sciences Research Council (HSRC) is

flat-out to create a range of data warehouses, for the

running an online survey aimed at obtaining a better

current geographic spread of the COVID-19 disease,

understanding of current behaviour and perceptions

current cases, health vulnerabilities, and local health

related to COVID-19. So far, 2 400 people have

and other relevant facilities.

responded, and a statistician has been commissioned

“The team has also identified opportunities for accessing key data sets held by the private sector for

to assess the quality of the responses and data. This will be followed by further analyses over the next two days.

the explicit purpose of strengthening our situational

“Through the HSRC, we will also introduce a system

capacity efforts,” said Dr Nzimande, adding that

of dynamic updates on behaviour and perception

government was counting on the private sector’s

issues, as these will change on an almost daily basis,”

support in this regard.

said Dr Nzimande.


The core of the platform is health data, but the intention is to integrate other types of data into the system to provide holistic decision support to South Africa’s National Command Centre for COVID-19.

“The HSRC is pulling together a range of efforts in this space, including work specifically focused on rural communities, and social media sentiment analysis using natural language processing techniques,” he said. The South African Population Research Infrastructure Network is one of the tools being used to produce upto-date information on health and socio-economic well-being representative of the country’s population, including rural communities. It is hosted by the South African Medical Research Council (SAMRC) and falls under the ambit of the South African Research Infrastructure Roadmap – a programme of the DSI. Private companies and researchers have expressed willingness to work with government on this project. Meanwhile, the DSI has made R12 million available for COVID-19 interventions and will redirect an additional R30 million to fight the disease through, among other things, re-purposing and testing the efficacy of several existing drugs for the treatment for COVID-19. Preliminary work on the development of vaccines has started at the University of Cape Town, the CSIR and Biovac. In addition, a DSI task team is engaging with the Department of Health, the SAMRC and the South


African Health Products Regulatory Authority to

Tel: +27 12 843 6300

facilitate research on the COVID-19 virus by mobilising

Physical address: DST Building (Building No. 53),

funding, reprioritising research strategies and creating an enabling ethical and regulatory framework.

(CSIR South Gate Entrance) Meiring Naudé Road, Brummeria, 0184 Postal address: Private Bag X894, Pretoria, 0001

Welcoming UNESCO’s open science initiatives, South Africa has also urged UNESCO to create a portal for sharing information useful for dealing with COVID-19.



Writer: Allison Cooper

New law stops dragging of feet on transformation would embrace it and accept that transformation and equity make business sense. “The law moved from the premise that there should be no involvement of government, in terms of forcing transformation in terms of target setting. It left it to companies to set their own targets and goals and government only monitored them. “Over the past 21 years, nothing has happened that should have happened, and no real significant change has taken place. It’s clear that if we continue at the rate that we are going, it will take another


100 years before we really transhe Employment Equity

In summary, the Bill aims to regu-

Amendment Bill, which

late sector-specific Employment

promotes equal opportunity

form,” says Mkhalipi. He explains that, as a result of

Equity (EE) targets and make

this slow progress, government

and fair treatment in employment

an EE compliance certificate a

took a policy decision to enter

through the elimination of unfair

prerequisite for accessing state

into negotiations with the National

discrimination, was approved by


Economic Development and La-

Cabinet in February and will now

According to Tembinkosi Mkhali-

bour Council and the Employment

pi, the Chief Director of Labour

Equity Commission, where busi-

The Bill is intended to fast-track

Relations at the Department of

ness was also represented.

transformation in corporate South

Employment and Labour, when

Africa, particularly in the private

the Employment Equity Act was

ment Equity originally released the

sector, where transformation has

introduced into law 21 years ago,

Bill for consideration in October

been slow.

government thought companies


be tabled in Parliament.


The Commissioner of Employ-

Public Sector Manager • April 2020

The Bill re-emphasises the impor-

negotiations with different sec-

“If a company doesn’t meet a

tance of companies actively trans-

tors in terms of the targets. We are

target, it will not get a compliance

forming their workplace through

not waiting for the Bill. We have

certificate and will not be able to

implementing a dedicated and

already consulted the mining,

do business with the state,” Mkha-

active EE committee; developing

banking and retail sectors and will

liphi says, explaining that this has

an EE plan and commitment to

be contacting other sectors to see

not been promulgated in the past.

transformation; and ensuring com-

whether we can reach an agree-

pliance to all EE regulations.

ment on what targets to set.

A lack of transformation in the

“When we reach agreements,

In addition, if a company is found to have committed any form of unfair discrimination by

workplace could result in a com-

they must be published so that

the Commission for Conciliation,

pany being deemed non-compli-

citizens know what targets compa-

Mediation and Arbitration or

ant, which could present serious

nies should meet going forward,”

Labour Court, in the 12 months

business risks or implications in the

says Mkhalipi.

preceding the submission of

form of fines, penalties and nonaccess to work.

Sector-specific EE targets

He explains that if, for example, a

the employment equity report, a

target of 50 percent senior man-

compliance certificate will not be

agement representivity was set in


the banking sector – which is in

To meet the targets, companies

line with the sector’s own broad-

should start conducting an analy-

Every year the Employment Equity

based black economic empower-

sis of the gap between what their

Commission report reflects poor

ment targets – each bank would

black, women and persons with

transformation statistics, especially

have to state how it would achieve

disabilities representation is now

across management levels, in

this target over the next five years.

and compare these levels of rep-

respect of the representation of

After the five-year period, the sec-

resentation to the targets set in the

black people, women and people

tor must have met the stipulated

Management Control element of

with disabilities.


the broad-based black economic

The proposed amendments

If the Bill is passed by Parliament,

empowerment codes, as at this

to the Employment Equity Act

it will also reduce the regulatory

stage the Ministerial targets could

thus empowers the Employment

burden on small businesses, as

be similar to these. Companies will

and Labour Minister, in consulta-

those with less than 50 employees

also have to plan their workforce

tion with sector stakeholders, to

will no longer have to report on

needs over the next five years

introduce enabling provisions for

their EE targets, irrespective of their

carefully and put the necessary

the setting of sector-specific EE


employment policies and procedures in place to drive progress.

numerical targets which employ“Target setting is not new, except

EE compliance certificate

ity in the workplace, the Bill will

that now government comes into

The Bill will also ensure that an EE

bring in mandatory training of

the picture in setting the target,”

certificate of compliance be-

employees, meaning that compa-

says Mkhalipi.

comes a pre-condition for access

nies will also have to focus on their

to state contracts.

training and development.

ers must meet within five years.

“We are already busy with

Public Sector Manager • April 2020

From the perspective of inequal-



*Writer: Auditor-General Kimi Makwetu

Preventative controls and the amended Public Audit Act I

n recent times, South Africans

ple entrusted with public money

substantiate commitments and

have been numbed by the

do not always carry out their

transactions entered into.

scale of wasteful, fruitless,

mandates with the level of care

unauthorised and irregular

required by the country’s Con-

Lack of due care


stitution. When lame defences

While the lack of due care in

are mounted against irregular

managing finances is com-

ing of public money should not

expenditure, it means accounta-

mon across all spheres, it is

be tolerated by citizens, regard-

bility and due care in managing

most prevalent in local govern-

less of the technical justifications

public resources are not part of

ment. It is shocking that people

given. The very existence of such

the overall objective.

without the requisite skills and

Careless or fraudulent spend-

expenditure suggests that those

As a consequence, we have

who persistently incur it, are not

been exposed to many projects

handling citizens’ finances. This

concerned with the morality of

that are abandoned midstream.

shows utter disrespect to both

their actions – as long as there

Suppliers are being paid far

taxpayers and non-taxpaying

are no consequences for them.

more than what they initially

citizens, who are often impacted

quoted. Extensions and varia-

by non-existent service delivery

generals have frequently report-

tions on contracts without follow-

or services that are not even

ed irregular expenditure and

ing prescribed regulations are

worth the paper they are written

have also regularly highlighted

prevalent and pervasive. There


very negative audit outcomes.

is a widespread lack of proper

These findings indicate that peo-

and verifiable documentation to

Over the years, the auditor-


competencies are charged with

Financial weaknesses often find expression in the books of

Public Sector Manager • April 2020

“When the persistent disregard of our audit findings and recommendations was finally confronted, the amendment of the Public Audit Act became the only plausible option left on the table.”

be the role of those charged with oversight if the task was carried out with due care, diligence and professional competence.

What are the additional powers of the auditor-general? The auditor-general is still mandated to inspect and report on the books of account of all institutions

the institution not being regu-

against the devastating impact

that are publicly funded. They

larly checked and balanced. The

financial mismanagement has on

must be subjected to scrutiny by

people entrusted with this task do

accountability – one of the key

the auditor-general to determine,

not feel guilty when they cannot

tenets of our Constitution – and

through the audit report, whether

explain the transactions that are

the achievement of planned

the money was spent, managed,

being probed by auditors and it

objectives, including delivering

accounted for and reported in

is not uncommon for documenta-

various services to citizens and

accordance with the financial

tion supporting a transaction to

much-needed infrastructure to the

laws of the country. Once a report

be unavailable, often without any

economy in general.

is issued, the leaders are required

consequences. The many laws that govern

When the persistent disregard of our audit findings and recommen-

to attend to the matters raised in the report.

public finances in South Africa are

dations was finally confronted, the

clear as to the responsibilities of

amendment of the Public Audit

to react to or was completely

those charged with the adminis-

Act became the only plausible

disregarded, the auditor-general

tration and superintendence of

option left on the table. This step

agreed with its oversight commit-

public finances. They even pre-

was preceded by many years

tee in Parliament to amend the

scribe certain sanctions should

of initiatives by the audit office –

Public Audit Act.

deviant behaviour persist. The

from door-to-door campaigns at

One of the changes brought

leadership outside the administra-

all municipalities between 2009

about by the amendments is the

tive functions is assigned the most

and 2012, to regular briefings

introduction of ‘material irregu-

significant role, with a clear bias

of all role-players. At this point,

larities’ in the audit of financial

towards preventing and correct-

impunity was beginning to take


ing wrongdoing and the flagrant

centre stage, as evidenced by the

disregard of financial manage-

audit outcomes. Impunity cannot

auditor-general performs an audit,

ment disciplines.

co-exist with accountability.

the staff on the audit must satisfy

When all of this proved too slow

This means that whenever the

In addition to the above,

The intervention of the Public

the work of the auditor-gen-

Audit Act amendments seek to

of transactions, account balances

eral has always cautioned

achieve what would traditionally

and systems of control, that there

Public Sector Manager • April 2020

themselves, through various tests



has been no non-compliance

an audit performed under the

with known expected outcomes.

or contravention of a financial

Public Audit Act to a relevant

In essence, preventative controls

statute. In addition, they must

public body for investigation.

are an invincible fortress against

be satisfied that the entity is not

The relevant public body

all possible abuses of the public

exposed to situations of fraud

must keep the auditor-general

purse. Once these controls are in

which could result in a financial

informed of the progress and

place and are diligently pursued,

loss or the loss of a public asset;

the final outcome of the inves-

there will be more resources avail-


able to carry out mandates.

or that the entity is not deprived of providing certain services due to the financial losses incurred.

• Take any appropriate remedial action.

However, if a regime of preventative controls is to be effectively

Should the audit team identify

• Issue a certificate of debt, as

implemented, a strong tone at

a material irregularity, the auditor-

prescribed, where an ac-

the top and an ethical culture

general must report this matter to

counting officer or accounting

are essential. Where preventative

the accounting officer, requesting

authority has failed to comply

controls are implemented with

the latter to explain the transac-

with remedial action.

diligence, they become a natu-

tion and any requested documentation. If a financial loss has been

ral source of consequences. So

The power of preventative controls

there will be no need to debate so-called ‘consequence manage-

incurred, the auditors are required

If the whole of government invests

ment’ – consequences will simply

to source from the accounting

in activating preventative controls

be part of the outcome.

officer steps that will be taken to

across the key areas of account-

Strong preventative controls

recover the loss; or, if the loss is

ability, it will not be necessary to

create tension, especially when

continuing, steps to stop the con-

activate the new powers. Obvious-

consequences are part of the

tinuing loss. In certain instances,

ly, preventative controls discour-

deal. It is these positive and

the accounting officer will be

age the emergence of material

progressive tensions that must be

required to quantify the extent of


embraced as they make preven-

the financial loss should the audi-

These controls are proactive and

tative controls work for the entire

tors decide that there is indeed a

are an eloquent expression of the

material irregularity. The account-

key guards being at their posts at

ing officer is given up to 20 work-

all times. Additionally, implement-

interpreted as a constructive con-

ing days to deal with the matters

ing these controls will be relatively

tribution to revitalising the con-

raised and to respond in writing to

cheaper than relying on inves-

cept of accountability, a strong

the auditor-general.

tigations that will be triggered

foundation for proper financial

after money has changed hands

management and related service

ered, once a material irregularity

in ways that are not credible or

delivery will emerge.

has been identified or is suspect-


The auditor-general is empow-

ed, to: • Refer any suspected material irregularity identified during


Preventative controls promote transparency, strengthen accountability and are predictable,

value chain. Should these new powers be

*Kimi Makwetu is the Auditor-General of South Africa.

Public Sector Manager • April 2020

ANOTHER YEAR OF ANOTHER YEAR OF TRANSFORMATION TRANSFORMATION DONE RIGHT DONE RIGHT We did it! For the second year in a row, Momentum We did it! Forhas the retained second year a row, Momentum Metropolitan our in proud Level 1 B-BBEE Metropolitan retainedFinancial our proudSector Level Charter 1 B-BBEE status, under has the revised (FSC). status, under the revised Financial Sector Charter (FSC). Because for us, transformation is more than just an important business priority; it’s a way to make a positive fuels our momentum towards shared and sustainable future. Becauseimpact for us,that transformation is more than just anaimportant business priority; it’s a way to make a positive impact that fuels our momentum towards a shared and sustainable future. So, what are we getting right? Well, by strengthening the diversity of our board of directors and senior management, improving skills Well, development for African and expenditure So, what are we getting right? by strengthening thepeople, diversity of focusing our boardprocurement of directors and senior on black suppliers (especially black women owned businesses), we are making a real difference. management, improving skills development for African people, and focusing procurement expenditure on black suppliers (especially black women owned businesses), we are making a real difference. Our transformation strategy also includes efforts in youth employment and financial education - all part our steadfaststrategy commitment to transformation and social change;and within our organisation and Our of transformation also includes efforts in youth employment financial education - all inpart South Africa. of our steadfast commitment to transformation and social change; within our organisation and in South Africa.

We won’t stop here. There’s a lot more work to do – and we’re ready and raring to get it done! We won’t stop here. There’s a lot more work to do – and we’re ready and raring to get it done! For more information: For more information:

Writer: More Matshediso


Increasing access to safe medicine A

mos Masango is passion-

to reported cases of misconduct

the right man for the job. As a

ate about making an

or non-compliance, as brought to

pharmacist who holds a Master’s

impact in the lives of South

our attention by members of the

degree in Clinical Pharmacy,

Africans by ensuring they have ac-

public, patients and/or other stake-

Masango started off as an intern in

cess to safe and effective medicine.

holders,” Masango explains.

the pharmaceutical manufacturing sector in 1988. After a year, he

He is at the helm of the South as the registrar and chief executive

Just what the doctor ordered

officer (CEO).

His background makes Masango

African Pharmacy Council (SAPC)

became a production pharmacist and later moved up the ladder to hold a management position.

The SAPC is a statutory body established through the Pharmacy Act 53 of 1974. It assists in the promotion of the health of the South African population and advises the Minister of Health and MECs of health in all provinces on matters related to pharmacies. The SAPC also ensures that pharmaceutical care provided in both public and private healthcare sectors meets universal standards and seeks to improve the health and quality of life of patients. “On an ongoing basis, we monitor compliance by inspecting pharmacies and education or training facilities. We also attend


Public Sector Manager • April 2020

“After a couple of years, I de-

register of pharmacy professionals

qualified and registered pharma-

cided to leave the manufacturing

meet competence and education

cists, from just over 8 000 at the

industry and join the public sector.

requirements. This is to ensure that

end of the 1980s to over 16 700 this

I was deployed to KwaNdebele

South Africans are always served

year. Currently, 4 800 pharmacies

in Mpumalanga to start a phar-

by correctly qualified professionals.

are registered with the SAPC.

maceutical services unit. After the

In addition, Masango maintains

In 2011 the SAPC compiled a

1994 general elections, I was given

the register of pharmacy profes-

pharmacy human resources plan,

a new position – that of developing

sionals in the country and imple-

following investigations which

and unifying the pharmaceuti-

ments the recommendations of

revealed the country needed to

cal services in Mpumalanga,” he

disciplinary committees to remove

improve its training output to meet


any person found in contraven-

the needs of a growing population.

Two years later, Masango became a council member of the SAPC. In 2001, he applied for the

tion of the Act, standards or other legislative requirements. As CEO, Masango is also respon-

“We work closely with higher education and training institutions, which provide the Bachelor

Manager in Education position at

sible for the administration of the

of Pharmacy degrees, pharmacy

the SAPC and got the job. He then


support qualifications and other

occupied a senior management

“I have to ensure good govern-


post before becoming the registrar

ance, sound financial manage-

and CEO in 2004, a position he still

ment, operations management

include the Quality Council for

occupies 16 years later.

and the effective management

Trades and Occupations, the South

of resources, including human

African Qualifications Authority

as a council in the past 16 years. I

resources and assets, to help the

and the Council for Higher Educa-

was fortunate enough to oversee

council achieve its legislative


the appointment of three boards of


“I think we have done very well

The SAPC’s training stakeholders

The Health Professions Council of South Africa, the South African

the council. I have worked with four was appointed to this position, the

Meeting the needs of a growing population

term of office for the then board

Masango is passionate about

ers, work closely with the SAPC in

was coming to an end,” he says.

taking pharmaceutical services to

developing policies.

council presidents because when I

Masango’s duties as the registrar include ensuring that the Phar-

under-serviced areas. “We have increased the yearly

Nursing Council, and the Council of Medical Schemes, among oth-

“If someone wants to open a pharmacy, they have to apply for

macy Act and the various quality

output of pharmacy graduates to

a licence through the National

standards are implemented in the

over 800 from around 440 in 2009;

Department of Health. The SAPC

education of pharmacy profession-

the pharmacist-to-population ratio

will conduct a quality inspection

als, production of medicines and

has improved to one per 3 300,

of the facility and if minimum re-

provision of pharmaceutical care.

including interns and specialists,”

quirements are met, we will make

he says.

a favourable recommendation

He is also responsible for ensuring that all persons enrolled on the

Public Sector Manager • April 2020

This has led to the increase of

to the department. Once the li-



“We have increased the yearly output of pharmacy graduates to over 800 from around 440 in 2009; the pharmacistto-population ratio has improved to one per 3 300...”

Amos Masango is t he registrar and CEO of t he Sout h African Pharmacy Council.

Through the SAPC’s Legal Ser-

tions at universities to ensure

vices and Professional Conduct

that they comply. Masango says

cence is issued, the pharmacy

Unit, the necessary steps are

there was an instance in which a

has to apply to the SAPC for a

taken to deal with non-complying

university was no longer allowed

registration number,” he says.


to offer degrees in pharmacy be-

“In efforts to increase compli-

Ensuring high standards

ance with good pharmacy

cause it was non-compliant. He is pleased that South African-

practice and improve adherence

trained pharmacists are able

Pharmacies are graded after

to acceptable professional con-

to work anywhere in the world

SAPC inspections.

duct by professionals registered

because the universities that of-

with the SAPC, we work with law

fer degrees in pharmacy are of

Grade A, followed by those with

enforcement agencies and the

world-class standard.

minor challenges – which are

South African Health Products

rated Grade B, and those that do

Regulatory Authority. We also have

that access to pharmaceuti-

not comply with our standards

several disciplinary committees

cal services in South Africa has

are given a Grade C rating. We

that attend to alleged miscon-

improved tremendously over

have measures in place to ensure

duct by registered persons,” he

the past few years, but he is well

that grade B and C pharmacies


aware that more work lies ahead

“Those doing well are rated

improve their performance.”


The SAPC also conducts inspec-

Masango says it is undeniable

to increase access further.

Public Sector Manager • April 2020

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*Writer: Tyrone Seale

upgrade of an airport; the provision of blankets to patients in a public hospital; or furniture for an interview room at a police station, where victims of gender-based violence are offered privacy and support. The puzzle pieces of delegations of authority, VAS2s, memoranda, route forms and signatures all come together to form a picture of a changing South Africa – the transformed nation envisioned in our National Development Plan’s Vision 2030. The problem with this picture,

report –

though, is that not everyone uses the same puzzle pieces or arranges them in the same way. The recently released Report of the Judicial Commission of

shocking, sobering and redemptive

Inquiry into Allegations of Impro-


work around the puzzle – or undreds of thousands of

These millilitres move officials

priety at the Public Investment Corporation (PIC) is a sobering and shocking chronicle of what happens when people try to design their own.

public servants scratch

from one office to another; some-

around their desks or

times one city to another, or one

redemptive in that its

country to another.

very existence shows

neighbouring colleagues’ desks for that elusive – and oh so necessary

These millilitres can be the start

The report is, however,

how seriously

– black pen required to complete

of feeding nearly 10 million poor

President Cyril

the paperwork.

learners at school each day, or


they can enable action against

and the ad-

cable theft.


A few millilitres of ink go a long way in growing South Africa together.


These millilitres can signal the

take the

Public Sector Manager • April 2020

tasks of ending state capture and

to grow our pensions and will

a good build-up to your years in

building a capable, ethical state.

contribute to economic trans-

that unmistakable orange uniform.

The report tells numerous tales

formation was just a criminal

of malfeasance and wrongdoing involving billions of rands in

opportunity. Ethically, there was little distinc-

In the final analysis, the Final Report of the Judicial Commission of Inquiry into Allegations of

government employees’ pension

tion between this white-collar

Impropriety at the Public Invest-

nest-eggs, that will make public

looting and a syndicate blowing

ment Corporation reminds us how

servants doubt why they bother to

up an ATM at a service station

things go wrong in hearts and

jump through the hoops they do

forecourt in the middle of the

minds before the misdeeds show

to settle a comparatively negligi-


up in audits or in court.

ble R143 lunch or mileage claim.

The final report of the commis-

It tells us how things go wrong

sion is a raw and undeniable

when we press MUTE on con-

angering detail how it takes two,

account of state capture that

science and turn up the volume

three, five or more to tango when it

shows the havoc that can be

on greed; inappropriate use of

comes to perpetrating corruption

wreaked when some in the public

power; disregard for the vision,

and maladministration – and how,

and private sectors work together

mission and values that adorn our

unfortunately, there is no shortage

to undermine the South Africa we

boardroom walls, and the violation

of these takers.

are trying to grow.

of the rights and humanity of peo-

The report illustrates in vivid and

These takers aren’t scavengers.

The report is, however, also a

ple who are in our departments

They are predators. Scavengers

monument to the bravery and

and entities because they want to

circle around dead carcasses;

tenacity of whistleblowers and

grow a prosperous South Africa.

predators effect the kill.

witnesses who, at great personal

A capable state is a mosaic of

peril, stepped forward to tell their

capable and ethical individu-

leged predators comprised senior

stories not just of large-scale loot-

als who understand that putting

corporation executives, at least

ing of cash but also of workplace

people first means not putting

one politically exposed person (a

nepotism, victimisation and inva-

ourselves first.

Minister in plain English), and vari-

sion of privacy.

In the case of the PIC, the al-

The commission report is com-

ous actors in the private sector.

For anyone committed to the

The commission has recom-

rule of law and the tenets of ethi-

(Anti-Corruption and Ethics Man-

mended that law enforcement

cal governance, the report is a

agement) of the Public Service

and other agencies conduct

thriller of a read and a guide to


further investigations and bring

the red lights of unethical and

wrongdoers to book.

criminal conduct.

To the predators, the PIC’s mis-

It will make us think before we ink.

For anyone not committed to the

sion of investing public sector

rule of law or still wondering how

pension contributions in ventures

they can get their hands into the

that will yield the interest needed

cookie jar, the 997-page report is

Public Sector Manager • April 2020

pulsory reading; as is Chapter 2

*Tyrone Seale is the Head of Editorial and Production of PSM magazine.



Writer: Silusapho Nyanda

Working towards a more effective parole system


he deaths of two Western

ter serving eight years of a 10-year

tive about reforming the parole

Cape children, allegedly at

culpable homicide conviction.

system, nothing else will. Whilst

the hands of two men out on

He subsequently broke his parole

we may argue that our parole

conditions and absconded.

system is flawed, but not broken,

parole, has brought into sharp fo-

cus the systems used to determine who is released on parole. Questions raised include how

Pistoors had been released on

we should not be satisfied with

parole four months before he al-

a system that is not predictable,”

legedly murdered Reagan. He had

said the Minister.

those who are paroled are cho-

served seven years of a 12-year

sen, especially those who have

sentence after being convicted

processes require a degree of

been convicted of gender-based

of the rape of a five-year-old child.

particularity that enables officials

violence (GBV) crimes, and

According to media reports,

to predict with certainty whether

whether the rehabilitative nature

Pistoors was a relative of Reagan

offenders are equipped to re-

of the country’s correctional ser-

and lived two shacks away from

engage with society.

vices system is working.

the young boy.

He added that decision-making

Parole is part of the total rehabilitation programme. It aims to

Moyhdian Pangarker (54) has been arrested for allegedly mur-

Time to re-evaluate

correct offending behaviour and

dering eight-year-old Tazne van

The outcry following these inci-

may include the continuation of

Wyk from Worcester, while another

dents has led to the Minister of

programmes aimed at reintegra-

parolee, Jacobus Pistoors (53),

Justice and Correctional Services,

tion whilst in the system of com-

has been arrested for allegedly

Ronald Lamola, announcing

munity corrections.

murdering Reagan Gertse from

that the department is looking

The system not only assists with


at reviewing the systems parole

the social re-integration of offend-

boards use in determining who

ers but also provides a monitoring

gets paroled.

mechanism to manage the risk

Pangarker, who was arrested in Cradock in the Eastern Cape after being on the run for two weeks, was released on parole in 2016 af-


“If a case of Tazne or Reagan does not give us a perspec-

offenders may pose to the community.

Public Sector Manager • April 2020

“It is worth noting that offend-

their original selves after effective

ers do not qualify for automatic

rehabilitation from their offending

placement on parole. A number


of factors are considered by the

Minister Lamola acknowledged

ures for parole violations. “We must also strengthen our monitoring mechanisms through community structures such as

head of the correctional centre,

that the department has been

community policing forums, non-

parole board or myself, as the Min-

found wanting in its mandate with

governmental organisations, faith-

ister, depending on the category

regard to the deaths of Tazne and

based organisations and other

of the crime, before placement is

Reagan. The outcomes of these

relevant bodies,” said Minister


fault lines in the system are too


“ghastly to bear”, he says, as they

“We are currently in consulta-

Asking hard questions

led to the loss of a daughter and

tion with the National Council

In light of the recent incidents,

a son.

for Correctional Services on the

Minister Lamola said there is an

To address the shortcomings,

parole reforms that will ensure the

urgent need to review the various

going forward, people with expert

system is responsive to the needs

rehabilitation programmes that

knowledge of human and crimi-

of society.”

parolees undergo to “equip them

nal psychology will be used to

with skills to assist them to abhor

assess potential parolees.

their previous life of crime”. “We are now more than ever

“We will embark on a process

In addition, measures will be taken to ensure that officials tasked with the administration

that ensures that the parole

of parole do not circumvent the

required to ask ourselves hard

boards’ decision-making process-

requirements of the Act and the

questions about the parole sys-

es withstand any type of scrutiny.”

resolve to create a victim-centric

tem we administrate in the name

All criminal justice system role


of the people. The very essence

players will collaborate to ensure

of the Freedom Charter which

that only qualifying offenders

robust, transparent and consist-

proclaimed a system driven and

receive parole. The South African

ent practices for managing the

geared towards rehabilitation in-

Police Service will help in the

consequences of non-compli-

stead of vengeance is now under

process by ensuring that before

ance across the board. Parole

intense scrutiny.”

parole is granted, reports from so-

boards across the country must

cial workers and psychiatrists, who

be sensitive to the public outcry

of Correctional Services lies at

assesses the impact of the crime,

on GBV and crime in general. The

the core of transforming societies

are placed before the parole

actions of the parole boards must

and individuals when all else has

board for consideration.

enhance the administration of

He added that the Department


“Now, more than ever, we need

justice in general.”

Interests of society

With regard to the killings of

remove individuals from society

The proposed reforms in the

Tazne and Reagan, the Minister

who have lost their humanity, we

system should reflect the interests

said the state will use all the tools

also somehow ensure that we

of society by including detailed

at its disposal to ensure that the

reintroduce these individuals to

preventative and corrective meas-

perpetrators never walk free again.

“Wherein ordinarily, our role is to

Public Sector Manager • April 2020











Writer: Dale Hes

Free State steps up to the plate Public servants in the Free State have rolled up their sleeves and doubled efforts to improve the overall wellbeing of the province and its people. And the efforts are reaping rewards in areas such as education, economic transformation and youth development.


The Premier previously identified expanding early childhood development and better recruitment of teachers as key to the province’s education success.

he Free State province has

more than 1 400 schools, serving

Dedication to youth development

endured a recent history of

more than 713 000 learners.

Premier Ntombela has recognised the need to focus on youth

service delivery challenges

implementing key interventions on

Excelling at basic education

the ground, the province appears

The Free State’s heavy investment

to be emerging from this period of

in education has been reflected


in outstanding matric results for

commit themselves to serving the

the province. In 2016 and 2017,


and unstable governance. But by

Appointed in 2018, Free State Pre-

development. In fact, the Premier dedicated her State of the Province Address to the youth. She called on public servants to

mier Sisi Ntombela has been at the

the province recorded the highest

helm of this resurgence. She deliv-

matric pass rate in the country and

afford to let them down. I call on

ered encouraging news about the

again took top spot in 2019, with a

all public servants to recommit

province’s recent achievements

pass rate of 88.4 percent.

themselves and work differently.

and future plans, in her recent State of the Province Address.

“Our education achievements

“Our youth need us. We cannot

We want what is best for our youth.

are excellent. We reclaimed our

Focusing on our youth, economic

number one spot for the third time

growth and employment creation

of the province’s progress in im-

since the implementation of the

will in this coming financial year be

proving access to quality educa-

Curriculum and Assessment Policy

our main priority.”

tion and providing education

Statement. No other province has

infrastructure. The province has

achieved this feat,” she noted.

The Premier is particularly proud


She highlighted several notable achievements in the youth devel-

Public Sector Manager • April 2020

opment space, including bursaries

Premier Ntombela said that two

and employment provided to

shelters have been opened in

youth in the agriculture sector –

Wepenaar and Bothaville, and

the province’s biggest economic

emphasis has been placed on ap-

Population: 2.9 million


pointing social workers.

Most-spoken language: Sotho

“Of the 175 young people who

“Nine million rand has been set

Free State fast facts Capital: Bloemfontein

(64.2 percent) District municipalities: 4

were awarded overseas bursaries

aside for the appointment of an

by the Department of Agriculture,

additional 16 social workers to be

46 have graduated and were

placed in the districts linked to

placed in the department and

Thuthuzela Care Centres, safe

land is in the Free State. The

some were retained in agri-busi-

houses, shelters and victim-

province accounts for 15.2 percent

nesses. A further 120 graduates

friendly centres. Forensic nurses

of South Africa’s agricultural

have been placed in agri-business-

will be placed in all Thuthu-



zela Care Centres to respond to

The province’s Expanded Public

Metro municipalities: 1 Local municipalities: 19 A quarter of the country’s farming

gender-based violence.” Act are being realised. Training

Works Programme (EPWP) has cre-

In addition, R13 million has

ated around 50 000 job opportuni-

been budgeted for the estab-

is also being provided to munici-

ties, and the target for the current

lishment of new shelters and

palities in areas such as strategic

financial year is 55 000.

programmes to raise awareness

planning and management, mu-

of gender-based violence.

nicipal budgeting, supply chain

Other initiatives targeted at the youth and emerging busi-

“We need to break down the

and finance.”

nesses will include the Koffiefon-

cultural, institutional and societal

tein Business Hub and Tabalaza

practices that continue to im-

although much has been

Programme, which links businesses

prison our women and children,”

achieved in the province in terms

with potential investors for support

said the Premier.

of improving living conditions for

and investment.

She acknowledged that

residents, public servants should

the National Youth Development

Stabilising local government

Agency to increase financial and

With a number of local munici-

non-financial support to the youth.

palities under provincial ad-

need to turn our challenges into

We are pleased that the agency is

ministration, Premier Ntombela

opportunities for growth and

opening offices in some of our rural

said that the province is steadily

development of our province.

areas such as QwaQwa.”

stamping out issues such as

Guided by the wishes of our peo-

maladministration, poor financial

ple, our energies shall be on the

management and inadequate

implementation of the priorities

service delivery.

we have identified.”

“We have offered R1 million to

Support for victims of abuse In response to continuing violence

“Provincial Treasury is providing

tackle the remaining challenges with renewed determination. “As we look to the future, we

The Premier stressed that while

against women and children,

technical support to municipali-

public servants are key to the

the province has invested in

ties in distress. Positive results to

growth of the province, there is

programmes providing support

ensure compliance with the

also a need for partnerships and

structures to victims.

Municipal Finance Management

for all sectors to work together.

Public Sector Manager • April 2020



Writer: Dale Hes

Agenda 2063 –

Building the Africa we want The African Union’s Agenda 2063 is the continent’s masterplan for transforming Africa into a global powerhouse. In the actions they take, government leaders should draw on Agenda 2063’s goals of prosperity, unity, peace and growth for all of Africa.


n 2013, African heads of state

senting a dynamic force in the

pirations for the continent, further

gathered to celebrate the 50-

international arena”.

broken down into 20 goals, each

year anniversary of the African

Along with the declaration

with the priorities that need to be

Union – founded as the Organisa-

came Agenda 2063, which

focused on to achieve these goals.

tion of African Unity in 1963.

outlines the goals and priorities

The seven aspirations are:

that will lead the continent to this

1: A prosperous Africa based on

Anniversary Solemn Declara-

vision in the 50 years between

inclusive growth and sustainable

tion was signed, outlining a new

2013 and 2063.


achieving an “integrated, pros-

The seven aspirations of

cally united and based on the ideals

perous and peaceful Africa,

Agenda 2063

of Pan-Africanism and the vision of

driven by its own citizens, repre-

Agenda 2063 outlines seven as-

Africa’s Renaissance.

To mark the occasion, the 50th

2: An integrated continent, politi-

collective dedication towards


Public Sector Manager • April 2020

3: An Africa of good governance,

reminded us that integration and

democracy, respect for human rights,

unity is the only way for Africa to

justice and the rule of law.

leverage its competitive advan-

Implementation of flagship projects to achieve Agenda 2063

4: A peaceful and secure Africa.


A total of 14 flagship projects

5: An Africa with a strong cultural

Dlamini Zuma further spoke of

identity, common heritage, shared

how economic development had

ate the path towards achieving

values and ethics.

mushroomed, and how Africa

the aspirations of Agenda 2063.

6: An Africa, whose development is

had become the third largest

The projects cover areas such as

people-driven, relying on the poten-

economy in the world.

accelerating economic growth

tial of African people, especially its

“Economic integration, coupled

have been earmarked to acceler-

and development; encouraging

women and youth, and caring for

with infrastructure development,

the celebration of history and


saw intra-Africa trade mushroom-

culture; and harnessing infrastruc-

7: Africa as a strong, united, resilient

ing, from less than 12 percent in

ture, education, science, technol-

and influential global player and

2013 to approaching 50 percent

ogy, arts, culture and security


by 2045. This integration was fur-


ther consolidated with the growth

The Agenda is in its first imple-

Email from the future

of commodity exchanges and

mentation phase, covering the

Former AU Chairperson Dr Nko-

continental commercial giants.

years between 2013 and 2023. In

sazana Dlamini Zuma was an

“Pan African companies now

February this year, the AU released

instrumental figure in capturing

not only dominate our domestic

its first report on the implementa-

the aspirations of Agenda 2063.

market of over two billion people,

tion of the priorities outlined in

In 2014, she presented a hypo-

but they have overtaken multi-na-

Agenda 2063.

thetical 'Email from the future', in

tionals from the rest of the world

which she places herself in the

in their own markets.”

year 2063.

The report was compiled from 31 AU Members States, covering

The email also placed the other

56 percent of the continent and

aspirations of Agenda 2063 vividly

six regional economic communi-

on how Africa had changed from

into reality. It spoke of how the


a fragmented continent to one of

ocean and green economy, skills


development, robust security

Chief Executive Officer of the AU

“At the beginning of the 21st

structures and social transforma-

Development Agency, highlighted

century, we used to get irritated

tion had led to prosperity for Afri-

that some outstanding progress

with foreigners when they treated

ca and its citizens. Dlamini Zuma’s

has been made in implementing

Africa as one country: as if we

email helped government leaders

Agenda 2063.

were not a continent of over a

to envision the high quality of life

“The implementation of Agenda

billion people and 55 sovereign

that would result if the blueprint

2063 has gathered momentum at

states! But, the advancing global

laid out by Agenda 2063 is suc-

all levels. The continent has made

trend towards regional blocks

cessfully implemented.

some remarkable progress to-

Her inspirational email touched

Public Sector Manager • April 2020

Dr Ibrahim Assane Mayaki,



wards attaining the goals defined

been achieved, particularly with

improvements. In particular, low

in Agenda 2063’s First Ten-Year

regard to the implementation of

scores were recorded in terms of

Implementation Plan.”

the African Charter on the Rights

overall quality of life for citizens,

of the Youth, which achieved a 77

good governance, democracy,

Foremost among these achieve-

and respect for human rights.

ments is the progress in establishing the African Continental Free Trade Area (AfCFTA), which seeks to remove the barriers to trade between African countries. “The overall performance of African Member States on advancing the AfCFTA stands at 92 percent of the target set for 2019. To date, 54 countries have signed and 29 have ratified the AfCFTA,” the report states. The report also identified that good progress has been made with regard to achieving a peaceful and secure Africa, with most member states reporting

“The continent will have to address key challenges such as data gaps; and adequate capacity, both human and financial, among others.”

In line with the aspiration to

as data gaps; and adequate capacity, both human and financial, among others, that are slowing its path to sustainable and inclusive economic as well as social and cultural development.” “This will require concerted and coordinated efforts at sub-national, national, regional and continental level to comprehensively address the identified challenges and harness the available opportunities.”

percent score against the 2019

ber states and leaders in gov-


ernment to work harder towards

achieve a people-driven Africa, a

The report recognises that a

relatively strong performance has

number of other areas require


address key challenges such

The AU has called on all mem-

that functional national peace mechanisms are in place.

“The continent will have to

achieving the aspirations of Agenda 2063.

Public Sector Manager • April 2020


Film industry gets a boost

Source: SAnews

“The hub will provide affordable, subsidised equipment for film production and post produc-

The newly-launched Eastern

tion. It will also hopefully attract

Cape Film Hub is expected to

big production companies to

stimulate economic activity,

shoot in this province, stimulat-

drive transformation, and create

ing the local economy,” said the

jobs and entrepreneurial op-



He added that the cultural and

Minister of Sports, Arts and Cul-

creative industries and in par-

ture Nathi Mthethwa said the fa-

ticular the audio-visual sector,

the production needs of high-

cility was established to address

have long been recognised as

end budget productions while

the lack of film infrastructure.

a catalyst for economic growth

simultaneously servicing televi-

The film hub was recently

in South Africa, with the poten-

sion and commercial produc-

launched in Buffalo City Munici-

tial to contribute immensely to


pality in a collaboration with the

the economy and employment.

“It will also provide access to

National Film and Video Foun-

The purpose of the film hub is to

production and post-production

dation, the Eastern Cape Devel-

bring together all areas of film

facilities at sustainable rates as

opment Corporation, Eastern

production under one roof, from

well as screening facilities. We

Cape Provincial Arts and Culture

pre-production to post-produc-

are intent on our purpose to see

Council, and Cortex Hub.

tion, thus providing a high-end

more skilled artists and original

It will give aspirant filmmakers

studio equipped with multiple

South African stories coming

access to production and post-


from all areas of this culturally

production facilities.

The hub is capable of meeting

rich country,” said the Minister.

Improving the post office The South African Post Office (Sapo) board has outlined a strategy aimed at improving services and building a sustainable service platform. This will be done by, among others, fixing operations; driving down costs by reviewing current contracts; and implementing other cost containment meas-


Public Sector Manager • April 2020

ures, such as technologies, to

contract are essential,” said

customer relations in order to

drive down security costs at

Sapo board chairperson Col-

improve the customer experi-

branch level.

leen Makhubele.

ence in line with the Universal

The board has instructed Sapo

Staff reskilling and optimisation

Postal Union standards, and to

management to review all cur-

to improve productivity will also

retain revenue through better

rent contracts after the Auditor-

be a priority.


General found serious irregulari-

“A simple example is our plan to

“We have now brought an in-

ties in some of them.

introduce maintenance teams.

ternational tracking system into

“Some contracts had retainers

Where an ageing postman,

production. International items

paid to several service providers

for example, finds it hard to still

will keep their foreign tracking

without performing any duties

complete his rounds, he can ap-

number in SA. Customers can

and the scope was not clarified.

ply to be trained as an artisan,

follow the processing of their

Management must therefore

who will form part of a mainte-

items all the way and process-

make sure that every current

nance team for our buildings,”

ing is sped up significantly. This

contract continues to offer value

she said.

saves costs and our employees

for money, and that the services

Sapo has shifted focus to

can be used much more pro-

or goods procured through the

improving its operations and

ductively,” Makhubele said.

Decline in rhino poaching

updated and adapted to meet the incessant and ever-present threat.

South Africa is making progress

Entities such as South African Na-

in the fight against rhino poach-

tional Parks, South African Nation-

ing, with figures showing a steady

al Biodiversity Institute, Council for

decline for the fourth consecutive

Scientific and Industrial Research


and provincial conservation

During 2019, 594 rhinos were

agencies work together to ensure

poached in South Africa, down

that plant and animal life is pre-

from 769 rhinos killed the previous

served and conserved for current


and future generations.

“The decline in the number of rhi-

“We do this with the understand-

nos poached is an indication that

ing that threats to wildlife have

the initiatives being implemented

multiple and undesirable ecologi-

by government and with the sup-

cal, economic and social effects,”

port of partners are working, but

said the Minister.

we cannot rest on our laurels,”

South Africa is making a con-

cies, including iconic species of

said Environment, Forestry and

certed effort to combat wildlife

rhino, elephant, lion, pangolin,

Fisheries Minister Barbara Creecy.

crime, particularly poaching of

cycads and many other species

She added that plans to combat

iconic species and associated

of mammals, plants, reptiles and

wildlife crime are constantly being

illicit trade affecting diverse spe-


Public Sector Manager • April 2020



Writer: Phumla Williams

Public servants must stand tall J

ust days after Minister of

tic economy had contracted

and resourceful nation, able to

Finance Tito Mboweni’s

by 1.4 percent in the fourth

step up when the going gets

Budget Speech, South Af-

quarter of 2019 and had grown

tough and work together to

rica slipped into another reces-

by only 0.2 percent in 2019, the

triumph over adversity.

sion – highlighting how crucial it

lowest since 2009.

is that we heed his call to rein in debt and curb spending.

One of the cost-cutting

Now more than ever – given the challenges South Africa is

measures proposed by Minister

facing – this grit and determi-

Mboweni is the trimming of the

nation is needed in the public

billion, no-one can deny that

public sector wage bill. While

service. Imagine what could

government has to find ways to

government grapples with

be achieved if the vast majority

tighten its belt without compro-

this and looks at ways to slow

of the 1.2 million civil servants

mising its development agen-

down the rate at which the bill

committed themselves to inno-

da or service delivery.

is growing, an effective and

vation, integrity and excellence.

With a tax shortfall of R63.3

Announcing the recession recently, Statistics South Africa pointed out that the domes-


efficient public service remains essential to South Africa. Fortunately, we are a resilient

United, we can move mountains. Together, we can grow South Africa. Joined in the

Public Sector Manager • April 2020

values of respect, equality, dig-

ant and a responsible South

nity and integrity, we can only

African, to blow the whistle on

to rooting out public servants

be stronger. Together, we can

corruption and financial mis-

who abuse their positions.

triumph and transform.


This includes taking remedial

Sadly, no ideal – no matter

Managers must stay on top of

Government is committed

action against wrongdoers

how worthwhile – will ever have

all happenings in their de-

and recovering money that

everyone’s buy-in.

partment because when you

has been stolen from the state

are in a position of authority,


There will remain in our midst those people who do not

ignorance is no excuse when

understand their role as public

it comes to the corruption,

servants, who have their hands out not to help others but to grasp what they can for themselves. They may be sitting next to you in your office, work under you or even be your superior. They may be taking bribes, manipulating procurement and authorising unnecessary and frivolous spending. In doing so, they shoulder some of the responsibility for the financial pressure we are all feeling.

This will free up more money for roads, clinics and schools, job creation initiatives and

It is your job as an ethical civil servant and a responsible South African, to blow the whistle on corruption.

education. It will help renew confidence in government and the public service as a whole. Taxpayers will take comfort in knowing that their money is going to a government that is efficient and capable and the great majority of our public servants, who do a difficult job in trying circumstances, will be freed of the shadow cast around them by their less honourable colleagues.

The public purse exists to

And, most importantly, com-

enable government to fulfil its mandate of a better life for all

incompetence, unethical be-

munities will begin to believe

and every cent needs to be

haviour or fraud that happens

that the challenges they face

spent effectively and account-

on your watch.

will be addressed by a caring,

ably. Each and every expendi-

Ineffective managers and col-

ture must be carefully weighed

leagues who turn a blind eye

up to ensure it is for the greater

to wrongdoing enable unpro-

good of the nation.

fessional or criminal behaviour,

If this is not the case, ques-

which leads to the degrada-

tions must be asked. It is your

tion of the public service and

job as an ethical civil serv-

the erosion of service delivery.

Public Sector Manager • April 2020

competent and committed government.

* Phumla Williams is the Acting Director-General at Government Communication and Information System.


W AT ERBERG TV ET C OL LEGE Waterberg TVET College is one of the public TVET colleges in Limpopo Province with four campuses and two practical sites, viz. the Hospitality Training Centre known as Hotel School and the Farm for practical training in agriculture programmes. The college serves Waterberg district, where three of its campuses are situated, as well as its central office and practical sites. The engineering campus is in Capricorn district. The college derives its mandate from a variety of South African legislation including the National Development Plan - Vision 2030 (NDP-2030). The NDP-2030 depicts TVET colleges as the backbone of technical vocational education and training for young people who chose the vocational pathway, adults who want to change careers or upgrade skills, and unemployed people who wish to start a career. The NDP further advocates for the strengthening of TVET colleges to

Selaelo Elizabeth Lekoloane Waterberg TVET College Principal Ms Lekoloane joined Waterberg Technical Vocational Education and Training (TVET) College as Principal in July 2014 with a clear understanding of the mandate of TVET colleges in South Africa in relation to the objectives of the National Development Plan’s Vision 2030. In addition to the ministerial programmes offered by the college, Waterberg TVET College delivers occupational programmes in Limpopo province. Ms Lekoloane spearheaded the establishment of a separate unit within the curriculum division,

become institutions of choice for the training of artisans and producing other mid-level skills.

COLLEGE ACHIEVEMENTS Waterberg TVET College is amongst the best performing public TVET colleges in South Africa in the overall pass rate of National Certificate Vocational (NCV) qualifications, it is the top performer among seven public TVET colleges in Limpopo Province with a 191-percentage pass rate. The dedication of management, support and lecturing staff as well as students and the support from the college governing council make the college a shining star in rural Limpopo. Through the Occupational Programmes Unit, Waterberg TVET College has achieved the following; • Trained more than 1 000 Early Childhood Development

which focuses on occupational programmes.

(ECD) practitioners across Limpopo over the past five years in

This strategic move assisted the college’s

partnership with Limpopo’s Department of Education and the

expansion and strengthened partnerships and collaborations in the delivery of programmes and provision of skills for employability.

Social development EPWP programme. • The College is accredited and it implements a variety of learnerships and skills programmes in the following sectors:

The occupational programmes offered by the college include apprenticeships, learnerships, internships, skills programmes and higher education qualifications at NQF L5/6 with university collaboration.

Building and Construction, School Business Administration, ICT, Agriculture, Hospitality/Food Preparation and Culinary Arts. • In the past five years, the college has produced 70 qualified artisans in the trades, diesel mechanics, welding and electrical and is continuing to train more through partnership and funding from SETAs and the National Skills Fund.


• In order to open up opportunities for NCV graduates to access university, the college in collaboration with the University of Limpopo and Agri-seta, implemented an RPL Pilot Project in Animal Production Diploma, which enabled 28 graduates to meet the requirements to enrol for a degree in Agriculture Management at the University of Limpopo. The collaboration and success of the programme demystifies the belief that TVET college qualifications are a dead end and TVET college graduates can never study for a university degree.

Agriculture Diploma Graduates

Food Preparation student being assessed in preparation for the World Skills Competitions

Wine Service student being assessed in preparation for the World Skills Competitions

STRENGTHENING PARTNERSHIP AND LINKAGES Work Integrated Learning (WIL) is crucial in helping students to develop the skills needed to be in competitive working environments. It also builds work history and increases chances for employment upon receipt of qualifications. Waterberg TVET College has established partnerships with businesses and industries to provide workplace based learning to students studying or having The national best performing student and most inspirational lecturer in Food Preparation and Culinary Arts from Waterberg TVET College congratulated by the Principal and Deputy Principal Academic

completed theoretical learning in both ministerial and occupational programmes. The workplace-based training exposes students to potential employers through networking, and learning the ropes of how to go about getting employment in their

Upon the Principal’s return from Brazil in 2017, in line

fields of study. Waterberg TVET College achieves 100%

with implementation of lessons learned, she made

work placement for N6 Business Studies graduates who

recommendations for the college to participate in world

complete in 18 months and are able to attain their diploma

skills competitions and advocated to the College Council

qualifications. Our gratitude goes to all employers in the

for support. From then to date, Waterberg TVET College

private and public sectors who make this possible for the

students continuously participate in world skills competitions

college and the SETAs and NSF who provide financial

supported and inspired by dedicated lecturers. The college

support to our students in WIL programmes.

started to participate in Food Preparation and Wine Service, later added IT and it is now planning to add trades in the

Students from Waterberg TVET College who completed

Building and Construction sector. The students have been

N6 studies towards Business Management Diploma, were

participating up to regional level; the college continues to

given the chance to acquire practical experience by

sharpen their skills and we are hopeful that they will one day

being placed in various Vodacom stores in the Waterberg

qualify to enter the regional and world competitions.

District. The collaborative efforts of Waterberg TVET


College, Bank SETA and Vodacom will help to fight the

The base of this agreement is a five-year plan of

country’s problem of youth unemployment.

collaboration between the South African TVET college and the Polytechnic Institute from China, based on

The placement will yield good results in producing

industry 4.0 technology. This plan is focused on equipping

knowledgeable and skilled graduates. This will in turn help to

graduates with the skills necessary to remain relevant

contribute to economic growth and assist in combating the

within the 4th industrial revolution.

country’s poverty gap.

RECOGNITION OF EXCELLENCE Recognition of employees and appreciation of their contributions is an essential aspect in having a workplace that functions excellently. Showing employees that you appreciate their work, contribution and efforts directly affects their motivation and job satisfaction. This in turn enhances their performance. It is the college’s practice to award those who go an extra mile. The college invites a motivational speaker to motivate staff and informally get to know one another as a team. We do this annually to bring to life our college motto ‘Together Ensuring Success’ which means each one of us should support the success of the other, and if we all

Waterberg TVET College Business Management N6 graduates

succeed, together we build a better South Africa.

placed in Vodacom Stores in the Waterberg District

DISABILITY INITIATIVE The college, in collaboration with the Limpopo Office of the Premier, represented by Selaelo Makgato, advocates for the rights of people living with disabilities. The collaboration efforts led to the inclusion of young people living with disabilities into mainstream education whereWaterberg TVET College enrolled 25 deaf students in the NCV programme in the NCV programme, Office Administration level 2 in the 2019 academic year.

College Management and Council with Prof. Maredi Mphahlele at the Staff Awards Ceremony in October 2019

This will go a long way to ensure achieving access and the provision of quality education which results in the employability of young people, including those with disabilities. This will also assist employers in achieving their targets of employing people with disabilities through the employment of qualified and skilled people.

RESPONSIVENESS TO THE 4IR The Principal visited China during October/November 2019 to learn lessons and initiate partnership with Chinese Institutions. The 10th January 2020 marked a significant day in Waterberg TVET College calendar when the college and the Henan Polytechnic Institute of China met at the Thabazimbi Campus to seal their partnership by signing an agreement to deliver manufacturing and IT related learning programmes with support from The Manufacturing, Engineering and Related Services Sector Education and Training Authority.

CONTACT DETAILS: Email: Telephone: (+27) 15 492 9000 Central office: Cnr Tortius & Hooge St, Chroompark, Mokopane, 0656 Postal address: P Bag X2449, Mokopane, 0600 Website: Facebook: Waterberg TVET College

Two million children go to bed hungry...

One Red Bowl can change it all Help stop the injustice and reduce hunger, one child at a time, by giving a gift of great value – a JAM Red Bowl filled with 75% of a child’s daily nutritional needs. For only R50 a month (or R600 per year) you can sponsor the feeding of one or more children by donating online at OR SMS”JAM” to 42181 to donate R30 towards feeding a child.


Writer: More Matshediso

Buy local and help SA thrive P

ublic servants have a role to

decision could contribute to further

play in helping South Africa

jobs losses in South Africa.

grow the economy and cre-

ate jobs. One way in which they can do so is to buy locally manufactured

He believes that everyone has a role to play in turning the economy around. In an effort to make locally manu-

you creating a product or initiative

products, ensuring that the money

factured products accessible to

that can benefit you in the long

being spent remains in the country.

consumers, Proudly South African is


“If public servants buy prod-

a partner in an initiative called rsa-

Proudly SA also maintains

ucts and services that are locally – which is an e-com-

partnerships with industry bodies,

produced and rendered, we will

merce website that gives South

associations and corporates that

be able to grow the economy and

African manufacturers the oppor-

fund or support initiatives which

create the much-needed jobs,”

tunity to advertise their products to

benefit local manufacturers and

says Proudly South African Chief Ex-

local and global consumers.


ecutive Officer Eustace Mashimbye. Proudly SA is the country’s only of-

Merchants are also able to

One of the local entrepreneurs

display their locally manufactured

who is enjoying the benefits of be-

ficial buy local campaign. It serves

products on the website, which

ing a member of Proudly SA is Neo

the interests of all local manufac-

gives them global exposure.

Rangaka, 26, the owner of Johan-

turers and producers.

Mashimbye encourages local

nesburg-based BLVNK – a luxury

manufacturers and entrepreneurs

street wear brand she established

Responsible buying

to consider establishing partner-

in 2018.

Mashimbye says public servants

ships with strategic buyers.

who buy something that is import-

“This will enable your business to

“The brand is all about telling African stories through fashion. As

ed into the country despite a local

expand, whether it is through giv-

a brand, we see people as art and

alternative being available, need

ing you more exposure, linking you

we are the canvas; we interpret

to be aware that their purchasing

with more opportunities or both of

and take in the stories we see from


Public Sector Manager • April 2020

people. We also recognise where

wanted to do but I first needed to

ing South African brands that are

we are going as a nation and

acquire the right skills and knowl-

designed by us. Something about

we just document that as we go

edge. That is how BLVNK was born.”

our culture that is made by us.”

along,” she says.

Rangaka has one permanent

The Design Innovation Challenge

employee, who is responsible for

is endorsed by Proudly South

2017 while I was still studying. It

marketing and outsources human

African as it helps create employ-

started off as a consultation com-

resources, using the skills of local

ment for young fashion industry

pany, offering personal styling for

people, such as those who work


people, custom-made garments,

at Victoria Yards in Johannesburg,

wardrobe consulting and shop-

where her business currently oper-

to showcase her clothes at the



South African Fashion Week.

“I started the company back in

Rangaka holds a degree in

“We [at Victoria Yards] are a

The initiative enabled Rangaka

With the help of Proudly South

fashion design from Villioti Fashion

number of designers who share

African, she also got an oppor-

Institute in Johannesburg.

space and work together. I bring

tunity to erect a pop-up store in

my designs to the team, which

Milan, Italy. Although the event has

when she came across the Design

assists in meeting my manufactur-

been postponed as a result of the

Innovation Challenge hosted

ing needs instead of outsourcing

coronavirus, she was among the

by Edcon – which is a partner in

people from internationally.”

local designers chosen to show-

She got her big break in 2018

Proudly SA’s Buy Local campaign – and Runway Productions.

She sells her clothes at Victoria Yards as well as on an online platform called Vibe Life Culture.

New ideas

“My ultimate goal is for the world

case their products at the next Buy Local Summit and Expo. Another government entity – the National Youth Development

The Design Innovation Challenge is

to buy clothes in South Africa. We

Agency – aided in Rangaka’s

an annual incubation programme

all want these well-known inter-

success by giving her R10 000 in

in which designers come up with

national brands. I also love and

funding, which she used to buy

new ideas and concepts and cre-

admire them but South Africa has


ate something out of it. Ambassa-

so much to offer in culture and

dors of the initiative visit a number


of institutions across the country

As the saying goes, ‘fashion is a cut-throat industry’ but Rangaka believes she can do anything if

Time to expand

she remains resilient. Resilience

Rangaka believes the world is

is what keeps her going, she ex-

about it and I was interested. I

starting to look towards Africa, and

plains, because she believes talent

was in the final year of my stud-

this means it is the right time for

and connections are not enough

ies and I was able to hand in my

her to expand her brand.

to survive the industry.

each year to look for new talent. “My previous lecturer told me

graduation collection. I got a call

“Instead of international brands

back and that’s how I joined the

coming to South Africa to look for

programme,” she explains.

inspiration and to design a South

“I saw this as an opportunity to

African-inspired piece that will be

actually start a clothing brand,

sold across the globe, it would

which is something I had always

be nice to have the world buy-

Public Sector Manager • April 2020

You can visit to buy locally manufactured products, contact 078 584 8432 or email for enquiries.




PRETORIA • SHOP G67 • TEL: 012 348 4614

CAPE TOWN • SHOP 655 • TEL: 021 555 3696

CarducciMen CarducciWomen www. CarducciSA

HM19031 Carducci_Top500_DPS.indd 1

16072019 08:29


Writer: Silusapho Nyanda

10111 – Rapid response to emergency calls T

he South African Police Ser-

a crime. The Command Centre of-

dinates communication during

vice (SAPS) has many units

ficials at the 22 call centres across

police operations.

that work in unison in the

the country are responsible for

fight against crime. If units like the Special Task Force; Family Violence, Child Protection

“The 10111 Command Centre

dispatching officers to the crime

responds to all emergency calls.


We dispatch officers to all police-

The SAPS’s national head of the

related emergencies. When there

and Sexual Offences Investiga-

10111 Command Centre, Briga-

is a police operation, the 10111

tions; and Public Order Policing

dier Elias Mohlabane, says the call

Command Centre works as the

are the strong arm of the law then

centres work with the various units

nerve centre through which all

the 10111 Command Centre is the

in mobilising a response when

the messages are passed,” he

nerve centre telling the arms what

a crime occurs and also coor-


is happening so they can respond accordingly. These units and others respond to crimes such as armed robberies, gender-based violence, and civil unrest, which are reported through the 10111 Command Centre and police stations.

Communication portal The 10111 hotline unit is one of the communication portals linking victims of crime and the police. The public make use of the hotline when they urgently need to report


Public Sector Manager • April 2020

Brigadier Mohlabane, who has been the head of the 10111 Command Centre since 2014, says

police stations and the radios of

SAPS to refer to a particular call if

officers on patrol.

a need arises. All the call centres

“If it is anything that is not related

operate on a 24-hour basis, every

the call centres mobilise other

to crime, like a road accident with

emergency services such as

no injuries, we will then call the

ambulances, the fire brigade

metros. We have dedicated radio

about seven million calls a year.

and traffic officers by using

channels and phone numbers

Brigadier Mohlabane says that all

dedicated emergency radio

that we use to communicate with

calls should be answered imme-


the other emergency services.”

diately but this is not always the

day of the year. The command centres receive

case as there are delays if the

In Gauteng and in the West-

The police use an Alpha, Bravo

ern Cape, there are also metro

and Charlie system to determine

police officers stationed at the

the urgency of their response.

10111 call centres, making it

Alpha calls relate to crimes that

bane, hoax calls impede the work

easier to inform the metro police

are happening at the time of the

of the 10111 Command Centres

if their services are needed.

call. This encompasses all types

and the fight against crime. The

lines are busy. According to Brigadier Mohla-

of crime. In Bravo cases, the crime

number of hoax calls received

in-transit heist taking place, the

has already happened and the

usually peaks during school holi-

10111 Command Centre will

police need to take statements.


mobilise the Special Task Force,

Charlie calls relate to minor

forensic services and all the


“If, for instance, there is a cash-

other role-players in the police

The call centres are manned by

“Hoax calls are killing us in terms of effectively fighting crime. When someone makes a hoax call, they

force and other emergency

1 133 call takers, dispatchers and

block the lines for someone with

services to go and assist in the

call loggers.

a real emergency. Fifteen percent

operation,” he explains.

The call dispatchers are trained police officers while call takers

What happens when you dial 10111 When a member of the public

must have a qualification relevant to the job.

of the calls we receive are either hoax or abandoned calls.” In addition to the prank calls, Brigadier Mohlabane says they

“We have four shifts working at

also encounter a large number of

calls the 10111 hotline to report

the command centres every day,

people making general enquiries

a crime, a series of protocols are

with shift commanders who are re-

when they call the hotline, when in

activated, Brigadier Mohlabane

sponsible for managing the floors.

fact 10111 is an emergency num-


These are colonels, lieutenant

ber. These include calls from the

“When a call is received by a

colonels and captains who over-

public looking for addresses.

call taker at a 10111 command

see the call takers and dispatch-

centre, they take down the

ers,” Brigadier Mohlabane says.

information and the pass it on to

The call loggers collect and log

The 10111 hotline is crucial in the fight against crime as it enables the public to report crimes as they

the dispatchers. The dispatchers

all the calls that are received.

occur, no matter how far away

then send out the information to

The logging of calls enables the

their local police station is.

Public Sector Manager • April 2020



*Writer: Dr Rufaro Mucheka

Property pointers T

he 2020 Budget Speech was

than R1 million, will realise some

The estate duty change sig-

a great relief for consumers

saving. For example, a consumer

nificantly reduces the financial

as personal tax and VAT were

who purchases a house valued at

burden on those looking to enter

left unchanged, meaning there is

R2.5 million will now save R17 000

the market. In addition, favour-

no or minimal change to consum-

in transfer fees.

able lending conditions and an

ers' disposable income. The increased transfer duty exemption from R900 000 to R1 million has made it attractive for first-time home buyers to enter the market, as no transfer duty will be charged on property valued below R1 million. Post-budget commentary from various real estate experts indicate that this increase will boost the stagnant property market and benefit those looking to own a house. The increase in the transfer duty exemption provides a very positive incentive, not only for first-time home buyers, but all those people purchasing homes as ultimately, they pay less transfer fees compared to last year. Consumers across the board, including those who want to purchase properties valued at more


Public Sector Manager • April 2020

oversupply of new developments

need to weigh up before making

up to 20 years and your house

make this a good time to buy

the commitment.

can be repossessed if you fail



to honour the premiums.

Tips for first-time home buyers

• There is pride in home own-

• Determine value and location and the house you can afford. • Save for a down payment, the higher it is the less monthly premium you pay. • Understand all the upfront costs and save for them to avoid bottlenecks. • Drive through the neighbourhood in which you want to buy on various days at different

• It is not just the bond repay-

ership – you customise your

ments that you will be respon-

home according to your own

sible for. Ongoing costs include


electricity, water, municipal

• Buying a house is a sound

rates and taxes, levies (if in a

financial investment, values

gated community), mainte-

generally appreciate.

nance gardening, paining, etc.

• No duty needs to be paid for

• Selling your house can take

properties below the threshold

between three months to a

of R1 million.

year depending on the market.

• Monthly re-payments are stable as compared to renting.

There are many costs associated with your dream home. Doing your

times to check out traffic, noise


financial homework and analysis

and activity levels.

• There are substantial upfront

upfront is key to having the peace

Advantages and disadvantages of owning a property

costs such as deposit, trans-

of mind that you can cope with

fer duty, transferring attorney

all the costs and enjoy your new

costs, moving costs, etc., which


can cause stress if you are not

Owning a home is an exciting

financially prepared for this.

experience as it gives one that

• If you are not financially stable,

sense of achievement and secu-

buying a house can lead to

rity. Below are the advantages and

financial ruin as this monthly

disadvantages that homeowners

financial commitment can be

Public Sector Manager • April 2020

*Dr Rufaro Mucheka (PhD) is a Certified Financial Planner: Head of Strategy Rest Of Africa at Nedbank Financial Planning. Email:


Compiled by : Silusapho Nyanda


Reading: A call to action F

or Prince Charles reading is more than just entertainment. He sees books as a means to

What are some of the books that you have read that had an impact on your life? How did they impact your life?

help him better grasp his role as

Christine Qunta’s Why We are Not

a young person in a democratic

a Nation, Oliver Tambo; Beyond


the Engeli Mountains, by Luli

Charles, an Administration Officer in the office of the Deputy Minister of Public Service and Adminis-

Callinicos and Steve Biko’s I Write

What I Like. These books have had an

tration, shared his views on the

impact on my life because they

importance of reading with PSM.

gave me perspective of what it means or should mean to be a

What book are you reading and why are you interested in it?

South African in a post-apartheid South Africa.

I am reading Godless Morality.

These books challenge you

It questions the way which we,

to think about the legacy you

as society, frame morality and

leave behind.

sometimes use God as justifica-

digger of its future.

that we should relook at how we

Which books would you recommend to other people and why?

mend I Write What I Like as it puts

develop moral arguments and

There’s a growing debate in South

into context of what his genera-

look at certain issues from purely a

Africa about identity, to whom

tion was fighting for and crafts a

human basis.

does South Africa belong and

way for what other generations

who has the right to speak on

must fight for.

tion for prejudice. The book argues

In light of this, I would recom-

issues. essary debate, however it does

What are some of the benefits that you enjoy from reading?

create a major stumbling block

Reading is not only a conversa-

in the creation of national identity

tion between writers but it’s a call

and by implication social cohe-

to action, it’s basically a tool to

sion. Narrow nationalism and

awaken the conscience of society.

ethnic chauvinism have crept into

It makes one uncomfortable and

the debate and are threatening to

forces you to think critically and

make South Africa's past a grave

expand your outlook.

This is an important and nec-


Public Sector Manager • April 2020

19052 Carducci Bus Awards FPFC.indd 1

30102019 16:14

19052 Carducci Bus Awards FPFC.indd 1

30102019 16:14


Writer: Ashref Ismail

Honda’s stylish BR-V updated A

s the economy shrinks

Known for its excellent reputation

which happens to be one of its top

and motorists begin to

for building quality cars that are

two best sellers.

feel the pinch of buying,

sometimes a bit quirky, its sales fig-

Classed as a compact seven-

maintaining and running a motor

ures have not really worried its ri-

seater, though admittedly, the rear-

car there is a definite ‘buy-down’

vals much. Much of this could also

most seats are only really suitable

trend. With the high cost of motor

be because of the perception of

for the very young, the BR-V is a

vehicles in South Africa, it is dif-

expensive maintenance costs of

stylish, compact and elegant mul-

ficult to accept that a compact,

Honda vehicles after they come

ti-purpose vehicle. To say that the

four-seater multi-purpose vehicle

off the maintenance plan.

BR-V is truly eye-catching is an un-

can cost in the region of R300 000.

So while Honda SA boasts durable

derstatement. It needs to be viewed

While this price point becomes the

vehicles that retain good resale val-

in the flesh to truly appreciate its

accepted benchmark, the choices

ues, it tends to be hamstrung by a

sporty and modern lines, lending

are many and varied, so would-be

limited model range offering and

it a distinctive rugged personality.

buyers looking for a stylish and

constrained marketing budgets.

Compared to the Toyota Avanza, its

economical run-around that can

One vehicle from the Honda sta-

obvious rival, the sporty looking BR-V

serve multiple roles would be spoilt

ble that always catches my eye,

for choice.

especially because I fell in love

Honda Motors Southern Africa

One manufacturer that has been

with it after testing it for a week, is

has refreshed its compact BR-V

flying under the radar is Honda SA.

the recently-refreshed Honda BR-V,

range for 2020 by introducing


makes the Toyota look ancient.

Public Sector Manager • April 2020

subtle changes to the interior and

efficiency. It produces 88kW of pow-

tions, which means that versatility

exterior design which are aimed

er at 6 600r/min and peak torque of

is a major advantage.

at enhancing its style and func-

145Nm at 4 600r/min. When travel-

Safety is taken care of by the inclu-

tionality. Improvements have also

ling with a reasonable load, the 1.5l

sion of ABS anti-lock brakes that are

been made to on-road drivability

can feel a bit under-powered and

fitted across the range, along with

and comfort through the addition

could have been suitably matched

dual front airbags. Anti-theft security

of new features and added noise

to a 1.6l or a smaller unit that is tur-

is provided by means of an engine


bo-charged. Now, that would have

immobiliser, remote central lock-

been a lively pocket rocket!

ing, factory fitted alarm system and

Some of the significant improvements include LED lighting technol-

The BR-V Trend is offered with a six-

speed-sensitive auto door locking.

ogy, which improves visibility and

speed manual gearbox only, while

Exclusive to the updated flagship

safety for other road users; rear parking sensors on the mid-range Comfort and top-spec Elegance models to make parking manoeuvres significantly easier; and a seven-inch Display Audio touchscreen

BR-V Elegance model is a new sevMODEL RANGE BR-V 1.5 Trend Manual

R258 800

BR-V 1.5 Comfort Manual

R291 500

BR-V 1.5 Comfort CVT

R310 300

BR-V 1.5 Elegance Manual

R314 400

BR-V 1.5 Elegance CVT

R333 000

en-inch Display Audio system, located above the climate controls in the centre stack of the dashboard. The full-colour display incorporates an integrated reverse park-

system with an integrated reverse

ing camera, which complements

parking camera.

the newly-introduced rear parking

Additional soundproofing mate-

the Comfort and Elegance mod-

sensors. All models come standard

rial reduces the amount of road

els are available with a six-speed

with a five-year/200 000km warranty

and engine noise entering the

manual or a Continuously Variable

and three-year AA Roadside Assist.

cabin, thus resulting in a quieter

Transmission (CVT).

A new four-year/60 000km extend-

For its relatively compact size, it

ed service plan is included on the

The renowned 1.5l i-VTEC four-cyl-

stands proud because of its high

Honda BR-V Comfort and Elegance

inder engine continues to power

210mm ground clearance and a

models, and is available as an op-

the BR-V range, delivering ade-

spacious and practical cabin that

tion on the Trend. Service intervals

quate performance, but good fuel

allows for various seat configura-

are every 15 000 km.

and more refined drive.

Public Sector Manager • April 2020



Writer: Nicholas Francis


e all look forward to a home-cooked meal after a long day in

the office, but time is not always on our side. If you’re running low on time but are determined to treat yourself or your family to

effort, great taste

some home cooking try out these recipes.

• Feta cheese, crumbled to sprinkle over soup

chickpeas and parsley. Stir occasionally and remove after 10

Tomato and chickpea soup

For the toast

For the soup

• Baguette, sliced diagonally

saucepan on high heat. Rub

• 2 carrots peeled and diced

• 1 garlic clove, halved

both sides of each slice with

• 1 leek, chopped small

• 50g finely grated cheese

the garlic. Grill both sides until


• 1 potato, peeled and diced

golden brown.

• 1 garlic clove, finely chopped


• 1 tbsp fresh rosemary, finely

Pour the vegetable stock into a

chopped • 3 tbsp fresh parsley, finely

large saucepan with the vegetables, rosemary, sugar and garlic.


Bring it to a simmer, season well

• ½ tsp sugar

and cover. Cook for 15 minutes

• 410g can chickpeas, rinsed

over medium heat or until the

and drained • 2 x 400g can chopped, peeled tomatoes • 425ml vegetable stock


For the toast, put another

vegetables are tender. Blitz the tomatoes in a blender until smooth and then pour into the vegetables with the

Public Sector Manager • April 2020

Cover with cheese and grill

Add the chicken and chicken

• 1 tsp baking powder

until a slight bubble forms. Re-

spice and stir until well coated,

• 70g sugar

move from the pan and serve

remove from the sauce-

• 1 egg

with hot soup.

pan once chicken is lightly

• 250ml milk


• Vegetable oil for frying

Add the onion, garlic and

• ½ a cup sugar

• ½ cup butter

sauté for two minutes. Add the

• 1 tsp cinnamon, to decorate

• ½ cup flour

flour and gradually pour in one

• In a large mixing bowl, sieve

• ½ tsp salt

cup of cream, gradually whisk-

the flour and baking powder

• ½ tsp pepper, to taste

ing the sauce until smooth.

and rub in the butter. Mix in

• ½ onion, chopped

Toss in the mushrooms with

the sugar.

• 1 tsp chicken spice

salt, pepper, cayenne and gar-

In a separate bowl, beat the

• ¼ tsp cayenne pepper, to

lic; stir to combine. Gradually

egg and milk together. Make a

whisk in the remaining cream

well in flour mixture, then pour

• 2 garlic cloves crushed

and milk. Add the chicken and

in the egg mixture. Mix togeth-

• ½ a punnet of mushrooms,

cheese and stir until smooth.

er until a soft dough forms.

Creamy chicken pasta


Cook and whisk continually for

Flour a dry surface and roll

six to eight minutes or until the

out dough to about 1cm thick

sauce has thickened. Take the

and use a teacup to cut out

• 2 cups cream

saucepan off the stove burner.

circles. Use a bottle cap to cut

• 2 cups milk

Mix in the cooked tagliatelle

out the inner circles

• 200g Cheddar or Gouda

and cheese sauce; serve as

sliced • 2 chicken breasts, cut into cubes

cheese, grated • 500g tagliatelle, cooked



Fry in hot oil (at approximately 180°C) for 30 seconds, turn over and cook for a further 30 seconds until golden brown


Serves six

Melt the butter in a large

• 70g of butter

cool. Roll in sugar or decorate

saucepan over medium heat.

• 500g cake flour

with cinnamon.

Public Sector Manager • April 2020

Drain on a paper towel until



Introducingour ourNEW NEW Crushed Liquid Introducing Introducing our NEW Crushed Crushed Liquid Liquid Lip LipLip You’ll fall hard for this made-to-play liquid balm. Infused You’ll You’ll fall fall hard hard for for this this made-to-play made-to-play liquid liquid balm. balm. Infused Infused with withwith superfruit extracts and emollient ingredients, lush formula superfruit superfruit extracts extracts and and emollient emollient ingredients, ingredients, the thethe lush lush formula formula leaves lips smoother, softer and hydrated—instantly over leaves leaves lips lips smoother, smoother, softer softer and and hydrated—instantly hydrated—instantly and andand over over time. And saturated pigments deliver fun, vibrant color time. time. And And saturated saturated pigments pigments deliver deliver fun, fun, vibrant vibrant color color that thatthat packs packs aapunch. Available Available packs apunch. punch. Available at


Writer: Gilda Narsimdas

When you’re feeling blue


antone’s Colour of the Year for 2020 is Classic Blue – and we love it! Blue is right up there with black as far as classic shades go and we’ve found some stunning blue pieces you can add to your wardrobe.




3 5





New to the H&M Studio collection is this

be worn casually with sneakers or

ankle length long-sleeved dress in a

smartened up with heels and a blazer,

vibrant blue, H&M, R2 199.

Legit, R179.

We all love a good espadrille – and even


more when they are as playful as these ones from Plum, with the tasseled detail on the front, R399. 3.


TA skinny fit jeans in classic blue can

R220. 6.

This mandarin collar shirt is perfect for

Accessorise a neutral coloured outfit

the office or paired with jeans. Get it at

with this chunky resin necklace from

Queenspark, R599.

Queenspark, R119. 5.

by dragon scales,,


A block heel is both fashionable and

These beautiful nickel-free earrings

comfortable. These Utopia sandals from

from Apparition Jewellery are inspired are a steal for R249.

Public Sector Manager • April 2020



This crew neck slim fit sweatshirt is perfect for chilly nights or casual looks, G-Star Raw, R1 699. UK brand Golden Equation has this shortsleeved shirt in a classic colour and fit. The fabric offers some stretch as well,, R599.

10. If it’s a denim jacket you’re after, look no further than this one from G-Star Raw’s sustainable

11. These Sebago Dockside boat shoes are durable and comfortable. We love them in blue suede,


Sebago, R2 499. 12. Be a little playful with this blue floral shirt. It’s perfect for the beach or if you want to dress down a bit, Taalooshka,, R330. 13. Levi’s still remains one of those steadfast brands that provides the perfect fit no matter the body shape. These original fit 501s are always on trend, Levi’s, R899.

range, G-Star Raw, R3 299.



12 10


* Prices valid at the time of print.

Public Sector Manager • April 2020



Writers: Sam Bradley and Stefan van Niekerk

Make memories in the KZN Midlands U

nlike many South African

Geographically, the area is rich

invite their clients into their places


in water resources, rolling hills,

and spaces of creation. But soon

destinations, the Midlands

pastures, farmland, waterfalls and

the entrepreneurial spirit of the

continuously presents us with new

majestic landscape scenes and

Midlands resulted in the establish-

experiences, places we haven’t


ment of many restaurants, coffee

visited, local dishes we haven’t tried and trails we haven’t explored.

roasteries, cafés, spas, wedding

What is the Midlands Meander?

venues and accommodation. A range of outdoor activities

The Kwazulu-Natal Midlands

The area is also famously known

further compliment the Mean-

area is located approximately

as, and for, the Midlands Mean-

der’s offering and it is not entirely

four-and-a-half hours’ drive from

der which comprises inter-con-

unimaginable that one could be

Johannesburg and roughly an

nected, circular, self-drive routes.

kept busy for days on end.

hour-and-a-half drive from Dur-

These routes span from Mooi

ban, both on the N3. It entails the

River to Pietermarizburg and back

ously gravitate back here is the

entire region north and south of

again to Nottingham Road via a

amazing nature trails for moun-

the N3 between Mooi River and

range of beautiful country roads.

tain biking, trail running and

Pietermaritzburg and includes

The Midlands Meander was

Curry’s Post, Nottingham Road, Li-

originally created by the local

ons River, Howick, Balgowan and

artisans, farms, and arts and

Hilton, among others.

culture industries as a way to


One reason why we continu-

hiking that are suited for all fitness and bravery levels. The Karkloof trails remain our personal favourite as it provides a

Public Sector Manager • April 2020

100 miler, among others. Other outdoor activities include the Karkloof Canopy Tours, fly fishing and animal encounters at places like the African Bird Sanctuary and Butterflies for Africa. Once you’ve satisfied your inner nature child, many other relaxing excursions await along the Meander including wineries, number of routes over varying dis-

you can indulge in a traditional

restaurants, art galleries, cheese

tances. It crisscrosses open fields,

baked pie and chips, accompa-

tasting, shoe making, pottery,

dense forests, challenging rocky

nied by a locally brewed beer at

beer tasting, leather works and

outcrop and downhill sections

the Rawdons Hotel and Brewery.

even a hammock showroom.

with berms, while passing some of

The Midlands is also host to

Travelling with young ones?

the most spectacular views of the

sporting events such as the

Not to worry! With Epic Go Carts

kloof and the magnificent Kark-

Nelson Mandela Triathlon and

Midlands and the Piggly Wiggly’s

loof Falls. After a tough morning of

Marathon in August, the Midmar

ample running and play space,

mountain biking and trail running,

Mile in February and the Karkloof

they are sure to be entertained

Public Sector Manager • April 2020



for hours. The Midlands Meander

We stayed at Brahman Hills - a

Is it worth the drive?

is also an excellent choice for

luxury, countryside venue with

The Midlands has a magical

weddings – not only because of

a modern twist. It includes an

draw to it and although there are

the area’s sheer beauty, but also

onsite day spa and fine cuisine

many other fantastic destinations

due to its generous offerings of

at the 89 Copper Restaurant,

in South Africa, also offering a

different styles of wedding venues

set in an almost steampunk-like

wide range of experiences to di-

and onsite accommodation.

wine cellar. Our abode was on

verse audiences, there are some

the neighbouring Springholm

unmatchable aspects to it. The

Where to stay

farm (an extension of Brahman

fact that the Midlands never re-

Accommodation in the Midlands

Hills) – a mere 15-minute drive

ally feels congested (even when

is plentiful and we don’t think


the tourists invade smaller towns

there are any ‘preferred’ areas.

Aside from Brahman Hills, there

over the holidays) further aids this

No matter where you stay, you

are a number of other guest

experience. This is largely attrib-

will likely be within a short drive of

farms, self-catering units, bed

uted to the fact that the Midlands

some form of activity or entertain-

and breakfasts and hotels to

comprises many different smaller


choose from in the area.



Public Sector Manager • April 2020





BEAUTY RITUALS that are aligned with the body’s

NATURAL RHYTHMS 100% Natural Skincare | Lifestyle | Spa










Africology Skincare & Spa




for World Book Night

Writer: Gilda Narsimdas


nytime is the right time to catch up on the latest gripping books,

offerings and tells the intricate story of the implo-

but make a special effort this month, as we mark World Book Night

sion of a massive Ponzi scheme and the lives it

on 23 April. We’ve rounded up this month's top reads that are sure

to captivate you.

imapcts, R200, Exclusive Books. 5 – Number 1 New York Times bestselling author of How

Stella Got Her Groove Back and Waiting to Exhale, Terry McMillan's latest book It’s Not All Downhill

From Here is a tale of a group of friends who rally


around their best friend as she charts new paths, R320, 6 – Mapalo Makhu is an award-winning personal finance 4

coach and founder of Woman & Finance. Her book

You’re Not Broke, You’re Pre-Rich is an enlightened, simple way at looking at money with tips on making better financial decisions, R179, 3

7 – Radio producer turned author Litha Hermanus has penned a beautiful debut novel set in the Eastern Cape. Eyes of the Naked is about a young man, embroiled in murder, who flees to Mthatha with his

1 – Such a Fun Age is a debut novel by Kiley Reid that tells the story of two distinctly different women, 25-year-old student Emira and mom Alix, whose lives intersect in a very surprising way. R221, Makro.

son without his wife’s knowledge, R270, Readers Warehouse.

2 – Topics of Conversation is a novel by Miranda Popkey that is composed almost entirely of conversations between

8 – If it’s motivation or inner peace you’re after, look no

women and all the stories they tell themselves and each other about everyday life, R300,

further than Gauer Gopal Das’ The Way of the Monk,

3 – My Dark Vanessa is a gripping story by Kate Elizabeth Russell and very relevant to many conversations we have today around the #MeToo movement. It centres on a woman who questions the relationship she had with her teacher when she was a teenager, R320,

make life easier through four steps towards reaching a state of happiness, R279, Takealot.

4 – New from the award-winning author Emily St John Mandel, The Glass Hotel has been hailed as one of her best


which offers coaching and insights on how to


7 8


Public Sector Manager • April 2020


Channel Africa is South Africa’s international public broadcast radio station whose primary audience is the entire African continent. Our secondary audience is the rest of the world, where we harvest our news and information. As an International Public Broadcaster, our core values subscribe to the highest journalistic ethics which find expression in fairness, accuracy, and impartiality. Channel Africa is a platform through which Africa is engaged in debate with itself, and recognises South Africa as a role player in continental and international affairs.

Vision: “The African Perspective” Mission: “to promote the regeneration, revival, and rejuvenation of Africa, through the production and broadcast of dynamic, stimulating, and interesting programmes”. Contact Information: Tel: 011 714 2997 Fax: 011 714 2072 Email: Web: Twitter: channelafrica1 Instagram: channelafricaradio DSTV:802

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