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ilū Girl, you don’t just shine, you ilūminate the world!









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Life is too short for boring

accessories ! 8

ABOUT THE BRAND Are you a fan of tried-and-true solutions, but also a bit fond of juicy experiments? So are we! Check out how we challenge the classic and give it a new edge. ilĹŤ is a fusion of minimalistic forms, hypnotizing colors and unobvious inspirations. ilĹŤ is a brand of extraordinary hair, nail and makeup accessories made of high-quality and very durable materials, developed from the passion for beauty and desire to follow the newest trends. The timelessness of this collection is not only based on original design, but also on the excellent quality of the products. The accessories have been made from vegan raw materials and designed with the highest care for comfortable and functional use. The product portfolio is dedicated to all, who value high quality and innovative design.


Do you think you know everything about

makeup accessories? Think again! 10

MAKEUP Who said that beauty doesn’t last forever? The makeup accessories are made of high quality materials, because quality is durability, and we do not like premature breakups and broken hearts. That’s why you and your ilū accessories will be friends for a really long time! The effects you will achieve with ilū will make you discover your natural talent for blending, contouring and creating spectacular makeups you’ve always dreamed of!



ilū Makeup brushes

You will fall in love with these brushes at first sight! They are not only beautiful but also hand made of wood, copper and the most delicate taklon bristles which is manually formed to remain perfectly soft. Beauty paired with quality will take your makeup to a new level and the results you will achieve with ilū, will make this romance last longer <3 Yes, ilū brushes are beautiful but they also have a few other advantages: 25 unique hand made brushes ideal for creating exceptional makeups, Made of high quality materials because we want you to enjoy them longer, Precisely formed, soft taklon bristles that make makeup application easy as one-two-three, Vegan, synthetic bristles can be used by those with allergies to natural animal hair, The handle is made of laquered wood and copper ferrule is rust-proof and scratch resistant, Ergonomic handle shape makes the brushes comfortable to use. 12


I got you covered Flat Top Kabuki Brush, 5903018900827

The right makeup brush makes all the difference! I GOT YOU COVERED is a multifunctional foundation brush perfect for applying liquid and cream foundations. Dense, flat bristles allow to build great coverage to mask all imperfections for natural looking effect. Relax, I GOT YOU COVERED. The Flat Top Kabuki Brush is 174mm long. The bristles are 22mm long, made of synthetic taklon fibres.



Merry-go-round Round Top Kabuki Brush, 5903018900834

All you need is the the right makeup brush to effectively cover what you want covered. MERRY-GO-ROUND brush with round top is for mineral foundation application. Dense, rounded bristles guarantee naturally looking coverage for flawless effects. MERRY-GO-ROUND will put a smile on your beautiful face. The Round Top Kabuki Brush is 175mm long. The bristles are 23mm long, made of synthetic taklon fibres.



Strong foundations Angled Foundation Brush, 5903018900841

STRONG FOUNDATIONS is an angled foundation brush that allows to create magic. The unique shape is great to reach difficult to cover areas and it beautifully adapts to face shape. Perfect for applying your favorite cream or liquid foundation. Dense, angled bristles make building high coverage a breeze. With STRONG FOUNDATIONS soft and healthy-looking skin is guaranteed! The Angled Foundation Brush is 192mm long. The bristles are 14-25mm long, made of synthetic taklon fibres.



I want flatlands

Flat Foundation Brush, 5903018900858

I WANT FLATLANDS is a flat brush with rounded bristles, perfect for applying foundation. It helps to apply foundation evenly, creating smooth, flawless results. It will prove to be irreplaceable when applying liquid and cream cosmetics, as well as BB creams or face masks. I WANT FLATLANDS for smooth, seamless finish. The Flat Foundation Brush is 196mm long. The bristles are 30mm long, made of synthetic taklon fibres.



A good point indeed

Pointed Concealer Brush, 5903018900865

A good quality brush is just as important as the quality of the concealer you are planning to use to hide skin’s imperfections.. A GOOD POINT INDEED is a concealer brush like no other – its pointed tip allows for application of concealer precisely where needed, can be used for under the eyes and other hard to reach areas. Conceal imperfections for flawless finish, GOOD POINT INDEED. The Pointed Concealer Brush is 163mm long. The bristles are 12mm long, made of synthetic taklon fibres.



Too good to be true Precision Concealer Brush, 5903018900872

When concealing your skin’s imperfections, a good brush plays just as important role as a good quality concealer. TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE is a concealer brush specifically designed for applying the product under the eyes and other hard to reach areas without any unwanted spots and smudges! The flat, rounded shape guarantees precise application. Another sleepless night? TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE will make it right. The Precision Concealer Brush is 157mm long. The bristles are 12mm long, made of synthetic taklon fibres.




Turn me on

Retractable Kabuki Brush, 5903018900889

A good makeup finish makes all the difference! Kabuki TURN ME ON Brush is your best ally in achieving just that. Its dense bristles make it perfect to use with loose, pressed powders and mineral foundations. The retractable cap keeps it clean and protects the bristles from damage when thrown into a bag. Go ahead, turn it on for makeup touch ups throughout the day! The Retractable Kabuki Brush is 104mm long. The bristles are 30mm long, made of synthetic taklon fibres. The ferrule and cap are made of durable aluminum.



Highlight of the day

Tapered Powder Brush, 5903018900896

Nothing sets a day off to a good start like a good quality powder brush! HIGHLIGHT OF THE DAY is an ideal accessory for applying powder, blusher or highlighter and other powder cosmetics. Soft, tapered bristles are perfect for blending and delicate contouring. The perfect finish will be the HIGHLIGHT OF THE DAY. The Tapered Powder Brush is 192mm long. The bristles are 39mm long, made of synthetic taklon fibres.



Flawless icon Large Powder Brush, 5903018900902

A large powder brush is essential for a FLAWLESS finish of day makeup or evening look! This large brush is perfect for applying loose or or an evening look. It allows to flawlessly apply cosmetics on face and other body parts, thanks to its fluffy, rounded bristles. It evenly covers large areas. An absolute necessity. Be the Flawless Icon! The Large Powder Brush is 186mm long. The bristles are 43mm long, made of synthetic taklon fibres.




Camo Queen Angled Blush Kabuki Brush, 5903018900919

The right brush can completely change the way of creating the perfect make up! CAMO QUEEN is without a doubt a real queen when it comes to contouring and highlighting. The angled shape and dense bristles make it ideal for applying blusher, bronzer or powder. It adapts to face shape making product application a pleasant experience. CAMO QUEEN? You got it! The Angled Blush Kabuki Brush is 178mm long. The bristles are 16-29mm long, made of synthetic taklon fibres.



Contour to conquer

Small Round Contour Brush, 5903018900926

Contouring is a way of obtaining the desired face shape and emphasizing face features with makeup. The right brush is the key to success in achieving just that! This contouring brush is the perfect tool which you can use to precisely apply and blend blusher, bronzer or highlighter. So go ahead, CONTOUR TO CONQUER! The Small Round Contour Brush is 186mm long. The bristles are 28mm long, made of synthetic taklon fibres.




Keep blending

Blending Brush, 5903018900933

The perfect eye makeup is not complete without some quality blending! Although combining different shades of eyeshadows requires a bit of practice, the right brush will definitely make the job right. The soft, fluffy bristles perfectly blend the shadows for smooth, seamless finish. So KEEP BLENDING for spectacular effects! The BLENDING BRUSH is 168mm long. The bristles are 17mm long, made of synthetic taklon fibres.



Express yourself

Tapered Blending Brush, 5903018900940 Thanks to the slightly tapered shape of the bristles, the EXPRESS YOURSELF brush allows to precisely blend different hues of eyeshadows for seamless, well finished eye makeup. Soft, taklon bristles work great with pressed and loose shadows. EXPRESS YOURSELF, creativity knows no limits. The Tapered Blending Brush is 168mm long. The bristles are 17mm long, made of synthetic taklon fibres.



Let the color speak

Large Eyeshadow Brush, 5903018900957 When it comes to makeup, color is the name of the game. This multifunctional LET THE COLOR SPEAK Brush is designed for application of eyeshadows. The bristles allow to cover the surface of the lid evenly with pigmented cosmetics. A great tool for applying pressed eyeshadows. Have fun, LET THE COLOR SPEAK. The Large Eyeshadow Brush is 165mm long. The bristles are 15mm long, made of synthetic taklon fibres.




Somewhere over the rainbow

Medium Eyeshadow Brush, 5903018900964

The right brush can completely change the way you look at make up! SOMEWHERE OVER THE RAINBOW brush is perfect for applying eyeshadows, both powder and pressed. Soft bristles spread shadows on eyelid smoothly and seamlessy. With this special little tool there is a Rainbow of colors to choose from to create the perfect eye makeup. The Medium Shadow Brush is 164mm long. The bristles are 14mm long, made of synthetic taklon fibres.



Blend it like it’s hot

Angled Eyeshadow Brush, 5903018900971

BLEND IT LIKE IT’S HOT to be always on top with the

hottest trends in makeup. This brush is a great tool for contouring, adding definition and applying loose or pressed eyeshadow on the entire lid. Perfect for blending, and thanks to its angled tip, it is convenient to use in hard to reach areas. Go ahead, BLEND IT LIKE IT’S HOT. The Angled Eyeshadow Brush is 163mm long. The bristles are 9-13mm long, made of synthetic taklon fibres.



Smudge it on

Smudge Brush, 5903018900988

Creating a smoky eye takes skill, but it could be easier with the right smudge brush! SMUDGE IT ON is an ideal brush for smoky eye makeup and diffused eye look. Short and flexible bristles are perfect for smudging eyeliner and shadows. The shape is ideal for lower eyelid tasks. SMUDGE IT ON for a spectacular smoky eye look. The Smudge Brush is 152mm long. The bristles are 6mm long, made of synthetic taklon fibres.




Ready steady go Precision Smudge Brush, 5903018900995

READY STEADY GO is a great brush for smudging eyeshadows and eyeliners for the desired smoky eye finish. Thanks to the round, tapered shape it is perfect for precise, detailed tasks. The brush is made of soft yet firm fibers and is perfect for pressed and cream products. READY STEADY GO! Let the fun begin. The Precision Smudge Brush is 158mm long. The bristles are 8mm long, made of synthetic taklon fibres.



Between the lines Eye Pencil Brush, 5903018901008

Drawing and smudging liner to create that perfect smoky eye effect has never been easier! BETWEEN THE LINES is an eye makeup brush with a rounded, pointed shape and flexible bristles for precise smudging and diffusing eyeshadows exactly where needed. No more reading BETWEEN THE LINES, this brush is a must have. Period. The Eye Pencil Brush is 155mm long. The bristles are 9mm long, made of synthetic taklon fibres.




Lashes long, standards high

Brow - Lash Brush, 5903018901015 A reliable spiral eyelash and eyebrow brush can make all the difference in your daily makeup routine. This wonder tool is perfect for correcting the shape of your eyebrows and perfecting your lashes. The angled tip is designed for applying wax or brow pomade. The spiral end is great for removing excess mascara or wax, and for separating individual hairs. No more settling for less, LASHES LONG, STANDARDS HIGH. The Brow-Lash Brush is 165mm long. The bristles are 5-7mm long, made of synthetic taklon fibres, spoolie: 24mm.



Brows before bro’s Brow - Comb Brush, 5903018901022

Raise your brows cause here comes The BROWS BEFORE BRO’S brush – the answer to all you need for the perfect brow and lash finish. Sturdy bristles tame and reshape brows into the desired look. The eyelash comb is perfect for removing excess mascara and separating lashes. BROWS BEFORE BRO’S and the night is yours. The Brow-Comb Brush is 180mm long. The bristles are 11mm long, the comb: 8mm.



You got the look Flat Definer Brush, 5903018901039

The right eye makeup brush can make all the difference in the way your eyes look. YOU GOT THE LOOK brush with the flat tip is ideal for drawing lines on upper or lower lashlines. Works well with powder, cream or liquid cosmetics. YOU GOT THE LOOK, no doubt about it! The Flat Definer Brush is 155mm long. The bristles are 9mm long, made of synthetic taklon fibres.




Just wing it Angled Eyeliner Brush, 5903018901046

Nothing can change the way you look at makeup like a good makeup brush! JUST WING IT is just the right tool, to make drawing perfect lines easy-peasy. Special angled, shape of the bristles is your ally in creating the desired winged-eyeliner look. Works great with cream, liquid or powder liners. So JUST WING IT, girl! The Angled Eyeliner Brush is 150mm long. The bristles are 4-6mm long, made of synthetic taklon fibres.



Always steady hand

Fine Eyeliner Brush, 5903018901053 Take your makeup game to another level! All it takes is a Steady Hand. Create smoky eye, cut crease or any other evening makeup with this liner brush. The fine tip is perfect for drawing precise, thin lines with both liquid and gel cosmetics. ALWAYS STEADY HAND is the key, so go ahead, be fabulous! The Fine Eyeliner Brush is 150mm long. The bristles are 6mm long, made of synthetic taklon fibres.



Lipstick saved me Lip Brush, 5903018901060

Luscious lips are always in style, and you know it! Lipstick Saved Me brush is a perfect tool to create desired shape, contour and fill lips with color. The flexible bristles distribute your favourite lipstick smoothly, without smugdes. Beautiful lips from morning till evening? The LIPSTICK SAVED ME with convenient cap for storage is always there to save the day. The Lip Brush is 172mm long, 102mm when closed in the case. The bristles are 8mm long, made of synthetic taklon fibres.


Express yourself with ilĹŤ!


ilū Makeup brush tube holder 5903018914404

Stop worrying about the well-being of your favorite ilū brushes. We’ve got ilū MAKEUP BRUSH TUBE HOLDER for you to safely store your brushes at home or when you’re on the go. It protects them from deformation or damage so you can enjoy them longer. ilū MAKEUP BRUSH TUBE HOLDER is made of high quality, white eco leather. You will be able to store up to 18 brushes in it. Reasons to fall in love with it:

Practical during travelling, Safely stores brushes protecting them from damage, Useful at home as a brush holder, Made of white eco leather.

DIMENSIONS: height 227mm, diameter 67mm


il큰 Makeup brush cleaners 5903018916057 - Hot pink 5903018916019 - Pink 5903018916026 - Purple 5903018916033 - Blue 5903018916040 - Orange

Hot pink

il큰 makeup brushes require deep cleansing at least once a week. il큰 MAKEUP BRUSH CLEANER enables to deep clean the bristles from makeup residues. The multi-textured, silicone surface has been designed to clean makeup brushes without the risk of damaging the bristles. Feel free to be as creative with your il큰 brushes as you wish to be. This sweet heart will make sure they remain as new. Reasons to fall in love with it: Allows deep cleansing of the bristles, Multi-textured surface for all types




of brushes, Suitable for brushes with synthetic and natural bristles, Available in five colours.

Blue 23

il큰 Eyelash curlers 5903018916156 - Pink 5903018916163 - Purple 5903018916149 - Ocean Blue

If you are looking for an ultimate tool to give that WOW factor to your eye makeup, look no further. il큰 EYELASH CURLER is all you need to achieve beautifully curled eyelashes you have always dreamed of. Why is it so special? It grips even the shortest eyelashes, making sure they are seductively curled. il큰 EYELASH CURLER will leave your eyes so captivating - simply impossible to forget, just like you! What will make you fall in love with it?

5903018916170 - Titanium Give your lashes the natural curl you have always aimed for. Once you try out the il큰 EYELASH CURLER, you will want no other. It precisely grips, curls even the shortest lashes from inner to outer eye corner and creates spectacular, dramatic look. It is made of stainless steel and equipped with soft cushion that protects the lashes from damage. So go on, mesmerize! Now you can. What will make you fall in love with it?


Provides fabulously curled eyelashes, Visually lengthens lashes for a sexy and unforgettable eye look, Easy to use and easy to clean, Does not damage lashes.

Gives a spectacular curled effect, Visually lifts lashes so they appear longer, Provides glamorous and sexy gaze.


Beautifully shaped brows don’t only compliment

the ideal look – they are the 26

basics of it!

ilū Tweezers

5903018915869 - Pink 5903018915883 - Purple 5903018915876 - Ocean Blue 5903018915913 - Rainbow

Colorful ilū TWEEZERS are here to provide the best effects. They are perfectly aligned and the slant tips allow to grasp even the thinnest and shortest of hairs to remove them safely. They are made of stainless steel, are handy and comfortable to hold. Ready for use whenever you are. So relax and say hello to smoothness! Length: 9,6 cm Reasons to fall in love with ilū tweezers? Precisely aligned tips, Made of durable stainless steel, Available in juicy colors.

ilū Two mini tweezers set 5903018915906 Two tweezers are better than one! This cute little set is all you’ll ever need for your eyebrow grooming and maintenance. The mini tweezers are safely stored in a handy case, ready to aid you in achieving the perfect brows! The slanted tip tweezers are perfect for removing all the unwanted hairs, while the pointed tip tweezers will deal with the ingrown ones. The travel size is practical to take this set with you wherever you go. Tweezers length: 6,3 cm Reasons to fall in love with ilū mini tweezers set?

ilū Double-sided tweezers 5903018915890

Made of durable stainless steel, Precisely aligned tips, Cute case for storage, Made in beautiful colors.

ilū DOUBLE-SIDED TWEEZERS are your eyebrows’ best friend! The slanted tip is useful to precisely remove even the shortest of hairs while the pointed tip will effortlessly take care of ingrown ones. The tweezers are made of stainless steel in a lovely turquoise color. Length: 10,3 cm Reasons to fall in love with ilū double-sided tweezers? Made of durable stainless steel, Precisely aligned tips on both sides, Available in eye pleasing color.



ilū Makeup sponges

Olive cut

5903018901169 - Orange 5903018901152 - Turquoise 5903018901138 - Purple 5903018901145 - Pink 5903018901121 - Blue

There is no better way to start the day than perfectly done makeup! If great coverage and flawless makeup finish is what you’re after, look no further. ilū MAKEUP SPONGES are here to save the day. Here’s a collection of perfect little gadgets for applying cream and liquid foundations and concealers. The sponges are made of extremely soft, durable, easy to clean, latex free material. Choose from 2 shapes: raindrop shape with pointed tip and olive cut shape with flat surface for applying foundation by gently patting it into the skin. Both shapes are available in 5 colors. When you’re on the go, take the convenient medium size sponge with you, so your makeup can be perfect no matter where you are. The mini size is perfect for concealer application and for applying your favorite foundation in hard to reach areas. Reasons to fall in love with ilū Makeup sponge:

Perfectly shaped, Flexible and soft, Adapts to the shape of the face, Latex free, Does not absorb lots of product, Flawless finish without smudges, Long lasting.

Replace your 1-3 months.





Choose your favorite ilū Makeup sponge.






Blue Purple

5903018901107 - Turquoise, 5903018901091 - Pink, 5903018901077 - Blue, 5903018901114 - Orange, 5903018901084 - Purple Available in 5 colors


ilū Medium makeup sponge (travel size)


ilū Makeup sponges, set of 3

(standard, medium & mini size)


ilū Makeup sponges, set of 2

(standard & mini size)



Who said

that beauty doesn’t last forever?


ilū Face cleansing sponge 5903018901312

Skincare and cleansing are crucial for radiant looking, healthy skin, and you know it. If you want to make sure your skin is clean from everyday impurities and makeup buildup, make friends with ilū FACE CLEANSING SPONGE. The sponge gently exfoliates and removes impurities. It prepares skin for further skincare treatments. Pure, illūminating skin? You got it! Reasons to fall in love with ilū Face cleansing sponge:

Well-designed shape with flat surface, Gently exfoliates, Provides fresh and healthy glow, Does not irritate, Latex free, Long lasting.

Replace your ilū Face cleansing sponge after 1-3 months.




Only the best tools bring the best results!


NAILS Take care of your nails! Shape, style and smooth like a pro! Nails are a crucial part of your look. Express your inner self with beautiful nails to complete your original style. Beautiful nails? Yes, please pretty please, with a cherry on top! It doesn’t matter what is your favorite shape, we’ve got all it takes so you can be as creative as you wish to be. ilū Nail files are made of durable materials and are designed for every type of nails. We took care of smallest details so that you can find among the ilū nail products just the right shape and gradation to let you make that perfect manicure you have always wanted. There are also compact sizes with cases available so you can throw it in your handbag and have your favorite ilū file always with you in case of any mishaps when you’re on the go. Perfect manicure? It’s simple with ilū - choose your favorite file and get to work!


File shapes: Straight files: Double-sided nail file with 2 gradations. Straight file is the most often chosen classic shape because of its versatility. It is most frequently used to shape nails and shorten the length. Perfect for working on natural and extended nails.

Bridge files: Double-sided nail file with 2 gradations. The bridge shape combines the features of a classic, straight multifunctional file and a rounded one. The rounded parts allow for more precise nail filing and shaping around the cuticles, also when working on the side edges and on nail shaft areas. The straight part is great for reducing the length and shaping nails. The bridge file is very convenient to use and is suitable for both natural and extended nails.

Diamond files: Double-sided nail file with 2 gradations. The file can be rotated during styling and the entire abrasive surface can be used. It is very practical and convenient for shortening the length and shaping the nails, you can safely file around the cuticles and during final shaping. The straight edges allow for convenient and effective shortening of the nail plate. Rounded edges are great to use when working on nail shaft areas. The diamond shape is recommended for all who prefer large files.

Banana files: Double-sided nail file with 2 gradations. The banana shape is most commonly used type for shaping natural and extended nails. The rounded shape is great for working on hard to reach areas, especially around the cuticles, which makes using it accurate and fast, while at the same time cuticles are protected from damage. The banana shape also allows to precisely shape cured nails.



ilū Files 100/180

ilū Double-sided nail file, grit 100/180 Nothing boosts the mood like a good manicure. That’s because wellgroomed hands are a must, and you know it. It doesn’t matter if you are a girl from the neighborhood, a sporty type or a classy lady – beautiful, nicely shaped and polished nails are always in style and will compliment every look you choose. Make friends with ilū DOUBLE-SIDED NAIL FILE, that unlike other things in life, will never let you down. It will allow you to quickly and easily shorten the length and shape the nail plate. 100/180 grit is the most popular type of file gradations, which is great for styling cured and natural nails. ilū FILE is the ideal tool if you expect professional results when styling your nails at home. So no worries, with ilū the perfect manicure is a breeze!


What are you going to love them for? Available in 4 popular shapes: straight, banana, bridge and diamond, Comfortable to use, light and handy, Work well on harder nails (e.g. toe nails), Easily shape natural nails, Suitable for smoothing surface of enhanced nails. The nail file has two sides. Sharper one, grit 100, is suitable for easily removing gel or acrylic layer from cured nails and for shortening nails. Grit 180 side is best for preparing the natural nail plate for further treatments. You can use this side also for shaping and shortening strong, natural nails. This grit works fine also if you want to reduce thickness of enhancements, such as gel or acrylic works and also for giving your enhancements the last touch.



5903018914701 40

ilū Double-sided nail file, grit 180/240

ilū Files 180/240

Neatly done manicure is always in style! Even if you’re not in the mood for crazy patterns and wild colors, carefully shaped and styled nails will add that special touch to your everyday look. Say hello to ilū DOUBLE-SIDED NAIL FILE that will be your best ally in shortening and shaping your nails. The 180/240 gradation is one of the most popular types of gradations, made for easy and safe styling of natural nails. ilū file is perfect when you want to achieve professional results when styling your nails at home. What are you going to love it for?

Available in 4 popular shapes: straight, banana, bridge and diamond, Comfortable to use, light and handy, Gentle on natural nails, Easily shapes nails.

The 180 grit side is great for the final finishing of enhanced nails. It can also be used when preparing natural nail plate for extension and for shaping natural, strong, hard nails. Fine 240 grit allows to effectively and safely shape natural nails and smooth the edges out. It can also be used when preparing natural nail plate for extension and for shaping natural nails.






ilū 2in1 Nail file & buffer ilū 2in1 Nail file & buffer 180/100 diamond 5903018914855, bridge 5903018914862 This is a great, unique tool created for minimalists who value practical solutions. ilū 2IN1 FILE AND BUFFER combines everything you need for filing and styling nails. One tool, two functions – practical and handy, just the way you like it. Smoothing, matting, shortening and shaping has never been easier! ilū 2IN1 NAIL FILE & BUFFER is a multi-purpose tool. It can be used for shortening nails, shaping and matting the nail plate, smoothing the edges and the regrowth after hybrids or gel before painting nails. The 180 grit file is ideal both for styling cured and natural nails and perfect for achieving your desired shape. The 100 grit buffer matts nails, prepares them for painting or other treatments and smooths the edges to prevent splitting. What are you going to love it for?

Available in 2 most popular shapes: bridge and diamond, The file is perfect for shaping nails, The buffer is best for matting and smoothing out uneven nail plates, Nail file grit is perfect for both natural and enhanced nails.

The diamond shape and flexible form facilitate nail styling. The 2in1 Diamond Nail File & Buffer contains an elastic core, which lowers the pressure on the nail plate during styling and makes the treatment delicate and safe. So rest assured, it surely gets the job done!


ilū Buffers

ilū Double-sided nail buffers, grit 100/180 Traditional white buffing blocks are passé! If you want your nail polish to be durable and stay neat and pretty for a long time, say hello to ilū double sided buffers that will definitely get the job right. Use a 100/180 buffer to polish the surface and smooth the edges of the nail plate and prepare it for further treatments. When creating the ilū buffer, we have made sure that the pressure on nails during styling is gentle and safe for the surface. That’s why the core of the buffer is made of flexible material and a soft sponge. As a result, it adapts to the shape of the nail plate and allows to reach the cuticle area. So go ahead! Have fun and enjoy!


What are you going to love it for? Available in 4 popular shapes: straight, banana, bridge and diamond, Handy and comfortable to use, Perfect for matting nails and smoothing the unevenness of the plate, Safe for nails. The buffer is a multi-purpose tool which can be used before applying hybrid or nail polish. It smooths out the nail plate and reduces its unevenness, so the nail polish will stay pretty for longer. Also, the buffer will even out the regrowth and it can help with smoothing the edges after nail shortening.






ilū Nail file with case

If your nail splits or breaks when you are not at home, ilū nail file in a travel case comes to the rescue! Unlike other things, always by your side. Grit 240/240 is made for safe filing of natural and delicate nail plate. The file itself is lightweight, comfortably fits in your hand and is just perfect for emergencies! Even more – the file is so adorable you will always want to have it with you. Now you can, safely stored in the handy case. What are you going to love it for?

Straight, classic shape, Comfortable to use, light and handy, Gentle on natural nails, Small and adorable, Perfect for chipped or broken nails.

ilū Straight nail file with travel case, mini size, grit 240/240 5903018914824

ilū Straight nail file with travel case, grit 240/240, 5903018914831


ilū Foot files ilū Foot files 100/180 Large 5903018914879 - Purple Medium 5903018914886 - Pink Be always ready to jump into your favorite high heels or summer sandals. This will pay off because pretty pedicure is a mood-booster as powerful as a bar of chocolate – every girl knows that <3 Make friends with ilū duo-sided FOOT FILE, grit 100/180. It makes smoothing out rough skin fast, easy and effective. The FOOT FILE is perfect for at home use, even if you expect results on professional level. For best effects use it daily, making it a part of your everyday beauty routine. What will make you fall in love with it?

Handy and lightweight, Available in 2 sizes: Large 27,5cm and Medium: 22,5 cm, Quickly removes callus and excess of rough skin, Can be used both on wet and dry feet.

The FOOT FILE has two sides. Grit 100, the sharper one, is great for removing rough skin and the softer side, grit 180, will smooth it for a soft finish.


ilū Toe separators 5903018914893 - Purple 5903018914909 – Pink Trouble with precise nail polish application? ilū TOE SEPARATORS are made of soft sponge and will make toe nails styling super easy! They will ensure precise effects by separating your toes, so never again you will have to correct smudged nail polish! What will make you fall in love with them?

Made of soft sponge, Perfectly designed shape, Comfortable to use, Easier nail polish application, Latex free.


Increase not only the volume of your hair but also your confidence! 48

HAIR ilū brushes will make styling and brushing your favorite daily ritual. Each hairbrush has been created not only to detangle, style and give your hair the volume you’ve always dreamed of, but also to convince you that a beautiful hairstyle can really save the day! The Brush Collections combine amazing colors and extraordinary quality. Comfortable, flexible shapes and vegan bristles turn brushing into a really pleasant experience. You will never want to say goodbye to your ilū brush!


5903018915739 - Pink

ilĹŤ Lollipop candy Round detangling vent brushes This is the kind of LOLLIPOP you have never had before. These sweet things make detangling easy as onetwo-three. The brushes are flexible and that makes them great for both wet and dry hair. They are made of fine quality material and vegan bristles. Available in 3 pastel colors, sweeter than candy on a stick, so go ahead, take them home with you. Do not ignore the signs!

5903018915722 - Purple

What will make you fall in love with th LOLLIPOP CANDY brushes:


Cool, original shape, Special design you won’t find anywhere else, that adapts to head shape, Flexibility, that ensures quick, pleasant and pain free detangling.

5903018915715 - Turquoise


ilū My happy color Easy detangling brushes

Nobody has time for broken hearts and for bad hair days. Good thing there are ilū MY HAPPY COLOR HAIR Brushes. The uniquely designed, flexible body easily adapts to head shape and gently massages the scalp while brushing. The fine quality vegan bristles are perfect for effective detangling of both wet and dry hair. ilū MY HAPPY COLOR hairbrush fits in your purse easily, so take it with you wherever you go and brush your hair gently to stay gorgeous all day, all night. Easy Detangling Brushes are available in 3 radiant colors that will bring joy to your everyday hair care routine.

5903018915548 - Rose

What will make you fall in love with MY HAPPY COLOR brushes:

Vegan bristles, Lightweight, rubberized finish for comfort of use, Flexible structure adapts to head shape, Available in 3 radiant colors.

5903018915531 - Purple


5903018915524 - Ocean blue


Embrace your inner orange Round styling brush Ø 65 mm 5903018915661 Big hair, big dreams. ilū EMBRACE YOUR INNER ORANGE brush will boost not only your hair volume but also will rocket your self-confidence <3 Perfect for styling long hair. Just use this styling brush and have a good hair day, everyday!

Do you have this in pink?

ilū Round styling brushes

Make every day a fabulous hair day. ilū ROUND STYLING BRUSH Collection is here to aid you so styling will become a stress-free task you will actually enjoy. No matter if your hair is long or short, we’ve got what it takes to fullfil your needs. The brushes were carefully designed, not only to style your hair but also to care for it. The barrels with ceramic coating protect your hair from high temperatures. The brushes have antistatic properites and ionizing features to keep your hair shiny, smooth and moisturized. Comfortable handles in juicy colors? What more can a girl want? Start styling and let the magic begin.


Round styling brush Ø 53 mm 5903018915678

Good hair does not stay home on weekends that will become your rule #1. ilū DO YOU HAVE THIS IN PINK Brush will volumize your hair just the way you want it. It is perfect for styling long hair. So go ahead, shine! Cause you’ve got the look!

Happiest means prettiest Round styling brush Ø 43 mm 5903018915685

Life isn’t perfect, but your hair can be. With ilū HAPPIEST MEANS PRETTIEST Brush aside to envious glances, you will get the volume that will help you conquer the world. This brush is designed for styling mid-length and long hair. Remember, girl, that your smile and your curls are the most beautiful curves on your body.

I’ll be hair for you

Round styling brush Ø 33 mm 5903018915692 Ain’t nobody got time for a bad hair day, girl! Just take this ilū I’LL BE HAIR FOR YOU Brush and make styling your hair easier. It is your reliable ally that will not let you or your hair down. Perfect for medium-length and short hair to give it the volume it truly deserves.

Curls run the world

Round styling brush Ø 25 mm 5903018915708 Confidence breeds beauty and good hair breeds confidence. Everybody knows that. This brush is designed for short hair styling. Just keep calm, use ilū CURLS RUN THE WORLD Brush and believe you are the most gorgeous creature in the world. Because you are.


ilū Smooth operator

Oval detangling brush , 5903018915609

You will no longer have to be sorry for all the things you said when you were detangling. From now on, it is gonna be easy-peasy, no matter if your hair is wet, dry, tired, happy, unhappy, long, short, straight or curly. Good bye, tears. SMOOTH HAIR - welcome. Oval detangling brush was made of fine quality material and designed to detangle without damaging your hair. Vegan bristles and ballpoint pins are gentle on the scalp and will deal even with tangled hair. What will make you fall in love with ilū SMOOTH OPERATOR:

Comfortable handle, Vegan bristles and ballpoint pins for gentle scalp massage, Soft cushion for painless, gentle detangling, Great brush for both wet and dry hair.

ilū Hair so touchable

Oval detangling brush, 5903018915616 It’s pure magic, even if you know how it’s done. ilū HAIR SO TOUCHABLE Brush will gently detangle your hair and give it a smooth, healthy look, without damaging it while brushing. So go ahead, brush your hair and enjoy cause life’s too short for bad hair days. What will make you fall in love with ilū Hair So Touchable hairbrush:


Super comfortable handle and the softest cushion in the universe, Pins designed to gently massage the scalp, Painless and tearless detangling, Great design.

Chin up princess

or the crown slips.


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