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EMERALD COAST BIKE FESTSPRING 2023 WEDNESDAY, MAY 3, 2023 - SUNDAY, MAY 7, 2023 - The Emerald Coast Bike Fest is Fort Walton Beach's biggest bike rally sponsored by Emerald Coast Harley-Davidson® There is something for everyone including free concerts everyday, quality vendors, food and beverage, including a full bar, sold on site, charity poker runs, and a whole lot more.


BOR BIKE NIGHT - Sponsored by Denmon

Pearlman Law! Slow race with trophy, great prizes like WEBER Grills this month and iphone's next month! Vendors are free for the first few months and we will have three bikes of the night with trophies also! Come out and have a great time at Diesel's on US 19 in Palm Harbor the first Thursday of every Month.

SATURDAY, MAY 20, 2023 AT 9 AM – 7 PM


EBRATION - SAVE THE DATE! - Join us for this once in a lifetime event at Wesley Chapel Harley Davidson. Stop by, bring a few friends and stay a while for this family-friendly party. Register to win a Motorcycle (Yes! That’s right! We are giving away a NEW Harley Davidson motorcycle!) *Winner must be present to win* Ribbon cutting ceremony at 9:30-9:45am. Mark your calendars for a whole day of NON-STOP fun! Food Trucks, Live Music ALL DAY (School of Rock, The Black Honkeys, Stormbringer of Tampa Bay), Huge Vendor Village, Hospitality family tent, Tattoo Bus, Globe of Death performances, Photobooth, Beer and Liquor and more!!!

SATURDAY, MAY 20, 2023 AT 11 AM

Made in the 1980's at Adrenaline H-DBlast to the good ol' days with the Adrenaline H-D crew on May 20th from 11am-6pm for some totally awesome 1980's entertainment including THREE live bands, a bike show and more! •• Live Music •• 11am | JJ and the Bad Habits

2:30P | Welcome to Destruction (GNR Tribute)

4:30P | Maiden Cain


•• Wide Open Bike Show ••

Registration at 11AM | Judging Begins at 1PM

| Winners Announced at 3pm

RSVP to compete in the Wide Open Bike Show HERE, and score a free custom event tee >>


Well, they say April Showers bring May flowers, but we have been in a hell of a drought so we could use a little rain our way. Welcome to the May issue of Full Throttle, this is when a lot of the “snowbirds” head back north and in comes the heat, rain and lovebugs! The big events are pretty much all done now until the weather changes back to cooler in October. Here at Full Throttle, we try to fill the summertime with bike nights and rides, as the weather is so unpredictable. We also host two big rides over the summer. First is our 5 Bridge Poker Run on June 17th that will be starting at Moramoto of Tampa again and going over the 5 major bridges that connect Tampa Bay. We will have T-shirts from Denmon Pearlman Law and patches for everyone who buys a hand on this poker run. We usually get a good turn out and the payout is usually around $500-$1000. Our Second Ride we will host over the next few months is one of our biggest and this year I think we will set a record attendance. The Annual Soaked and Sore Ass poker Run! We are going back to Islamorada as we did in 2020 and it was post covid, they were making people wear masks on the streets in public and it was just a shit show. So, we said with everything getting back to normal, let’s go back to Islamorada and Key West! I know a lot of people are planning on going on this ride and we are expecting 300+ riders. Single riders are $40, and couples are $80, everyone gets a t-shirt, patch, and certificate of completion at the end stop if you make it! We are very excited about this and a few other big plans we have for BIKE WEEK 2024 that happens in March. More info to come but it is going to be HUGE and something NEW for BIKE WEEK in Daytona Beach.

On the Cover this month is the new Wesley Chapel Harley-Davidson Grand Opening on May 20th! This is going to be huge, and we are very excited about this. They have great bands all day like School of Rock, Stormbringer and The Black Honkey’s. They are also giving away a new Harley Motorcycle

that day, you must be present to win. The time is 9am till 7pm with a ribbon cutting ceremony at 9:30am. The new address is 25245 Wesley Chapel Blvd. Lutz Fl 33559. This is going to be probably the biggest party happening in May so be sure to come out and try and win a new motorcycle and check out the newest Harley Dealership in Tampa Bay on May 20th. May is the best month of the year as it is also my birthday month and I have the best birthday ever, May 4th, Star Wars Day, May the 4th be with you! Every year it also falls while we are doing our cereal for summer program for Feeding Tampa Bay! All I ask for my birthday is that you bring a few cereal boxes to either Quaker Steak and Lube on Wednesday May 3rd or to Diesel’s Bike Night on Thursday May 4th so we can make sure that kids don’t go hungry over the summer as they will not be getting the school lunches and breakfast’s. We have 2 collection bike nights, and we are collecting for the motorcycle community, not for just Full Throttle. The past 2 years we have been the biggest contributor to this great cause, and I want to continue that! I want the public to see that the biker community steps up when children are in need. I hope everyone can spare 1 or 2 boxes of cereal this year. We will have our trailer at Quaker on Wed. May 3rd and Diesel’s on Thurs. May 4th. Thank you everyone who donates in advance, this is always such a great event to get behind as you can see what has been collected and where it goes to. No child should ever go hungry, EVER!

Early in May we will also be up at Panama City Beach for Thunder Beach! We are hosting the Saturday Best of Thunder Beach Custom Bike Show. This year we will be at the crossroads 15238 Front Beach Road. This will be the second new location for the bike shows, we hope this will now become the place to go for all the bike shows in Panama City Beach. This is also the location Radical Randy will do his show and Urban Rides Magazine will have theirs. So, this will be the new bike show location. There are some amazing bands playing at Thunder Beach this year like: Lynyrd Skynyrd, Rob Zombie, Pantera, Candle Box, Jackyl, Buckcherry and many more! Be safe and be smart while riding in this heat and stormy season. You know what they say about the rain, just wait it out. We hope to see everyone at the events this month and remember Diesel’s Bike night in Palm Harbor is the First Thursday of the month, Circle S BBQ is the Third Wednesday of the month and Shaka in Tarpon Springs is the Second Tuesday of the Month! Don’t drink and ride and I’ll see you soon!


Spring! This is the time that most female riders are dusting off their motorcycles and taking to the roads. And who can blame them? The flowers are blooming, the trees are budding and full of color, the days growing longer and the sun is warm. It’s the perfect time to go out and feel the wind rush by while taking to the open roads. The Diva Angels are the modern day motorcyclists of business professionals. We are not your mother’s picture of a “biker chick”. We are mothers, daughters, grandmothers and wives who are also professionals leading the way in our business industries, all while gassing our downtime to 70mph on long relaxing motorcycle rides. Oh and yes, controlling the throttle of own own bikes. The amazing women of the Diva Angels find both relaxation and adventure on the open road .. Let’s not forget to mention the volunteering, supporting, giving and mentoring with our local community.

If you’re looking for a group of women to

ride with, volunteer with, support with and who truly enjoy each other’s company? Then we want you! Check out the all the chapters of the Diva Angels on our website http:// www.divaangels. org to find a local chapter near you or visit us on Facebook at https://www.face -

book.com/DivaAngelsPasco we are a 501c (7) not for profit organization. Ride safe and rubber side down, COME RIDE WITH US!

Website: DivaAngels.org / Email: divaangelspc@gmail.com

Facebook/Instagram/TikTok/Twitter @ DivaAngelsPasco

Angela “TANgie” DiBlasi Web Master/Media Marketing


How ya’ll doing out there in the biker community? It has been an incredible month, starting with the one issue that has impacted most of us bikers and businesses. HELMETS, we are so use to riding without helmets, with the new insurance law, looks like we old bikers will have mushroom heads again. With that said, the heat will complicate our riding skills let’s make sure we hydrate properly at all times while we ride. The next incredible event we had was the amazing bike show

in Arcadia. Many bikers registered their show bikes without knowing if their bikes would win a trophy. Well, everybody was satisfied with their trophies, and taking home bragging rights. Tallahassee Bike Fest was our last event this month and let me tell you, the ride up was beautiful and peaceful. Our assistant Lisa Smith rode her bike in the rain for a mile, while we caged it and put us to shame. The event had lots of community support with great bands, vendors and food. I’m going to end this by asking everyone to wear helmets, as much as we hate wearing them which will protect us in the future. Hope to see ya’ll at Thunder Beach in Panama City Beach, Florida.


Until about 2017, I have spent years involved in churches leading studies, events, music etc… I rubbed shoulders with pastors, leaders alike and what I now like to call “pew-warmers”. I can tell you friends that just as in churches not every so-called pastor or christian is of genuine faith, you would be well advised to consider that not everyone who practices pole dancing is to be painted with the same paint brush as the majority of all other “users” of poles and their “dancing-lifestyle”. I know this to be a fact because in all the years I have collaborated with Krista Grotte Saxon, her outlet and art form being pole dancing has revealed to be quite the healing and expressive form to her. Unconventional healing practice yes but that’s Krista. Nothing about her is conventional.

Krista marches at the beat of her own drum. That is a well-known fact. She has been through hell and back in her personal life and also in the last 20 years of her career as an award winning actress in Hollywood. Her pole stunt dancing has become a giant middle finger to the Hollywood elite where she subtly exposes Hollywood’s vices through her art. Pole stunting began for Krista as a healing outlet from her then broken heart. Every bit of her story is being told through each Hollywood music video she creates. You can see it all on her new YouTube channel www.youtube.com/@polestuntinwithkrista.

As Krista states, “Perceptions and projections are fascinating concepts. I am a ballet dancer in the sky and I dance above slandering whispers. What began as a learning process for a movie role, quickly became the healthiest and strongest both spiritually and physically that I ever been in my whole life”.

After a devastating experience as an Executive Producer among Oscar winners in Hollywood, Krista learned great lessons. She made it her mission to change the game for independent filmmakers who deserve better for the greatness they provide the world through their art. Currently in discussions with key Hollywood stakeholders representing and on behalf of producers, this ballerina is pretty much set to change some critical part of the Hollywood landscape. I guess we can say “Halleluia Jehovah”?

“Pole is brutal and painful” Saxon says and “just like life, we perform with a smile and show no pain”. Pole Tricks & Action Flicks! Saxon’s channel is a Hollywood kind of exotic pole show! A sport that requires superhuman strength, finesse and talent. Combine pole stunts, action movie scenes and music to give you a mini movie experience with each video. In these clips, Saxon showcases the fundamental aerial tricks.

Krista Grotte Saxon is an award winning actress (Full Moon Film Fest & Florida Motion Picture Crystal Reel Awards), Executive Producer of Nation's Fire Movie starring two time Academy Award nominee Bruce Dern. This movie, Saxon thought would be her greatest accomplishment. It turned out to be her greatest tragedy. Now she performs on her terms. Each video is a message to Hollywood and sexy fun for you!

Pole Stunting with Krista is music videos of dangerous and action sequences set to your favorite movies and music. It is not pretty when training. There are ups and downs, there is nausea, vomiting even on spins. Krista is well aware there is hatred and great misunderstanding related to her art form. She pushes harder regardless.

“To me, these are my mini movies. I share what I must express. I believe that if we bottle up, suppress and neglect our emotions and negative experiences, this will manifest physically down the road in terms of illness. Terminal illness. I'm not allowing anyone from Hollywood nor anywhere to rent space in my heart or my soul. I speak truth. The brutal truth. Truth that others are afraid to share but also truth that is changing the game for so many brilliant creatives who deserve a chance. So I am creating a roller coaster of beauty and pain and leave that self-expression for others to relate to and release through my performances.”

When all is said and done, you can look, say or think whatever it is you wish. It will I assure you not phase Saxon in the slightest way. Krista has proven herself. She is extremely grateful for the support she has received in her years of performance. She has nothing else to prove now. To celebrate her path and truly paint a picture of this ballerina who victoriously performs sky high above murmurs of slander, we took her on a rooftop downtown Tampa Florida. Her assignment? Pole dance on the said rooftop while I did a burnout next to her. The temp of that brisk morning was 3 degrees. Riding to the location meant 60 minutes on two wheels. It felt like my neck was being slit with a machete and my fingers were about to burn from freezing. It was tempting to turn around but there was no way I would let my friend down. With the windshield high above ground Krista proceeded determined to perform in the most adverse conditions. The results were artistically stunning. Krista has a heart of gold. She is a loyal friend. The biker community has been extremely supportive of her. She acknowledges that wholeheartedly with gratitude.

IG and tik tok: #polestuntinwithkrista Web: www.poleStuntinwithKrista.com

FB: Krista Grotte Saxon www.facebook.com/floridanighttrain

Photos : 323 Photography Studio courtesy of Krista Grotte Saxon and Night Train

Happy Hurricane season!

It's that time and I feel like I'm still cleaning up from last year!

To all you new to Florida bikers and old timers alike I've got a few new tips from last year's experiences.

OK, first bike placement, if you're in a mobile home or apartment with no cover for your ride you can try a parking garage ( most hospitals have them) or rent a storage unit for the week that was a good trick!

Where do you go ? That's a hard one, it's a wait and watch and move reservations kind of thing. My trick has been holding a room several places ,making sure to cancel before being charged.

Solar garden lights work great inside with no power! Freeze everything that will fit in the freezer, we froze milk, water bottles, lemonade and precooked what was there

and froze it again. Why? Because no one has ice and the food suppliers get first dibs when they can start making new ice. It took 5 days to find ice last year for us. That bathtub full of water is not to drink lol unless it's dire, do it because you'll need it to manually flush your toilet if you lose water or they turn it off to protect the pump stations. You can be without power and water in an area the storm never hit due to precautions taken. Your motel can also be out of water for the same reason.

Generators are great, but plan on needing it refilled daily if you're using it to power your home back up.

Start an insurance claim while the storm is still in progress( if you need to). Instead of posting, use that wifi to start an online claim ! This puts you ahead of many others waiting for adjustors. Fema, too. We hope everyone is safe this season. Being prepared is key!

Ride safe, peace and love to my biker family

32 Prices vary by state. Options selected by customer; availability and eligibility may vary. State Farm, Bloomington, IL Call, click or stop by. Create a Personal Price Plan™ Kim Brust, President Kimberly M Brust Ins Agcy Inc 7407 State Road 52 Hudson, FL 34667-6714 Bus: 727-862-7399

In this crazy mixed up world some of the things we do, and don't even see the connection.

My #1 Road Wife Sherri, pointed out to me recently that I use Dammit, in DammitDave as a punctuation point. I say it at the end of statements, and at the end of messages. I have also used Ride or Die as a signature for years on my messaging. It all comes together as (Ride or Die Dammit). Those words mean a lot to me when I see them together like that. It represents a code of Honor, Respect, and Loyalty. Those words used to mean something, but today it seems like the code has been lost on many. Lord knows I've had my fair share of,

let's just say encounters that would make one question the code. The bonds we make mean a lot to those who respect the code. Thankfully the code is not often broken, but when it is it hurts the heart tremendously. Honor Respect and Loyalty is a lifetime commitment. I have thoroughly enjoyed working with Full Throttle Magazine again these last few bike shows. I Look forward to many more to come. I Can't wait for the upcoming events that have always been close to my heart. Like Leesburg Bikefest last month. Awesome to see Leesburg back to it's former glory. I will be breaking out my poker cards again dealing for the next Soaked and Sore Ass Poker Run from Clearwater to Islamorada coming up July 15th 2023.

Ride or Die, DammitDAVE


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