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Cover Story

ConExpo-Con/Agg 2014 New machines and technology launched at the show.

Equipment 36

Machine Matters

Compact track loaders How to get maximum return on your machine.



Monitor your equipment’s idle time.


Contractor of the Year

Nitteberg Construction | April 2014



Vol. 26 Number 4 |

table of contents | April 2014

Cover Story

ConExpo-Con/Agg 2014 New machines and technology launched at the show.

Equipment 36

Machine Matters

Compact track loaders How to get maximum return on your machine.



Monitor your equipment’s idle time.


Contractor of the Year

Nitteberg Construction | April 2014






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on record | by Marcia Gruver Doyle

10 shows and counting


his was my 10th ConExpo. Since the show used to be every six years, and now is every three years, that pretty much equates to dog years in Trade Editor Land. As such, I have some old codger memories of North America’s largest equipment show. CREAKY VOICE: It was in 1981 … and the towercrane dominated city of Houston hosted its first – and last – ConExpo in the now partially demolished Astrodome area. Even though the industry was on the cusp of a deep recession there were signs of cluelessness. The once-mighty International Harvester, which would break up in a few years, spent a massive amount shuttling hundreds of attendees from Houston to its new proving grounds near Phoenix, Arizona. And traffic gridlock made it miserable to travel any distance around Houston, putting a crimp on offsite events. But as I walked into the main hall, I was intimidated by the size of the exhibits and equipment, even though it now seems like such a tame, domesticated event. Then it was 1986, and it was Vegas, baby, and the show found its permanent home. Caterpillar went from black velvet curtains in Houston (rivals snickered that it looked like a funeral parlor) to bright colors and waterfall pizzazz courtesy of Walt Disney Imagineering. Those bright colors were reflected in attitudes, as contractors were in full recovery from what they thought would be the worst recession they’d ever see. The show’s present three-year cycle started in 1993, which was also marked by a boycott of major manufacturers, giving an entrée to those that did have big iron in their booths – notably the Korean manufacturers who had started marketing in the

United States. The absence of the majors did not sit well with contractors. “I did not attend ConExpo to see computers, typewriters and hand tools,” groused one of our readers at the time. “Does one bulldozer constitute a worldwide construction expo?” The show added the “ConAgg” to its name in 1996, and Equipment World launched its website right before the doors opened. Good for a chuckle now: I bragged about our editors posting a show report on the new site “a day after the show closed.” As the Las Vegas Convention Center has added square footage, including the am-I-ever-going-toget-through-it South Hall, exhibitors upped the ways they enticed the growing numbers of attendees – from 124,260 in 1999 to the peak of 144,600 in 2008. There were safari outposts, Stomp shows, celebrity visits and sand sculptures ... anything to get you in the booth. And what about 2014? If there’s such a thing as a one-word dominated show, it would be Telematics, followed by its first cousin, Technology. Chinese manufacturers also made good on their 2011 show promise to continue their inroads here, and now one American-based company is proposing to address the lack of comfort U.S. contractors have about buying these deeply discounted machines (see page 12). Many veterans, moi included, call this year’s show the best ever. To get a true sense how crazy good it was to be at this event, check out our coverage starting on page 18, or better yet, go to I’m glad I was there for the 10th time, and knowing this industry’s penchant for keeping people, I know I’m not alone. So what are your memories of shows past? I’d love to compare notes. | April 2014 9


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reporter | by Equipment World staff

Mike Rowe speaks out on the critical lack of skilled tradespeople


ne of the stars to attend ConExpo this year was Mike Rowe of Dirty Jobs fame. With sponsorship from Caterpillar, Rowe was promoting his new book, Profoundly Disconnected and his mikeroweWORKS foundation, which raises money for trade school scholarships. We had a chance to sit down with Rowe during the show and hear why he so passionately believes in vocational education and the value of the skilled trades. Rowe says his hit TV show Dirty Jobs was really a tribute to his grandfather who was a master electrician, plumber, steamfitter and architect. “He was born knowing how things worked,” Rowe says. The more he learned from the people he profiled on Dirty Jobs, the more Rowe realized he had lost his wonder for the minor miracles brought to us by tradespeople. “I was no longer appropriately gobsmacked by that,” Rowe says. “You flush the toilet, it goes away. You turn on the switch and the lights come on, you turn the dial, the air comes on... all these things that we so take for granted I had become very far removed from.” The more he looked around, the more he realized he wasn’t alone in his ignorance. “I think the country is disconnected with that part of the workforce that keeps the lights on – the jobs that make civilized life possible,” Rowe says. “If the country gets reconnected to the point where they share that wonder for these things, I suspect the issues we look at as problems are going to have a lot better chance of getting sorted out.”

To that end Rowe started mikeroweWORKS and a campaign called Profoundly Disconnected to “challenge the absurd belief that a four year degree is the only path to success.” “Most people today don’t understand that the shortage of welders is critical,” Rowe says. “The construction industry is really back on its heels. The vocational schools’ biggest problem is getting through to the parents, guidance counselors and the kids that a career in the skilled trades is more than a vocational consolation prize. There’s a trillion dollars in student loan debt, yet we have three million jobs that can’t be filled. That’s a profound disconnect. We ignore that at our peril.” What America needs is to reconnect with its bluecollar roots, it’s love of making things. In the past people admired people who made things in our factories and farms. Today we idolize people who buy and sell things, the big money, Wall Street and all the rest. In the past he says, “Dirt was a badge of honor.” To young people contemplating their career path, Rowe advises them to be careful of anything that looks too easy. “What’s really for sale today is a shortcut. And shortcuts lead to long delays.” To the parents of those kids he notes that he is not anti-college. “I’m anti debt, but very pro education,” Rowe says. “But I’m convinced some of the best educational opportunities that exist do not come with a four-year degree.” For more on his foundation go to: To see a full video of our full interview go to – Tom Jackson | April 2014 11

reporter | by Equipment World staff

ICP offers U.S. contractors comfort zone when buying deep-discount Chinese machines


he Chinese mafor a 4.5-cubic-yard wheel chines are here; why loader – whichever route aren’t U.S. contracyou choose. “While we obtors buying more of them? viously make more money The up to 40 percent price with the direct sale,” Frank differential between these says, “we know we need machines and established dealers in the mix to make brands would turn most this work.” Frank expects to buyer’s heads, especially have 20 to 30 retail dealsince quality issues seem to ers by the end of the year. be diminishing. “IronPlanet will be the enThe answer lies in congine that drives our online tinuing, if not universal, sales, with pricing, warLonking, which recently partnered with ICP, aftersales uncertainties; it’s ranty, financing, etc., on to reportedly sold all the machines in its ConExpo all fine to get a great deal the shopping cart and check booth the first two days of the show. on a machine, but if you out,” Lee says. “It’s like buycan’t get parts or service in a timely manner, that ing a sweater, only a really expensive, hydraulically value can quickly evaporate. This aftermarket discon- powered sweater.” nect has prompted two equipment veterans to form Servicing: Buyers can select their local dealer to a company aimed at calming contractor fears over perform their warranty work. ICP’s service dealer buying Chinese-made equipment. network – soon with more than 350 locations, Frank International Construction Products, led by former says – will also be available for this work. And if Sany America president Tim Frank and Wes Lee, you’ve got an extensive in-house service operation, previously with Volvo Construction Equipment, has you may qualify to do your own warranty work. a basic premise: Chinese manufacturers are offering Technology included: Each machine comes with good quality machines, they just don’t know how three years of free telematics and Bluetooth-enabled meet North American support expectations. “Our hands-free calling. goal is to get this thing right,” said Tim Frank, in Cherry picked product: ICP vets each manufacan interview with Equipment World on the eve of turer, looking for repeatable quality and consistency. ConExpo. “We make sure the product meets the expectations of “These prices always get someone’s attention, but the North American market,” Frank says, “especially frankly, there’s been a great disappointment after in terms of productivity and aftermarket support.” that. Now a customer can buy this low cost product Known componentry: Machines imported by ICP with the confidence of support,” Frank said. ICP has will have components – such as Cummins engines partnered with its first signed manufacturer, Lonking, and Kawasaki pumps – widely accepted and serviced which offered wheel loaders, excavators, dozers and in North America, a common tactic for firms wanting rollers at its ConExpo booth. entrée into the United States. What American contractors need when considering Western best practices, including a three-year, Chinese-made equipment is comfort, and lots of it, 3,000-hour warranty, 48-hour machine-down parts says ICP. It proposes to ease the way in a number of guarantee, and 100-point inspection on incoming ways: machines. ICP also has a 30-day money back guarBuying: “We’re going to break the mold on how antee (you pay for hours run and transport), and a these products come to market,” Lee says, noting payback promise of rental machine costs – wherever that while contractors like using dealers, they’ve also you rent it – if the parts guarantee isn’t met. grown more comfortable with buying online. So “We deliver more profit to end users in an immediICP is giving users a choice: work through an ICP ate way by lowering capital costs on equipment by up dealer partner, or buy online through IronPlanet. to 40 percent; that has a huge impact on their bottom The price will be the same – for example, $137,000 line profit,” Frank says. – Marcia Gruver Doyle

12 April 2014 |

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reporter | by Equipment World staff

AGC-backed .Build domain could give contractors a larger presence online


ather than ending in a boring “.com” or “.net,” U. S. contractors soon will be able to register for a “.build” address. The Associated General Contractors of America has partnered with the group behind the .build domain name – the company is also called .Build – to get the word out about the new top-level domain (TLD) name. According to George Minardos, CEO and founder of .Build, construction is now “well positioned to adopt a more relevant namespace that actually describes what they do,” he says. The .build domain (for instance, www.yourwebsite. build) was recently created by ICANN, the Internet’s controlling authority. The domain will launch later this year and AGC says TLDs like .build will become “an integral part of any company’s web presence moving forward.” In other words, switching your company’s website from a .com domain to a .build domain could help people find your company a lot easier through search engines like Google and Bing. Plus, so many websites are registered with a .com

domain that reserving a space with your company name can be challenging. For example, a common name like “Johnson Construction.” You’re out of luck with a straightforward name because is taken. That leads to all sorts of finagling with different domains like “.biz” or “.net” or with the website address itself. If you already have a .com site, .Build says they’ll work with contractors to redirect that original address to a new .Build site. Build is accepting pre-registrations at – Wayne Grayson


Vacuworx provides the safest heavy-duty vacuum lifting equipment in the industry. Our lifters cut project times in half – with a fraction of the ground personnel required by conventional methods. Vacuworx helps you work... Faster. Safer. Smarter. +1-918-259-3050 | | 10105 East 55th Place, Tulsa, Oklahoma 74146 USA | 2014 | 14 AprilEW_H_Half_April.indd 1 Untitled-9 1

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safety watch | by Amy Materson |

Demo dangers

Illustration by Don Lomax

Demolition work is unpredictable – be ready for any hazard

The accident: A construction company was demolishing a twostory warehouse. A large portion of the building had already been razed when the second floor collapsed onto the first, trapping three workers. Emergency personnel worked to support the hole to keep it from collapsing further while attempting to rescue the workers. One worker was killed and two others were injured. The bottom line: An investigation determined the floor fell because a worker cut through a first-floor support beam, causing the remainder of the structure to become unstable and collapse. Also, the company performing the work had been cited several times for violations, and had a fatal accident

on a different site two years earlier. Demolition work is dangerous and unpredictable, and presents an opportunity for changing conditions even after your company’s competent person has evaluated the site. Stay safe by following your company’s demolition safety program, and also learning the potential hazards unique to each individual job. 1. Check the survey – Before demolishing any structure, your employer will have a comprehensive engineering survey performed, which will evaluate the condition of the entire structure and recommend measures necessary to prevent collapse. Familiarize yourself with all possible hazards revealed by the survey.

2. Work from the top – In this accident, a worker cut a structural beam that supported the floor above his fellow workers’ heads. The demolition of floors and exterior walls should begin at the top of the structure and then proceed downward. Always remove the walls and floor from each story before starting on the floor below. 3. Report changes – With the evolving nature of demolition work, you may find yourself in a situation not outlined in the engineering survey. If you see unexpected or new jobsite conditions, report this information to your supervisor at once so the situation can be documented and evaluated for potential hazards to workers.

Information for this Safety Watch is from an accident report, the AmeriDemolition Operations and the Occupational Safety and Health Adminiscan National Standards Institute’s A10.6-1983 - Safety Requirements For tration’s Standard 1926.850(a). It is meant for general information only.

Date of safety talk: Attending:


_____________________ | April 2014 15

alerta de seguridad | por Amy Materson |

Peligros en la demolición

Illustration by Don Lomax

El trabajo de demolición es impredecible: esté preparado para todo riesgo

El accidente: Una compañía constructora estaba demoliendo un almacén de dos pisos. Una buena parte del edificio ya había sido derribada cuando el segundo piso cayó sobre el primero, atrapando a tres trabajadores. El personal de emergencia trató de sostener el agujero para evitar que siguiera colapsando mientras intentaba rescatar a los trabajadores. Uno de los trabajadores falleció y los otros dos resultaron heridos. Conclusión: Una investigación determinó que el piso se vino abajo porque un trabajador cortó una de las vigas de soporte del primer piso, dejando inestable el resto de la estructura y derrumbándose. Además, la compañía que hacía el trabajo ya había recibido infracciones varias veces, y había tenido una muerte accidental en una obra distinta dos años atrás.

El trabajo de demolición es peligroso e impredecible, y presenta la posibilidad de que las condiciones cambien incluso después de que una persona competente de la compañía haya evaluado el área de trabajo. Manténgase seguro siguiendo el programa de seguridad de demoliciones de su compañía, y conozca también los riesgos potenciales únicos para cada obra en particular. 1. Revise el estudio de campo – Antes de demoler cualquier estructura, su empleador debe realizar un estudio exhaustivo de ingeniería, que evalúe la condición de toda la estructura y recomiende las medidas necesarias para prevenir un colapso. Familiarícese con todos los posibles riesgos que revela el estudio. 2. Trabaje desde la parte alta – En este accidente, un traba-

La información para esta Alerta de Seguridad proviene de un reporte de accidente, de la norma A10.6-1983 del American National Standards Institute – Requerimientos de seguridad para operaciones

Fecha de la charla de seguridad: Asistentes: 16 April 2014 |

jador cortó una viga estructural que soportaba el piso que sus Illustration by Don Lomax compañeros tenían sobre sus cabezas. La demolición de pisos y paredes exteriores debería empezar desde la parte alta de la estructura y luego proceder hacia abajo. Retire siempre las paredes y el piso de cada uno de los pisos antes de comenzar a trabajar en el piso de abajo. 3. Reporte los cambios – Dada la naturaleza cambiante del trabajo de demolición, usted puede encontrarse en una situación que no ha sido delineada en el estudio de ingeniería. Si advierte condiciones nuevas o inesperadas o en el área de trabajo, reporte de inmediato esta información a su supervisor para que la situación pueda ser documentada y evaluada en busca de riesgos potenciales para los trabajadores.

de demolición, y de la Norma 1926.850(a) de la Administración de Seguridad y Salud Ocupacional (OSHA, siglas en inglés). Tiene únicamente fines de información general.





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ConExpo-Con/Agg | A Construction Media Division staff report

Sunny skies at ConExpo-Con/Agg reflect upbeat mood as industry’s extended downturn starts to fade.

18 April 2014 |


Trending on twitter Here’s a taste of what our staff found noteworthy to tweet about at the show.

or an industry that’s gone to the mat during the past five years, it doesn’t get any better than this. Just under 130,000 attendees crowded the aisles last month in Vegas. This year’s show didn’t beat the all-time 2008 show attendance record, but we’ll take it, especially considering what was just around the corner in 2008. Here is a slice of what we saw, what was announced, and what show goers experienced. But it’s just a small portion of our ConExpo coverage. For the full stories, go to Kobelco waves independent flag, intros excavators More than a year after ending its North American distribution and marketing agreement with CNH Industrial, Kobelco waved an independent exhibitor flat at ConExpo for the first time in 10 years. The company has aggressive plans for North America, building a headquarters in Katy, Texas, with plans to move in during September, and openly talking about building a manufacturing plant here that would serve both North and Latin America. Among its introductions, Kobelco announced the SK55SRx compact excavator, available in both cab and canopy units. Powered by a 37.4-horsepower Yanmar engine, the 11,050-pound model features an energy conservation mode, which allows the operator to run at lower power and performance levels, reducing fuel consumption. | April 2014 19

ConExpo-Con/Agg | continued

Caterpillar emphasizes technology, releases 336F hybrid Announced just prior to the show, the Cat Connect technology suite is offering a unified telematics approach for customers with mixed fleets, designed to offer a one-stop source for telematics. Several information pieces – including telematics, grade control, payload and tire monitoring – from all connected machines, regardless of brand, would feed into Cat’s VisionLink system. Cat also released its 336F H hybrid excavator, which contains the same three-part hydraulic hybrid componentry as the E Series hybrid, but with a software update. Cat says the F Series prototypes are realizing even more fuel savings than the 25 percent seen in the E Series, but did not give specifics at the show. Powered by a 303-horsepower Tier 4 Final Cat C9.3 ACERT engine, the machine provides 24 feet, 7 inches (standard) or 26 feet, 10 inches (long boom) maximum dig depths and 66,139 foot-pounds of drawbar pull. Cat says it’s not only continuing the hybrid approach in the 336F H excavator, it’s also parceling out some hybrid components into standard machines. For example, the 336F standard machine now has the hybrid’s Adaptive Control System, as does the 202,873-pound 390F. In addition, the 336F will offer an optional Cat Production Measurement, which measures bucket payload, total payload and number of passes. 20 April 2014 |

John Deere showcases customizable Ultimate Uptime, upgrades loaders to Tier 4 Final Deere’s Ultimate Uptime customer support system offers what Deere says is exclusive technology and the ability to customize it to each customer’s needs. The Ultimate Uptime Base package, which is included with most Deere machines, includes pre-delivery set up and follow-up inspections, and includes three years of the company’s WorkSight’s features, including: • JDLink Ultimate telematics, alerting customers and dealers of hours, location, geofencing, diagnostic trouble codes and maintenance tracking. • Machine health prognostics that analyze data from JDLink, including fluid analysis and machine inspections, keeping both the dealer and customer in the loop with recommended solutions. • Remote diagnostics and programming, enabling dealers to read and reset diagnostic trouble codes, record machine performance data and update software remotely. Deere also introduced Tier 4 Final upgrades on the 624K, 644K and 724K four-wheel-drive loaders, which also now include axle improvements for increased durability, offering standard axle cooling and filtration.

Bobcat completes M Series loader lineup Bobcat unveiled its first Tier 4 M-Series 400 framesize loaders – the radius-lift T450 and the S450 – at the show. The 2.4-liter engine in the T450 and the S450’s 1.8-liter engine both use a non-DPF engine solution, achieved by designing an ultra-low particulate combustion (ULPC) engine. In addition to M series enhancements, both machines feature higher auxiliary pressures, lower operating weight and increased travel speed when equipped with optional two-speed drive systems. The T450 will have a maximum speed of 7.3 mph in low mode and 11 mph in high mode, while the S450 can travel at a top speed of 7.1 mph in low mode and 9.2 mph in high mode when equipped with Selectable Joystick Controls. The S450 replaces the K-Series S130, and the T450 reintroduces a compact track loader platform size that has not been available from the equipment manufacturer in recent years.

Trending on twitter continued | April 2014 21

ConExpo-Con/Agg | continued

Trending on twitter continued

JLG ups height ante with 1850 SJ Offering the world’s tallest telescopic boom height, the 1850 SJ has a 184-foot, 7-inch platform height, offering nearly 19 stories of working height and almost 3 million cubic feet of reachable space. Transportable on a standard size trailer, and just requiring an overweight permit, the model has a maximum horizontal reach of 80 feet. The boom extends from ground to full height in less than five minutes, and the axles – which take less than a minute to fully extend or retract – extend to 16 feet 6 inches. In the 8-foot-by-3-foot operator’s platform, the LCD display on the control panel offers a wealth of information, including exactly where the worker is positioned in the work envelope, in addition to service codes, engine status and other key machine stats. The two-section telescopic jib extends from 13 feet retracted to 20 feet extended and gives additional reach, up-and-over capability, and the ability to telescope into and around structures. 22 April 2014 |



Bobcat has a hard-earned reputation for building the toughest and most productive compact equipment. And it takes a seriously great filter to wear our brand. Properly fitted and sealed, Bobcat ® filters are made for Bobcat equipment—so you get assured protection for your carefully engineered machine components, along with fewer blowouts, optimal capacity and maximum performance in severe working conditions. If you demand the best for the job, our name makes all the difference.

Bobcat® and the Bobcat logo are registered trademarks of Bobcat Company in the United States and various other countries. ©2014 Bobcat Company. All Rights Reserved. | P132A-0

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ConExpo-Con/Agg | continued

Intelligent machine control coming to Komatsu excavators Komatsu made headlines last fall with the debut of its intelligent machine control dozers – basically a dozer with built -n GPS/ GNSS controls. Getting rid of the GPS antenna and wiring on the blade conferred a number of benefits and allowed for both rough grade and finish grade work with the same machine. The design now extends to four dozers in the company’s lineup and soon will also be featured on excavators. Komatsu showed the first of these excavators, the PC210LCi-10, at ConExpo. This 21-ton, 158-horsepower machine has a large, 12-inch touch screen display with 3D viewing modes, facing angle compass and sound guidance. As with the dozers, the 3D GNSS machine control system is factory installed and relies on stroke sensing cylinders and inertial measurements to locate the bucket in space in real time. 24 April 2014 |

Bell brings on E-Series artics Stepping back onto these shores last year with its B50D after its licensing agreement with John Deere ended, Bell Equipment North America began its E-Series rollout at the show, starting with the B25E and B30E. Targeting fuel operating costs, Bell optimized engine power and fuel consumption with software that controls retardation, cooling and charging of accumulators. The E-series improvements also include changing the front suspension to an A-frame layout for a more independent ride, and incorporating Allison transmissions. The machines have an automatically engaged inter-axle differential lock (IDL), which gives the trucks full automatic traction control. A sensor identifies when an axle loses traction and engages the IDL function.

ConExpo-Con/Agg | continued

Volvo goes to G Series artics Volvo Construction Equipment’s A25G, A30G, A35G, A35G FS, A40G and A40GFS articulated trucks all offer what the company terms a unique inline purpose-built dropbox for high clearance. Oil-cooled wet multiple-disc brakes, previously on the A35 and A40 models, are now extended through the entire line. Volvo’s automatic traction control switches between drive combinations of 6×6 and 6×4 to lower fuel consumption or provide maximum traction. When the job calls for it, all differentials can be 100 percent locked, causing all wheels to rotate at the same speed, increasing traction in slippery conditions. 26 April 2014 |

JCB debuts excavators, telehandlers and dozers Two compact excavators headed up JCB’s show intros, including the 8029 CTS (for conventional tail swing), which has a 25-horsepower engine and a tail swing just 18.5 inches longer than the 8025 zero tail swing machine. With a 10-foot dig depth, the machine has a load over height of 10 feet 6 inches. The company says there also are “radical” changes for the 67C-1, 86C-1 and 85Z-1 midi excavators, powered by 55- and 64-horsepower Kohler by JCB diesels, using up to 10 percent less fuel than previous models. The machines have the company’s 2Go hydraulic safety system, currently offered on larger excavators. Four new telehandlers have been added to the company’s Loadall lineup, including the 516-42, offering a hefty 16,000-pound capacity, and aimed primarily at the North American oil and gas sector. It features a stronger, 3-stage boom with a heavy-duty inner section, and 3.1-inch diameter lift rams. Designed specifically for the North American market, the VM117D double drum soil compactor has a 125 Ecomax engine, weighs 11 tons and comes with optional padfoot shells and leveling blade.

9 9 1 , 2 As low





per m

“ We’ve been running our machines since 1996 with no major equipment failures.” Ron Hargrove B&H Contracting, Pensacola, FL

See what Ron and others are saying about their Doosan equipment!

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*For a limited time, the 3 Year, 5000 Hour engine/powertrain factory warranty will be available at participating and eligible dealers only. Offer may vary by product type, series, model and select units in dealer inventory. Offers available on new equipment in US and Canada only. Some restrictions apply. Length of contract may vary. Prior purchase not eligible. Lease amount is in US dollars. See dealer for details. Financing provided on approval of credit by authorized Doosan finance providers to well qualified buyers. The rates listed herein do not take into consideration any administrative fees and are subject to change based on the amount of such fees (which may vary). Doosan reserves the right to extend or discontinue any of these programs at any time without prior notice. Where applicable, price includes the machine and a standard bucket (quick coupler is optional). Photos may show other than standard equipment. Listed price is for a DL250-3. See your dealer for additional Targeted PowerLease SM offers.

ConExpo-Con/Agg | by Equipment World staff

Wacker Neuson debuts skid steers, compact track loaders In Europe, compact wheel loaders do much of the heavy lifting, but in the United States contractors prefer the more versatile skid steer loader or compact track loader.

With that in mind, Wacker Neuson beefed up the skid steers they’ve been selling in Europe for many years and introduced four new models at ConExpo for the American market. The new machines offer exceptionally tall lift heights and radial or vertical lift designs. All units are available in H-pattern and ISO joystick pilot controls. The line currently includes two skid steers and two compact track loaders powered by 74.4-horsepower turbocharged Perkins Diesel engines with maintenance free, flow-through exhaust aftertreatment. The specs: • SW 24: radial lift arms, 2,350 pounds of operating capacity and a lift height of 125 inches. • SW 28: vertical lift, 2,800 pounds of operating capacity and a lift height of 134 inches. • ST 35: radial lift, 3,500 pounds of lift capacity and 125 inch lift capacity. • ST 45: vertical lift, 4,500 pounds of operating capacity and 134-inch lift height.

Make those hard-earned callouses shine. Tough on oil, grease and grime. Easy on the hands. Visit ©2014 WD-40 Company

28 April 2014 |

HEAVY-DUTY HAND CLEANER with moisturizers

NET WT 5.75 OZ. (163g)

Case Construction Equipment wheel loaders meet Tier 4 Final Case Construction Equipment’s 821F and 921F wheel loaders, now Tier 4 Final, are equipped with a selective catalytic reduction (SCR)-only solution that treats emissions separately with diesel exhaust fluid (DEF) and does not require the engine to re-circulate exhaust gas. This, Case says, optimizes combustion and machine performance, lowers engine temperatures and eliminates maintenance and downtime associated with filter replacement and regeneration. Each loader has a 6.7-liter engine that also provides quick throttle response and impressive torque. The 821F and 921F wheel loaders produce 212 and 241 net peak horsepower, respectively. The smaller unit features buckets ranging from 3.2 to 4.5 cubic yards, while the larger unit is sized for buckets ranging from 3.8 to 4.75 cubic yards. Each machine provides up to a 10-percent increase in fuel economy over the previous E Series models. Additional fuel savings of up to 30 percent can be achieved with a standard engine shut-

down feature that allows the operator to limit engine idle time, while an optional efficiency package provides even more fuel savings through features including a five-speed lockup transmission, axles with auto-locking differential and advanced system programming. Case also gave a sneak peek at its 268-horsepower CX350D excavator available next year, which it says will offer 8 percent faster cycle times than its predecessor machine.

THE REDESIGNED POWER OF PRECISION™. The 3-IN-ONE® Telescoping Marksman Spout™ extends a full 6 inches to pinpoint hard-to-reach targets, every time. Its compact size fits easi y in pockets and toolboxes, the ergonomic shape makes it easy to grip, and the new product-fi indicator lets you know when it’s time for a new bottle. Now that’s reliabi ity. | April 2014 29

ConExpo-Con/Agg | continued

Hyundai unveils first compaction roller, largest excavator Hyundai unveiled its first compaction roller in the North American market, the HR120C-9. A Deutz Tier 4 Final water-cooled diesel engine delivers 130 horsepower to the 26,455-pound single vibratory drum roller, which has a 6-foot, 10inch drum width. The machine has teflon bearings that eliminate the need for greasing, and the drum is equipped with front and rear scrapers that can remove sticky soils. The company’s R1200-9 excavator is designed for the mining and quarrying markets. With an operating weight of 260,140 pounds and a 740-horsepower Cummins QSK23C engine, the excavator is electronically controlled for optimum fuel-to-air ratio for clean, efficient combustion. The excavator has a digging depth of 26 feet, 3 inches, a bucket digging force of 125,540 pounds, and a bucket capacity of 8.76 cubic yards. 30 April 2014 |

Deere engines will now be offered with telematics functionality With the John Deere PowerSight telematics system, engines can report back to end users a number of important data sets, including location and geofencing, fuel consumption, hours, engine temperatures and health, diagnostics and maintenance issues. The information is sent via cellular signal or satellite to the end user’s mobile phone, tablet device or office computer. Some repairs, such as software reprogramming can even be done remotely. PowerSight features four components: the JDLink machine monitoring system, remote diagnostics and programming, machine health prognostics and the Power Assist app. The PowerAssist app is a free app for iPhone, iPad and Android devices that gives access to engine information. The John Deere PowerSight telematics system is offered in four different service levels: “Locate,” with just two data sets, “Express” and “Select” with five data sets each and “Ultimate” with 12.


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ConExpo-Con/Agg | continued Takeuchi showcases six new machines Takeuchi released six new machines at the show: the TL8 compact track loader, TW80 Series 2 compact wheel loader and TB216, TB240, TB260 and TB290 compact excavators. Most of the new machines meet EPA Tier 4 Final emissions standards. The TB216 compact excavator replaces the TB016 and features and updated profile and retractable undercarriage. A Tier 4 Final Yanmar engine delivers 15 horsepower to the machine, which can travel up to 2.6 mph. The 8,345pound TL8 compact track loader replaces the TL230 Series 2, features a radial lift loader design and has a 6,020-pound tip load. Powered by a 74.3-horsepower turbocharged Tier 4 Final Kubota engine, the machine has a high-pressure common rail injection system, diesel oxidation catalyst (DOC) and diesel particulate filter (DPF). The TW80 Series 2 compact wheel loader, which replaces the TW80, has an operating weight of 12,698 pounds and a tipping load of 10,064 pounds.

32 April 2014 |

LiuGong debuts new skid steer design The metal and glass on LiuGong’s new 375B skid steer have been curved to improve operator visibility and control. A less obstructed view and sightlines to both corners of the bucket make for more precise handling, positioning and manipulation of loads. The machine’s narrow stance allows for access and maneuverability in tighter spots. Dump clearance height measures 7 feet, 8 inches and the bucket lifts to full height within 4.1 seconds and returns to the ground in just 2.2 seconds. Top travel speed is 6.6 mph. Double lever pilot control and a hydrostatic transmission enable operators to inch through critical areas carefully, and a quick coupling system makes changing attachments fast and easy.




The answer is simple thanks to FuelSense® and the TC10. Real world test fleet users found an average 5% fuel economy improvement with the new Allison TC10 tractor transmission over their current manual or automated manual transmissions. Regardless of driver experience or expertise, it automatically achieves the best fuel economy. The TC10 shifts at just the right points on the power curve, with virtually no loss of acceleration, right into cruise gear. And because it’s an Allison Automatic, the TC10 doesn’t require regular clutch maintenance or replacement, like manuals and automated manuals. This results in significant savings in service and downtime over the life cycle of the truck. alliso n tran s mi s s i o n .co m / t c 1 0 Text INFO to 205-289-3715 or visit

The TC10 is equipped with FuelSense, a unique package of software and electronic controls that target the critical components of your tractor’s duty cycle for maximum fuel savings. Make your next tractor less expensive to operate. Specify a TC10 with FuelSense. This package delivers. For more information, contact your truck dealer and ask about TC10.

ConExpo-Con/Agg | by Equipment World staff


Kawasaki pioneered the Z-Link design to provide unmatched utility, high breakout force and efficiency in its loaders. The Z7 generation Implements brand-new patented technology, industry exclusive innovation, and input from owners and operators all over the world. We’ve engineered the VISIT US AT Z7 series from the ground up!

> 15 Models > .78–13.5 cu.yd. > 45 HP–720 HP

EXHIBIT #40042

2140 Barrett Park Drive | Suite 101 Kennesaw, Georgia 30144 34 April 2014 |

Sany adds compact excavators The SY16C and the SY35U compact excavators are the first compact pieces Sany has brought to North America. With an operating weight of 3,858 pounds and a maximum dig depth of 7 feet 8 inches, the short-tail-swing SY16C has a bucket breakout force of 8,333 pounds. The zero-tail swing SY35U weighs 8,333 pounds, with a maximum dig depth of 10 feet 2 inches, and the enclosed cab has standard air conditioning. Both models have a hydraulically controlled dozer blade and load-sensing hydraulics boost fuel economy.

In case you missed it… Our live show coverage was designed to give you a taste of the show experience. We did more than straight reporting from a jam-packed press conference schedule, though. We also looked for the cool stuff you’d see if you were walking the aisles, goody bag and show planner in hand. All stories are on our website at Day 1, 2 and 3 photo galleries, including opening day ceremonies, the major players in the North Hall, the Silver Lot and an overview of all the trucks that made it to the show. Look for a certain cool transformer from Sany in Day 2. JCB’s famous Dancing Diggers made their fifth appearance at the show, this time to the accompaniment of a rock-violin group. We’ve got the video.

Volvo Construction Equipment unveiled its latest in a long line of concept machines, the GaiaX compact excavator, which takes a cue from another famous Swedish company, Ikea. Also at the Volvo booth, something to consider for Christmas: a Lego Technic loader that can be reassembled as an artic, available in August. And a big crowd pleaser: Case tricked out its 580 Super N Wide Track backhoe to match a two-tone black-and-gold Ram 3500 Laramie Longhorn Crew Cab pickup. It’s scheduled to go on tour this year at a Case and/or Ram dealer near you.

And that’s not all... Our show coverage continues in May. Can’t wait? Go to for our complete ConExpo converage. | April 2014 35

machine matters | by Richard Ries




ompared to skid steer loaders, compact track loaders cost more, have slower travel speeds, are better in soft underfoot conditions, and handle slopes better. Common knowledge. But if your assessment of the performance of CTLs and their potential for your business stops with the commonplace, you can’t make the right decisions regarding their use. First, the cost factor. It’s true that a CTL typically costs 30 percent more than a comparably-sized skid steer, which amounts to an upcharge of $10,000 to $15,000. But that CTL will offer performance advantages that increase productivity and may more than offset the initial cost over the service life of the machine. One of the challenges for contractors making the switch from skid steers to CTLs is to make accompanying changes in their business practices, according to Mike Fitzgerald, product specialist with Bobcat. “Assess your work practices and procedures and related billing charges to maximize the advantages of a CTL,” he says. “Faster production means you can move on to another job sooner

36 April 2014 |

Capitalizing on your CTL’s advantages takes more than a superficial understanding of its unique characteristics. and you’ll be able to work on wet days when you otherwise could not.” Lars Arnold, product manager with Volvo North America, says it’s important to understand the difference in establishing rated operating capacity when calculating productivity. Skid steer loaders are rated at 50 percent of tipping load, whereas compact track loaders are rated at 35 percent. “The intent is to reflect the understanding that CTLs are more likely to be operated on soft ground and on slopes, and the 35 percent figure is more realistic in these conditions,” says Arnold. So if an skid steer and CTL both have tipping loads of 7,000 pounds, the skid steer will have an

Gehl’s RT210 GEN:2 radial-lift track loader uses an IdealTrax automatic track tensioning system and a drive management system to transfer horsepower into tractive effort. IdealTrax eliminates manual track tensioning and increases the life of tracks, sprockets and bearings, eliminating the tension checks recommended every 50 hours.With a rated operating capacity of 2,100 pounds, the unit has 10 feet 6 inches of lift height. | April 2014 37

Wh e n you ne ed to get the J oB don e, t r u s t W d - 4 0 ® M u lt i - u s e p r o d u ct . • P r ot e ct s to o l s • P e n e t r at e s r u s t • lubricates moving Parts

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g e t p r o t i p s at W d 40 . co M / J o B d o n e



J steele

black DiamonD builDers naHb member lake Forest, ca


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WD-40® Multi-Use Product is a Workhorse on and off the Playground.

Team Reil, Inc., is the workforce behind the playgrounds, use.“We have a nut and bolt system that comes from the factory for water parks, sporting equipment, artificial turf, and other our playgrounds,” Cederlund said. “We spray every bolt with WD-40 outdoor recreational equipment for the Chicago area. The [Multi-Use Product] before we put on the nut—the WD-40 dries and the company has been around for nearly 30 years and has been using bolts are virtually immovable.” According to Cederlund, Team Reil uses WD-40® Multi-Use Product WD-40® Multi-Use Product Our biggest focus is on the customer’s needs, and we do for almost that long. for all its equipment needs. so by working as a team; WD-40 [Multi-Use Product] The team uses The company, is an integral part of Team Reil the product on heavy incorporated in 1991, equipment and to treat worn-out rubber tires. The company also specializes in building playground equipment for municipalities uses WD-40® Multi-Use Product to spray engines down in order all over Illinois, Wisconsin, and western Michigan. In 2004, to prevent rust and to clean tar off tires and other equipment. Team Reil also began selling playground and sporting “The weather in Chicago can be rain one day and freezing cold equipment through Miracle Recreation. “We love the business, and no one will the next, and we have to be able to use our equipment the very ever get mad at you for building a park or a next morning,” Cederlund said. “WD-40 [Multi-Use Product] playground,” said John Cederlund, president is the only way to ensure it’ll be up and running. They’ve really of Team Reil. “That’s the sandbox we’re cornered the market. It’s simply the best product out there.” Team Reil is a family-owned and operated business. playing in right now.” The company keeps the communities they supply in mind, offering a Cederlund’s son Mike is the vice president of sales for the “community build” option for their playground company, and his son Tim is the vice president of construction. systems. With this option, volunteers from “Our biggest focus is on the customer’s needs, and we do so by the community can help put the playground working as a team; WD-40 [Multi-Use Product] is an integral part together to cut down on work costs. The team of Team Reil,” Cederlund said. also offers extensive background and safety Company: Team Reil, Inc. information on all equipment, available on Location: Union, Illinois their website. Employees: 15 According to Cederlund, Team Reil’s Annual Revenue: Over $7 million playgrounds run anywhere from $10,000 to Market: Building and selling playground equipment, artificial turf, park equipment, docking systems, and other site amenities $100,000 and are manufactured for heavy

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machine matters | continued

ROC of 3,500 pounds and the CTL of 2,450 pounds. (Even OEMs that list a CTL’s 50 percent figure first will provide the 35 percent number as well.) A big factor in the cost of operation of a CTL is in the tracks and undercarriage, but that’s largely controllable, says Jamie Wright, product manager at Terex. “The most common cause of premature track failure is operating technique. Many operators run their CTLs as they would skid steers, doing counter-rotation spin turns and spinning the tracks when driving into a pile to more fully fill the bucket. These practices will increase wear and tear on tracks, especially in rough underfoot conditions.” He advocates running CTLs as any other crawler machine, using three-point turns, alternating turns to the left and right 40 April 2014 |

Powered by the Ecomax engine, which uses up to 9 percent less fuel than previous engines, the JCB 300T uses a new air filter design with a high-efficiency active scavenging pre-cleaner, extending air filter service life up to 500 hours. Electro-hydraulic controls give you three levels of response, from slow modulation for fine trimming, to faster controls for digging and loading.

to even out undercarriage wear, minimizing backing, and avoiding sudden changes in direction. Wright says payback on a CTL is approximately 18 months when the machine is managed properly to take full benefit from its advantages. Next, travel speed. Arnold says that Volvo’s single-speed skid steers top out at 7.5 mph and singlespeed CTLs at 5.7 mph. Numbers for the two types when configured as two-speed models are 18.5 and 7.8 mph. So the two-speed CTL has only marginally faster travel speed than the single-speed skid steer.

But travel speed only matters in some applications, says Paul Wade, marketing manager at New Holland, “and for most applications where CTLs are best-suited, travel speed isn’t a factor.” Sometimes it goes beyond the application to the attachment used in that application, explains Gregg Zupancic, marketing manager with John Deere. “Typical ground pressures are 30 to 35 psi for skid steer loaders and 4 to 6 psi for compact track loaders, making skid steers better for blade-type snow removal despite CTLs’ greater push. A skid

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machine matters | continued steer’s higher ground speed also facilitates snowplowing. With a snowblower attachment, the CTL may be a better choice because speed is less important for results and the CTL’s better tractive effort emerges as an advantage.” Arnold says one spec to watch is operating weight. “A CTL will have about 20 percent more weight than a comparable skid steer, which may raise transportability issues.”

Attachments Essentially all attachments that work on a skid steer will work on a compact track loader, and CTLs and skid steers of comparable size have comparable specs as far as dump height and reach. But CTLs’ more stable demeanor gives them the edge in some tasks, such as front grading. (The distinction disappears with back grading and either type of machine performs that task well.) CTLs are also great for trenching, says Warren Anderson, brand marketing manager for Case. “Trenching typically takes place in a finished yard, and CTLs provide minimal rutting and low ground pressure. And as with grading applications, CTLs provide a smoother and more consistent path with a trencher due to their great stability and lower tendency to bounce.” Anderson says CTLs also react better to obstructions and surface irregu42 April 2014 |

The E-Series compact track loaders offer 25 percent more foot room than previous models. Low-effort electric-hydraulic controls on the 333E are available for ISO, H and foot control patterns; an option allows you to switch between all three control patterns. Powered by a 3.3-liter diesel, the large-frame model has up to 10 percent more horsepower than the previous D-Series models.

EXPERIENCE THE DIFFERENCE When it comes to uptime, there is no compromise. That’s where Takeuchi equipment excels. These machines are built to deliver the performance, durability, easy service and operator comfort you need to get the job done faster. See what more than five decades of quality and innovation can do for you. Check out the new TB260 hydraulic excavator at

©2014 Takeuchi Manufacturing Contact your dealer for current warranty and fi nancing program details.


machine matters | continued

Debuting at ConExpo-Con/Agg last month, the radius-lift T450 M-Series offers a reintroduced size to the Bobcat lineup.With a maximum speed of 7.3 mph in low mode and 11 mph in high mode, the unit has a 2.4-liter Bobcat engine, offering increased torque. Cold weather protection on the unit temporarily limits the maximum rpm to prevent premature component wear or failure when the temperatures dip.

larities, tending to glide over them rather than moving up and over, as does a skid steer. “Asphalt profilers are becoming popular on CTLs,” says George Chaney, international sales manager of skid steers and CTLs at JCB. “With their greater lift capacity, lack of bounce, and overall greater stability they produce a much tighter finished spec.” Kelly Moore, product training specialist at Gehl, says landscape tools are an especially good match for the operating characteristics of CTLs. “Ground preparation, leveling, and finishing work are perfect uses of a compact track loader. But,” he warns, “this assumes the general conditions are suitable for a CTL. If conditions are not right for a CTL, if there’s a lot of rock or other hard, abrasive material, a CTL is not the right machine for the job no matter how well it matches the attachment


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44 April 2014 | 800.633.5206 ©2014 Doosan Infracore Portable Power

required for that job.” Because CTLs have greater lift capacity, they are well-suited for larger, heavier attachments. “With their long, stable lift platform, CTLs handle heavier work tools well,” says Kevin Coleman, senior marketing engineer at Caterpillar. Examples he gives include mulching heads, brush cutters, wheel saws, and large cold planers. With their high lift capacities, CTLs can carry some big attachments and the weight of the attachment may not be the limiting factor in matching it with your CTL. So Wright emphasizes the importance of matching an attachment with a loader’s hydraulic system. “Pay attention to the attachment’s flow requirements,” he says. “If the hydraulic system is underrated for the total demands of the CTL and its attachments, operation may be sluggish with attachments requir-

ing continuous flow, such as augers and brooms. Or the CTL may cut flow to the attachment altogether.” He recommends working with the dealer from which the CTL was purchased to ensure desired attachments will work with a given CTL. CTLs may be prone to overheating in applications with high hydraulic requirements if performed in hot conditions, says Zupancic. One example would be coldplaning asphalt on a hot day. This is because the CTL’s undercarriage and tracks put additional load on the hydraulic system. “This doesn’t mean CTLs can’t be used for these applications,” he says. “It does mean that operating technique and machine maintenance become even more important.” Interestingly, sources diverged on the suitability of CTLs for forestry and land clearing. Some said those applications were perfect for a

CTL’s power, tractive effort, stability on slopes, and ability to handle heavy attachments. Others said the presence of sapling stumps and other harsh materials would compromise track life. The disparity underlines the fundamental distinction between a compact track loader and a skid steer: aggressive underfoot conditions generally exclude CTLs and favor skid steers.

Options As with skid steers, CTLs are available with either vertical or radial lift. But vertical is more common than radial on CTLs and radial is usually found on the smaller machines. Arnold says the same rule applies to CTLs as skid steers: “If the operator looks down at the attachment, radial is better. If the operator looks up, vertical is better.” Operators are more productive when using a familiar control

any project any deadline


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3/18/14 8:33 AM

machine matters | continued pattern, so most OEMs provide choices. Deere offers three: joystick controls with switchable ISO or H patterns and foot controls. Joysticks on Volvo machines can be switched between ISO and H pattern; Volvo does not offer foot controls. Case also offers ISO and H patterns via a rocker switch and operators can further adjust machine performance with up to nine presets through the EZ-EH (electrohydraulic) controls. Because a high percentage of CTLs go to owner-operators, comfort and convenience features are often spec’ed on these machines, says Chaney. Examples include enclosed cabs, HVAC, heated and adjustable seats, two-speed travel, a power quick hitch, and JCB’s Smooth Ride System (SRS), which provides boom cushioning to help maintain full bucket loads and improve operator comfort on rough terrain. The company’s pro-

tection package includes Level II FOPS, front and side screens, and other beefed-up safety items and is popular in forestry and land clearing applications. Some OEMs offer only one size of tracks with their CTLs. Bobcat offers two, a standard and a wide. Volvo offers two widths – 12 and 18 inches – for their mid-range MCT110C and MCT125C models. JCB’s track options include turf and all-purpose. Terex offers three tracks: general purpose; smooth/ turf; and extreme terrain, with 10 percent more width and aggressive track treads. With other crawler machines, such as dozers, underfoot conditions often dictate track width. Soft conditions require wider tracks, as on low-ground-pressure (LGP) machines, to provide additional flotation. Rocky conditions will twist wide tracks, accelerating wear on them and other undercarriage com-

ponents, so narrow tracks are best there. Fitzgerald says track width is determined by ground conditions, required flotation, and maximum acceptable machine width. Caterpillar offers two distinct types of compact track loaders. In addition to a line of product named compact track loaders, they also offer Multi Terrain Loaders, which are designed to have even lower ground pressure. The MTLs come with wide tracks as standard equipment, and the use of different materials in the tracks and undercarriage sheds some weight. For example, their 289D CTL has an operating weight of 10,533 pounds, an ROC of 2,660 pounds (at 35 percent of tipping load), and ground pressure of 4.6 psi. Their 287D MTL has an operating weight of 9,929 pounds, an ROC of 2,800 pounds (at 35 percent), and ground pressure of 3.9 psi. Continued on pg. 48

Easily mountable and transferable portable engine driven air compressor

80 CFM engine driven air compressor Automatic variable throttle control reduces fuel consumption Powerful enough to operate piercing tools and 90 lb. jack hammers Compact, self contained and easily transferable Auto engine off and restart based upon air demand LED control panel can be remote mounted 888.907.8050 | 46 April 2014 |

Roundup PT-35




Terex’s new 36.2-horsepower PT-35 compact track loader has a tipping load of 2,100 pounds and a 1,050 rated operating capacity at 50 percent tipping load. Equipped with pilotoperated joystick controls, the model has the company’s PosiTrack undercarriage technology and suspension, which uses an all-rubber track. Another option is a turf track, designed for fragile or improved surfaces. TL8

Case Construction Equipment

The updated 74-horsepower TR270 Alpha Series now has an increased bucket breakout force of 7,270 pounds and 232 foot-pounds of torque. With a rated operating capacity of 2,700 pounds, the model has a standard 24.2 gpm hydraulic flow. A new EA EH electro-hydraulic setup menu has nine preset speed and control settings, allowing you to match controls to your preference. 279D




The radial-lift TL8, which replaces the TL230 Series 2, weighs 8,245 pounds and has a 6,020-pound tipping load. Rated operating capacity of the machine has increased 13 percent over the previous model, to 2,105 pounds. Powered by a 74.3-horsepower engine, the unit uses double reduction planetary drives to provide traction forces of more than 9,100 pounds. A LCD monitor panel provides a wide range of operating data. T210-1


Cat D Series compact track loaders have new sealed and pressurized cabs, and a lift arm design aimed at improving sight lines. An improved HVAC system supplies 20 percent more airflow and about a 50 percent increase in heating and cooling rates. A standard control monitor has a single-code security feature, designed to prevent theft. The Advanced Display control monitor can accept up to 50 operator codes, storing and recalling the operating preferences for each operator.


Yanmar’s T210-1 has a 70.7-horsepower turbocharged diesel engine, automatic track tensioning system and self-adjusting hydraulic pump. With a rated operating capacity of 2,100 pounds, the 9,890-pound machine has a lift height of 128 inches. Offering a 5x5 drive control system, the machine has a 7.8 mph ground speed and a choice of two quick coupler systems. | April 2014 47

machine matters | continued Continued from pg. 46

PM and daily checks Track tension is key to minimizing problems and costs with CTLs. Too loose, and the machine can de-track. Too tight, and undercarriage and track wear are accelerated. Track tension should be part of every day’s walk-around and the tracks tensioned as required. This usually takes only a few minutes and is accomplished by adding or bleeding grease from a cylinder that expands or contracts to adjust tension. Gehl machines offer IdealTrax Automatic Track Tensioning System. “The system automatically tensions the tracks at start-up,” says Moore, “and it maintains correct, continuous tensioning while the machine is operating. At shutdown the tracks automatically slack, reducing load on the tracks, bearings, and rollers and extending the service life of those components.” Anderson advises customers to consider the impact of emerging Tier 4 regulations. “As Tier 4 Final continues to roll out to other engine power categories, it will be important to assess the unique service and repair requirements of machines with Tier 4 Final power.” He says it’s best to find machines with minimal demands related to emissions control systems, “because these machines are often operated and serviced by numerous people throughout an organization with varying levels of technical expertise.” “There is a specific place in the market for CTLs,” says Wade. “They go hand-in-hand with skid steers but work in different environments. Customers need to evaluate their working conditions and use the machine best-suited to those conditions while also adjusting their business practices to take advantage of that machine type’s strengths and weaknesses.”

Roundup MCT110C

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48 April 2014 |

With a rated operating capacity of 2,250 pounds, the MCT110C has a 74-horsepower engine. Two consoles at the front of the cab present easy-to-read machine data, including operating preferences. An auto idling system returns the machine to idle after five seconds, reducing both noise and fuel consumption. Service access is gained through a forward-tilting cab and large rear compartment service door.

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VHD 430

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maintenance | by Tom Jackson |

Creating an anti-idling policy


n construction bids, nobody likes to leave money on the table. Yet the biggest controllable expense – fuel cost – is rarely scrutinized for savings. That’s unfortunate, given that the average idle time for heavy equipment is 40 percent, says Komatsu’s Ken Calvert. Komatsu started putting telematics on its machines in 2006. When they looked at the aggregate data two years later they were shocked to see how often machines idled. And that 40 percent doesn’t just mean wasted fuel, Calvert says. It also adds non-productive hours to the machine, lowers the resale value, shortens your warranty coverage, accelerates engine wear and causes you to schedule PMs when you really don’t need them. Additionally, in many Tier 4 Interim and Tier 4 Final engines, excess idle also causes soot to build up faster in the diesel particulate filter, requiring more frequent regenerations and service. “That’s pretty expensive behavior,” Calvert says. “If you can limit the unnecessary part of the idle time, you’re going to save some money.” Changing behavior and monitoring idle time through telematics are the keys to reducing these losses. The telematics part is fairly straightforward.

Telematics key Most major OEMs today offer a telematics system for their heavy equipment and trucks. These “black box” devices monitor engine performance, temperatures, fuel burn and

a wide range of conditions and report it back to a website or send the information straight to your smart phone or tablet. And there are plenty of aftermarket telematics systems available that can be retrofitted to older machines or machines without factory-installed telematics. Once you have the data, the challenge is how to change the

behavior of operators and drivers, and that starts with education.

Old habits The reason people idle for long periods of time is because for years that’s the way everybody operated. “Earlier diesels were hard to start, with heavy rotating masses. Diesel fuel was cheap, so once you got them running, you kept them running,” Calvert says. “That’s not the case now. The engines start quickly.” “Getting the operators’ buy-in is an educational process,” Calvert says. “Companies should let the operators know that their comfort and safety are foremost, and that their anti-idling campaign is not in conflict with that. Companies should also instruct the operator that idling is expensive and that it’s not good for modern machinery.” You should also make sure your anti-idle policy is in compliance with state and local regulations, some of which require operators to shut off equipment after more than five minutes of idle time. Don’t criticize Once you have the telematics information in your hands, you can demonstrate to your crews how much time they’re spending at idle and even pinpoint specific opera- | April 2014 51

maintenance | continued tors or machines that are idling too much. Calvert emphasizes, however, that the information should be used to encourage positive behavior not to criticize or penalize operators. “We believe the vast majority of operators are professionals,” Calvert says. “If they are idling too much it’s because they haven’t been told there is a preferred way to do it. Education and encouragement are the ticket. If there is an operating tip that can help them, we present it as a best practice, but we’re not in a position to understand every jobsite, machine, or operator. So encourage and reward improvement and don’t penalize people who are slower to improve.”

Communicate Calvert also emphasizes the need

to create a vigorous communication strategy that promotes your anti-idling policy. As an example he cites a program Komatsu launched in 2012, signing up almost 1,200 fleets across the United States. Customers that signed up received various promotional items. “All that stuff was messaged to say: ‘Idle time depends on your behavior. When you can, and you’re not using the machine, turn it off,’” Calvert says. “We believed the whole campaign began with educating equipment owners and managers and giving them materials to educate their operators and operations people.” Company owners and managers also need to get behind an anti-idle policy if it is going to succeed, Calvert says. “Any policy that’s going to have some legs and help a com-

pany has to be embraced by senior management. The entire company has to get behind the policy.”

Culture of improvement Another benefit to creating an anti-idling policy is that it can create a mindset of continuous improvement. “When you start focusing on one area of improvement and you start to get that culture inside your company then the next area of improvement starts to reveal itself,” Calvert says. “No idle is very understandable and very actionable,” Calvert says. “If you take the first step, then other things are going to become obvious once you start to change your business and make it better. I think noidle is a great place to start. It instills a culture of improvement.”

Posters, along with numerous other promotional materials, helped Komatsu customers spread the no-idle gospel.

52 April 2014 |

STOP DREAMING! ALL THIS COULD BE YOURS! Register for a chance to win Equipment World’s 2014 Contractor’s Dream Package and take home a new Ford Truck and other cool prizes.

Enter to win. One lucky contractor wins it all!

Sponsors for the 2014 Contractor's Dream Package:

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1/21/09 2:11:15 PM


Sweepstakes ends on 10/7/2014 | Official rules apply.

CONGRATULATIONS to the 2013 Contractor of the Year winner and finalists IN





Scott Kelly Enterprise Trenchless Technologies, Inc. Lisbon Falls, ME

Richard Gordon Baystate Engineering Holliston, MA

Michael, Ellis and Albert Brown Brown Brothers Construction Loa, UT

Gene Lowder Charles D. Lowder, Inc. Winston-Salem, NC

Chris Fink Dale’s Paving Bossier City, LA

Danny Williams Dan’s Marine Service Grafton, WV

Thomas Jr., Greg and Daniel Giangiulio Glendale Excavating Voorhees, NJ

Ken and Melissa Lester Lester Contracting Port Lavaca, TX

Gale Nitteberg Nitteberg Construction Estelline, SD

Stuart Caudill R.L. Caudill Construction Owingsville, KY

Jesse and Paul Steger Steger Construction Dyersville, IA

Michael Thibault T-Bone Construction Colorado Springs, CO

Sponsored by:

contractor of the year | by Wayne Grayson |

Small town community ties provide the framework for growth Gale Nitteberg Estelline, North Dakota

Nitteberg Construction Company Year started: 1974 Number of employees: 30 Annual revenues: $5 to $7 million Markets served: Rural water, city water and sewer, township roads, gravel and maintenance.


ach February, Gale Nitteberg, his wife Sandy and their grandchildren pack up and head south for about a month to escape the harsh South Dakota winter for the warm beaches of Florida. He says years ago he and his wife talked about leaving South Dakota and maybe moving somewhere warmer, but it was never something they were serious about. After all, Nitteberg was born and raised on the shore of Lake Poinsett near the sleepy town of Estelline. And in the 40 years since he started Nitteberg Construction, he and his

Gale Nitteberg has always felt right at home inside the cab.

community have supported one another in a special way. After graduating high school, Nitteberg drove a truck for a company for a while before attending vocational school and becoming a mechanic for a couple of years. “Ever since I was a kid, I always enjoyed taking things apart,” he says. But he was eventually drawn to the driver’s seat of heavy equipment and enjoyed working with dirt. “Part of it is the challenge, I guess,” Nitteberg says. “I kind of feel like a race car driver. Once it’s in their blood, it’s always in there.” In 1974 he bought a cheap used | April 2014 55

contractor of the year | continued

“I enjoy being around the guys. I think it’s because I’ve worked with them for so many years right alongside them,” Nitteberg says. “I think it means a lot to them to have you right there. “

backhoe from a man in Sioux Falls. He charged 40 cents a foot, digging basements, installing water lines and local sewer lines and watched his business grow. In 1975 he began subcontracting work for South Dakota Rural Water, an association of 28 rural water systems across the state. Work picked up so much in 1975 that Nitteberg bought another backhoe, two trenchers and hired eight more guys. However, the 1980s brought a trying time for company, and the locals who helped his business get started were unable to come to his aid. “The interest rate was really high,” he explains. “The people with money weren’t spending any. In a small community the work can dry up pretty quickly.” So Nitteberg was forced to go back to the basics and worked by himself for a couple of years to make ends meet. But in the summer of 1986 a 56 April 2014 |

weeklong drenching of Estelline dropped 13 inches of rain atop the small town, flooding nearby Lake Poinsett and the many homes around it. “It was a disaster,” Nitteberg remembers. “But it was probably good for me business-wise.” Nitteberg and a crew rebuilt and reinforced the shoreline. Since then, the lake has flooded twice more, and the most recent flood in 2009 was the most serious. Nitteberg has been ready to work each time. “I hate to say it, but it really got me going again,” Nitteberg says of the initial flood. “There are seven guys I hired during that time that are still with me today. And the people working for me are a big part of my success.” In the fall of 1986 a developer in Denver hired Nitteberg to assist in the construction of a new subdivision near Estelline. “That gave me a big start as far as getting bonded,” Nitteberg says.

In 1987 that bonding power turned into a $250,000 job with Kingbrook Rural Water System in Arlington, South Dakota. It would be the start of a beautiful relationship for Nitteberg, who still does jobs for Rural Water systems all over the state. He says these jobs typically range between $1 million and $3.5 million. “It’s something we started doing and we built our own niche with it,” he says. These days, the company has 30 employees and annual revenues between $5 million and $7 million. Nitteberg serves the rural water, city water and sewer, township roads, gravel and maintenance markets. Nitteberg is quick to attribute his success to his employees. A dozen of them have been with him for more than 10 years. “I probably would have quit already if it wasn’t for my people,” he explains. “I try

to keep them busy.” Even during the harsh winter months, he finds work to keep eight workers busy in the field with four more working in the shop. And beyond keeping his employees busy, Nitteberg likes to be out in the field right alongside them. “I enjoy working. I enjoy being around the guys. I think it’s because I’ve worked with them for so many years right alongside them,” Nitteberg says. “I think it means a lot to them to have you right there. I guess I never expected anyone else to do what I needed to do.” The bulk of his business comes from installs for rural water systems. But between 10 and 15 percent are private jobs he

does for his neighbors, the people that kept him afloat and propelled him forward. “I’ve worked for these people since 1974 and have a lot of repeat

customers,” he says. “They hardly want to let you say no to a job. You gotta take care of them no matter how small. They’re the ones who make you.”

Nitteberg looks on as work is carried out in his shop.

Two men in Nitteberg’s crew work on a gray water sewer system around Lake Poinsett. | April 2014 57

Dump Body Hardware



Cables & Controls

Driveline Components

Electrical & Lighting

We Have Your Hitching, Towing and Tarping Needs Covered Tarp Kits


Hitchplates To locate your nearest distributor: 440.974.8888

Text INFO to 205-289-3715 or visit



pro pickup | by Bruce W. Smith

Pickup Trucks 101:

Cargo/payload capacity


auling 55-gallon drums of diesel, a bed full of pit run gravel or pallets of undercarriage parts are an every day occurrence for many pickup drivers who multitask around heavy construction, aggregates, landscaping and other businesses involved in moving dirt, sand and rock. We use pickups as a tool to haul loads and tow trailers in addition to the ordinary people-moving tasks. They excel at those jobs – to a point. When the manufacturer’s load limits of the pickup are exceeded is when problems related to handling, drivetrain and suspension arise. That’s when driver safety also be-

comes an issue. Overloaded pickups place employees at risk because the vehicle’s handling and braking are significantly affected. That’s why every vehicle manufacturer places payload limits on vehicles including pickups. That limit is the Gross Vehicle Weight Rating (GVWR). What is a pickup’s maximum payload capacity? It’s the weight of the truck subtracted from the GVWR listed on the driver’s door tag minus the weight of the average driver. If more passengers are in the truck, their weights have to be subtracted as well, as does the tongue weight of a trailer in-tow. You also have to subtract added accessories like winch, heavy duty bumpers,

bigger tires/wheels and so forth. For most half-ton pickups that cargo capacity is going to be somewhere around 1,200 to 1,500 pounds depending on make and model. Heavy-duty pickups can often double that load capacity, again depending on what the configuration. So the next time you task your work pickup with a heavy load, think about max cargo capacity and the safety aspects. Just because the front wheels are still on the ground and you feel like all’s well doesn’t mean it is. As for helper/overload springs, they don’t change a truck’s GVWR or max cargo carrying capacity – they just help level the load and take the sag out of the tail. | April 2014 59

pro pickup | continued



Rear spring upgrades can give your older pickup trucks a much needed rear-end lift; helper springs are the easy way to improve ride and handling


agging rear ends are a common malady in the world of heavy construction. Just take a look around any big jobsite and you can see pickups, cab chassis service rigs, flatbeds, vans and utility trucks that are dragging tail. Rear suspensions subjected to the daily grind of carrying heavy loads or towing equipment trailers eventually begin to soften as the added weight takes its toll on the stock springs. That leads to poor ride and handling, and accelerated wear on other components such as shocks and tires; it’s the domino effect in the service/maintenance cycle. If your work trucks are suffering from weakened or overburdened rear springs, or you just want them to ride on a more even keel front to rear, side to side, the solution is just

60 April 2014 |

a helper spring away. Helper springs, or, as some erroneously call them, overload springs, are designed to supplement the factory rear suspension. (They are not designed to increase the truck’s official load carrying capacity, a figure set by the truck maker that can’t be changed once it leaves the assembly line.) Helper springs come in three basic types: steel, air or some variation of urethane/rubber inserts or bump stops. Steel helpers are leafs used in conjunction with the factory spring pack; air versions are inflatable rubber bladder placed between the OE springs and the frame. Those made from urethane or rubber act as bump-stops, or are added between OE coils, that compress progressively to help support added weight. Is one type better than the other? Depends on the application and

how much you want to invest in the suspension upgrade. Bump-stop-style helpers, like those from SumoSprings, are the least expensive in both initial cost and installation time. They are maintenance-free and self-adjusting. Leaf-style helper springs usually cost a little more and take longer to install, depending on whether they are of single- or multi-leaf design. The usually need to be adjusted to the load and re-adjusted from time to time. Some are noisy when going over uneven terrain, some aren’t. Air helper springs vary widely in price and installation time depending on the sophistication of the air delivery system. Some can be manually inflated and don’t take much longer to install than some leaf spring kits. Those that can be adjusted from inside the cab and have a remote air compressor, like Firestone Industrial Products’ Ride Rite system, can take several hours to install and are the most expensive. As with any system using compressed air, maintenance issues can arise if the installation isn’t done properly. Air-helper springs are overall the best option for those who want to have total control over the truck’s ride, handling and the amount of rear suspension lift as it varies from job to job. There’s also one hybrid air suspension kit for heavy-duty pickups and cab-chassis models that is considered the best of both worlds by many, and that’s the R4Tech suspension offered through Firestone Industrial Products. The kit utilizes a special combination of leaf springs and air suspension components to deliver a full air suspension with the axle control of leaf springs. It’s costly, takes a day to install, but it has full suspension control and “kneel-down” capabilities. Regardless of the direction you take in helper springs, upgrading your work trucks with them will pay off in the long haul.

BUYER’S GUIDE Product Showcase


Vocational truck users can turn to SuperSprings’ self-adjusting leaf-spring stabilizers that fit over factory spring packs and can be installed in less than an hour. They enhance the vehicle’s load-carrying ability, promote a level ride and reduce body roll on pickups, utility trucks, aerials, landscaping trucks, emergency vehicles, dump trucks and flatbeds up to and including Class 5.; (866) 898-0720

Hellwig Load Pro

Hellwig Products’ Load Pro Helper Springs are rated at 2,500 and 3,500 pounds and adjust to provide the necessary amount of load control to level your work truck. They can also be adjusted left to right to compensate for the addition of a crane, compressor or other heavy equipment on your truck. Load Pro Springs are vehicle specific and easily installed with no drilling.; (800) 367-5480

en N v o G





Supplies Bosch fuel systems on Cummins & Duramax

Gerotor Design Single Gerotor Pump supports up to 600HP at 150 GPH Quick, versatile install - no drilling required! Ultra quiet and compact, the Flow-MaX utilizes vibration isolators along with aluminum brackets and stainless straps for quick and versatile mounting on frame rail. No drilling required!

Water Seperator

Modular Filter Design

Fine Particle Filter

Engineering Excellence Since 1972 // 1.800.887.5030 | April 2014 61

Untitled-54 1

3/21/14 8:53 AM

pro pickup | continued Product Showcase

Firestone Industrial Products R4Tech

R4Tech’s hybrid air-over-leaf-suspension kit from Firestone Industrial Products uses a helper leaf that runs under the spring to a mounting bracket on the underside of the axle. Firestone Airride springs handle load leveling adjustments while load-adaptive shocks vary their stiffness based on the air spring pressure. Available for dozens of different truck models and configurations.; (800) 247-4337

Pacbrake Air Suspension

Poor handling and suspension fatigue from carrying heavy loads can be eliminated with the addition of a Pacbrake air spring kit. These kits feature heavy-duty bags and bracketing made from premium materials. Installation on most work trucks is simply a matter of bolting the kit on with no special tooling required.; (800) 663-0096

High Output grilles ®

LED Grilles by Rigid Industries are the new way to customize your rig with high output Rigid lights. Not only do these new accessories mount Rigid lights in your grille but they give your vehicle a whole new Rigid look. Visit for more information.



62 April 2014 |

Heavy Duty Block and U-Bolt Rear Leaf Spring Leveling Kits from SuspensionMAXX enable the user to dial in the exact measure of rear lift for their needs.; (888) 629-9226

BUYER’S GUIDE Product Showcase

Firestone Ride-Rite

Firestone Industrial Product’s Ride-Rite 2250 air helper springs are heavy-duty, convoluted air springs that mount between the suspension and frame of your truck to provide up to 5,000 pounds load lift per set. They are equipped with individual inflation valves to provide frontto-rear or side-to-side adjustment for off-center loads.; (800) 247-4337

Ridetech TowPro

If you want ride control similar to that of a big rig, RideTech’s Tow Pro kit does just that. Its compressor automatically fills the air springs to maintain proper drive height allowing for a level and comfortable ride when hauling heavy loads. Kit includes premium Fox Shocks selected for each vehicle application. Bolt-on installation.; (812) 481-4787

Drive. Dominate. Repeat. The brand new Site Commander by A.R.E. is made from composite construction to create a lightweight yet durable truck cap that offers many storage and organization results to fleets. All of this comes with cost savings over vans.

Drop down ladder rack (optional)

Interior rope lighting

Bolt One-Key technology (programmed to your truck ignition key)

Check out our FREE Truck vs. Van report at:



Contact us:




FRE E ! | April 2014 63


pro pickup | continued Product Showcase

Hellwig Big Wig

Big Wig Air Suspension’s 2,800-pound-capacity air bags are purpose-built for the heavy hauler looking for quick load leveling adjustment and load control. These provide excellent load leveling capacity and suspension travel. Kits are vehicle-specific with no drilling required. Most kits are compatible with fifth wheel and gooseneck hitches.; (800) 367-5480


SumoSprings’ microcellularurethane “airless airbags” provide a smooth load engagement, reduce rear suspension sag, side-to-side body roll and improve ride on pickups, chassis cab trucks and heavy utility and tow trucks. They can also be ordered in single pieces for bucket and crane trucks that only need extra support in one corner.; (866) 898-0720

Simplify key management, eliminate lockouts and improve productivity using BOLT’s One-Key system. Ask for BOLT Locks on your next truck cap!

AS EASY AS 64 April 2014 |

Air Lift LoadLifter

Watch how it works!

Air Lift Company’s premium adjustable air spring kits – the LoadLifter5000 ULTIMATE series – incorporate a jounce bumper inside the air spring to absorb shocks and eliminating harsh jarring and bottoming out on rough roads. Kits are available for most pickups with leaf springs. Lifetime warranty and 60day “no questions asked” moneyback guarantee.; (800) 248-0892

Whatever you need in ground protection mats, is your ORIGINAL source

Grease goes in, not on, the machine!

(603) 795-2298 Text INFO to 205-289-3715 or visit

Untitled-24 1

• 1/2" thick polyethylene • Supports 120 ton vehicles • Leaves turf smooth in soft conditions • Withstands record heat & cold • Never get stuck again

• 1/2" thick polyethylene • Features the bold diamond plate tread on one side and a finer, slip-resistant tread on the other side • Ideal for 120 ton vehicles as well as pedestrian traffic

Text INFO to 205-289-3715 or visit

2/20/14 Schaeffer_EW0111pg80.indd 9:28 AM 1

12/16/10 2:36 PM

MORE FEATURES MEAN MORE VALUE Steel Shot Blasted • Powder Coat Paint 5 Year Structural Warranty Grote Harness LED Lights 7-10 Year Warranty Central Grease System

40 & 55 Ton Traveling Axle

35 & 50 Ton Traveling Tail SAFETY TECH OUTRIGGER PADS

Turn-A-Links - Lock mats together to form a continuous roadway Handi-Hooks - Steel rod makes moving mats easier MAT-PAK - The complete package. Call for details. Call for the name of your nearby dealer:

888-544-6287 Text INFO to 205-289-3715 or visit

35 & 55 Ton Detachable

Celebrating 50 Years of Quality Manufacturing

Landoll Corporation LANDOLL CORPORATION Marysville, KS, USA 800-428-5655

Text INFO to 205-289-3715 or visit

Rugged, one piece pads with rope handle. Available in wide variety of sizes to suit every or any application.


We’ve Got You Covered

End Greasing Frustration


The extra uptime is


Lower costs for parts and service will pay back your investment fast with Beka-Max automatic lubrication systems... and there’s no extra charge for the added productivity from your equipment!

Text INFO to 205-289-3715 or visit



The best plan for a stronger foundation... Encourage Excellence! Let us help you recognize your workforce!

• More production, less unscheduled downtime • Longer life for critical components • Expert factory support with dealers nationwide


• • • • •

w w w. be ka -l ub e .c o m L U B R I C AT I O N


026-033B EW 4.5x4.5 4C.indd 1 Untitled-4 1


1 9 2 7

Text INFO to 205-289-3715 or visit


Text INFO to 205-289-3715 or visit

2014-01-24 5:38 PM 3/24/14 9:25 AM

A few “rules” about usage: 1.) Make every effort to have white letters. If logo is on white background, use the light orange version. 2.) In most cases, the logo should always be aligned bottom left. 3.) Please don’t delete the blue sphere. Any questions, please contact Tony Brock,. EW Logo white w/color stroke


EW Logo with drop shadow

And so much more!

Visit to see our full line of awards and recognition products or call for a quote 1.800.633.2021.

1.8 88. 862. 7461


Safety Innovation Years of Service Leadership




Only $29.95 for 12 monthly issues. Send check or money order to: Toy Farmer Publications 7496 106 Ave SE LaMoure ND 58458-9404 Credit card orders call 1-800-533-8293 Atlantic Screen_EW0305pg149

Toytrucker_EW0813_PG068.indd 1

7/23/13 8:59 A


Manufacturers of Slotted & Perforated Pipe ranging from 1/2" to 24" in diameter • • • • EW Logo NO drop shadow

Visit us at EW Logo color (0c, 30m, 100y, ok)


Man Holes Ben Tonite Filter Sock Centralizers Carbon Inline Chemical Mixers • Well Rehabilitation Products See




• • • • •

Also a coavaila linempleteble, of:

Locking Caps Porous Pipe Sampling Pumps Bailers Clear PVC Pipe


Catalog for more information and products Call: 302.684.3197 • Fax: 302.684.0643 Write: 142 Broodkill Rd, Milton, DE 19968

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April 2014 •

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11/26/12 11:02 AM

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Only $29 for 12 month


Untitled-8 1


Time wasted replacing pumps and performing maintenance on your lube equipment or cleaning up dreaded oil spills - slows down your job site and costs you money. That’s why Sage Oil Vac lube equipment features “no pump” designs that use low pressure compressed air to vacuum used oil and dispense new oil. Vacuum load product tanks up to 15 gallons per minute make for fast fluid changes and an enclosed clean system reduces the chance of spillage making it safer for your employees and the environment. It’s why Sage Oil Vac is fast becoming the preferred lube equipment of construction sites worldwide.

Full Line of High-Quality Lube Equipment:

• • • •


877-OIL-VACS • WWW.SAGEOILVAC.COM Text INFO to 205-289-3715 or visit


Introducting the All New Excavator System for DV-30 & DV-40 Revolution Series Drives See it On Dispaly In Booth N12203


RPA Power Attachment

Mini Power Attachment

To learn more call 1.855.768.6232 or visit:


RPA Demo Power Attachment

Text INFO to 205-289-3715 or visit


Text INFO to 205-289-3715 or visit • April 2014 3/17/14 3:29 PM



Text INFO to 205-289-3715 or visit

Super “C” with bolster wheels improves fine grading capability

RAC Geo II GPS based Distance Measuring Instrument

Measure Distance Accurately While Driving at any Speed The RAC Geo II contains a built-in GPS receiver that can be used for distance measuring in place of an external sensor. This reduces your overall cost since you don’t have to buy an external sensor and simplifies your installation since no wiring is required. The RAC Geo II also saves you time since no calibration is necessary. Easy to Install • Saves Time • Quick Pay Back • 5-Year Warranty • From $795

JAMAR Technologies, Inc. 1500 Industry Road, Suite C Hatfield, PA, USA 19440 • 1-800-776-0940 • 1-215-361-2244

Text INFO to 205-289-3715 or visit

Text INFO to 205-289-3715 or visit



• Very effective stone spreader • Independent adjustment to each side controls depth of cut • Side panels eliminate windrows • Dual angled blade prevent washboards • Affordable cost, easy to use

Text INFO to 205-289-3715 or visit


SCORPIUS LED N4402 NEW! NORDIC LIGHTS new LED work light with superior illumination and high operational safety.

CANIS LED N2001 NEW! NORDIC LIGHTS new compact and light weight LED work light solution.

Nordic Lights NA Inc 3375 Gilchrist Rd Mogadore, Ohio 44260 USA Tel. 886 779 2629 Toll Free


Text INFO to 205-289-3715 or visit

Text INFO to 205-289-3715 or visit

Rubbertrax_Equip1012_PG067.indd 1

9/25/12 10:33 AM

Text INFO to 205-289-3715 or visit • April 2014



General Construction & Site Maintenance Scraper Systems







ICON INDUSTRIES 1600 W. 8th Street / Beloit, KS 67420 / (855) 339-2461

Contact us today at 855-339-2461 for pricing or more product information. ICON reserves the right to change models, designs, and/or specifications without notice or obligation.

A LANDOLL® Company Text INFO to 205-289-3715 or visit Land-146B.indd 1

1/13/14 8:27 AM

Untitled-3 1

2/21/14 10:45 AM

Screening Technology & Amphibious Excavators

REMU Screening Buckets Special configurations for various applications like padding pipelines, screening topsoil, aerating compost and grinding. Now wide range of models for all types of carriers. Call Eric for pricing and inventory! REMU USA Inc. Eric +1 888 600 0018 Text INFO to 205-289-3715 or visit


April 2014 •

Premier Auger_Equip0413_PG068.indd 1

3/25/13 1:52 PM

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SUPER 2 BOLT-ON WHEEL KIT *Replace Hub style Wheels with Bolt-on *Larger Axle & Bearings *Greasable!



CAT & ASV/Terex

MAXIMIZE YOUR WORKABILITY • Quickly & easily installed with helical piles, shipping containers and more. • Easy to disassemble and relocate. • Lower energy costs with natural lighting. • One-stop shop offering all services in house. • Buildings up to 300' wide. • Low in cost per square foot.

NEW ON THE MARKET! Track Installation Kit Install Rubber Tracks Fast and Easy with Hydraulic Tools


Stop Track Derailment on Compact Track Loaders CAT 279C/289C/297C/299C Models Easily Turn single & double factory Wheels into triple flange. Capture the track cleats at all sides.

TOLL FREE 855-575-LUGS (5847) DIRECT LINE 913-947-3934

fabric structures

Text INFO to 205-289-3715 or visit

Turn Your Skid Steer into a High-Performance Grading Machine

Bair_TLC0214_PG.indd 1

Professional Grade Attachments — Built for Hard Work!

• 8 foot six-way hydraulically controlled moldboard • In-cab remote for precise control • Moldboard rotates/tilts up to 25 degrees, features shear pin protection and reversible cutting edge • Optional laser system controls grading accuracy for superior cost savings

Call 1.866.643.1010 and use code ADEW or visit ADEW and we'll send you a free gift.

TexasMiningAd124x86mm_Layout 1 3/14/13 4:54 PM Page 1

1/24/14 1:29 PM

SitePro’s SSGB-8 Grader is designed for use by asphalt, landscaping, and concrete flatwork contractors.


ZERO DOWN For one year on NO INTEREST Fabric Structures NO PAYMENTS

Text INFO to 205-289-3715 or visit

Expander System Pins That Work ®

Expander Pin

Worn Bore

Expansion Sleeve

Tighten Fastener

Install Pin

• No Line Boring • Minimal Downtime • Installs On-Site • Permanent Repair • Easy to Remove

For more information, visit our website. Dealer/distributor inquiries welcome.

E-mail: Phone: 217-324-5973 Litchfield, IL 62056-0100 (888) 935-3884

From Worksaver, Inc.

Text INFO to 205-289-3715 or visit

Text INFO to 205-289-3715 or visit • April 2014 Expander America_EWSG13_PG211.indd 1


8/19/13 2:36 PM


Automatic Laser-Guided Grade Box

Fine Grade Made Easy • Finish Grade for Concrete Placement • Crown Sports Fields • Grade Building Pads

Thanks for visiting us at ConExpo! 800-342-0905 Text INFO to 205-289-3715 or visit


Text INFO to 205-289-3715 or visit

bulletin board

Untitled-45 1/19/12 3:27 PM 1

ATI_Equip0212_PG.indd 1

here for

2/21/14 9:07 A

a handy shopping guide for new and current products and manufacturers’ catalogs. Simply write in the appropriate Reader Service number on the Reader Service Card and mail it today. Now have instant access to Whayne Supply’s large inventory of quality, used Caterpillar – and other branded equipment – right from your own computer! Check out photos, specs, condition and availability with a click

Text INFO to 205-289-3715 or visit

of your mouse! Internet site also links to other CAT dealers nationwide for a broader search on Easy! Fast! Current!

Your SINGLE used equipment source!



Or, call us direct at 1-888-392-0057. Text INFO to 205-289-3715 or visit

72 Untitled-64 1

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April 2014 •

3.25” x 5.75”

DRB_Equip0909_PG061.indd 1 2/19/13 4:44 PM

8/19/09 3:14 P

Ad Index Equipment World April, 2014 Advertiser




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final word | by Kirk Landers

The hidden cost of success


ther than Congress’ long-running unwillingness to fund highways adequately, the greatest factor in the decline of heavy construction work in the road market has been the shift in road management strategy from “worst first” – prioritizing the rehabilitation of failing pavements – to prevention strategies that gave priority to keeping sound pavements in good shape. Economically, the shift made all the sense in the world. A highway department could produce many more miles of good, healthy pavement by emphasizing well-timed, low-dollar maintenance interventions compared to big-dollar investments in pavement reconstruction. Politically, the tidal shift to preventive maintenance has had both negative and positive repercussions. On the positive side, in an era chronic underfunding, the maintenance strategy is the only rational course of action. It has preserved many thousands of miles of pavement that might otherwise today be in poor or borderline condition and in need of expensive rehabilitation interventions. On the negative side, the success of our preventive maintenance strategy has helped to diminish the awareness of the public and our political leaders of how the national pavement inventory is deteriorating. That reality has contributed to a lack of urgency in Congress to address the looming financial failure of the Highway Trust Fund, and the gradual erosion of the overall condition of our roads. One set of metrics that illustrate the dilemma comes from the recently released Federal Highway Administration study, “2013 Status of the Nation’s Highways, Bridges, and Transit Conditions & Performance.” Among the many

74 April 2014 |

fascinating data points in this MAP-21 mandated report come two that illustrate clearly what happens over time when you can only afford to maintain good pavements and you can’t afford to improve declining pavements. From the year 2000 to 2010, the percentage of vehicle miles traveled on “Good” pavements (International Roughness Index, or IRI, less than 95) increased from 42.8 percent to 50.6 percent. At the same time, the percentage of vehicle miles traveled on “Acceptable” pavements (IRI less than 170) decreased from 85.5 percent to 82.0 percent. An interesting side note here: The sharpest declines in “Acceptable” pavements come in rural roads (from 93.8 percent in 2000 to 87.8 percent in 2010), the statistical implication being that high-usage urban roads are getting more priority in times of severely limited funds. While this may seem rational in some ways, it isn’t in others: rural roads historically have produced a disproportionate number of highway fatalities and have been the focus of an FHWA-orchestrated safety effort. Deteriorating pavements can’t help make rural roads safer. The FHWA report (available at http://www. was issued in March at around the same time the Obama Administration released a budget proposal that offered a four-year transportation budget with a 19 percent increase in federal highway funds. Since the Administration’s proposal included new revenues from corporate tax reforms, it seems unlikely to find much traction in the tax-adverse House, though fiscally responsible fiscal conservatives might do well to dwell on the hidden, but real, costs of letting our pavements continue to erode.

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