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Batch 4 The I l lustrati  ve Issue

In this issue we bring you something special. To coincide with the Illustrative Art Forum in Zurich, Switzerland, running from 18th to 26th of October, we present a selection of the exhibiting artists. We loved this work so much we decided to devote a whole issue to it. Once you’ve looked through the following pages we are sure you’ll agree that this is some of the most inspiring talent working in illustration and the graphic arts today. Enjoy! Batch editors: Peter Wenman, Telmo Soares Submissions, questions and anything else you want to share just email us at batchmag@googlemail.com or check the website for more info -


All images are copyright of the artist unless otherwise stated.

Batch 4

Welcome to issue 4 of Batch magazine!


Roman Bittner Vincent Hui Martin Haake Louise Weir Julien Vallee Gregori Saavedra Russell Cobb Felix Pestemer Micah Lidberg Andrew Hem Olaf Hajek Dennis Brown William Edmonds Edwin Ushiro Cedric Quissola

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Jeanne Detallante Eva Han Daniel Stolle Jan Feindt Tim Dinter Andre Roesler Hans Van Bentem Lorenzo Pentrantoni Eric Nyquist Tanja Szekessy Luke Best Yoh Nagao Erkut Terliksiz Jorge Varela Jens Harder

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Berlin, Paris and now Zürich: The Art Forum ILLUSTRATIVE presents the next generation of Illustration and Graphics From October 18th to October 26th ILLUSTRATIVE, a forum for illustrative and graphic arts, will resume for the fourth time, this year taking place in the Zurich Messehallen. ILLUSTRATIVE, created in 2006 by Pascal Johanssen and Katja Kleiss in Berlin, is the only art forum worldwide representing the latest inclinations running the gamut of illustrative and graphic art. Illustrative art is fresh, humorous, and easily accessible: the scope of work displayed in ILLUSTRATIVE ranges from psychedelic wall paintings, to erotic neon pop art, while presenting monumental town views, as well as quasi photo-realistic drawings. The special sensitivity to artistic quality and a mix of analogue and digital techniques give a special progressiveness to the illustrative arts. This has decisively influenced the development of contemporary art for some time now. The exhibition The main exhibition features over 400 works by 35 artists and presents an international overview of the various facets of illustrative art. The main display features well-known artists such as German illustrators Olaf Hajek and Martin Haake, Spanish comic-artist Jorge Fabian Gonzales Varela, French draughtsman Frédéric Coché, Californian painters Eric Sandberg, Vincet Hui and Edwin Ushiro, as well as Japanese Motion-Graphic-Artist Yoh Nagao. The main Display will be complemented by an exhibition featuring 20 emerging artists, nominated for the “Young Illustrators Award” by an international jury. The award-winning works will represent the latest trends and styles of this genre in a separate section of the exhibition.

Sections The section exhibitions will document the influence of illustration and graphic arts on other disciplines such as book illustration, fashion and textile-arts, potter, and animated movies. The section-exhibition “Illustrative Fashion Salon” will track the influences of illustrative art in fashion and presents original fashion pieces by avant-garde-labels such as c.neeon, Henrik Vibskov or Ivana Helsinki, whose collections are inspired by graphic trends and traditions. The section “Illustrative Objects” will track the influences of illustrative and graphic arts in new pottery and works made of glass. Potters Hans van Bentem and graphic-sculptor Scott Rench along with other artists will show to what extent a crafts-scene and a new iconography, which has emancipated itself from classical models, has evolved over the last few years. For the first time this year a place for professional and creative interchange will be provided: the “Illustrative Forum”. This part of the exhibition, having an atmosphere similar to a fair, will give space for agencies and publishers, activities, debates and workshops. Background In 2006 Pascal Johanssen and Katja Kleiss curated the first ILLUSTRATIVE in Berlin. ILLUSTRATIVE was organized to provide illustrative and graphic art to a larger public in the art world thereby demonstrating the creative potential of illustration to a contemporary art audience. Based on the success of the first exhibition in Berlin ILLUSTRATIVE was later displayed in Paris that same year.

ILLUSTRATIVE is organised by Illustrative e.V. in Berlin. ILLUSTRATIVE 08 is kindly supported by Swatch AG. Curators: Pascal Johanssen and Katja Kleiss. Participating artists: Olaf Hajek (D), C Neeon (D), Vincent Hui (USA), Ivana Helsinki (FIN), Julien Valée (CAN), Yo Nagao (JP), Tim Dinter (D), Jorge Fabian Gonzalez Varela (ES), Andrew Hem (USA), Luke Best (GB), Edwin Ushiro (USA), Erkut Terliksiz (TK), Daniel Stolle (D), Eva Han (KOR), Hans von Benthem (NL), Scott Rench (USA), Eric Sandberg (USA), Dennis Brown (USA), Roman Bittner (D), Jens Harder (D), Jeanne Detallante (F), Frédéric Coché (F), Gregori Saveedra (ES), Martin Haake (D), Lorenzo Petrantoni (I), Eric Nyquist (USA), et al.

Illustrative Zürich 08 4. International Illustrative Art Forum 18.10. – 26.10.2008 Vernissage: 17.10.2008 Messehallen Zürich (Halle 9) Thurgauerstr. 11 8050 Zürich-Oerlikon Open daily from 11 – 20 Uhr. Opening Reception 17 / 10 / 2008 www.illustrative.de

Roman Bittner www.apfelzet.de

Vincent Hui www.hardsponge.com

Martin Haake http://martinhaake.de

Louise Weir www.louiseweir.com

Julien Vallee


Gregori Saavedra www.gregorisaavedra.com

Russell Cobb


Felix Pestemer www.puttbill.com

Micah Lidberg www.micahlidberg.com

Andrew Hem www.andrewhem.com

O  laf Hajek


Dennis Brown

Wil iam Edmonds www.williamedmonds.co.uk

Edwin Ushiro


Cedric Quissola http://cedric.quissola.site.voila.fr/how_to_begin....html

Jeanne Detallante

Eva Han

Daniel Stolle www.d-stolle.de

Jan Feindt www.janfeindt.de

Tim Dinter www.timdinter.de

Andre Roesler www.der-roesler.de

Hans Van Bentem www.hansvanbentem.nl

Lorenzo Petrantoni

Eric Nyquist

Tanja Szekessy


Luke Best www.lukebest.com

Yoh Nagao


Erkut Terliksiz www.erkutterliksiz.com

Jorge Varela www.jorge-g.com

Jens Harder www.hardercomics.de


Luke Best – http://www.lukebest.com

Micah Lidberg – http://www.micahlidberg.com

Hans Van Bentem – http://www.hansvanbentem.nl

Yoh Nagao – http://www.yohnagao.com

Dennis Brown

Eric Nyquist

Roman Bittner – http://www.apfelzet.de

Lorenzo Pentrantoni

Russell Cobb – http://russellcobb.com

Felix Pestemer – http://www.puttbill.com

Jeanne Detallante

Cedric Quissola – http://cedric.quissola.site.voila.fr/ how_to_begin....html

Tim Dinter – http://www.timdinter.de William Edmonds – http://www.williamedmonds.co.uk Jan Feindt – http://www.janfeindt.de Martin Haake – http://martinhaake.de Olaf Hajek – http://www.olafhajek.com Eva Han Jens Harder – http://www.hardercomics.de Andrew Hem – http://www.andrewhem.com Vincent Hui – http://www.hardsponge.com

Andre Roesler – http://www.der-roesler.de Gregori Saavedra – http://www.gregorisaavedra.com Daniel Stolle – http://www.d-stolle.de Tanja Szekessy – http://szekessy.net Erkut Terliksiz – http://www.erkutterliksiz.com Edwin Ushiro – http://www.mrushiro.com Julien Vallee – http://www.jvallee.com Jorge F.G. Varela – http://www.jorge-g.com Louise Weir – http://www.louiseweir.com

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Batch magazine issue 4  

Batch is an online pdf magazine that showcases the talents of emerging visual artists. We bring you new work from photography, illustration,...

Batch magazine issue 4  

Batch is an online pdf magazine that showcases the talents of emerging visual artists. We bring you new work from photography, illustration,...