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October 4, 2013, Friday. Volume 1 Issue 3

1st Hapsay job fair opens for Kagay-anons


on. City Mayor Oscar S. Moreno implemented the “1st Hapsay Job Fair”, local and overseas employment job seekers troop to SM City Carpark Building, Cagayan de Oro, from 9 am to 5 pm last September 30. The job fair started with a short program and a ribbon cutting preceded by Ismar Irenick Estrella and Rey Tagotongan. A brief speech was then delivered by Estrella, in behalf of the city mayor who fully supported the project. Finally, it was succeeded by the main event which more than 2,000 job seekers had been waiting for. Through the Job Placement Bureau (JPB), formerly known as Public Employment Service Office (PESO), headed by Kathleen Kate Sorilla, together with Tagotongan and in partnership of SM City, ABS-CBN Northern Mindanao, government and recruitment agencies conducted 1st Hapsay Job Fair as part of the city's continuing efforts to provide job opportunities for the people of CDO.

Photo by Cagayan de Oro City Info Network

By Erika Inovero

“This is our very first stepping-stone activity in addressing the unemployment problem of our dakbayan”, Tagotongan said. The event was also made possible through the efforts of 80 participating local and overseas agencies, foundations and construction firms: LEAD Manpower Agency, Coca-cola Company, Cagayan de Oro Water District, EEI Agency, Nawras Agency, Icarius International Placement Promotion Agency, and other commercial companies. Despite of the sleek time of preparation, the Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE), Overseas Workers Welfare Administration (OWWA), Philippine Overseas Employment Administration (POEA), and Technical Education and Skills Development Authority (TESDA) offices successfully helped in facilitating the fair, according to the feedback of the employers and job seekers.

Inside this issue: 1st Hapsay job fair opens for Kagay-anons


vendor stalls fronting NMCC, demolished




Ipso facto, the current administration is on rise




Vendor stalls fronting NMCC, demolished By Rezza Tolinero In accordance to the mandate of the capitol to vacate the area in front of the Northern Mindanao Medical Center (NMCC), the vendors have started demolishing their own stalls on September 30. Provincial Administrator Edmundo Pacamalan says that the provincial government is on their way of redeveloping the said area since it is of > Vendor stalls demolished, ❷

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he unending P10-billion pork barrel scam issue of Janet Lim Napoles and the Zamboanga warfare had taken over the spotlight in the country for the previous weeks. However, in a dim part of this limelight lies a pressing issue that we seemed to have overlooked – the upcoming Barangay elections particularly the controversial SangguniangKabataan poll. Photo by:

‘School of Corruption’ Formerly, the Sangguniang Kabataan served a very principled and virtuous purpose as their main objective is to become a training By Tonett ground for the Magallanes country’s future Against the wind leaders and become an avenue for the youth to greatly partake in our nation-building. However, instead of living up to its main goal, the organization has undesirably rotten through the years. Instead of flourishing and producing dignified and moral leaders, it has contrarily become a school of corruption and a breeding ground for political dynasties. SK’s shortcomings To be just, it is important to note that the negative branding given to the organization didn’t apply to all barangays. However, the SK’s shortcomings are really more than visible in the society than not. First, the SK has become a starting point for politicians who yearn to establish a political dynasty. Election lawyer Romulo Macalintal claimed that most of those running for SK positions are children of politicians, worsening the problem of dynasties in the country and discouraging those without any political background

would willingly want to serve the community. Second, SKs today have turned out to be “puppets” or “accessories” by elder barangay officials. This may have resulted from the youth’s unfamiliarity of what is really mandated by law and the lack of the proper political training. Third, reliable studies show that the capability of the youth to run a governing body is unsatisfactory and instead of empowerment, the council exposes the youth to the corruption system and crappy ways in the government. Reformation The current SK setup is awfully sick and certainly needs to be treated with reforms. First of all, it is best that the age bracket of an SK official be raised to 18-21 years old instead of 15-21 years old. Secondly, the monitoring of monetary collections and disbursement of funds must be more solid and transparent so as to avoid exploitation of public money. Lastly, SKs should be given relevant trainings which really focus on their functions as SK officials.

Jade Alfie Sale Editor –in-chief Erika Carmela Inovero Layout artist Mary Antoinette Magallanes Rezza Mae Tolinero Writers

The SK is flawed. But the SK being imperfect makes it more open for improvement. With all the tiffs on the SK issue, I am most certain of one thing; reforms are needed to be implemented and changes are to be made. What the whole SK system, including the youth, needs is a sincere amendment—a genuine overhaul.

Vendor stalls demolished... from page 1

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capitol property. The area is planned to lease out spaces but at the same time the government will see to it that the road will be free from obstruction. “It will benefit the hospital and stallholders themselves,” Pacalan assures. He explains the importance of developing the area since a lot of people are complaining with the traffic jam knowing that the vendor stalls contributes into it. He also added that the drivers of the ambulance believe that the clearing of the road would lessen the chance of delays in delivering patients to the hospital. As of now, Pacalan indicated that the vendors need to stop doing business in the area for the mean time granted that new stalls will be created to be occupied and leased to them.

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Ipso facto, the current administration is on rise

By: Jade Alfie Sale


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or years, Cagayan de Oro has been enveloped by cosmic shades of purple cloud which brought maladies, quagmire of confusion and certain delusions to all and sundry. But a ray of gentle sunlight paved its way, purging uncertainty and wonder to all; bombarding people with fruitful hopes. We’ve all been waiting for change, change that has already been offered right in front of us which is just up for grabs. “Hapsay” has become a trending topic here in our locality after another administration took over the hall. Various upkeeps were already visible, ranging from park improvisation we’re “Duaw” is utmost, not to mention those “on going” perk ups at Gaston park and at the once gloomy lawn at the immediate area of city hall. These improvisations were actually very conspicuous to the public which really leave them with great appreciation. It is also observed that the local government unit employees were at its full force. Try to think of all those police making nightly patrol – ensuring the safety of the city dwellers. We also have these more visible traffic enforcers that can be seen at almost every corner of CDO, implementing strictly our traffic and road rules. Today’s administration has also been strict on implementing its rules; one very good example is the “Hapsay Dalan Project” which caused uproar from people struck by it. The “yellow team” had been consistent on implementing such project as they perform surprise inspection, confiscating all those stalls on the streets and giving penalties to violators. These had been by far successful as we observed how CDO streets became free from clogging vendors which doesn’t leave them pitiful as they were given more descent place to continue their living. Another project that is soon to be implemented city wide is one of the probably most awaited. The strict imposition of Presidential Decree 1563 or Anti Mendicancy law is already on its move, backed by the City Social Welfare Development and the local government which aim to fully eradicate the rising number of beggars in the city. These pitiful people, if I’m not mistaken, would be gone by the wind on the streets on the following months. It is said that these beggars will be sent to a certain home, were they were be counseled and trained to do more descent living. The public, on the contrary, must also help this to rise atop by not anymore giving alms to those beggars. It’s indeed a sparkling ray of sunlight that dominates the whole of CDO which leaves people in hope for more amelioration to come. Yet we still expect that this won’t all be just temporary that may just vanish without flinching. Ipso facto, the current administration is on rise! Well, it’s really not debatable that way. Photo by: p851x315/906794_526235120751610_1834072975_o.jpg

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