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Reiki Wanderlust Training and Healing Center Westboro Vilage, Ottawa



elcome to the Reiki Wanderlust Training and Healing Center! We are located in a private upscale area of trendy Westboro Village in Ottawa, Ontario. We have chosen this spot for clients and students because of the privacy, silence and very clean and safe environment it offers. The Reiki Wanderlust Training and Healing Center has a dedicated healing room for clients wanting Reiki and Crystal Healing treatments, meditation classes, as well as guidance and counselling. The client has full privacy here. The second floor features an open concept area where we hold our workshops. Divided in two, one space can host up to eight students, and the other space can host up to five students. It is equipped with the latest technology. The Reiki Wanderlust Training and Healing Center this year will be offering workshops for Usui Holy Fire II Reiki from Levels 1, 2, 3 and ART/Master. Reiki Wanderlust also offers workshops for Holy Fire II Karuna Reiki Practitioner/Master

workshops. Some of our dates are set, while many others are customized to the student’s convenience. Please check Tone Magazine ads, or Facebook:@ ReikiGermaine. Or call 613-697-3105. We will also soon be launching a vastly re-constructed website. We also offer workshops in crystal healing as a stand-alone skill, or crystal healing combined with Reiki. We also offer general energy healing workshops, meditation, and chakra classes. For those who want to learn how to hold workshops, we offer classes on instructional design and learning and teaching strategies. This is a great location because during lunch breaks or after classes, students can stroll through nearby Richmond Road, which is only two blocks away and sample its trendy cafes, restaurants, clothing and sports stores, gift shops and many more. We are also walking distance from Westboro beach! Owner of the center is Germaine De Peralta, Usui Holy Fire II Karuna Reiki Master/Teacher. Germaine has a BA in Psychology and holds graduate degrees in Journalism and Education. Contact: 613-697-3105 Germaine_de_peralta@yahoo.com or Facebook:@ReikiGermaine www.reikiwanderlust.com

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Last month we celebrated International Yoga Day, a reason to celebrate health and fitness in body and mind. At Tone, we have been embracing a state of well-being for over three decades. Holistic modalities come in all shapes and sizes. We hope you will find lots of information on how to live a holistic life in every issue. July’s theme is Wellness Clinics and Centres. Ottawa has a wealth of holistic clinics and healers offering energy medicine like Reiki, herbal medicine, aromatherapy and a host of bodywork techniques. Check our directory to find out where you can find some of these specialized services. This issue covers both July and August. We’ll be back in September with fresh ideas and more interesting articles. In the meantime, stay healthy and thank you for being part of the Tone Community!

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July/August 2018


Now Available for Water Restructuring

Water Universe *Usui Holy Fire II, Reiki I & II Weekend intensive August 11-12 (9:30-6:30 daily) August 18-19 (9:30-6:30 daily) September 15-16 (9:30-6:30 daily) Investment: $550 including ICRT (International Center for Reiki Training) manual + Certificate (taxes included) $435 (discounted price if six or more people register) Bring family and friends! ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

Usui Holy Fire II ART/Master Certification Course (9:30 to 6:30 daily); 3 days July 13-15 September 7-9 Minimum 2 students and maximum 5 students 2018 Introductory investment: $925 (HST included) plus $25 for official ICRT Manual + Certificate *Pre-requisite: Anyone who has finished Reiki Level 2 from any lineage is eligible ^^^^^^^^^^^^

Holy Fire II Karuna Reiki® Practitioner/Master Certification Course July 27-29 (9:30 - 6:30 daily); 3 days Sept. 28-30 (9-30-6:30 daily); 3 days Minimum two students maximum five students 2018 Introductory Investment: $925 + $25 for official Manual + Certificate from the International Center for Reiki Training *Pre-requisite: Anyone who is a Reiki Master from any lineage is eligible

Reverse osmosis & distilled water delivery in glass bottles Water related products, Purification & treatment systems 911 Richmond Rd. Ottawa, Ontario K2A 0G8

Call 613-729-9289 or 613-620-5330 email: wateruniverse1@rogers.com www.wateruniverse.ca Mastafa Mashkour Ph.D, M.Sc (owner) Applied Geophysics/Geotechnique

Hypnotherapy That Works

Everyone deserves a calm, peaceful, side-effect free life.

GracePlace Wellness Grace Joubarne, Clinical Hypnotherapist will help you heal yourself naturally of:

• Anxiety • Depression • Fears • PTSD • Addictions • Obsessive Behaviour • Chronic Self-Doubt • Low Self-Esteen • Irritable Bowl Syndrome • Fatigue & Muscle Tension • Chronic Pain • Sexual Dysfunction • Migraines • Unwanted Habits VERIFIABLE CREDENTIALS at


Research shows Clinical Hypnotherapy to be safer and more effective than drugs and talk therapy, with fewer sessions and more root-cause resolution of problems.

Do you answer YES to any of these questions?     

Medications not working OR medication addiction, withdrawal & side-effects worsening? Long talk therapy and/or addictions counseling leading to nowhere? Pain and psychiatric medications creating addiction, withdrawal and health issues? Aren’t getting the help and resources you need to wean off health-damaging medications? Tired of fighting addictions with no end in sight and one struggle replaced by yet another?

CALL Grace Joubarne, CCHt, MAPHP TODAY ! Please contact Reiki Wanderlust at least one week before the classes. 613-697-3105 germaine_de_peralta@yahoo.com



Clinical Hypnotherapist with decades of experience in natural healing modalities. Privacy and confidentiality guaranteed, anonymity if requested.

Ottawa & Belleville Ontario • 1-888-390-3553 • info@GracePlaceWellness.ca

July/August 2018


The Urban Vegetarian III:

past ten years. The average age of the Ottawa West / Nepean population has been going down. The number of steak houses and fast food meat restaurants has also decreased significantly. The younger generation is eating much healthier foods and demanding more organic food products. Unfortunately, when an Ottawa West/ Nepean resident wants a healthy vegetarian meal ive years ago and again two they have to go downtown. years ago I published a similar The time is ripe for a co-operative s s s article throughout Ottawa. Since e “urban vegetarian eatery” in the n ll we then several of us have approached Ottawa West / Nepean area of the smokin some of the downtown vegetarian city, probably in the Algonquin frui restaurants to see if they would College area near Woodroffe be interested in opening a second Ave. and Baseline Rd., just off the xie ty vegetarian restaurant out in the west Queensway. It is worth noting self -esteem end of Ottawa. So far a vegetarian that many of the original and most t restaurant in the west end has not h successful vegetarian restaurants weig materialized. The model that I are located near large university COUNSELLING, COACHING and many others are hoping for is student populations. This ensures similar to The Green Door on Main & HYPNOTHERAPY CENTRE a steady clientele while the rest of St. or The Table on Wellington St. (at the population is in the process of Richard M. Haney Holland Ave.). They both sell food Ph.D.(Counselling), Hypnotherapist discovering the new vegetarian by the weight and are buffet-style. eatery location. (613) 234-5678 (613) 726-3636 The variety of healthy and tasty We have just celebrated the Bank St. (in Centretown) Pinecrest Rd. foods and desserts and baked goods th 45 anniversary of just such a cowww.ottawahypnosis.com and drinks that they offer is truly operative in Toronto, Karma Co-op. www.ottawacounselling.com outstanding!! www.KarmaCoop.org When I visited Findhorn At Karma the theme is “Sustainable Food/Sustaining Community in Scotland, I learned a very powerful Community” technique of visualization called manifestation Also in response to political manipulation of the technology. Simply stated, if a person focuses on a media in the United States and the “first-past-the-post” particular idea for long enough and intensely enough, electoral system in Canada, a world-wide RDI, it eventually comes into being in the physical Renew Democracy Initiative, has begun to world. For the last 3 or 4 years many of us have flourish. www.Renew-Democracy.org These been hoping for and visualizing a co-operative can all be linked here in our own region by a and vegetarian restaurant in the west end of group of highly motivated folks who fully Ottawa-Carleton. There are NO co-operative/ believe in social democracy. Here in Ottawa! vegetarian buffet-style restaurants in the west Our first gathering on this topic will be at end of Ottawa and Nepean. 11 Basin Court in Nepean, on September 17, at Most cities grow to the west and Ottawa 7:00 p.m. We will discuss initiating, organizing, is no exception. The urban population to the west of locating and funding such a sustainable project in the downtown Ottawa has grown considerably in the Ottawa West/ Nepean. Come on out! Please contact us if you have any suggestions or ideas that will lead to the realization of this much needed and long overdue cooperative culinary manifestation in the west of Ottawa.

str e



A Healthy Food Co-Operative in Ottawa West/ Nepean

g tion


Richard M. Haney, M.Ed., Ph.D. (Counselling and Mediation) Richard has been practising Wholistic Counselling, Coaching, Hypnotherapy and Mediation for the past 25 years in Ottawa. To contact Richard please call (613) 234-5678 or send an e-mail to: richard@ottawacounselling.com


July/August 2018




Increase Your Sense of Well-Being

– Get Unplugged


nformation addiction is getting more and more common. Some of us find it very challenging not to compulsively check our email, update our Facebook status, post to Instagram and similar activities. People are spending more and more time online and it can have negative consequences. It’s very easy to find a big chunk of your day slipping away because of these activities. If you can answer “yes” to these questions, it may be time to unplug: • Do you check your email, the news, Facebook, or any other social marketing site first thing in the morning and the last thing before you head to bed? • Do you ever choose to play around online instead of going out with your friends and family? • Would it really bother you to unplug for 24 hours? If you would like to change your attachment to the digital world, you’re in the right place. These strategies will get you started: • Evaluate yourself. Really take a look at what’s going on. What type of distraction are you most attached to? What time of day do you feel the greatest urge to connect digitally? For a couple of days, track your digital behavior. Keep track of how many times you check your email, tweet, text, and check the internet. • Learn to pause. Addictive behaviors don’t have a lot of thought behind them; they’re practically automatic. When you feel compelled to engage in your addictive pattern, simply stop for a moment and ask yourself, “Why do I want to do this?” Even if you go ahead and indulge in the behavior, at least you’re breaking the knee-jerk response.


• Schedule non-internet time. Have things scheduled that prevent getting online. Go to a movie or meet a friend for dinner. Play with your kids at the park. Leave your digital device in the car or turn it off. The Internet and all the related stuff that goes along with it can be very seductive. It’s a quick and easy way to entertain ourselves. If it becomes a troublesome issue for you, then it’s time to do something about it. Unplug a wee bit and you can discover more joy in your “real” life. Moira Hutchison Mindfulness Coach, Tarot Card Reader & Energy Healer 613.432.1239 www.WellnessWithMoira.com



Have you ever noticed that when we feel stuck - we become the expert of everything that does NOT work... The truth is that in order for a problem to exist - the solution must also exist! To get started feeling *unstuck* hop on over to www.WellnessWithMoira.com and sign up for Step One of “The Letting Go Process” - it’s free!!

July/August 2018


Kaivalya Centre®

613.836.2355 • www.kaivalya.ca


Offices in Hull & Stittsville

Empower Your Life-Path!

• Les sessions sont aussi offertes en français


» Lynne Cardinal


Judging: A Shallow Reaction

By Lynne Cardinal ave you ever caught yourself being judgemental? I’m not saying discerning for what is right for you, I’m talking about a judgement as in “good” and “bad”. The truth is, we may be more judgemental than we realize. If we can become aware of this within us, that becomes a rather humbling moment. Judgemental, me? Embedded in judgement is a shallow perspective usually based on a perhaps unadmitted superiority. Judgments have a negative flavour. It leaves a lot of factors out and focuses on our preferences. It takes us away from our deeper humanity, a potential for compassion and love that rests within us and may remain dormant. We may also be nurturing a certain harshness about ourselves, not just about others, and it may become a compulsive or automatic, judging myself thinking that I’m never good enough. Truth is, it darkens our precious days on this earth. It takes us away from our heart, that sacred well of life that has healing properties which may be the most valuable aspect of our life. Can you recall a moment where you realized you were judging? Can you feel in your body and mind the sensations that the judgement carry? Judgements takes us away from our humanity, and we may find very good reasons to judge, but it is essentially a shallow reaction that is based on ignorance and not knowing that it is harmful when turned onto ourselves. Not knowing that there just may be a story behind the person that you are judging, with layers of deeper levels of emotions, fears, sadness, insecurity. I remember reading one of the Dalaï Lama’s autobiographies where he explained how he practised compassion even towards the ones considered enemies of Tibet. In the many years of spiritual practises that I have had, introspective years based on meditation and on learning ancient philosophical texts where even in Sanskrit texts it is said that judgements is a reaction that is disconnected from our essence. Returning back to the source, to love, to compassion is one of the most beautiful objective we can nurture.



Join us for our next series of mini-retreats, once a month on Saturday, with meditation, group dialogue, philosophy. This fall we will explore Eckhart Tolle’s texts. For more details contact me at 613.836.2355 Lynne Cardinal holds client sessions in Hull and Stittsville in hypnosis, stress management, coaching and meditation. She offers Stress Management, Resilience and Burnout Prevention workshops in the government and private sectors and has done so for over 30 years. She is also a Consulting Hypnotist with the National Guild of Hypnotists, holding additional certifications in Hypnosis Innovative Techniques and Weight Loss. She is certified by Dr. Weiss in Past-Life Regression and she has a PhD (alternative) in Eastern Philosophy. She has completed a two year extensive and advanced training with Thomas Hübl on Transparent Communication and Principles of Transformation and Healing, and on Trauma (individual and collective) work. She has trained with Diane Hamilton in Conflict Resolution and with Diana Martinez on Family Constellation. For more information or to book a session call 613.836.2355  or   www.kaivalya.ca     info@kaivalya.ca

2 Beechwood Ave, Unit 103, Ottawa, ON K1L 8L9 Phone: 613-746-8821

We use 100% Natural Organic Shea Butter for Spa Massage and Hot Stone Massage and we use Natural Body Sugaring & Body Exfoliation products.


10% off waxing Mondays & Tuesdays in July & August

July/August 2018

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The Raja of the Open Door

Taijiquan Center Yang Style

“Make it happen - A healthy mind & body” Join us for an “open house”, one free introductory class in Taichi and/or Qigong

Taichi intro Mon Sept 10, 7-8 pm Taichi 12 week session Sept 17 to Dec 3 Mondays 7 to 8 pm Cost $150.00

Qigong intro Thurs Sept 13, 7-8 pm Qigong 12 week session Sept 20 to Dec 6 Thursdays 7 to 8 pm Cost $150.00

Taichi and Qigong are mind/body exercises that will promote harmony and help strengthen our body with structural and postural alignment, coordination and breath control. Both of these exercises will also help to alleviate stress in our daily lives. Please contact Marc to register and save your place: mstaichi@gmail.com, Le Patro d’Ottawa, 40 Cobourg Street , Room A-1-16 downstairs, Free parking


door opens. It stays open for the duration of the time it is acknowledged. This means that you may have the door close as an object of desire. This too is welcomed. The object of desire must become known to the “observer”. This is he who observes reality. The door closes. This is how we are when we dismiss something or wish to block an object. This may also be called “closing the third eye”. It is an attribute of the sensing of this sphere. Therein the individual may become a wave of the vibratory impulse given him. He is able to contribute to the casual influence which surrounds him, in a positive, affirmative manner. These attributes are what men in the Western world call “visions” or the ability to see, or “energy vortexes”. The Eastern learns that he/she is abiding in the self as the process of becoming and this is called “self-realization process”. The man or woman who is involved in this way of becoming is the master of changing form. This is the way of change, or the way of purification. In this way, men/women see what others do not. This is called truth of awareness. © 2001 Sonja Muller All rights reserved Sonja A. Muller Sacred Word Teacher By appointment only

Taichi is an excellent gentle exercise that will promote health, coordination, flexibility. Qigong is a holistic system of many different exercises and meditation used in promoting health and longevity that dates back 4000 years.

613-795-4583 Muller Yoga Therapy Massage Clinic and Retreat

Muller Clinic Ottawa Massage Yoga Therapy Rehabilitation

BUSINESS FOR SALE Your largest supplier of massage tables, chairs and accessories in the Outaouais 71, boul. St-Raymond, Gatineau, Qc J8Y 1S3 www.massosphere.com 819-246-6236 ~ 1-866-246-6236 colette.kirouac@gmail.com


MASSAGE COUPON Limit One per customer Redeemable Tuesdays only $60.00 per treatment, 1.5 hours. Contact Sonja Müller, Deep Tissue Therapist and Massage Teacher with 20 years clinical experience in private practice

Tel: 613-795-4583

No longer accepting insurance reimbursement clients

July/August 2018

Expiry August 30, 2018


Wishingtree Yoga Journey for Health and Happiness

50H Yin Yoga Teacher Training Starts September 15, 2018

For more information, please visit www.wishingtreeyoga.ca

Do Meridians Exist? By Ivy Xie-McIsaac


he meridian is a concept used in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). Meridians are channels for lifeenergy (Qi) to flow. Some modern scientists doubt the existence of meridians. We say the sun moves from rising to setting even though actually the earth rotates and orbits around the sun. The orbits are for tracing and describe the movement of the sun and the earth and their relationship. Anyone who is looking for a physical track of the orbit is regarded as ignorant. Similarly, in Traditional Chinese Medicine, meridians are for tracing and describe the flow of life-energy and the relationship between energy and the physical body, and the relationship between organs. The physical existence of meridians cannot be found in the body as the orbits of the Earth cannot be seen in the sky. Yin Yoga derives from the Tao, Traditional Chinese Medicine and Yoga. It is a style of Yoga that is used to connect and balance the external environment and the inner world of the Self. Practicing Yin Yoga helps us discover a lifestyle that allows our Self to flow with the rhythm of nature and find a natural way to maintain a happy, wholesome and holistic life for the long term.

Wishingtree Yoga Yin Yoga Teacher Training is not only for one who would like to be a teacher, but is also suitable for anyone who would like to: • Understand the function of the internal organs and how Yin Yoga practice will affect these organs. • Understand emotions and the relationships between emotions and the internal organs, and what the Yoga and Tao perspectives are with regard to these relationships. • Learn basic TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) theory that can be applied to daily life. • Experience and apply Yin Yoga posture sequences for different seasons and the related TCM background. Acupuncture training from The Training Centre of Guangzhou Medical College, China has given me a grounded comprehension of Tradition Chinese Medicine. Over 20 years of Yoga practice and learning from various experienced teachers has given me an extensive understanding of Yoga. May we walk on the journey for health and happiness together.

Ivy’s geography background and travel have given her a unique perspective. Her book A Complete Yoga Manual is a bridge between east and west, modern and ancient, theory and practice. A Complete Yoga Manual by Ivy Xie-McIsaac is available at Singing Pebble Books. For more information please visit www. wishingtreeyoga.ca or contact Wishingtree Yoga at wishingtreeyoga@hotmail.com


July/August 2018


Edgar Cayce (Ottawa) Search for God groups Success for the soul

Sri Chinmoy Answers SELF-DISCOVERY through

MEDITATION Free Ongoing Classes

Meditation, study and application in a small group format

Relaxation, concentration & meditation S Developing calmness, confidence & poise S Creating a life of inspiration & happiness S

(613) 731-4901

Sri Chinmoy

Call for dates & locations: 613-232-2387 Offered as a free community service by students of Sri Chinmoy.

Question: How can we have inner peace in today’s chaotic world? he greatest misfortune that can come to a human being is to lose his inner peace. No outer force can rob him of it. It is his own thoughts, his own actions, that rob him of it. Our greatest protection lies not in our material achievements and resources. All the treasure of the world is emptiness to our divine soul. Our greatest protection lies in our soul’s communion with the allnourishing and all-fulfilling Peace. To hope to achieve peace without spirituality is to expect water in the desert. Worries—mental, vital and physical—do exist, but it is up to us whether to accept them or reject them. We are mistaken if we think that peace will, on its own, enter into us near the end of our life’s journey. We must resolve here and now, amidst all our daily activities, to throw ourselves, heart and soul, into the Sea of Peace.

T THE FOUNDATION FOR SHAMANIC STUDIES a non-profit public charitable and educational organization Is offering Michael Harner's

The Way of the Shaman


Shamanic Journeying, Power & Healing The Basic Workshop in Core Shamanism

July 28-29 Peterborough September 8-9 Toronto Sept. 15-16 Ottawa/Almonte Led by Glenn Campbell

Faculty Member, Foundation for Shamanic Studies During this experiential workshop, participants are introduced to Core Shamanism, the basic methods used by shamans to enter non-ordinary reality for problem solving and healing. Particular emphasis is on the classic shamanic journey, as well as on shamanic divination and healing. A practical, enjoyable workshop, even for beginners!

For more information or to register, contact Glenn at glenn@shamanspiritpath.com, 905 655-6756 or www.shamanspiritpath.com


For peace of mind, prayer and meditation are essential. Everything depends on the mind, consciously or unconsciously, including the search for peace. If there is no purity of the mind, there can be no sustained success in the spiritual life. We own peace only after we have totally stopped finding fault with others. When we observe others’ mistakes, we enter into their imperfections. This does not help us in the least. We have to feel the whole world as our very own. We must always discriminate. We have to feel that the outer world which attracts our attention is ephemeral. To have something everlasting, to attain to a rocklike foundation in life, we have to turn toward God. There is no alternative. And there is no better moment to take that turn than when we feel most helpless.

Our peace is within, and this peace is the basis of our life. So from today let us resolve to fill our minds and hearts with the tears of God-devotion, the foundation of peace. If our foundation is solid, then danger can never threaten us. For peace is below, peace is above, peace is within, peace is without Visit www.srichinmoylibrary.com for further writings by Sri Chinmoy.

July/August 2018


Dentistry’s a Game

Awareness, Alimentation, Airway, Autonomics, Alignment, Appearance Part 2

By Dr. George Paul Greenacre 3) Nextis AIRWAYS. Our lives are framed between our first breath and our last breath and in between, we are not supposed to snore, snort or have sleep apnea. Why do so many people snore? BECAUSE FACES ARE SHRINKING AND OUR AIRWAYS ARE SHRINKING! This is an overlooked major medical problem and the solution lies in the hands of dentistry and nutritionists with more forward-thinking in planning as a nation about how we grow our next generation of faces and our airways. Why are there so many sleep centers popping up all across the country in all civilized countries? Simple, civilized countries have major food deficiencies and allergies which means smaller palates and thus, smaller nose boxes and more problems with our sinuses. Our kids tend to mouth breathe more and some kids even snore. Snoring is not cute or funny. Snoring is a major health issue relating to low night time healing and low night time brain nutrition and night time heart stress. Our airways are surrounded by a ring of lymphatic tissues

Dr. Paul Greenacre, General Dentist

DrLaserPaul Greenacre Holistic Dentistry & Integrative Medicine


Laser Holistic Dentistry & Integrative Medicine 613-234-5758 info@dolphindentistry.com 613 234-5758 www.dolphindentistry.com www.medicaldentistry.ca Call to book a lecture on Laser holistic dentistry and integrative medicine

DowntownDowntown and Alta Vista locations location that react badly to bad food choices. What is the answer? Go back to basics. Breastfeed for two years or more, and then avoid the bad foods like sugars and grains and seek to consume as many sources of trace minerals as you can find. Supplement our children’s diets with bone meal, fish meal, bone marrow, and bone broth soups, and grow perfect faces again. Stop changing the human swallow with artificial latex nipples that change the force direction of the tongue and the swallow. Do not create bad swallows or “tongue thrusts” in the first place. When upper jaws do not develop or palates are too small, this has major consequences for ENTs and dentists. Then the lower jaws cannot grow downward and forward as much as they should so the tongue cannot get the heck out of the way of the airway! It is a vicious cycle. In 2006 the American Academy of sleep Medicine said oral or orthodontic appliances are excellent choices for mild-to­ moderate sleep apnea. Why? Because these appliances can pull the lower jaws downward and forward which pulls the tongue forward out of the airway. The “0” in orthodontics stands for OXYGEN, THE FIRST FOOD IN LIFE! You should know that one prominent Chicago MD thinks that all ADHD kids have both sleepdisordered breathing and dietary issues and that is the main cause of ADHD.


4) Next is AUTONOMICS Dr. Henry Ulhlemeyer M.D. said, “If the mandible is not physiologically-positioned, all stress hormones are automatically stimulated; all muscles tense, blood pressure rises to overcome resistance, pulse quickens, respiration is shallow and loses efficiency. The body raises its blood sugar to fuel this emergency, releases adrenalin and increases the pain threshold. The gastrointestinal tract responds acutely...” We need the super-important autonomic nervous system working for us to relax and digest and recover from stressful events in life. We need our parasympathetic system working to relax and enjoy life. When our sympathetic system predominates, we are stressed and doctors call it sympathetic dystrophy.”


July/August 2018


If we grow inadequate airways and bad bites, then the trigeminal nerves are compromised in their functioning. This leads to the production of Substance P, which is a major inflammatory neuropeptide which nobody in Ottawa yet knows much about because the leading expert on this phenomenon lives in California. His name is Dr. Dwight Jennings. Just google his name and the words Substance P. This is a treat to read and his research is excellent. Here is his quote. “It is my belief and clinical experience that the primary mechanism by which stressed bites impact health is by way of increased trigeminal nerve tonicity, which leads to elevated substance P.” So bad bites cause major stress to the whole person and this can adversely affect your entire autonomic nervous system. One other M.D. Presidential physician Dr. Alexander Leeds commented, “This (correcting of the bite) is some of the greatest treatment of chronic pain symptoms that I have come across in over fifty years of medical practice.” If we do grow our faces well, there are consequences. 5) Next is ALIGNMENT Today many people have upper jaws that are undersized and this causes the lower jaw to sit too far back or off to one side, or the lower jaw sits into too deep a bite. Now know this: when your jaws are off your neck, vertebrae are off. too. In fact, one researcher found that the number one symptom of a stressed jaw joint (TMJ) problem was a sore neck in over 90% of the cases studied. The irony of a posterior jaw posture is that this creates a likelihood of a forward head posture. So now you have a bowling ball-sized head sitting off centre on your slender spinal column. That means that a bad bite affects your entire spinal alignment. You can take that to the bank Fellow members of the American Academy of craniofacial pain all had patients report that when their bite was rebalanced their neck pain and their low back pain went away. The probable reason for that is your cranial membranes called the dura attached only on your neck vertebrae and your sacral area, so when you loosen up the system by correcting the bad bite, then the dura relaxes and the back pain goes away. We all hear the expression “everything is connected to everything.” We all have to relearn this because we all knew this alignment stuff when we were kids and “connected” when we sang: “The jaw bone is connected to the head bone. The head bone is connected to the neck bone, The neck bone is connected to the back bone.” Be aware! Observe those little clues we get in life. 6) Finally, we have APPEARANCE. How do you not respond to a beautiful friendly SMILE? We are aware that appearance can be the great deception... because sometimes things are not as good or as real as they look.


Dolphin Dentistry Oral Health is Now Essential for Total Health Call for a free consultation 613 234-5758 www.dolphindentistry.com info@dolphindentistry.com Today, dentistry is a reflection of our society and all of us trying to look our best or look younger. So indeed, cosmetic dentistry has blossomed and that is a good thing. Our newest methods are amazing: e-max porcelain makes incredible smiles with crowns or veneers. Lumineers are the thinnest and mean that you hardly touch the original tooth. Then there is something removable called a “Snap on Smile” that pops right over your existing teeth. Literally an instant smile. Then Dr. Rod Kurthy has developed a bleaching system that is head-and-shoulders better than any other. However, sometimes I feel that we are put promoting esthetics ahead of other priorities like the airways and the alignment and diagnosing inflammation. I hope you have enjoyed reading about Dentistry’s A game. Our office enjoys meeting new patients 613234-5758. info@dolphindentistry.com Dr Paul Greenacre graduated from McGill University. He has served as a dental editor for 9 years of his career. Seven percent of dentists have earned one fellowship. Dr Greenacre has earned four dental fellowships and is working on two more. His office theme is “Smart dentistry for smart families

July/August 2018


C HANNELLED by Monica Dumont, April 2018 at the Grand Canyon, AR, USA www.monicadumon.com


t was said long ago that there would be those who would be born into this planet to bring what is called the light back to it, to remind others of what had been forgotten. Many of you have forgotten yourselves your purpose and your missions as you incarnate over and over in this planetary system. We are here today to remind you that your voice as well as your inner strength is just as valuable as your actions and your thoughts, for when you, “the chosen ones” choose to dedicate your time in things that do not benefit your spirit or the spirit of the land, or the spirit of others you are losing yourselves in the energies you came here to assist in healing. Assisting the energies is one of your priorities; for you all come in different shapes, sizes, styles, genders, generations, voices. Your own abilities are unique to you and to the world. You come here to create change not only in your own existence, but also in the existence of others as you assist in moving these energies in them and through them. We are here today to remind you of this work, for many of you have forgotten who you are. And so through this channel we begin to channel out frequencies to you all who are listening and reading now to remind you of that little spark that lays dormant inside of you. Some of you have already notice this spark

FOR MAT I O N/ T R A INING Restructuration du Système ÉnergétiqueMD

S TA R T I N G A U G U S T 2 0 1 8

 Pour devenir naturothérapeute en énergie et/ou croissance personnelle.  Formation reconnue par I’A.N.N. Suzanne Cloutier 819 682-1811 sclout@videotron.ca 12

but have chosen to ignore it and some of you are already taking action, but you are taking action still with fears, still with doubts about your work, about who you are, about what you are to do here. We remind you that you are not alone, and that you have within you all the abilities, all the skills you need in order to move forward into your work, into your missions. You are loved and will always be, you are supported and will always be; you are supported and will always be. For this world does not work on its own, there are many of us in other realms, in other realities that also work with the world, with this planet, with the consciousness of the planet. All of us are working at our own level, with our own abilities, with our own skills in our own way. Do not compare yourself to others for when you do that you diminish who you are, you diminish your work, your abilities and your own potential. Many of you seek specific instructions on how to do your work, but we tell you, those seeds where planted in you long ago and the creation that you have inside of you has already been born. You just have to tap into it and trust, trust in yourself, in your abilities and in that calling you have within you. Trust that spark of light in you, trust the breath of God in you, trust your strength. Meet each other, yes, and hold each other’s hands if that feels good, for physical company is always welcome when you are in the physical world, but do not judge each other and do not try to find the answers in others for you all carry the answers within yourselves. You are loved and will always be, you are love and will always be. May the blessings of the heavens be always upon you and may your path be lit by the light of the Divine Creator. For all is love and all is light.We are the Keepers

July/August 2018



Let’s Define It and Understand It By Jen Wozny


he phenomenon of “awakening” is sweeping through our world, and since it is affecting change in ourselves and our societies, it is important to understand what it means. First consider the root word being used: to be awake. Per the dictionaries, “awake” means: “to become conscious or aware of something”; “to arouse from sleep or a sleep-like state”; and “to make active.” The converse word, “asleep,” means: “lacking sensation”; “inactive; dormant”; “not alert; indifferent”; and a “complete or partial suspension of consciousness.” So, if the world is indeed becoming more aware of something, then to what are we awakening? The answer is two-fold. First, people are becoming more aware of: our human potential.  As the Masters have shown us throughout history, the full potential of a human is great.  Think levitation, teleportation, telepathy, spontaneous healing, and so much more.  It is this type of awareness that is generally associated with spiritual pursuits. Second, people are: awakening to see the world more clearly than ever before.  We are seeing how things really work, who or what is really in control of our institutions and policies, and the subtle things that might be keeping us just a bit smaller than we would like to be. It is this type of awareness that tends to call for worldwide change.

Importantly, the two types of awakening are independent of each other. A person awakening to their own fullest potential is not necessarily also seeing the world more clearly; because they are looking inward.  And a person who sees the world clearly is not necessarily also seeing their own personal potential; because they are looking outward. Both types, however, generally cause the people involved to become active in adjusting their lives— bringing them more in alignment with what they now know to be true. While the process can be messy, fundamentally the phenomenon of awakening is a positive shift for all of us. If you would like assistance with the awakening process, we would be happy to help you.  Visit www. PutTheLightHere.com to schedule your appointment.


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Alpha With a Heart



was watching an investment program recently where they were interviewing a famed US investment manager. The story goes that he was called up by Deepak Chopra back in 2015 and asked if it was at all possible to invest using socially responsible criteria. This person had never heard of such investment criteria and promised Deepak that he would get back to him. He was totally amazed in finding out that there did exist a very large industry that invested using environmental, social and governance criteria (ESG) and that it had been around for several years. In fact, well over 20% of global institutional investment pools use ESG models and this amount is growing at a very fast pace. Alpha is a tool that the investment industry uses to measure the amount of excess return that an instrument (stock, bond, your portfolio) generates over and above what the market is doing. The more alpha you are getting the better you are doing. The real question thus becomes: Can one invest their money using ESG to generate the optimal amount of return (alpha) within a desired amount of risk? The short answer is a resounding YES. It is possible to design a proper portfolio and not sacrifice the desired alpha by either excluding certain sectors of the economy or by including other, more desirable sectors. I call this Alpha with a Heart and it

3 s Dayly On

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is accessible to everybody, regardless of the amount of investable capital they might have. Yes, you can align your financial goals with your beliefs. You do not have to follow the crowd and use non-ESG instruments to get to where you want to go. Start making smart choices and start investing with your heart. Daniel Roy is the principal instructor of the Ottawabased Praxis Wealth Institute. He is a Certified Retirement Coach, Certified Financial Planner as well as public speaker. He is the author of “The Essential Guide to Retirement Readiness”. He conducts workshops and courses on the subject of winning the game of wealth creation. daniel@praxiswealthinstitute.ca www.praxiswealthinstitute.ca www.yourretirementcoach.ca


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The Gift of Discouragement

by Amâeil (Melinda Urban RIHR) iscouragement can feel awful. It’s heavy in the body. You mind may replay a story that nothing seems to work. You may think that there’s something wrong with you, and you just don’t have it in you to keep going. You may feel hopeless. I hear you!! I feel you! I really do. I hear this a lot from clients with respect to their healing journey too: “I have tried so many things and nothing changes.” Sound familiar? It definitely doesn’t mean that you’ve exhausted all the possibilities that cause your pain, but it’s understandable that you would feel discouraged. You’re not alone. There is a deep negative agenda on Earth to keep you discouraged. Our cells do remember the injustice of the alien invasion and our enslavement. But this can’t be the justification for allowing discouragement. The only real question to ask yourself is, “Do I keep relinquishing my freedom by consenting to the plan to dis-courage me?” When you feel despairing, you may feel entangled in the pain body and just don’t see a way out. You want to give up - the epitome of powerlessness. However, as long as you have breath you have choice. So recognize the spark of hope in this: your ego wants to give up! But your soul is seeking reconnection to Source. See this truth. The soul is seeking surrender.


Do you feel your heart of joy? I specialize in helping you free yourself from stubborn patterns that limit your aliveness. 12-dimensional clearing  healing the root cause pain & dis-ease  attachments  emotional triggers  traumas  ancestry  fears/phobias  karma  inorganic structures  addiction patterns  past life  limiting mental programs

Amâeil (Melinda Urban RIHR)

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To see the Light, you have to be willing to meet the discouragement to discover what possibilities exist beyond it. You have to want to know truth more than you want to avoid discomfort. If you go through your experience, with gentle conscious welcome and vulnerability, you may just find your authentic life! You’re never energetically separate from your Spirit. You are infinite possibilities! Discouragement is only temporarily forgetting that you are that. Read the full article of this brief excerpt and healing suggestions at www.MelindaUrban.com 18-years experience: intuitive, energy psychotherapy and multi-dimensional healing facilitation. Healing the root cause of your concerns, for lasting change. Support in person or by phones/skype 613-253-2888. Melinda Urban 2018

SAND MANDALA 2018 Echoes of the Sacred

October 11 - 14

(Save the date - Preliminary announcement) We are pleased to announce that His Holiness along with Vajra master Khenchen Tsewang and the monks of the Palyul Namdroling monastery will demonstrate the sacred ritual art of the creation and dissolution of a sand mandala dedicated to the deities of wisdom and compassion. This 4 day event will also include ritual initiation ceremonies, a fund-raising bazaar, Tibetan food, masked Lama dances, and a performance of sacred music and chants from the Tibetan ritual called Chöd (“Cutting through the ego”). Please check the website www.palyulottawa.org for updated information as it becomes available.


July/August 2018


What Is Hypnosis?

Part 3 of 3 By Luke Michael Howard PhD he thing with hypnosis or any kind of change work, any quality type of change work is this: we have a neurological pathway, a way of doing something. Example is the smoker. They smoke. They get stressed, they smoke. It’s that time at work, they’ve got a 10-minute extra break, they smoke. They’re happy, they smoke. They’ve just had amazing sex, they smoke. They’ve just finished dinner, they smoke. They’ve just had a glass of wine or beer or whiskey and then they smoke. It’s automatically linked to it. There is a neurological pathway. I get this trigger, I do this thing. There’s only one path. One of my main jobs in hypnosis is to help set up a new neurological pathway. So we interrupt the old neurological pathway. And think about the neurological pathway as a road. If you’ve only got one road to travel down, when you’re angry, when you’re sad, when you’re craving a cigarette, more food, crack, heroin, love, if you only got one road you’re always gonna travel down that one road. However...and what we do in hypnosis is we help to set up a new neurological pathway in the sessions and the work together. So you now have another


path and another road to travel down. And we’ve got two ways of learning. The first way we learn is by practical skills in a waking state every day, i.e. Tiger Woods, hit the ball this length with this kind of stroke, if that’s the right terminology, for golf. Drill, drill, drill, over and over again. And we do learn at a practical level. However, unconsciously, when we sleep at night and we have good, high-quality sleep, our brain, our unconscious mind, if you will, will take account of what happened that day. And like a connect the dots game that you used to play as a kid, it joins up the dots of your day. And that’s how it makes a new neurological pathway. The more you go down the new neurological pathway, the new normal, the new behaviour, that old road, that old pathway gets shut down. Because if there’s a road that no one travels down anymore, over time what happens to it? It gets derelict, it gets shut down. It returns to how it was. It gets overgrown by grass, by moss, by trees. And after a while, that road just ceases to be a road anymore. It goes back to how it was naturally because you’ve got this new neurological pathway that when you see this or when this trigger comes in, you now respond in a different way. There have been tests


“I Can Make YouStop Stop Smoking in One Hour”Hour” “I Can Make You Smoking in One If you’re having trouble kicking the Evil Habit Dr. Luke Michael Howard can transform even the most ardent smoker into a healthy non-smoker IN JUST ONE HOUR.

Dr. Luke Michael Howard, PhD

Dr. Luke, owner of the LUKEnosis Complete Mind Therapy organization, is a Smoking Cessation Specialist, has a Masters degree in Hypnotherapy as well as a Doctorate in Psychology. Dr. Luke has been studying Hypnosis for over 16 years now and has trained all over the world. After over a decade, Dr. Luke is still the youngest person


certified by the American Board of Hypnotherapy. Dr. Luke has been featured in all forms of media such as Tone Magazine, CTV Morning Live, and CBC Radio. He has developed an advanced hypnotherapy technique that turns weak willed smokers into empowered Non-Smokers in just one hour. He says “This technique is so powerful we are achieving a 95% success rate. This is incredible when you think that patches are only about 16% successful. We are so confident in the success of this treatment that we offer a free backup session for the remaining 5%. In fact, if after the session any one should need an extra session, it’s theirs, FREE OF CHARGE.” Dr. Luke explains, “This powerful breakthrough technique combines the latest discoveries in hypnosis and the new science of personal achievement known as Neuro Linguistic

Programming. This takes the power of hypnosis to a new level in helping people take back control of their lives.” Many local doctors are so impressed by the power of hypnosis that they are now referring many of their patients to Dr. Luke for his Accelerated Change Stop Smoking Programme. Dr. Luke says, “I am currently building a Doctors Referral Network to keep local GP’s informed of my developments and to keep them informed of their patients’ progress. Many celebrities, professional business people, nurses and housewives have benefited from stopping smoking with hypnosis, SO CAN YOU! The good news is that this incredible method of stopping smoking is available locally. The bad news there usually is a two or three week waiting list for an appointment – but even the medical profession believes it’s worth waiting for.

July/August 2018

“I walked out a nonsmoker!” Caroline had been a smoker for the majority of her lifenearly 30 YEARS! She had tried every type of stop-smoking aid possible, tried using ‘will power’ to quit cold turkey but to no avail-that is until she met Dr. Luke. She recently sent him this follow up email: “I promise I will totally do a video testimonial for you in the future though, as the hypnosis TOTALLY worked...not only have I not smoked...I have not even WANTED to!!! It really is amazing” Check out more testimonial videos on: www.lukenosis.com and you can contact Dr. Luke at LUKEnosis to arrange an appointment at 613-8785874.


done on songbirds. When a baby songbird is around the mother songbird, in the daytime, in a wakened state, it sings. There are little neurological devices to put on songbirds’ heads so they can actually monitor the brain wave activity. And when a songbird sings, there’s a certain part of their brain that goes off. They call it the learning part of the brain. The interesting thing is this, though. When this songbird sleeps, the same part of the brain that’s responsible for learning is getting triggered off. So yes, you do need to learn stuff in a wakened state, but also in a sleeping state of high-quality sleep, the unconscious mind is working to join up those dots. Equally, both are important. To be hypnotized, you’re already hypnotized. But to be very successful in hypnosis, we just need three things. You need to want to be there, you need to want to be hypnotized. You need to want it for yourself. You’re not being pressured by someone else to quit smoking, to lose weight, to let go of your anger, your depression, your sadness, your trauma, your PTSD. You want to let go of it for yourself. And, yes,, other people might benefit from it. And number three, you can follow simple instructions. Meaning if I say close your eyes, you do it, or if I say uncross your legs, you don’t question me. No, you just uncross your legs. You can follow simple instructions. As long as you can do that, you can be hypnotized, and you can make profound changes in your life.

So to summarize today’s podcast, what is hypnosis? It’s an automatic response in spite of conscious awareness. You’re going into hypnosis multiple times a day when you’re reading a good book, when you’re daydreaming, highway hypnosis, when you’re watching a good movie. Old school definition would be bypassing the critical factor, bypassing your conscious mind, the analytical mind, and going straight into the involuntary mind, the unconscious mind. It’s about being rather than doing and simply letting go of any concepts. That’s my definition of hypnosis. That’s how I explain hypnosis to my clients and show them many, many practical applications of it that before they’re actually even into. Formal hypnosis, involuntary movements are happening with their body and their problems seem to be disappearing. Thank you for listening to podcast number 10, what is hypnosis? And we’ve got a wonderful thing that’s happening actually this month. Always Believe, Luke



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July/August 2018

NOT ACHIEVING WHAT YOU WANT IN LIFE? Moira concentrates on awakening your true potential, inviting and supporting the changes for YOUR highest good. Moira Hutchison 613.432.1239 www.WellnessWithMoira.com LIFE SKILL WORKSHOPS INCLUDESAnger, Communication, Denial, Roles, ACOA, Co-dependency, Relationships and Spirituality. Every second Saturday at The


DIRECTORY House of Hope and Healing. www.lifelinesofrecovery.ca Lynda @ 613-858-7181 CANADAS-COACH.COM Marguerite Tennier, M.A., Fearless Living and wellness coach, Specializes working with over 40 prof. Women Who want to have more energy, live deeper and Transform their life. 613-744-1538 ARE YOU A MIDLIFE WOMAN STRUGGLING WITH GRIEF? Let Anne DeButte, Author & Grief Coach guide you on your journey. Avoid common pitfalls that can keep you stuck. Learn new tools with Reconnect-from-Grief.com

• Cold Laser Therapy CERTIFIED COLD LASER THERAPIST offering mobile services. $30.00 for 45 min session. Effective and safe for pain relief. treatment. www.ottawacoldlasertherapy.ca

• Colonic Therapy DETOX AND STRENGTHEN THE COLON. Gentle, safe, effective. Experienced Colonic Therapist and Holistic Nutritionist, SatDaya WIlliams at 815 Merivale Rd, Ottawa, 613-761-5982, www.holisticottawa.com, satdaya@sympatico.ca By appointment only

• Colour BREATHE NEW LIFE INTO A ROOM, shift the energies of your space, add a chakra colour as an accent wall, decorative designs or family trees can also add character and uniqueness to your home. Let Colour Guru bring new life, colour and uniqueness to your living space for 2018 and beyond. Colour Consulting available. Room clearing and smudging also available. Find us on Facebook Colour Guru! Happy New Year!! 613-797-1096

• Counselling CAROLINE ELSON a Wholistic Lifestyle Counsellor. B.Sc M.Ed,CCC 613 282 7905, caroline.elson@gmail.com Starting where you are, moving to create the life you want. Explore the physical, mental and emotional through traditional and alternative forms of counselling. Individual and Couple. ROSEMARY MURRAY-LACHAPELLE, M.L.S., M.A., Dipl. Analyt. Psych. Jungian Analyst and psychotherapist. Individual therapy to address your unique concerns. (819) 568-0282 ACADEMY OF COUNSELLING. Richard Merrill Haney, Ph.D. (Counselling Therapy) Specializing in individual and couple counselling and in comprehensive family mediation. Also specializing in bereavement, career and stress counselling. Richard is an empowerment counsellor who is heavily influenced by Roberto Assagioli (Psychosythesis), C.G. Jung, Fritz Perls (Gestalt Therapy), Alfred Adler, Milton Erickson, Ken Wilber and Stanislov Grof (Holotropic Breathwork). 234-5678 or 726-3636. Web: www.ottawacounselling.com


REV. SHERRY HARRIS, MSW, RSW is a heart-focused psychotherapist, certified spiritual coach, counsellor, teacher, minister and energy therapist. She works 7 days a week and offers receipts reimbursable by most insurance providers. She may reached by phone at 613-236-8852 or by email at 2belight1@gmail.com. Her website is www,sherryharriscounselling.com. If you cannot come to her, appointments may be done by phone or Sykpe or in your home (travel costs added to the session fee) Hourly fee: $120.

Expressive and receptive methods of healing. Spiritually oriented. Children through seniors. Range of issues and conditions. www.DeepSoulSinging.com and Deep Soul Energetics. 613-829-1556. therapy@pamelaholm.ca

LUC DUMOUCHEL, MA, CCC. INDIVIDUALS/ COUPLES. Anxiety, ACoA, communication, depression, emotional dependency, infidelity, loss, separation, sexual problems, GLBT issues, self-care, spirituality. Ottawa/Hull. Insurance/sliding scale. Bilingual. 613-2359813 counselling@lucdumouchel.com

FEEL LIGHTER! Intuitively & compassionately clarifying & clearing the root cause of your concerns. Specializing in stubborn patterns. Energy psychotherapy, ascension education & 12-dimensional clearing. Individuals, couples, children. In person/ by phone. www.MelindaUrban.com

ANNA GREEN COUNSELLING & PSYCHOTHERAPY MA CCC, RP) Holistically integrated psychotherapy for individuals and couples by a registered psychotherapist – clinically supervised, receipts available. Downtown. Insurance/sliding scale. 613-2959987 www.annagreen.ca

• Cranio-Sacral Therapy JOAH BATES, D.O.(UK) Biodynamic Osteopathy. Creating a space for self-healing through structural balance. Over 25 years experience. 613-742-0011.

GET RESULTS @ www.SpiritualCounselling.ca FREE COUNSELLING AVAILABLE for people dealing with death and dying. Also, guidance to achieve your goals in life. 613-828-2836 HEAL, CHANGE, GROW with a supportive listener.Safe and confidential talk therapy, combined with amethyst crystal BioMat, hands-on healing, and crystal singing bowl toning. For women, female youth,and children only. www.healCgrow.comCindy@healCgrow. com SIGNY FRIDRIKSSON COUNSELLING AND PSYCHOTHERAPY M.A. (Counselling and Spirituality). Feeling stuck? Improve relationships,clarify goals, manage stress, and increase well-being. I offer calm & nonjudgmental listening, empathy and respect in a safe, supportive environment. Couples, families and individuals. signyfridrikssoncounselling.ca 613-864-5222 signy@rogers.com CECILIA TAIANA Ph.D (Psychology), Registered Psychotherapist (RN) Psychoanalyst (FIPA). Offering psychodynamic psychotherapy to individuals, couples, and families, experiencing a wide range of emotional and behavioral issues, such as depression, anxiety, complex grief, emotional and functional adjustments, PTSD, and work related stress. Sliding scale. Insurance plans accepted. Day time and evening appointments. 613-746-9416.

WELLNESS WITH MOIRA: CranioSacral and SomatoEmotional Release Sessions. Specializing in self empowerment for healing and health. Insurance Receipts. www.WellnessWithMoira.com 613.432.1239 DENISE GAULIN. Advance-Level Certified Craniosacral therapist offers CST and VM sessions, also has a specialization in pediatric CST and VM. As a certified teaching assistant and study group leader offers monthly gatherings for students of CST and SER. By appt.: 613-738-9080 BODY POETS MASSAGE THERAPY - Skilled RMTs - Many Modalities - Convenient Hours - Online Booking - Downtown Location - Free Parking - Gift Certificates. 504 Kent St. (At Arlington) Visit www.bodypoets.com or call 613-222-0465. Step into the Circle of Care! CRANIOSACRAL THERAPY, Energy Healing , Intuitive Readings. Michelle Perkovic CST. 613-806-1166

• Crystal Healing LINDA ENERGY HEALER - Beautiful hand-picked crystals & jewellery. Workshops. Home parties. Crystal Healing sessions. 613-868-8468. www.lindaenergyhealer.com. Join my mailing list, send an email to: lsteele1122@rogers.com

• Crystal Shamanism PAMELA HOLM, Registered Psychotherapist, Cert. Music Therapist.

July/August 2018

CRYSTAL SHAMANIC PRACTITIONER, Crystal Healer, Psychic Intuitive, IET master instructor certified Yoga Teacher. Intuitive/psychic


DIRECTORY guidance given during Shamanic Healing sessions to better help you along your journey. Crystal layouts, chakra clearings, journeying and more. Sessions for children, teens, adults and animals. I also offer Crystal workshops, home crystal jewellery parties, psychic circles, meditation sessions, retreats. Contact: Sylvie_ Reardon@hotmail.com, Facebook: VieYoga and Crystal Shamanic Healing, 613-852-4963.

• Crystals CRYSTAL SHAMANIC HEALING SESSIONS | 2-Yr Training in Crystal-Shamanic Healing: evolved training in the ancient arts | Karen Osborne | karen@ascensionhealing.ca | 613470-1888 | www.ascensionhealing.ca

• Dental Hygiene PROFESSIONAL TEETH CLEANING - Holistic Hygiene Dental Services - Vanessa Gomez RDH, Downtown Ottawa 613-851-3486

• Dentist DR. PAUL GREENACRE. tel: (613) 234-5758; info@dolphindentistry.com; 100-152 Gloucester Street, Ottawa OTTAWA WELLNESS & DETOX CLINIC. www.ottawawellness.com 613.256.4886 ION CLEANSE FOOT BATH - Removes accumulated toxins from your body through the pores in your feet. Linda O’Connor 4406 Old Kingston Rd. Lombardy. (613) 272-2739

• Dowsing OTTAWA DOWSERS, 2nd Wednesday of the Month Routhier Community Centre 172 Guiges St.(Cumberland/St. Patrick) 7-9:30pm. Pendulum, L-rod, Y-rod, bobbers and more. www.ottawadowsers.org 613-596-0260

• Dreams ROSEMARY MURRAY-LACHAPELLE, M.L.S., M.A., Dipl. Analyt. Psych. Jungian Analyst and psychotherapist. Therapy practised with sensitivity to material from the unconscious such as dreams. (819) 568-0282

• Eco-Friendly ADORIT BOUTIQUE. Fair Trade Eco-fabric Boutique. Tarot Readings every Saturday 12:00 - 6:00pm. 153 York St. Ottawa. (613) 241-8354

• EFT & Energy Medicine COMBINING THE POWER OF DONNA EDEN ENERGY MEDICINE, ENERGY PSYCHOLOGY, EFT and PSYCHOTHERAPY to release blocks and empower you to Live your Best Life. Individual and couple sessions. Catherine McLenaghan, Registered Psychotherapist. www.energywellspring.com. Anxiety, depression trauma, life transitions etc. Insurance receipts. Call 613-730-0411


• EMF Balancing P.W. EMF BALANCERS, Home, Work, Auto. Steve Priebe (613) 842-4758, spriebe@sympatico.ca, www.emffreezone.ca

• Emotional Freedom Technique ANGEL THERAPY PRACTITIONER® Diane Lanthier offers unique EFT work to help you release anxiety, grief, anger, fear, sadness, PTSD, etc. diane@reiki-light.com. 613 297 8293 www.reiki-light.com VIOLETTA BOROWSKI, BEd, CHt, EFT Cert-1, SPHE-RE Through this gentle tapping technique, release emotional, mental, spiritual blockages and imbalances on all levels that were preventing you from experiencing peace, happiness and success in your life. A healthy emotional state, will immediately activate physical healing and well being. 613-808-4822 www.SacredPeaceHealing.com

• Energy Healing LAURIE FRASER, B.O.S., holographic healing, Reconnective, facade healing, past life. Excellent results: anxiety, depression, insomnia, hormones, disease, allergies, pain, addiction, spiritual blocks. 613-721-3781. LINDA ENERGY HEALER - Highly effective energy medicine. Stress, childhood issues, depression, pain, grief. In person or distance, people & pets lsteele1122@rogers.com 613-868-8468 www.lindaenergyhealer.com VIOLETTA 613-808-4822 www.EFTottawa.ca The goal is for you to reduce or eliminate your pain rapidly & effectively. Let’s work on you using EFT along with other tools for your mental, emotional, and physical well being. EFT Certified ANNA GREEN, MA CCC, RP — SPIRIT WELL HOLISTICS Reiki, Cranial Sacral, Emotional Freedom Technique, SET, Bach Remedies, Meridians/Qigong. Assisting your journey toward an energy-filled life. Daytime – Downtown. www.spiritwell.ca – 613-295-9987 ENERGY HEALING, CranioSacral Therapy, Intuitive Readings. Michelle Perkovic CST. 613-806-1166

• Face Massage FACE MASSAGE (REJUVENATING) The Canadian Centre of Indian Head Massage. Two day Certification course with Debbie Boehlen. 905.714.0298. www.indianheadmassagecanada.com

• Facial Rejuvenation BURNHAM SYSTEMS FACIAL REJUVENATION is a powerful AntiAging Holistic Therapy. Realignment and toning of facial muscles; Release of physical and emotional blockages; Deep renewal of body and spirit. Gayle Mickelson 613 422 5701

July/August 2018

• Flower Essences FLOWER ESSENCES can offer support in every area of life. Gentle release of persistent patterns, blocks & trauma, assistance in acute or chronic issues, physical or emotional. Californian, Pacific and Bach Essences. Will work with animals. Barbara Schuster, FES-certified practitioner; 613-8204303, www.theflowersofaeksulap.com

• Foot Care NURSING FOOT CARE - IN HOME OR IN CLINIC. Sterilized individually packaged tools, best practices in clinical assessment, infection control, privacy and technologies. Pampered Mani/Pedi, advanced & diabetic Most insurance up to 80% & Veterans 100% SoftSoles.ca 613-621-0012 footcare@softsoles.ca

• Gardening/Landscaping SPARKY TRINE SHAMANIC SUPPORT: Planning, planting, problem-solving, messages and negotiations. https://sparkytrine.wixsite.com/adventures sparkytrine@gmail.com

• Gifts PLANET BOTANIX, 301 Bank (Somerset) 567-4444: eco friendly, recycled, unique and inspirational ideas!

• Gum Disease DR. PAUL GREENACRE. tel: (613) 234-5758; info@dolphindentistry.com; 100-152 Gloucester Street, Ottawa

• Hair Analysis HAIR ANALYSIS AND NUTRITIONAL BALANCING. Boost the potential of your mind, body and spiritual development through Hair Analysis and Nutritional Balancing. A total healing system that is a formula for anyone who is looking for improved health and wellness. email: boostpotential@yahoo.com

• Head & Neck Pain DR. PAUL GREENACRE. tel: (613) 234-5758; info@dolphindentistry.com; 100-152 Gloucester Street, Ottawa

• Healer INTUITIVE HEALING SPECIALIST NOW IN OTTAWA Physical, Mental, Psychological, Emotional, Past lives, Body, Mind, Spirit, Soul cleanse, Fears, Pain management. junebgraham@hotmail.com 613 821 4809

• Healthy Bra HEALTHY BRA - Orthopaedic and Post-Surgical Bra (Medical Device License). No wires. No elastic. Custom-fit. Where health, comfort and shape matter most – Sizes 28A to 44KK. Comfy Posture Solutions 613-521-9100


DIRECTORY • Herbalism THE BEST OF NATURE’S CERTIFIED HERBALIST, Miranda V Martel. Herbal Services: Herbal Spa treatments, Consultations for Balancing Health, Workshops, Walks and Remedies www. thebestofnature.ca Call: 705-561-5365 E-mail: m_victoria_m@hotmail.ca

• Holistic Dentist DR. PAUL GREENACRE. tel: (613) 234-5758; info@dolphindentistry.com; 100-152 Gloucester Street, Ottawa

• Homeopathy J.B. HOMEOPATHIC DISPENSARY. Jo-Anne Bazinet, homeopath. Member of S.P.H.Q., C.S.H., H.M.C.C. 2062 St. Joseph Blvd., Orleans, ON, K1C 1E6. (613) 830-0487. Consultations & products available. MAHA MANSOUR, HOM, DSHM Registered homeopath in Ontario and also over 25 years as an internationally medically trained pediatrician. Homeopathic medicine is safe and effective in both acute and chronic diseases for adults and children. Maha runs a general family practice, with a special interest in ADHD and Pediatrics. Sunrise Wellness Centre, 2211 Riverside Drive Suite 104. Office: (613) 736-5200; Cell 613-402-7379

• Hotstone Healing BODY POETS MASSAGE THERAPY - Skilled RMTs - Many Modalities - Convenient Hours - Online Booking - Downtown Location - Free Parking - Gift Certificates. 504 Kent St. (At Arlington) Visit www.bodypoets.com or call 613-222-0465. Step into the Circle of Care!

• Hypnosis HYPNOSIS. Vivienne Filiatreault B.A. ( H.D.Ed.) Psych / counselling. Certified Consulting Hypnotist with N.G.H. and other International Boards. Over 33 years of experience in counselling. Try something different. For a free consult, call or text (613)301 – 1971 or contact vividrem11@gmail.com MARIETTE is a certified, clinical master hypnotist with NGH trained by Sheila Granger. www.yourinnerself.ca

• Hypnotherapy

Dental Hypnotherapist successfully treating anxiety, stress, depression, addictions, unwanted habits, fears, pain, smoking cessation, weight mgmt, obsessivecompulsive behaviours, low self-esteem, self-sabotage and more. Specialist in Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), Fibromyalgia, Migraine Headaches. Visit www. graceplacewellness.com for info, verifiable credentials & free Tranquility recordingGrace Joubarne, CCHt, LAPHP 613-4227027 Toll-free 1-888-390-3553 info@ graceplacewellness.com JAIME PALLEN CERTIFIED Hypnotist N.G.H member. Past lives interfering with your present explore how and what you can do to change it. Make an appointment @613-4541429) or www.hypnosis-in-ottawa.com


SUZANNE TELLIER, B.A. Psych, Psychic Intuitive, CHt, MHt, NGH certified, Certified Past Life, 5 Path & 7 Path self-hypnosis teacher, Certified Gestalt Counsellor. Empower yourself and find your answers within. Free consultation. Facilitation, readings and workshops. www. answers-within.ca PATRICIA V. LACROIX, PSYCHIC MEDIUM & SPIRITUAL COACH. Akashic Records & Destiny Card Readings. Certified Angel Card Reader™, Reiki Master/Teacher. 12 Strand DNA Reconnections. Voted A-Channel Viewer’s Choice Ottawa’s Best Psychics. 613-591-6901 patriciavlacroix@sympatico.ca. Connect with me on Facebook: facebook.com/patriciavlacroix

• Indian Head Massage BAD HABITS HOLDING YOU BACK? Hypnosis allows the focus to be placed upon what YOU WANT. Together we make the changes happen in the right way for YOU! Moira Hutchison 613.432.1239 www.WellnessWithMoira.com ACADEMY OF HYPNOTHERAPY www.ottawahypnosis.com When talking therapy is just not enough to dissolve old emotional blocks... Create new pathways by trusting and following fresh images, empowering suggestions and inspiring visions. Become whole again by re-membering and re-connecting forgotten parts of yourself. What inside! What outside! Consider the Whole... Richard Merrill Haney, Ph.D.(Counselling Therapy) Hypnotherapist, 234-5678 or 726-3636. HYPNOSIS WORKS! Reach your objectives with Lynne Cardinal, a fully Certified Hypnotist with the National Guild of Hypnotists, holding additional certifications in Hypnosis Innovative Techniques and Weight Loss. She has a PhD in Eastern Philosophy from India. Lynne has been offering Stress Management, Burnout Prevention and Meditation workshops at the government and private sector for over 30 years. Insurance receipts. 613.721.7888 - info@ kaivalya.ca - www.kaivalya.ca

WENDY ARMSTRONG, CHt, MHt, Master Consulting Hypnotist, CCIr. You can create the life you desire NOW! 613-823-3316 wendy@ wellness-centre.com www.wellness-centre.com


trusted Hypnotist and Counsellor who will guide you to become who you wish to be... Free consultation available. www.mcguirehypnosis.com 613-402-4766

KELLY McGUIRE Certified Consulting Hypnotist. Hypnosis is a Natural, Gentle and Safe way to make Lasting Changes in your Personal and Professional life. Kelly McGuire is an experienced and

July/August 2018

THE CANADIAN CENTRE OF INDIAN HEAD MASSAGE. Two day Certification course with Debbie Boehlen. 905.714.0298. www.indianheadmassagecanada.com AYURVEDIC HEAD MASSAGE certification with Jackie Cave, Fusion School of Natural Health. 613-389-4344 or info@FusionNaturalHealth.com KYMBERLI KER, IHM Practitioner, Relaxing Treatments. www.OttawaReflexologist.com

• Infrared Sauna SAGE WELLNESS 340 Gladstone www.sagewellness.ca. Book online or call 613-235-7243, Detoxify, Treat injuries, Pain relief, Weight loss, Reduce Stress, Improve Skin

• Intuitive Numerology A NEW SCHOOL OF THOUGHT. Psychic Consultation. Laura Young 725-7232 lbaird@istar.ca

• Intuitive Readings INTUITIVE CHANNELER/MEDIUM ~ TRACY ROY channels her Spirit Guide, Whitehawk for psychic readings. www.intuitivetracyroy.com Visit her YouTube channel: www.youtube.com/user/troy1367

CONNECT WITH YOUR HIGHER SELF & INNER WISDOM: For insight, guidance, validation, inspiration and support. Readings on-line, by phone and in person. Moira Hutchison 613.432.1239 www.WellnessWithMoira.com MICHELLE VEZEAU spiritual guidance to your life’s questions – insightful, profound


DIRECTORY clarity. michelle@sourcescall.com (819) 827-2579 www.sourcescall.com LINDA MEDIUM, Palm reader: for appt: Tele: 613-816-1808 INTUITIVE TAROT, angel oracle, fairy tarot and fairy oracle readings by email. Visit www.tarotpugs.com or www.etsy.com/shop/ tarotpugs for available reading offers. Email: tarotpugs@rogers.com

• Journey JEAN BRAZEAU, Ottawa’s first Accredited Journey Practitioner. Give yourself the gift of freedom, physically, emotionally and spiritually. Reclaim the truth of who you are. Works with children, teens and adults. Energy Medicine (Reiki Master, Shamanism, Universalis) NLP, WEL-Systems TM Institute Master Facilitator. JeanBrazeau@sympatico.ca Phone: 613-295-2756.

• Jungian Analysis ROSEMARY MURRAY-LACHAPELLE, M.L.S., M.A., Dipl. Analyt. Psych. Jungian Analyst. Depth psychology to address your unique concerns. (819) 568-0282

• Labyrinth ST. JOHN’S ANGLICAN CHURCH, Parish of March, 325 Sandhill Road, Kanata offers an outdoor, 11 circuit, paver Chartres design labyrinth open to the public at all times. We also offer an indoor, 7 circuit Petite Chartres permanent,painted labyrinth in the church hall. Contact the Parish Office for availability of our indoor facility. ( 613) 592-4747 or www.stjohnskanata.ca HEALING CIRCLE LABYRINTH Set amid 1,000 evergreen trees surrounded by a garden sanctuary overlooking the St. Lawrence River. Paths are lined with chakra coloured plants and stones. Now scheduling workshops and candlelit evening walks. Call Liz at 613-925-1278 or healingcirclelabyrinth@hotmail.com

• Life Between Lives THIS IS THE SPACE between your current life and the one before. The times between death and re-entering the womb for another life. But what goes on in that time-space? What happens to the soul? This is journey to the other side to better understand the reason for which we came on earth. The process is profound, the session itself last up to three hours. Martine Brisson, hypnosis and alternative therapies Gatineau, 819-205-6670 www.martinebrisson.com

• Light Body Acceleration LIPHE DESIGN.COM. pH Nutritional Microscopy. Donna Porteous 613 253 7467


• Low Impact Yoga LOW IMPACT HATHA YOGA www.zenforyou. ca The Zen for You Hatha Yoga classes are easy to do for people who have never tried yoga before. Manali Haridas, Certified Yoga instructor progressively teaches the yoga postures and different relaxation breathing techniques in a period of 10 weeks.

• Lymphatic

NATURAL HEALTH THERAPEUTIC CENTRE. LymphDrainage-Massage-Shiatsu-Reflexology. Receipts. By appointment. 613—798-8385. Free parking. www.naturaltherapeutic.ca

• Massage

MOBILE MASSAGE Have a professional massage in the comfort of your home or office. 20 years experience, reasonable rates. 819 962-8704 www. restorativemobilemassage.com

• Massage Therapy BODY POETS MASSAGE THERAPY - Skilled RMTs - Many Modalities - Convenient Hours - Online Booking - Downtown Location - Free Parking - Gift Certificates. 504 Kent St. (At Arlington) Visit www.bodypoets.com or call 613-222-0465. Step into the Circle of Care! KAREN MUNRO-CAPLE, RMT. Providing Healing, Relief, Joy! 1105-85 Albert St. between Elgin & Metcalfe. (613) 230-3527. www.kmc-rmt.com RACHELLE BEHRENS RMT now accepting new patients at cozy home based clinic in Kanata. www.behrensrmt.com DIANA M SHELDRICK, Registered Massage Therapist since 2005. Also available, Maya Abdominal Therapy treatments. Please contact Diana at 613 265 7681 or www.arvigotherapy.com FILOSOFI LASER AND MASSAGE CLINIC. Offering Low Intensity Laser Therapy, Massage, Phsyio, Reiki, BodyTalk, ArmaTouch, Cupping and Orthotics. Let us get you back to doing what you love to do! www.filosofi.ca 613-225-1127.

• Medical Intuitive MANUELA WERTHWEIN 613-231-4575. www.VisionofSpirit.com Medical Intuitive, Medium, Energy Medicine Practitioner. Soul rescue. Reiki Master & Teacher. Teaches intuition skills (private or classes). Releasing blockages and stagnated energy grids within the Human Energy Fields takes place regardless of hereditary or environmental factors. Manuela will access the information in your biology and soul using clairvoyance as well as energy scanning with healing and Past Life Information. www.WindowtotheSoul.com

July/August 2018

ANGELA KEHLER, Certified Medical Intuitive www.soulbirdconsulting.com

• Meditation CHRISTIAN MEDITATION COMMUNITY – There are about 40 groups in the Ottawa area that meet weekly to practice a way of silent, contemplative prayer using a prayer word or mantra, as taught by the late Benedictine Fr. John Main. For more information contact the Ottawa Area Coordinator at 613-233-6047 or ottawachristianmeditation@gmail.com or consult www.wccm-canada.ca COSMIC MINDFULNESS, Meditation in the Yogic Tradition. Ongoing classes and guided meditations, Wednesdays at 7:30pm given by Chris Simmonds, including chakra awareness, Pratyahara and Yogic Meditation techniques. Attend an ongoing class or practice group. Advanced personal instruction is also available. Call Chris at 613-298-2447 or email ottawameditation@gmail.com. Visit www.ottawameditation.ca for more info. SPARK OF LIGHT MEDITATION. Learn the life-changing practices of mantra meditation and mindfulness for peace of mind, wellbeing and spiritual awakening. Introductory and advanced classes for individuals, groups, workplaces. Courses on mastering thoughts, healing emotions, self-care and empowerment, consciousness expansion. Call Jennifer Bernius at 613-721-3787; jenbernius@gmail. com; sparkoflightmeditation.com MEDITATION ON TWIN HEARTS. A beautiful healing technique for illumination that works on the physical, mental, and spiritual levels to open the heart chakra (emotional heart) and the crown chakra (spiritual heart), making us a channel of divine energies, which we use to bless the earth & every being. Lotus Born Wellness Centre: 1226A Wellington W. WEDNESDAYS, 7pm. Cost: on donation. RSVP: faye@pranichealingontario.ca MEDITATION AND PRAYER Thursday evenings 5-7pm. 3015 Richmond Rd. 613-828-2836.

• Migraines DR. PAUL GREENACRE. tel: (613) 234-5758; info@dolphindentistry.com; 100-152 Gloucester Street, Ottawa

• Music & Healing FOR 29 YEARS I have helped clients 2-82yr. with health concerns including ADHD, dyslexia, depression, cancer etc. Hands on approach using musical instruments. Call Shirley Schober @ 613-729-7758

• Naturopathic Medicine DR. KANDIS LOCK, ND. Licensed  Naturopathic Doctor. Digestive Disorders, Allergies, Headaches, Womens Health, Chronic Disease, Cancer. Come in for free 15 minute consult to


DIRECTORY find out how naturopathic medicine can benefit you (no treatment provided). 210-190 Somerset St. 613-656-9629, kandislocknd@gmail.com

• Nutrition LANARK HIGHLANDS GRASS FED beef, organic chicken, garden, 613-268-2772

• Oral Health DR. PAUL GREENACRE. tel: (613) 234-5758; info@dolphindentistry.com; 100-152 Gloucester Street, Ottawa

• Orthodontics DR. PAUL GREENACRE. tel: (613) 234-5758; info@dolphindentistry.com; 100-152 Gloucester Street, Ottawa

• Osteopathy JOAH BATES, D.O.(UK) Biodynamic Osteopathy. Creating a space for self-healing through structural balance. Over 25 years experience. 613-742-0011.

• Past Life Regression WHAT WE BRING INTO AWARENESS, we bring into healing. To book a session, contact Cheryl Clark at 613-890-2178 or Aromacher67@gmail.com SUZANNE TELLIER, B.A. Psych, Psychic Intuitive, CHt, MHt, NGH certified, Certified Past Life, 5 Path & 7 Path self-hypnosis teacher, Certified Gestalt Counsellor. Empower yourself and find your answers within. Free consultation. Facilitation, readings and workshops. www. answers-within.ca

• Pranic Healing FAYE HEALEY IS A FULL-TIME ADVANCED PRANIC HEALING INSTRUCTOR & PRACTITIONER offering in-person and distant-healing sessions. She has successfully treated clients all over Ontario and Quebec, and as far as Saudi Arabia, Paris, Thailand, Japan, England, and Morocco & more. Whether in-person or remotely, Faye treats clients for a broad range of physical, emotional, and psychological ailments, which may include anything from broken bones to PTSD, multiple sclerosis to Pranic facelifts and weight-loss programs, and helping people enrich their homes or businesses through Pranic Feng Shui. Inspired by the benefits of Pranic Healing in her life and the lives of others, Faye teaches Pranic Healing and Superbrain Yoga courses in Ontario and Quebec, and holds a weekly Twin Hearts Meditation Wednesdays at 7pm. (www.pranichealingontario.ca, faye@pranichealingontario. ca, Facebook.com/ECPranic, 613-282-0801)

• Psychic Counsellor MARIE-SUZIE “The Heart Whisperer” The Holy Spirit guides me. Let’s talk, I listen. 613-591-1860.


• Psychic Medium PATRICIA V. LACROIX, Akashic Records & Destiny Card Readings. Certified Angel Card Reader™. Reiki Master & Teacher. 12 Strand DNA Activation. Voted one of A-Channel Viewer’s Choice for Ottawa’s Best Psychic. 613-591-6901 patriciavlacroix@sympatico.ca facebook.com/patriciavlacroix

• Qigong CHOW QIGONG. Classes held at McNabb Recreation Centre. Tuesdays, 10:00 - 11:30am. Wednesdays, 6:00-7:30pm. Complementary 1st class. Info: www.OttawaChowQigong.com QI-MATIC RESEARCH CENTRE; Workshops by Sifu James: Information Healing. Contact Angela at afung46@hotmail.com or 613 762 8893

• Quantum Sound Therapy

YOUR VOICE IS MORE UNIQUE THAN YOUR DNA. Quantum Sound Therapy, will create YOUR unique set of Frequencies designed to remove negative emotions: fear, anxiety, anger, PTS, sadness that sabotage you. By SIMPLY LISTENING, you can let go of subconscious blockages, harmonize your being, SCIENTIFICALLY TRACK YOUR PROGRESS & Realize YOUR Potential.  Contact: Lise Desjardins lise.desjardins11@sympatico.ca 613-795-1469 Pesi Shroff 1pesishroff@gmail.com Golden Light Therapies: http://zgoldenlight.com/

• Quantum TouchTherapy THE POWER TO HEAL Aileen M. McKenna, Certified Quantum-Touch, Instructor/ Practitioner since 2004, first instructor in Canada improve physical strength, release physical and emotional stress, improve sleep, increase creativity, remove pain. Information on personal appointments and classes: Aileen’s Oasis 613-228-2272, 613-795-3751, out-of-town enquiries at 1-866-493-0236, or by e-mail aileen.mckenna66@gmail.com and check out. www.aileensoasis.com. www.wellnessunlimited.ca

• Reconnective Healing

retirement as well nursing home visits provided on request. Valerie also provides Animal Reflexology maintaining animal wellness and healing. For more information contact Valerie Cronin, RN, SCM, BA (Hons), MA, CCRP at 613 852 6129 email: valcronin@rogers.com BALANCE RELAXATION THERAPY. Reflexology, Ayurvedic Yoga & YOGA MASSAGE FOR BETTER HEALTH. Lori Chamberland, 613-2557934 balancerelaxationtherapy.com NATURAL HEALTH THERAPEUTIC CENTRE. Reflexology-Massage-Shiatsu-LymphDrainage. Receipts. By appointment. 613—798-8385. Free parking. www.naturaltherapeutic.ca REFLEXOLOGY ASSOCIATION OF OTTAWA offers Individual sessions (foot, hand or ear reflexology), private or corporate events, as well as fund raising events are available. We offer training towards certification as well as membership for professional Reflexology practitioners and students of Reflexology. Contact: www.ottawareflexology.ca ALEXIS NICOL - RCRT - Foot reflexology, receipts provided 613-263-7925. www.firstlighthealing.com KYMBERLI KER, RCRT, Foot Reflexology. Receipts provided, 613.897.9642 www.OttawaReflexologist.com LAURIE BERG, RCRT - Hand & Foot Reflexology with Reiki www.rootessence.net - 613-722-4004 REFLEXOLOGY BY RISHMA is a home based practice in Westboro. Sessions offered for 1 hour or 45 minutes. Receipts provided. By appointment only. House calls available. (613) 890-1062 www.reflexologybyrishma.com JUST BE REFLEXOLOGY. De-stress and detox the whole body gently with Foot Reflexology at Green Spirit in Manotick or Home Studio in Riverside South. Caroline Chapman 613 915 6778 nowjustbe.com

• Reiki WENDY ARMSTRONG, CRA-RT, Usui & Karuna Reiki Master. Sessions & training for all levels. 613-823-3316 wendy@wellness-centre. com www.wellness-centre.com

ALEXIS NICOL – Reconnective Healing® Practioner and the Reconnection since 2005. 613-263-7925 www.firstlighthealing.com

• Reflexology VALCRON REFLEXOLOGY- The healing touch. Registered nurse, RAC certified reflexologist and Therapeutic Touch Practitioner providing services to clients of all ages since 1998. Home-based Reflexology practice in Orleans. Home, hospital,

July/August 2018

CATHERINE BASTEDO, MA, RT-CRA, ICRT, USUI-HOLOGRAPHIC & HOLY FIRE II KARUNA REIKI® MASTER, JIKIDEN Practitioner. Bilingual. Personalized classes; Reiki Master/Teacher Program; individual sessions; online Healing Your Chakras classes; Muskoka retreats.


DIRECTORY www.visionreiki.com. 819-918-3436. cbastedo@visionreiki.com MANUELA WERTHWEIN, Reiki Master & Teacher. USUI System of Natural Healing. Private treatment & classes, Level I, II & III. Energy Medicine Practitioner, Medium. Medical Intuitive. Soul Rescue. Body/Mind/ Soul Intuitive. Past-life/Akashic Information. 613-231-4575 www.VisionofSpirit.com www.WindowtotheSoul.com KYMBERLI KER, RCRT, Foot Reflexology. Receipts provided, www.OttawaReflexologist.com HEALING CONNECTION: Usui & Karuna Reiki Master, Lightarian Reiki, QuantumTouch, Intergrative Energy Therapy, EFT and Magnified Healing. These holistic therapies will help you to relax, relieve stress and heal on a physical, emotional and spiritual level. Roger, 613 322 7585, email; rlrivera1111@yahoo.ca ALEXIS NICOL – RMTT, Reiki Master Teacher Trainer. Private sessions and training, receipts provided. 613-263-7925 www.firstlighthealing.com REIKI IN THE WEST END Stressed out? Aches and pains? Reiki can help you relax and feel better. Flexible sessions from 10 to 60 minutes. Contact Barb at 613-228-9176 or barbmartin2010@gmail.com DEBRA DESJARDINS at Angel Wing Reiki. Kanata; Morgan’s Grant. Reiki sessions for all ages. Reiki for animals. Classes for levels 1 and 2 and children. www.angelwingreiki.com 613-435-2100 FINDING YOUR SELF - Reiki is a gentle technique for restoring and balancing your body’s natural energy to encourage better health. Reiki treatments are available on the Amethyst Bio-Mat. A true mind, body and spirit experience. Reiki Master, Linda O’Connor 4406 Old Kingston Rd. Lombardy. (613) 272-2739 JIKIDEN REIKI – FRANCINE MINEAULT, Reiki Master and Shihan, teaches Jikiden Reiki in the Ottawa-Gatineau area, in French or English. www.espacereiki.com / info@ espacereiki.com / 613 446-7307. HEAL. GROW. THRIVE. I am an IET and Usui/ Karuna Reiki Master teacher offering healing sessions, Reiki and IET classes. Frederic Papillon 613 805-3733 www.crystalheartlotus.com ANNA EARLE GREEN, MA CCC, RP, SPIRIT WELL HOLISTICS – Body-centered process work: Reiki & Classes, Craniosacral, SET, EFT, and more. Assisting your journey toward an energy-filled life. Daytime. Downtown area. www.spiritwell.ca 613-295-9987 JARDIN REIKI GARDEN. A universal energy of compassion. Jacinthe Potvin, Usui Master/ Teacher. For Reiki treatments given with all the love my heart contains please call: 819 319-1216 or jardinreikigarden@gmail.com


DONNA DILLMAN, Usui Master - Circa 1894 Day Spa, Lanark. Use of tubs/saunas included. 613-259-9988; circa1894.ca

ROOMS FOR RENT. Shared bathroom. Utilities included. 3015 Richmond Rd., 613-828-2836

DARLENE PLOUFFE, Reiki & Numerology. 613-769-7313 www.timeforBeing.webs.com

CRYSTAL-SHAMANIC HEALING SESSIONS for people, animals & land | 2-Yr Training in Crystal Shamanic-Healing: evolved training in the ancient Arts | Karen Osborne 613-470-1888 | karen@ascensionhealing.ca www.ascensionhealing.ca

HOLY FIRE REIKI treatments and courses with Martha St. Pierre. 613-422-7286; ladymjs50@ hotmail.com; holyfirereikiottawa.ca REIKI IS LIFE FORCE OF ENERGY. It helps for relaxation and stress. The best way to experience is having a full treatment. Call Laura at 613-608-9750. KARUNA HOLY FIRE 2 REIKI and USUI HOLY FIRE 2 REIKI IN WESTBORO - Germaine De Peralta (CRA, ICRT) - Workshops and Training. Also offer Depth Energy Healing sessions (Combination of Reiki, Relational Clearing and Crystal Healing). Tel: 613-6973105 or germaine_de_peralta@yahoo.com

DIANE GODIN reikispiritualawakening.com 819-665-3187 (Ottawabased). Reiki is a spiritual therapy that provides healing energy to recharge and re-balance the human energy field, working with physical, mental, emotional and spiritual healing. Reiki works well with stress, anxiety, chronic pain and much more. I am a Certified Reiki Master Practitioner (Energy Healer), Psychic Medium, Empath, and Witch. I also provide Card Readings.

• RELATIONSHIP READINGS Ask how to Host a Relationship Readings Party with crystal_spirit_21@yahoo.ca

• Retreats TARA SHANTI RETREAT CENTRE Near Montebello, Qc. Large property, quiet location. Open year round. Max 5 persons. Yoga, polarity and Esalen massage. Also silent retreats. m_dekking@yahoo.com CHARMING RURAL RETREAT COTTAGE NEAR WAKEFIELD. Couples/individuals. Clean, equipped. Year round. Minimum one month. For details text 819-328-3705.

• Rolfing® Structural Integration MIRANDA GREENACRE (Dayvis) Advanced Rolfing Practitioner 400 Pleasant Park Rd. Ottawa, On. K1H 5N1 (613) 866 2427

• Room for Rent Workshop space and therapy rooms available at Planet Botanix, 301 Bank (Somerset) 567-4444

July/August 2018

• Shamanism

LINDA ENERGY HEALER - Highly effective Shamanic sessions for anxiety, childhood issues, depression, abuse, pain, grief. In person or distance, clients worldwide. People & pets. 613-868-8468 lsteele1122@rogers.com www.lindaenergyhealer.com TRADITIONAL CEREMONIES for physical, emotional and spiritual healing. Chakra Balancing, Cord Cutting, Past Life Journeys, Animal Totem Journeys, and many more. Please contact SatDaya Williams www.HolisticOttawa.com 613-761-5982

CRYSTAL SPIRIT OWL Crystal Shamanic Pr~Reiki~IET®~Crystal Grids. crystalspiritowl@gmail.com or 613-355-1832 RUPERT- helping you figure out your karma and resolve it using homeopathy. email: rupert.bear@excite.com

SELF-RENEWAL & SOUL-CARE through belief-triage subtle energy healing system by Diane Oliver, Urban-Elder 613261-1602 diane.energy.medicine@gmail.com. www.Dignity101.com SPARKY TRINE SHAMANIC SUPPORT: questions, soul retrievals, power animals, extractions, project support, ceremony. https://sparkytrine.wixsite.com/adventures sparkytrine@gmail.com

• Shiatsu NATURAL HEALTH THERAPEUTIC CENTRE. Shiatsu-Massage-Reflexology-LymphDrainage. Receipts. By appointment. 613—798-8385. Free parking. www.naturaltherapeutic.ca

• Skin Care NATURAL BODYCARE by a certified aromatherapist. Natural makeup, cleaning products: Planet Botanix, 301 Bank (Somerset) 567-4444

• Social Media Management NEED HELP MANAGING YOUR SOCIAL MEDIA? Get customized graphics and posts


DIRECTORY for your social accounts. Grow your online presence and appear more professional online! Contact us of find out more, www.etruemedia. com, daniela@etruemedia.com, 613-794-3264

• Somatic Sex Education SOMATIC SEX EDUCATION offers a new way of understanding our bodies, inviting the integration of body & spirit, the opening of expanded consciousness and allowing access to our most powerful source of creativity, healing and joy. www.tracymontgomery.ca | 613-656-8232

• Sound Healing COMBINING CRYSTAL BOWLS, tuning forks, chimes and other sound healing instruments to create a relaxing experience. Individual sessions and group meditations. Julie 613-254-8469.


Hot Tubs; Cold Tub; NIR, FAR, Finnish Saunas; Oxygen Therapy; iHeart monitoring (measures internal age). Hourly/Daily. 613-259-9988; circa1894.ca

• SPHE-RE NEW TO OTTAWA! In Pain? Experience this new Divine healing energy. www.SacredPeaceHealing.com

• Spiritual Centre OTTAWA SPIRITUAL PATHWAYS CENTRE, Weekly Non-denominational services, Sundays 10:30 a.m. at the Westboro Masonic Hall, 430 Churchill Ave. N. All welcome. ottawaspiritualpathways.com

• Spiritpainting

613-746-6778 JUDY JIBB, Tarot and Astrology Ottawa, MA Cultural Astronomy and Astrology (2016), Cert.F. Astol.S (1986), www.judyjibb.ca, judyjibb@gmail.com 613 304 4255 PAST LIVES & NEW PERSPECTIVES to Present Problems. Life Path & Purpose, Guidance & Confirmation. 25 years Professional Experience, Spiritual & Practical: readingsrose@yahoo.com

• Tapping Modalities LISA KOPIL, Meridian Tapping, Stress Management, Life Coach. Tap into your Life by changing your mind. Private sessions, workshops, drop in sessions. Tapforlife.com (613) 899-4994

• Tea Leaf Reader TEA LEAF & COFFEE GRIND reader. Crystal & obsidian balls. Object reading, Dowsing, Tarot, Zen & other cards. Helene Gibeault 613-7487419. tealeafreader73@hotmail.com

• Thai Massage BODY POETS MASSAGE THERAPY - Skilled RMTs - Many Modalities - Convenient Hours - Online Booking - Downtown Location - Free Parking - Gift Certificates. 504 Kent St. (At Arlington) Visit www.bodypoets.com or call 613-222-0465. Step into the Circle of Care!

• Therapeutic Touch THERAPEUTIC TOUCHª - profound relaxation & pain relief; supports healing all levels. Can be applied in acute, chronic or emotional conditions. House calls, hospital visits available. Will work with animals. Barbara Schuster, TTNO-Recognized Practitioner. 613-820-4303, www.theflowersofaeskulap.com

• Video Promo GET A PROFESSIONAL VIDEO PROMO so you can speak face-to-face with more people at once and continue to help others on their journey while growing your business. Contact us today to learn more! www.etruemedia.com, daniela@etruemedia.com, 613-794-3264

Learn to “UNFOLD THE MYSTERY” with Jennifer “Lightwolf” Jones. To receive training in her inspiring Spiritpainting method, register at www.spiritpainting.com

• Spiritual Medium ANGELA AZARIA, PSYCHIC MEDIUM & SPIRITUAL COACH, angela@loveheals.ca, 613 913 8511, www.loveheals.ca

• Tarot TAROT AND CARTOUCHE READINGS: I have been reading cards since 1986 and use the Mother Peace Tarot deck as well as the Cartouche deck. Eleanor Ann Rowan


• Visceral Manipulation DENISE GAULIN Advance-Level Certified Craniosacral therapist offers CST and VM sessions, also had a specialization in pediatric CST and VM. By appt.: 613-738-9080

REV. PATRICIA ROSE. Call/Text: 613-2978960. Or visit: www.allseasonsweddings.com

• Wholistic Dentist DR. PAUL GREENACRE. tel: (613) 234-5758; info@dolphindentistry.com; 100-152 Gloucester Street, Ottawa

• Workshops GROUNDING AND THE ART OF CREATING SACRED SPACE A two-day workshop about creating boundaries, clearing the aura, learning how to clear a space, how to be present and secure in your own energy field. Ideal workshop for energy workers, massage therapists, lawyers, social workers and anyone anywhere who works with or lives closely with others. For information and registration call Aileen’s Oasis at 613-228-2272, or by e-mail at aileen@ aileensoasis.com QUANTUM-TOUCH: The Power to Heal Certificate workshop in Quantum-Touch therapy, a powerfully simple modality that will transform your ideas about your health and your life. This wonderful modality can be used with other modalities and is very helpful for self-healing, distance healing, working with clients, friends, family, pets, water, and gardens. For information, call Aileen’s Oasis at 613-228-2272, aileen@ aileensoasis.com and www.aileensoasis.com

• Yoga SATTVA YOGA - A Kanata Yoga Experience Classes taught integrating a variety of yoga styles (Kripalu, Viniyoga, Structural Yoga, Vinyasa) as well as Somatic Movement & Pilates. A practice of balance, integration and compassion is offered: centering, breath work, warm-ups, flowing & static poses, relaxation, meditation and reflection. All levels welcome. Jo-Anne Stasiuk, MA. Professional Level Yoga Certification. 592-5936 or sattvayoga.ca PATHWAY YOGA. A beautiful, welcoming studio in the heart of Westboro. Learn how Iyengar yoga can lead body and breath, heart and mind along a brighter, healthier pathway. www.pathwayyoga.ca 613 8069642 346 Richmond Road, 2nd floor

• Web Design CLEAN & SIMPLE website design. Launch a brand new website for your business in 2-3 weeks. What if launching a professional website for your business was really easy? 613-220-3126 jenfeeny@gmail.com

WISHINGTREE YOGA — Simply Yoga. For beginner to experienced practitioner. 200h Traditional Hatha Yoga & 50h Yin Yoga Teacher Training.www.wishingtreeyoga.ca

• Weddings July/August 2018




Meat Market


This coupon entitles you to 10% off all organic chicken

HARLEY FARMS grass-fed, ethically-raised ground beef


Limit 5 pounds per customer

@ spiritpainting.com

Quantum-TouchÂŽ Therapy Level I Certificate Training weekend based on the new updated model Saturday and Sunday July 28 & 29 and August 25 & 26 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Aileenâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Oasis Information & Registration Aileen McKenna aileen@aileensoasis.com www.aileensoasis.com www.quantumtouch.com 613-228-2272 â&#x20AC;˘ 613-795-3751 (cell) In a few short hours you will learn how to run energy using meditation and special breathing techniques that will allow you to heal yourself, your friends, family, plants and animals. In fact, by the time you have your lunch break on the first day, you will have created amazing results. You will be learning from the first Canadian QuantumTouch Instructor, with an amazing record. Aileenâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Oasis Law of Attraction Coaching Practice

RETREAT in MUSKOKA July 27th - 29th â&#x20AC;˘ $525

MAY 25TH 7-9:15PM $25 OTTAWA J U please N E 2 2 N De-mail 7-9:15P M for $ 2 5 details OTTAWA us

Jsoulsessionsottawa@gmail.com U L Y * R E T R E A T * 2 7 T H - 2 9 T H $ 5 2 5 M Uor S Kvisit OKA

ashleyandkerry.com please e-mail us for details

soulsessionsottawa@gmail.com or visit ashleyandkerry.com AROMATHERAPY WORKSHOPS

Sunday July 29, 2018

9 am - 5 pm Rain or shine http://www.midsummerherbfest.ca/


Certified Aromatherapist offering a workshop for beginners to learn the basics of working with essential oils and their therapeutic benefits. Workshop: $70, includes the theory (with booklet) and hands-on making 4 projects with essential oils. Email to register: riverrockcandles@gmail.com

July/August 2018

Do you want to create some change in your life that you havenâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t been able to do on your own? In your relationship? In your financial situation? Would you like to receive results to powerful life choices? Are you stuck? Do you want to change something in your life to feel better? Do you want freedom from pain? Physical or Emotional? Youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ll find relief from your stress within a few moments as we use tools highly effective to help with your dilemma. Give me a call at 613-228-2272, 613-7953751 or Send me an e-mail at aileen@aileensoasis.com


Natural Medicine: Better Than Pill?


ith the side-effects related to the traditional medicine, people are disillusioned and recognize the selflimiting nature of this approach. They turned towards natural modalities, energy medicine, supplement, practices that treat the body as a whole, i.e. physical, emotional, mental and spiritual (PEMS) states. The advent of Quantum Physics permitted the knowledge, wisdom from ancient civilizations and sciences to be acknowledged – now finding its way into mainstream society. To deal with the ever-expanding demand for natural products, services and lifestyle, a range of Wellness, Holistic and Integrative Health Clinics have been established. They provide education and guide people in addressing their needs – all-encompassing approach that fosters good PEMS health, lifestyle. The current environment places time restrains on individuals and families, limiting time to address wellbeing needs. With the advance in energy medicine technology, people are exploring viable health alternatives for healthier lifestyle. One such Modality is “Quantum Sound Therapy” that incorporates “Scalar Energy Technology” in “Tesla iQube”. It creates a blissful, zero-point energy field that raises your vibration, shifts your frequencies and transforms your life. By removing blockages in the PEMS bodies, it brings about harmony and helps eradicate health conditions – facilitating a collaborative environment, making “anything is possible” a reality. Given the diversity and interconnectedness of natural modalities, establishment of Wellness, Holistic and Integrative Health Clinics serves useful purpose. It provides centralized location to obtain information to make informed decisions.

Ottawa Spiritualist Temple Christian Spiritual Ministries Inc.

Olde Forge C.C., 2730 Carling Avenue Sunday Service at 1:30 pm Worship, Healing & Message Service

Rev. E. Stoddard

& Various Guest Mediums


To book your appointment, contact: Lise Desjardins: Tel: (613) 795-1469 or Pesi Shroff: info@zgoldenlight.com http://zgoldenlight.com/quantum-sound-therapy/ By Reiki Mater Pesi Shroff & Reiki II Lise Desjardins

Lise Desjardins 613-795-1469 Pesi Shroff info@zgoldenlight.com www.zgoldenlight.com

Are you looking for non-intrusive way to eradicate negative emotions: fear, anxiety, panic attacks, post-traumatic stress, sadness etc? Tired of medications with side effects? A 30 minute session for only $40 (tax in). Ask about other pkgs Sept 15 1-4PM

for Information call 613-521-9711


The rapid advancement in technology and energy medicine poses new challenges to clinics and centers alike, to remain current and provide the best solution to their clients. This challenge is readily addressed through a collaborative environment with businesses involved in latest technologies to foster a win/ win outcome for the greater good of the client. We, at Golden Light Therapies – operators of QST – embrace people-helping-people concept that provides such an environment – the sole purpose of which is to further wellbeing of humanity at this critical juncture in humanity’s conscious evolution. Golden Light Therapies – in alignment with the manufacturer’s mission to make this technology available to all – you get your 30-minute personal sound frequency track with graph interpretation for $40.

Group Quantum Sound Therapy session

Venue: 201-1980 Robertson Rd, Nepean, ON

July/August 2018


I Forgive You & Me

Written by Rev. Alexis Nicol hen we think of forgiveness it usually has to do with seeing blame or guilt in someone else. With great effort we say that we forgive them. We proudly tell ourselves and others that we don’t have an issue with that person anymore as we have forgiven them for whatever it was we believed was an affront against us or someone close to us. But, we continue to feel uncomfortable when we see them or encounter similar situations. If this is so then we still have work to do. We have forgotten to forgive ourselves. What? You say – it was them who did it not me, so why should I forgive myself? Are you crazy? When I find myself drawn into the emotion of guilt or blame (myself or others) I ask myself to go back, in my mind, to the earliest time I can remember when I experienced similar emotions. Doing so helps me realize that I had actually made a decision to believe an untruth. I chose to feel abandoned or rejected which further lead to me to the mistaken belief that I wasn’t good enough and not worthy of being loved. This emotion will inevitably come back time and again until it is confronted and healed. This can be accomplished by forgiving everyone involved especially myself for choosing the erroneous belief in the first place.


With great humility I push myself to accept that I made a simple mistake, that it’s OK to forgive and to remember my innocence. We are all born pure, innocent and deserving of being loved. With tender persistence and loving forgiveness we can heal spiritually, emotionally, mentally and even physically (holding on to guilt and blame will take its toll). Our forgiveness is imperative. It is liberating to realize we can heal ourselves by dispelling these toxic delusions. Practising forgiveness opens ourselves to receiving the love we were born to experience. Forgiveness is when we truly and lovingly release ourselves and others of ours and theirs mistaken beliefs or errors absorbed in our consciousness. Alexis believes in a Wholistic Metaphysical approach to healing mind, body and soul. She combines natural healing modalities in her practice. www.firstlighthealing.com 613-263-7925


Children’s Spirituality Begins with You! Learn to live within Spirit. Make the shift from Ego to Soul-Centered Living

613-261-1602 ego.triage@gmail.com egotriage.com


Subtle Energy Discernment Training

Diane Oliver Intuitive Life Strategist, Shamanic Healer, ''Spirit in 3D'' Teacher


hildren are born spiritual. They come from Spirit and they count on us to show them how to manage Spirit in a physical body in a material world. Our words, beliefs, and actions and those of our caregiver’s, are our child’s soul building blocks. The child learns by osmosis through repetition and imitation. When we wonder what life will be like for future generations, the answer lies in how we choose to live our life today, personally. Our only true legacy is our example as a group, as a society. What we set in motion today will have a rippling effect on future generations. This is the universal law of cause and effect. What we do ‘’habitually’’ generally becomes our family ways. The status quo is acceptable until it is challenged. The #metoo movement is forcing a review of society’s old way of thinking about women and their role in life. It is demanding it be revamped. All of a sudden, individuals are expected to have a respectful Soul-centered approach to life instead of an Egocentered one. How can this happen overnight when it has been ingrained in all of us as a group for hundreds of years? The answer lies in the sensitivity training that is found in the universal language of the Soul. The Soul is one of the components that make us human. It follows the rule of Universal Laws established by Great Spirit, while the Ego and its antics are defined by the self-centered human mind. We are here to learn how to manage this duality. It’s not difficult. If you start to learn and integrate this forgotten language now, your children will be affected. Over time, #metoo will not be needed since society’s core will have changed its course permanently. If you are interested in exploring this transition, reach out this summer! Diane Oliver. A resourceful intuitive strategist and soul healer and the founder of EgoTriage, Diane is not attached to her phone or computer. Please text, leave a message at 613261-1602, or email at ego.triage@gmail.com

July/August 2018



INDIAN HEAD MASSAGE Relax~Rejuvenate~Refresh

Indian Head Massage Both Men and Women can equally benefit

By appointment only, Marie Smith, B.A. B.Ed. Certified Practitioner, IHM @ ihmmetime@gmail.com



Yoga & Music Festival - Building a Sustainable New Earth Together August 17 -19, 2018, Ladysmith, QC All day yoga classes // Meditation // Workshops // Vendors Special guest speakers // International kirtan and music artists  Camping // Children's area // Campfire & more...

15% Discount

off any regular adult ticket. any quantity. Discount code: ToneMag2018 BhaktiInTheWoods.com


magine experiencing that deep relaxation, similar to a shampoo that we all welcome and enjoy with our hairstylist or barber, during an Indian Head Massage session; and lasting longer than a couple of minutes! An Indian Head Massage (IHM) treatment is the time for the client to Relax~Rejuventate~Refresh. What I have noticed is an IHM gives the client permission to slow down, take the steam off the pressure cooker, in a quiet, calm and peaceful environment. Reported benefits of this wonderful practice are feelings of general relaxation, to releasing tight and painful muscles, easing stiffness, along with breaking down knots in muscles. As well, there is possible improved lymphatic drainage which helps in the removal of waste products and toxins. An IHM treatment encourages deeper breathing and deep relaxation; many clients comment on how enjoyable and restful the experience is. A session of IHM triggers the release of “feel good” chemicals called endorphins, which uplifts the spirit creating a sense of well-being. A few years ago, Indian Head Massage (IHM) became the catalyst for me, to open a business to give back to many that silently have experienced or are experiencing the emptiness of their adult children leaving home. This period in my life was extremely lonely, my physical health was going south quickly, and quite honestly, I felt very little possibilities to move ahead as I had become a shadow of myself. I am grateful today on all levels; physical, emotional, intellectual, and spiritual for the interplay of a healthy balance I now live. Life is meant to be joyful! This is why I chose to become an Indian Head Massage Certified Practitioner. For more information about Indian Head Massage or to schedule a session contact Marie Smith, IHM Certified Practitioner at ihmmetime@gmail.com

July/August 2018


BodyTalk & Somatic Experiencing:

Am I Okay?


his is a wonderful question to ask ourselves, particularly if we have sustained trauma that has left lingering symptoms of physical, mental and/or emotional pain in our bodies and/or minds. While a trauma may have occurred, months, years, or even decades ago, our bodies still may be bracing themselves against the physical, mental and/or emotional blow/s that we experienced. When this happens, our muscles continuously fire signals to our brain telling it that we are still in acute danger, flooding the body with stress hormones and often leaving us in a state of hypervigilance (overprotecting, tensing, bracing). If there is too much activation for the nervous system to contain, the parasympathetic freeze response will also turn on and we will find ourselves immobilized and often in a state of hypovigilance (underprotecting, dissociating, numbing). These ongoing responses eventually tire the muscles, tissues, nervous, digestive and immune systems, etc. and lead to chronic pain and/ or disease over time. The mind often also follows by becoming anxious, depressed and/or looking for ways to escape the pain through addictions, numbing, pleasure seeking, etc. Both BodyTalk energy therapy and Somatic Experiencing trauma integration therapy can help to unwind these symptoms and let our minds and bodies know that we are physiologically okay. BodyTalk facilitates this by re-establishing communication between the various parts and systems that have become stressed, enabling energy to flow between them once more and the body and mind to heal itself. Somatic Experiencing facilitates this by helping to assess where we are “stuck” in the fight, flight or freeze responses and then tracks and discharges related bodily sensations to resolve fixated physiological states. As this resolution occurs, a deep sense of safety is restored from within and we begin to feel “okay” again on the physiological, physical, mental and emotional levels, which is essential to our experience of wellness, joy and aliveness in our lives. “Jaya has taken me on a profound journey of healing. From working through past traumas to preparing for the birth of my child, we have peeled back the layers together in a gentle and deeply restorative way. My health has returned and I find myself closer to inner peace than ever before.” ~ Ashley, Ottawa, ON

For more information and/or to book a session, please visit Jaya’s website at: www.energythrive.com or email her at: jaya@energythrive.com. On Wednesday July 11th, Jaya will be speaking at the Ottawa Root Cause Practitioners’ meetup, which is primarily for healthcare practitioners who have an interest in functional, holistic, integrative and naturopathic medicine. It will take place from 7-9:30pm at Ottawa Holistic Wellness, 356 MacLaren Street, Ottawa. For free registration, please visit the events page of Jaya’s website. Jaya Hollohan MA is a Certified Advanced Parama BodyTalk Practitioner, Cranial Sacral, Lymphatic Drainage, Mindfulness Life Coach, Reiki Practitioner, Hatha Yoga Teacher and is currently undertaking Peter Levine PhD’s 3 year Somatic Experiencing Professional Training, which assists in trauma resolution. She is Author of the book: “Who We Are When We Thrive: Remembering Happiness and Rediscovering Health”, as well as various guided meditations that are available through her website.

Spiritual home-based clinic starting in August

Offering relaxing spa massage and acupressure to release sore necks, shoulders and backs, energy healing, tarot readings, sound and Salt therapy, mani and pedis. www.startlivingwell.net 23 Rideau Heights Dr. Must call to book 613 697-9105


July/August 2018


Wellness Centre Imaginarium By Louise Lalande ~ coCreations


ssuming you could have ANY kind of wellness centre in Ottawa, what would it be? With no worries about money, location, time, planning, scheduling, what would you build? Would there be any special healing practitioners or unique features? Would it be online, or made of bricks and mortar? Who would it be for or focus on? What Nourish your creativity would you name it? These are questions I’ve had the July and August: pleasure of toying with: Ambrosia, my imaginary project, is a welcoming Summer Painting by the Lake building where allopathic medicine and alternative holistic therapies Connect with our artPlay community coexist to advance and enhance health services. Of course, given my obvious penchant for art-making, it includes an AHHA (Arts for Holistic Louise Lalande, Canada’s leading accredited Artist Way coach & facilitator Health and Awareness) Studio. Yes, Louise@coCreations.ca • 613.315.2030 • www.coCreations.ca punning along, it’s a place where people’s creative experience and aha moments are turning points in their quests. what our great-grandparents would have thought of Ambrosia is a beautiful, accessible, old-fashioned brick our current ways of living. Would it have been beyond building with large windows that fosters opportunities their wildest dreams when they were young adults? for people of all ages, cultures and religious background It wasn’t that long ago we lived without electricity, to celebrate differences and universal commonalities. never mind planes, TV or mobile phones. And with the It’s a place to celebrate life while exploring the magic of current technological advancements I’m guessing there transformation. are things to come that we cannot yet fathom. Designed with a central atrium filled with small trees, We have the power to change communities and how plants, herbs and flowers it encourages networking we coexist with the earth. Let’s explore the untapped and dialogues that promote collaboration, education, possibilities within us, within our reach. We have research, care and advocacy in innovative health. the ability to shift own energy and group dynamics. Bringing arts and health activities into the mainstream Sharing our dreams with others encourages them to of Canadian life it enriches individuals, families and spark into reality. Cultivating embodied awareness and communities alike. being present is a perfect and simple way of connecting AHHA programs combine art and spirit enquiries, with Source by being attentive to our intuition, body much like the SpiritArt Studio in Sandy Hill did a few sensations and mind. years ago. An array of art-based programs ranging Innovative thinkers are showing us the way. For from sacred geometry, mask-making, poetry, improv, example, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology soul collage, art journaling, sacred dance and more are (MIT) has a unique online course on edx.org called designed for participants to explore ones’ creativity and “u.lab: Leading From the Emerging Future. An spirituality. All spaces are equipped with ergonomic introduction to leading profound social, environmental design, gorgeous lighting and cutting-edge technology. and personal transformation.” It provides smart Hey, it is a dream project, nothing is lacking! practical tools that can be used for issues that matter Now, you may think it’s far-fetched or too big a to you while connecting with local and worldwide dream to have such a place in Ottawa, but really, is there change makers–and it’s free! It is based on a method anything too large or bizarre in an imaginarium? After called Theory U, developed at MIT, for leading change all, it’s a place where seeds are planted and realities in business, government, and civil society contexts realigned; the grounds for manifestation. Imagine worldwide.



July/August 2018


Quantum-Touch® Therapy:

YOGA and WELLNESS Aileen M. McKenna, Certified Quantum-Touch® Therapy Practitioner/Instructor, Law of Attraction and Empathic Life Coach, Certified Facilitator, Open Space Technology, and Small Group Processes


with keeping me alive and in one piece for the next 40 years. While those two disciplines taught me about the value of focus and contemplation, I have come to this current place of wellness through the practice and focus of Quantum-Touch therapy, which has provided for me a place where I can use this work to help others to feel the relaxation, the reduction of stress and pain as they spend one hour on my table while I use my tools of raising vibration and creating that space for healing as a regular practice with others.

OGA made an appearance in my life following the birth of my youngest child, when I was 28 years old and raising 6 other children Aileen M. McKenna is a Certified QT ranging in age from 10 years to 3 ½ Instructor and Practitioner, certified years. My body wasn’t very happy, as the first Canadian instructor and I’d lived with a spinal curvature in June 2004. She has taught classes since I was 10 following a car to 1,000s of students across Canada, accident, so I was constantly in pain, Offering updated model in the Caribbean and Scotland and and it wasn’t getting any better. for the first time sees 100s of clients annually in her I remember the man I was working private clinic in Ottawa. Aileen is with, loaned me a book on Yoga AILEEN MCKENNA certified as an Open Space Technology by Richard Hittleman, a book that Certified Quantum-Touch® Practitioner facilitator, and a facilitator of his wife was using. I was really Certified Quantum-Touch® Instructor small groups. She offers workshops intrigued by this work, and decided Associate Polarity Practitioner in other energy work, including that I’d give it a try. I didn’t know Certified Aromatherapist Grounding and the Art of Creating about yoga mats, but I knew I needed Sacred Space. Currently involved in to have something on the floor, so I AILEEN’S OASIS Law of Attraction coaching 12 month used an old quilt my mom had given 613-228-2272 • 613-795-3751 program and offering to work with aileen@aileensoasis.com me, and I spread it in the living room groups and individuals. Aileen has aileen.mckenna66@gmail.com floor after all the babies were in bed, been offering energy healing in the www.aileensoasis.com and started my practice. I truly Ottawa area for more than 25 years, www.quantumtouch.com believe that I had begun my way to initially with Polarity therapy and wellness at a very basic level, as I Cranio-Sacral prior to learning could do most of the asanas without too much problem, Quantum-Touch® therapy. Aileen is now in the process and my body began to feel better, to move more easily, of becoming a Law of Attraction Coach. and without pain. Several years later, I discovered meditation, in the You can reach her at 613-228-2272, at 613-795-3751, and form of Transcendental meditation, and while I couldn’t by e-mail at aileen.mckenna66@gmail.com, at aileen@ afford to take the training, I found a book, and used this aileensoasis.com, or you can check out her website form of relaxation while on the bus journey to and from at www.aileensoasis.com, her blogsite at www. work, the journey of 1 hour twice each day. I certainly, wellnessunlimited.ca and the Quantum-Touch website and without any hesitation, credit these two modalities at www.quantumtouch.com.

Breakthrough in Energy Healing

Our big dreams don’t have to stay in the Imaginarium. Let’s share them and do what we’re able to do in our every day, one step forward at the time. After all, that’s how all great projects started! Louise Lalande helps women manage stress and create authentic purpose-built lives. Spiritual guide, artist, and the only accredited Artist’s Way teaching in Canada, she coaches and facilitates to impart creative tools that recapture lightheartedness and reclaim health. She can be reached at louise@coCreations.ca or 613.315.2030.


July/August 2018


Anything can cause anything & anything can balance anything, as Source intended by T. Martee Tegtmeyer, CenKP, TFHIC, TATHP


3) Planet Botanix (see ad insert) is hosting International Kinesiology College (IKC) Touch For Health (TFH) School open house (no pre-registration required) 10am -12:30 Sat July 7, for classes later in July. [TFH Continuing Education credits count for chiropractors, nurses, RMTs], & from 1pm to 6pm for a Special Offer of up to 3 people for a “HEALTH & WELLNESS CLINIC.” As Open House is FREE, a voluntary contribution to ‘Save the Sacred’ Ottawa River watershed would be appreciated. FreetheFalls. ca supporting itissacred.ca

ook: Beyond the Light, PMH Atwater, 1994 ... tells of many near-death experiences including one of my teachers, Margaret Fields Kean, which is fully documented. Physiological effects: for adults more sensitive, more playful, more vegetables, anticipating going home soon; for children look older/act seem more mature, more meat; wishing to go home sooner. Using Muscle Response Testing recently verified ACADEMICALLY at Oxford University in 2014 now Come & Convince yourselves! published on line, Margaret’s CIRCA 1985 modality, Guest Stephen Carr, certified Reconnective Healing® now re-named “God’s Priority INDICATOR Results Foundational Practitioner of Brockville is also System”, shortly before her final passing for the available for individual sessions. last time in 2009. 10 and 17 day intensive training programs available! Gr8 for spiritual emergence & integration! Included NOW is her nearHolistic Integrative Arts (HIA), Ultimate Wellbeing EDUCATiON (U WE) death experience (NDE) meditation & Feel better, faster with economy of energy, effort & expense as Source intended modality...aka “the game of life”; “the ONENESS Process.” Take a selected pattern on an astral journey to higher levels of consciousness to receive added skills and talents, & to return to Mother Earth on assignment to serve humanity & Mother Earth as a Master… 1) www.EnergyBalanceExchange.org. @ OTTAWA CITIZEN BLDG 7pm to 9:30pm Fri. July 6 Voluntary contribution of $5 or more appreciated. Guest volunteer presenter is Meghan Perry on rejuvenation & relaxation thru sound & meditation. During second half of evening Martee is offering sample FREE minisessions using the ONENESS Process. No pre-registration required. Important note: For all Ottawa appointments, classes and playshops, contact Mabe Kwan (613) 981-3308, at innerjoyessentials@hotmail.com

2) Shanghai Restaurant is hosting three 3-hour module playshops on the ONENESS Process. (Noon to 3pm: Fri July 20, Sat July 21, Wed July 25. Also we have a Special Offer up to 3 people “HEALTH & WELLNESS CLINIC” 55 minute appointments: 9am to noon, 3-4pm Fri July 20 thru Sat July 28. Closed Sunday July 22. For background class details: www. healingwiththeta.com/oneness-process.html (Note we also offer all three playshops 9am to noon, 1-4pm, 6-9pm Sun Aug 5, at Newmarket Only for these playshops is Registration online: www.healingwiththeta.com/oneness-process.html)


or all Ottawa appointments, classes and playshops,

contact Mabe Kwan (613) 981-3308 at innerjoyessentials@hotmail.com

At Planet Botanix, OTTAWA

301 Bank St. K2P 1X7

Meet & Greet & Demos 10am to 12:30pm, Sat July 7 FREE (donation to protect the sacred Ottawa watershed appreciated) showcasing International Kinesiology College (IKC) Touch For Health (TFH) School classes later in July. TFH Continuing Education course credits count for chiropractors, nurses and Registered Massage Therapists. Special Offer of "HEALTH & WELLNESS CLINIC" 55 minute appointments up to 3 people Sat July 7 1-6pm $120/hr total

A) TFH Level 1 14-Muscle/Meridian “Balancing As-You-Go” Mon JULY 23-Tues July 24; (also Wed Aug 1-Thu Aug 2, HealingWithTheta Centre, Newmarket) 15 HOURS credit 10am to 6pm $400 + $40 for manual, all in. http://ikc-info.org/touch-for-health-classes-1/touch-for-health-level-1 B) TFH Level 2 One Point Balancing Thur JULY 26-FRI July 27; (also Fri Aug 3-Sat Aug 4, Newmarket) 15 HOURS credit 10am to 6pm $400 + manual from Level 1, all in (pre-req. Level 1) http://ikc-info.org/touch-for-health-classes-1/touch-for-health-level-2 C) TFH Goal Setting & Metaphors Workshop (pre-reqs TFH Levels 1 & 2) Mon JULY 30 - Tues July 31; 15 HOURS credit 10am to 6pm $400 + $30 for book


At Shanghai Restaurant, Ottawa 651 Somerset St. W. K1R 5K3 We offer three 3-hour module playshops on the ONENESS Process (Noon to 3pm: Fri July 20, Sat July 21, Wed July 25) $100 each all in, (Note we also offer all three playshops 9am to noon, 1-4pm, 6-9pm Sun Aug 5, at Newmarket Only for these playshops is Registration online: https://www.healingwiththeta.com/oneness-process.html)

Special Offer of "HEALTH & WELLNESS CLINIC" 55 minute appointments up to 3 people 9am to noon, 3-4pm Fri July 20 thru Tues July 31, $120/hr total

Martee Tegtmeyer ca.linkedin.com/in/tmtegtmeyer/ is your instructor and main facilitator: An additional bonus, is guest Stephen Carr, certified Reconnective Healing® Foundational Practitioner of Brockville: available for individual sessions. 30 min. plus 15 min. de-brief, $120 https://store.thereconnection.com/online-essentials-course/. Deposit required. Balance due before sessions start. Give it a go & convince yourselves! Call Martee 613.769.5575 martee1111@gmail.com or Stephen 613.498.0707 stevesenergyhealing@gmail.com for future remote & distance sessions.

July/August 2018


Re-Awakening The Blueprint of Your Soul: A totally transformative and revolutionary way to heal, step into your soul’s purpose and live your light This one on one, 8-Week Program will take you on a journey from the lost self, the hidden self and the unexpressed self, to the one you planned for long, long ago. During our 8 weeks together, we will see how re-awakening and activating the blueprint of your Soul is the very thing your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies require to heal and step into the fullness of their being. This is done through an inner alignment whereby you are able to see and live your truth and thrive.

“The truth shall set you free.”

How the Re-Awakening The Blueprint of Your Soul program can help you:  Meeting and Activating The Blueprint of Your Soul – This sets the tone of our 8 weeks together. This is where you get deeply honest and unapologetic about the needs, desires and non-negotiables that are pulsing within you.

 Write the “Letter of Your Soul” to activate open communication with your Guides and your Higher Self

HCC Ottawa West are back and planning their first meeting July 10 Stephen Whiteley happinessworks4u@gmail.com 613-857-5814

 3 Unity Field Healing (UFH) Sessions. This new energetic healing is the most profound healing energy that is available on the planet at this time. To read more about UFH, please read the article entitled Unity Field Healing: The New Energy Work Making Big Shifts, at www.thenourishedsoul.ca

 Soul Retrieval work to heal and call home lost and wounded parts of the soul  Raw, honest journaling exercises to heal the unfelt parts of you – one of the best ways to heal physical pain

 Work with the energy of Surrender – healing our need to control and sacrifice  Working with self-love to create boundaries, learning to say “yes” to yourself and how to honour yourself every single day

Ann is a highly adept intuitive healer who has a very unique way of ‘going in’ and working with energy to create deep healing. For more information on this transformative program, please go to www.thenourishedsoul.ca or contact Ann at info@thenourishedsoul.ca or 613-218-6899

Summer Rejuvenation The time is right, with summer ripe Your body to activate And rejuvenate. Let go of built up tension With a hands-on intervention Bring back your simplicity From unwanted ‘toxicity’ And find better sleep With a naturopathic tweak. Consider your wellness, Make a priority stop And take your ‘vehicle’ to the body shop. -Monica Timbal


July/August 2018


Essential Oils for Love


lang ylang, Cananga oderata, literally means flower of flowers. As well as lowering high blood pressure, general skin care and calming the central nervous system, it is also toted as an aphrodisiac. I find ylang ylang on its own is really overpowering. If you wish to balance out its intensity, it blends well with lavender and citrus oils. My favourite combination is with lime and black pepper! Patchouli, Postemon cablin, is another oil of many talents. It is also useful in skincare, as well as repelling insects and feelings of exhaustion. Patchouli is indicated in cases of frigidity, and, as with ylang ylang can be a pretty intense aroma on its own. Patchouli blends well with lavender, orange and bergamot, to name a few. I tend to think of frankincense (Boswellia carteri) primarily as a spiritual oil, although it is also excellent for pulmonary congestion and digestive aid. In terms of enhancing sexuality, frankincense lessens anxiety, tension and stress-all conducive to a romantic interlude. Geranium is a wonderful balancer: for hormones and for skin. Because of its hormonal effect, geranium (Pelargonium graveolens) may help to balance out moods, and so is included here. Everyone knows lavender, a mood enhancer and calming oil. There are many different species: the two best known being Lavandula angustifolia and Lavendula officinalis. Lavender also has wonderful skin cell regenerating properties, and is antibacterial and anti-inflammatory, so useful with injuries.

Soundara Rajan

Daughter of Professor Krishnamurthy

The flower kingdom also gives us rose, jasmine and neroli. Rose is a heart-centered oil and, like geranium and lavender has an affinity with the female reproductive system. The best known species are Rosa damascena and Rosa centifolia. The florals are pretty easy to blend with other oils. Jasmine is considered an aphrodisiac. Common species are grandiflorum and sambac. Jasmine Grandiflorum flowers bloom in the early dawn as opposed to Sambac which blooms in the evening. Jasmineâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s ability to be an antidepressant may help its reputation as an aphrodisiac. It is also wonderful for coughs and laryngitis, and is helpful for most skin types. Clary sage is included because it is a good nerve tonic, as well as an antidepressant and sedative. It does have the reputation of being an aphrodisiac, and this may come from the aforementioned characteristics, as well as its ability to balance out the female reproductive system. Clary sage (Salvia sclarea) has an unusual scent that blends well with the citrus oils, among others. I would be remiss if I did not mention sandalwood in this article, however, the East Indian sandalwood we know and love (Santalum album) is now an endangered species. There is an Australian variety that is cultivated, Santalum Spicatum, and is said to have better anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial properties. It is well known as an aphrodisiac, helping with impotence and frigidity. Its scent is very gentle, and combines well with most other oils. You may be beginning to see a pattern here: many of the oils are relaxing! Scent is very powerful on its own, but the advantage of the essential oils is that they have therapeutic properties as well. I welcome you to come in and experience the scent of these oils firsthand! Š2013 Heather Garrod is a Certified Aromatherapist and owner of Planet Botanix at 301 Bank St (Near Somerset). As well as providing the ingredients for DIY bodycare, she also facilitates monthly workshops. www.planetbotanix.com 613.567.4444

Practicing and Teaching Stellar and Vedic Astrology Guiding people since 1959 in Finances, Career, Investment, Relationship and Family. Teaching meditation Individual service as well as follow-up queries 1 Woodthrush Green, Ottawa, ON, K1V 0A9

737-5206 â&#x20AC;˘ Fax: 739-2973


July/August 2018


Us Book Views: 5 Star For “Our World Is Burning”


his book exudes a quiet power with the strength to reshape the reader’s mindset. In a time of stress, uncertainty, rampant consumerism, and divisive politics, one could easily succumb to the modern dogeat-dog mentality. It’s easy to feel like a small, meaningless pebble in the vast sea of society, but Dr. Ian Prattis—guru, Zen teacher, former anthropology professor, and writer—believes there’s a better way to live based on mindfulness and simplicity. In his essay collection, Our World is Burning: My Views on Mindful Engagement, Dr. Prattis argues that we can improve not just our lives but the world around us by becoming an island of mindfulness within human society. Our World is Burning presents sixteen essays which strive to teach the benefits of mindful engagement for individuals, communities, and the Earth.

Please join us for a free spiritual session in Ottawa with:

September 1st, 1 PM- 4 PM 1480 Heron Road Please contact 613 301 8995/ 613 799 6763 or 613 852 3398 for details. YouTube: TheAnchorOfLife with Brajesh Gautam


These essays are divided into four parts, each based on a different area which mindfulness can positively impact: global climate change, family and community, healing and transformation, and spiritual support. Dr. Prattis shows readers what mindfulness can do for them and the small ways in which readers can rewire their consumerist thoughts and become more present in the here and now. While conveying many of the same messages as other spiritual works, Our World is Burning stands out for its calm honesty. Dr. Prattis does not pull any punches, whether he’s talking about society, his loved ones, or his own life. He lays out the facts truthfully but without the angry, accusatory tone which often accompanies topics such as global climate change. Readers might feel guilty as a result of this book’s truths, but not because of the author’s tone; instead, they will feel the weight of his words, and readers will know that it is time to take action. Fortunately for those who do not like academic essays, Dr. Prattis does not rely on this method to convey his views. Also, as Dr. Prattis warns in the “Invitation,” these essays do not focus on scientific research or statistics. Rather, Dr. Prattis uses personal anecdotes, references to prophetic movies and books, and even a fictional depiction of measures which may become necessary due to global climate change. This variety allows readers to avoid any dry patches due to the monotone of typical essay writing—that is, if they are truly interested in the subject matter. That being said, this book is not for everyone. Dr. Prattis makes claims which will rub some readers the wrong way. Namely, his remarks on the destructive nature of consumerism and society’s reluctance to adapt will strike a nerve with more conservative readers. However, those really looking for what’s missing in their lives, those who want to make a difference but don’t think they can, will find a wise guide in Dr. Prattis. He teaches readers that they might just be one person, but it only takes 2% of us meditating to bring change to the entire world. His personal anecdotes and conversations with family members will especially touch such readers, showing them that Dr. Prattis knows these methods work firsthand and is not just a “do as I say, not as I do” instructor. For those wanting an insightful, inspirational examination of mindfulness in the modern era, look no further. This book will strike your heart and point you down a path of meditation, simplicity, and mindfulness. This new path will be difficult, but the peace and hope which Dr. Prattis promises will be worth the obstacles Order Book: Amazon, Indigo, Author Autograph http://ianprattis.com/OurWorldIsBurning.html

July/August 2018


Happiness on Parliament Hill July 30 Ian Prattis


appiness on Parliament Hill is a movement to bring greater happiness, love and community to the city of Ottawa and globally through accessible meditation and mindfulness events. Mondays during the summer. WHERE: Parliament Hill, July 30, 12 noon – 1pm with Dr Ian Prattis, Zen Teacher. WHY: You’re looking to infuse your day and life with a greater dose of positive vibes and happiness and be part of a community that fosters loving kindness in each of its members. WHO: Why You of course! My Bio - Poet, Global Traveler, Founder of Friends for Peace, and Spiritual Warrior for planetary care, peace and social justice. I studied Tibetan Buddhism with Lama Tarchin in the early 1980’s, Engaged Buddhism with Zen Master Thich Nhat Hanh much later, Christian meditation with the Benedictines, and was trained by First Nation medicine people and shamans in their healing practices. I also studied the Vedic tradition of Siddha Samadhi Yoga, and taught this tradition of meditation in India and was ordained as a teacher and initiator – acknowledged in India as a guru. I presently live in Ottawa, Canada and encourage people to find their true nature, so that humanity and the planet may be renewed. I mostly stay local to help turn the tide in my home city so that good things begin to happen spontaneously. My novel – Redemption – is being made into a movie – and my poetry, memoirs, fiction, articles, blogs and podcasts appear in a wide range of venues. The latest book is “Our World is Burning: My Views on Mindful Engagement” #1 on Amazon.ca for a while. Beneath the polished urban facade there remains a part of human nature that few acknowledge, because it is easier to deny the basic instincts that have kept us alive on an


unforgiving earth. I choose to go there in my literary work. A stone tossed into the waters of life. In my career as an anthropologist I was fortunate to encounter many First Nation story tellers across North America: Dene, Hopi, Ojibwa, Algonquin, Inuit – to mention a few. Their poetic recounting of myths and history had a deep impact upon me. I would say that without poetry cultures implode. Over a period of thirty years, four extraordinary aboriginal medicine people enhanced my process of remembering. Through their mentoring, I learned how to reconfigure my understanding of time, place, consciousness, and re-write some of Carl Jung’s psychology. I chose to listen to the feminine voice of Earth Wisdom rather than to the multitude of competing voices in my deep unconscious. My books weave together seamlessly to create inspiration. Global citizens are staring into the abyss. Instead of being eaten up by it all, I say to them - “Awaken spiritually,” for that transforms everything. We have made our world an unpredictable beast because we fail to work with it intelligently. Turning on the switch of awakening seems to be a good idea right now. We just need to touch the sacred in ordinary experiences of life to find the courage and determination to transform. My purpose in life is to share my wealth of experience on how to live in harmony not just with ourselves but with the place we call home… Earth. The human race does not need to be stuck with maladaptive options and patterns. My writing delivers a vigorous message about personal transformation in order to become responsible stewards of the earth and society. Description of Meditation offering 1. Settling and stretching into the space of meditation. 2. Then 15 minutes of chanting a Tibetan chant about wellness. In English. Accompanied by a shaman’s drum. 3. Final 15 minutes - meditation on the breath I will have a meditation CD and offer this at half price to anyone interested. Facebook Author Page www.facebook.com/IanPrattisAuthor/

July/August 2018


Divine Presence Channelled by Lisa Virtue


hat is Divine Presence? Is it how you feel? Is it what is said, expressed or communicated in some way? A sense or a feeling perhaps? How is one to know Divine Presence, to distinguish it from other? These questions have been asked by many spiritual seekers through the eons. The beginning, or perhaps it’s truly the ending, is, “Who am I?” In becoming more acutely aware of how you feel as who you are, you establish a baseline of comparison. If you are expanding in to the field of communication with other lifeforms, other energy beings, then you will more clearly ascribe attributes as “other” in comparison to your own, well-understood sense of self. This leads to greater clarity not only in communication, but in discernment when picking up on the energies present around you. This is helpful for life in the duality perspective. Choosing to distinguish what is truly yours versus the energy being generated by someone near you can save much confusion. Yet Divine Presence is ultimately a state beyond duality. So why then is it even worth mentioning? There is a sense within you of something better, beyond, or more than you sense yourself as now. Longing calls to you. The longing stems from the growing clarity within you, the growing connection to your divine self. As the veil lessens, the sensing of the closeness of “the answer” becomes even stronger. That which you seek can be labelled “Divine Presence.” All is unified in the Divine. Dualism is but


a state of mind, a temporary thought pattern. Divine Presence in much of history is attributed to a single deity held in a framework understood by mankind. Yet here we are, down the road, still searching. The answer, ultimately, is that you truly are Divine Presence. Everything surrounding you is part of Divine Presence. Relax the hold that constructs of your society have upon your mind, your discernment and your thinking patterns. This will aid in easing you in to the relaxed knowing, or remembering, of what is felt at a level inside you that has been a wisp until now. The time now is chosen for you to grab hold of the wisp in your focus. To alter your focus to highlight the inner aspect. Choose to sense, interpret, feel and know through the lens of the inner self. Your decision to do so allows the hold of that which confronts you daily as fearfully real, to lose its grip and start to fade. Soon you begin to filter your perceptions through the new lens of Self. What this means is a new era for you and those in your perception. Trust and have faith that the inner presence is the Divine Presence that is you, broaching in to this dream you are having to aid, as you have called on it to. Bringing you slowly back to the awareness of your true Self. Bringing forth a more satisfying “lucid dream” as you make your way eventually to return to full consciousness in your true, divine self – Source. Fear not. It is you who answers your call. It is you who creates. With love. Always. Graciously awaiting your return to consciousness, Your Own Beingness. I will be lifting my roots from Ottawa in August to embrace being a mobile, global citizen. First stop is Costa Rica. I’m so excited that there is a whale sanctuary nearby with a festival in September. If you would like to come and partake we can create a full retreat. Simply email your interest. I will make periodic visits to Ottawa to offer healing, channeling, events and workshops. While elsewhere, sessions can be done via phone, internet, or distance. In person sessions are now available until the end of July. Channelled articles will be available on my website’s blog. …Always together in Spirit… See you soon… Namasté. Lisa

July/August 2018



T H E H E A RT O F I N Q U I RY A Diamond Approach Introductory Seminar Open to the Public “ I wish I could show you, when you are lonely or in darkness, the astonishing light of your own being. – Hafiz “

The Diamond Approach is a path of wisdom through direct experience. It recognizes the uniqueness of each

individual and adapts itself to each person’s needs at the time. It does not require that people adapt to some ideal, but welcomes people as they are and helps them to take the natural next step for their unique development. In this weekend retreat we will explore our inner flame. We will look at how it guides our heart on its inner

journey. What dampens this inner fire and what can unleash our passion for truth? We will explore how working with self-inquiry and the practice of presence can open our heart and fuel our flame.


The group is non-residential and will meet 3 times a year in a weekend format. There will be a 4th retreat

via Zoom webinar in the winter. These retreats will include evocative teachings, meditation and body-based practices, experiential exercises, and self-inquiry.

Friday, August 10th 6:30pm - 9:30pm (registration begins 5:45pm)


Saturday, August 11th & Sunday, August 12th 10:00am - 6:00pm LOC AT ION :

Saint Paul University 223 Main Street, Rm L-120 Ottawa, ON K1S 1C4

T E AC H E R S :

Lisa Barrett and Carolyn Cerame


• $425 + HST • $350 + HST for members currently enrolled in an ongoing Diamond Approach group • $300 + HST for University Full-time students


For registration and information, please contact Lisa Barrett at 2simplybeing@gmail.com

mysterious. The truth is always what is there, your experience at that moment, “ The truth isnotnothing in the past and not in the future. The truth is now, and your life is now. ”

- A.H. Almaas, Founder of the Ridhwan School and the teaching of the Diamond Approach

Please visit www.diamondapproach.org to learn more about the Diamond Approach.


APPROACH and RIDHWAN are registered trademarks of the Ridhwan Foundation. 40DIAMOND APPROACH, RIDHWAN DIAMONDJuly/August 2018


Soulmating A Woman Power

"I Welcome You to Journey with Me"

The Sacred Feminine


Your Powers Within

What You've Forgotten & How to Awaken to it! Domaine Val Carroll, Laurentians, Qc Canada

July 27, 28, 29 All-inclusive: Lodging, Meals, Activities begins at $350 & Up Go to website for video & details.


HEALER OF HEALERS TEACHER OF TEACHERS www.michelestamour.com                 819-592-SOUL N O M A D I C | 2 4


July/August 2018


Profile for Tone Canada

July/August 2018 Tone Magazine  

The summer 2018 issue of Tone Magazine Ottawa. One of Canada's longest running health and wellness magazine.

July/August 2018 Tone Magazine  

The summer 2018 issue of Tone Magazine Ottawa. One of Canada's longest running health and wellness magazine.

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