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THE TRACK The and one off

journey begins. You grab your bag, put in the writing tool the laptop. Ofcourse the laptop, what would we be without during the course Creative Industy?... And there we go, to school.



The course Creative Industie is over! ALREADY? Yeah, already. The time flies when you’re having a good timezzz. A very inspiring course which made me think about the world around us, how we are manipulated by marketingcompanies, with creative ideas and brilliant ways of persuading people. This is not the only part, there is a very possitive side to is as well. Inspiration. People who are inspiring, Landscapes which are inspiring. In fact, the whole world can ben an source of inspiration. But where should we start? Text: Tom WeggelaarWW

The communiďż˝ The communication catie

Communication is spreading the word of powder chasers. Powder Chasers covers verity different platforms to reach the target group intended. Powder Chasers wants to reach adolescents who have or want to have an active life, especially focused at the more extreme snow experiences. The readers may be an active of passive audience. Doing or supporting and enjoy seeing others doing the snow experiences it’s what it is all about. The magazine, blogs, video blogs and other online content are there to inspire others to do something different than the usual snow holyday. There are so many ways to enjoy the mountain which are not that well known. Powder Chasers intent to start the conversation by writing about experiences. People may react and post their own input which gives new inspiration to others. New ideas, other ways of enjoying the mountains and maybe even more, who knows?

The magazine will be the summary of all the other content. The website with the blogs, video blogs and forum should provide enough content to work with. At the start there will be a blog with added pictures (flickr) and vids (youtube). New topics, new releases and experiences will be posted on the web (facebook & twitter). This will provide that start content to work with. Every three months a magazine will be published. The magazine should be full of the online content as well as professional interviews and opinions. Due to the interest in the snow and ski lifestyle, material tests will be an interesting section to read.

Text: Tom Weggelaar

BLOG part 2 Hello there! I’m the skier at the right corner of this page. I’m a 25 year old guy who is a student Leisure management, a skier and a ski teacher. Just now, sadly enough, only a student because the winter is just passed by. The winters inspire me. The weather, the snow as well as how people are acting during that time of the year. It is the darkest season of the year in Europe, that’s a fact. People around me are getting a little depressed by the darkness and rain; they call it a winter depression. Sadly enough! The winter is such a beautiful season. It’s not possible in The Netherlands to be at its best, but we can travel right? Try the Alpes. High mountains

covered with heavenly white snow. When the sun is shining right at it, it looks like the snow is made of diamonds, flaring up in the sky. The winter isn’t that bad. We just have to realize that there will be moments to enjoy. If you don’t have your eyes open at that particular moment… You will not see it. Open your eyes en enjoy the beautiful nature as it is. The winter comes with a variety of things to get inspired by. I already talked about the nature which can be amazing, though there is more. A

lot more. Sports! That is one of the talents I have. Doing great at sports, or in this case: skiing. Skiing has been a part of my life since I started with it 17 years ago. The holyday I was looking forward to soooooooo bad! I was counting the days before we would leave our house, to go to the mountains. It is skiing that made me realize how beautiful the winter could be! At the beginning I just went skiing with my parents and brother, which I enjoyed really much. After a couple of years we could not go because of an injury. I took a year of from school and that was the moment. I took a course to become a ski teacher. My teachers taught

me well but they inspired me even more. They knew so much about the mountains, the snow and even the weather! Since then I wanted to become like them. In germen they are called “bergmeisters” and “ausbilders”. People who train others to become a ski teacher. But that is just the start. Besides the ski teacher thing, they are involved with controlling the snow on the mountains, participating in contests etc. I do everything to be just a little bit as good as they are. This is what drives me to get out of bed. Go to school, train, work and train again.

Text; Tom Weggelaar

Be connected With be connected is mend branding 2.0. The possibilities are growing for the once who see or want to see. You have got to stay connected through multiple social media site on the web. Powder Chasers is building on that concept. Information is gathered in real life and is shared on the different sites. Each one got a different purpose.

seminar Chrys kluwe: Augmented reality and sports

Augmented reality will change our lives and will be a part of it. It is happening at the moment. We all know the google glass. With google glass it is possible to see from the eyes of a football player running at 100mph. You get a sense of the fear of the player. It takes you a little bit of the feeling of how it should be on the feel or wherever the player is. We have got that sort of experience now with GoPro and Google Glass, but how could we take a step further? The Oculus Rift will possibly take it to the next step. The Oculus Rift makes it possible to move your head and the image changes if your head does. But still it is called virtual reality? How can we take it from VR to AR? When the coaches can use these images and recordings, it will change the sport. A football player could call the plays much quicker or even without using any voice. Making errors will occur less and the coaches will win more games. More games more money etc. The glass could tell you when a player is open to receive a pass or score a point. You in person would not have seen it because it all happened out of sight but thanks to the augmented reality you could. All of the steps during the game can be followed by the fans and just from a comfortable seat in the house. But is it only for entertainment purpose only? No. Chris believes it does not. It makes it possible to look through the eye of someone else. Maybe you choose a famous person or a poor guy. Even for a teacher to show a bully what he actually does. Text: Tom Weggelaar



Snowtrip 2015

Blog part 2 So I went to this seminar a couple of days ago. It was about augmented reality, which is sort of a virtual reality thing but taken a step further. Like real life but virtual, like being a character in a game called life. Shouldn’t it be a real awesome idea to take that kind of technology to skiing as well? For instance, when a skier wants to train his short turn slalom, but the slopes doesn’t have flags planted to go around, the virtual reality glasses or lenses show those flags for you. That is just one of the possibilities. Another very cool one is like when you are skiing on an indoor slope wearing those glasses; it is like

you are in Austria or whatever. The perfect thing to do in the summer when there is no chance of good snow anywhere around. Just like a leisure activity or training. Much cheaper because we don’t need to travel that far or buy those idiotic expensive ski passes and we can still improve our ski techniques like you are in Austria. How awesome would that kind of technologies be? Text:



Tom Weggelaar Stellingmolen 63 0652645358 15-05-1989 Purmerend 2010- VrijeTijdsManagement InHolland. 2009-2010 Hoger Toeristisch en Recreatief Onderwijs 2007-2008 ALO Amsterdam 2000-2007 HAVO

2009 Opleiding voor Landes skileraar 2008 Anwärter Kaprun 2008 NSL2 Zoetermeer 2008 NLS1 Zoetermeer

2012-2013 Werkzaam Ronald McDonald Centre als Floormanager. 2012-2013 Stagiair Sport&Evenementen Ronald McDonald Centre Only Friends. 2012- Freeride clinics skiën geven. 2012-2013 Werken in een café als barman/bediening. 2011- Werken bij/aan site (internetshop). 2008- Skileraar in Oostenrijk. 2007- Koerier bij Spare Rib Express.

Guest lectures During the course of Creative industry, several persons were giving guestlectures for the students. They talked about their experienceses in die workfield of Leisure. Three persons were chosen for the magazine Powder Chasers.

Richard Kelliher Potato Pixels During the Handshake we had a guest lecture from Richard Kelliher. An art director for his own company called Patato Pixels, which was founded in 2005. He showed a couple examples of magazines which were perfect to get inspiration from for my own magazine. Besides of the examples, he gave great advice too: Get the opinion of others: ask others what they think of the concept and this will give another look to your own thoughts, a different perspective.

Be you audience: try to look through the eyes of your audience. What will they expect from it? Smile: Every has a silver ing.

cloud lin-

Rhythm: The magazine should have a rhythm which makes it more coherent. Inspiration: Look for something new, something not done before. Find inspiration and use everything a source of inspiration.

Amsterdam Light Fesitval Frans van dam light

Konijnenberg, Amsterfestival (ALF)

The first period of the course Creative Industy was about the research part for a company. The company/organization of my group was the Amsterdam Light Festival. Frans van Konijnenberg was the commissioner client. He gave a presentation as well. His lecture was about the festival and how and why it took place. The magic of light and what is does to people especially during the dark days around December. It gives people a warm a good feeling. The festival takes place in the center of Amsterdam. More than 250.000 people visited the festival. Not only is the festival good for the organization, but others profit from it as well. There were 22% more hotel bookings during the period as usual. An event what gives energy to the city of Amsterdam. The light sculptures and art giving the city a beautiful time.

Fritha Knudsen Fritha Knudsen is an American woman who’s worked for companies as Google and Virgin. Her guest lecture was a true inspiration. The lecture consisted out of three parts. The first one was about an event for the company Virgin Galactic. An event in contribute for the first commercial flights to space. This event took place in Las Vegas. Most of the visitors of the event were press related. This fact made it essential that the first impression should be perfect. In spite of all the effort, the event didn’t take place. The event was cancelled because of the weather. The second part was as well for the company Virgin Galactic. It was the opening of a station for the mother ship. This even took place in the dessert of Las Vegas as well. The last experience she talked about is done for a company called Sales Force. An event with over 20.000 visitors and it took place in the streets of San Francisco. The area’s changed every couple of hours which needed a very good planning and a very well written production. There was permission to close the streets down for two days before the event. Quite hard to manage.

Bob Frontire a true inspiration Bob Frontier, for Powder Chasers a legend, but for the others: Who are you? I’m Bob, a skier, born and bred in Austria. I’m 38 years old right now and going strong again.

touched the snow and the next thing I know I wake up in the hospital not knowing what I know now. And



When I woke up I could not move my legs and the docWhat you tor told me mean by that during again? the fall I did break my A couple of lower back, no year back, we were chance of recovin France shooting ery. a ski movie. I was coaching the young That would have group of talent been hard for you skiers through the don’t it? mountain, when I fell down from It crushed my life the cliff. At at first but I the moment I was started to see new 33 years old and possibilities. The a ski guide for doctor to be that off-piste skiers. I would kick ass Normally I would in the wheelchair have made such a and if I wanted in drop but this time a sit ski and that I misjudged the is what I told evdistance and fell eryone that day. down hard. What Enjoy skiing like I now is that I I did and I will

be back! I’m going to be back in the mountains. And go?



So you started with powder skiing again?


During the winter of 2013 we went to Canada for the The recovery went most beautiful quite well actual- powder landscapes ly. My back healed of the world. I quite well and be- met my teacher fore anyone bethere who was also lieved I was back in a sit ski and on the skis again, together we went or acto the tually top. Nothski. ing could beat the The feeling I start of had when a new we stood beginthere. The ning so snow rewe have flectseen. ed on the snow with In a blue sky 2010 I above our learned heads. how to ski and And how is in the your life winter right now? of 2011 I competed in sit Marc Willings and ski racing. But I opened a ski still it didn’t school together complete my life where disabled and and I wanted more, normal skiers ski more powder actutogether down the ally. I’m a frees- mountains. A true kier and that is dream became realwhat I want to do. ity. I could not I would stop until have dreamed this I give an honest when I woke up in effort to it. that hospital.




Crossmedial Concept Crossmedial concepting means that a concept is using more than one kind of media to start the conversation with the consumer. The goal is of the concepting part is the generate reactions. For example, when a TV-show uses different media in order to communicate their message, like an internet page, magazine AND the TV-show, it is called crossmedia. It is only called like that when that one message is the same in all media. To complete your crossmedial concept, you have got to do more than just the TV and an internet site, you have got to go for the whole package. I have chosen Salomon Freeski as exampleconcept. They want to send their message of experiencing the ultimate ski-feeling through multiple media. There is a magazine from Salomon Freeski, called White. The second media is a YouTube channel where movies are posted from the ski team. The last media is a Freeski camp where everyone can subscribe for who wants to experience the same as shown in the magazine or YouTube movies.

Transmedial Concept The big difference between the crossmedial- and transmedial concept is that with a crossmedial concept, the sending message stays the same. With a transmedial concept the story possibly change because of the interaction with the receiver. With all the social media like twitter, facebook etc. we have the possibility to communicate directly with the receiver, like the people who watch the TV-show. When it is possible to change the outcome of the story or change the story because of the audience wanted that, it is called a tansmedial concept. A nice transmedial concept was shown during the Winter X-Games of 2013. Not the X-Games it selves but a wildcard for the X-Games was the price. A pre-event has taken place where

everyone could show what they could and eventually the audience has chosen one of the athletes who was able to compete during the X-Games later on. The audience could next to choose his favorite athlete, interact with them as well. By posting messages on Twitter and Facebook you were able to interact with the athletes.


Amsterdam Light Festival Amsterdam light festival As a member of the Amsterdam Light Festival group, I spend many hours doing research for the festival. Which target should be chosen and what kind of interests does this target group have? Answers were given by doing research is a couple of steps. The result: The Target Group exists of citizens of the Dapperbuurt and Indische Buurt West located in Amsterdam East. The target group exists mostly out of people with the age of 3060 and is non-western. The Social Aspect weights a lot to this group. Visiting festivals means that they will go with family and friends and relax during it. In the personal context respondents expect

the Amsterdam Light Festival to common features compared to the koe Festival. Main


have Kwa-


“How should the Amsterdam Light Festival involve the non-western Amsterdam Residents with the Dapperbuurt and Indische Buurt in East-Amsterdam, in order to make them a new potential target group?” This answering of the question divided in four parts:


Music; Cultural mix; Approach; Co-creation. Music is the language everyone will understand. Most of the citizens of the target area don’t speak Dutch very well so music will be the common thing. Play together and listen to it together will bring the people together. The Cultural mix is caused by the many different countries of origin of the target group. They are open to meet each other’s cultures and they want to show their culture to others. Approach and co-creation work together. To make a successful concept for this area, the citizens need to collaborate during the creation of the festival. When this happens, a foundation in the neighborhoods will grow.



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