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By: Thomas John Rohlfs

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Night Knight Craft: I used graphite to create this image. Concept: I wanted to pass the time in class so I drew the ďŹ rst thing that came to mind. Composition: I centered the image and did nothing in the negative space. I wanted focus on the character.

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Bugaboo Craft: I use a ďŹ lm camera to take this picture. Concept: I was experimenting with how close I could get with the old camera I had at my disposal. Composition: I found a grass hopper on a blade of grass and I decided to try to take a picture of it and I believe I somewhat succeeded.

The Inevitable Dimese

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Field Of Dreams Craft: I used a ďŹ lm camera to take this picture. Concept: I was on a high bluff and I loved the view that I had achieve. Composition: I took part of the forest and the lake which was in front of it, there was a sunken car in the lake that made it memorable and interesting.

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Heartache Craft: I used graphite to compose this image. Concept: I was asked by a friend to design a tattoo she wanted. Composition: My friend wanted a heart with a lock and ames. She said that and gave me creative control over everything else.

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Clownin Around

Craft: I used graphite to compose this image. Concept: this image was a distortion assignment. We had to use a grid and we had to distort parts of the image while still making the image as accurate and real as possible. Composition: I made this image look like it was snaking up from the left side of the image.

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Exploding Head Craft: I used oil pastel, acyrilic paint, and graphite to compose this interesting image. Concept: I was mad, simple as that. This day I was in class and I got irritated, so I scribbled a face on a piece of paper. Composition: I started bydrawing a angry face in the middle and the broken black triangles makes it look as if the face was thrown through a window.

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Things I do When I’m Bored

Craft: I made this image with photoshop CS5 and is one of my favorite photoshop images. Concept: This is a assignment of a Euro College. I wanted it to be very visualally appealing to the eyes and other senses. Composition: I made the diagonal shapes to draw you into the image. The text is designed to draw your curiousity and for it to say nothing.

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Squirrley Suff

Craft: I used a nikon D-5100 to create this image. Concept: I wanted to capture nature in a beautiful way. Composition: I was able to capture a squirrel seemingly posing facing me.

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Flowering Bloom

Craft: I used a nikon D5100 to take this picture Concept: I wanted to see how small materials I can beautifully capture. This flower was smaller than your pinkie fingernail. Composition: I composed this image with a flower in the middle and blurred the background.

Pg. 23

End Of An Era Craft: I used a nikon D5100 with a telephoto lens to take this picture at sunset. Concept: This picture was taken at the end of a day I had spent in Indiana. I had a great day and I did not want it to end. This picture marks the end of that day and the fact you will never get it back. Composition: I arranged this picture in a way where it has most effect. I underexposed the image to get the kind of red and darks that I wanted to really show how much thought was put into it.

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Death In a Forest Craft: I used my Nikon 5100 with a telephoto lens. I waited for the wind to stop so that I could capture the perfect shot. Concept: This photo with the simple title of Death in a Forest was to show that dead things people often overlook can also be very beautiful. The leaf has such a beautiful, almost humanlike, quality and extravagance about it. The leaf looks as if it is about to come back to life and jump off the surface onto your desk and dance a ‘lil jig. Composition: I arranged the object this speciďŹ c way to capture the natural qualities of the leaf and the stem that bound it. I blurred the background to draw attention to the leaf. It stood out from the beautiful living background to become a source of beauty in itself.

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Tunnel Vision Craft: I took this picture with my Nikon D5100 and I purposely used a zoom effect to change the image. Concept: My concept behind this image is when I went to this forest I remember it being an old cross country course. So going off that I found where our race ended. I used this and I wanted to make you see through my eyes how the end of a race is. You are exhausted and everything looks blurry and all you can focus on is the ďŹ nish. Composition: I choose dead trees around a part of the course. This also shows end for the trees are obviously dead and have reached their end.

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The City Killes Us......

Craft: I took this picture with a Nikon D5100. In this image I did not focus on making the picture perfect, but making the concept of the image. Concept: I took this picture and really focused on what is in this picture. I personally don’t like cities and I wanted to show how a city is somehow destroying nature. I wanted the city to be shown taking over and I believe this reaches the concept. Composition: I liked how the tree is in the foreground, but it is not the main focal point. The main focus is the building looming over the natural object overtaking it.

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It’s Over Craft: I took this photo using a Nikon D5100 with a standard lens. Concept: I wanted to show the death that occurs during the END of summer. Summer is a good and lively time, but yet when it ends a lot of the things that previously flourished die and the landscape becomes barren. Composition: I slightly offset the leaf, because if I had centered it it would look like any other photo of a fallen leaf. I believe this also makes the leaf have less power so it doesn’t jump at whoever is looking at my image.

Pg. 33

Roman Craft: I used a Nikon D5100 to take this picture. Concept: I wanted to make this piece a tribute piece to a family member who has passed away. Composition: I composed this image with slight offset of the focus and dark in the left hand corner and light in the right.

Pg. 35

Laying with the End

Craft: I used a Nikon D5100 to take this picture. To get the effect wasn’t easy...or comfortable. Concept: My idea behind this was to show an odd way of looking at something. I wanted the angle to have an effect on the viewer. Composition: I composed the background to be green and full of life. This seems to be offset by the old and broken-down tombstones. I thought that this would make people think about my image and appreciate it for a longer time.

Pg. 37

Angels Craft: I used a Nikon D5100 to take both of the pictures in this diptych. Concept: Keeping with the concept of “The End� I went to a few cemeteries. These pictures are both graves. The angles are a common symbol of both the end of existence on this plain, and the beginning of existence on what some believe is another plain be it some kind of underworld or paradise where all the dead go. Composition: My composition features angelic sculptures positioned in very interesting ways. The one on the left has the tree that has also died looking like it is coming out of the headstone. The angel on the left has lighting that seems to show sadness and it creates a sense of mourning.

Pg. 39

The End of a Lonesome Road

Craft: I took this picture in Indiana while at the dunes. I used a Nikon D1500. Concept: I took this at the edge of a massive dune that must have been ďŹ ve stories high. An old road used to run through this and it is now gone. This tree looks as if it also tried to survive here and also failed which is where the title came from. It is lonesome and nothing can live here. Composition: I wanted the main focus of this picture to be the dead tree in the center. It also shows the end of the road where it drops off into the water. The picture is full of ends and that is something I really liked about it.

Pg. 41

When the Chicken Crossed the Road

Craft: I took this picture with a Nikon D5100 Concept: I wanted to take a comedic spin on the end of life. I didn't want this to sadden people and instead make it a comedy. Composition: I made this simply not looking for an interesting angle, but by taking a straight up picture of it laying there.

The last few Images were made from a series of rules in mind: They must be taken outside Must make you think of your own mortality Must be 8.5x11 for ďŹ nished product

The End  

This is a art project by Thomas J. Rohlfs

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