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TECHNICAL RIDER PAUL VAN DYK To assure a professional performance the Promoter is obligated to provide the following technical equipment to the artist and guarantees that the said equipment is in fully functional condition:

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DJ booth should be mounted independent of stage and/or dance floor Stage setup must be no more than 4 ft (1 m) from front of stage. Any barricades in front of stage should not exceed 4 ft in depth from front of stage. Artists must be visible from every point of the venue. 1x flat dressed workspace: 4 ft (1 m) deep by 8 ft (2 m) long at not less than 4ft in height 1x DJ mixer. Acceptable mixers include Pioneer 800, 1000, A&H 62, 92 or V6 2x Stereo Paired Monitors with separate sub bass unites. Must not be self powered but need to be controlled from the DJ booth and have full EQ control. One at either side of DJ platform with top at approximately 6 feet above stage. 4x Power Outlets 1x RCA to XLR cable for A&H Xone 4D master output, 3 meters length 1x Independent light source (red filter preferred) 2x Fans or suitable air conditioning systems for the sole use of the artist 3x new and unused washed white towels 1x Rubber mat or suitable foam base for the equipment Fully qualified and English speaking Sound Engineer and Lighting Engineer (VJ) familiar with the Venue’s systems have to be present at all times during sound check and performance. Sound check duration is about one hour prior to doors opening. Setup Layout (All equipment brought by Paul)

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2 Meters  

**We will  plug  the  main  output  of  our  4D  mixer  into  a  spare  channel  of  the  house  mixer**   PAUL VAN DYK Rider Updated July 28, 2010

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HOSPITALITY RIDER PAUL VAN DYK To assure a professional performance the Promoter is obligated to provide the following hospitality to the artist and his working crew:

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15 x Small Still bottled water 6 x Cans or Small Bottles of Coke 6 x Cans or Small Bottles of Diet Coke 6 x Cans or Small Bottles of 7up or Sprite 6 x Cans of Red Bull 2Ltr of Tomato Juice 2Ltr of Orange Juice (Not from Concentrate) 2Ltr of Mango or Peach Juice (Not from Concentrate) 2Ltr of Cranberry Juice Fresh Coffee Fresh Milk Sugar Freshly sliced lemon and lime Sufficient Ice to last whilst on site Selection of fresh fruit (Apples, Bananas, Oranges, Strawberries, Pineapples, Mango’s etc) Assorted flavored crisps and nuts. Selection of biscuits & chocolate bars. Various sized drinking glasses\Mugs\Cups suitable for both hot and cold drinks Bottle opener Electric kettle

Dressing rooms The Promoter is to provide the Artist and their crew with one (1) lockable, clean and heated dressing room (with key). The dressing room, where possible, should have access to the stage without having to walk through the auditorium. The dressing room requires one (1) refrigerator, one (1) large mirror and there also needs to be a private shower, toilet and wash basin in the backstage area with a minimum of three (3) suitable sized new and washed towels.

Security The Promoter agrees to provide adequate security at all times to ensure the safety of the Artist, crew, musical equipment and personal property before, during and after the performance. Security must be provided to the stage, dressing room area and all exits and entrances to the venue and shall commence upon the arrival of the Artist until their departure. **Please note that If any extra items are required in addition to the above, the tour manager will request this at sound check and the promoter will provide this at no cost** PAUL VAN DYK Rider Updated July 28, 2010

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