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The Focus Mar 2015

March Madness Edition

Coach Champ Hubbard Leading the Lady Basketball Colonels on the Path to Greatness

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Can you feel it in the air? Better watch or it may get you. It’s March Madness season. The time when college basketball teams all over the nation start their quest for the national title. This month we have a coach who has prepped a few of the March Madness participants while they were in High School. Coach Champ Hubbard has turned the Lady Basketball Colonels of William Fleming High School in Roanoke, VA, from below the 500 season team he was handed, to a powerhouse in the state. More than just a coach, this educator, entrepreneur, and mentor has made a huge impact in the lives he has touched. The Lady Colonels are off to compete in the VHSL State Championship for the 2nd year in a row. That’s what I call “Focused.” We also encourage you this month, as always, to Fight Obstacles & Continue Until Success. Even though the madness is out there, the collection of great articles in this publication should assist you in “getting ‘er done!” TommyP

You Have the Right to Choose When you first read this title your mind probably goes straight to “the right to choose life” as it relates to abortion. While this message is not about choosing to keep a physical baby or lying on a table and having an abortion, it is a about choosing to “live” your life or to “abort” it and allow your dreams to die. It IS a choice. It is a decision that is made on purpose. To choose life is to seize every moment, to value every breath that is taken, and to understand what a gift it is to have life. When life is chosen, there is joy, excitement, and the possibilities of the future are endless and full of hope. When each minute of life is received with gratitude and humility, you understand that your life was created for a purpose. By finding and fulfilling that purpose, you will learn why you chose life. You see, although you have a choice, and it is your life to live, the most important part of choosing life really isn’t about you at all. It’s ultimately about the impact that your choice will make in the lives of others. When you choose life, others are anxiously watching and anticipating your arrival to consciousness. Those sent across your path will be changed by your existence. Do you realize how much power there is in living? The other option is aborting your life. One fact that is often misconstrued is that we choose life. We are all given life. The choice is to live it or abort it. The gift was given before you ever had the choice of what to do with it. So when you choose to abort living your life, you are yielding your possibilities to be dismembered and thrown away. You are choosing to embrace the agonizing pain of loosing every dream and possibility of experiencing love, changing the world and reaching the destiny that you were created for. Aborting your dreams, family members, friends, creative ideas and talents will senselessly be sucked out of you and thrown in the garbage, while your soul is alive fighting to live. Giving up leaves you with hopelessness, devoid of light, memories of regret and the considerations of “what if”. Every day we must choose. Every day we do choose, whether consciously or subconsciously. If you are going to choose to live, then live with purpose. If you choose to abort life, just know that it was a gift that you chose to refuse. That bitterness, anger, selfishness, and jealousy that will expel from your very being, will be a poison to yourself and everyone that encounters your presence. As long as you still have life in you, you still have a chance to choose. It’s never too late, the gift is yours for the taking, and what a sweet gift it is. Lenai Clegg, Inspirational Speaker The Focus Mar 2015 4

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Colonel Champ

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Coach Champ Hubbard has found a way to inspire the young ladies of the William Fleming High School Girls Basketball team. He’s coached them to back-to-back trips to the state tournament. A place that until last year, the program had never been before.

by TommyP I have been blessed and fortunate to know a lot of people. Just about each of the movers and shakers in VA and abroad that I have written articles about, I can personally say I knew each of them. Some more than others, but our paths have crossed before we decided to do a story on them. This month’s Star of the Star City is no different. Matter of fact, I can say I’ve known him longer than anyone else I have interviewed. Coach Ronald “Champ” Hubbard Jr, has been a winner for as long as I can remember. That sometimes put a strain on our friendship when we were younger because we were opponents for a big portion of our tenure. When we were on the same team though, we were close to unstoppable. That winning spirit has not stopped now that he’s an adult. Coach Champ has led the Lady Colonels of William Fleming High School, to back to back trips to Richmond to play in the VHSL State Championship Tournament. I sat down with him briefly (he doesn’t talk to press much during the season, even if you are a close friend) to ask him about being “Champ.” TP: Coach, thank you for taking the time out to talk to me. What inspired you to coach girls basketball? CC: Well actually, I just wanted to give back so I was going to coach regardless. I started assisting in Football and enjoyed that, however, I felt I could really contribute more with the basketball programs so I went that route. TP: Obviously. I remember the girls basketball program being good but never this good? CC: We’ve been fortunate to have some great players and one’s that The Focus Mar 2015 8

wanted to be winners. My staff are all former Colonels that played basketball so we take a lot of pride in leaving a legacy. TP: That you have done sir! What’s the greatest reward for you? CC: Of course I love winning on the court, but seeing these young ladies go off to college and contribute positively to society is why I do it. TP: I’ve seen that too. This year one of your former players Antavia Stevens was on the VSU team that won CIAA this year. CC: I love to see our players get a chance to go outside of Roanoke for their college experience and learn about life outside the mountains. It’s great if they come back, but I want them to at least go out there and give it a shot. TP: Last question. Through the years I’ve heard many different stories of where the nickname “Champ” came from. Can you clear that up once and for all? CC: Honestly, I still don’t know. That’s something you’d have to take up with Mom and Pop Hubbard.

Taking a team with a below 500 win record before you got there to multiple district, regional championships, and minutes away from a state title is a pretty good indicator of where the nickname came from in my book! Coach Champ Hubbard, “Roll Hard!”

We truly appreciate

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Clovia Lawrence

On-Air Personality/Advocate Radio One Richmond


Those Making it Happen

Hugh Jones Director Salvation Army Boys and Girls Club Richmond,

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Have you ever heard of the saying, money is not important? Money is not important, but it is just as important as oxygen. We need oxygen to breathe and to live. We also need money to be able to live a comfortable life without worrying where your next meal will come from. I believe that not having money will cause health problems such as depression, stress, and anxiety. It will also cause hypertension and respiratory issues as well. There is nothing wrong with wanting to have money. The famous preacher, Billy Graham said, “There is nothing wrong with men possessing riches. The wrong comes when riches possess men.” I believe that it is ok to prosper financially as long as we don’t worship our prosperity when it comes to money. I also believe that it was God’s intention for us to live wealthy, but it becomes a huge problem when a person gains the whole world and loses his soul. My next question is how much money do you want to make each year? In order to answer this question, you have to know what you’re worth. So, in order to receive a certain amount of income each year, you will have to know

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by Will Speaks

your value in the market place. If you don’t have the education and the skills it will be difficult to be the CEO of a fortune 500 company, or to be your own boss. Knowledge is the new currency and this is why it’s so important to learn all you can and get the education necessary to become more valuable in the marketplace. When you increase your value in the marketplace, you will have more options to determine your own salary. Once you work hard, study hard, and receive a certain amount of money each year, you will also need the education and the discipline in order to keep the money that you’ve earned. So many people work for the money, but lose it as soon as they receive it. The reason why is because they don’t have the knowledge to manage money. Some people are addicted to shopping and they will spend every penny that they have earned for things that will depreciate. Accumulating money will give you power and respect. It will give you the ability to influence other people’s behavior. Once you start to influence and affect people on a position and personal level the money will follow you.

Fashion Trends As we begin to settle into the new year, things start to slow down. Those resolutions and goals seem harder to obtain, but that’s the time to push harder. We all have dreams and expectations and it’s now or never. Set goals, dreams and expectations for yourself daily. Make sure that your appearance is at the top of the list. Be sure to stay on your grind with the latest trends. For the men: Keep a clean-cut, including your face and beard. A lip

moisturizer is a must, as well as a manicure, pedicure and moisturized hands (especially during the winter season). Dress to impress by staying in tune with the latest trends, whether it’s a suit and tie, or jeans, a nice button The Focus Mar 2015 14

up shirt, and a bow-tie. Most importantly, execute a style that best fits you. Remember, first impressions are everything. For the women: Hydrate your skin and tap on a little foundation to your face, and eye shadow to your lids (something that makes you feel confident and beautiful). Line your eyes with a liner of black or brown, sweep on a little mascara and add a pop of color to your lips. Adjust your attire without sacrificing your style by dressing for the occasion whether it be; work, school, a night out, or an event. Check out what’s hot and fresh and put

your own twist on it. Stay modest and sassy while keeping it classy. by Chrissy C.

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Motivate, Mobilize & Engage by LaTron Brown MBA

We each have a profound story. The journey we take to self-discovery is unique taking us to far greater depths, twists and turns than we anticipate. There are optimal highs and depressing lows, but eventually, we each reflect on our personal story lines. The conclusion can either teach life lessons or hinder progress. Take a moment, reflect on your story. What narrative are you creating to leave a lasting legacy? Year after year, we celebrate the achievements of our forefathers and mentors who have paved the way. Some took on the leadership roles in medicine, business and government. Others made major contributions to literary genres and Hip Hop. The common thread among them all is they discovered a personal call to action—their motivation to mobilize. They became active and engaged citizens who lit the torch, nurtured the flame, and passed the torch for us to continue enlightening and inspiring young minds. This is where our story begins. Unfortunately, there are events and decisions that set the stage for the opening of our personal story lines and, collectively, to take on fearful-based thinking. Fears of not having enough, being overpowered, appearing better than, or being the “only one” has slowed us down. The need to engage is overwhelming, but there is liberation in knowing you can begin writing your own narrative. But first, I offer 3 calls to action to get you started in changing your story and to pass the Torch of Great Expectations to those willing to reach out and grab it: 1. Take ownership in the Community. Leaders do not sit on the sidelines and wait for someone to call them in to play. It is essential to be visible and active participants in the communities in which we live. It most certainly should not take another Martin, Ferguson or Katrina to occur to make our voices heard. Being active in local politics and serving on boards allows you to utilize your expertise in creative ways. 2. Place higher value on Education. By teaching life skills and reinforcing K-12 training outside of the classroom, we are essentially passing the torch. It could mean becoming involved in school PTO meetings and enhancing education with low cost extracurricular activities 3. Discover the benefits of Economic Enhancement. It is imperative to train ourselves and our youth to be self-sufficient and enterprising. It begins with acquiring new skills for financial liberation, and supporting philanthropic initiatives to improve the community. Continue to support those who are upwardly mobile in their careers, creating businesses, running charitable foundations, and creating new inventions. Position yourself to catch opportunities to invest in outstanding talent and be cheerleaders for new ideas. The onus to engage can be overwhelming, but it all begins today with you—discovering and embracing personal motivations to mobilize. Engagement makes us smarter, happier, and more self-confident. Our forefathers did not pave the way for us to remain idle, nor should we be on

standby until the next civil rights issue. Success and leadership is not for just a few; it is in your hands too. Together, when we embrace these calls to action, we can most certainly change the narrative in our favor. So I

close with this question: What is your story, and what will be your legacy?

Purpose Locked in Time “There is just not enough time in a day!” “Oh how time flies!” These are phrases we can relate to as we execute our daily living experience. Time, a precious valuable gift, measured in seasons, years, months, days, hours, minutes and seconds. Time is always moving. Shifting today’s moments, events, occasions to yesterday and projecting present planning into the future. There is a time for everything. Often we allow time to become a stressor in our life. We’re always in a hurry, impatient, frustrated when our plans do not happened the way we think. Our attitude and behavior drives us negatively in our daily living. As creatures of time, desiring the promised abundant life, it is imperative that we become time conscious daily. Not by merely viewing the watch on our wrist, cell phones or iPods, but with an understanding that we are creating our future through the realm of time. All human affairs (whether natural or spiritual), purpose, duration and appropriateness from the beginning to the end are unveiled in time. So, are you ready to take control of your time? List all of your daily demands, such as, meditation, work, church, leisure, family, studying, sleep and etc. Fill in the details daily and add new tasks as they arise. An organized structured time schedule will be a wise counselor leading to success. Then you will be in agreement that “everything will be beautiful in its time.” Reva “Mac” Spencer

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The Focus Magazine March 2015  

Coach Champ Hubbard starts the "Madness."

The Focus Magazine March 2015  

Coach Champ Hubbard starts the "Madness."