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Check Mate Is Racism really on the rise or is it something else?

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And “We’re back, we’re back, we’re back!” For those of you that tune into my show every morning, you know that’s how I inform you we are on to the next topic of discussion. This month our topic of discussion is one that has come up time and time again in US history. Racism! The word that has so many different meanings, has found a way to get busy in the so-called United States, again. My question to the world is, “What difference does a person’s skin color make?” If that variable was taken out of the equation of how we coexist on this rock, what a wonderful world this would be. The reality is that it doesn’t look as though this topic of discussion is going anywhere any time soon. With the responses I got back from my posts on social media, I had to ask myself; Are blacks more racist to blacks? Is that even possible? After a lot of discussion and world changing events this month, we give our stance on “Can we all just get along.” As always thank you for supporting Focused Radio by downloading the App and getting your days started off “Focused!” #StayFocusedMyFriends TommyP

Focused Father Thanks to all that submitted articles about their Focused Father. The winning father was Brian Spencer of Roanoke, VA. Here’s the winning essay I would like to nominate Brian Spencer for the Focused Father Award. Brian is a single father of four young children, two of which are twins. Brian has served in the Ministry and has raised his children in the admonition of the Lord. He currently works at UPS in Management as the Regional Health & Safety Commissioner. Because of his position he often has to work out of town. As soon as he gets back to Roanoke he is on the road to North Carolina to pick up his babies. Often driving 2-3 hours one way after working a 12 hour shift. Brian finds it a privilege to be able to spend every second he can with his kids. Often struggling to work and find daycare providers between shifts. Brian has had to call out, use vacation time and go many times with no sleep after completing shifts. Raising 3 young boys and 1daughter, while still paying child support and having his kids every other weekend (if not every weekend) , every Summer, his vacation, every holiday and trips to North Carolina for the first day of school, talent shows and soccer games. Brian definitely fights obstacles continuing unto success everyday. Other than my own father, I don’t know a more deserving Father anywhere. Before he ever had his own children he has served as a “father figure” to several young men whose fathers were not present and has continued for more than 15 years. My son being one of them. It is not often that a man is so selfless and has to often fight for his right to not only see his children, but raise them. Hands down this is a FOCUSED Father! Anonymous 2nd Place- Champ Hubbard 3rd Place- Milton Hardy Jr.

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Can We All

The Focus June 2015 6

Just Get Along Race relations are very “tense� all around the country. Is there really a problem or are there other forces behind this reoccuring issue in the United States?



I have never been to a hockey game. I almost did once, but my mind was changed when I was shown that some people see a difference in skin color. I’ll never forget it, my t-ball buddies had invited me to go see the local hockey team after we won a big game. My mom was cool with me going, but this would be my first time really out in public other than playing a game with “white people.” As it was getting closer to the time to go, a call came in on the phone. I picked it up quickly. I was expecting details about the event that was about to happen. This was not a voice of another young white kid like all of my teamates were, but a grown man with a voice that sounded like Cooter from Dukes of Hazard (yes I watched and liked Dukes of Hazard). He said, “Nigger! I’m going to see you toni-ii-yut....” I quickly hung up the phone. My heart raced like I thought this person was in my house. I called my friends and let them know all of a sudden I wasn’t feeling well and henceforth, have never been to a hockey game. I did recover from my sickness and our team did win the t-ball city championship, together. As I got older, I was able to put that experience away in the back of my mind. Mainly because I have seen so many benefits of controlling that demon. I don’t think my “friends” on my team felt I was a N-word. Some ignorant grown person that didn’t like me with their color of people became the prank caller that got a reaction. Normally that’s the reason for racism in the first place. Just to get a reaction. I remember being interrupted by the Rodney King Riots. I was watching BET when the not guilty verdict was handed down to the white officers that beat this black man. Of course rap videos were on. The era of rap music everyone talks about we need to go back to these days, was actually happening at that time. Talk about Pandora’s box, that was the first time I tried to look and see what was going on behind the scenes of the country while all of this racial tension was in the forefront. Things like shifts in the government The Focus June 2015 8

spending and other activities. Pres. Bush was skillfully able to hide behind these discrepancies in our economy and war overseas because we looked like we were heading for another civil war here in America. It’s not odd to anyone else that all of these “racist” issues are so big right now? White women pretenting to be black holding the head office in the NAACP of her city; a white terrorist attacking a powerful leader’s church killing him and some of his followers; confederate flag stand-offs, etc.

There is an election coming up everybody! Donald Trump really put a microscope on the driving force behind racism in this country. His comments about the Mexicans here in the US, showed us the power of momentum and popularity in media. Just how powerful is momentum? We watched how quickly this country can turn from the happiness and comradery of the NBA Finals one minute, to being at odds based on issues of color the very next. But what is that? Is it really we are that emotional or is there a bigger force using us like pawns? Seems it is necessary to try to have something that SEPARATES us when we are supposed to be a United Nation for political purposes. I have friends of every color and it seems as though we all had to examine the big chess game of life last month. Media has the ability to create momentum. The conversation has to start with us all looking at the big picture. The country of Greece just went bankrupt. When I was there I thought they were racist to blacks as well. Let’s stop playing with the 52-fakeout of racism here and strive for equality for all. This country’s financial health depends on it! We are in debt too if you were unaware.

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Cold Thai Noodle Salad

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Boil noodles – Al Dente – drain & rinse with cool water – set aside in large bowl. In saucepan mix all ingredients; peanut butter to turmeric over low simmer 5-8 minutes. Chop & dice vegetables. Toss 2/3 Sauce with noodles – add in vegetables & - chill in Refrigerator overnight – Before serving add remaining sauce & garnish with dark tops of green onions & sesame seeds – Enjoy!! Sweets An Treats 4 U Tauna Smith (215) 219-0883 Follow IG: kiki5631 –

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the State Fatherhood THE STATE OF of FATHERHOOD By LaTron  Brown,  MBA  

According to recent Census data, there are over 70 million fathers across the nation. These individuals make up different ethnicities, socioeconomic statuses, cultural classes and religions. There are a number of reasons these men become fathers and many more reasons that make them want to stay involved. The characteristics of those who stay in their child’s life span from financial succor to emotional stability. Many see it as a personal call to improve themselves and it encourages them to become role models for their family and community. According Kenny Hunt, his father set the bar high when it comes to fatherhood. As a father now, he wants to continue that legacy. Every day is a learning experience. Fatherhood has changed him for the better teaching him to provide unconditional love, familial stability and emotional security. He understands that the ultimate goal is to be present and positively influential. If you grew up in a household with one of those fathers, statistically speaking you should be better off. However, what we see is a cultural propensity toward the negative aspects of fatherhood— fatherlessness. When you perform a keyword search for “fatherhood statistics” you are immediately bombarded with articles like “The Extent of Fatherlessness”, “The Consequences of Fatherlessness” and “Fathers Disappear from Households across America”. You will be hard-pressed to find articles like ‘16 Amazing Statistics about Dads’, ‘Fun Daddy Facts,’ or ‘Benefits of Stay at Home Dads’ on the first page of the search results. The results say a lot about the state of fatherhood, and so do the numbers. Some might even say fatherhood is under attack.

The Numbers

The Evolution of Fathering

Personal Perspectives

Recently, I polled of number of men to see how they defined their own fatherhood and how it has shaped them for the better. Leon Hunt says becoming a father helped him to “prioritize, listen, and provide affection.” “It is rewarding them of their accomplishments and encouraging them to strive for better”. Becoming a father prompted him to do better because he realizes that he is “no longer living for himself,” but for his son. For Arnold, it is giving to give more time to his daughter whether it is “playing toys with her, watching T.V. with her, or simply having a conversation with her. Arnold states that, “these are opportunities for me to 1) reinforce to her that she is loved and very important to me, and 2) to help teach her and model appropriate behavior.” Lastly, Algie Lovelace advises young men to “never let a child wake up without greeting them good morning; strive to be more than just a name”. For those men who have accepted the torch of fatherhood, they realize the transition into this role is challenging, but actually makes a man grow. It instills confidence into their children to make better choices and become more than just a negative statistic. It helps them in shaping the positive relationship perspectives. As fatherhood continues to evolve, men recognize the need to take charge, and help each other in order to change the rhetoric for better.


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The Focus Magazine June 2015  

Is Racism really on the rise or is it something else. We also award our Focused Father and #IndieExclusive are Beauty and Beast.