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I am Toke , I am a graduated productdesigner in Antwerp. One of my favourite things about product design is the opportunity to meet new and interesting people to share ideas with. That’s why I love to collaborate and brainstorm with a team. The best part about product design is the moment you and your teammates are in the flow and new ideas just seem to come rolling in. In this portfolio I will show you my favourite projects I have worked on during my studies. I hope you

01 EMbeats. Educational toy for people with severe multiple disabilities.

Design challenge . EMBeats is the result of my master thesis. This project took place over the span of one schoolyear and was done individually. EMbeats is a new toy for people with multiple severe disabilities. People with multiple sever disabilities have both cognitive and motor disabilities. Because of their disability these people need assistance with everything they do. Embeats enables them to play independently. With this toy it’s possible for them to make music in a way that is adapted to their abilities. The toy helps them learn the action-reaction principle.

MODULAR SYSTEM The toy consists of separate parts. This way it can be used in many different situations. By making the product modular it caters to the individual needs of people with different disabilities.

MUSIC APPLICATION The toy is conected to the EMbeats application. Here the user can set up different user profiles to save the preferred method of use and create custom playlists. This makes for a fast and easy user experience in schools and institutions were multiple people will use the same toy.

SAFE PLAY The player will wear a EDA-bracelet. With Electrodermal activity monitoring we can avoid nervous breakdowns. When the user is feeling fearful, the system stops and the caregiver gets notified

HOW IT WORKS . MODE I. TABLE In this configuration the product is places on a regular table or fastened to a wheelchairtable with belts. The user can play with 2,3 or 4 discs depending on their cognitive abilities.

Each of the four discs has a built in speaker and a light. Each discs plays one instrument. Together the discs play a complete song. By slapping the discs the instruments get activated for a few seconds.

By hitting the button in the middle, the user can change the song. The order of the songs is created in the app by making playlists.

HOW IT WORKS . MODE II. ACTIVITY GYM In this configuration the product is suspended on an activity gym. This is a metal frame that is used to hang toys


When the discs aren’t moving. They don’t produce sound or light.


When a disc is swinging the corresponding instrument plays and the disc lights up. When the disc swings fast, the disc glow harder than when it swings slowly.

02 Kuzo. Planter and composter for children

HOW IT WORKS . Kuzo is a planter and compost bin meant to be placed in elementary schools. It teaches children about self-sufficient agriculture in a fun, exciting and playful way. Kuzo was the winning project of the 2017 SMC BMC design awards. We were invited to Stuttgart for the winning ceremony and had the opportunity to share ideas with several people in the composite industry.

SPIN! The lid opens when you spin the wheel. The design is made like a saltshaker where one part slides over the other to reveal the opening.

GRIND! The wheel is connected to blades. So every time the wheel spin the compost gets grinded.

SLIDE! The compost can be harvested by sliding of the cover. A shovel and bucket can be used to transport the compost.

Design challenge. challenge. Design a product made out of SMC/BMC. The goal was to understand the material and use it to its full potential.

KUZO is the perfect product for showcasing the strengths of SMC BMC. The material is durable, strong and has a great resistance against temperatures and chemicals. Kuzo will be placed outside for many years and will need to resist heat up to 80°C in summer due to the chemical processes that are happening while composting.

be a kuzo kid!

To design a product starting from a material was a different experience for me. Normally we start with a concept and choose the materials later. So we brainstormed about world problems and trends and decided we wanted to create a product for playgrounds with a ecological element to it. After sketching different concept we really liked te apple shaped compost bin. We divided the product into parts and made a trade-off to decide how each of them would function. Our final design was made in Solidworks and later 3D printed.

03 Kuzo 2.0 Improved ergonomics

HOW IT WORKS . Kuzo 2.0. is a redesign of the previously mentioned project. This time we did a deeper analysis of the use, regulations and ergonomics. We found that we needed to increase the volume of the compostbin to suit the needs of an entire school. On the contrary Kuzo 1.0. was overall too big for the smaller kids to reach the lid so we added ladders. Kuzo 2.0. works with vermicomposting instead of traditional composting.


The bottom of the compost bin is detachable. This allows for a wheelbarrow to be put underneath to carry the compost.

STORE THE PERCOLATE The percolat is stored in a bottle that can be taken off and stored.


The compost can be harvested by sliding of the cover. A shovel and bucket can be used to transport the compost.

Design challenge . The challenge for this assignment was to take an existing design and analyse it with the goal of creating a new and improved version.

Kuzo 2.0. is a redesign of the previously mentioned project. This time we did a deeper analysis of the use, regulations and ergonomics. We found that we needed to increase the volume of the compost bin to suit the needs of an entire school. On the contrary Kuzo 1.0. was overall too big for the smaller kids to reach the lid. We fixed this by using ladders in our new design. During analysis we also learned that we needed to use worms in order to make good quality compost. So we couldn’t keep the wheel, otherwise the blades would slice the worms. Switching from traditional- to vermicomposting also meant we needed a reservoir for the compost tea which is really just a nice way of saying worm pee.

be a kuzo kid!

Kuzo2.0 has a capacity of 500 litres. inside the container there is a grid separating the waste from the finished compost. The holes are big enough so the worms can travel trough them. To empty the container first, take off the compost tea bottle. Then unscrew the bottom to release the compost into a wheelbarrow. For easy access, the planters can be taken off.

04 Fender. "Apply Fenders' Branding to an earthermometer"

Design challenge . Apply a company’s branding to a new product In this project we were asked to design a earthermometer in the style of Fender, We analysed the brand using different methods like for example Kapferer’s brand identity prism, Boer’s model, archetype model,... We made different concept designs and made a survey to determine which one fit the brand the best.



05 Retina. IxD Photo experience for artists

Design challenge . Design a set of products for taking and displaying photos focussing on meaningfull interactions between the user and the product.

Retina is a set of two products consisting of a camera and a viewing box. The set was created for young artist to track the evolution of the piece they are working on in eight photographs. The design is playful, organic and eccentric to fit the style of young creatives. The camera moves in a way that is reminiscent of an artist forming two opposite L’s with their hands to mentally “frame” their surroundings. We chose to design a viewing box as the display to create a feeling of escaping reality and dive into a little private art studio. This project was focussed on UX so during the design process we started by creating meaningfull interactions before thinking about the look. By creating prototypes we tested our concepts and we’re able to improve them




place the memory stick in the camera


pull the handles apart and frame the image you want to take.




Take the photo by shortly pulling the handles apart fast.


When the photo is made, one of the spheres pops out. If you wish to delete the photo simply push the sphere back in.




Place the memory stick into the viewing box.


Twist the bottom to navigate trough pictures. Every time the bottom gets twisted you’ll hear a clicking sound and the memory stick travels trough the viewing box.

06 Timeflow. Communication system for remote workers

Design challenge . Design a product service system. This was a group project with 2 other collegues realised in the 1st Master year.

Time flow is a product service system designed to help people work from home. This project was finalised before the COVID-19 crisis and before working from home was normalised. Working from home has a positive influence on the work-life balance. However it comes with some challenges. We interviewed employers and employees and found the following problems. Homeworkers found it hard to maintain their schedule without the structure that working in an office provides them. Social contact also decreased and people found it harder to reach out for help since they didn’t want to interrupt their colleagues. Bosses felt apprehensive about trusting their workers for they feared they might slack without direct control. Time flow provides a solution for these problems.

Watch the video to see the product in use!



I. Plan your daily tasks using the Timeflow app.

The hourglass has a build-in microphone to talk to your collegues. Open the wings to say you’re available for a chat.

Close the wings when you do not wish to be disturbed.

Put the hourglass on the stand to signal that you’re working

Take the hourglass off the stand to signal you’re on a break.

III. Shake the hourglass if you completed a task faster than planned.

II. Watch the hourglass gradually change color when it’s time to start the next task.

IV. Tilt the hourglass if you need more time to complete your task.

07 Solidworks. 3D modelling projects

Design challenge . These projects are a reflection of my knowledge of SOLIDWORKSTM and SOLIDWORKSTM VISUALIZE

I. ANIMATION FIGURE For this project we were asked to model an animation figure based on existing photos. I chose to model a chameleon named Pascal from the disney movie Tangled. The model is made of one part and required complex surfacing to create.

be a kuzo kid!

Design challenge . These projects are a reflection of my knowledge of SOLIDWORKSTM and SOLIDWORKSTM VISUALIZE

SPEAKER This was an assignment on configurations in an assembly. Each speaker has different elements, but they are based on the same base model. The first design is a retro inspired speaker and the second design is a speaker designed for children ressembling a shark

be a kuzo kid!

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