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Welcome to the Idaho Hunting and Fishing Guide, your one-stop magazine. Our goal is to give accurate hunting and fishing information to locals as well as visitors. This guide is divided into eight (8) geographical regions of Idaho, each with a state travel map. Each section is designed to provide you with information on lakes and reservoirs, rivers and streams, hunting and viewing opportunities, and national forests. We also include a ninth region of out-of-state-businesses, should you venture outside of Idaho for your hunting and fishing trips. Each of the 8 regions are color coded. At the end of each region is a business directory, listing all goods & services by business name, type of business, location, and phone number. We have taken the time to write in-depth articles on some unique area businesses. With these articles, we hope you will gain valuable insight into our local treasures. We strive to provide you with an excellent reference guide that we hope will enrich your hunting and fishing plans. A s a b o n u s , To d a y z Id a h o Hu n t i n g a n d Fi s h i n g M a g a z i n e w i l l b e a va i l a b l e o n l i n e a t w w w. Id a h o Hu n t i n g a n d Fi s h i n g Gu i d e . c o m . Yo u r shared experiences will help us provide better information to everyone. Contact us at to submit your photos and stories.

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40 W. Franklin Rd. Suite B • Meridian, ID 83642 P.O. Box 1558 • Meridian, ID 83680 Phone: (208) 887-6110 Fax: (208) 876-8167 Idaho Hunting and Fishing Guide

HUNTING TIPS Tips for Hot-Weather Elk Hunting MISSOULA, Mont.—With archery elk season right around the corner in many western states—and with temperatures still reaching into the 70s, 80s or even warmer—the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation is offering tips for hunter preparedness in hot weather. “Knowing how to get meat out of the heat and on ice is the first thing to consider,” said P.J. DelHomme, hunting editor of the Elk Foundation’s member magazine, Bugle.

the mercury hits the 80s, so check maps and make sure you can reach water sources where you can use a filter to refill your drinking supply. Replace nutrients with sports drinks, bananas and peanut butter. Wear clothing made of light wicking material. 6. Consider Fishing Finally, if the mercury headed toward 90s or more, ask yourself if you should be hunting at all. A nice set of antlers and 250 pounds of spoiled meat is hardly a successful hunt. Consider fishing or scouting instead, coming back to the area when weather cools down.

Elk hunters are major supporters of RMEF habitat initiatives, conserving and enhancing over 5.7 million acres since 1984. Six tips for hunting in the heat: 1. Have an Ice Stash Bring enough empty cooler space and plenty of ice. To keep meat dry, freeze a number of large plastic bottles rather than use bags of ice. Dry ice, which can be purchased at icehouses and some grocery stores, can be placed between the frozen bottles. In a good cooler, this works as well as a home chest freezer for a week. 2. Know Your Limits Consider how far away from your ice stash you should be hunting. If the forecast calls for 90 degrees, packing in five miles in the morning might not be the wisest decision. Set a reasonable cut-off point, or time, and don’t hunt past it. 3. Be Ready to Butcher Carry the gear necessary to quarter the animal on the spot and get the quarters in the shade, hopefully hung in a nearby tree. If you are miles away from your ice stash, be ready to bone out the whole elk and get the meat out in one trip, which is a doable task for two hunters. 4. Look for a Creek If a creek is nearby, find a good pool in which to dunk the meat. Cool it quickly, then pat it dry and haul it out. 5. Take Care of You, Too If you’re hiking in heat, you’re sweating and losing nutrients. It is very difficult to pack enough water to maintain hydration once 2

Five Reasons to Take a Cow Elk MISSOULA, Mont.—Your crosshairs shift undecidedly between a raghorn bull and a big cow, both standing broadside at 60 yards. The elk tag in your pocket makes both animals legal. Which one do you shoot? The Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation offers 5 reasons to consider taking the cow: 1. Reducing a herd to fit the carrying capacity of its winter range is a form of habitat conservation. Culling a calf-producer is more effective population control. Wildlife agencies issue either-sex tags specifically to encourage hunter harvest of cows. 2. Letting young bulls walk improves your odds for a big, mature bull next year. Idaho Hunting and Fishing Guide

3. A more abundant bull population tends to be older which can improve efficiency of the rut. Result: more bulls surviving winter, higher pregnancy rates in cows, fewer late calves and better overall herd health.

3. Leave an article of clothing with the quarters, preferably something that’s been close to your skin and absorbed your scent. A brightly colored item also helps you locate the site. Urinate nearby to further saturate the area with human smell.

4. A less abundant cow population tends to be younger, more vigorous and resistant to diseases. 5. As tablefare, cows and calves are generally better.

4. Many hunters won’t carry their rifle or bow once their elk tag has been punched. However, when returning to a carcass, consider carrying a handgun or bear spray for personal protection in case you encounter a defiant critter. Be as noisy and obnoxious as possible as you approach the site. Clap your hands. Sing as loud as you can. 5. Be ready to back off. An elk carcass is never worth fighting over. If a looter is adamant that it needs the meat more than you do, or has rendered your elk unsalvageable, check the state’s hunting regulations. A game warden may issue you a new elk permit.

Hunting remains the primary wildlife management tool today, vital for balancing elk populations within biological and cultural tolerances, says David Allen, Elk Foundation president and CEO. “Habitat conservation, sound management, good hunting, healthy wildlife—they’re all tied together. And, more and more, adequate harvest of cow elk is becoming a factor. If you have an either-sex elk tag this fall, consider letting young bulls go and filling your freezer with a fat cow,” he said. RMEF this fall passed the 5.7 million acre mark in habitat conserved or enhanced.

Keep Predators Away From Your Elk Carcass MISSOULA, Mont.—Black bears, grizzlies, cougars, wolves, coyotes—just some of the potential looters you may find skulking around the scene of your next successful elk hunt. These tips from the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation will help keep meat stealers away from your elk carcass.

Additionally, if legal, you may have an opportunity to add the predator to your game bag. Remember that many predator populations need management via state-regulated hunting, same as elk. The Elk Foundation is a vocal supporter of this system for managing restored populations of gray wolves in Idaho, Montana and Wyoming, too. Bugle magazine is a wealth of elk hunting and conservation information. An annual subscription is included with a $35 membership to the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation. For details, visit

“Deterring predators ensures all that hard-won protein ends up in your freezer, but personal safety is a factor, too. If you hunt in grizzly country, for example, it’s worth minimizing the risk of surprising a bear that has claimed your kill,” said P.J. DelHomme, hunting editor of the Elk Foundation’s member magazine, Bugle. Here are five tips for discouraging marauding carnivores: 1. Hang quarters at an unreachable height 100 yards or more from the entrails, etc. Parachute chord works well; it’s small, light, cheap and strong enough for the job. Bring way more than you think you need. Try to select a hanging tree in a relatively open area that can be glassed from at least 300 yards away. If no trees are available, you can hang quarters off a rimrock ledge, too. Prime cuts of meat should get the first trip out. 2. When safe and legal, build a fire next to the quarters. Burn damp, pitchy wood that produces a good plume of smoke. This detracts predators and helps you locate the site on your return trip. Remember to mark the site in your GPS and take compass bearings as a backup. Idaho Hunting and Fishing Guide

About the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation: Snowy peaks, dark timber basins and grassy meadows. RMEF is leading an elk country initiative that has conserved or enhanced habitat on over 5.7 million acres—a land area equivalent to a swath three miles wide and stretching along the entire Continental Divide from Canada to Mexico. RMEF also works to open, secure and improve public access for hunting, fishing and other recreation. Get involved at or 800-CALL ELK.





Fish Stocking Schedule Courtesy of Idaho Power BURLEY BRIDGE ACCESS 10,000 in June HEYBURN BRIDGE ACCESS 10,000 in June


Upper Salmon Falls Reservoir Stocking Courtesy of Idaho Power CENTENNIAL PARK NEAR TWIN FALLS 4,500 in both March & October

BOISE RIVER STEELHEAD Courtesy of Idaho Power

When surplus available, Idaho Department of Fish & Game steelhead release typically occurs in November


C.J. STRIKE WMA Fish & Game is responsible for wildlife management throughout the entire area including pheasant release, predator control & enforcement of fish & game laws. Youth only (10-15 years old) upland and waterfowl bird hunting opportunities are available at Turner Ranch.




BELOW BLISS DAM 3,000 in both March & October

BANBURY SPRINGS Upland Bird & Waterfowl

GLENNS FERRY BOAT RAMP 3,000 both March & October


For more information about C.J. Strike, Turner Ranch and Hagerman Valley see Idaho Power’s website,

Courtesy of Idaho Power


COTTONWOOD ACCESS, BRUNEAU POOL 50,000 in March 31,250 In October

and click on Our Environment where you can download and print information, brochures and maps.


Photo Courtesy of Scott Marchant © 2011 | 4

Idaho Hunting and Fishing Guide




Each year Idaho’s plentiful and diverse hunting and fishing spots attract thousands of vacationers and local enthusiasts in search of the trophy catch and big kill. In fact, the state’s abundant sporting opportunities can sometimes be a source of confusion for those in search of the right place to go for the most success.

Chapman is an avid bird and big game hunter. His passion has inspired him to hunt not only throughout Idaho but in British Columbia, Alaska, and Mexico. One of his favorite local spots is Unit 22 near Council, Idaho, west of Highway 95. Here, Chapman has killed over thirty elk and several antelope. On a recent scouting trip here, he spotted four large bear, two wolves, and a bobcat. Unit 42 in the southwest section of the state is a good draw for large buck. Good-sized bucks can also be found in Unit 44.

Longtime Treasure Valley resident Jere Chapman has been fishing and hunting throughout Idaho and the U.S. for over fifty years. His wealth of insider knowledge of top fishing holes and big-game hunting spots is matched by few and certainly cannot be found in your typical quick reference guide. Following are some invaluable insights from Mr. Chapman that’ll help you on your next adventure.

FISHING Chapman’s fishing expertise is primarily in the southwest region of the state. While the fishing this year in many of Idaho’s streams and tributaries has suffered due to high and fast flows from extensive snow pack runoff, Chapman has found quite a bit of success catching crappie and bass at Leslie Gulch in Malheur County, Oregon, on the border of Idaho. The Paddock Reservoir near Fruitland, Idaho has been a decent producer of crappie, bluegill, largemouth bass, and trout.

For those who enjoy bird hunting, the Treasure Valley and vicinity offers wonderful pheasant and chukar opportunities. Chapman particularly enjoys chukar, as would many experienced hunters, because they’re cunning nature presents a challenge. Chapman has had success with hunting mountain goat along the south fork of the Salmon River. For those willing to put in the time money, and effort, badger hunting on BLM land near Mountain Home and Fairfield can be very rewarding, particularly in the late winter and early spring months before weeds and growth provide a shield.

Brownlee, Oxbow, and Hells Canyon Reservoirs along the Snake River are solid, if unspectacular. These reservoirs are home to smallmouth and largemouth bass, crappie, catfish, trout, bluegill, and perch. Another spot Chapman recommends is C.J. Strike near Mountain Home, Idaho. This area’s three reservoirs each provide a unique experience. In the spring and summer, smallmouth bass is plentiful along the dam and in shallow coves; catchand-release sturgeon fishing is excellent during the fall and spring from the banks or a boat. Chapman recently caught a six-foot, seventy-plus-pound sturgeon here. Idaho Hunting and Fishing Guide


CJ Strike Reservoir 6

Idaho Hunting and Fishing Guide



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Idaho Hunting and Fishing Guide


REGION 1 HAS SOME OF THE MOST rugged terrain in the state as well as secret fishing jewels. The Boise River runs through downtown and is one of the finest urban fisheries in the nation. The Boise River’s South, Middle and North forks are all worthwhile fishing destinations. To the south of Boise, the Owyhee and Bruneau rivers offer not only excellent trout fishing but world class rafting and kayaking as well. East of Mountain Home is the Hagerman Valley with excellent fishing for trout in rivers and creeks such as the Malad and Billingsley respectively. The Region 1 stretch of the Snake River flows from C.J. Strike to Payette and offers excellent fishing for bass, crappie and the behemoth of inland waters, the white sturgeon. Six major water ways join the Snake River as it moves across the region—the Weiser, Boise, Payette, Owyhee and Bruneau rivers in Idaho and the Malheur on Oregon.

LAKES AND RESERVOIRS 1. Anderson Ranch Reservoir (4,740 Acres ) 2. Arrowrock Reservoir (3,100 Acres ) 3. Black Canyon Reservoir (1,000 Acres ) 4. Blair-Trail Diversion Reservoir (15 Acres ) 5. Bruneau Dunes Ponds (100 Acres ) 6. Notellem Creek - Ask Your Local Sport Shop 7. Caldwell Ponds (9 Acres ) 8. C.J. Strike Reservoir (7,500 Acres ) 9. Cove Arm Reservoir (76 Acres ) 10. Crane Falls Lake (94 Acres ) 11. Featherville Dredge Pond (2 Acres ) 12. Grasmere Reservoir (213 Acres ) 13. Horseshoe Bend (Mill) Pond (12 Acres ) 14. Indian Creek Reservoir (221 Acres ) 15. Lake Lowell (9,000 Acres ) 16. Little Blue Creek Reservoir (199 Acres ) 17. Little Camas Reservoir (1,400 Acres ) 18. Lucky Peak Reservoir (2,820 Acres ) 19. Merrill Park Pond (2 Acres ) 20. Morrow Reservoir (50 Acres ) 21. Mountain Home Reservoir (344 Acres ) 22. Payette Pond (5 Acres ) 23. Sagehen Reservoir (100 Acres ) 24. Sawyers Ponds (5 Acres ) 25. Shoofly (85 Acres )/Bybee (188) 26. Swan Falls Reservoir (900 Acres ) 27. Trinity Lakes (40 Acres ) (inc. Roaring Lake) 28. Wilson Springs (11 Acres )/Beach’s Pond 8

RIVERS AND STREAMS 1. Boise River, North Fork and Tributaries 2. Boise River, Middle Fork and Tributaries 3. Boise River - Lucky Peak to Star 4. Boise River - Star to Snake River Confluence 5. Boise River, South Fork below Anderson Ranch Res. 6. Grimes Creek 7. Jordan Creek 8. Moores Creek 9. Owyhee River and Tributaries 10. Payette River - Below Black Canyon Reservoir 11. Payette River - Black Canyon Res. to South Fork 12. Payette River, Middle Fork 13. Payette River, South Fork 14. Snake River - Brownlee Res. to Walters Ferry 15. Snake River - Walters Ferry to Swan Falls Dam 16. Snake River - Swan Falls Dam to C.J. Strike Res.


Deer, Elk, Antelope, Bear, Lion, Wolf, Sheep, Moose, Goat


Quail, Chukar, Crow, Dove, Gray Partridge, Forest Grouse, Sage Grouse, Sharp-Tail, Pheasant, Turkey


Goose, Duck

NATIONAL FORESTS 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6.

Boise National Forest Nezperce National Forest Payette National Forest Sawtooth National Forest Salmon-Challis National Forest Wallowa-Whitman National Forest

“Pheasant” by micsar2006 © 2011 | Idaho Hunting and Fishing Guide

G & L WELDING Gerry Geier loves to hunt, fish and snowmobile like many others who call Idaho home. Day to day though he runs his welding shop on his farm property in Caldwell with his family. Gerry has done welding for almost 40 years and enjoys the challenge and even the creativity it brings. Gerry started out doing custom tractor wheels, but eventually started doing general and custom work relating to farm equipment, trailers and recreational vehicles.

temperature black stove paint. Their quality door design and latch are designed to make an airtight firebox. The compartment is shaped like a barrel allowing for easy access and even distribution of heat. You’ll find their stoves ideal for camp grounds or any wilderness excursion you might take. Light weight, durable and easy to assemble, you should check Gerry’s shop out soon! Call (208) 454-3443 to get directions or information.

For you outdoor enthusiasts you’ll be interested to know that about 20 years ago Gerry and his son Nathan, Gerry started building cylinder stoves. Used for camping and wilderness trips, the stoves have been packed in to every imaginable location! At present over 200 of their stoves are used in the wall tents at Yosemite National Park. Outfitters like Silver Spur in Dixie and Juniper Mountain Outfitters in Warm Lake keep several on hand for their back country excursions. The stoves come in three sizes: the first, heats up to a 12x14 tent, second, heats up to a 16x20 and the largest heats up to a 16x24 tent. The sides and bottom are constructed of 3/32 “ steel. The stove pipe and legs, fit inside firebox. They are painted with high


Gene’s Taxidermy

Gene’s Taxidermy in Boise, Idaho has over 50 years of experience in mounting big game from around the world. Gene has hunted worldwide and also offers consultation on big game hunts and importation of your trophies. All trophies are commercially tanned and the best of materials are used for your mounts. Each client selects the pose for their mounts. The hunter’s satisfaction for their mount

Idaho Hunting and Fishing Guide

is Gene’s Taxidermy’s goal. Should you wish to consider using their taxidermy services and like to review a large display of their mounts: Please contact: Gene or Justin Wortham 5620 Hill Road Boise, ID 83703. Phone: 208-343-4440 Fax: 208-424-0148 Email:


WILD TOUCH TAXIDERMY Wild Touch Taxidermy specializes in big game animals and birds mounted to your trophy specifications. Licensed with Idaho Fish & Game and a federally approved business, the 3,000 square feet facility showcases high quality work for sportsmen’s unique successes. Owners Kelly and Sharon Adams have experience with the international regulations required to bring animals in from Africa and other places around the globe. Kelly became interested in taxidermy while still in high school and followed his dream to Seattle to work for one of the largest taxidermy studios in the country at the time. He returned to Boise in 1989 and opened Wild Touch Taxidermy in 1990.

Wild Touch Taxidermy receives animals from foreign countries and handles them in accordance with USDA regulations. Wild Touch Taxidermy is just minutes off I-84 at 3875 E. Ustick Road; take the Eagle Road exit north then right on Ustick or call 208-884-5353; email: Be sure to visit our website:

Due to his training and experience, Kelly has seen many changes in the taxidermy field. The average client is no longer satisfied with the basic “shoulder mount.” Full pedestals or wall pedestals have become the norm. Another big change Kelly has seen in recent years is the number of hunters venturing outside the USA to pursue their hunting goals. Kelly treats every client’s trophy with the utmost care and attention to detail. As a federally approved facility,

1 GLASS HERO/River City Autoglass With 19 years’ experience in the window glass industry, Aaron Lyman knows the importance of customer service and satisfaction when it comes to glass repair and installation. Although RVs and motor homes are his specialty, the Glass Hero is no stranger to mobile glass fabrication and installation in cars and trucks, camper shell glass, door glass repair as well as residential and commercial businesses, and his service extends to a 60-mile radius throughout the Treasure Valley. When you’ve suffered windshield damage and cracks, or any glass damage for that matter, temperature stressors, rough driving conditions and just time itself can quickly turn the problem into a safety issue. The Glass Hero helps you avoid complications by using

Idaho Hunting and Fishing Guide

advanced quality materials and adhesives for replacement and repairs. Competitive prices, selected invoice billing service, a sigh of relief for the problem well solved sends you on your way with a smile on your face. Aaron well understands how the unexpected can throw an unwelcome dilemma into carefully laid plans, and since the Glass Hero is 100% mobile, solving problems is his top priority. When you need glass replacement service with emphasis on customer service, call the Glass Hero 208-350-1226; Fax 888-554-5042; visit the website:


Idaho Hunting and Fishing Guide



Nate Brumley started Dry Fly Innovations with the simple notion that great bugs delivered perfectly would always catch the premium run of large trout. Every turn of thread, every striated body, every perfect mayfly wing was spun with the purpose of fooling smart fish in every water condition.

He was right. In fact, in just two years of operation, Dry Fly Innovations has not only earned a strong local following but worldwide attention for their top-quality dry flies. Dry fly fishing never ends because DFI offers unique winter patterns that lure giant fish to the surface. When spring and summer roll around - watch out! DFI matches the hatch to the last tentacle and you’ll catch fish like you have never imagined. Other resources such as spectacular custom fly boxes, dry fly fishing and tying instructional DVDs, and a complete fly tying catalog of their custom ties sets Dry Fly Innovations apart as the leader in dry fly tying and fishing. Brumley attributes DFI’s quick growth to the personalized attention the business offers. Dry Fly Innovations has and will continue to “build the company one successful fly fisherman at a time.” “We wouldn’t sell our soul to the devil to help you catch a fish, but we’d come darn close to it!” Brumley exclaims. Join the family at Dry Fly Innovations.

For more information, call (208)867-4885 or (208)249-1178


Rocky Mountain Bird Works Taxidermy With nearly three decades of experience and training in taxidermy, Brad Cobb places high importance on quality and affordability. After working for several years with another taxidermist Cobb opened Rocky Mountain Bird Works Taxidermy in Caldwell, Idaho.

most important thing is reference material,” said Cobb. “You can never have too much reference material and the very best reference is live study.” Cobb is currently constructing a pond and aviary at his taxidermy shop where he plans to spend time studying the natural movements, structure, and mannerisms of birds.

“I’m a self-taught taxidermist,” said Cobb. “I started by reading books and studying the work and methods of other taxidermists. Then I began entering competitions and taking classes offered at the competitions.”

Cobb specializes in bird taxidermy, though he does take other projects. He can be reached at 208-695-9052.

Over the years Cobb fine-tuned his skills and received many state titles and ribbons for his work. In 2007 he entered the Taxidermy World Championship held in Reno, Nevada. With over 1000 entries from 26 countries, Cobb earned top honors at the world level. In 2008 Cobb received “Best Turkey Mount” in the Western Regional Taxidermy Competition. In the 2009 Idaho Taxidermy Challenge Cobb won several best in category, including the open waterfowl and upland bird categories and the taxidermist challenge. The secret to his success lies in understanding the skeletal structure of the animal. “Anytime you do any type of taxidermy the 12

Idaho Hunting and Fishing Guide

Boise Gun Company Boise Gun Company began humbly as an in-home business in 1995. Through excellent customer service, second-to-none product knowledge, and sheer determination, the company has grown to become one of the largest gun dealers in the Northwest. Boise Gun Company’s staggering inventory of nearly 3,500 guns includes handguns, rifles, shotguns, and air guns, both new and used. Choose from a huge selection of ammunition and accessories such as eye and ear protection, sights and optics, game calls, slings and holsters, gun care products, and gun literature. Knives and pocket tools are also available. Boise Gun Company offers flexible buying, selling, and trading options. “Customers come in and see that we’re busy all the time,” says Dean Boylan, who serves as the company’s office manager alongside his son-in-law and principle owner, Gary Hopper. While they’ve grown significantly, Boise Gun Company takes pride in being a family-run outfit that provides personalized service. “We never want an unhappy customer and will work to keep them satisfied. This has always been our primary goal and it has helped us to grow,” Boylan explains. The staff of eighteen employees, many of whom have backgrounds in the military or law enforcement, is not only friendly but extremely knowledgeable of the company’s wide ranging inventory. For more information and online shopping, visit, or call 208-376-4440.


buy • sell • trade consign OVER 3500 IN-STOCK! Accessories Air Guns Slingshots Ammunition Barrels Black Powder Guns Books/tapes/software Eye/ear Protection Game Calls/scents Gun Cleaning/chemicals Gun Storage Handguns Knives Long Guns New & Used Guns Reloading Sights/optics Slings/holsters and More...

One of the largest inventories in the Northwestern United States! 4105 Adams Street Boise, ID 83714

(208) 376-4440 Idaho Hunting and Fishing Guide




From flies to fishing tips - We have what you need Check out our website for videos, products, & more 208-867-4885 (Nate) 208-249-1178 (Geoff)

Howard’s Tackle Shoppe

BIGGEST Little Tackle Shop in Idaho “Hooked on Fishing, Not on Drugs!” 1707 Garrity Blvd Nampa, ID 83687 208-465-0946

DINING/FOOD Custom Butcher & Smokehouse

The Valley’s ONLY Full-Service Butcher 208 W. 41st Street Garden City, ID 83714 208-343-7565


Custom Fabrication & Repair 24 Years in Business 10741 HWY 20-26 Caldwell, ID 83605 208-454-3443

Glass Hero/River City Glass

Serving the Treasure Valley Specializing in RV, Personal, Commercial, and Fleet Vehicles Windshield Repair & Replacement 208-350-1226

Hiking Idaho

Discovering Idaho One Trail at a Time! Check out our Website for your Hiking Idaho Guide! PO BOX 9498 Boise, ID 83707 208-830-7444

TAXIDERMY Gene’s Taxidermy

Over 50 Years Experience Offers Consulatation on Big Game Hunts & Importation of Your Trophies 5620 Hill Rd. Boise, ID 83703 Office: 208-343-4440 Fax: 208-424-0148

Rocky Mountain Bird Works Taxidermy

Helping to preserve your hunt for years to come Contact us for more information 19767 Midland Blvd. Caldwell, ID 83607 208-695-9052

Wild Touch Taxidermy

Specializing in big game animals and birds mounted to your trophy specifications 3875 E. Ustick Rd. Meridian, ID 83646 208-703-0270


One of the Lagest Inventories in the Northwest We Buy, Sell, & Trade 4105 Adams St. Boise, ID 83714 208-376-4440


Photo Courtesy of Brian Wartchow © 2011 14

Idaho Hunting and Fishing Guide



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Idaho Hunting and Fishing Guide


THE ANCHORS OF THIS RESORT REGION are lakes Payette (Upper and Lower) and Cascade in Idaho’s Long Valley. The McCall area has more than 300 lakes and several major drainages within 20 miles of the city making it very popular with anglers. To the east or the west wilderness experiences await. To the east there is the rugged high mountain terrain in of the Frank Church Wilderness (the largest wilderness area in the lower 48). To the west is the Seven Devil Mountain flanking the Snake River. High mountain lakes in both regions are managed for a variety of species of trout and char, including golden trout. The Payette River drainage dominates this region with the South, North and Middle forks all flowing free and fast to its meeting with the Snake on the Idaho/Oregon border. Anglers must know their fish species as the bull trout which are found in these waters are protected from harvest.

LAKES AND RESERVOIRS 1. Brown’s Pond (80 Acres ) 2. Brown’s (Airport) Pond (3 Acres ) 3. Brownlee Reservoir (15,000 Acres ) 4. Brundage Reservoir (340 Acres ) 5. Bulltrout (69 Acres ) and Martin (5 Acres ) 6. C. Ben Ross Reservoir (350 Acres ) 7. Crane Creek Reservoir (3,270 Acres ) 8. Cascade Reservoir (30,000 Acres ) 9. Corral Creek Reservoir (44 Acres ) 10. Deadwood Reservoir (3,000 Acres ) 11. Fischer Pond (2 Acres ) 12. Fish Lake (30 Acres ) 13. Goose Lake (520 Acres ) 14. Granite Lake (195 Acres ) 15. Hazard Lake (120 Acres ) 16. Hells Canyon Reservoir (2,500 Acres 17. Herrick Reservoir (30 Acres ) 18. Horsethief Reservoir (275 Acres ) 19. Lost Valley Reservoir (800 Acres ) 20. Mann Creek Reservoir (281 Acres ) 21. Ol’ McDonald Pond (1 Acres ) 22. Oxbow Reservoir (1,500 Acres ) 23. Paddock Reservoir (1,500 Acres ) 24. Payette Lake (5,300 Acres ) 25. Payette Lake, Little (1,400 Acres ) 26. Payette Lake, Upper (300 Acres ) 27. Rowland’s (Scout) Pond (5 Acres ) 28. Sagehen Reservoir (100 Acres ) 29. Tripod Reservoir (8 Acres ) 16

30. Warm Lake (640 Acres ) 31. Weiser Pond (2 Acres )

RIVERS AND STREAMS 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6.

Payette River, Gold Fork Payette River, Lake Fork Payette River, North Fork Weiser River - Below Cambridge Weiser River, Middle Fork Weiser River, East Fork


Deer, Elk, Antelope, Bear, Lion, Wolf, Sheep, Moose, Goat


Goose, Duck


Quail, Chukar, Crow, Dove, Gray Partridge, Forest Grouse, Sage Grouse, Sharp-Tail, Pheasant, Turkey

NATIONAL FORESTS 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6.

Boise National Forest Nezperce National Forest Payette National Forest Sawtooth National Forest Salmon-Challis National Forest Wallowa-Whitman National Forest

Photo Courtesy of Brian Wartchow © 2011 Idaho Hunting and Fishing Guide



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Idaho Hunting and Fishing Guide


NOT TO BE OUTDONE by its neighbor to the west, this region hold one of angling’s premier springs creeks. Silver Creek is a destination for anglers the world over. It’s the place where their skills are put to the ultimate test. Many a competent anglers has left the Creek chastened by the wily trout of this famous fishing spot. Other destinations include the Big and Little Wood rivers for trout and Mormon and Magic reservoirs for a variety of cold-water and warm-water species. The reservoirs are also popular ice-fishing destinations. Lower Salmon Falls Creek Reservoir in the southern reach of the region is a major walleye fishery.

LAKES AND RESERVOIRS 1. Bliss Reservoir (254 Acres ) 2. Camas Ponds #1 and #2 (5 Acres ) 3. Carey Lake (517 Acres ) 4. Lake Cleveland (25 Acres ) 5. Crystal (Springs) Lake (5 Acres ) 6. Dierke’s Lake (25 Acres ) 7. Dog Creek Reservoir Sportman Access (60 Acres) 8. Dollar Lake (1 Acre ) 9. Emerald Lake (30 Acres ) 10. Fish Creek Reservoir (500 Acres ) 11. Gavers Lagoon (2 Acres ) 12. Hagerman Wild. Manage. Area (48 Acres ) 13. Lake Creek Lake (3 Acres ) 14. Lava Lake (80 Acres ) 15. Little Wood Reservoir (600 Acres ) 16. Magic Reservoir (3,700 Acres ) 17. Milner Reservoir (Snake River) (4,000 Acres ) 18. Mormon Reservoir (2,400 Acres ) 19. Murtaugh Reservoir (Lake) (820 Acres ) 20. Niagara Springs Wild. Manage. Area (6 Acres ) 21. Oakley Reservoir (1,350 Acres ) 22. Penny Lake (1 Acre ) 23. Roseworth (Cedar Creek) Res. (1,500 Acres ) 24. Salmon Falls Creek Res. (3,400 Acres ) 25. Salmon Falls Reservoir (Lower) (800 Acres ) 26. Salmon Falls Reservoir (Upper) (800 Acres ) 27. Sublett Reservoir (100 Acres ) 28. Thorn Creek Reservoir (120 Acres ) 29. Lake Walcott (Minidoka Res.) (11,850 Acres ) 30. Wilson Reservoir (Lake) (450 Acres )


4. Billingsley Creek 5. Boise River, South Fork above And. Ranch Res. 6. Camas Creek 7. Cassia Creek 8. Cedar Draw Creek 9. Deep Creek (Twin Falls County) 10. Deer Creek (Blaine County) 11. Goose Creek 12. Grove Creek 13. Jarbidge River 14. Lake Creek 15. Lime Creek 16. Little Wood River 17. Loving Creek 18. Malad River 19. Niagara Springs Creek 20. Richfield Canal 21. Riley Creek 22. Rock Creek (Twin Falls County) 23. Salmon Falls Creek 24. Silver Creek 25. Smoky Creek, Big 26. Smoky Creek, Little 27. Snake River - C.J. Strike Res. to Lake Walcott


Deer, Elk, Antelope, Bear, Lion, Wolf, Sheep, Moose, Goat


Quail, Chukar, Crow, Dove, Gray Partridge, Forest Grouse, Sage Grouse, Sharp-Tail, Pheasant, Turkey


Goose, Duck

NATIONAL FORESTS Boise National Forest Caribou National Forest Sawtooth National Forest Salmon-Challis National Forest

1. Baker Creek 2. Big Wood River Big Wood River, East Fork 3. Big Wood River, North Fork 18

Idaho Hunting and Fishing Guide

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Send your photos to: Todayz Publishing 40 W. Franklin Rd. Suite B Meridian, ID 83642 (208) 887-6110 “Silver Creek, Idaho” © Christian Nafzger |

Idaho Hunting and Fishing Guide


Western Barns Equine Lodging at its Best

Western Barns, conveniently located in Kimberly, Idaho, just minutes from Highways 84, 93, and 30, is the perfect rest stop for both you and your equine friend. Whether you’re en route to a horse show, a riding expedition, or on a move, Western Barns has the resources to accommodate your traveling situation.

them and meeting their horses. People are very appreciative of how clean it is here,” she says.

Western Barns feature 12x12-foot box stalls, 24x24-foot pipe corals with shelter, an 80x100-foot arena, and pastures. The modern facility is safe, clean, and affordable. The house has two private rooms that can be accessed from outside. The 12.5-acre property can also accept big rigs and RVs (hookups are available). A hearty breakfast that includes fresh eggs and homemade biscuits is a great way to get the day started right.


For more information, give Carol a call at 208-423-6340 (home), or 208-731-3557 (cell).

Carol Sherman started the business fourteen years ago in response to her own frustration with not being able to find a suitable lodging spot while traveling with her horse. Her understanding of both people and horses provided the foundation for her to develop a successful venture. “I enjoy people, talking to

208-423-6340 or 208-731-3557



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Idaho Hunting and Fishing Guide

Sun Valley Trekking An Economical Venture into Nature

Founded by Bob Jonas in 1982, Sun Valley Trekking is one of the largest hut and yurt systems in the Northwest. Ideal for backcountry skiers, snowboarders, snow shoeing enthusiasts, and those who appreciate the serenity of the Sun Valley area, this is the perfect economical vacation for the whole family.

point to awesome hiking and biking trails, bird hunting locales, and wonderful wildlife viewing. While difficult to pack out, deer and elk hunting can also be done nearby. For complete details, visit, or call 208-788-1966.

The company, fueled by a steadfast commitment from its guides to sustain the human spirit, has earned a devoted clientele base throughout its existence. “Some guests have been renting here for over twenty years. It’s great to be able to offer people a way to be in the mountains overnight with all the comforts of home,” says Francie St. Onge, who along with her husband Joe has owned the business since 2000. The huts, six overall, consist of four high elevation units and two lower elevation units. Creature comforts include complete kitchens, comfortable bunk beds, barbeque grills, and outhouses. All guests need to bring is food and clothing. The Coyote Yurt in particular is a great retreat from the heat during the summer. This yurt, the most remote of them all, serves as the perfect starting

1 CA Bull Elk Ranch QUALITY MEATS AND EXCITING HUNTS The CA Bull Elk Ranch, about twenty-five minutes northeast of Twin Falls, Idaho, is a unique outfit that specializes in a variety of services including the sale of all-natural, top quality elk and pheasant meat and one-of-a-kind elk antler art pieces such as pens and knives. Upland game bird hunting, ranked by many guests as the best they’ve experienced, is also offered.

healthy product. CA Bull Elk Ranch raises their birds in extra tall flight pens which allows for them to exercise their wings, thus producing more exciting hunts for guests. For more information, visit, or call 208-404-9632.

After years of dreaming and planning, Calvin and Gail Ansley purchased the 160-acre ranch in 2002. After much hard work and help from friends, the ranch has expanded from twenty cows and one bull to over 175 animals. “I like seeing the progress as we’ve been able to meet each goal,” Gail says. She adds, “I enjoy meeting the people, whether it’s at the farmer’s market where I’m selling products or on the ranch.” CA Bull Elk Ranch offers a complete line of elk from jerky and sausages to your favorite cut. The ranch’s elk meat is processed at a USDA-inspected facility and the pheasant meat is processed at an Idaho-inspected facility to ensure a Idaho Hunting and Fishing Guide





CA Bull Elk Ranch

Yager Weber Construction


Elk, Pheasant, & Just Added - QUAIL Check out our specialty shop for pens & knives as well as ordering meat 577 S. 2100 E. Hazelton, ID 83335 208-404-9632

Sun Valley Trekking

Exploring wild landscapes with guests since 1982 Adventure opportunities located in Yellowstone, Alaska, & Chile PO BOX 1300 Hailey, ID 83333 208-788-1966

Specializing in Concrete & Dairy Construction 615 Silver Beach Dr. Jerome, ID 83338 208-324-9256

Western Barns

Monthly, Weekly, or Overnight Stabling Facility Stalls and Corrals Cleaned Daily Kimberly, ID 83341

Call Carol 208-423-6340


Š Mountain River Outfitters | 22

Idaho Hunting and Fishing Guide



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Idaho Hunting and Fishing Guide


THIS REGION HAS AS DIVERSE a fish population as any place in the west. In the summer of 2011, a record shattering rainbow trout was taken from American Falls Reservoir. You can troll for mackinaw, (lake trout) and cutthroat trout in Bear Lake or stream fish for brook and rainbow trout in its many brooks and creeks in the area. There are planted and wild trout in the lakes, ponds and reservoirs in the area that also offer excellent fishing for trout and warm-water species. Located on the Fort Hall Indian Reservation, a special area known as The Bottoms is rarely fished but has serious populations of cutthroat, rainbow and brown trout. Access is difficult.

LAKES AND RESERVOIRS 1. Alexander Reservoir (1,007 Acres ) 2. American Falls Reservoir (56,000 Acres ) 3. Bear Lake (70,000 Acres ) 4. Blackfoot Reservoir (18,000 Acres ) 5. Chesterfield Reservoir (1,600 Acres ) 6. Condie Reservoir (117 Acres ) 7. Crowthers Reservoir (33 Acres ) 8. Crystal Springs Pond (6 Acres ) 9. Daniels Reservoir (375 Acres ) 10. Deep Creek Reservoir (183 Acres ) 11. Devils Creek Reservoir (142 Acres ) 12. Dingle Pond (10 Acres ) 13. Foster Reservoir (145 Acres ) 14. Glendale Reservoir (230 Acres ) 15. Hawkins Reservoir (54 Acres ) 16. Johnson Reservoir (50 Acres ) 17. LaMont Reservoir (92 Acres ) 18. McTucker Ponds (25 Acres ) 19. Montpelier Pond (1 Acres ) 20. Montpelier Reservoir (120 Acres ) 21. Oneida Reservoir (515 Acres ) 22. Oxford Reservoir (25 Acres ) 23. Pleasant View Reservoir (47 Acres ) 24. Rose Pond (20 Acres ) 25. Springfield Lake (66 Acres ) 26. Stone Reservoir (300 Acres ) 27. Treasureton Reservoir (143 Acres ) 28. Twenty-four Mile Reservoir (44 Acres ) 29. Twin Lakes (446 Acres ) 30. Weston Reservoir (112 Acres ) 31. Winder Reservoir (94 Acres )


RIVERS AND STREAMS 1. Bear River 2. Bear River - Black Canyon 3. Bear River - Montpelier Creek 4. Bear River - Cub River 5. Blackfoot River - Blackfoot Res. Headwaters 6. Blackfoot River - Snake R. to Wolverine Creek 7. Blackfoot River - Wolverine Cr. to Black. Res. 8. Portneuf River - A. Falls Res. to Marsh Creek 9. Portneuf River - Marsh Creek to M. Val. Div. 10. Portneuf River - M. Val. Div. to Lava Hot Sps. 11. Portneuf River - Lava Hot Sps. to Port. Canal 12. Portneuf River - Pebble Creek 13. Portneuf River - Toponce Creek 14. Snake River - A. Falls Res. to Tilden Bridge 15. Snake River - Tilden Br. to Bing/Bonneville Ln. 16. Snake River - Lake Walcott to A. Falls Dam

HUNTING AND VIEWING OPPORTUNITIES BIG GAME Deer, Elk, Antelope, Bear, Lion, Wolf, Moose UPLAND BIRD Quail, Chukar, Crow, Dove, Gray Partridge, Forest Grouse, Sage Grouse, Sharp-Tail, Pheasant, Turkey WATERFOWL Goose, Duck

NATIONAL FORESTS 1. Caribou National Forest 2. Targhee National Forest



E&D Sports and Pawn Shop

True to Life Taxidermy

On Your Way Out of Town, Stop in for Hunting & Fishing Supplies Great Deals on All Your Hunting & Fishing Supplies In Business for 13 Years Stop by and say “HI” to Debbie & Earl 207 S. Main St. Grace, ID 83241 208-425-9090

Taxidermy in Southeastern Idaho Quality and Reasonably Priced Services Specialize in Big Game, Fish, Habitats, & Full Body Mounts “Give Drew a Call for Great Taxidermy Services” 1382 N. 1200 E. Shelley, ID 83274 208-681-3610 Idaho Hunting and Fishing Guide



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Idaho Hunting and Fishing Guide


THIS REGION IS TRULY A FLY ANGLER’S mecca. The South Fork of the Snake River flows from its headwaters in Wyoming, filling the Palisades Reservoir area’s 16,000-acres with endless opportunities for fishing, boating, camping and wildlife viewing. As it flows through Swan Valley, the South Fork is unmatched in fishing for the number and size of its fish as well as its sheer beauty.

16. Teton River - Canyon Section 17. Warm River

In the northeast corner, the equally famous Henry’s Fork flows through an ancient caldera that takes one through several famous fishing locations such as Box Canyon, Osborn Bridge and Mesa Falls. This region is also the gateway to Yellowstone National Park to the east.

BIG GAME Deer, Elk, Antelope, Bear, Lion, Wolf, Sheep, Moose, Goat

LAKES AND RESERVOIRS 1. Ashton Reservoir (400 Acres ) 2. Harriman Fish Pond (30 Acres ) 3. Henry’s Lake (6,500 Acres ) 4. Island Park Reservoir (7,000 Acres ) 5. Mill Creek Pond (2 Acres ) 6. Mud Lake (7,000 Acres ) 7. Palisades Reservoir (16,000 Acres ) 8. Paul Reservoir (9 Acres ) 9. Rexburg City Ponds (5 Acres ) 10. Rigby Lake (40 Acres ) 11. Ririe Reservoir (1,560 Acres ) 12. Roberts Gravel Pond (45 Acres ) 13. Ryder Park Pond (1 Acres ) 14. Sand Creek Management Area (25 Acres ) 15. Snow Creek Pond (4 Acres ) 16. Trail Creek Pond (2 Acres )

18. Willow Creek - Upper Snake


UPLAND BIRD Quail, Chukar, Crow, Dove, Gray Partridge, Forest Grouse, Sage Grouse, Sharp-Tail, Pheasant, Turkey WATERFOWL Goose

NATIONAL FORESTS 1. Caribou National Forest 2. Targhee National Forest 3. Salmon-Challis National Forest


Antelope Creek - Upper Snake Beaver Creek - Upper Snake Big Lost River - Above Mackay Reservoir Big Lost River - Below Mackay Reservoir - Upper Snake Birch Creek - Upper Snake 5. Buffalo River - Upper Snake 6. Camas Creek - Upper Snake 7. Fall River - Upper Snake 8. Henrys Fork Snake - Above Island Park Res. 9. Henrys Fork Snake-Is. Pk. Dam to Mesa Falls 10. Henrys Fork Snake - Mesa Falls to S. Fork 11. Little Lost River - Upper Snake 12. Medicine Lodge Creek - Upper Snake 13. Snake R. Confluence to Bingham/Bonn. Line 14. Snake River, South Fork 15. Teton River - Upper Teton Valley 26

Photo Courtesy of Brian Wartchow © 2011 Idaho Hunting and Fishing Guide

“Fish at Big Springs” © Brian Steadman



If you’re tired of paying top prices for new firearms, check out Steel Gun and Pawn in Idaho Falls. Along with flexible loan options in exchange for your valued item, the business offers a wide range of quality used firearms and service from a knowledgeable staff that is committed to satisfying your needs. “We take pride in being able to get what people want. Taking care of our customers is very rewarding,” says owner Alan Steel. Steel Gun and Pawn’s 3,000-square-foot retail space contains hunting rifles, shotguns, handguns, and a full line of ammunition and hunting accessories. While their primary focus is guns and hunting equipment, several other unique items such gold mining equipment and metal detecting products are also onsite and well worth a look. Alan Steel started the business in 2009, just about the time when more consumers began looking for discounted goods due to the economic downturn. The timing could not have been better. “We’ve been very successful so far. This place is filling up and we may have to find a new location soon,” Steel explains. The company’s strong word-of-mouth exposure serves as a testament to their quality items and service. Steel Gun and Pawn is located on 519 Utah Avenue. Business hour are: Tuesday through Friday from 10 to 6 and Saturday from 9 to 5. For more information, call 208-542-6223.

Idaho Hunting and Fishing Guide


TROUTBUM FLY FISHING Mark Christiansen has spent more than 25 years in the wild outdoors of Colorado, Wyoming, Idaho, Montana, the Sierras and has landed his share of prizes. Mark says it boils down to this: the right equipment and your expertise. Everything from pontoon boats or float tubes to Sun Bandit headwear and Greywolf fly fishing rods, Mark’s knowledge gives you the edge for optimum success on the river. Free shipping in the USA for orders over $100. And his fine-honed specialty is custom flies and custom rods. Wet flies, soft hackles, specific streamers, you identify the fly, size and color you want and Mark will ship them to you just as he did a customer in Florida who was headed to Argentina for some serious sports fishing experience.

flies made to order. Custom rods is a whole other conversation. Mark works for commercial shops and thrives on his personal service to customers. Visit the website at TroutbumFlyFishing. com, call Mark at 208-512-2759, email: troutbumflyfishingco@ or send a fax to 866-512-2577.

Once Mark had the sizes and colors recommended by Argentine guides, he shipped the special order off guaranteeing 100% satisfaction on his custom flies and rods or he will refund your money. That’s right, refund your money if you’re not satisfied. A customer in New Mexico sent Mark a picture and sketch of a fly he couldn’t identify by name, told Mark the size and colors he wanted, and Mark shipped back three dozen hand-tied


“Moose Grazing on Sawtelle Mountain” © Hannah Barbee 28

Idaho Hunting and Fishing Guide

I.I. Fly LLC

Idaho Irresistibles Serving eastern Idaho fishing enthusiasts since 1992, Idaho Irresistibles (I.I. Fly LLC) has earned a reputation for offering both quality gear and friendly, down-home service. The shop, located off North Highway 20 in Ashton, is just minutes away from a number of excellent Blue Ribbon fisheries including Henry’s Lake, Henry’s Fork, Island Park Reservoir, Warm River, Fall River, Teton River, South Fork of the Snake River, and Ashton Reservoir.

For complete details including fishing reports and online shopping, visit, or call 208-652-3669.

Idaho Irresistibles offers one-stop shopping with a full line of flies (over 700 in stock, including famous Bill Schiess Flies), tackle, lures, live bait, and boat shuttle service to many of the aforementioned spots. Five pull-though, full hookup RV sites are available adjacent to the shop. Even if fishing is not your thing, the area is home to wonderful wildlife viewing, outdoor sports, and nature photography opportunities. 268 N. HWY 20 Ashton, ID 83420

“We are unique because of our service and that we build relationships with our customers. That’s the most rewarding part,” says owner Keith Strawn. This commitment to service is exemplified by the business’ high volume of repeat customers.


1 Valley View RV Campground & Laundromat Located just fourteen miles south of West Yellowstone on Highway 20, Valley View RV Park Campground and Laundromat offers seventy large pull thru full-hookup RV spaces with 50, 30 and 20 amp service. Their laundry facility features 23 washers including one large capacity washer, and 16 large capacity dryers. The shower house, located in the center of the park, features 6 showers, 6 toilets and 4 wash basins in both the Ladies and Men’s sides. Cleanliness, friendliness, and meticulous maintenance have earned the company a highly reputable status with many repeat customers. In addition to their ideal location to a full slate of outdoor adventures and national park sightseeing opportunities, the establishment offers numerous on-site entertainment options including three large recreation rooms with T.V., billiards, foosball, cards, games, karaoke and dancing. During the first part of July the park puts on an appreciation dinner for all guests; this is just one way they say thanks to all. Idaho Hunting and Fishing Guide

Wendell and Elaine Winegar have owned the property since 1999 and have to their credit over fifty years of management experience. They, together with the help of their excellent Camp Hosts and helpers, quickly turned a spot once considered the most run down in Island Park into a very popular destination. Re-wired sites, new plumbing and new spots are among the many improvement projects they’ve tackled during their tenure. “I enjoy the people’s friendship and associations built here. It’s kind of like a big family reunion each summer,” Wendell remarks. The Winegars are very receptive to their guests’ suggestions and work to improve or add a feature to the park each year. To learn more check out or call toll free 1-888-558-7443. See ad on Back Cover 29


LODGING Teton Mountain View Lodge

Less than 2 hours from Yellowstone 1 hour from Jackson Hole 510 Egbert Ave. Tetonia, ID 83452 208-456-2741

Valley View RV Campground & Laundromat

78 Large Pull-Through Hook Up RV Sites, Tent Site, Shower House, Largest Laundromat in the Area! 5152 N. HWY 20 Island Park, ID 83429 208-558-9990


Your One-stop Headquarters for Guns, Ammo, & Much More New, Used & Consignment Reloading & Trap Shooting 519 South Utah Ave. Idaho Falls, ID 83402 208-542-6223

GUIDE SERVICES Troutbum Fly Fishing

Each fly is tied as if it is going into my personal box Private & Group Flyfishing Lessons PO BOX 1020 Osburn, ID 83849 208-512-2759

Idaho Irresistibles Fly Shop

Full Service Fly & Tackle Shop Check our Website for Current Fishing Reports in the Area 268 N. HWY 20 Aston, ID 83420 208-652-3669


“Aspen Trees in Fall” © Hannah Barbee 30

Idaho Hunting and Fishing Guide


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ANCHORED BY MT BORAH, Idaho’s highest mountain at 12,668 feet, this region is flush with all varieties of landscape and vegetation. Craters of the Moon National Monument is where the Apollo astronauts trained for their moon walks. Stanley Basin, Lost Rivers (Big and Little) and the Main Salmon River provide anglers with more than enough miles of fishing as well as hiking and wildlife observation opportunities.

LAKES AND RESERVOIRS 1. Alturas Lake (825 Acres ) 2. Bayhorse Lakes (22 Acres ) 3. Bighorn Crags Mountain Lakes 4. Blue Mountain Pond (1 Acres ) 5. Capehorn Lake (15 Acres ) 6. Carlson Lake (6 Acres ) 7. Copper Basin High Mountain Lakes 8. Divide Mountain Lakes 9. Hayden Ponds (2 Acres ) 10. Herd Lake (12 Acres ) 11. Hyde Creek Pond (1 Acres ) 12. Iron Lake (17 Acres ) 13. Jimmy Smith Lake (50 Acres ) 14. Josephus Lake (2 Acres ) 15. Kelly Creek Pond (2 Acres ) 16. Kids Creek Pond (1 Acres ) 17. Lemhi Range Mountain Lakes 18. Little Redfish Lake (68 Acres ) 19. Mackay Reservoir (1,000 Acres ) 20. Meadow Lake (12 Acres ) 21. Mosquito Flat Reservoir (35 Acres ) 22. Perkins Lake (50 Acres ) 23. Pettit Lake (400 Acres ) 24. Redfish Lake (1500 Acres ) 25. Sawtooth Mountain Lakes 26. Squaw Creek Pond (2 Acres ) 27. Stanley Basin Mountain Lakes 28. Stanley Lake (180 Acres ) 29. Wallace Lake (6 Acres ) 30. Whitecloud Mountain Lakes 31. Williams Lake (180 Acres ) 32. Yankee Fork Ponds (2 Acres ) 33. Yellowbelly Lake (200 Acres ) 34. Yellowjacket Lake (20 Acres )

4. Salmon River - Corn Creek to North Fork 5. Salmon River, East Fork 6. Salmon River, East Fork - Headwaters 7. Salmon River, Middle Fork 8. Salmon River, North Fork 9. Salmon River - North Fork to East Fork 10. Salmon River, Yankee Fork

HUNTING AND VIEWING OPPORTUNITIES BIG GAME Deer, Elk, Antelope, Bear, Lion, Wolf, Sheep, Moose, Goat UPLAND BIRD Quail, Chukar, Crow, Dove, Gray Partridge, Forest Grouse, Sage Grouse, Sharp-Tail, Pheasant, Turkey WATERFOWL Goose, Duck


Boise National Forest Payette National Forest Sawtooth National Forest Salmon-Challis National Forest

RIVERS AND STREAMS 1. Lemhi River 2. Little Salmon Rriver 3. Pahsimeroi River 32

Photo Courtesy of Chris DeWolf © 2011

Idaho Hunting and Fishing Guide

HAYDEN OUTDOORS Imagine waking up surrounded by lush, green fields of farmland that stretches as far as the eye can see. Or having access to the finest hunting lands around that just teem with game of every sort and in plentiful quantities. Now imagine that these lovely spaces belong to you. It might sound like a fantasy, but for people familiar with Hayden Outdoors, this is reality. And for owner Mike Atkinson, an avid outdoorsman and longtime real estate professional, the company provides a way for him to combine two of his passions. Hayden Outdoors is a recreational real estate company that also specializes in farm and ranch land. The appeal for these lands is understandable. The farm and ranch lands appeal to those who’d like to own and operate ground and be a part of the land or to expand their present operations. The recreational real estate matches up buyers who’d like to have a piece of property that allows them to enjoy the outdoors by taking just a few steps out their back doors. And Atkinson’s company has much to offer in this arena. Besides the years of experience that he brings to the table, Hayden Outdoors is a Cabela’s Trophy Properties® affiliate broker. Cabela’s Trophy Properties® has five territories in Idaho and Hayden Outdoors has stewardship of four of the five, giving the buyers and sellers in Idaho a broad range of territory in which to work. Atkinson believes that the Cabela’s affiliation offers much to potential clients. “People recognize the name, and our properties get a lot of attention through the affiliation. Because of this, they like to list with us, because we’re giving them more exposure.” While it’s true that Hayden Outdoors finds a nice promotional spot on the Cabela’s Trophy Properties® website, Atkinson takes pride in


both the quality and quantity of advertising Hayden Outdoors does for clients. In addition to traditional marketing methods, the company takes advantage of all the offerings of new media advertising such as social networks sites like Twitter and Facebook to get the word out. But at the end of the day, these may not be the reason that people look up Hayden Outdoors at all. It might just be that they have a prime piece of property to sell to someone who dreams of casting a fishing line into their own backyard stream. Mike Atkinson (Owner/ Associate Broker) 208-760-9349 (cell) 208-766-5000 (office) Contact Mike Atkinson at


Hunting, Fishing, Farm, Ranch and Recreation Property

Let us help you ind or sell a property in Idaho

Challis, Idaho Contact Roberta Fisher

(208) 879-2788

Idaho Hunting and Fishing Guide






Corner Cottage Inn

Hayden Outdoors

Pickles Place

Come On In All You Hunters and Fishermen! Challis, ID 83226 Contact Roberta Fisher 208-879-2788

May Family Ranch

Just off the Salmon River Scenic Byway Right next to Heaven B & B, Family Reunions, Fishing & Hunting 500 Squaw Creek Rd. Clayton, ID 83227 208-838-2407

The Finest Property for Hunting, Fishing, Equestrian or other Outdoor Pursuits Quality, Professionalism, & People Properties in CO, KS, NM, ID, or UT 148 E 50 S Malad City, ID 83252 208-760-9349

Home of the ATOMIC Burger 440 S. Front St. Arco, ID 83213 208-527-9944


“White Pelicans Landing on Snake River” © Hannah Barbee 34

Idaho Hunting and Fishing Guide

Idaho Hunting and Fishing Guide




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Idaho Hunting and Fishing Guide

ONE OF THE MOST BEAUTIFUL HIGHWAYS in America, US Highway 12 follows the Lochsa River along much of its course on the edge of the wilderness. The Lochsa and Selway rivers meet at Lowell forming the Middle Fork of the Clearwater River. Historic markers for both the Nez Perce tragically ended journey toward freedom and the Lewis & Clark Trail are found all along the highway with the Heart of the Monster, the legendary birthplace of the Nez Perce tribe as a major attraction. The inland port of Lewiston is a destination for out-ofstate and local anglers seeking salmon and steelhead that are born in Idaho waters, migrate to the Pacific Ocean then return to the Snake, Clearwater and Salmon rivers to renew the species. Dams along the Columbia and Snake rivers have reduced the historic numbers of these fish but they remain a source of sport fishing through hatchery programs throughout the Northwest.

LAKES AND RESERVOIRS 1. Blue Lagoons (5 Acres ) 2. Campbell’s Pond (5 Acres ) 3. Deer Creek Reservoir (75 Acres ) 4. Dworshak Reservoir (16,000 Acres ) 5. Elk Creek Reservoir (46 Acres ) 6. Fenn Pond (1 Acres ) (at Lowell) 7. Five Mile Pond (2 Acres ) 8. Karolyn’s Pond (1 Acres ) 9. Lewiston Levee Pond (2 Acres ) 10. Mann Lake (106 Acres ) 11. Moose Creek Reservoir (27 Acres ) 12. Robinson Pond (2 Acres ) 13. Soldier’s Meadow Reservoir (118 Acres ) 14. Spring Valley Reservoir (53 Acres )

14. Round Prairie Creek 15. Smith Creek 16. Spokane River 17. St. Joe River - Above Avery 18. St. Joe River - Below Avery 19. St. Joe River, North Fork 20. St. Maries River - Above Santa 21. St. Maries River - Below Santa

HUNTING AND VIEWING OPPORTUNITIES BIG GAME Deer, Elk, Bear, Lion, Wolf, Moose, Goat, UPLAND BIRD Quail, Chukar, Crow, Dove, Gray Partridge, Forest Grouse, Sage Grouse, Sharp-Tail, Pheasant, Turkey WATERFOWL Goose, Duck, Coot, Snipe

NATIONAL FORESTS 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

Clearwater National Forest Coeur d’Alene National Forest Kaniksu National Forest Kootenai National Forest St. Joe National Forest

RIVERS AND STREAMS 1. Clark Fork River 2. Clearwater River, Little North Fork 3. Cocolalla Creek 4. Coeur d’Alene River, Little N. Fork 5. Coeur d’Alene River, North Fork 6. Coeur d’Alene River, South Fork 7. Hoodoo Creek 8. Kootenai River 9. Marble Creek 10. Moyie River 11. Pend Oreille River 12. Priest River 13. Priest River Tributaries Idaho Hunting and Fishing Guide

© Mountain River Outfitters | 37

Vogel Outdoor Adventures The old adage, “getting there is half the fun,” certainly applies to an experience with Vogel Outdoor Adventures of Lewiston, Idaho. The company offers fully customizable whitewater jet boat trips along the picturesque Salmon and Snake Rivers. Whether you’re a fishing enthusiast, aspiring photographer, or just need a break from the rigors of everyday life, you won’t regret booking your next vacation here.

Vogel operates with a 28-foot, twin-engine Bentz boat equipped with a satellite phone for emergencies. Vogel is first aid and CPR certified. For complete details, check out, or call 208-791-2341.

Trips options include steelhead, bass, trout, and/or sturgeon expeditions, chukar hunting, and overnight stays in the riverside cabin. During the summer, sightseeing, hiking, and swimming (especially in the seventy-degree Salmon) are great activities for the whole family. The area’s wonderful scenery affords the opportunity to catch a glimpse of varied wildlife including Bighorn sheep and bald eagles. The company, under its current name, has been in operation since 1999. “It’s great to see people from all over the world and how awestruck they are with this area’s beauty,” says owner Don Vogel, who has been guiding the river for thirty years.

1 CANYON INN CAFÉ & TAVERN When you’re on the road again heading north towards Orofino and Lewiston, stop in Peck, Idaho and visit the Canyon Inn. You’ll not only enjoy the old roadhouse atmosphere that comes from being on Highway 12 for so many years with its rustic charm of days gone by, you’ll be in for a treat with the sourdough pancakes, burgers & baskets, fries & onion rings, soups, sandwiches, sodas, pies and more at the Canyon Inn. That’s right, breakfast, lunch and dinner served daily. Owners and managers Brian and Penny Dayo have a full mix drink menu as well so settle in a while and relax. If you decide to stay overnight, there’s the RV park with 8 spaces and full hookups real handy. Right outside the door fishermen sink 38

those hooks for steelhead, chinook, you name it. In fact, the area is referred to as the steelhead capital of the world! And don’t forget the hunting mecca surrounding the Canyon Inn, “truly a hunter or fisherman’s paradise,” Penny says. Casual and friendly with a down-home atmosphere, you’ll appreciate the resourcefulness and creativity of the Canyon Inn as you travel. Call 208-486-6070 if you need directions, but in Peck, you’ll see the Canyon Inn. Spend some time in beautiful Clearwater River country, we’ll see you at the Canyon Inn! Email:

Idaho Hunting and Fishing Guide

Bungalow Outfitters, LLC

Bear•Cougar•Elk•Summer Trips

(208) 476-9091

Whether you’re in search of the hunting trip of a lifetime or just need to escape for some solitude in the backcountry, Bungalow Outfitters, with its permitted access to over 150 square miles of the pristine Clearwater National Forest, is the perfect choice for your next vacation.

to love this business to do it right,” Sue explains. If customer feedback is any indication, Bungalow Outfitters is doing it right. “We get a lot of comments on how we’re different by making our guests feel comfortable, like one big family,” Sue says. “Being out here rejuvenates me.”

This Orofino-based business offers a variety of spectacular hunting adventures including fall and spring bear, cougar, and elk, along with customizable summer trips that focus on camping, hiking, stream fishing, and other leisurely activities of your choice.

Bungalow Outfitters employs top-notch guides and includes conveniences such as travel gear, comfortable lodging and camping equipment, home-cooked meals, and care of game with the price of each trip. Hunters are welcome to bring their choice of firearms: rifle, muzzleloader, handgun, or archery.

Owners Chris and Sue Anderson purchased Bungalow Outfitters in 2001, followed by the acquisition of a comparable adjoining business in 2005. “You have

For complete details, check out, or call 208-476-9091.



Built in 1926, Timber Inn is located on the main street of Pierce, ID. This rustic log inn, owned by Rob Harrell since 1990, is a retreat for hunters, snowmobilers, or groups of travelers who would rent the entire floor for privacy yet togetherness. For lodging, the Timber Inn has five rooms for rent and all have been remodeled and redecorated since Rob bought the inn. The use of the upstairs kitchen and sitting room, with cable TV and high-speed internet, is included with the room rental, as are laundry facilities. Pierce, a gold rush town which is home to the oldest court house in Idaho, is central to many breathtaking landscapes. Located in the mountains of North Central Idaho offering an abundance of activities in the area, guests here at Timer Inn can easily find fun and exciting recreations. During the summer and fall, enjoy the beautiful patio deck area, complete with a barbeque and horseshoe pit or spend time camping, hunting, fishing, backpacking, berry-picking, and gold panning. In the winter months, enjoy the outdoors snowmobiling and downhill and cross-country skiing. June 11th is the Deer Creek Fishing Tournament at Deer Creek Reservoir, sponsored by the Pierce-Weippe Chamber of Commerce. There will be prizes for the heaviest fish and for the largest fish. Be sure to take pleasure in the fishing fun for the whole family. After engaging in the outdoor adventures, drop by our café and satisfy your appetite. Make sure you try our Timber Burger Idaho Hunting and Fishing Guide

the best burger in Idaho. The dinner menu includes steak and seafood and at 6am breakfast is made by Rob. Timber Inn offers you accommodations that are rustic and have that down-home friendly atmosphere. The voyage on Idaho Highway 11 begins in Greer at the junction of US 12 with an easy climb up the Greer Grade, providing a spectacular, panoramic view of the Clearwater Valley. Welcome to Timber Inn! For more information visit or call (208) 464-2736. 2 South Main Pierce, ID 83546

RESERVATIONS (208)464-2736


army navy economy store economy store

208-746-6430 827 D St. lewiston, id 83501

Al Cole knows the value and importance of being prepared. That’s why he’s been in business 27 years in Lewiston, Idaho serving outdoor sportsmen to get them comfortably where they want to go. In fact, Al says “We’re known as the outfitters of the rugged northwest.” Camping gear from tents to cook stoves, Lodge cast iron skillets and Dutch ovens, Alps Mountineering brand bags, backpacks and accessories, you can get them all from the Army Navy Economy Store in Lewiston.


Any direction you want to go, north, south, east or west, you’ll find supplies to suit the site you choose for hiking, fishing, hunting, camping, relaxing, becoming reinvigorated by the sights and sounds of the great outdoors. Come to the Army Navy Economy Store, 827 D Street in Lewiston, where the Clearwater and Snake Rivers converge. Just Google Army Navy Economy Store or call us at 208-746-6430. We’re ready for you!

Heaven’s Gate Outfitters – Specializing in Everything Outdoors – Heaven’s Gate Outfitters have been guiding an array of outdoor adventures in beautiful Riggins for over twenty-five years. Karen and Andrew Savage, with the help of their son Nicholas, took over the business in 2010. In addition to continuing the company’s long-running reputation for highly successful, backcountry style hunts for elk, deer, mountain lion and bear through 1,200 square miles of pristine Idaho wilderness, the Savages have added numerous summer activities and excursions including supported hiking trips, women’s hiking with yoga, horseback riding, pack trips and horse camping where guests are welcome to bring their own horses. Fully supported fishing trips to thirty nearby high mountain lakes and rivers are also available. Comfortable lodging and delicious meals complete any adventure.

Depending on the season, the company employs eight to twenty employees, all of whom are highly experienced and committed to showing guests a great time. Exemplifying Heaven’s Gate’s popularity is the fact that many of their guests are repeat visitors. Whatever your idea may be for the perfect outdoor adventure, Heaven’s Gate Outfitters has got you covered. For more details including pricing information, check out hgoid. com, or call 208-628-2783.

“I like to see how amazed people are to see this terrain for the first time and how many hunters are eager to bring their families to share the area’s beauty in the summer,” Karen says. 40

Idaho Hunting and Fishing Guide

It’se-Ye-Ye Casino Kamiah is nestled along the beautiful banks of the Clearwater River. The area is well known for hunting, fishing, rafting, and kayaking. It’se Ye Ye Bingo and Casino, the first gambling casino the Nez Perce Tribe invested in and the sister to Clearwater River Casino in Lewiston, is located along the scenic Highway 12 corridor near the edge of town. The surrounding area is rich in the heritage of the Nez Perce Tribe. It’se Ye Ye means coyote in the Nez Perce language and the coyote is a central figure in a legend about the creation of Nez Perce people. The casino has a wide range of video gaming machines and in the next year will be undergoing renovation, adding bingo to its selection. In addition to the gaming floor, which offers a non-smoking sec-

tion, the casino also has a full-service tobacco shop with many popular and discounted brands. For a quick snack or a nice meal, stop in at the Qemus Cafe. It features Wednesday dinner specials, daily breakfast plates, and homemade seasonal pies. The casino has a great variety of games, a friendly atmosphere, as well as the Player Club Cards, which rewards patrons a wide range of winning opportunities at both It’se Ye Ye and Clearwater River Casino. These are just a few of the great reasons to stop in at the It’se Ye Ye Casino for some gaming fun! Visit us at 419 3rd Street in Kamiah, Idaho or call 208-935-7860

1 Mountain River Outfitters

“Hells Canyon” of the Snake River is your ultimate outdoor experience; choose from 3 to 6 day adventures with Idaho’s premier outfitter, Mountain River Outfitters. You will be guided through one of natures most impressive creations, with spectacular panoramas and wildlife viewing set in North America’s deepest canyon. Mountain River Outfitters offers trips for avid fishermen and novice with world class Steelhead Trout, Bass and Sturgeon fishing, great whitewater, hiking and history that will bring the old west spirit alive. Steelhead Fishing on the Salmon River with the experienced guides at Mountain River Outfitters is a great way to enjoy this beauti-

Idaho Hunting and Fishing Guide

ful river and its spectacular scenery while catching these big ocean run rainbows. Enjoy the comfort of our custom Drift boats and personal instruction while fishing for on of Idaho’s ultimate sport fish in one of natures most impressive settings. Contact Jess and Brenda Baugh at 1-888-547-4837 for dates and reservations or visit our website and request a free brochure and DVD at See photos contributed by Mountain River Outfitters on pages 21 and 35


Comfort Inn Lewiston If you’re passing through Lewiston on your way to Hells Gate State Park and beyond, think about stopping in at the Comfort Inn® hotel just off of U.S. Highway 12. The hotel offers you a great jumping off point for activities like golf at the Bryden Canyon Public Golf Course, a boat tour of Hells Canyon, the deepest river gorge in America or the Hells Canyon National Recreation Area. For those hotel visitors who really want to enjoy the outdoors near Lewiston, there’s plenty of fishing, boating, rafting and swimming where the Snake and Clearwater Rivers converge. Or they can take a look around Nez Perce National Historical Park, which is located less than 10 miles from Lewiston. And for parents who are coming to visit their kids at Lewis-Clark State College, the Comfort Inn® hotel offers an ideal place to spend the night. Back in town just within walking distance of the Comfort Inn® hotel, you’ll find plenty of places to eat and relax. Town visitors can try something in “restaurant row”. Seafood, steak, buffets, Italian, and Chinese represent just some of the food options in Lewiston.

have faxes to send or need to make copies. The on-site meeting room holds up to 24 people. Each room comes with cable TV and suites have sitting areas with sleeper sofas, microwaves, refrigerators and a desk or table. The whirlpool suite offers an oversized tub where guests can unwind while soaking and watching TV. The Comfort Inn® hotel also has a convenient newsstand, laundry facilities and valet parking. For a small fee, hotel visitors can bring along fido or fluffy. **The hotel has a set of stairs rather than an elevator as stated online.

Back at the hotel, eat a free breakfast of bacon, scrambled eggs, hot waffles, hard boiled eggs a variety of breads, fruit, juice and milk. Enjoy this early morning treat as you sip on your complimentary coffee and read the free daily paper. Other amenities include a heated pool and hot tub. The hotel offers business travelers free wireless high-speed internet, computer hook-ups and voice mail in the rooms. There’s also a business center on site for guests who

Gurbhajan Singh (Gee) General Manager

(208)798-8090 (208)798-8988 (Fax) 2128 8th Ave. Lewiston, ID 83501


Prospector Cabins Whether you’re a big game hunter, avid fisherman, ATV rider, or outdoor enthusiast of any variety, Elk City and the surrounding Nez Perce National Forest is a wonderful vacation destination. Complementing your retreat from life’s daily stresses are the Prospect Cabins, which afford the perfect blend of rustic charm and modern convenience. The Prospector Cabins, in operation since 1996, consist of four units that are capable of accommodating any traveling situation. Two 800-square-foot cabins contain two bedrooms with two twin beds and one queen; two 1,120-squarefoot cabins feature six twin beds and one queen. All cabins are fully furnished with bathrooms and kitchens and have stoves, microwaves, coffee makers, cook42

ing utensils, and other creature comforts. All you need to do is bring the food. Numerous lakes, streams, rivers, and top hunting spots are easily accessed from the cabins via car, ATV, or snowmobile. Exemplifying the Prospector Cabins’ commitment to comfortable lodging is the fact that many vistors come back year after year. “We get to meet a lot of good people and enjoy many return guests,” says owner Earl Sherrer. “This is the best part of running the business.” Located at 4500 Ericson Ridge Elk City, ID 83525 For complete details, call 208-842-2557 or visit Idaho Hunting and Fishing Guide





Bungalow Outfitters, LLC

Canyon Inn Cafe & Tavern

Comfort Inn Lewiston


The Hub Bar & Grill

Cougar, Bear, & Elk Archery Hunts Summer Trips Available Too! PO BOX 1835 Orofino, ID 83544

Heaven’s Gate Outfitters

The Best Idaho Guided Hunts in the Salmon Area See our Website for Newsletters, Information, and More! PO BOX 96 Riggins, Idaho 208-628-2783

Mountain River Outfitters

The best in guided Idaho fishing adventures for Steelhead, Chinook Salmon, Bass, Trout and Sturgeon PO BOX 1459 Riggins, Idaho 83549 888-547-4837

Vogel Outdoor Adventures

“Getting There is Half the Fun” Serving the Snake and Salmon Rivers 1009 Grelle Ave. Lewiston, ID 83501 208-746-9590

Lodging in Beautiful Peck, Idaho 410 W. Elwood St. Peck, ID 83545 208-486-6070 The Warmest People, The Best Food, & The COLDEST Beer in Town! Stop in and say “HI” 406 Main St. Kamiah, ID 83536 208-935-2211

RECREATION/OTHER It’se Ye Ye Bingo & Casino

Features Non-Smoking & Smoking Casino Floors Located Conveniently Next to the Hotel & Restaurant 419 3rd Street Kamiah, ID 83536 208-935-7860


Where the Snake and Clearwater Rivers Converge Free Breakfast, Heated Pool, Hot Tub, Suites Available 2128 8th Ave. Lewiston, ID 83501 (208)798-8090

Prospector Cabins

Located in North Central Idaho Nez Pierce National Forest 4500 Ericson Ridge Elk City, ID 83525 208-842-2557

Timber Inn Bar Grill & Lodging

Comfortable Rooms & Atmosphere Rustic Decor, Voted Best Burgers in the Northwest! 2 South Main Pierce, ID 83546 208-464-2736

Serving the Lewiston Area Since 1985 See Us First for Your Sporting Goods, Clothing & Footwear Needs 827 D St. Lewiston, ID 83501 208-746-6430

Photo Courtesy of Karen Travis © 2011 Idaho Hunting and Fishing Guide




© STANLEY 2011


Idaho Hunting and Fishing Guide

WITH ONE OF THE LARGEST LAKES in the U.S., the Panhandle offers sport fishing for muskie, pike, panfish and trout. Stretching from Sandpoint to Farragut State Park, Lake Pend Oreille also offers Kamloops, cutthroat, brown and lake trout, large and smallmouth bass, crappie, pumpkinseed sunfish, perch and bullhead catfish. Both Lake Superior and Rocky Mountain whitefish are also found here. Outside the upper lake region that include the Priest lakes and Lake Coeur d’Alene, the Shadowy St. Joe and its numerous tributaries offer world class trout fishing for westslope cutthroat. The area is wild without being wilderness and numerous campgrounds are managed for anglers and hunters alike. Some have electricity and water while others are primitive.

LAKES AND RESERVOIRS 1. Anderson Lake (720 Acres ) 2. Antelope Lake (4 Acres ) 3. Avondale Lake (31 Acres ) 4. Benewah Lake (400 Acres ) 5. Black Lake (400 Acres ) 6. Bloom Lake (18 Acres ) 7. Blue Lake (Bonner Co.) (80 Acres ) 8. Blue Lake (Kootenai Co.) (200 Acres ) 9. Bonner Lake (23 Acres ) 10. Brush Lake (29 Acres ) 11. Bull Moose Pond (8 Acres ) 12. Bull Run Lake (100 Acres ) 13. Cave Lake (700 Acres ) 14. Chase Lake (100 Acres ) 15. Chatcolet Lake (600 Acres ) 16. Cocolalla Lake (800 Acres ) 17. Coeur d’Alene Lake (31,487 Acres ) 18. Crystal Lake (Bonner Co.) (20 Acres ) 19. Dawson Lake (35 Acres ) 20. Day Rock Pond (1 Acres ) 21. Fernan Lake (300 Acres ) 22. Freeman Lake (30 Acres ) 23. Gamble Lake (130 Acres ) 24. Granite Lake (20 Acres ) 25. Hauser Lake (550 Acres ) 26. Hayden Lake (4,500 Acres ) 27. Jewel Lake (35 Acres ) 28. Kelso Lake (60 Acres ) 29. Killarney Lake (500 Acres ) 30. Lucky Friday Pond (2 Acres ) 31. McArthur Reservoir (200 Acres ) 32. Medicine Lake (340 Acres ) Idaho Hunting and Fishing Guide

33. Mirror Lake (90 Acres ) 34. Pend Oreille Lake (85,960 Acres ) 35. Perkins Lake (60 Acres ) 36. Pine Pond (1 Acres ) 37. Post Falls Park Pond (1 Acres ) 38. Priest Lake (23,360 Acres ) 39. Robinson Lake (60 Acres ) 40. Rose Lake (300 Acres ) 41. Round Lake (Benewah Co.) (400 Acres ) 42. Round Lake (Bonner Co.) (120 Acres ) 43. Round Lake, Little (10 Acres ) 44. Shepherd Lake (120 Acres ) 45. Sinclair Lake (3 Acres ) 46. Smith Lake (30 Acres ) 47. Spirit Lake (1,477 Acres ) 48. Steamboat Pond (2 Acres ) 49. Stoneridge Reservoir (80 Acres ) 50. Thompson Lake (200 Acres ) 51. Twin Lake, Lower (350 Acres ) 52. Twin Lake, Upper (500 Acres )

RIVERS AND STREAMS 1. Clark Fork River 2. Clearwater River, Little North Fork 3. Cocolalla Creek 4. Coeur d’Alene River, Little N. Fork 5. Coeur d’Alene River, North Fork 6. Clark Fork River 7. Clearwater River, Little North Fork 8. Cocolalla Creek 9. Coeur d’Alene River, Little N. Fork 10. Coeur d’Alene River, North Fork 11. Coeur d’Alene River, South Fork 12. Hoodoo Creek 13. Kootenai River 14. Marble Creek 15. Moyie River 16. Pend Oreille River 17. Priest River 18. Priest River Tributaries 19. Round Prairie Creek 20. Smith Creek 21. Spokane River 22. St. Joe River - Above Avery 23. St. Joe River - Below Avery 24. St. Joe River, North Fork 25. St. Maries River - Above Santa 26. St. Maries River - Below Santa Continued on page 44 45

North Idaho Mountain Outfitting, LLC Quality Hunting in Beautiful Northern Idaho

North Idaho Mountain Outfitting, LLC has been offering memorable deer, elk, bear, moose, and mountain lion hunts through beautiful northern Idaho since 2004. Based in the heart of the Idaho Panhandle National Forest, the company is the only of its kind within 165 square miles. While a large number of guests are from out of state, even those native to the area can gain from the company’s vast experience with the more difficult bear and mountain lion expeditions. “Our guides have a passion for taking people out. They enjoy seeing others harvest an animal, maybe even more so than getting their own,” says owner Travis Clemenson. This commitment to service along with operating on National Forest area that is ideal for hunting adds up to an

eighty percent success rate for bears and elk overall. Camps, both drive-in and pack-in, consist of quality, twoperson 12x14 tents with wood-heated stoves, a cook tent, and a shower tent. For bear hunters looking for an exciting up- close encounter, at about fifteen yards from a tree stand, try the baited bear hunts. You will have a memorable, personalized experience on a hunting trip with North Idaho Mountain Outfitting. For complete details, check out, or call 208-610-9844.

1 Fall River Flyrods

For Enthusiasts Who Know the Difference Birthed from a shared passion for the fly fishing industry, Jason and Julie Zicha started Fall River Flyrods as a full-time venture two years ago. Working from their home in Pocatello, the Zichas produce high quality, custom-made bamboo and graphite rods for enthusiasts who know the difference. Best of all, Fall River Flyrods’ products are competitively priced with a quick turnaround.

Flyrods is very active within the fly fishing community, namely the Henry’s Fork Foundation, an organization dedicated to protecting the watershed. For more, visit, or call 208-240-0028.

Jason is one of only a dozen or so full-time bamboo fly rod makers in the country. Handcrafted from superior Tonkin bamboo, these exquisite rods feature a natural agate stripping guide set in nickel silver, polished and hand-fitted nickel silver ferrules, and a nickel silver winding check and reel seat which holds a distinctive wood burl or exotic inlaid wood spacer. All threads are made from the finest Japanese silk. Graphite rods can be built as single hand, switch rods, or in the spey tradition. Products are quality tested throughout the numerous varied fishing spots that Idaho has to offer. “Everyone comments on how much they like our rods. Jason focuses on perfect quality and durability,” Julie explains. Fall River 46

Idaho Hunting and Fishing Guide

Idaho AKnife Works Cut Above the Rest For those that demand high quality, fully functional knives designed for a variety of uses, Idaho Knife Works is your one-stop source. The business, located in the remote wilderness near Spirit Lake, is owned and operated by husband and wife, Mike and Debbie Mann – The Mountain Manns. Mike, who grew up fishing and hunting on his family’s farm in Illinois, created his first knife in his high school shop class back in 1965. For many years he was hobbyist. It wasn’t until the late 80s when he discovered the potential market for his product while attending a mountain man rendezvous. “He came back and had sold or traded all of his knives,” Debbie recalls. From there the business gradually evolved from trade shows and word-of-mouth exposure to a full online resource that today attracts buyers worldwide. Mann’s products have been featured in many prominent publications and he has won several awards for his work. Idaho Knife Works’ diverse inventory includes Cowboy Era Bowie Knives,

Mountain Man Era Knives, the Cliff Knife (named in honor of noted outdoor writer and canoe guide Cliff Jacobson), a mix of hunting and camping knives, and new for 2011, The Buck Skinner by Mountain (Mike) Mann. All knives are made with high carbon steel blades that provide many years of service. “I enjoy making a good tool that people can use,” Mike explains. For more information, visit, or call 509-994-9394


“Young Moose in April Snow Near Henry’s Lake” © Hannah Barbee Idaho Hunting and Fishing Guide


HUNTING AND VIEWING OPPORTUNITIES BIG GAME Deer, Elk, Bear, Lion, Wolf, Moose, Goat UPLAND BIRD Quail, Chukar, Crow, Dove, Gray Partridge, Forest Grouse, Sage Grouse, Sharp-Tail, Pheasant, Turkey WATERFOWL Goose, Duck, Coot, Snipe

RIVERS AND STREAMS 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

Clearwater National Forest Coeur d’Alene National Forest Kaniksu National Forest Kootenai National Forest St. Joe National Forest

Photo Courtesy of Brian Steadman © 2011

Moose: “Can you believe we had THIS much snow last year?!”

1 Adventure Guide Service Fish Surrounded by Breathtaking Scenery!

Outfitter Guiding • Salmon • Pike • Mackinaw •Bass

Coeur d’ alene Lake Pend Oreille Lake Priest Lake ~ Columbia River

(208) 772-5267 or (208) 755-8220 48

Mike Cordon has been raised in Northern Idaho all his life and grew up fishing. For about 6 years now Mike has run Adventure Guide Services based in Coeur d’Alene about one hour from Spokane, Washington. This incredibly beautiful area is surrounded by dozens of lakes left behind by the glaciers of the ice age. There are more than 55 lakes within easy driving distance of Coeur d’Alene; as well as miles of rivers to explore. Mike meets people from around the world and takes individuals and small groups out on the lakes and rivers to experience the thrill of fishing! He’ll take you to the best places to catch Salmon, Bass, Pike and Walleye on Coeur d’ Alene Lake, Pend Oreille Lake and Priest Lake. Mike will also take you on a guided King

Salmon fishing trip on the Columbia River. Open year round, Mike knows the area well and loves to share its beauty and serenity while fishing off his 21 foot boat. It is fully enclosed during the winter months keeping his guests warm and dry. His years of experience and knowledge, has given him opportunities to do seminars teaching others his skills and insight when he’s not on the water guiding cliental. To set up your trip in the breathtaking surrounding of Northern Idaho call Mike at (208) 772-5267.

Idaho Hunting and Fishing Guide


GUIDE SERVICES Adventure Guide Service


Outfitter Guiding for Coeur d’alene Lake, Pend Oreille Lake, Priest Lake and the Columbia River Salmon, Pike, Mackinaw, and Bass 208-772-5267

Fall River Flyrods

North Idaho Mountain Outfitting

Idaho Knife Works

We Offer Bear, Elk, Deer (White Tail & Mule) & Mountain Lion Hunts We offer both Drive-to & Pack-in Camps PO BOX 432 Nordman, ID 83848 208-415-0524

Hand-crafted and Custom Built Flyrods For Anglers Who Know the Difference 208-240-0028 Award Winning Custom Knives by Mike Mann Check out our Website to order or view our Products PO BOX 144 Spirit Lake, ID 83869 509-994-9394

LODGING Cedar Springs Bed & Breakfast

High-quality, simplicity and natural Individuals, Groups, Weddings, Retreats & More W. 6734 Sturgeon Rathdrum, ID 83858 208-687-9333 Ellen@

DINING/FOOD Benewah Market & Hardware Full-service Grocery Store Open Mon-Sun 8AM to 7PM 1111 B Street Plummer, ID 83851 208-686-1216

1 Benewah Market

1111 B St, Plummer, ID 83851

(208) 686-1216

“Big Horn Sheep Near Quake Lake” © Hannah Barbee Idaho Hunting and Fishing Guide




1 Snake Dancer Excursions Snake Dancer Excursions offers year-round jet boat tours through Hells Canyon and top-notch charter fishing along the Snake River. This Clarkston-based outfit has been in operation since 1970, making it the oldest business of its kind in the area. “We get a lot of clients who come back. I really enjoy the people,” says Bill Bonson, who runs the operation with his daughter and son-in-law. Bonson and company have intentionally kept Snake Dancer Excursions a small, family-owned business. “We operate small boats and are with guests the entire time, whether it’s one day or five. This gives them a personalized experience,” Bonson explains. Trips include one-day and overnight treks to Hells Canyon Dam and one to five-day fishing expeditions for steelhead, small-mouth bass and sturgeon. Late October and early November is an especially exciting time to book a fishing trip; guests can enjoy the variety of fishing for bass in the morning and then seven-foot sturgeon after lunch.

turn the corner,” he says. Bonson is very proud of the fact that Snake Dancer Excursions has a perfect safety record. Book your trip today! Located at 1550 Port Drive STE B Clarkston, WA 99403. For complete details, visit, or call 509-758-8927.

Bonson has run the business for twelve years but never grows tired of the river. “You never know what you’re going to see when you

1 Buckboard Marina “The Facilities at Buckboard Marina are modern and fully functional. They are designed with your enjoyment and comfort in mind.”

307-875-6927 25 Miles South of Green River, Wyoming off of Wyoming Highway 530 50

Idaho Hunting and Fishing Guide

Shadetree Shooter Gunsmithing (STS Arms)

If you’re serious about hunting, the longevity of your high quality firearm is of paramount importance. Over time, trekking through various terrains and weather conditions takes its toll on your weapon. STS Arms of Yachats, Oregon has got you covered with superior environmental resistance through its unique cured and layered Cerakote ceramic coating system from NIC Industries, Inc.

After many years of experience in the firearms industry, Ron Downs started STS Arms in August of 2010. “It’s great to be able to sell the best products out there,” Downs says. For more information, visit, or call 541-336-3006.

Simply, there is nothing else on the market that offers this level of protection. This state-of-the-art coating system, which is used by both the military and police agencies, consistently ranks the best in both laboratory and real world settings. Statistically, you can expect seven-and-a-half times more wear resistance than other coatings and durability exemplified by resistance to 160 poundsper-square inch of impact. This product has been rigorously tested in sand, mud, ice and snow, foul weather, coastal operations, and temperature extremes. In addition to this, STS Arms offers custom camouflaging paint schemes to match any region you choose.


Offers quiet beauty to campers traveling through the back roads of Eastern Washington.

509-647-2647 44892 State Rt 21 N. Wilbur, WA 99185 Photo Courtesy of Hannah Barbee © 2011 Idaho Hunting and Fishing Guide


The Braggin’ Book Hunters and fisherman of all ages and skill level will find a welcome word of encouragement when speaking with Brian Derrickson, owner of The Braggin’ Book. Derrickson enjoys seeing what his fellow outdoor enthusiasts have harvested from their own hunting experience. In the last two and half years over 700 outdoor sportsmen have sent their pictures to Derrickson. “It makes me happy to see what others are accomplishing,” said Derrickson. “When I look at the pictures sent to me I can see the sense of accomplishment on their face. That makes me feel good.” While traveling through a quiet, rural town one October, Derrickson happened upon a picture of a local boy who had bagged a buck. “It was amazing. This little kid had accomplished something to be proud of and the only people who would see it were those who might come into that obscure gas station. That’s when I came up with the idea of The Braggin’ Book.” Visitors can submit photos of animals they have harvested and Derrickson will categorize it and proudly display it on his website. His business tagline really says it best- “if you caught it or shot it... we want it!” Those submitting photos are asked to provide some basic information such as their name, species of the animal, the


area it was harvested, and the weapon used. There is no fee for submitting a photo. Eventually Derrickson would like to take the photos and turn them into a book that would annually showcase the local hunters of each state. He has received many pictures from the west and northwest and as far east as Georgia and South Carolina. As an avid hunter and outdoorsman, Derrickson believes and practices conservation and the ethical treatment of animals. “I love to hunt. I want there to be deer to hunt and fish to be caught. This can only be done by taking care of the land and being a responsible hunter.” “The whole purpose of The Braggin’ Book is to support fellow hunters,” said Derrickson. “I wish all of them the best in their next hunting or fishing adventure!” If you would like to submit your photo to The Braggin’ Book or order unique Braggin’ Book apparel, visit, and let The Braggin’ Book show off your success.

Idaho Hunting and Fishing Guide

ROCKY MOUNTAIN TANNERS “Hunters take pride in their harvest,” said Chandler Morton, owner of Rocky Mountain Tanners in Englewood, CO. “We understand that the hides have sentimental value. Our custom hide tanning creates a useful and practical product from a trophy hide.” Rocky Mountain Tanners is one of the few remaining businesses in the U.S. specializing in custom hide tanning, both hair-on and hair-off. “West of Mississippi there are maybe two or three services like ours,” said Morton. “Due to stringent regulations by the Environmental Protection Agency and competition by countries such as China and Mexico, it can be cost restrictive to run a business like ours.” Rocky Mountain Tanners helps controls costs by prepping and tanning hides in large batches. “By doing this we can keep costs down,” said Morton. “However, due to the increase in demand and so few choices, customers should expect the process to take about 6

months.” Rocky Mountain Tanners has been in business for approximately 20 years. Morton and his other craftsmen have years of specialized training and experience in prepping hides and custom tanning. The art of tanning hides is very labor intensive, done primarily with hand tools, and can take several hours just to prepare the hide for tanning. Custom tanning is also affordable. “For what you might pay retail on a leather coat you will pay the same, perhaps a little less, for a custom leather coat from your trophy hide,” said Morton. “We make jackets, bags, purses, gloves, and many other items.” Visit to view their online store. Rocky Mountain Tanners also sells elk, deer, bison, and cow hide as well as leather working tools.


Elk Antler Outfitters, Ltd. Elk Antler Outfitters, Ltd. is one of the oldest businesses of its kind in Wyoming. The company offers a variety of outdoor expeditions through the beautiful Jedediah Smith Wilderness and Grand Tetons including hunting trips for elk, mule deer, Shiraz Moose, black bear and antelope, full-day and half-day guided horseback rides, and high-country fishing for rainbow and brook trout. Particularly popular are the authentic pre 1840s-type expeditions. Walk the trails of the famous fur trappers of the era, eat the same food, camp out with similar equipment, and hunt with period-correct weaponry – both rifles and archery. “I enjoy the pure pleasure of being out in the woods with new friends,” says owner, Justin Hitch, who purchased the Idaho Hunting and Fishing Guide

operation two years ago from Richard Ashburn, who after nearly fifty years still serves as a company guide. Hitch, a sponsored member of the American Mountain Man Association, is passionate about sharing the area he grew up in. “It’s great seeing people’s gratification as if they left their world behind, especially when families with young children experience this,” he explains. Hitch is a certified first responder along with CPR/first aid, and carries a Satellite Personal Tracker (SPOT) for added safety. Experience a truly once-in-a lifetime custom adventure with Elk Antler Outfitters. For more information, visit, or call 307-6991274.

Elk AntlEr

OutfittErs PO Box 79, Victor, ID

High-Country Fishing Guided Horseback Trail Rides Pack Trips Big Game Hunting One of Wyoming’s Oldest Guide Companies


www.elkanTleRlTd.Com 53

Bug Band Repellant that Smells Good and Keeps Bugs Away

For decades people have been forced to make a choice between two evils: use an insect repellent to keep bugs away, or forego the stinky spray and put up with buzzing, biting and bothersome insects. It all depends what irritates you more, the chemicals or the bugs. The days of having to make that dreaded choice are over. BugBand™ is here. It is a product — developed by EES, Inc., (Effective Environment Solutions) — that is the logical alternative to traditional synthetic pesticides that smell bad and can irritate skin. BugBand™ comes in several forms, including wristbands, towelettes, pump sprays, animal bedding and bead bags that come in 16 different fragrances. Odor-control manufacturer Dan Ritter founded the company, based in Cartersville, Georgia, in 1990. With its decades of experience developing odor-control products, EES, Inc., partnered with the University of Florida, Gainesville, which was undertaking a long-term study on the effectiveness of Geraniol as an insect repellent. EES is now the exclusive manufacturer and distributor of products using the patented technology under the BugBand™ brand. Geranoil, in essence, is oil extracted from a geranium, a common flower that for centuries has been planted in flower boxes worldwide with the intent of warding off bothersome insects. There had never been any scientific research conducted on the effects of the oil of Geraniums until the University of Florida’s 17-year long study. The research is over and the results are in. BugBand™ is highly effective in repelling pests like mosquitoes, house flies, stable flies, horn flies, head lice, cock roaches, fire ants, gnats, dog ticks, lone star ticks, no-see-ums and many other irritating pests.

BugBand™ has proven not only to be more effective than traditional synthetic repellents, but is safer and doesn’t stink. In fact, BugBand’s pleasant-scented Geraniol vapors create an invisible shield that protects from pests and smells good. The BugBand™ can be used for gardening, camping, playing in the backyard, picnicking or any outdoor recreation. It is also effectively used by utility and lawn-care crews, as well as police and fire personnel. BugBand™ is sold through outlets all over the world and at the Bass Pro Shop and Target here in the U.S, but can be ordered directly online at For more information, please call 1.800.473.9467


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Idaho Hunting and Fishing Guide



Superior environmental resistance for your pistols, rifles, and shotguns Yachats, Oregon Contact Ron Downs 541-336-3006

Rocky Mountain Tanners

Custom Leather & Tanning, We Offer Both Hair On & Hair Off Tanning One of the few remaining tanners left in the US where you can have hide tanned & customized 4965 S. Broadway Englewood, CO 80113 303-293-2882

LODGING Big Spruce RV Park & Boat Rental

Cable TV, WiFi, Boat Rental, Crabbing and Clamming Equipment 4850 Netarts HWY West Tillamook, OR 97141 503-842-7443

Buckboard Marina

Check out our website for rates, current conditions, and upcoming events Our store has all your fishing, camping, and day trip supplies 25 Miles South of Green River, WY on WY HWY 530 Green River, WY 82935 307-875-6927 Name: Big Spruce R V Park

Lazy G Motel

Come Play & Stay With Us Room rates and snowmobile rental information available on our website 123 Hayden St. West Yellowstone, MT 59758 406-646-7586

McKinley’s Marina & RV Park

The Best Dungeness Crabbing on the Oregon Coast! 850 Highway 34 Waldport, OR 97394 541-563-4656

Outdoor Inn

Get Away From It All “Like stepping back in time” Main Street Jarbidge, NV 89826 775-488-2311


Submit photos with your name, animal species, area harvested, and weapon used If You Caught It or Shot It...WE WANT IT! 1277 Morse Ln. SW Albany, OR 97321 Contact Brian Derrickson 541-740-5575

Bug Band

The Best Insect Repellant - Pesticide Free, Natural, Environmentally and Child Safe Wristbands & Sprays 127 Riverside Drive Cartersville, GA 30120 678-721-9989

GUIDE SERVICES Elk Antler Outfitters

One of Wyoming’s Oldest Guide Companies Big game hunting pack trips, Guided horseback trailrides, High country fishing Contact Justin Hitch 307-699-1274

Snake Dancer Excursions

We are the 1st boat out, We travel the furthest up the river, We take smaller groups Homestyle Buffet Lunches, Year-round fishing & tours 1550 Port Drive STE B Clarkston, WA 99403 800-234-1941

& Boat Rental Street: 4850 Netarts Highway West Tillamook, or 97141-9470 Phone: (503) 842-7443

Park V R e c u r p S ig B oat Rental and


cable TV•Wi-Fi • boaT renTal • crabbing and clamming equipmenT

4850 Netarts Highway West • Tillamook, OR • Idaho Hunting and Fishing Guide

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Idaho Hunting and Fishing Guide

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Idaho Hunting & Fishing Guide  

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