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Being Present In Your World

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Women deserve a lifetime of quality healthcare. Yvette Bessent, MD

Our network of highly specialized physicians and professional staff are here to meet your needs, through every stage of your life. From annual exams, mammograms or bone density screenings to performing the latest treatments, minimally invasive procedures, hysterectomies and laser surgeries, we’re here to help strengthen and maintain your health. Visit to learn more about our personalized approach to comprehensive women’s care, including 24/7 online scheduling and more.

Charlotte OB/GYN • Eastover OB/GYN • NorthCross OB/GYN

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Give Mom a Baby Face for Mother’s Day.

This Mother’s Day, give Mom the gift of looking like she’s had a week’s vacation at a five-star spa. Dr. Sean Freeman can make mom’s dreams a reality, with easy non-surgical procedures to freshen up her look in as little as an hour, or quick recovery surgery options. A double-board certified facial plastic surgeon with over 20 years of experience and training, Dr. Freeman personally attends to each patient, ensuring the best care in every procedure, including Botox®, Restylane® and more. Best of all, you won’t have to do without Mom for a whole week. And now at a reduced price, there has never been a better time to get the fabulous look you want. Before


Actual Unretouched Photos of Dr. Freeman’s Patient

Look Your Best For Mother’s Day! Offering $100 Off Botox Browlift.

offer expires 05/31/11

M. Sean Freeman, M.D. Specializing in Facial Plastic Surgery Since 1988

Double-Board Certified, Fellowship Trained

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704.543.1110 SURGICAL PROCEDURES: SignatureLift, Facelifts, Rhinoplasty, Lip Augmentations, Cheek/Chin Implants, Upper/Lower Eye Lids, Endoscopic Browlift NON-SURGICAL PROCEDURES: Radiesse, Juvéderm, Botox®, Vitalize Chemical Peels, Laser Hair Removal, Skinmedica, Laser Skin Treatments, Facials

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58 Queen City Jewels

Suit Up For Fun In The Sun

Happenings You Don’t Want To Miss

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Brow Down To The Eyes

What You Need To Know To Stay Well

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-2 lbs.

-2 lbs.

. s b l 2


-1 lb.

-3 lbs. -2 lbs.

-3 lbs.

-1 lb.

breeze through

-2 lbs.

Summer with

-3 lbs


lbs. -2 lbs. -3

-1 lb.

-2 lbs.


-1 lb. -2 lbs.

weight loss -3 lbs.

-2 lbs.




-2 lbs

-1 lb.

hCG Fat L oss

Lose 1-3 lbs PER DAY with a medically supervised

hCG fat loss program.

If clinically indicated, REVITA’s Physician may combine hCG with bio-identical hormone replacement, so your metabolism and energy will be youthfully restored. REVITA’s patients experience increased energy, they feel better, sleep well again, have improved libido, better mental clarity, and much more. • Bio-identical hormone replacement therapy • Medical Weight Loss • Anti-Aging and Wellness Center • Care from a Specially Trained Charlotte MD

Call today to see if you qualify!

704-319-5530 ::

7810 Ballantyne Commons Parkway, Suite 220, Charlotte, NC 28277

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Spotlight On Medicine

28 Carolina Urology Partners


29 Bednar Plastic Surgery

FEA TUREs 34 Making Laughter Count

30 Ditesheim Cosmetic Surgery

Laugh For The Cure Celebrates 10 Years

31 Charlotte Women’s Pavilion 32 Revita Anti-Aging Center

40 Clay For Keeps A Local Collector Shares Her Love Of Ceramics


44 Awake In The World

20 System Support

A Q&A With Author Debra Moffitt

Marlena Werder Engineers A Career At Microsoft


24 Mother Lode Of Laughs Jill Seale Tickles Mom’s Funny Bone With A New Book 8

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Jill Seale,

Joe Martin Scott Stiles 5200 Park Road, Suite 111 Charlotte, NC 28209 704/521-6872 Today’s Charlotte Woman is published by Today’s Woman Inc., and is distributed on a complimentary basis throughout the greater Charlotte area. Subscription rate is $20 per year for 10 issues plus the TCW R esource Guide. Copyright ©2011 Today’s Woman, Inc. All rights reserved. Copying or reproduction, in part or in whole, is strictly prohibited. Today’s Charlotte Woman and Today’s Woman Inc. do not necessarily endorse the views and perceptions of contributors or advertisers.

artist, humorist, author. Photo by joe martin.

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each B Ready? Are You ®


laser body sculpting



S pecial OA TW





3 S 5.





FAT TRANSFER MOVES FAT FROM THIGHS OR BELLY TO BREASTS - FOR NATURAL RESULTS Cosmetic surgeon Dr. Bruce Marko offers his patients a wide range of minimally invasive cosmetic procedures and treatments. From cosmetic surgical procedures to medical spa services.


Smart Lipo • Zerona • BreaSt enhancement • tummy tuck • arm Lift • faceLift • Botox • DiSport • reStyLane raDieSSe • LaSer hair removaL • hair reStoration • LaSer toenaiL funguS treatment • LaSer Skin rejuvenation

15830 John J. Delaney Drive

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Tel: 704 295 9099

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he universal distress signal. The international cry for help: Mayday. Fitting it should take its name from the month assigned to celebrate mothers. Who better to signal for assistance than Mom? Moms are typically ready to give advice, offer an opinion, and dress a wound at a moment’s notice. Whether you are a mom or love a mom, you know how soothing/wacky/insulting/insert your own adjective here her verbal balm can be. I’m betting you stand up straighter, keep your hair trimmed, remember that you are meant for great things, and never ever put your shoes on the table (“It’s bad luck!”) … all because of Mom. My mother came to help me after my second daughter was born, 13 years ago, and stayed for a couple of weeks. She entertained my first daughter; she cooked; she kept me company while I nursed the baby; and she kept things tidy. At the time, I had a big, sloppy, glorious bulldog named Beesley. He was smelly and made inexplicable noises almost all the time. I couldn’t tell my mom (not a dog person) that I loved him more than I actually loved my two young children. She would have been aghast. About midway through her stay, she decided to make oatmeal


T o d a y ’ s

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C h a r l o tt e

cookies with her granddaughter. The two of them baked the cookies and then stored them in large ziptop plastic bags, placing them on a shelf in the pantry. (Dog owners know where I’m going with this.) At some point in the night, Beesley nudged open the pantry door, heaved his chubby self high enough to grab three bags of cookies with his bouncy jowls, and pulled them to the floor … along with an open bag of flour. When I came downstairs in the morning, a baby attached to my breast and a toddler holding on to the hem of my nightgown, my mom was on her hands and knees, scrubbing. The entire kitchen floor was covered in flour caked with bulldog slobber and punctuated with oatmeal bits. She looked up at me in disgust and said, “I don’t know how you can live like this.” I reached down, plucked a cookie, only slightly mangled, from the floor, gently blew flour and a bit of dog hair from the top of it, took a bite, and said, “I know. Thank God you’re here.” We love our moms!

W o m a n

4/21/11 2:14 PM

Barbara McKay's smile by Dr. Ross W. Nash Photo by Deborah Triplett

An unexpected compliment? A well-deserved evening out with friends? That certain look from someone special? Or the confidence that only a healthy and attractive smile can bring. Of the nearly 8000 American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry members worldwide, there are only 45 who have achieved the exclusive level of Accredited Fellow. In all of North and South Carolina, only one dentist has earned this elite status by illustrating the required level of excellence in the area of cosmetic dentistry: Accredited Fellow Ross W. Nash, DDS.

Let Dr. Nash restore your healthy smile with gentle, attentive, non-hurried care. You and your family can enjoy complete, general dental care that guarantees people will notice your smile, not your dental work. For a comfortable stress-free visit, call our office now. We'll make you smile.

Full Service

General & Cosmetic Dental Care Cosmetic Dentistry of the


in Huntersville – 403 Gilead Road, Suite E • Huntersville • 704 895-7660

Ross W. Nash, DDS PubLetter0411.indd 11

www.Cosmetic Dentistry of the 4/15/11 4:26 PM

G irlT ime t i p s ,

t r e n d s ,

a n d

f a n c i e s

C OMPILED BY miche lle young hu bacher

Lessons Learned Beware Bridal Shop Bankruptcies


harlotte’s Better Business Bureau offers its annual advice for brides getting ready for that walk down the aisle. Your dream day can quickly turn into a nightmare if your bridal shop suddenly goes out of business. According to the BBB, in the past three years, two highprofile bridal salons closed

abruptly, leaving dozens of brides without dresses — only days or weeks before their weddings. After La Bella Sposa closed in 2008, and Noble Brides closed in 2009, the scope of their questionable business practices became apparent. Although brides had paid thousands of dollars in advance deposits on dresses, the shops did not order their dresses.

Protecting The Dream The BBB reports that brides can protect themselves from becoming victims. Important things to keep in mind: Do your homework. C heck with the BBB to see if the bridal salon has a history of complaints. While researching a company is always a good practice, the BBB did not have any indication that La Bella Sposa or Noble Brides was on the brink of closing. Pay with a credit card. Pay for your dress and all related expenses with a credit card. If there is a problem, you may be able to recoup the money paid if your credit card offers buyer protections. Many La Bella Sposa and Noble Bride victims paid by cash, check, or debit card and lost thousands of dollars. Never pay in full. When you order your dress, pay only the minimum deposit required. La Bella Sposa offered discounts to brides who paid 100 percent up front, which should be a red flag that the business needs cash now. 12

T o d a y ’ s

GirlTime0511-M.indd 12

C h a r l o tt e

Confirm your order. After you order your gown from a bridal shop, call your dress designer a few weeks later to confirm that the bridal shop actually placed the order with the designer. Watch for sample dress switches. If you are buying a new dress, make sure you don’t end up with a sample dress. When your dress arrives, scrutinize every inch of it for any stains, tears, or other signs that the dress is not new. La Bella Sposa allegedly had sample dresses cleaned and sold them as new gowns to unsuspecting brides. Double check on delays. If your bridal shop tells you your dress is delayed at the designer, call the designer to confirm the story. For more tips, visit >

W o m a n

4/15/11 3:33 PM


In my doctor... in my results... in me.

Julie Player, Dr. Ditesheim patient since 2004

“What Dr. Ditesheim did for me was a lot more than cosmetic. Dr. Ditesheim restored and enhanced how I feel about me!”


Jeffrey A. Ditesheim MD, FACS Board Certified Plastic Surgeon


New technology • No downtime • No crystals Your skin will feel like “silk” norMALLY $150.00, noW $100.00 For thE Month oF MAY

GirlTime0511.indd 13 1 ditesheim0611v3.indd I 704.754.8351

4/20/11 1:19 1:19 PM PM 4/20/11

GirlTime bio-identical

hormone replacement


Ronald L. Brown, MD Fellow, American College Ob/Gyn Member, N. American Menopause Society

Experience You Can Trust Dr. Ronald L. Brown has been treating women with hormone replacement therapy for 30 years. During the past 5 years, he

L ove Your Mother A nd L ove Mother Earth Too


how your mom some green love on Mother’s Day by celebrating her special day with an e-card, instead of buying a paper card. Or, purchase a card made from recycled or tree-free paper. Here are more eco-friendly ideas to honor Mom: •• Make dinner reservations at a local restaurant that features organic or locally grown foods. •• If you’re thinking about buying jewelry, consider purchasing jewelry that supports a good cause. Altruette ( partners with Sea Turtle Conservancy to donate 50 percent from the sale of their sea turtle charms. •• Bond with your mom and Mother Nature by going on a picnic or weekend trip to a wildlife preserve or park.

•• Make a charitable donation in honor of your mom. Adopt a momma sea turtle as a unique and personalized way to show how much you care! For a tax-deductible donation of $25 or more, you can adopt an endangered sea turtle from Sea Turtle Conservancy and your mother will receive a personalized adoption certificate, a sea turtle conservation guide, a membership window cling, a sea turtle sticker and bookmark, a hatchling magnet, and a one-year subscription to STC’s membership publication. And, your gift will last more than just one day, as your mother will be able to track her turtle online at Visit to meet the sea turtles available for adoption and learn more about STC’s conservation program.

Carrying The Load Together

And Making It 50-50

has focused his practice on wellness issues for women and men through bio-identical hormone replacement, nutrition, fitness, and supplements. His mission is to dramatically improve the quality of life of his patients.

Author of The Youth Effect Barraged with the conflicting messages about the safety of hormone replacement therapy? In The Youth Effect, Dr. Brown cuts through the confusion and offers a clear, concise view of the heart of the matter.

Available at Park Road Books, Borders ® and

423C South Sharon Amity Road Charlotte, NC 28211

For an appointment, call



T o d a y ’ s

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C h a r l o tt e

Whether you have always been close to your siblings or you’ve never really seen eye-to-eye, learning how to handle the challenges of aging parents — and doing so together — can be daunting. A new local program, called the 50-50 RuleSM, offers strategies for overcoming sibling differences to help families provide the best care for elderly parents. “Any Charlotte-area family that has cared for a senior loved one knows that problems working with siblings can lead to family strife,” says Roberta Farnum, owner of the local Home Instead Senior Care® office serving Mecklenburg County. “Making decisions together, dividing the workload, and teamwork are the keys to overcoming family conflict.” The 50-50 Rule refers to the average age (50) when siblings are caring for their parents, as well as the need for brothers and sisters to share in the plans for care 50-50. Research conducted for the Home Instead Senior Care network reveals that an inability to work together often leads to one sibling becoming responsible for the bulk of care giving in 43 percent of families. And that can result in the deterioration of relationships with brothers and sisters. “If you’re 50, have siblings, and are assisting with the care of seniors, it’s time to develop a plan,” Farnum says. “This program can help.” At the core of the 50-50 Rule public education program is a family relationship and communication guide of real-life situations that features practical advice. For more information about this free guide, call 704/344-0801, or visit

W o m a n

4/21/11 2:15 PM

Clear Your Mind Add A Lasting Spring To Your Step


id you know the average person thinks about 50,000 thoughts per day, and approximately 10 percent of those thoughts are negative? That averages up to 500 negative thoughts a

day. Judy Belmont, MS, and Lora Shor, MSW, authors of The Swiss Cheese Theory of Life, say it’s paramount that we dust the negative clutter off our minds and spring into spring. Their suggestions?

1. Stop hoarding. Let go. Letting go is an important part of any significant spring cleaning, but particularly when it comes to an emotional clean-out. Letting go of past grudges, anger, and sadness will result in more room for healthy emotions that will be beneficial to your emotional growth. 2. Think highly. Thinking highly of yourself, your friends, and loved ones will bring about a new attitude of self-assuredness and help to downsize all of the negative thinking that is cluttering your emotions. Overanalyzing your flaws will only bring about personal turmoil, so adopt a new attitude of self-love and roll out your own red carpet. 
 3. Do less and feel more. This is not to say work less or spend less time with your family, but rather ease up on those little things we are always just “doing.” The authors say, “It is important to remember that you are a human being, not a human doing.” Make side tasks a thing of the past so that your downtime can be used to refresh and reenergize. This will give you more physical energy and emotional stability.

Tell her on


4. Make decisions. Much of our emotional clutter comes from unanswered questions and unmade decisions. Giving yourself the role of main decision maker in your life will grant you the freedom to separate the important from the banal and help to focus your energy and emotions on what really matters to you, instead of getting bogged down by all of life’s demands. 5. Choose how you want to feel. Regain control of your life and your emotions by realizing that you are in charge of how you feel. Attitude is everything and often times, we blame outside circumstances for attitude problems within. Remember that emotional clutter can bog us down and bring out pessimism and ungratefulness. Deciding to feel a particular way will put you in the driver’s seat of your emotional life and help you to get rid of all the clutter in your way! TCW

Sterling Silver Charms from $25

BLAKENEY 9830 Rea Road 704.541.0030 Mon-Sat 10am-7pm Sun 12:30pm-5pm

MKTG14798_P-BLAKEN.indd 1

GirlTime0511.indd 15

Gift With Purchase • April 22nd–May 8th Receive a PANDORA Ring Holder (a $35 US retail value) with your purchase of $100 or more of PANDORA jewelry.* *Charms and bracelet shown on ring holder are sold separately. Good while supplies last, limit one per customer.


4/8/2011 2 0 1 110:43:43 15AM

4/21/11 2:16 PM


Brough t To Y ou By ...

Entrepreneurs Feeling Better But Still Feeling The Pinch By Ric h Lin t on an d Robb Hilson One of the best windows into the U.S. economy can be found among America’s small businesses. According to a recent Merrill Lynch Affluent Insights Survey, which includes 190 small business owners in a sample of 1,000 affluent Americans, conditions appear to be improving. In fact, more than half (56 percent) of small business owners surveyed believe their businesses are in a better financial position than they were one year before, and 86 percent are confident that their personal financial pictures will improve. While one could interpret these as encouraging signs of recovery, just 38 percent of affluent small business owners are highly optimistic that the economy will improve, and many are still struggling to meet demands — a serious concern considering that this group employs half of the nation’s private sector workers. For instance, nearly 70 percent said they would like to hire additional employees but are unable to do so.

affluent small business owners surveyed cited providing their employees with health care (46 percent) and retirement benefits (23 percent) as their top two concerns — more so than sustaining or growing their business (19 percent). The survey probed further to determine why business owners offer retirement benefit plans to their employees, finding that 31 percent believe it is their responsibility as an employer, and 20 percent pointed to these benefit plans as a benefit that helps them attract and retain the talent that they’ll need to be successful. Such benefits will be increasingly important as the job market improves and a war for top talent emerges and intensifies during the coming years.

Employee Benefits

Fostering Success And Recovery

As for their top business concerns, after meeting customer needs and meeting employee payroll, 46 percent of

Small businesses are the backbone of our economy and will continue to be one of the key measures of the health

and direction of its recovery. These business owners are vital to strengthening the pulse of the nation and to keeping it moving forward. But to do so, they need support and advice that transcends both their personal life and their business, including the needs of their employees. Whether lending to, investing in, or advising small businesses in ways that help them improve their bottom line, and that give owners and their employees greater optimism about their financial future, more must be done across the financial industry and the private sector at large to help these businesses grow and thrive in any environment. Doing so can help them, and in turn the country, begin to more fully realize the benefits of a recovering economy. Rich Linton is head of business retirement solutions for Bank of America Merrill Lynch and Robb Hilson is client development group executive for global commercial banking at Bank of America.

© 2011 Bank of America C orporation. All rights reserved.


T o d a y ’ s

MoneyTalks 0511.indd 16

C h a r l o tt e

W o m a n

4/21/11 2:17 PM


Live fully, love deeply, laugh loudly...


M e e t O u r D O c tO r s : DR. DAvID LESANSky University Dental Associates is pleased to announce its association with Dr. David Lesansky at the convenient University Place practice. Dr. Lesansky comes to us from sunny southwest Florida where he was in private practice for 10 years. He has chosen Charlotte for its beautiful weather, dynamic culture and magnificent scenery. As an alumnus of the University of Florida, Dr. Lesansky brings a strong educational background to the University area, which he has expanded upon with numerous intensive continuing education seminars. He prides himself on strong communication skills with his patients, learning from them what their concerns and desires for treatment are. Only in this way can he offer his patients the highest level of care and compassion. We invite you to make an appointment with Dr. Lesansky today to experience quality dental care.

Call today to schedule your next visit or service with us. We look forward to serving you and your family! w w w. u Da D e n t i s t r y. C o m

DR. DAvID WOOLStON Dr. David Woolston graduated from the UNC Chapel Hill School of Dentistry in 1993. Upon graduation, he joined the U.S. Navy and served for three years with the Marine Corps at Camp Lejeune. He is currently a Navy Reservist with the rank of Commander and serves one weekend a month at the Naval Hospital in Pensacola, Florida. Throughout his career, Dr. Woolston has had the privilege of practicing dentistry around the world, including locations such as Japan, Spain and proudly served on a humanitarian mission to Thailand. In 1999, he earned a Master of Business Administration from the University of North Carolina at Wilmington. He has been a member of the Academy of General Dentistry since 1993 and in 2006 distinguished himself as a Fellow in the Academy. Dr. Woolston enjoys longdistance running and photography.

free whitening W I t h N E W PAt I E N t E x A M A N D x R Ay S




e C o - f r i e n D ly




s e rv i n G 2 C h a r l ot t e l o Cat i o n s ! SouthPark

University Place

2901 Coltsgate Rd. Suite 201, Charlotte

8401 University Executive Pkwy. Suite 110, Charlotte



General Dentistry

UniversityDental0411-full.indd 1 MoneyTalks 0511.indd 17

CosmetiC Dentistry



4/21/11 11:35 11:36 AM

O n W o m e n

m a k i n g

Job Changes/Promotions Christan Hunsbedt has joined Solace Spa as a licensed massage and bodywork therapist.

Jacob’s Ladder West, specializing in breaking the cycle of chronic unemployment through job readiness and related services, has hired Susan Pierson as project manager, moving from contract position to a full-time employee. Margo Scurry has joined Jacob’s Ladder West as program coordinator to manage technology instruction and classroom teaching. Jacob’s Ladder West has also expanded to a new facility located at 2201 Caronia Street in west Charlotte. Dr. M. Danielle Funny is now the solo practitioner of University Pediatric Dentistry in Charlotte.

YWCA Central Carolinas has appointed Tonya Harris family support coordinator for Mecklenburg and Union Counties.

OTM 0511.indd 18

C h a r l o tt e

b u s i n e s s

s u c c e s s

Novant Health has hired Nicole Martin as director of corporate health and network development. Parker Poe Adams & Bernstein LLP has announced the appointment of Kristi Kessler Walters as chief talent officer, focusing on recruiting, retention, and professional development. Samantha Jimenez and Nikki Shugart have been promoted to team leaders for Griffin Home Health Care in Charlotte.

Decade, a home décor boutique owned by Kristin and Stuart Darnell, has opened its doors in The Villa on Providence Road in Myers Park.


North Carolina Community Sailing and Rowing, of Lake Norman, has hired Bridget Blair as the new director of rowing.

T o d a y ’ s

s t r i d e s

M o v e

New Business/Changes

Advertising agency Burke Communications announced that Rosalyn Corder has joined the firm as account coordinator.


T h e

The Urban League of Central Carolinas has honored Pat Rodgers, CEO of Rodgers Builders, with the 2011 Whitney M. Young Jr. Award for Outstanding Community Champion, and Kim Graham, vice president/ community relations manager for Bank of America, with the 2011 Urban League Unsung Hero Award.

s t o r i e s

Children’s Theatre of Charlotte’s board of directors welcomed new members Anjanette Flowers, anchor and reporter with WCNC NewsChannel 36, and George Jurch, general counsel for Continental. Jacob’s Ladder Job Center Inc. has added the following four members to its board of directors: Dr. Gloria Campbell-Whatley, associate professor of education at UNC Charlotte; Vincent Davis, director of Smart Energy Now Community Partnerships, Duke Energy; Emmanuel Choice, commercial real estate broker with Lincoln Harris LLC; Brian P. Willis, founder and CEO of Wealth Builders Enterprises Inc.

Colleen Brannan, president of BRANSTORM PR & Marketing, and Kim Marks, a principal at ai Design Group, have been named to the board of directors for Junior Achievement of Central Carolinas. Sandy Morgart, with Bank of America, and Dr. Jeffrey S. Kneisl, medical director of the Blumenthal Cancer Center at Carolinas Medical Center, have joined the board of directors for 24 Hours of Booty Inc., which runs the official 24-hour cycling event of LIVESTRONG and the only national 24-hour road cycling charity event in the country.

S e n d

y o u r

n e w s

t o :

On The Move

W o m a n

4/21/11 2:19 PM

green corner

Opening May 21

Know The Code Tracking The Ozone


By Kelly Picarsic

pring has sprung, and the sky is Carolina Blue. The warmer weather is like a breath of fresh air as we make plans to spend more time outdoors. And, warmer days bring the start of ozone season, when air pollution levels are likely to escalate.

What Is Ozone?

Ozone is pollution formed at ground level on hot, sunny days in the presence of vehicle and power plant emissions. Breathing the smoggy soup can be harmful to children, people with asthma or heart disease, and healthy individuals who work outside. It contains tiny particles that lodge deep into the lungs and irritate the upper-respiratory system. The N.C. Division of Air Quality warns prolonged exposure to high ozone levels may even cause healthy people to develop asthma over time. Ozone pollution is Charlotte’s main air quality problem. Due to the region’s long history of unhealthy air days, the American Lung Association has ranked the city among the top smoggiest in the nation. Mecklenburg County also remains out-of-compliance with federal ozone standards set by the Environmental Protection Agency in 2008. The problem stretches beyond The Queen City, though, as more than half of N.C. counties suffer with unhealthy air days that exceed the EPA standard. In efforts to better protect public health, the agency is expected to adopt even tougher ozone limits this summer.

Know the Code Meteorologists alert the public to harmful levels of ozone pollution by using a color-coded chart called the Air Quality Index. The AQI indicates whether the air is forecasted to be good (green), moderate (yellow), unhealthy for sensitive groups (orange), or unhealthy (red). When you “know the code,” you can take action for your health by limiting prolonged outdoor activities on code-orange days or higher. It’s also important to help reduce pollution levels by driving less, refueling your vehicle after 6 p.m., reducing idling time, and using less electricity. You can check the daily air quality code or sign up to receive the forecast via e-mail at TCW

ToLearnMore Visit

Meadowood Walk is a new series of trails that meander through five acres of meadow and a portion of the surrounding forest, all leading to a vista of Lake Wylie. Interactive experiences are incorporated along the trail, offering your family opportunities to see, hear, and touch the natural It showcases world around them. the plants of the Piedmont and promotes environmental stewardship that helps restore a more natural balance among the species that live there. 6500 S. New Hope Rd Belmont, NC 28012 704-825-4490

Oneat aPatient


Accepting new patients Whitening Tooth-colored fillings Bridges Crowns & veneers in a single visit Insurance accepted & filed

For all New patient Adult appointments, COMPLIMENTARY X-RAYS valued at

F ree $145 with cleaning & exam

Mention this ad for a FREE WHITENING KIT for qualified patients only

David M.




704 510 1150 • 8430 University Executive Park, Suite 610, Charlotte, NC 28262


GreenCorner0511.indd 19

2 0 1 1

19 4/21/11 2:21 PM


T o d a y ’ s

Marlene Werder 0511.indd 20

C h a r l o tt e

W o m a n

4/19/11 3:02 PM

System Support Marlena Werder Engineers A Career At Microsoft By Melinda Johnston • PHOTOS BY JOE MARTIN


rom her Charlotte office, Microsoft executive Marlena Werder has a far-reaching impact on businesses around the world. As vice president of Commercial Technical Support, Werder is responsible for a global division at Microsoft that assists companies ranging from large enterprises to small businesses, as

well as governments, partners, and developers, as they deploy and use Microsoft products. The thousands of engineers on her team — located in several countries — help these commercial customers get the most from their technology investment, helping them 24 hours a day in their preferred languages. Werder provides the leadership to ensure Microsoft customers have a world-class support experience.

“If Microsoft customers have a problem, or if they want to take on a new project, I lead the team that helps them with the technical aspects,” says Werder. “Our people are heroes to our customers, because companies really value their technical expertise.” Werder has another role that she manages, as well — one, she says, that can be just as challenging, and even more gratifying, than her Microsoft gig. She is the wife of Bruce Werder, her husband of 15 years, and mother of Molly and Sam, their 14-year-old twins who are currently freshmen at Myers Park High School. She says her dual role as mother and executive is made possible by Bruce, who stepped into the role of stay-at-home dad soon after the twins were born.

Family Roles That Work “Having Bruce stay at home was a big tradeoff since he chose to leave a successful career,” Werder says. “But Bruce makes it possible for me to come home and just enjoy being a family, without having to worry about a lot of responsibilities. He certainly enables my success. I can’t imagine dealing with the stresses of travel and being able to put that much energy into my job without him having everyone grounded.” Her typical day begins about 5 a.m., when

she gets up and checks her e-mail to see what issues cropped up overnight. She gets the twins up about 5:15 and, while they are getting ready for school, hits the treadmill or elliptical for a quick workout. After they catch the bus around 6 a.m., she gets ready and usually arrives at the office before 8 a.m., listening to NPR on the way. Werder works at the company’s Charlotte campus, which is outfitted with Xbox game units in the cafeteria, a pool table, volleyball and basketball courts, and a driving range to keep spirits high and creativity sharp. From 8 a.m. until 5:30 p.m., her day is packed with meetings, phone calls, and e-mails keeping her up to speed with business and employees around the world. Though she’s usually home by 6 p.m. or so, sometimes she still conducts business after normal hours, as many conference calls with Asia happen late at night, or early in the morning with Europe. Weekends, unless she’s away on business, are fiercely protected, with kids’ activities at the forefront. In her spare time, which is rare, she watches recorded episodes of Chopped and Iron Chef America — amusing to her family, she says, since she’s not known for her culinary skills. Although her culinary skills may be lacking, Werder counts her success in other ways. > M A Y

Marlene Werder 0511.indd 21

2 0 1 1

21 4/21/11 2:26 PM

START A NEW CHAPTER IN YOUR CHILD’S EDUCATION. When your child has learning disabilities or attention deficit disorder, educational success

Charlotte’s microsoft campus is outfitted to en courage produ ctivity, creativity, fun. employees have a ccess to Xbo x games, a pool table, and a dr iving range.

Though Microsoft has been very supportive of her career advancement, Werder says computer science, and the technology field in general, is still male dominated, with women holding only one quarter of all the IT-related jobs, a statistic she’s determined to change. She’s passionate about bringing more females into math and science, and she’s working to make a difference, starting with girls at an early age.

can be a challenge. Our approach focuses

Girl Power In Technology

on Academics, Arts and Self, which means

“One of the things I’ve tried to do is get out there as a role model — as an engineer working in a technical field — and show girls what’s exciting and fun about math and science,” she says. Growing up in Amsterdam, N.Y., she was exposed to computers at an early age, because her dad worked on mainframes for the state of New York. As soon as personal computers hit the market, he brought a Commodore 64 home for the family. Werder was hooked. In school, she excelled in math and science classes. She majored in electrical engineering at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in Troy, N.Y., where the ratio of men to women in engineering was 5-to-1. Upon graduation, she took a job with Raytheon, in Rhode Island. She started graduate school and eventually went back full time to earn her master’s in electrical engineering from Brown University. After Brown, she landed a job at IBM in

not only does your child receive an education that helps close the gap, but they become a well-rounded student in the process. Plan a visit today to see the difference Dore Academy can make in your child’s life.

DORE ACADEMY 1727 Providence Road • Charlotte, NC 28207 704.365.5490 • Dore Academy does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, sex, age, marital status, disability, religion, creed, or national or ethnic origin in the administration of its educational programs, admissions, financial aid policies or employment practices.


T o d a y ’ s

Marlene Werder 0511.indd 22

C h a r l o tt e


Kingston, N.Y., transferring to Raleigh a few years later. Like so many others, Werder quickly fell in love with the South. Once she accepted a job with Microsoft, she moved to the company’s headquarters in Seattle, where she married and started a family. But it wasn’t long before she headed back East. Werder values lifetime learning and education, which prompted her to go back to school again part time and earn her MBA in 2002, from the Kenan Flagler School at University of North Carolina. Werder acknowledges that many people helped her along in her career, and she’s now working to extend that same support. “I started in a narrower role, but over time took on more and more responsibility,” she says. “I now lead a global business within the Microsoft Corporation with responsibility for a large organization. My passion is to create an environment where people can be wildly successful.” For Werder, finding the right career was key to her success. “I’m very fortunate to be in a job I love, in a business I’m passionate about, working for the greatest company on the planet,” she says. “It’s been an amazing journey. Choosing this career path has given me a lifestyle I never thought I’d have. And I feel like I’m a great mother, too, which is most important to me. Being able to have that balance is a wonderful thing.” TCW

W o m a n

4/21/11 2:28 PM

NIKI De SAINt PhAlle, ViVe Moi, 1968, bechtler muSeum of moDerN Art. © 2011 NIKI chArItAble Art fouNDAtIoN. All rIghtS reServeD.

Go on... put your feet up! Niki de SaiNt Phalle: CreatioN of a New Mythology

Reflexology promotes profound relaxation. Stress is relieved, and the body’s natural healing forces are stimulated. Clients report experiencing deep, more restful sleep, and

oN view through oCtoBer 3, 2011

increased levels of energy and focus.

Research has shown that Reflexology can assist with:

the exhibition celebrates the artist’s extraordinary appetite for myths and

* Reducing pain & anxiety * Weight management

legends as interpreted through dynamic and

* Improving digestive & sleep disorders * Reducing cholesterol

provocative sculpture,

* Relieving symptoms of PMS and menopause * The fertility process

paintings and prints.



523 FentOn PlAce, chArlOtte, nc 28207

thiS exhiBitioN iS Made PoSSiBle with a geNerouS graNt froM wellS fargo Private BaNk.

Tel: 704 342 1100


As seen on The Today Show, The Doctor’s, CBS Morning Show, and Dr. Oz, Sculptra Aesthetic is the only FDA-approved injectable that lasts over two years. Sculptra Aesthetic has been referred to as the “liquid face lift” because it stimulates your own collagen to build naturally over time, and addresses the underlying causes of ageing related to volume loss and skin elasticity. Patients experience a progressive and natural facial rejuvenation that will keep people guessing about a more youthful appearance. Most patients will require 2-3 sessions spread 4-6 weeks apart for optimal outcomes. Drs. Charles Brown and John Thompson of The Dermatologic Laser Center are both pleased to offer this advance in Anti-Ageing. Visit for more information. Please join us for a Sculptra Party on Friday May 13th at 2 pm. There will be a live demonstration given by Charles J. Brown, MD. Please RSVP by Friday May 6th.

Month 25 after first injection

Not an actual patient.

Charles Brown, MD & John Thompson, MD

Dermatologic Laser Center

Before Treatment

2310 Randolph Road

Charlotte NC



Marlene Werder 0511.indd 23

Juvederm Restylane Perlane Radiesse Botox Dysport Laser Hair Removal IPL Fraxel

Welcome to the new age of

2 0 1 1

23 4/21/11 2:30 PM


T o d a y ’ s

Jill Seale 0411.indd 24

C h a r l o tt e

W o m a n

4/15/11 3:35 PM

Mother Lode Of Laughs Humorist Tickles Mom’s Funny Bone With A New Book By Deb Mitchell • PHOTOS BY JOE MARTIN


ill Seale considers herself a bit … well, twisted. And judging from the international success of her witty product line, it works for her. “I wear a pretzel-shaped pendant because I tend to look for the ‘twist’ in [everything]. I think of an idea and I twist it [with humor],” says the Charlotte-based graphic designer, creator of

multiple licensed products, and, as of this past March, published author.

The perfect example of Seale’s humor graces her kitchen walls: In beautifully lettered script, Seale hand-painted a discourse in street French because, she says, “Everything sounds beautiful in French!” But the “boho-chic” letters belie the cheeky translation: “When was the last time they had us over for dinner?” it says. “Would you look at the table manners of these people?! I wish I could get a word in edge-wise! I can’t believe she wore that!” Most days, Seale can be found in the basement studio of her south Charlotte home. She settles in after seeing her teenage daughter off to school and works at bringing her ideas to life. A wonderland of creativity, the studio houses bulletin boards neatly pinned with projects at various stages of development, displays of products already on the market, her computer into which she scans the illustrations she sketches and paints by hand, and even a sewing machine. Some of the most fascinating items on display are the photographs of Seale with such personalities as Gen. Norman Schwarzkopf and Paul McCartney — yes, the Paul McCartney!

Letting The Fur Fly Many of the photos are mementos of Seale’s life in Washington, D.C., prior to her move to Charlotte in 2001. Despite D.C.’s buttoned-up atmosphere, Seale found a niche for her irrepressible wit and artistry as an events designer, creating any and all printed materials related to her clients’ events. In a town where fundraisers and events are a dime a dozen but the pool of invitees (and donors) is relatively small and “overfished,”

the difference between a successful event and a flop could come down to generating intrigue over the theme and the design — starting with the invitations. “For one event, we printed the invitations on faux fur,” says Seale. “You should have seen the post office trying to mail those!” And for another, she sent toy “dippy birds” in boxes. But Seale didn’t stop at the invitations with her unorthodox, attention-grabbing ideas. “I remember one event during an economically ‘down’ year,” she says, “instead of going to the expense of flowers for centerpieces, I sketched out some flowers, then we blew them up larger and photocopied them for each table with a caption that read, ‘Cost-Saving Flowers.’ ” They were a hit, she says. After scaling back on event work after the birth of her daughter, Seale began focusing her creative energy on a small line of hand-painted linens, and it wasn’t long before orders started pouring in. She soon couldn’t keep up with the demand. When they moved to Charlotte for her husband’s job, she left her event design business in Washington, realizing the next logical step was to begin to mass-produce her products. Today, Seale’s products range from stationery to barware to welcome mats. At the moment, her most popular line is “Nun for the Road,”® which includes cutie-pie sisters such as Sister Mary Merlot® and Mother Shoperior®. Nuns may not be the most logical subject matter for a West Virginia-born Jewish girl like Seale (although she did grow up with a convent near her home), but she says coming up with original ideas is her “Holy Grail,” her favorite part of her > M A Y

Jill Seale 0411.indd 25

2 0 1 1

25 4/21/11 2:35 PM

job. The nuns were born of a request for a sisterthemed product line for a store owned by two biological sisters. True to form, Seale came up with a different twist on the idea in the nuns. The adorable sisters have a just-like-us quality rooted in their habits (sipping cocktails, shopping, etc.) despite their habits (the black and white ones) that makes buyers giggle.

Mommy Moments & Madness Seale’s most recent venture, a humorous illustrated book, Stark Raving Motherhood, A Mother’s Pledge to Do It All!, pokes fun at over-committed moms. Based on her Mom Scouts blog, Seale lends comic relief to the push and pull of every mom’s daily life — “our good intentions [versus] our realities” — with adorable illustrations, clever wit, and relatable scenarios (a purse-cleaning session during your kid’s piano lesson, anyone?). Besides, she says, “We aren’t meant to be perfect mothers, [because] we need to teach our kids that it isn’t a perfect world … It’s important that we burst that bubble early on!” she jokes. The book, like the rest of Seale’s products, is her way of connecting with her customers through shared laughter. A former hospital candy striper, the artist still enjoys brightening others’ days. For her, it’s all about making the ride a little easier and more enjoyable for each other. “There is more than one way to love,” she says, “and humor is one.”

jill seale has turned her wit and whimsey into a business — producing items and, now, a book called “stark R a ving motherhood.”

Throughout her journey as an artist, a humorist, a businesswoman, a wife, and a mom, Seale has always sought to bring substance to the fun of her life by using her art for charitable causes. One of her most meaningful contributions was designing the logo for the Women in Military Service for America Memorial in Washington. She currently donates her design skills to fundraising events throughout Charlotte and hopes to increase this kind of involvement going forward. An avid runner (she’s currently training for a marathon), Seale also runs to raise money for charities, such as the Juvenile Diabetes Research Charlotte Symphony Foundation, on a regularBugs basis.Horiz Ad 7.81”x3.068” 3/23/11 As for Seale’s future and the future of her company, she’d love to write and illustrate a

a line o f no velty

few more books, and she plans to continue growing her product line. Whatever she does, she will always strike a balance between levity and making a difference. “I’m not saving lives here. Really. I mean, cocktail swirlies?!” she says, gesturing to one of her products. “But it is important to be part of the process of uplifting and doing good for society. [This is] the impetus for everything I do, and it plays out in many ways. Humor and art have turned out to be the vehicles where I’ve been able to do that.” TCW

ToLearnMore Find out more about this stark-raving mother at starkraving Visit her on jillseale and

Thu May 19 & Fri May 20 8 pm BELK THEATER

Blumenthal Performing Arts Center

George Daugherty, conducting This brand new edition of Looney Tunes and live orchestra adds classics like Tweet and Lovely and A Scent of a Matterhorn, old favorites like What’s Opera, Doc? and The Rabbit of Seville for a dynamic melding of Warner Bros. cartoons on the big screen with their exhilarating original scores played live!

Tickets starting at $26 (student tickets half price!)

704.972.2000 | 26

T o d a y ’ s

Jill Seale 0411.indd 26

C h a r l o tt e

W o m a n

4/21/11 2:36 PM


Spotlight On Medicine Carolina Urology Partners Bednar Cosmetic Surgery Ditesheim Cosmetic Surgery Charlotte Women’s Pavillion Revita Anti-Aging Center

Spotlight On Medical 0511.indd 27

4/21/11 5:29 PM



Spotlight On Medicine

Carolina Urology Partners Dr. Bernard Taylor Dr. Bernard Taylor is often asked, “What kind of doctor are you?” and his reply is, “I am a gynecologist who treats women with bladder control problems or who need complex female surgeries.” While this is true, he does a great deal more. He is a urogynecologist. His specialty is a relatively new one that combines the expertise of general obstetrics and gynecology with additional training in urology and colon rectal disorder. “The majority of patients with urinary incontinence or bladder control problems are women,” says Dr. Taylor. Over 18 million in the United States suffer with urinary incontinence. Nearly one in 10 undergo surgery to correct the problems associated with relaxation of the vaginal walls or uterus. “Unfortunately many women have been living with their condition for years,” he says. “Often they’re told their condition is a function of aging or a consequence of childbirth; however, research has shown that many women are genetically at risk for developing these disorders.” Many women have not sought treatment due to embarrassment. They often talk about a little leakage with a laugh among friends. For women with severe loss of bladder control, this is no laughing matter. “While I don’t treat women with lifethreatening conditions like hypertension or cancer, the impact of these conditions on my patient’s lives has been just as devastating,” says Dr. Taylor. Many women can be treated with medication or simple changes in lifestyle. Other patients will need muscle strengthening and/or physical therapy; others will go on to have surgery. Surgery has undergone such revolutionary changes in the past five years that many patients can be discharged the same day. Dr. Taylor says, “I hope to make life a little more worth living.”

Carolina Urology Partners • Huntersville and Mooresville locations • 9735 Kincey Ave., Suite 302, Huntersville • 704/660-3322


T o d a y ’ s

Spotlight On Medical 0511.indd 28

C h a r l o tt e

W o m a n

4/21/11 11:30 AM



Spotlight On Medicine

Bednar Cosmetic Surgery Dr. Edward J. Bednar “The Art of Plastic Surgery” is not a marketing catch phrase at Bednar Cosmetic Surgery. It is the underlying philosophy of how Dr. Edward J. Bednar, along with his entire team, approaches patient care and surgical outcome. As a painter and sculptor, Dr. Bednar has learned to apply an artistic aesthetic to his chosen profession: cosmetic surgery. His artistic aptitude was, in fact, largely responsible for his acceptance into the prestigious University of Miami Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery training program. Dr. Bednar is certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery and is a member of the American Society of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeons. But with over 25 years of experience in skilled plastic surgical techniques, Dr. Bednar’s focus is first and foremost patient outcome. “I approach every procedure, whether it is breast augmentation or facial rejuvenation, with an artistic eye in order to create a natural and aesthetically pleasing result,” he says. Counseling patients on what to expect and managing those expectations is a priority for Dr. Bednar and his staff. “When a patient comes to me with a desire for plastic surgery, I need to evaluate realistic expectations versus outcome,” he explains. “Most patients want to enhance a particular part of their body for various reasons. As a surgeon I need to make sure that I can make a positive difference given budgetary constraints and overall expectations.” And with a majority of his patients coming through patient referral, the difference he’s making reaches throughout the Charlotte area. “The patients who come to me through referrals do so because they value an artistic aptitude,” Dr. Bednar says, “and they see the difference!”

Bednar Cosmetic Surgery 439 N. Wendover Road • 704/366-6700


Spotlight On Medical 0511AO.indd 29

2 0 1 1

29 4/19/11 2:24 PM

Ditesheim Cosmetic Surgery Dr. Jeffrey Ditesheim When it comes to cosmetic surgery, patients, time and time again, will say that a boost of self-confidence is what they seek when considering an elective procedure. For Dr. Jeffrey Ditesheim, founder of Ditesheim Cosmetic Surgery, the importance of providing that personal empowerment to individuals considering surgery is at the foundation of his practice. “Over 90 percent of people who come for a cosmetic surgery consultation, when asked ‘What do you want from this experience?’ say ‘More confidence!’ ” the doctor explains. “This is independent of age, sex, or type of procedure.” “I’m confident I look my best and am at the top of my game,” says Hector, a patient of Dr. Ditesheim’s. “The [liposuction] surgery was a big change and helped me move forward.” And moving forward with confidence is what many patients of Ditesheim Cosmetic Surgery share. “Dr. Ditesheim was respectful and listened to me,” says K.L, who came to the practice for breast augmentation. “It was obvious that he wanted to know what I wanted, rather than trying to convince me what my ideal body should look like.” Every procedure is specifically tailored to the needs and desired outcome of the client. For patient Charlene, finding the right doctor for her rhinoplasty was important enough that she consulted several doctors before deciding on Dr. Ditesheim. “Dr. D. was very warm and inviting,” she says. “He made good eye contact; the whole process was very relaxing. I felt like I was listened to.” “Dr. Ditesheim went beyond my expectation,” adds J.D., a patient who underwent a facelift. “The results were so close to his predicted outcome it’s uncanny.”



Spotlight On Medicine

Ditesheim Cosmetic Surgery 9336 Blakeney Center Drive, Suite 130 704/754-8351 •


T o d a y ’ s

Spotlight On Medical 0511.indd 30

C h a r l o tt e

W o m a n

4/21/11 2:38 PM



Spotlight On Medicine

Charlotte Women’s Pavilion, PLLC Dr. Charles Anikwue Helping to build families is job one for obstetrician-gynecologist Dr. Charles Anikwue, of Charlotte Women’s Pavilion. And, with an office staff comprised of multi-nationals, Dr. Anikwue makes sure every patient feels part of the family he has built at Charlotte Women’s Pavilion. “Our goal will always be to fully meet our patients’ medical needs and expectations with the utmost respect, compassion, and professionalism,” Dr. Anikwue says. “Because we are a solo-physician practice, our patients take comfort in the fact that they will always see the same doctor: me!” Dr. Anikwue has many years of experience in obstetrics and gynecology. He is a boardcertified obstetrician and gynecologist and a fellow of the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists. Originally from Nigeria, he studied medicine at University of Glasgow in Scotland, where he graduated at the top of his class. He completed an obstetrics and gynecology residency at The New York Hospital-Cornell University Medical Center in New York City. Dr. Anikwue is licensed to practice medicine in North Carolina and Virginia. He maintains active privileges at Presbyterian Hospital in Charlotte. Charlotte Woman’s Pavilion offers comprehensive care for all stages of pregnancy and delivery. Additionally, the practice provides a variety of other gynecologic services, including infertility assessment and treatment, birth control and family planning, management of fibroid tumors and ovarian cysts, treatment of endometriosis and abnormal bleeding, gynecologic surgery, menopause and post-menopause treatment, and breast and pelvic exams.

Charlotte Women’s Pavilion, PLLC 1928 Randolph Road, Suite 206 • Across from the Presbyterian Orthopedic Hospital 704/332-3308 • fax: 704/332-3358


Spotlight On Medical 0511AO.indd 31

2 0 1 1

31 4/19/11 2:23 PM

Revita Anti-Aging Center



Spotlight On Medicine

Dr. Peter C. Fotinos Don Nicholas “People want to feel well, energetic, and healthy no matter what their age,” says Revita Medical PC’s director, Dr. Peter C. Fotinos. “And that’s not too much to ask today. There are so many natural and highly effective medical treatments available.” In addition to helping patients get healthy, energetic, and lean again, Revita’s team works toward early detection, prevention, and reversal of age-related diseases. “This is the newest clinical medical specialty — the ‘optimum’ of wellness and longevity,” explains Revita AntiAging Center’s founder Don Nicholas. “Antiaging medicine employs extensive treatments in the preventative health care field, far beyond just cholesterol testing and mammograms.” “If you have been to another doctor who said, ‘Your labs look normal,’ but you don’t feel normal, Revita can help you take control of your health again,” adds Dr. Fotinos. “There are natural ways to restore a woman to the way she felt and looked — working from the inside out.” “What’s most exciting about our treatment, particularly our work with hCG, which aids in natural, safe weight loss, is that is works,” says Nicholas. “hCG can kick off a patient’s wellness journey by losing 20 to 50 pounds in just over a month. That kind of success will often jump start a patient to get back to exercising and participating in activities they gave up years ago because they just didn’t feel well!” “Unlike other medical clinics, we allocate 45 minutes for each patient, one at a time,” adds Dr. Fotinos. Through a series of blood tests and lab analyses, Revita creates a wellness profile to begin the process of fashioning the best action plan for each patient. TCW Revita Anti-Aging Center 7810 Ballantyne Commons Parkway, Suite 220 704/319-5530 •


T o d a y ’ s

Spotlight On Medical 0511.indd 32

C h a r l o tt e

W o m a n

4/21/11 4:50 PM

Just Us Girls S








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Complimentary Cosmetic Surgery Consultation with Dr. Robert Graper when you attend this event!

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It’s never too late to finish your education. Our adult studies program offers a variety of convenient undergraduate, graduate, and continuing education options. Now offering classes at the Hodges Taylor Humanities Campus in Uptown! For more information, call 704.337.2314 or visit


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33 4/19/11 5:08 PM


T o d a y ’ s

Laugh For The Cure 0611.indd 34

C h a r l o tt e

W o m a n

4/19/11 2:09 PM

L a u g h Fo r T h e C u r e C e l e b r a t e s 1 0 Y e a r s


Laughter Count By Karsen Price • PHOTOS BY Brian Treffeisen


hen most people think of breast cancer, laughter is the last thing that springs to mind. Tammy Greyshock has helped change that with Laugh for the Cure, a national Komen for the Cure affiliate event that has raised over a half-million

dollars for breast health programs since 2002. The PG-comedy benefit Greyshock started with three friends as a “one-time” event in 2002 celebrated its 10th anniversary this past March, and has appeared in six cities around the country. This year’s Charlotte event sold out McGlohon Theatre nine days before the show, with over 700 in attendance. It’s the perfect roundup for Greyshock, who has decided to hand the reins of what she affectionately calls “Laugh” to a new chairperson after a decade as the event’s go-to girl. >


Laugh For The Cure 0611.indd 35

2 0 1 1

35 4/19/11 2:10 PM

T AMMY GREYSHOC K photo courtesy of

Laugh For The Cure 0611.indd 36

4/19/11 2:11 PM



2:58:14 PM

A Pivotal Moment

For most of us, mothers are the nucleus of the family, the glue that holds the whole shebang together. Greyshock knows firsthand what it’s like when that family axis is tilted. She remembers the moment she found out her mother had breast cancer. “At 15, I knew something was going on, because there had been phone calls from doctors. We had this family meeting, and I remember my dad saying, ‘Your mom is sick.’ And I’m 15, and I wanted the meeting to end quickly,” she says, adding, “All I cared about at that time in my life was how to meet Bon Jovi. “So I threw out the worst disease I could think of, expecting them to say, ‘Well, no, Mom doesn’t have that,’ which would make everybody sigh with relief, and then the meeting would be over. I said, ‘What do you have, cancer?’ And they answered, ‘Yes.’ “And then,” she says, “everything changed.” Greyshock quickly found herself handling responsibilities her sick mother could not, such as cooking dinner, cleaning, and helping her younger siblings with schoolwork. She vividly remembers the lack of support found in the community for her family at the time. In 1986, when her mother was diagnosed, Greyshock says no one talked about the disease. At the time, Komen for the Cure had been in existence for four years, and was still just a 5K in Dallas, Texas. There was no pink ribbon symbol. Families fighting breast cancer had little to no support system available. “I don’t remember being told not to tell anyone my mother had breast cancer, but I certainly wasn’t encouraged to tell anyone,” Greyshock says. Greyshock’s mother underwent an experimental breast cancer chemotherapy treatment, which left her extremely sick but put the disease in remission. This year her mother celebrated her 25th anniversary of survivorship. But the experience forever altered Greyshock. > C








Inspired by her own mother’s cancer diagnosis, Tammy Greyshock created Laugh for the Cure as another way to reach people and raise funds for Komen for the Cure. Her mom, Stephanie Greyshock, is pictured at left in their family home in the spring of 1987.


Laugh For The Cure 0611.indd 37

2 0 1 1

37 4/19/11 2:13 PM

From Caring To Comedy

As a young adult, Greyshock worked for years as a race volunteer for the Charlotte affiliate of Race for the Cure. But she longed for a new way to make a difference. In a moment of serendipity, a Komen board member asked Greyshock for ideas on ways to further the organization’s reach into the community. Greyshock created the “Laugh” concept with two friends who had been deeply affected by breast cancer — Kristin Lundblad Candler, whose mother died from breast cancer, and Kimberly Drum Cunningham, whose close friend succumbed to the disease. At the time, Greyshock was dating Brian Heffron, the owner of The Comedy Zone. “We were talking about ways to make a difference, and Heff knew I was really involved with Komen. He said, ‘I have the club … if there’s anything you ever want to do with it, use it,’ ” Greyshock says. “So when Komen came to us and said, ‘OK, we need an alternative to the races,’ that’s where the idea for this ‘one-time event’ came from.” Heffron and Greyshock are still together, and he still owns The Comedy Zone, slated to

Tammy Greyshock (c) celebrated the 10th anniversary of Laugh for the Cure, along with her dad, Thomas, and her mother, Stephanie.

Polyclinic Medical Center, Inc. PeDiatriCS



“Healthcare with excellence, continuity and compassion.” Specializing in Nutritional Healthcare, Pediatrics, Internal and Critical Care Medicine from infancy to advanced aging.

abdul K. Garuba, Md president

Board Certified in Internal Medicine Fellowship in Critical Care Medicine

• accepting new Patients • all Major insurance Plans, including Medicaid • Our staff speaks english, Spanish and Portuguese

andrea S. rice, Md Board Certified in Pediatrics

Beth willis, M h S ,

rD, lDn

Nutritionist and Health Care Coordinator


s To

SSeennn naa D Drr..

ce Blvd.




hip P

int Hill Rd.


Butler Butler High High



704-844-9386 704-844-8971 PeDiatriCS

aDult MeDiCine

Monday - friday 8am – 5pm saturday 8am – 12pm

3030 Senna Drive • MatthewS • nC 28105 (off Matthews-township pkwy.)


T o d a y ’ s

Laugh For The Cure 0611.indd 38

C h a r l o tt e

W o m a n

4/21/11 2:52 PM


At 15, I knew something was going on, because


there had been phone calls from doctors. We had this family meeting, and I remember my dad saying, ‘Your mom is sick.’ — Tammy Greyshock

reopen Uptown at the NC Music Factory this summer. Greyshock says his connections and support have been instrumental over the years in helping make Laugh for the Cure a success. She considers the event to be the ideal counterpoint to Komen’s race ventures. “I love that it’s a different outlet for people to support Komen,” Greyshock says. “Many people who come to ‘Laugh’ probably don’t come to the race. It’s given Komen a whole new demographic of people who want to go to a theater event, who want to get dressed up and go out, who want to see live comedy and support the arts.” Laugh for the Cure is an “anchor event” for Charlotte Komen, and over $370,000 has been raised for the Charlotte affiliate alone. Seventy-five percent of funds raised go back into the local community and support breast health education, screening, and treatment programs. The remaining 25 percent fund research grants at the Komen National level. But it wasn’t always easy; Greyshock says perseverance is key when it comes to success with nonprofit events. “You can’t just have it one year and sell out,” she says. “You can’t just do it once and have 700 people show up! It’s not going to happen. Our first year we had

200 attendees, but our second year, we might have had 100. It was a tough year … People think magic happens, but it’s really a lot of hard work taking one step at a time, and knowing where you are headed.” Greyshock’s success also stems from the fact that she committed to running the nonprofit like a business from day one. She recalls negotiating with printers, comedians, and radio stations for advertising costs, often telling them, “I can’t pay you for your services, because it’s not in the budget.” Greyshock admits that this year’s event was extremely poignant for her. In addition to celebrating the event’s 10th anniversary and her mother’s 25 years of survivorship, Greyshock also knew it would be her last as the Charlotte chairperson. 
“Standing on the stage introducing this year’s Laugh for the Cure, I was so emotional. I could hardly concentrate on what I was saying,” she says. “All I could think was, Here I am standing on this stage, and it’s all because something happened 25 years ago, and it’s driven a decade of my life’s work. “The ripples … we don’t even know where all those ripples go. All because my mom picked up the phone one night in October of ’86 and was told by her doctor she had breast cancer.” TCW

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Laugh For The Cure 0611.indd 39

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39 4/21/11 2:54 PM


ne of the most ancient art forms meets

modern-day aesthetic excellence at Pam Davis’ Charlotte residence. With a rich history, ceramic art is a tradition that Davis, director of communications and marketing for Charlotte’s Bechtler Museum of Modern Art, and her husband Steve Carroll, embrace wholeheartedly.


A Local Collector Shares Her Love Of Ceramics

for keeps By Lee Rhodes Photos By Joe Martin

Their collection is a tribute to the caliber of ceramic artists in and around our state. “Across the country, there are little pockets known for having high-caliber ceramic artists, and we live in one of them,” says Davis. “I love that people are learning more about ceramic art, just like I did.” Davis has nurtured an interest in art history and ceramics since her college days. But it wasn’t until she moved to North Carolina in 2005, and a colleague invited her to Clayworks, a local nonprofit dedicated to the promotion of ceramic arts, that she came across the work of Greg Scott, a local artist and Clayworks instructor, and began to build her collection. That fateful first purchase — a piece of Scott’s — falls into the vein of contemporary sculptural ceramics and is therefore meant to be displayed. Davis then began studying other North Carolina contemporary ceramic artists and visiting galleries. “One thing led to another, and all of the sudden I had lots of knowledge and interest in ceramic art,” explains Davis. “You really have to have a lot of time to devote to collecting when you get serious about it.” >


T o d a y ’ s

Ceramics Collection 0511.indd 40

C h a r l o tt e

W o m a n

4/21/11 2:56 PM

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We offer brunch from 11-3 on Saturday and Sunday. Whether you dine indoors or al fresco, it’s a true taste of Tuscany that’s as close as SouthPark.

704.571.4214 4720 PiedmonT RoW dR. PiedmonT ToWn CenTeR

THAI ORCHID Fine Thai Dining

Clockwise from top left: Works pictured here created by Melisa Cadell, Scott DeHart, Ron Slagle, (collector Pam Davis), Scott DeHart, Greg Scott, and Jerilyn Virden. The work pictured on page 41 is also by Jerilyn Virden.

Saturday Dinner Only Closed on Sundays

Fairview Rd

Thai Orchid

Lunch & Dinner Corporate Lunches Private Parties Luncheon Specials Seafood & Vegetarian

Providence Rd

Clayworks In Charlotte

Sardis Rd

Strawberry Hill Shopping Center Near the intersection of Providence & Fairview

(704) 364-1134


T o d a y ’ s

Ceramics Collection 0511.indd 42

C h a r l o tt e

It’s fitting that, with her love of ceramics, Davis is in her second term as board president of Clayworks, which has been providing ceramics education to the community for decades. She is quick to defer praise to executive director Adrienne Dellinger, wife of ceramicist Greg Scott and a successful artist in her own right. A North Carolina native, Dellinger grew up using handmade pots, butter churns, and other utilitarian ware that her grandparents and other ancestors had created since settling in Lincoln County in the 1760s. Today, Dellinger

digs her own clay, makes glazes, and uses a special kiln to create her pieces. “These days it’s highly unusual for a studio ceramic artist to be so dedicated to the origins of pottery making that she digs her own clay and uses only a wood-fired kiln built in 1932,” explains Davis. “How the ceramics tradition was set up is that everything was done by a family or a community,” adds Dellinger. “So, people at Clayworks include people from all walks of life.” Dellinger also emphasizes Clayworks’ wealth of offerings: ceramics classes for adults and children, studio space for local artists, a robust

W o m a n

4/21/11 2:59 PM

outreach program, a gallery, semi-annual sales, corporate team building, and much more — including Muddy Fun sessions, in which participants enjoy a couple hours of a true “clay experience” at a reasonable price. As a small, visual arts nonprofit, Clayworks is unique in its achievements to date, including that it’s been able to secure a larger facility on Monroe Road, which will open in July and provide participants with an even better clay experience. “Clayworks truly is an undiscovered treasure of Charlotte,” Davis says.

For The Love Of The Art

Davis’ own interest in collecting leans toward contemporary sculptural works, as does her husband’s. Together they’ve assembled a collection that rivals that of a small museum or well-appointed gallery. In the foyer, visitors are greeted by a series of breathtaking pieces residing on custom-made pedestals, including a minimalistic sculptural piece by Jerilyn Virden, a full-time studio potter and one of Davis’ favorites — she has seven works by her. Also displayed in the entry is a large, wood-fired

sculpture of a head created by Ron Slagle that the couple found at Asheville’s Ariel Gallery; and a unique piece by Don Reitz, an internationally known, master ceramicist. Of the latter, the collector says, “We’re very fortunate to have this piece. Reitz is considered one of the most important and influential figures in contemporary ceramics.” More of Greg Scott’s rich earth-tone works light up the library, as does an inspired piece by Tom Spleth, an established artist and instructor at Penland, a distinguished craft school in the Blue Ridge Mountains. The dining room features work by Scott De Hart, another Clayworks artist, and Virginia ceramicist Penny Truitt, whose greenish funnel came into existence through raku, a specialized pottery technique and style of firing that has its origins in Japan. Another Scott De Hart piece, Davis’ most recent purchase, occupies pride of place in the den. “When I used to ask collectors, ‘What’s your favorite piece?’ they’d all say, without a doubt, that it’s the last piece they bought, and I’d wonder if that was really true,” Davis says. “But later on, I found myself feeling the same

way. It’s like an addiction. You start collecting and you need to have another one.” A figurative piece by Melisa Cadell resides on the den mantle. Another spot is reserved for the ceramic art of Judith Duff, a well-known Brevard artist who uses clay she imports from Japan. “I tend to like artists related more to Japanese styles because it’s clean, minimalistic,” says Davis. Finally, a trio of pieces resides on the den hearth, including a sculpturally organic work by Tomoo Kitamura. It is Davis’ style to buy a piece first and figure out where she’ll put it second. “I have so many regrets, because I think of pieces I should have bought, and then it bothers me,” she says. “So now I try not to have regrets. “I’ve been feeling lately that I need some new ceramic art,” she says with a laugh. “It never ends, but the payoff is that I get to see all these beautiful pieces around me.” TCW

To Learn More For class registration, event information, and studio details, visit Clayworks at clay

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Blakeney Shopping Center 9844-B Rea Road Charlotte NC 28277 704.542.5558

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43 4/21/11 3:01 PM

A Q&A Wit h Au t h o r Debr a Mo f f it t

wake up, sleepy head By Mic h el l e Y o u n g H u bac h er

TCW contributor, Debra Moffitt, releases Awake in the World this month, through Llewellyn Publications. We sat down with Moffitt to chat about the intriguing premise of her new book. MYH: How would you classify Awake in the World? Self-help book, spiritual reference, how-to? DM: Awake in the World can be found under spiritual and self-help categories online and in bookstores. I believe we all have a great deal of wisdom when we take time to pay attention and act on it. So maybe you could also call it a “how-to” book since it gives ways to tap into this. MYH: So, this month moms are on our minds, and I’m just wondering how you think women, in general, and moms in particular, do in terms of being present to the moment and being Awake in the World? Honestly, Debra, I think my book would be titled Asleep at the Wheel. Or maybe Awake at 3:40 a.m. DM: I’m not a mom, but I have a great admiration for my mother and for moms in general. It’s the toughest, leastrespected job on the planet. The United Nations includes the unpaid labor of moms in its reports as a way to make us conscious of its value to society. Often moms feel the burden of too much pressure to be perfect and do everything for their kids in a material way. They want to give their kids fashionable clothes, iPods, and expensive phones — when what’s really important, and what will really stay with their kids, is the quality of time we give. Many moms are very conscious of how quickly their children grow up and savor the precious moments they have with them. I’d call this being “awake” and present to life in a deep way. MYH: Talk to me about how the book is arranged/the significance of the chapter sequence. DM: The chapters are arranged in sections that speak to the ways we can bring the spiritual into different parts of our life as we enter on a spiritual journey. The book is arranged around the mala, which is used in Asia, with 108 prayer beads. The concluding chapter is called “The Guiding

Bead — Embodied Spirituality in the World.” In the past, people have wanted to retreat from the world for spiritual practice, but today we have to live it and work with it fully conscious in the world. People often think of spirituality as something that is “up there” and point above their heads. But it’s right here in the way we think and act and in the environment we create around us every day. MYH: One theme that comes back again and again in the book is the idea of the sacred, and incorporating that into our everyday lives. Have you created a sacred space in your home? DM: I keep a small altar in my meditation room/office. It’s a low table covered with a gold-embroidered, orange silk from India. It has images of those who represent the sacred principles of the divine for me. It also has seashells and a photo of me with my husband, as a reminder to honor the divine and sacred in our relationship. Joseph Campbell calls an alter, or sacred place, a place of “creative incubation,” where you will find yourself again and again. I use this space to listen to my heart and to find direction in writing, relationships, and in life. MYH: Which do you feel is more impactful on our lives: painful experiences or joyous ones? DM: Both joyful and painful experiences can help us to grow. The painful experiences tend to act like wakeup calls and prompt us to change how we live. For example, when I lived on the French Riviera, my French husband moved out, I fell ill, and my high-paying corporate job was phased out. The universe was yelling at me that I needed to change direction. It was a very painful, difficult, and confusing time, but losing these things forced me to “wake up” and really look at what was important. I discovered that it wasn’t having more money and things. In fact, I have few possessions now compared to the period when I lived in the Riviera apartment. I find that living simply with a focus on being of service to others is more rewarding than getting a new, expensive Cartier or Rolex. Money is essential for food and necessities, but it’s not my goal for a rewarding life.

The challenge when we experience loss of a mate, a home, a pet or whatever — is to grieve the loss and then let it go. It can be used as a springboard to grow, learn about ourselves and about life. MYH: My favorite line in Awake in the World is “build the picture dictionary of your soul’s lingo.” I actually really want to build that. How do I start? DM: I love to work with images. They’re an easy way to cut through the mental gibberish and get to the heart of matters. Everyone has a personal internal picture or symbol dictionary. We generally become aware of it through dreams and through the images, animals, colors, people, and objects that attract us during the day. Creating your personal symbol or picture dictionary is a way to become conscious of what has meaning for you. For example, olive trees are a profound symbol for me. They grow old and stand firm and solid under hot sun, gentle rains, and through storms. They give their fruits to anyone who passes — good or bad, black, white, yellow, or brown — and they bear the scars of time, but they don’t complain or lament. I’m looking for a good picture of an olive tree to put in my picture dictionary. You can cut out images from magazines, draw them, make a collage or paint something that connects with you. These images will grow and change as you grow and change. MYH: Will I know when I’m awake? DM: I’d say everyone is awake to a greater or lesser degree. Being spiritually awake means feeling more vibrant, receptive, open, and alive. It means living life with a purpose and knowing that there’s more to it than what’s visible to the eye. It also means living with that wonderful energy of unconditional love and acting consciously and with awareness of what we’re doing and the long-term consequences of our actions. If you feel these things happening in your life, then you’re well on your way to being wide awake. (And, by the way, if you’re awake at 3:40 a.m. it’s an ideal time to meditate.) TCW

Author Debra Moffitt will be at The Olive Branch Center, 1321 Berkeley Ave., for a workshop and book signing Mon., May 9. R.S.V.P. by phone at 704/332-8933 by May 6. Moffitt will visit The Sophia Institute in Charleston, S.C., Thu., May 12 to present “From Pieces to Peace: Simple Spiritual Practices for Everyday Life.” Visit to register.


T o d a y ’ s

Awake in the World 0511.indd 44

C h a r l o tt e

W o m a n

4/21/11 3:06 PM


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Hosted by Joey Popp Live Call-In Sundays at 6pm Repeats Saturdays at 9am Making brain surgery safer-Modern tools of the trade #1523 (Pre-recorded) May 1, 2011, May 7, 2011 Carolina neurosurgery & spine associates, Pa Antony Asher MD, FACS Grant Provider: Medtronic Kidney disease awareness #1507* May 8, 2011, May 14, 2011 Metrolina nephrology associates Michael Etomi, MD • Nancy Gritter, MD Grant Provider: Genzyme Corporation Vision Correction: any age Can avoid Glasses and Contacts #1524 May 15, 2011, May 21, 2011 Christenbury eye Center Jonathan D. Christenbury, MD • Casey Mathys, MD Pelvic organ Prolaspe and urinary incontinence # 1414 May 22, 2011, May 28, 2011 Megremis Gynecology & Pelvic surgery Tommy L. Megremis, MD seeing in hd #1517* May 29, 2011, June 4, 2011 Charlotte eye ear nose and throat associates Kashyap Kansupada, MD, FACS • Donald Stewart, MD * rebroadCast

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In The Swim Of Things Suit Up For Fun In The Sun By Fiona Harmon


othing puts the shape of your backside front and center like the coming of bathing suit season. There are few women who love the prospect

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Fashion One-Shoulder Maillot • $108 DKNY • Nordstrom &

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51 4/21/11 11:28 AM


Brow Down Paying Homage To The Royalty Of Facial Beauty By Nikki Wilson




like them thick

or thin, straight

or arched, light or dark, the eyebrows are one of the



elements of the face. And with no shortage of ways to maintain the brows, there should be no excuse for ignoring them. When it comes to shaping, tweezing and waxing are the most common forms of hair removal for the brows. But lately, it seems as though threading is becoming the new hot ticket and can be found in salons, spas, and even booths at the mall. Although threading may seem like a new trend, the process is actually an ancient art, believed to have originated in Turkey, and commonly called one of the oldest methods of body hair removal. Mariana Teseleanu, owner of Glow Skin and Brow Studio, tells TCW that all methods of brow neatening are generally safe, and the choice of whether to wax, pluck, or thread is just personal. The main difference simply lies in the tools used.

52 Beauty 0511.indd 52

T o d a y ’ s

C h a r l o tt e

W o m a n

4/21/11 3:08 PM

For threading, a cotton thread is swept under the hair and lifted out, bringing individual hairs with it. For waxing, specific hot waxes are used for particular hair types. Both methods will also involve plucking. No matter which route you go, the cost will depend on the location. Most salons charge between $12 and $20 for threading or waxing, and Teseleanu recommends stopping in every three weeks to maintain the shape. “I personally prefer waxing and tweezing,” Teseleanu says. “Tweezers are the most precise tool to create the perfect arch. No matter what method you choose, it is advisable to do your research and find a highly skilled practitioner. Eyebrows are the most important feature of the face. If shaped properly, they instantly lift your whole look.” For do-it-yourselfers, there are lots of options as well — from plucking guides and kits to brow beauty boosters. Take a stroll down any makeup aisle and you’ll have plenty to choose from, including Benefit’s Brows a-go-go, Maybelline’s DefineA-Brow, DuWop’s BrowWow, and Brow Envy Shaping and Defining Kit by Two Faced. Another brow option that’s gaining popularity is permanent makeup. This term is often misunderstood, however, as “permanent” in this sense means the cosmetic look will last for months, before fading and the need for reapplication. According to Judy Fairchild, owner of Permanent Makeup by Judy, both men and women stop in for permanent brows, and the application can be made to look quite natural, with hair-like strokes or a soft powder-like or clean pencillike appearance. According to Fairchild, the reasons for permanent cosmetics vary and include mistakes from waxing, medical loss of brow hair, scars from

accidents, heredity, inability to apply makeup because of poor eyesight, oily skin which makes it difficult to keep makeup in place, and simply saving time.

Lashing Out While eyebrows can lift your face and bring about a new look, it’s the eyelashes that can bring depth and dimension to the eyes and make them stand out. A good mascara can be a girl’s best friend, and comes in all different types from lengthening to volume enhancing, and from black to blue. Like any cosmetic choice, experimentation is the key to finding the right mascara for you. But if constantly sweeping a wand over your lashes isn’t your thing, or you just can’t achieve the look you want with store-bought mascara, you can still get long and full lashes with a little help from the professionals. Eyelash tinting is one option that adds the illusion of thickness and dimension. According to Teseleanu, nearly invisible lashes can fail to accentuate the natural beauty of the eyes. People with pale skin and very blond lashes will find that tinting adds depth to the entire face. The most popular colors for lashes are black, brown, and, sometimes, dark blue, and tinting will last for about three weeks. Another method that’s hot in Japan and is catching on in the U.S. is eyelash perming — yep, a perm for your lashes. According to Fairchild, a small roller is glued to the upper lid, and the lashes are glued to the roller. Perm solutions and conditioners made specifically for the eyelashes are then applied. The lashes remain curled as long as the lashes remain. (Most people aren’t aware that lashes replace themselves every two to three months.) TCW

color * cuts * hi-lites * perms * relaxers * brazillian hair smoothing treatment

Calm Waters Salon we color you beautiful

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he relationship between you and your dentist is a special one. Your dentist may be the first to observe a change in your health. When a periodontal change is noted, your dentist may refer you to a periodontist. Left untreated, periodontitis may lead to tooth loss, heart disease, stroke, respiratory issues, and complications with diabetes and pregnancy. Dr. Kiya Green Dixie, of Matthews Peridontics, is board certified and the only practicing female periodontist in the Charlotte area.

Dr. Kiya Green Dixie Diplomate of the American Board of Periodontology Before


Matthews Periodontics offers patients: • A soft touch in a caring atmosphere. • The only laser FDA approved to treat periodontitis, which means therapy without cutting, sutures, or pain. • Treatment of non-disease periodontal issues, such as frenectomies, gum grafting, correcting gummy smiles, and implant therapy. • Different levels of sedation, if necessary, including IV sedation, oral sedation, and laughing gas. • Periodontic care for pediatric and orthodontic patients.

1320 Matthews Township Pkwy., Suite 101, Matthews, NC 28105

(704) 847-5657 •


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HealthFlash W h a t

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k n o w

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s t a y

f i t

a n d

W e l l

c o m pi l e d By Je n n i fe r Br a d fo r d -e ps t e i n

Sleeping With The Enemy? The Perils Of Pets In The Bed


leeping with pets isn’t unusual in this country. According to a recent survey of pet owners by the American Pet Products Association, nearly half of dogs sleep in their owner’s beds. The survey found that 62 percent of small dogs, 41 percent of medium-sized dogs, and 32 percent of large dogs sleep with their owners. And a whopping 62 percent of cats snooze in your bed. Interestingly, the Centers for Disease Control discovered that women are more likely to allow their pet to sleep with them than are men. But if you share your bed with Fido or Miss Kitty, you may not be getting the best


T o d a y ’ s

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C h a r l otte

sleep. A study released by the Mayo Clinic Sleep Disorders Center found that about half the patients in the study had a dog or cat, and 53 percent of those pet owners said their pets disturbed their sleep nightly. Dogs and cats kick, hog the covers, and are just as likely to snore as your human bed partner; plus, they are much more likely to wake you during their nightly grooming sessions. A recent article by the CDC suggests that letting your pets sleep in your bed or excessively lick your face can lead to diseases and parasites such as bacterial infections, meningitis, cat scratch fever, ring worm, and intestinal para-

sites. This is not to say that you should start looking at your dog or cat as the harbinger of the plague, but you just might catch more Zzzzs and less of something else if you made separate sleeping arrangements. However, the benefits of having a pet, whether or not you sleep with it, outweigh the negatives. For instance, past medical studies have shown dogs and cats may lower blood pressure, reduce cholesterol levels, and decrease feelings of loneliness for their owners. So experts say the most important thing to do is make sure your pet is free of ticks and fleas, both of which can transmit disease.

W o m a n

4/15/11 4:12 PM

Potassium Punch Boning Up On This Mineral


otassium is an important mineral for balancing the pH of your body. It also aids in normal muscle growth and helps the nervous system and brain to function properly. According to The National Women’s Health Information Center, a diet rich in foods that are loaded with potassium can lower your blood pressure, reducing your risk of heart disease and stroke by as much as 21 percent. Potassium intake also shows a positive association with bone density in elderly women. A study published in The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition suggests that an increased consumption of potassium-rich foods plays a role in osteoporosis prevention. How? According to the research team, the typical American diet is far too high in acidic foods that lower the body’s pH, including dairy products, refined grains, and processed meat products. An acidic pH forces the body to pull alkaline calcium from the bones to help buffer the high levels of acid, which results in, among other things, bone loss. Even though our unhealthy eating habits may increase our need for potassium, experts don’t recommend taking a supplement. It is easy to get the RDA of 3,500 milligrams by eating more alkaline foods such as such as fresh, raw fruits and vegetables. Surprisingly enough, even though bananas are a go-to food when thinking about potassium, they are an overrated source of this mineral. According to the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute, the food sources that really pack a powerful potassium punch include the following: 1 baked white potato with skin = 1,080 mg 1 cup raisins = 1,089 mg 1 cup lima beans = 955 mg 1 cup tomato sauce = 909 mg 1 cup dried prunes = 828 mg 1 cup spinach = 839 mg 1 baked sweet potato = 694 mg 1 cup plain nonfat yogurt or skim milk = 579 mg 1 medium-size banana = 422 mg >


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Food A llergy Facts By The N umbers

G e t

v C a r d e d

Reach Over 120,000 Women Who Want To Do Business With You



ood allergies affect about 2 percent of adults and 4 to 8 percent of children in the United States, and the number is increasing, according to a recent report by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Symptoms can range from merely irritating to life-threatening, sending approximately 30,000 Americans to the emergency room each year, according to the Food Allergy and Anaphylaxis Network. It’s estimated that 150 to 200 Americans die each year because of allergic reactions to food. More than 160 different foods have been reported to cause allergies, but the list of major allergens in the United States is limited to eight foods: milk, eggs, peanuts, tree nuts such as almonds, soybeans, wheat, fish, and shellfish. These foods or food groups account for 90 percent of all food allergies, according to findings in the Food Allergen Labeling and Consumer Protection Act. Although some food allergies can be outgrown, there is currently no cure for them. So the best way to protect yourself is to avoid food items that will cause a reaction. Symptoms of a food allergy usually develop within about an hour of eating the offending food. The most common signs and symptoms of a food allergy include: •• Hives, itching, or skin rash •• Swelling of the lips, face, tongue, and

throat, or other parts of the body •• Wheezing, nasal congestion, or trouble breathing •• Abdominal pain, diarrhea, nausea, or vomiting •• Dizziness, light-headedness, or fainting In a severe allergic reaction to food — called anaphylaxis — you may have more extreme versions of the above reactions. Or you may experience life-threatening signs and symptoms such as: •• Swelling of the throat and air passages that makes it difficult to breathe •• Shock, with a severe drop in blood pressure •• Rapid, irregular pulse •• Loss of consciousness

Food Intolerance Primer Food intolerance refers to an abnormal response to a food or additive, but it differs from an allergy in that it does not involve the immune system. For example, people who have recurring gastrointestinal problems when they drink milk may say they have a milk allergy. But they are most likely lactose intolerant.

Acupuncture Tuina Massage Li Jie McGimsey, L.Ac. (Licensed Acupuncturist)

Doctor of Oriental Medicine of Beijing China

Charlotte • Davidson Specialist in Women’s Disorders


Acupuncture & Herbal Experts From China With 28 Years Clinical Experience Dr. Jeffery (JiFei) Wang (OMD; L.Ac. & CH) Dr. Mary (Qing) Ren (OMD; L.Ac. & CH)

• • • • • • •

Pain Management Infertility Menopause Fibromyalgia Stress/Depression Insomnia Sciatica/Arthritis

704-968-0351 • High Cholesterol • Stroke • Headache/Migraine • Acne/IBS • Over-Weight • Sports Injury • Whiplash from Auto Accident

7810 Ballantyne Commons Pkwy. • Suite 300 Charlotte, NC 28277 •



TEL: 704 453 3202 *

An Aspirin A Day

It May Keep Colon Cancer Away Research recently published in the medical journal The Lancet shows that taking a low-dose aspirin every day may help certain middle-aged individuals lower their risk of colon cancer by as much as 25 percent. That’s potentially good news for people who already take aspirin to reduce their risk of heart attack or stroke. But it doesn’t mean otherwise healthy people should start popping aspirin just to try to prevent colon cancer, according to American Cancer Society experts. Daily aspirin therapy is one of those habits that can lower the risk of some health conditions, like stroke or heart attack, but raise the threat of others, like ulcers or brain bleeds. As always, consult with your doctor before starting any new medication regimen. TCW


T o d a y ’ s

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C h a r l o tt e

W o m a n

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h e al t h & w elln es s

C o u n s elin g Gift Certificates Available! Permanent Facial Make-up by

20 Years

Jill C. Eilenberger LCSW, LMFT Psychotherapist and Author

At The Arboretum

8206 Providence Rd. #1800 Charlotte, NC 28277


(704) 542-1444


Vitamins/Supplements Sports Fitness • Natural Foods

Judy Fairchild

Brows, Eyeliner, Lips & More!


p Wake U ! in Makeup Tel: 704 996 1097

r e i k i * r e C O N N e C T i V e H e A L i N G * M AT r i X e N e r G e T i C S

Treatment For Emotional Eaters


Sola Salon Studios, 6324 Fairview Rd, #118

Anne Glasgow




Tel: 704 526 6436

1515 Mockingbird Lane Charlotte, NC 28209


your features,

clearly defined. before

Eyeliner After




Beauty Spots Get your look to last months without daily reapplication! Located inside:

Paris Tattoos

World - Renowned Tattoo Studio

Alexandra’s Permanent Makeup

704.910.1929 1820 South Blvd., Unit 102, Charlotte, NC 28203

The Instant Makeover

Brow Threading & Waxing • Lash Extensions • Lash/Brow Tint • Full Body Waxing & Skin Care •

E“Voted 2010 Charlotte’s Best Brows”

5107-B Piper Station Dr. Charlotte, NC 28277

bus i ness Net working

Growing healthy smiles

University Pediatric Dentistry is a unique dental office that your children will love to visit again and again! University Pediatric Dentistry M. Daniel e Funny, DDS

Board-Certified Pediatric Dentist

restaurants Maharani brings to you the authentic essence of Indian cuisine, blending the finest aromatic spices to create dishes that are traditional in flavor, all to be enjoyed in an atmosphere that is warm, inviting and elegantly adorned.

Beautiful Smiles of Charlotte Professional CosmetiC teeth Whitening by mark C. Kubes

Mon-Fri 11:30 pm - 2:30 pm

704 604 7713

Lunch Buffet & Lunch Specials

Sat & Sun Noon - 3:00 pm Dinner Mon-Sun 5:00 pm - 10:00 pm


901 S. Kings Dr., Suite 115, Charlotte NC 28204 • 704.370.2455

f in a ncia l se rvic e s



Six Hours of Consulting at No Fee PROMO CODE: 4FREE

Debbie Peterson 704.315.5623

11121 Carmel Commons Blvd., Suite 400 Charlotte, NC 28226 Securities and Investment Advisory services offered through ING Financial Partners, Member SIPC Money Counts is not a subsidiary of nor controlled by ING Financial Partners

Creating Beautiful Rooms ...One by One by ANN HODGES Tel: 704 724 M A Y0326 2 0 1



Specializing in

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strategies for the business of life

704 496 0470

2325 West Arbors Drive Suite 104 Charlotte, NC 28262


We get there first and in person to deliver your advertising message. You’ll receive a prospect list, so tracking results is a snap. For sponsorship information, please call 704-660-1155.




If you are a business or professional wanting to target new households, contact The Welcome Committee.

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Happy Mother’s Day Celebrate In The Garden


oms are treated to free admission Sat., May 7 and Sun., May 8, as part of Daniel Stowe Botanical Garden’s Mother’s Day in the Garden celebration. The first 250 moms each day will also receive a free potted plant courtesy of Rountree Plantation. There will be other special activities to

pamper moms, and picnic baskets are available for pre-order. (Call 704/829-1252 to reserve yours.) Other food and beverage items will be available for purchase onsite.

WantToGo? Daniel Stowe Botanical Garden is located at 6500 S. New Hope Road, Belmont. Mother’s Day in the Garden is from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m., May 7 and 8. Admission for members is free, $12 adults, $11 seniors 60+, and $6 children 4 to 12. Visit for information.

For Dinner & Dancing … Head Into The Park


he Charlotte Symphony presents Into the Park, a swinging dance and dinner party on the stage at Symphony Park Sat., May 14, at 6:30 p.m. The Symphony has partnered with Shain Gallery to provide fine art for the event, with an exclusive preview of the newest works from artists Dennis Campay, Terry DeLapp, and Kim Schuessler. The annual springtime fundraiser for the Charlotte Symphony Orchestra, the event features cocktails, a seated dinner, and dancing to the music of dance band Liquid Pleasure and jazz pianist Noel Freidline. The lower stage will serve as an art gallery for the evening to show off featured artists’ newest collections. Portions of the proceeds from sales of the artists’ paintings that evening will help support the many programs of the Charlotte Symphony. In addition, a live auction is set to take

58 QCJ0511.indd 58

T o d a y ’ s

C h a r l o tt e

place, offering three works showcased by the Shain Gallery’s featured artists, vacation getaways, a private dinner hosted by Symphony executive director Jonathan Martin and music director Christopher Warren-Green, and a reserved “Picnic in the Park” at a Summer Pops concert. All proceeds from the auction sales will support the Charlotte Symphony.

WantToGo? T ickets for Into the Park are $150. For information, call 704/714-5108.

M i s s

Booty-L icious Jeans & Jewels To Benefit 24-Hours Of Booty 24 Hours of Booty, Inc., which runs the official 24-hour cycling event of LIVEST RONG and the only national 24-hour road cycling charity event in the country, hosts the second annual Jeans & Jewels fundraiser Sat., May 14, from 7 p.m. to midnight at T he Urban G arden, adjacent to T he Ritz-Carlton uptown. T he event, which will feature a silent auction, DJ, raffle, and fashion show, was organized by 24 Hours of Booty rider and board member Sandy Morgart and fellow team member Fran Stacks. Last year, Mogart was the N o. 1 individual fundraiser for all three 24 Hours of Booty events and was among a group of 24 Hours of Booty guests to attend the LIVEST RONG Ride for the Roses in Austin, T exas last fall, where she participated in a group ride with Lance Armstrong . In 24 Hours of Booty’s nine-year history, more than 9,100 riders have raised more than $5 million. T he 10th Annual 24 Hours of Booty presented by Levine Cancer Institute in Charlotte is scheduled for Fri., July 29 to Sat., July 30. For race information, visit 24hoursofbooty. org. TCW

WantToGo? T he Urban Garden is at 1 Bank of America Center Building at 150 N. College St. For tickets – $50 per person or $40 per ticket for groups of 10 or more – go to http://jeansand T icket price includes appetizers with beer and wine – all ticket sales will benefit 24 Hours of Booty, Inc. Visit Jeans & Jewels on Facebook, on T witter at els, and at

W o m a n

4/20/11 4:56 PM


Beautiful Spring Portrait Special Package Includes: One – 10 x 13 Two – 8 x 10s Four – 5 x 7s Four – 3 x 5s 32 Wallets






Special Spring and Easter Backgrounds and Props


Includes a

FREE PHOTO CD of your purchased poses to post and share online.

Personalized Portrait Cards Name: Date:

The Harper Family 3/6/2011

Choose From 50 Card Designs Including 20 New Designs

No Sitting Fees or Charges • Gift Certificates Available Sessions Book Quickly. Hurry, Call for an Appointment Today! The Town of Ayrsley • Southwest Charlotte • 704.759.9933 The Promenade Shopping Center • Southeast Charlotte • 704.844.8633 NorthCross Shopping Center • Huntersville • 704.892.1190

Studio Hours: Tuesday - Sunday 9 a.m. - 6 p.m. • Appointments Highly Recommended. Walk-ins are welcome but may be limited based on availability. No subject fee or additional charges. Only one $9.95 Portrait Package Special of your favorite pose per family or group during each promotional period please. Offer not valid for business purposes, individual adult subjects or unaccompanied minors. Offer subject to change at any time. Promotional and seasonal backgrounds may vary by studio location.

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Todays Char Woman-May 11


10:41 AM

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4521 Sharon Road, Charlotte NC 28211 • 704.532.9041 or 888.400.4447 (Located across from SouthPark Mall) Hours: Monday-Friday 10:00-7:00, Saturday 10:00-6:00 Diamonds Direct Birmingham | Mountain Brook, AL | 205-201-7400 • Diamonds Direct Crabtree | Raleigh, NC | 919-571-2881

DiamondsDirectBC0411.indd 60

4/15/11 4:20 PM

May Issue  

TCW's May Issue