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Established and publishing since 1994 Putting people on TV, newspapers, and other media since 1996 Producing radio shows (both broadcast & internet) since 1998 Hosting public media events since 1998 Developing Seminars in Publicity since 2004 Producing Promotional Video Content since 2007 Directing and producing movies since 2011

Product & Services ● ● ● ● ● ● ●

Clients attend conference calls for meeting new contacts and networking Receive Distribution & syndication of radio interviews Get Online training in marketing, publicity, networking, social technologies Have video and feature article promotional content with distribution Receive coaching one-on-one to enhance client's own PR efforts Benefit from simple online invoiced billing via credit card and PayPal. There is additional customized service at no additional cost to ensure success


Publicity Prime

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Publicity Prime

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Publicity Prime (413) 342-0784

Publicity Prime

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Publicity Prime goes beyond the traditional PR firm as it delivers the tangible radio interview, video, articles clients have the advantage...

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