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Introduction Being human is a complex affair. Today’s society is full of mixed messages and the pressures we face can be confusing and crushing like a daily battle ground. As a young adult I went through some difficult times and suffered with depression and mental health issues. Being able to express myself was an important part of my recovery and I used art and poetry to help me understand what was happening. Now I’m happy to share my experiences and encourage others to observe what they are feeling and accept that it is a temporary state that will change like everything else. Even our darkest moments make us who we are, and can be transformed into inspiration. I have found that being creative offers a place of sanctuary and an opportunity to process and channel different emotions. My following work shows exactly that, in pictures and 26 poetical steps.

Epilogue I am very grateful to have lived to tell this tale. I know now that although I felt helpless at the time, I found the strength to overcome many obstacles. Facing vulnerability is scary, but can be a pivotal lesson in humility, and awareness is invaluable. We have lots of choices in life and if I ever feel unwell I can reassure myself that there are good times and kind people close by. Most importantly I have learned to be kind to myself. You can imagine my relief when I discovered that the world wasn’t as hostile as I’d thought and that it’s ok to be imperfect. Learning to accept myself and explore my feelings has been a fascinating journey so far, and I hope to continue the adventure of expressing myself through art, whilst searching for my truth, and being open to all that life has to offer. Thank you for joining me along the way by reading this book.

Original work by Josephine Rutherford© January 2013

Today I Feel - in Colour  

A personal story told with poetry and illustrations to express an inspiring journey of self awareness

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