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In Focus: Wal-Mart and Hellmann support the disaster management in Japan (p. 7) Hellmann Antwerp Loads Harbor Cranes on M/V Trina (p. 10) 10 Year Anniversary Hellmann Chile Ltda (p. 20) 10th Anniversary Celebration of Hellmann Mexico (p. 36)









03 Foreword 04 Hellmann Brazil Certified Supplier for Carestream Health, Inc. 05 Brazil Offshore 2011 in Macaé 05 A Big Thank You to all Brazil Visitors 06 MISSION (IM)POSSIBLE for Golden Cargo 07 Wal-Mart and Hellmann support the disaster management in Japan 08 Officially recognized and appreciated by Phillips-Van Heusen 09 Hellmann Belgium Wins the Safmarine Hercules Trophy 10 Hellmann Antwerp Loads Harbor Cranes on M/V Trina 12 Integration of 3PL Brazilian Team 12 Hellmann Cruise Logistics - Asia Visit 13 Innovative Cooperation in Supply Chain Management 14 Intermodal 2011: A Resounding Success 15 B&O Appreciates Hellmann‘s Understanding & Flexibility 16 IEB decision – Hellogic for all Partners 17 Hellmann East Europe opens new office in Ukraine 18 European Transportation kickstarts the year for Hellmann UK 19 Hellmann Hong Kong opens dutiable bonded Warehouse 19 Hellmann Boston Gives Back 20 10 Year Anniversary Hellmann Chile Ltda. 22 Kreidezeit Naturfarben GmbH delivered carbon neutral! 23 Opening of Hellmann‘s new facilities 24 Farm Show Western Canada 25 Hellmann Launches New Service Portfolio 26 „Know How goes Hamburg“

27 Ultimate Life Entrepreneurship Camp 2011 27 Canadian Geese at Hellmann Toronto 28 Hellmann Rail Solutions is trailblazer for general cargo on the rail 30 Hellmann UK rolls out new style livery 30 Farewell Barbecue – US Headquarters 31 Bring your child to work day 31 Carrier of the Year Award 32 Hellmann Awarded “Service Provider of the Year” and “Best On-Time Lane Performance 2010” by MAST Global Logistics 32 Did You Know? 33 Laureates of the 4th Polish Logistic Competition will participate in training sessions in the divisions of Hellmann Poland 34 DNA Workshop in Poland 35 Successful Re-Certification 35 Human Resources Summit US – Scottsdale 36 10th Anniversary Celebration of Hellmann Mexico 38 HELIOS CRM – a success story from Pakistan 39 HELIOS WIKI Page – Stay informed with just a few mouse clicks 39 Good Things Come in Threes 40 Summer, Sun, and Sunburn – How to Prevent Skin Cancer 42 100 Miles, 85 Degrees and 6 Hellmann Runners 43 Doral Business Run 43 Hellmann Charlotte Runs Revlon Race

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hellmann partner 02/2011

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Dear Reader, We are now 8 months into 2011 and what started to look like another very good year, turned out to become potentially another nail-biter. Financial problems of some major countries sent shock waves to the stock markets and there is the potential for yet another global recession. Let us hope it will not get there, but there really is nothing what we could do about it, other than being alert and prepared and continue with excellent quality, determination and passion about our business, about our company, and first and foremost about our customers. All the attributes which made us stronger during the past crisis. ‘Green Logistics’ is a relatively new and nowadays frequently used slogan. Reducing the carbon footprint, being an environmentally friendly company is ‘en vogue’, and right so. We as Hellmann are proud to say, that we are not only following the trend, but are amongst the trend leaders, as we are pushing sustainable solutions, rail solutions, reducing emissions wherever possible since already the 90ies and were amongst the frontrunners in getting the ISO 14001 certification in our industry. This plus our aim to create green spaces, environmentally friendly buildings and other activities are very dear to our hearts, as we have to think about the future of generations to come. Our team from Hellmann East Europe and the by now 350 employees, continues on its aggressive and successful path. In the past 3 years they opened 5 branches in Russia, 3 in Lithuania, one each in Latvia, Estonia, Belarus and Azerbaijan and now also the

already 4th branch in the Ukraine. The development in Central Asia will not stop in Azerbaijan, but the next countries in this very interesting part of the world are targeted, and will make us one of the top players in the region.

and the success we have with this strategy shows and proves that the decision to focus on specialization pays off. Recent additions like Hellmann Cruise Line Logistics and Renewable Energy Solutions will contribute to this successful development.

Mid September the top executives of our global network will travel to Shanghai for the 23rd Worldwide Meeting of the group. A lot has happened since meeting # 1, back in 1988 in England, and we are certainly very proud of what we have achieved all together, but it is not the time to rest and applaud ourselves, as we have an ambitious agenda ahead of us and strive to increase our market share in a very competitive logistics world, without major mergers or acquisitions, like our competitors like to do. Our way forward is very much influenced by the success of our industry verticals, our dedicated solutions for various industry sectors

Many of you in the northern hemisphere are still on vacation, enjoy it, relax, re-charge your batteries, and spend quality time with your families. Families are the foundation of well being and a happy life and we all need the support of our family members, as much as we have to support them. Enjoy your time.

Jost Hellmann Klaus Hellmann

hellmann partner 02/2011



Hellmann Brazil Certified Supplier for Carestream Health, Inc.

From left: Danilo Miciano, Alisson Querobim and Leonardo Cunto


n March 24th, 2011, Hellmann Brazil was pleased to be visited from Juan Pedro Hermoso (SGA Commodity Manager & Quality - Latin America Region) of Carestream Mexico, and thus the supplier certification process began. The visit included a demonstration of the current Quality Management System as well as an audit of the following points: Management Responsibility, Contract & Design Review, Process Control & KPI Tools, Corrective & Preventive Action and Handling, Storage, Packaging and Shipping & Service Delivery. Out of a possible 100 points, we scored 84 and were nominated as a 2011 Certified Supplier for Carestream

hellmann partner 02/2011

Health, Inc. This means that we have demonstrated excellent performance in quality, productivity, delivery and lead-time. Leonardo Cunto (Hellmann Healthcare Logistics Manager), Alisson Querobim (Business Process Manager) and Danilo Miciano (Quality Supervisor) also participated in this process. We are the second supplier to be certified by Carestream. Currently we are in the process of moving the Carestream Sea Freight business from Mexico to Brazil and with this certification we will have new business opportunities which are only available to qualified suppliers. We are already working hard to ensure that we

can optimize our performance for next year’s certification process in order to achieve all 100 points – a perfect score. Hellmann Brazil


Brazil Offshore 2011 in Macaé


or the first time, Hellmann Brazil presented their own booth at the 5th Annual Brazil Offshore event, held in Macaé, a Brazilian oil town and international hub for oil and gas companies. The number of foreign exhibitors increased by 100% over last year; a total of 138 companies came from abroad to participate in the event, most of them concentrated in six international areas - China, France, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, the United States and Germany. The event covered a total of 1,200 m2 of exhibition area and recorded a turnout of 49,224 professionals. The Oil & Gas segment has significantly increased in importance within the Brazilian economy during the last decade; the sector saw a fivefold increase during that period.

Accounting for only 2.5% of the GDP in 1999, the O&G segment currently represents 12.5% of the total economy, and within ten years it is expected to comprise over 20% of the total GDP. The confirmation of large amounts of oil & gas reserves in the pre-salt areas, in combination with the country’s production potential, sparks a very favorable moment for the Brazilian economy, which is expected to produce longterm results. We made many solid contacts at the event which will certainly guarantee good business opportunities. Now is the time to take a hands-on approach, following up with our new contacts to ensure that we do not lose this chance to increase our share in the segment. We want to thank Christian Finnern and Mario Werner for taking the time to fly down to Rio de

From left: Ary Chander, Christian Finnern and Leonardo Gazen

From left: Mario Werner, Fabio Souza, Flora Galvão, Fernando Fernandes, Valeria Rossi, Christian Finnern and Leonardo Gazen

Janeiro and share their experience with us; their support is greatly appreciated. We also want to thank our local sales colleagues from the Rio branch as well as the managers from our Head Office – Ary Chander and Valéria Rossi. Hellmann Brasil

A Big Thank You to all Brazil Visitors who have had previous experience with similar challenges, and who have such an enthusiastic and cooperative attitude. A big thanks once again to the colleagues listed below:

gäuer (LATAM) , Raquel Haj (HKG) and Roger Häussler (USA).

Dear Hellmann Colleagues, We would like to heartly thank all Hellmann Brazil visitors for all of your meetings with us and our customers during the first quarter of 2011. We really appreciate your insight into sales strategies and employee motivation. We are looking forward to continuing to work together in the future. It was extremely helpful to receive advice from so many people

Sincerely, Hellmann do Brasil Marcus Leaver (Seafreight), Melissa Lopes (USA), Thomas Krusin (USA) , Karl Waltemathe (HAL), Carlos Salazar (GER), Roberto Lasagni (ITA), David Hoppenbrouwer (BEL), Piotr Zaleski (MEX), Nuno Fonseca (POR), Lucas Mac Gaw (ARG), Gerhard All-

hellmann partner 02/2011




n September 2009, Golden Cargo faced a very demanding challenge. Olympic Air, a newly established airline company, requested that we provide them with our services as well as with our operational abilities, in the prospect of mutual cooperation. Olympic Air was an airline company starting from scratch, with the old Olympic Airways logo as their only link to the past. Their aircraft were being operated on leasing terms, and the main issue was the significant lack of spare parts in their hangar, which meant a lot of new aircraft with a demand for spare aircraft parts and tools. The Aircraft on Ground (AOG) service requires the collection of spare aircraft parts from various suppliers located worldwide, and the forwarding and delivery of the parts to Olympic Air’s hangar within 4-24 hours. Our team handled an average of 20-30 AOG shipments per day for over 8 months in order to fully support the daily requirements of Olympic Air’s aircraft fleet, and we had to make immediate changes to be able to provide 24/7 service.

hellmann partner 02/2011

Success ratio of 99.5 percent At the beginning, our lack of previous experience and absence of standard operational procedures and implementation made us a bit hesitant. Along with these issues, we also had to deal with a very limited supply of information from Olympic Air, which instead we had to acquire independently, day-by-day shipment by shipment, bit by bit. Golden Cargo stood up to the challenge and succeeded. Since then we have expedited about 2,500 shipments and our success ratio is 99.5 percent. Our experience through Hellmann Marine Solutions provided us with invaluable insight into the forwarding process, but this was an entirely different and new service that we needed to provide for our customer. Our managing director, Kostis Achladitis, offered 100% support and motivation, always encouraging us to go the extra mile, to overcome any problems, and at the end of the day, only to look at the positive side of things.

Well-organized business After almost two years of continuous business, the volume of shipments

Chris Bravos

handled and the revenue earned are significant, but our greatest profit has been in experience gained and our new-found confidence. Olympic Air’s aviation business has turned from a difficult and stressful project into a well-organized business. My thanks to my team: Elena, Dionysia, Kostas, and Sissy, who made this happen with the excellent cooperation of Alexander and all of our colleagues involved! Chris Bravos Golden Cargo, Piraeus


Wal-Mart and Hellmann support the disaster management in Japan


he 9.0 earthquake that hit Japan on March 1st, 2011, left the country in a state of emergency, and the subsequent tsunami wave that swept through the nation damaged nuclear reactors and put the country at risk of a nuclear meltdown. Thousands are homeless, jobless and in need of help. Hellmann is proud to cooperate with WalMart in an effort to bring relief to the victims of this terrible disaster.

Wal-Mart has asked its vendors from all around the world to contribute tents, blankets, sleeping bags, batteries, and even electric powered generators, and Hellmann has transported the donated goods to Japan under challenging circumstances. Hellmann China handled charter flights from Shanghai to To-

kyo, which delivered 1,500 cbm of goods; 554 cbm were loaded onto B777F charter aircrafts and the remainder shipped via commercial carriers. The charter flights departed from Shanghai on March 17th, only one week after the earthquake had hit the coast at Sendai. Together, Wal-Mart and Hellmann worked to overcome extraordinary logistic challenges due to constraints resulting from the natural disaster. In addition, Wal-Mart sent ten electric powered generators (each weighing 20 tons) from Dubai to Tokyo, and Hellmann arranged daily flights to expedite the flow of cargo in its continued relief efforts for Japan. Hellmann‘s Global Account Management Team has demonstrated how a global account such as WalMart can be supported locally. Our

Loading of humanitarian aid products destined to Shanghai

quick turnaround and ability to react in an emergency situation have allowed us to help those in need. At the time of this release, goods are still being delivered to the disaster-stricken area and will continue to be delivered for those in need. We are happy to be able to help Japan in the recovery process and reconstruction of its country. Vanessa Segovia Hellmann Hong Kong

hellmann partner 02/2011


Officially recognized and appreciated by Phillips-Van Heusen


he story began in September 2010, during the Hellmann Worldwide Logistics meeting in Chicago. During the last day of the meeting, Mohammad Yaseen – Hellmann Worldwide Logistics/ Hellmann Fashion Logistics USA, Nick Hundal – Hellmann Fashion Logistics USA, and I attended a conference call with Jason Evanchik – Group Vice President of Transportation for the Phillips-Van Heusen Corporation USA. He was requesting transportation for approximately 700 tons of air freight from Bangladesh during October and November 2010. During that time, Bangladesh was facing its busiest peak season in a long time, and air freight space was critically scarce. The Hellmann team came forward and accepted the challenge. Within only 5-6 working days, we were able to coordinate seven flights of 747 freighters to accommodate all 772 tons of PVH shirts, which needed to be immediately stocked in stores for replenishment, as the economy was recovering quickly and PVH

sales were up. We are proud to say that we were able to benefit greatly from the Hellmann network to make the operation a success. The relentless efforts of Hellmann employees who have contributed to the project, either directly or indirectly, have also contributed significantly to GP growth in both the Bangladesh and USA Hellmann offices, as well as to our spotless operations. We would especially like to thank: 1. Nick Singh Hundal (USA) 2. Mohammad Yaseen (USA) 3. Beverly Evans (CMH) 4. Jennifer Blair (CMH) 5. Ashek Ur Rahaman (DAC) 6. Robert F. Gomes (DAC) 7. Rupock J. Gomes (DAC) 8. Azharul Karim (DAC) 9. Abu Taher (DAC) 10. John Covington (IAH) Of course, we also owe a big thanks to the patrons and supporters – Mark Hellmann, Andy Poon, Arnie Goldstein, and Julian Riches. It was a huge honor for Hellmann Bangladesh that three of the top PVH In-

From left: Robert F. Gomes, Jason Evanchik and Kevin Urban

ternational Transportation executives, Kevin Urban – Executive VP Logistics Services, Jason Evanchik – Group VP Transportation, and Dennis O’Connor – Director Int’l Transportation, flew to Bangladesh on April 11, 2011 to personally express their sincere thanks and appreciation to key project members Ashek Ur Rahaman, Robert Gomes, and Rupock Gomes. It was a very unique and exciting experience for Hellmann Bangladesh to have a customer come to the Hellmann office and officially thank us. We really relish this appreciation and hope to experience many such occasions in the coming future. Ashique Uz Zaman Hellmann Bangladesh

From left: Rubock Gomes, Robert F. Gomes, Dennis O´Conner, Jason Evanchik, Kevin Urban, Ashique Uz Zaman and Ashek Rahaman

hellmann partner 02/2011


Hellmann Belgium Wins the Safmarine Hercules Trophy


“coolest team”, and challenging Power Jump, Surfing, Volleyball, Belly Slide, Karting, Streetstepper, other teams in the competition. After the morning warm-up and Cross Country and many more. All teams had a wonderful day opening ceremony, conducted in “real” Olympic style, it was time under the bright, warm sun (up to for the main event. Each activity 32°C) and it was really worth the re(or labor) lasted 15 minutes, with a sulting muscle aches. Even more im15 minute break portantly: The Team from Hell (Hellbefore the next mann Belgium Team) placed first event. During in the competition with 234 points each challen- and was also voted “coolest team” ge, the teams of the Safmarine Hercules Trophy, would compete thanks to the votes of many custoagainst other mers, suppliers, and colleagues! The teams, usually trophies received a prominent place six in total. The in the Antwerp office, not only to Hellmann Safmarine Victory (HSV) – Hellmann Europe Seafreight Headquarters score was con- display to visitors that we enjoy from left: Johannes Saade, Johanna Helmig, Rudi De Permentier (Safmarine), stantly updated challenges and will go “all the way” Janina Marks and Michael Amri and displayed at to reach our goals, but also to rethe main venue. Cheered on by fa- mind colleagues of the unforgettaHellmann colleagues Michael Amri, Johannes Saade, Janina Marks, and mily and colleagues, all teams went ble day that we had. The HSV Team Johanna Helmig were invited by the extra mile. Halfway through (European Headquarters) also did Rudi De Permentier from Safmari- the competition, both first and se- very well: 6th out of 72. After the award ceremony and an ne. For Belgium, Evgueni Barabach, cond place were taken by the two Heidi Geypen, Guy Koolen, Ann van Hellmann teams, showing our com- enjoyable BBQ for all team memden Berge (Captain), Jort Van Schil, petitors that we are a healthy com- bers and fans, the famous “Hercules Gert Vervliet, and Kurt Winckelmans pany, both literally and figuratively. After-Party” started and went on unEx-amples of the labors: Biathlon, til early in the morning. Of course, all took part in the competition. the great results of both 72 teams consisting of 4-7 people teams (and maybe the victofrom approximately 80 countries ry champagne as well) made arrived in Mechelen, Belgium, for us immediately forget about the event. Safmarine employees our muscle aches and celefrom all over the world formed 62 brate for a (long) while. of the teams and the remaining 10 Congratulations to both teams were Safmarine customers. Hellmann teams for such The Hercules Trophy is a business great results and for showsports event for companies. The ing the ropes to our carrier teams compete against each other colleagues, and of course, a in 12 fantastic challenges (so-called big THANK YOU to Safmarine “labors”) in one day. It is a day of for inviting us to take part great fun, team building and netin this great event. working. However, preparation of Johanna Helmig the event begins weeks in advance, Hellmann Hamburg including: taking group photos (see „Team from Hell“ – Hellmann Belgium from left: Kurt Winbelow), creating a slogan, choockelmans, Evgueni Barabach, Gert Vervliet, Jort Van Schil, Ann sing a favorite song, voting for the van den Berge, Guy Koolen and Heidi Geypen n June 4, the warmest day of spring, the European Seafreight Headquarters and Hellmann Belgium participated in the Hercules Trophy, a competition organized by Safmarine Container Lines, a Tier 1 Carrier of Hellmann.

hellmann partner 02/2011


Hellmann Antwerp Loads Harbor Cranes on M/V Trina


he Port of Antwerp in Belgium has been dealing with oversized cargo for several centuries: Antwerp has long been Europe’s most important conventional cargo port. But not each conventional shipment is quite as interesting as the one handled by Hellmann Antwerp in early March. In early November, we were informed by our Regional Headquarter that Meratus Line, an Indonesian shipping company, had just purchased two second-hand mobile harbor cranes and was looking for a partner to facilitate the shipment in Antwerp. Our Business Development Manager David Hoppenbrouwers made

hellmann partner 02/2011


we do on daily basis, therefore several meetings were held for Gottwald Mobile Harbor all parties involved, in order Crane HMK 300E to ensure that all details were Crane height 37.00m considered and taken care of. Crane width 17.50m Since the boom could not be Crane length 13.50m detached from the crane body, Boom length 50.00m the project encountered some Weight of 1 fully rigged crane 435 tons added difficulies, as a safe way to stow, lash, and secure the cargo needed to be found. Together with a customer representative, Gusti Wiyadi, both cranes were inspected on Monday morning under a clear blue sky. All seemed to be in order, except for a leak on the oil reservoir of one of the spreaders, which also needed to be shipped. Gottwald were immediately informed so they could perform a lastminute repair. On Wednesday morning, the preparations for loading the first crane began. Around 2:30 PM, the first crane was airborne: carried by two vessel cranes with a 700 ton lifting capacity, the crane was slowly but steadily loaded on board of the M/V Trina. After the crane was safely loaded on deck, two Gottwald technicians went into the crane operator cabin to drive (!!!) the crane towards the rear of the deck, so that contact with the customer, and the the second crane could be loaded. contract was signed a few weeks Basic lashing started in the early later. Facilitating the loading of a evening and continued until late at harbor crane is not something that night. Three containers, reinforced FACTS & FIGURES:

with steel plates on top, were also loaded on board as resting points on which the boom would be fixed. The next day, amid a strong icy wind, the same procedure was repeated for the second crane. However, as the weather deck was already quite full with the ship‘s own two cranes as well as the first crane, the landing was very difficult and required precision handling by the vessel crane operators, in close cooperation with the vessel deck crew. The tricky operation was successfully performed and the lashing process could begin on the second crane as well. On Friday, the lashing process was completed around lunch time and the crew made preparations to cast off. We followed M/V Trina through the lock complex and onto the river Scheldt, where we said our goodbyes. Vessel spotters in Terneuzen and Flushing have put pictures of our exceptional cargo. Our customer is very satisfied with the service received throughout the entire process: from the start and preparation until the very moment the vessel left the port of Antwerp and started its journey down to Indonesia. For us, Hellmann Belgium, it has been one of the best project experiences we’ve ever had, and we of course hope there are many more to come! Veerle Sonck Hellmann Antwerp

From left: Veerle Sonck (Operations Manager Belgium), Guy Koolen (Inside Sales Seafreight), David Hoppenbrouwers (Business Development Manager) and Gusti Wiyadi (Meratus Line – our client)

hellmann partner 02/2011


Integration of 3PL Brazilian Team


n May 18, we conducted the integration of the 3PL Brazilian Team. The event was dedicated to the review of operational procedures, the Compliance Policy, and the Daily Management System (DMS). It also aided in reinforcing company goals and improving the rela-

tionship and communication with the customers, as well as the quality of the services. All 3PL Brazilian Teams attended the event, including Rosilene Henrique (3PL Operational Manager), Ary Chander (National Sales Manager), Alisson Querobim (HR Manager), Renato

Above: Hiroshi Nogueira, Luiz Pessoa, Camila Bacelar, Mila Dutra, Elisangela Zonaro, Franciele Silva, Tatiana D´elia, Rosilene Henrique, Douglas Rocha and Fabiana Capuano. Below: Felipe Agustini, Fabiana Nepomuceno, Nayana Martelli, Ronald Anjoletto, Andressa Matiazi, Manoela Silva and Gilberto Leal.

Santos (Customs Clearance Manager), and Tácito Muraro (CEO & President Hellmann Brazil). Thanks to the 3PL Team efforts, P&G considers Hellmann to be an effective and important partner. Rosilene Henrique Sao Paulo

Hellmann Cruise Logistics - Asia Visit


jlal Torres – Director of Cruise Logistics, and Jonathan Bales – Global Operations Manager, Cruise Industry traveled to Singapore and Hong Kong in weeks 9 and 10 for strategic discussions with the Hong Kong and Singapore Tourism Boards, shipyard companies and government agen-cies in charge of construction of the new cruise terminals in both cities. Top items on the agenda included: future cruise development business in Asia for the next 2-5 years for major US Cruise Lines, outlining global future partnerships with Hellmann

hellmann partner 02/2011

and consolidated relationships for operational support. In addition, the Hellmann Cruise Logistics Team presented the US cruise services such as our capabilities and case studies on existing relationships with cruise industry front-runners. The cruise industry in Asia is now at an exciting phase

of development with tremendous growth opportunities. Singapore an construction will be complete by the start of next year and the one in Hong Kong in 2013. Hellmann is considering moving into shipyard and port operations as a development (or extension) of the Cruise Line Vertical Market. Melissa Portunato Hellmann Miami


Innovative Cooperation in Supply Chain Management


snabrueck, May 2nd, 2011. By signing the cooperation agreement between DiSa Digital Safety and Hellmann Worldwide Logistics, the logistics provider has found a competent partner to further optimize the supply chain of its customers. This is to be achieved by using an innovative retail security system that has been designed and tested in close collaboration with the retail market and manufacturers.

What is special about the retail security system is that nearly all controller-based products like notebooks or cellphones are already equipped with a theft-protection when they are produced. This leads to numerous advantages along the supply chain

von links: Martin Sperber, Henning Pottharst, Uwe Bremeyer (DiSa), Felix Scherberich


DiSa Digital Safety The company that was founded in 2007 is part of the M3 group, which is in turn part of the Equation Corp., Singapore, and has gained respective experience for years now in the field of consumer electronics. DiSa’s security system for products has been developed and already been tested successfully in accordance with the requirements of manufacturers and the retail market. The gained knowledge enables DiSa Digital Safety GmbH to actively support manufacturers and the retail market with the technical implementation in the common supply chain.

until the Point of Sale. This includes i.a. lower costs for individual security measures, the possibility to optimize selling spaces or as well the fact that with means of DiSa even digital products can be purchased by self-service now. Additional security measures can therefore be omitted. Likewise, in retail markets a technical connection with an existing POS system is not required. Only after the purchase, the products are unlocked with a devicespecific DiSa PIN code and can be used without restrictions. As long

as the PIN is not entered, an active utilization of the product is not possible. Theft is therefore useless. This does not only increase the theft protection of the products but also leads to more cost-effective possibilities for transporting and storing. Furthermore, the use of the innovative DiSa system leads to diverse advantages in the field of logistics. Hellmann Worldwide Logistics has made it its business to bring together its existing logistics know-how with the innovative security protection of DiSa. Processes can thereby be designed more flexibly and effectively. “The aim is to implement even more exact tailor-made solutions for our customers”, Henning Pottharst (Hellmann Worldwide Logistics Supply Chain Management) comments. The customer can thereby benefit from measurable cost reductions for security concepts that are otherwise quite costly. First projects in Germany and the US are currently being implemented; further projects for Europe, Asia and the US are already under discussion to advance a global implementation of the DiSa retail security system in cooperation with Hellmann Worldwide Logistics. Felix Scherberich Hellmann Duesseldorf

hellmann partner 02/2011


Intermodal 2011: A Resounding Success


success for both the public and business, the 17th Annual Intermodal South America ended after three days (April 5-7, 2011) of intense action. The leading trade fair for logistics, cargo shipping, and international trade in the Americas exceeded all initial expectations, and cemented its status as one of the top logistics events in the world. Exactly 45,265 people passed through the Transamerica Expo Center in S達o Paulo in search of new opportunities and information about new innovations on the leading edge of the market. Among the exhibitors, mixed with praise for the organization of the event and the quality of the visitors, there was a consensus that Intermodal now increasingly sets the business calendar for the logistics segment in the Americas. Our participation at the fair offered many new opportunities; due to numerous new contacts made, our meeting agenda for the coming months is now considerably busier. It was very exciting to see our

hellmann partner 02/2011

From left: Tacito Muraro, Eucalildes Souza and Renato Santos

From left: Cristiano Gaeta, Tacito Muraro, Sybille Ehlers-Morais de Oliveira, Cilmara Carvalho and Piotr Zaleski


B&O Appreciates Hellmann‘s Understanding & Flexibility

D From left: Dietrich Ronn, Tatiane, Ary Chander, Jairo Junior and Ariel Kraft

From left: Camila Meinberg, Rosana Pereira, Leonardo Cunto and Melissa Lopes

stand so full every day. We had an average of 15 important client meetings per day, and on Thursday alone, four of our clients, Benteler, Stollberg, Puma, and Genomma, visited our stand and asked us to increase our volumes of transport to meet their needs. In total, almost 90 customers (new & existing) stopped by our booth. It was a great experience to meet with so many of our customers, as well as many of our Hellmann colleagues at the event. Special thanks to our colleagues Piotr Zaleski, Lucas Mcgaw, Melissa Lopes, Thomaz Krusin, and David Hoppenbrouwers, who invested their time here with us in Brazil.

ue to a new policy implemented by the Chinese government on March 1, 2011, Bang & Olufsen (B&O) wanted to ship as much of its merchandise to China as possible before the policy deadline (for storage, as importers were yet to be confirmed), which created a sudden increase in shipping volumes, and presented Hellmann with an interesting challenge. There was a very short time window between the announcement and the enforcement of the new policy, requiring both B&O and Hellmann to react quickly. The extraordinary increase in volume involved both cargo and cash flows (including import duties, VAT, etc.) on a scale many times larger than usual. Understanding B&O‘s concerns about capacity, manpower, and liquidity, we walked the client through the process, employing a flexible tailor-made solution and proactively resolving all possible issues of the operation. We wish to share with you our delight about the appreciation and acknowledgement received from B&O. Last but not least, I would like to express my gratitude for the teamwork and support received from Hellmann Denmark in this experience of “success through understanding“. Ben Hui Hellmann Shanghai

Hellmann Brazil

hellmann partner 02/2011


IEB decision – Hellogic for all Partners


t was decided at the Worldwide Meeting 2010 in Chicago that all Hellmann partners should collate all air and sea freight shipments in the globally unified transport management system, Hellogic. This facilitates growing demands to integrate the business processes of all parties involved in the supply chain, such as customers, customs authorities and air and ocean carriers in order to integrate their business processes Up until now, 34 Hellmann network FACTS & FIGURES:


12/2010 Costa Rica




04/2011 Hong Kong



partners have been using the complete hellogic Suite (hls), while 60 partners are using the reduced hellogic Manifest System–Basic (hms). With the Basis Module, only the basic shipment data is gathered to speed up the import process, offer shipment tracking to the customer and to fulfill specific global reporting requirements. Although some

hellmann partner 02/2011

partners are already providing the majority of shipments with high quality in the hms, a higher commitment of many partners in terms of rate of use would be appreciated. This circumstance and the growing information-relevant requirements of the transport and supply chain make this migration of all network partners to the full system ”hellogic Suite“ (hls) necessary. In a joint campaign, Jorge Rivero from the global network headquarters in Miami and Hans Helmkamp, Head of Global Air & Sea TMS Solution Management, have invited to regional roadshows to facilitate the necessity of using the hellogic Suite and its advantages for the network partners. In these roadshows, the logistic strategic requirements of a Sea- and Air Freight Transport Management System (TMS) and their implementation in the hellogic Suite were facilitated as well as information on the modules and their added value for the distinct operative processes. The discussions within the frame of bilateral talks had the result that the majority of the operative systems of the partners hardly offer the possibility to communicate electro-


The advantages of global use of the Hellmann network • Streamline and standardize all “pre shipment” processes (Vendor Contract Management, Pricing Management, Customer Quotation Management, Transport Order Management) • Streamline and standardize all Operation and Transport Management Processes (from Pickup to final Delivery) • Global unified Data Quality amongst the Transport- and Supply Chain • World Class eBusiness Process Integration with all participants of the Transport- and Supply Chain by using state of the Art EDI technology and methods • Meeting of legal requirements such as customs- or border security demands • Implementation customized SOP to ope rate according to customer’s requirements within a reasonable timeframe • Global visibility of high quality reports, statistics and transport events generated based on same business rules and -standards

nically with the other participants in the supply chain. Using the hellogic Suite they see an improved support of the Hellmann network, an essential increase of productivity and a decrease in costs. All Partners who have participated in the roadshows have been offered classroom training for the functions of the hellogic Manifest Systems-Basic and -Advanced. These Trainings already took place in some

Training in Johannesburg


Hellmann East Europe opens new office in Ukraine

regions (Latin America: 10 Partners, Middle East: 4 Partners, Africa: 5 Partners) or are planned for fall 2011 (Asia and Europe). The positive feedback of the participants confirms that this type of training is ideal for hmsBasic and hms-Advanced. For further support for the users additional Web-Based trainings will be offered in the near future for specific topics, to expand upon the knowledge from the classroom training sessions. Special thanks for the support at the regional roadshows and trainings to Sara Subirana and Jorge Rivero (Hellmann Network Headquarter, Miami), Piyaporn Lu-Prasong (HWL Dubai), Nicole Olivier (Johannesburg), Oscar Chavarria (Costa Rica) and the IS teams in Miami, Dubai and South Africa. Katja SchĂźer Hellmann Osnabrueck


n July Hellmann East Europe has opened an additional office at the Borispol airport. Furthermore, they have moved into new, and far larger premises in Kiev. With the offices in Odessa and Kharkov they now maintain four branches in the Ukraine alone. In the new office, Hellmann East Europe offers full-service airfreight

fourth branch in the Ukraine. There are a further six branches in Germany. Additional offices in central Asia are due to be opened this year. Meanwhile, the company Hellmann East Europe employed 350 people and attained a turnover of 50 million Euros in the last year. The turnover target for this year is 70 million Euros.

handling, customs clearance for all incoming consignments, warehousing, picking and transports. They have a customs brokerage license and offer customs clearance of all kinds on the airport premises, such as for pharmaceutical articles and perishables among others. This service will also be offered at the seaport Odessa as well as in Kiev and Kharkov, where customs clearance for perishable goods can also be carried out. Small warehouses and further transport with small five-ton refrigerated vehicles are available for perishables. In the last three years, Hellmann East Europe has opened five branches in Russia, three in Lithuania, one in Latvia, Estonia, Belarus and Azerbaijan each and now the

Hellmann East Europe’s specialists have over 20 years of experience on the former Soviet state markets. Groupage for road traffic, airfreight and sea freight handling within the worldwide network of Hellmann Worldwide Logistics, contract logistics and customs clearance are the core areas. Services are offered to and from the following countries: Armenia, Azerbaijan, Estonia, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Kirghizia, Moldova, Lithuania, Latvia, Poland, Russia, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Ukraine, Uzbekistan and Belarus. Patrick Nathe Hellmann East Europe Maintal

hellmann partner 02/2011


European Transportation kickstarts the year for Hellmann UK

Andy Connor


uly 30 2011: Starting as it means to go on, global logistics operator, Hellmann Worldwide Logistics UK, has finalised its first quarter results. The European Transportation Division has achieved considerable growth with a 20% increase in shipment volumes, despite the strength of the pound pushing up the price of European products, and an increase of 12.5% in gross profit has also been recorded compared to the same period in 2010. With the majority of the growth coming through sales and new business acquired during the latter part of 2010, a general upturn in UK export levels, due to the strength of the Euro and the effect of the

hellmann partner 02/2011

devalued pound on British manufacturing, has contribute to the dramatic increase. The Hellmann air freight product segment has also seen a 9% increase in revenue and 12% increase in gross profit, resulting in a positive operating result for the first quarter due to a continued focus on export development. Ocean freight has seen an increase in the net operating result and Hellmann UK has reported an increase in revenue of 7.5% and in gross profit of 10% compared to the first quarter last year. As the Austerity Budget starts to bite, the future for UK’s growth prospects is unclear. Whilst the first quarter was a very positive start to 2011 we’re still uncertain as to the direction the rest

of the year will take. We’re quietly optimistic but suspect the Government cuts will mean the high street will be stagnant until the fourth quarter. We are particularly pleased with the European Transportation results because European products are now more expensive than they were two years ago. We’re hoping that the air freight trends continue into the back end of the year despite it being linked to the (luxury) supply chain product, and are thrilled to see the fruits of our labour with ocean freight, where margins have been stable for five months despite a challenging six months in 2010. Andy Connor Hellmann Lichfield


Hellmann Hong Kong opens dutiable bonded Warehouse From left: Him Lo, Joey Tsang, Lala Lai, Ann Leung, KC Chan (Sales Manager), Nestor Valera (Cuba Representative who supports this project), Freddy Ho (CFO), Esther Li (Logistics Manager), Elaine Cheung, Eddie Chao (Hellmann) and Toppy Tsui (warehouse Manager). Nestor Valera of Infifon HK Ltd was also the one who made this project come true. He is now back to Havana, Cuba and is waiting for his new assignment.


n June 2nd, 2011, Hellmann Hong Kong received the final approval and official certificate from Hong Kong Customs to operate a bonded dutiable commodities warehouse. Hellmann is one of only two international logistics service providers who

have been granted the license to operate their own customs bonded dutiable commodities warehouse. As of June 7th, 2011, the area has been in operation and fulfilling its purpose to extend value added services to dutiable commodities at the request of our customers. The warehouse has a direct link with Hong Kong Customs and Excise, operates with real time inventories and is both temperature and humidity controlled at all times to

protect valuable dutiable cargoes. The project was designed and completed by Hong Kong’s CLC division. Currently, one of Hong Kong and China’s largest cigar importers is working in cooperation with Hellmann to ensure a controlled and efficient importation of these dutiable products. We welcome any new inquiries from the Global Network for any dutiable products, which are currently imported to Hong Kong! Eddie Chao Hellmann Hong Kong

Hellmann Boston Gives Back


at the Boston Branch for taking the time to give back to the local community and living our Hellmann Corporate DNA! Melissa Portunato Hellmann Miami

hen one of Hellmann Boston’s customers, Valcorp Fine Foods, could not attend a trade show last year, they left behind a pallet of soups that eventually would have just been disregarded. But Robert Noftle – Import Compliance Manager and Jeanmarie Ericson – Station Manager, Hellmann Boston thought fast and decided to donate the soups to a local charity organization. The soups were donated to The Boston Salvation Army in Chelsea, Massachusetts. In total, Hellmann

donated 2 skids (1263 kilos) of microwavable soups. The donation was an estimated value of $2500.00 and approximately 2300 cups of soup. Thank you to Robert Noftle, Jeanmarie Ericson and all those involved

hellmann partner 02/2011


10 Year Anniversary Hellmann Chile Ltda.


n February 2010, Hellmann Chile had its ten year anniversary. Due to the earthquake within the same month/year as well as some projects it was decided to move the anniversary celebration into early 2011. On March 17, 2011 we celebrated with customers, prospects, employees and colleagues from abroad.

The event was held in the “Miele Gallery“ on an open air terrace under the stars with food, drinks and Cuban cigars at midnight. All guests had a great time and mixed and bonded alike. Some of the highlights of the night were the premiation of two customers, who are with us since day one and are


Chile Length of country: Width of country: No. of habitants: Capital of Chile: Other large cities: currency: Government: Present president: Climate Zones: Main industries: Location & land boundaries: Elevation extremes:

4,270 km from North to South 445 km at widest part and 80 km at slimmest part 17 mio. habitants Santiago with approx. 6 mio. habitants Valparaiso, Vina del Mar, Concepción and Temuco CLP/Chilean Peso (at present CLP 467 = USD 1.00) Democratic, is being voted every four years Mr. Sebastián Piñera (Derechista/Renovación Nacional) four different climate zones such as: desert in the North, mediterranean in Central, cool & damp in South and Arctic mining, wood/paper & pulp followed by wine and perishables of all kinds Southern: South America, bordering the South Pacific Ocean (6435 km), Argentina (5150 km), Bolivia (861 km) & Peru (160 km) lowest point: Pacific Ocean 0 m highest point: Nevado Ojos del Salado 6,880 m

hellmann partner 02/2011

still going strong as well as a raffle prize provided by one of our partners American Airlines. The first ten years have not always been easy, but certainly exciting and rewarding and we are happy to share today´s success with you, our colleagues and all of our mutual customers. We are looking



Tech Data Chile SA is a subsidiary of the Tech Data Corporation forward to 2011 and the years to come and we will not wait another ten years to have another fine customer event like this. Please request your Chile presentation and/or Chile wine presentation and Chile perishable presentation from: Carmen Jeldres - (for free)

Markus Fellmann Hellmann Santiago de Chile

Tech Data is among the global leaders of wholesale distributors within the area of Information Technology products. The Tech Data Corporation was founded in 1974 by Edward C. Raymond. In 1997, the company started operations in Brazil under the name of TD Brasil. In 1998, Tech Data acquired Computer 2000, the largest distributor of technology products within Europe and positioned itself as the second largest global wholesaler with presence in more than 30 countries and subsidiaries in Argentina, Brazil, Chile and Uruguay. Tech Data has emerged to its customers as a distributor and provider of IT products in combination of logistics services as well as other value added services. Within the past years Tech Data has, thanks to its dedication, strength, flexible structure and success, obtained various recognitions as follows: - FORTUNE 500: Place 109 in USA - FORTUNE 500: “Hall of Fame“ - FORTUNE GLOBAL 500: Place 315 in the world


ADEXUS Since 1990 Adexus, a Chilean company, integrator of systems and solutions has specialized in the area of technology and communications and is known today as one of the leaders in the industry and is seen as a great ally in the development and positioning of IT integration solutions. Adexus is an organization, which cultivates long-term relationships with its customers and suppliers and provides value added services. Today, Adexus has subsidiaries within Ecuador and Chile. Conscious of the “medio ambiente“, Adexus is constantly considering the ecological impact, which is generated by its operations and is therefore frequently upgrading and modernizing its systems and technology to obtain the most possible output at least possible impact to the “medio ambiente“. Furthermore, Adexus provides technical services for BOP platforms.

hellmann partner 02/2011


Kreidezeit Naturfarben GmbH delivered carbon-neutral!


n June 2011 Kreidezeit Naturfarben and Hellmann Worldwide Logistics further extend their commonly developed sustainable logistics concept. Hellmann’s first “green” sea freight container for the company Kreidezeit is shipped climate-neutrally to the US. We are pleased that we have build a team with Hellmann to be able to continuously improve our Carbon Footprint”, Gert Ziesemann, managing partner of Kreidezeit Naturfarben, explained. For the logistics company Hellmann this also presents the first climateneutral use of a sea freight container. If the topic of sustainability is of utmost importance for both parties, together, a difference can be made. Hellmann’s sea freight product manager, Rober Knief, insisted on travelling to Kreidezeit’s site in Sehlem for the delivery of the first climate-neutral sea freight contai-

hellmann partner 02/2011

ner to the US. Knief adds: “That sustainability constitutes a big part of the corporate philosophy of our customer Kreidezeit is already perceptible in the first conversation. The parallels to our sustainable orientation are directly recognizable.” Already since last year’s December Kreidezeit Naturfarben GmbH is executing carbon-neutral transports with Hellmann. Up to now, the carbon-neutral execution was restricted to the truck traffic. It was the logical consequence that this “green” logistics is extended to further modes of transport now. A company like Kreidezeit that manufactures environmentallyfriendly products is obliged to also examine its whole supply chain with regard to sustainability, Ziesemann declares. Respectively, this leads to higher compensation payments to the non-profit foundation “my climate”. For more than 20 years now, the

company from Sehlem in southern Lower Saxony has been producing ecological, fully declared colors and materials for surface treatment and design from natural and renewable resources. Kreidezeit’s ecological and social focus also determines the choice of the business partners. Already in 1996, Hellmann has been certified as the first logistics company in Germany in accordance with DIN ISO 14001. For Hellmann, acting ecologically and being socially responsible is also of highest importance. This is an important decision criterion when choosing a service provider, Ziesemann says. The sustainable philosophy of both companies results in the common success in the field of reducing carbon dioxide. Sabine Mager Hellmann Hamburg


Opening of Hellmann‘s new facilities

Querétaro H

ellmann Mexico Querétaro (MX) moved to new facilities on April 14th and celebrated its fifth anniversary at the new facilities with an Opening Lounge Party for current and potential customers from different industries, such as automotive, air space and general cargo. We had the pleasure to welcome representatives from our customers Continental Group, Contitech, Dana, Mann & Hummel, CNH, GKN Freight Services Ltd., Nettelhoff Colectores Mexico, Kluber Lubrica-

tions, TMD Friction, Webasto WRSI de México, Tetra Pak México, Farmer Parts, Digital Identification Solutions, Sisttemex SA de CV, Centro Agro Industrial (Caisa), Messier Services Americas, Diehl Controls, Koppert and Biological Systems. The guests of Hellmann that joined the celebration were Gerhard Allgäuer (President & CEO LATAM), Raquel Haj (Manager - Latin America and Canada Trade from Hong Kong), Massimo Gadaleta (Branch & Route Development Manager from Italy) and of course many participants from our other offices in Mexico.

From left: Patrick Monge (Customer Service), Juan Carlos Angeles (Branch Manager Querétaro), Monica Piña (Sales), Erika Delgado (Customer Service), Gerhard Allgäuer (CEO Latam), Nadia Ruiz (Operations), and Jorge Sesena (Accounting)

Hellmann Querétaro is located in the heart of Mexico and thus part of one of the fastest growing regions of the country. Due to its proximity to major industrial states together with a considerable number of important Industrial Parks within and close to the city limits, as well as its booming International Airport, Querétaro is an interesting alternative to invest for both, local and foreign companies. As more and more companies join already existing automotive and other industry clusters, logistic options grow and direct air services to and from this city might be an option in the near future, besides the already existing old paths via Mexico City and ocean freight shipments, (import and export) warehousing and distribution. Having opened as a merely commercial office for automotive customers some years ago, the branch office is now operating with success, offering the whole range of logistics services available in the market and attending a diversity of General Cargo customers, offering packaging solutions, warehousing, serving air space customers, and complying and satisfying all their different needs. Juan Carlos Angeles Hellmann Querétaro

hellmann partner 02/2011


Farm Show Western Canada Derek Brown on a Bourgault seed hopper


ellmann Canada is very active in the export of Agricultural equipment and supplies (HLL product) and the annual Regina Farm Show is an excellent venue for us to visit our existing customers and to also prospect for additional business. Myself and Derek Brown, attended the show this year. Many of our

customers are spread out over the prairies and to visit most of them, you have to drive about 5,000 kms in a few days due to the distances. This way, right at the farm show, we are able to meet with them to discuss the market, their forecasts for the year and to solidify our relationship. We also introduced ourselves to many new prospects and

hope to add many of these to our list of agricultural customers. They also appreciate the fact that we travel to this show, which they consider very important. Over 45,000 local visitors attend the show plus an additional 600 international FACTS & FIGURES:

Regina, Canada Regina is located in the Canadian prairie region where farming is huge. Primary industries include agriculture (wheat, barley, canola, brassica, oats), and cattle and sheep ranching. Also, natural resources such as oil sands (Fort McMurray, Alberta) and other forms of oil production can be found on the plains. Secondary industries consist of the refinement of oils and agriculture processing. Provinces: Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba Length: 600 km (373 mi) Width: 1,200 km (746 mi) Area: 360,000 km² (138,997 sq mi)

Peter Teixeira in a John Deere tractor

hellmann partner 02/2011


Hellmann Launches New Service Portfolio


Derek Brown in front of a Case New Holland tractor

delegates,a number that is growing each year. Due to the size of the farms in the prairies, the farm equipment is huge. It is also extremely technically advanced. I sat in a nice new John Deere tractor and the cockpit is totally computerized. It has a hand computer beside the gear shift and no less than 3 small computer monitors as well. Very advanced equipment indeed. Due to the size of the equipment, their main target markets are the larger countries where the huge equipment can be effective. The main areas of export from Canada and the USA are Russia, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Australia, France,

and Brazil and lately we have seen Mongolia being developed. The agricultural business was hit hard by the recession but is starting to recover as funds become more available. We have been advised by many agricultural exporting companies that the volumes are returning but they do not expect the volumes to return to the 2008 levels any time soon but will continue to climb over the next year to a healthy level. This is an interesting and exciting niche market which we urge all Hellmann countries to solicit where the opportunity exists. Peter Teixeira Hellmann Toronto

une 8, 2011 - Hellmann Worldwide Logistics officially launched a comprehensive company service portfolio which includes both a print and digital media version with email capabilities. The portfolio includes an informative booklet on Hellmann’s global services and capabilities such as: Air Freight, Sea Freight, Sea-Air, Air Charter, US Domestic, Customs Brokerage, Contract Logistics, and IT Solutions. In addition, the portfolio includes seven individual inserts describing in detail each of the Hellmann US industry solutions: Automotive, Cruise, Electronics, Fashion, Healthcare, Perishables, and Project Cargo. As an added benefit, the brochure package displays an Incoterms 2010 Reference Chart outlining rules for modes of transportation and buyer/seller payment arrangements. In 2011, Hellmann Worldwide Logistics is dedicated to “Raising The Bar” by evoking a spirit of entrepreneurship and innovation both with customers and with their employees. The Hellmann Service Portfolio was created to communicate overall service capabilities while demonstrating the company’s culture and values. For more information on the Hellmann Service Portfolio, please contact your local branch representative or visit Melissa Portunato Hellmann Miami

hellmann partner 02/2011


„Know How goes Hamburg“ From left: Christian Dettmann, Christiane Zwack, Christina Höcherl, Andrea Lock, Andrea Namyslo, Peter Baumann, Waldemar Hopfauf, Stefanie Schmidbauer, Regina Krös, Franziska Bäumler and Michael Baumann


or nearly four years now, Know How International and Hellmann Worldwide Logistics maintain a very intense and constantly growing business relationship. Know How International GmbH & Co. KG (KHI) is successfully doing business since 1998 and is a company specialized in the import and realization of customized advertising and packaging items. Peter Baumann, one of the managing directors of KHI, liked the idea to offer the employees of the production department with their departmental head Christian Dettmann the opportunity to have a closer look at the handling of the shipments directly on-site. This meant that the two days were mainly dedicated at collecting visual impressions. On May, 19th, they took a flight from Nuremberg to Hamburg. To be well-rested and prepared for the next day, the evening was spent with a nice dinner in a calm atmosphere. After a nightcap later that evening, even the night owls made their way to their hotel room. The next day was started with first impressions of our branch in Ham-

hellmann partner 02/2011

burg. Christian Körte was excellent in entertaining the production employees of KHI by informing them about the unloading and palletizing processes as well as the subsequent processing of their shipments. But the next item on the agenda was already determined: a special harbor tour, the so called TOUR of the GIANTS. Rene Poschmann, manager for planning the orders of KHI, insisted on accompanying “his” customer during this event. Furthermore, it was an excellent opportunity to get to know each other in a better way than via telephone and mail. The tour that was planned by our colleagues in Hamburg was a complete success. Even ingrained sea cargo specialists like Christian Körte

and Rene Poschmann were able to gather information that was unknown to them thitherto. The days passed by too quickly and nobody really wanted to leave for home! But the visual impressions and the load of specialist information led to a certain level of exhaustion for each of the participants. Nevertheless, the gained impressions will facilitate the daily work between the partners. If nothing else, this is also due to the fact that the customer gained a better insight into the processes. But this should not deter us from slightly improving every day, following our motto: All for the customer. Always! Heiko Müller Hellmann Nuernberg


Ultimate Life Entrepreneurship Camp 2011


n June 24th, 2011 the Ultimate Life Institute, Casimiro Foundation, in partnership with Magic Wand Foundation, Hellmann Worldwide Logistics and Avnet hosted a Business Showcase and Business Plan Competition for the participants of the ULEC program at Hellmann’s Americas Headquarters in Doral, Florida. ULEC is a powerful, week-long program for creating tomorrow‘s future leaders – both entrepreneurs and corporate “intrapreneurs“. At the ULEC, young participants (aged 13-21) learn key skills, including the Seven Mindsets of the UltraSuccessful, presentation skills, business acumen and business plan basics, financial acumen, interacting with other cultures, communication and networking skills, etc. Each participant prepared a business concept complete with

a business plan, flyer, poster, 1-minute commercial and presentation. The participants were vying for seed capital and a scholarship to the Ultimate Life Summit, a one-week youth leadership summit hosted at Disney World in Orlando, Florida in July 2011. The event showcased the talent and entrepreneurial spirit of these outstanding, young business leaders in front of an audience of 60 local business and civic leaders, journalists, educators, etc. Generous sponsors included: Hellmann Worldwide Logistics, Avnet, City of Doral, Ultimate Life Institute and Casimiro Foundation. The founders of the Magic Wand

Foundation and Ultimate Life Institute are pioneers in the youth empowerment field with over 22 years of experience working directly with over 200,000 youths across the country and around the world. Their unique genius is delivering life-altering programs that engage and inspire young people to take action and play an active role in pursuing happiness and success. Juan Casimiro Founder and President The Casimiro Foundation

Canadian Geese at Hellmann Toronto


uring the spring this year, we had a unique surprise. A couple of Canadian Geese (I am sure all are familiar with them in our company‘s logo) decided to take up short term residence infront of our building in Toronto. There were about 30 geese in total; most left after a few hours but two stayed for several days. The male goose was fairly aggressive and upon a closer look, we found out why. The mother goose has several babies that are tucked

under her back feathers . When you got close you could see their little heads popping out but we didn’t get too close because Papa goose was watching very closely and would honk loudly and then get set to attack. Canada Geese are large birds, 40-50 inches long with a wingspan of 50-68 inches and are very protective, especially when they have young goslings about. Peter Teixeira Hellmann Toronto

hellmann partner 02/2011


Hellmann Rail Solutions is trailblazer for general cargo on the rail


or more than seven years Hellmann Worldwide Logistics has successfully shifted goods from road to rail. Initially, this was considered to be unrealistic, but persistence pays off. Being difficult and nearly impossible in the beginning, the project has developed into a real success story. For more than seven years now, Hellmann has operated a network for time-critical transports of parceled goods and express services on the rail. Pursuant to this, up to 2,300 swap bodies, containers and semitrailers are shifted from road to rail weekly. In 2004, Hellmann reflected on how to answer to future challenges concerning the overland transport in the most appropriate way. The necessity of sustainable logistics was already recognized in those days. Already since the end of the 90s, the topic of sustainability has been worked on proactively by Hellmann. These are not only empty words for the company. Hellmann took the chance and used its pioneering spirit to shift the general cargo to the rail. Today, this still represents a milestone in the railway market. To allow for the rigid time and economic requirements concerning groupage freight transport, it was required to negotiate ambitious time frames with the terminals. Furthermore, it was necessary to increase the average speed of the trains. While a normal freight train crosses the federal republic of Germany with

hellmann partner 02/2011

60 km/h on average and a maximum speed of 100 km/h, Hellmann has achieved an average speed of 90 km/h and a maximum speed of 140 km/h with its trains. Only by the combination of late deadlines for accepting deliveries and early arrival times in the transshipment terminals as well as high cruising speed,was it possible to successfully shift parceled goods and CEP transports. After the initial daily train connections between the locations Hamburg, Bremen, Hanover, and Osnabr端ck to Frankfurt am Main and Nuremburg, the system has meanwhile successfully been extended. Since February 2009, it has connected Hanover, Regensburg and Landshut with a daily block train. In May 2010, the system was complemented by a daily connection between Bremen, Hamburg and Basel. This network density is enabled through the rail hub Hanover where the trains with southern direction are switched and recomposed according to their destination. This also applies to the reverse, northern direction. According to Norbert Rennings, Head of Rail Solutions at Hellmann, the high quality of the system is also due to the high performance of the railway company, which Hellmann has charged with the traction of the trains. Since the beginning Hellmann has worked in cooperation with DB Schenker Rail. Meanwhile, the system has become such a success that even other


Norbert Rennings

forwarding companies book spaces on Hellmann’s trains. Most of these are fixed daily bookings. There is a high daily demand for the few spaces of not-fixed bookings. The system has not experienced such a

success at all times. Norbert Rennings remembers the initial difficulties in convincing his colleagues at Hellmann as well as external customers of the new high-quality service. “Without top management’s belief in the future of this system, the project would probably have been ceased immediately”, Norbert Rennings explains. Today, this is unconceivable – quite the contrary. The trains have a utilization rate of more than 90 per cent and more than 450 TEUs are dispatched daily with the Hellmann-trains representing a volume of more than 220 transports by trucks. The result is a daily reduction of 101,740 kg of carbon dioxide (emissions of the train are offset / computed according to the Eco TransIT 0.23g/

tkm CO2 taking the example of 464 WB = 232 lorries), the carbon dioxide reduction within a month is therefore 2,034,000 kg. Currently, Hellmann is dealing intensely with the national and international extension of the system. However, even though there is euphoria and topicality of the so-called “Green Logistics”, the extension is not without problems. The availability of lines is critical and the capacity of the terminals has long since reached its limits. For the extension of the system our long-lasting experience in our cooperative relationship with DB Schenker Rail will be beneficial.  Norbert Rennings Hellmann Osnabrueck

hellmann partner 02/2011


Hellmann UK rolls out new style livery


uly 31th: this month Hellmann has unveiled its new livery design with three Double Deck trailers. The Trailers will operate on the linehaul trunking network in the North of

From left: Matthew Marriott und Edward Bonass

England and the livery will be rolled out across local domestic vehicles in Q4 2011 and Q1 2012.

The Hellmann Network Distribution team is coordinating the project with the assistance of the procurement and corporate image teams at the Hellmann head office in Osnabrueck, Germany. As a Germanowned organisation, Germany led the way on the rollout of the new livery. The re-brand of the entire linehaul trunking fleet, and local trucks across all branches, was complete by the end of 2010. This was a major project involving over 1000 vehicles across the fleet. The new livery will see the iconic Hellmann geese, taken from the Hellmann F.A.M.I.L.Y crest, as the focal point, alongside a slogan demonstrating the organisation’s international scale. It will emphasise

the rise from a one-man delivery service in 1871 to a global logistics provider that today has a network of 16,500 employees in 443 branches across 157 countries. Matthew Marriott, Commercial Director of Hellmann UK, said: “The Hellmann presence in the UK has escalated over the last few years in terms of growth across all areas of the business but, most notably, with our European transportation product. We have decided it’s time for this to be reflected on the road to enable us to communicate messages to our customers as well as strengthen the growing awareness of the Hellmann brand.” Matthew Marriot Hellmann Lichfield

Farewell Barbecue – US Headquarters


n Friday June 10, the Hellmann crew gathered for a farewell barbecue honoring Sebastian Brockamp – former Vice President of IT Solutions. Summertime filled the air, as our Maintenance Supervisor - Omar Vinas cooked up a delicious feast including chicken, hamburgers, and sausages. At the end of the day, Headquarters surprised Sebastian with a farewell cake and gift! Sebastian has accepted a global position as Vice President of Customer Implementation and Business Process Management at our International Headquarters in Hamburg, Germany. Melissa Portunato Hellmann Miami

hellmann partner 02/2011


Bring your child to work day


pril 28th is National Bring Your Child To Work Day in the United States and each year Hellmann hosts a day of special events for the young participants. This year, employee children from Hellmann

Headquarters, HPL, and the Miami Branch participated in a fun filled day of activities, games, and a tour of our beautiful Miami facility!

The event was led by the Human Resources Department who planned and coordinated the event for our Hellmann youngsters. The day started with an introduction by Ken Thibeault – VP Human Resources who set the stage for the day’s events. Jil Hellmann – Logistics Analyst interacted with the children by quizzing them on their freight forwarding knowledge and describing exactly

how freight forwarding plays a role in their everyday lives. The children watched a short 8 minute video on Hellmann’s services and capabilities which was created by Tatiana Alarcon – Creative Design Manager. At the end of the day, each child received a Hellmann lunchbox with goodies such as pencils, rulers, and other school supplies! Melissa Portunato Hellmann Miami

Carrier of the Year Award Carrier awards dinner 2010

From left: Madhav Kurup (CEO Middle East Hellmann), Duncan Watson (Regional Manager Middle East and Africa Emirates), Andreas Boppart (Global Accounts Manager Emirates), James Gootee (Regional Director OMEA Hellmann) and Ravi Mirle (Regional Manager Asia and Australasia Emirates)

Carrier awards dinner 2010

From left: Andreas Boppart and James Gootee

Carrier of the Year Asia From left: Andy Poon, Andreas Boppart and Mark Hellmann

hellmann partner 02/2011


Hellmann Awarded “Service Provider of the Year” and “Best On-Time Lane Performance 2010” by MAST Global Logistics


hese two prestigious awards were presented to Hellmann for an outstanding performance from multiple origins. Here is the statement of recognition from MAST:

Service Provider of the Year (Air Freight) – Hellmann

Did You Know?

We periodically recognize a provider with the Distinction Service Provider of the Year in instances where we have a partner which distinguished itself in multiple areas when supporting our supply chain. This year‘s award winner demonstrated this principle in a number of meaningful ways: • This provider demonstrated strong performance out of HKG, in fact the best of all three providers in this market – 98% on-time with 6,000 shipments – this a truly stunning achievement!

• Took on extra volume in 2010 to support a tight market in Hong Kong and also transshipped regional volume in order to insure our orders moved when many of our competitors’ orders did not. • Partnered with us to manage a highly variable rate in Hong Kong so that our freight would move on a timely basis. • Provided additional on-site coordinators to support customer solutions team-members and insure smooth interaction between their organization and our team. • Pioneered and developed a new routing from Manila to move critical shipments on a timely basis, which delivered lead times that are consistently half of our traditional transit times. • Provided thought leadership on several critical initiatives to explore

Hellmann ranked 21st among the 2011 Top 50 Global 3PLs The annual ranking of the world’s top 50 3PLs has been published in the March/April edition of Supply Chain Brain Magazine. The report is compiled and written by Armstrong & Associates, a supply chain market research and consulting group. The report ranks each company relative to their total logistics revenue and also provides an evaluation of each company’s service range, key customers, IT systems, global coverage, and assets. “Hellmann is a privately held German company

hellmann partner 02/2011

new ways of operating our supply chain to deliver speed-to-market and capacity for our shipments. Congratulations to everyone who worked very hard to make it happen! Mark Hellmann Hellmann Hong Kong

Hellmann Columbus: In the News

which continues to be competitive against the big guys”, stated the article.

The Hellmann branch office in Columbus, Ohio was recently featured in the local media for their ability to provide seamless service to many area customers because of their strategic location near the Rickenbacker International Airport. Hellmann Worldwide was listed as one of the finest 3PLs in the Rickenbacker area. See below a clipping from the featured article or for more information visit:

To view the full report visit:


Laureates of the 4th Polish Logistic Competition will participate in training sessions in Hellmann Poland Divisions


n April 7th, 2011, the fourth Polish Logistics Competition took place; the Competition is organized by the Complex of Upper Secondary Schools in Kwidzyń. Competition coorganizers, i.e. Hellmann Worldwide Logistics Polska and Medialog, a publisher of industry magazines entitled “Top Logistyk” and “Magazynowanie i Dystrybucja”, funded prizes. The main prize in the competition was a “career ticket” i.e. a two-week internship in one of the divisions of Hellmann Worldwide Logistics Polska in the area of Poland. Additionally, our company was responsible for providing accommodation and ordering a subscription for industry magazines “Top Logistyk” and “Magazynowanie i Dystrybucja” for all competition participants.

The winners of summer internships are: Szczepan Górtowski and Adam Wasilewski from the Complex of Vocational Schools in Brodnica and Barbara Żeglarska, a pupil of the Complex of Technical Schools in Toruń. The jury included the representative of Hellmann Worldwide Logistics Polska, Dawid Krause; marketing aspects and graphic layout of the meeting were prepared by Beata Mańkowska and Aneta Paczka. The Inter-School Logistic Competition has been organized for four years; its main purpose is the development of interest among young people within the area of logistics, establishment of cooperation among schools, increase of motivation to learn and integration of pupils who study logistics. According to the company’s President, Juliusz

Skurewicz, the competition questions were difficult and testified to high level of teaching at schools. “I am happy that we were able to participate in the competition. It is very inspiring to spend time with young people, full of involvement and openness. Hellmann Worldwide Logistics Polska has been supporting young talents for years; therefore, we willingly participate in such enterprises. For my part, I can assure you that the competition finalists, by joining our team, will have an opportunity to extend their theoretical knowledge to practical aspects of work in a large international corporation,” said Juliusz Skurewicz, President of Hellmann Poland. Aneta Paczka Hellmann Raszyn

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DNA Workshop in Poland


n 25th March, 2011 the first DNA workshops took place in Raszyn, with the participation of the Management Board and the most important executives of our company. Thus, a series of workshops with a duration of over two months, taking place in all branch offices of our company were inaugurated. The aim of the workshops was to understand and reinforce the corporate DNA and to combine our Polish values with the global values (F.A.M.I.L.Y-DNA). Moreover, strategic objectives and the current mission of the company were commu-

nicated. DNA comprises the values that characterise our company and us, i.e. the employees. DNA also defines the image that we want to define on the market as well as showing the way we want to distinguish ourselves from the competition. The values determine joint principles of conduct within our organisation, identify and distinguish our brand and form the basis of our activities and of our approach to the custo-

hellmann partner 02/2011

mers. Within two months there were 23 workshops in our branch offices in Raszyn, Warsaw, Stryków, Nowy Tomyśl, Wrocław, Chorzów, Gdańsk and Gdynia. Over 240 people have been trained in total! The workshops were interactive, with exercises prepared so as to engage employees in joint work on improving values. Nothing was imposed, all came from the mouths, hands and minds of the participants, which proved a great creativity of our employees! Below, we present the best evidence. While defining values, one of the groups from Stryków created a beautiful poem: Customer, my dear; Hellmann will support you, it‘s clear. You to satisfy, Even ocean won’t us terrify. Our vehicles will everything convey, As you can always on us relay.

The employees enjoyed the workshops very much. Participants liked not only the interactive form but also the fact that they worked in mixed groups consisting of employees from different departments (warehouse, customer

support departments, operations and sales departments)! Such workshops facilitated information exchange and communication development between departments.

At the end of each workshop all participants received commemorative t-shirts with the logo of our company and F.A.M.I.L.Y-DNA. During the workshops our employees came up with dozens of ideas and propositions of activities, which influence (will influence) the level of their dedication as well as the improvement of their work quality, thus supporting our values and DNA. Activities concerned the following areas: • Salaries and benefits • Working conditions • Cooperation and communication • Development possibilities • Cooperation with clients and company reputation • Policies and procedures • Resources and working tools Agnieszka Ozdoba, Ewa Lalak Hellmann Raszyn


Successful Re-Certification


n 2011 it was time for Hellmann to face a complete re-certification of all Management systems, ISO 9001 (Quality Management), ISO 14001 (Environmental Management) and VDA 6.2 (German Automotive-Standard). The audit program required visits in several German branches, the United Kingdom, Spain and Turkey. For our colleagues in Istanbul and Izmir it was their first audit of the management system to join the certification matrix - congratulations and welcome on aboard! The logistics team from Hellmann E-Commerce led by Jens Brueggemann took the challenge to certify both the quality and environmental management systems and they succeeded. Congratulations for achieving this ambitious goal!

Why wasn‘t there an audit in the place I work? Hellmann has a worldwide matrix certification with approximately 150 stations. Each year only 16 sta-

From left: Umit Altintas, Cem Akgul, Guven Yuksek, Zeynep Ordu, Senem Kos, Taner Demir, Tarik Ates

tions have to be audited externally and the only entry with an annual audit is the head office in Osnabrueck. Audits in other stations are changing each year (exception: VDA certification). After concentrating on Europe in 2011 it will probably be the AMERICAS region‘s turn in 2012, but the final decision will be made by our global certifi-

cation partner Bureau Veritas. If you have any questions regarding certifications, please contact Tobias Juechter in Osnabrueck Thanks for the great support to all colleagues who were involved in the audits this year! Tobias Jüchter Hellmann Osnabrueck

Human Resources Summit US – Scottsdale


en Finneran, CPO - Americas, was invited by GDS Int‘l to speak at the Human Resources Summit US in Scottsdale, AZ on March 30th. Ken led an interactive workshop entitled “HR‘s Role in Driving Extraordinary Business & Leadership Success in the New Normal“, which was voted by the participants as the best presentation/ workshop of the 2 1/2-day event.

The event is considered one of the top HR conferences held in the USA each year and draws CHROs from organizations like Yahoo, Cisco, UPS, Expedia, American Express, Verizon, RCCL, and more. This was an excellent opportunity to showcase Hellmann and some of its HR initiatives and is part of our ongoing effort to grow our employer brand in the marketplace. Ken Finneran Hellmann Miami

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10th Anniversary Celebration of Hellmann Mexico O

n April 29th the celebration of the 10th Anniversary of Hellmann Worldwide Logistics Mexico took place in the beautiful Port of Acapulco. The event was attended by the Global COO and CEO of The Americas, Roger H채ussler and President and CEO LATAM, Gerhard Allg채uer.

hellmann partner 02/2011


In order to celebrate 10 years, Gerhard Allgaeuer shared with Hellmann Family history and anecdotes of how the company arrived in Mexico and became what it is today. Later, he gave out awards to Rodrigo Salomón Orduño, Pedro Isidoro López, Gabriel González de Anda, Alfredo Fonseca Robledo, Ulises

Orta Ayala, Alfredo Rivera López, Aída Verónica Jiménez, Laura Elena Alatorre León and Sergio Orozco, for 10 years of service, just like the company. Laura Elena Alatorre, CFO Controller and Ofelia Almazán of Human Resources, acted as hosts of the ceremony and organizers of

the event. Having started operations back in 2001 in Mexico City, Hellmann Worldwide Logistics Mexico currently employs more than 100 people and has branches in the cities of Guadalajara, Monterrey, Querétaro and Cancún. Ofelia Almazán Hellmann Mexico City

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HELIOS CRM – a success story from Pakistan


n June of 2010 our Sales Team in Pakistan, consisting of Aleem Khan and Ayub Khan, scheduled several sales visits to Europe. In order to sufficiently prepare ourselves for these trips, we conducted numerous information gathering exercises prior to departure. After exploring and investigating several databases, conducting meetings with local customers, and analyzing all available resources, we were pleasantly surprised to find out that the highest quality of data that was available to us actually came out of HELIOS CRM. Based on the data found in the system, we then contacted HWL Sales representatives in several European cities and began to plan in detail. We gathered bits and pieces

of data that was entered into the CRM tool per office and were thus able to come up with a rather impressive overall „blue print“ of our target customers. This information was then presented to the local Pakistan offices of our target clients in hope of setting up meetings with the respective decision makers located in Europe. The information that we compiled consisted of key contacts in the target customers‘ organizations, HWL interaction with the target customers, target products, and all opportunities available. EUREKA – it worked!!! The local offices set up meetings, recommending HWL. In addition to making visits to existing accounts and conducting meetings with carriers, we were also able to schedule visits with:

Ayub Khan after the meeting with the customer ESKO in Monte Carlo, Monaco

hellmann partner 02/2011

Hellmann Pakistan Sales Team, from left: Ayub Khan and Aleem Khan

Pramodan & Dinesh OHG, AREVA (Schneider Electric), Jovitex, Gowitex, Chenab, and ESKO - in Monte Carlo. Breakthroughs were achieved with Gowitex, Pramodan, AREVA and ESKO and our journey in pursuing other accounts, with whom first contact had been made during those visits, continues. Thanks HELIOS CRM! Ayub Khan, Hellmann Karachi


HELIOS WIKI Page – Stay informed with just a few mouse clicks


ontinuous knowledge sharing, efficient content management and easily accessible information are essential within the HELIOS Program. In order to ensure that all HWL employees have the option of easily obtaining crucial information about the Program, a HELIOS WIKI page has been created. What exactly is a WIKI page and what will you find on the HELIOS WIKI? Basically, a WIKI page is an online platform that can continuously be edited, expanded and simply be filled with all kinds of information. On the HELIOS WIKI our Project Teams have been posting all essential info about each of our HELIOS modules and the overall Program. So, for example, if you need to know who your respective Key User is, if you are stuck with something in

the system and need to quickly review a chapter in a training manual, or if you just want to see some facts and figures about HELIOS and read some current articles about it, this WIKI page will be the place for you to go and stay informed!

We really hope that having this WIKI page will let us answer all of your questions in an easy and quick manner! The official HELIOS WIKI link will be sent out to you very soon, so stay tuned! Your HELIOS Team

Good Things Come in Threes


eceiving an email from the address can currently have a number of different reasons – it might contain the link to a HELIOS survey that we would like you to fill out, it could send you the results of end user training feedback and post implementation surveys or it could be a brand new HELIOS newsletter. The fact is that all of these things are currently sent out from the very same email address. We think it’s time to change that! Over the course of time, the HELIOS Program has gained many new topics and tasks so that, from now on, this

large variety of information will be split up and sent out from 3 different email addresses. What is the thought behind this? Depending on which of the 3 email addresses you might stumble upon in your Notes Account, it will tell you what kind of info the email will contain right away.

So… what info will come from which address? Welcome Emails including access data, official link to the live environment and useful info whenever you are going live with a new HELIOS module. Essentials to know about the HELIOS Program, such as any type of info about a specific topic that came up after you have already gone live. Additionally, the HELIOS newsletter will now be sent out from here. continues to be your address-towrite-to in terms of giving us feedback and asking us any questions. In turn, we will continue to send out all survey results from this address. Your HELIOS Team

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Summer, Sun, and Sunburn – How to Prevent Skin Cancer


are skin, the delicate scent of suntan lotion, warmth, and sunlight well into the evening… We never feel quite as good as we do in summer, nor are we ever quite as happy as when the sun is shining. This feeling is not without reason, as UV rays from the sun stimulate the production of a “sleep hormone” in our pineal gland, located between the cerebral hemispheres of our brain, which allows for healthy, restful sleep. And not only that: light is actually necessary for survival. Anyone who has ever accidentally left a well-watered plant in the dark for an extended period of time has most likely returned home to find a dead houseplant. This is not only true for plants; lack of sunlight also has an affect on people, leaving a

hellmann partner 02/2011

lasting mark in the form of severe vitamin deficiencies, hormone disorders, and depression. Unfortunately, along with all of the positive aspects of sunlight, the sun also has a dark side: UV rays are the main risk factor for skin cancer, as they damage skin cells and can affect their basic genetic material. Because of this, a bad sunburn is not the worst consequence of too much sun, but rather the cancer that could one day follow; even a mild sunburn can be harmful.

The good news is: No other cancer can be as easily and well protected against as skin cancer and: Most skin cancer is curable, especially if detected early. In order to enjoy the sun while staying healthy, you should be aware

of methods to prevent skin cancer, particularly certain forms of milder, less harmful skin cancer. If you don’t want to sit behind closed doors, then above all else: sunblock, sunblock, sunblock. Make sure to apply sunscreen thickly, regularly, and with the right amount of sun protection factor (see info box), as people unfortunately tend to underestimate the risk of sun exposure while simultaneously overestimating the effectiveness of sunscreens. The Dermatological Association for German Cancer Prevention in Bonn has observed that even regular sunscreen users are often affected by skin cancer. This is often attributed to improper use of sunblock, such as applying too seldomly, too thinly, or using an insufficient SPF. Unfortunately, UV damage which affects the genetic material often occurs even before a sunburn appears; even slight redness could be a sign of damaged skin cells. The second most important me-



How to Properly Protect Yourself Find the Right SPF Fair-skinned people only have sufficient selfprotection of the skin for about 10 minutes. Applying sunscreen helps to prevent skin cancer-causing sunburn; thickly applied sunblock with an SPF 30 protects for about three to five hours. However, keep in mind that an extra application of SPF 30 does not mean that the SPF increases. In this case, SPF 30 plus SPF 30 does not equal SPF 60. Don’t stay too long in the sun, even with sunscreen, and never during the lunch hour, which is when the sun’s rays are the strongest. Don’t Skimp on the Sunscreen Slather lotion on thickly. A 150 ml bottle of sunblock should be used up in five applications, when used properly. Continuously Reapply Sunscreen A single application of sunblock in the morning is by no means sufficient. During activities throughout the day such as swimming, sweating, and toweling off, the sunscreen is wiped away. Always reapply after activity! Prevent Sunburn Even a slight redness means an inflammation of the skin and damage to the cells. Therefore, it is imperative to avoid absolutely all sunburn, even the mildest! Use Clothing for Protection – Not a Base Tan A simple white cotton shirt has a sunlight protection factor of 10, while dark close-knit cotton fabrics have an SPF of 20. The UVprotective effect of clothing is reduced by a factor of 5 to 10 when wet, as moisture acts like a magnifying glass. A base tan provided by a tanning bed does not help protect from sunburn. On the contrary: the UVA rays used in tanning salons may themselves be carcinogenic. Dermatologists warn against the use of tanning beds. How to Protect Your Children For your children, always use a sunblock with the highest possible sun protection factor (SPF 50+), even if they mostly play in shaded areas. Clothing can add protection against the sun, but make sure that your children wear tightly woven fabrics. A sun hat is also essential. Don’t forget to apply a thick coat of sunscreen to any exposed portions of skin, such as the face, hands, and feet. And most importantly, never place your children in the midday sun (12 am - 2 pm)!

thod of skin cancer protection is to schedule regular check-ups with a dermatologist to examine areas of concern. Even those who avoid excessive sun exposure should begin regular check-ups at the age of 35 with a certified dermatologist. During the painless examination, the doctor does a careful inspection of the entire body surface, looking for abnormalities, changes, and suspicious-looking moles. If such an abnormality is discovered, this does not necessarily mean the worst. The most commonly diagnosed form of skin cancer is the relatively “harmless” basal cell carcinoma, which grows slowly and rarely forms metastases. The more malicious form, malignant melanoma, is much rarer. This form of skin cancer is very aggressive, as its cells spread rapidly through the lymphatic system which allows it to form metastases in other organs very early

on. Regular dermatological checkups should be supplemented with self-examinations; the Skin Cancer Foundation offers an online tutorial at However, self-examination should never be considered a replacement for an examination by a trained physician. Dr. Suzann Schmiegel-Kirschner Congratulations! Recently, Dr. Suzann Schmiegel-Kirschner (formerly Suzann Kirschner-Brouns) got married. We would like to use the opportunity to congratulate her and wish her all the best. We are looking forward to the next interesting article on the topic of health in the next Hellmann Partner issue.

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100 Miles, 85 Degrees and 6 Hellmann Runners

Top row from left to right: Jennifer Woelper, Thomas Krusin, Jonathan Bales and Florian Bidaud Bottom from left to right: Alex Krome and Ricardo Lacau


ust like in the past two years, a handful of Hellmann sports enthusiasts from Miami once again embarked on the long, exhausting but incredibly worthwhile journey to participate in the Keys 100 Ultramarathon Team Relay.

On Saturday at 6 AM all team members gathered at Mile Marker 101 in Key Largo, the starting point of the race, to send off their first runner. They were surrounded by individual racers (running the entire distance on their own) decked out in thermal gear and with their waistbands full

hellmann partner 02/2011

of energy bars, other relay teams with crazy costumes and creative mottos (“I thought they said rum”) and a trail of supporters. Before they knew it, the race stretching a total of 100 miles along the keys with checkpoints every 25 miles and a race course leading along the unique tropical scenery of the Florida Keys had started.

The remainder of the team hurried back to the van that leapfrogged the runners for the entire duration of the race, with the next runner in line ready to go at one of the mile marker exchange points. Fast forward – 13 hours, 33 minutes and 5 seconds later: all six runners crossed the finish line together at Mile Marker 1 in Key West, the southernmost city of the continental U.S. – exhausted, but very happy to have completed yet another Keys 100 relay. It was an outstanding team effort which was rewarded by placing 20th out of 91 participating teams (and before the rum runners). Jennifer Woelper and Philip Schoen Hellmann Miami


Doral Business Run


ver 20 Hellmann employees rallied together on June 24 to participate in the inaugural Doral Business Corporate Run. The event began after business hours and the runners had the option of either running a 5K or 10K race. The race ended with a finisher’s celebration loaded up with food, music, and awards. Team Hellmann was the 2nd largest team partaking in the 5K division among

27 participating companies. The goal of the event is to bring businesses and people together to promote health and fitness in the Doral community. All proceeds of the event went directly to the Doral’s Park & Police 4 Kids. For more information on the event and to view time results, go to:

Melissa Portunato Hellmann Miami

Hellmann Charlotte Runs Revlon Race


n Saturday, April 30th Janet Springs – Business Development Executive, Charlotte participated in the 14th Annual EIF Revlon Run/Walk in Oxford, North Carolina. Every donation made helps to fund important research into the cause and cure of women’s cancers, prevention, education and support services for those suffering and their families. For more information on a race near you, please visit: TR?fr_id=1040&pg=entry

Melissa Portunato Hellmann Miami

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Hellmann Worldwide Logistics is a family run business with offices in more than 150 countries around the world. Our proximity to our customers is what allows us to build long-lasting partnerships and tailor made solutions for all your logistic needs.To learn more go to:

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