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Global Integrated Solutions

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Global Integrated Solutions

About Beagle BEAGLE GROUP has been providing Logistics Solutions for over than 23 years. We provide a competitive advantage through our excellence in execution. Our best in Class values ensure a focus on our Customers by building relationships that are customer-centric. Our comprehensive solution adapted to our Customer’s requires allow us to being their logistic partner. We provide value in optimizing operational efficiencies, network visibility and complete understanding of the supply chain. Technology is used every step of the way in achieving the best solution for our customers. Our own system (BEAGEL NET) provides real-time visibility and business analysis for our customers. Connection to our customers is available and essential for a total comprehensive solution. Our Commitment: We are passionate about serving and will make a positive impact on our Customers’ business. Best in Class service is not only our only product, it’s our unending commitment.

Mission Vision

Offer logistics solutions that add value to the supply chain of our clients with a team that is engaged in serving the client and with a vast use of it.

To be recognized among the leading global logistics operators involved in foreign trade operations through our business knowledge, our excellent performance, the increased customer satisfaction and continuous improvement of skills, ensuring sustained growth.

Beagle Net

BEAGLE GROUP experience is combined with the latest technology to offer value-added services ranging from 24/7 online information on shipments and dispatches, purchase orders and monitoring operational alerts by email or text messages, virtual documentation, costing, custom reports and digital documents.

Beagle Net platform • Online Tracking • Operational Alerts • Virtual Documents • Costing • Real-time information • Interface with customer system • Interface with foreign trade • Operator System

Global Logistic

BEAGLE SHIPPING has an excellent network of affiliates and the right associate partners in the world to fulfill today’s logistics markets demand. Also have branches in Miami and Houston in United States. All our offices are connected by BEAGLE NET in order to provide the real-time information to Customers. We give our customers a walk-through of every step, giving them advice for their international trading business. We have experienced workers in all aspects of import and export services to deal with the demands of each logistics project. We work with our emphasis strength in order to provide our customers with value-added services for their optimum achievement. We are committed to support our team members explore their individual potential by enhancing their skills to make them globally competitive. Our service as integrated logistics operator in all activities of the supply chain allows us to provide third party logistic solutions (3PL) integrated to it, adjusting our operations to the changes and logistic needs of our clients. We are prepared to meet the requirements for the new global business economy.

Beagle Group

BEAGLE GROUP: Beagle Shipping SA, Beagle Shipping Inc, Beagle Agentes de Aduana SA BEAGLE SHIPPING SA is the international cargo division and complements the logistic operations with branches in Miami and Houston in United States. It’s certificated by BASC (C-TPAT), IATA, DGAC, RAP 109 and RAP 110 in Peru and TSA and FMC in the United States. BEAGLE SHIPPING INC is the Beagle shipping representative office in Miami and Houston as International Cargo Agent. It provides cargo handling of import and export, air and/or sea to/from anywhere in the world and provides the internal transport service within the U.S.A. BEAGLE AGENTES DE ADUANA SA is the brokerage division with branches and office in all the port of Peru; which is certificated by BASC (C-TPAT) and ISO 9001. For domestic transport, we use our own trucks (this year 70 units) which are equipped by GPS for satellite monitoring and shipment security.






Our Services

BEAGLE SHIPPING SA is part of U-FREIGHT GROUP, which is one of the greatest Freight Forwarders around the world which has own office around Asia and Europe, and strategic partners in Asia, Europe and North and South America. We are the U-FREIGHT GROUP’s representative in Peru. BEAGLE SHIPPING SA has these capabilities through the U-Freight network and its strategic partners around the world. The commerce increase between Asia and America day by day, and now it requires 3PL operators with operative capacity and management of all the supply chain to ensure great optimum performance, efficiency and effectiveness of every operation.

As a third party logistic provider (3PL), Beagle offers the complete range of supply chain management including but not limited to: • International freight forwarding by sea and by air • Integrated logistics service: door to door • Customs brokerage • Warehousing and distribution (3PL) • Domestic transportation • Project Logistics • Customs Consulting

Customs Brokerage BEAGLE AGENTES DE ADUANAS SA is recognized among one of the top Brokerage firms in Peru. It has the best operative standards with more than 23 years of experience. Our clients come from all economic sectors, especially from oil and mining, mass consumption and transportation. Foreign trade experts ensure efficient customs process in line with the current rules on foreign trade. Seven days per week, 24 hours a day, our clients know that their import shipments to PERU are being cleared and managed efficiently and professionally, wherever, whenever and however they arrive. Our specialized knowledge, backed by hands-on commitment to meet all of our customs brokerage needs.

Has a highly competent professional staff, specialists in external trade operations for different economic fields, keeping a personalized and professional relationship oriented to improve service level and customer‘s satisfaction. We are able to perform specialized, tailor-made services, according to their requirements.

Global Integrated Solutions

BEAGLE AGENTES DE ADUANA S.A. Jr. Comandante Jiménez 120 Magdalena del Mar LIMA –PERÚ Telf.: 511-616 8585 /Fax: 511 616 8577 / BEAGLE SHIPPING S.A. Jr. Comandante Jiménez 126 Magdalena del Mar LIMA PERÚ Telf.: 511-616 8585 / Fax: 511 616 8577 / BEAGLE SHIPPING INC. Almacén en Miami: 2801 NW 74th Ave, suite 107 Miami, Florida 33122 Phone Number: (305) 5998095 / Almacén en Houston: 1201 Hahlo St Houston, TX 77020 Phone Number: (713) 6720515 /

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