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The Muslim Students’ Association at the University of Toronto, St. George is, in our biased opinion, the biggest, baddest MSA around. It organizes events, petitions for more convenient prayer spaces and genuinely cares about the betterment of the student experience. It basically sets up the social scene for Muslims on campus while perpetually advocating for a greater sense of community through deen. And how they do that is by dividing the work up into directorships, with executive members who oversee the work. It’s like a halal mafia. Sort of. (Ok, not really.)

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T HE PRESIDENT Zerzar Bukhari ( is responsible for the overall unity and consistency of the organization. He provides oversight, advice and assistance to all aspects of the organization, from the executive level to the general volunteer and member level. When in doubt, the president is the safest person to consult in all matters pertaining to the MSA.

SECRETARY Noor Baig ( is responsible for all administrative matters in the MSA. All logistical inquiries, or questions related to the resources available to the MSA should be directed to the secretary. She is also very good at booking rooms.



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Haneef Ghanim ( is responsible for the MSA’s image. He communicates with the directorships that involve the physical and aesthetic representations of the MSA. Nothing like a make-up artist. a. The Muslim Voice Magazine: Asmaa Elhayek, b. Photography: Qurrat Ansari, c. Graphic Design: Aiman Batool, d. Webmaster: Marjan Ahmed,

VICE PRESIDENT EXTERNAL Farhia Farah ( communicates with all external organizations and the U of T Administration to facilitate greater ties between the MSA and other campus groups. Aka our hustler. a. Academic Affairs: Abrar Ahmed Pathan, b. Outreach: Saaliha Khadim,


The Muslim Voice Magazine - Volume 19: Issue 1  

The first issue of The Muslim Voice Magazine for the 2013-2014 school year.