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This book is for the designers that are passionate about package design, but are having an affair with typography.



Contemporary 23



Package design is one of the most important factors in attracting consumers to a product in the marketing world. It is their first view of the product. Due to this, package design can make or break sales. Research has shown that 70% of purchasing decisions are made at the store shelf. This makes it vital for companies to present good package design that makes their prospective customers not only consider purchasing their product, but actually buy the product. In today’s market buyers are getting tired of using the same products and they are more willing to make a change. Companies are noticing this trend and starting to take advantage of this to increase their sales by creating designs that will catch their consumer’s eyes because it is so different from the competitors that surround it. One of these eye-catching techniques is using designs that mostly consists of type. It makes it easy for them to see what the product has to offer. It also forces them to interact with the packaging. Designers are turning to the past for inspiration for this type of package design. By doing this it creates a vintage feel for the brand. This technique creates authenticity for the product. It is telling the consumers “Buy me and you can’t go wrong.” Buyers feel comfortable investing in a new brand if they can see the history of the product, showing that this can be trusted because it has been around. Designers

are executing this method by studying old letterpress designs from the 1890s. Another way that designers are showing variety on store shelves is by creating simple, clean, and modern package designs. They do this by stripping down the labels and only presenting what the consumer needs to know about the product in the viewing area on the label. Some even use appetite appeal by literally showing their product on the label. This method is done by creating packaging that is either clear or is an appealing color that complements the product inside.

that used to be a workable viable option in the marketing world until recently. Not only is this technique like eye candy, but it too creates authenticity. It showcases the handcraft that goes into the package design, which in turn can create a vibe that the product might taste homemade.

This book presents examples of each one of those different techniques explained above and how different designers executed these methods in their own package designs. I hope that by looking through this book you can become as inspired as I am by packaging designs more specifically ones that use beauPresenting package design that consists of tiful typography. This book showcases two custom type can draw in consumers to buy of my biggest obsessions in the design world the product as well. Designers can either coming together to create works of art that alter an existing typeface or can make handpeople can see everyday. made type. Either way, this is not a technique

Letterpress can be defined as a form of relief printing in which the raised surface of text and images is inked and them pushed onto the paper. The results of this method create a deep impression that can be easily felt and seen on soft paper. This form of printing was very prevalent in the 1880s. Printers today are still practicing this method by use of moveable type made from metal or wood. However, over the years several different forms of media have been explored. Today, more package designs are reminiscent of the 1880s letterpress printing. This is due to designers turning to this time period for inspiration.

Dapper Paper

Slingshot Coffee Co

Dapper Paper really wanted to give the logo and overall branding a unique look that would pop off the shelf, while keeping a rustic, vintage-modern aesthetic, which was important to the client. To differentiate between the ready-to-drink and concentrate bottles, they reversed out the bold black and cream colors and added one accent color.


Alex Harman This is a product produced by Duel Supply Co. in Los Angeles, CA. Duel products are produced in limited runs and are, by nature of this process, one of kind. The overall Duel brand identity is inspired by vintage wood block lettering, but made contemporary to represent the fusion of past and present.

Stranger & Stranger

Lock Stock & Barrel

“After aging 13 years in new charred American oak barrels, this is a master distiller’s ‘robust cut’ of 100% rye whiskey from doubled pot stills, standing at 101.3 proof. The quality of the farm-sourced rye grain, artisanal distillation process, and the depth and robust character of a rye aged for 13 years result in an inherently rare and limited offering — a real whiskeyman’s whiskey.”

Organic Essential Oil Patches

Ratowsky Creative Essential Patch wanted an old-time packaging structure paired with bold color palettes to replicate their strong scented aromatherapy patches. The strategy utilized matchbox styled paperboard packaging, flavorful typography combinations, clever caricature animations and a grid layout with an overall retro feel to embody a combo of vintage and contemporary design.

Design Friendship

The Kitchen

The Kitchen is a new culinary retail in the UK. Their vision for their buyers is to experience, first hand, how to create great tasting food from only the finest ingredients with Michelin Star Chef Thierry Laborde and his team.

Hawt Sauce

Telegramme Studio Everything about this new limited edition “Hawt Sauce!� is appealing, from its fun eye catching logo to the take away craft printed label tied by a charming string. The typography and unique illustrations on the label give the package a oneof-a-kind impression. The entire package has a unique texture and homey feel.

Louise Fili

Bonnie’s Jams

Bonnie’s Jams in Cambridge, Massachusetts, specialists in hand-made jams, jellies, and preserves. “While the original label employed a “handwriting” font, for the makeover we devised our own typeface based on alphabet and handwriting samples from the 1930s. The lid was also upgraded from gold to silver.”

Stoke Bomber


Over the past few years Supply has worked closely with the McCashins to help make Stoke Beer the biggest selling independent beer in the New Zealand Market today. On the back of this success the McCashin’s wanted to extend their range into a bigger, bolder true boutique offering for the bonafide beer snobs. Early on the McCashin’s had decided they wanted to make use of a larger 650ml ‘Bomber’ bottle for this exciting new range.


Modern package design relies on clean lines and angles. Most often, contemporary designs use a sans serif font due to the modern feel it creates and how it adds to the overall simplistic vibe. These designs are not over the top and flashy, but instead contain a simple color palette. They tend to be either one color with a clear label or two colors with one color used for a solid background. This look is created with designers picking the most important information to reveal to the customer on the front label.

Angelini Design

Filippo Menna

“The packaging of pasta Filippo Menna has been studied by Angelini Design to export our good name overseas: the classic transparency of the packages was joined by a symbol of the Vesuvius and the traditional color of the city of Naples, light blue. The Italian touch on this packaging is evident, inside it is the most traditional line of products for Garofalo: this pasta in fact takes its name from the son of the Group’s president, and is prepared according to the classic recipe of Gragnano.”

Jonathan Adler’s Pop Candles

Vale Design What a great jolt of color from Jonathan Adler’s Pop Candle packaging. With its simple, clean design and suprising pattern inside the box it creates a twist comtempary design.

Lucho Corea

Bogotá Beer Company

“This is a series of labels we created for our client Bogotá Beer Company, a microbrewery located, yes you’re right, in Bogotá, Colombia. The icon of the brewery is the old Ford truck which, indeed, delivers the beer to your home, so it’s present in the labels along with a very strong typographic work. The four pack is a generic for any combination of the BBC beers.”

Waitrose Honey

Turner Duckworth The Waitrose Honey logo uses implied shape and lines to create the “E� and the beebody. This practice of implied shape is often referred to as Gestalt theory, which basically states that you can infer a whole by only seeing its parts.

TGA+ Asociados

La Catedral de Navarra

La Catedral de Navarra is a contemporary take on food package design. An eye catching modern logo is something I rarely see in the food industry and on top of that the main color being black, which you also rarely see in food packaging. I really love the uniqueness this design has and the vibrant colors that are represented through the vegetables in each jar which accents the label and overall design very well.


David Fung The goal of this redesign was to use a standard milk carton as the canvas to create a clean, modern, and functional design yet still approachable for the average consumer.

Design Bridge

Maison Blanc

Our inspiration was the delectable, delicate complexity of the confections themselves. We designed a highly distinctive logostyle, reminiscent of the feminine, flamboyant art of cake decoration but with a clean, contemporary execution to avoid mere pastiche. With the added understated simplicity of a pink ribbon motif, evoking thoughts of treats, gifts and extravagances.

Hand Crafted Maple Syrup

TACN Studio

“Maple Syrup comes in different intensity grades, the numbers denote how strong or weak a grade of maple syrup is. The bottle is one typically used to package hand crafted maple syrup yet the typography is modern simple and classic – It’s not a sales pitch, just pure unaltered product.”

Custom type can be accomplished in two different techniques. One is by creating a typeface through the process of hand lettering. This can be done by first sketching the letterforms on a piece of paper and then transferring them into the computer to clean them up. Custom type can also be done by taking an existing typeface and altering it to fit better with the task at hand. This category of package design has become more prevalent over the years. Customized type can be super eye catching when it is sitting on the shelf next to its competitors that are using standard typefaces.


The Rising Sun & Co.

Located in Eagle Rock, CA, near downtown Los Angeles, the Rising Sun & Co. haberdashery draws inspiration from master tailors of a bygone era, with emphasis on design, superior quality, and a crucial pride in workmanship.

Breuckelen Gin

I Love Dust

Breuckelen Distilling is an artisandistillery located in Brooklyn, New York. They handcraft delicious gin from organic New York grains entirely within their Brooklyn location.


Love in a Cup

“Love in a cup’ is a promotional pack of tea, created by Morrisons as a fun and unique gift. Intended to capture a moment between loved ones, it’s the perfect way to simply say I love you.”

Balzac’s Blend

Chad Roberts Design “This design brings the focus of the Balzac’s Blend packaging back to their superior product: hand-crafted artisanal coffee. As one of Ontario’s original microroasters and independent coffee companies, it was important for the design choices to reflect their founding values – natural, sustainable, artisanal and local.”

Saint Bernadine Mission Communications Inc.

Evil Spirits

Evil Spirits is a new premium spirits line that is painstakingly crafted to be sinfully enjoyed. St. Bernadine was tasked with package design and a media kit for the launch.


Commoner, Inc. “Our goal for the design was to play off the name of the brand and create a concept that referenced the aesthetic of old motor oil cans. We sourced some super shiny, metallic bags to suggest what the material of those cans would have originally been made of.�



Biofood is the future and our fuel. Their organic and fairtrade products were given unique, hand drawn names and logotypes. Amore wanted to create a joyful and colorful world of Biofood, which would reflect the Biofood employees passion and love for their business. The design breathes personality and naturalness and the uniqueness of the products makes you want to try them all.

Femme Natural Boost

Ehrenstrahle & Wagnert

Femininity and independence were the key words in the creation of Femme’s brand, which included a complete graphic profile and packaging design. In terms of branding we wanted to express attitude and self-confidence with the female at the heart of it, which sets Femme apart from other competitors in the energy drink market. By working with a saturated yet distinctive color along with hand-drawn typeface, the can got an expression that was feminine without being perceived as clichÊ-like.

This book was created and illustrated by Tiffany Hill under the supervision of Jennifer McKnight as an assignment in Advanced Problems i during the fall semester of 2013 at the University of Missouri – St. Louis. Pages were composed InDesign CS6 using images files prepared in Photoshop. Century Gothic was used for the copy, set at 9/13. It is Laser printed on Butcher White Dur-O-Tone paper, 80lb text, produced by the French Paper Company. Printed by Tiffany Hill Book   of 2

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